Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...

Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
Getting Started

02   Welcome to the University
03   New student checklist
05   Principal’s welcome
06   Welcome from your Sabbatical Officers
07   Our University values
08   Welcome week
09   Events app
10   Your essential top 6 tasks
17   About health care in Scotland
18   Your wellbeing
19   Taking care of yourself
21   Preparing for study
23   Your new student life
24   Sport and exercise
25   Living on campus - University accommodation
26   Finding private accommodation
27   Your safety
28   Travel to Edinburgh
29   Travelling within Edinburgh
31   Settling into university
32   Challenges you may face as a new student
36   Helpful links to resources
37   Useful numbers                                #EdWelcome
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                          GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             02

                                                         Welcome to the
                                                         University of
                                                         It is not too long to go until you begin your studies,
                                                         and whilst some things about university in 2021
                                                         may initially be different, some things won’t. We
                                                         are really excited to welcome you to your new
                                                         community, and while we know some of you may
                                                         not be able to join us in Edinburgh straight away,
                                                         we look forward to you all becoming a valued
                                                         student in one of the world’s leading universities!

                                                         There are a lot of things to think about when
                                                         getting ready for university to ensure you are fully
                                                         prepared to start as a new student. This guide acts
                                                         as one place to find all of the practical advice and
                                                         information that you need to know.

                                                         Start by looking through your checklist which
                                                         outlines the important tasks you need to do
                                                         before you start/arrive and when you start.
                                                         Take your time to go through each section of this
                                                         guide and make sure you understand what you
                                                         need to do. You will also discover really useful
                                                         resources, top tips from our current students and
                                                         more information about the professional support
                                                         services to help you throughout your academic
                                                         studies and university journey.

     before you arrive                                                                  new-students
    On our New Student 2020/2021                   Stay
  Facebook group you can find your
fellow classmates, ask questions, learn
  more about your new community:               when you start              Get the latest announcements, news
                                            and events from the University:
            #EdWelcome                                                                  news/covid-19
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             03
New student checklist
As a new student, you probably have lots of questions about where to go to find the resources and information you need
to prepare and get started at university. The new student’s checklist is a useful tool which lists the essential things you need
to be aware of and do before and when you start, in priority order. You can download/save the checklist and use the
interactive tick boxes to keep on track. Click onto the page references below to read more about the information provided
via the checklist.

     Tasks to do before you arrive (all students)                                                                       More info
      Read all relevant sections of the New Student Getting Started Guide, including the top tips
      Read all emails received from the University of Edinburgh, especially from your School/Programme
      Read all the emails received from the Edinburgh University Students’ Association
      If accessible, join relevant social media groups, including the UoE new students 2020/2021 Facebook
                                                                                                          Page 02
      group, your School/Programme groups, your University accommodation groups
      Download the UoE Events App (                                                  Page 09
      Register your University Login and login to MyEd (the University of Edinburgh’s web portal)                        Page 11
      Activate your Office365 and install Microsoft Software                                                             Page 12
      Set up and access your personalised timetable                                                                      Page 12
      Fulfil any admissions criteria (if required)                                                                       Page 13
      Register online with the University as a student                                                                   Page 13
      Pay or organise to pay your tuition fees                                                                           Page 14
      Pay your accommodation fees (if living in University of Edinburgh accommodation)                                   Page 14
      Research which UK bank account is best for you (if required)                                                       Page 15
      Apply online for your University student card                                                                      Page 15
      Research which GP Practices will be closest to your Edinburgh home, for GP registration.                           Page 16
      Check that you have had any necessary vaccinations, and if not, make arrangements to get them                      Page 17
      Familiarise yourself with helpful student support resources and services.                                          Page 36

     Tasks to do before you start/arrive on campus (additional for students outside the UK, if required)                More info
      Seek out immigration advice if coming from outside the UK, EU, EEA or Switzerland (if required)
                                                                                                                         Page 13
      For more information:
      Upload an image of your current passport and visa (essential)                                                      Page 13

     Information to read - to support you throughout your university journey (all students)                             More info
      Where to start with your wellbeing in the university community                                                     Page 18
      Taking care of yourself                                                                                            Page 19
      Have more awareness of your safety and security                                                                    Page 27
      Your new student life – introduction to the Edinburgh University Students Association, Sports Union                Page 23-24
      and Sport & Exercise
      Settling into university – academic, independence and social challenges                                            Page 31-35
      Helpful links and useful numbers to support you at university                                                      Page 36-37

                                                                                                   Continues on the next page...
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                      GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             04

   Items to have with you when you start (if required)
    Passport (proof of identity for all circumstances)
    Driving licence (additional proof of identity, if in possession of one)
    Printed proof of term-time Edinburgh address (GP Practices must see original proof of address)
    At least three months of prescribed medication and an explanation letter from your doctor (for GP registration)
    Letter evidence of a disability, learning difficulty or health condition - written in English within last 6 months by a
    medical professional, outlining disability and how it may affect learning. More information:
    Cash (in case opening a bank account takes a longer time, recommended no more than £1000.00)

   Additional items to have with you when you start/arrive on campus (for students outside the UK, if required)
    Study visa (for all international students to be checked at a UK airport)
    Tuberculosis (TB) Certificate (if applicable to your home country, you must carry in hand luggage)

   Tasks to do when you start/arrive on campus (all students)                                                      More info
    Use the ‘new students 2020-2021 guide’ on the UoE Events app to plan your first few weeks                       Page 09
    (prioritising induction activities hosted by your School/Programme)
    Stay connected on social media: New Students Facebook Group, Edinburgh Student Facebook                         Page 37
    page, Edinburgh Student Twitter
    Check your emails to find out more about your School/Programme induction event/activities
    If you are on campus, get connected to eduroam Wifi                                                             Page 12
    If you will be living in University accommodation, get connected to Optify Wifi                                 Page 12
    Attend any essential School/Programme activities – read your emails from your School/Programme                  Page 13
    for more information (essential)
    Pay your tuition fees (if required)                                                                             Page 14
    Go to your chosen GP Practice to register for a doctor (if required)                                            Page 16
    Register with a dentist and an optician (if required)                                                           Page 17
    If in University accommodation, complete your e-induction. Read your emails from accommodation Page 25
    for more information (essential)
    If in private accommodation, update your address on your student record and submit your Council                 Page 26
    Tax Exemption Letter (essential)

