Media Guide Babe Ruth League

Media Guide Babe Ruth League
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Media Guide
Media Guide Babe Ruth League
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Media Guide Babe Ruth League

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Media Guide Babe Ruth League
                     BABE RUTH LEAGUE
                       MEDIA GUIDE
Administration................................. 3           Sportsmanship Code.......................... 17
Advisory Board................................ 6            Summary of Sponsorship
All Century Team............................ 12              and Fundraising Programs............... 16
Alumni Association........................ 10               Tournament Visitation........................ 41
Babe Ruth, George Herman........... 66                      Volunteer of the Year.......................... 11
Board of Directors............................ 4            World Series:
BULLPEN On Line.......................... 12                 All Defensive Teams....................44-45
Bambino Buddy-Ball...................... 10                  All World Series Teams...............42-43
Cal Ripken Jr.– Hall of Famer......... 11                    Batting Champions......................56-57
Division Descriptions:                                       Educational Sites.............................. 10
 Cal Ripken...................................... 8          Honor Roll of Champions............38-39
 Rookie............................................ 8        Most Outstanding Players...........40-41
 13-Year-Old.................................8-9            2014 World Series Champions:
 13-15............................................. 9        12U Softball..................................... 46
 16-Year-Old.................................... 9           16U Softball..................................... 47
 16-18........................................9-10           Cal Ripken 10-Year-Old.................... 48
 Softball......................................... 18        Cal Ripken 12-Year-Old......... 49-50-51
Executive Staff................................. 3           13-Year-Old...................................... 52
Graduates In Major League:                                   14-Year-Old...................................... 53
 American League......................... 14                 13-15............................................... 54
 National League........................... 15               16-18............................................... 55
Hall of Fame:                                               World Series Sites:
 Organizations............................... 12             2015 Baseball Sites:
 Individuals................................... 13          		 10-Year-Old (Jonesboro, AR)...24-25
Highlights In BRL History................ 5                 		 Cal Ripken/60 (Monticello, AR)...26-27
Host Family Program....................... 6                		 Cal Ripken/70 (Aberdeen, MD.... 28-29
Inquiry Kits.................................... 17         		 13-Year-Old (Jamestown, NY)... 30-31
Mission Statement........................... 5              		 14-Year-Old (Pine Bluff, AR)..........32-33
National Umpires Association.......... 6                    		 13-15 (Lawrenceburg, TN).......34-35
News Coverage Service.................. 60                  		 16-18 (Klamath Falls, OR)........36-37
Official BRL Baseballs.................... 10                2015 Softball Sites:
Official BRL Softballs..................... 10              		 12U (Alachua County, FL).........20-21
People Are Talking........................... 7             		 16U (Jensen Beach, FL)...........22-23
Regional Commissioners:                                     World Series Baseball Records:
 Baseball......................................... 4        		 Individual..................................58-61
 Assistant for Softball.................... 18              		 Team.........................................62-63
Regions.......................................... 17        World Series Softball Records:
Scoreboard...................................... 4          		 Individual....................................... 64
Scorekeeper of the Year................. 11                    Team............................................. 65
Softball Division............................. 18

                          INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS
                         1770 Brunswick Pike, P.O. Box 5000
                                  Trenton, NJ 08638
                     Phone: (609) 695-1434 Fax: (609) 695-2505
                                    (800) 880-3142
                       Copyright © 2015 Babe Ruth League, Inc.
                                  All Rights Reserved

Media Guide Babe Ruth League
President/CEO                         Chairman of the Board
        STEVEN M. TELLEFSEN                        JAMES WAGONER

           Vice President                           Vice President
           Commissioner                          Operations & Marketing
       ROBERT P. FAHERTY, JR.                   JOSEPH M. SMIEGOCKI

           Commissioner                              Controller
         ROBERT A. CONNOR                         DONNA MAHONEY

The administration of Babe Ruth League, Inc. is headquartered at the corporate
office in Trenton, New Jersey.

Media Guide Babe Ruth League
The International Babe Ruth Board of Directors, composed of not more than 17
persons, including the Chairman of the Board and the President/CEO, direct the
affairs and policies of Babe Ruth League, Inc. The eight Regional Baseball
Commissioners serve as Board members along with eight “at large” members
who are volunteers from all walks of life, representing the combined thinking of
Babe Ruth’s adults at all levels of administration.

                    STEVEN M. TELLEFSEN, President/CEO
   AT-LARGE MEMBERS                                REGIONAL COMMISSIONERS
    JAMES WAGONER                                      New England Region
   Chairman of the Board                               NORMAN MESSIER
    Fort Smith, Arkansas                               Lyndonville, Vermont

                                                      Middle Atlantic Region
     RAYLA J. ALLISON                                RAYMOND A. LOTIERZO
   Bloomington, Minnesota                            Maple Shade, New Jersey

RUSSELL E. DIETHRICK, JR.                               Ohio Valley Region
   Jamestown, New York                                  MARK A. WATKINS
                                                        Evansville, Indiana
    ROBERT DICKSON                                       Southeast Region
    Alexandria, Indiana                                HENRY P. SERMONS
                                                      Havelock, North Carolina
         JIM HILL
    White Hall, Arkansas                              Midwest Plains Region
                                                           TIM KUNTZ
                                                      Bismarck, North Dakota
   Nolensville, Tennessee                               Southwest Region
                                                       JOE FEATHERSTON
  GEORGE R. LALLY, JR.                                 Bentonville, Arkansas
  Norwood, Massachusetts
                                                     Pacific Northwest Region
                                                    GORDON W. WELBOURNE
                                                       Surrey, BC, Canada
    Burlington, Colorado
                                                     Pacific Southwest Region
                                                     LEONARD J. HAMMER
                                                        Fowler, California

    PARTICIPANTS........................................... 1,043,700
    TEAMS............................................................. 57,128
    LEAGUES........................................................ 10,285
    VOLUNTEERS............................................ 1,400,000

      The program has been cited by government, educational,
   civic, religious and recreational organizations throughout the
   world, including: Freedom Foundation, 67th Congress of the
   United States, National Federation of State High School
   Associations, and the International Film Festival-Cannes,
      Babe Ruth League, Inc. is a non-profit, educational
   organization and an active member or associate participant
   in such organizations as: American Alliance for Health, Physical
   Education and Recreation; Major League Baseball; National
   Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum; National Fastpitch Coaches
   Association; National Federation of State High School Athletic
   Associations; National Recreation and Parks Association; USA
   Baseball; United States Olympic Committee and World Leisure
   and Recreation Association.

