Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017

Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Opportunity awaits

Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
The opportunity to be part of it
PwC Ireland’s graduate programme puts you at the heart of one of the world’s leading professional
services firms. You will have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, to build lasting
relationships and to make a difference. You will help us to solve important problems and build trust
in society. In every area of our business you will be working collaboratively in a team of highly skilled
individuals, with a wide range of clients, across a wide range of industries. Over the coming pages,
you can find out more about the different areas within PwC that you can join as a graduate.

                                                                                                            Feargal O’Rourke
Opportunity awaits                                                                                          Managing Partner
Apply for your place on PwC Ireland’s graduate programme now                                                An organisation is only as good as its people.     We want enterprising, passionate and bright
                                                                                                            That’s why PwC seeks out the best and              people. We recruit top talent from all
                                                                                                            brightest graduates each year.                     backgrounds so that we continue to make
                                                                                                                                                               PwC a great place to work. You’ll be part of a
Applying for our graduate programme should take less than 15 minutes.                                       Your career is just that. Yours. We will help      global firm of over 223,000 people in 157
You can make your application online at www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                 you develop the skills that you will need to       countries with a reputation built on excellence
                                                                                                            excel in an ever-changing global environment       with integrity.
                                                                                                            and support you to become the best that you
                                                                                                            can be inside and outside the workplace.           There is no better place to start out on what
                                                                                                                                                               will be a lifelong journey of development and
                                                                                                            Opportunity is at the heart of a career with us.   discovery. I’m personally looking forward to
                                                                                                            Opportunities for personal and professional        welcoming you and working with you.
                                                                                                            growth, to experience new cultures and
                                                                                                            diverse working environments, opportunities
                                                                                                            to build lasting relationships and make an
                                                                                                            impact. All the while, knowing that you’re
                                                                                                            part of a firm where teamwork and
                                                                                                            collaboration are key.

                                                                 www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                          www.pwc.ie/graduate   1
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Assurance                                                 Michael Quinlivan
    More than a thousand people work in assurance             “It’s the culture of support that makes PwC great.
    services across our seven Irish locations, in the areas   In my three years with the firm, I have been lucky
    of asset and wealth management, banking and               enough to pass my exams, make some great
    insurance and international and domestic business.        friends, develop as a professional and continue to
                                                              play on the senior football team for my county.”
    In our assurance practice, we work with a diverse
    range of start-ups, private companies and global          Bachelor of Education, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick;
                                                              Masters in Business Studies, University College Cork
    corporations, including many of Ireland’s top 100
    companies. Our work adds real value to our clients.
    Our recommendations solve their problems and
    provide confidence in their strategies.
    You will be given the opportunity to develop real
    insights into every aspect of the companies we work
    with and give them informed advice on their sector,
    their people, their technology and their finances.
    Your ability to investigate and adapt to new
    challenges will be essential in assurance.
    We want you to help us make a difference to our
    clients. You will enter a formal training contract
    with PwC and Chartered Accountants Ireland, and
    study for the ACA Chartered Accountancy
    qualification. Before you join us, we will provide you
    with the opportunity to learn more about our
    business areas and choose which suits you best.

