April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929

April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929

April 2019 • Volume 85, Number 4
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929

Opens Memorial Day Weekend!
                      LMCC Members:
$395 for Families, $295 for Couples and $195 for Individuals
         Email pool@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
                  for more information.
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
April 2019                                     LETTER FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER

 Dear Members,
 At the time of this writing, there is a Member Survey underway in our community. We want to know
 what our Members think and what their priorities are going forward. You talk, we will listen. That is the
 commitment that the Board and the Management team have made with our Membership.
 As in past years with the survey, the Lake is often top ranked as what our Members love most about our
 community. This comes as no surprise. Its pristine beauty offers peace and tranquility. At other times, it
 provides the backdrop for great fun and laughs. But the lake itself can only do so much, the rest to up
 to us. It is the responsibility of each and every Member to ensure that we give our Lake its proper legacy.
 Many thanks to everyone that worked on this year’s LAKE EXPO, sponsored by the Lake Committee
 and the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation. The day was a day of education and information for our
 Members. The entire building was filled with vendors, speakers and activities that support our communal
 goal of protecting both our main and upper lakes for the future.
 The staff is always working on the future and at this moment we are planning for spring! There is plenty
 of repair and maintenance to gear up for the nice weather. We also have several significant capital projects
 planned this year. The restoration of the iconic and historic slate roof is our signature reserve fund project
 which is scheduled for this spring. We are in the initial planning and bidding stages. We will keep the
 Membership informed of the timeline. Following the completion of the exterior stucco in 2018, the
 restored slate roof will complete the exterior work on our historic Clubhouse.
 Road improvements and repair are always hot topics within the reservation. We do a formal survey, with
 the supervision of our club engineer to determine the schedule and budget for these projects. We then
 balance this with other projects that may impact the roads, such as the proposed plans by Elizabethtown
 Gas. At this point, it looks like most of the work for 2019 will concentrate on the Alpine area, stay tuned.
 We are also planning the addition of two alum lines to the Main Lake, which will contribute to the overall
 lake water quality management plan.
 We are also working on the plans for the Lake Mohawk Pool. With reduced rates for our Members, we
 are hoping that many families will consider joining. If you need more information, kindly email pool@
 lakemohawkcountryclub.com. The pool will open Memorial Day weekend.
 Please plan to take full advantage of what LMCC and the community has to offer with your dear friends
 and family members. In addition to attending Club events and dining, please consider hosting a private
 party or event here at your club. If I can assist, please let me know. As with tradition, we will host both
 Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day Brunch- make your reservations early so you can save a spot for you and
 your family. We would love to have you join us!
 I look forward to seeing all of you and your families, and helping you create new and lasting memories.


 John J. Stanley, CCM

                                                                                             THE PAPOOSE          1
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
CONTENTS                                                                                             April 2019

                                        IN THIS ISSUE...

                                        p.1       Letter from the General Manager

                                        p.6       Calendar

                                        p.9       Engineer's Report

                                        p.11      Dragon Boat Race

                                        p.15      Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation

                                        p.19      Lake Mohawk Pool Swim Team

                                        p.43 Beaches and Intraclubs

                               LMCC BOARD OF TRUSTEES
             Bill Greenlaw, President .............. bgreenlaw@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Christina Repka, Vice President.......crepkadavis@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Robert Atkinson........................... ratkinson@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Helena Bould..................................helebou@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Stu Conklin................................... sconklin@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Ernie Hofer......................................... ernie@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Jack Parker............................................jack@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Mark Woolley.............................. mwoolley@lakemohawkcountryclub.com
             Eleanor Young..................................eleanor@lakemohawkcountryclub.com

April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929

                 8 UNIQUELY

Give business events or corporate meetings
a twist of eccentricity. We’ll tailor every detail
      for the most memorable meeting.
                          1 MOHAWK LANE
                          SPARTA N.J. 07871
                          LUNCH DINNER BAR - 7 DAYS
                          PHONE: 973.729.6464
                                          THE PAPOOSE   3
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929

    A new grid-style calendar has been added to the
    Member website, making it easier for Members to
    find events, meetings and other important dates.             THE PAPOOSE
                                                                April 2019 • Volume 85, Number 4
    Check out the link at https://lakemohawkcc.com/
                                                                 GENERAL MANAGER
    If you need help with accessing the website, please            John J. Stanley, CCM
    contact Carly at Members Services.
    carly@lakemohawkcountryclub.com                                   ADVERTISING
    The website is open to the public, with additional                 Lauren Stapfer
    information available to Members only. If you have
                                                                    973-729-6156 ext. 123
    a special event or date to add to the calendar,
    kindly email Lauren.
    papoose@lakemohawkcountryclub.com                                  PUBLISHING
                                                                        Susan Egan
                                                               OFFICE TELEPHONE NUMBER
    Member wristbands may be picked up at the                            973-729-6156
    Member Services Desk during regular office hours.
    They will not be mailed, as had been the practice
                                                                    PRINT & DESIGN
    in previous years. Wristbands are necessary for
    access to LMCC Beaches.                                           Spencer Printing

    EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE                                   Lake Mohawk Country Club exists to
    Sparta Community Easter Sunrise Service on               preserve and protect the vitality of the
    the Boardwalk. April 21st at 7am. Speaker-Rev.           Lake Mohawk Reservation, affording
    Randolph Parks-Chaplin from Newton Medical                members a lake community lifestyle
    Center                                                    enhanced by recreational and social
                                                              activities, lakes, community beaches
                                                             and docks, well-maintained common
                                                              areas, Clubhouse and private roads,
    EARTH DAY                                                and member programs that strength-
    In an effort to accommodate some people's Spring         en this community and maintain the
    Break, several clubs and organizations will celebrate      added value of home ownership in
    Earth Day on Saturday, May 4. Please check your dates                 the Reservation.
    for this special day.
                                                               COVER PHOTO CREDIT
    THE PAPOOSE April 2019. Volume 85, Number 4. Published
    monthly, twelve times a year.
                                                                   Nancy Madasci

April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      THE PAPOOSE                   5
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
CALENDAR                                                                                April 2019

MARK YOUR                                                       LMCC BOARD OF

                                                                MEETING DATES
                                                                Executive Session begins at 6pm,
                                                                  Open to All Members at 7pm.
                                                               Meetings will be held on Mondays at
April 4 • PAC Meeting, 7PM in the East Lounge.                           the Clubhouse.
April 5 • Gate Committee Meeting, 6PM in the Mohawk
April 6   •Communications Committee Meeting, 9AM in the                  April 15
East Lounge.
April 7 •
          New Member Reception, 2PM in The Grand
                                                                         May 20
April 10   •
           Historic Committee Meeting, 7PM at The
April 14  • Easter Egg Hunt, 11:30AM at The Clubhouse.                   June 17
April 15 • Board of Trustees Meeting, 6PM Executive
Session. 7PM open to all Members in the Mohawk Room.
                                                                          July 15
April 21
           Easter Sunrise Mass Service, 7AM on The

April 21• Easter Brunch, 10:30AM in The Grand Ballroom.                August 19
April 24 • Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation Meeting,
7PM in the Mohawk Room.
April 26
           • Finance Committee Meeting, 7PM in the East             September 16

Please submit information for the calendar by the 5th of
each month.                                                           October 21
We do not take responsibility for any misprints or errors on
the calendar.
                                                                    November 18

                                                                    December 16

April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
April 2019                                                                                     LAKE LIVING

Submitted by Charlie Diamond, age 13

L    ast year my mom showed me a video of the
     Ski Hawks performing tricks on our lake. She
asked me if I wanted to join and I said: totally!
                                                            Q: What was your favorite moment last summer
                                                            with the Ski Hawks?
                                                            A: The 4th of July show, when there were many
My brother and I had no experience water skiing             people there, and I felt like a professional skier at that
before but that didn’t matter because the team was          moment.
super patient with us, teaching us how to first get         Q: Why should Lake Mohawk kids who are new
up on the skis and then to hold our balance. Soon           to the sport join this summer?
I wanted to try climbing the pyramid and they let           A: 1. You have so much support. 2. It is very fun.
me! That’s my favorite part. I can’t wait until the         3. You make tons of friends.
season begins again. If you’re from Lake Mohawk
and love spending time in the water with really cool        Q: What makes the team special?
people and great music, join the team!                      A: Everyone gets excited when you do your first trick.
                                                            There is cool music, and everyone has fun. After you
By Alek Diamond, age 11                                     get up on your skis the first time, everybody does a
Q: Why did you join the Ski Hawks?                          “shake’n’ bake” when they bury you in sand and you
A: I wanted to try something new, and I enjoy being         rinse off in the lake.
in the water                                                The 2019 season begins soon! We welcome skiers
Q: How cold was the water when you started?                 and support personnel. Learn more about The Ski
A: It was cold, and I couldn’t get off the dock. After I    Hawks at the New Member Social, Sunday April
got used to it, it was easy.                                7th.
Q: How did you feel when you got off the dock               email: trustees@skihawks.org
the first time?                                             https://www.facebook.com/skihawks/
A: I kind of felt like I was Jesus because I was            https://twitter.com/theskihawks
technically walking on water. The older kids are very
helpful when you do your first ski line, for instance,
                                                            Instagram and New website coming soon!          •
telling you how to buckle up to the rope and how to
take off. After that, you can play a game until it’s your
turn again.

