LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College

THRIVE.          Guide for
                 Full-time Students

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
Why choose                                                                                      Welcome                                             Contents
Worthing                                                                                        We’re delighted you are considering
                                                                                                studying at our beautiful college on the
                                                                                                                                                    2       Why Choose

                                                                                                                                                            Worthing College?
                                                                                                outskirts of Worthing.
                                                                                                                                                    3       Welcome and Contents
                                                                                                Here at Worthing College, we’re proud to be
                                                                                                part of the Ofsted Outstanding Chichester           4-5     Your College, Your Voice
                                                                                                College Group.                                      6-7     Our Facilities
                                                                                                Worthing College has consistently high              8-9     Your Study Facilities
                                                                                                achievement rates (which include a 99.8%
    We’re Ofsted                                   It’s not just what you know                  pass rate for A-levels at Worthing College          10-11   Preparing You
                                                                                                                                                            for Your Future
    ‘Outstanding’ in all areas                   You’ll benefit from our close relationships
                                                                                                in 2021), very high student satisfaction and
                                                                                                exceptional links into industry and universities.   12-13   Supporting You
Chichester College Group, which includes         with local businesses, offering exciting       These are some of the reasons why we believe                Through Your Studies
Worthing College, is the only further            work placements, real-life projects,           we can offer you the best possible start to
education college group in the region to be      apprenticeship opportunities and training      your career.                                        14-15   Additional
rated as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted,   that will set you up for the world of work.                                                                Learning Support
following our inspection in March 2020.                                                         We know it has been a challenging time
                                                                                                                                                    16-17   Aspire
                                                                                                for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic.
                                                   Feel supported as you study                  At Worthing College, we will support you to
Find out what they said about us:                                                                                                                   18-19   Academies
www.worthing.ac.uk/ofsted-outstanding            You won’t be alone at Worthing College.        grow your confidence, develop your skills
                                                                                                and help you progress to your dream job or          20      Course Fees
                                                 Our student tutors provide you with
                                                 support and guidance throughout your           dream university. We are home to a passionate       21      Financial Help
    The choice is yours                          time at college. And if you need careers       community of staff who will inspire you,
                                                                                                challenge you and support you as you strive         22-23   Chichester College Group
With a wide range of A-level and Applied         advice, our Progression+ team are on
General courses, you’re sure to find             hand to help!                                  to achieve your ambitions.                          24-25   Brinsbury College
the right mix for you - and you’ll have                                                         We place you at the heart of everything we          27      How to Apply
a timetable which is bespoke to you!               Be part of something special                 do, providing you with opportunities in an
                                                                                                inclusive environment where everyone can            28-36   A-levels &
Don’t worry if you need help, our expert         When you’re not studying, there are            be successful.                                              Level 3 Courses
advisors will help you to make the choice        lots of opportunities to get involved with
                                                 activities across the college. From day                                                            37      Level 2 Courses &
that’s right for you.                                                                           We hope you will be able to join us for one of
                                                                                                                                                            Alternative Options
                                                 trips, trips abroad, clubs and our fantastic   our open events to look around our campus
                                                 student union – you’ll be at the heart         and see our fantastic facilities, meet our          38      A-Z Course Listing
    Enjoy inspirational teaching                 of our college community.                      passionate staff, chat to current inspirational
                                                                                                students and see what we can offer you.             39      Entry Requirements
You’ll be taught by our inspiring,
highly-trained lecturers who are experts           We’re closer than you think                  Come to Worthing College to begin your
                                                                                                                                                    40-41   T Levels
in their industries, with up-to-date                                                            journey to success!                                 42-43   Apprenticeships
experience and lots of contacts!                 Our campus is easy to get to. We’re just
                                                 a 20 minute walk from Worthing train station                                                       44-45   Higher Education
                                                 and we’re on plenty of bus routes. We also
    Fantastic facilities                         have plenty of bike racks.                                                                         47      Open Events
Our college offers a host of modern
facilities, including well equipped
laboratories, modern classrooms,
theatre, dance studio, gym facility
and outdoor sports courts/pitches.

                                                                                                Paul Riley             Andrew Green
                                                                                                Principal             Chief Executive Officer
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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
'Students value the active role
                                                                                                                              they take in working with leaders

YOUR                                                                                                                          and staff to create an inclusive
                                                                                                                              and vibrant community'*

College isn’t all about academic study. It’s also about
finding out new things about yourself, finding your voice
and having fun. The Worthing College Student Union
is here to help you do just that.

With an elected Student President and            Your Voice                                       And if all that wasn’t enough…
a strong team of student executives                                                               #GetSomeXtra
                                                 Student Voice plays an incredibly important
from across the college, your SU is here
                                                 role in all college decisions and to do that     Your Student Experience Team are
to make sure that your voice is heard at
                                                 we create a Student Executive team from          here to make sure that you have all the
every level. Why don’t you think about
                                                 the student body. These student leaders          opportunities you could possibly want to
joining us and becoming the Student
                                                 meet regularly to discuss key issues and         discover new things about yourself.
Representative for your course?
                                                 support the running of the Student Union
                                                 by organising fundraisers, activities and        From football to dance and yoga, discuss
Time on your hands?                              showing new students the very best that          the issues of the day in our Xtra Hot Topics
Your Student Union space is the perfect          Worthing College has to offer. You’ll            session or participate in the weekly Xtra Big
place to socialise with friends, shoot some      meet regularly with your principal and           Quiz. We have the sessions for you, and they
pool and relax.                                  the governing body to provide valuable           are all free. If there is something you want to
                                                 feedback on issues facing the college            do that we aren’t running, then come and talk
                                                 and the wider group and to influence the         to the team and we’ll see what we can do.
Where’s the fun?                                 decisions being taken at the highest levels.
Your SU organises a huge range of                                                                 Wait…There’s more…
brilliant activities and events throughout       Join us and become the Student
                                                 Representative for your course or class.         Want to challenge yourself with some
the year from trips to theme parks to                                                             international experiences? Sign-up for
themed fairs. Why not join us on one             Gather your classmates’ feedback and
                                                 attend three Student Conferences a year to       one of our amazing trips. From sightseeing
of our amazing trips abroad and really                                                            in Disneyland Paris or New York, to turtle
open yourself up to something new?               deliver that viewpoint directly to the college
                                                 management on everything from the cost           conservation in Costa Rica or working
                                                 of parking to Wi-Fi connectivity or help to      with school children in Kenya - we have
                                                 shape the environment and sustainability         the trip for you!
                                                 policy. You will also meet with your head of
                                                 learning once a term to discuss issues that      Being at college isn't just about learning
                                                 are particular to your area.                     your subject. You'll learn about yourself
                                                                                                  too, testing your limits and trying new
                                                 Follow us on:                                    things. Join us and get involved!

                                                    Facebook - @WorthingSU
                                                    Instagram - @worthingcollegeSU                *Statement taken from CCG's
                                                    Twitter - @SUWorthing                         Outstanding Ofsted report, May 2020

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
At our campus, you’ll be able to access a
range of facilities to help you make the most
of your time at college!

