Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

                                                     Middle School Orientation
                                                                          for 2021
                                                       Name ___________________________________________
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

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2   Middle School Orientation For 2021
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

Map of the Inside of Middle School Community __________________________________________2

Contents ___________________________________________________________________________3

Welcome to Middle School -Introduction________________________________________________4

Term Dates 2021_____________________________________________________________________5

First day of Term - what to bring, what to wear, what to do, where to go______________________5

Timetable - Start & Finish times _______________________________________________________5

School Communication: Email, Website, Phone App, Print__________________________________6

Mobile Phones ______________________________________________________________________7

Absentees, Student Attendance & Punctuality ___________________________________________8

- Late Arrival, Collecting Students for Appointments ______________________________________8-9

Consent2Go Excursion, Eating at the Dee Kaf_____________________________________________10

Safe School Policy ___________________________________________________________________11-13

Computers - Information Technology, Acceptable use Agreement ___________________________14-15

How to Be Organised - Class work, File, Homework Diary___________________________________16

Can You Help? Parents and Citizens Association? Various Parent Committees _________________17

School Run Committees ______________________________________________________________18

Road Safety - Traffic Issues, where to park, Bikes, SmartRider ______________________________19

School Uniform - List of Uniform requirements, 2nd Hand uniforms & Books _________________20-22

Backpack Information________________________________________________________________23-24


House Point System, Badges, Bush Ranger Cadets ________________________________________26-27

Map of School Site___________________________________________________________________28

                                                                   Middle School Orientation For 2021   3
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

    Welcome to
    Mount Lawley SHS
    Middle School
    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your
    son or daughter to the Middle School at Mount
    Lawley Senior High School. The Year 7 students of
    2020 are the 18th cohort to enter the Middle School
    since its inception in the old buildings in 2003.

    Our middle schooling model was designed during the re-
    development of the old school from 2001 onwards with
    lots of input from parents, and our focus has always been
    firmly on what is best for students during the vulnerable
    early years of adolescence. The necessary changes in
                                                                    with their community in order to increase their confidence
    curriculum, teaching and learning strategies, staffing,
                                                                    and self-awareness. The Middle School at Mount Lawley
    organisation and above all building positive relationships
                                                                    Senior High School is a vibrant Learning Community where
    with both students and parents were implemented steadily
                                                                    the focus is on providing an interesting, challenging and
    over several years. This culminated with Mount Lawley
                                                                    rewarding experience for all students. As part of this
    Senior High School being recognised in 2009 as the Middle
                                                                    program we conduct a Year 7 induction program so students
    School of the Year.
                                                                    can settle into high school and maximise their potential.
    Orientation Day is the first step of a new stage in your
    child’s life. Moving to secondary school is a great adventure
    for students, as the range of opportunities and challenges
    available to them increases enormously. During this             This booklet contains the essential information needed
    time the nurturing environment of the Middle School             by incoming Year 7 students and their parents to help get
    Community ensures that the transition from primary to           the new school year at Mount Lawley SHS off to a good
    secondary school is accomplished smoothly and with a            start. By the end of Orientation Day students should feel
    minimum of stress. Every year we get so much positive           very comfortable about starting school next year. Further
    feedback from parents who were apprehensive about the           information will be provided at the beginning of the school
    move to secondary school and are amazed at how easy it          year in School Handbooks and the Student Diary, and we
    was for their child. However, if your son or daughter does      urge parents as well as students to read these documents.
    encounter any problems please do not hesitate to contact        Research confirms that a middle school setting provides the
    us – there is always something that we can do to help.          best possible learning environment for young adolescent
                                                                    students. It also eliminates many of the concerns that
    MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                   traditionally beset parents whose children are about to
                                                                    move into secondary school.
    Our middle schooling approach is aimed at addressing the
    developmental and educational needs of young adolescent         For about three-quarters of the time Year 7 lessons will be
    students. We endeavour to empower students by offering          located in their Middle School community. When students
    them meaningful curriculum, teams of teachers who focus         do need to move to the specialist facilities for classes in
    entirely on their needs, a strong sense of community and a      Design & Technology, Physical Education, Art, Drama, Home
    technology-rich environment in which to learn.                  Economics, Media and Music students will be part of a group
                                                                    who are all going to the same place at the same time, so
    Quality relationships, academic rigour and a safe learning
                                                                    there is very little chance of their getting lost. The whole
    environment are the key components of our middle schooling
                                                                    team of teachers very quickly gets to know each student in
    philosophy at Mount Lawley. Parents are regarded as part of
                                                                    the Community, and the Form Teacher or Community Leader
    the learning community and we value their involvement in
                                                                    is a very easy point of contact for parents.
    contributing to the education of their children.

    Our curriculum is based on the School Curriculum
    and Standards Authority’s (SCASA) Western Australian
    Curriculum. Students are encouraged to make connections

4     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name
TERM DATES 2021                                                 WHAT TO WEAR
 Term1           Students Start         1 February               Make sure that you wear correct school uniform,
                                                                 purchased from the school’s Uniform Shop, and black
                 Students Finish        1 April
                                                                 lace-up shoes. Refer to Uniform section further in this
 Term 2          Students Start         20 April                 booklet for more information.