   Additional tasks to do when you start/arrive on campus (for students outside the UK, if required)               More info
    Take a picture of your passport clearly showing your visa vignette and entry clearance stamp and                Page 13
    upload the images to the Immigration section of MyEd
    Open a Bank account (if required)                                                                               Page 15
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             05
Principal’s welcome
On behalf of all students and staff at the University of Edinburgh, huge
congratulations on your successful application and a very warm welcome!
                   The extraordinary circumstances of 2020 as the world adapts to the Covid-19 pandemic have posed
                    additional challenges to you and to us. We remain very confident that your success in joining one of the
                     world’s greatest universities will be the start of an exciting and productive next phase of your lives. We
                     are a large global community, currently with around 41,000 students, over 15,000 staff and an ever
                     growing alumni community of over 260,000. Our students and staff come from around 160 countries
                    making the University of Edinburgh a uniquely diverse place to learn; we are justifiably proud of our
                   whole community which aims to be open in both outlook and ethos.

Arriving at University, especially this year when circumstances dictate that some of your experience will be “hybrid”, ie
a mixture of face-to-face and online interactions with your teachers and with others including your fellow students, is
both exciting and daunting. We have been trying to give you as much certainty as possible about what to expect but
we all have to accept that there will still be uncertainty about the pandemic and its implications for public health advice
and government guidelines. One thing can be certain: your degree from the University of Edinburgh will be a marker
of excellence that will open doors for you in the future and be a source of respect throughout the world. We know this
because we have 430 years of experience on which to base that conclusion!

I encourage you to take every opportunity to meet your fellow students, learn about the services available to you and meet
the staff you will be working with before you start your studies, and also to explore the wonderful city of Edinburgh, its
nearby seaside and the spectacular surrounding countryside, but to do so whilst respecting health and safety for yourself,
your loved ones and the general public. Necessarily this means that some of the meetings and some of the new experiences
will be electronic rather than physical. Your generation is much more accustomed to these technologies than mine, but if
you have practical or technical difficulties, including but not limited to concerns about access to equipment, broadband or
WiFi, we are here to help and your University has a fabulous array of expertise and experience to address these issues.

My top tips to remember when starting university:
1.  Cherish the wonderful opportunity that you                 4.  Look after yourself, you are not alone: don’t be
have earned for yourself, apply yourself to your studies       afraid to ask for help. During your time at university,
and make sure you take advantage of everything the             you will face challenges. They could be academic,
University offers to help you during your time here.           financial, or social, and may test your confidence.
                                                               There are many people here to help you - your
2.  Embrace new ideas in your studies, extra-                  wellbeing is a priority for us.
curricular activities and personal life. Try something
new and explore - you will never again get an                  5.  Enjoy Edinburgh as much as you can in the
opportunity like this one.                                     circumstances, it is a beautiful city. Learn about its rich
                                                               history and most importantly have fun whilst staying
3.  Celebrate difference, seek out different cultures,         safe.
subjects and interests and be open to different points
of view. Be kind to others.

You will encounter teachers and researchers who are among the leading figures in their field and passionate about their
subjects. Take every opportunity that you can to learn from them to find out more about yourself and to build your own
success. As you embark on your studies, do reflect from time to time on all those who helped to get you here; your families,
your friends and your supporters. You will of course see less of them, but do remember to include them and to keep in
touch. They will be thinking of you, and will want to know about the experiences you have and the progress you make.
Many challenging and rewarding experiences lie ahead for you, the University of Edinburgh is a wonderful place (physical
and virtual!) – enjoy your time with us!

Warmest regards, and all best wishes for your studies and the next phase of your lives,

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             06
Welcome from your                                                                    G e t invol ve d
Sabbatical Officers                                                                 in t hings t h at
                                                                                    m at te r to you                          El le n,
                                                                                  - you’l l f ind like-                     Pre side n t
Hello and welcome                                                                   minde d pe ople
to the University of                               Tr y some t hing ne w !                 he re !
                                                  The re are a h uge and
Edinburgh!                                          di ve rse amoun t of
We are your Sabbatical Officer team for          s t ude n t opport uni t ie s
this year and we are here to support             and e ve n ts h appe ning
and represent you. As a student at the            and some of t he be s t
University, you automatically become            e x pe r ie nce s come f rom
a member of Edinburgh University                place s you would ne ve r
Students’ Association and anyone who
wishes to take part in sport will become
                                                           e x pe c te d.
a member of the Edinburgh University
Sports Union. We’re run by students,
for students, and we’re here to
represent everyone who studies here,         VP C ommuni t y                                                    If you ne e d he lp,
so make sure you get involved. There                                                                            ASK! Our job is to
are countless opportunities for you to                                                                           support yo u, so
meet new people, gain valuable CV                                                                               se nding an em ail
boosting skills and make a difference to
                                            Take advantage of                                                 c an re al l y go a long
the things you care about. You can find
out more about the ways you can get          our wide varie t y                                               way in re ce i v ing t he
involved at: and          of sports clubs and                                                  he lp yo u ne e d.                           acti v itie s to boost                             Niamh,
                                             your mood, stay                                 VP We lf are
We know this won’t be how you               he althy and make
envisaged your start to university           lifelong f riends.
would be, but we want you to be
assured by the fact that everyone is
in the same boat. We also want to let
you know there will still be plenty of
opportunities to make new friends and
try out new things, whether you are              K at ie,
here in Edinburgh or studying online.           Sports
There will still be quite a lot happening
                                               Pre side n t
on campus and online for you to get
involved with! Also, remember this
is temporary - in the not too distant                                                       Ke e p an e ye ou t
future we will all be together again                  Make sure you go                        f or socie t ie s
on campus and student life as you
                                                         to your clas se s                   and St ude n t ’s
imagined it will resume with loads of
                                                    (v i rt ual l y or f ace to          As sociat ion e ve n ts,
opportunities to try new things, make
friends, go on nights out, and have                f ace ) and t r y to t alk            as we l l as any online
the university experience you hoped                   to pe ople in t hem ,                 groups f or ne w
for when you chose to study at the                  i t ’s so import an t to               s t ude n ts to join!
University of Edinburgh.                           m ake course f r ie nds!
We are here for you, so please do get in
touch if you have any questions or need                                         Fizz y,
support. You can find our contact info                                       VP Educ at ion
at: and