Media Guide Babe Ruth League
1951 – Babe Ruth Baseball was founded in Hamilton Township, a suburb of Trenton,
		 New Jersey to provide wholesome amateur baseball for 13,14 and 15-year-old
1952 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first World Series for the 13-15 year-old division
		 in Trenton, New Jersey.
1958 – First World Series held outside the United States in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
1961 – Babe Ruth Baseball institutes Host Family program at World Series competition.
     – The Hostess program was established as part of each World Series.
1966 – Babe Ruth Baseball, recognizing the need for an older division, formed the
		 16-18 year-old division.
1968 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first World Series for the 16-18 year-old division
		 in Morristown, New Jersey.
1974 – Babe Ruth Baseball, in order to provide greater participation for younger
		 players, formed the Babe Ruth Prep League limited to 13-year-old players.
1980 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first World Series for the 13-year-old players
		 in Jamestown, New York.
1982 – Babe Ruth Baseball instituted its Bambino Division for those players ages 4-12.
     – National Umpires Association founded to better serve Babe Ruth leagues
1984 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first Bambino Division (4-12) World Series in
		 Shelbyville, Indiana.
1984 – Babe Ruth Softball, designed for girls ages 5 through 18, made its debut.
1986 – Babe Ruth Baseball World Series Training Center opened in Jamestown,
		 New York.
1987 – Rookie League became part of the Bambino Division.
1988 – Babe Ruth Baseball began to offer a summer baseball camp.
1989 – Carl Yastrzemski, a Babe Ruth graduate, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
		 First Babe Ruth graduate to attain this honor.
1990 – Joe Morgan and Jim Palmer, Babe Ruth graduates inducted into the Baseball
		 Hall of Fame.
1991 – Rod Carew, a Babe Ruth graduate, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
1994 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first 16-Year-Old World Series in Carmel, Indiana.
1997 – Babe Ruth League, Inc. opened office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
1999 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first 14-Year-Old World Series in Clifton Park,
		 New York.
     – Babe Ruth Softball held its first 12U World Series in Jamestown, New York.
     – Babe Ruth Softball held its first 16U World Series in Dare County,
		 North Carolina.
     – George Brett and Nolan Ryan, Babe Ruth graduates, inducted into the Baseball
		 Hall of Fame.
     – The Little Sister program was established as part of each Softball World Series.
2000 – Bambino Division for players ages 4-12 renamed Cal Ripken Baseball,
		 a Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
2001 – 50th Anniversary of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
     – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first Cal Ripken 10-year-old World Series in
		 Vincennes, Indiana.
2002 – Babe Ruth teams participate in “T-Ball on the South Lawn” at the White House.
		 President George W. Bush initiated the program and appointed Cal Ripken, Jr.
		 as T-Ball Commissioner.
     – Babe Ruth League, Inc. was bequeathed 28 acre complex by lifetime volunteer,
		 Don Edwards. The Babe Ruth Complex located in Newark, Ohio is an
		 international showcase for Babe Ruth League, Inc.
2003 – Babe Ruth League, Inc. opened office in Newark, Ohio.
2007 – Babe Ruth Baseball held its first Cal Ripken 70’ World Series in Aberdeen,
     – Cal Ripken Jr., a Babe Ruth graduate, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
2009 – Jim Rice, A Babe Ruth graduate, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
2011 – Babe Ruth League establishes alumni association.
2013 – Babe Ruth League establishes Xtreme Softball program.
2014 – Frank Thomas, a Babe Ruth graduate, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
2015 – Randy Johnson and John Smoltz, Babe Ruth graduates inducted into the
		 Baseball Hall of Fame.

                    MISSION STATEMENT OF
                   BABE RUTH LEAGUE, INC.
The Babe Ruth Baseball/Softball program, using regulation competitive
baseball and softball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development,
a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and
fair play. In all aspects, Babe Ruth League, Inc. is committed to providing
our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It
is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or
softball be afforded that opportunity.
Media Guide Babe Ruth League
                          ADVISORY BOARD
Babe Ruth League, Inc. has formed an Advisory Board whose purpose is
to provide assistance and guidance to Babe Ruth Headquarters on specific
projects and/or research.

Individuals serving on the Advisory Board must be interested in developing
better citizenship as well as physical and emotional maturity of youngsters
through youth baseball and softball.
ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS..............................................AFFILIATION
Neil A. Bencivengo, Hamilton, NJ............ Retired, Superintendent of Schools
Christopher E. Bonacci, MD, D.D.S, Vienna, VA..................................Dentist
Kirk Bouchie, Vincennes, IN..................................................... City Executive
Rex Bradley, Louisville, KY......................... Former VP at Hillerich & Bradsby
Robert W. Brown, MD, Fort Worth, TX......Past President of American League
Michelle Delloso, Santa Clara, UT............................. Go Girl Future Program
Carl Erskine, Anderson, IN................................ Former Major League Player
George Foster, Greenwich, CT.......................... Former Major League Player
Michael Gibbons, Baltimore, MD.................... Director – Babe Ruth Museum
Gary Harig, Burke, VA..........................Retired Vice President of US Airways
Lee F. Hollister, D.D.S., San Luis Obispo, CA......................................Dentist
Brenda Knight, American Canyon, CA.......................... Motivational Speaker
Jim Lemp, Cheyenne, WY...................................Former BRL Board Member
Peter Lowenstein, Greenwich, CT..................................................... Attorney
Stephen L. Lunsford, Stuart, FL.... Retired Chairman/CEO of K&K Ins. Group
Scott McGregor, Towson, MD............................ Former Major League Player
Tom O’Connell, Princeton, NJ.........................Former Princeton Univ. Coach
Bill Rick, Hamilton, NJ.......................................Insurance Account Executive
Brooks Robinson, Lutherville, MD................. Baseball Hall of Fame Member
Julie Smith, La Verne, CA........................... Univ. of La Verne Softball Coach,
Terry Wheeler, Manteo, NC.....................................Retired, County Manager
Bill White, Upper Black Eddy, PA.................. Past National League President
Margie Wright, Fresno, CA................... Retired, Fresno State Softball Coach

                  HOST FAMILY PROGRAM
  When Babe Ruth League, Inc. instituted the Host Family
Program in 1961, they took youth sports to a higher dimension.
The experience gained in Babe Ruth League tournament
competition was elevated above hits, runs and errors.
  Although the best won and loss record continues to be
the coveted prize, the longest lasting memories are those
emphasized by the Host Family experience.
  Host Families adopt the players for the duration of the
tournament providing meals, lodging, transportation, enter-
tainment, cheerleading and tons of tender loving care.
  Thousands of friendships have been developed from this
social and cultural exchange that will continue to flourish
for a lifetime.
   The Host Family Program has been responsible for
turning a Babe Ruth 16-18 World Series into a “Babe Ruth
Happening” involving the entire community.

                     BABE RUTH LEAGUE
    The Babe Ruth League National Umpires Association was formed
  to assist local baseball and softball leagues in improving the quality of
  umpiring. The umpiring crews for each district, state, provincial, territorial
  and regional tournament as well as each Babe Ruth World Series are
  selected from the Association. The initial 200 member organization
  founded in 1982 has grown to over 7,115 during the last decade.


                              “Just as baseball is the sport of
                              families, there is one baseball
                              family. We ardently believe that
                              the baseball family includes the
                              fans, coaches, administrators
                              and youth players of the Babe
                              Ruth League and at all levels in
                              the many communities where
                              our game is played and en-
                              joyed. Major League Baseball
                              commends all of Babe Ruth
                              Baseball’s participants.”
                                            ROB MANFRED
                                     Commissioner of Baseball

“Babe Ruth League is extremely
grateful for the support Major
League Baseball provides for all
the young baseball and softball
players of our country. I would
also like to thank all the great
volunteers in the Babe Ruth
program. It is through their dedi-
cated service to youth that Babe
Ruth League is so successful.”

        Babe Ruth League, Inc.

                             “It’s our goal that each young-
                             ster who plays in the Cal Ripken
                             Baseball Division will not only
                             learn the basics of the game,
                             but will also experience the
                             same level of excitement I felt
                             every day when I put on my uni-
                             form and got ready to play.
                             There’s nothing else like it!”

                                            CAL RIPKEN, JR.