                 Students Finish        2 July
                                                                 WHAT TO DO / WHERE TO GO
 Term 3          Students Start         20 July
                                                                 Students should arrive at school around 8.15 am on Monday
                 Students Finish        24 September
                                                                 1st February, and go directly to the Middle School Common
 Term 4          Students Start         12 October               (the grassed area in the middle of the semi-circle created by
                                                                 the Middle School building.) At 8.25 am all students will move
                 Student Finish         16 December
                                                                 into their Form Rooms, located in their home Communities
                                                                 – the same room where they spent most of the Orientation
BOOKSHOP & UNIFORMS                                              Day. They will move from there, under the supervision of
                                                                 their teachers, to the Sport and Fitness Centre for a brief
Mount Lawley SHS uniforms will be available from 832/834         introductory assembly, and then return to their Form Rooms.
Beaufort Street, Inglewood. This store operates 6 days a         Rolls will be checked, timetables will be distributed, and
week for parents/guardians providing greater accessibility.      some other administrative tasks will be completed while the
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am - 5pm. Thursday          students are in Form Rooms. After Lunch 1 students will start
9am -6pm. Saturday 9am-1pm. Tel: 9270 4658 Email:                following their normal timetable of lessons for the year.
inglewood@uc.nellgray.com.au Please note: Contributions
and Charges sheets are posted home before the end of
the year. Information regarding uniforms has already been        TIMETABLE
posted to parents. A copy of the uniform list is included in     As you can see from the table, we always start at 8.30am and
this booklet. Second hand clothing is available from the         finish at 2.50pm, with six classes each day. We do not have
school chaplain. Booklists are available online.                 bells or sirens to signal the beginning or end of a period, so
                                                                 it is advisable for all students to wear a watch, as they need
First Day of Term Next Year                                      to be responsible for getting to class on time. Incidentally,
                                                                 an 8.30 am start means that is the time that students should
New students at any school are always very                       be sitting in their classrooms, ready to start work – not just
concerned to know exactly what will happen and                   walking in through the gate at that time.
what they should do on that very first day.                      Most of each student’s timetable remains the same for
                                                                 the whole year, but in the learning areas of the Arts and
                                                                 Technologies there will be a change each semester. In
                                                                 Technologies the students will study Design and Technology
Students will need to come equipped to start work on the         one semester and Home Economics another semester.
first day of school, but this does not mean bringing with you    Computing will be studied for the whole year. Students not
every single item that you purchased from the Book Shop.         taking Music will study Drama one semester and Art another
Students bring their folder, pencil case and exercise books.     semester. Media will be studied for the whole year. So do not
All items including clothing should be clearly marked with       be alarmed if your favourite subject does not appear on your
the student’s name. Do not feel compelled to carry every         initial timetable, as you will be taking it later in the year.
book and piece of equipment that you purchased for the
year – keep the load light to begin with, familiarise yourself   MIDDLE SCHOOL TIMETABLE
with your timetable, and ask your teachers what you will
                                                                        Period               Start                End
need to bring to class on a daily basis. Students should also
                                                                 0                     7 : 40 am           8.30 am
bring either a healthy lunch or some money to buy lunch
from the café, and if the weather is hot it is a good idea to    Form                  8 : 30 am           8:45 am
bring a water bottle.                                            1                     8 : 45 am            9 : 38 am
                                                                 2                     9 : 38 am           10 : 25 am
There are bag racks in each Community where students
                                                                 Lunch 1              10 : 25 am           10 : 50 am
can store their bags for the day. Valuables should either be
left at home or carried on the child’s person at all times to    3                    10 : 50 am           11 : 35 am
ensure that they are kept secure.                                4                    11 : 35 am           12 : 30 pm
                                                                 Lunch 2              12 : 30 pm            1 : 05 pm
Language choices will decided on Orientation Day.
                                                                 5                      1 : 05 pm           1 : 55 pm
                                                                 6                      1 : 55 pm           2 : 50 pm

                                                                                   Middle School Orientation For 2021             5
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

    School Communication
    Because of our commitment to involving parents as much             absence. Go online to either iTunes Store or the Android
    as possible in the education of their children, we welcome         Market to download the skoolbag app. Open app and add
    parent contact. The best way to contact us is via email.           Mount Lawley Senior High School. then select the groups
    Telephone contact is difficult because teachers are usually        to subscribe. Further information is available on the school
    in class, and voicemail messages may not be picked up on           website.
    the same day. As you can see, our standard email address
    for teachers is Firstname.Surname@education.wa.edu.au. It
    may be worthwhile to contact Middle School Reception to            CONNECT (WEB)
    check the spelling of a teacher’s name prior to sending an         When you login to ‘Connect’ online you will be able to
    email or check the school’s website under the Contact tab.         see information specific to your own child/ren including
                                                                       details about their classes, attendance information,
    WEBSITE                                                            course & assessment outlines, reports and notices from
                                                                       the school. It is recommended that you use your computer
    Ensure that you regularly check our school website
                                                                       to access the website.
    www.lawley.wa.edu.au as this is the location where current
    information is obtained. The School Calendar lists all the
    school events and these can change over time so it is advisable    PUBLICATIONS
    to check on a regular basis. News and school updates are
                                                                       The school produces a monthly ‘e’newsletter ‘Lawely Update’
    also posted on the website or sent via the phone app.
                                                                       which is available online and through the phone app. This
                                                                       publication is emailed to all parents/carers via CONNECT. The
    MOUNT LAWLEY SHS PHONE APP (SKOOLBAG)                              Year Book provides an excellent record of student achievement
                                                                       and activities during the year and is usually a very thick colour
    Mount Lawley SHS has a mobile phone application which
                                                                       publication over 300 pages. The Year Book is purchased from
    is used to keep the school community informed of school
                                                                       the Contributions & Charges list or can be ordered from the
    activities and events with push notifications. It also has a
                                                                       School Finance Officer.
    provision for parents to notify the school of their child’s

     General Enquiries                              Middle School Year 7 & 8 Enquiries
     Phone 9265 1500                                Phone 9265 1573
     Fax: 9265 1599
     mountlawley.shs.enquiries@education.           mountlawley.shs.middleschooladmin@
     wa.edu.au                                      education.wa.edu.au

6     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name
School Communication

The Department of Education does not permit student use
of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or
teacher directed educational purpose.

It is not a requirement at Mount Lawley Senior High School
for students to have a mobile phone at school. The School
                                                                BREACHES OF THIS POLICY
                                                                • 1. For the first breach, confiscation of the device by
has duty of care for all students when they are attending
                                                                any staff member, stored at an Administration Office and
the school. All communication between parents and
                                                                returned to the student at the end of the day.
students, during school hours, should occur via the School’s
                                                                • 2. For the second breach, confiscation of the device by
                                                                any staff member, stored at an Administration Office and
This policy details the conditions under which mobile
                                                                a parent/care giver will be required to attend to claim the
phones are permitted at Mount Lawley Senior High School.

                                                                • 3. For repeated breaches, and for refusal to follow the
                                                                instructions of a staff member, students will be dealt with
Mount Lawley Senior High School recognises that parents/
                                                                in accordance with the School’s Behaviour Management
carers who for safety, security and/or emergency purposes
                                                                Policy and lose their Good Standing.
wish to provide their children with mobile phones. Students
are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school for use
when in transit to and from school.

• 1. The use of mobile phones for all students will be banned
from the time they arrive on school grounds until the time      Definitions for the purpose of this policy
they leave school grounds. This includes before school and
                                                                Mobile Phones - includes smart watches and associated
at break times. Therefore, once a student enters the school
                                                                listening accessories, such as, but not limited to, headphones
grounds they must turn off their mobile phone and put it
                                                                and ear pods/buds.
away and out of sight until they leave the school grounds
at the end of the school day.                                   School grounds – includes camps, excursions and/or
                   OFF AND AWAY ALL DAY                         any venue where students are under the supervision of
• 2. The device is the responsibility of the student. The       teachers.
school takes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage
to any device in any circumstance, even if confiscated at
time of loss. Smart watches must be in ‘aeroplane mode’
so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received
during the school day.

