One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
One Day (Longest Day)
Handbook 2021
Version 9 – October 2020
One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
Thank you to all sponsors and supporters of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast

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One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021

Timetable Overview	4
Compulsory gear	5
General	                                      12
Registration, Greymouth	14
Kumara Transition - Competitors	16
Kumara Transition - Support crew	17
Stage 1a - Run 2.2km 	17
Stage 1b - Cycle 55km 	18
Aickens Transition - Support crew	19
Stage 2 – Mountain Run 30.5km	20
Klondyke Corner - Support crew	22
Stage 3 - Cycle 15.5km & Run 1.3km 	23
Mount White - Support crew	24
STAGE 4 – Kayak 70km 	26
Waimakariri River Gorge Bridge - Support crew	28
STAGE 5 Cycle 69.5km 	29
New Brighton Finish	30
Support crew	30
Prizegiving 	32
Lost Property	32
Plan B - Bad weather alternatives 	33
Railway Lines & Crossing Safety	37
One Day Support crew timetable	38

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
It is highly recommended you have completed the                          Saturday
Two Day Individual event in less than 15½ hours be-                      4:30am		Bike transition open
fore entering the One Day event because there are                        		           Kumara transition, 32 Otira Highway, Kumara
tight cut-off times in the One Day event. If you have
                                                                         5:30am		Bike transition closes
any doubts about making the cut-off times then se-
                                                                         		           Kumara transition
riously consider entering the Two Day event instead.
Each year people go away disappointed because they                       5:45am		Pre-start race briefing
missed a cut-off.                                                        		           Kumara Beach, Serpentine Road, Kumara
                                                                         6am		Race Start

**COVID-19**                                                                          Kumara Beach

This Handbook is subject to change due to COVID-19                       12:15pm		Run cut-off at Goat Pass
restrictions. This will require flexibility from athletes and            2:15pm		Run cut-off at Klondyke Corner
support crew. Any changes will be communicated via the                   		           Mountain Run stage closed
event newsletter, website, Facebook and App.                             3pm		Kayak cut-off at Mt White
                                                                         		           Competitors must be in their kayak and underway
Timetable Overview                                                       4:30pm		Kayak cut-off at Gooseberry
Note: Plan B times may vary                                              7pm		Kayak cut-off at Woodstock
                                                                         8:15pm		Kayak cut-off at Gorge Bridge
                                                                         Midnight		Course closes
9am-4pm      Registration & Sponsor Expo
             Westland Recreation Centre, 83 High Street, Greymouth       The Race Director reserves the right to close stages and
                                                                         alter official cut-off times for safety or other reasons.
12:30pm      Elite & Ambassador athlete interviews
             Monteith’s Brewery, 60 Herbert Street, Greymouth
5pm          Race Briefing
             Westurf Hockey Ground (next to Westland Rec Centre)         8-9:30am		Post-event breakfast
                                                                         		          Addington Raceway, 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington
                                                                         		          Ticketed event, purchase online
                                                                         10-11:30am		Prizegiving
                                                                         		          Addington Raceway
                                                                         12pm		Monteith’s post-event yarn
                                                                         		Morrell and Co. 280 Lincoln Road, Addington


One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
Compulsory gear

                  competitor gear
                  MOUNTAIN RUN STAGE.

                  Use these checklists when packing for the event to ensure you
                  have all the compulsory items.

                  A helpful hint: stay organised by packing your gear by stage
                  into large containers. Tape this list onto the container, you and
                  your support crew will always know what you are meant to
                  have and when.

                  This gear is the minimum requirement while competing. If you
                  have a bad injury and need to remain in one place, especially in
                  poor conditions, or for an extended period of time you will need
                  ALL of these items.

                  Take into account your speed and the conditions when choosing gear.
                  If you are aiming to be 3-4 hours through the mountain section your
                  requirements may be different than if you are planning on taking 8+
                  hours. The lightest gear will not be as robust or as warm as some other
                  options so choose based on your ability and if in doubt ask us!

                  On race day there will be specialist support on course. During training
                  however you need to be self-sufficient and your gear needs to be
                  suitable for all conditions.

                  Please note: Every year we see companies not associated with the
                  event selling first aid kits or other items that do not meet all the
                  requirements. It is your responsibility to check your gear to ensure it
                  complies with event rules. If in doubt contact


One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
                                                    Compulsory gear list
                                                                                                       STAGES 1B, 3 & 5
                  Bicycle and helmet must pass a pre-race inspection - you can
                  complete these at selected bike retailers around the country (check
                  website). You can also complete checks at registration.
                  Note: Stage 1b is draft legal - all other cycling stages are NON-
                  DRAFTING. You must remain 10m behind another competitor or pass
                  within 30 seconds. Once passed, the overtaken cyclist must drop
                  back 10m.

                                                                                          Front & rear cycle lights
                          Bicycle         1                                         Must be working and switched on during
                                                                                    hours of darkness and comply with NZTA
                  Bicycle (mountain bike is not recommended –                       requirements. Battery to be fully charged or
                  all cycling is on sealed roads).                                  new batteries. Required on first cycle stage and
                  Aero-bars and time trial bikes are allowed in                     final cycle stage if leaving Gorge Bridge after
                  the One Day event.                                                6pm.
                  The bike check is not a complimentary bike
                  service, competitors are solely responsible for
                  the maintenance and safety of your bicycling                            Reflective ankle bands
                  equipment and ensure your bike is in good
                  working order for the event. Any work required                    One for each ankle – must be worn if
                  to bring your bike up to standard will incur                      cycling during hours of darkness. You
                  normal costs. It is recommended that you have                     will need these on the first cycle stage.
                  your bike serviced prior to the event and that
                  you check it after transit.                                        PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                   The bike check provides a basic check at that point in            KATHMANDU C2C SOCKS WITH BUILT IN
                  time. Not everything can realistically be picked up or             REFLECTIVE BAND
                  visible at the time of inspection. An inherent risk of cycling
                  is a failure during the ride due to a number of factors
                  including breakage or malfunction and possible injury to
                  the rider and others is a possibility. Neither the Coast to
                  Coast or any Bike store or staff, are in any way liable for the
                                                                                          Reflective vest
                  condition of your bicycle at the event or other point in time.
                                                                                    Only required if leaving Gorge Bridge on
                                                                                    the final cycle stage after 6pm.
                                                                                    Must have significant reflective material and be
                                                                                    hi-vis base colour.

                          Cycle helmet                                                    Any competitor
                  Must be NZ / AUS standards approved. Correctly                          specific medication
                  fitted and free of defects / cracks. Any visible
                                                                                    This must also be recorded in your entry form
                  damage inside or out will result in a helmet
                                                                                    so race medical staff are aware of any potential
                  failing the check.                                                conditions or issues.

COAST TO COAST                                      recommended items
COMPETITOR GEAR           Cycle tool kit                                                  Drink bottles
                  Including pump, spare tube / tubular, tools to be
                  able to complete road side tyre change.
                                                                                          Cycle shoes

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
Mountain run
                                              Compulsory gear list
                                                                                                           STAGE 2
                  All gear must be correctly sized for the competitor. You can
                  complete your gear check at Kathmandu stores. Checks open
                  three weeks prior to the event. You can also complete the gear
                  check at event registration.
                  The compulsory gear clothing is in addition to what is being worn
                  by the competitor when entering the mountain run stage. We
                  allow synthetic, natural or composite thermal products. Cotton is
                  unacceptable. A compression garment is not a thermal garment.
                  Competitors should experiment with what best suits their needs
                  for the activities and level of exercise they engage in.