              In Michael Jordan’s Words . . .
  “Even now, when people talk about my greatest thrill being the
 shot against Georgetown to win the NCAA title, I still think to
 myself that my greatest accomplishment really is the Most
 Valuable Player Award I got when my Babe Ruth League team
 won the state baseball championship.”
                                       THE JORDAN RULES
                                                by Sam Smith

           A Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
                CAL RIPKEN DIVISION (4-12)
In April of 1987, Cal Ripken, Sr., Cal Ripken, Jr. and Bill Ripken
took the field together – not as father and sons, but as manager
and players. This was the culmination of a lifelong journey that
took the Ripken family from the youth leagues to the major
leagues. From the very beginning, it was evident that Cal, Jr. and
Bill would follow in their father’s footsteps, always listening and
learning while Cal, Sr. talked about the finer points of the game.
Cal Ripken, Sr. was a father figure and mentor not only to his
own sons, but to a multitude of players and coaches.
As a player, coach, and manager in the Baltimore Orioles organization
for over 37 years, he will be forever recognized with developing and
teaching the fundamentals of playing the game of baseball the right
way – “The Ripken Way.”
Cal Ripken, Sr. passed on his ideals and passion to his sons:
“The Ripken Way”. The approach combines developing and
strengthening the fundamental skills of baseball and athletic
conditioning with the equally important virtues of work ethic,
practice and an understanding and love for the game. Cal
Ripken, Jr. and Babe Ruth League have always shared a
common vision: To provide every youngster the opportunity to
play baseball and have fun. Teaching them to play the game
“The Ripken Way” will assure accomplishment of this goal. In
2000, Babe Ruth League, Inc. and Cal Ripken, Jr. came together
to introduce Cal Ripken Baseball, A Division of Babe Ruth League,
Inc. for baseball players 4 through 12 years of age.

                        ROOKIE LEAGUE
   Dr. Bobby Brown, former President of the American League,
 with the help of Babe Ruth Baseball, established “Rookie
 Leagues” throughout the nation in hope of getting more
 youngsters playing baseball.
    Rookie League is designed for players seven through nine
 years old. A pitching machine is used to speed the games along
 using softer baseballs to help reduce the fear factor. There is a
 fourth outfielder and a fifth infielder and all twelve players on the
 roster are placed in the batting order. The games are six innings
 in length and are played on a standard youth field on sixty foot
 base lengths. The pitching machine is placed forty-six feet from
 home plate.
   The program became part of the Cal Ripken Division in 1987
 and has enjoyed steady growth with more than 9,385 teams
 now chartered.
   The program gets high praise from coaches, players, parents
 and league officials. Accolades of “fantastic”, “it’s great fun”, “my
 kids enjoy it”, “players learn quicker”, “very few players quit” are
 heard around the ball fields of the Rookie League.
    For further Rookie League information, contact Babe Ruth
 International Headquarters.

                13-YEAR-OLD PREP LEAGUE
  In an effort to encourage more participation in the game of baseball,
the International Board of Babe Ruth League, Inc. approved at the
beginning of the 1976 season the use of the Babe Ruth Baseball
13-Year-Old Prep League.
  Under the Prep League rules, the team rosters must be composed
of all 13-year-old players and shall consist of no fewer than 12 play-
ers and no more than 15 players. In order for the Prep League to be
accepted by Headquarters, the local parent program must be a
chartered Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15 League.

Studies have shown that many young players lose interest in
the game of baseball because of not getting a chance to play in
games once selected for an organized team. In addition, it has
been found that players have expressed fear in competing with
14-and 15-year-old players who have already experienced one to
two years playing on the standard 90-foot diamond.
  With the Babe Ruth Baseball Prep League, the 13-year-old
player now has that chance to play with his peers, thus avoiding
the possibility of his losing interest in playing baseball. Babe Ruth
Baseball also features a 13-Year-Old World Series.
                         13-15 DIVISION
   Babe Ruth League, the group for 13-14-15 year old players,
was founded in 1951.
  Each local league chartered is an organization with authority to
administer its own program within the framework of the Rules and
Regulations and guidance of Babe Ruth League, Inc. officials.
  Each state, province or territory in the 13-15 division is operated
by an elected State Commissioner, and in most states, there are
District Commissioners who assist the State Commissioner with his
many duties. (Some states, with approval from Headquarters, also
receive the assistance of Area Commissioners).
  In turn, the states are grouped into eight regions with a Regional
Commissioner to oversee the Regional operation. These Regional
Commissioners also serve as members of the International Board
of Directors of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
   Teams from each league are eligible to enter tournament
competition and move along the tournament trail to the championship
tournament – the World Series.
                   16-YEAR-OLD PREP LEAGUE
   Babe Ruth Baseball in its efforts to continue to provide an ongo-
ing learning process for its players, enters the twentieth year of a
Prep Program for sixteen-year-olds.
   Under the league rules, the team rosters must be comprised
of all 16-year-old players and shall consist of no fewer than 12
players and no more than 18 players. In order for the Prep League
to be franchised, the local parent program must be a chartered
16-18 Babe Ruth League. The sixteen-year-old prep leagues’
primary objectives are to keep the players involved in organized
baseball and continue to learn and improve their baseball skills.
  Without a sixteen-year-old Prep Program, most sixteen-year-olds
receive very little game experience and eventually lose interest in
   The 16-year-old division should open opportunities for leagues
to add teams to their existing programs and more players to
compete in tournament play.
                            16-18 DIVISION
  16-18 Babe Ruth Baseball was born in 1966 and has increased
steadily since its inception. The 16-18 division is designed to provide
organized regulation baseball competition for 16, 17, and 18-year-
old players as a development plateau where they can continue to
learn and practice those principles which will help carry them through
to a satisfactory and productive adulthood.
  The 16-18 division was organized because Babe Ruth League,
Inc. was aware its job was far from completed by providing for
13, 14, and 15-year-old players. No organization was making
available similar opportunities for young players once they had
surpassed the 13-15 Babe Ruth Baseball age. The 16-18 division
was designed to fill a void much the same as the Babe Ruth 13-15
division had filled a similar gap when it became a reality in 1951.
  In the 16-18 division, which is played under regulation baseball
rules, can be found the opportunity to practice the ideals of
sportsmanship, fair play, high morality and democratic spirit which
the participant has learned at the 13-15 Babe Ruth level. The main
objective of the 16-18 division is to provide a community-level

program which eventually gives the players an opportunity to
participate in the 16-18 World Series.
  The 16-18 division has rapidly gained much attention and respect
from college baseball coaches and major league scouts as an
outstanding feeder program for future collegiate and professional
baseball players.
                   Bambino Buddy-Ball
  Babe Ruth League believes that every child should have the
opportunity to participate in baseball or softball. The Bambino
Buddy-Ball League helps to make that dream a reality for physically
and/or mentally challenged ballplayers.
  With the help of a special “buddy” to swing a bat, round the bases
or catch the ball, ballplayers are able to experience the thrills of
the game.
  The Bambino Buddy-Ball League is designed to foster confidence
and self-esteem, make memories and have fun. An emotionally
rewarding experience for all, “buddies” achieve satisfaction from
their involvement while athletes benefit from the opportunity to
participate in organized sports, physical fitness, and social events
and outings.
  Babe Ruth League, Inc. Alumni Association
  The Babe Ruth League, Inc. Alumni Association was established
in 2011 to bring together past and current members to promote
Babe Ruth League, Inc. and its youth programs through an inclusive,
self sustaining organization focused on fulfilling the goals of Babe
Ruth League, Inc. consistent with their Mission Statement.
  With the help of the Alumni Association, Babe Ruth League,
Inc. can prepare today’s youth to meet the challenges of adoles-
cence and adulthood, as well as educate and inspire, through
positive role models, a player’s drive for personal excellence and

   In 1986, Babe Ruth League, Inc. established its first World
 Series educational site.
   Educational sites were created to assist prospective communities
 in the major undertaking that involves the hosting of a Babe Ruth
 Baseball World Series.
   In selecting sites for the 10-Year-Old, Cal Ripken, 13-Year-Old,
 14-Year-Old, 13-15, and 16-18 World Series along with the 12U
 and 16U Softball World Series – Babe Ruth’s Board of Directors
 and Executive Headquarters staff set requirements which interest-
 ed communities must meet. After a community makes a formal
 request for a World Series and attends a World Series educational
 session, an inspection team from Babe Ruth League, Inc. visits
 the community, evaluates all areas connected with the Series and
 makes a recommendation to the International Board of Directors,
 which then awards the World Series.
   The basic requirements which must be met by the host
 community include local enthusiasm, competent and well staffed
 committees, a Host Family Plan (housing of players in private
 homes), a lighted regulation field and a willingness to follow
 the World Series plan detailed in the Official Babe Ruth World
 Series Guide Book. In addition, the host community must meet
 certain financial arrangements.

        deBeer       MacGregor        Rawlings       Wilson
        Diamond      Pro-Nine         Trump          Worth
         Diamond         Rawlings         Trump          Worth
            Rawlings - Official Tournament Ball
 Rawlings is the “official tournament ball” for Cal Ripken Baseball,
 Babe Ruth Baseball, and Babe Ruth Softball district, state, regional
 and World Series competition.