Exemptions to this policy include where a
student requires a device
       • 1. to monitor a health condition as part of a school
       approved documented health care plan (students
       who are exempt will carry a card).

       • 2. under the direct instruction of a teacher for
       educational purposes; or with permission of a
       teacher for a specified purpose.

                                                                                  Middle School Orientation For 2021             7
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

    To alert the school of any absences from school, please contact the Absentee Officer providing the following
    information: full student name, form class and reason for absence.
     Schools have a legal responsibility to monitor and report the attendance of students.

     Phone                  9265 1507 This number is for all Year Groups, and you are able to leave a message.
     Email                  mountlawley.shs.absentees@education.wa.edu.au
     Online Form            http://www.lawley.wa.edu.au/view/contact/absentee-form
     SMS                    0407 447 500 SMS ONLY
     MOBILE PHONE APP       Skoolbag App This app has easy push buttons for all of the above functions.

    Student Attendance and Punctuality
    Schools have a legal responsibility to monitor and report the attendance of students.

    LATE ARRIVAL                                                     PERMISSION TO LEAVE SCHOOL
    Any student who is late is to report to the Student
                                                                     DURING THE DAY
    Attendance Officer in the Main Administration Office. They       It is the responsibility of the student to remember when
    need to provide a note (or use school mobile phone app           their appointment time is.
    /email mountlawley.shs.absentees@education.wa.edu.au /
                                                                     If a student has an appointment (eg Doctor, Dentist) during
    telephone call 9265 1507/sms 0407 447 500/ school website,
                                                                     the day, the procedure is as follows:
    www.lawley.wa.edu.au located underneath Events Calendar
    - Light blue tab ‘My child is absent’). Once students report     • Before school the student reports to Student Attendance
    to the Student Attendance Officer, they will be marked ‘late       Officer in the Main Admin Office to collect a ‘GREEN EARLY
    to school’ on the online attendance system. Only when this         LEAVE PASS’ to show the class teacher otherwise they are
    occurs, will they be permitted to go to their timetabled           unable to leave the class. Parents are requested to notify
    class. If you are unsure as to what information is required        the school BEFORE the event.
    for an absentee note, there is a blank template available at
                                                                     • Use one of the following :school mobile phone app/
    the back section of the student diary which can be used by         email mountlawley.shs.absentees@education.wa.edu.au/
    parents/guardians.                                                 telephone 9265 1507/sms 0407 447 500/school website,
    If students do not have a note from home explaining their          www.lawley.wa.edu.au located on the right hand side of
    lateness they may be placed on school detention either at          screen Quick Links: brown tab (‘Absentee Form’) .
    lunchtime or after school. SMS Messaging will be sent to         • Before leaving school the student signs the Student
    parents/guardians for students who arrive late to school           Attendance Officer’s daybook and receives an official
    and DO NOT HAVE A NOTE. Please reply to the SMS outlining          ‘Leave Pass’ to exit the school. Upon returning, the
    the reason for the absence/lateness.                               student must come back to the Student Attendance
                                                                       Officer and sign in.

                                                                     • If going away for an extended period of time please notify
                                                                       the Student Attendance Officer by letter ( or use school
                                                                       mobile phone app /email mountlawley.shs. absentees@
                                                                       education.wa.edu.au /telephone call 9265 1507/school
                                                                       website, www.lawley.wa.edu.au located on the right hand
                                                                       side of screen Quick Links: brown tab (‘Absentee Form’) .If
                                                                       a student is not feeling well in class, they must visit the
                                                                       Health Centre (with their diary, signed by class teacher).
                                                                       The Nurse will contact parents/guardian if necessary.

8     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name
          FOR APPOINTMENTS                           Any student who is away must bring a            This may be done via note, ( or use
          FROM SCHOOL                                note to the Student Attendance Officer          school mobile phone app /email
          If you are coming to the Main              in the Main Administration Office               m o u n t la w ley. s h s .a b s e n te e s @
          Administration Office to collect your      from a parent/guardian, explaining              education.wa.edu.au /telephone
          child for an appointment please            the absence. Parents/carers will be             call 9265 1507/ sms 0407 447 500/
          ensure you have called the office          notified by SMS of any absences. If             school website, www.lawley.wa.edu.
          prior             SCHOOL
                to arrival as there may be ORIENTATION
                                              a      the school has not been notified of             au located on the right hand       FOR   side 2019
          waiting period due to the location         the reason for the student’s absence            of screen Quick Links: brown tab
          of your student within the school          within three days, the student’s Form           (‘Absentee Form’) .
          grounds.                                   Teacher
                                              Collecting       sends for
                                                           students    an appointment
                                                                           official Absentee
                                                                                           from school.
                                                                                                   • SMS messaging will immediately
                                                     Note   to parents  or Main
                                                                            the parents   will
                           RING BEFORE If you are        coming    to the         Administration  Office  to collect
                                                                                                     be sent           your child
                                                                                                                 to parents              for an
                                                                                                                                 detailing     anyappointme
                                                     be contacted by telephone. A letter
                            YOU COME          please ensure you have called the office prior to arrival
                                                                                                     studentas absence
                                                                                                                there may   bybe    a waiting
                                                                                                                                 11.00   am andperiod due
                                                     outlining outstanding absences is sent
                           to COLLECT         the location                                           4.00pm each day.
                                                            of your student within the school grounds.
                                                     out to parents/carers. EACH absence
                          YOUR CHILD                                                               • A student’s unverified verbal
                                                     needs to be explained and the letter
                                                                  Student Attendance Officer         explanation of an absence will NOT
                                                     in the who
                                              Any student    Main isAdministration  Office a
                                                                      away must bring                be accepted
                                                                                           asnote to the  StudentasAttendance
                                                                                                                        a valid excuse.   Officer in the Ma
                                                        soon as possible.
                                                Administration                                      • Consistentthe
                                                                  Office from a parent/guardian, explaining          absence.atParents/carers
                                                                                                                  attendance     school is     will
                                                notifiedSome   points
                                                          by SMS   oftoany absences. If the school one
                                                                        note:                         has of
                                                                                                           notthe key factors
                                                                                                                been  notifiedinofensuring
                                                                                                                                    the reason for t
                                                student’s  absence    within( three  days, the        that students achieve the best
                                                        • For  any absence    e.g. 1 period  or student’s Form Teacher sends an official Absent
                                                                                                      educational outcomes of which
                                                Note to parents
                                                          more), aorparent
                                                                      the parents   willobliged
                                                                            is legally   be contacted by telephone. A letter outlining outstandi
                                                                                                      they are capable.
                                                absencestoisadvise  the to
                                                              sent out  school  of the reason.EACH absence needs to be explained and the let
                                                returned to Student Attendance Officer in the Main Administration Office as soon as possib

                   NOTE: The Department of Education may take court action against students for truancy.
                                             Some points to note:
            • For any absence ( e.g. 1 period or more), a parent is legally obliged to advise the school of the reason. This may be done

            note, ( or use school mobile phone app /email mountlawley.shs.absentees@education.wa.edu.au /telephone call 9471 241
            sms 0407 447 500/ school website, www.lawley.wa.edu.au located underneath Events Calendar - Light blue tab ‘My child
            • SMS messaging will immediately be sent to parents detailing any student absence by 11.00 am – 4.00pm each day.
            • A student’s unverified verbal explanation of an absence will NOT be accepted as a valid excuse.

