NORTHSIDE LEARNING CENTER - Family Handbook 2019-2020 Karren L. Ray Principal - Northside Learning Center High School

NORTHSIDE LEARNING CENTER - Family Handbook 2019-2020 Karren L. Ray Principal - Northside Learning Center High School

                Family Handbook
Karren L. Ray                Elizabeth Mourtokokis
  Principal                    Assistant Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,
As the principal of Northside Learning Center (NLC) I am pleased to welcome your child to a new
school year! The staff at NLC looks forward to working with your child to assist them as they
develop the skills necessary to be a successful member of their community.
Northside Learning Center has tiered systems of support in place to ensure your child’s academic
and social-emotional needs are met. We recognize the uniqueness of every one of our students,
and we hold all students to high expectations.
Posted throughout the building are our school-wide expectations (listed below) for students, staff
and visitors. We use this universal language to maintain a respectful environment and I
encourage you to use the same language at home with your child.
Northside Learning Center’s HOWL:
At NLC, we believe that the culture of the school is shaped by our students, their parents, and
our staff members. As a parent of an NLC student you are welcome to attend various school
events such as: Performances, Parent Action Committee meetings (PAC), Bilingual Advisory
Committee Meetings (BAC), Local School Council Meetings (LSC), parent outings sponsored by
PAC and our Counseling/Social Work Department, and special events such as our Fall Fest. You
may even want to join our Polar Plunge Team in March when we support our Special Olympics
athletes through raising funds for Special Olympic activities. We value our families and know that
student success cannot be attained without your support.
Please take the time to review this handbook, it includes detailed information regarding our
program, expectations, discipline policy and details to help you better understand the school. We
know that 2019-20 will be a busy and productive school year!

Karren L. Ray

Table of Contents

                      Section                                              Page
     1. Mission Statement / Vision                                           4
     2. School Operations                                                    4
     3. School Policies                                                      5
            1. School Fees                                                   5
            2. Transportation                                                5
            3. Cell Phone                                                    6
            4. Dress Code                                                    8
            5. Discipline                                                    8
            6. Special Olympics                                             11
     4. Academic Expectations                                               11
            1. NLC Learner Profile                                          11
            2. Enrichment                                                   12
            3. Grading, Promotion &                                         12
                Graduation                                                  12
            4. Attendance                                                   12
            5. Related Services                                             13
     5. CPS Student Code of Conduct                                         14
     6. Parent Involvement                                                  14
            1. Parent/Guardian Visits                                       14
            2. Parent Advisory Council (PAC)                                14
            3. Bilingual Advisory Committee                                 15
     7. Dates to Remember                                                   15
     8. School Information                                                  16
     9. Signature Page                                                      17


To accomplish our Mission, Northside learning Center is committed to meeting the academic, vocational
life skills and social-emotional needs of every student by providing a community-based curriculum in the
least restrictive environment. Our students practice and develop skills that promote independence and
prepare them to live, work, and participate in their communities. We believe that professional
development, parental support and community partnerships are essential to sustain our vision.

The Vision of Northside Learning is to provide a superior educational program, which enables students
with intellectual disabilities to achieve their maximum potential and become independent productive
members of society.

School Operations

The school day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. each day. The office is open daily from 7:00
a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Students are welcome to enter the building to eat breakfast if they choose once
dropped off from the bus.

All Parents and Visitors must enter through the main entrance. You should proceed to the security desk
and enter through the metal detectors. We apologize for the inconvenience but the safety and security
of our students is our top priority.

Additionally, families may not park in the NLC Parking Lot. There is free street parking located on Bryn
Mawr. Anyone who parks illegally in the NLC parking lot will be ticketed and subject to tow. Please
obtain a visitor’s pass at the security desk and sign in at the main office when you are visiting the school

Students are not permitted to leave the building at any time during their regular school day. In order for
a student to be dismissed early from school, a note or phone call is required and parent or guardian
must go to the main office and sign their student out for the remainder of the day.

Students that have been travel trained and are permitted to take public transportation to commute to
school each day per their IEP. The CPS Ventra ID card will enable them to access reduced fares on the
CTA trains and buses.

