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Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Middle School
Parent information booklet 2019

Sydney Square, Sydney
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Middle School information booklet 2019

Welcome                                        02-04   Getting involved in school life                           30-35
Head of School                                         Co-curricular activities – Sport, Dance,
Deputy Head of School                                  Drama, Music
Head of Middle School                                  Chapel, Cru groups and camps
                                                       Outdoor Education Program
Getting off to a great start                   05-09   Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
                                                       List of activities offered
A Middle School with purpose
Term dates and school holidays
                                                       Building connections                                          36
Commencing the school year in 2019
                                                       and keeping minds well
                                                       Tutor groups
Getting into gear                              10-11
                                                       House system
Guide to wearing the school uniform                    Girls’ Coordinator
Getting ready for Middle School                   12
Tips to help students thrive                           Middle School Study Centre                                    37
Checklist of essential items for every day
                                                       Getting answers (FAQs)                                        38
Getting into learning                             13   Absence from school
The IB Middle Years Programme                          Health Centre
                                                       Leave requests
SACS Character Strengths                          14   Canteen
Learner profile                                        Mobile phones
                                                       Padlocks for lockers
Fortnightly routine and timetable                 15   Bullying
                                                       Lost property
                                                       Middle School Office
The curriculum and how it is organised            16
Key Learning Areas                                     Public transport information                                  39
                                                       Student Opal card
                                                       Backup transport plan
Parent Portal                                  17-23
Steps to logging into the portal                       Association of Parents and Friends                            40
Portal features
Updating your contact details                          P&F and Foundation events in 2019                             41
Steps to update your child’s medical details
                                                       The St Andrew’s Cathedral                                 42-43
Getting support for learning                     24    School Foundation
                                                       The Gawura Scholarship Fund
Getting connected for learning                    25   SACS School Foundation
iPads and textbooks                                    SACS Building Fund
Technology User Agreement                              Heath Bursary Fund
Stationery                                             Australian Sports Foundation

Communication in the Middle School             26-29
Getting in touch – who to contact when
Key contacts

                                                          SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |    1
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Head of School
Welcome to the journey which is St Andrew’s Cathedral School 2019!

                                               When the additional factors associated       John Partington was appointed Head
                                               with adolescence are included – more         of Middle school at the beginning of
                                               hormones, more choices, more                 2017. Previously he was Head of
                                               pressures – it is unsurprising that the      Humanities and Head of English at
                                               early years of high school can be            Blue Mountains Grammar School in
                                               tumultuous. These middle years are           Wentworth Falls. Mr Partington has had
                                               exhausting for parents as well as teens.     considerable high school experience as
                                                                                            a Head of House, Dean of Students and
                                               Nonetheless, with all the challenges,
                                                                                            Year Coordinator, across three schools.
                                               these can be exhilarating times. It is
                                                                                            He is experienced with the International
                                               during these years that boys and girls
                                                                                            Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme
                                               make giant strides to adulthood. It is
                                                                                            in two schools and has taught English,
                                               during these years that they lay the
                                                                                            History and Legal Studies. He has been
                                               foundations of work habits that will
                                                                                            heavily involved in school camps and
                                               underpin academic achievement in
                                                                                            the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
                                               later years. It is during these years that
                                                                                            He has been involved in policy
                                               they entrench the character traits that
                                                                                            formulation and has been responsible
                                               will shape the decades to come. As the
Within the story of                                                                         for uniform enforcement. He is also an
                                               writer of Ecclesiastes has it, there is a
a young person’s                               season for every activity under heaven;
                                                                                            ex-police officer (into which we should
                                                                                            not read too much! It is not that our
educational experience,                        the middle years of adolescence are a
                                                                                            students need to be arrested; rather
                                               season unlike any other.
the transition from                                                                         occasionally some aspects of teenage
primary school to                              Our Middle School culture recognises         behaviour need to be arrested). His
                                               the distinctiveness of these early and       police training has given him specific
secondary school is a                          mid-adolescent years. This culture           skills and experience in the fields of
notable turning point.                         recognises that our students are not         investigation and conflict resolution. Mr
The changes are obvious:                       little versions of Year 12, but have their   Partington’s other training is in
                                               own specific learning and maturation         education and theology. He is
more teachers, more                            needs at this formative stage. We            married, with four children, and his wife
classrooms, more subjects,                     therefore aim to build challenge in          is also a teacher. Mr Partington is very
more homework,                                 order to extend capacity. This is so         eager to meet our new Middle School
                                               within our educational, Christian            students and their parents.
more peers.                                    Development, co-curricular, sporting
                                                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                               and outdoor education programs.
                                               At St Andrew’s Cathedral School, we
                                               treasure these middle years. The Middle
                                               School is established with the students
                                               in mind; we want to make these years
                                               good years for them. We are honoured
                                               that you have chosen us to partner with
                                                                                            Dr John Collier
                                               you in educating your child. We trust
                                                                                            Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School
                                               that the story will be a positive one for
                                               all of us.

2   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Deputy Head of
School welcome
Important dates for 2019

                       Dear one and all,                     If there are any questions related
                                                             to the commencement of the year,
                       I know that we have only              please do not hesitate to contact
                                                             me on 02 9286 9505 after
                       just finished our school
                                                             21 January 2019.
                       year but I thought I would
                                                             For the convenience and the
                       give you some details
                                                             efficiency of receiving information
                       on the start of the 2019              regarding the start of year in 2019,
                       school year. We would                 this information and the information
                       like all students to have             booklets for Junior School and
                                                             Senior College will be available to
                       easy access to the
                                                             download on the school’s website
                       information regarding                 (www.sacs.nsw.edu.au) from
                       the start of the school               17 December 2018.
                       year that applies                     Finally, our wonderful P&F will provide
                       specifically to them.                 a welcome cup of coffee or tea for
                                                             parents dropping their children off on
                       Therefore, I have                     29 and 30 January in the School Foyer.
                       organised the details in              Yours sincerely
                       Year groups and given a
                       brief summary of the
                       calendar for the last week
                       of the holidays and the
                       first week of Term 1.
                                                             Mr Brad Swibel
                                                             Deputy Head of School (Secondary)

                                           SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   3
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Head of Middle School
We aim to develop the Heart, Mind and Life of each student