Looking forward to meeting as many
of you online and in person when you                                                      R ache l ,
start your studies in January!
                                                                                       VP Ac t i v i t ie s
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                     GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             07
Our University values
• We are diverse, inclusive and accessible to all
• We are always willing to listen
• We aim to achieve excellence, whilst always
  being principled, considerate and respectful
• We are a place of transformation and of self-
• We strive to create a welcoming community,
  where staff, students, and alumni feel proud to
  be members of our University
We’re always working to improve your university experience. Here are just some
examples of what we’ve been doing to make things better for you:

Sustainable University                   EdHelp
We’re passionate about being a           Once you get closer to starting at the
socially responsible and sustainable     University, you will be able to use the
university. As part of our commitment    Edhelp service.
to become carbon neutral by 2040,
we’ve returned our carbon emissions      EdHelp provides clear and
to 2007-08 baseline year levels.         straightforward access to key student
                                         services such as library, IT, finance and
Creating a greener campus                administration, all from one place.
The introduction of a levy on single-
use coffee cups has led to a reduction   We want to ensure that information
in disposable cup usage of 37% in        and help is easy to find, meaning you
University-owned cafes over the past     will spend less time searching and
year!                                    more time learning. You’ll have access
                                         to the Edhelp service 6 weeks prior to
Keep up to date with Sustainable         starting at the University.
University news:
sustainability/news/2020                 For more information about EdHelp
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                        GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             08
Welcome Week
‘Welcome Week’ is the week prior to the first week
of the academic semester (
semester-dates/202021) and is the first
opportunity for the University to welcome you to
your new environment and to the people who will
help shape your experiences at University.
This essential time before classes          University induction:
start allows you to get to meet fellow      For all students starting University
students and academics, and get a           this year, a hybrid delivery will be the
sense of the university life that awaits    new experience and there will be
you.                                        lots of opportunity within Welcome
                                            Week and for the continuing weeks to
All areas of the University are excited     join activities and learn information
to meet you, and during Welcome             about hybrid learning, guidance on
Week and for several weeks into the         looking after your mental health and
start of semester too, there will be lots   wellbeing and provide you with a basic
of online and in-person events and          grounding in equality and diversity.
activities that you may join, that will
provide you with essential information      There will be large community events
to get started, opportunities to            that will take place online to formally
network, explore and contribute, and        welcome all new students to the
provide you with that first and lasting     University and many smaller in-person
connection to the University.               activities to help you get to know your
                                            neighbours and the city.
School/Programme induction
(essential):                                There will be a specific welcome
Your School/programme induction             programme for all Postgraduate
is the most important to attend and         students and there will be lots of ways
will likely take place within Welcome       to explore your interests and hobbies
Week and the information included           too with society and sports clubs
will be available afterwards for you        activities.
                                            There is no expectation to attend
Your school/programme induction             any induction activity outside of your
activities willprovide you with ways        school/programme but it is highly
to connect to your classmates, help         recommended that where possible,
you feel part of the community and          you attend what you want to during
understand what is expected of you          this welcome period.
and how you can succeed in your
studies.                                      The Welcome programme of
                                              induction activities will be available
You will be emailed with more details         on the UoE Events App. You will also
about what this induction includes and        receive direct communications about
how to attend.                                specific activities nearer to the start
                                              date and we recommend that you
                                              check your emails regularly!

                                                                                                    Photo of Greyfriars Bobby by Lauren Tonti
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                             GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             09
UoE Events App
All of your induction events will be featured in
the ‘New Students 2020-2021’ guide within the
Guidebook ‘UoE Events app’ a few weeks before
the start of your studies.

This guide allows you to find the
events/activities that you are required
to attend (all school/programme
induction activities are essential to
attend) alongside lots of optional
activities that might interest you. You
will find details about how to engage
with the activities, if there are any pre-
requisites and you can add them to
your personalised timetables.                Download the
This app also includes helpful
                                             UoE Events App
checklists and resources so you can          now!
have all the information you need at
hand, anywhere and anytime.                  eventsapp
                                             Search ‘edinburgh events’ on
                                             Google Play or iTunes to find
                                             the UoE Events App.
Getting Started 2020/21 - Contents...
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             10
Your essential ‘Top 6 Tasks’
It is absolutely essential that you read and
complete these tasks. These essential ‘Top 6 Tasks’
are for all new students to complete either before,
or when you start/arrive, to enable you to get
started at the University.

                 1                                                                                      3
                ry                                      2                                            e the
         Univer our                              Get Started                                 Complet ion
                s                                                                                      t
        Login ity                                 on Office                                  matricula
         login t d                                                                              process
                o                                   365

                                                                                                       e g i s ter
                 4                                        5                                             h  a    local
                                                               ur                                   wit          or
            Pay your                              Apply for yo                                          doct
              fees                                  University

‘How to’ get started with the ‘Top 6 Tasks’
9 Read through the information for each task
9 Complete steps as outlined in the tasks
9 For more information about the tasks and to keep up to date with the
  latest information, please remember to check the ‘New Student Website’
  ( and the ‘UoE Events App’

                                         4 If you are planning to arrive from overseas, we also recommend that
                                           you read the ‘Welcome to Edinburgh’ guide for International Students
                                           for extra information and tips before and when you start. Find the guide
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                      GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             11

         Task                              Don’t forget to keep a note of your        Accounts - manage your personal

                                           new updated password (securely), as        details and password, check your
                                           you’ll need this to login to MyEd, Learn   card PIN, access your student record
                                           and all the other systems that you’ll      (sometimes called EUCLID), and pay
                                           use.                                       for fees, accommodation, printing
                                                                                      and catering.
                                           Get started with MyEd
                                           When you login to MyEd nearer to your      Student Life - news and events,
                                           start date, you may notice that the        getting around, support services, and
                                           content is different to what you saw as    information from Edinburgh University
                                           an applicant.                              Students’ Association.

