New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College

New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
Lindisfarne College

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New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
New Student Handbook

    Uniform Shop Open Hours..........................4
    Key Events....................................................5
    Parent Information.......................................6
    Uniform Information...................................16
    2020 - Boarding Start Dates.......................18
    Boarding Information.................................19
    BYOD user agreement...............................24
    E-Learning Parent Handbook.....................27
    Fees and Donations...................................30
    School Map................................................31

New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
Lindisfarne College
Welcome to the Lindisfarne College Community. We look forward to your son starting with us in 2020. This booklet contains
some important information that will be of use to you. Please take time to read this information as it will explain the processes
associated with starting at Lindisfarne College in more detail. Our College website also has much of the information contained in
your pack as well as up-to-date news and what is happening at school.

       2020 Term Dates

       TERM ONE                                     TERM TWO

       February 3     Yr 7-9 start school           April 29       Term Two begins
       February 4     All levels start Term One     May 30         Mid Term break begins
       February 6-9   Waitangi exeat                June 2         Mid Term break ends
       March 14       Mid Term break begins         July 3         Term Two ends
       March16        Mid Term break ends
       April 9        Term One ends

       TERM THREE                                   TERM FOUR

       July 21        Term Three begins             October 12    Term Four begins
       August 29      Mid Term break begins         October 23-26 HB Anniversary break
       September 1    Mid Term break ends           December 2    Term Four ends
       September 25   Term Three ends

All boys from year level 7-9 are to arrive at school by 8.20am on Monday February 3rd. They are to meet at the front of the
auditorium. Boys will need to be wearing their grey summer uniform. All other year levels will commence school on Tuesday
February 4th and must also arrive by 8.20am dressed in their blazer. The boys are also required to bring their PE gear and togs/
towel for this first day at school.

Note: Boarders, arrival dates and times are detailed in the enclosed ‘Boarding Timetable’ sheet.

All Stationery required for your son’s subjects in 2020 can now be ordered online through Office Max by clicking on this link:

Please go to their website, type in ‘Lindisfarne College’ and follow the instructions. Stationery will be delivered to your home
before the school year starts in 2020.

It is important that we have all the health information about your son. You will find a health questionnaire on our website under
ADMISSIONS/Start-of-year information. I ask that you submit this information online. Please note that this information is secure
and protected when submitting it through our website.

If your son has any asthma, allergies or at risk of anaphylaxis, I ask that you download and complete the appropriate action plan
that is available under the above link.

If you wish your son to participate in Itinerant Music or Drama and Communications tuition, please complete via our online forms.
You can find both forms on the College website under ADMISSIONS/Start-of-year information or by clicking on the following links:

•        Music Tuition Permission Form (extra-curricular)
•        Drama and Communications (extra-curricular)

You will receive an invoice via email prior to the start of each term for payment of fees in advance of that term. Direct Debit is our
preferred method of payment. If you require a Direct Debit form please email

An ICT user agreement form is enclosed. This needs to be thoroughly read, understood and signed by both parent and child. We
ask that these forms are returned back to the College by Monday January 13th. Scan and email is fine. Please email to This book also includes a Parent’s Guide to BYOD which provides information about the type
of device your child is required to have at school.

New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
New Student Handbook

      Open Days 2020

The Uniform Shop will be open on the days listed below. Payment is by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

Open Days 2020

Friday, 17 January			             2:00 – 4:30pm
Wednesday, 22 January		           2:00 – 4:30pm
Saturday, 25 January			           11:00 – 1:00pm
Tuesday, 28 January			            3:00 - 4:30pm
Thursday, 30 January			           3:00 – 4:30pm
Sunday, 2 February			             3:00 – 4:00pm – New Boarders Orientation
Monday, 3 February			             1:00 – 2:00pm – students only – lunchtime
Wednesday, 5 February		           3:00 – 4:15pm – normal term hours

Once school starts, the Uniform shop is open every Wednesday, from 3:00 – 4:15pm.

Contact Details
Kay McKay
Ph 873-1136 extn 775

New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
Lindisfarne College

                                    UPCOMING EVENTS

PFA New Parent Drinks
Sunday 2nd February 2020

Join us on the Homestead Lawn for the opportunity
to meet fellow parents and staff, 5-7pm.

Pilgrimage Walk
Monday 3rd February 2020

A walk from Iona College in Havelock North to
Lindisfarne for Year 9 Students, 8.15am.

School Powhiri
Tuesday 4th February 2020

An introduction for new students and parents into the
school, on the Fifth Form Lawn, 8.30am.

Blazer Presentation Lunch
Tuesday 4th February 2020

A chance to welcome new students and present them
with their blazers.

New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
New Student Handbook


New Student Handbook - Lindisfarne College
Lindisfarne College
INTRODUCTION                                                           KEY CONTACTS
This handbook has been designed to give parents and caregivers
                                                                       COLLEGE TELEPHONE NUMBERS
of Lindisfarne College students an understanding of the routines
and requirements of the College.
                                                                       Office hours 8.00am to 4.30pm including College holidays via
                                                                       the main office number +64 6 873 1136.
The information has been laid out alphabetically to give you
quick and easy answers to most questions or any concerns you
may have.                                                              General enquiries: ext 700 |
                                                                       Absence from College: ext 700 |
If the information that you require has not been included or if        Enrolments: ext 700 |
you need further clarification, please go to our website or contact    Careers: ext 708 |
the College.                                                           Chaplain: ext 719 |
                                                                       Counsellor: ext 794 |
The following is a list of where you can access information about      Deputy Rector: ext 713 |
what is going on at the College.
                                                                       Director of Boarding 708 or 872 9910 |
                                                                       Director of Sport: ext 702 |
Main phone: +64 6 873 1136
General enquiries email:               Director of Music & Performing Arts: ext 783 | musicdirector@lindisfarne.
Rector’s PA email:        
                                                                       Director of e-Learning:
WEBSITE                                                                Director of Learning Enhancement: ext 774 | biggs.kristy@lindisfarne.                                    
The College website is a comprehensive source of information           Fees/Accounts: ext 721 or 775 |
about all aspects of the College.                                      Librarian: ext 707 |
                                                                       Marketing and Advancement: ext 724 |
Key day-to-day information can be found on the following pages:        Nurse: ext 703 |
                                                                       PE Department: ext 767 |
•   Home page - key news items and upcoming events
                                                                       Rector’s PA: ext 705 |
    and quick links
•   News and events – all online and printed publications
    (current and archived), full calendar, term dates,                 For all email addresses go to webpage:
•   Admissions - Uniform information, electronic forms and
    booklets                                                           DEANS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL
•   About us - Faculty and Support Staff                               Aidan: Mr Fraser Harrison 027 468 2535
MOBILE APP (for smartphones)                                           Cuthbert: Mr Ben Spriggens 021 0223 1022
The mobile app gives you day-to-day student notices and
                                                                       Durham: Mr Matt Kidd 027 497 5007
communication from the College. You can also
notify the College of your son’s absence and view the latest news
and College calendar. The app can be downloaded free from the          Oswald: Mr Blair Adams 027 361 9473
Apple store or Google+.                                      
                                                                       Head of Year 7 & 8: Mr Kirk Doyle 027 205 8320
ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER – life@lindisfarne                     
Every fortnight an electronic newsletter is sent with links to
various events and news from the College.                              JUNIOR HOUSE BOARDING MANAGERS
                                                                       Year 7 – 8 | Mr Brett Payne | 027 7727462
PRINTED PUBLICATIONS                                                   payne.brett
Each term the Rector’s Newsletter is mailed home. This can also        Year 9 | Mr Henry Harland | 872 9906 or 027 463 2778
be viewed on the Communications page of the website. At the
end of each year a comprehensive Yearbook is compiled called
                                                                       Year 10 | Mr Darren Brown 872 9907 or 027 438 2772
The Chronicle. This is sent out in Term 1 of the following year, the
cost of this is charged to your account.                     