    2      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                            www.pwc.ie/graduate   3
2       www.pwc.ie/graduate
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Hannah Butler                                       Advisory
                                 “As a graduate, taking on a permanent job           Our advisory services are comprised of two groups based
                                 straight out of college seemed quite daunting       in Dublin, Cork and Limerick: consulting and deals.
                                 but I thought to myself: if I end up looking to
                                 travel in a few years, I want to work with a firm   Our consulting practice comprises over 300 consultants
                                 that is both nationally and internationally         focusing on technology consulting and strategy and
                                 renowned.”                                          management consulting. Our consultants advise clients
                                                                                     across all major sectors, including financial services,
                                 Law and French, UCC; MSc Management                 healthcare, public sector, retail and consumer,
                                 Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School
                                                                                     pharmaceutical and life sciences, energy and renewables
                                                                                     and technology and telecoms. They help our clients
                                                                                     design strategies for the digital age to deliver
                                                                                     organisational, technological and transformational
                                                                                     change. As a PwC consultant, you will develop the skills
                                                                                     to bring new insights and solutions to the issues our
                                                                                     clients face. We supplement your development
                                                                                     programme with specialised training in core technical
                                                                                     skills that will support your career.
                                                                                     Our deals practice comprises over 100 professional
                                                                                     advisors that help our clients buy and sell companies,
                                                                                     raise debt and equity and restructure their financial
                                                                                     operations. They also provide a range of other financial
                                                                                     advisory services including evaluating business plans,
                                                                                     conducting special investigations and supporting IPOs.
                                                                                     Clients include leading Irish and international public and
                                                                                     private companies of all sizes. Graduates will participate
                                                                                     in an international deals graduate programme which
                                                                                     provides an extensive network of contacts. This is
                                                                                     valuable as our people take part in cross-border
                                                                                     transactions from the start of their careers.

    4      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                        www.pwc.ie/graduate   5
4       www.pwc.ie/graduate
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Tax                                                                Eric Dunne
        Over 600 people work in PwC Ireland’s tax services, in the     “I wanted to learn from the best in the
        areas of domestic and international outbound, financial        industry, and once I came in for my interview,
        services, foreign direct investment, indirect tax and people   PwC was the obvious choice. The support I got
        and organisation.                                              throughout my accountancy exams really
                                                                       helped me to succeed. I was delighted to be a
        We provide tax services to a diverse range of clients and      prizewinner and be placed in the top five
        help them to understand and deal with the challenges that      nationally.”
        matter most to them. We work with entrepreneurs and
        start-ups, public and private companies, domestic and          BA (Mod) in Molecular Medicine - Trinity College Dublin
        international household names, not-for-profits and high
        net worth individuals.
        Working in tax, your analytical, problem solving,
        teamwork and communication skills will help our clients
        solve complex problems and influence some of the biggest
        decisions they face such as deciding how to raise finance,
        where to set up their operations and how to reward their
        people. You will assist our clients in being more efficient
        while simultaneously keeping pace with the changing
        national and international tax landscape.
        In tax we help you build a career through top-class on-the-
        job training and coaching as well as best in class exam
        support to help you excel in your chosen professional
        qualification. As a tax graduate you will pursue a
        professional tax qualification (AITI) and also have the
        option to simultaneously pursue an accountancy
        qualification (ACA).

    6      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                   www.pwc.ie/graduate   7
6       www.pwc.ie/graduate
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Stephen Gallagher                                      Risk assurance
                                 “Coming from a background in computer science,         Over 100 people work in risk assurance, with specialists
                                 I used to think of PwC as just an accounting firm. I   in the areas of data analytics, internal audit, IT and
                                 was surprised to find people from so many              business process controls, and governance and risk
                                 different backgrounds across the firm.”                management.
                                 Computer Science, University College Dublin            Risk assurance, a key part of our assurance services,
                                                                                        involves working with our clients to help them identify,
                                                                                        manage and reduce their exposure to risk.
                                                                                        As part of our team, you will use your analytical,
                                                                                        technical and client facing skills to help our clients risk
                                                                                        assess their business operations, strengthen their
                                                                                        internal controls and improve their business and
                                                                                        technological performance and efficiency.
                                                                                        Your ability to identify business risks from your analysis
                                                                                        of data, technology and business process flows, to assess
                                                                                        and measure financial, IT and operational risks, and to
                                                                                        project manage, review, report and present your findings
                                                                                        effectively will make you an invaluable member of the
                                                                                        risk assurance team.
                                                                                        As sponsors of ACA and ACCA qualifications, risk
                                                                                        assurance is an excellent place to study and the majority
                                                                                        of our graduates undertake training to achieve these
                                                                                        qualifications. There are also opportunities for a number
                                                                                        of graduates to pursue further study in areas that
                                                                                        complement our specialisms such as data analytics and