Register your University                   As a new student, your homepage            Careers - help from the Careers
Login and login to MyEd                    gives you direct access to the content     Service, and access to MyCareerHub.
                                           that you will use most often, including
Login to MyEd - Before you start           Learn, Library and email. You’ll also      For more information about how the
                                           see your notifications here, which are     information and resources in MyEd will
What is MyEd?                              alerts about tasks you must complete       support you during your studies and
MyEd is the University of Edinburgh’s      or important information. Look out for     time at university:
web portal, and the best way to find       the Notifications icon in the top right    information-services/myed-for-
and access many of the University’s        corner of MyEd.                            students
online resources. It gives you easy
access to the systems, tools and           MyEd gives you access to much              Using MyEd on a public computer?
information that you will use most         more than just the content on the          If you are using MyEd on a public
often while you’re studying at the         homepage. Explore the other menus          computer, please remember to logout
University. These include Learn, your      to find more support, information and      from MyEd and your email service at
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)         guidance, tailored to you.                 the end of your session and close all
(see page 21), your email, timetables,                                                browser windows.
the student record system (EUCLID)         Studies - everything you need to
and much more.                             support your studies, including access
                                           to Learn your VLE and other study
Register Your University Login             tools, timetables, library resources and
You need to register for Your University   study spaces.                                           Check your notifications here
Login before you can access MyEd and
other University systems.

Step 1 – Find the email which contains
your University username (UUN) and a
registration password for your account
on the University’s MyEd portal and
follow the instructions.

Step 2 – You will need to update the
temporary registration password for
future use. Once you have completed
the registration process, you will then
be logged into MyEd.
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                      GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             12

         Task                              Activate Office365                         Details and instructions on how to

          2                                Step 1 – to activate your free Office365
                                           go to:
                                           Step 2 – login in with your new user-
                                           name (in the format and
                                                                                      view your personalised timetable
                                                                                      can be found here:
                                           password and activate your Office365
                                           email account.                             You can also access your timetable
                                                                                      through MyEd by clicking the following
                                           Set up the Office365 account on            tabs: MyEd Homepage – Click onto
                                           any of your devices (you can install       Studies > My courses > Timetables
                                           and activate on up to five devices).
Get started on                             Guidance on how to do this:
Activate your Office365 and install
Microsoft Software for free                Note After activating this account,
- Before you start                         most future communications from
Once you have registered for your          the University will go to this email,
account on the University’s MyEd           therefore it is important to access this
portal you can:                            account regularly, including before you    Your Office365 calendar will start
• Sign up to Office365 via MyEd or the     start your studies.                        showing your teaching activities
   University’s Office 365 sign in page                                               from December, however due to
• Install Office365 software for your      Install Microsoft Office software          the volume of activities, please note
   future studies                          You can install Office365 software         updates can take time to appear into
                                           allowing you to fully use the              your Office365 calendar and will be
As a student, you will have free access    applications for your academic studies     inputted in scheduled phases.
to the applications/software available     and collaborate with your peers at
on Office365 for the duration of your      university. To install Microsoft Office    For the Academic Year 20/21, as
studies. Access to Office365 software      software onto your personal computer       the university moves to a hybrid
will enable you to work from any           (Windows or Mac):                          method for teaching delivery, please
location and any device. Plus, with an                                                check with your School about what
internet connection you can update         Step 1 – Sign into:                        you should expect to see on your
and share ‘live’ documents to work          Personalised Timetable.
collaboratively on projects with your      Step 2 – Choose ‘Install Office’ and
peers.                                     follow the on-screen instructions to
                                           download and install Microsoft Office        Get connected to WIFI
Office365 is entirely cloud-based,
which means that you can access
                                           on your computer.
                                           Step 3 – When opening an app, you
                                                                                        when you’re on campus!
your email, calendar, files and office     may be asked to sign in with your            eduroam
programs (such as Word, PowerPoint,        University Office 365 account using          This is the wireless network available
Teams and Excel) whenever you              your uun in the following format:            across University campuses. In
require, wherever you are.                                        advance of coming on campus,
                                                                                        launch the app on your device for
Office365 includes access to:              For further guidance on this and how         the quickest way to connect to the
• Word, Excel, PowerPoint and              to install onto Android and/or iOS           eduroam WIFI. Find the app and
  OneNote                                  devices how to do this, with step            more information here:
• Emails and Calendar (your                by step instructions and links, visit:
  personalised timetable) for daily use           wifi-networking/configure-device
• OneDrive for storing and sharing files   office365/latest-office
• Teams, SharePoint and Planner for                                                     Optify
  collaborating with others                Set up your personalised timetable           This is the wireless network available
                                           Step 1 – Through Office365, you can          in university accommodation. Find
Further information on all the available   add your timetable to your phone,            out how to connect to Optify:
applications and how you can access        computer or other devices. More    
them can be found here:      information about this:        it-facilities/optify/
information-services/office365             is/office365/timetable
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                        GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             13

         Task                               Step 2 – Annual Registration                Further information on the entire