                                                                                                 THE PAPOOSE         7
April 2019 Volume 85, Number 4 - A Publication of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Since May 1929
April 2019                                                                                   LAKE LIVING

Submitted by Sabine Watson, PE, LMCC Engineer

                                                          W       ith the tease of warmer weather in the air, the
                                                                  receding snow cover and longer daylight hours
                                                          should inspire us to fling open the windows, air out
                                                          the house, and take stock outside our homes and see
                                                          what needs cleaning and a little TLC after the deep
                                                          freeze of winter. When it comes to protecting the
                                                          lakes’ quality, spring cleanup of our reservation is just
                                                          as important as fall cleanup.
                                                          Leaves, branches, vegetative debris need to be
                                                          collected, bagged and disposed of accordingly so that
                                                          it doesn’t make its way into the lakes. Out of sight- out
                                                          of mind is not the approach to take when it comes to
                                                          yard waste. It ends up clogging the inlets and drainage
                                                          pipes causing flooding and worse - getting to the lakes
                                                          where it adds to the sediment as well as becoming an
                                                          additional food source for algae.
                                                          The same goes for erosion of bare or bald spots in the
                                                          yard or along the driveways. This condition is best to
                                                          address now before getting worse with spring showers
                                                          and summer storms. The ideal approach to is to stop
                                                          the water runoff at the source – infiltrate and reuse.
                                                          Divert the water to a rain garden or rain barrel for
                                                          use later. Plant those bare or bald areas with hearty
                                                          moisture loving ground cover plants as opposed to
                                                          grass. Grass is great ground cover but not on slopes
                                                          where most of the erosion will occur. Trees and shrubs
                                                          also soak up water and can break up your garden
                                                          nicely. Cover bare areas immediately with mulch
                                                          until the plants fill in reducing mulching every year.
If needed, terrace the yard allowing for more infiltration and distribution of the runoff over a larger yard area.
The goal is to reduce the runoff, slow it down, and reuse it!
Happy Spring!!!   •

                                                                                               THE PAPOOSE        9
April 2019                                                                               LAKE LIVING

                                                        The Dragon Boat Races are held in 46-foot long
                                                        boats, and teams of 21 compete in 250 meter
                                                        heats. A team is comprised of 20 paddlers and one
                                                        drummer. Each team must include at least eight
                                                        female paddlers and can include no more than ten
                                                        participants between the ages of 15-17. A steersman
                                                        is provided by the Sparta Dragon Boat Festival
                                                        director. Each team will be invited to an on-water
                                                        practice session on Lake Mohawk with a trained
                                                        coach/steersperson prior to race day and every team
                                                        competes in at least two heats on Sunday, May 19.
                                                        Prizes will be awarded, but the real winners will be
B    oats are filling up quickly for the Sparta
     Education Foundation’s Annual Sparta Dragon
Boat Festival on Sunday, May 19. This event, now
                                                        Sparta’s students.
                                                        For additional information about the Sparta Dragon
in its fifth year, is a community wide event that       Boat Festival or to learn about volunteer opportunities
raises money for Sparta’s public schools.               on race day, visit www.spartadragonboat.com or
                                                        send an email to paddle@SpartaDragonBoat.com.
“The Sparta Dragon Boat Festival is such a great
community event, and this year’s festival marks our     Since 2006, the Sparta Education Foundation
fifth year, so we are excited to see even more teams    has funded over $1,027,620 in grants to all five
participate,” said Donna West, President of the         of Sparta’s public schools. The Foundation is an
Sparta Education Foundation. “In addition to the        all-volunteer, independent 501(c)(3) NJ Non-
first, second, third place and the spirit awards, the   Profit Corporation whose mission is to engage
Dragon Paddle Awards categories breathe extra fire      the entire community in philanthropic giving.
into the competition. This is even more incentive       Visit spartaeducationfoundation.org for more
for teams to paddle hard together and use the skills    information about joining or volunteering.     •
learned in the training session. The Steersman
Auction adds some intrigue to the final rounds,
There are numerous sponsorship opportunities
available which are outlined on the event’s website,
spartadragonboat.com. “We are so appreciative of
our sponsors’generous support which goes a long
way in helping the SEF to achieve our mission
of educational grants for all schools in all subject
areas,” West added.

                                                                                           THE PAPOOSE        11
Join Us For Lake Mohawk's 3rd Annual
         Easter Egg Hunt!                             Eg� Hun� me B Ag�:
       April 14th
                                                      0 - 3 YRS @ 11:30am

                                                     4 - 6 yrs @ 12:oopm

       FREE EVENT                                       7+ yrs @ 12:30pm
                                                       doors will open at 11:30am

                      OUNTRY CLUB

               SPARTA TWP, NJ
                           J 07871

          Rain or shine

       o o d,              Own
      F s,
          m e             Basket                   r P hoto
      G es,                                    o u
                                          Get Y ith The
       Priz n!
                                          Taken Bunny!
          & Fu                              Easter

     the easter #unny needs your help, please Register
                                              egister 'or this event:

     https://www.surveymonkey.com/r /9WCYXHL or scan this 1r code:

Easter Brunch Buffet
               With a Special Appearance by the Easter Bunny
           Sunday, April 21st, 2019 • Seatings at 10:30am-2:00pm

