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Dear Parents and Families of the Class of 2021,

On behalf of the Norwich University Parents & Family Association, welcome to
Norwich! The Class of 2021 is a special one. Norwich will celebrate its bicentennial
in 2019 and this class will be here as we begin our third century of excellence in
education and service to our nation! I am a graduate of Norwich and my son is a
member of the Class of 2019. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Families of our incoming students often have questions. The Norwich University
Parent & Family Association (NUPFA) provides resources and a network of
support. Comprised of parents of current students, NUPFA volunteers will help
keep you engaged, informed, and connected to Norwich and your student’s
education. A list of parent mentors is attached. Additional resources are on the
NUPFA website at and the NUPFA Facebook
page at The staff in the Alumni & Family Relations Office
is also available to answer your questions and concerns. You can reach them at
(802) 485-2100 or by email at

I want to extend a personal invitation to Parent & Family Weekend, October 5–8.
Beginning with the NUPFA buffet dinner on Thursday, October 5, the schedule
showcases academic, athletic, and corps accomplishments. For parents of Rooks,
this will be your first opportunity to spend time with your student both on and off
campus. Parents and families may attend all or part of the weekend. Remember to
make your lodging reservations early and be sure to mention that you are visiting
Norwich. Many local hotels offer discounts to NU families.

I hope you enjoy the time leading up to your arrival at Norwich. I look forward to
meeting all of you in the months ahead.

Welcome to the NU family!

Mark Madsen ’82 & P’19
President, NU Parent & Family Association
(603) 471-0000
Joanne & Fredric Amidon P’18     Tony & Colleen DeLiberato P’17          Ken & Pam Hepburn P’11             Kit McCarthy P’18
Son: Corps, Army, MCW,           Son: Corps, Army,                       Son: Civilian, Financial           Son: Corps, Criminal Justice
Political Science                Criminal Justice/Sociology              Economics/Management               Belmont, MA
York, ME                         Dayton, OH                              Northfield, VT                     (617) 957-6272
(207) 752-2891                   (937) 885-5857                          (802) 485-2827                          
                                                                                                            Dan & Sue Murphy P’15
Kathy Camburn P’11               Nick & Christine DeSilvio               Kristen Hixon P’19                 Son: Corps, Ranger Co., History
Son: Corps, Hotel Co., History   P’18, P’19, P’20, P’21                  Son: Civilian, Management          Hatboro, PA
Stratford, NJ                    Daughter & Sons: 2-Civilian, 2-Corps,   Rutland, VT                        (215) 394-5492
(856) 261-4961                   Criminal Justice                        (802) 236-4966                    Basketball, Football          
                                                                                                            Denise & Dave Oliveira P’12
                                 Chelmsford, MA
Sylvia Carneiro P’19                                                     Deb & Matt Hudak P’10              Son: Corps, Alpha Co.
                                 (978) 807-3359
Son: Corps, Criminal Justice                                             Son: Corps, Band Co.,              Westerly, RI
West Hartford, CT                                                        Criminal Justice                   (401) 596-2107
(860) 977-9657                   Scott & Kathy Dow P’18                  Hadley, MA                          Son: Corps, Communications              (413) 549-0174
                                                                                Chris & Brenda Primiano P’17
                                 Rutland, MA
Suzanne Clancy P’16                                                                                         Son: Corps, Cavalry, Navy,
                                 (508) 868-1392
Son: Corps, Air Force,                                                   Patrick & Donna Jette P’18         Criminal Justice
Mechanical Engineering                                                   Son: Corps, Navy, Drill Company,   Weymouth, MA
Brick, NJ                        John & Donna Dupré P’18                 Computer & Security Information    (781) 337-1102
(908) 783-0318                   Son: Corps, NAB, Army,                  Assurance                             Studies in War & Peace                  Shelton, CT
                                                                         (203) 873-1770                     Dave & Stacey Whaley ’76
                                 Hudson, MA
Fran & Fran Cleary P’09                                                      P’16 & P’17
                                 (508) 353-8225
Son: Corps,                                                                                                 Son: Civilian, History, Baseball
English/Communications                                                   Mark Madsen ’82 & P’19             Daughter: Civilian, Nursing
Pembroke, MA                     Will & Pat Goodwin P’15                 Current NUPFA Chair                Northfield, VT
(617) 435-1958                   Son: Corps, Criminal Justice            Son: Civilian, Engineering,        (802) 485-2347                 Weymouth, MA                            Baseball, Honors Student 
                                 (781) 710-5571                          New Boston, NH
Joe & Donna Cox P’16                                                                                        Amy Yanoshik P’16
                                        (603) 471-0000
Son: Corps, History                                                                                         Son: Corps, Drill Co., Navy,
Ossining, NY                                                                                                Criminal Justice
(914) 373-8418, (914) 373-1128                                                                              Whitehall, NY                                                                                      (484) 553-4525