FACEBOOK                                                               SENIOR HOUSE BOARDING MANAGERS
The College has an official Facebook page as well as sports            Year 11 Mr Pomare Sidney 878 9714 or 027 785 3041
teams and interest groups such as College tours.                                                 Year 12 Mr Jared Fritchley 876 8566 or 027 683 2555
                                                                       Year 13 Mr Karl Jones 876 3501 or 021 225 5768
The College has an official Instagram page where you are able to
follow what is happening at the College. Search Instagram for
                                                                       BOARDING MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT
CONTACTING THE COLLEGE                                                 Director of Boarding | Mr Matthew Ahern
Parents have the opportunity to meet formally with teachers            872 9910 or 027 479 7524 |
twice a year to discuss their son’s progress. However, if you have     Nurse: Mrs Sandy Kennedy | 027 801 4753
any immediate concerns about your son’s academic progress or           Nurse Mrs Brenda Herbert | 027 801 4753
pastoral welfare, please contact your son’s House Dean or the          Nurse Ms Caroline Hills | 027 300 0015
Head of the Intermediate School if your son is Year 7 or 8.

New Student Handbook | Parent Information
EMAIL CONTACT                                                              •   Reason for absence
Staff email addresses can be found on the webpage:                         2) Mobile phone app
ABOUT US/Our People page and click on the staff name.                      Select ABSENTEE from the menu and follow the instructions.
For Enquiries on sports codes contact the Sports Director, Shea            For a period of a day or more, you must advise the College
McAleese, or the Sports Coordinator Emma Akeripa.                          email:

The College has a suite of communication tools including:                  This mobile app is for communication between home and
•   Our website                                  school and can be downloaded from the Apple store or
•   Lindisfarne App (see App)                                              Google+. The app has the following functions:
•   Schoology (see Schoology)                                              •    Absentee notification.
•   Parent Portal, known as KAMAR (see KAMAR)                              •    Key contacts at the College.
•   Electronic newsletter                                                  •    Daily Notices - the day-to-day student notices at the
•   Rector’s Newsletter                                                         College.
•   Facebook                                                               •    Links - links to information websites such as the weekly
•   Instragram                                                                  menu, programmes, documents.
                                                                           •    Alerts - subscription to Alerts for various areas of College
These tools are designed for a specific purpose and are                         life.
accessible to all parents of the College.                                  •    Latest news.
                                                                           •    Calendar - all College events (same calendar as on the
ACADEMIC AWARDS                                                                 website (NEWS & EVENTS/Calendar & Notices page).
Academic Awards are given to senior students who
demonstrate high achievement and/or effort. Academic                       APPOINTMENTS DURING THE DAY
Colours and Academic Ties (for attainment) and Rector’s                    If a student has a medical/dental appointment during the
Citations are awarded at the start of the year to recognise the            College day, the student should carry out the following
achievements of the student in the previous year. They can also            procedure:
be gained at the end of the year to recognise achievements                 •     Bring a written note from parent/caregiver to the office
throughout the current year. Excellence and Merit awards                         before 8.20am on the day where you will be issued with a
are given out during the year to recognise outstanding                           leave pass. Alternatively The parent/ caregiver should email
achievements in subject areas.                                                   the office in advance -
                                                                           •     When it is time to depart from class, show the leave pass to
A mix of streamed and mixed ability classes operates at Years                    the class teacher.
7–10. Year 10 students will be introduced to some NCEA Level               •     Sign out in the leave book outside at reception before
One papers in their core subjects. At the end-of-year Prize                      leaving and sign back in on return.
Giving ceremony, students are rewarded for their outstanding
achievements across a range of subjects and endeavours. The                BLAZER DAY - See Uniform.
Dux and Proxime Accessit are announced at the end-of-year
Prize Giving.                                                              BOARDING INFORMATION
                                                                           Boarding at Lindisfarne College is a very positive experience.
ACADEMIC COURSES                                                           Boarders are either full boarders or weekly boarders. Students
The College Academic Directory is available on the webpage:                in the Boarding House develop greater independence and
NEWS AND EVENTS/Publications. A summary of courses                         maturity; their organisational skills expand and they learn to live
offered by the College at each level is available and can be               with others in a supportive environment.
obtained by contacting Mr Ross Barry, Assistant Rector of the
Senior School or George Rogers from the Junior School.                     The Boarding House gives the boys the opportunity to develop
                                                                           networks and friendships that will last for life.
Please refer to Fees and Accounts.                                         The Boarding House is split into Junior and Senior dorms. There
                                                                           are Junior (Year 7-9 and Year 10), Senior (Year 11, Year 12 and
ATTENDANCE                                                                 13 Boarding Managers who oversee the welfare of the boys. A
The College Day runs from 8.20am to 3.20pm, although most                  full-time Nurse and Director of Boarding are also supported by
co-curricular activities take place outside these hours.                   five Managers and three Tutors, all of whom live onsite.