            • Consistent attendance at school is one of the key factors in ensuring that students achieve the best educational outcome
              of which they are capable.

                              NOTE: The Department of Education may take court action against students for truancy.

          Photograph Inside the Middle School Common Grassed Area between Community 1,2 South & Community 3,4 North Buildings.
          On your first day, this is the area where you come when you first arrive at the school and wait for the start of the first day of high
          school. To get there walk through the red arch, go past the Middle School office and turn sharply right and walk along the brick
          pathway until you enter the Middle School Common area..

                                                                                                   Middle School Orientation For 2021              9
Middle School Orientation - MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Name

                                                 THE WAY TO PROVIDE INFORMATION
                                                 FOR SCHOOL EXCURSIONS
                                                 Mount Lawley Senior High School partners with Consent2Go for all of our excursion
                                                 documentation. This email-based system replaced the old paper process for
                                                 obtaining parent permission and consent for school incursions and excursions. It
                                                 is, therefore, important that you have provided the school with the correct email
                                                 addresses to enable this process to work efficiently. It is also important to notify
                                                 us on any changes to your email address.

                                                 This picture shows an example of the content of the email you will receive. By
                                                 simply clicking on the blue box you will be automatically connected to the system.

                                                 There is no username or password required to use the system. All information is
                                                 stored in accordance with the Australian privacy requirements.

                                                 The school will send out an invitation to parents to update their child’s details
                                                 prior to the start of school. You will be asked to update your contact details
                                                 and your child’s medical and allergy information. This only needs completing
                                                 once, parents can then easily update and change details if required through the
                                                 system. The school will also use the system to collect payments from parents for

                                                 Parents may also attend the school and pay in person if they prefer.

                                                 Consent2Go was introduced to improve the process for parents by providing the
                                                 school with the most up to date information regarding their child’s medical or
                                                 other related information.

                                                 This greatly improves the school’s ability to manage school excursions and events.

                                                 Please contact the school on 9265 1500 if you require more information.

     The Dee Kaf is a privately run cafe on                    GREEN FOOD & DRINKS: are good sources of nutrients, contain less
     the campus of Mount Lawley Senior                         saturated fat and/or sugar and/or salt and help to avoid an intake
     High School. Students are able to                         of excess energy (kJ).
     order their lunch before school or
                                                               AMBER FOOD & DRINKS: have some nutritional value, contain
     purchase food and drink during
                                                               moderate levels of saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt
     lunch times. Breakfast (yoghurt,
                                                               and can, in large serves, contribute to excess energy (kJ).
     muesli fresh fruit, cereal etc) is also
     available from 8 a.m. Our aim is to                       RED FOOD & DRINKS: lack adequate nutritional value, are high in
     provide healthy and reasonably                            saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt and can contribute
     priced items to students. All our fresh                   excess energy (kJ).
     chicken products are Halal as are our
     lean beef burgers. We have on offer,
     daily, a wide range of fresh salads,
     salad wraps and sandwiches. Our Dee
     Kaf menu follows the Department of
     Education’s ‘Healthy Food and Drink
     Policy’. This uses a traffic light colour
     coding system.

10     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Safe School Policy
At Mount Lawley Senior High School every student has the right to a safe and supportive learning
environment; therefore bullying will not be tolerated at this school.

A DEFINITION OF BULLYING                                          THREATENING
• Repeated and unjustifiable behaviour.                           • Making someone feel afraid that they are going to be
• Intended to cause fear, distress or harm to another.
                                                                  • Pressuring someone to do things they don’t want to do.
• Physical, verbal or relational.
                                                                  • Aggressive gestures or looks that make someone afraid.
• By a more powerful individual or group against a less
  powerful individual who is unable to effectively resist.        • Forcing students to do hurtful or embarrassing things.

This policy highlights that bullying occurs in various formats:   • Forcing someone to give you money, food or belongings.

• Overt Bullying - “ in your face” behaviours.                    Property Abuse

• Covert Bullying - “behind your back” behaviours.                • Damaging someone’s belongings.

• Cyber bullying - when an individual, or group, use the          • Repeatedly stealing someone’s money.
  internet, mobile phones or other technology to cause
                                                                  • Taking things away from someone.
  harm another person or group of people.
                                                                  • Repeatedly taking or hiding someone’s belongs.

                                                                  Emotional bullying

                                                                  • Ignoring someone or keeping them out of group
                                                                    conversations (known as exclusion).

                                                                  • Leaving someone out by encouraging others not to have
                                                                    anything to do with them.

                                                                  • Spreading lies or stories about someone to try to get
                                                                    others to dislike someone.

                                                                  • Making things up to get someone into trouble.
TYPES OF BULLYING BEHAVIOUR                                       • Stalking someone, by continually following them or
Physical bullying                                                   giving unwanted attention e.g. staring.

• Deliberately bumping, pulling, shoving or tripping              Cyber bullying
  someone again and again.                                        • Sending harassing, abusive or offensive emails, phone
• Throwing things at someone to hurt, annoy or upset them.          messages or SMS phone texts or prank phone calls.

• Hitting, punching or slapping, pinching, biting or              • Making silent or abusive phone calls.
  scratching someone repeatedly.                                  • Spreading rumours via social networking sites .
• Repeatedly touching someone who doesn’t want to be.             • Uploading or sharing harmful or hurtful content or
Verbal bullying                                                     comments on the internet or mobile phones.

• Calling people names or offensive nicknames.                    • “Slam books” (websites or negative lists).

• Making racial comments about someone and their family.          • Impersonation – Using person’s screen name or
                                                                    password eg: message to hate group with personal
• Rude comments or jokes about someone’s religion.
• Teasing someone or being sarcastic in a way that is
                                                                  • Outlining or trickery sharing private personal
  hurtful and upsetting.
                                                                    information, messages, pictures with others.
• Comments about the way someone may look or behave
                                                                  • Posting “set up” images/video eg “happy slapping”.
  that are hurtful.
                                                                  • Ostracism – intentionally excluding others from an
                                                                    online group eg: knocked off buddy lists.