We have excellent sports and fitness             The Gym
facilities on-site, as well as our
                                                 Our on-site gym is home to a huge range
well-stocked library.
                                                 of equipment, ranging from treadmills
The campus is set on the Grove Lodge             to free weights, and so much more. Our
Roundabout in Worthing, with great               personal training apprentices are on hand
travel access from surrounding areas             to provide advice and supervision for fitness
and into the town centre.                        programmes. As a student, you can enjoy
                                                 low membership costs, at just £50 for the
Where can I find the campus?                     year, or £25 per term.*

Worthing College is really easy to get to!       WiFi
The campus is a 20-minute walk from
Worthing train station, with buses               Worthing College is a fully WiFi
running closer to the college.                   enabled college.

It is located just off the A27 on the            Feeling hungry?
Grove Lodge Roundabout and hosts
on-site parking, subject to receiving            You won’t be disappointed here at
a parking permit to display on your              Worthing College! Whether it’s grabbing
dashboard. Spaces are high in demand             lunch from the East Café, a coffee from
and are not guaranteed. There are bike           Starbucks, or a quick Corner Shop snack,
racks with 280 spaces, with great walking        we have a range of locations where you
and cycling links onto the campus.*              can enjoy delicious food.

                                                 The Corner Shop
                                                 The Corner Shop, located within the
                                                 West Hub, is an on-site convenience
                                                 store providing a wide variety of products,
                                                 snacks and confectionery.

                                                 *Please note, information is correct at the time
                                                 of publication but may be subject to change

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
                                                                                                                                                Ofsted says our students
                                                                                                                                                'benefit from excellent
                                                                                                                                                resources that closely

                                                                                                                                                match industry standards'*

Across our campus, we have a whole host
of specialist facilities and learning spaces.

Library                                          Specialist Facilities
Our library provides internet access             We believe in providing you with great
and all the study facilities you’ll need         facilities to aid your experience and study.
to get ahead. Well stocked and fully
staffed, there’s always someone on               Performing Arts                                Visual Arts and Media
hand to help. Printing and scanning
facilities are also available, alongside a       We have a fantastic music suite, complete      For students studying visual arts,
number of computers and workstations.            with specialist software to aid learning.      we have a range of studios set to
                                                                                                support you in each area of study.
                                                 Our Sealight Theatre is a perfect              There are specialist film, media and
We have study areas for noise-free,              performing space, with raked bleacher
uninterrupted study and dynamic                                                                 graphic communication classrooms set
                                                 seating, a large stage and a sound             up for editing with software necessary
spaces to collaborate and learn.                 system perfect for large concerts              to enable development in this area.
                                                 and performances.
                                                                                                There is a dark room for photography
                                                 The dance studio can hold up to 25             students allowing you to develop your
                                                 dancers surrounded by mirrors and has          skills using different forms of presentation,
                                                 a professionally sprung floor with its         whilst providing experience in alternative
                                                 own sound system.                              photography techniques.
                                                 These great performing spaces will ensure      Fine Art and Textiles also have studios
                                                 you gain vital experience as well as develop   and workspaces set up to allow
                                                 your confidence and ability to perform.        development in these hands-on learning
                                                                                                areas, with all the tools and materials
                                                                                                provided to give industry experience.

                                                                                                Science Laboratories
                                                                                                We have dedicated and well-equipped
                                                                                                science laboratories to support study in
                                                 *Statement taken from CCG's                    all aspects of science, from biology and
                                                 Outstanding Ofsted report, May 2020            chemistry to electronics and engineering.
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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
From the moment you start college, we start preparing you
for your next steps. It’s your future, and we want to ensure                                                                               Ofsted says our students
you have the opportunity to make the most of it - starting
                                                                                                                                           'benefit from substantial careers
with a career that matches your ambition.
                                                                                                                                           advice and guidance to ensure
                                                                                                                                           they are well informed about
That’s why our Progression+ team are             Our expert team will also offer you                                                       their next steps'*
here. They’ll give you professional careers      support and guidance when the time
advice as well as tools to help put you in       comes for you to start your UCAS or
the driving seat. From one-to-one meetings       job applications. We’ll help you with job
to group workshops, we’ll give you access        searches, CV writing, interview techniques
to up-to-date careers information and the        as well as give you information about           Careers Resources
support you need to progress.                    self-employment and personal branding.
                                                                                                 We have lots of resources, including
                                                 We provide access to careers and higher         Career Coach, to assess your skills and
Progression+                                     education fairs, as well as arrange talks,      see how you match up with a potential     Speak to us
Our aim is to support you in making choices      visits and guest speakers - all demonstrating   career, build your CV and research
                                                                                                 career information. You’ll even find      You’ll find us in the Guidance Services
that will suit your interests and abilities.     the choices available to you. We also                                                     Hub, where you can pop in and see
We'll equip you with the personal and            deliver workshops that will help you to         relevant courses and jobs to help
                                                                                                 reach your career goals.                  the team. Alternatively you can call
employability development that you need to       develop the life skills which will prepare                                                or contact us online.
make the most of your future opportunities.      you for future work or study.

                                                 The future’s in your hands, but                                                           Phone: 01903 275755
We know you are an individual, which is
                                                 we can help you get started.                                                              Email: progressionplus@worthing.ac.uk
why we’ll give you impartial advice and
guidance on courses, employment, work
experience, apprenticeships and higher
education opportunities. We’ll help you
make the right choice for you.

                                                                                                 The college was
                                                                                                 awarded the matrix
*Statement taken from CCG's                                                                      status in 2019 for the
Outstanding Ofsted report, May 2020
                                                                                                 high quality of careers
                                                                                                 support and advice
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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
Ofsted says our students
                                                                                            'value the support they
                                                                                            receive from tutors'*

We want you to succeed and to get as much as possible
out of your time with us, which is why we have a number of
services - all designed to help you reach your full potential.

Student tutors                                    Our ACES programme
Our student tutors are here to support you        Our unique ACES (Attitude, Choices,
throughout your time at college, and will         Employability and Skills) programme
play a key role in your study programme.          has been developed to cultivate your
Every student, aged 16-19, has a student          understanding around current issues
tutor and you will meet with them regularly.      that impact you as individuals.

Through personal one-to-one discussions,          Delivered by our student tutors
tutors can monitor your progress, track           through a series of interactive
your achievements, support attendance             workshops, it will guide you through
and set targets which will ensure you             your college journey as well as
achieve your goals.                               inspire and inform your future. It will
                                                  cover a range of topical discussions,
We know there are many factors that               including environmental issues,
can affect you during your time at college.       relationships, respect and tolerance,
Our student tutors will work with you and         personal wellbeing and social media.
help you through the challenges which             They will also work with you to build
may impact on your journey. They will             your professional skills.
offer intensive support to students who
are identified as being ‘at risk’ of not          Our mission is to prepare and
achieving their qualification. This is tailored   inspire you to be a global citizen,
support, which seeks to remove barriers           curious about your world and
you may face with the aim to help you             ready to embrace your future.
get back on track to completing your
course successfully.