                                               On reflection I realised that these things   Secondly, the school is well equipped
                                               are indeed true, but I have come to a        to serve your family. We have excellent
                                               greater appreciation of the Middle           facilities that enable staff to design
                                               School community, within St Andrew’s         creative and interesting lessons. We
                                               Cathedral School. I want to make it          have have an outdoor education centre
                                               clear that I like working at St Andrew’s     and will shortly have a state of the art
                                               because it is such a good place for          sports centre on the ground level of
                                               students, parents and staff.                 St Andrew’s House.
                                               I also wanted to speak more directly to      Finally, the Middle School is well
                                               parents of Middle School students.           positioned to teach your child because
                                               There is no doubt that parenting a child     we are willing to adapt and improve
                                               during the ‘muddle years’ can be             what we do. Many of our staff are
                                               challenging. They are filled with many       regularly updating their skills and
                                               wonderful moments that remind you of         knowledge through post-graduate
                                               the blessing that children can be.           studies. In recent years there has been
                                               However, they can also be punctuated         a dramatic shift to use information
                                               by times of great difficulty. I have         about students’ academic and personal
When the request to                            chaired many meetings in my office           progress to set and track individual
review our Middle School                       that are testament to this struggle.         goals. The Parent Portal has also been
                                               Adolescents are often unsure of where        refined to improve communication
Booklet came through, I                        they fit in and how their future will        between home and school.
was tempted to ask for it                      unfold. This can leave them feeling
                                                                                            It is with confidence that I say that after
to be left unchanged.                          defensive and fragile (even if they
                                                                                            two years in this role, I am convinced
                                               express that as hostility). This can also
After all, aren’t the things                   have an impact on the relationships
                                                                                            that the Middle School is a wonderful,
                                                                                            nurturing place for students to grow. I
that I said two years ago                      within the family.
                                                                                            want to reassure you that you have
true today? The staff are                      In saying this I want to highlight the       made a good decision to send your
still excellent, the                           positives of these years and remind you      child to this school and I hope that you
                                               that we are here to work in partnership.     will feel the same way. I look forward to
students are still well                        There are three things that mean we          seeing you at the Parent Information
cared for and the school                       are in a good position to support your       evenings, on the sideline, at the Kirrikee
community is growing.                          son or daughter as they grow. The first      Picnic Day and many other school
                                               is that we are committed to the welfare      events.
Many of the staff are the                      of your child. The Middle School staff
                                                                                            Welcome to 2019.
same and the building                          are at the school because they want to
certainly hasn’t moved.                        help young people. They have decided
                                               to work in the Middle School, they
                                               understand their responsibilities and
                                               they genuinely want to encourage and
                                               guide their students.
                                                                                            Mr John Partington
                                                                                            Head of Middle School

4   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
A Middle School
with purpose
We seek to develop the heart, mind and life of every student

heart                                                 A restorative culture
                                                      that promotes positive
                                                      attitudes towards
                                                      learning and relationships

                                                      with others

                                                      A distinct approach
                                                      to Middle School
                                                      pedagogy that results
                                                      in engaged, confident

                                                      and independent

                                                      A purposeful community
                                                      that fosters acceptance,
                                                      courage and hope

                                                          The information in this booklet and
                                                          other important details for parents
                                                          at St Andrew’s Cathedral School
                                                          can be found on SACSConnect at:
                                                          Please bookmark this web page
                                                          and refer to it regularly

                                     SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   5
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Getting off
to a great start
2019 term dates and school holiday dates

    Date                                                          Term 1

    Tuesday 22 January – Friday 25 January                        Staff Development Days

    Monday 28 January                                             Australia Day Public Holiday (School Closed)

    Tuesday 29 January                                            Term 1 commences for Year 7 (Induction day 1)

    Tuesday 29 January                                            GLP Interviews (Year 8 and Year 9) – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

    Tuesday 29 January                                            New Year 8 and Year 9 Induction – 12pm-1.30pm

    Wednesday 30 January                                          Term 1 commences for Year 8 and Year 9

    Thursday 31 January                                           Year 7 Parent Welcome and Information Evening

    Friday 01 February                                            Year 7 (Induction day 2)

    Monday 4 February – Friday 8 February                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 1

    Monday 11 February – Friday 15 February                       Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 2

    Wednesday 13 February                                         Year 8 and Year 9 Parent Welcome and Information Evening

    Monday 18 February – Friday 21 February                       Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 3

    Saturday 16 March                                             Kirrikee Picnic Day

    Tuesday 19 March                                              Year 9 Parent/Teacher Interview evening

    Tuesday 26 March                                              Year 7 Parent/Teacher Interview evening

    Monday 1 April – Friday 5 April                               Year 8 Kirrikee Camp – Group 1

    Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April                              Year 8 Kirrikee Camp – Group 2

    Friday 12 April                                               Term 1 concludes for all students

    Saturday 13 April - Wednesday 24 April (School Holidays)      Year 8 Optional Camp

    Wednesday 17 April – Sunday 28 April (School Holidays)        Year 8 Optional Camp

    Date                                                          Term 2

    Monday 29 April                                               Staff Development Day

    Tuesday 30 April                                              Term 2 commences for all students

    Tuesday 14 May – Thursday 16 May                              NAPLAN Testing (Year 7 and Year 9)

    Thursday 16 May                                               Year 8 Parent/Teacher Interview evening

    Friday 31 May                                                 Year 7 – Year 12 School Photo Day

6      |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
Getting off
to a great start
2019 term dates and school holiday dates

Date                                       Term 2

Monday 10 June                             Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday (school closed)

Tuesday 11 June                            Secondary School Grandparents’ Day

Wednesday 26 June                          Showcase

Friday 28 June                             Gala Day

Friday 28 June                             Term 2 concludes for all students

Date                                       Term 3

Monday 22 July – Tuesday 23 July           Staff Development Days

Wednesday 24 July                          Term 3 commences for all students

Friday 26 July                             Year 7 – Year 12 Co-curricular Photo Day

Tuesday 20 August                          Year 7 – Year 12 Athletics Carnival

Sunday 25 August – Friday 30 August        Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp – Group 1

Sunday 1 September – Friday 6 September    Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp – Group 2

Sunday 8 September – Friday 13 September   Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp – Group 3

Thursday 26 September                      Term 3 concludes for Year 8 and Year 9

Friday 27 September                        Term 3 concludes for Year 7

Friday 27 September                        Valedictory Service

Date                                       Term 4

Monday 14 October                          Term 4 commences for all students

Friday 15 November                         Year 7 - Year 12 Swimming Carnival

Friday 29 November                         Middle School Annual Awards Assembly

Tuesday 3 December                         Evening of Celebration and Prize-giving

Wednesday 4 December                       Middle School Picnic Afternoon

Thursday 5 December                        Term 4 concludes for all students

Friday 6 December                          Staff Development Day

                                                    SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   7
Middle School Parent information booklet 2019 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
the school year
Middle School commencement details

