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Love local business information-for-businesses
2 Lambeth talk APRIL 2020

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan
Scheme (CBILS)
The Government’s CBILS             are available with no personal     businesses will benefit from no
scheme supports smaller            guarantee required. The            upfront costs and lower initial
businesses (SMEs) with access      Government will also make a        repayments. More information
to loans, overdrafts, invoice      Business Interruption Payment      at:
finance and asset finance of up    to cover the first 12 months       coronavirus-business-support/
to £5 million and for up to six    of interest payments and any
years. Loans under £250,000        lender-levied fees, so smaller

                                               FREE HELPLINE
                                               One-to-one advice and support to
                                               help London businesses face
                                               the challenges of COVID-19

                                               Visit for
                                               the latest support available
                                               for your business

 Business survey for COVID-19
 In order to better understand and measure the impact of the Coronavirus on our business
 community, we’re asking all businesses to complete our short business survey. This will help
 us understand the challenges you’re facing and identify how we can support businesses during
 and after the crisis. You will help us to identify gaps in the Government’s support measures for
 business and lobby with business groups on your behalf.
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APRIL 2020 Lambeth talk 3


Lambeth Council
on your side
This is a time of great anxiety for workers and businesses.
Lambeth Council will do all in our power to help you
through this.
Which is why we’ve launched Lambeth’s Local Economy Support
Package. We’re giving rent relief to over 300 of our commercial tenants,
making over £50m of grant payments, and freezing commercial waste
payments for businesses forced to shut. And we’re now developing new
measures in partnership with business groups across the borough.
We’re determined to keep Lambeth’s business community vibrant and
resilient, being on the side of our local businesses, their employees        Councillor Jack Hopkins,
and those who are self-employed.                                             Leader of the Council

Cash grants for businesses
A £10,000 grant is available to        Advice on filling out a claim form:   to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
businesses currently eligible
                                       • Please ensure you read the          • You will be asked to enter 2
for Small Business Rate Relief
                                       following guidelines carefully.       addresses. The first address is the
(SBBR) or those in the retail,
                                       Mistakes on the claim form may        property address that the grant
hospitality and leisure sectors
                                       lead to it being rejected and         is being claimed for. The second
with a rateable value under
                                       cause delays in processing your       address is the billing address that
                                       payment.                              your business rates bills go to. If
A £25,000 grant will be provided                                             the billing address is the same as
                                       • You will need a copy
to retail, hospitality and leisure                                           the property address you should
                                       of your business rates
businesses operating from                                                    re-enter the property details again.
                                       bill and your business bank
premises with a rateable value
                                       details before you start completing   • If you have a direct debit set up
between £15,000 and £51,000.
                                       the form.                             for business rates payments, the
Eligible businesses will receive one
                                                                             bank details entered into the form
grant per hereditament (business       • Make sure you have your unique
                                                                             should match the bank details
premises).                             business rates reference
                                                                             used for the direct debit. If they
                                       number (found on any business
                                                                             do not match the form will be
 To claim a grant fill                 rates bill). Your claim cannot be
 out an online claim form              processed without your unique
                                       business rates reference number.      • When your form has been
 at                    If you do not know it please call     submitted successfully you will
 covid19businesses                     the business rates team on            get a case reference number as
                                       020 8315 2255 between 9am             confirmation.
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4 Lambeth talk APRIL 2020

 local business
Coronavirus is a huge challenge to every aspect of life
in Lambeth.