    8      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                             www.pwc.ie/graduate   9
8       www.pwc.ie/graduate
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
The opportunity to innovate
     PwC is the leader in professional services and we      manage the security systems of national and
     are committed to leading innovation in the industry    multinational companies.
     and helping organisations stay ahead of digital
     disruption. There are opportunities to work at the
     cutting edge of innovation.
                                                            We live in an always-on culture with increasingly
     Data and analytics                                     sophisticated customer expectations. Businesses
                                                            have undergone digital transformations over the
     In a world of big data and the internet of things      last decade to keep pace with these expectations
     (IoT), vast amounts of valuable information are        and stay relevant to the digital generation. PwC is
     available to companies. The analysis of this           helping organisations to be digitally enabled and
     information and turning it into actionable insights    progressive in their operations. We help them be
     can transform businesses. They can increase            agile, ahead of their competitors and delight their
     revenue, improve processes and build better            customers.
     customer relationships. PwC is enabling
     organisations to gather, analyse and interpret data
                                                            Technology implementation
     to create valuable business intelligence and drive
     competitive advantage.                                 Technology drives innovation. It underpins all
                                                            business functions and enables change at every
     Cybersecurity                                          stage of the supplier value chain and customer
                                                            journey. Businesses that can spot business
     Digital technology continues to transform and          opportunities in a new innovation and can harness
     disrupt the business world, but it also exposes        consumer analytics to guide new service offerings
     organisations to cyberthreats. Phishing, hacking,      have a strong foundation to propel themselves into
     malware and other cyberattacks cost businesses         the future.
     millions of euro every year. No organisation is safe
     and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly          PwC supports companies to create strategies that
     sophisticated. PwC has a state of the art cyber Lab    allow technology-enabled transformation.
     and a team of experts who help assess, build and

10     www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                        www.pwc.ie/graduate   11
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Opportunity awaits
     Wondering how to apply for your place on PwC Ireland’s graduate programme?

                1. Register online and submit your application
                     • Applying for our graduate programme is straightforward and doesn’t take long.
                     • You can make your application online at www.pwc.ie/graduate and you will also find some
                       hints and tips here for submitting your application.

                2. Attend an interview
                     • If your application is successful, we will invite you to a lunch that will give you some more
                      information about us and then you will attend an interview for your chosen line of service.

                3. Receive an offer
                     • We know waiting is the hard part. We will let you know as soon as possible if you will be
                       receiving an offer to join our graduate programme.

      Any questions?                                                Closing date

      See www.pwc.ie/graduate for more information                  The closing date for technology consulting and
      about the application process.                                strategy and management consulting applications
                                                                    is 5.00pm, 16 October 2017.
      You can also call our graduate recruitment team on
      +353 1 792 8550                                               The closing date for tax, assurance and risk
      or email us at ireland.graduate@ie.pwc.com                    assurance applications is 5.00pm, 18 October 2017.

12   www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                 www.pwc.ie/graduate   13
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
Your onboarding begins: From technical to soft          continued grade and salary progression.

     The opportunity to develop                                                                                                skills, on-the-job training to social events, your
                                                                                                                               onboarding experience will set you up for success.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Year 03: Spread your wings with global and client
                                                                                                                                                                                       secondment opportunities as you deepen your
                                                                                                                               Year 01: Continue your professional development,        industry insight.
     The path your career takes with PwC Ireland is paved with opportunities and real responsibilities, helping                with support from your buddy, coach and growing
                                                                                                                                                                                       Your journey continues: As you head towards
     you take your career forward. We take a blended approach to your development, combining formal                            peer network at every step of the way.
                                                                                                                                                                                       manager level, you’ll polish your leadership, business
     training, coaching from others and most importantly practical on-the-job experience. You will gain a range                Year 02: Develop your people management skills          and technical skills through our internal business
     of transferable business, personal and technical skills that help you grow.                                               and build your personal profile, while availing of      academy.