Important dates for                             New Year 8 and 9 students                 Friday 1 February 2019
the start of the school                         Students in these years who are new
                                                                                          Year 7 students will meet in the Open
                                                to St Andrew’s meet in the Library
year are set out on these                       (Level 4 north) from 12pm–1.30pm.
                                                                                          area, Level 4 of St Andrew’s House
                                                                                          from 8.15am (please do not arrive
pages. Please check                             Students will meet key staff and set up
                                                                                          earlier). This will be day two of their
the school calendar                             technology to ensure a smooth start.
                                                                                          orientation to Year 7. Students will not
                                                They will need a working iTunes
on the website for a                            account and their iPads.
                                                                                          be in regular classes for this day.
                                                                                          School will conclude at 3.15pm as
complete calendar                               Returning Year 8 – Year 11 students       usual.
for the year:                                   Students will briefly come into school    Year 8 and Year 9 students will attend
                                                for an individual interview with their    classes as normal.
https://www.sacs.nsw.edu.au/                    Tutor to develop a Growth Learning
news-events/term-dates/                         Plan for the year ahead. This will be     For the convenience and the efficiency
                                                held in the Heath Centre for Year 8       of receiving information regarding the
                                                and Year 9. An email will be sent to      start of the year in 2019, this information
Calendar events for                             parents in early January inviting them    and the information booklets for Junior
                                                                                          School and Senior College will be
the Middle School are                           to book an interview time.
                                                                                          available to download on the school’s
provided regularly in                           All Year 7 parents: The P&F will be       website: www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
school newsletters.                             welcoming all new and returning
                                                families at 8am–11am for coffee in
                                                Sydney Square.                            Any questions related to the
                                                                                          commencement of 2019 should be
                                                                                          directed to: Mr Brad Swibel, Deputy
                                                Wednesday                                 Head of School on (02) 9286 9505.
                                                30 January 2019                           All staff will be present at school
                                                Year 7 students will go to their Tutor    from Wednesday 23 January 2019.
                                                Group room for Period 1 at 8.30am         The Middle School Office will be open
                                                                                          from 8am on Wednesday 23 January
                                                Year 8 and Year 9 students commence       2019.
Tuesday                                         Mr Hasler will meet Year 8 students in
29 January 2019                                 the Level 5 Open Area (St Andrew’s
                                                House) at 8.30am.
All Year 7 students commence
                                                Mr Boddy will meet Year 9 students in
All Year 7 students meet in the Square
                                                the Level 6 Open Area South (St
and the Foyer of St Andrew’s House
                                                Andrew’s House) at 8.30am.
from 8am. (Please do not arrive
earlier). They will be met by Year 11           They will be placed in tutor groups,          Parent lanyards
Peer Support Leaders and Year 7                 receive timetables, student diaries and       Parents can register for a 2019
tutors. The orientation program                 locker allocations. Lessons will              Parent Lanyard in the SAH
will commence at 8.30am, led by the             commence in Period 2. School will             Foyer. A staff member will be
Year 7 Coordinator, Miss Rebecca                conclude at 3.15pm as usual.                  issuing lanyards each morning
Leeds and her team. This will be                                                              during the first two weeks.
                                                Year 8 and 9 parents: The P&F will be         Adults must have a current
day one of a two-day orientation for
                                                welcoming all new and returning               Parent or Visitor lanyard pass
Year 7. School will conclude at 3.15pm
                                                families at 8am-11am for coffee in            to enter beyond the foyers of
as usual.
                                                Sydney Square.                                SAH and BBC.

8   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
The first few weeks
 January Key Dates                      January / February Key Dates                     February / March Key Dates

 Monday 21 January 2019                 Monday 28 January 2019                           Monday 4 February 2019

 Foundation Uniform Store open          Australia Day Public Holiday                     Year 9 Student Leaders
 (9am-4pm) APPOINTMENTS ONLY            SCHOOL CLOSED                                    Commissioning Assembly

                                                                                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 1 depart
 Tuesday 22 January 2019                Tuesday 29 January 2019
	Foundation Uniform Store open         Year 7 commence at 8.30am
                                       	                                                Friday 8 February 2019
  (9am-4pm) APPOINTMENTS ONLY           Orientation Day 1
                                                                                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 1 return
 Staff Development Day                  Students and parents are invited to arrive
                                        from 8am and wait in the Square and
                                        the Foyer of St Andrew’s House. The              Monday 11 February 2019
 Wednesday 23 January 2019              Year Coordinator will meet the students
                                                                                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 2 depart
                                        shortly before 8.30am in the Foyer of
	Foundation Uniform Store open
                                        SAH, and take them to Level 4.
                                                                                         Wednesday 13 February 2019
                                        NEW students in Years 8 and 9
 Staff Development Day
                                        ATTEND 12pm–1.30pm                               Year 8 and Year 9 Parent Welcome
                                                                                         and Information Evening – 6pm
                                        Year 8-11 Growth Learning Plan
 Thursday 24 January 2019
                                        Interview Day
	Foundation Uniform Store open         Returning Year 8 and Year 9 in the               Friday 15 February 2019
  (9am-4pm) APPOINTMENTS ONLY           Heath Centre by appointment.
                                                                                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 2 return
 Staff Development Day                 	P&F Welcome in the Square -
                                          8am-11am coffee                                Monday 18 February 2019
                                          (new and returning parents)
 Friday 25 January 2019
                                                                                         Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 3 depart
                                       	Foundation Uniform Store open
	Foundation Uniform Store open
  (9am-4pm) APPOINTMENTS ONLY                                                            Tuesday 19 February 2019

 Staff Development Day                  Wednesday 30 January 2019                      	 P&F General Meeting – (Wine and
                                                                                           Cheese) – The Community Hub
                                       	All Year 8 and Year 9 students                    Level 4 SAH
                                         commence at 8.30am

                                       	P&F welcome in the Square -                    Friday 22 February 2019
Foundation Uniform Store
                                          8am-11am coffee
open (9am-4pm)                                                                           Year 7 Kirrikee Camp – Group 3 return
                                          (new and returning parents)
For uniform fittings, please make an
appointment with the Foundation        	Foundation Uniform Store open                   Saturday 16 March 2019
Uniform Store                            (8am-3.30pm)
ONLINE APPOINTMENTS ONLY.                                                                Kirrikee Picnic Day
    www.schoolinterviews.com.au         Thursday 31 January 2019
    (Event code: zeadd)                                                                  Tuesday 19 March 2019
                                         ear 7 Parent Information and
Email:                                  Welcome Evening – 6pm                            Year 9 Parent/Teacher Interview
Katharine Reed                                                                           evening – 4pm
kreed@sacs.nsw.edu.au                   Foundation Uniform Store open
                                                                                         Tuesday 26 March 2019

                                        Friday 1 February 2019                           Year 7 Parent/Teacher Interview
                                                                                          evening – 4pm
                                         ear 7 continue with their Orientation
                                        Day 2 program

                                        Foundation Uniform Store open

                                                                       SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   9
into gear
Maintaining a high standard of uniform presentation

St Andrew’s has an
impressive reputation,
developed over many
years. The school seeks
community support
in maintaining and
enhancing this through
a high standard of
uniform presentation as
students travel to and
from school and move
around the city precinct
Blazers are worn every day, to and
from school and between buildings.
When conditions are overly hot in
the summer months, senior staff may
permit the removal of blazers. Pride
in the school uniform is a key part of
visibly demonstrating participation
as a member of the SACS community.
All articles of clothing are to be clearly
labelled and kept in good order. Blazers
are to be dry cleaned/washed and
repaired at the end of each term.
The wearing of rings or other items of
jewellery is not permitted, except the
School and House badge, plus special
badges denoting school position eg.
School Captain, House Captain etc.. All
badges are to be worn on the left side of
the blazer.
All information regarding school
uniforms is available from the
Foundation Uniform Store, which is
located on Level 6, St Andrew’s House.
It operates during term time on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
during school hours. Parents will need             Middle School Summer Uniform
to book an appointment for uniform                 with Blazer
fittings – phone 02 9286 9547.