                                                                  • Sexting – sharing explicit material by mobile phone.

                                                                                   Middle School Orientation For 2021        11

                                                                  COMMON EXCUSES USED BY PEOPLE
                                                                  WHO BULLY
                                                                  “I was only joking”
                                                                  “I didn’t mean anything by it”
                                                                  “It was just a bit of fun”
                                                                  “It’s ok – they know I didn’t mean it”

                                                                  Bullying happens when a group of people or an individual
                                                                  consider themselves more powerful and targets another
                                                                  person. Bullying occurs when this type of harassment is
                                                                  repeated over and over again.

                                                                  Bullying and harassment are totally unacceptable in our
     More information about Cybersafety :                         society and the school will do all it can to counter this
     https://esafety.gov.au                                       behaviour.
     www.thinkyouknow.org.au                                      Standing by and watching or encouraging bullying by others
     www.acorn.gov.au                                             is also unacceptable. Such action indicates that you accept
     www.staysmartonline.gov.au                                   bullying. Instead, you should say something or simply
     Students: see how cybersmart are you.                        walk away. This shows that you recognise the behaviour is
     Check out the following games https://www.esafety.gov.au/    unacceptable and that you will not support “picking on”
     access/                                                      others. This school does not accept that it is OK to stand by
                                                                  and watch a fight or intimidation of others.

     A bystander is someone who sees the bullying or knows           SOLVING THE PROBLEM
     that it is happening to someone else. Bystanders can be
     identified in the following categories:                         In most situations, the problem will be dealt with by
                                                                     students being helped to resolve the issue themselves.
     Supporters                                                      Where necessary, trained staff will work with students in
     • Support the person engaging in the bullying, either           a collaborative, problem solving process which usually
       by helping the child to bully the other person or by          resolves the situation.
       encouraging the person engaging in the bullying.              If the situation cannot be resolved in this way, further
     Spectators                                                      action will be taken. The bullying student will be dealt
                                                                     with through the Student Behaviour System, which
     • Gather or deliberately stay to watch the incident
                                                                     might involve parent contact, in-school withdrawal,
       (sometimes from concern and sometimes for
                                                                     suspension from school, or referral to outside agencies.
                                                                     If the bullying takes the form of physical assault, it
                                                                     will be dealt directly by either Student Services or the
     • Are aware that the incident is occurring (know about the      Associate Principal. The school’s policy is for automatic
       bullying or see it from a distance).                          suspension of students who assault others.

     Within each group there
     may be potential victims
                                                                  If you bully, then some things you can do to stop are:
     who are afraid they could
     be bullied next and                                          • Avoid people who encourage you to bully others – make
     this may influence their                                       different friends and don’t encourage others.
     decision-making when                                         • Learn to say and do what you want without making
     deciding.                                                      people unhappy.

                                                                  • Talk to someone you trust and get help.

12     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Safe School Policy continued
     • Don’t put up with it.                                           WHO ELSE CAN I TALK TO ?
     • Tell someone you trust. This is not “dobbing”.                  STUDENT SERVICES TEAM
     • Don’t react. Just walk away with your head held high.           Where students have any issue which is likely to affect
     • Use a strong, confident voice. Be assertive – don’t let         their performance at school, advice and assistance on
       them put you down.                                              these matters can be directed to the Student Services
                                                                       Team. Student Services Team is a large one, consisting
     • Avoid the person harassing you.
                                                                       of a number of staff including the Community Team
     • Stay away from places where you might be bullied.               Leaders, Year Coordinators, School Nurse, School
     • Don’t show you are scared even though you might be.             Psychologist, Chaplain, Healthy Active Coordinator,
     • Don’t try to swap insults.                                      Student Support/Workplace Learning Coordinator,
                                                                       Learning Support Coordinator; and the Student Services
                                                                       Coordinator who manages the entire team. The Student
                                                                       Services Team is an active member of the school
                                                                       community and has many years of experience and a
                                                                       wide cross-section of expertise.

                                                                       The Student Services Team also has many links with
                                                                       specialist outside agencies that can initiate referrals
                                                                       and provide support for individual student needs.

     The first step is to tell somebody. People who bully often
                                                                     HEALTHY ACTIVE PROGRAM
                                                                This program is designed to offer alternative
     rely on a “Code of Silence”. They think you are too weak or
                                                                opportunities for activity and promote and encourage a
     too scared to say anything. Prove them wrong!
                                                                whole school approach to improved health, both physical
     • Seeking help is not “dobbing”; the two things are vastly and mental for students. Our aim is to offer activities,
       different: Seeking help is trying to solve the problem   which will engage many students, and particularly, the
       whereas dobbing is deliberately trying to get someone    less physically active. Some activities are after school
       into trouble.                                            and some cross curricular, in school programs and health
     • MIDDLE                                                   promotion activities. This program ties in well with the
       Talk to friends and                   ORIENTATION
                            discuss non-violent  solutions.
                                                                message taught through “Act Belong Commit” as we are
     • Tell a teacher, the School Psychologist, School Nurse,   officially a mentally healthy school. Our Healthy Active
       Chaplain, Year Coordinator, Community Leader, favourite  Coordinator is situated in the Student Services Building.
       teacher or your parents.
                                          Collecting students for appointment from school.
                                          If you are coming to the Main Administration Office to collect your child for
                                                                            DON’T TAKE IT:
                     It cannot be emphasised
                                          pleasetoo  muchyou have called theRemind
                                                 ensure                               prior tothat
                                                                              officeyourself    arrival as there  maytobe a waiti
                                                                                                   you have  the right
                     that in order for the problem to be
                                          the location of your student within
                                                                                 safeschool  grounds.
                                                                                      and happy
                   resolved, the school staff need to
                                                                                 DON’T DO IT:
                   be informed about the bullying.
                                                                                 You have the responsibility to make others
                                              Explanation Of Absence
                                                                                 feel safe and happy.
                                              Any student who is away must bring a note to the Student Attendance Offi
                                                                              DON’T SUPPORT IT:
                                              Administration Office from a parent/guardian,
                                                                              Support the personexplaining    the absence. Paren
                                                                                                  being bullied.
                                              notified by SMS of any absences.ShowIf that
                                                                                      the you
                                                                                           school  has friends
                                                                                              and your  not been     notified of th
                                              student’s absence within three days,     the student’s Form Teacher sends an
                                                                              of bullying.