School Policies & Procedures

School Fees

The mandatory school activity fee is $60.00. This can be paid in cash, check or online via the
Northside Learning Center website. Northside’s website is,
or using this link:

Seniors have Additional Fees

Senior have to pay a mandatory graduation fee of $125.00

Senior Activity Fee $50.00


Please do not allow your student to bring valuables to school. Northside Learning Center is not
responsible for any lost items. If there is something of value (jewelry, money, phone, etc.)
please leave it at home.

Student Transportation Policy
Bus Procedures
The morning pick-up for students begins at approximately 5:45 a.m. Buses depart from Northside
Learning Center at 2:35 p.m. Buses do not wait longer than three (3) minutes for a student. Drivers
cannot blow the horn. If the student misses the bus, a parent must bring the student to school and the
bus will bring the student home. If a student is absent for three (3) consecutive days, the parent must
call the bus company in order for bus services to resume. The bus aide is permitted to get off the bus as
the student enters and exits the bus as needed. If a student rides public transportation to school, they
will receive bus cards.
It is the CPS Department of Transportation, and not Northside Learning Center, that will be able to
assist you with solutions should you and your child be experiencing transportation related problems. The
bus drivers and bus attendants are not NLC employees. They work for the Department of
Transportation. Please also call us to alert us of any problem. Below you will find a directory of vendors,
routes served and phone numbers:

                               CPS Department of Transportation

             Route Vendors                    Route                 BUS COMPANY
           First Student             51                          ALLTOWN NELSON

                                     52                          ALLTOWN DOBSON
           First Student

           United Quick              53                          ALLTOWN SKOKIE


           Alltown Skokie            54                          ALLTOWN NELSON


           Alltown Nelson            55                          ALLTOWN NELSON


Alltown West              56                        ALLTOWN NELSON


                                     57                        UNITED QUICK

                                     58                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     59                        UNITED QUICK

                                     60                        FIRST STUDENT

                                     61                        FIRST STUDENT - MAYWOOD

                                     62                        FIRST STUDENT WEST

                                     63                        UNITED QUICK

                                     64                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     65                        UNITED QUICK

                                     66                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     67                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     68                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     69                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     70                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

                                     71                        ALLTOWN SKOKIE

                                     72                        FIRST STUDENT MAYWOOD

Chicago Park District – Therapeutic Recreation Program
The Park Kids Program is not a guaranteed benefit of the Chicago Public Schools transportation program.
Requests for this service are required to be made by the parent and approved by the principal, then
submitted to the CPS Department of Transportation for final processing. The “Green Form” is available
on the CPS Website or in the main office. The applications will be processed after the first day of school
and service to those parks will begin on a date TBD. Students who go to the park district during the
current school year, and will be participating in the new school year, will have the form sent home at the
end of this year. This form must be returned to the school office by June 1st as part of “Application for
Bus Service”. Service will typically start 21 days after the forms have been submitted. This form must be
completed each school year. Regularly scheduled bus routes are slightly adjusted in the afternoon to
serve the approved Park Kids Program. Parents are required to submit a calendar of the park’s daily

operations and closings. Any changes to the normal daily route to the park as designated on the park
district calendar/schedule will be honored as a courtesy only in the case of emergencies. Any other
necessary arrangements are the parents’ responsibility to schedule through parent pick up, private
transportation services, or authorized family/guardians.
Early Dismissal/Parent Pick Up Protocol
In the event that students will not be taking the school bus home at the end of the day, parents should
arrive to the school by 2:15 PM. Upon entering the building parents should inform the security guard at
the front desk that they are here to pick up the students, and then proceed directly to the main office to
sign the student out. Parents/Guardians must wait in the main office. Parents/Guardians are not
allowed to roam the building or the grounds while waiting for the student. The clerk will call the
student down from his/her class to be dismissed. If a student will be transported by a Private SCR/PACE
car, this should be scheduled to arrive by 2:15 PM. If a student has not been picked up by 2:30 PM, they
will be put on the school bus to go home.
Undeliverable Student
In the event that a student is transported home on the bus and there is no one home to receive
them, the bus aide will call the Student Safety Center, the school, and the bus company. The
school will call the numbers on the student’s emergency form and attempt to speak to
someone to let the student in the house. If the school cannot get in touch with anyone, the
student will be brought back to the school. Once back at the school, office staff will call all of
the numbers on the student’s emergency form again and arrange for the student to be picked
up. If the school cannot get in touch with a person listed on the emergency form by 5:15 PM,
the child will be taken to the 17th District Police Station located at 4650 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL
60630. Once the student has been taken to the police station, it is the parent’s responsibility to
go and pick them up. Please remember, it is the parent’s responsibility to be home to receive
the student at the end of the day.

