October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

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October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org
October, 2020

Premiere week begins October 5!
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

Channel Pittsburgh is a non-profit, streaming online
television station.

The station’s goal is to provide creative
opportunities for media artists and learning
opportunities for media students in an environment
similar to that of a local television or basic
cable channel.

(Think of Channel Pittsburgh as “a college TV
station without the college.”)

Our first locally-made series, “Pittsburgh Tempo,”
begins its second season on October 6.

The station will introduce an on-demand component
and a web store some time in the future.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

Because of the COVID crises, Channel Pittsburgh
has been a one-person project. Obviously help is
needed and here are some of the station’s needs.

Pro Bono Attorney
Help the channel formally organize.
Board Members
Engaged, skilled volunteers are needed to make Channel Pittsburgh grow.
Fiscal Sponsor
Channel Pittsburgh needs a sponsor to receive support from grantmakers
and donors.

An indefinite loan of Downtown Pittsburgh space (at least 700 square feet)
for offices and studio.
Equipment & Funding
We need working computers, cameras and almost anything else you can
think of!
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

                       Channel Pittsburgh
                       offers terrific learning
                       and entertainment
                       programming every
                       weekday starting at
                       7:00 a.m.

                               Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon on
                               “Serial Bowl,” weekdays at 11:00 a.m.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org
7:00 a.m. Morning Music                          3:00 p.m. Robin Hood
Discover artists from the Tin Pan Alley Era      Whether the table is round or rectangle,
in two commercial-free hours.                    you can bet that Robin and his men will
                                                 square things with the bad guy.
9:00 a.m. Read to Me
Enjoy an eclectic collection of literature as    3:30 p.m.
read by Librivox volunteers. Sixty newly
created installments begin October 1.
                                                      Olde World Adventures

10:00 a.m. School Days                           Episodes of classic adventure series have
                                                 been combined for this custom program.
Whether its math, science or civics, these
short films make learning fun.                   4:oo p.m. Crime Scene
11:00 a.m. Serial Bowl                           Crime dramas from TV’s First Golden Age
                                                 (including once live plays).
Heroes are always coming to the rescue in
these classic serials. A new format begins
October 1.                                       4:30 p.m. Tales of Justice
                                                 Classic police and courtroom dramas.
12:00 p.m. Matinee Movie
Cinema changed dramatically in the 1930’s        5:00 p.m. On the Job
as these carefully selected movies show.
                                                 Ann Sothern Gale Storm and Bob
                                                 Cummings turn their respective workplaces
1:30 p.m.                                        into chuckle houses.
        General Audiences
                                                 5:30 p.m. The Boys
Look back at coming soon with this fun           Laugh at the antics of Alpha Men in their
series of trailers. Forty newly created          classic TV comedies.
installments begin October 1.

2:00 p.m. TelePlay                               6:00 p.m. Ozzie & Harriet

This series gathers together a variety of        They were American TV’s first First Family
one-act films from TV’s first Golden Age.        and gave the country one of its first rock
                                                 heartthrobs. Spend a warm-hearted hour
2:30 p.m.                                        with the Nelsons.

       Four Star Playhouse
A quartet of Hollywood heavyweights
combined their skills for this series of short
dramas made in the 1950’s.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

Monday nights are for
merriment and serious drama.
                                                    Sal Mineo delivers a fine
The evening’s crown are                             performance in a play
                                                    presented as part of
revitalized plays that first                        “Revisiting Studio One.”

aired live as “Studio One”.

7:30   p.m.   Games People Played
8:00   p.m.   The Lucy Show
8:30   p.m.   Love That Bob
9:00   p.m.   Jack Benny
9:30   p.m.   Revisiting Studio One
                            Twenty newly created
                    installments begin October 5.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

Channel Pittsburgh’s first
locally-produced series
“Pittsburgh Tempo” returns with
music videos and concert clips
showcasing some amazing
regional artists.

7:30 p.m. Games People Played
8:00 p.m. Pittsburgh Tempo
                 Thirteen newly created
          installments begin October 6.

8:30 p.m. Classic Password
                      Debuts October 6.

9:00 p.m. Lock Up
9:30 p.m. Racket Squad
10:00 p.m. The Detectives

                Nineteen newly created
         installments begin October 6.
                                          Kenia joins the roster of artists
10:30 p.m. Intrigues of Europe            featured on “Pittsburgh Tempo.”
                  Debuts October 13.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

            Channel Pittsburgh’s flagship history
            series “Moments in Time” has no

                      host and no narrator.
                         Instead, short films and
                          other media tell the
                           story of an event,
                            person, technology
                            or other subject.
                         7:30 p.m. Games People Played
                         8:30 p.m. Vital Signs
                                             Fifteen newly created
                                     installments begin October 7.

                           9:00 p.m. Moments in Time
                                             Fifteen newly created
                                     installments begin October 7.

                            10:00 p.m. Hollywood
                                       Palace Memories
                                               Debuts October 7.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

                    Film fans have a night for
                    them with our curated
                    Collection of animated and
                    feature films. You’ll see
                    stars like Steve McQueen,

                                  Jane Wyman,
                                  William Holden
                                  and Loretta
                                  Young among
                                  many others.

                     7:30 p.m. Games People Played
                     8:30 p.m. Animation Mania
                                            Eighteen newly created
                                     installments begin October 8.

                   9:00 p.m. Classic Movie of the Week
                                           Twenty newly selected
                                            films begin October 8.
October, 2020 - Premiere week begins October 5! - ChannelPittsburgh.org

Enter fantasy worlds every Friday. The evening’s
crown are the revitalized “Tales of Tomorrow” plays.
These inventive dramas were penned by some of
best sci fi writers such as Theodore Sturgeon and
Arthur C. Clarke.

7:30 p.m. Games People Played   9:30 p.m. Captain Z-Ro
8:30 p.m. Sherlock Holmes       10:00 p.m. Invisible Man
9:00 p.m. Space Adventures      10:30 p.m. Yesterday’s Tales
                                                       of Tomorrow

We call it “Saddle-Up Saturday,” seven hours of
classic and custom-made programming featuring
western legends such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers,
Tex Ritter, Lorne Greene and Dale Evens.

                         7:00 a.m. Morning Music
                         9:00 a.m. Home on the Range
                         10:00 a.m. Singing Cowboy
                         11:00 a.m. Roy Rogers & Trigger
                         12:00 p.m. Backlot Bijou
                         1:30 p.m. Heroes of the Old West
                         2:00 p.m. Billy the Kid
                         3:00 p.m. Bonanza
                         4:00 p.m. Beverly Hillbillies
                         5:00 p.m. I Married Joan

                          Dale Evens from the custom-made
                          series “Roy Rogers & Trigger.”

Saturday features two of our
most beloved Custom-made
series: “The Classic Comedy
Hour” which resurrects great
variety shows and “TV That
Time Forgot” and the
interesting shows lost over
                                                    Betty White of the
the years.                                          custom-made series
                                                    “Everybody Loves Betty.”
7:00   p.m.   Here’s Johnny
7:30   p.m.   You Bet Your Life
8:00   p.m.   Everybody Loves Betty
9:00   p.m.   Classic Comedy Hour
                           Nineteen newly created
                   installments begin October 10.

10:00 p.m. TV That Time Forgot

                            Twenty newly created
                   installments begin October 10.

Sunday is a great day for discovery. “Wylie Avenue
Theatre” introduces viewers to early African-
American films and “Presenting Alfred Hitchcock”
offers a peek at the director’s first movies. Plus,
there are the fascinating documentaries that
comprise our custom-made series “People & Places.”

7:00 a.m. Morning Music           2:00 p.m. People & Places
9:00 a.m. Lux Radio Theatre       3:00 p.m. Presenting
10:00 a.m. You Are There                             Alfred Hitchcock
10:30 a.m. Street Smarts Movie
                                                5:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. Wylie Avenue Theatre
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. North
1:30 p.m. The Big Picture
                                                6:00 p.m.
                                                          Sir Lancelot

                                                       Alfred Hitchcock

Some great books make great movies. This season,
see adaptations of works by Somerset Maugham,
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Louisa May Alcott, Gustave
Flaubert and Jack London.

                       8:30 p.m. Literary Masterpiece Theatre
                                            Seventeen newly selected
                                               films begin October 11

Things get wonderfully weird after dark, whether it’s
the terrifically terrible films of “The Midnight Movie”
or the revitalized classic horror tales “Lights Out.”