                         Long sleeve thermal                                  Waterproof pants
                         base layer top                                 Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed
                                                                        of durable material).
                  No specific weight requirement.
                  This is your next to skin layer.                        PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                          KATHMANDU POCKET-IT RAIN PANTS1
                      PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:
                      KMDMOTION LONG SLEEVE TOP
                                                                              Full length thermal
                                                                              base layer pants
                                                                        No specific weight requirement.
                                                                        This is your next to skin layer.
                         Long sleeved
                         mid layer top                                    PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:
                                                                          KMDMOTION LEGGINGS
                  Fabric must have insulation properties i.e              KMDCORE UNISEX POLYPRO LONG JOHNS
                  fleece or similar. Garment weight approx.
                  220gsm or greater.

                      PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:
                      KMDASCENT LONG SLEEVE TOP
                      KATHMANDU ZEOLITE HYBRID TOP
                                                                               Thermal gloves
                      KATHMANDU RIDGE FLEECE PULLOVER                   No specific weight requirement.

                                                                          PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                          KATHMANDU POLYPRO GLOVES
                         Waterproof jacket
                         with hood
                  Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed                     Thermal hat or
                  of durable material, minimum 10,000mm                       balaclava
                  waterproof rating) with hood.
                                                                        No specific weight requirement.
                                                                          PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                          KATHMANDU LIGHTWEIGHT VECTRON

                  This model is water resistant due to non-waterproof pockets – acceptable for C2C.

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
Mountain run
                                             Compulsory gear list
                                                                                                     STAGE 2
                  There will be a compulsory gear check at Goat Pass during the
                  mountain run stage - gear may also be spot checked at any time
                  during the run or at the finish.

                        Running shoes                                    Whistle
                  The run is rocky and you will cross the river    Attached to outside of pack or bib.
                  numerous times. Choose a shoe with lots of
                  contact surface - soles with high knobs can be    PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                  very slippery on the rocks. There are not many    KATHMANDU WHISTLE KEYRING
                  muddy areas. Good drainage is a must. Socks
                  are highly recommended also.

                   PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:                                  Survival bag
                   SALOMON SENSE RIDE
                                                                   Foil survival BAG – blankets are NOT accepted.

                                                                    PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                    KATHMANDU EMERGENCY BAG V2

                  Must be large enough to fit all compulsory
                  gear and food.
                                                                         First aid kit
                  – recommended volume 12L+                        Minimum requirements:
                  – recommend putting clothing into                - 1.5m long (unstretched) roll of 5cm wide
                    Ziploc bags to keep dry                           crepe bandage
                  – do not vacuum pack it, there is a              - 2.5m long roll of 2cm wide strapping tape
                    gear check at Goat Pass.                       - 10 Band-Aid strips
                                                                   - Triangular bandage
                   PRODUCT SUGGESTION:                             - Scissors
                   KATHMANDU ZEOLITE RUN VEST                      - 4 x pain relief tablets
                                                                   (that can be used to treat pain in case of injury
                                                                   while help arrives - always follow the directions
                                                                   for taking medications).
                        Drink bottles                              - Any competitor specific medication
                                                                   (this must also be recorded in your entry
                  Something to carry water on the run,             form so race medical staff are aware
                  bottle, bladder or cup.                          of any potential conditions or issues).

KATHMANDU          PRODUCT SUGGESTION:                              PRODUCT SUGGESTION:

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
                                             Compulsory gear list
                                                                                                            STAGE 4
                  All gear must be correctly sized for competitor - the compulsory gear must be
                  in addition to what the competitor is wearing when they set off from the start
                  at Mt White.
                  All kayaking gear will be scrutineered on Saturday morning before the kayak
                  start at Mt White. Note, while some gear is the same as the mountain run,
                  you will need to have separate items as the kayak gear is scrutineered while
                  competitor of on the mountain run. All gear must be dry at scrutineering. A
                  compression garment is not a thermal garment.

                         Long sleeve thermal                               Full length thermal
                         base layer top                                    base layer pants
                  No specific weight requirement.                    No specific weight requirement.
                  This is your next to skin layer.                   This is your next to skin layer.

                      PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:                            PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:
                      KMDMOTION LONG SLEEVE TOP                       KMDMOTION LEGGINGS

                         Long sleeved
                         mid layer top                                     Thermal gloves
                  This is your mid layer - can be lightweight        No specific weight requirement.
                  fleece or similar. Insulation properties approx.
                  220gsm or greater.
                      PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS:                            PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                      KATHMANDU TRAILHEAD 200 FLEECE                  KATHMANDU POLYPRO GLOVES
                      KATHMANDU ZEOLITE HYBRID TOP
                                                                           Thermal hat
                         Waterproof long                             No specific weight requirement.
                         sleeved paddle
                                                                      PRODUCT SUGGESTION: KATHMANDU
                         specific jacket                              LIGHTWEIGHT VECTRON BEANIE
                  Waterproof (seam sealed and constructed
                  of durable material) long sleeved PADDLE
                  SPECIFIC jacket - minimum of neoprene (or
                  equivalent) cuffs & neck. Must be in good
                  condition (not delaminating).                            Thermal socks
KATHMANDU             CHOOSE FROM THE RASDEX RANGE                   Synthetic, neoprene, merino or
COAST TO COAST                                                       similar – for if you have to spend a
                                                                     period of time on the river bank.
COMPULSORY               Waterproof pants
                                                                      PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
COMPETITOR GEAR   Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed
                  of durable material).
                                                                      KATHMANDU NUYARN ERGONOMICAL
                                                                      HIKE SOCK
                      PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                      KATHMANDU POCKET-IT RAIN PANTS 1

                  This model is water resistant due to non-waterproof pockets – acceptable for C2C.

One Day (Longest Day) Handbook 2021
                                                Compulsory gear list
                                                                                                                  STAGE 4
                  Buoyancy testing of any PFDs that appear inadequate may occur
                  at scrutineering. Competitors should check that their buoyancy
                  vest meets the required standard before the Coast to Coast.

                        Kayak1                                                     Repair / duct tape*
                  Must be suitable for the level of paddler (for            At least 10 metres. Recommend also towelling
                  1st time entrants it MUST be the same level of            cloth for drying kayak so duct tape sticks.
                  boat as assessed for Grade 2 certificate). There
                  may be random tests of kayaking competency                       Dry-bag*
                  and knowledge at registration using a nearby
                  stretch of grade 2 water.                                 Must be waterproof /seam sealed and capable
                                                                            of keeping gear dry when immersed in water.
                  Kayak must have a grab loop or toggle at the
                  nose of the kayak.                                          PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                  Waveriders, inflatable or sit on kayaks not                 KATHMANDU 10L ULTRALIGHT DRY SACK
                  permitted. Pods are not allowed on kayaks.

                        Floatation / air bags                                      Survival bag
                                                                            Foil Survival BAG – blankets are NOT accepted
                  Kayak must have pillars and two flotation/
                                                                            (must be secured in PFD during kayak stage).
                  air bags or extensive watertight sealed
                  compartments that are drainable. The                        PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                  minimum requirement is two rear floatation/
                                                                              KATHMANDU EMERGENCY BAG V2
                  air bags of 20 litres each - correctly inflated
                  secured in the kayak. Wine bladders are not
                  acceptable! Kayaks using storage bulkheads as
                  floatation MUST HAVE waterproof hatch cover                      Whistle
                  FITTED before entering the river.
                                                                            Attached to outside of PFD or bib.