    Your                                             Year                                         Year                                      Year                                           Your
   begins                                           01                                            02                                        03                                           journey

   Onboarding                 Peer network            Real client         Exam support &        Increasing client         Ongoing         Global & client       Leading teams &            Account             PwC business
programme with                  & lasting              work &             paid study leave        experience &          performance        secondment            deep industry            ownership              academy
technical training             friendships           experiences                              industry knowledge          feedback        opportunities             insights            responsibility

                      Buddy                  Dedicated      Access to leadership &    Yearly salary &        People        Enhanced professional     Deliver training        Advanced career      Career progression        Market
                                              coach          international teams     grade progression     management       qualification support   locally & globally   conversations & feedback    to manager      development & strategy

14     www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                                                                                                            www.pwc.ie/graduate   15
Opportunity awaits - PwC 2017
PwC Professiona
                                                                                                             The                l

                                                                                                                 ps           ine
                                                                                                               hi                ss





     The opportunity to be the best


                                                                                                                                  il i c a l


                                                                                                              um                   ch
                                                                                                                   en            Te ab

     Excellence is embedded in everything we do. We         is behind you to get you there, including the
     want that philosophy to be part of your                dedicated learning and development team who will
     development, and joining PwC will accelerate the       support you from the start.
     development of your career.
                                                            We’ll support you with an exam path, study leave
                                                            plan and support programme. You’ll attend
     Buddy and coach                                        information sessions, go to workshops with the best
                                                            tutors and participate in mock exams and revision
     From day one we’ll assign you a buddy, who will
     answer your questions and help you settle in. You’ll
     also have a coach to support you in achieving your
     career goals.                                          Celebrating success
                                                            We have a recognition awards programme to
     Regular feedback                                       celebrate your success. We put you in the driver’s seat
     We want you to build on your strengths and tackle
     your areas for development. Through constant
                                                            by asking you to nominate someone you feel went
                                                            above and beyond in their role. It’s your chance to                                 1st
                                                                                                                                                        PwC CAP2 Summer Pass Rate 84%
                                                                                                                                                        National CAP2 Summer Pass Rate 66%
                                                            recognise someone who’s made a difference to you.
     feedback, coaching and formal learning, we help
     you do both. We’ll give you clear performance
     objectives linked to the competencies for your role.
     These will help you to measure your performance
     and see how you’re progressing. Our supportive
                                                            PwC Professional
                                                            To help our people excel in a changing world, we
                                                            have developed a global leadership framework, the
                                                                                                                                                                       91%        PwC FAE Pass Rate 91%
                                                                                                                                                                                  National FAE Pass Rate 80%
     culture will encourage you to deliver your best.
                                                            PwC Professional. There are five core attributes in

     Professional qualifications and exam support
     Our goal is to help you excel at every stage of your
                                                            the PwC Professional: whole leadership, business
                                                            acumen, technical capability, global acumen and
                                                            relationships. The PwC Professional is embedded in
                                                                                                                                               91%   PwC ITI Part 3 Autumn Pass Rate 91%
                                                                                                                                                     National ITI Part 3 Autumn Pass Rate 51%
                                                            everything we do and will accelerate the
     career, and passing your professional exams is
                                                            development of your career.
     important for your career success. Everyone at PwC

16     www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                                                                                       www.pwc.ie/graduate   17
The opportunity
                                   Laura Demery                                         to travel
                                   “I love that my job has given me exposure to         You don’t have to put travel on hold when you join the
                                   working with multiple clients across various         graduate programme at PwC. You will have the
                                   industries and locations. I even got to complete a   opportunity to go on global secondments and we
                                   secondment in New York. In my day-to-daywork         encourage personal development too.
                                   I get to collaborate closely with partners, people
                                   who are really influential in the business sphere,   One of the many benefits of working in the PwC global
                                   which is great for networking opportunities so       network of firms is the unrivalled opportunities for our
                                   early in your career.”                               people in over 157 countries around the globe. There are
                                                                                        opportunities for local and global secondments within
                                   Business, Economics and Social Studies               the firm as well as externally with our clients. You will
                                   Trinity College Dublin
                                                                                        become part of a global network, opening doors to an
                                                                                        array of travel opportunities.
                                                                                        Every year our graduates make plans to go on their next
                                                                                        life adventure, be it travelling across the continent by
                                                                                        train, climbing to base camp or just heading way out
                                                                                        west. There are plenty of weekend trips where you can
                                                                                        get to know the other graduates in the programme,
                                                                                        which is a great way to build your network.