                                   11:00 p.m. Dragnet
                                   11:30 p.m. One Step Beyond
                                   12:00 a.m. Midnight Movie

                                   Saturday Nights
                                   11:00 p.m. Grounded
                                   11:30 p.m. Dick Tracy
                                   12:00 a.m. Interstellar Cinema

                                   Sunday Nights
                                          11:00 p.m.
                                                 Our Strange World
                                          11:30 p.m.
                                                   Lights Out Again
                                          12:00 a.m. Fright Flick

                                          Jack Webb stars in “Dragnet,”
                                          weeknights at 11:00 p.m.
WEEKDAYS                           SATURDAY SUNDAY
 To                                 Morning Music Show
9AM                                                    Home on the
                      Read to Me                         Range                 Lux Radio

10AM                                                   The Singing          You are There
                      School Days                       Cowboy
                                                                             Streets Smart
11AM                                                   Roy Rogers                Movie
                      Serial Bowl                      & Trigger
12PM                                                                           Wylie Ave
                   Matinee Movie                     Backlot Bijou              Theater
                  General Audiences                Heroes of the West       The Big Picture
2PM                     TelePlay
                                                      Billy the Kid         People & Places
                  Four Star Playhouse
3PM            Adventure of Robin Hood
                                                        Bonanza                Presenting
                Olde World Adventures
4PM                 Tales of Justice                Beverly Hillbillies        Hitchcock
                     Crime Scene                    Beverly Hillbillies
5PM                    On the Job                    I Married Joan         Mr. & Mrs. North
                        The Boys                     I Married Joan         Mr. & Mrs. North
6PM         Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet            Mickey Rooney             Sir Lancelot
            Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet          Welcome to Comedyville      Sir Lancelot

Still in its early stages, Channel Pittsburgh is a non-profit streaming television
station to provide opportunities for local media artists and media students.
The programming is to be a mix of local production, classic movies, vintage
television shows and more.
 CUSTOM MADE       A custom made program is an      CUSTOMIZED          A customized program is
                   original series created from                         comprised of public domain
public domain and/or orphan material exclusively   episodes of television series that have been
for Channel Pittsburgh.                            modified exclusively for Channel Pittsburgh.