                                              Note to parents or the parents will be contacted by telephone. A letter outlin
                                              absences is sent out to parents/carers. EACH absence needs to be explaine
                                              returned to Student Attendance Officer in the Main Administration Office as s
13                                                                                  Middle
                                                                                    Middle School
                                                                                           School Orientation
                                                                                                  Orientation For
                                                                                                              For 2020
                                                                                                                  2021           13
                                              Some points to note:

     COMPUTERS                                                        Information Technology
     All students will be bringing their own MacBook/Air
     Notebooks to school for classroom use only. Electronic           PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
     devices are not allowed to be switched on before school
                                                                      Use of the Internet is seen as a privilege (not a right) and
     and during lunch breaks in a effort to encourage active
                                                                      students must accept personal responsibility for high
     play. The MacBook Air/Pro has all the software programs
                                                                      standards of behaviour when using it. Any misuse should be
     that are needed for use in class, such as Pages (similar to
                                                                      reported to staff. Examples of misuse: messages suggesting
     Word/Publisher), Keynote (similar to PowerPoint), Numbers
                                                                      illegal or unethical behaviour, inappropriate racist, sexist,
     (similar to Excel ). If you want to download other programs
                                                                      or pornographic material. When enrolling students &
     such as Microsoft Office, go to the school Self Service.
                                                                      parents sign a contract which is valid for the duration of
     This school crest icon on your computer will direct you for
                                                                      their enrolment. Students will be expected to abide by all
     update and downloads.
                                                                      these conditions when using the Internet at school and any
                                                                      inappropriate use will result in cancellation of the privilege
                                                                      with disciplinary action taken by the school administration
                                                                      including possible legal consequences.

                                                                      ACCEPTABLE USE
     It is the student’s responsibility to bring their MacBook/Air    Research on the Internet is to support and enhance the
     Notebooks to school FULLY charged EACH day. They will not        curriculum needs of students, staff and the educational
     be able to bring their chargers to school to recharge. The       goals of the school. Use of information from internet
     MacBook Air Notebook should have a protective cover/case         sources must comply with copyright laws and any other
                        to protect the Notebook.                      rules related to transmission of on-line information. Illegal
                                                                      activities are forbidden. See http://www.lawley.wa.edu.au/
                        Ensure that students have an external         view/20141112121802
                        drive to back up their work using the ‘Time
                        Machine” application which is on the
                        MacBook Air. This external drive should
                                                                      ETIQUETTE AND PRIVACY
                        ONLY be used for this purpose. Make sure      Students must abide by the generally accepted rules
     that this external drive is kept at home and NOT brought to      of internet etiquette. Always be polite. Never send or
     school. Also ensure that back up is done daily. So at the end    encourage others to send messages which could offend
     of the day the student comes home, recharges their MacBook       others. Use appropriate language. Your message goes to
     Air and backs up their work on the external drive using Time     a worldwide audience, therefore no swearing, vulgar or
     Machine EVERY school day.                                        inappropriate language is to be used.
     All the information relating to MacBook Air Notebooks            • Privacy: Do not reveal personal addresses or phone
     usage for students/ parents can be found in the Parent             numbers.
     Owned Notebook policy on the school website and in the
                                                                      • E-mail: Electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private.
     booklet that was given to all parents. Students will not be
                                                                        Messages can be read by a wide variety of people.
     able to access the school Internet or any other ICT at the
     school until the Acceptable Use Agreement is signed and
     returned to the Main Administration Office.                      SECURITY
     The booklet and the agreement can be downloaded from:            Where a system has many users, security of the system is
     http://www.lawley.wa.edu.au/view/20141112121802                  important. Any students identifying breaches of security
                                                                      should notify staff immediately, and never demonstrate the
                                                                      problem to other users. Use of system invasive software is
                                                                      illegal, as is access without authority to data stored in a
                                                                      computer. It is not necessary to prove damage has occurred.
                                                                      Legal and disciplinary action will be taken where violations

14     Middle School Orientation For 2021
FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES                                           3. All material placed onto the school’s shared drives or
                                                                    web site will;
Whilst the Internet offers a wealth of information, it is
important for families to recognise the ethical issues related      • Be checked for appropriateness
to its use. Parental monitoring where these facilities are          • Not violate copyright
available at home is essential. Students need to develop
discrimination with regard to the accuracy, validity and bias       • Not contain the home address or home phone
of information available. We suggest a good starting point            numbers of any individual
is the government website https://esafety.gov.au which is           • Not contain the e-mail or web address of a student
a very valuable resource for all. There are more suggested
                                                                    • Have the written permission of a parent/guardian if a
websites on page 12.
                                                                      photograph of a student is to be used.

Computer And Internet Policy                                      4. Users will be respectful of others and use appropriate
                                                                     written expression
This policy is outlined in detail in the Mount Lawley SHS
Parent Owned Notebook booklet which was sent to every             5. Users will not forward an e-mail to another person
parent/ guardian. A copy can be viewed on the school                 without the permission of the sender.
website as mentioned on the previous page. Below are              6. Users will not harass other users with any unsolicited
some of the important points that students need to take              material (jokes, pictures) or use their school based
into consideration.                                                  e-mail for purposes unrelated to school business or
1. Users will not locate, access and download any material           work. Storage of information on the school’s servers will
   that would be offensive to any other students, teachers           be of an appropriate type as identified by school rules.
   and parents/ guardian. This would include pornography,         7. Users’ sites are monitored at all times.
   unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, offensive
                                                                  8. Vandalism: Any actions which damage data or equipment
   language or engaging in behaviour that contravenes the
                                                                     in the system are seen as vandalism and will result in
   Mount Lawley SHS behaviour policy. Users need to abide
                                                                     loss of computer services, disciplinary and possible
   by this policy. Section 82E of the Commonwealth Crimes
                                                                     legal action.
   Act states that a person shall not knowingly or recklessly

  • Use a telecommunications service supplied by a
    carrier to menace or harass another person, or

  • Use a telecommunications service supplied by
    a carrier in such a way as would be regarded by
                                                                     Students are expected to abide by all these
    reasonable persons as being, in all circumstances,
    offensive, pornographic or, in the school’s opinion is
                                                                     conditions when using the internet at
    in “bad taste.”                                                  school. Any inappropriate use will result in
                                                                     cancellation of the privilege with disciplinary
2. The computers within this school are a resource for
   students and staff. Users need to:
                                                                     action taken by the school administration and
                                                                     possible legal consequences.
  • Respect each others’ work space

  • Observe accepted etiquette

  • Focus on the educational tasks

  • Avoid and report any objectionable web sites

  • Acknowledge sources of information

  • Keep all passwords private. Passwords are not to be
    shared with other students

  • Use the hardware and software appropriately

                                                                                    Middle School Orientation For 2021           15

     How To Be Organised!
     In your school report, you are assessed by ALL of your                       CLASS WORK AND HOMEWORK,
     teachers on the some of the following aspects:                               MANAGEMENT AND STORAGE
     • Meets Deadlines                                                            All students are required to maintain a file(s) where they
     • Sets goals and works toward them with perseverance                         store their ‘day to day’ class work and homework tasks.
                                                                                  Their subject teacher will advise students accordingly.
     The School Diary provides some guidelines and ideas that
                                                                                  Use the checklist below to confirm that responsibilities
     will assist you
                                                                                  are been met.

