My happy place - Amazon enrollment

My happy place - Amazon enrollment
My happy place
Amazon enrollment
My happy place - Amazon enrollment
            Visit or call
            your 24/7 Aetna Concierge
            at 1-866-574-9124 (TTY: 711).

   For self-funded plans, coverage is offered by your
employer and administrative services are provided by
              Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).
My happy place - Amazon enrollment
Healthy happens here
            At Aetna, we take care of the whole you—mind, body and spirit. No matter where you are on your
            path to better health, we provide programs and opportunities to help you feel and be your best.

We’re on your side
Don't hesitate to call us anytime. Your Aetna Concierge team
is here for you 24/7 at 1-866-574-9124 (TTY: 711).                        Helping communities
Your team knows the ins and outs of your Amazon benefits,                 We believe that healthy communities lead to a healthier
even the ones not offered through Aetna. So don’t spend time              world. Since 1980, the Aetna Foundation has awarded
searching for answers on your own. That’s why we’re here.                 nearly $500 million to promote wellness, health and
We can help you:                                                          access to high-quality care, including projects in your
• Find providers                                                          backyard, such as:

• Know your benefits and what’s covered                                   • Assisting Washington’s Mercy Housing Northwest
                                                                            (MHNW) to provide low-income families with free
• Understand your medical bills and research errors
                                                                            activities focused on nutrition and fitness.
• Plan for upcoming treatments
                                                                          • Teaming up with Leah’s Pantry to encourage 5.3 million
• Book appointments                                                         low-income Californians to adopt a healthy diet
                                                                            and lifestyle.
                                                                          • Supporting Legacy of Giving in Austin, TX to address
                                                                            youth obesity across more than 4,000 students in
                                                                            36 schools.
                                                                          • Working with New Jersey’s Camden Coalition of
Need help finding the right plan? Just ask ALEX®                            Healthcare Providers to help address the city’s
                                                                            health issues.
ALEX is an interactive tool that guides you through
                                                                          • Granting $1 million to both the Florida Alcohol Drug
your benefits options with personalized questions and
                                                                            Abuse Association (FADAA) and Virginia’s Northern
easy-to-understand information. Find ALEX on your
                                                                            Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition to help
enrollment portal.
                                                                            fight the opioid epidemic.

                                                                          Note: Information taken from

You’ve got options
    All costs shown are for in-network care. You’ll pay more if you use out-of-network providers.

     Plan options for April 1, 2020
     to March 31, 2021              Shared Deductible Plan              Standard Plan                                Health Savings Plan

     Money accounts you can use        HRA,* Health Care FSA            Health Care FSA                              HSA
     with the plan

     Deductible—the amount you pay out of pocket before the plan pays.

     You only                          $1,000**                         $300†                                        $1,500**
     You + spouse/domestic partner
                                       $2,000**                                                                      $3,000**
     or child(ren)                                                      $900†
     You + family                      $3,000**                                                                      $4,500**

     Annual out-of-pocket maximum—the most you’ll spend out of pocket in one plan year. It includes your deductible, coinsurance and copays.

                                                                        Medical                Prescription drug††
     You only                          $2,000*                                                                       $3,000
                                                                        $2,300                 $4,150
     You + spouse/domestic partner
                                       $4,000*                          Medical                Prescription drug††   $6,000§
     or child(ren)
                                                                        $2,300 per person      $4,150 per person
     You + family                      $6,000*                          $4,900 family max      $8,000 family max     $9,000§§

     Visits (primary care doctor,
                                       You pay 10% after deductible     You pay 10% after deductible                 You pay 10% after deductible
     specialist or hospital visit)

                                                                        Generic: You pay $10
     Prescription drugs retail
                                                                        Preferred: You pay 10% up to $30
     (30-day supply)
                                                                        Non-preferred: You pay 30% up to $40
                                       You pay 10% after deductible                                                  You pay 10% after deductible
     Prescription drugs home                                            Generic: You pay $20
     delivery                                                           Preferred: You pay 10% up to $60
     (90-day supply)                                                    Non-preferred: You pay 30% up to $80

     Your contributions                   Monthly         Biweekly           Monthly                Biweekly           Monthly         Biweekly

     You only                              $31.00           $14.31               $84.00               $38.77               $31.00          $14.31

     You + spouse/domestic partner        $208.00           $96.00           $300.00                 $138.46           $208.00             $96.00

     You + child(ren)                     $170.00           $78.46           $234.00                 $108.00            $170.00            $78.46

     You + family                         $346.00          $159.69           $442.00                $204.00            $346.00          $159.69
     * YourHRA pays half of the deductible, which reduces the amount         †
                                                                                 Medical deductible only; this plan has separate deductibles
      you pay out of pocket.                                                     and out-of-pocket maximums for out-of-network care.
    ** Amounts shown are combined medical/prescription drug                 ††
                                                                                 Deductible doesn’t count toward out-of-pocket maximums.
      deductibles.                                                           §
                                                                                 $3,000 per person maximum.
                                                                                 $4,500 per person maximum.
Resources for your emotional well-being
Meet with a counselor online
With behavioral health televideo, you get counseling sessions that fit your busy life. It’s virtual,
but personal. Psychiatrists, social workers, marriage counselors and more are available to you.
To get started, call a provider group in your area.