A Selected Chronology of Norwich History
1819	Founded by Captain Alden Partridge at Norwich,
         Vermont as “The American Literary, Scientific, and                           CADET HANDBOOK EXCERPTS
         Military Academy.”
1820	Band organized, oldest collegiate band in the
         nation. First instruction in Civil Engineering offered   STATEMENT OF GUIDING VALUES                          MISSION STATEMENT, 1843 CATALOGUE
         in the U.S.
1825      Academy moved to Middletown, CT.                        Norwich University was founded in 1819 by            To give our youth an education that shall be
1829	Academy moved back to Vermont following                     Captain Alden Partridge, U.S. Army, and is the       American in its character to enable them to act as
         Connecticut’s refusal to grant a charter.                oldest private military college in the country.      well as to think to execute as well as to conceive
1834	Academy received a charter from the state of                Norwich University is a diversified academic         “to tolerate all opinions when reason is left free to
         Vermont recognizing the institution as Norwich
         University.                                              institution that educates traditional age students   combat them” to make moral, patriotic, efficient,
1866	South Barracks at Norwich, Vermont burned;                  in a Corps of Cadets or as civilians, and adult      and useful citizens, and to qualify them for all
         Norwich moved to Northfield, Vermont.                    students. Norwich identifies the following as our    those high responsibilities resting upon a citizen
1868     First building erected in Northfield, Vermont,          guiding values.                                      of this free republic.
          named Old Barracks renamed Jackman Hall in 1907.
1880	University name changed by Vermont Legistlative             1. We are men and women of Honor and
          Act to Lewis College, restored to Norwich                  Integrity. We shall not tolerate those who lie,   NORWICH HISTORY
          University in 1884.
                                                                     cheat, or steal.                                  Founded in Norwich, Vermont, by Captain
1898	Norwich designated as “The Military College of the
          State of Vermont” by the Vermont Legislature.           2. We are dedicated to learning, emphasizing        Alden Partridge in 1819 as the American Literary
1916	Norwich made a Senior Division, Cavalry Unit, of               teamwork, leadership, creativity, and critical    and Scientific and Military Academy, Norwich
          the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, Harold “Doc”                                                           is the nation’s oldest private military college and
          Martin entered the University. The first African           thinking.
          American cadet.                                                                                              is recognized by the Department of Defense as
                                                                  3. We respect the right to diverse points of view
1923      Class ring tradition started.                                                                                the birthplace of the nation’s Reserve Officers’
                                                                     as a corner stone of our democracy.
1943      Early Commencement due to WWII.                                                                              Training Corps (ROTC) concept. Norwich is
1943-46	University facilities devoted to Army Air Corps Air      4. We encourage service to nation and others        regarded as one of the nation’s leading military
          Crew Training Program, Army Specialized Training           before self.                                      educational institutions.
          Program, and Army Specialized Training Reserve
          Program; there was no Corps of Cadets.                  5. We stress being physically fit and drug-free.
1946	    Horse cavalry officially replaced by armored cavalry.   6. To live the Norwich motto, – “I will try!” –     UNIVERSITY MOTTO – “I WILL TRY!”
1950	Corps reorganized from squadron to a regiment;                                                                   The inspiration for the Norwich University
          Cadet Colonel Walter T. Burch is named the first           meaning perseverance in the face of adversity.
          Cadet Colonel 1949-50.                                  7. We stress self-discipline, personal              motto, “I will try!” was provided by the War of
1951      Honor System adopted.                                      responsibility, and respect for law.              1812. At the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, July 5, 1814,
1972	Merger with Vermont College. Air Force ROTC                                                                      Colonel James Miller, commander of the U.S.
          started.                                                8. We hold in highest esteem our people and         21st Infantry Regiment, was directed by General
1974	First women enter the Corps of Cadets, two years               reputation.                                       Jacob Brown to make a difficult frontal assault
          before the Military Service Academies.
1984      Navy and Marine Corps ROTC started.                                                                          against a British artillery battery positioned on
1993	Undergraduate programs at Vermont College
                                                                  VISION STATEMENT                                     a hill near the Niagara River in Canada. Colonel
          moved to Northfield campus.                             Norwich University will be a learning                Miller’s response was “I’ll try, sir.”
1995	Cadet Tracey L. Jones ’96, first Norwich student to         community, American in character yet global in
          be selected as a Rhodes Scholar.
2007      Sullivan Museum and History Center dedicated.
                                                                  perspective, engaged in personal and intellectual    THE HONOR CODE
2010	3rd and 4th Battalions designated Cadet
                                                                  transformation and dedicated to knowledge,           “A student will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate
         Training Battalions with three Cadet Training            mutual respect, creativity, and service.             those that do.”
          Companies each.
2013	Haynes Family Stadium dedicated. Sabine Field
          rededicated. New artificial playing field with lights
          and new recreational running track introduced.
2014	Sullivan Museum and History Center designated
          Smithsonian Affiliate.                                   5
2016      Centennial celebration as the birthplace of ROTC.
                                                                                                                  RADM Richard W. Schneider, USCGR (Ret.)