While the Chancellor has set              • Businesses include: hairdressers;          the council can safeguard the future
out a package of measures to              cafes; restaurants; beauty salons;           of BIDs through this time – valuing
support businesses through this           offices; shared workspaces and               the vital role they play in the local
unprecedented period of disruption,       non-food related retail                      economy
as a council we feel that we must         • This will directly benefit over 300        Emergency Support Scheme
also step in to help.                     commercial tenants of the council.           The council has committed an
We have launched a comprehensive          Business Rates relief                        additional £500,000 to provide
economic package to help                                                               financial support to the most
businesses, voluntary and                 The business rate relief support
                                          announced by Government is being             vulnerable residents who are at
community sector (VCS) groups                                                          immediate risk of financial hardship.
and the borough’s residents cope          applied to accounts automatically.
                                          This includes 100% business rate             The scheme provides those who are
with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our                                                        experiencing a crisis or emergency
Local Economy Support Package             relief for retail, hospitality and leisure
                                          businesses for 2020/21.                      with support to buy food and make
is designed to offer relief and                                                        energy payments. More information
certainty at a time of unprecedented      Commercial Waste                             at:
challenge.                                Freezing of services and waiving             emergency-support
If you have any queries please go         payment immediately for those that           Business interruption loan
to our business webpage Lambeth.          currently don’t need the service.            scheme                  Contact Lambeth Council if you’re
If you still can’t find the information   no longer in operation, to freeze            The Government-backed
you need please email                     your account.                                Coronavirus Business Interruption or                                                           Loan Scheme has launched to
                                          Business Task Force                          support smaller businesses to
call the Business Helpline on
020 7926 2344.                            • We have established a Task Force           access finance.
                                          with Lambeth’s seven Business                Statutory sick pay refund
Rent Relief
                                          Improvement Districts (BIDs), coordi-
• Business and Voluntary and              nating our response and working up           Businesses with fewer than 250
Community Sector tenants of the           additional proposals to support local        employees will be entitled to receive
council most impacted by the crisis       businesses and support the eventual          a refund for Statutory Sick Pay costs
are being granted three months’ full      economic recovery effort                     they incur because of coronavirus.
rent relief                                                                            The refund will be limited to two
                                          • Lambeth is also looking at how             weeks per employee.
Love local business information-for-businesses
APRIL 2020 Lambeth talk 5


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK
employers with a PAYE scheme that was created and started on or
before 28 February 2020, will be able to access support to continue
paying part of their employees’ salary for those that would otherwise
have been laid off during this crisis.
This applies to employees who have been asked to stop working, but who
are being kept on the pay roll, otherwise described as ‘furloughed workers’.
HMRC will pay employers a grant worth 80% of an employee’s usual
wage costs, up to £2,500 a month, plus the associated Employer National
Insurance contributions and minimum automatic enrolment employer pension
contributions on that subsidised wage. This is to safeguard workers from
being made redundant. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
will cover the cost of wages backdated to March 1st if applicable
and is initially open for 3 months, but will be extended if necessary.
More information on the scheme, eligibility and to apply can be found at:

Self-employment Income Support Scheme
The Government's Self-employment Income Support Scheme
(SEISS) will support self-employed individuals (including members of
partnerships) whose income has been negatively impacted by COVID-19.
The scheme will provide a grant to self-employed individuals or
partnerships, worth 80% of their profits up to a cap of £2,500 per month.
HMRC will use the average profits from tax returns in 2016/17, 2017/18 and
2018/19 to calculate the size of the grant. The scheme will be open to those
where the majority of their income comes from self-employment and who
have profits of less than £50,000. The scheme will be open for an initial three
months with people able to make their first claim by the beginning of June.
More information on the scheme, eligibility and to apply can be found at:

The council’s website provides key information for businesses on the Coronavirus. Visit
A new telephone helpline to support businesses and self-employed people who are concerned about
paying their tax due to coronavirus. Contact the HMRC helpline on 0800 0159 559.
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6 Lambeth talk APRIL 2020

   Advice and
Find out how to support your businesses or organisation during this crisis
with guidance, workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Advice for Businesses                                                    Advice for VCS