If you live in                                    Call                                             Phone number

California, Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey,       Inpathy                                          Toll-free:
New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia                                                                   1-800-442-8938

All other states                                  Arcadian Telepsychiatry                          Toll-free:

Cope with life’s changes and challenges                                    Check in with your emotional health
AbleTo is a free and confidential eight-week program that lets             MindCheck is an online tool that gives you a quick read on your
you talk by phone or video chat with a therapist. Get help with            emotional health and how you can improve it. You’ll get helpful
issues such as grief and loss, depression and anxiety, and                 information and online resources to get you back to feeling like
caregiver stress. If you could benefit, an AbleTo representative           yourself. To get started, go to
may be in touch, or you may call them at 1-844-330-3648.
                                                                           Get help with life’s ups and downs (provided by ComPsych)
Get personalized autism support                                            You and your family members can access free in-person and virtual
Your plan covers applied behavior analysis (ABA), as well as               mental health counseling to help manage anxiety, depression, stress,
behavioral health treatment and occupational, speech and                   and more. Visit (Company ID = AmazonEAP)
physical therapies. Your Aetna autism advocate at                          or call 1-855-435-4333.
1-866-724-0604 (TTY: 711), extension 5, can answer your
questions, pair you with the right professionals, and connect
you and your family with the support you need.

Health plan perks
    Your health plan isn’t just about paying claims. It’s also about helping you achieve your health goals.

                               Find care                                                               Manage costs

    Find network doctors and facilities                                        Balances and benefits
    Find network labs, specialists, physical therapy facilities and more.      See where you are with your deductible and coinsurance, and
    For a link to your custom provider directory, visit      review coverage for yourself and your family members.

    Save money when it’s not an emergency                                      Stretching your health care dollars
    Need care right away but it’s not a life-threatening emergency?            Did you know that medical costs can differ greatly between health
                                                                               care providers for the exact same service? Check the cost on your
    Urgent care centers are a faster, less-expensive alternative.
                                                                               member website before you receive care.
    Urgent care centers usually offer x-ray and lab services and
    can treat things like:                                                     Your claims history
    • Back and neck pain               • Flu symptoms                          See all your claims in one place. You can even pay your claims
    • Cuts and minor burns             • Sprains and fractures                 through your member website or Aetna Health app.

    ERs are for life-threatening emergencies only, like:                       Saving money
    • Chest pain                       • Uncontrollable bleeding               Get on-the-spot discounts on health products and services like
    • Trouble breathing                                                        eyewear and exams, massage therapy, weight-loss plans, and
                                                                               nutrition services.
    Access high-performing facilities
    Access a special network of health care facilities known as
    Institutes of Excellence™. These outstanding facilities can help                     24/7/365 medical care
    with transplants, infertility and more.
                                                                                         Call the 24/7 Medical Advice Line at
    Get help for special medical care                                                    1-888-434-9473 (TTY: 711) to talk
    The National Medical Excellence Program® can help you get the                        with a nurse for free. The nurse can
    care and resources you need for special medical situations, like                     also connect you to a doctor for
    organ transplants, rare diseases and heart surgery for children.                     treatment and prescriptions (office
                                                                                         visit fees will apply).

Stay healthy

Give your baby a healthy start
From managing pregnancy symptoms to quitting smoking for
good, the free Aetna Maternity Program gives you extra support
for a healthy pregnancy. Call 1-866-574-9124 (TTY: 711), press 5
and ask the Aetna Concierge about the Aetna Maternity Program.

You’ll also have access to three Ovia® apps for each stage of your
maternity journey: fertility, pregnancy and parenting. Get things
like daily tips, a symptoms tracker and on-demand programs. The
apps are free, just provide some information about yourself and
your plan.
                                                                       Anytime, anywhere
Manage your chronic condition
                                                                       Stay on top of your benefits with
With the Aetna In Touch Care℠ program, you can work with an
                                                                       the Aetna Health app:
Aetna nurse or use online resources to help you manage your
conditions with an individualized action plan. Call 1-866-574-9124     • Pull up your member ID card
(TTY: 711), press 5 and ask the Aetna Concierge about In Touch Care.   • Search for providers
Support centers                                                        • Find nearby walk-in clinics
Log in at to access online support centers.             and urgent care centers
You’ll find education, tips and tools to help guide you if you are     • Get cost estimates
planning for a baby, faced with surgery or dealing with a complex        before you get care
                                                                       • Pay claims
• Cancer Support Center            • Maternity Support Center
                                                                       • View benefits
• Joint Pain Support Center        • Mental Health Support &
                                     Services                          • Track spending and
Expert care                                                              check balances
Progyny provides best-in-class fertility benefits for associates       • Get recommended
in an Amazon medical plan. City of Hope Cancer Centers                   health actions based
provide care and resources for associates and family members             on your profile
with cancer.
                                                                       You can download the Aetna Health app from
                                                                       your app store, or text AETNA to 90156 for a link.

You may be able to continue your treatment
                                     Are you receiving ongoing treatment from a provider who is not in the
                                     network? You may qualify for transition-of-care
                                                                            - -      benefits. If approved, you
                                     may continue seeing the provider and receive in-network
                                                                                     -          benefits.

                         Here are some situations that may qualify for transition of care:
                         • Chemotherapy or               • Organ transplants              • Recent major surgery
                           radiation therapy
                                                         • Pregnancy                      • Terminal illness

                                                                                    -   -
                         To learn more and apply, call your Aetna Concierge at 1-866-574-9124 (TTY: 711) and ask
                         for a Transition Coverage Request form.

Providers are independent contractors and are not agents of Aetna. Provider participation may change without notice. Health information
programs provide general health information and are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a health care professional. Refer to for more information about Aetna® plans.
PayFlex Systems USA, Inc. is an affiliate of Aetna Life Insurance Company. This material does not contain legal or tax advice. You should contact
your legal counsel or tax advisor if you have any questions or need additional information. For more information about PayFlex, go to
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