Cal Ripken, Jr.
      2007 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee
    Cal played the game the way it was meant to be played – every day.
He played a record 2,632 consecutive games, earning the nickname Iron
Man. For this reason, fans and major leaguers from around the country
admire and respect him. Cal, Jr. is one of just eight players in a history to
amass more than 400 home runs and 3,000 hits. Selected to baseball’s
All-Century team, this two-time Gold Glove winner and 8-time Silver
Slugger Award Winner, was a terrific all-around player. Twice the American
League’s Most Valuable Player, he and his fellow Oriole teammates made
their hometown of Baltimore proud when they clinched the title of 1983
World Series Champions.
    To top off a career that others can only dream about, on January 9,
2007, Ripken received the highest honor of recognition – election into the
National Baseball Hall of Fame.
                VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR
    This award was established in 1991 to recognize and to pay tribute to
an outstanding volunteer in the Babe Ruth Program. This award is made in
honor of the late Vernon “Lefty” Gomez, a twenty-five year member of the
Babe Ruth League, Inc. Board of Directors.
                          Babe Ruth Baseball
1991 – Donald Diamond, Houma, LA 2004 – Mark Watkins, Evansville, IN
1992 – Donald Edwards, Newark, OH 2005 – Norman Messier,
1993 – Donald A. Butler,                         Lyndonville, VT
         Owensboro, KY                    2006 – Jim Edelman, Monterey, MA
1994 – Dan Lynch, So. Boston, MA          2007 – Steve Klein, Old Bridge, NJ
1995 – John Lucas, Sarasota, FL           2008 – Alan Swaim, Van Buren, AR
1996 – Diana Watson, West Fork, AR 2009 – Mike Janicki, Raynham, MA
1997 – John Villella, Ewing, NJ           2010 – Jacki Sullivan, Antioch, CA
1998 – Fred Lajoie, Nashua, NH            2011 – William “Dub” Karriker,
1999 – Jim Walling, Lolo, MT                     El Dorado, AR
2000 – Kurt Stretch, Mattoon, IL          2012 – Bob Nutile, Winchester, MA
2001 – Becky Bouchie, Vincennes, IN 2013 – Dennis Devlin, Washougal, WA
2002 – Alan Kass, Brooklyn, NY            2014 – Tom Wright, Laporte, IN
2003 – Francis Gorst, Cross Plains, WI
                           Babe Ruth Softball
1999 – Barbara Yeomans,                   2007 – Donald Rose, Sr., Aldie, VA
         Gloucester, NC                   2008 – James Norsworthy,
2000 – Charlotte “Charlie” Pendleton,             Parker Ford, PA
         Fort Smith, AR                   2009 – Bill Lowe, Wisconsin
2001 – Russell Monbleau, Jr.,                     Rapids, WI
         Milford, NH                      2010 – Jim Charland, Center
2002 – Tommy Cooke, Winterville, NC               Barnstead, NH
2003 – Marty Davis, Sheridan, IN          2011 – Rick Galloway, Chesterton, IN
2004 – Jesse Whitley,                     2012 – David Hargrove, Denver, CO
          Robersonville, NC               2013 – Doug Robinson, Gainesville, FL
2005 – Rob Connor, Cherry Hill, NJ        2014 – Rob Chalfant, Bentonville, AR
2006 – Ruth McCullen, Pine Hill, NJ
     This award was established in 1995, in conjunction with David Sunflower
Seeds, to recognize and to pay tribute to an outstanding scorekeeper(s) in
the Babe Ruth program.
     The purpose of the award is to honor the scorekeepers on a yearly basis
who go above and beyond the call of duty in their approach to keep the
official score and maintain accurate records.
1995 David Taylor, Lakewood, FL           2002 Wayne J. Johnston, Superior, WI
1996 Paul Speer, Bentonville, AR          2003 Robert Gagnon, St. Augustine, FL
1997 Doug Keeler, Guiderland, NY          2004 Jason Flatley, Cohoes, NY
       Ron Myers, Havertown, PA           2005 Jeff Lindgren, Eau Claire, WI
1998 Joye Bayuk, Salida, CO               2006 Roger Morrison, Harris County, GA
       Carol Rawlings, Kuna, ID                 Rosemary Irwin, Heartland, MO
1999 Candice Borgfield, Yorktown, TX 2007 Penny Taylor, Pittsfield, NH
       Christy De Melfi, Weatherly, PA          Chuck Wagner, Jasper, IN
       Lloyd Argabright, Del Rio, TX            Kim Dunn, Ocala FL
2000 Evelyn Gouveia, Clifton, NJ          2008 Carol Simpson, Lexington, KY
2001 Judy St. Onge, Longview, WA          2009 Estella Kessler, Selma, CA
       Cindy K. Wilkie, Oakland, ME
The BULLPEN, established in 1958, is
                                 the official publication of Babe Ruth
                                 League, Inc. The pri­mary function of the
                                 news­­paper is to promote and document
                                 the events and happenings of Babe Ruth
                                 Baseball and Softball.
                                   The electronic format debuted in January
                                 2010 with a current circulation of over
                                 2 million newspapers distributed electron-
                                 ically from Babe Ruth League, Inc.
                                 International Headquarters in Trenton,
                                 New Jersey. The BULLPEN is distributed
                                 nationally to the news media; parks and
                                 recreation directors; Babe Ruth team
                                 sponsors, managers, league officials,
                                 umpires, professional baseball manage-
                                 ment, high school and college athletic
directors and high school and college coaches. Additional distribution is
conducted at sports equipment trade shows and athletic functions.
  The BULLPEN is on line publication which will be produced every other

   From the 100 All Century Honorees, to the final 30 man roster and to the
 eventual starters, what greater honor than to be associated with a youth
 program that is named for two of these players:
                    GEORGE HERMAN “BABE” RUTH
                             CAL RIPKEN, JR.
   The following players were bestowed “All Century” honors and started
 their baseball careers in their local Babe Ruth programs:
 JOE MORGAN                 JIM PALMER                 NOLAN RYAN
 ROD CAREW                  CARLTON FISK               PAUL MOLITOR

International Babe Ruth League, Inc. established a Hall of Fame in 1968 to
honor those persons and organizations who have played a vital role in the
development of the baseball and softball program for young people 5-18
years of age. Since its inception, the following persons and organizations
have been afforded the esteemed honor of being selected for induction by
the Babe Ruth International Board of Directors.