                                            Registration is open to any student with    matriculation process is also
                                            an unconditional offer approximately        signposted online:
                                            four to six weeks prior to your             new-students/top-6-tasks
                                            programme start date. You must
                                            complete annual registration ahead of
                                            your start date, to be able to start your    Extra Step: International Check-In
                                            studies.                                     (only for students coming from
                                            • You will receive an email to your          outside UK/EU/EEA to complete
                                               University email address with details     after arriving in Edinburgh)
                                               on how to complete this step and
                                               when to complete your registration        The University of Edinburgh has a
Complete the                                   by.                                       legal obligation to make sure that
matriculation process                       • You will continue to receive               all non-EU/EEA/Swiss students have
                                               reminder emails to complete               suitable immigration permission to
“Matriculation” is the step by step            registration.                             study in the UK.
process by which you will formally          • You will be able to access the
enrol into the University of Edinburgh         annual registration link via the email    Once you arrive in the UK you will
before you start your studies. The first       that is sent to you, alternatively        need to upload an image of both
step to matriculation is registering           you will need to login into MyEd          the details page and the page with
online with the University in advance          and access your student record            the visa vignette and entry clearance
of starting.                                   system (EUCLID) by clicking onto          stamp from your passport to the
                                               the following tabs on the MyEd            immigration section on your student
The final part of the matriculation            homepage: Accounts > Progression          record. This is necessary to ensure
process is when you start your studies.        > My student record                       that you have the correct permission
This involves your School officially        • You will be required to input              to study in the UK.
confirming your attendance on                  personal information.
programme when your studies                 • You will be able to update                 Once these checks are finished, you
commence. Without fully                        information anytime and use               have completed this step.
matriculating (registering online and          any device to complete your
your School confirming you have                registration.                             You will receive more information
started your studies), you will be                                                       about this process from the Student
cancelled off the programme you have        For more information about the               Immigration Service in advance of
applied to study and you will be            requirements on registration and             arriving in the UK.
unable to access any of the University’s    frequently asked questions about online
services and/or facilities.                 registration:          For more information, please contact:
Step 1 – Fulfil any admissions criteria     matriculation/online-registration/
(if required). You may have been            registration-faqs                            You can find further information
asked for additional criteria in your                                                    for all new international, visiting
offer communication, such as evidence       Step 3 – Start your studies                  and exchange students in the
of English language proficiency,            To complete the matriculation process,       ‘Welcome to Edinburgh: A guide for
completion of a Disclosure Scotland         your School will confirm that you have       international students’ at:
application, etc. You will need to          started your studies. This is also called
follow all instructions provided in order   confirming your attendance.                  students/getting-started-resources/
to complete this first step. If you were                                                 getting-started-guides
not asked to provide anything else as       The School/Programme in which you
part of your offer, you do not need to      will be studying will contact you at the
do anything.                                start of your programme to explain the
                                            next steps on how they will confirm
                                            that you have started your studies.
                                            The process for confirming your
                                            attendance does vary between School,
                                            types of study and Programme. So, if
                                            you have any queries on this, please
                                            contact your School/Programme
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                      GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             14

          Task                             Self-funded students can pay online, by
                                                                                        Helpful tools...
                                                                                      University accommodation fees (if

                                           bank transfer, or (in some cases) direct   applicable)
                                           debit instalments. Find out how here:      If you have opted to pay your
                                               accommodation fees by instalments,
                                                                                      your first rental payment will be
                                           For more information about paying          automatically collected using the bank
                                           your tuition fees whether you are          or card details provided at the time
                                           a self-funded, internally-funded, or       you accepted your contract. You can
                                           externally-funded student:                 amend your method of payment up
                                           to 10 calendar days before payment
                                                                                      is due.
                                           Deadlines for tuition fees
Pay your fees                              The final dates to pay your tuition fees   Find more information about paying
                                           in full (not by instalment) are:           your student accommodation fees and
Tuition Fees                                                                          all payment FAQs here:
Without paying your tuition fees, you      • 3 February 2021, for courses   
will be cancelled off the course you         commencing in January 2021               paying-your-rent/
have applied to study and you will be
unable to access any of the University’s   Further student finance FAQs here:         Read about managing your living costs
services and/or facilities.               on the New Student Website:
Every programme has a cost                 Additional costs to tuition
associated with it and up-to-date          (applicable to Postgraduate                Task 4 - Opening a bank account -
tuition fee levels are available online:   Programmes only)                           continues on the next page...             You should also check your offer
                                           letter to see whether there are any
To contact your Fees and Student           additional costs associated with
Support Team email:          your Programme, including any
or call on 0131 650 2230, with any         deposit required by your School.
queries you may have relating to:          For example, a deposit is required
                                           for some Postgraduate Programme,
• Your tuition fee level                   see the “Fees and Costs” section of
• The Graduate/Alumni Scholarship          the Programme entry on the Degree
• Issues with your application to SAAS,    finder, to find out more.
  Student Finance England, Wales or
  Northern Ireland                         The deadline for the deposit payment
                                           will vary depending on the Programme
Paying tuition fees                        you have applied for and information
How you pay your tuition fees (in          on this will also be included in the
full or by instalments) is dependent       offer letter. For further information
on whether you are a self-funded,          about tuition fee deposits for
internally-funded, or externally-funded    Postgraduate programmes including
student.                                   deadlines for payments:
Tuition fees and related charges are
due in full, in advance or during the
first few weeks of semester. Your
invoice will only be available to see on
your MyEd after you have completed
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             15

Opening a bank account (if required)
When you start/arrive on campus
                                             Bank Introduction Letter:
                                             If you have completed online                            Task
If you plan to make any regular              registration and have also entered your
payments through direct debit (tuition       correct semester-time address on your
fees, rent or household bills), or are       student record, you will be eligible to
receiving any support loans, it is           access your Bank Introduction Letter
recommended that you open a bank             which is needed to open a UK bank
account in the UK. You should spend          account. A printed version of this
time before you arrive to work out           can also be a useful form of proof of
what type of bank account will work          address to use when registering with a
best for you.                                doctor.