If you are aged 19 or over, you will              *Statement taken from
be offered support through your study             CCG's Outstanding
programme leader and student services.            Ofsted report, May 2020

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
SUPPORT                                                                                        Ofsted says our students
                                                                                               with high needs 'rapidly gain
We're here to support you and our teams are available                                          confidence, independence
throughout the year to ensure you get the help you need.                                       and employability skills'*

Additional Support Team                          ASC Provision
Our Additional Support Team can help you         Social and communication skills are
and your lecturers tailor support to meet        an essential part of everyday living
your specific needs, including providing         and we have qualified and experienced
in-class or out-of-class support for literacy,   lecturers on hand to teach these skills
numeracy and study skills, as well as            in structured sessions and workshops.
individual and group support to develop
social communication skills.                     Supporting You
Specialist support is available for students     We know that some students will require
with additional needs such as dyslexia           special arrangements when taking
and other Neurodiverse conditions and            exams and support can be provided, post
we offer a range of adaptive equipment           assessment, in accordance with awarding
and software for students with hearing           bodies’ guidelines. Dependent upon
and visual impairments. Facilities such as       assessment results, scribes and readers
ramps, hoists, lifts and specialised toilets     may be supplied and assistive equipment       At the campus we have an on-site nursery,
are available. In addition we have accessible    may be borrowed.                              which is a commercial nursery, open to
parking and wheelchair access where                                                            all. Charges are competitive and bursary
appropriate and, if this is not available,       Student Welfare                               support is often available to help with     Counselling
we will seek to relocate classes.                                                              childcare costs.                            Students experiencing emotional
                                                 The physical and mental wellbeing of all
We encourage any potential students              our students is extremely important to us,    If you need financial support               or personal problems, or who are
to discuss their requirements with our           so we provide a number of support services.                                               distressed and have no-one to talk
                                                                                               with childcare, please contact
Additional Support Team. You are                                                                                                           to, are able to access our counselling
                                                 Our Student Welfare Co-ordinator is on site   our Student Finance Team.
very welcome to visit the college,                                                                                                         team for totally confidential support
                                                 to help you stay safe whilst at college.                                                  and advice. These professional services
meet with staff and view our facilities.
                                                                                                                                           are available for free.
                                                 We also have drop-in services
For more information, please contact
                                                 including a Mental Health Team,
01903 275755.
                                                 Substance Misuse, MIND and NHS
                                                 Health Checks, as well as a large
                                                 network of trained first-aiders.
                                                                                                                                           *Taken from CCG's Outstanding
                                                                                                                                           Ofsted report, May 2020

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
Our Aspire Programme is open to all students. It aims
to provide a range of stimulating activities, all designed
to support students who wish to progress to competitive
universities and courses after they leave college.

It also aims to inspire and support              UCAS Application
you in your application to university,
                                                 All students are supported with
providing opportunities which will help
                                                 their applications, personal statement,
you to succeed.
                                                 entrance tests and interviews to give
                                                 them the best chance of being offered
There are five aspects to this unique
                                                 the university place they want.
and enriching experience.

Aspire Lectures                                  Competitive University                       Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ)
                                                 Preparation Programme (CUPP)
Throughout the academic year, we                                                              Students in CUPP are taught and
host eight Aspire lectures at the college.       The top 25 achieving students in             supported through an EPQ (Extended
These lectures are delivered by university       year 12 are invited to join CUPP             Project Qualification). Students have
lecturers/professors and cover as many           (Competitive University Preparation          a two-hour lesson a week over two terms
different subject areas as possible.             Programme). Other students can               to work on a topic of their choice. The
                                                 request to join the programme, subject       EPQ provides UCAS points, academic
UCAS Preparation                                 to availability. These students are aiming   skills and great interview evidence.
                                                 to secure places at the more competitive
Year 12 & Year 13 students are provided          universities and/or courses like medicine,   Our Aspire Programme also includes
with a wide range of UCAS/university             law, nursing, teaching, dentistry and        Nuffield Science Placements, Maths and
preparation activities. These include            veterinary medicine. The programme           Science Olympiads, the STEM Academy,
open and guest lectures, trips, conferences      includes a two-hour lesson each week         Debating Competitions, Sussex Study
and open days. Past students have been           with our Aspire Co-ordinator, focusing       Experience and the Sport, Visual and
involved in the Sussex University Open           on student development until January,        Performing Arts Academies.
Lecture Programme, Sutton Trust Summer           the EPQ until May, and then UCAS
Schools, Oxford & Cambridge Student              applications until the end of the            Find out more about our Aspire Programme
Competitions and Student Shadowing.              academic year.                               on our website: worthing.ac.uk/aspire

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LEARN. THRIVE. DO. Guide for Full-time Students 2022/23 - Worthing College
We have a range of specialist academies, designed to
offer enriching and inspiring opportunities and activities
that support and extend your learning, build self-confidence,
reward achievement and promote ambitious progression
and employability.

Our academies are embedded within               STEM
the curriculum in Performing Arts,
                                                The STEM Academy offers students
Visual Arts, STEM and Sport. Being a
                                                who are studying science, technology,
part of an academy helps you to develop
                                                engineering and maths courses extra
essential skills for life, such as planning
                                                opportunities outside the classroom.
and organisation, communication, personal
                                                We provide information about STEM
resilience and teamwork. They are also
                                                careers and offer a range of enjoyable
great experience for your CV or personal
                                                activities, trips and competitions to
statement, supporting your progression
                                                help students build friendships and
to employment or university!
                                                enrich their studies.
Performing Arts
                                                Sport                                        Visual Arts
The Academy of Performing Arts
                                                Our Academy of Sport offers opportunities    The Academy of Visual Arts offers
has strong links within the performing
                                                in basketball, men’s and women’s football,   students who are studying visual
arts industries, helping you develop
                                                men’s and women’s rugby and netball.         arts, film and media courses a
relationships as well as hone your
                                                Our focus is to not only develop your        range of enriching and interesting
technical and performance skills.
                                                performance as a player, but to help you     opportunities and activities. These
You’ll also be able to access a range
                                                also achieve academic excellence. We         will support and extend your learning,
of fantastic opportunities, including
                                                balance training with your academic          reward achievement and promote
performing at theatres in Sussex for
                                                commitments, ensuring you can meet           ambitious progression and employability.
festivals such as Dance Live, National
                                                your potential in both areas, leading
Theatre connections and New Views
                                                to a wider range of progression              Find out more about our
script writing.
                                                opportunities through university,            academies on our website:
                                                apprenticeships or employment.               worthing.ac.uk/academies