          Changes May Occur | Actual Times May Vary Depending On The Viewing Device
FRIDAY                  11:00 p.m. Dragnet              Vegas' iconic Stardust Resort
                                                               A retired vaudeville per-       & Casino (which was demol-
      OCTOBER 1                       OCTOBER 2                former is found dead in her     ished in 2007). Appearing are
                                                               apartment. Friday: Jack         comedians/actors Jack Benny
7:00 p.m. Placeholder          7:00 p.m. Placeholder           Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander.     and Jerry Lewis as well as
         (Future Local News)            (Future Local News) Jack: Dayton Lummis. John:         popular musical trio The
7:30 p.m. Games                7:30 p.m. Games                 Richard Garland.                Crosby Brothers.
             People Played                  People Played      11:30 p.m.                      10:00 p.m. TV That
In the game show "Penny        Actor, bandleader and                     One Step Beyond                       Time Forgot
to a Million," contestants     television producer Desi        After respected Welshman        Legendary vaudeville
earn a penny for the first     Arnaz is among the "What's      Wyndham Roberts (Meredith       comic Ed Wynn hosts back-
correct answer, which dou-     My Line?" panel that is         Edwards) confesses to mur-      to-back episodes of his vari-
bles with each round until     challenged by a famous          dering his mistress, all the    ety show featuring singers
reaching a potential million   politician's son and a contest- evidence points to his appar-   Mel Torme and Dinah Shore
dollars. Bill Goodwin is the   ant with a special connection ent innocence. Josh Jones:        among his guests.
host.                          to Arnaz.                       Clifford Evans. Inspector       11:00 p.m. Grounded
8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video 8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video Pugh: Edward Evans.                    Conclusion. Benedict (Harry
         (Future Local Show)            (Future Local Show) 12:00 a.m.                         Townes) must face a Senate
8:30 p.m.                      8:30 p.m.                                  Midnight Movie       committee to keep his pro-
         Animation Mania                 Sherlock Holmes                "Invasion of the       posed lunar project from
Animation created by the       The co-winner of a sweep-       Bee Girls" (1973). Actress      being canceled. Matthews:
National Aeronautics &         stakes ticket has disappeared, and poet Anita Ford --- who      John Agar. Andrews: Cecil
Space Administration           preventing his partners from    was one of the original mod-    Kellaway. Dave: Charles
(NASA) visualizes a mission claiming their shares of the       els on "The Price is Right"     Aidman.
to Mars.                       prize. O'Casey: Harris Towb. game show --- portrays a mad       11:30 p.m. Dick Tracy
9:00 p.m. Classic Movie        Holmes: Ronald Howard.          scientist who is playing a      Gold has disappeared from a
                of the Week    Watson: H. Marion Craw-         deadly game by creating an      steamship and Dick (Ralph
         "His Girl Fri-        ford.                           army of beautiful women         Boyd) suspects the Spider.
day" (1940) This brilliant     9:00 p.m.                       who seduce men to death.        Gordon: Carelton Young.
adaptation of the 1928 play            Space Adventures        Neil: William Smith. Julie:     Gwen: Kay Hughes. Junior:
"The Front Page" stars Cary    Tom and his space cadets        Victoria Vetri.                 Lee Van Atta.
Grant as the crafty owner of a are assigned to capture a                                       12:00 a.m. Interstellar
New York newspaper schem- renegade guard and the                                                                    Cinema
ing to keep his ex-wife        weapons specialist he's                 SATURDAY
                                                                                                         "Killers from
(Rosalind Russell) from        partnered with to wreak                 OCTOBER 3               Space" (1954). The authori-
quitting journalism to marry a havoc on merchant shipping.                                     ties at an air force base sus-
quaint insurance man (Ralph Tom: Frankie Thomas. Ark-          7:00 p.m. Here's Johnny
                                                                                               pect that an injured scientist
Bellamy) by giving her one     wright: Carter Blake. Strong: Internationally acclaimed         (Peter Graves) may be under
last assignment: to interview Ed Bryce.                        Russian-American composer
                                                                                               the influence of space crea-
a convicted murderer. Mayor 9:30 p.m. Captain Z-Ro             and conductor Dimitri Tiom-
                                                                                               tures. This film was directed
Fred: Clarence Kolb. Earl      Time traveling scientist        kin (who provided music for
                                                                                               by W. Lee Wilder, brother of
Williams: John Qualen.         Captain Z-Ro and his adven- films such as 1952's "High          famed filmmaker Billy
11:00 p.m. Dragnet             turous young friend Jet meet Noon" starring Gary Cooper)        Wilder who helmed such
Local physicians are the       explorer Christopher Colum- appears. In another sketch,         classics as "Sunset Boule-
target of a gang who lures     bus (1450-1506), who led the Johnny portrays Hector in his      vard" and "Some Like It
their targets to hotel rooms   first important voyages by      own version of the Trojan
                                                                                               Hot." Kruger: Frank Gerstle.
where they are robbed of cash Europeans to North America. War.                                 Banks: James Seay.
and drugs. Friday: Jack        Captain: Roy Steffens. Jet:     7:30 p.m. You Bet
Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander. Bruce Haynes. Alfredo: Jack                         Your Life
Ann: Dorothy Abbott.           Fleming. Columbus: Edward Among the contestants is                     SUNDAY
11:30 p.m.                     Stevlingson.                    a woman whose profession is           OCTOBER 4
         One Step Beyond       10:00 p.m. Invisible Man        investigating crooked oil
An incident from the life      Gambling debts and black-       deals.                          7:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
of Mexican artist Gerardo      mail may compromise the         8:00 p.m. Everybody                     (Future Local Show)
"Dr. Atl" Cornado (1875-       movement of a secret rocket.                   Loves Betty      7:30 p.m. Placeholder Video
1964) inspired this absorbing The cast includes Robert         The challenges of youth                 (Future Local Show)
tale of an escaped convict     Brown, who appeared in          confront Vicki and Gus          8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
(David J. Stewart) hiding in a several James Bond movies       Angel (Betty White, Bill                (Future Local Show)
convent. Colonel Ferrero:      in the 1980s. Sally: Deborah Williams) as they rely on an       8:30 p.m. Literary
Rudolph Acosta. Carlos         Watling. Heath: Robert          obstetrician for Gus' fever         Masterpiece Theatre
Gonzalez: Jay Novello.         Raglan.                         and then must contend with               " A Farewell to
12:00 a.m.                     10:30 p.m. Yesterday's          Vicki's precocious nephew       Arms" (1932). American
          Midnight Movie              Tales of Tomorrow        (Jimmy Boyd). Dolly: Nancy      journalist and author Ernest
"Messiah of Evil" (1973).      A colorful scientist (Gene      Culp. Wilma: Natalie Mas-       Hemingway's semi-
         Using an innovative,  Lockhart) may be able to do     ters.                           autobiographical 1929 novel
dream-like structure this film what alchemists have            9:00 p.m. Classic               became this Best Picture
follows a young woman          dreamed of for years: to turn                Comedy Hour        nominee about a romance
visiting a evil-saturated town lead into gold. Margaret:       Legendary columnist and         between an English nurse
hoping to fix the broken       Monica Lovett.                  TV host Ed Sullivan presents    (Helen Hayes) and an Ameri-
relationship with her es-                                      an episode that originally      can ambulance driver (Gary
tranged father. Thom: Mi-                                      aired live in 1961 from Las     Cooper) in World War I Italy.
Rinaldi: Adolphe Menjou.                                                TUEDAY                  target a wealthy musician
Helen: Mary Philips.                                                   OCTOBER 6                who is also boxing fan.
11:00 p.m. Our                                                                                  Braddock: Reed Hadley.
            Strange World                                        7:00 p.m. Placeholder          Terry: Walter Coy.
A fleeing cop killer has                                                 (Future Local News)
more than the police stalking                                    7:30 p.m. Games
him --- so are his supersti-                                                  People Played
tions. Frank: Stephen                                            An episode of the award
McNally. Mal: Paul Langton.                                      winning game show "Stump
11:30 p.m. Lights                                                the Stars" (also known as
                 Out Again                                       "Pantomime Quiz") features
Even before opening                                              acclaimed actress Nina Foch
                                 9:00 p.m. Revisiting
night, a play is experiencing a                                  and "Bonanza" co-star Mi-
                                                 Studio One
variety of problems not the                                      chael Landon on the panel.
                                                Father and
least of which is that the
                                                son lawyers
leading man is cursed.                                                                          10:00 p.m. The Detectives
                                 (Ralph Bellamy, William
Maggie: K. T. Stevens.                                                                                          In this change-
                                 Shatner) defend a young man
Flannigan: Herbert Rudley.                                                                                      of-pace story,
                                 (Steve McQueen) charged
12:00 a.m. Fright Flick                                                                         Jeffrey Hunter portrays a
                                 with murder in this engross-
         "Devil Times                                                                           traumatized holding captive
                                 ing courtroom drama written
Five" (1974). Future teen                                                                       the man who diagnosed him -
                                 by Emmy Award winner
sensation Leif Garrett is                                                                       -- Dr. Carl Hyatt (Sebastian
                                 Reginald Rose (the television
among the five extremely                                                                        Cabot). Jed: Doug McClure.
                                 play “12 Angry Men”) and
disturbed, sociopathic chil-                                                                    11:00 p.m. Dragnet
                                 directed by acclaimed film-
dren who play devilish tricks                                                                   In this disturbing episode,
                                 maker Robert Mulligan
on the adults who have                                                                          Friday (Jack Webb) goes in
                                 (1962’s “To Kill a Mocking-     8:00 p.m.
rescued them. The cast in-                                                                      search of an alcholic mother
                                 bird”). Toohey: Martin Bal-             Pittsburgh Tempo
cludes familiar TV actors                                                                       (Mae Clarke) whose behavior
                                 sam. Judge: Ian Wolfe.          Music videos created
Sorrell Booke (1930-1994) of                                                                    is threatening the lives of her
                                 11:00 p.m. Dragnet              during the 2020 pandemic
"The Dukes of Hazzard" and                                                                      three children. Frank: Ben
                                 A young Leonard Nimoy           shutdown include
Shelley Morrison from "Will                                                                     Alexander. Richard: Billy
                                 (who would later become         “Quarantine” by the Neon
& Grace". Papa: Gene Evans.                                                                     Chapin.
                                 famous on TV's "Star Trek")     Swing X-Perience and a
Rick: Taylor Lacher. Julie:                                                                     11:30 p.m. One
                                 portrays a member of gang of    sample of the River City
Joan McCall                                                                                                     Step Beyond
                                 armed robbers. Friday: Jack     Brass’ “Living Room” series
                                 Webb. Tony: Harvey Bartell.     of online concerts. Also:      Series host John Newland