Breakfast Breads:                                 Omelette Station:
• Assorted Fresh Baked Bagels                     • Fresh Eggs or Egg White, Choice of
• Vegetable, Smoked Salmon, Strawberry Cream      Applewood Bacon, Smoked Ham, Bell Peppers,
Cheese                                            • Spanish Onion, Diced Tomato, Cheddar &
• Assorted Danish and Muffins                     Swiss Cheese
• Greek Yogurt, Mike’s House Granola
Salads:                                           • Carrot Cake
• Spring Salad, Seedless Cucumber, Heirloom       • Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream
Grape Tomatoes,                                   • Belgium Waffle
• Tortellini Pesto Salad                                  • Fruit Compote
• Tabouleh Salad, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Mint,
Lemon Vinaigrette                                 Beverages:
                                                  • Infused Water, Lemonade, Unsweetened Ice
Side Chaffing:                                    Tea
• Scrambled Eggs                                  • Fresh Brewed Coffee, Assorted Hot Teas
• Breakfast Potato, Caramelized Onion
• Maple Link Sausage                              Mimosa Bar:
• Applewood Smoked Bacon                          • Champagne, Prosecco
                                                  • Assorted Fruit Purees & Juices, Orange,
Carving Station:                                  Cranberry, Peach, Mango, Pomegranate &
• Ham accompanied with a Maple Glaze Sauce,       Strawberry
Pineapple Chutney
• Roast Leg of Lamb                               Please call for reservations: 973-729-6156 ext 119
• Slow Roasted Sliced Beef, Chimichurri           Adults $41.95
                                                  Children under 12 years old $18.95
Entrée Chaffing:                                  Children under 5 years of age are free
• Eggplant Rollatine
• Faroe Island Grilled Salmon, Dill Vin Blanc     Applicable NJ State Sales Tax &
• Meditteranean Farfalle tossed with Arugula,     20% Gratuity are not included
                                                  and will be added to final bill.
Tomato, Peas & Feta Cheese
• Ratatouille
• Chicken Danielle, Sauteed, Prosciutto, Spring
Onions, Sherry Demi Glace

                                                                                     THE PAPOOSE       13
April 2019                                                                      LAKE ENVIRONMENT

                                                            The annual cleanup this year is later than the "official"
                                                            Earth Day because of spring break.
                                                            But maybe we will get some warmer weather! By
                                                            participating in the “2019 Lake Mohawk Preservation
                                                            Foundation Celebrates Earth Day” event, you can
                                                            beautify your neighborhood and prevent waste from
                                                            entering our lakes during spring and summer rains.
                                                            There are so many ways and so many locations for
                                                            you to participate in cleaning up our watershed
                                                            environments and improve lake water quality.
                                                            Call or email Event Coordinator Craig Kalucki NOW
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED MAY 4 (DATE                               at CraigK@thesimpleclean.com or 908-670-9473.
MOVED BECAUSE OF SPRING BREAK)                              You can also leave a message on our Facebook Page/
Lake Mohawk Celebrates Earth Day on Saturday, May           Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation or contact
4. It has never been easier to perform a service for your   us on our website lakemohawkpf.org to let us know
community. Join us in picking up trash and discarded        you will participate. Organize your group, or plan to
cigarette filters in and around the reservation for Earth   participate as an individual. We can help you choose a
Day this year. The Foundation is also planning a            location to clean up that is close to your home or in an
LMPF Earth Day Volunteer Pre-Celebration Event at           area that you have an interest in cleaning up.
Lake Mohawk County Club on Friday evening, May              Did we mention that there will be prizes for teams?
3 beginning at 5:00 pm. Supplies for the cleanup will       We are keen on cleaning up cigarette butts that have
be distributed and light refreshments will be served. A     been carelessly discarded and plan on having prizes
cash bar will be available as we gather in the Member       based on top performing teams! Other fun prizes will
Room before the cleanup. For those who cannot make          be announced at our Pre-Celebration Event. Details
it to the Friday event, we will have a table on Saturday    will be posted on our Facebook Page - check it out
morning to distribute supplies for the Earth Day clean      frequently for updates! Plan on participating on May
up.                                                         4. We needed everyone to help keep our community
Last year over 425 participants collected trash around      clean! More information is available at our website,
Lake Mohawk during the Foundation’s 2018 Earth              lakemohawkpf.org.
Day Cleanup. Families, Girl Scouts, Sparta Girls
Lacrosse, and the Powerboat Club participated as            PREPARING OUR COMMUNITY FOR
teams. Nearly every beach in our community held             THE SUMMER SEASON
their cleanup that day. Along with the bags of garbage,     By celebrating Earth Day you will be doing your part
recyclables-including glass bottles left on beaches-        keeping our lakes as clean as possible for summer
were picked up last April. If your beach is planning a      fun. You can also help by cleaning up dog waste on
cleanup on May 4, let us know so that we include you        your property and keeping geese - and swans - from
in our volunteer Earth Day count!                           gathering on lakefront spaces.