1968   Hamilton Township                   1979   American Baseball Cap Co. (PA)
  	    Babe Ruth League (NJ)                      The Sporting News (MO)

1969   City of Glendive, (MT)              1980   Hanley Hose Fire Company (PA)
                                                  Wilson Sporting Goods Co. (IL)
1970   Coca-Cola Company (GA)
       Hillerich & Bradsby Company (KY) 1981      Mennen Company (NJ)
1971   The Athletic Institute (FL)
                                           1983   Rawlings Sporting Goods Co.
1972   Aetna Life and Casualty Co. (CT)           (MO)
       J. deBeer & Son (NY)
                                           1992   Hamilton VFW 3525 Booster Club
1975   Office of the Commissioner                 (NJ)
       of Baseball (NY)
1976   Boston Red Sox (MA)                 1993   Ontario Elks Lodge #1690 (OR)
       National Federation of State
       High School                         1995   Lion Brothers Company (MD)
  	    Athletic Association (MO)
                                           1996   CMG Worldwide (IN)
1977   National Baseball Hall of Fame             US Airways (DC)
                                           2011   K&K Insurance Group (IN)
1978   City of Douglas, (AZ)
       R.T. French Company (NY)
       Johnson & Higgins (NY)

1968   Marius Bonacci (NJ)                 1993   James M. Battiste (AL)
       Dr. J. Goodner Gill (NJ)                   Jack O’Keefe (CA)
       Vada Pinson (CA)                           Nick E. Welter (IA)
       Mrs. Babe Ruth (NY)                 1994   Philip P. Bryan (WV)
       George Walker (NJ)                         Ted B. Church (BC)
1969   George Barr (OK)                           Donald H. Diamond (LA)
       Ford Frick (NY)                            Bill Frazier (NJ)
       Col. Dominic George (CA)                   Ward Walker (OR)
1970   Vern Hernlund (IL)                  1995   Donald A. Butler (KY)
       Mickey Lolich (MI)                         Irby Luquette (LA)
1971   Stan Gray (CA)                      1996   Herb Dietrich (NC)
       Ed Hunt (CT)                               William E. Whitehurst (NC)
       Oscar Twillman (MO)
                                           1997   Russell E. Diethrick, JR. (NY)
1972   Jack Gilliam (VA)                          Donald L. Edwards (OH)
       Carl Lundquist (NY)                        Guy Jackson (MO)
       Frank Stapleton (OR)                       Fred “Wimpy” Quinn (OR)
1973   Paul Carey (NY)
                                           1998   Warren Arbuthnot (CO)
       Jan Hartog (The Netherlands)
                                                  Edward Corrigan (RI)
       Samuel Welch (NJ)                          Ted Denman (NJ)
1974   Mrs. F. Warren Green (NY)                  Glenn Drake (MO)
       J. Russell Lacy (NJ)                       Manuel A. Gouveia (NJ)
       Lawrence P. Moser (MI)                     Charlie Kentfield (IA)
       Dr. William G. Williams (CT)               Marvin Lemmon (OR)
1975   Manuel Azevedo (CA)                 1999   Lawrence A. Magers (NY)
       Ray Bell (NJ)
       Joseph Cookson (PA)                 2000   Francis Bland (AR)
       John (Sharkey) Laureno (CT)                Jay R. Kump (NV)
       Del Schrader (CA)                          Daniel J. Lynch (MA)
       George Wyse (WA)                    2001   John B. McLaughlin (MA)
1976   William Hollifield (NC)                    John J. Oliver (NE)
       Wilf Sadler (BC)                           Joseph E. Shea, Sr. (RI)
1977   L.O. Cutler (NC)                    2002   Floyd A. Markham (OR)
       Russ Harper (AL)                    2003   Harry S. Smith (NJ)
       Paul Sayevich (NY)
                                           2004   Dick McGuire (ME)
1978   Pete Romano (WV)
                                                  Daniel Perella (CT)
1979   Tom Dowd (MA)                              Firmin Simms (LA)
       Francis Fogle (OH)
       Oscar Luzzi (NY)                    2005   Ernest P. Papazoglou (MA)
1980   Alfred G. Stanton (NC)              2006   Ronald Tellefsen (NJ)
1981   Ed Wiest (CA)                       2007   Robert M. Curran (MA)
1982   William Crowley (MA)                       Allen L. Elliott (BC)
       Nicholas Salvage (NY)                      Terry Evans (IA)
       Ralph Sellers (LA)                         Joseph Lamy (NH)
1983   J. Jervey Gantt (FL)                       Ruth McCullen (NJ)
       Bob Harmon (TX)                     2008   Robert W. Brown, MD (TX)
1984   Harry Lewin (WV)                           Bill Smith (OK)
1985   Douglas W. Bryden (WY)              2009   E. Robert Attanasio (CT)
       Clifford S. Conner (NC)
                                                  Eddie R. Bryan (AR)
       Charles W. Cooper (IN)
       Stan Filmer (CT)                           Marion E. Elliott (CA)
       Duane “Buck” Ward (WY)                     Jim Lemp (WY)
1986   William H. Clifton (NC)             2010   Frank Cembellin (CA)
       James H. Fitzgerald (MA)                   Jim Hill (AR)
       Don Jones (MO)                             William Pullan (CT)
1987   Dub Bowen (AL)                             Norman Travis (CO)
       Al Caruso (NJ)                             James Walling (MT)
       Sam Gulotta (IL)                    2011   Robert R. Dickson (IN)
       Clarence Higgins (AR)
       Jeanne B. Layton (NJ)                      Henry P. Sermons (NC)
       John W. Nida (WY)                          Stanley P. Ziomek (MA)
       Jerry D. Tresca, Sr. (CA)           2012   Raymond A. Lotierzo (NJ)
1988   Tom Gorman (NJ)                            Bob Nelson (CO)
       Ted Kuehner (WY)                           Gordon W. Welbourne (BC)
       John Villar (KS)
                                           2013   Tom O’Connell (NJ)
1989   William A. Axtell (FL)                     Rosemary Schoellkopf (NJ)
       Frank Rinaudo (LA)
       Howard Rohrbacher (FL)              2014   Fred Lajoie (NH)
       Carmine Salvatore (CT)                     Mark Matanes (MA)
1990   Joseph Coglianese (IL)                     Don Rose, Sr. (VA)
       Samuel “Dudley” Franco (OR)         2015   Norman Messier (VT)
1991   Vernon “Lefty” Gomez (CA)
1992   Roy Beach (OR)
       John Cooper (NJ)
       Jack Ryan (OR)
                            AMERICAN LEAGUE
Ryan Flaherty    Portland, ME            Jason Bartlett    Lodi, CA
Jake Fox         Greenfield, IN          Nick Blackburn    Ada, OK
Mark Hendrickson Mount Vernon, WA        Chris Colabello   Milford, MA
Alex Liddi       Sanremo, Italy          Phil Dumatrait    Bakersfield, CA
Andrew Miller    Gainesville, FL         Kyle Gibson       Greenfield, IN
Darren O’Day     Jacksonville, FL        Matt Maloney      Huron, OH
Joe Saunders     Springfield, VA         Joe Mauer         St. Paul, MN
                                         Trevor May        Kelso, WA
BOSTON RED SOX                           Chris Parmelee    San Gabriel Valley, CA
Jason Bergmann   Manalapan, NJ           Carl Pavano       New Britain, CT
Jackie Bradley   Richmond, VA            Glen Perkins      Stillwater, MN
Craig Breslow    Trumbull, CT            Stephen Pryor     Donelson, TN
Clay Bucholz     Nederland, TX           Matt Tolbert      McComb, MS
Scott Cousins    Reno, NV
Alex Hassan      Quincy, MA              NEW YORK YANKEES
Clay Mortensen   Rexburg, ID             Chris Capuano     Springfield, MA
Dustin Pedroia   Woodland, CA            Jacoby Ellsbury   Madras, OR
Jason Repko      Hanford, WA             Brent Lillibridge Everett, WA
                                         Travis Hafner     Jamestown, ND
David Ross       Tallahassee, FL         Chris Headley     Fountain, CO
Steven Wright    Torrance, CA            Rich Hill         Milltown, MA
CHICAGO WHITE SOX                        Brian Roberts     Chapel Hill, NC
Brian Bruney     Astoria, OR             C.C. Sabathia     Vallejo, CA
Nathan Jones     Covington, KY           Mark Teixeira     Baltimore, MD
Matt Lindstrom   Rexburg, ID             Zelous Wheeler    Childersburg, AL
Jared Mitchell   New Iberia, LA
Daniel Moskos    Greenville, SC           OAKLAND ATHLETICS
Eric Patterson   Tallahassee, FL          Andrew Carignan   New London, CT
                                          Ryan Cook         Clovis, CA
Josh Phegley     Terre Haute, IN          Sean Doolittle    Medford, NJ
Chris Sale       Lakeland, FL             Nathan Freiman    Wellesley, MA
Daniel Webb      Paducah, KY              Sam Fuld          Durham, NH
CLEVELAND INDIANS                         Craig Gentry      Fort Smith, AR
Mike Aviles        New York, NY           Sonny   Gray      Smyrna, TN
Trevor Bauer       Hollywood, CA          Jason Hammel      S. Kitsap, WA
Michael Brantley   Fort Pierce, FL        Scott  Kazmir     Weimar, TX
Lonnie Chisenhall  West Carteret, NC      Jon Lester        Tacoma, WA
Jason Giambi                              Josh  Lindblom
                   San Gabriel Valley, CA Jed Lowrie        Lafayette, IN
                                                            Salem, OR
Nick Maronde       Lexington, KY          Garret Olson      Fresno, CA
Lou Marson         Scottsdale, AZ         Landon Powell     Raleigh, NC
Brett Myers        Jacksonville, FL       Evan Scribner     Milford, CT
Bryan Shaw         Livermore, CA          Stephen Vogt      Visalia, CA
Dan Wheeler        Warwick, RI
                                          SEATTLE MARINERS
DETROIT TIGERS                            Jason Bay         Trail, BC
Rajai Davis        New London, CT         Willie Bloomquist Kitsap, WA
Joel Hanrahan      Gainsville, FL         Chris Denorfia    Bristol, MA
Torii Hunter       Pine Bluff, AR         Charlie Furbush   Portland, ME
Jim Johnson        Endicott, NY           Corey Hart        Bowling Green, KY
Justin Miller      Torrance, CA           Joe Huber         Sacramento, CA
Rick Porcello      Morristown, NJ         James Paxton      Richmond, BC
David Price        Nashville, TN          Mike Zunino       Cape Coral, FL
Danny Worth        Northridge, CA
                                          TAMPA BAY RAYS
HOUSTON ASTROS                            Chris Archer      Raleigh, NC
Reggie Abercrombie Columbus, GA           Jeff Beliveau     Warwick, RI
Travis Buck        Richland, WA           David DeJesus     Holister, CA
Matt Dominguez     Van Nuys, CA           Nick Franklin     Lake Brantley, FL
Brett Oberholtzer  Christiana, DE         Brandon Gomes     Fall River, MA
Tony Sipp          Pascagoula, MS         Ryan Hanigan      Andover, MA
Max Stassi         Woodland, CA           Jeremy Hellickson Des Moines, IA
Alex White         Greenville, NC         Josh Lueke        Covington, KY
Josh Zeid          New Haven, CT          Luke Scott        DeLand, FL
KANSAS CITY ROYALS                        Drew Smyly        Little Rock, AR
Billy Butler       Jacksonville, FL       TEXAS RANGERS
Casey Coleman      Cape Coral, FL         Nate Adcock       Hardin, KY
Tim Collins        Worchester, MA         Ryan Garko        San Gabriel, CA
Wade Davis         Lake Wales, FL         Matt Harrison     Durham, NC
Scott Downs        Louisville, KY         Derek Holland     Newark, OH
Brandon Duckworth Salt Lake City, UT      Kyle Hudson       Mattoon, IL
Danny Duffy        Lompoc, CA             Colby Lewis       Bakersfield, CA
Jarrod Dyson       McComb, MS             Justin Marks      Owensboro, KY
Chris Dwyer        Lynn, MA               Mike Mikolas      Jupiter, FL
Johnny Giavotella  Metairie, LA           Seth Rosin        Fargo, ND
Jeremy Guthrie     Roseburg, OR           Robbie Ross       Lexington, KY
Brett Hayes        Sherman Oaks, CA       Brad Snyder       Sandusky, OH
Luke Hochevar      Denver, CO             Mason Tobin       Kent, WA
Jon Rauch          Louisville, KY         Ross Wolf         Effingham, IL
Lane Zawadzki      Sandy Springs, GA      TORONTO BLUE JAYS
LOS ANGELES ANGELS                        Russ   Adams      Laurinburg, NC
Joe Blanton        Nashville, TN          Lars Anderson     Oakland, CA
Matt Brown         Bellevue, WA           Mark   Buehrle    Jefferson City, MO
John Buck          Taylorsville, UT       Dave Bush         Delco, PA
Sean Burnett       Wellington, FL         Jesse   Carlson   New Butain, CT
Robert Carson      Hattiesburg, MS        Brett Cecil       Bowie, MD
Collin Cowgill     Lexington, KY          Mark   DeRosa     Passaic, NJ
Jason Grilli       Syracuse, NY           R.A. Dickey       Nashville, TN
Josh Hamilton      Raleigh, NC            J.A. Happ         Spring Valley, IL
Chris Iannetta     Providence, RI         Dan   Johnson     Coon Rapids, MN
Howie Kendrick     Jacksonville, FL       Andy LaRoche      Scott, KS
John McDonald      New London, CT         Brett  Lawrie     Langley, BC
Jo Jo Reyes        W. Covina, CA          Adam Lind         Anderson, IN
Hector Santiago    Bloomfield, NJ         Adam    Loewen    Surrey, BC
Joe Thatcher       Kokomo, IN             Trystan Magnuson Vancouver, BC
Chad Tracy         Mecklenburg, NC
                                          Brandon   Morrow  Rohnert Park, CA
                                          Mike Nickeas      West Lake, CA
Mike Trout         Millville, NJ          Sergio Santos     San Gabriel Valley, CA
Jared Weaver       Simi Valley, CA        Neil Wagner       Eden Prairie, MN
Ryan Wheeler       Torrance, CA           Marcus Walden     Fresno, CA
                                          Chris Woodward    Covina, CA

