Palm Beach State College Patient Care Assistant Program - Electronic Information Session Full-time Day Cohort Part-time Evening Cohort

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Palm Beach State College Patient Care Assistant Program - Electronic Information Session Full-time Day Cohort Part-time Evening Cohort
Palm Beach State

       Patient Care
 Assistant Program
Electronic Information Session

        Full-time Day Cohort
    Part-time Evening Cohort
Palm Beach State College Patient Care Assistant Program - Electronic Information Session Full-time Day Cohort Part-time Evening Cohort
The Patient Care Assistant (PCA) Program

              An Overview

The Patient Care Assistant            Students who complete this        This is a career certificate
Program at Palm Beach State is a 3    program will have the completed   program that is approved by the
½ month Career Certificate            the following certifications:     Florida Board of Nursing.
Program (CCP) that includes the
following courses:

HSC0003 (Health Care Concepts)        Home Health Aide (HHA)            Students who complete this program will be
HSC0003L (Health Care Concepts Lab)   Nursing Assistant (CNA)           eligible to take the:
HCP0300 (Home Health Aide)            Patient Care Assisting (PCA)
HCP0120 (Nursing Assistant)                                             Florida Certification Exam for Nursing
                                                                        Assistants (Prometrics Exam)
HCP0620 (Patient Care Assistant)
The Patient
Care Assistant
(PCA) Program
                                          Cohorts admitted during         Traditional application
                                          admission cycles                deadlines for each
                                          •Spring Entry                   entry cycle                   *If the application
                                                                                                        deadline falls on a
Program Cohort
                                           •Full-time Day Program (Lake   •Spring Entry
                                            Worth Campus)                  •November 15th*           weekend or holiday, the
                  The PCA program has      •Part-time Evening Program     •Summer Entry              deadline will be the last
Deadlines        three admission cycles
                  during the academic
                                            (Lake Worth Campus)
                                          •Summer Entry
                                           •Full-time Day Program (Lake
                                                                           •April 15th*
                                                                          •Fall Entry
                                                                                                     business day prior to the
                                                                                                    traditional deadline date.
                                                                           •July 15th*
                     calandar year.         Worth Campus)                                            Visit the health science
                                          •Fall Entry                                                career pathway page for
                                           •Full-time Day Program (Lake
                                            Worth Campus)                                             the current application
                                           •Part-time Evening Program                                     cycle deadline.
                                            (Lake Worth Campus)
The Patient Care Assistant (PCA) Program

International Students
                                                                               International students are also
                         All potential international PCA students
                                                                             encouraged to reach out to the Dr.
                           are encouraged to reach out to the
                                                                             Kathryn W. Davis Global Education
                         International Student Admissions Office
                                                                            Center who help with Admissions and
                             for assistance with Registration.
                                                                          Academic Advising for students and offer
                           Interested students can contact the
                                                                          community assistance resources to those
                                         Office by:
                                                                                          in need.

                                                           Phone: (561) 868-3029
Requirements for the PCA Program
  Education and Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements             • The PCA program’s Admissions Requirements are as follows:

For New and Returning               • Complete a CCP application on the Palm Beach State College website
Students                              • CCP Certification Application and Patient Care Assistant Program Objective code required.

For Currently Enrolled              • Current Palm Beach State students must change their declared major to Patient Care Assistant
                                      (Program Code: 5233)
Students (attended classes            • Submit a program objective change request on your Pantherweb account to change for the desired
within the past 12 months)              application term.

                                    • Finish the Session Quiz within this presentation video.
                                      • Take a screenshot of the 100% quiz result (You MUST save the screenshot as a .PDF)
All PCA Student Applicants            • Complete the PCA Application on the Palm Beach State Engage application platform.
                                      • Submit your PCA Application and upload your electronic information session quiz PDF
                                        results. Any application that does not include uploaded quiz results will not be considered.

 You will also be required to submit medical forms and complete a background check, drug screen, and fingerprinting as
                                  conditions to your acceptance into the PCA program.
Requirements for the PCA Program

    Medical Requirements

                                                                                                 Proof that you do not have
                                                                Competed Medical Exam form       active TB: PPD, TB Gold, or
                                                                with a physical completed by     Chest X-ray.
                                        The medical screening       a licensed physician,
                                                                                                 •   (PPD and TB Gold tests must be completed within the year. Chest x-ray must be completed within the last two years)