          MONDAY                 11:30 p.m. One                  Kenia, Michael Christopher     stars in this story set in 1912
        OCTOBER 5                              Step Beyond       and a vintage clip of Eddie    about a couple about to travel
                                 A young bride's sanity is       Jefferson.                     on the grandest ship of the
                                 called into question when she                                  time --- the RMS Titanic.
7:00 p.m. Placeholder
                                                                                                Grace: Barbara Lord. Eric:
         (Future Local News) starts describing features of a     8:30 p.m.
                                 place she has never been.               Classic Password       Patrick Macnee.
7:30 p.m. Games
                                 Series host John Newland                                       12:00 a.m. Midnight Movie
             People Played
                                 directed this episode.                                                   "Damaged
Comedians try to induce a
                                                                                                Lives" (1933). Daring
panel of celebrities --- includ- 12:00 a.m.                      Specially
                                            Midnight Movie       selected in-                   (especially for its time)
ing boxer Thomas "Rocky"
                                        "The Swap" (1979).       stallments of                  movie about a young man
Graziano, and bandleader
                                 Using clips from a film made    the original                   contracting a sexually trans-
Lyle "Skitch" Henderson ---
into laughing hard enough to a decade earlier, this odd          word game. In                  mitted disease after a one-
win prizes.                      mish-mash follows an ex-con     the opener:                    night stand. Donald: Lyman
                                 (Anthony Charnota) seeking      comedian and                   Williams. Nat: Harry Myers.
                                 revenge on the men who          TV show host Garry Moore       Joan: Diane Sinclair.
                                 killed his younger brother      and the comedic actress he
                                 (Robert De Niro). Erica:        made famous --- Carol Bur-          WEDNESDAY
                                 Sybil Danning. Paul: Sam        nett --- are the celebrity          OCTOBER 7
8:00 p.m. Channel                Anderson.                       players. Host: Allen Ludden.
  Pittsburgh Fall Preview                                        9:00 p.m. Lock Up              7:00 p.m. Placeholder
              A peek at the                                      One of Maris' former college           (Future Local News)
programming on Channel                                           professors (George Eldredge)   7:30 p.m. Games
Pittsburgh for the 2020-2021                                     is accused of a hit-and-run,               People Played
season includes various clips.                                   but the case soon yields a     Known for her silky,
8:30 p.m. A Clear View                                           gang of loan sharks that       smooth voice, jazz singer
               Take an in-                                       targeted the professor's       June Christy is the celebrity
sider's look at the Pittsburgh                                   teenage son. Maris: Mac-       guest on "Chopsticks," an
Glass Center, including its                                      Donald Carey. Steven: John     unusual 1950s game show
exhibits and classes.                                            Brinkley.                      featuring child piano prote-
                                                                 9:30 p.m. Racket Squad         gies competing. The host,
                                                                 A pair of clever con artists   John Charles Trotter, was an
                                                                 (Ross Elliott, Fat Roope)      arranger who often worked
                                                                                                with crooner Bing Crosby.
8:00 p.m. Vital Signs            TV series "Mission: Impossi-     11:30 p.m. One                    10:30 p.m. Yesterday's
               The life and      ble" under his real name,                       Step Beyond               Tales of Tomorrow
               career of a       Peter Lupus --- stars as the     Separated during World            An unhappy scientist
promising young engineer         Greco-Roman diety Hercules       War II, a couple (Reginald        develops a universal solvent
(Barry Atwater) is jeopard-      on a mission to rescue a         Owen, Molly Roden) man-           that threatens to dissolve his
ized after an accident leaves    captured queen. Thant: Helga     ages to have one connection:      personal and professional
him with a crippling spinal      Line. Phaleg: Mario Petri.       the same terrifying dream         life. Dr. Kramer: Victor Jory.
condition. Based on a true                                        about death. Willie: Richard      Nicki: Nita Talbot.
story. Styner: Richard Boone.                                     Lupino.                           11:00 p.m. Dragnet
Edie: Diana Douglas. Sam-
                                            THURSDAY                                                Friday (Jack Webb) is certain
                                                                  12:00 a.m.
ford: Richard Hale.                         OCTOBER 8                         Midnight Movie        who killed a woman and her
                                                                             "The Boy in the        grandson, but the man he
                                   7:00 p.m. Placeholder          Plastic Bubble" (1976). John      suspects seems to have an
                                             (Future Local News) Travolta stars in one of the       iron-clad alibi. Frank: Ben
                                   7:30 p.m. Games                most famous TV movies ever        Alexander. Daniel: Kyle
                                                 People Played    made, as a teen who was born      James.
                                   The game show "Stump           with an immune deficiency         11:30 p.m. One
                                   the Stars" (also known as      and is forced to live in a                       Step Beyond
                                   "Pantomime") features celeb- controlled environment.             A widower and his young
9:00 p.m. Moments                  rities like actress/comedian   Johnny: Robert Reed.              daughter move into his sis-
                     in Time       Paula Prentiss playing a fun   Mickey: Diana Hyland.             ter's home --- which appears
Films about the human              game of charades.                                                to have residents that only the
immune system and the              8:00 p.m.                                                        girl can see. Paul: Phillip
history of research. Includes:               Animation Mania                                        Abbott. Ann: Mimi Gibson.
a 1932 short called “Man                                                      FRIDAY
                                                    A collec-                                       Minna: Joanne Linville.
Against Microbe’ recounting                                               OCTOBER 9
                                                    tion of ani-                                    12:00 a.m. Midnight Movie
the efforts of early of scien-     mated shorts by legendary                                                  "Lady Franken-
tists and a more recent one                                       7:00 p.m. Placeholder
                                   filmmaker Max Fleischer                                          stein" (1971). Acclaimed
about cholera.                                                              (Future Local News)     actor Joseph Cotton does his
                                   (1883-1972) that feature sing
                                                                  7:30 p.m. Games                   best in raising this low-
                                   along elements (“follow the
                                                                                People Played
                                   bouncing ball”). Some have                                       budget horror movie about
                                                                  Legendary game show
                                   live-action music perform-                                       the infamous Dr. Franken-
                                                                  host Jack Barry guides "The
                                   ances, including one featur-                                     stein's daughter carrying on
                                                                  Juvenile Jury," a panel of
                                   ing singer/actress Lillian                                       the family legacy. Tania:
                                                                  youngsters giving advice to
                                   Roth (1910-1980) whose                                           Rosalba Neri. Dr. Marshall:
10:00 p.m. Hollywood                                              other kids. Among the issues:
                                   colorful personal life ---                                       Paul Muller.
          Palace Memories                                         a boy worries about wearing
                                   complete with alcoholism and
          A specially                                             a kilt in the school play.
                                   six marriages --- inspired the                                         SATURDAY
          edited selection of                                     8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                   critically acclaimed 1955 film                                         OCTOBER 10
episodes from the iconic                                                    (Future Local Show)
                                   “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” starring
variety show that originally                                      8:30 p.m. Sherlock Holmes
                                   Susan Hayward.
aired between 1965 and 1967.                                      A visiting Frenchman (Lou         7:00 p.m. Here's Johnny
In the opener: Academy                                            Van Burg) claims to have          Legendary bandleader and
Award winning actress Joan                                        been kidnapped as part of         musician Rudy Vallee is the
Crawford hosts and gives a                                        scheme to defraud his sister.     special guest. Sketches in-
dramatic reading. Also ap-                                        Holmes: Ronald Howard.            clude the history of dance,
pearing are comedian God-                                         Watson: H. Marion Craw-           the art of birdwatching and
frey Cambridge and singer                                         ford. Judd: Charles Brodie.       life during the Roaring Twen-
Jack Jones.                        9:00  p.m.   Classic  Movie    Lattimer: Bob Cunningham.         ties.
11:00 p.m. Dragnet                                 of  the Week                                     7:30 p.m. You
What first looks like a suicide               "At War   with the                                                  Bet Your Life
turns out to be murder. Fess       Army" (1950). The legendary                                      Legendary vaudeville,
Parker, who would later            musical comedy team of                                           movie and radio comedian
become famous as TV's              Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis                                      Groucho Marx hosts this fun
"Daniel Boone" portrays a          are at their peak in this de-                                    and funny quiz show with
police officer. Friday: Jack       lightful film about buddies                                      guests that include a profes-
Webb.                              stationed stateside during                                       sional dance instructor.
11:30 p.m. One                     World War II who are cor-                                        8:00 p.m. Everybody
               Step Beyond         nered into appearing in the    9:00 p.m. Playhouse 90:                          Loves Betty
A young Cloris Leachman            base’s talent show. Award       Judgment at Nuremberg            Domestic concerns facing
plays an American photogra- winning actress Polly Bergen                         Maximillian        Elizabeth and Alvin (Betty
pher in France who seems to makes her screen debut.               Schell gives a career-defining    White, Del Moore) include
have developed a fictional         11:00 p.m. Dragnet             performance in this powerful      preparing for a relative's visit
client that is trying to kill her. Local department stores are    television play about Nazis       and issues with their
12:00 a.m.                         being targeted by an elusive   facing their crimes and accus-    neighbors. Mrs. Skinridge:
           Midnight Movie          thief who turns out to be the  ers. The production includes      Loie Bridge.
         "Hercules & the           type of person the authorities troublly footage of actual
Tyrants of Babylon" (1964).        didn't expect. Friday: Jack    atrocities. Schell later earned
Actor and former body              Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander. an Academy Award in the
builder Rock Stevens --- who Virginia: Peggy Webber.              film adaptation.
would later appear in the hit
famed filmmaker Billy            12:00 a.m. Fright Flick         his signature character, Police
                                 Wilder who helmed such                    "The Driller Kil-      Inspector Jules Maigret.