The University cannot recommend              If you will be living in University
which account you should open but
can help you in making your own
                                             accommodation, you will receive
                                             a printed copy of this letter when
                                                                                       Apply for your University
choice. More information on the              you have successfully checked in.         student card
different types of bank account:             Alternatively, you can download a            digital copy of this letter from MyEd,    You will receive your University card
                                             save it and then attach it to your        when you start University and it
Opening a bank account in the UK:            application for a bank account, or        will be your official student ID and
All students who are studying at the         print it (depending on your bank’s        token of being part of the Edinburgh
University for one year or longer are        requirements).                            community, as well as your library
eligible to open a UK bank account. For                                                card, door access control card to
shorter visits the choice is more limited,   More information on the Bank              university buildings, and identification
and it is recommended that you seek          Introduction Letter:        to benefit from various student
more information from banks directly.        student-administration/bank-letter        discounts.
This process may take up to two
weeks if you have all the required           For general banking information;          • You will need to upload and submit
documentation ready to go                    the types of accounts available to          your photograph in advance of
beforehand.                                  students; understanding terminology         starting through MyEd.
                                             and helpful guidance on how to open       • You will receive an email to your
• You must have a local semester             a UK bank account more information          personal email address (the one you
  address recorded on your student           can be found here:            used to apply with) with details on
  record.                                    new-students/banking                        how to complete this step.
• You will need to have all of these to
  open a UK bank account:                                                              A guide to submitting your photo is
  » Your passport (banks will not             Printing facilities:                     available online:
     accept your University card as           When you start your studies, you         card/photo-submission
     proof of identification)                 will receive a £4 free quota for
  » Your Biometric Residence permit           printing.                                Submitting the photo late or not
     (Tier 4 students only)                                                            submitting it at all, will result in the
  » University bank Introduction Letter,      More information about the               card not being ready for you for the
     this will be accepted by a selection     printing/copying and scanning            start of semester.
     of local banks as proof of student       facilities available at the University
     status and proof of semester-time        and how to print here:        A guide to applying for and collecting
     address.                                 uk/information-services/printing         your student card is available online:
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             16

          Task                               Please note there are some limitations
                                             to the Scotland Service Directory
                                                                                       Register with a GP Practice
                                                                                       If they can accept you as a patient,

           6                                 information and although general
                                             practices highlighted would probably
                                             cover your address, it is best to
                                             check on their website for their
                                                                                       they’ll ask you to register.