THE CORPS OF CADETS ORGANIZATION                        I believe in Norwich, my Alma Mater, because
                                                        within her halls throughout the years these tenets
                                                                                                                  PROVOST AND DEAN OF FACULTY
The Norwich University Corps of Cadets is               have found expression while men have been taught
                                                                                                                  Dr. Sandra G. Affenito
organized as a regiment consisting of a provisional     to be loyal to duly constituted authority in thought
battalion with our specialty units (Band, Cavalry                                                                 SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT
                                                        and word and deed; to view suffrage as a sacred           AFFAIRS & TECHNOLOGY
and Drill Team), two line battalions, and two           privilege to be exercised only in accordance with
cadet training battalions. Each line and cadet          the dictates of conscience; to regard public office
                                                                                                                  BG Frank T. Vanecek, VSM, H’10
training battalion has three companies. Each            as a public trust; and finally to fight, and if need be
company has three platoons. Freshmen are only                                                                     COMMANDANT OF CADETS
                                                        to die, in defense of the cherished institutions of
assigned to the cadet training battalions.              America.

CADET OATH, CREED                                       – K.R.B. Flint, NU 1903                                   REGIMENTAL COMMANDER
                                                                                                                  C/COL Timothy G. Weinhold ’18
I ..., will henceforth strive to live by the Norwich    THE CADET PRAYER 1997                                     Concord, NH; Criminal Justice; Air Force ROTC
Creed. As a member of the Norwich Corps of
Cadets I promise to accept and apply the principles     Almighty God, in reverence for You, I seek to             REGIMENTAL COMMAND
of the Honor Code; to abide by the Norwich              think and act in ways that are consistent with Your       SERGEANT MAJOR
Rules and Regulations; to obey the legal orders         perfect will. I humbly confess my failures and            C/CSM Jarrett M. Cavanagh ’18
of Norwich officials and my seniors in the Corps        request forgiveness for my sins.                          Carlisle, PA; Mathematics; Naval ROTC-Marine Option
of Cadets; to foster the Norwich spirit; and to         As a member of the Corps of Cadets, my desire
uphold the traditions of my Alma Mater. In all          is to reach beyond the mere requirements of our           NORWICH MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENTS
my endeavors from this day forth I will reflect the     Honor Code and pursue an even higher standard of          Henry Clay Wood, Class of 1856
spirit of the Norwich motto “I will try!”               excellence—the one that You Yourself possess. Help        Willie Johnston, Class of 1870
                                                        me always to do what is ethically right. May I be the     Edmund Rice, Class of 1860
NORWICH CADET’S CREED 1908                              example—never the exception! May I be known for           Thomas O. Seaver, Class of 1859
I believe that the cardinal virtues of the individual   honesty in my words, fidelity to my commitments,          Edward B. Williston, Class of 1856
are courage, honesty, temperance and wisdom;            and persistency in my responsibilities. May my            Hiram Iddings Bearss, Class of 1898
and that the true measure of success is service         effectiveness as a leader be measured by my               James M. Burt, Class of 1939
rendered–to God, to Country, and to Mankind.            strength of character, my trustworthiness, and            Edward C. Byers, CGCS Class of 2017
                                                        others’ willingness to follow me.
I believe that the fundamental problem of society                                                                 NORWICH ALMA MATER
is to maintain a free government wherein liberty        Lord God, may I always be above reproach, but
                                                        never beyond scrutiny! Convict and correct me if          Norwich forever, queen of the hills,
may be secured through obedience to law, and                                                                      When far from thee, still memory thrills recalling
that citizen soldiery is the cornerstone upon           ever my motives or methods lack integrity. And
                                                        by your grace may I demonstrate the unbending             Scenes and old friendship, songs and old cheers,
which such a government must rest.                                                                                Memories that fade not through the changing years.
                                                        courage to constantly reflect the best of what it
I believe that real education presupposes a sense       means to be a Norwich Cadet. Amen!*
of proportion in physical, mental, and moral
development; and that he alone is educated who          *or the Christian Benediction: “In Jesus’ Name,
has learned the lessons of self control and open-       Amen!”
mindedness.                                             – Reverend William S. Wick, H ’05,                       Published by the Office of the Commandant
                                                           Norwich University Chaplain                            20 May 2017
                                                                                                                  (802) 485-2135
    When will my Rook know his/her company and                 four-year national ROTC scholarships earned while            If a Rook arrives early for preseason varsity
    platoon assignment? Upon arrival and check in to           completing High School; most cadets, however, earn           sport camp will he/she be assigned to their
    your Rook’s assigned dormitory (barracks). Rooks will      their ROTC scholarship in the first or second year as an     permanent room? Yes, if the room is ready for
    depart from the President’s welcome ceremony by their      enrolled Norwich student while participating in ROTC.        occupancy.
    assigned unit.                                             Commissioning opportunities outside of the ROTC
                                                               program are available to all Norwich students through        How much cash will a Rook need? Rooks may use
    How do I understand the company designation                sources such as the Army National Guard, Marine              their CadetCa$h for laundry and postage. Some cash
    for example 17-1-3? The first two numerals are             Platoon Leader’s Course (PLC), and others.                   may be needed for other small incidentals. $50, at
    the calendar year 2017, the second numeral is the                                                                       any one time should suffice. Books and supplies from
    company (there are six Rook companies) and the third       Norwich University requires cadets to participate            the bookstore, may be purchased with CadetCa$h,
    numeral is the platoon (there are three platoons in each   in ROTC for two years. Is there any obligation to            personal check or credit/debit card. Money, credit/debit
    company). Companies 1, 2, 3 are in 3rd Battalion and       serve in the Armed Forces after graduation as a              cards and valuables need to be secured at all times. An
    Companies 4, 5, 6 are in 4th Battalion.                    result of this ROTC requirement? No, there is no             ATM machine and change machine are available in the
                                                               obligation to serve. The two years of ROTC experience        Wise Campus Center. Contact our Cadets Card Office
    When will my Rook know his/her roommate(s)?                are an integral element of the leadership development        at (802) 485-2840 or email
    By the afternoon of Rook Arrival Day, as the Rooks         experience common to all cadets—irrespective of their
    complete their gear inventory and begin putting their      desire or ability to commission as an officer—and are a      My son/daughter needs more money for books
    room together.                                             substantial benefit derived from Norwich University’s        and school supplies, what do we do? If you
                                                               status as a Senior Military College.                         established a CadetCa$h account, you can add to the
    How do I break in my military shoes or                                                                                  balance by check, credit card (online or in person)
    combat boots? Simply wear a pair of socks and your         What physical fitness test will my Rook be required          or cash. The Bursar’s Office is also a good source for
    shoes/boots around the house or in the yard for several    to pass? The Norwich Corps of Cadets follows the             financial assistance or information at (802) 485-2055
    hours over the summer. Do NOT wear your boots in           Army manual for physical fitness testing. Therefore          or
    the shower or submerge completely in water to break        your Rook must be prepared to pass the Army Physical