On Wednesdays school finishes at 2.50pm unless stated                      Jurisdiction for leave is to be completed by Thursday morning
otherwise.                                                                 of the week of the leave. Boys are not to travel in any vehicle
                                                                           other than that for which jurisdiction has been granted.
Late arrivals
Students must arrive at College in time for Tutor Class at 8.20am.         Boys are to return before school starts. After a holiday, all boys
If late, the student must first report to the College office to sign in.   must return to the College on the last evening prior to the start
                                                                           of school. This includes weekly boarders who would normally
Absence                                                                    return the next morning.
If a student is unable to attend the College due to sickness
or any other reason, the parent or caregiver must notify the               Visitors/parents are asked not to enter the hostels with the
College before 8.20am in one of the following three ways:                  exception of the beginning and end of terms.
1) Phone or email the office - Either email to or call the office on                      Visitors are to report to the Nurse or the College office upon
06 873 1136 before 8.20am with the following information in                arrival. All belongings must be clearly named. Junior boys are
this order:                                                                encouraged to have a lockable tuckbox to secure valuables.
•     Student’s name                                                       Senior boys are encouraged to bring a lock to lock the
•     Year level                                                           cupboard next to their bed to secure their valuables.
•     Time the student will be absent

Lindisfarne College
Any electrical devices that the students bring into the College         The computer programme Kiwi Careers is accessible from the
must be tagged to say they have been tested and are safety              College’s computers. For any enquiries about careers please
approved.                                                               contact the Careers Advisor:

The College dining room has a strict dress code: no jandals,            CARS, PARKING AND COLLEGE ACCESS
scuffs etc; senior boys must be tidily dressed (no singlets) and        The safety of our students is paramount at all times. We ask
there is to be no mixing of uniform and mufti. For a copy of the        parents and students to please respect the rules that govern
Boarding Handbook go to webpage: ADMISSIONS/forms.                      access to the College.

BOARDING BURSARIES                                                      The College is well serviced by a variety of bus services and we
A Boarding Bursary is available to rural parents who live               encourage families to make this their first choice of transport.
more than 4.8 kilometres from the bus stop to their nearest             We urge parents to help ease congestion on the College site
secondary school. For more information go to             by considering the use of these excellent bus services.
                                                                        Parent Cars
BUSES                                                                   All students should be dropped off in the drop-off via the main
The College is well serviced by our own College minibus routes          College entrance and adjacent to the main sports field. If there
throughout the Napier, Hastings and Taradale areas. Up-to-date          is a need to bring your vehicle on to the College site in the
bus routes are available from the College office.                       morning or afternoon, the student drop-off zone is situated by
                                                                        the Dibble Sculpture in front of the Auditorium.
The Napier service is dependent upon staff being able to drive
buses; the areas covered are Taradale and Napier Hill only.             While driving within the College confines please observe
Many use the public bus services. There is no service to Clive or       the 10km/hr speed limit. It is there to ensure the safety of all
other areas e.g. Puketapu.                                              pedestrians within the College.

Forms are sent out in Term 4 to apply for bus transport.                While on the College site, please respect the barrier arms
Bus fees are worked out by distance travelled and charged               placed across the access drives: they are there to ensure safety.
directly to the student’s College account. Full information on          Parent’s cars may not proceed past these points. There are
the fee structure is available from the College accounts office.        visitors’ car parks in front of the Homestead or in the parking
If you have any concerns regarding the bus service, please              area opposite the Auditorium.
contact the teacher in charge of coordinating this service via
the College office.                                                     Student Cars
                                                                        Students can only bring a car to the College if they have
                                                                        completed the relevant application form and had their
CALENDAR/TERM EVENTS                                                    application approved by the Deputy Rector. This privilege is
The calendar and term dates can be found on webpage:                    reserved for Year 12 and 13 students and the procedure is
NEWS & EVENTS/calendar and the mobile phone app where                   designed to ensure safety and to minimise parking difficulties
all College events, important dates and holidays are listed. At         on the College site. Any passengers must also be recorded
the beginning of each term a Term Calendar is posted out but,           on the vehicle permission form and have the written consent
as dates can sometimes change, please ensure you check the              of their parent/guardian and the driver’s parent/guardian.
dates against the website/app calendar for the most up-to-date          Permitted student drivers may not return to their cars during
information.                                                            the College day.