Startup Resilience                 Mentoring and business                COVID-19 Tech Support
Capital Enterprise have launched                                         Covid Tech Support have over
a range of online events and       Tree Shepherd are offering virtual    400 tech volunteers who are here
support to help you navigate       and telephone business clinics        to support you. Their aim is that
your startup through this period   and are setting up calls with         no one should needlessly be
of uncertainty. No matter the      mentors to provide advice.            put at risk because they didn’t
stage of your startup, size or     Their experts have extensive          have access to technology that a
status. Startupresilience.         experience in all aspects of          volunteer technologist could have              business support.                     made. contact@integrateagency.
                              or phone 07790 666317
London Growth Hub
                                   Arts Professional                     Digital 1:1 surgeries
A new portal to support
London-based businesses and        Arts Professional has removed         Digital agency Copy & Code are
employers to manage and mitigate   its subscription paywall for          offering free hour-long sessions
their exposure to COVID-19.        all COVID-19-related news:            to social impact organisations                         experiencing technical or
                                                                         communication challenges during
Federation of Small                Your Business Continuity
                                                                         the pandemic on a first come,
Businesses                         Plan
                                                                         first served basis. contact@
Advice and guidance for            Business Continuity Plans are or phone
small businesses and the self-     vital for ensuring your business is   07790 666317
employed.               prepared for emergencies. It's more
                                                                         1:1 Income Generation
                                   important than ever to make sure
Creative Industries                                                      Surgeries
                                   your businesses has a plan. Links
                                   to guidance and support available     In the hour long bookings, we will
Collated advice and guidance       is at        share our insight into emerging
for the creative industries.       services-rates-and-licensing/         funds and opportunities and aim to   help-for-businesses/business-         be a useful sounding board for your
                                   continuity-guide                      income generation strategy thinking
                                                                         and development.
                                                                or phone 07790 666317
Love local business information-for-businesses
APRIL 2020 Lambeth talk 7


as unusual
The government has advised that all
pubs, restaurants and cafes should no
longer be open for on-site consumption
but under new planning legislation can
provide takeaway food (A5 use class).

The government has published          Your email must include:              read the legislation observing
a new ‘Permitted Development                                                its conditions and limitations.
                                      • The address of the site to be
Right’ to enable this.                                                      If you would like to operate
                                      operated as a takeaway
                                                                            beyond this date, a planning
It allows these types of premises
                                      • Confirmation of the previous        application must be submitted
to provide prepared hot or cold
                                      use of the premises                   well in advance of the expiry date,
food, for collection or delivery,
                                      • Details of the proposed             proposing the continued use of
for consumption off the premises
                                      operation, including which parts      the premises as a takeaway.
– without the need for planning
permission.                           of the building/land will be used     Unfortunately, if you are not
                                      and the proposed hours of             currently operating as a lawful
In order to benefit from this right
                                      operation.                            pub, restaurant or café, you
and operate as a takeaway you
                                      • The date you propose to start       cannot take advantage of this
must first inform us that you plan
                                      and end the take-away operation       – and will need to apply for
to do this.
                                      (the government has permitted         planning permission as per
Please email:                                                               normal. In addition to this,
                                      such use up until 23 March 2021)                                                     there may be conditions
and foodhealthandsafety@              It is important to note that this     attached to previous planning with the subject       new legislation allows businesses     permissions, which will either
line ‘Notification of temporary       to operate in this way until the 23   restrict or prohibit your ability
operation as hot food takeaway’.      March 2021 – before which such
                                                                            to benefit from these rights.
                                      use must cease. Please do

You can now apply for permission to provide hot food takeaway for collection or
delivery. Email and
8 Lambeth talk APRIL 2020