                                 classics as "Sunset Boule-       ler" (1979). A struggling       Olga: Lisa Farraday. Maigret:
                                 vard" and "Some Like It          young artist (director Abel     Romney Brent.
                                 Hot." Kruger: Frank Gerstle.     Ferrara performing under the    11:00 p.m. Dragnet
                                 Banks: James Seay.               name Jimmy Laine) finds his     Carolyn Jones --- who later
                                                                  mental health deteriorating     became famous on the TV
                                                                  while living in a crime-        series "The Addams Family"
                                                                  riddled neighborhood leading    --- plays an alluring and
                                        SUNDAY                    him to commit horrific mur-     violent robber. Friday: Jack
                                       OCTOBER 11                 ders. Carol: Carolyn Marz.      Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander.
9:00 p.m. Classic
            Comedy Hour                                           Pamela: Baybi.                  11:30 p.m. One
Gary Moore welcomes              7:00 p.m. Placeholder Video                                                     Step Beyond
singer Nat King Cole and                (Future Local Show)                                       In this World War I tale, a
                                 7:30 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                                                            MONDAY                group of French soldiers walk
actress/singer Carol Law-                                                 OCTOBER 12
rence as guests. Sketches               (Future Local Show)                                       away from their posts after
include an astronaut about to    8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video                                      claiming to have seen a
start a dangerous trip to the           (Future Local Show)       7:00 p.m. Placeholder           vision. Sergeant Vy: Pernell
moon whose wife (Carol                                                     (Future Local News) Roberts. Captain Tremaine:
Burnett) couldn’t care less.                                      7:30 p.m. Games                 Bruce Gordon.
Marion Lorne and Durwood                                                        People Played     12:00 a.m. Midnight Movie
Kirby are among the per-                                          A sailor and his buddies                 "War of the Ro-
formers.                                                          try to "Stop the Music" by      bots" (1978). Facing the end
                                                                  guessing the titles to songs    of their civilization, a group
                                                                  being played. Bert Parks is     of aliens kidnap two human
                                                                  the host.                       scientists. Captain Boyd:
                                                                  8:00 p.m. Lucy Show             Antonio Sabato Sr. Julie:
                                                                  Famously abrasive comedian Yanti Somer.
                                                                  Don Rickles plays against
                                 8:30 p.m. Literary
                                                                  type as a former boxer turned
                                       Masterpiece Theatre
                                          " The Man with
                                                                  timid floral designer who                TUESDAY
                                                                  wants to open his own shop             OCTOBER 13
10:00 p.m. TV That               the Golden Arm" (1955).
                Time Forgot                                       but lacks the funds. Lucy:
                                 Nominated for three Acad-
James Dean and Michael                                            Lucille Ball. Mooney: Gale      7:00 p.m. Placeholder
                                 emy Awards, this is a power-
Higgins (the 1992 film                                            Gordon. Sonny: Bruce Mars.               (Future Local News)
                                 ful and engrossing adaptation
“School Ties”) co-star in this                                    8:30 p.m. Love That Bob         7:30 p.m. Games
                                 of Nelson Algren’s novel
play about a college student                                      Ladies man Bob (Bob Cum-                     People Played
                                 about a recovering drug
(Joan Potter) at the center of                                    mings) has been tutoring        Actor, comedian and
                                 addict (Frank Sinatra) trying
a school cheating scandal. A                                      Chuck (Dwayne Hickman)          television pioneer Ernie
                                 to stay sober after a stint in
young Bradford Dillman                                            but its Margaret and Schultzy Kovacs hosts "Take a Good
                                 prison. Zosh: Eleanor Parker.
(TV’s “Falcon Crest”) makes                                       who are determined to teach     Look," a visual memory
                                 Molly: Kim Novak. Sparrow:
his television debut. Mr.                                         the boys a lesson. Margaret:    game. Panelists include
                                 Arnold Stang. Louie: Darren
Matthewson: Larry Fletcher.                                       Rosemary DeCamp.                character actor Hans Conried
                                 McGavin. {VIEWER DIS-
Mr. Baldwin: Richard                                              Schultzy: Ann B. Davis.         and Kovacs' wife, singer/
                                 CRETION IS ADVISED}
Bishop.                                                           9:00 p.m. Jack Benny            actress Edie Adams.
                                 11:00 p.m. Our
                                                                  Academy Award wining
11:00 p.m. Grounded                          Strange World
Former child star Margaret                                        actor Humphrey Bogart
                                 A young Patrick Macnee
O'Brien (the 1944 film "Meet                                      spoofs his tough-guy screen
                                 (who would later become
Me in St. Louis") portrays a                                      image in a hilarious sketch
                                 famous on TV's "The Aven-
pretty teen whose pretty good                                     about a police department run
                                 gers") as the officer investi-
at getting into trouble. Mark:                                    by "hard boiled" Lt. Jack
                                 gating a murder that was
Leon Ames. Ann: Fay Baker.                                        Benny.
                                 predicted in a dream by the
11:30 p.m. Dick Tracy                                             9:30 p.m. Burns & Allen
                                 victim's brother. George:
A gathering of key witnesses                                      It's time for the Burns' to pay
                                 Robert Hardy. Julie: Jennifer
brings Dick (Ralph Byrd)                                          their property taxes, but the
                                 Raine. Willmore: Boris
closer to answers --- espe-                                       assessor never met anyone
cially about his missing                                          like Gracie (Gracie Allen).     8:00 p.m.
                                 11:30 p.m. Lights
brother (Carelton Young).                                         George: George Burns.                   Pittsburgh Tempo
                                                  Out Again
Gwen: Kay Hughes. Junior:                                         Blanche: Bea Benadaret.         Slim Forsythe performs
                                 An emotionally unstable
Lee Van Atta.                                                     10:00 p.m. Revisiting           Hank Williams’ classic
                                 actor agrees to come out of
12:00 a.m. Interstellar                                                            Studio One     “Jambalya” among other
                                 retirement to participate in
                                                                  Tony Award winning              local videos featuring posi-
                     Cinema      his daughter's stage debut.
         "Killers from                                            actor Eli Wallach (who kept     tive beats or lyrics. Also seen
                                 Unfortunately, the ghost of
Space" (1954). The authori-                                       working well into his late      are Meeting of Important
                                 his late wife has some unre-
ties at an air force base sus-                                    90’s) delivers a compelling     Minds, Donora and Dr. Zoot
                                 solved issues. Carlton: Otto
pect that an injured scientist                                    performance as a troubled
(Peter Graves) may be under                                       Polish refugee who may or
the influence of space crea-                                      may not be a murderer. This
tures. This film was directed                                     is an adaptation of a 1938
by W. Lee Wilder, brother of                                      short story written by Belgian
                                                                  author Georges Simeon about
8:30 p.m.                         12:00 a.m.                    robbery. Frances Bavier,            beaus --- an airline pilot, a
          Classic Password                  Midnight Movie      who would later gain fame on        college professor and a
Movie actor and sitcom                    "Diary of a Nud-      TV's "Andy Griffith Show,"          businessman --- who all share
star Dick van Dyke and            ist" (1961). After stumbling  appears. Frank: Ben Alexan-         the same first name. Van
Broadway actress Betsy            on a nudist colony, a newspa- der.                                Johnson, Howard Keel.
Palmer are the celebrity          per editor assigns his best   11:30 p.m. One                      11:00 p.m. Dragnet
players. Allan Ludden hosts.      reporter (Davee Decker) to                   Step Beyond          An enterprising teen (Martin
9:00 p.m. Lock Up                 go undercover and expose the  To aid in his recovery              Milner) provides Friday with
A young man (Corey Allen)         colony's alleged depravity.   from an auto accident,              the link he needs to track
with a troubled past finds that   Arthur: Norman Casserly.      American businessman                down a pornographer. Friday:
history catching up with him      Marie: Dolores Carlos.        Mitchell Campion (Patrick           Jack Webb. Frank: Ben
after the police find drugs                                     O'Neal) travels overseas for        Alexander.
planted in his car. Maris:               WEDNESDAY              the first time and lands on a       11:30 p.m. One
MacDonald Carey. Alice:                  OCTOBER 14             remote island --- where                             Step Beyond
Donna Boyce.                                                    everyone already knows him.         Suffering from her con-
9:30 p.m. Racket Squad                                          Francesca: Lilyan Chauvin.          trolling and uncaring hus-
                                  7:00 p.m. Placeholder
An elderly immigrant (Fred                                      12:00 a.m.                          band, a young woman (Maria
                                           (Future Local News)
Essler) turns to a loan shark                                               Midnight Movie          Palmer) uses a ouija board to
                                  7:30 p.m. Games
for financial help and not                                              "Werewolf in a              create a fantasy lover --- who
                                               People Played
only ends up in the crook's                                     Girl's Dormitory" (1962). A         may turn out to not be a
                                  Singer and future game
debt, but a victim of his                                       hairy beast stalks a reformi-       fantasy at all. Harrison:
                                  show innovator Merv Griffin
violent tendencies. Braddock:                                   tory by night. Priscilla:           Robert Douglas. Jeremy:
                                  hosts "Play Your Hunch," a
Reed Hadley. Alan: Bob                                          Barbara Lass. Julian: Carl          Albert Carrier.
                                  challenging game of observa-
Stevenson.                                                      Schell.                             12:00 a.m.
                                  tion and deduction.
10:00 p.m. The Detectives                                                                                      Midnight Movie
                                  8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
Private detective Richard                                                                                       "Plan 9 From
Diamond (David Janssen)
                                           (Future Local Show)          THURSDAY                    Outer Space" (1959). Consid-
                                  8:30 p.m. Vital Signs                OCTOBER 15
investigates a gambling                                                                             ered one of the worst movies
                                  A gold mine’s cave-in results
racket that may have resulted                                                                       ever made, writer/director Ed
                                  in tragedy for a small town