                        Kayak specific helmet                                 PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                              KATHMANDU WHISTLE KEYRING
                  Must be designed for paddle sports
                  - bike helmets not acceptable.

                                                                                   First aid kit*
                                                                            Minimum requirements:
                  Wing, whitewater or touring paddles accepted.             - 1.5m long (unstretched) roll of 5cm wide
                                                                               crepe bandage

                        Spray skirt                                         - 2.5m long roll of 2cm wide strapping tape
                                                                            - 10 Band-Aid strips
                  Neoprene / Waterproof and sized for kayak
                                                                            - Triangular bandage
                  being paddled.
                                                                            - Scissors
                   CHOOSE FROM THE RASDEX RANGE                             - 4 x pain relief tablets (that can be used to
                                                                            treat pain in case of injury while help arrives
                                                                            - always follow the directions for taking
                        Bouyancy vest (PFD)                                 medications).
                                                                            - Any Competitor specific medication
                  Securely fitting, free of defects and of 50N
KATHMANDU         minimum buoyancy (type 406 specialist PFD
                                                                            (this must also be recorded in your entry
                                                                            form so race medical staff are aware
COAST TO COAST    that complies with NZS standard) - must have
                  a webbing cinch strap below ribcage.
                                                                            of any potential conditions or issues).

                                                                              PRODUCT SUGGESTION:
                                                                              KATHMANDU FIRST AID KIT 1 PERSON
                   River specific surf skis may be used but must gain clearance from the River Safety team at least two
                  weeks prior to the race to ensure suitability. Surf skis must satisfy the following criteria to be considered;
                  - Dedicated over-stern rudder.
                  - River specific, single skin contruction on hull.
                  - River specific venturis - highly recommended to have bailer style drain (venturis must have bungs for
                  venture ports in case cowlings are damaged in shallows).
                  - Competitor must also have an extra lower body layer - either dry-pants, wetsuit, Sharkskin or similar.
                                                                 Suggested items

                       Tent                                      Extra items
                                                                 – Drinks
                   THE KATHMANDU RANGE                           – Food
                                                                 – Cash
                                                                 – Rubbish bags
                       Sleeping bag                              – Toilet paper
                                                                 – Cellphone & car charger
                  Suggest comfort of around 0˚C.                 – Torch/headlamp
                                                                 – Keep cup for coffee
                                                                 – Water containers
                   THE KATHMANDU RANGE
                                                                 – Sand-fly repellent
                                                                 – Sunscreen
                       Camping gear                              – Sun hat
                                                                 - Towels
                  Check out all your camping gear and clothing
                                                                 – Down jacket
                  at Kathmandu online or instore
                                                                 – Rain jacket
                        - Camp chair
                                                                 – Crew notes
                        - Cooking equipment
                        - Sleeping mat

                   THE KATHMANDU RANGE


General                                                             Support Crew
                                                                    Support crew are an integral part of the team and should
Key stage rules are including in this Handbook, com-                be briefed by the competitor for their role. Competitors
petitors must read and understand the full event rules –            may only have two official support crew (choose care-
located on the website.                                             fully, you are not allowed to swap the wristband between
                                                                    support crew). There is no limit on supporters but they will
Competitors must understand the running, kayaking and               not have access to transitions and they may not help with
cycling stages – see descriptions in this Handbook.                 your transitions in any way (except for removal of gear
                                                                    at certain points and having the kayak scrutineered - see
Download this Handbook prior to leaving for the race –              stage descriptions for details).
make sure you have the latest version because it could be
updated during the year.                                            Support crew must be on hand at the end of Stages to
                                                                    take charge of the competitor’s equipment. With large
Given the cash prizes up for grabs in the One Day                   numbers of competitors and limited areas to undertake
event, rules will be strictly applied. Please do not                the transitions, it is critical that support crew remove
put us in a situation where we must penalise you                    equipment immediately. Support crew should be able to
for something you OR YOUR CREW do. This applies                     lift, carry, and securely tie down the kayak, if you only
to support crew numbers, following correct routes                   have one support crew do not rely on officials to help.
and locations for providing support, and includes                   Support crew cannot follow their competitor or offer
pushing competitors through transitions. If you see                 assistance on any stage, except in transitions. Support
something you don’t think is right, inform the Race                 crew are not allowed to enter any part of the running or
Director immediately – there is nothing we can do                   kayaking stages except at transitions.
two weeks after the race. If in doubt, ask.
                                                                    Support crew must provide NZ cellphone numbers in case
Race Bibs                                                           they or their competitor needs to be contacted during the
One bib and timing transponder will be provided per                 event (required during entry process).
individual. Bibs must not be altered in any way and must            Support crew are advised to study the transition areas
be worn throughout the event. The bib must be your                  and prepare their competitor’s equipment, clothing,
outermost garment at all times (i.e. over the top of any            food and drink well in advance of their arrival. Transitions
thermals, jackets, PFD etc.) Bibs can be worn under your            sometimes take place in paddocks and in the dark, so
running backpack, but you must attach the supplied                  support crew should wear sturdy footwear and bring a
number to the rear of your running pack so officials can            torch or headlamp. You may need to walk up to a kilome-
see your number from behind.                                        tre from your car, with competitor gear.
Failure to clearly show your number when asked will lead            At the kayak put-in at Mt White and take-out at Gorge
to you being stopped until officials can accurately deter-          Bridge it is highly likely your competitor will expect you to
mine your bib number.                                               get in the water to hold your boat steady – a spare pair
No responsibility is taken by the Race Director, staff, vol-        of shoes that can get wet and some shorts will come in
unteers or sponsors for any loss of or damage to property           handy! Supporters who are not critical to the transition
of competitors, support crew, or friends during the Kath-           at Mt White are encouraged to continue their journey to
mandu Coast to Coast. Competitors and support crews                 Gorge Bridge, parking is limited at Mt White.
should have their own personal property insurance.
Officials are an important part of the Kathmandu Coast
to Coast safety system. Instructions by officials to com-
petitors and support crew must be followed. Failure to do
so will result in heavy time penalties or disqualification.

Medical Services
SportsMed and ProMed will be available at every transi-
tion for general medical support and emergency re-
sponse. Providing specialist paramedic staff and equip-
ment, they integrate with, and complement our river and
mountain safety teams. There are also medical crews on
cycle stages.