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COURSE                                                                                             FINANCIAL
FEES                                                                                               HELP
    If you’re 16-18                                 Advanced Learner Loan                          We're here to help you get the financial support you
If you’re a home student1 and are under             If you’re thinking of progressing onto         need. The student finance team can provide you with
19 at the beginning of your course, you             a full-time course and are aged over           advice on grants that are available.
won’t have to pay tuition or exam fees for          19 you may qualify for this loan.
most courses. You will have to pay exams
fees if you need to resit an exam.                  To be eligible you must:
                                                                                                   Learning Support Grant & Bursary         If you are aged 16 to 18 and are
                                                    › Be aged 19 or over at the start
You may need to pay for course equipment                                                                                                    currently in care, just leaving care,
                                                      of your course                               This is our bursaries scheme for 16 to
and materials. You will be told about                                                                                                       receive Income Support or Universal
this at interview.
                                                    › Be a UK or Irish national, or                18 year olds. This grant is funded by
                                                                                                                                            Credit, or receive ESA (employment
                                                      have settled or pre-settled status           the Education Funding Agency and
                                                                                                                                            support allowance) or Universal Credit
                                                      under the EU Settlement Scheme               administered by the college.
    If you’re over 19                                                                                                                       and PIP (Personal Independence Payments),
                                                      or indefinite leave to remain                                                         you may be eligible for the Vulnerable
                                                                                                   This grant could provide you with:
You may be eligible to receive financial            › Be applying to study on a course                                                      Bursary via the Learning Support Grant.
help with course fees. If you don’t hold a            which is Level 32 or above                   › Access to free or subsidised travel
Level 2 qualification (e.g. five GCSEs at                                                          › Free or subsidised equipment,          Financial help is also available
grades 9-4/A*-C) or a Level 3 qualification         International students                           books or resources                     for students aged 19 or over.
(e.g. two A-levels) and are under 24 years                                                         › Free or subsidised childcare
old, you may be able to get a substantial           International students should contact
                                                                                                   › Free UCAS admin fees                   To find out more, call our Student
reduction in your fees.                             our International Department for
                                                                                                                                            Finance Team on 01903 275755, email
                                                    fee information by emailing us at:             › Free college meals                     studentfinance@chigroup.ac.uk or visit
Also, if you select a course leading to a           internationalinfo@worthing.ac.uk               › Contribution towards enrichment        www.worthing.ac.uk/financialassistance.
basic skill qualification (English or maths)                                                         activities linked to your course
there will be no tuition fees to pay.               Refunds
You may also be able to claim for free or           For courses lasting longer than one term:
discounted courses at Entry Level and Level         If you choose to leave your course within
1 if you are aiming for a full Level 2 course,      one month of it starting and the course is
do not already hold a qualification at this         longer than a term, a refund may be made
level and are under 24 years old.                   of fees paid, minus an administration charge
                                                    and any payments made to examining or
                                                    other bodies which cannot be reclaimed.

                                                    For courses lasting one term or less:
 Home students are people who have already          If you booked on a short course and
lived in the UK or EEA for a minimum of three       cancel at least 10 working days before
years for reasons other than education. If you      the course date, you will receive a refund
are an EEA national, you must have obtained         minus a £25 administration fee. If you
either pre-settled or settled status under the
                                                    cancel less than 10 days before the start
EU Settlement Scheme.
                                                    of the course, or leave the course after
 Defined by the government as a maximum             it has started, no refund will be given.
of 3 A-levels; Access to HE course; Level 3
and/or Level 4 certificates or diplomas;            If a course is cancelled by us, you’ll
an advanced or higher apprenticeship.               receive a full refund of fees paid.
20         Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                   worthing.ac.uk    21



By choosing to study at Worthing College,
you become part of something bigger.

We’re proud to be part of the Chichester
College Group, a family of five West
Sussex colleges including Brinsbury,
Chichester, Crawley, Haywards Heath
and Worthing Colleges.

As a group, we were rated as Outstanding
in all areas by Ofsted in 2020 – the only
college group in Sussex to have achieved
this standard.

At Worthing College, we offer a range of
A-level courses and a number of vocational
options across a variety of subjects, but
                                                Chichester                                CRAWLEY                                    HAYWARDS
if you’re interested in studying something
different – why not check out one of our        College                                   COLLEGE                                    HEATH COLLEGE
other colleges?
                                                Chichester College offers a               Based in the centre of town,               Opened in 2020, Haywards Heath
                                                diverse range of academic and             Crawley College offers a wide range        College offers an extensive selection
                                                vocational subjects, including            of industry-led vocational subjects,       of A-level courses to choose
                                                A-levels and T Levels.                    including T Levels, with a focus on        from, alongside a number of
                                                                                          practical, hands-on learning.              vocational options.
                                                It’s home to excellent facilities,        It's home to some of the best facilities   You’ll enjoy learning in fresh, modern
                                                including state-of-the-art training       in the region for studying IT, creative    classrooms and well-equipped
                                                kitchens, the Lee Stafford hair salon,    media and engineering, and opened          facilities, including the Hub Theatre.
                                                well-equipped workshops and the           a brand new, multi-million pound
                                                Riverside Theatre.                        STEM Centre in 2021.                       haywardsheath.ac.uk

                                                chichester.ac.uk                          crawley.ac.uk

22     Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                             worthing.ac.uk      23

Whether you want to work with horses or animals, be a blacksmith,
a farmer, dog groomer or even a tree surgeon, you’ll get the skills
and qualifications you need at Brinsbury College.

Set in the stunning South Downs countryside,    The college offers a wide variety of
the beautiful Brinsbury campus offers you       land-based subjects, including agriculture,
a chance to study subjects you won’t find       horticulture, equine, animal care and
in a classroom.                                 blacksmithing. And – with an Outstanding
                                                Ofsted rating – you can be assured you’ll
And Brinsbury is home to an award-winning       be getting the best education in your field.
dairy herd, working farm (including a
new, state-of-the-art milking parlour),         Catch the bus to Brinsbury
modern animal care centre, equine centre
and forge – not to mention extensive            Getting to Brinsbury is easier than you
woodland and lakes.                             may think! We offer a dedicated bus
                                                route from Chichester, which takes you
                                                right to the campus. The service starts
                                                in Chichester and calls at North Bersted,
                                                Bognor Regis, Felpham, Littlehampton,
                                                Wick and Arundel. Buses also run from
                                                Shoreham and Crawley.

                                                You’ll find all the latest information
                                                about our bus service, including
                                                timetables and ticket information,
                                                on our website:

24     Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                  worthing.ac.uk   25
ON COURSE                                                         HOW TO
FOR LIFE                                                          APPLY
                                                                  1     3
                                                                        Apply                                          Accepting a place
 Your next steps…                                                       Apply online at worthing.ac.uk.                Offers will be sent to you via
                                                                        We’ll let you know when we’ve                  the email address you provide
› 		Read on to find out about our subject areas                         received your application with                 with your online application.

› 		Visit one of our Open Events where you’ll get to meet         a confirmation email.
                                                                                                              The offer will be conditional based on
    the tutors, tour the college and discuss your study options   Apply before Friday 17 December 2021        predicted GCSE grades and will require

› 		Apply online at worthing.ac.uk                                to guarantee first choice courses. We
                                                                  will accept applications after this date,
                                                                                                              you to accept the offer within 14 days to
                                                                                                              secure your place.
› 		Once we receive your application form we will be in           but it may mean that some courses could

    touch to invite you in for a course guidance meeting          already be full.
                                                                                                                       Confirm your results
› 		If you have any queries, just give us a call on               If you have additional learning support              On GCSE results day in August
    01903 275751 or email admissions@worthing.ac.uk               needs please also complete the additional            2022, you will need to obtain
                                                                  support request form – there is a link to            your results from your school
                                                                  this within the application form.           and enter them onto our Fast-Track
                                                                                                              enrolment system so that we know your

                                                                                                              grades before you arrive at college.
                                                                          Guidance Meetings
                      Scan me!