                             NATIONAL LEAGUE
Brad Bergesen   Concord, CA              John Bowker      Sacramento, CA
David Hernandez Sacramento, CA           AJ Burnett       Little Rock, AR
Aaron Hill      Visalia, CA              Chad Durbin      Rockford, IL
Joe Paterson    McMinnville, OR          Chad Gaudin      Metairie, LA
Xavier Paul     Slidell, LA              Roy Halladay     Arvada, CO
AJ Pollock      Hebron, CT               Jeremy Horst     Burlington, ND
J.J. Putz       Trenton, MI              Cliff Lee        Benton, AR
                                         Brad Lincoln     Clute, TX
ATLANTA BRAVES                           Scott Mathieson  Vancouver, BC
Brandon Beachy      Kokomo, IN           Ben Revere       Lexington, KY
Blake DeWitt        Sikeston, MO         Jimmy Rollins    Oakland, CA
Ryan Doumit         Moses Lake, WA       BJ Rosenberg     Meade County, KY
Mike Minor          Lewisburg, TN        Grady Sizemore   Everett, WA
Joey TerdosLavich   Sarasota, FL
Anthony Varvaro     Staten Island, NY    PITTSBURGH PIRATES
Marcus Walden       Fresno, CA           Pedro Alvarez   New York, NY
                                         Nevin Ashley    Vincennes, IN
CHICAGO CUBS                             Clint Barmes    Vincennes, IN
John Baker          Alameda, CA          Brian Burres    Oregon City, OR
Aaron Cunningham    Kitsap, WA           Josh Fields     Ada, OK
Doug Davis          Sacramento, CA       Jared Hughes    Stamford, CT
Mat Gamel           Jacksonville, FL     Travis Ishikawa Federal Way, WA
Blake Parker        Fayetteville, AR     Jeff Locke      Conway, NH
Ryan Sweeney        Cedar Rapids, IA     Vin Mazzaro     Rutherford, NJ
Matt Szczur         Cape May, NJ         Kyle McPherson  Mobile, AL
Travis Wood         Bryant, AR           Brent Morel     Bakersfield, CA
CINCINNATI REDS                          Vance Morley    Sacramento, CA
Homer Bailey        LaGrange, TX         Charles Morton  Flemington, NJ
Nick Christiani     Elizabeth, NJ        Justin Wilson   Clovis, CA
Jake Elmore         Dothan, AL           ST LOUIS CARDINALS
John Hannahan       St. Paul, MN         Joey Butler     Pascagoula, MS
Sam LeCure          Jefferson City, MO   Chris Carpenter Manchester, NH
Sean Marshall       Richmond, VA         Mark Ellis      Rapid City, SD
Curtis Partch       Merced, CA           Brian Fuentes   Merced, CA
Skip Schumaker      Torrance, CA         John Gaub       St. Paul, MN
Daryl Thompson      LaPlata, MD          Rob Johnson     Butte,MT
COLORADO ROCKIES                         Pat Neshek      Park Center, MN
Casey Blake     Des Moines, IA           Adam Wainwright Coumbus, GA
Rex Brothers    Murfreesboro, TN         Kolten Wong     Hilo, HI
Corey Dickerson McComb, MS               SAN DIEGO PADRES
Jeff Francis    Vancouver, BC            Zack Braddock   Mount Holly, NJ
LaTroy Hawkins  Gary, IN                 Casey Kelly     Sarasote, FL
LOS ANGELES DODGERS                      Mark Kotsay     San Gabriel Valley, CA
Darwin Barney  Portland, OR              Cameron Maybin  Asheville, NC
A.J. Ellis     Turfland, KY              Eric Patterson  Tallahassee, FL  
Tim Federowicz Apex, NC                  Tyson Ross      Oakland, CA
Stephen Fife   Boise, ID                 Keyvius Sampson Ocala, FL
Dee Gordon     Avon Park, FL             SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS
John Grabow    San Gabriel Valley, CA    Madison Bumgarner Hickory, NC
Zack Greinke   Apoka, FL                 Brandon Crawford  Pleasanton, CA
Dan Haren      San Gabriel Valley,CA     Steve Edlefsen    Bloomington, MN
J.P. Howell    Modesto, CA               Darren Ford       Vineland, NJ
Ted Lilly      Torrance, CA              Tim Hudson        Phoenic, City, AL
Jarret Martin  Bakersfield, CA           Travis Ishikawa   Federal Way, WA
Clint Robinson Dothan, AL                Tim Lincecum      Renton, WA
Brian Wilson   Londonderry, NH           Kameron Lee       Simi Valley, CA
Michael Young  San Gabriel Valley, CA    Michael Morse     Davie, FL
MIAMI MARLINS                            Jake Peavy        Mobile, AL
Carter Capps         Kinston, NC         Brett Pill        Covina, CA
Kevin Gregg          Corvallis, OR       WASHINGTON NATIONALS
Chris Hatcher        Kinston, NC         Jamey Carroll  Newburgh, IN
James Houser         Sarasota, FL        Tyler Clippard Lexington, KY
Austin Kearns        Lexington, KY       Ian Desmond    Sarasota, FL
Scott Maine          Jupiter, FL         Doug Fister    Merced, CA
Jared Saltalamacchia W. Palm Beach, FL   Cole Kimball   Hackettstown, NJ
Randy Wolf           Canoga Park, CA     Ryan Mattheus  Galt, CA
                                         Michael Taylor Apoka, FL
Tim Dillard     Sarasota, FL
Matt Garza      Selma, CA
Scooter Gennett Sarasota, FL
Sean Green      Louisville, KY
Lyle Overbay    Centralia, WA
D.J. Carrasco       Hayward, CA
Jack Egbert         Staten Island, NY
Matt Harvey         New London, CT
Brandon Lyon        Taylorsville, UT
Daniel Murphy       Jacksonville, FL
Chris Schwinden     Visalia, CA
Eric Young          New Brunswick, NJ