Make sure you know where to go – if you are not famil-               Klondyke corner - portable toilets located across the
iar with the course and area make sure that you have a               shingle road on the grass (south of the finish chute) as well
good map of Canterbury and Christchurch and program                  as a permanent Department of Conservation toilet on the
the transitions into your GPS or check out the locations             edge of the bush.
prior to the race – remember to obey all officials instruc-          Klondyke Corner camping - portable toilets placed
tions at the different areas.                                        around the camping area, plus toilets on a trailer. The
Ensure your competitor does not over-train. Keep a                   towable toilets will remain on site until the last Two Day
balance between training and family, social, and work                competitor has departed for Mt White on Saturday.
relationships.                                                       Mt White turn-off - portable toilet placed near the high-
                                                                     way. Support crews must not stop to use it as you drive
Try to remain cheerful. Remember that your competitor
                                                                     down to Mt White Bridge.
will become “possessed of the devil” during the event,
totally irrational, and if things get really bad may even            Mt White Bridge - portable toilets located just over the
blame assistants for their mistakes. Humour them at the              bridge on the left hand side.
time – then make their lives pure hell while they’re recov-          Mt White Bridge catering - portable toilets located be-
ering.                                                               tween the parking area and the bridge, near the catering.
Be nice to officials. Many of them are volunteers, so a              Woodstock checkpoint – toilet located on river left, where
nice smile makes their day a lot happier.                            marshal and timing point will be positioned.
                                                                     Waimakariri River Gorge Bridge - portable toilets locat-
Toilets                                                              ed in the riverbed, bike transition and car park. There are
Portable toilets are located along the course at various             permanent Selwyn District Council toilets on the left hand
venues. We try and position them to meet demand, but                 side of the shingle road down to the river.
at times we’ll never have enough and you may have to                 Waimakariri River Gorge Bridge cycle stands - portable
queue.                                                               toilet for competitors only, adjacent to the cycle stands.
The toilets are serviced to ensure they remain clean, fra-           Finish – portable toilets under the south ramp of the pier,
grant and stocked, so at times will be unavailable. If you           and at various points around the finish area.
find that toilets need servicing or are short of supplies,
please let the service staff know. Toilets do not have light-        Temporary Traffic Management
ing, so if you’re using them at night, take a torch. While
                                                                     An extensive approved traffic management plan is in op-
we endeavour to keep them stocked with toilet paper it is
                                                                     eration and is updated annually. A variety of signs are used
highly recommended you bring a back up supply!
                                                                     along the course. Some that you need to know for parking
Toilets are located at:                                              areas are:
Kumara Racecourse - permanent toilets, adjacent to
the kitchen.
                                                                     		              Site access 150m - entrance to a car park
Kumara Town - permanent toilets located at the rugby                 		              on your right, approximately 150m ahead,
field.                                                               		              followed by ...
Kumara Bike Transition – portable toilets

Kumara Bike Transition to Kumara Beach – portable
toilets at various locations on the way to the beach, all            		              Site access - entrance to a car park on
near the road on the northern side. Some toilets located             		              your right, approximately 75m ahead
on the beach side of the checkpoint.
Aickens Corner transition - portable toilets. You pass
                                                                     		              No stopping or waiting even for just a
them on your left as you drive to the car park. There are
                                                                     		              minute! Do not park between the signs
also toilets in the car park. Please do not ‘go’ in the trees
                                                                     		              or on the road shoulder or grass verge
Aickens Corner transition competitors only – there is a              		              behind the signs.
toilet reserved for competitors only, located between the
cycle finish and the timing point.

Registration, Greymouth                                                  Race Briefing
Welcome to Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, New                      A copy of the race briefing will be emailed prior and avail-
Zealand.                                                                 able to download from the website before the event. The
                                                                         briefing will be split into two parts – the first will cover all of
Thursday                                                                 the safety-related information and key times, it is compul-
9am-4pm      Registration and Sponsor Expo                               sory to attend this portion of the race briefing. The second
              Westland Recreation Centre, Greymouth.                     part is optional. It will explain the race from start to finish
5pm           Race Briefing                                              and be an opportunity for participants and crew to get
              Westurf Hockey Ground (next to Westland Rec Centre)
                                                                         more information about what to expect during the course
                                                                         of the race and to ask any questions. The race briefing will
Registration Process                                                     be held at the Westurf Hockey Ground (next to Westland
Each athlete will be allocated a 30 minute time slot                     Recreation Centre).
they must register within, allocated times will be com-                  Strapping
municated via email by 15 January. Plan and prepare to                   SportsMed will tape/strap ankles at registration. No
be in Greymouth all day Thursday. This is to assist with                 pre-bookings are taken. The price is $15 for one ankle or
COVID-19 requirements.                                                   $20 for two ankles.
During registration competitors will be provided with:
• Kathmandu race bag (doubles as gear bag)                               The Hands On Clinic Massage Team will work at Klondyke
• Race bib                                                               Corner on Friday and New Brighton on Saturday. Massages
• Timing transponder                                                     are $35 for 20 minutes (no double bookings). Bookings can
• Race stickers for bikes and kayak. These must be ap-                   be made by phoning (03) 366-0620 or 0800 INJURY from
    plied before starting the race. Remove all old stickers              Monday 14 December.
    and event numbers from the kayak.
• Run number to be attached to the back of the back-                     Registration checklist
    pack for the Mountain Run stage
                                                                         Before going to Westland Events Centre, Greymouth
• Competitor wristband. This must be worn at all times
    during the event                                                     • Check your registration time slot
• Kathmandu Coast to Coast t-shirt                                       • Download the event App (search for ‘Coast to Coast’)
• Support crew vehicle sticker (1)                                       • Mountain Run gear check (at selected Kathmandu
• Support crew wristbands (2). Must be worn to allow                         stores)
    support crew access into transitions and to collect
                                                                         • Bike check (at selected bike stores)
    compeitors equipment. No wristband = no gear col-
    lection. Support crew will only be able to collect gear              • Vehicle fuelled up
    corresponding to the wristband number
• If a GPS tracker was ordered, collect at registration                  At Westland Events Centre, Greymouth
                                                                         • Register, collect GPS tracker, if ordered
Race Briefing                                                            • Gear check, bike check, if not already done
You can complete your compulsory bike check at selected                  • Stickers on cycles
bike retailers around the country and run gear checks at                 • Stickers on cycle helmets
Kathmandu stores. These checks open 3 weeks before
                                                                         • Stickers on kayak helmets
race dates. You can also do these checks at registration
but avoid the queues and get them done prior to the                      • Number attached to backpack for the Mountain Run
race, if possible. Refer to the compulsory check lists for               • Ankle strapping
what will be checked. Make sure to bring any gear not                    • Purchase merchandise
pre-checked to registration with you.

NOTE – kayak equipment will be scrutineered on Saturday
morning at Mt White kayak transition. Some kayak items
can be checked at Klondyke Corner on Friday by your
support crew (refer to Kayak checklist for full details).

Cycle crews will be in attendance for repairs at registra-
tion on Thursday, but note that the bike mechanics will
be busy, with bike checks as their priority. Repairs are at
the cost of the competitor.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  H   ST



REGISTRATION                                                                  WESTLAND RECREATION CENTRE
                                                                                                                                      ATHLETE PANEL
                                                                                                                                       ELITE & AMBASSADORS                                                                                                          MONTEITH’S BREWERY

                                                                                                                                                           PANEL AREA




ELITE & AMBASSADORS                                                                          MONTEITH’S BREWERY

                                                                                                       REGISTRATION, GREYMOUTH                                                                                                                THURSDAY
            PANEL AREA

                                                                                                        Westland Recreation Centre
                                                                                                                                                     High Street

                                                                                                                               WESTLAND RECREATION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bike check area

                                                                                                                                                                                   Mountain Gear Check Zone

                                                                                                                                    Swimming Pool
                                                                                                                                     (inc hydroslides,
                                                                                                                                       sauna & spa)

                                                                                                             Entry to Race

                                                                                                                                     Changing Rooms

                                                                                                                   Rego Exit

                                                                                                                               REGISTRATION &                                Sports
                                                                                                                                  Rego & Sponsors
                                                                                                                               SPONSOR    EXPO                                Med

                                                                                                          Staff & Sponsors
                                                                                                               car park