CAMPS/OUTDOOR EDUCATION                                                 Year 12 students are to park on Lyndhurst Road while Year 13
Each year the College offers separate camp/outdoor education            students are permitted to park in the front Pakowhai Road car
experiences for all Year 7-10 students. The Intermediate School         park. Bicycles are permitted solely for the purpose of transport
camp is held at the end of the year and involves activities that        to and from school. Entry and exit can be through the main
will encourage students to develop their confidence and skills          entrance or via the Lyndhurst Road entrance and boys are only
in the outdoors.                                                        allowed to ride on the tar-sealed driveways around the College.
                                                                        They must dismount at the end of the Science block and walk
Year 9 students have a ski camp that is held towards the end of         their bicycles to the stands by the Herrick Building.
Term 3. At the end of Term 4 Year 7 and 8 and Year 10 students
go on a camp and Year 9 have Activities Week.                           CELL PHONES
                                                                        The College recognises the importance of cell phones for all
The camps are well supported by staff and give students the             students. Please be aware that mobile phones must not be
opportunity to participate in a wide range of outdoor activities        used in classes. Any cell phone used during school classes or
and team-building programmes.                                           receiving calls in class, assembly or Chapel will be confiscated
                                                                        until the end of that College day and the student will also be
CAREERS ADVICE                                                          given a Friday after-school detention. A repetition of this will
Careers information and opportunities are readily available             result in the confiscation of the cell phone and its return at
from the Careers Advisor.                                               the conclusion of a meeting with either the Rector or Deputy
Individual interviews are conducted with all Year 13 students
to ascertain their needs for the following year but students            The College takes no responsibility for the security of student
and/or parents at any level may make an appointment for                 cell phones. They are the student’s responsibility during the
individual assistance with careers and course planning as well          day and they should be covered by their own appropriate
as subject selection. Tertiary liaison officers visit during the year   insurance.
to assist Year 13 students with university course planning, as
well as a wide range of personnel connected to work training            The Homestead has a designated student telephone, and
opportunities.                                                          the office is prepared to take messages for students or assist
                                                                        students in contacting parents or caregivers.
New Student Handbook | Parent Information
College bylaws state that no student shall use a camera or           as a learning tool. These are equipped with industry-standard
microphone on his phone to take photographs, videos or               application suites and curriculum-specific software. They are
sound recordings while on the school premises or involved            configured for access to the College’s intranet and internet.
with a school activity, unless permission has been given by a
staff member. Privacy issues mean that use of such phones is         All students can bring and use laptops to assist them in their
unacceptable at Lindisfarne College.                                 school work; these laptops will have access to the College’s
                                                                     intranet or internet and student access will be monitored. All
CHAPEL                                                               students must sign a Laptop Agreement which is attached to
Our College is firmly founded on Christian principles, and           the back of this booklet.
worship in the Chapel is a central feature of the life of our
College community. Our College motto, Ascensiones in Corde           COUNSELLOR
(Highways in the Heart) presents us with a special challenge as      The College employs a qualified Counsellor who is available in
we seek to encourage our students to know God and to serve           the afternoons and evenings (Monday – Thursday) for Boarding
others within and beyond our College community.                      students and all day Thursday for Day students. He is available
Mid-week Chapel services are held for all students during the        to meet with students who have been referred by staff or
College day (Tuesday and Thursday). These are compulsory             students who self-refer. All issues discussed are confidential
services which all students must attend.                             between the student and the Counsellor. The Counsellor can be
                                                                     contacted through the College office.
Sunday Chapel takes place up to four times per term.
Attendance is compulsory for two of the term services;               CURRICULUM
families can choose the two that they attend. The Chapels            Details of the Middle School (Yr 7–10) and Senior School (Yr
are all marked on the Term Events and College calendar. The          11–13) curriculum can be viewed on the College website:
Chapel services are held either in the evenings at 7pm or in         CORNERSTONES OF LEARNING/Academic Programme.
the mornings at 10am. Students are to sign in with their House
Dean at the conclusion of the Chapel service to record their         DAILY NOTICES
attendance.                                                          A list of important daily reminders is available for all students
                                                                     and staff at the start of each day. This reminds students of any
CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                                             important events for that particular day. If students are late and
Lindisfarne College believes in a holistic education with            have missed tutor time, they can access the daily notices via the
co-curricular activities being integral to a young person’s          mobile phone app (see APP for details).
development. The College offers an exceptionally wide
range of sporting, recreational, cultural, musical and other         DAILY ROUTINES
performance opportunities, ensuring students can discover            MON, TUES, WED, THURS & FRI – Day school
their potential, explore their interests and strive for excellence   8.20am		      Tutor Group
in their activity of choice. These activities greatly assist in      8.30am		      Period 1
gaining confidence and building self-esteem as well as making        9.30am		      Period 2
constructive use of leisure time.                                    10.30am		     INTERVAL
                                                                     10.50am		     Period 3
Most of the practices for these activities take place either         11.50am		     Period 4
before or after school and all students are encouraged to            12.30pm		     Intermediate School Lunch
participate.                                                         12.40pm		     Yr 9 Lunch
                                                                     12.50pm		     LUNCH
CODE OF CONDUCT                                                      12.55pm		     Yr 12 Lunch
All students are expected to maintain the highest standard           1.00pm		      Yr 11 Lunch
of courtesy and behaviour, understanding that there are              1.10pm		      Yr 10 Lunch
consequences for poor behaviour.                                     1.50pm		      Assembly/Chapel/Meetings/Wed-Lesson 5
COLLEGE COUNCIL                                                      2.20pm		      Period 5 Wed-School finishes at 2.50pm
Lindisfarne College is governed by the College Council, which        		            unless stated activity
combines the parent-elected Board of Trustees with College           3.20pm		      Lessons end
Proprietors who manage the hostel and the special character
of our integrated school. Composed of elected parent, staff          DENTIST/DOCTOR APPOINTMENT
and student representatives, as well as co-opted members,            It is preferable that these be made outside College hours.
the group is a dedicated, hard-working team which meets              Where this is not possible, please refer to the procedures
regularly to discuss and confirm the school’s policies and           detailed under the heading Attendance.
direction. Responsible for the financing of the school, the
council “provides generous staffing over entitlement to extend       DISCIPLINE
students’ learning opportunities”. (ERO Report)                      It is the aim of the College that students; develop a sense of
                                                                     purpose, are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions,
COLLEGE PRAYER                                                       develop self-discipline and consider the wellbeing of others.
God our Heavenly Father,                                             A restorative justice approach is used to resolve any issues or
Grant your blessing on our school.                                   conflicts. At times the College may need to apply a range of
Give to us the true love of knowledge                                consequences, including the following:
And so guide our work and games,                                     •      Restorative meetings
Our clubs and societies,                                             •      After-school detentions (Friday 3.30 - 4.30pm)
That we may take home and into the community                         •      Saturday detention (Saturday 9am – 12 noon)
That ideal of service which you give us in your son, Jesus Christ    •      Detentions must be attended and take precedence over
our Lord. AMEN                                                              other activities. Serious misdemeanours may result in a
                                                                            Stand Down or Suspension and ultimately Exclusion or
COMPUTERS AND LAPTOPS                                                       Expulsion from the College.
All students attending the College have access to computers

