Padova, 18-19 June 2018 Working in Housing First - fio.PSD


                                        Padova, 18-19 June 2018
                                        Working in Housing First
          Breaking the cycle of homelessness through empowerment and community integration

                                         AULA MAGNA PALAZZO BO, Via VIII febbraio, Padova
                                                        15.00 – 18.00
                                                       15.00-15.30: Welcome & Special Addresses

                                                               15.30-17.30: Opening Address

                                                                          Keynote speakers:

                                       J. Ornelas (ISPA, Lisboa): "Community integration values and implications for transformative housing first"
           K. Maton (University of Maryland): “Empowering Community Settings and Social Policy: A Community Psychology (Outsider) Perspective on Housing First”
M ONDAY                                            M. Shinn (Vanderbilt University): ”Can we prevent homelessness?”

 18th                            CORTILE PENSILE PALAZZO MORONI, Via VIII febbraio 8, Padova
 2018                                                  18.00 – 18.30

                                                      Opening HOME_EU exhibition:
                                           “Working with homelessness: a photovoice project”
                                                                (Prof. Santinello, University of Padova)

                                                 Cortile Pensile Palazzo Moroni, Via VIII febbraio 8, Padova
                                                               18.30 – 20.00:   Welcome drink
SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY, Via Venezia 8, Padova
                                                                9.00 – 10.30: Thematic Sessions & Workshops
                        Room 3F                            Room 3G                      Room 3H                          Room 3I                          Room 3L

              Session 1 - Oral Presentations   Session 2 - Oral Presentations       fio.PSD workshop                   Workshop 1                        Workshop 2
              Homelessness in different            Social Policy and Housing         (Italian language)
                        country                              First
                                                                                                               “From Principles to Practice:      “Methods and Challenges
          •      “Examing Homelessness         •      “Implementing Housing                                    Implementing Housing First        Associated with Conducing
TUESDAY          in 10 Developed                     First as government                                                Programs”              Program Fidelity Assessments of
                                                     policy – a case study of
 JUNE            Nations: Prevalence and
                                                     Amsterdam”- Boogaard,
                                                                                                                                               Pathways Housing First Programs
                 Public Opinion”- Toro,                                                                                Tsemberis, S.               in Different Countries”
 19th            P.A.
                                               •     “The Virtuous Cycle of
 2018     •      “Evaluating Housing                 Participation. Housing                                                                               Aubry, T.
                 First in Italy: methods             First in the Italian Public
                 and results”- Molinari, P.          Policy”- Pascucci, R.
          •      “Housing First in New         •     “Dealing with
                 Zeland”- Aspinall, C.               homelessness in a
                                                     Nordic welfare state.
          •      “A grassroots
                                                     Why does homelessness
                 perspective on regional             exist in such a wealthy
                 Housing First                       society and how do we
                 Implementation in                   deal with it?”- Dahle, P.
                 Ireland-Ambitions,            •     “Rethinking homeless
                 Barriers and Solutions”-            policies: the importance
                                                     of the street-level
                 Burns, U.
                                                     bureaucracy approach”-
          •      “Proposal to share
                                                     Leonardi, D.
                 knowledge from                •     “Housing First: Scaling
                 implementing a Housing              up and transitioning
                 First team in Bergen,               from service delivery to
                 Norway”- Franzen, A.                systems planning -
                                                     Lessons and challenges
                                                     from Ireland” – Quinn, A.

                                                                                   10.30-10.45: COFFEE BREAK
 JUNE                                  10.45 – 12.15: Thematic Sessions & Workshops
          Room 3F             Room 3G                               Room 3H                              Room 3I                          Room 3L
                    Session 3 - Oral Presentations        Session 4 - Oral Presentations       Session 5 - Oral Presentations            Workshop 3
                        Spaces’ Perception in         Comparing key ingredients of                    Harm Reduction
                            homelessness                     Housing First Model