     18      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                       www.pwc.ie/graduate   19
18        www.pwc.ie/graduate
The opportunity to be rewarded
     Little things can make all the difference. That’s why    on bank holiday weekends. Perfect for a chance to
     your rewards at PwC extend beyond your salary to         pack before heading off for a break, or just to enjoy
     much more. We recognise that your benefits are as        the summer evenings.
     important as your financial rewards.
                                                              Our 24 hour on-site gym and wellness centre* offer
     You’ll work hard in PwC, but we offer balance and        you the opportunity to maintain your focus on
     flexibility too. One of the perks you can enjoy is our   health and wellbeing.
     flexible 3pm finish on Fridays during summer and

     Smarter travel options                 Health and wellbeing                   Financial support
     •    Tax-efficient cycle to work       •   On-site gym and fitness            •   Salary advance option on
          scheme                                classes*                               joining
     •    Tax-efficient rail, bus or Luas   •   Holistic and beauty therapies*     •   Professional exam support
          travel pass                       •   Physiotherapist*                   •   Employee discounts
                                            •   Subsidised healthcare              •   Wedding gratuity
     Flexibility                                insurance
     •    22 days annual leave,             •   Confidential employee              Career development
          increasing with promotion             assistance programme               •   Core training as you progress
     •    Study leave                       •   Eyesight test                      •   Professional qualification
     •    Graduation day leave              •   Annual flu vaccination                 support
     •    Optional extra Christmas leave                                           •   Ongoing exam support,
          days                              Little extras that make life               revision courses and exam
     •    Time off in lieu of overtime      easier                                     preparation
     •    Flexible Friday – 3pm finish on   •   Restaurant and café*               •   Business, professional and
          bank holidays and summer          •   On-site shop and ATM*                  interpersonal skills
          months                            •   On-site dry cleaning service*      •   Local and global secondment
     •    Wedding leave                     •   Complimentary tea and coffee           opportunities
     •    New parent leave
                                                                                   * Dublin office only

20       www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                           www.pwc.ie/graduate   21
The opportunity to
     be yourself                                             Roshni Nath
     When you join PwC, we want you to bring your own        “Right from my first day at PwC, it has been a
     individual personality, experience and background       fantastic journey. I was quite nervous when I
     to add to our thriving culture.                         joined as I come from an entirely different culture,
                                                             but everyone makes an effort to ensure all the new
     You get a sense of our culture as soon as you walk      joiners feel as welcome as possible.”
     through the door. It’s how the receptionist always
     greets you by name in the morning. It’s the way your    Bachelors in Engineering - Electronics and Telecommunication
                                                             - Nagpul University, India
     team celebrates your birthday. It’s how your buddy
                                                             MSc Business Analytics - University College Dublin
     helps show you how to use the scanner for the third
     time! This is PwC – friendly, welcoming and open.
     We understand the value that diversity can bring to
     our firm, our clients and our people and we want
     your own personality, experience and background
     to shine. Joining PwC, you will be part of an
     inclusive environment where we don’t just talk
     about diversity, we celebrate it. From our inclusive
     professional network GLEE@PwC (gay, lesbian and
     everyone else) to local Lean In speaker series, there
     are many opportunities to get involved.
     At PwC, we work hard but like to have fun too. So
     whether you’re sporty, creative, or just like a good
     night out, we’ve got something for you. Our sports
     and social committees organise plenty of events. You
     can go to golf outings, tag rugby, table quizzes and
     social nights. If public speaking is on your bucket
     list, you can join our Toastmasters society. We’re
     open to hearing your ideas for new clubs and
     societies too.