                                                                                                                                              Shakespeare Street

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Car entrance

Food Stalls at Kumara Racecourse                                     If arriving from the East (Kumara) you must continue
                                                                     passed the transition and turn at the roundabout and
Thursday                                                             unload along the north side of the road, opposite the
New this year- Kumara Food Stalls! The Kumara
Community will be offering a variety of delicious food
options on Thursday from 5.30pm at the Kumara                        If arriving from the West (Greymouth or Hokitika), unload
Racecourse. Stalls will offer vegetarian, meat and                   along the north side of the road, opposite the transition.
gluten free options. Cash is preferred, yet EFTPOS will
                                                                     Rack your bike according to your race number in transi-
be available. Let’s support the community and their
                                                                     tion. Make sure you remember which row you need to run
continued efforts to create a unique, fun and tasty
                                                                     down to get to your bike.
Kumara experience for all. Food will be available from
5.30pm until 8pm or when the food runs out.                          You must wear your timing transponder, reflective ankle
                                                                     bands and cycle helmet for the 2.2km walk to the beach
                                                                     and the run to the cycles. It will still be dark while you’re
Camping at Kumara Racecouse                                          walking to the beach. Don’t forget to wear your bib.
Support crew and competitors can set up camp at the
                                                                     Bring the gear bag that came with your race pack to put
Kumara Racecourse (including Campervans). There are
                                                                     your warm-up clothes in prior to the start. This gear will
no powered sites. $15 per person paid in cash on arrival
                                                                     be collected at the start line and taken to New Brighton,
to the Racecourse. This is a fundraising activity for the
                                                                     and will be available for you (or support crew) to collect
Kumara Racing Club.
                                                                     at the finish line.
Kumara Racecourse facilities
                                                                     You should use running shoes for the run from the beach
• Campsite                                                           to the transition. Leave shoes at the bike racks - officals
• Showers                                                            will collect and take to New Brighton for collection. Make
• Water                                                              sure shoes are numbered.
• Toilets                                                            Please minimise the amount of gear you take to the
• Camp kitchen                                                       beach and make sure it all fits in your supplied gear bag.
                                                                     No extra bags please, space is limited.

Kumara Transition - Competitors
Plan B start times may vary.
4:30am Transition open for bike racking
5:30am Transition closes for bike racking
                                                                                             Harvest Class
5:45am Pre-start race briefing at Kumara Beach                                                  Centre

6am     Race Start

•   You must place your bike in the position
    marked by your race number                                                       Run
•   Flagpoles, flags or balloons are NOT allowed
    on the cycle stands.
•   NO PARKING on the transition side of the
    road – it will be very busy there.                                                                                                     To start at
•   You must have front and rear lights on your                           Light                                                            Kumara
    bike                                                                  Bike
                                                            No Parking    Exit                No Parking      RoadClosed
•   Reflective ankle bands must be worn
•   Only competitors to be out of cars at drop-off
    zone, any competitors with support crew seen
                                                                                                                           To Greymout h

    out of their cars will receive a penalty
•   Anyone cycling from Kumara racecourse must
                                                                Train track
    wear high vis vest and lights.

Kumara Transition - Support crew                             Stage 1a - Run 2.2km
Support crew are not allowed to be out of cars at the        Kumara Beach
drop-off zone, any competitors with support crew seen        There is no start order on the beach. There will be two flags
out of their cars will receive a penalty.                    set back as far as practical on the beach or road (depend-
Once you have dropped your competitor off, drive to the      ing on access to beach) and you will have to start between
end of the first cycling stage at Aickens Corner and park    these. Please be sensible and seed yourselves, if you antici-
in the designated car park, not on the roadside. Please      pate taking 2 hours on the ride don’t start at the front, you
do not park in the Taramakau Valley Department of            will get run over!
Conservation (DoC) car park. Do not delay - leave early!     The course
Support crew cannot follow their competitors or offer
                                                             Run up the gravel road and turn left onto the main road,
assistance on any cycle stage.
                                                             there is a slight rise before you reach Kumara Junction. Head
NOTE: There is a road closure on Saturday from the           straight through towards the cycle transition. Turn right into
Kumara roundabout through to Jacksons. Officially            the transition area and run all the way around the outside of
this starts at 5am but you will be able to drop your         the bike racking area and enter on the far-right hand corner.
competitors off and continue through this route              From here you can go directly to your bike.
as long as you leave the Kumara Transition area by
                                                             DO NOT ride in the transition, run with your bike to the exit
5:30am. The transition closes for bike racking at
                                                             point and mount your bike where the sign indicates you can
                                                             do so.

Stage 1b - Cycle 55km
Kumara Transition to Aickens Corner
                                                               There will also be media and race official vehicles on the road
• Drafting off other competitors allowed (no drafting          and it is highly likely you will also encounter local traffic. KEEP
   off non-registered cyclists or vehicles)                    TO THE LEFT!
• No support crew on the cycle course
                                                               There is a railway line between Jacksons and Aickens (ap-
• No iPod or similar audio devices are to be used. The         proximately 2km to go). Road rules apply - stop for trains.
   competitor must be able to hear other riders and            The crossing has an uneven surface between the tracks – take
   instructions from officials.                                EXTREME CAUTION and be especially careful if you are in a
• Cyclists must not ride more than two abreast.                bunch.
• Normal road code applies                                     There is a one lane bridge between Jacksons and Aickens.
  •     Be aware of traffic in both directions                 Please obey the road rules and give way to traffic.
  •     Keep to the left, don’t cross the centre line
  •     Stop for trains                                        The transition is on the left-hand side about 2km after the
                                                               railway crossing. You will see a gravel run-off heading into a
This cycle stage is 55km, following the Taramakau valley       paddock and the bike transition. You must follow the signage
towards the Main Divide. The route is flat or undulat-         and instructions from officials.
ing and has a net elevation gain of 250m. There is one
railway crossing and several one-lane bridges – if you’re in   Dismount where indicated, then run with your bike through
the bunch please indicate to cyclists behind of approach-      as far as possible and rack your bike. Exit the racking area to
ing bridges or hazards. There are several very fast down-      the far left of the transition and run down the chute to your
hills and large bunches often form on this ride, please be     crew. Crews can set up on either side of the chute - make a
very careful in bunches – this is often the most dangerous     plan of where to find them. Keep an eye out for them and be
part of the race.                                              aware of other competitors running through. Make sure you
                                                               collect your running gear and you are wearing your bib before
There is a road closure from Kumara Junction until just        departing onto the Mountain Run stage (and leave your cycle
before Jacksons (10km to go). Do not count on it work-         helmet behind). The timing point is after the transition under
ing. You MUST obey all road rules and keep to the left, DO     the inflatable arch as you head out onto the Mountain Run
NOT cross the centre line under any circumstances – if we      stage.
see you do this we will disqualify you.

Aickens Transition - Support crew                               Once your athlete has left on the run, gather up all cycling
                                                                and transition gear, and don’t forget to collect the bike.
Cycle to Run                                                    Collect the cycle from the transition entry point once offi-
On arrival at Aickens Corner, turn left and take the ve-        cials advise the transition is open to do so – it will be possible
hicle track to the riverbed car park. Park in the car park,     to collect bikes in between waves of competitors coming
not on the roadside. No stopping on the side of the             through. Please be quick. You will need your Support crew
track to the car park. Prepare your competitor’s Moun-          wristband to collect the bike. You will only be able to collect
tain Run equipment well before the event. Please do not         the competitor’s bike that corresponds to the number on
bring any flags on sticks or sharp objects to the transition    your wristband.
area to attract your competitor’s attention.                    Officials can make spot checks of competitor’s compulsory
Support Crew are not allowed to offer assistance or enter       mountain safety equipment at any time. Do not discard any
any part of the Run stage except at transitions.                equipment, it could be spot checked at any time.
Competitors will finish cycling, (the last 100m is gravel),     There is a compulsory gear check at Goat Pass for EVERYONE.
dismount before the farm gate, run under the transition         Penalties or disqualifications will be given to all competitors
banner and rack their bikes before running through to the       not carrying correct equipment - make sure your competitors
transition change-over area. Please keep gear bins and          are organised and have everything.
deck chairs away from the main transition chute area,           Support crew cannot leave the Aickens car park until after
set them up behind the main change-over area. Support           8am. Don’t panic, there is plenty of time! Support crew must
crew cannot enter the running chute – competitors must          not stop at the Deception Footbridge and must not use the
go to their crew. Elite support crew are to set up on the       Deception Footbridge (by DoC request).
right-hand side (as competitors see it) of the transition
chute and age groupers on left-hand side. There will be         Breakfast
bib number ranges signposted along the chute indicat-           Lake Brunner School will have breakfast for sale at the
ing where to stand and wait for your competitor. Make           Aickens transition – whitebait patties, bacon, eggs, Blackball
sure they have their backpack with safety gear, bib and         sausages, omeletes, hash browns, coffee, tea and milo. These
timing transponder before they go.                              meals are not included in the entry fee, bring cash.