    them in.                                                   Fitness Test consisting of two minutes of pushups and        My son/daughter takes medicine daily. Will this
                                                               sit ups, and a timed two-mile run every academic             be a problem? Can he/she keep the medicine
    I cannot find a location to purchase the                   year. A remedial program is available for those who          in their room? This information must be provided
    prescribed military shoes? Contact our                     fail. For instructions, standards, and tips on physical      to the medical staff at the University’s Infirmary
    Cadet Uniform Store at (802) 485-2206 or email             conditioning, visit      located in Marsilius Hall. Students are allowed to keep                                                                                               medications prescribed to them in their rooms and
                                                               My son/daughter wants to be a varsity athlete for            may self-administer their medications. The Infirmary
    Does Norwich University’s status as a Senior               a fall season sport; is there an earlier date to arrive      is supported by the Green Mountain Family Practice
    Military College guarantee my son or daughter              for preseason camp? If your athlete has been invited         located at the base of the Shaw Recreation Center.
    a commission as an officer in the Armed Forces             to attend a preseason camp for a varsity sport, he or        Contact NU Health Services at (802) 485-2552 or
    after graduation? No, it does not. ROTC scholarships       she will be notified by the coach of the arrival date. All   email
    and programs leading to commission are highly              varsity teams do offer tryouts and the date/time of the
    competitive and administered by the ROTC units             tryouts will be announced during coaches briefing with       When can I expect my first phone call and what is
    assigned to Norwich University. And while the medical      the freshmen class during orientation week. Your son/        the policy? Expect a call on at the end of orientation
    standard for a commission is common to all services        daughter may also stop by Andrews Hall to see one of         week (Sunday, 27 August). Rooks are allowed one
    (the DoDMERB physical), the academic and physical          the coaches or send an email to the coach asking the         phone call a week after Rook Orientation, typically
    fitness requirements can be unique to each branch of       date/time of walk on tryouts.                                authorized on Sundays. Rooks are allowed to use their
    Service. A number of Rooks report to Norwich with                                                                       cell phone for such calls home; otherwise their cell
                                                                                                                            phones will be secured in their room. Beware that some
                                                                                                                            Rooks will call friends instead of parents.
What are the rules regarding cell phones and                through the Commandant’s Office. Please address             What happens if we live a great distance away
their usage? Rooks are not authorized to carry cell         to: RCT First Last Name, NU Box ###, 158 Harmon             and we cannot afford travel expense for our
phones on their person. They are to be securely locked      Drive, Northfield, VT 05663. Note: Freight carriers will    Rook to return home during Thanksgiving,
in their footlockers until otherwise authorized (Sunday     not deliver to a PO Box; ensure the correct address as      Semester, or Spring breaks? The barracks close
night’s 10 minute phone call home). AT&T, T-Mobile          written above appears.                                      during extended breaks. Many rooks will stay with a
and Verizon have towers on or near campus.                                                                              roommate or platoon member. Some will stay with a
                                                            What is the leave policy for Parent and Family              faculty or staff member and we also have alumni who
How do I contact my Rook in case of an                      Weekend on 5-8 October, 2017? Leave begins                  welcome students into their home. The Office of Civic
emergency? During business hours (0800-1630 EST),           immediately after the Corps of Cadets Review with           Engagement also offers alternative break service trips in
call the Office of the Commandant at (802) 485-2135;        Retreat on Friday, 6 October (approximately 1700).          and out of country.
after hours, call the Regimental Guard Room at              Rooks must return to campus by 0900 on Saturday
(802) 485-2589. If positive contact is not made, NU         morning in order to participate in scheduled activities     Can Rooks have cars, and whom do I contact
Public Safety is always available at (802) 485-2525.        and unit competitions. Leave resumes immediately            for an exception such as military drill? Rooks are
                                                            following the Saturday afternoon home football game         not authorized to keep vehicles on campus. Special
I have not heard from my Rook in some time, what            (approximately 1630) and Rooks must return to               authorization may be obtained from the Commandant
should I do to ensure he/she is okay? Email is the          campus by 1600 on Sunday, 8 October.                        for Rooks who drill with a Reserve or Guard unit. Please
best way. Your Rook receiving a personal letter or card                                                                 send an email directly to the Commandant of Cadets for
in their NU mailbox is always well received. Include a      What if a Rook’s family is unable to attend                 special authorization at
self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply. Remember       Parent and Family Weekend? Our directive is “no
that personal time is limited and please be patient.        Rook left behind” in the barracks during Parent and         My son/daughter is in the Reserves/Guard. Can he/
                                                            Family Weekend and most often a Rook will join              she wear military-issued clothing items? No. Rooks
When will I be able to interact with my Rook for            their roommate’s or platoon member’s family for the         must wear the cadet uniform of the day as prescribed in
the first time? Parents are invited to observe the New      weekend.                                                    the NUCC Standing Operating Procedures.
Student Oath Ceremony on Sunday, 27 August (1330)
and Labor Day Parade on Monday, 4 September (1030),         What is the leave policy on weekends? Rooks are             What are the policies regarding email and instant
however there is no opportunity to meet or interact         not eligible for overnight passes or regular leave except   messaging? All students at NU have access to email
with your Rook prior to Parent and Family Weekend,          on scheduled University holidays. Their Assistant           and receive information about the email system prior
5–8 October.                                                Commandant or the Commandant can approve                    to arrival. Instant messaging and web-based social
                                                            emergency leave in the event of an emergency. Special       networking sites are severely restricted.
Are Rooks allowed to have food (e.g. candy or               occasions such as weddings and family reunions will
snacks) in their rooms? Rooks are allowed to keep a         certainly be considered.                                    What is the chain of command for problem
small amount of non-perishable food in their room in a                                                                  resolution? Rooks will learn about using the
sealed container. We recommend nutritious snacks like       Does Norwich University provide transportation              Regimental chain of command as part of their
power bars or granola bars that can be kept in a plastic,   for students to and from nearby airports? No.               orientation to the military lifestyle. The Office of
shoebox-sized container.                                    Students must coordinate individually with a taxi           the Commandant is always available to parents and
                                                            via or shuttle service for             students needing assistance.
If I live in the area and want to drop something            transportation via
off to my Rook, how do I get the item to him/               norwich. The Dartmouth Coach, Lebanon,                      How do I find out my student’s academic advisor’s
her? Packages and mail via USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL           NH is a resource to Boston and NYC airports:                name and contact information? The first person
mail may be delivered to the NU Mail Room in the                                       to ask is your student. If your student has signed the
Wise Campus Center during business hours (0800-                                                                         FERPA release, you may also contact the Office of the
1600); after hours deliveries will require arrangements                                                                 Commandant who can provide the academic advisor’s
                                                                                                                        name, phone, and email address.