Lindisfarne College
EXAMINATIONS/ASSESSMENTS                                               helping each boy develop time-management, learning and
The Middle School conducts common assessments in an                    study skills to gain independence. Eligibility for this programme
examination setting over three days during Term 2.                     is based on a set of criteria; Students require a SPELD or Lucid
Final examinations for the Middle School classes occur in Term         report demonstrating language processing difficulties, or a
4. Subjects in the Middle School also run internal assessments         history of diagnostics showing a two-year or greater deficit in
throughout the year.                                                   reading age.
Senior School students have an Assessment Week which is held
in Term 2. College Benchmark examinations are held in Term 3           If more information is required, please contact Mrs Kristy Biggs:
with external national examinations (NCEA) taking place from  or on ext 774.
mid-November to early
December.                                                              GIVING
                                                                       The commitment from our College community to giving
Assessment requirements are different for each subject.                provides a sustainable base of support, allowing us to complete
Individual subject teachers will make this information available       a range of smaller projects that fulfil an urgent need, or support
to their students early in their course. It is also available in the   an initiative to inspire, excite and challenge the boys. The
academic directory which can be found on the College website.          boys will have a better learning experience and their lives will
All subjects in the Senior School offer internal assessment which      be enhanced by every gift and Lindisfarne College is grateful
will take place throughout the year.                                   for the support it receives from its parents, grandparents,
                                                                       board members, staff, Old Boys and members of the wider
EXIT PROCEDURES/WITHDRAWALS                                            community. The College Foundation provides opportunities
If your son is permanently leaving the College at any level            for annual giving, bequests or other donations. For further
other than at the end of Year 13, you must inform the College          information please contact our Advancement Manager, Nicola
in writing, giving the required term’s notice. This can be done        Parsons:
either by email: or by post to the
attention of the Rector.                                               HEALTH AND WELLNESS
                                                                       We ask that you submit your child’s health details electronically
There is an official exit procedure to be followed that                along with immunisation records, on our Health Questionaire
involves the return of all books, the closure of accounts and          which you can find on our website: ‘ADMISSIONS/ Start Of Year
the forwarding of educational information. Testimonials are            Info/forms and booklets’. It is vital we receive this information
dependent on this being completed correctly. Year 12 students          before your son starts so he can receive the appropriate care
leaving to go into the workforce or to a tertiary institution can      and in the event of a medical emergency. Should your son’s
apply for a testimonial through the College office.                    medical circumstances change at anytime please ensure the
                                                                       College is notified.
Each year the College Council reviews the level of fees                All medical information remains confidential. All students
and adjusts these accordingly. The Council is responsible              with food or environmental allergies are required to have an
for establishing the resources needed to maintain the high             ASCIA (Action Plan for Anaphylaxis or Action Plan for Allergic
standards of the College and to provide those resources                Reactions) prepared by their Doctor or Nurse Practitioner and
necessary for the continued development of the facilities and          forwarded to the College nurse before commencement of
property.                                                              school.

Fees are due for payment by the beginning of Terms 1, 2, 3             For students with asthma, an Asthma Action Plan is required.
and 4. Please note that one full term’s notice is required prior       Should your son become ill or injured while at school, he is
to withdrawal, otherwise a maximum of one term’s fees will be          seen by the College’s nursing staff who are situated in the
charged.                                                               Health Centre. If the injury or illness is such that your son needs
                                                                       to go home or requires further medical attention, parents or
Any queries may be directed to the Bursar: Mr Barry Law or             emergency contact will be notified.
                                                                       Please do not send your son to school if he is clearly unwell. If
A schedule of the 2020 fees is attached to the back of this            he has symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, he is not to return
booklet.                                                               to school until 48 hours from last episode.

GALA                                                                   Year 7 (Boostrix/TDP) and Year 8 (HPV) are part of the Ministry
The annual Parents and Friends Gala is a highlight of the              of Health funded School Immunisation Program and these start
College year and raises significant funds for the College.             in early March.
You can help by joining the organising committee, putting
your hand up to help on one of the many stalls on the day, or          Annual Flu and Meningococcal (booster every 5 years) vaccines
donating goods or produce. For more information contact the            are offered in the school clinic during March each year by Dr
Secretary of the PFA:                             McCrory (College Dr). The College will send out information
                                                                       and consents for all vaccinations.
The College runs a Gifted and Talented programme for                   All vaccinations will only take place with a signed consent from
identified students in a range of areas. Any queries regarding         parents.
this programme should be directed to the Gifted and Talented
Coordinator or the Assistant Rector of either the Middle School        The Ministry of Health recommends that your sons routine /
or the Senior School.                                                  recommended vaccinations are kept up to date. Year 7 Basic
                                                                       Vision testing will be done at school through the DHB.
GROWTH AND PROGRESS PROGRAMME (GAP)                                    All Year 7 & 8 students are seen through the Mahora
This is a programme offering additional support in developing          Community Dental Clinic. This is arranged through the
reading, writing, numeracy and processing skills. The benefits         College Nurse. Year 9-13 will need to be seen by their family
of the GAP programme extend to other subjects as well as               dentist or by arrangement through the Nurse.
New Student Handbook | Parent Information
                                                                     the Head of the Intermediate School oversees the welfare of
Dental care is Ministry of Health funded up to 18 years of age.      Year 7 and 8 students.
All medications are to be kept in the Health Centre with the         Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers twice a
Nurses with the exception of inhalers, epipen and insulin.           year to discuss student progress. However, if you have any
Please speak to the Nurses if you have any concerns or               immediate concerns about your son’s academic progress or
questions.                                                           pastoral welfare, please contact your son’s House Dean.

HISTORY                                                              DEANS SENIOR SCHOOL
Lindisfarne College opened its doors to 33 foundation pupils         Aidan Mr Fraser Harrison 027 468 2535
on April 14, 1953, but it was the generosity of EJ Herrick 
which made the creation of Lindisfarne a possibility. In 1951 he     Cuthbert Mr Ben Spriggens 021 0223 1022
offered the land and buildings of his Hastings farmlet named
“Lindisfarne” to the Presbyterian Church for £20,000 — leaving       Durham Mr Matt Kidd 027 497 5007
£5,000 to the College as a gift if the extra £15,000 was raised
within a month. Excited by the prospect of establishing a            Oswald Mr Blair Adams 021 180 7367
private Presbyterian Boys’ Boarding School in Hastings, the
school’s 3 founding fathers - Reverend FH Robertson (the
College’s first Rector), A Kirkpatrick (the first College Council    KAMAR (Parent Portal)
Chairman) and RD Brown - arranged the purchase within the            KAMAR is the Student Management System where all
time, thanks to the generosity of a relatively small group of        assessment, reporting and attendance information is reported,
local supporters.                                                    as per the Ministry of Education guidelines.

The beautiful park-like surroundings of the school grounds, and      Here you can see your son’s timetable, NCEA results, awards
the gracious old 3-storeyed Homestead building, have been            and attendance record. You can also see the school calendar
nurtured and well maintained so that the College environment         and daily notices – a detailed account of the day-to-day notices
is a peaceful and pleasant educational environment for pupils        at the College (which is also accessible via the Lindisfarne App).
and staff. The old tennis court area, dating from the 1900’s, has
evolved into the sweeping Homestead lawn, edged by flower            LEADERSHIP
beds, native ferns bordering the trickling stream and many           Leadership opportunities and positions of responsibility are
marvellous old English trees.                                        offered to students in the Senior School.