                                                                                   FILE ORGANISATION
                                                                                   All work is complete        Spare A4 lined and reinforced
                                                                                                               paper is stored.
                                                                                   All work is dated and in    Plastic sleeves are used to
                                                                                   order                       store important sheets.
                                                                                   Previous term’s work        File(s) are free from graffiti
                                                                                   has been stored in the      and inappropriate images.
                                                                                   appropriate portfolio.
                                                                                   Well organised files        File(s) is regularly maintained
                                                                                   with dividers for each      and cared for.
                                                                                   subject area

                                                                                  Note: Students may prefer to store their material in exercise
                                                                                  books and/or a folder. This is also acceptable.
                                                Homework Diary
                        SEN   IOR HIGH SCHOOL

         STUDENT DIARY                                                            The diary is to be taken to all classes. If students lose
                                                                                  their diary another copy can be purchased from the Main
                                             All students at our school receive
                                                                                  Administration Office. Use the checklist below to confirm
                                             a Mount Lawley SHS school diary
                                                                                  that you are using your homework diary well.
                                              from the Mount Lawley SHS P
                                              & C Association . The Mount         SAMPLE:

                                               Lawley SHS diary is designed
                                               especially for Middle School        School      Subject      Homework/                 Time
                                               students with ONLINE strategies     Events                   Assignments
                                                within five secondary wellbeing    MONDAY 2                 Super 8’s Cricket
                           P & C Associat
                                                areas : Career and Time                                     Meeting – Lunch 1
           Provided by the
                                                Management, Study Techniques
                                                                                               English      Poetry Assignment         10 mins
                                                and Approaches, Research
     and Operational Skills, Relationships and Personal Health.
                                                                                               Maths        No Homework
     This diary program is supported with weekly focus topics
     for students and parents/carers to access online. These                                   Science      Finish Exercise           20 mins
     parts of the diary will also be reinforced during the weekly                              S&E          1 Current Events          20 mins
     Community Time periods throughout the year by access to                                                Article, Study Vocab
     the online wellbeing program.                                                                          List
     Parents/Carers will receive ‘Parent Focus’ articles within                                DUE          Maths Homework
     the school fortnightly electronic newsletter ‘Lawley                                                   Excursion Permission
     Update’ which links the diary weekly focus with strategies                                             Letter
     parents can use to support their child . These will also be
     available online in the ‘Wellbeing Program’ available for                     I complete my homework         My diary is free from
     both parents and students.                                                    diary after each class.        graffiti and inappropriate
     Please use following log-in details.
     http://www.learningcurve.com.au                                               All Due Dates are recorded     There is a copy of the
                                                                                                                  ‘stamping success’ policy
     Username: MLSHS Password: MLSHS6050 The username &                                                           glued inside.
     password is case senstive. Remember this is only for Mount
                                                                                   My parents see my diary        I have an accurate
     Lawely SHS parents to access the online wellbeing program.
                                                                                   regularly and sign it          timetable. each week.

16     Middle School Orientation For 2021
Can you help?
Call for Volunteers for the Parents and Citizens Association:
Meet new people and have some fun! The work done is appreciated, needed and fundamental to the
development of a successful school community.

Join other inspired Parents to:
• Provide additional amenities and services to the students.
• Advocate on behalf of the students as well as parents.
• Provide an opportunity for your close involvement in the
  education of your children.

You can be part of any of our seven committees:

• General Committee (oversees the following 6 sub-committees)

         • Music

         • SVAPA (Specialist Visual And Performing Arts)

         • Languages

         • GAT (Gifted and Talented Students)

         • Lawley Art Auction (run in June each year)

         • Performing & Visual Arts Centre

More information is on our web site: www.mlshspc.org.au

And we have a mailing list (see the web site)

Occasional Helpers

“Many hands make light work!!!”. You do not need to be on
the committee to be involved; You can look for opportunities
to help out; or when you are asked, say “Yes”.

Committee Members

You work with like-minded Parents. It is an enjoyable and
rewarding experience, for you and the students. It is not
only what the P&C does directly, but also the lobbying and
other spin offs that make MLSHS a great school to be at.

The Leaders

A few choose to lead. At MLSHS P&C we are fortunate to
have benefited over the years from many individuals’
efforts. Are you a leader?

We continually need invigoration through new Parents. As
children leave the school, so too their Parents. You can
make a difference. If everyone leaves it to someone else,
there is no-one.

Any queries, please email John Pryor: john@mlshspc.org.au
or Mobile 0417 959 769

John Pryor P&C President

                                                                Middle School Orientation For 2021   17

     School Uniform 2021
     The School’s colours are navy blue, white and salmon. The uniform type and style will carry the school crest
     or school letters so that they are clearly identifiable as Mount Lawley SHS students. Enrolment to Mount
     Lawley Senior High School constitutes an awareness and acceptance of the school uniform code.

     All clothes must be in good state of repair and be clean           All new students are required to make an appointment
     and neat. Immodest clothing is not acceptable. All items           with the uniform shop for a fitting from Monday 8
     can only be purchased from the Uniform Shop which is               October to Wednesday 19 December. Appointments
     a private organisation. They are located at 832 Beaufort           can be made by contacting Rabia at the uniform shop
     St, Inglewood. The store is open 6 days a week providing           on 9270 4658 or emailing inglewood@ uc.nellgray.
     greater accessibility to the uniform and convenience to the        com.au. Please note that the most popular times for
     school community.                                                  appointments are after 3pm Mon-Fri and Saturdays
                                                                        so book early to avoid disappointment.
     • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am – 5pm
     • Thursdays 9am – 6pm                                              The School Chaplain also offers parents the opportunity to
                                                                        purchase second hand clothing through Student Services.
     • Saturdays 9am – 1pm
                                                                        Please refer to the flier on the following pages.