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones in the building for students during school hours is strictly prohibited.
Students may use their cell phones for instructional purposes in the classroom at the discretion
of the classroom teacher. This does not include charging phones during class time. Upon the
student entering their homeroom, they must turn in their cell phone to their teacher of record
each morning. The teacher will safely store his/her phone throughout the day and give it back
to the student upon dismissal. No students may talk on their phones in the building until after
8th period. Students in violation of the cell phone policy will receive the following
consequences: RED SLIP. The Red slip policy is described below. This policy is subject to change
or may be revised at the discretion of the administration at any time deemed necessary.


Due to the influx of the student code violations listed below, NLC is adopting a new protocol
                             for inappropriate cell phone usage.

   ● 3-11 Use of cellular telephones or other information technology device to harass, incite
     violence, or interrupt other students’ participation in school activities, including use of
     device to record others without permission or unauthorized distribution of recordings.
   ● 5-7 Inappropriate sexual conduct, including unwelcome sexual contact, indecent
     exposure, transmitting sexually suggestive images through information technology
     devices, or other sexual activities which do not involve the use of force.
   ● 5-14 Use of any computer, including social networking websites, or use of any
     information technology device to threaten, stalk, harass, bully or otherwise intimidate

A red slip should be given to the student when:
    ● It is reported to staff that there is inappropriate material on the cell phone. Teacher
        conducts investigation and finds inappropriate material on the phone.
    ● There are inappropriate videos/pictures of students on the phone.
    ● Bullying/cyberbulling through chat rooms or text messages.
    ● Social media chat rooms are inappropriate or used as a platform to bully others.
    ● Findings of minor(s) in chat rooms with sexually explicit content.

                                       RED SLIP (SAMPLE)

Student Name:                                                              Date:

We had a restorative conversation about cell phone use with your child. An incident occurred
outside of school and was reported to staff.

Please follow up with the school if you need support or have questions.
Our recommendation is:
    ❏ Parental Block
    ❏ Loss of phone privileges
    ❏ Turn off home Wi-Fi
    ❏ Use phone in open family spaces
    ❏ Parent conference
    ❏ Other ________________________________________________

      We are tracking this data, continued negligence will lead to progressive discipline.

3 red slips = student week long lunch detention/restorative activity.
         6 red slips = in school suspension, mandatory parent conference, safety plan.
         9 red slips = out of school suspension, mandatory parent conference with


Please sign and return indicating that you have received this slip.

Parent name/date

I spoke with my child’s teacher about this incident. Yes____                         No____

Northside Learning Center has a standard Dress Code Policy rather than a school uniform.
The Dress Code Policy is:
   1. Students will demonstrate basic standards of cleanliness and modesty.
   2. Students will demonstrate good grooming of body, hair, teeth, etc.
   3. Students will dress in a manner that is neither disruptive nor poses a potential health
   4. Clothing must be clean and in good repair.
   5. No clothing or jewelry worn in a manner showing gang affiliation.
   6. No bare midriffs.
   7. No hats worn in the building
   8. No underwear tops worn as outer garments.
   9. No garments which contain offensive language or graphics.
   10. The administration reserves the right to evaluate cases for appropriateness and safety
   11. Violations of the Dress Code will be handled in accordance with the Student Code of
       Conduct, Group 1-3.



The Board of Education has adopted a “Student Code of Conduct” which must be explained and
distributed to every child and parent at the beginning of each school year. Be sure students
understand their responsibilities and the actions that will be taken when followed. Be familiar
with all aspects of the code. No actions will be taken contrary to what is allowed in the code in
consultation with the student’s IEP.