                                                                                       The GP Practice that you do register
                                                                                       with, will provide further guidance
                                             exact practice area and if they are       on how to proceed with the full
                                             registering at the time.                  registration process on the practice
                                                                                       website. You will be required to
                                             Not all GP Practices are just open on     complete one or two forms for
                                             weekdays, some are open on Saturdays      registration. Details of how to register
                                             and evenings. We recommend you            and the registration forms they require
                                             look up the opening times of each GP      you to complete, including further
Register with a local                        Practice and also work out how to get     documentation that will be required
Doctor                                       there (see page 30).                      for proof of address/identity and
                                                                                       student status, will usually be outlined
We want to ensure that you look              If you are already registered with a      on the GP practice website and/or
after yourself whilst studying, both         GP in another part of the UK then it is   within the registration forms.
physically and mentally, and that            recommended that you register with
you know how to get any medical              an Edinburgh practice if that will be     You may be required to download
assistance if you need it.                   your main home whilst at University.      these forms to complete them, with
                                             There is no direct transfer of your       further information provided from the
It is important that you register with a     medical records between general           GP practice on how they wish forms
GP (General Practitioner) which is your      practices therefore you require to        to be returned. During Covid19, many
local doctor at a GP Practice. If you        register with a practice in Edinburgh     practices wish the forms to be posted
have questions about your health and         and they will arrange for transfer of     into the practice rather than handing
require advice or treatment, your GP         your records from your previous GP.       in-person at the GP practice.
will usually be the first point of contact
to help. After you have registered with      Step 2 – When you start/arrive on         • GP Registration Form (GPR) –
a GP practice, this will make it easier      campus you can register with a GP           You will be requested to provide
to access the national health service        Practice.                                   previous doctor’s details (if
(NHS) throughout your studies. Any                                                       applicable) and have the option to
person can register and access their         Contact the GP Practice                     complete organ donor registration
nearest GP Practice if studying for          Once you have found your nearest            and blood donor registration.
longer than three months.                    GP practice please check their
                                             website which should have up to date      You can also keep informed on the
Step 1 – Before you arrive                   information on whether or not they        NHS inform website and find out more
Look up which GP Practices will be           are registering at present and how to     about the number of NHS health
closest to your Edinburgh home. As           register with that particular practice.   services available across Scotland:
some GP Practices fill up with new                                           
students quickly, it is recommended
that you look up at least three                                                        After you have registered, check
different GP Practices that are closest                                                that you understand how your GP
                                                                                       Practice works – where you need to
to your semester-time address in                    Click here to                      go to see a doctor, how you make
Edinburgh. You can use the Google
Map, via the circle to the right, to find        find a GP practice                    an appointment, how you order a
                                                                                       prescription, etc.
the nearest GP Practices to you (also            close to you using
shows all University accommodation
sites).                                          our google map to
                                                   help as a guide.
You can also use Scotland’s Service
Directory to look up your postcode
and see which GP Practice will accept
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                       GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             17
About health care in Scotland
The NHS (National                          Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
                                           The MMR vaccine is safe and effective,
                                                                                       You should also bring at least a
                                                                                       three-month supply of your regular
Health Service) is a free                  protecting you against three separate       medication with you to ensure you
health care service for                    illnesses in a single injection.            do not run out as you make your new
all residents of the UK.                   • Measles is a highly infectious viral
                                             illness that is spread by coughs and      Please note that not all medications
NHS Guidance on Coronavirus                  sneezes                                   in use overseas are available under the
(Covid-19) and accessing medical           • Mumps is a viral illness that is spread   NHS or are available in the UK.
assistance:              by coughs and sneezes or close
illnesses-and-conditions/infections-         contact with someone who already          For more information about
and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19/          has the infection. Both measles and       prescription charges visit:
coronavirus-covid-19-general-advice          mumps can have potentially fatal
                                             complications                             and-rights/nhs-services/pharmacy/
If you become ill when living in           • Rubella is a viral illness, now rare      prescription-charges-and-exemptions
Edinburgh and have not registered            in the UK, and is spread in a similar
with a GP Practice, then you can             way to mumps and measles.                 For more information about the
contact local practices to check if                                                    NHS GP Service:
they are able to see you, if they have     You do not need to show evidence of         choiceintheNHS/Yourchoices/
capacity on a particular day. If you are   having had the vaccinations, but it is in   GPchoice/Documents/rcgp_iyp_full_
unable to get to a GP Practice or need     your best interest to have them.            booklet_web_version.pdf
immediate medical advice, call NHS24
by phoning 111 or go to: www.nhs24.        NHS Vaccination advice:         Register with a Dentist
scot/                                      conditions/vaccinations/how-                You can register as an NHS patient
                                           vaccines-work/?tabname=all-about-           at any dental practice which makes
If you are in serious need of              vaccinations#eliminating-disease            the dentist more cost-effective than
emergency medical attention at                                                         paying for private treatment. You
any time, even without registering         For your protection from the                can find your local dental practice by
for a GP in advance, call Emergency        time you arrive at University, it is        looking at:
Services by phoning 999.                   strongly recommended you have
                                           the vaccinations in advance. If you         Private dental practices are also
Vaccinations                               are unable to obtain the necessary          available and there is an independent
Check your vaccination record:             vaccinations before arriving at             dental surgery called Vitality, which
It is likely that you have received        University, please arrange these within     currently accepts NHS patients,
some vaccinations in your youth,           a week of arriving to University, for       located in Potterrow:
but if you are not sure, speak to your     your personal protection. Please check
current doctor and arrange to take the     with the practice you are registering
following vaccinations in advance of       with as to the arrangements for             More information on how to register
arriving to campus:                        obtaining these vaccinations, however       with a dentist can be found online:
                                           please note that you will not gain
Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY)               protection from these immediately.          Dentists/Pages/default.aspx
Immunisation                               You can arrange the vaccinations
This vaccination is for first time         when you register with a doctor (see        Register with an
university entrants (only students
under 25 years), to protect yourself
                                           page 16).                                   Optician
                                                                                       If you experience any problems with
against the rare, but life-threatening     Medications                                 your eyes, you will need to see an
meningitis and/or septicaemia (blood       A lot of basic medication, such as a        optician. Eye tests are free in Scotland
poisoning). It is strongly recommended     paracetamol and cold and flu remedies       and it is recommended that your eyes
that you get the MenACWY single-dose       are cheaply available in pharmacies,        are checked on a regular basis.
vaccine at least two weeks before you      without a prescription in the UK.
arrive at the University, regardless of                                                To find an optician near you, please
where you are travelling from, which       Prescriptions are free of charge in         go to the NHS Lothian webpages for
will protect you and others from           Scotland, but you will need to register     more information: www.nhslothian.
potentially fatal illnesses.               with a GP practice to organise your
NHS MenACWY Advice:                        prescription orders. It would be useful     default.aspx         if you could ask your current doctor for
immunisation/vaccines/meningitis-          a patient summary to bring to give to
acwy-menacwy-vaccine                       your new GP practice.
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                     GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             18
Your wellbeing
We are dedicated to supporting positive, physical
and mental health and wellbeing of every single
person in the University community.
                                          Counselling Service:
                                          Our Student Counselling Service
                                          is a confidential service, offering a
                                          range of support options to help
                                          you work through mental health
                                          concerns, personal issues and difficult    Part of the Edinburgh University
                                          circumstances.                             Students’ Association, the Advice Place
The new Health and Wellbeing                                                         is a free, professional, independent
Centre due to open in 2020, will          All students (on campus and online)        and confidential advisory service for all
house counsellors and disability          can use this free, confidential service.   students at the University.
advisers, new “drop in” services          Counsellors offer in-person, telephone
for students, mindfulness provision;      services and email counselling.            They advise on:
additional online support, and more
training for staff:         More information:                          •   health and wellbeing
students/health-wellbeing                  •   accommodation
                                                                                     •   finances
Student Disability Service                Chaplaincy                                 •   anything related to your studies
If you have any form of disability,       The Chaplaincy is for students of all
neurodiversity condition, or physical     faiths and none.                           You can receive advice in person or
and mental health issues, the Student                                                via phone, email or videocall during
Disability Service can support you        The Chaplaincy team offer a range          opening times or by appointment. Full
in getting started and throughout         of wellbeing services and practices,       contact details on the website:
your studies. You are required to get     including:                       
directly in touch with the Student
Disability Service as soon as you have    •   pastoral support                       The Advice Place has offices based at
been made an offer (conditional or        •   free mindfulness sessions              Potterrow and King’s Buildings House.
unconditional) to arrange support         •   the University Listening Service
with:                                     •   yoga drop-ins                          More information:
                                          •   free and inexpensive relaxation
• Teaching and learning adjustments,          methods
  including extra time on short loan
  or reserve books and no penalties       More information:
  for poor spelling, grammar or 
  structure in exams
• 1:1 specialist support (such as         Support in a Crisis
  proofreading, mental health             We can help point you to resources
  mentoring and notetaking)               and organisations that can help in
• Provision of assistive technology and   the event of a mental health crisis or
  training in how to use it               crime, including sexual assault and
More information:
student-disability-service/information-   More information:
for-applicants                            health-wellbeing/crisis-support

If you want to speak to someone,
there are a range of student support
services to help you, which you can
access before you start University.
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                           GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             19
 Take care of yourself
 before and when you start studying
 As you prepare to start your studies at university,
 you may be excited and also a bit apprehensive,
 but over the next few weeks you will discover
 a host of people and services to help put your
 concerns to rest. It is important to make sure that
 you look for help when you need it, and that you
 prioritise self-care.