When is Regimental Ball and can my Rook invite a
    date to attend? Regimental Ball is 28 October, 2017
    and Rooks are allowed to bring a date. The Regimental
    Ball is a formal military ball to celebrate the history and
    traditions of the Corps of Cadets. A visitor’s form must
    be completed for all guests and any guest under the
    age of 17 must have permission from parent/guardian
    with a notarized signature. Your Rook can pick up a
    visitor’s form from his/her first sergeant or through the
    Housing Office, Jackman Room 213. Female recruits
    may wear their Dress Blue uniform or a formal gown.

    Can my son/daughter attend off campus religious
    services? If so, is transportation provided? Yes
    and yes. The house of worship is contacted and the
    religious leader, staff, or congregation is queried to
    determine who is available to provide rides. Note: if
    a particular group does NOT provide transportation,
    the student may ride with another student going to the
    APPROPRIATE CHANNELS (i.e. the Chaplain or
    Commandant’s Office). In certain circumstances, the
    University will assist with arranging transportation for
    faith groups. For details, contact the Chaplain’s Office
    at (802) 485-2128.

    Published by the Office of the Commandant
    26 May 2017
    (802) 485-2135

CORPS OF CADETS COMMONLY USED ACRONYMS                                                                                                                                                      Frequently used cadet colloquialisms
                                                                                                                                                                                            and their meanings:

 AAR��������������������������������������������������������After Action Review                NCO����������������������������������������Non-Commissioned Officer                        Barracks
                                                                                                                                                                                            Dormitory that houses cadets.
 ACU�������������������������������������������������� Army Combat Uniform                     NET��������������������������������������������������������������� Not Earlier Than
 APOD��������������������������������������������������Absent Place of Duty                    NLT�������������������������������������������������������������������Not Later Than       Cadre
 ARTY������������������������������������������������������������������������������Artillery   NUCC����������������������Norwich University Corps of Cadets                               Cadets assigned to Rook training units and who
 CAM�����������������������������������������Corporal Academic Mentor                          NUEMS��������������������������� Norwich University Emergency                              are responsible for training Rooks.
 CAV���������������������������������������������������������������������������������Cavalry                                                                         Medical Service
 CHC�����������������������������������������������Corps Honor Committee                       NUSRR����������������������������������� Norwich University Student                        Bathroom (Army vernacular).
 CLTP���������������������������������Cadet Leader Training Program                                                                                     Rules and Regulations
 CO������������������������������������������������������ Commanding Officer;                  OML���������������������������������������������������������� Order of Merit List          Head
                                                                                                                                                                                            Bathroom (Navy vernacular).
                                               also Commandant’s Orderly                       PAO�������������������������������������������������������Public Affairs Officer
 COB������������������������������������������������������������� Close of Business            PFT���������������������������������������������������������Physical Fitness Test          Headgear
 COC�������������������������������������������������������� Chain of Command                  PRT�������������������������������������������������� Physical Readiness Test              Hat worn as a uniform item.
 COT���������������������������������������������������Commander of Troops                     PL��������������������������������������������������������������������� Platoon Leader
 CQ���������������������������������������������������������� Change of Quarters               PSG�������������������������������������������������������������Platoon Sergeant
 CSM����������������������������������������� Command Sergeant Major                           PT������������������������������������������������������������������ Physical Trianing
 D&C���������������������������������������������������������Drill and Ceremony                PTI������������������������������������������� Physical Training Instructor                Rack
 DAF���������������������������������������������� Disciplinary Action Form                    RDO����������������������������������������������Regimental Duty Officer                   Bed
 DP������������������������������������������������������Disciplinary Probation                RDR����������������������������������������������Regimental Duty Runner
 DS��������������������������������������������������������������� Detached Service            RDS������������������������������������������ Regimental Duty Sergeant                     First year cadet not recognized into the
 FAT���������������������������������������������� Friday Afternoon Training                   ROTC������������������������������� Reserve Officers Training Corps                        Corps of Cadets.
 FEX����������������������������������������Field Exercise (Navy/Marine)                       SADO������������������������������������� Student Affairs Duty Officer
 FLC������������������������������������������������������Future Leaders Camp                  SL������������������������������������������������������������������������Squad Leader
                                                                                                                                                                                            Disciplinary sanction that requires 50 minutes of
 FTX���������������������������������������������������� Field Training Exercise               SMC�������������������������������������������������Senior Military College                marching with a rifle on the tour strip.
                               (Army, Air Force, or Corps of Cadets)                           SMI��������������������������������������Saturday Morning Inspection
 GME�������������������������������������� Green Mountain Experience                           SOP�������������������������������� Standard Operating Procedures                          Tour Strip
                                                                                                                                                                                            Ribbon of asphalt that bisects the north end of the
 IAW��������������������������������������������������������� In Accordance WIth               STT������������������������������������������������ Sergeants Time Training
                                                                                                                                                                                            UP near the saluting cannon.
 IG����������������������������������������������������������������Inspector General           TAT�����������������������������������������Tuesday Afternoon Training
 LCW������������������������������� Leadership Challenge Weekend                               UMR����������������������������������������������������Unit Manning Report                 Under Arms
 MC�������������������������������������������������������Military Confinement                 UOD�������������������������������������������������������� Uniform of the Day             Carrying a rifle, sword or saber.
 MCV��������������������������������������� Military College of Vermont                        UP�������������������������������������������������������Upper Parade Ground
 MT�������������������������������������������������������������������Marching Tours           VAP������������������������������������ Violation of the Alcohol Policy
                                                                                                                                                                                            Published by the Office of the Commandant
 NAB����������������������������������������������Norwich Artillery Battery                    WT��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Work Tours   20 May 2017
                                                                                                                                                                                            (802) 485-2135
     How much cash will a student need? Students may              as part of their orientation to Norwich. Of course, the      packages and mail may be delivered to the NU Mail
     use their CadetCa$h for laundry and postage. Some            Residence Life staff is always available to parents and      Room in the Wise Campus Center during business
     cash may be needed for other small incidentals. $50, at      students needing assistance. The Residence Life Office       hours; after hours arrangements can be made through
     any one time should suffice. Books and supplies from         can be reached at (802) 485-2660/2643.                       the Dean of Students’ Office at (802) 485-2640 or
     the bookstore, may be purchased with CadetCa$h,                                                                           Residence Life Office at (802) 485-2660/2643.
     personal check, or credit card. People’s United Bank         How do I contact my student in case of an
     ATMs are available in two locations on campus for            emergency? You can call the Dean of Students’ Office         Can freshmen have cars and whom do I contact
     student use. Money, credit/debit cards, and valuables        during business hours (8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) at (802) 485-       for an exception? First year students do not have
     need to be secured at all times.                             2640; after hours, please call the Office of Public Safety   vehicle privileges; however, students who have medical
                                                                  at (802) 485-2525.                                           reasons or have commitments to military drill with a
     What are the Cadet$Card and CadetCa$h? The                                                                                National Guard or Reserve unit may contact the Dean
     Cadet$Card is your Norwich University ID, building           I haven’t heard from my student, what should I               of Students’ Office at (802) 485-2640, to request an
     access and meal card; CadetCa$h is a debit plan that         do to ensure he/she is ok? In the event that you are         exception to the policy.
     can be added to your card by opening a CadetCa$h             seriously concerned about the welfare of your student,
     account. The laundry, vending machines, snack bar,           please call the Dean of Students’ Office at (802) 485-2640   Are students allowed to have food and a
     uniform shop, bursar, mailroom, bookstore, athletic          or the Residence Life Office at (802) 485-2660/2643.         microwave in their rooms? According to the student
     concessions, and some local merchants accept                                                                              regulations, students are allowed to have food and one
     CadetCa$h. Contact the Cadet$Card Office for                 How often can I visit my student? Family members             microwave in their rooms.
     information at (802) 485-2840.                               and friends are welcome to visit their student any
                                                                  time the student is free from classes and obligations.       Are the residence halls wired for the Internet?
     My student needs more money for books and                    We highly encourage attending Parent and Family              Yes, each student will have his or her own port that
     school supplies, what do we do?                              Weekend October 5-8, 2017.                                   will allow access to the Internet. Students may bring or
     If you established a CadetCa$h account, you can add to                                                                    purchase upon arrival an Ethernet cord. In addition,
     the balance by check, credit card (online or in person)      Can you provide me with more information about               each Residence Hall is wireless compatible.
     or cash. Add money online at https://webcard.norwich.        the Oath Ceremony and can I attend? All students
     edu. The Bursar’s Office is also a good source for           take an Oath that they will live by the Guiding Values       My student takes medicine daily, will this be a
     financial assistance or information at (802) 485-2055.       of Norwich, the Honor Code, and Student Regulations.         problem? Can he/she keep the medicine in the
                                                                  Parents are invited to observe the Student Oath              room? This information must be provided to the
     What are the rules regarding cell phones and their           Ceremony on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.             medical staff at the University’s infirmary. Students
     usage? Common courtesies of cell phone use are               on the Upper Parade Ground.                                  are allowed to keep medications prescribed to them in
     expected and use is not allowed in the classroom. Cell                                                                    their rooms and may self-administer their medications.
     phone coverage is limited in Northfield, though there        When is Parent and Family Weekend and how can                Contact NU Health Services at Marsilius Hall at
     is an AT&T tower on campus and a Verizon tower               I find area lodging? Parent and Family Weekend is            (802) 485-2552 or email
     nearby. All NU students receive a 5% discount on their       October 5-8, 2017. It’s a wonderful opportunity to
     base plan through the AT&T University Advantage              visit with your student and enjoy see the many student       What is the purpose of Orientation?
     Program. All Norwich students with a valid University        activities and organizations that are showcased that         The purpose of Orientation is to assist your student
     ID and/or email address are eligible for the discount        weekend. To locate lodging in the area visit:                with their transition into the NU community; both
     regardless if you are a new or current AT&T customer.                             academically and socially. Activities are planned
                                                                                                                               throughout the week (August 23-27) to bond new
     What is the process to resolve a problem in the              If I live in the area and want to drop something off         students to all aspect of Norwich University. If you have
     residence halls or in general? Students will learn           to my student, how do I get the item to him/her?             questions regarding Orientation contact Ryan Johnson
     about utilizing the Residence Life staff to resolve issues   You are encouraged to contact your student directly to       at or (802) 485-3372.
     or conflicts in the residence halls or around campus         make arrangements based on their schedule. If needed,