“Chicago Public Schools is committed to an instructive, corrective, and restorative approach to
behavior” (Chicago Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct). Like all Chicago public high
schools, Northside Learning Center high school abides by the Student Code of Conduct.
Northside Learning Center will provide each student with a print copy of the CPS Student Code
of Conduct at the beginning of the school year. The Student Code of Conduct is also available
online at . Students are expected to
abide by this Code. The administration has the right to deny a student access to and/or
participate in any school sponsored activities or events based upon a misconduct. Student
disciplinary measures are kept in student files.

Student Behaviors Covered by the Student Code of Conduct

This section identifies the specific inappropriate behaviors for which students
will receive interventions and/or consequences. The behaviors are listed in
six different groups, according to the degree of disruption to the learning

• Group 1 lists behaviors that are inappropriate.
• Group 2 lists behaviors that disrupt.
• Group 3 lists behaviors that seriously disrupt.
• Group 4 lists behaviors that very seriously disrupt.
• Group 5 lists behaviors that most seriously disrupt.
• Group 6 lists behaviors that are illegal and most seriously disrupt.

Student Misconduct

All students and families should familiarize themselves with the Chicago Public Schools Student
Code of Conduct . The student who commits an act of misconduct not listed in the Student
Code of Conduct is subject to the discretionary authority of the classroom teacher and the
principal, assistant principal or designee. All students receive a copy of the Student Code of
Conduct at the start of the school year.

In reviewing the Chicago Board of Education’s Student Code of Conduct, parents and students
should pay particular attention to Sections 5 and 6 and its corresponding infractions. Please
note that students who violate any of these infractions face mandatory expulsion proceedings.


Harassing, intimidating conduct, or bullying whether verbal, physical or visual, that affects the
tangible benefits of education, that unreasonably interferes with a student’s educational
performance, or that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment will
not be tolerated. Examples of prohibited conduct include name‐calling, using derogatory slurs,
stalking, causing psychological harm, threatening or causing physical harm, threatened or actual

destruction of property, wearing or possessing items depicting or implying hatred or prejudice,
or retaliating against a student for reporting prohibited conduct. All alleged incidents of bullying
intimidation or harassment would be investigated promptly and thoroughly. Appropriate
consequences and remedial action will be taken against any student who violates one or more
of these policies.

Demerit System (FINE)
The Demerit System (FINE) addresses dress code violations and discipline violations. Any
student who violates the dress code or discipline policy will be issued a FINE. Continued
negligence will lead to progressive discipline including removal from upcoming activities, lunch
detentions or in-school or out of school suspensions. Continued improvement will lead to
positive recognition. Please see the chart below outlining the demerit system.
3 Fines= Student lunch in cafeteria is revoked for the day
5 = Student lunch in cafeteria is revoked for the week
15 = Student cannot attend the upcoming school dance/assembly/etc.
20 = Student cannot attend or participate in upcoming club day
25 = Student cannot be a date at prom, possible In school suspension, for seniors, cannot
attend senior Field day or Cubs game
30 = Senior students cannot attend senior luncheon. Underclassman students cannot attend
Field Day/ or upcoming special event. Possible In school Suspension or Out of School
40= Senior cannot walk at graduation, underclassman may not attend the prom. In school
suspension/Out of School Suspension
FINE reduction opportunities will be offered monthly throughout the school year. (Teacher
discretion…ie. Appropriate behavior earned 2 husky bucks, conducted talking circles or
restorative conversation, student receives a demerit reduction). Seniors with 20 or more FINES
are eligible for a special senior demerit reduction plan.
* Students that have received 15 FINES, parent/guardian will be notified by TOR. All
behaviors/infractions will be documented and given to the assistant principal, Mrs.