                                                                            Before offering you a place at             Attend enrolment
                                                                            college we will meet with you               Enrolment is where you officially
                     You'll be able to find out more              - either in person or by telephone. We                sign up as a college student.
                                                                  will send you a link to our booking page              You will have the opportunity
                     about our courses by scanning
                                                                  where you can then select a meeting         to review your subject choices based on
                     the QR Codes using the camera                time that’s convenient for you. Don’t       your results with our curriculum advisors.
                     on your phone or tablet.                     worry – the interview is there to give

                                                                  you guidance on your subject choices
                                                                  and the opportunity to ask any questions             Start college
                                                                  you may have.                                       You will receive your college
                                                                                                                      timetable the week before the
                                                                                                                      start of term, which will outline
                                                                                                              when you are required to attend classes.
                                                                                                              If you need any help, talk to our
                                                                                                              admissions team on 01903 275755
                                                                                                              or email admissions@worthing.ac.uk

26    Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                       worthing.ac.uk         27
A-levels & Level 3 Courses

A-LEVELS                                                                                                                                       99.8%
& LEVEL 3                                                                                                                                      PASS RATE
COURSES                                                                                                                                                       Scan me for
                                                                                                                                                              more information!
Our highly qualified and experienced staff are committed                                                                                                      worthing.ac.uk/courses
to ensuring that you’re offered the best possible learning
experience across our extensive range of subjects.

Our A-level programme is open to                Applied General Qualifications              You’ll find more information about               What have you studied and enjoyed?
students of all ages, whether you’re                                                        entry requirements on page 39,
                                                While many students select three                                                             Think about building on subjects you
about to complete your GCSEs or are                                                         or on the course pages on our
                                                A-levels, you can also choose from                                                           have studied before, considering ones
a mature student wishing to return                                                          website at www.worthing.ac.uk/courses.
                                                a number of Applied General Level 3                                                          you have enjoyed or have a passion for!
to study.                                                                                   You’ll also be required to complete a
                                                qualifications, which earn UCAS points.
                                                                                            ‘Getting Ready For’ pack before starting
We support you with extensive                                                                                                                Find a balance
                                                These can be studied alongside A-level      with us in September 2022 for each
resources, including well-equipped
                                                courses and are generally considered        course you have chosen to study.                 Try to choose subjects that reflect your
laboratories, modern facilities,
theatre, art studios, computer labs,            to be the equivalent of either one or two                                                    abilities, strengths and interests.
sports grounds and many more.                   A-levels. You’ll find more information      Choosing the right subjects
                                                about these on the course pages on our                                                       Ask yourself ‘why?’
                                                website at www.worthing.ac.uk/courses.      With so many subjects to choose
Additional Qualifications                                                                   from (see pages 30-36), getting the              If you want to choose a new subject,
Alongside your A-levels, you can also                                                       right mix of A-levels can be confusing.          take a minute to think about why you
                                                Entry Requirements                          There are a few things to consider to            want to study it. Is it something you’re
opt to complete exciting qualifications
to complement your studies and                  For all our A-level and level 3             help you make the right choice for you.          interested in, but haven’t been able to
support your entry to study higher              courses, you will need to have                                                               study before? Do you know what it’s about?
education. Find out more about                  achieved at least five GCSEs at             Do you know what you want                        Is it relevant to what you want to do?
these on our Aspire pages (18-19).              grades 9-4, usually including               to study/do in the future?
                                                maths and English language.                                                                  What if you’re still not sure?
                                                Certain subjects will require               Look at the entry requirements for the
                                                a grade 5,6 or 7 in relevant                university or higher education course/           If you don’t know what you want to do,
                                                subjects at GCSE.                           apprenticeship that you want to do. Does it      that’s ok. There are lots of subjects you
                                                                                            require specific subjects at A-level? You’ll     can choose from which will help you keep
                                                                                            be able to find this information on university   your options open. Speak to one of our
                                                                                            websites or using the UCAS course search.        advisers for more information and advice.

28     Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                        worthing.ac.uk      29
Courses                                                                                                                                                                        Courses

We have a whole range of A-level and Applied General
subjects to choose from here at Worthing College.

Business, Economics & Finance                      Computer Science & IT                             English
Learning about Business, Finance and               The future will be driven by digital, with       Are you a budding writer, a poetry
Economics can provide the basis for any            computer technology now crucial to every         enthusiast, or a critical reader? Our range
career you decide to go into. All you need         aspect of our world. A choice of subjects        of English courses may be just right for you
is an interest in current affairs and how          like this could steer you into becoming          with stimulating and thought-provoking
the world of business works, and you’re            a leader in digital innovation.                  content! Studying English encourages
set! The business world is exciting and                                                             your imagination and creativity to flourish,
promises success to anyone who has                 Where will this lead you?                        and teaches you how to use a variety                Did you know we
ambition and works hard.                                                                            of communication techniques as well
                                                   There is a huge range of opportunities for       as analyse complex information from                 also offer a range
                                                   further studies at university and financially    across a range of genres.                         of level 2 courses, as
Where will this lead you?
                                                   rewarding careers. Possible career                                                                   well as ESOL and
These courses can lead to university               choices might include programming, digital
                                                                                                    Where will this lead you?                         IELTS programmes?
and professional careers in accounting,            forensics, artificial intelligence, computing
business, finance, financial services,             or engineering.                                  If you want to study English at university,           Find out more
law, management and politics.                                                                       individual English Language and English                 on page 37
                                                   Courses                                  Level   Literature A-levels are likely to be the best
Courses                                    Level                                                    option for you. Brilliant careers related to
                                                   › Computer Science A-level                 3     English qualifications include journalism,
›   Business A-level                         3
                                                   › Computing BTEC                           3     media, speech therapy and teaching.
›   Business CAMTEC                          3
                                                   › Electronics A-level                      3
                                                                                                    Courses                                   Level
›   Economics A-level                        3

›   Financial Studies LIB&F                  3
                                                                                                    › English Language A-level                  3

                                                                                                    › English Language                          3
                                                                                                      & Literature A-level
                                                                                                    › English Literature A-level                3

30       Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                      worthing.ac.uk   31
Courses                                                                                                                                                                               Courses