                                                                                 Preservation Foundation Continued on Page 17
                                                                                                    THE PAPOOSE 15
ROSE city
                                            ROSE city
                                               ROSE city

                              “Daisy” by Lisa Tavolacci in Larson Juhl’s Andover series.

                         Custom    Picture
                             “Umbrella” by Nicholas Framing
                   With a curated collection of over 3000+ choices from America’s best

             19 Main
              Fine  Art Street
                            Prints        and            973.660.0922
                           “Umbrella” by Nicholas Wilson
                               “Umbrella” by         Wilson       Prints
            19 Main  Fine Art Prints from Island Arts International
                 19 Main    Street                    973.660.0922
             Nicole L. Francoeur,
                        Painting Restoration BFA, CPF - Proprietor
                Nicole L. Francoeur, BFA, CPF - Proprietor
            Nicole L.Custom
                      Francoeur,           BFA, CPF
                                      Picture               - Proprietor
             19 Main Street, Sparta
                        Custom            973.660.0922
                                Picture Framing
                        Custom              Restoration
                                      Picture      Framing
                                Painting    Restoration
                         Nicole L. Art
                           Painting Art&   Antique
                            FineFrancoeur,                Prints
                                            BFA, CPF - Proprietor
                                            Antique     Prints
                        Fine Art & Antique Prints

April 2019                                                                 LAKE ENVIRONMENT
Preservation Foundation Continued

This helps to keep E. coli, a dangerous bacterium,       This group is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
from entering our water. One goose creates about         and your donations and underwriting support are,
three pounds of fecal matter daily! That sounds          in general, tax deductible.
almost unbelievable!                                     Your donations help us fund innovative projects that
Pharmaceutical drug contamination in our                 support lake water quality and impact the Wallkill
groundwater, rivers and lakes is a growing               River watershed through research, demonstration
problem. Community members can bring unused              projects, education and preservation of our
medications to the police station and dispose of         environment.
them in a controlled environment. Keep our ground
water free of chemicals! Don't flush your unused
The Lake Mohawk and township road crews work
to clean up sand and grit that was spread over winter
in order to keep ice off of our roads.
Roads are swept and retention basins are cleaned out
regularly to prevent grit and litter from entering our
lakes, streams and rivers. Another practice useful in
keeping our lakes free of sediment is to build a rain
garden to divert and clean water that might enter
the lake from your property. Ask us how! Check
out our Facebook Page/Lake Mohawk Preservation
Foundation and our website lakemohawkpf.org for
current information.                                     LAKE ENVIRONMENTAL EXPO
                                                         What a great turnout we had at the March 30 Lake
SPONSORS            NEEDED         FOR        LAKE       Environmental Expo. We were happy to participate
MOHAWK CELEBRATES EARTH DAY                              with the LMCC Lake Committee in educating our
                                                         community. Pictures can be found on our website and
If you are not able to help pick up litter on May
                                                         on Facebook, and possibly next month's Papoose.
4--or even if you are--you can assist our effort in
another way. We are still looking for sponsors of the    Our April meeting is planned for April 24, 7pm at
Lake Mohawk Celebrates Earth Day event. Join us          LMCC. During our regularly scheduled meetings on
by committing financially to making this an exciting     the last Wednesday evening of each month, we work
and successful community event.                          on planning educational and community activities,
                                                         develop fundraising events and address disbursement
We hope to have lots of people join us on Friday         of funds. All are welcome to attend our meetings.
evening, May 3 at 5pm and thanks to our sponsors,        Please check for date or time changes on Facebook or
light food and refreshments will be served as t-shirts
and supplies are distributed for Saturday's cleanup.
                                                         our website.•
If you want to be included on our sponsor list for
Earth Day, contact us through the link on our
website or call Craig Kalucki at 908-670-9473. We
can tell you more about sponsorship opportunities.
The Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is an
independent, all volunteer organization committed
to protecting and sustaining our region’s aquifers.
                                                                                          THE PAPOOSE       17
April 2019                                                                                  LAKE LIVING

Submitted by Catherine Englehardt

                                                        W         ith summer just around the bend, we want you
                                                                  all to know that the Lake Mohawk Pool Swim
                                                          Team is returning bigger and better than ever! All kids
                                                          are welcome between the ages of 5-18. Come join us!
                                                          No previous swim team experience required. However,
                                                          swimmers should have basic swimming skills. If
                                                          you are unsure if your child is ready for swim team,
                                                          especially our Mighty Mite team, please feel free to
                                                          contact us with any questions. Our swim season runs
                                                          from approximately June 17th until August 10 th .
                                                          Practices run Monday-Friday from 9-11am depending
                                                          on your child’s practice group. We participate in
                                                          weekly swim meets Wednesday nights as well as the
                                                          championship meet at the end of the season. We have
                                                          many fun events and parties throughout the season.
This is a great program for any age in order for your child to become a stronger swimmer, stay in shape and
cross train for other sports as well as have a lot of fun with friends!