                                           requirements:         physician assistant, or nurse

Titers (bloodwork) or shot
records showing that you
have immunity to Rubeola                                         Shot Records, within last 10
(Measles), Rubella (German                                      years, showing that you have         Proof of a flu shot (during flu
Measles), and Varicella                                         received a Tetanus Pertussis            season: August-March)
(Chickenpox).                                                          TDap vaccine.
•   (Must be completed within the past 10 years.)
for the PCA               Any student who cannot
                       receive these clearances will
                         automatically forfeit their
                                                         FDLE (Background Screening)
                                                         Requirements for the PCA
Program                 seat in the PCA program for
                        the term and their program
                             application will be

and Drug       Students are
               conditionally accepted to
                                                                      All PCA applicants will
                                                                      receive an entry packet
                                                                      in their Palm Beach
               the Patient Care
                                                                      State student e-mail with
                                                                      the necessary forms to
               program pending
                                                                      complete the required
Requirements   Medical, Background,
               Drug, and FDLE
                                                                      medical screenings once
                                                                      they are conditionally

                                      Information on how to
                                      complete the background
                                      check, drug screening, and
                                      FDLE Fingerprinting will also
                                      be given in the entry packet.
Requirements for the PCA Program

FDLE Requirements

The Florida Statute for Healthcare Licensure/Certification is reviewed here. We recommend
that students check with the Board of Nursing at (850) 245-4125 if you have questions
regarding your background/FDLE with Florida’s certification requirements.

   Effective July 1, 2009, section 456.0635, Florida Statutes, provides that healthcare boards or the department
   boards or the department shall refuse to issue a license, certificate or registration and shall refuse to admit a
   candidate for examination if the applicant has been:
      1. Convicted or plead guilty or nolo contender to a felony violation of chapters 409, 817, or 893, Florida
      Statutes; or 21 U.S.C. ss. 801-970 of 42 U.S.C. ss. 1395-1396, unless the sentence and any probation or pleas
      ended more than 15 years prior to the application.
      2. Terminated for cause from Florida Medicaid Program (unless the applicant has been in good standing for
      the most recent five years).
      3. Terminated for cause by any other State Medicaid Program or the Medicare Program (unless the
      termination was at least 20 years prior to the date of the application and the applicant has been in good
      standing with the program for the most recent five years).

All records will be sent directly to the Program Coordinator and will be kept in a
confidential file. These files will not be part of the student’s college records.
The Patient
Care Assistant                                                            Completion of the
                                                                          electronic information

                                                                          session quiz

                                                                                                   Completion of the PCA
                                                                                                   Program Application
                                                                         Acceptance into
Acceptance                                                               the PCA program is
Policy                                                                   contingent on the
                                                                         completion of the
                                                                         PCA application in
                                                                         its entirety. This
                                                                         includes:                 Submission of the PCA
                                                                                                   Application and the
                                                   Completion of the                               information session
                                                   Background Check,                               quiz
                                                   Drug Screening, and                             results electronically
                                                   FDLE Fingerprinting                             using the Palm Beach
                                                                                                   State Engage
                                                                                                   application platform

                                                                          Completion of the PCA
                                                                          program medical
                                                                          examination forms
   NOTE: This health science program follows all federal regulations      with a full physical
   as well as state licensing guidelines regarding these                  and all required
   requirements. In addition, specific requirements for clinical          program vaccinations
   facility placement must be met by all program applicants, as the
   ability to participate in clinical experiences is mandatory for
   achieving course and program completion.
The Patient Care Assistant Program

  Applicant Selection Process

Full-time day and Part-       Meeting all the minimal         Students will be notified    If a student is not selected
time evening programs         requirements does not           approximately seven (7)      for the PCA this application
have 20 seats available in    guarantee acceptance into       business days after the      cycle, the student must re-
each cohort during the        the Patient Care Assistant      application deadline date    apply and re-take the
Spring and Fall cycles. The   Program. All program            if they are accepted. All    electronic information
full-time day program has     applicants are accepted on      students will be contacted   session quiz during the
20 seats available for        a “first come, first served”    through their Palm Beach     next cycle to be
summer cycles. There is no    basis, depending on seat        State student e-mail         considered again in the
PCA evening program           availability in their desired   accounts.                    applicant pool.
during the summer.            cohort.
                                                                                           Applications do not roll over
                                                                                           to the next application cycle.
The Patient Care Assistant (PCA) Program

Weekly Program Cohort Schedule

                                    Clinicals are Mondays
                                     and Tuesdays from
• Full-time Day PCA Cohort           4:00pm –10:30pm.       • Students will get a 30-
  (Spring, Summer and Fall)                                   minute meal break, and
  weekly module schedule:     • Part-time Evening PCA         several class breaks
                                Cohort (Spring and Fall)      throughout the day.
• Monday -Thursday from         weekly module schedule:
  8:00am –3:00pm.
                              • Monday, Tuesday, and
                               Thursday from 4:00pm –
      Clinicals are Mondays    10:30pm
       and Tuesdays from                                          Daily Break Schedule
        7:00am –1:30pm.
The PCA program is considered a     You must also have

The Patient Care
                      WEB COMPONENT course; You           reliable access to a
                      must be comfortable with using a    computer and internet in
                                                          order to be successful.
                      computer and using Blackboard.
Assistant (PCA)
                      Clinicals are scheduled in          Students are
                      healthcare facilities throughout
                                                          responsible for
                      Palm Beach County. You may be
                      assigned a clinical site anywhere   the transportation
                      in Palm Beach County.               to a clinical site.