10   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
into gear
A guide to wearing the school uniform (Years 7-9)

                                                                               Please note
                                                                               Information regarding our school
                                                                               uniform, PE uniforms, sporting
                                                                               team uniforms and dress code can
                                                                               be found in the Student Diary
                                                                               or on SACSConnect:


Middle School Summer Uniform         Middle School Winter Uniform
                                     with Blazer

Middle School Summer Sport Uniform   Middle School Winter Sport Uniform

                                                              SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   11
Getting ready
for Middle School
The following tips will help you thrive at St Andrew’s

Personal grooming                               •	Remember home and parent              General St Andrew’s
                                                   phone numbers (personal phones
and presentation                                   can get lost)
• Dress and groom yourself neatly               •	Have an emergency plan if transport   • Show respect and concern for others
•	Take pride in your appearance                   is disrupted or delayed               • Prove trustworthy and reliable
   as a St Andrew’s student                     • Adopt ‘City-Safe’ strategies           •	Cross streets safely at lights on
•	Change from school uniform                                                               ‘Walk’ signal only
   to sports clothes and back                   Excellent manners                        •	Respect teachers and peers,
   (without losing anything)                    •	Speak and listen to adults and           engaging in lessons enthusiastically
                                                   peers with respect and politeness     •	Work with peers in groups or
Bringing equipment
                                                •	Listen to others and engage in           individually as required
to and from school                                 conversation                          •	Respect school facilities and the
•	Pack bag, checking that you                  •	Work effectively in groups,              SACS environment
   have all materials needed                       making a positive contribution
•	Use a student diary to record
   homework and other important
• Bring a fully charged iPad each day
                                                                                                What you need
• Organise a neat and tidy locker
                                                                                                to remember each
• Read a timetable
                                                                                                day – checklist of
•	Bring the right materials to
                                                                                                essential items
   each class
•	Organise subject material in
   plastic coloured folders
•	Only bring labelled and named
    possessions to school
• Check SACS emails and Schoology

Getting to school
and back home
•	Be at SAH at 8.15am for an 8.25am
   move to classrooms
•	Know the correct route to and from
   school and an alternative (if required)
•	Obey transport rules regarding
   standing for adults and presenting
   as a positive St Andrew’s citizen
•	Leave school for home at the end of
   the day – to arrive at an agreed time

12   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Getting into
Committed to best practice learning in the Middle School years

SACS is committed to                           For more information
                                               on the IB MYP, follow the link:
best practice learning in
the Middle School years.
We recognise that the
                                               or contact Mrs Kate Layhe
academic needs of                              Director of Learning (Middle School).
students through this                          klayhe@sacs.nsw.edu.au
stage are varied and
different from those in
                                                                                                                  In the light of Christ, we
primary education and                                                                                             strive for students to have:
the final secondary years.                                                                                        • Hearts that love,
                                                                                                                  • Minds that grow and
The IB Middle Years Programme                                                                                     • Lives that give.
Students commencing Year 7, 8 or 9
undertake the Middle Years Programme
of the International Baccalaureate, an
internationally recognised framework
representing best practice in Junior                                                    Servant
                                                    Courageous                          Hearted
Secondary schools.
The IB MYP is a natural fit for the                                                                                   Reflective                      Knowledgeable
St Andrew’s Cathedral School Learning
Model which aims for teaching and
learning to be Significant, Challenging,
Networked and Future-focused, graduating
                                                           Principled              Caring
                                                                                                                            Thinking               Inquiring
from school with Hearts that Love,
Minds that Grow and Lives that Give.
The IB MYP is an internationally                                                                   Life
accredited framework for learning
which is specifically designed for                                                                                     Self
students aged 11 to 16 and caters for                                                                                Controlled

their particular learning needs and
styles during this stage of life.                                                                  Persistent

It does not provide content but rather
the manner in which the subjects are
taught. It is inclusive in nature, providing
for all students, including gifted and                                                                 Balanced
talented and those needing support.
Students continue to follow the content
of NSW syllabuses, while the MYP provides
the framework in which it is taught.

                                                                                     SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019                      |   13
Character Strengths
Attributes also valued by IB World schools

Heart                                           Mind                                       Life
We love because he first                        Do not conform to the pattern              I have come that they may
loved us. – 1 John 4:19                         of this world, but be transformed          have life, and have it to the full.
                                                by the renewing of your mind.              – John 10:10
Caring                                          – Romans 12:2
We are kind, friendly and forgiving.                                                       Hopeful
We show love for all people just as             Knowledgeable                              We have a positive outlook on life as
Jesus showed his love for us.                   We enjoy learning new things in            we have meaning and purpose. We
                                                many areas. We engage with                 expect the best for the future and
Have you been a good friend?
                                                significant issues and seek to             have plans to accomplish our goals.
Grateful                                        understand them deeply.                    What plans do you have?
We are thankful for everything we               What have you learnt?
have. We show gratitude to God and                                                         Self Controlled
others for what we have received.               Thinking                                   We are disciplined, respectful and
                                                We make good decisions by thinking         organised. We work towards our goals
How have you shown your
                                                carefully. We solve problems critically    and can eliminate distractions.
                                                and creatively. We set our minds to        How have you shown self control?
Principled                                      think on noble things.
We are trustworthy and act with                 Can you think of a better, smarter or      Persistent
honesty, fairness and justice. We               more creative way?                         We don’t give up. We have a growth
take responsibility for our actions                                                        mindset and enthusiastically strive for
and their consequences.                         Inquiring                                  excellence in all that we do.
Do you take responsibility for                  We are curious and ask good                How are you working hard towards
your actions?                                   questions. We wonder about things          your goals?
                                                and enthusiastically search for truth
Courageous                                      with others and on our own.                Balanced
We explore new things with                      What questions do you need to ask?         We keep a well-balanced life to be at
confidence and determination.                                                              our best and for the good of others. We
We are resourceful and resilient in             Open Minded                                use our time well for learning, play and
the face of challenge and change.               We are open to new ideas and ways of       rest and look after our wellbeing.
We speak up for what’s right.                   doing things. We listen with respect and   How are you looking after yourself?
How have you faced your challenges?             critically appreciate the values, views
                                                and traditions of others. We consider      Communicative
Servant Hearted                                 how Christian perspectives interact with   We express ourselves confidently and
We put others first. We are humble,             other perspectives.                        creatively. We listen to other points of
selfless and responsible. We use our            How have you considered other views?       view and respond effectively and
gifts and abilities to help others.                                                        respectfully. We build each other up
How have you helped?                            Reflective                                 with encouraging words.
                                                We understand our strengths and            What encouraging things have
                                                weaknesses to improve. We strive           you said?
                                                to be wise and discerning, learn
                                                from our mistakes and consider the
                                                feedback of others.
                                                How have you helped?