There are potential charges for non-emergency helicopter
                                                               extractions of $500 per person.

Stage 2 – Mountain Run 30.5km                                  Drink - many competitors choose to drink directly out of the
                                                               rivers. The water is generally very good and safe to drink
Stage cut-offs:                                                but we cannot guarantee this, however, when you get close
12:15 Goat Pass                                                to the stopbank and power lines towards the end of the run
2:15pmKlondyke Corner                                          you will cross the Bealey River, Giardia is present, do not drink
                                                               water from the Bealey River.
Key stage rules (full rules located on website)
• Compulsory mountain run equipment must be car-               There is some race-specific course marking, but competitors
   ried, see page 7 & 8.                                       are responsible for their own navigation over the course and
                                                               should familiarise themselves with the terrain. Competitors
• Officials can randomly check competitors’ equipment
                                                               who have not been over the course should consider carrying
   anywhere on the mountain stage including at Klon-
                                                               a map (Topo50 Map BV20-Otira) and compass or GPS.
   dyke Corner.
                                                               Email for a downloadable GPS
• Officials will check competitors’ equipment at Goat          route file.
   Pass (a sign 500m prior will indicate items being
   checked).                                                   The course marking is a mix of DoC marking and race-specif-
                                                               ic marking – it is a fast, efficient route but it is not compulso-
• It is forbidden for any competitor to run on railway
                                                               ry to follow, you may self-navigate.
   lines (except when directly crossing them), including
   the Bealey River railway bridge. Be aware trains are        Head out of the Aickens Corner transition and through the
   scheduled to be running during the event.                   timing point under the arch. Follow a farm track for about
• No iPods or similar audio devices to be used by              2.5km until you reach the Deception Footbridge. Continue
   competitors on the course (phones are OK to use 		          straight ahead for about 15m before turning left through the
   for photos – there is no cellphone coverage on 		           trees, down the bank and into the river. Cross to the far side
   majority of the run stage).                                 and start up the Deception Valley.
• Do not drop rubbish – carry all rubbish out.                 You don’t have to follow a set route but generally follow a
• Mountain running shoes must be cleaned, to Biose-            mix of rough tracks and the main riverbed up the valley –
   curity New Zealand standards before and after the           there are multiple river crossings.
   event or when moving between waterways during               After about 13.5km, there is a succession of bush tracks that
   the event. You must also do this before and after any       mark the start of the upper Gorge, here the valley steepens
   training on the course.                                     significantly and the next 4km to Goat Pass take even the
• Detergent footbaths are provided for Didymo control          quickest athletes close to 40 minutes. This is one of the most
   at Goat Pass. Competitors must immerse both shoes           stunning sections of the run and has many routes – following
   in the baths.                                               the wet footprints is usually a safe bet.
• It is the competitor’s responsibility to have adequate       About 500m from Goat Pass you turn right up a smaller
   skills to negotiate and avoid the hazards on the            creek and scramble and wade your way up the final part
   mountain running stage. The Otira, Deception, Ming-         of the climb. Goat Pass elevation is 1070m so you will have
   ha and Bealey Rivers are steep and bouldery and can         climbed around 800 vertical metres and run about 17.5km
   change conditions rapidly.                                  from Aickens transition to this point. There is a compulso-
• Support crew must not run down the riverbed with             ry gear check at this point and you will have to show a set
   competitors or take equipment from them or assist           number of items that will be displayed on a sign at the bot-
   them in any way.                                            tom of the final climb. This is the same for everyone. Missing
• Hiking poles are not permitted.                              gear will result in major penalties or disqualification.
NOTE: There is no access to the run course for any support-    From Goat Pass it is around 13km to Klondyke Corner, the
ers or crew on the Friday while the Two Day event is taking    track is generally much better formed and includes some
place. If support crew are caught on the run course their      boardwalks over fragile ground. It is also mainly downhill
competitor will be disqualified.                               with the exception of a few short, sharp climbs, the largest
                                                               being Dudley Knob where you will often find photographers.
Course notes
   COAST TO COAST                                              The final 5-6km is flat but is some of the roughest riverbed
WARNING: The run course is very rough and there are
many places where most people simply cannot run. If you
                                                               to run over. When you reach the stopbank you get some
                                                               respite for about a kilometre, then the final 1.5km is real an-
haven’t                   GEAR
        been over the course, prepare yourself by doing
                                                               kle-rolling stuff, especially if you are tired. Concentrate and
a lot of training on the roughest ground you can find.
                                                               focus on getting safely to the cheering crowds waiting at the
See the race YouTube channel for some footage from the
                                                               finish of the stage.
running section. Expect A LOT of running on rocks with
no track. It is a wilderness run. There are only two ways          Remember: Take sufficient food and wear sun protection.
out, on foot or in a helicopter (which can only fly during
daytime and in good weather).
                                                                                    Aickens Corner

                                                                                           NOTE: No training
                                                                                           prior to race day
                                   2.75km Deception Foot Bridge                            between Aickens and
                                                                                           Deception foot bridge
                                                                                           as this is Private

                                            14.25km Dorreen Creek

                                                                                    17.5km Goat Pass

                                                                               22.5km Dudley knob

                                            Klondyke Corner

KATHMANDU               950

COAST TO COAST          700

COMPULSORY              450

                              0   2.5   5     7.5   10   12.5        15     17.5      20     22.5   25   27.5   30
                                                            DISTANCE (KILOMETRES)

Klondyke Corner - Support crew                                                                          There limited services at Klondyke Corner for the One Day
                                                                                                        event, but the Event HQ will be set up there for any medical
• Take all rubbish away with you
• No open fires or solid fuel barbeques
• Dogs are not allowed in the National Park (not even
                                                                                                        There will be aFriday
                                                                                                                        clearly (2 day) point (close to the rotunda –
     in your car)
                                                                                                        about 50m from bike racks) indicating where you may enter
• Don’t drink from the Bealey River, Giardia is&Topresent.      Cam                                     the transition chute and begin helping your competitor, pen-
                                                              As    pin
                                                           par sistan g Are
• Pedestrians must take GREAT CARE when crossing              kin
                                                                  g ts’
                                                                                                        alties apply for anyone providing assistance before this.
     the State Highway and cross at the designated cross-
                                                                                                        Make sure you have all your competitors gear and rack their
     ing point.
                                                                                                        bike in the racks beside the road – please don’t inter fere with
• Do not park in long grass, hot exhausts
                                        Tandem Kayak Setcan
                                                        Up     start fires                              other competitors gear.
• DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD VERGE OF STATE                                                                                                      Recovery
                                                                                                        Competitors mustMassage,       unrack their own bike – assistance can be
     HIGHWAY 73 UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES                              Day 2 Start Arch                                              Ice Baths
                                 Crossing                                                               given from the assigned    & Medical
                                                                                                                                                  point up until the competitor exits
Parking                          Point                              Day 2 Athlete start
                                                                    gathering point                     the transition.
                                                                                                                      Finish Arch
On arrival at Klondyke Corner turn right off the State                                                  Spot checks of competitor’s          Big Screen
                                                                                                                                                         compulsory equipment may be

Highway to the parking area. Park your vehicle in the des-

                                                                                                        madece Eafter they       finish       the       Run stage at Klondyke Corner.