Special Olympics

Northside Learning Center is proud to participate in many Special Olympics events throughout
the school year. Students participate in Soccer, Snowshoe, Basketball, Track & Field and Softball
throw. Students participate in competitions at the city level and if they receive a Gold medal,
they have the opportunity to travel downstate for the Special Olympics State competition. This
is a three-day overnight event in places such as Galena Illinois and Illinois State University-
Bloomington Normal Illinois. These trips include an opening ceremony, three days of

competition and is capped off with a celebratory dance. Families are more than welcome to
meet the team downstate to cheer on and support their athlete and the NLC team. However,
please know this is not a family trip. Families are required to arrange and pay for their hotel
stay. Families are welcome to meet their athlete at the time of their competition. Please
remember, the downstate experience is for the athlete and their team. They will eat breakfast,
lunch & dinner with their teammates. Parents are responsible for finding their own dining
separate from their son/daughter. In addition, parents are not to escort their student to the
dance or opening ceremony. The athlete is required to stay and participate with his/her
teammates. This is an opportunity for the athlete to travel away from his/her family and to
partake in this wonderful experience with his/her friends. The downstate experience allows our
athletes to be as independent as possible and grow their daily living skills.

Academic Expectations Northside Learning Center Learner Profile
Students at Northside Learning Center participate in a variety of classes. The main focus of the program
is to provide our students with a well-structured functional academic curriculum in addition to extensive
job training that teaches students to be competitive candidates in the workforce and enables them to
become independent, involved and productive members of our community. Classes focus on teaching
student’s functional life and work skills to be used within their home, school, community, and work
Northside Learning Center faculty and staff have high expectations for their students. Our
expectations include that students are growing into well rounded citizens. Northside offers a
variety of scheduled clubs to all students as well as Special Olympic sporting events. Northside
Learning Center also allows students to partake in the NLC Choir as upperclassman and during
their junior year participate in the Drama program where students put on an end of the year
musical. During the 2018-2019 school-year, Northside announced a new culinary program
which is continuing this year.
Grading, Graduation & Promotion
All students are entitled to alternative grading and/or promotion criteria as needed. If a student has
been deemed eligible for alternative grading and/or promotion criteria, this information is documented
within the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). It is the responsibility of each teacher to
review the student’s grading and promotion criteria and develop learning tasks accordingly. It is also
each teacher’s responsibility to differentiate the instructional goals allowing each student the
opportunity to demonstrate success within the classroom.
Attendance is important for academic success. Arriving to school and classes on time is an
expectation for all students. The school day begins promptly at 7:30 AM and students are
expected to be in their Homeroom seats at that time. Dismissal is at 2:30 PM.
Students with excused absences must bring notes from home with the following information or
simply complete a cause of absence slip:
    ● Date

● Student’s name
   ● Reason for absence
   ● Contact number for parent/Guardian
   ● Parent/Guardian signature
It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the school of student absences.
Excused absences include:
   ● Illness/Doctor’s appointments
   ● Religious holiday
   ● Death in the family
   ● Family emergency
Please call the school when your son or daughter will be absent. After 3 days of absence, the
bus will not stop at your home. You will need to contact the bus company to resume bus

Related Services
Northside Learning Center is proud to have a full-time counselor, psychologist, social worker
and two full time speech pathologists. In addition, NLC has a part time occupational therapist
and physical therapist. These related service providers are available when identified on the
students’ IEP.

Important Dates from Counselor & Social Worker
                These are tentative, notices will be sent home
September 2019            October                      November

                          5 - NLC Fall Fest            14 – Transition Fair.
                                                       11:30 am – 4:00 pm
                          11- Good Touch, Bad
                          Touch Presentation           14- Mentor Grad Meeting
   Welcome Back!                                       (Senior families only)
                          17- EL/HS Articulation       (9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

                          24 – Parent Panel:
                          Transition: (My child is
                          18/ Next Steps)
                          12:00p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

December                  January 2020                 February

12 – Social Recreation    16 – Freshman Parent         20 – PUNS Registration
Program Panel             Meeting                      Night. 6:00 p.m. – 8:00
 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.   9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.       p.m.
                          23 - Senior Parent           27 – Team 5 Parent
                          Meeting                      Meeting

                          29 – Junior Parent

March                     April                        May

5- Parent Workshop        30 – Adult Guardianship.     14- Senior Parent Meeting
Visit                     12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                          (PAC)                        19 – Freshman Parent
26 Parent Workshop                                     Meeting
Visit                     28- Parent Workshop
                          Visit                        21 – Public Benefits Panel.
                                                       9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

12th Grade Senior Obligations
Following CPS promotion criteria, all seniors must have all passing grades. Seniors must be in
attendance daily and if not at school parents/guardians must provide a absent note with reason
of absence. Seniors must have all credits listed on their transcripts.