14   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Fortnightly routine
and timetable
The school diary identifies the Week A and Week B timetable

Start     Finish     Monday           Tuesday     Wednesday                Thursday              Friday

8.30am    9.30am      Period 1        Period 1    Period 1                 Period 1              Period 1

9.35am    10.35am     Period 2        Period 2    Period 2                 Period 2              Period 2

10.35am   10.55am     Recess          Recess      Recess                   Recess                Recess

10.55am   11.55am     Period 3        Period 3    Period 3                 Period 3              Period 3

12.00pm   12.30pm     Week A          Week A       Week A                  Week A                Week A
                    	Tutorial        Tutorial   	Middle School           Year Meeting          Tutorial
   A        A                                      Chapel             	                    

12.00pm   12.30pm     Week B          Week B      Week B                Head of School           Week B
                    	Middle School   Tutorial    Middle School
                                                 	                   	Assembly                 Tutorial
   B        B         Assembly                    Chapel

12.30pm   1.10pm      Lunch           Lunch       Lunch                    Lunch                 Lunch

1.10pm    2.10pm      Period 4        Period 4    Period 4                 Period 4              Period 4

2.15pm    3.15pm      Period 5        Period 5    Period 5                 Period 5              Period 5

                                                   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019     |   15
The curriculum
and how it is organised
Significant, challenging, networked and future-focussed learning

The curriculum at                               individuals an understanding of              Reporting
                                                themselves as valued children of
St Andrew’s is organised                        God, with personal gifts to be nurtured,
                                                                                             St Andrew’s Cathedral School has three
according to the                                                                             formal methods of reporting on student
                                                developed and engaged with, in such a
                                                                                             progress. They are:
guidelines laid down by                         way that the students are well prepared
                                                for life, able to enjoy it and able to       •	Interim reports, issued towards the
the NSW Education                               contribute effectively to our school and        end of Terms 1 and 3. They provide
Standards Authority                             the wider community. Our city location          a general overview of how students
(NESA). The MYP                                 is a significant asset in our planning and      are performing. They cover aspects
                                                development of learning opportunities.          such as participation, organisation
framework sits over these                                                                       skills, group work, independent
                                                Student progress is regularly
guidelines and is also                                                                          learning, presentation of work,
                                                monitored using a variety of strategies
shaped by our SACS                              appropriate to the activity and the
                                                                                                behaviour and academic progress.
                                                                                                Students are awarded grades of
Learning Model.                                 stage of development of the student
                                                                                                consistent, often, sometimes, rarely.
                                                within the subject.
Our aim is that learning                        There are a number of additional
                                                                                             •	School reports are issued at the
                                                                                                end of Terms 2 and 4. They provide a
will be significant,                            services for students with particular
                                                                                                comprehensive summary of student
challenging, networked                          needs. They include:
                                                                                                progress for Semester 1 and
and future focussed, with                       •	Specialised Learning for support             Semester 2 respectively.
                                                   and extension activities
students engaged and                                                                         (Reports are posted online and are
                                                •	Gifted and Talented Education
growing every day.                                 programs
                                                                                             accessible at all times. Parents may
                                                                                             print reports as required.)
The courses at SACS fall within                 • Special interest programs
                                                                                             •	Parent/teacher interviews occur
the Key Learning Areas:                         •	After school support for targeted            annually for Middle School students,
• Christian Development                            students                                     usually in Term 1 or 2. This provides
• English                                       •	SACS achieve homework support                an opportunity for parents to meet
• Mathematics                                   Middle School academic and                      with individual teachers to discuss
• Science                                       assessment guidelines                           their child’s progress.

• Technology and Applied Studies                Families will be provided with separate      As well as this, there are informal
•	Human Society and Its Environment            Homework and Assessment Guides               opportunities for parents to discuss their
   Sciences                                     outlining the school Assessment Policy       child’s progress through conversations
                                                and other important information              with individual class teachers. The
• Languages Other Than English
                                                regarding assignments, homework and          Director of Learning (Middle School)
• Creative and Performing Arts                  assessment tasks. This information will      exists as a resource to students and
•	Personal Development,                        also be available on the Parent Portal as    parents. A programme of academic
   Health and Physical Education                it is updated. Parents should be aware       tracking allows for the monitoring of
                                                that there is an expectation that            progress in effort and achievement.
Elective subjects are studied
                                                students will do homework (either            Parents receive a weekly digest
from Year 9.
                                                structured or unstructured, eg. wide         summarising information on their child.
The teaching programs at St Andrew’s            reading) each weeknight.
aim to foster a passion for learning that
will stay with our students throughout
their lifetime. They aim to develop in

16   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Parent Portal
Your one-stop platform to access information
about St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Please sign up before your child starts school!
Parent Portal login details will be available from 23 January.
Look out for your reminder email in January 2019!

                              4 Single sign-on                            4 School calendar events
Portal features               The single sign-on allows you to             Shows all events (K-12) from the current
                              log in once.                                 day until the end of the school’s
Help with these features                                                   calendar year.
can be found in the           4 School directory
YouTube Help videos.                                                       4 Assessment task calendar
                              This feature will help you find a staff
                              member by name, department or role.          This calendar displays all Year 7-12
These are screen                                                           assessments.
recordings of how to          4 Quick link tiles
use the different             These tiles will link you to the most
                                                                           4 Update contact details
features within the           commonly accessed areas of SACS              A quick and easy way to update your
                              communications including;                    email or phone details in Edumate.
Parent Portal. Access
the Parent Portal Help        • Newsletters
videos at:
                                                                           4 Update medical information
                              • Canteen                                         and immunisations
                              • Uniform Store                              Accessible by laptop or desktop devices
                                                                           only. Having these details completed for
                              • Junior School                              each student is a legislative
                              • School Interviews

                              • Paying fees                                4 Events and bookings
                              • Friendship Groups, map and chat            Connect to the Events page of the SACS
                                                                           website, where you can get more
                                                                           information about upcoming events
                                                                           and make bookings.