Geography &                                        Health & Social Care                             History, Politics & Law                          Languages, Travel & Tourism
Environmental Science                             Are you someone who loves working                 These are fantastic subjects for widening        If you want to take your French or Spanish
                                                  with people and have a naturally caring           your understanding of the world, it’s            to a higher level of communication, our
Are you looking for a subject that improves
                                                  personality? Do you want to make a real           history and culture and are a great basis        language courses are an exciting option
your understanding of the world around
                                                  difference to the lives of others? Our            for many university courses and careers.         and will help to open doors to careers
you? A-level Geography and A-level
                                                  practical and engaging courses are ideal          So, whatever your future holds these             in other countries.
Environmental Science are set to sharpen
                                                  for people who are seriously considering          subjects are set to give you a head start.
your research skills and give you a fantastic
                                                  a career in the health & social care field.       If you want to develop your critical thinking    Our Travel & Tourism BTEC National
understanding of the world around you with
                                                                                                    skills, then these courses are for you!          Diploma would be ideal if you are passionate
relevant, real-life information. These are
exciting and ever-changing subjects.              Where will this lead you?                                                                          about travel and customer service and want
                                                                                                    Where will this lead you?                        to be part of this global industry. The course
                                                  Our Health & Social Care courses can                                                               develops plenty of transferable skills that
Where will this lead you?                         lead to some of the most important and            Many people studying these subjects              can be used in many other business settings.
                                                  rewarding careers in the world - care,            have high flying careers in education,
You’ll have a huge range of options at
                                                  nursing, social work, teaching or youth           law, media and public services.
university and there are many linked career                                                                                                          Where will this lead you?
                                                  and community related careers.
paths including business, cartography,
environmental risk management,                                                                      Courses                                  Level   You can progress to university and students
geo-engineering, government, leisure              Courses                                                                                            may well go on to careers in business,
                                                                                            Level   ›   Applied Law BTEC                       3
                                                                                                                                                     media, teaching and travel & tourism.
& tourism, teaching and planning.                 › Health & Social Care CAMTEC                 3
                                                                                                    ›   History A-level                        3
Courses                                   Level                                                     ›   Law A-level                            3                                              Level

› Geography A-level                         3                                                       ›   Politics A-level                       3     › French A-level                          3

› Environmental Science A-level             3                                                                                                        › Spanish A-level                         3

                                                                                                                                                     › Travel & Tourism BTEC                   3

32      Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                               worthing.ac.uk     33
Courses                                                                                                                                                                          Course

Maths                                             Performing Arts                                  Sciences                                         Social Sciences
Maths is one of the most fundamentally            Were you born to perform? Our performing        Science is a vital part of every industry in      Social Science is the study of human
important aspects of many industries,             arts courses provide a fantastic opportunity    one way or another, so what could be more         beings. What could be more interesting
from business to science and it provides          to develop your skills and couldn’t be a        important than studying a science course?         than understanding the reasons behind
a strong basis for future study and careers.      better place to start out. Whether you are      It is the lifeblood of our medical professions    peoples’ actions and behaviours?
                                                  interested in dance, drama, music or theatre    with courses like biology being the literal
Develop your problem-solving, analytical,         studies we will have a course that would be     study of life, making them incredibly             You’ll examine the world we live in and
quantitative and critical thinking skills by      right for you!                                  relevant whatever your career path after          explore some of the most compelling
choosing these sought-after qualifications.                                                       college. If you are thinking of studying          questions in modern society.
                                                  Where will this lead?                           medicine at university, you will need to
Where will this lead you?                                                                         study biology and chemistry at A-level.           Where will this lead?
                                                  The opportunities are limitless. You can
There is a huge range of opportunities for        go on to study higher education courses         Where will this lead?                             Careers in a wide range of sectors are
further studies at university and financially     at professional dance, music or theatre                                                           possible including the criminal justice
rewarding careers. Possible career choices        schools as well as at university. Careers       Students with a passion for the sciences          system, education, law, health and
might include accountancy, sciences,              can include working as a musician,              may choose to study medicine, dentistry,          social work.
finance and engineering.                          performer, teacher or journalist.               nursing, physiotherapy, veterinary science
                                                                                                  or an individual science at university.
                                                                                                                                                    Courses                                   Level
                                                                                                  Careers in science are endless and
Courses                                   Level   Courses                                 Level   recognised throughout the world.                  ›   Applied Psychology BTEC                3
› Further Maths A-level                     3     ›   Creative & Performing Arts RSL          3
                                                                                                                                                    ›   Criminology WJEC                       3
› Maths A-level                             3     ›   Dance A-level                           3                                             Level
                                                                                                                                                    ›   Psychology A-level                     3
› Statistics A-level                        3     ›   Drama & Theatre Studies A-level         3   ›   Applied Science CAMTEC                 3
                                                                                                                                                    ›   Sociology A-level                      3
                                                  ›   Music A-level                           3   ›   Biology A-level                        3

                                                  ›   Music Practitioner RSL                  3   ›   Chemistry A-level                      3

                                                                                                  ›   Electronics A-level                    3

                                                                                                  ›   Engineering CAMTEC                     3

                                                                                                  ›   Physics A-level                        3

34      Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                               worthing.ac.uk     35

                                                                                                 Level 2 &
                                                                                                 Level 2 Courses                                 Step Up
                                                                                                 For students who may not be quite ready         This exciting and innovative one-year
                                                                                                 for an A-level, or other level 3 courses,       course is designed to offer a unique mix
                                                                                                 we have range of Level 2 options available      of learning experiences for students who
                                                                                                 at Worthing College – including GCSE            have not yet met the entry requirements
Sports and                                        Visual Arts                                    English and maths. We’ll support                for a level 3 course.
                                                                                                 and help you to get to where you
Physical Education                                Have you got a passion and creative flair      want to be.                                     It provides a great platform for students
                                                  for visual arts, design or photography?                                                        to get a taste of several subject areas, as
Sport is the love of competition and striving
                                                  We have fully equipped studios set to          Our level 2 courses will provide a              well as the opportunity to shadow A-level
to be your best. Whether you’re looking
                                                  support you in your studies, with most of      good basis to progress onto level 3             classes in the final term to ensure you’re
to study sport, PE or sport and exercise
                                                  our course material focused on developing      programmes as well as provide subject           choosing the right courses for you.
science, you’re in the best place!
                                                  your skills to work in the industry.           knowledge and skills that could help with
                                                                                                 your employability.                             ESOL (English for Speakers
Where will this lead?
                                                  Where will this lead?                                                                          of Other Languages)
There are so many careers in sport and                                                           Courses                                Level
                                                  Careers in visual arts are numerous and                                                        We offer ESOL courses throughout the year,
physical education. You might want to
                                                  exciting. These include architecture,          › Business BTEC                             2   offering students opportunities to develop
continue your studies at university or
                                                  art therapy, fashion design, graphic                                                           or improve their English language skills.
train as a physiotherapist or teacher.                                                           › English GCSE                              2
                                                  design, theatre, TV and video production
Some students will go on to be coaches
                                                  to name but a few.                             › Maths GCSE                                2   IELTS
or personal trainers.
                                                                                                 › Applied Science BTEC                      2   IELTS (International English Language
                                                  Courses                               Level
Courses                                   Level                                                  › Sports BTEC                               2   Testing System) is the world’s most popular
› Physical Education A-level                3     ›   Digital Media CAMTEC                   3                                                   English language test for higher education
                                                                                                 › Travel & Tourism City Guilds              2   and global migration.
› Sport BTEC                                3     ›   Film Studies A-level                   3

› Sport & Exercise Science BTEC             3     ›   Fine Art A-level                       3                                                   We offer IELTS courses at Worthing
                                                                                                                                                 College, which will enable you to improve
                                                  ›   Graphic Communication A-level          3
                                                                                                                                                 your English language skills to the level
                                                  ›   Media Studies A-level                  3                                                   you need to succeed.
                                                  ›   Photography A-level                    3

                                                  ›   Textiles A-level                       3

36      Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                           worthing.ac.uk        37
A-Z List of our Courses                                                                               ENTRY
    Applied Law BTEC
    Applied Psychology BTEC
                                                         Geography A-level
                                                         Graphic Communication A-level

›   Applied Science BTEC                       3                                                      General entry requirements
›   Applied Science CAMTEC                     3     H
    (Single & Double Award)                                                                           A-levels                                            Minimum entry requirements
                                                     ›    Health & Social Care CAMTEC
                                                         (Single & Triple Award)               3      These two-year, level 3 qualifications              You must achieve at least five GCSEs
B                                                    ›   History A-level                       3      support progression to university, training         at grades 4–9, including maths AND
›   Biology A-level                            3                                                      and employment.                                     English language.