Swim Team Fees: (*you do not have to be a pool member to belong to the swim team)
If registered before May 15th :
1st swimmer $200 • 2nd swimmer $175 • 3rd + swimmer $150 • Mighty Mite $150

If registered after May 15th :
1st swimmer $250 • 2nd swimmer $200 • 3rd +swimmer $175 • Mighty Mite $175

**Please pay by check at this time. Checks to be made out to “Hawks Swim Club”.
Further registration dates to be announced. If you have any questions, please contact:
Catherine Englehardt - (908) 581-5466!     •

                                                                                              THE PAPOOSE       19

                SPRING CLEAN UP

                                 A    great looking
                                 enhances the value
                                                       HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CLUB PLAN
                                                       AGREEMENT INCLUDE:
                                                       • No nuisance or anything obnoxious or detrimental
                                 of each and every
                                                       to the value of adjoining or adjacent properties or
                                 home. Property
                                                       residences shall be maintained or permitted on any
                                                       part of the property.
                                 requires work, and
                                 often calls for all   • The owner of any property shall be responsible
                                 Members to come       for the sanitary disposal of all sewage, garbage and
                                 together to achieve   rubbish.
                                 the common goal       • No disabled vehicles, garbage or rubbish may be
                                 of an attractive      stored on or disposed of on any of the lots subject
                                 community.            to this Agreement.
                                                       • Commercial vehicles may not be parked on
WHAT DOES THE AESTHETICS                               the roads of the Reservation, unless in use for a
COMMITTEE DO?                                          particular job on a temporary basis.
The Aesthetics Committee ensures that properties       • Car tents are not permitted.
and conditions throughout community are in
compliance with the rules and regulations of LMCC,     • No sign, “For Sale” or “For Rent” or other
including those set forth in the LMCC Club Plan        advertisement soliciting a purchaser or a tenant
Agreement, and the Sparta/Byram Township               shall be placed or displayed on the property.
ordinances The Committee tours the Reservation         • Any above ground pools and all boats and trailers
on a regular basis to report on properties and homes   must be erected or stored in the side yard or rear yard
that are in need of attention. It also monitors the    and adequately shielded so as not to be observed
progress of the repairs and the ultimate remedy of     from the street or adjacent properties.
the situation with the Club and/or the Township.       • No cyclone fences or other similar open mesh
Individual Members may also report situations on       wire fences shall be installed on any residential
the Club website or to Lauren Stapfer (papoose@        properties, except with written permission of the
lakemohawkcountryclub.com).                            Board of Trustees or its designated representatives.
The LMCC Club Plan is signed by each Member            LMCC has a Cyclone and Open Wire Mesh Fence
upon purchasing property and paying the                Policy that is on the website or available in the office.
Registration Fees.                                     Chapters 167 and 186 of the Byram Township code
The expectation is that all Members will respect the   and Chapter XIV of the Sparta code address many of
Agreement. Details are found on the MEMBERS            the issues that affect the maintenance and appearance
WEBSITE and also available in the office.              of properties. The codes can be found on the Township

April 2019

Sparta Code 14-8.1 states that the exterior of the            Neighbors are often available to help out a Club
premises shall be maintained by the owner or operator         Member that is not able to do what is needed. The
so that the appearance will reflect a level of maintenance    goal of the Committee is to improve and maintain
in keeping with the standards of the neighborhood.            the appearance of our community. Sometimes we all
The Township ordinance also states that landscaping           need a gentle reminder. If you receive a letter from the
which is in public view must be kept in an orderly
state, with lawns and bushes “trimmed and free from
                                                              office, the courtesy of a response is expected.•
becoming overgrown”.
Sparta Township also requires that ALL buildings
should be kept in good repair, painted where required
or treated in such a way to prevent deterioration.
Buildings or structures cannot create a safety hazard
or nuisance.

When properties are not in compliance with the
Club Plan Agreement or other LMCC standards
or Township Ordinances, Lake Mohawk Country
Club will issue a letter to the Member describing the
condition that needs to be remedied. Any Member
receiving such a letter should bring the property into
compliance and notify the office immediately.
The protocol of the Club Plan Agreement, Section
Four states: If any member, after written notice, fails to
abate a condition, which in the opinion of the Club,
constitutes a violation of this section, the Club shall
have the right, in addition to all other rights, to seek
injunctive relief to abate such violation(s) and, if such
relief is granted, shall be entitled to reimbursement
from the offending member for all costs to abate
such violation(s), including legal costs and reasonable
attorney fees.

If a Member receives a letter, it is his/her responsibility
to remedy the problem quickly or contact the Club and
explain how he/she plans to bring the property into
compliance. If there are questions or a disagreement
with the Notice of Noncompliance , the Club or
Committee should be contacted immediately. There
are workable solutions available.