The College Council marked the new millennium with extensive         The College appoints Full School Prefects in Year 13. In
renovations of the Homestead building, managing to keep its          addition to the College’s Full School Prefect team, leadership
olde-worlde charm by employing skilled craftsmen to renew            roles are offered within the Boarding House, House
the wooden panelling, leather armchairs and tiled roofing.           Committees and other senior councils.
The Homestead now houses the staffroom, Rector’s office and
Boardroom as well as the Administration areas.                       LIBRARY
                                                                     The Library is open for research and for borrowing from 8.20am
HOLIDAYS/TERM DATES                                                  to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday; 8.20am to 3.20pm Friday; and
Term dates are on the Term Events that is mailed home for the        1pm to 5pm Sunday.
start of each term and webpage: NEWS & EVENTS/calendar.
                                                                     All students are able to borrow library resources. Books
Families are encouraged to make holiday plans during College         and other borrowed material should be returned as soon as
holidays only. Any requests for a student to be absent during        students have finished with them. For more information, please
term time should be directed to the Deputy Rector.                   contact the Librarian, Mrs Bev Harrison:
                                                            extn 707.
HOMEWORK                                                             We have a small range of books by writers such as Celia Lashlie
Homework is an important part of a student’s education at the        and Nigel Latta which may be of interest to parents. Parents are
College and is set to reflect or reinforce what is being taught or   welcome to borrow books of interest.
going to be taught in class. Parents can assist staff in ensuring
that homework is done conscientiously. Each student in Years         LOST PROPERTY
7-11 has a Student Diary in which homework is recorded daily.        All items of clothing must be clearly named. All lost property is
It also contains a section through which the teacher and the         kept in a cupboard by the Director of Boarding’s office situated
parent may communicate, if necessary, regarding homework.            next to the surgery. Please note that any unclaimed items will
Failure to do homework will result in a consequence. Persistent      be disposed of.
failure will be discussed with parents and the House Dean.
HONOURS BOARD                                                        The motto of the College is Ascensiones in Corde – Highways
Each academic year, the names of students who exceed a               in the Heart.
Grade Point Average of 80% for NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 over
5 subjects, those who obtain New Zealand Scholarship, the            The crest’s diagonal per saltire division of the shield refers to
Dux and the Proxime Accessit, will be entered on the Honours         the Cross of St Andrew, thus the Scottish origin of St Aidan,
Boards that are placed in appropriate areas of the College.          the first Bishop of Lindisfarne, and it is St Cuthbert’s Cross
                                                                     which is the dominant feature of the shield. The red and silver
HOUSE SYSTEM                                                         of the quarters are for the College colours, while the blue
The House system, with its four Houses – Aidan, Cuthbert,            wavy bars on the silver refer to the sea travels of the saints
Durham and Oswald – is the central structure through which           of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, and more appropriately to
the pastoral care dimension of the College is fostered. Every        the establishment of the College, so far across the sea. St
student is linked to one of the Houses. Sons of Old Boys are         Cuthbert is alluded to, not only in the cross but also in the
placed in their father’s House. There are four Deans of the          hands supporting the head of St Oswald which was buried at
Houses overseeing the pastoral care of students. In addition,        Lindisfarne, and subsequently placed in the

Lindisfarne College
St Cuthbert coffin.                                                   PARENTS AND FRIENDS ASSOCIATION
                                                                      The objective of the Parents and Friends Association is to
MUSIC – PERFORMANCE AND TUITION                                       provide the link between the College Council, BOT, the Rector,
Learning a musical instrument has significant positive effects        the teaching staff and the parents of the students attending
on brain development, social skills and general organisational        Lindisfarne College. They provide a medium whereby parents
skills in boys. This is why we strongly encourage our students to     and others can assist the College in a practical way through
learn a musical instrument.                                           fundraising for the benefit of the students; they assist in
                                                                      advocacy as the Association has a parent representative on the
Individual or small-group tuition is available in the following       BOT and on the Foundation.
instruments: voice, clarinet, saxophone, brass (trumpet,
trombone etc.), flute, strings, guitar, percussion and drums,         The Parents and Friends Association meets once a term and
piano, keyboard, bagpipes. A request for tuition should be            the dates of these meetings are advised on the College
made online through our website: ADMISSIONS/Forms. The                website. The AGM is held on the College Swimming Sports day
form also outlines how lesson structure and includes costs            at midday.
                                                                      If you would like more information about joining the
The following music ensembles are available for students              Association, go to the college website: COMMUNITY/parents-
learning a musical instrument, which cater to a wide variety          and-friends for key committee contact details.
of skill levels, from beginner to advanced: Training Band,
Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Music,               PARENT HELP
Guitar Ensembles, Pipe Band, Junior and Senior Choir, Junior          Parent help is welcomed in many areas of the College. In
and Senior Rock Band. There are also many opportunities for           addition to the activities of the Parents and Friends
students to perform in, including the annual Performing Arts          Association the College particularly welcomes offers of help in
Concert, Aspiring Performers Concert, Lunchtime Concerts and          coaching or managing one of the many sporting teams across
other events including the School Gala.                               a large number of codes. If you would like to offer help please
                                                                      contact the College office.
If you have any questions or require information, please contact
Dr Flemming Kristensen, Director of Music and Performing Arts,        PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS AND REPORTS, (06) 8733136, ext. 783.          The College makes every endeavour to ensure good
                                                                      communication between teachers and parents about the
NEWSLETTER                                                            progress and welfare of students. Parents have the opportunity
The College website has a news feed that reports daily/weekly         to meet with teachers twice a year to discuss student progress
news on events and happenings at the College which is linked          (Start of Term 2 and start of Term 3). However, if you have
to a comprehensive online newsletter called Life at Lindisfarne,      any immediate concerns about your son’s academic progress
which is also accessible via the College App (see APP for             or pastoral care, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s
details).                                                             House Dean.