›   Business BTEC                              2     I                                                Level 3 Applied General                             Minimum entry requirements
›   Business A-level                           3
                                                     ›   IELTS                                 2
›   Business CAMTEC
                                                                                                      We have a range of Applied General courses          You must achieve at least five GCSEs
    (Single & Double Award)                                                                           at level 3 including BTECs, Cam Techs and           at grades 4–9, including maths OR
                                                     L                                                RSLs. These are normally two-year courses.          English language.
                                                                                                      They are at the same level as A-levels and offer
C                                                    ›   Law A-level                           3      equivalent UCAS points for entry to university.
                                                                                                                                                          If you have not achieved maths or English
                                                                                                                                                          language at grade 4-9 you would normally
                                               3                                                      These qualifications come in different sizes and
›   Chemistry A-level                                                                                 may be equivalent to one, two or three A-levels.
                                                                                                                                                          start your studies at Worthing College on a
›   Computer Science A-level                   3     M                                                                                                    level 2 course.

›                                              3
    Computing BTEC                                   ›   Maths GCSE                            2      Level 2 Applied General                             Minimum entry requirements
›   Creative & Performing Arts RSL             3     ›   Maths A-level                         3
    (Single & Triple Award)                                                                           We have a range of Applied General courses at       You must achieve at least four GCSEs
                                                     ›   Media Studies A-level                 3
                                                                                                      level 2 including BTECs and City and Guilds.        at grades 3-9.
                                                     ›   Music A-level                         3      These one year courses are at the same level as
D                                                    ›   Music Practitioner RSL                3      GCSEs and can be used to progress on to Level
                                                                                                      3 study at Worthing or other colleges.
›   Dance A-level                              3
›   Digital Media CAMTEC                       3     P                                                Level 1 Courses                                     Minimum entry requirements
›   Drama & Theatre Studies A-level            3     ›   Photography A-level                   3      We offer a Step-Up programme for students           You must have a keen interest in progressing
                                                     ›   Physical Education A-level            3      who do not meet the entry requirements for level    into further study or employment and a
E                                                    ›   Physics A-level                       3      2 courses. This one-year course will prepare you    willingness to continue to develop your
                                                                                                      to progress on to further study at level 2 or 3.    English and Maths.
                                                     ›   Politics A-level                      3
›   Economics A-level                          3
                                                     ›   Psychology A-level                    3
›   Electronics A-level                        3
›   English GCSE                               2
›   English Language A-level                   3     S                                                Specific entry requirements
›   English Language & Literature A-level      3     ›   Sociology A-level                     3      In addition to the minimum entry requirements described above, some individual courses have
›   English Literature A-level                 3     ›   Spanish A-level                       3      their own specific entry requirements which reflect the demands of that course. For example,
›   Environmental Science A-level              3     ›   Sport BTEC                            2      to study A-level maths you must achieve at least a grade 6 in GCSE maths.
›   ESOL                                       3     ›   Sport BTEC (Single & Triple Award)    3      To find the specific entry requirements for our courses, please visit the college website
                                                     ›   Statistics A-level                    3      (www.worthing.ac.uk) to view individual subject descriptions in our A-Z list of courses,
                                                     ›                                                or refer to our Course Entry Requirements Booklet.
F                                                        Step Up                               2

›   Film Studies A-level                       3
›   Fine Art A-level                           3     T                                                Internal progression at Worthing College
›   Financial Studies LIB&F                    3     ›   Textiles A-level                      3
                                                                                                      Students wishing to progress from one level of study to the next at Worthing College are
›   French A-level                             3     ›   Travel & Tourism City & Guilds        2
                                                                                                      expected to have completed the previous level with at least a Merit grade and made suitable
›   Further Maths A-level                      3     ›   Travel & Tourism BTEC                 3      progress in English and maths.

38         Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                                   worthing.ac.uk       39
T Levels are technical qualifications,
                                              designed to help you get ahead             Welcome to the next level
                                              in your dream career.
                                                                                         From September 2022, across
                                                                                         Chichester College Group,
                                              What are T Levels?                         we'll be offering T Levels in:
                                              Equivalent to three A-levels, they
                                              combine the career focus and practical      Construction
                                              elements of technical qualifications
                                              with classroom-based learning and          Building Services Engineering¹

THE NEXT LEVEL QUALIFICATION                  industry placements – a key element
                                              of all T Level courses.
                                                                                         Design, Surveying & Planning2

THAT’S BUILT BY BUSINESSES                                                               Onsite Construction2
                                              They’ll provide you with a clear           Construction Transition T Level1
                                              route into skilled employment, higher
                                              education at university or degree-level
                                              apprenticeships.                            Digital
                                                                                         Digital Production, Design & Development1
                                              Although T Levels are not currently
                                              available here at Worthing College, we     Digital Support Services1
                                              are offering them at Chichester College    Digital Transition T Level1
                                              and Crawley College.

                                              Find out more                               Education & Childcare

                                              If you have any questions, get in touch!   Education and Childcare1
                                              Email us at t-levels@chichester.ac.uk      Education & Childcare Transition T Level3
                                              or call 01243 786321.

                                                                                          Health & Science
                                              Wherever your future is heading,           Health4
                                              take it to the next level with a
                                              T Level at Chichester College Group!       Healthcare Science4
                                                                                         Science Transition T Level2

                                                                                          New for 2022!
                                                                                         We'll also be launching new T Levels in:

                                                                                         Engineering & Manufacturing1

                                                               Scan me for
                                                               more information!
                                                                                         1Chichester and Crawley only
                                                               chichester.ac.uk/         2Chichester only
                                                               study-courses/            3Chichester,Crawley and Haywards Heath
                                                               study-areas/t-levels      4Crawley only

40   Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                      worthing.ac.uk      41
                                                              APPRENTICESHIPS AT OUR

                                                                                              WHAT OUR APPRENTICES SAY:
                                                                 OTHER CAMPUSES

                                                                                                                   “After I completed my Level 3 Business Administrator

Start your
                                                                                                                   apprenticeship, I decided to further progress my career and
                                                                                                                   take on the Level 4 Project Management apprenticeship. During
                                                                                                                   my apprenticeship, I have really matured as an individual and

career with an
                                                                                                                   I understand what to expect in a professional environment.
                                                                                                                   An apprenticeship is the best decision I have made and
                                                                                                                   a step up into my career!”