                                                                                                                x             Timing
ignated mown areas and where directed by the officials.                                                               po


All competitors and support crew, even if you are not                                                   Notes:
camping, are required to park in the camping area. Keep                                                 • Bring insect repellent – the sandflies are ferocious, and
emergency access ways (4m wide lane) clear. Please do                                                      relentless
not exceed 5kph within the parking area or on gravel                                                    • No bookings are required for the campsite, campsites
roads.                                                                                                     cannot be reserved
There will be live-feed cameras and timing points on the                                                • Portable toilets available
Mountain Run stage. There is also 3G coverage (Vodafone                                                 • 3G phone                   coverage (Vodafone & Spark)
& Spark). You should be able to see the live coverage via                                                                 ons
                                                                                                                      , Sp g On
                                                                   ked                                  • Information
                                                                                                               cia ls
                                                                                                           Offi ia Par
                                                                                                                          kin          point
website but there will be no big screen on the Saturday
                                                  Heli ehicles licopat
                                                      v       e
                                                               par ter
                                                   No eath h
Klondyke Corner.                                    ben

                                                                                                                                                               Athlete flow

                                                                                                                                         Saturday (1 day)
                                                                              ts P

                                                                                                                                 wed in
                                                                                  1 Day Bike Sta
                                                                                                  nds            Support allo
                                                                                                                 this area
                                                                                                                                                      Support crew entry

                                                                                                                            ons     ly
                                                                                                                        , Sp g On
                                                                                                                   cials arkin
                                                                                          ked                O ffi      P
                                                                             pad      par     r                     dia
                                                                         Heli ehicles licopte                 M  e
                                                                             v       e
                                                                          No eath h

Stage 3 - Cycle 15.5km & Run 1.3km                             The ride is undulating with several very fast down hills –
                                                               please take extra care if it is wet or windy. Also be aware
Klondyke Corner to Mt White                                    the steep downhill once you have climbed past the bluffs
Key stage rules (full rules located on website)                is often in poor condition and should be treated with extra
• This ride is NON-DRAFTING, you must keep at least            caution.
    10m between cyclists or you have 30 seconds to pass        Once you reach the Mt White turn-off, turn left onto the
    by a competitor. Once you pass someone it is their         gravel road, rack your bike at the top of the road and run
    responsibility to drop back the required 10m.              for about 1km. You may also leave your helmets at the bike
• No support crew on the cycle course                          racks.
• No iPod or similar audio devices are to be used. The         It is highly recommended that you use running shoes or
    competitor must be able to hear other riders and           sturdy river booties, or use mountain bike shoes for this
    instructions from officials.                               section – it is not a pleasant run in socks, bare feet or road
• There are three one lane bridges on this ride. Please        cycle cleats!
    obey the road rules and give way to traffic.               Your support crew may give you food and drink on the run
• There is a railway crossing at Mt White Bridge.              down to the river as long as they are one of your dedicated
• Cyclists must not ride more than two abreast.                crew, with a wristband.
• Normal road code applies                                     At the bottom of the road is a railway crossing – you must
   •    Be aware of traffic in both directions                 obey the officials here, if a train is coming, STOP. Failure to
   •    Keep to the left, don’t cross the centre line          obey officials will result in disqualification. Once it is clear,
   •    Stop for trains                                        you can cross the bridge.
                                                               The One Day transition is generally immediately after the
The course
                                                               bridge, turn right and follow your crew to the transition
Once you have transitioned at Klondyke Corner, turn left       point. You cannot remove your bib or transition any gear
and cycle along the main road for 15km to the Mt White         until after the bridge, this must be done on the riverbank
turn-off. The one-lane bridge near the start of the ride is    near your kayak. Make sure the bib goes over top of the PFD
marshaled, follow their instructions.                          and remember you can only have two support crew to help
                                                               you get into the kayak.


up for pedestrians to walk down but it is likely there will be
Mount White - Support crew                                           a delay at the one lane bridge as there is not enough space
You must drop off your competitor’s kayaks down to Mt                for cars and pedestrians. If your competitor will be slower
White Bridge prior to them transitioning at Klondyke                 than 4 hours on the Mountain Run please don’t arrive at
Corner – you will not have time to help your competi-                Mt White until after 10am, when all the Two Day sup-
tor at Klondyke, then transport kayak and have gear                  port crew should have left.
scrutineered in time for them to have a seamless
                                                                     Do not pack equipment into the kayak before scrutineer-
                                                                     ing. Officials need to check it is all there. Have it on display,
If your competitor expects to be one of the front-run-               and then pack it in dry bags once scrutineering is complete.
ners it may be best to hand over the kayak and kayaking              All compulsory equipment must remain in the kayak once
gear to competitor supporters to take down to Mt White               checked. Ensure the dry-bag is correctly sealed so it re-
Bridge and have the kayak scrutineered, while you return             mains waterproof.
to Klondyke Corner for the Run to Bike transition.
                                                                     It is highly recommended that competitors have additional
NOTE: Non-wristbanded support crew can take the                      warm clothing to put on for the kayak stage – it can be very
kayak down to be scrutineered as long as they don’t                  cold* on the river especially if they have a swim. Do not
participate in the transition once the competitor                    underestimate the river and remember all compulsory
arrives.                                                             thermal gear is in addition to what is being worn by
                                                                     your competitor when they leave Mt White.
You must park at the top of the Mt White Bridge road
and walk with your competitor’s kayak down to the kayak              *Talk about this with your competitor before the race – if are in a
transition. The Two Day support crew will be leaving Mt              down jacket it is very likely your competitor will need more than a
White from about 9am onwards. There will be a lane set               cycle top!


                                                                                          1 Day Assistants
                                                       NO PARKING                         Only

                                                                                                        2 Day Assistants
                                  way clear            1 Day

                                                     Timing Mat

                                        1 Day Bike

   KATHMANDU                            Stands
                                             2 Day Competitors
                                             carry/push cycles to the river

   COAST TO COAST                    1 Day Competitors
   COMPULSORY                        leave cycles at highway

   COMPETITOR GEAR 3 person team holding area
                                              Athlete flow

Competitors will rack their bike at the top of Mt White                       After your competitor has left make sure you collect all their
road, and they can leave helmets there. You may meet                          gear including bike, shoes and helmet before proceeding to
your competitor there and a non-wrist banded support                          the Gorge Bridge transition.
crew can remove the bike from the racks ASAP, as long as
you have clearly communicated this to the marshals at
the cycle rack. Please help other support crew out if you                      • Kayaking gear scrutineered and loaded in the boat
have capacity and they are flying solo!                                        • Food and drink for the expected duration, plus a bit
You may run down with your competitor and give them
food and drink as long as you are one of the support crew                      • PFD done up correctly
who is involved in the whole transition (i.e. you have a                       • Competitor bib over their PFD
wristband). To avoid confusion please don’t have sup-                          • Kayak helmet on, done up
porters run down with you. It is 1km from the top of the
                                                                               • Paddle, spraydeck on, drink system connected
road to the bridge.
                                                                               • Sunblock (keep it off the paddle)
Help your competitor with their kayaking equipment, and
                                                                               • Collect all transition gear, cycling gear, bike
launch them onto the river. Check that their PFD is done
up correctly (firmly!), competitors will be disqualified                      Breakfast/lunch
for not wearing PFD correctly. Check they have their bib                      Springfield School will have breakfast and lunch for sale at
over the top of their buoyancy vest. Kayaking helmets                         Mt White Bridge from 5-10am on Saturday. These meals are
must be worn.                                                                 not included in the entry fee. Have cash available.