     22      www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                            www.pwc.ie/graduate   23
22        www.pwc.ie/graduate
The opportunity to make a difference
     It’s your chance to step up. We’ll support you all the    Make a difference in our local community
     way. If you want to make a difference in our world,
                                                               Take part in our many community youth
     get involved in our corporate responsibility
                                                               programmes. See yourself as a teacher? Get
     programmes. At PwC we recognise that we have a
                                                               involved in a local school, where you’ll teach
     responsibility to our people and to our
                                                               children about work and enterprise. Many of our
     communities. We’re committed to having a positive
                                                               volunteers stay connected with the schools and
     impact on everyone around us.
                                                               mentor its pupils. To date, our volunteers have
     We aim to work with integrity and responsibility in       motivated over 7,500 pupils to bridge the gap
     everything we do.                                         between school and work.
     When you join us, you can get involved in
     charitable, diversity and community activities. You
     can donate your time, your skills or fundraise for
                                                               Making a difference to the environment
     your charity. We make it easy for you to give             When it comes to our responsibilities, we never
     something back.                                           stand still. We are always conscious of our
                                                               environmental impact. We’re achieving great
                                                               results, supported by our PwC green team. We hold
     Diversity                                                 bike service days, have a “binless office” and give
     We have a diversity council that has been                 you a travel mug and reusable water bottle when
     established to champion the firm’s diversity              you join. We take our green outlook to the global
     strategy. Its role is to develop and drive initivatives   stage. We donate computers and equipment to
     across the firm under four core pillars: gender,          African schools through the educational charity
     diversity, international diversity, GLEE (gay, lesbian    Camara. This partnership brings digital literacy to
     and everyone else) and generational diversity.            pupils in developing countries.

24     www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                           www.pwc.ie/graduate   25
The opportunity to explore
     Insight days
     During the year, we will host a number of insight days where students can have a “look inside” PwC. You will
     hear from staff of all levels about their experience in PwC and have a chance to speak to us about the
     application process. This also provides you with an opportunity to network both with PwC staff and other
     participants. Insight days are advertised through universities and also through our own social media
     channels, so make sure you follow us for more information.

     Talent academy
     We want to offer you the chance to get to know us better and learn more about what we do. To do this, we
     run a three-day talent academy, a programme where the main focus is you. The talent academy gives you a
     flavour of the diversity and scope of our business. You’ll have the opportunity to develop valuable business
     skills, meet our people and discover where your strengths and interests lie. We advertise the dates for these
     events through our social media channels, so make sure you follow us for more information.

     Summer internship
     Experience the life of a graduate associate in PwC (without the lectures or exams) for eight or twelve
     weeks during your summer break. You can decide which area you will intern in, assurance, tax or advisory
     services, and you will spend your time working as part of a client team helping our clients solve the issues
     that face them. Every Friday, you will be brought together to develop key business skills that you will not
     only use day-to-day during your internship but will also benefit you on your return to college and beyond.

     Work placement
     If a work placement is a key feature of your college experience, then speak to us about completing that
     requirement in the No. 1 professional services firm in Ireland. We work with all of the main university
     work placement offices, providing opportunities to students to gain experience in an area in which they
     believe they have an interest. Placements are available across assurance, risk assurance, tax, consulting
     and deals services.

26    www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                            www.pwc.ie/graduate   27
PwC Offices


                                                           Dublin                       Opportunity awaits
                                                                                        Apply for your place on PwC Ireland’s graduate programme now


                            Limerick                                                    Applying for our graduate programme should take less than 15 minutes.
                                                                                        You can make your application online at www.pwc.ie/graduate

                                                                        157 countries

                                                                     223,000 people

28   www.pwc.ie/graduate                                                                                                                      www.pwc.ie/graduate   29

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