A few suggestions to start:                                   Decor                                                          Miscellaneous Items
•	Be intentional about what you are bringing with you.       •	Sticky wall mounts and removable adhesive hooks.            •	Batteries and flashlight.
   You do not need to bring everything you own!                  NU does not allow you to put nails in the walls, so         •	Deck of cards or games for when you take a study
•	It does get cold, but you won’t need your winter gear         you will need other ways to hang your décor.                   break.
   right away. It is a good idea to pack your winter items    •	Personal pictures, photos, and other favorite items.        •	A large backpack or shoulder bag for possible weekend
   and then have your parent/guardian ship them out later.       Avoid heavy frames, since you may not be able to               trips you might take.
   If you are heading home for Thanksgiving, that’s the          hang them.
   perfect time to bring home your spring and summer          •	Rugs/a piece of carpet or slippers as the rooms are
   clothes and grab what you will need for the winter.           not carpeted.
•	Always check with your roommate on what you intend                                                                        Do not bring the following:
                                                              Study Stuff
   to bring such as a refrigerator, microwave, television,
                                                              • A sturdy backpack or book bag for everyday use.              •	Your fish, dog, cat, gerbil, mouse, snake...NO pets are
   DVD player, etc. Although many students like to have
                                                              •	Computer (desktop or laptop) and any necessary                 allowed in the residence halls.
   their own things, space and electrical outlets might not
   allow them to bring everything. (Of course, it is always      supplies/accessories.                                       • Hot plate and/or mini stove and toasters.
   a good idea to talk with your roommate(s) to help in       •	School supplies, including a planner as well as basic       • Halogen lamps and lava lamps.
   the transition).                                              pens, paper, pencils, notebooks.                            • Cinder blocks, bricks, or crates for lofting beds.
                                                              • Dry-erase marker. Dry-erase boards are provided.             •	Drugs, alcohols (this includes alcohol trophies,
Here are a few suggested comforts from home you                                                                                 posters or souvenires), weapons, fireworks. There is
don’t want to forget:                                         Furnishings
                                                                                                                                zero tolerance for these items at NU and they will be
                                                              •	Other storage or organization units. A few stacking            confiscated!
Bed and Bedding
                                                                 plastic crates will come in handy.
• Sheets (twin, extra-long).                                                                                                 • 2-prong extension cords.
                                                              • Small trashcan and trash bags.
•	Comforter and/or quilts, blankets, etc. Consider                                                                          • Subwoofers or gigantic speakers.
                                                              • Lamps – floor, desk and/or clip lamp.
   bringing sturdy, easy-to-wash items.                                                                                      • Air conditioner.
                                                              •	Fan (window or floor). Depending on the climate
• Towels: bath, washcloths, and hand towels.                                                                                 •	Your vehicle (first-years are not permitted to have a car
                                                                 control in the building, you may want this to adjust
•	Alarm clock – dreaded but a must, you can’t rely on           to your individual needs.                                      on campus).
   your phone to wake you up!
                                                              • Window screen.
• Extra pillow(s) if you will lounge/study on the bed.
                                                              Electronics and Equipment
Health and Grooming                                                                                                          Announcing a special program for your linen needs!
                                                              •	Multiple outlet surge protectors.
• Shower shoes.                                                                                                              Norwich has partnered with Residence Hall Linens
                                                              • TV, DVD player, microwave, game system, etc.
•	All necessary toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap,                                                                   to provide great quality linens, bath kits, storage units
                                                              • Chargers for all of your devices.                            and other essentials in hundreds of colors and patterns.
   shampoo, and all grooming/cosmetic) items. Since
   space will be cramped, consider buying smaller sizes,      Food and Snacks                                                Your assured the sheets will fit properly and look
   at least at first.                                         •	Small refrigerator – not to exceed 3.2 cubic feet.          great. A portion of the proceeds from this site support
• Shower bucket/basket/caddy to carry items.                                                                                 NUVISIONS Abroad service trips throughout the year.
                                                              •	A few unbreakable dishes, plastic cups, microwave-          Check them out at:
•	Bathrobe – especially important since the shower is           safe bowl, and small food storage tubs.
   down the hall.                                             • Sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and/or plastic wrap.           Questions? Reach out to us!
•	Prescription medicines and copies of the prescriptions.    • A small bottle of dish soap, scrubber, small distowel.       Email the Residence Life and Civilian Housing Office at
•	Suggested: First Aid Kit, including basic adhesive         • 	Snacks that will help you finish that late night project
   bandages, disinfectant, aspirin, etc.                         or for when the dining hall closes!