The College also produces the Rector’s Newsletter which is            Parent/teacher interviews can be booked online at www.
mailed directly to homes four times a year. If your son has a Dates for interviews and reports are
notable achievement outside of the College, please make your          always notified on the Term Calendar with a reminder placed in
son’s House Dean aware. If it is a sporting achievement, please       the College e-newsletter.
also notify the Director of Sport extn 702.
                                                                      PARKING/COLLEGE ACCESS
OFFICE HOURS                                                          Please refer to Cars/Parking.
The College office is open for general inquiries from 8am to
4pm during term Time. The office is open on the last day of           PASTORAL CARE
each school holiday.                                                  Our Pastoral Care system aims to cater for the well-being of
                                                                      all students. This is carried out through the House system with
OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION (LCOB)                                          Deans having oversight of a House within the Day school.
The subscription for the Old Boys’ Association is included in         Individuals and groups of students are monitored in their
Term 3 of the first year’s fees (and continues for 3 years ie. $100   progress – socially, academically and emotionally.
x 3 years), making all students life members after graduation.
The aims of the Association are to encourage a kindred spirit         Occasionally a student may need a little more care than usual.
and ongoing communication between former students and the             When there is a need, the College Counsellor is available
College.                                                              to offer guidance and support. He is highly experienced in
                                                                      supporting teenagers in need of counselling.
The Association undertakes several social activities each year as
well as sponsoring two annual scholarships that supports a Year       Parents are encouraged to make contact with their son’s House
9 son of an Old Boy for his first 3 years at the College.             Dean if they have any concerns about their well-being.

Summer Old Boys’ Sports Day – second Wednesday of Term 1              PRIZE GIVING
Winter Old Boys’ Sports Day – last Wednesday of Term 2                Students are rewarded for outstanding performance at
Contact details and information about upcoming Old Boys’              assemblies throughout the year. The main formal Prize
functions can be viewed on webpage: COMMUNITY/Old Boys                Giving event (Sports, Cultural and Academic) occurs at the
or on the Old Boys’ Facebook page.                                    end of the academic year. Parents are invited to attend these
                                                                      special College events.
Lindisfarne College has a long history of giving students the         PUBLICATIONS
opportunity to be challenged in an outdoor setting away from          - College Online News– accessible via the home page website
the College. Education outside the classroom takes many forms           and Lindisfarne app (on a smartphone) College Rector’s.
from field trips (curriculum) to the traditional Year level camps.    - Newsletter – printed quarterly.
New Student Handbook | Parent Information
- Email Newsletter (Life at Lindisfarne) emailed fortnightly with
  links to news and events at the College Old Boys’ Magazine. -     More than 30 students are involved in the annual Drama/
- Highways – June and December.                                     Musical Production that is held in conjunction with Iona
- College Yearbook The Chronicle – Term 1 (for the previous         College and Woodford House. If your son is interested in
  year).                                                            being involved he needs to check the daily notices or you can
                                                                    make direct contact with the Director of Performing Arts, Mr
REPORTS                                                             Flemming Kristensen:
Please refer to Parent/Teacher Interviews and Reports.              Every boy from Years 9-12 must prepare and present a
                                                                    3-minute speech to his class in the annual Churchill
SERVICE PROGRAMME                                                   Oratory Competitions. The finalists present their speeches to
The College encourages boys to embrace the ideal of service         the College.
before self.
                                                                    Impromptu, Bible Reading, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival
Year 10 boys are encouraged to take part in the Duke of             and Korimako Competitions are also vehicles for public
Edinburgh’s Hillary Award. It introduces young people to            speaking skills to be developed.
exciting, positive, challenging and enjoyable things to do in
their free time. The boys are required as part of the Award         SPORTS
to give service in the community for at least 15 hours spread       At Lindisfarne College sport is compulsory for all boys
out over at least three months at Bronze level. For further         (summer and winter) as it openly engenders fitness and healthy
information, please contact the Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator      competition and develops team spirit and a sense of fair play.
on email:                            We offer a comprehensive sports programme that caters for all
                                                                    interests and abilities, giving all of our students the opportunity
SICKNESS                                                            to represent the College with pride.
Please refer to Attendance/Health and Wellbeing.
                                                                    All boys are expected to attend all sporting events (including
SOCIALS                                                             those at school) in full tracksuit. This is the only sporting
Middle School students have the opportunity to attend staff-        apparel that can be worn in the dining room.
supervised socials during the course of the year.
The dates of these socials are in the Term Events Calendar.         Currently the College has well in excess of 74 sporting teams
The socials are between Iona College, Woodford House and            across more than 15 sporting codes. Students are notified
Lindisfarne College, with each school hosting one social.           through the daily notices when musters and trials will take
The main focus of the Senior School social calendar is the          place.
College Ball held each year. This is a formal occasion for Year
12 and 13 students and their partners, which is well supervised     If your son has a notable sporting achievement out of the
by both staff and parents.                                          College, please notify by email Director of Sport or on ext 702.