                               Be                          Take                              Keep                                    Give
Connect                      active                       notice                           learning

 Introduction to the                       Further details can be found on the
                                           New Student Website:
 Five Ways to Wellbeing          
 at the University of                      managing-your-wellbeing
 The Five Ways to Wellbeing is a
 national campaign with five distinct
                                           “Wellbeing can be
 actions that you can use to allow         understood as how
 you to manage and improve your            people feel and how
 personal wellbeing.
                                           they function, both on a
 Click onto one of the distinct            personal and a social level,
 actions on page 20 to be directed         and how they evaluate
 to the New Students Webpages and
 discover more about the support,          their lives as a whole.”
 development opportunities and/or
                                           (New Economics Foundation (2012) Measuring
 spaces for you to reflect and learn in.   Wellbeing: A guide for practitioners, London:
                                           New Economics Foundation.)
 This information will provide you with
 tips, advice and support services,
 which will eases your transition
 into and throughout your university
Connecting with the people around you, in person or online
           is important – with family, friends, peers, societies and your
           University community. To further connect in your online space
Connect    within your home, set up your learning area, which in turn will
           allow you to feel that you are in that space “to study”.

           Click here for more information about how to connect.

           Take regular breaks throughout the day and take some time
           away from the screen. Keeping active plays a key role in both
   Be      your physical and mental wellbeing. The University has plenty
 active    of opportunities and activity pages to explore, and there is
           something for everyone.

           Click here for more information about how to be active.

           It is important to be mindful and keep an awareness of the present
           moment. If studying at home take time to plan your day ahead and
  Take     settle into your study space. Take notice of your surroundings, your
 notice    feelings and the world around you.

           Click here for more information about how to take notice.

           The University provides you with plenty of opportunities for personal
           and academic growth, becoming more confident throughout your
  Keep     time at Edinburgh. Take time to reflect on what works for you when
learning   you are learning.

           Click here for more information about how to keep learning.

           There are lots of opportunities as a student to give back to your
           community. The University encourages volunteering, offering
           students opportunities to enrich their lives and the wider
 Give      community. Alternatively, you may offer someone a helping hand
           or contact that one person who needs to talk. Giving, however
           big or small, can be incredibly rewarding and creates connection
           with the people around you.

           Click here for more information about how to give.
The University of Edinburgh New Student
                                                                                      GETTING STARTED Guide 2020/21             21
Preparing for study
How will you learn?                        Step 3 – It may be that there is not
                                           much information initially on your
                                                                                      Keep checking your timetable
                                                                                      When choosing your optional courses
As you get nearer to the start of          Learn pages, please wait to hear from      you will be responsible for checking
semester, you will find links to           your School/Programme for further          your timetable to ensure there are no
resources to help you prepare for your     information about using Learn.             clashes with your classes.
studies at:         Discover how to navigate Learn here:       Whilst timetables for optional choices
new-students/getting-started-resources         can be found through helpful tools such
                                           learn                                      as PATH and DRPS, you will also need
There are various types of teaching at                                                to check your personalised timetable
University and each course will also       Digital Skills                             (please refer to task 2 for further
be taught differently. Your School/        To help you study more effectively         information) which will not be fully
Programme will be able to tell you         and become familiar with the many          confirmed until just before classes start.
more about how the teaching will           digital tools and support offered at the
work on your course. You will be given     University, we recommend you have          To find out if you have an optional
more detail about this a few weeks         a look at these resources before you       course as part of your programme,
prior to starting University.              start.                                     you can enquire with your School or
                                                                                      alternatively find out more about if
Understand the different types of study    Additional resources to develop your       you have optional courses as part of
you may expect to find at University       digital skills before you start:           your Programme through the degree
here:                                                      finder:
your-campus-life (Remember that with       • Digital Skills Framework:                undergraduate/degrees
all modes of study there will be a level
of independent study involved)             • Digital Skills Awareness online          Helpful tools
                                             course:          There are also helpful tools you can
Learn                                        digital-skills-awareness                 access before you start that will
Learn is your Virtual Learning             • Student guide to online learning         assist you in considering your course
Environment (VLE) and an online              tools:           options. It is important to note that
learning platform where you:                 student-online-learning-tools            these tools will not confirm any course
                                           • Digital Skills Toolkit for               enrolments.
• will find resources related to your        Undergraduates:
  course;                                    skills/undergraduate-toolkit             • Path is a tool which allows you
• may be asked to engage in                • Digital skills live training courses       to consider your whole degree
  collaborative learning and                 (online + classroom):        pathway before your programme
  assessment activities;                     is/skills/taught-courses                   starts. You can review your
• may be required to submit course         • LinkedIn Learning: (access                 compulsory courses and understand
  assignments and engage actively            through MyEd):            your co-requisite and pre-requisite
  with assessment feedback.                  linkedinlearning                           courses to see how your outside
                                           • Digital Safety and Citizenship:            course choices fit in. To access
You will have access to Learn in                go online:
advance of your course start date.         • 23 Things for Digital Knowledge:           (requires your university login
This will give you the opportunity to                      password)
familiarise yourself with the online                                                  • Course Timetable Browser shows
course space, including the digital        When will you learn?                         you a number of possible timetables
resources that are available and the                                                    and acts as an aid for the student
online activities that you will be asked   Choose your optional courses (If             and relevant members of staff to
to engage in.                              applicable): Degree programmes               plan classes and courses to study. It
                                           are made up of individual courses.           lets you explore how your courses
Access Learn                               “Optional courses” (also referred to         will fit into your timetable and
Step 1 – Access Learn via your MyEd        as electives, outside courses, outside       what each day will look like for
homepage in advance of your course         subjects) are courses that are available     you. Access through your MyEd or
start date by clicking in the Learn        to choose if your Programme offers 
feature box.                               some level of flexibility. You may
Step 2 – Familiarise yourself with the     have an opportunity to choose your         Find more information and guidance
online course space, including the         optional courses as part of your           on accessing timetables here:
digital resources that are available and   Programme. Please check with your
any online activities that you will be     Programme for further information.         timetables/student-timetables
asked to engage in.
You can also read