Classroom Schedule-
Additional            Day and Evening programs during the Spring and Fall, and
                      Day programs during the Summer at the Lake Worth will
Information           run based on the student interest level in the program.
                      The PCA program reserves the right to cancel classes due
                      to low enrollment.
PCA Program Policies

      Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes and             Attendance will be taken on all lecture, skills
activities for each of the courses in which they            lab, and clinical days, and college wide policies
are registered. Attendance on all clinical days is          related to attendance will be followed.

Students who do not attend the first day of class will be   Any class meeting missed, regardless of cause, reduces the
automatically dropped from the course.                      opportunity for learning and will adversely affect a student’s
                                                            achievement in the course.
                                                            Failure to meet the lecture/clinical clock hour requirements of
                                                            the course (even if related to absence) will result in a failure of
                                                            the program.
                                                            Due to the rigorous nature of the PCA program, we cannot
                                                            excuse any premeditated absences.
PCA Program                               Students are encouraged

                                               to meet with a
                                           program advisor with
                                           any questions and to
                                            discuss the modified
                                           program experiences
                                             during COVID-19.

                Because of limited
               clinical rotations, part
                        of the

Hours during
                 required licensing
                   hours will be met
                 through simulated

                clinical experiences
                  in simulation labs.

                                                          During COVID-19, traditional
                                                       program experiences, like clinical
                                                        rotations in hospitals, have been
                                                       limited to PCA students based on
                                                       community healthcare outcomes.
Program Costs: PCA Program

Course Breakdown

PCA Program Courses                Course Contact
                                                    The  cost (per contact hour)
                                                    for a Florida resident is $2.78
HSC0003 (Health Care Concepts)     78               for the 2021-2022 school year.
                                                    Out-of-State cost (per contact
HSC0003L (Health Care Concepts     12               hour) is $10.91.
HCP0300 (Home Health Aide)         75
                                                    Please visit the Finance
HCP0120 (Nursing Assistant)        75               Office website for more
                                                    information regarding course
HCP0620 (Patient Care Assistant)   50               fees.

Total Contact Hours:               290
Program Costs: PCA Program

     Additional Cost Estimates
                                        Program Required Items                                 Cost (Estimate)
   All the figures are estimates for
                                        Uniforms/Supplies (white shoes, watch, headphones      $100.00
    the required additional books,      etc.)
    uniforms, and documentation for
                                        Liability/Medical Insurance                            $90.00
    the program. Please be advised      (Included in Course Fees)
    that these are estimates and
    cost can fluctuate based on         Medical Vaccinations and Physical                      Depends on Student
    vendors’ prices.                                                                           Around $300.00

                                        Background and Drug Screenings (With Database Access   $170.00

                                        Required Program Books                                 $80.00

                                        State Board Exam (Prometric) Fees                      $155.00

                                        Total Additional Program Costs:                        $895.00
The Patient Care Assistant (PCA) Program

Scholarships, Financial Aid, and the Tuition Payment Plan

                                                  The Foundation Office at Palm Beach State
                                                  has information on all scholarships offered
                                                             for PBSC students.
     The PCA program is not eligible to receive
      financial aid, but there are scholarship
    opportunities available through Palm Beach
        State College’s Foundation Office or
             through outside agencies.               Outside agencies, like CareerSource,
                                                       provide financial assistance and
                                                   scholarships to students who meet their
                                                           eligibility requirements.

     Students can also register for the Tuition
                                                    Students MUST register for ALL (5) FIVE
    Payment Plan on their student Pantherweb
                                                  classes by the payment plan term deadline
    portal to split their term fees into monthy                when registering.
Looking to the Future
  Palm Beach State’s Nursing Programs

 Nursing at
Palm Beach
It Pays to attend Palm Beach State:

Academic Progression in PCA Program

       For the PCA student, you receive
      the added benefit of waiving your
         first class in the LPN program
           (PRN0098) with successful
      completion of the skills challenge     Completion of the PCA program also
        exam if you decide to continue     gives the student 10 points as an Allied
              the Nursing Pathway.          Health program completer on the RN
                                                     program application.
Nursing Program Contact Information
          Program Offices: Allied Health Building, Room 110

                        Lake Worth Campus
                        4200 S. Congress Ave.
                        Lake Worth, FL 33461

                        Phone: 561-868-3412

                          DUE TO COVID-19
           (As of Fall 2020) Virtual Assistance: Mon.- Fri.

               Office Assistance by Appointment Only!

The Nursing Department at PBSC thanks you for your
             interest in our programs!
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