in a man’s death. Mrs. Far-                                     7:00 p.m. Placeholder               Wood's low-budget nonsense
                                  and challenges for Dr. Baxter
rell: Doris Singleton. Gra-                                               (Future Local News)       is the tale of ridiculous hu-
                                  (Rex Allen) who decides to
ham: John Eldredge.                                             7:30 p.m. Games                     mans fighting to save Earth
                                  confront the owner. Kitty:
10:30 p.m. Intrigues                                                         People Played          from even more ridiculous
                                  Dani Sue Nolan. Clay: Wil-
                  of Europe                                     Journalist and author               aliens. Jeff: Gregory Walcott.
                                  liam Bryant.
           Whether its                                          Walter Kiernan hosts "Who           Paula: Mona McKinnon.
           journalists crossing                                 Said That," an unusual but          Ruler: John Breckinridge.
borders or Scotland Yard's                                      fascinating program where a         Old Man: Bela Lugosi.
best on the job, these tales of                                 panel of celebrities attempts
crime and deception offer an                                    to identify the origin of a                 FRIDAY
international flavor. In the                                    recent quote.                             OCTOBER 16
opener: Robert and Helen          9:00 p.m. Moments             8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
(Jerome Thor, Sydna Scott)                            in Time             (Future Local Show)
have trouble convincing the                                     8:30 p.m.                          7:00 p.m. Placeholder
                                  America’s first orbiting                                                   (Future Local News)
authorities that they've found    space station, Skylab, is the          Animation Mania
millions of counterfeit US                                      Residents of the distant           7:30 p.m. Games
                                  subject of official films and                                                  People Played
dollars in Paris. Victor:         clips. The station was inhab- world called Futura dispatch       In the little-known 1950s
Torsten Lilliecrona. Francois:    ited for nearly a year by a   their famed Colonel Bleep to
Gustaf Hiort af Ornas. Claire:                                  Earth after learning of hu-        game show "Shadow Stump-
                                  rotating team of astronauts.                                     ers," contestants face an
Torsten Winge.                                                  manity’s nuclear technology.
11:00 p.m. Dragnet                                              “Colonel Bleep” (1957-1960)        interesting challenge: to
Future "Addams Family" star                                     was the first cartoon series       identify objects based on
Carolyn Jones makes her                                         filmed in color for television.    their silhouettes.
second guest appearance                                                                            8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
(playing a different character)                                                                             (Future Local Show)
in a tale of common hit & run                                                                      8:30 p.m. Sherlock Holmes
case that soon becomes                                                                             Holmes (Ronald Howard)
anything but common. Fri-                                                                          agrees to help Scotland Yard
day: Jack Webb. Frank: Ben                                                                         track down a serial killer with
Alexander.                        10:00 p.m. Hollywood                                             an odd quirk: he leaves three
11:30 p.m. One                             Palace Memories                                         thistles with each of his
               Step Beyond        Film legend Judy Garland                                         victims. Watson: H. Marion
A prison is having a              hosts with guests that include   9:00 p.m. Classic Movie         Crawford. Lestrade: Archie
problem trying to execute a       the comedy duo Schreiber &                       of the Week     Duncan.
convicted killer: he just won't   Burns, crooner Vic Damone                 "Three Guys            9:00 p.m.
die. Johnny Marriott: Alfred      and singer/dancer Chita          Named Mike" (1951). Jane                 Space Adventures
Ryder. Chaplain: Leslie           Rivera.                          Wyman is smart and delight- A political crisis among
Denison.                          11:00 p.m. Dragnet               ful in this classic comedy as a allied planets risks interstellar
                                  Friday (Jack Webb) has           stewardess juggling a trio of   peace and stability. Flash:
                                  doubts about the man sus-                                        Steve Holland. Dale: Irene
                                  pected in a grocery store
Champlin. Zarkov: Joe Nash.             SATURDAY                   11:30 p.m. Dick Tracy            11:30 p.m. Lights
9:30 p.m. Captain Z-Ro                  OCTOBER 17                 Dick (Ralph Byrd) tracks the                       Out Again
Captain Z-Ro and Jet learn                                         Spider and his gang to his       The patient at a mental
that the life of legendary                                         new hideout but the discov-      hospital has a unique prob-
frontiersman Daniel Boone         7:00 p.m. Here's Johnny          ery may cost an innocent man     lem: she's possessed by an
(1734-1820) is in danger          Johnny and Eva Gabor ap-         his life. Gordon: Carleton       Irish spirit. Kitty: Stella
even before his historic          pear in a spoof of "The Three Young. Moloch: John Pic-            Andrew.
career of exploration begins.     Musketeers." Also: a young       cori. Gwen: Kay Hughes.          12:00 a.m. Fright Flick
Captain: Roy Steffens. Jet:       Jamie Farr (later of TV's        Junior: Lee Van Atta.                      "Don't Look in the
Bruce Haynes. Young               "MASH") portrays an aspir-       12:00 a.m.                       Basement" (1973). Young
Daniel: Billy Hicks.              ing musician/songwriter.                Interstellar Cinema       psychiatric nurse Charlotte
10:00 p.m. Invisible Man          7:30 p.m. You Bet                           "Cat-Women of         Beale (former playboy model
An innovative new bomb has                           Your Life     the Moon" (1953). A lunar        Rosie Holotik) takes a job at
malfunctioned and Peter must      Contestants include for-         expedition discovers an          an insane asylum where the
find a way to disarm it.          mer silent screen actress        unusual race of residents who    residents are less than wel-
Finch: Conrad Phillips.           Laura La Plante Asher (1904- represent the last of a feline       coming. Sam: Bill McGhee.
Clark: Jennifer Jayne. Lloyd:     1996), who retired after she     civilization and have            Dr. Masters: Anne Mac-
Walter Gotell. Daniels: Ian       was unable to transfer to        scratched out a sly plan.        Adams. Judge Cameron:
Hendry.                           talkies.                         Laird: Sonny Tufts. Kip:         Gene Ross.
10:30 p.m. Yesterday's            8:00 p.m. Everybody              Victor Jory. Helen: Marie
      Tales of Tomorrow                           Loves Betty      Windsor.
                                  The travails of travel                                                   MONDAY
An overworked doctor                                                                                      OCTOBER 19
discovers a medical kit that      perplex Elizabeth and Alvin
                                  in a series of tales that in-               SUNDAY
offers miraculous healing
                                  clude a weekend of roughing             OCTOBER 18                7:00 p.m. Placeholder
ability. Arthur: Joseph An-
                                  it and planning for a night                                                (Future Local News)
thony. Angie: Vicki Cum-
                                  out. Elizabeth: Betty White.                                      7:30 p.m. Games
mings.                                                             7:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                  Alvin: Del Moore.                                                              People Played
11:00 p.m. Dragnet                                                           (Future Local Show)
                                  9:00 p.m. Classic                                                 Legendary game show
Fake police uniforms and a                                         7:30 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                               Comedy Hour                                          host Jack Barry guides "The
fancy hotel room are the tools                                               (Future Local Show)
                                  The perpetually vain, 39-                                         Juvenile Jury," a panel of
being used by some clever                                          8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                  year-old Jack Benny cele-                                         youngsters giving advice to
con artists. Friday: Jack                                                    (Future Local Show)
                                  brates his birthday in a hilari- 8:30 p.m. Literary               other kids. Among the issues:
Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander.
                                  ous hour of related skits.                                        a boy's interest in becoming a
Mather: Jack Kruschen.                                                Masterpiece Theatre
                                  Guest stars include Andy                                          vet involves treating animals
11:30 p.m. One                                                               "Of Human Bond-
                                  Devine and Van Johnson.                                           that don't need treatment.
               Step Beyond                                         age" (1934) Bette Davis
                                  10:00 p.m. TV That                                                8:00 p.m. Lucy Show
A young Mike Connors                                               became a star in this impres-
                                                 Time Forgot                                        Desperate for landing the
(who would later become                                            sive adaptation of Somerset
                                  Promotions clips and                                              bank new clients, Lucy
famous on the TV show                                              Maugham’s 1915 novel as a
                                  preview specials offer a                                          (Lucille Ball) turns to country
"Mannix") stars in this eerie                                      vulgar waitress who catching
                                  portrait of the ABC television the eye of a sensitive art         humorist and music artist
tale of circus performers who
                                  network during the 1970’s,                                        Tennessee Ernie Ford, who
may be under the influence of                                      student (Leslie Howard).
                                  when it finally became the                                        has just moved to California.
supernatural forces. Carlotta:                                     Sally: Francis Dee. Norah:
                                  ratings leader. Along the                                         Mooney: Gale Gordon. Effie:
Yvette Vickers.                                                    Kay Johnson. Harry:
                                  clips: a “Roots” promo and a Reginald Denny. Emil: Alan           Carole Cook.
12:00 a.m.
                                  peek at “Battlestar Galac-                                        8:30 p.m. Love That Bob
           Midnight Movie                                          Hale.
                                  tica.”                                                            Bob (Bob Cummings) tries to
        "Grave of the                                              11:00 p.m. Our
                                  11:00 p.m. Grounded                                               sabotage Margaret's efforts to
Vampire" (1972). The battle                                                    Strange World
                                  English actor Tom Helmore - Two future TV stars ---               sell the house by seducing the
between good and evil gets
                                  -- who often worked with                                          realtor --- whose on to his
personal for James Eastman                                         Brian Keith ("Family Affair")
                                  famed director Alfred Hitch- and Conrad Janis ("Mork &            little game. Margaret: Rose-
(William Smith) who sets out
                                  cock --- stars in this adapta-                                    mary DeCamp.
to find and kill his diabolical                                    Mindy") star in this live play
father (Michael Pataki), who      tion of the comic book super- from 1952 about a drifter
had assaulted James' mother       hero "The Shadow" who uses suspected of murdering a
years before. Leslie: Kitty       his psychic powers to solve      shop owner. Jesse: Rusty
Vallacher. Anne: Lyn Peters.      crime. Rollo: Alex Scourby.      Lane. Allison: Paul Ford.
                                  Harris: Norman Shelly. Alex:
                                  William Smithers.