                                                                                                                  Chloe Lambourne, Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator
                                                                                                                  at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

                                                                                               “Being married with two children and working full-time means I often
                                                                                               have limited time to progress in my career. So, an apprenticeship was the
An apprenticeship is a great way to earn money, gain real work                                 best option! I get to work and learn new skills at the same time which has
experience and achieve a nationally recognised qualification                                   improved my confidence and performance in the workplace. This has
in your chosen industry.                                                                       all resulted in my promotion to Deputy CEO!”

                                                                                              Rory Massey, Chief Operations Officer and Deputy Chief
                                                                                              Executive Officer at Age UK Portsmouth
Rated ‘Outstanding’                             Key facts
apprenticeship provider
                                                It’s a real job
We are recognised by Ofsted for our range
of high-quality apprenticeship training
programmes delivered by industry experts.
                                                You will be treated just like a regular
                                                employee of the company with a contract       WE OFFER APPRENTICESHIPS
No.1 in Sussex & Hampshire
                                                of employment, salary and employee
                                                benefits such as holiday and sick leave.      ACROSS A RANGE OF JOB ROLES
We have the highest achievement rates for       There’s no age limit
                                                                                              AND LEVELS, INCLUDING:
apprenticeships in Sussex and Hampshire,
according to government figures*.               Anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to
                                                become an apprentice, whether you are         Business and Administration                    Health and Science
                                                employed, unemployed or leaving school.
                                                                                              		                                   Level                                          Level
'Apprentices develop key knowledge
securely and learn how to apply this            You can choose from a wide                    Business Administrator                 3       Leisure Team Member                      2
to their specific job roles'                    range of apprenticeships                                                                     Leisure Duty Manager                     3
Ofsted Report, 2020
                                                There are over 80 different apprenticeships   Education and Childcare                        Personal Trainer                         3
                                                for you to choose from, across a range of
                                                                                              		                                   Level     Community Activator Coach
                                                levels, so you can be sure you’re heading                                                                                             2
'Apprentices make strong progress with          towards the right career path for you.        Early Years Practitioner               2
                                                                                                                                             Community Sport and Health Officer       3
their studies, develop new knowledge and                                                      Early Years Educator                   3
skills and often achieve to a high level'       How to apply
                                                                                              Learning Mentor                        3       Sales, Marketing and Procurement
                                                To apply for an apprenticeship or
Ofsted Report, 2020
                                                to find out more information please                                                                                               Level
                                                contact our apprenticeship team                                                              Customer Service Practitioner            3
'Employers value greatly the positive           by calling 01903 275755 or emailing
impact apprentices’ new skills and              apprentices@worthing.ac.uk.                                     Scan me for
                                                                                                                more information!
knowledge have on their workplace'              You can also visit our website at
Ofsted Report, 2020                                                                                             apprenticeships
                                                for the latest news and vacancies.                                                           *According to National Achievement
                                                                                                                                             Rate Tables published for 2018/19

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Stay local and                                              further

                                                                                                  Your route through
HIGHER                                                                                            higher education

                                                                                                                 Graduation | Employment | Professional Course | Postgraduate Course

                                                                                                                         Top-up     BA (Hons)      Bachelor of Arts                      Degree & Higher

                                                                                                  3rd year

                                                                                                               1 year
                                                                                                                         Degree     BSc (Hons)     Bachelor of Science                   Apprenticeship

                                                                                                                         A final year that will turn your HND or foundation              A package of
                                                                                                                         degree into a full honours degree                               work and study,
                                                                                                                                                                                         where you will
A university level qualification can make a huge difference to your                                                                                                                      gain a university
career prospects. So whether you’re at the start of your journey,                                                                                                                        level qualification
looking to progress in your career or want to change direction you will                                                  HND Higher National Diploma                   2 years           and hands-on
find what you’re looking for at the Chichester College Group (CCG).                                                                                                                      experience while

                                                                                                  2nd year
                                                                                                                         A vocational qualification,

                                                                                                               2 years
                                                                                                                                                                 Foundation              you earn. Depending
                                                                                                                         equivalent to the second year           Degree                  on your employer
                                                                                                                         of a degree. Highly regarded by
                                                                                                                                                                                         they may take
Access to Higher Education                           Degree-level qualifications                                         employers and can lead straight         A vocational
                                                                                                                                                                                         between 3-6 years
                                                                                                                         to employment or further study          qualification
Access courses are designed for adults who           Our degree-level qualifications are                                                                         with a blend
wish to enter higher education courses but           awarded by the University of Portsmouth                                                                     of academic
don’t have the necessary qualifications. This        and the University of Chichester, so                                HNC Higher National Certificate         study and
is the perfect opportunity to gain a full level      you’ll have the dual benefit of graduating                                                                  work based
                                                                                                                         A vocational qualification,
3 qualification to enable you to study at

                                                                                                  1st year
                                                     from leading universities while staying                                                                     learning,

                                                                                                               1 year
                                                                                                                         equivalent to the first year of
university level to further your career.             local at one of our outstanding colleges.                                                                   equivalent to
                                                                                                                         a degree. Highly regarded by
                                                                                                                                                                 two years of
                                                                                                                         employers and can lead straight
Access courses offered                               Across the group, we offer                                                                                  a degree
                                                                                                                         to employment or further study
across the group*, include:                          university-level courses* in a
› Animal Management                                  variety of subjects, including:
› Art & Design                                       ›   Animal Management
                                                                                                                A-level, T Level, BTEC or Diploma                      Access to Higher Education
› Business & Management                              ›   Business

                                                                                                     2 years
                                                                                                                 Two year formal qualifications                        A one year course designed to

                                                                                                                                                              1 year
› Computing                                          ›   Construction
                                                                                                                 designed to prepare you for further                   prepare adults to study at university
› Criminology & Forensic Studies                     ›   Creative Media                                          study or employment                                   level that do not have formal
› Engineering                                        ›   Dance                                                                                                         qualifications required
› Health & Health Sciences                           ›   Digital Computing
› Healthcare Professions                             ›   Education
› Humanities                                         ›   Engineering                                                                                       GCSE
› Nursing & Healthcare Professions                   ›   Horticulture
› Science Pathways (Biomedical,                      ›   Hospitality & Events
  Ecology & Environment, Medicine)                   ›   Performing Arts                          To find out more
› Sport Science                                      ›   Sport                                    Visit our website to download our Higher                                                Scan me for
                                                                                                  Education prospectus: chigroup.ac.uk/                                                   more information!
                                                     ›   Travel & Tourism
*Please note, teaching methods may vary and not                                                   higher-education                                                                        chigroup.ac.uk/
all courses may be offered at all of our campuses.                                                                                                                                        higher-education
Visit our website for more information.

44        Guide for Full-time Students - 2022/23                                                                                                                                          worthing.ac.uk       45
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