                                                             SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   17
Portal features
Log-in steps                                  Access the Parent Portal via
                                              the emailed link                           Help with these features
                                              You will receive an email from the         can be found in the
Access the Parent                             school which will contain the link to      YouTube Help videos
Portal via the                                the Parent Portal and your personal
                                              log-in details. Click on the link in the        https://bit.ly/2P45d8Q
SACS website                                  email and utilise the provided log-in
                                              information to access the Portal.
       he Portal links (Staff, Parent
      T                                                                                  4 Social media
      and Student) can be found in the        Google                                     Connect directly to SACS pages on:
      top-right corner of the SACS
                                              Go to Google.com on your device            Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
      website (www.sacs.nsw.edu.au)                                                      Instagram.
                                              and search “SACS Portal”. It will be
 2                                            the first item that comes up in results.
      Select ‘Parent Portal’
                                                                                         4 Newsfeeds and community
 3 Portal Landing Page

                                                                                         Announcement Bar, Junior School,
	Parent Portal Home Page
                                                                                         Middle School and Senior College
                                                                                         4 Associated websites
                                                                                         These tabs (found at the top of the
                                                                                         homepage) will quickly link you to other
                                                                                         SACS websites: Kirrikee, Gawura and the
                                                                                         Old Andreans Association.

                                                                                         4 Academic and pastoral
                                                                                         This will take you to Edumate, our main
                                                                                         student management database. It is
                                                                                         only available when the Parent Portal is
            2                                                                            accessed via Desktop or Laptop devices.

                                                                                         4 Friendship tile
                                                                                         Welcome to the new opt-in Friendship
                                                                                         List. By default, you are opted-out. Click
                                                                                         on the tile for more information.

                                                                                         4Friendship map
                                                                                         You will be given access to the
                                                                                         Friendship Map once you have opted-in
                                      3                                                  to the Friendship List.

                                                                                         4 Chat facility
                                                                                         Enables you to talk with other parents
                                                                                         who are also members of the same

                                                                                         4   Forms and search facility
4                                                                                        Search for important documents
                                                                                         and forms.

                                                                                         4 Policy document library
                                                                                         This is a library for School Policy
                                                                                         documents. It contains information
                                                                                         on student conduct, uniforms and
                                                                                         other policies.

                                                                                         Please note - there are key differences
                                                                                         between navigating the Parent Portal on
                                                                                         Mobile and Desktop devices.
 18     |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Trouble-shooting access to the Parent Portal
Why haven’t I got access                    3. I forgot my password.                     4. How do I change my password
to log in?                                                                               (while logged in)?
                                            When you have opened the portal
1. I don’t have my username.                landing page, select ‘Parent Portal’.        • Via the portal log-in page; or
From the portal landing page, after         After clicking ‘Parents’ and where you       • From within the Parent Portal home
clicking ‘Parents’, a dialogue box          type in your log in details, you are           page (top left corner)
appears where you should enter your         presented with a ‘Forgot Password’ link.
log-in details.                             You will need your username to request       5. How do I change my password if I
                                            a new password.                              don’t have a current email or mobile
You received your username in your                                                       number in Edumate?
original welcome email from the             If you don’t have your username, see
                                            point 1 – ‘I don’t have my username’.        This is the same process as point 2 – ‘I
school. If you don’t have/didn’t receive
                                            Enter your username and select either        have my username, but didn’t receive
your username, there is also a ‘forgot
                                            email or phone. The password will            an email or SMS’.
username’ link. You can also email:
                                            be sent.
                                            Once you receive it, enter the activation
2. I have my username, but didn’t receive   code sent to you in the space required.
an email or SMS (my current phone/          If you never received an email or text,
email isn’t in the school database).        see point 2 – ‘I have my username but
You will need to contact the Enrolments     didn’t receive an email or SMS’.
Department to have your details in          After typing in the activation code, you
Edumate updated, please email:              can choose a new password. You are
enrolments@sacs.nsw.edu.au                  ready to now log in.

                                                                         SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   19
Medical form
How to update student details
Please complete before your child starts school!

How to update                                   The Edumate My Details screen allows
                                                parents and guardians to update their
                                                                                         PLEASE NOTE: This is the first
                                                                                         iteration of an electronic update
your contact details                            own details and the details of any of    to the My Details form and as such,
                                                their children who attend the school.    it isn’t yet supported on tablets or
and your child’s                                From here you are able to update         phones. In order to ensure a smooth
medical details.                                personal details, work information       experience in entering your details,
                                                and your child’s medical details. Once   it is best to use your PC or Macintosh
                                                updated, the details will be sent to     desktop or laptop and the following
                                                appropriate school staff for approval.   supported web browsers:
                                                                                         Google Chrome, Firefox and
                                                Parent Portal log-in details will be
                                                                                         Safari web browsers.
                                                available from 23 January. Look out
                                                for your reminder email
                                                in January 2019!

1. and 2. Accessing                                  A                   C                                   B

the “My Details”
 rom the Edumate Home screen
F                                                    1
you are able to get to the My
Details screen via any of the
below methods:
A.	Home > My Details or
B.	Clicking on the user photo
    in the top right of the screen
C. If you have not updated your
    contact details within the past
    12 months, there will be a
    reminder message you can
    also click.                                      2


20   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
3. My details                                3
The “My details” screen will have
a number of different tabs:
A. Personal
B. Work
C. Relationships
D. My Child Details (including medical)

* Don’t forget to click each tab!
  especially the ‘My Child Details’
  to update medical information.
                                                 A       B          C               D

4. Submitting details                        4

 DO NOT SUBMIT UNTIL:                                                                             A

Please note a ‘submit’ is final and
should be only done when all changes
on all four of the above tabs (Personal,
Work, Relationships and My Child
Details) are complete for all children.
You can submit via either of these
A.	Orange square located at top
    right-hand corner of page.
B.	White bar located at the base of page.
Update the information for all
of your children and click submit                    B
only after you have satisfactorily
completed the details for all children,
otherwise it will lock you out of doing
any more changes (as it goes into an
approval status for internal SACS

5. Relationships                             5
Relationships is a read only screen –
there is a text box where any request
you have for updated relationship details
can be sent to the school for approval.
For any incorrect information eg. an
emergency contact change, please
type in the description box.

                                                         SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   21
6. My child details                                  6
A.	You can update information on the
    children you have attending the school.
B.	Select which child’s information
    you wish to update by clicking
    on their name.

                                                                 A                               B

7. Medical Information                               7
Enter the fields below to update
your information, then scroll for
further sections.

8. LIFE THREATENING                                 8
If your child suffers from a medical
condition such as anaphylaxis, diabetes,
epilepsy or asthma, please fill out and
upload the action plans listed BELOW.
For Diabetes or Epilepsy, please attach
your plan within the Asthma or
Anaphylaxis upload area.

     Anaphylaxis – Download form

     Diabetes – Download form

     Asthma – Download form

     Epilepsy – please attach your own personalised management plan

For any other known condition, please ensure you complete and attach your own management plan.

22   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
9. Immunisations                                 9
                                                                            A         B          D
A.	Click ‘add’, then click on the arrow to
    select the immunisation.
B.	Click in the date alongside the
    immunisation and enter a correct date.
C. To add another, click ‘add another’
D.	Please attach your immunisation
    certificate(s) under ‘Upload’
E.	To save your selections, please
    remember to click ‘Save’ first, then
    ‘Close’ in that order.