             MT WHITE RIVER KAYAK TRANSITION                                                                      1-Day Event

               Official Parking Only                   1-day
                                                       scrutineering            ed
                                                       entry           Road
                                                                             ex S

                                                                                            Boats are to be lined up in number order
                                                                                            according to signs on the bank/beach.

                                                                                            Boats MUST NOT be taken to the water until the
                                                                                            competitor is announced.

                                                                                            CAUTION expect 2 day support crews to be

                                                                                            exiting this area between 9am and 10am
                                Mt White Brid

                                                  1-day competitors
                                                  cross bridge to                           Only the two dedicated support crew may help
                                                  boats/put-in                              with the kayak transition including the run down
                                                                                            the hill.

       All 1 Day Parking

                                                                                                                 Athlete flow
   COMPETITOR GEAR                                                                                               Taped off areas
                                                                                                                 You must follow
                                                                                                                 signage/instructions of officials

STAGE 4 – Kayak 70km                                                             Key stage rules (full rules located on website)
                                                                                 • Compulsory kayak equipment must be carried, see p
Mt White Bridge to Waimakariri River Gorge Bridge
                                                                                    9&10 for checklist.
Cut-off times (signalled by air horn):                                           • If you see signage or are directed by an official to take
3pm     You must be on the river at Mt White                                        a particular route, you MUST do so – failure to follow in-
                                                                                    structions could put you outside of the safety managed
4:30pm Cut-off at Gooseberry
                                                                                    area and put you at risk.
7pm     Kayakers must be past Woodstock checkpoint                               • There will be compulsory checkpoints on the river. Sets
        (15km above Gorge Bridge)                                                   of buoys will be placed at various locations on the river
8:15pm Competitors must have reached the Waimakariri                                which will be confirmed Race Briefing. The buoys will be
       River Gorge Bridge.                                                          about three paddle lengths apart. Competitors must
                                                                                    paddle between them. These also have electronic timing
Officials will remove competitors from the river after                              and let your crew know when to expect you.
the cut-off times.

               KAYAK STAGE 70KM

                                                                KAYAK ENTRY
                                         Klondyke Corner
                                                                 Mt White
                                                                 Bridge           15km Gooseberry Stream

                                                                                                     24km Esk River

                                                                                                     54km Woodstock

                                                                                                          KAYAK              Sou
                                                                                                                                 th E
                                                                                                          EXIT                              Rd
                                                                                                                                   To F
                               CYCLE                                                                                                   inish
                               KAYAK                                                                    70km Gorge Bridge

  KATHMANDU                    560
             HEIGHT (METRES)

  COMPULSORY                   400
  COMPETITOR GEAR              320

                                     0               10    20               30               40              50             60                   70
                                                                             DISTANCE (KILOMETRES)

Course Notes
The river section is generally classified as Grade 2+. You       Soon after this you pass the checkpoint at Gooseberry
are likely to encounter wave trains, strong eddy lines, bluff    Stream. Gooseberry stream is the last opportunity to exit the
turns, braid options, midstream rock hazards and tree            river prior to committing to the Gorge. A timing checkpoint
hazards.                                                         will be located between Gooseberry Stream and the Poulter
                                                                 River confluence. At all the checkpoints you must move
If you are expecting to swim you should be paddling              to the left of the river and paddle between the two buoys
a more stable boat or getting more time on Grade 2               which read your timing chip – also shout out your number to
water. A swim will cost you 15 mins and a lot of energy          the manual timing crew. Continuing down, the river grad-
and exposes you to unnecessary risk. Your ‘faster’ boat          ually increases in size though maintains multiple braids in
will need to have an outboard to make up the time!               places, so keep your wits about you.
There is a significant amount of river safety on the course      You will then pass the Esk River confluence and shortly
especially at recognised trouble spots, but they cannot be       after, the Esk checkpoint, once you pass here you enter the
everywhere and are there first and foremost to deal with         main Gorge section. At this point, you’ve covered roughly
emergencies – expect to self-rescue if you swim. If you see      25km from Mt White Bridge. The main Gorge is about 30km
someone in trouble on the river you must help them but           long, the river is narrower and the flow swifter through this
ensure you don’t put yourself in danger while doing              section, with larger wave trains, bluffs and strong eddy lines.
so.                                                              Good skills for the Gorge are picking appropriate lines for
An understanding of river signals is important, make             your ability, bluff turns and dealing with strong eddies.
yourself familiar with these. Officials may use to direct        If the river is higher there are more options, often with ’chick-
competitors to where they are wanted on the river, either        en routes’, but as the river drops the options are fewer and
for counting or avoidance of hazards.                            the river is a little more technical, but with much less power.
Jet boats are used as part of our safety management              The Gorge is absolutely stunning and if you are comfortable
system. They are extremely important for the transpor-           in your boat it will be one of the highlights of the race. Sig-
tation of officials, rescuing competitors, radio communi-        nificant landmarks to look for are Hamilton’s Rapid, which is
cations and evacuations of injured competitors. Please           roughly the mid-point of the whole kayak stage, and the Red
remember that:                                                   Bridge which is about 12km from the exit of the Gorge.
• They require less water going fast                             The Woodstock checkpoint marks the end of the Gorge and
• They pass going around, pushing the wake away                  you will have about 15km down to the kayak exit at the
     from the kayak                                              Gorge Bridge. Make sure you go between the two buoys
                                                                 so that the timing system picks up your transponder, and
Enter the river and paddle downstream on a section of            your support crew will know you’ve been passed. The river
generally easy grade 1 riffles and multiple braids. Good         becomes braided again and requires some good navigation
river reading skills will help you take the most efficient       at times to avoid running aground. There are often sections
and fastest lines. There may be signs on the river bank to       with willow trees lining the river, stay away from the trees!
send you in a particular direction.
The river is typically low around the race date so expect it     The kayak exit is on the river right; paddle under the Gorge
to be somewhere around 35-70 cumecs, measured at the             Bridge and turn in towards the bank shortly after – look for
Otarama Gauge - which is after the main Gorge so the             all the people.
top section has significantly less volume. The river flow        Get out of your kayak and leave it with your support crew.
cut-off for the kayak stage is about 180 cumecs, but de-         Cross over the timing mat, run up the small track that starts
pends on a lot of other factors as it approaches this level.     near the bottom of the gravel road on the right by the per-
                                                                 manent toilets, and go around the outside of the trees in the
After about 30 minutes of paddling you will reach
                                                                 centre of the transition area to your bike. Your support crew
the first significant rapids, commonly known as the
                                                                 must not cross the timing mat – they must go around the
Rock Gardens, which change yearly and are usually
a mix of maneuvering around boulders and punching

through some of the larger wave trains on the river.


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