  Funding for Arts
  and Charities

                            Emergency Funding                       Funding to support
                            Package from Arts Council               London’s voluntary sector
                            England                                 The Greater London Authority
                            Arts Council England is making          and the City Bridge Trust have
                            £160 million of emergency funding       contributed £1m each to launch
                            available for those organisations       a new fund to support London’s
                            and individuals who will need it        voluntary sector. This is an
                            during this crisis. This includes £50   initial contribution and London
                            million of funding for organisations    Funders are working with
                            outside the National Portfolio and      funders from across sectors to
                            £20 million of financial support        bring more money together in
                            for individuals. ACE has also           response to community need.
                            changed the funding requirements        londoncommunityresponsefund.
                            for individuals and organisations
                            currently in receipt of funding
                            and in addition to its own support      Digital Culture Network
                            for individuals is working with a       The Digital Culture Network
                            number of funds and organisations       - established by Arts Council
                            to support a greater range of self-     England - provides one-to-one
                            employed people in the arts and         support from ACE’s team of digital
                            culture sector.                         specialists for the arts & cultural
                                sector. The Network can provide
                                                                    assistance on how to work and
                                                                    collaborate remotely using digital
                                                                    technology, sustain engagement
                                                                    with your audiences, strategies for
                                                                    income generation through online
                                                                    retail and donations, maximising
                                                                    your website offer and much more.
                                                                    To speak to a Tech Champion,
APRIL 2020 Lambeth talk 9


Many organisations
have launched
funding schemes to
support small businesses,
charities and the

Culture in Quarantine                 crisis, CAF has launched this rapid   The first wave of funding will be
                                      response Fund to help smaller         grants of up to £5k for food and
Culture in Quarantine is a
                                      charitable organisations affected     essentials. This will not be the
£250,000 fund launched on 25
                                      by the impact of Covid-19. Grants     only opportunity for London’s
March 2020 by ACE in partnership
                                      of up to £10,000 will help them to    civil society to receive grants from
with the BBC. It is for established
                                      continue to deliver much needed       the funders behind the London
England-based artists of any
                                      support to our communities
discipline to produce new works                                             Community Response. There will
                                      across the UK.
in creative media - whether video,                                          be a second wave of funding in
audio or interactive. Commissions     This is intended as a rapid           the next week for larger grants,
do not need to be about the           response fund, and they aim           service transformation costs,
current emergency, but they do        to make payments to selected          and ongoing work to support
need to adhere imaginatively and      organisations within 14 days of       communities.
lawfully to the principles of self-   application.                
isolation. The programme will be
                                                                            Our Heritage Emergency
managed by The Space and each
                                      London Community                      Fund
work will be hosted by the BBC
online and/or on-air.                 Response launched                     The Heritage Lottery Fund                        With a pot of over £5m – and          are making £50m available to
                                      with more offers of funding           support the UK heritage sector
Charities Aid Foundation
                                      in the pipeline – funders have        as an immediate response to the
This Fund is to help smaller          been coming together to create        COVID-19 crisis, providing short-
charitable organisations in the UK    an easy to access process for         term funding for organisations
affected by the impact of Covid-19.   organisations across the capital      delivering heritage projects and
Grants of up to £10,000 are           to receive emergency financial        safeguarding heritage sites.
available. In this time of national   support.                    
10 Lambeth talk APRIL 2020