                                                                                                  THE PAPOOSE       21

            973-729-7979                  973-764-6644
            SPARTA OFFICE                 VERNON OFFICE
            171 Woodport Road             529 Route 515, Suite 105
            Sparta, NJ 07871              Vernon, NJ 07462

      Dental Implants • Bone Grafting • Wisdom Teeth • Facial Trauma
      Corrective Jaw Surgery • Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
      Oral Pathology • TMJ Disorder • Sleep Apnea
      3D Imaging • Cosmetic Surgery
      Botox • Juvederm • Restylane
      Chemical Peels • Latisse
      Skin Care Products


April 2019                                                                                  COMMUNITY

T    he Board of Trustees has determined that it is time to begin the development of the next five-year Strategic
     Plan to cover the years 2020-2025. The goal is to present the next Strategic Plan to the Membership at
the 2019 Annual Meeting.
Now, it is time to invite individual Members to contribute their experience, time and talent to the planning
In 2015, the Board of Trustees and Management Team introduced a five-year Strategic Plan for Lake Mohawk
Country Club. This was the culmination of hundreds of hours of volunteer work by numerous committees
and Members. Further input came from numerous informational meetings with the Membership.
The 2015 Strategic Plan is available on the Club website at:
Some preliminary development work for the Strategic Plan is already underway, largely using the expertise
and experience of the Club’s existing organizations such as the PAC, various Club committees, the Board of
Trustees and our Management team. Currently, the development of the Strategic Plan is being organized into
Working Groups focusing in the following topics:
        • Surveys, Facts and Data Analysis
        • Infrastructure Improvements, Additions and Maintenance
        • New and Better Amenities
        • Solidifying Club Finances
        • Building a Sense of Community and “Soft Values”
        • Marketing Lake Mohawk to the Outside World
        • Managing or Avoiding Government Entanglement
        • Modern and Effective By-Laws
If you would like to participate in any of these Working Groups, please contact Trustee Bob Atkinson at
ratkinson@lakemohawkcountryclub.com or GM John Stanley at jstanley@lakemohawkcountryclub.com.
You may also leave a telephone message with the Member’s Desk at 973-729-6156 ext. 122.
Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.   •
    The Communications Committee is pleased to announce that we will be conducting
     several Member surveys this year to be included in the strategic plan program. The
  first of these will be available in mid-Spring. This survey will allow the Committee, Club
    Management and the Board of Trustees to learn more about Member priorities on a
                     variety of topics. Survey opened until Friday, April 12.

  Please watch your email to receive further updates on the upcoming survey, which will
   be implemented via Survey Monkey. If you are not receiving Club emails, kindly email
    papoose@lakemohawkcountryclub.com for more information. Paper copies of the
                 survey will be available at the Member Services desk.

                                                                                              THE PAPOOSE      23

T     he Sparta Historical Society opens with its
      spring exhibition on Sunday, April 14, Curt E.
Engelbrecht: Views through His Lens, at its Van Kirk
Homestead Museum, co-curated by Pat Galperin and
Nancy Madasci. The exhibit, sponsored by Perona
Farms, explores Engelbrecht’s professional career as a
national and local 20th century photojournalist.
Before Curt E. Engelbrecht met Herbert Closs,
a Northern New Jersey Real Estate Developer of
Lake Communities, his reputation as a national
cameraman preceded him. Engelbrecht would join
the Arthur Crane Company in 1930 to manage
publicity for Lake Mohawk for the next 27 years
chronicling life along the lake, while also being the
staff photographer and photo editor of the Sussex
Journal and Golfer Magazine.
Engelbrecht came from Germany in 1912 with a
dream to become a news cameraman. Initially he
found work as a photographer with General Electric
in Schenectady, NY. Soon he became an independent
commercial photographer in Springfield, MA.
With an eye for a news picture he took on press
assignments and moved to New York City to work
as a cameraman. For nine years Engelbrecht called
                                                          His book, Neighbor John, about his professional
Lake Hopatcong home. He owned Grove Studio
                                                          relationship and friendship with Rockefeller, was
at Nolan’s Point. Many of his photographs graced
                                                          reviewed in the New York Times.
the covers of the Lake Hopatcong Breeze magazine.
Engelbrecht spent his winters working in Florida.         His photographs of the man became a photographic
Over the years he handled publicity for the Miami         primary source for historians and biographers of
Biltmore Hotel, Roney Plaza in Miami Beach, and           Rockefeller.
the Ormond Hotel at Ormond Beach, Florida. A              A modest man, he was recognized by his peers for
never-ending parade of celebrities, sports, and society   his unaccredited work in photographing the Graf
figures streamed past his camera lens.                    Zeppelin and Bremen Flyers in New York City; for
In 1925 he became John D. Rockefeller’s personal press    being the first cameraman on the scene after the
photographer and exclusively provided photographs         FBI shootout with Ma Barker in Florida; and the
through his news service to top newspapers and            first “reel” man at the Morro Castle disaster.
magazines as an accredited news source.
April 2019