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9:00 p.m. Jack Benny               8:00 p.m.                      11:30 p.m. One                    11:00 p.m. Dragnet
Famous cheapskate Jack is                  Pittsburgh Tempo                     Step Beyond         Neighborhood bars are being
stunned by hot young singer        River City Brass performs      Ross Martin --- who               targeted by a robber who
Johnny Ray's demand for            the theme from the James       would later become well-          favors two things: hearing the
$10,000 to appear on his           Bond films; Neon Swing X-      known on TV's "Wild Wild          same song and shooting his
show. Rochester: Eddie             Perience plays a big band      West" --- portrays a man          victims. Friday: Jack Webb.
Anderson.                          classic and Kenia croons.      recently acquitted of murder-     Frank: Ben Alexander.
9:30 p.m. Burns & Allen            Also: a clip of singer Bobby   ing his wife who begins to        11:30 p.m. One
Blanche and Gracie (Bea            Vinton.                        have premonitions of his own                    Step Beyond
Benadaret, Gracie Allen) are                                      death. Roger: Edward Kem-         A brush with the super-
determined that their hus-                                        mer. Daniel: Leslie Barrett.      natural may give a jockey an
bands learn to rumba in time                                      12:00 a.m.                        edge for the top spot at the
for an upcoming dance party.                                                Midnight Movie          local racetrack. Ronnie: Ben
George: George Burns.                                                     "Hercules & The           Cooper. Sam: Walter Burke.
10:00 p.m. Revisiting                                             Captive Women" (1961).            12:00 a.m.
                Studio One                                        Award winning British                       Midnight Movie
Thomas Mitchell and                                               bodybuilder Reg Park plays                 "Reefer Mad-
Boris Karloff star in this early                                  the legendary Greek hero          ness" (1936). Filled with lots
TV adaptation of Mark          8:30 p.m.                          who is tricked into sailing to    of misinformation and laugh-
Twain’s classic 1899 novel A             Classic Password         the mysterious Atlantis.          able acting, this famously bad
Connecticut Yankee in King     Future late-night TV               Androclo: Ettore Manni.           film attempts to deliver
Arthur’s Court about an        superstar Johnny Carson and        Ismene: Laura Efrikian.           young adults a warning about
unlikely time traveler and his comedic actress Pat Carroll                                          drug use. Bill: Kenneth
affect on history. Merlin:     compete. Allan Ludden hosts                                          Craig. Mary Lane: Dorothy
Salem Ludwig. Sir Sagamor:     9:00 p.m. Lock Up                                                    Short.
                               Maris (MacDonald Carey)                 OCTOBER 21
Berry Kroeger.
11:00 p.m. Dragnet             reluctantly agrees to defend a
                               prizefighter (James Phil-          7:00 p.m. Placeholder                   THURSDAY
This disturbing episode
centers on two girls who are   brook) accused of murdering                 (Future Local News)            OCTOBER 22
abducted by a child molester.  his wife. Art Davies: Tom          7:30 p.m. Games
                               Brown. Weston: John                            People Played
Friday: Jack Webb. Frank:                                                                           7:00 p.m. Placeholder
                               Doucette.                          Award winning actress
Ben Alexander. Wylie: Jack                                                                          (Future Local News)
                               9:30 p.m. Racket Squad             Eve Arden is the mystery
Kruschen.                                                                                           7:30 p.m. Games
                               Artist and paroled convict         guest on an installment of
11:30 p.m. One                                                                                                   People Played
                               Jess Cordell (Roy Regnier) is      "What's My Line" that in-
              Step Beyond                                                                           Gene Rayburn hosts the
                               thrilled to receive a painting     cludes a contestant whose
Newlyweds Andrew and                                                                                original version of "Match
                               assignment --- until he learns     profession defies conven-
Ellen (Robert Webber, Nancy                                                                         Game" in which celebrity
                               that it’s the key element of a     tional gender roles.
Hadley) have just moved into                                                                        captains vie to win prizes for
a wonderful New England        scam. Braddock: Reed Had-          8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
                                                                           (Future Local Show)      their contestants. Actress
home --- that's still inhabitedley. Lou: Jack La Rue. Mrs.                                          Peggy Cass and author Peter
                               Burton: Betty Blythe.              8:30 p.m. Vital Signs
by the ghost of its former                                                                          Lind Hayes are the star
                               10:00 p.m. The Detectives          A teen (Bobby Driscoll)
owner, a sadistic sea captain.                                                                      panelists.
                               A prominent attorney’s             seeks help for his kid brother,
Bill Oker: Thomas Coley.                                                                            8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
                               mistress (Barbara Bain) gets       whose cleft palate has left me
12:00 a.m.                                                                                                   (Future Local Show)
                               more than she bargained for        isolated and lonely. Styner:
          Midnight Movie                                                                            8:30 p.m.
                               when the man’s wife gets           Richard Boone. Jono: Peter
         "A Boy & His                                                                                        Animation Mania
                               involved. Marlowe: Philip          Votrian. Dr. Vincente:
         Dog" (1975). A very                                                                        Animated shorts from the
                               Carey. Harris: William             Claude Akins.
young Don Johnson stars in                                                                          1930’s offer fun adaptations
                               Schallert. Lucille: Virginia       9:00 p.m. Moments
this award winning adapta-                                                                          of beloved children’s stories
tion of Harlan Ellison's       Gregg. David: James Griffith.                         in Time
                                                                  The evolution of Ameri-           including “Little Red Riding
novella about a teen and his   10:30 p.m. Intrigues                                                 Hood” and “Humpty
                                                 of Europe        can music as presented by a
super-intelligent dog trying to                                                                     Dumpty.”
                               A man claiming to be a             1960’s educational film.
survive in a post-apocalyptic                                                                       9:00 p.m. Classic Movie
                               British agent is really a          Included are clips of perform-
Earth. Quilla: Susan Benton.                                                                                       of the Week
                               bigamist cleverly killing his      ers including Tony Bennett,
Lou: Jason Robards.                                                                                           " Kansas City
                               wives. First of two parts.         Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa
                                                                  and the Dave Clark Five.          Confidential" (1952). A
         TUESDAY               Lockhart: Raymond Francis.                                           struggling truck driver and ex
       OCTOBER 20              Baxrter: Eric Lander. Pitter:                                        -con (John Payne) is framed
                               Griffith Jones. Stella: Myrtle                                       for robbing an armored car by
7:00 p.m. Placeholder          Reed.                                                                a ruthless man known only as
         (Future Local News) 11:00 p.m. Dragnet                                                     Mr. Big (Preston Foster). The
7:30 p.m. Games                A disabled elderly man and                                           film is noted by critics for its
             People Played     his granddaughter are the                                            brilliantly grim atmosphere
                               victims of a burglar who has       10:00 p.m. Hollywood
First aired live in 1955,                                                                           and rich characters. Boyd:
                                                                           Palace Memories
"Dr. I.Q." is a simple but fun stripped their home clean of       Legendary cinema hoofer           Neville Brand. Romano: Lee
game show with audience        all their possessions. Ruthie:                                       Van Cleef. Pete: Jack Elam.
                               Beverly Washburn. Grandpa:         Fred Astaire hosts an episode
members as contestants.                                           that includes comedian Pat
                               Vic Rodman. Friday: Jack
                               Webb.                              Morita and actress/singer
                                                                  Ethel Merman.
11:00 p.m. Dragnet            10:00 p.m. Invisible Man          7:30 p.m. You                         SUNDAY
A series of odd robberies     Canadian actor Lee Patterson                  Bet Your Life           OCTOBER 25
involve the theft of minor,   voices the lead character in      Students from an unusual
low-value items, leaving      this entertaining adaptation of   school are among the contest- 7:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
Friday (Jack Webb) bewil-     H. G. Wells' groundbreaking       ants.                                (Future Local Show)
dered about the culprit.      1897 science fiction novel        8:00 p.m. Everybody           7:30 p.m. Placeholder Video
Frank: Ben Alexander.         about a brilliant scientist who                 Loves Betty            (Future Local Show)
11:30 p.m. One                botches an experiment that        Neighborhood issues           8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
              Step Beyond     renders him invisible. Sally:     confront Vicki and Gus               (Future Local Show)
A couple (Warren Ste-         Deborah Watling.                  Angel (Betty White, Bill
vens, Bethel Leslie) traveling10:30 p.m. Yesterday's            Williams) including a
through India encounter a             Tales of Tomorrow         doomed tree and feuding
beggar who may have deadly    Internationally acclaimed         couples. Dolly: Nancy Culp.
motives. Mr. Graham: Barry    science fiction author and
Atwater. Kumar: Patrick       inventor Arthur C. Clarke
Westwood.                     (1917-2008) penned this tale
12:00 a.m.                    about a time-controlling
          Midnight Movie      wristwatch used in a plan to
         "The Pyx" (1973).    steal rare art from one of
The death of a high-priced    New York City's leading
prostitute (Karen Black) leadsmuseums. The cast includes a                                         8:30 p.m. Literary
                                                                                                        Masterpiece Theatre
a police detective            young Jack Warden, who
                                                                                                           "Shame" (1962).
(Christopher Plummer) to her  would later appear in popular
                                                                9:00 p.m. Classic                  A northern racist (a surpris-
gay best friend, her female   films such as 1978's "Heaven
                                                                             Comedy Hour           ingly effective William
pimp and a satanic cult.      Can Wait" with Warren
                                                                Bob Hope jokes about               Shatner) stirs trouble in a
Jimmy: Terry Haig. Keerson:   Beatty.
                                                                current events (as of the          southern town where the
Jean-Louis Roux. Herbie:      11:00 p.m. Dragnet
                                                                spring of 1957) and wel-           courts have rules that the
Lee Broker.                   A professional cat burglar
                              manages to pull of a series of    comes guests Natalie Wood,         schools must be desegre-
                              heists while frustrating the      Janis Paige and Frank Sina-        gated. Adapted from the 1959
           FRIDAY                                                                                  novel The Intruder written by
                              police with the lack of clues.    tra. Les Brown also performs