                    •   “The process of self-         •     “How a local ‘Housing          •      “Harm reduction, Trauma        “Perspectives from Belgium,
                        mapping: the payway                 First’ program can                   and Broken Heart”-               Canada, and Spain on the
                        before and after the                contribute to a regional             Tsemberis, S.                    Successful Engagement of
                        house”- Neri, M.                    mind shift: Key ingredients    •     “Psychosis, Drugs, Risk          Landlords in Housing First
                    •   “Housing in Primer la               from Brussels”-                      Reduction And Their                     Programs”
                        Llar programme (HF) in              Swyngedauw, K.                       Relations”- Colle, F.
                        the city of Barcelona”-       •     “Homeless people's             •     “Identification of long-                  Aubry, T.
                        Cartoixà, J.                        experience of housing                term responders to
                    •   “No Ceiling Leiria -                support in two housing               Housing First program in a
                        Portraits of Invisibility”-         programs in Sweden - The             randomized controlled
                        Cordeiro, L.                        traditional housing                  population of homeless
                    •   “Experience of the                  program and Housing                  people with severe mental
                        space in people with                First”- Beijer, U.                   illness in France”- Loubiere,
                        homeless past. A field        •     “A new low-threshold                 S.
                        research”- Meola, A.                shelter project called         •     “Housing First Principals
                    •   “Rethinking homeless                Zero-Flat”- Cardona, M.              in a Community of
                        policies: the importance      •     “Understanding the                   Vulnerable People;
                        of the street-level                 Experiences of Homeless              Preliminary thoughts at
                        bureaucracy approach”-              People: A Study of                   Hickory Crossing”-
                        Leonardi, D.                        Housing First & Continuum            Greenan, J.P.
                                                            of Care Services in            •     “Factors of the Housing
                                                            Europe”- Manning, R.                 First model contributing
                                                                                                 to the development of
                                                                                                 strengths in clients with
                                                                                                 addiction issues”- Talens, F

                                                                  12.15-13.30: LUNCH
13.30 – 15.00:   Thematic Sessions & Workshops
                        Room 3F                          Room 3G                         Room 3H                            Room 3I                            Room 3L

              Session 6 - Oral Presentations   Session 7 - Oral Presentations           Workshop 4                   WORKSHOP fio.PSD                Session 8 - Oral Presentations
                                                                                                                       (Italian language)
                   Recovery & Social               Family Homelessness              “Implementing and           LA RICERCA IN ITALIA SUI         Innovative approaches and tools
                      Integration                                               Developing Housing First                    SERVIZI                       for special needs
                                               •   “Piloting participatory      Programmes: lessons from         E LE PERSONE SENZA
          •       “Homeless but not skill-         social housing program          Housing First England”                   DIMORA               •    “The core features of local,
                 less: How the Working             in Romania”- Tonk, G.,                                                                             national and transnational
                 First model can support           Adorjani, J.                          Harris, J.         Saluti                                    coalitions for research and
                 the recovery process in       •   “Providing housing for                                   •    Cristina Avonto, Presidente          action to end homelessness:
                 a Housing First                   vulnerable groups in the                                      fio.PSD.                             Lessons learned from other
                 program”- Depasse, C.             framework of Social                                      •    Massimo Santinello,                  examples”- Vergas-Moniz, M.J.
          •      “Stressful Life Events of         Rental Enterprise                                             Università di Padova            •    “Applying Housing First
TUESDAY          the Primer la Llar                model. The innovative                                    •    Josè Ornelas, Università di          principles: Real-world
 JUNE            programme                         solutions of HomeLab                                          Lisbona, Coordinatore europeo        challenges and creative
                 participants”- Boixadós,          pilot projects”- Somogyi,                                     Progetto HOME_EU                     solutions to maximising
 19th            A.                                E.                                                                                                 fidelity during the current
 2018     •      “Community integration        •   “Process of                                              Contributi                                housing crisis. Lessons from
                 of homelessness people:           implementation of                                        •    “Gli studi sul fenomeno              the experiences of Mid West
                 what do we mean?”-                housing first for families                                    senza dimora in Italia”,             Simon Communities Housing
                 Gaboardi, M.                      with minors in the city                                       Meo A., Università di Torino         First Programme”- Reddy, T.
          •      “Housing First: a                 of Brno – an ongoing                                                                          •    “Using shared housing as an
                 pathway to community              challeng”-Cerna, E.                                      •    “L’utente che (ancora) non           accommodation model for
                 integration”– Geraci, I.      •   “Randomized control                                           c’è?”, Gui L., Università di         Housing First and applying
                                                   trial of housing first for                                    Trieste                              innovative psychological
                                                   families: 6-month                                                                                  approaches”- Duncan, H.
                                                   impacts”- Ripka, S.