  as empresas
O principal pacote económico de Lambeth para apoiar trabalhadores e empresas
afetados pelo impacto do coronavírus é um dos maiores e mais abrangentes lançados
por qualquer autoridade local da capital.
O pacote destina-se a oferecer          Subsídios às empresas                      Grupo de trabalho empresarial
ajuda e segurança num momento
                                        Subsídio de £10.000 ou £25.000             • Criámos um grupo de trabalho com
de desafio sem precedentes e
                                        para empresas que recebem                  os sete distritos de melhoramento
foi elaborado após consulta aos
                                        ‘Small Business Rate Relief’ (auxílio      empresarial (Business Improvement
representantes empresariais do
                                        financeiro concedido a pequenas            Districts - BIDs) de Lambeth para
município e amplo debate com
                                        empresas) ou estão no setor retalhista,    coordenar a nossa resposta e elaborar
o setor de voluntariado e da
                                        hoteleiro ou de lazer. A partir de hoje,   propostas adicionais com vista a
comunidade. No total, o pacote irá
                                        estamos a pagar estes subsídios            ajudar as empresas locais e apoiar o
investir 1,2 milhões de libras em
                                        diretamente às empresas com direito        esforço de recuperação económica
empresas e grupos voluntários locais.
                                        a eles e estamos a fazê-lo antes
                                                                                   • Lambeth também está a analisar
Se tiver alguma pergunta, envie um      de recebermos o financiamento do
                                                                                   a forma como o município pode
email para      Governo. Não há necessidade de
                                                                                   salvaguardar o futuro dos BIDs
uk ou ligue para a linha de apoio às    requerer este subsídio; aqueles que
                                                                                   durante esta fase – valorizando o
empresas através do tel. nº             têm direito a ele serão contactados
                                                                                   papel vital que desempenham na
020 7926 2344.                          diretamente.
                                                                                   economia local
Ajuda com a renda                       Auxílio financeiro a empresas
                                                                                   Plano de apoio de emergência
• Os arrendatários do setor de          O auxílio financeiro às empresas
                                                                                   A câmara destinou 500.000 libras à
voluntariado e da comunidade e          anunciado pelo Governo está a ser
                                                                                   prestação de apoio financeiro aos
do setor comercial que foram mais       aplicado automaticamente às contas.
                                                                                   residentes mais vulneráveis que estão
afetados pela crise estão a receber     Isto inclui 100% de isenção de taxas
                                                                                   em risco imediato de dificuldades
três meses de isenção total de          comerciais para empresas de retalho,
pagamento de renda                      hotelaria e lazer para 2020/21.
                                                                                   Mais informações em:
• As empresas incluem: cabeleireiros,   Resíduos comerciais
cafés, restaurantes, salões de
                                        Congelamento imediato de serviços
beleza, escritórios e retalhistas não                                              Recebeu um email, um sms ou uma
                                        sem exigir o seu pagamento para
relacionados com o ramo alimentar                                                  carta sobre um subsídio às empresas?
                                        aqueles que atualmente não precisam
                                                                                   Clique em “Business rates relief and
• Isto irá beneficiar diretamente 226   deles – contacte a câmara de Lambeth
                                                                                   grants” na nossa página web para
arrendatários de imóveis comerciais     se não estiver em funcionamento, para
                                                                                   requerer o seu subsídio.
do município.                           que a sua conta seja congelada.

 O site do município fornece informações importantes às empresas sobre o
APRIL 2020 Lambeth talk 11


Pełny pakiet ekonomiczny Lambeth wspierający
pracowników i przedsiębiorstwa dotknięte skutkami
koronawirusa jest jednym z największych i najbardziej
kompleksowych uruchomionych przez władze
lokalne w stolicy.