      General Uniform
      Shirt               Short/Long Sleeve White shirt with School Crest
      Polo Shirts         Navy Blue with School Crest for Middle School. White only with School Crest for Upper/Senior School
      Trousers            Trousers in plain navy blue with identifying school letters visible.
      Shorts              Plain navy blue, identifying school letters/crest visible.
      Skirts              To be plain navy blue inverted pleated and of appropriate length with identifying school letters
                          visible. Black plain opaque tights.
      Dress               Navy blue dress with identifying School Crest
      Jumpers             V-neck Jumper with School Crest We also have (poly/cotton for wool allergic students)
      Jacket              Weatherproof zip jacket. Navy blue with white and salmon trim plus School Crest.
      Socks               White socks with school colours
      Shoes               Black shoes. Must be lace up and fully covered (This is a safety requirement for several subject areas
                          in the school) They may be used for sport with suitable non marking soles
      Hat                 School cap/bucket hat or wide brim with identifying School Crest. (Bandanna or beanies are not
      Blazer              Students may purchase and wear a school blazer
      Tie                 School tie only
      Scarf               School scarf in navy with white and salmon striping.
      School Bag          Chiropak II with ergonomic support.
      Sports Uniform
      Sport Shorts        Navy Blue with School Crest. Students are expected to change for Sport and Physical Education.
      Sport Shirt         Navy blue and white sport shirt with School Crest New style: side panels in a HOUSE colour
      Make-up,            Excessive Facial piercing (such as eyebrow rings, nose studs, lip rings, etc), excessive makeup or
      Hair,               jewellery and inappropriate (unnatural) coloured hair, will not be permitted. Make up and jewellery
      Jewellery,          will be appropriate to the learning environment. Any tattoo should not be visible.

                            SCHOOL UNIFORM
                        No Logo - NOT School Uniform

18     Middle School Orientation For 2021
School Run
                                                Did you know EVERY child learns a language at Mount Lawley SHS?
HEALTH COMMITTEE                                               Do you know that all students learning any language
The aim of the Health Committee                          also get opportunities to take part in extra cultural experiences?

is to promote physical and mental         These include sampling the wide range of food and entertainment during Languages Week, a Language Soiree
                                          evening, language movie night, hosting of exchange students and teachers, and opportunities to be inspired by
well-being within the whole school               people who share a passion for learning and experiencing the different languages and cultures.

community. The committee meets                                          Mount Lawley SHS is a Language Specialist school and
                                                            ALL language students are enriched within this Language learning environment.
regularly to discuss a range of health
                                          The Languages Parent Support Group is a subgroup of the Mount Lawley SHS P&C and our role is to help the language
subjects. The committee is actively       teaching staff with organisation of these great extra cultural experiences, along with fundraising to allow these activities to

involved in the Mount Lawley SHS          occur. We hope you will join us in helping to make our children’s language experience at Mount Lawley SHS a happy and
                                          enjoyable one.
Health Expo and assists with the          A welcome evening is held in first term, where new parents can meet other parents and some of the Languages teachers.
                                          Please go to the P&C website - mlshspc.org.au - for further information or to join the mailing list.
set-up.                                   How can you help?
                                          Possible suggestions:

SCHOOL WELLBEING                               Providing a plate of food for students to enjoy as part of the activities
                                                        Usually there are about half a dozen activities during the year, but no need to provide a plate for all of them!

COMMITTEE                                      Attending the Languages Parent Support Group Meetings
                                                        Held twice a term @ 7.30pm on a Wednesday - Weeks 2 & 6 - all welcome - come to as many as you can!
                                               Any other help as requested by the teachers to assist in running these language and cultural activities
                                                                        Eg Help with running a stand for the Languages & Arts Festival
The School Wellbeing Committee is
charged with the role of promoting                      If you would like to get involved, please email your contact details to: languages@mlshspc.org.au

positive     behaviour    in   school,                            Any help is greatly appreciated. Your time and support keeps our group going.

implementing bullying prevention                                                        Languages Parent Support Group
                                                                                        Mount Lawley Senior High School
initiatives, reviewing school policies
and ensuring the student body has a
voice when it comes to safety within
the school. The committee meets on
a regular basis to discuss various
issues relating to positive behaviour
and a safe school community. We
have a number of staff members
from both Middle and Senior school,
as well as student representatives.
The committee is chaired by the
                                                          The Lawley
                                                                The  LawleyArt    Auction
                                                                           Art  Auction

School Psychologist.                                                  Interested
                                                                    Interested in in contributing
                                                                                   contributing  toto    your
                                                                                                      your    child’s
                                                                                                            child’s   education?
                                                                          Like toto  meet
                                                                                   meet     other
                                                                                          other    enthusiastic
                                                                                                enthusiastic      parents?
                                                                             Want   toto share
                                                                                       share    and
                                                                                              and      learn
                                                                                                    learn    new
                                                                                                           new     skills?
                                                                  Love   the
                                                                       the   arts,
                                                                           arts,   being
                                                                                 being     part
                                                                                         part ofof  a team
                                                                                                 a team    oror organising
                                                                                                              organising     events?
THE FATHERING PROJECT                         Just
                                            Just   a few
                                                 a few   hours
                                                       hours ofof your
                                                                your    time
                                                                      time    will
                                                                            will   enable
                                                                                 enable   this
                                                                                        this   annual
                                                                                             annual   fund
                                                                                                    fund   raising
                                                                                                         raising    event
                                                                                                                  event  toto fund
                                                                                                                            fund    before-
                                            school   workshops,state
We are hoping to start a Fathering                                            Arts
                                                                            Arts    programsatatMLSHS
                                                                                  programs       MLSHS
Project group at the school in 2021. If       TheLawley
                                                                Auctionis isthe
you are interested in being involved         Senior
                                           Senior    High
                                                  High     School.
                                                          School.    With
                                                                  With  aa    reputation
                                                                            reputation  asasaa  leading
                                                                                              leading     school
                                                                                                       school   artart auction,
                                                                                                                     auction,  wewe  sell
                                                                                                                                   sell thethe best
in helping to coordinate please              SVAPA
                                           SVAPA     students
                                                   students  atat  MLSHS.
                                                                                     volunteerstotobebea apart
speak to the Andrew Paul, the School        Each
                                           Lawley  ArtArt Auction
                                                       Auction     happen.
Chaplain, or the P&C President.
                                             The    Lawley
                                                 Lawley  ArtArt Auction
                                                             Auction    Committee
                                                                      Committee   would
                                                                                would    love
                                                                                      love  to to invite
                                                                                                invite   you
                                                                                                       you to to come
                                                                                                               come to to
                                                                                                                        ourour meet
                                                                                                                            meet andand
                                               greet   eveningon   Tuesday9th
                                                                onTuesday  11th February
                                                                              February     (7pm
                                                                                        (7pm      upstairs
                                                                                               upstairs     in Main
                                                                                                         in Main    Administration)
                                                                                                                  Administration) . .
                                              Please come find out more about this fabulous event and the diverse roles available in
                                                                                   our team.
                                            Please come find out more about this fabulous    event and the diverse roles available in
                                                                                        our team.
                                                                          Can’t make it but keen to find out more?
                                                                Email us Can’t
                                                                         on chair@lawleyevents.com   orout
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