CPS Student Code of Conduct & Off-Campus Behavior
Northside Learning Center students are expected to hold themselves to high standards. All students are
subject to consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct for any infractions that occur between
the school and home, as well as any behavior that is diffused in the school building but is carried outside
or around school grounds. The CPS Student Code of Conduct will be used to determine consequences
for inappropriate behavior. Persistent negative behaviors will result in more severe consequences issued
to students.

Progressive discipline will be enforced for the possession and/or use of weapons, alcohol and/or drugs
as well as involvement in any gang-related incidents including but not limited to graffiti, representation
through articles of clothing, and/or intimidation. Students found involved in such activities are subject to
consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. This includes activity that occurs after school

Parent Involvement

Parent/Guardian Visits

Parent/Guardian conferences and appointments with teachers are welcomed and encouraged. In order
to maximize instructional time, parents/guardians are required to make an appointment in advance
with the teacher they would like to see. In addition, parents should also make an appointment in
advance with the administrative or support staff at the school to address concerns or schedule

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Involvement of family members at NLC is welcome and strongly encouraged. Parent/Guardian support is
crucial to the success of our students and school community. One way for parents/guardians to
participate in the school community is through the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), which will convene in
late September and meet monthly with the Principal. The purpose of this council is to maintain
communication between the school and families and support the educational and extracurricular
programs of our school.

Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC)
Every school implementing a state-mandated Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) Program is required to
establish a Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) according to the Chicago School Reform Act. Northside Learning
Center encourages parents to participate in the BAC meetings since issues regarding the education of all English
Learners are discussed and decided at these meetings. The goal of the BAC is to help parents of English Learners
develop leadership skills for effective participation in schools and to advocate for the academic, social, and cultural
development of all English Learners.

Dates to Remember
 September 3                                       First Day of Classes!
 October 5                                         Friends & Family Picnic at NLC 12:00pm -4:00pm
 October 14                                        Columbus Day Holiday (no classes)
 November 8                                        School Improvement Day (no classes)
 November 14                                       Parent Teacher Conference Day (Report Card
                                                   Pick-Up) TRANSITION FAIR
 November 27-29                                    Thanksgiving Break
 December 23-January 3                             Winter Break
 January 20                                        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday Observed
                                                   (no classes)
 January 31                                        School Improvement Day (no classes)
 February 17                                       President’s Day (no classes)
 April 6-10                                        Spring Break (no classes)
 April 17                                          School Improvement Day (no classes)
 April 23                                          Parent Teacher Conference Day (Report Card
 May 25                                            Memorial Day (no classes)
 June 16                                           Last Day of Classes

In the event of emergency closings due to weather-related issues, the dates above are subject
to change. Updates to the calendar can be found on the both the NLC and CPS websites and
also on our social media sites:

Facebook- Northside Learning Center

Instagram- northsidelearningcentercps

Twitter- @NLCCPS

School Information

School Website

The school website will be updated regularly to include new
events and information for the NLC community. Parents can find access to teacher emails and
events at school as well as links to our Friends Of NLC Organization. Please visit the site often.

You can also stay updated on special events by following us on Facebook- Northside Learning
Center, Instagram- northsidelearningcentercps and Twitter- @NLCCPS!

Alumni Information

Students are welcome to come to the school for records at any time. NLC graduates are welcome to
participate in exclusive events held annually here at Northside Learning Center.

Any questions about visiting/participating or any other information, please contact the school directly at
(773) 534-5180.



Signature Page

Please sign and return this page to your child’s teacher of record.

My signature is an acknowledgment that I have received and read the 2018-2019 Northside
Learning Center Family Handbook. I understand that I am personally responsible for reviewing
and understanding the information contained in the Handbook. I also understand that the
Handbook is only a summary of the school, District and Board of Education policies and that my
son/daughter must abide by all Chicago Public School District policies and procedures. I also
understand that a violation of any of the District’s policies may lead to disciplinary

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________

You can also read