This day represents a change in the life of both the        3 p.m. • Official Orientation Program Begins
incoming students and the lives of families and friends.    Meet new people, get to know the Orientation Leaders
It will be a long day, filled with many emotions, and       (OLs), have fun, and lay the ground work for the next
many tasks to complete. The Orientation 2017 staff          few days of orientation and your career at Norwich
hopes to ease the transition for both the incoming          University. More details and information will be
students and their families and friends, by providing       emailed to students as the summer progresses.
as much information as possible before you arrive. We
look forward to seeing you!                                 3–4:30 p.m. • Parents & Family Reception
                                                            Wise Campus Center, The Mill
Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017 – Arrival Day                      The Norwich University Parent & Family Association
8–10:30 a.m. • Student Registration and Move In             (NUPFA) will host a reception in The Mill located on
Shapiro Field House                                         the ground floor of the Wise Campus Center.
Arrive utilizing the South Entrance (University Drive)
you will then be directed through University Drive          We hope you enjoy your summer and look forward
to the student parking lots. You will report directly       to your arrival in August!
to Shapiro Field House to check in and complete
in-processing before returning to your vehicle and          Questions?
moving into your assigned residence hall and room.          Contact Ryan Johnson, Associate Deane of Students at
Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Resident Advisors             (802) 485-3372 or at
(RAs) will be there to welcome you and assist you with
unloading your vehicle. Ryan Johnson, Associate Dean
of Students, will be available at in-processing to answer
questions from our new civilian students (residential
and commuter) have about Orientation.
                                                            *Families are welcome to return to campus and
10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. • Welcome Luncheon                    witness the Oath Ceremony on Sunday, August 27,
Wise Campus Center, Dining Hall                             2017 at 1:30 p.m., when students will assemble on
                                                            the Upper Parade Ground to pledge their willingness
Luncheon for new students, families, and friends            to accept and apply the Honor Code, abide by the
compliments of the University.                              Norwich Rules and Regulations, foster the Norwich
                                                            spirit and uphold the traditions of the University.
2–2:45 p.m. • University Welcome                            New students will speak with one voice as they
White Chapel                                                promise to apply the Norwich motto, “I Will Try!” in
Welcome by Norwich University President Dr. Richard         all future endeavors.

2:45–3 p.m. • So long for now*                              Reviewed by Ryan Johnson, Associate Dean of Students
Say your farewells to families and friends before           May 27, 2017
Orientation. Activities for students will begin promptly    (802) 485-3372
at 3:00 p.m. with your Orientation Leader.        

158 Harmon Drive
    Northfield, VT 05663-1035
(802) 485-2100 •
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