Ochrona lokalnych
Pakiet ma na celu zapewnienie             Dotacje dla przedsiębiorstw                Grupa zadaniowa ds. przedsiębiorstw
ulgi i pewności w czasie                  Dotacje w wysokości 10.000 GBP             • Powołaliśmy grupę zadaniową
bezprecedensowego wyzwania i              lub 25.000 GBP dla firm, które             z siedmioma okręgami ulepszania
został opracowany po konsultacji          otrzymują ulgę w ramach Small              przedsiębiorstw w Lambeth (BIDs
z przedstawicielami gminy oraz            Business Rate Relief lub znajdują          - Business Improvement Districts),
szerokiej dyskusji z sektorem             się w sektorze handlu detalicznego,        koordynując nasze działania
wolontariatu i społeczności.Łącznie       hotelarstwa lub rekreacji. Od dziś         i pracując nad dodatkowymi
pakiet zainwestuje 1,2 miliona funtów     wypłacamy te dotacje bezpośrednio          propozycjami wspierającymi lokalne
w lokalne przedsiębiorstwa i grupy        przedsiębiorstwom, które się do            przedsiębiorstwa i wspierającymi
wolontariackie.                           nich kwalifikują, i robimy to przed        ewentualne wysiłki na rzecz naprawy
Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania,          otrzymaniem dofinansowania od rządu.       gospodarczej
wyślij wiadomość e-mail na adres          Nie ma potrzeby składania wniosków,        • Lambeth analizuje również, w jaki lub             skontaktujemy się bezpośrednio             sposób rada może chronić przyszłość
zadzwoń na Infolinię Biznesową pod        z przedsiębiorstwami, które się            BIDs w tym czasie - doceniając
numer 020 7926 2344.                      kwalifikują.                               istotną rolę, jaką odgrywają w lokalnej
Ulga od płatności czynszu                 Ulga w opłatach z tytułu Business          gospodarce
• Wszyscy dzierżawcy branży               Rate                                       System wsparcia w nagłych
wolontariatu i społecznościowej oraz      Wsparcie z tytułu ulg w opłatach           wypadkach
dzierżawcy biznesowi najbardziej          Business Rate ogłoszone przez              Rada przeznaczyła 500.000 GBP na
dotknięci kryzysem otrzymają              rząd jest wprowadzone do kont              wsparcie finansowe dla najbardziej
trzymiesięczną ulgę czynszową             automatycznie. Obejmuje to 100%            potrzebujących mieszkańców, którzy
• Obejmuje to przedsiębiorstwa takie      ulgi dla przedsiębiorstw handlu            są narażeni na bezpośrednie ryzyko
jak: fryzjerzy; kawiarnie; restauracje;   detalicznego, hotelarstwa i rekreacji za   trudności finansowych.
salony kosmetyczne; biura; handel         okres 2020/21.
                                                                                     Więcej informacji na stronie:
detaliczny niezwiązanych z żywnością      Odpady z przedsiębiorstw         
• Skorzysta na tym bezpośrednio 226       Zamrożenie usług i natychmiastowe          emergency-support
komercyjnych dzierżawców rady.            umorzenie płatności dla tych, którzy       Otrzymałeś e-mail, sms lub list o
                                          obecnie nie potrzebują tej usługi -        dotacji dla przedsiębiorstw? Kliknij
                                          skontaktuj się z radą Lambeth, jeśli nie   ‘Ulgi i dotacje dla firm’ na naszej
                                          prowadzisz działalności, aby zamrozić      stronie internetowej, aby otrzymać
                                          swoje konto.                               dotację.

 Strona internetowa rady zawiera kluczowe informacje dla przedsiębiorstw na temat koronawirusa
Shop Local.
We’re in this
Lambeth’s independent businesses need your support now more than ever. The
COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to everyday life in Lambeth. These
are challenging times for everyone. Many local businesses have had to close their
stores but are resilient and are adapting to continue to serve their customers during
this period of uncertainty. We want to keep Lambeth’s local business community
vibrant and resilient. You can help make a difference by supporting them.

For every £10 spent with a local independent business up to an additional £50 finds
its way back into your local economy and keeps your community employed.

   Share a memory on social                 Order from a local food               Say thank you and write
media of your favourite local         business. Many restaurants            a positive review to promote
Lambeth business                      offer curbside pickup and             your local businesses online
                                      online delivery
     Shop local. Before                                                           Follow local businesses
turning to large online retailers,          Don’t ask for refunds           on social media. Many small
think about whether you can           or small change from                  businesses are sharing their
you shop locally online               your purchase, consider               stories and journeys online
                                      instead making a donation             and are suggesting specific
     Purchase a gift card             to your local business at             ways in which you can
from a local business now and         this difficult time                   support them
use it later

Covid-19 safety note from Lbox communications, distributing this leaflet to your door
In line with guidance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer and public health authorities, we are advising
distribution colleagues that good hand hygiene is the first and most important line of defence. We have taken a
number of measures and provided preventative guidance to our colleagues. This includes providing masks and
gloves for use, hand sanitiser and promoting regular hand washing with soap and water. We have introduced
                                                                                                                  101591 (4.20)

a range of new social distancing measures aimed at offering further protection for our colleagues. Standard
ways of working are being revised to ensure that, wherever possible, colleagues stay two metres apart.
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