                                                                                                            Chair: Caterina Cortese
15.00 – 15.15: COFFEE BREAK

                                                                15.15 – 16.45:      Thematic Sessions & Workshops
                        Room 3F                         Room 3G                            Room 3H                              Room 3I                            Room 3L

              Session 9 - Oral Presentations          Workshop 5                 Session 10 - Oral Presentations         WORKSHOP fio.PSD                Session 11 - Oral Presentations

                Team of Housing First                                            Wellness and Mental Health            LA RICERCA IN ITALIA SUI             Community and users’
                        Services                “Housing First ecological                                                       SERVIZI                         empowerment
                                                    and collaborative        •      “Homelessness and                   E LE PERSONE SENZA
          •      “Adapting the Housing         intervention in housing and          Health: An Analysis of the                  DIMORA               •    “Recovering Capabilities:
                 First fidelity assessment        community supports”               Effects of Gender and Age                                             European Homeless Adults’
                 method to the Spanish                                              on the Health of Adult         •    “Ripensare la città. Senza        Freedom to Be and Do”-
                 context”- Bernad, R.                   Duarte, T.                  Women Experiencing                  dimora e intervento               Greenwood, R.
          •      “Change comes from                                                 Homelessness”- Underwood,           sociale”, Bergamaschi M.,    •    “Using an "empowerment-
                 within. How to create a                                            R.                                  Università di Bologna             community" focused model
TUESDAY          Housing First initiative                                    •      “Physical and mental                                                  to foster transformation in
                 from an existing                                                   health of homeless people      •    Dibattito: Ripensare la           the community mental health
 JUNE            network”- Schepens, K.                                             in the Polish sample.               ricerca a partire dalle           practice” – Monteiro, M.
 19th     •      “Implementing Housing                                              Preliminary results                 persone e dal lavoro delle   •    “HOME_EU Work Package 3:
                 First training, an                                                 presentation of the                 organizzazioni, Carta A.,         Overview of Service Users’
                 adventure towards a                                                HOME_EU European                    Vicepresidente fio.PSD            Survey”- O'Shaughnessy, B.
                 culture change”-                                                   research project”-                                               •    “"400Toits" campaign:
                 Boogaard, V.                                                       Bokszczanin, A.                                                       Looking for new sustainable
          •      “Analysis of the                                            •      “Housing First as an                                                  solutions to homelessness in
                 professional practice of                                           effective response to          Chair: Caterina Cortese                the European capital”-
                 the teams in Primer La                                             chronic homeless people                                               Vanvyve, A.
                 Llar (HF) pilot project,                                           with addiction                                                   •    “Individual and process
                 from the city of                                                   behaviours”- Nave, A.                                                 factors influencing user’s
                 Barcelona”- Cladera, S.B.                                   •      “Housing First .... ish. An                                           satisfaction with Housing
          •      “Homelessness, housing                                             accidental collaboration in                                           First services: results from Un
                 first and changes of                                               London” – Timms, P.                                                   Chez Soi d’Abord trial”-
                 social work in Italy” –                                                                                                                  Tinland, A.
                 Consoli, T.
Room 3I
                     17.00 – 18.00: Closing Session
 19th     Sam Tsemberis: “Housing First: Why Person Centred Care Matters?”

                       Josè Ornelas: “Greetings and Farwell”

                  18.00-19.00: International Network Meeting

                             20.30: SOCIAL DINNER
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