10. Medical conditions                           10
Tick all known medical conditions.
A.	You can add more information into
    the Notes box if required - in particular,
    additional medication and/or treatment
Complete the sections for Known Allergies,
Dietary Needs, Prescription Medications,
Authorised Medications.


11. and 12. Submit request                       11
Update the information for all of your
children and CLICK “SUBMIT” ONLY
CHANGES (as it goes into an approval
status for internal SACS administration)
Then SUBMIT request and confirm click
‘Yes’ if you have completely finished.
Your information will be reviewed
and updates will be made.

                                                          SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   23
Getting support
for learning
Specialised Learning and online study skills

Specialised Learning K-12                       • The development of individual             Mrs Tammy Campbell
                                                  Learning Plans and the creation of        Specialised Learning Teacher
This team is led by the Leader of
                                                  Student Learning Profiles                 (Year 7 and Year 8)
Specialised Learning and in the Middle
                                                • Targeted intervention programs            9286 9558
School comprises of Mrs Margaret
                                                  eg: Literacy, Executive function          tcampbell@sacs.nsw.edu.au
Burke (EAL/D), Ms Pauline Oh
(Specialised Learning and EAL/D),               • Support for students identified as        Mrs Estee Stephenson
Mrs Tammy Campbell and Mrs Estee                  twice exceptional                         Specialised Learning Teacher
Stephenson (Specialised Learning                                                            (Year 9 and Year 10)
Teachers), Ms Natalie Foster (Aboriginal        • 1:1 or small group academic               9286 9487
Education mentor), Mrs Nicola Burge               organisational support where              estephenson@sacs.nsw.edu.au
and Mrs Roberta Viant (Teacher’s Aides).          appropriate
                                                • Parent information sessions
                                                                                            Online Study Skills
It is the role of the specialised learning
team to work closely with teachers,                                                         Our school has subscribed to the ELES
                                                • Professional development sessions
students, parents and outside                                                               Online Study Skills Handbook. This is a
                                                  to enhance teacher skills and
professionals to cater for the individual                                                   great web-based resource for parents
needs of students. We also work                                                             and students to address all their study
closely with the Head of Careers,               • Assistance with the modification of       skills issues and concerns, enabling
Pathways and Partnerships and our                 curriculum, assessment and exams          students to learn new ways to improve
school psychologists.                           • Transition programs                       their results at school. The handbook
                                                                                            has a huge amount of information for
This collaborative approach ensures             • Collaborative planning with               students and parents, as well as many
communication and sharing where                   teachers, students, parents and           interactive activities. It taps into
parents and professionals work                    outside professionals                     students’ affinity with technology to
together, supporting each other to
                                                • Determining appropriate                   create a new and effective way to
provide a learning environment that is
                                                  adjustments for students with             improve students’ study skills.
differentiated and accessible. At
St Andrew’s Cathedral School,                     a disability                              The Online Study Skills Handbook
teachers are mindful of students’               • Collection of data to access              will be used extensively in the tutorial
social, emotional, spiritual and                  Commonwealth funding                      program throughout the Middle School
academic development. We aim to                   (NCCDSWD)                                 experience, but we encourage parents
create a learning environment where                                                         and students to explore the site and
students are able to access the                 Please contact Specialised Learning         make use of the material contained
curriculum, have opportunities to               with any questions, concerns or to          therein. The site can be accessed at
contribute to class discussions and             provide additional information that will    www.studyskillshandbook.com.au.
participate in class activities.                assist the school in meeting your child’s
                                                individual learning needs.                  The login details for all members of the
Services provided by Specialised                                                            St Andrew’s Cathedral School secondary
Learning in the Middle School                   Key staff                                   community (students, teachers and
may include:                                    Mrs Margaret Burke (Semester 1)             parents) are:
                                                EAL/D Teacher
• In-class support                                                                          User name: standrews
                                                9286 9541
                                                                                            Password: 163results
• sacsAchieve – after school                    mburke@sacs.nsw.edu.au
  homework and study support                                                                You will hear more about the Online
                                                                                            Study Skills Handbook in the year
• Diagnostic assessment
                                                                                            ahead, but feel free to explore the site
                                                                                            in the meantime.

24   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Getting connected
for learning
Setting up your iPads for classroom learning

iPads in the classroom                     Textbooks                                    Stationery
St Andrew’s Cathedral School utilises      Year 7-9 students have digital textbooks     Stationery can be purchased at the
iPads as Personal Learning Devices         purchased through the Box of Books           Foundation Uniform Store or online
for students in Years 7 to 9, providing    website:                                     through trybooking:
great opportunities for enhancing and
                                                www.boxofbooks.com.au                         trybooking.com.au/ZEZE
enriching learning inside the classroom
and beyond. Each day students are          or the tile on the Student Portal.           Online purchases can be collected by
required to bring a charged iPad,          Textbooks for Years 7-9 do not require       students from the Foundation Uniform
in a protective case.                      ordering and are supplied directly to        Store when school commences.
                                           students on their first day of school
The school provides access to a
                                           each year. All Year 7-9 textbooks are
number of services including Office365
                                           covered by the Service Levy.
for access, storage, collaboration and
sharing of files and folders, along with   Technology
mail and other associated services.
                                           User Policy
                                           A Digital Citizenship program runs
Purchasing your iPad
                                           throughout the school, helping
Parents are responsible for purchasing     to fulfil the important responsibility
the iPad and the ownership of the          of assisting in the development of
device will stay with the child.           mature and positive practices in the
Individual families may seek the           use of technology.
best deal available in the marketplace.
                                           Students are required to read and
Further details on technology at           abide by the Technology User Policy
St Andrew’s can be accessed on             upon enrolment. The device
     sacsconnect                           management system installed on
                                           student iPads allows for access to the
http://sacsconnect.sacs.nsw.edu.au         network, appropriate monitoring and
                                           restrictions and the provisioning of
Search for: ‘Technology at SACS’           apps bought by the school for students.