The specific date of the College Ball is in the Term Events         SPORTS EXCHANGES
Calendar but it is usually held at the beginning of Term 2.         Lindisfarne College has a long and proud sporting exchange
                                                                    programme. We have been playing winter and summer sports
SCHOOLOGY                                                           exchanges with the following schools:
This is the College’s Learning Management System. Teachers          •     Whanganui Collegiate
use this tool to assist in the delivery of the Curriculum,          •     Rathkeale College
assessments, grading and other classroom learning                   •     Scots College
opportunities. It is also a common communication platform for       •     St Paul’s Collegiate School (Cricket and Tennis only)
teachers and boys at the College. The tool allows teachers to       •     St Kentigern College (Rugby only)
create, manage and share information with their classes. Boys       •     St Andrew’s College (Rugby only)
using Schoology can access assignments, collaborate with their      •     Hutt International Boys’ School (Junior Exchange)
teachers and classmates, see grades and work on self-paced          •     St George’s School (Junior Exchange)
learning activities at school and at home.                          •     Wellesley College (Junior Exchange)
                                                                    •     St Paul’s Collegiate School (Junior Exchange – Winter)
As a parent using your Schoology login you can see what             These exchanges operate on a home and away basis each year,
your son is working on. At the start of the year, parents will be   i.e. winter exchange at home and summer exchange away.
notified with login details.
                                                                    Boys involved in the teams that compete at these exchanges
SPEECH, DRAMA AND DEBATING                                          must travel in their blazers.
Oral Communication classes are compulsory in the Middle
School. This develops the boys’ confidence and abilities in         SPORTS AWARDS
many areas of oral communication: from one-to-one informal          Our top sporting students are recognised in assemblies and
conversations to formal speech examinations assessed by             Prize Giving. The pinnacle of sporting awards at the College is
Speech NZ examiners.                                                the College Colours. Colours are awarded in a single chosen
                                                                    field of endeavour with the criteria being:
We have teams competing in the Hawke’s Bay Inter-Secondary          1. Excellence of performance, skill and technique, often
Schools Debating Competition.                                            leading to major provincial representative honours
                                                                    2. Consistent level of performance at the top level
All Year 7-9 pupils take Oral Communication as part of their        3. Unselfish dedication and commitment as well as a sincere
classes. Year 10 students can select Speech and Drama as an              and positive contribution
option subject. All students are given the opportunity to take      4. A capacity to act as a role model to all others.
private lessons in Speech and Drama through the Colleges
                                                                    Nominations for Colours are made in writing by coaches or
Speech teachers. If you are interested in arranging private
                                                                    teachers in charge and must be accompanied by supporting
lessons for your son through the College, please contact Mrs
                                                                    texts outlining the achievements of the student.
Atkin via the College Office: 06 873 1136.
                                                                    Silver Fern Award
Lindisfarne College
Awarded to students who represent New Zealand.                        worn with pride at all times.
                                                                      •   Only designated shoes may be worn. ( Black shoes that
National Champion Award                                                   can be polished, preferably lace up, no boots.)
Awarded to students who are national champions in their               •   No jewellery is to be worn, apart from a watch.
sporting disapline.                                                   •   No visible body piercing or tattoos.
                                                                      •   All items of clothing must be clearly named.
STUDENT STATIONERY                                                    •   Hair must be tidy, tapered and off the ears and collar. Hair
The College uses School Supplies online stationery (www.                  must be brushed and a natural colour – frosting/artificial for major stationery purchases at the start of           colouring is not allowed. No shaved or stepped areas and
each year. A link to their website can also be found through:             nothing shorter than a Number 3 comb is allowed. Gel,
ADMISSIONS/ Start of Year Information                                     wax or other hair products are prohibited.
                                                                      •   Boys must be clean-shaven.
SWIMMING POOL                                                         •   Day school uniform can be purchased from Thomson’s
The swimming pool is available to authorised users only. Please           Suits in Hastings.
respect the Conditions of Use statement clearly displayed on
the entrance gate.                                                    UNIFORM SHOP
                                                                      The Parents and Friends Association co-ordinates the Uniform
TENNIS COURTS                                                         Shop. The Uniform Shop is for the purchase of various second-
The tennis courts are available to authorised users only. Please      hand school uniform items as well as new sports uniform items.
respect the Conditions of Use clearly displayed on the entrance       This shop is open on the afternoon of the return of boarders to
gate.                                                                 school each term and every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to
Term dates are marked on the Term Events that is mailed home          There are other open days throughout December and January,
at the start of each term, as well as on webpage: NEWS &              which are advised in the school newsletter and on the website.
EVENTS/calendar and the College App.                                  The shop is situated in the Herrick Building next to the
                                                                      Technology Block.
Year 13 students and students leaving from Year 12 to go              The shop is manned by parent volunteers who work in the shop
into the workforce or to a tertiary institution can apply for a       on sale days and on a weekly basis on a roster system and the
testimonial from the College. For more information, please            Association thanks them for their patience and helpfulness!
contact the College office.
                                                                      When clothes are submitted for sale in the shop they are priced
TEXT BOOK ISSUE AND CONDITION                                         considering their wear and tear. As the items are sold, 20%
Text books are issued free of charge at the beginning of each         is deducted by the shop for handling fees. The payments to
year.                                                                 parents who have submitted clothing (and it has been sold) are
                                                                      made each term.
They are issued on the condition that each text is maintained in
good condition throughout the year. The student is responsible        REMINDER: Clothes for sale through the Uniform Shop can
for repairs that become necessary through misuse. A scale             be left at the front office reception desk. They are to be freshly
of charges applies if the text is lost or not returned in good        laundered and, in the case of blazers, dry cleaned. To view
condition. This ranges from 50% to the full replacement cost of       the Conditions of Sale and view the Uniform Booklet go to
the book.                                                             webpage: ADMISSIONS/forms.

TIMETABLE                                                             VALUABLE POSSESSIONS
Lindisfarne College operates a five-day academic timetable.           The College takes no responsibility for large sums of money
Your son will be issued with his timetable at the start of the year   or for the security of valuable possessions which are brought
and prior to any option change that takes place. If he loses his      to the College. Valuable items such as cameras, musical
timetable he can collect another one from the College office.         instruments, audio equipment, computers and cell phones
                                                                      should be covered by appropriate insurance and students must
TUTOR GROUP                                                           take full responsibility for them.
All students belong to one of four houses: Aidan, Cuthbert,
Durham and Oswald. Within each house Years 9-13 belong to a           VISITORS
Tutor Group.                                                          All visitors to the College, irrespective of purpose, must report
                                                                      to the main reception first to sign in and receive a visitor’s
Identifying Tutor Group Names: All Tutor Groups are identified        badge. At the conclusion of their visit they are required to sign
according to their House and Tutor initials. E.g. Mr Stuart           out.
Duff’s Tutor Group would be known as CSD. For a full list go to
webpage: ABOUT US/people.                                             There are a few car parks reserved for visitors in front of the
                                                                      Homestead. If these are not available, visitors are required to
UNIFORM/APPEARANCE                                                    park in the main park adjacent to the driveway.
There is a summer and winter uniform for both Year 7-11 and
Year 12-13 boys.                                                      WEIGHTS ROOM
                                                                      The College has a fully equipped Fitness and Weights Room
For a full guide on uniform see the Uniform section of this           available for authorised users. For further information, please
book.                                                                 contact the Director of Sport, Mr Shea McAleese:
                                                             or ext. 702.
If a student arrives at school in the wrong uniform for that day,
he should report to the College office for a Uniform Pass.            WITHDRAWAL/EXIT PROCEDURES
Naturally, a high standard of dress and cleanliness is expected       Please refer to Exit Procedures.
and the College uniform should be clean, pressed, tidy and
You can also read