Babe Ruth League, Inc. continues to pursue outstanding opportunities
for all our member organizations. Below is a list of the programs avail-
able for the 2015 season.
 1. American Airlines      The official airline of Babe Ruth League,
			                        providing outstanding service and fares
			                        for teams to World Series sites
 2. American Sport         Official Coaches Education and Certification
		  Education Program      Program of Babe Ruth League
 3. Anaconda Sports        The official supplier of sporting goods
			                        and memorabilia items
 4. Chancellor             Provides opportunity to players to be
		  Publications           named in Who’s Who of Babe Ruth
			                        Baseball & Softball
 5. First Advantage        Approved background check company of
			                        Babe Ruth League
 6. Game Master            Official portable pitching machine of
			                        Babe Ruth League
 7. Hershey                The official Candy Fund Raising Company of
			                        Babe Ruth League
 8. Hotel Planner          The official hotel reservation agency of
			                        Babe Ruth League
 9. Jugs                   The official batting cage and pitching machine
			                        of Babe Ruth League
10. K&K Insurance          Provides accident and liability insurance
		  Company                coverage; sponsors awards for team
			                        champions of district, state, regional and
			                        World Series competition
11. Lifetouch Sports       The official photography company
			                        of Babe Ruth League
12. Musco Lighting         The official lighting company of
			                        Babe Ruth League
13. Major League           Offer a variety of programs to the Babe
		  Baseball Clubs         Ruth Leagues in their local communities
14. Nationwide             Nationwide offers discount auto insurance
		  Affinity               to the Babe Ruth League membership in
		  Program                approved states.
15. Official Cap Emblem    Babe Ruth League, Inc. offers the official cap
			                        emblem program through the following
			                        companies: Outdoor Cap and
			                        Pacific Headwear.
16. Oxi Clean              The official stain remover of Babe Ruth
17. Rawlings               The official Tournament Baseball for Cal
			                        Ripken and Babe Ruth district, state, regional
			                        and World Series competition, as well as the
			                        official helmet of Babe Ruth League
18. Sports Authority       Official Sporting Goods retailer of
			                        Babe Ruth League
19. Spikes Trophies        The official master distributor of the trophy
			                        and plaque program. Each region now has
			                        an authorized regional award supplier.
20. Team MLB               The title sponsor of the 2015 Babe
			                        Ruth League scorebook
21. Under Armour           Official uniform of Babe Ruth League

The Sportsmanship Code of
           Babe Ruth League, Inc.
Develop a strong, clean, healthy body, mind
 and soul.
Develop a strong urge for sportsmanlike conduct.
Develop understanding of and respect for the
Develop courage in defeat, tolerance and modesty
 in victory.
Develop control over emotions and speech.
Develop spirit of cooperation and team play.
Develop into real, true CITIZENS.
                                                Copyright 1954 by
                                              Babe Ruth League, Inc.