                                                                       SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   25
Communication in
the Middle School
Communication, fortnightly newsletters, SACSConnect,
Schoology, Parent Digest

Educating young                                 SACSConnect                                  •	View year-to-date student
                                                                                                discipline records – rewards,
people is shared between                        This is an electronic St Andrew’s               detentions and awards
the home, the school                            Community Information page that
                                                                                             • Download academic reports
                                                contains a wide range of procedures
and the individual                              and information pertaining to many
                                                                                             • Record of absences
student. For this reason,                       aspects of school life. There is a link to   •	View student timetable and teacher list
                                                                                             •	Download assessments, tasks and
clear channels of                               the Parent Portal and school information
                                                is regularly updated on this page               notices given during each term
communication are vital.                                                                     •	Download Growth Learning Plans
At St Andrew’s, there are a number
                                                                                             The Parent Portal website is accessed
of ways in which parents are able to
                                                                                             through a link on the St Andrew’s
be kept informed about their child’s            Schoology                                    Cathedral School website home page:
progress. These include the school
                                                This online lesson management
student diary, the Interim and End of                                                              www.sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                system, accessible through the various
Semester Reports, on-line reporting
                                                school portals, provides students and        or via SACSConnect:
and parent-teacher interviews. We
                                                parents with current classwork,
also encourage parents and teachers to                                                             sacsconnect
                                                assignment details and links pertaining
make direct contact with one another
                                                to teaching and learning at St Andrew’s.
through phone calls, emails and
meetings as needed.                                                                          There are comprehensive instructions
                                                Weekly parent digest                         and a list of FAQs available on that
Fortnightly newsletters                         Parents will receive an emailed              site. Early in 2019, each parent with
                                                weekly bulletin which summarises             a separate email address will be sent
St Andrew’s communicates with
                                                awards, events, academic progress            their unique username and password
parents through regular e-Newsletters.
                                                and discipline.                              and log-in. It is vital that the school is
Middle School parents will receive
                                                                                             kept up-to-date with current email
three newsletters from: the Head of
School/Deputy Head, the Head of
                                                Parent portal                                addresses. Should a change be made,
                                                                                             please email Mrs Debra Northwood
Middle School and the P&F. It is                A vital resource for Middle School
                                                                                             in the Middle School Office –
important that parents provide a                parents to keep informed of their
current email address for this                  child’s progress.
communication. Specific emails to               The electronic portal enables parents
parents of Year groups and other                and carers to access the following
important announcements are also                information regarding their child:
sent when appropriate.
                                                •	View and update address
                                                   and contact information
                                                • View contact lists
                                                •	Email tutor / teachers and
                                                   Year Coordinator directly

26   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019
Getting in
Who and when to make contact

Rationale                                    know” basis to staff. If parents have a       General hierarchy of
                                             specific request regarding the extent of
All communication                            access to information given, that request
                                                                                           contact for most issues
between members of the St                                                The following guide for parents and
                                             should be made known at the time of
                                             contact.                    carers indicates the best manner in
Andrew’s Cathedral School
                                                                         which to direct specific issues related to
community, including staff, Members of staff will endeavour to return the welfare of your child:
parents, carers and           phone calls and/or emails within two
                              working days. Please be aware that it is
students, should reflect      school policy that teachers will not       Academic Issues
the school’s values of grace, leave classes to receive or return calls
integrity and justice. The    or conduct interviews.                                      Years 7-9
school encourages parents     The school is committed to attempting                      Class teacher
to be actively involved in    to resolve issues of concern speedily for
                              parents. Often the incompleteness of
their children’s education                                                  Leader of Learning (Head of department)
                              information, or the multiple demands on
and in the school generally, people’s time prevents an immediate                     Director of Learning
believing that involvement    resolution. Parents are asked for their
                                                                                   Head of Middle School
enhances student learning. patience in following through matters.
For this reason, the school                                                  Deputy Head of School (Secondary)
places great emphasis on      What does the school
                                                                                       Head of School
the establishment and         expect of parents?
maintenance of effective      Communication – parents should:
channels of                   •	Direct their concerns to the            Pastoral or
communication with               appropriate  staff member   as outlined wellbeing issues
                                 in the hierarchy (see graphic);
parents. Our procedures
                              •	Make an appointment in advance                           Years 7-9
will be characterised by
                                 when seeking personal
fairness, mutual respect and     communication with staff;

a spirit of cooperation in                                                  Year Coordinator / Girl’s Coordinator
                              •	Approach matters in a calm and
resolving issues and             rational manner, ensuring
concerns.                        interactions result in a clear path to            Head of Middle School

                                                                                                Deputy Head of School (Secondary)
                                             •	Provide contact details so we can
What can parents expect                         call or email you within two working                      Head of School
of the school?
                                             •	Communicate any extremely                  While it may seem quicker to go to the
We are committed to preserving a safe
                                                important matter in writing to             higher authority in a sequence it is
learning environment where individual
                                                ensure all the details of the matter       usually more appropriate to start with
rights are respected and our school
                                                can be fully understood;                   the person who knows the student or
community works together for a
                                                                                           the details of the incident best. Only if
common purpose. We are committed             •	Only contact staff members during
                                                                                           the matter cannot be resolved at the
to dealing sensitively with parents and         office hours (Monday – Friday,
                                                                                           initial level should it progress through
carers and will respond as quickly as is        8am-5pm). Please refrain from
                                                                                           the hierarchy of responses.
practical to all matters. We will maintain      contacting staff on their mobile
confidentiality where appropriate,              phone outside these hours.
releasing information on a “need to
                                                                           SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019   |   27
Getting in
Who and when to make contact

Communication from
                                                                                          Visiting procedures
the general public
If a member of the general public wishes                                                  Before 9am and after 5pm
to express their concerns over a matter
                                                                                          Parents should wear a Parent
specifically related to St Andrew’s
                                                                                          Lanyard when visiting St Andrew’s
Cathedral School, they are advised to
                                                                                          House and accompanying their child
contact the Deputy Head of School by                                                      onto the campus. These are given to
calling 9286 9500 or through the                                                          registered parents and carers at the
website via the Feedback link:                                                            start of the school year. Parents
www.sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                                       visiting BBC are required to sign in at
                                                                                          reception for a visitor’s pass.
St Andrew’s undertakes to reply to written
complaints in a timely manner and would
ask the person listing their concerns to
give the school appropriate contact
details to enable a response either in
writing or by phone.
Breaches of this code
The school values its relationships with
parents but cannot accommodate                                                            Between 9am and 5pm
aggressive or rude behaviour by either                                                     arents should make an
parents or visitors. Where behaviour             Media release consent                    appointment in advance with the
becomes aggressive or rude the person            Parents can request that their child’s   relevant staff member or
in question may be asked to leave                image does not appear in any marketing   department, sign in/out at Reception
school grounds and/or may be referred            or media materials by contacting the     and wear a Visitor Lanyard while on
to the Head of School.                           Registrar Mr Bruce Perry. Please email   the school premises. A staff
                                                                                          representative should meet the
                                                                                          parent at Reception. The only
                                                                                          exception is when the parent
                                                                                          is heading directly to the Uniform
                                                                                          Shop, After School Care or the
                                                                                          Health Centre on Level 6 of SAH.

                                                                                          School events
                                                                                          For school events which involve
                                                                                          multiple visitors (such as parent
                                                                                          teacher meetings or social
                                                                                          functions), parents do not need to
                                                                                          report to Reception or wear a
                                                                                          lanyard. Clear signage will be
                                                                                          displayed at the entrances to the
                                                                                          school and staff and/or student
                                                                                          representatives will be on hand to
                                                                                          assist in directing visitors to and from
28   |   SACS - Middle School Parent Information Booklet 2019                             the event venue.
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