       OCTOBER 23                                                                                  televisions scribe Charles
                              Friday: Jack Webb. Frank:         with his famous band. Other
                                                                performers include Jack            Beaumont (“The Twilight
                              Ben Alexander.
7:00 p.m. Placeholder                                           Kirkwood and Peter Leeds.          Zone”). Shipman: Robert
(Future Local News)           11:30 p.m. One
                                                                10:00 p.m. TV That                 Emhardt. Vi: Jeanne Cooper.
7:30 p.m. Games                               Step Beyond
                                                                               Time Forgot         Tom: Frank Maxwell.
                              Three actors who later
             People Played                                      Two episodes of the                VIEWER WARNING: THIS
Art Linkletter hosts a        became household faces on
                                                                1950’s adventure series “Sky       FILM INCLUDES DIS-
1959 episode of "People Are classic TV shows --- Norman         King” follows the exploits of      TURBING SCENES AND
Funny" that includes a bright Lloyd, Suzanne Pleshette and      a cowboy/pilot (Kirby Grant)       OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE.
                              David White --- star in this
teenager among the contest-                                     and his tomboy daughter            11:00 p.m. Our
ants doing or saying silly    thought-provoking episode
                              about a man who must              Penny (Gloria Winters).                        Strange World
things.                                                                                            Darren McGavin portrays
                              choose between saving a           11:00 p.m. Grounded
8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video                                     Actor, comedian and singer         a smooth manipulator em-
                              girl's life or his own sanity.
         (Future Local Show)                                    Guy Marks stars in a military      ployed by an art museum
                              Fosdick: John Brennan.
8:30 p.m.                                                       sitcom about an army dog           who sees the chance to get
          Sherlock Holmes     12:00 a.m.
                                                                and its trainer. Ira: Jan Stine.   rich by conning a wealthy but
The great detective Sher-                 Midnight Movie
                                                                Selma: Joan Freeman. Colo-         invalid patron. Martha:
lock Holmes (Ronald How-                "A Bucket of
                                                                nel: James Flavin.                 Patricia Collinge. Pamela:
ard) becomes the subject of   Blood" (1959). Blending dark
                                                                11:30 p.m. Dick Tracy              Carolyn Jones.
mystery when he suddenly      humor into the horror, this
                                                                As part of a coordinated           11:30 p.m. Lights
disappears. Watson: H.        clever little film spoofs the
                                                                effort, Dick (Ralph Byrd)                           Out Again
                              beatnik culture of the 1950s
Marion Crawford. Lestrade:                                      impersonates one of the            Returning from a costume
                              about a young artist (Dick
Archie Duncan.                                                  Spider's victims --- but may       party, a cheating husband
                              Miller) who creates his
9:00 p.m.                                                       find himself a victim of           learns that his affair has been
                              sensational sculptures by
         Space Adventures                                       Moloch's surgical technique.       discovered --- by the ghost of
                              killing people and covering
Strange visions have                                            Moloch: John Piccori.              an ancestor. Milly: Stella
                              the corpses in clay. Leonard:
Commander Corry (Ed                                             Gordon: Carleton Young.            Andrew. Rod: Ralph Clanton.
Kemmer) convince tragedy      Antony Carbone. Lou: Bert
                              Convy.                            12:00 a.m.
will strike one of his cadets
                                                                       Interstellar Cinema
(Lyn Osborn). Robertson:                                                  "The Eye Crea-
Ken Mayer. Muzak: Norbet               SATURDAY                           tures" (1965). A
Schiller.                             OCTOBER 24                group of teens struggle to
9:30 p.m. Captain Z-Ro                                          survive the invasion of Earth
Jet learns about Venetian     7:00 p.m. Here's Johnny           by some very silly intergalac-
merchant traveller Marco      Johnny is introduced to an        tic aliens. Stan: John Ashley.
Polo (1254-1324) with the     electronic musical instru-        Susan: Cynthia Hull. Mike:
help of the Captain's time    ment; a series of sketches        Chet Davis. Carl: Bill Peck.
machine. Captain: Roy         traces the life of Singer and
Steffens. Jet: Bruce Haynes.  actress Dorothy Shay, who
Marco: Eddie Bartel           performs.
12:00 a.m. Fright Flick         10:00 p.m. Revisiting                                               11:00 p.m. Dragnet
         "House on Haunted                      Studio One                                          Women are being brutally
Hill" (1959). Vincent Price is  Veteran screenwriter Ben                                            attacked throughout Holly-
at his devilishly suave best in Hecht’s acclaimed novella                                           wood with Friday and Smith
this melodramatic horror film   Miracle in the Rain about an                                        (Jack Webb, Ben Alexander)
as an eccentric millionaire     unlikely romance in the early                                       racing to find the culprit.
who has invited an eclectic     days of World War II as                                             Rudolf: Walter Reed. Mrs.
group of guests to his stun-    directed by Franklin J.          8:00 p.m.                          Hudson: Jeanne Dean.
ning home with a challenge:     Schaffner (who won the                  Pittsburgh Tempo            11:30 p.m. One
anyone who survives a night     Academy Award twenty             Video with interesting                           Step Beyond
in the haunted mansion will     years later for directing the    visuals are presented. These       Executed unfairly for her
receive $10,000. Annabelle:     1970 film “Patton”). The cast    include “Brittany Lane” by         wealthy lover's death, a
Carol Ohmart. Lance: Rich-      is led by respected actor        the Meeting of Important           medieval witch (Pat Michon)
ard Long. Ruth: Julie           Jeffrey Lynn, who earned a       People, which features ani-        puts a curse on his noble
Mitchum.                        Bronze Star during the war       mation using cardboard cut         family. Jamie/William:
                                while serving in the U.S.        outs created by volunteers.        Donald Harron. Earl: Torin
         MONDAY                 Army. Ruth: Joy Geffen.          Also: Cherylann Hawk and           Thatcher.
      OCTOBER 26                Agnes: Catherine Squire.         Donora.                            12:00 a.m.
                                11:00 p.m. Dragnet               8:30 p.m.                                    Midnight Movie
7:00 p.m. Placeholder           The concerns of a local pawn              Classic Password                   "Test Tube Ba-
         (Future Local News) shop owner sparks an investi-       Legendary film star James          bies" (1948). A young couple
7:30 p.m. Games                 gation into the odd actions of   Mason and future Academy           finds their marriage threat-
             People Played      a businessman. Friday: Jack      Award winning actress Jane         ened by their inability to
In a 1957 edition of "To        Webb. Frank: Ben Alexander.      Fonda play. Host: Allan            conceive, so they turn to what
Tell The Truth," a panel of     Mr. Hunt: James Stone. Mrs.      Ludden.                            was (in the 1940s) a daring
celebrities that includes actor Hunt: Lillian Powell.            9:00 p.m. Lock Up                  option. Cathy: Dorothy Duke.
Ralph Belamy are challenged 11:30 p.m.                           A tycoon goes to great length      George: William Thomason.
by an Olympic track cham-                 One Step Beyond        to protect his son --- and
pion and an elderly ballroom An apparently normal                especially his business ---
dancer.                         family living in 1900 Boston     when it appears that the boy            WEDNESDAY
8:00 p.m. Lucy Show             has an abnormal member: a        was involved in a robbery.              OCTOBER 28
Respected actor-turned-         son who resembles a fish-like    The cast includes Paul Carr,
producer Sheldon Leonard --- monster. Margaret: Augusta          who would later portray            7:00 p.m. Placeholder
whose TV shows included "I Dabney. Anna: Suzanne                 MacDonald Carey's son on                    (Future Local News)
Spy" --- is mistaken by Lucy Lloyd. Dr. Brown: David             the soap opera "Days of Our        7:30 p.m. Games
as a bank robber. Lucy:         Lewis.                           Lives" and is also known for                    People Played
Lucille Ball. Mooney: Gale      12:00 a.m.                       an appearance in the classic       A installment of the award
Gordon. Mary Jane: Mary                    Midnight Movie        TV series "Star Trek."             winning game show "Stump
Jane Croft.                              "The Wild & The         9:30 p.m. Racket Squad             The Stars" (also known as
8:30 p.m. Love That Bob         Wicked" (1956). A naive,         One of Braddock's closest          "Pantomime Quiz") features
Bob's grandpa (also played      small town girl (Joy Rey-        friends is getting a divorce ---   actors Ed Begley Sr. and
by Bob Cummings) and his        nolds) comes to Hollywood        which may not be a legiti-         Jeanne Crain helping contest-
vintage plane run into a little to visit with her sister, and    mate legal proceeding. Brad-       ants solve word puzzles by
troubke --- after accidentally gets pulled into prostitution.    dock: Reed Hadley. Dan:            providing clues in the form of
bombing a military base.        Vito: Marko Perri.               James Seay.                        gestures.
Chuck: Dwayne Hickman.                                           10:00 p.m. The Detectives          8:00 p.m. Placeholder Video
9:00 p.m. Jack Benny                                             Wealthy heir Vinnie Pico
                                         TUESDAY                                                             (Future Local Show)
Jack wants to star in a pres-                                    (Michael Forest) is deter-         8:30 p.m. Vital Signs
                                       OCTOBER 27                mined to save his sister from
tigious new film with Irene                                                                         A cholera diagnosis sends Dr.
Dunne. Unfortunately, no one                                     an unscrupulous playboy,           Baxter (Rex Allen) a search
                                7:00 p.m. Placeholder            who unceremoniously ends
else wants him to. Dunne and                                                                        for the source before more
                                         (Future Local News)     up dead. First of two parts.
Vincent Price guest star.                                                                           people are infected.
                                7:30 p.m. Games                  Mike: Richard Denning. Tim:
9:30 p.m. Burns & Allen                                                                             9:00 p.m.
                                             People Played       Jerry Paris. Laura: Patricia
Convinced that they spend                                                                                   Moments in Time
                                Comedian and actor Jan           Barry.
too much time with the                                                                              Films about the U.S.
                                Murray hosts "Dollar a Sec-      10:30 p.m. Intrigues
Mortons, George (George                                                                             Constitution include an
                                ond," an early game show                           of Europe
Burns) convinces Gracie to                                                                          appearance by retired Su-
                                where contestants earn $1 for    Conclusion. A brush with
spend the afternoon at the                                                                          preme Court Justice Sandra
                                every second they need to        death doesn't prevent Henry
beach. Gracie: Gracie Allen.                                                                        Day O’Connor and a recrea-
                                perform a selected task.         (Griffith Jones) from continu-
Harry: Fred Clark. Blanche:                                                                         tion of the debate over the
Bea Benadaret.                                                   ing his bigamist, murderous        proposed Bill of Rights.
                                                                 ways. Lockhart: Raymond
                                                                 Francis. Baxter: Eric Lander.
                                                                 Stella: Myrtle Reed.
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