NEW ENGLAND                               MIDWEST PLAINS
 Connecticut                                Colorado
 Maine                                      Iowa
 Eastern Massachusetts                      Kansas
 Western Massachusetts                      Minnesota
 New Hampshire                              Missouri
 Rhode Island                               Nebraska
 Vermont                                    North Dakota
MIDDLE ATLANTIC                             South Dakota
 Delaware                                 SOUTHWEST
 Maryland                                   Alabama
 Northern New Jersey                        Northern Arkansas
 Southern New Jersey                        Southern Arkansas
 Metro New York                             Louisiana
 Eastern New York                           Mississippi
 Western New York                           New Mexico
 Pennsylvania                               Oklahoma
OHIO VALLEY                                 Eastern Texas
 Illinois                                   Southern Texas
 Northern Indiana                           Western Texas
 Southern Indiana                         PACIFIC NORTHWEST
 Eastern Kentucky                           Alaska
 Western Kentucky                           Alberta
 Michigan                                   British Columbia
 Ohio                                       Idaho
 West Virginia                              Montana
 Wisconsin                                  Northern Oregon
SOUTHEAST                                   Southern Oregon
 Bahamas                                    Northern Washington
 Northern Florida                           Southern Washington
 Southern Florida                           Wyoming
 Georgia                                  PACIFIC SOUTHWEST
 Eastern North Carolina                     Arizona
 Western North Carolina                     Northern California
 South Carolina                             Central California
 Tennessee                                  Southern California
 Virginia                                   Guam
                                            Northern Utah
                                            Southern Utah

   Inquiry Kits containing information on the formation of a Babe Ruth
 League are available free to any group or person.
   To receive a Babe Ruth Inquiry Kit, call, write or fax Babe Ruth League,
 Inc. You may also email your request to
   Affiliation information may be found at

  Babe Ruth League, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization
dedicated to serving all youth, both boys and girls. Since its inception
in 1984, Babe Ruth Softball has shown tremendous growth. It has
become a premier softball program throughout the United States
and Canada.
  Babe Ruth Softball is designed for the girls ages 4-18. Age Divisions
that are offered are 6U, 8U,10U, 12U,14U,16U and 18U. Leagues
are encouraged to organize optional 10U teams within the 12U
division, and 14U teams within the 16U division, but are not required
to do so.
  The primary emphasis of Babe Ruth Softball is on the local league
season: education, skill development, participation for players at all
levels of athletic ability, and to ensure the participants have FUN.
  Babe Ruth Softball’s structural hierarchy evolves from the very
heart of the program: the local league. Local leagues are organized
into districts. Districts report to the State level. States are grouped
into eight regions. Volunteer District, State, and Regional Softball
Commissioners provide guidance and direction for the areas under
their jurisdiction.
  Leagues chartered with Babe Ruth Softball operate with simplicity,
democracy, and much autonomy within the framework of Babe Ruth
League, Inc. rules and regulations. Leagues are formed within
defined and registered geographical boundaries. Dual-participation
may be allowed at the local league’s discretion. Babe Ruth League,
Inc. places no undue restrictions on the local league, a fact that
sets it far apart from all other programs.
  A highlight of Babe Ruth Softball is its annual tournament trail.
Tournament teams from each local league are eligible to participate
in District competition with winners advancing to the State and
Regional levels. In 1999, Babe Ruth Softball debuted its first 12U
World Series and 16U World Series. Eight regional champions
from across the United States and Canada compete in each World
Series. For 2015, the World Series has been expanded to the 8u,
10U and 14U age levels. Teams will either earn a berth to the series
in these age groups by being a Regional Champion or they will
be winners of a National Qualifier that is hosted by the state they
reside in.
  The World Series format begins with pool play competition,
followed by a double elimination bracket to determine the World
Series Champion.

      ASSISTANT REGIONAL Commissioners
                FOR Softball
  New England Region                    Midwest Plains Region
     BARRY JORDAN                          David Hargrove
      Sebago, Maine                           Denver, CO
 Middle Atlantic Region                    Southwest Region
   JAMES NORSWORTHY                          Sonny groom
      Spring City, PA                         Burleson, TX
   Ohio Valley Region                  Pacific Northwest Region
     RICK GALLOWAY                           JERRY BODDEN
      Chesterton, IN                            Lewiston, ID
    Southeast Region                   Pacific Southwest Region
     HENRY SERMONS                       Patricia Behmlander
       Havelock, NC                             Clayton, CA

AVA I L A B L E N O W   W W W. E A S T O N . C O M

2015 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U SOFTBALL
             WORLD SERIES

        Newberry & Alachua, Florida
    Located in the heart of Florida, the cities of Alachua
and Newberry will combine to host all 4 age groups. First
year host Newberry, Florida will use Champions Park for
the 8U,10U,14U age groups while long time host Alachua,
Florida will host the 12U. This marks the 4th time in 5 years
that the City of Alachua will host the 12U age group.
    Situated just minutes north of Gainesville for Alachua
and to the west Newberry are located just 90 minutes
from Jacksonville and Orlando, and just two hours from
Tallahassee and Tampa. The gulf coast is less than an
hour away, and St. Augustine is just a 90 minute trip, St.
Augustine is home to some of the world’s most famous
beaches. St. Augustine offers visitors the opportunity to visit
the oldest city in the United States and many other historic
    Alachua and Newberrys’ central location to some of
the states well-populated regions provides cross section
of commerce and travel with the serene landscapes of the
area’s springs and river system. Alachua has a population
of 9,500 and High Springs has a population of 5,300.
    Newberry is home to a brand new 16 all lit field complex.
The fields are designed around 4 separate quad style field
layouts with their own concession and press box areas. The
fields also offer new artificial turf infields that offer the best
conditions for softball play. Teams are going to love to play
on the this brand new complex at Champions Park.
    Both Alachua and High Springs are proud to be located in
Alachua County, home of the University of Florida and some
of the country’s most cutting-edge research and technology.
Alachua and High Springs are the leaders in youth recre-
ation in North Central Florida and proudly welcome Babe
Ruth World Series once again.

            Alachua COUNTY, Florida
        Host President: Damon Messina (352) 359-6032

STADIUM: Hal Brady Recreation Complex
         Gene Curl Softball Fields
         14300 NW 146th Ter.
         Alachua, Florida
         (386) 462-1610

  Alachua County Today
  PO Box 2135
  Alachua, FL 32616
  (386) 462-3355

  The Gainesville Sun
  2700 SW 13th St.
  Gainesville, FL 32608
  (352) 372-1265

  WOGX 93.7 FM                       WTRS 102.3 FM
  4020 Newberry Rd. Ste. 100         3357 SW 7th St.
  Gainesville, FL 32607              Ocala, FL 34474
  (352) 375-7113                     (352) 732-9877

  WSKY 97.3 FM                       WRUF 850 AM
  3600 NW 43rd St. Ste. B            PO Box 14444
  Gainesville, FL 32606              Gainesville, FL 32604
  (352) 377-0985                     (352) 392-8255

  COX CABLE                          WGFL CBS 4
  6020 NW 43rd St.                   1703 NW 80th Blvd
  Gainesville, FL 32653              Gainesville, FL 32606
  (888) 269-9693                     (352) 332-1128

  6220 NW 43rd St.
  Gainesville, FL 32653
  (352) 377-2020

   Baymont Inn & Suites             Springhill Suites by Marriott
   4200 NW 9th Boulevard              4155 SW 40th Boulevard
    Gainesville, FL 32607               Gainesville, FL 32608
      (352) 332-8292                  (352) 331-3336, Ext. 505

  Best Western Grand Plus          Lodge of Gainesville
   4200 NW 9th Boulevard          3276 SW 4oth Boulevard
    Gainesville, FL 32606          Gainesville, FL 32608
       (352) 331-3336                 (352) 375-2400
                    EconoLodge of Alachua
            15920 NW US 441, Alachua, FL 32615
                        (386) 462-2414

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