He was a fearless aerial photographer. His historic
film footage was seen in theatres across the nation
via news media outlets Pathe, Universal Newsreel
and Movietone of the Morro Castle disaster in
Asbury Park. His photographs appeared in national
                                                       CAMERA CLUB:
newspapers and magazines throughout the country
and in Sussex, Essex and Bergen counties. Hundreds
                                                       DEPTH OF FIELD
of his pictures lay within the pages of the Papoose.   WITH MIKE TRACEY
In 1956, Engelbrecht was the recipient of the          Submitted by Nancy Madacsi
“Burt E. Williams Memorial Award” given by the
National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
to members who have completed fifty years of
meritorious service. Sparta declared September
22nd Curt E. Engelbrecht Day! These were crowning
                                                                                         M       ike Tracey
                                                                                                 will explore
                                                                                          the topic of depth
achievements for living his American dream.                                               of field. The talk
The Sparta Historical Society is located at The Van                                       will address the
Kirk Homestead Museum at 336 Main Street (Rte.                                            topic for the
517, use Middle School Driveway) Sparta. www.                                             various levels of
vankirkmuseum.org.                                                                        photographers.
The Exhibition, “Curt E. Engelbrecht: Views                                               Depth of field
through his Lens” opens Sunday, April 14 and will                                         is    a    concept
be open every second and fourth Sunday of the                                             that      describes
month through June 23 from 1:00-4:00 pm with                                              the degrees of
2PM talk. For further details or group reservations,                                      sharpness in a
call 973-726-0883 or Email: spartahistoricalsocnj@     photograph. The program covers both shallow depth
gmail.com.                                             of field and great depth of field. Mike will describe
                                                       how to obtain both effects along with when to use
                                                       each effect.
Funding has been made available in part by the NJ
                                                       Mike is an avid nature photographer and is known
Historical Commission through the County History
                                                       for his nature and dragon fly photographs. Many
Partnership Program, as administered by the Sussex
                                                       of the photos are captured from a kayak on Sussex
County Arts & Heritage Council.  •                     County lakes. Mike’s award winning work appears
                                                       regularly in Sussex County exhibits and galleries such
                                                       as the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council,
        Pat Galperin is the secretary of the           Lusscroft Farm, the Sparta Historical Society and
                                                       Sparta Camera Club's Photo Expo.
   Lake Mohawk Historic Committee. She also
    serves as a Trustee and Curator of Exhibits        Mike's talk is free and open to the public. For
                                                       additional information contact us at info@
          at the Sparta Historical Society.
                                                       spartacameraclub.org or visit our web page at http://
                                                       spartacameraclub.org.   •

                                                                                          THE PAPOOSE      25

                       MARINE SERVICES
                       ON THE WATERFRONT
BEACHES                                                    Also, please let someone know when you're out on
                                                           the lake and when you're expected back. Dial 9-1-1
Our beaches will be staffed with Lifeguards for
                                                           for any emergencies.
the Memorial Day weekend and then full time
beginning June 15th to Labor Day.
BOATING SAFETY COURSE                                      Lake Mohawk has eleven beach docks plus the
                                                           Marina for a total of about 400 boat slips. Each dock
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will again conduct
                                                           association has their own set of rules, regulations
three Boating Safety Courses at Lake Mohawk CC.
                                                           and procedures for obtaining and maintaining a
Monday, April 8th and Tuesday, April 9th                   boat slip. You can review these regulations on the
Monday, May 6th and Tuesday, May 7th                       Club website. Each dock has a chairman and dock
Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th                     committee. They are responsible for the installation
                                                           and maintenance of the docks. Also, each dock has
All classes are from 6-10PM. Attendance at both            its own waiting list for boat slips.
nights is required for successful completion of this
mandated course. Upon successful completion,               The Dock Chairs meet annually to review issues
participants will receive a New Jersey State Boating       related to the docks and also to upgrade waiting lists.
Safety certificate. The course is presented by             Any boater wishing to obtain a boat slip typically
experienced volunteer instructors certified by both        has to contact each Dock Chairman directly. The
the U.S. Coast Guard and the New Jersey State              Dock Chairs, along with the Club office and PAC,
Police. The cost for the course is $65.00 and all texts    have authorized a more streamlined procedure.
and materials are included.                                Boaters looking to obtain a boat slip other than the
For registration and further information, please           Lake Mohawk Marina, may fill out a Dock Slip
contact Frank Federico at f.federico@att.net.              Request form which will then be sent out to all Dock
                                                           Chairs at the same time. It will be the responsibility
                                                           of the individual Dock Chairs to contact a boater if
COLD WATER BOATING                                         they have a slip available or to put on a waiting list.
Just a reminder that even though our air temperatures      Since the size and shape of boats have changed
may rise, the water temp is still very cold. Since there   over the years, some docks may not be able to
is very low boat traffic on the lake during this early     accommodate boats such as pontoons, ski boats
part of spring, we strongly recommend that you             or deck boats. When completing a Dock Request
wear a PFD whenever out on the lake. Assistance            Form, it is important to list the length and beam
may not be readily available. Remember to dress for        (width) of your boat. Usually smaller boats, such as
the water temperature, not the air temperature.            Bass fishing boats, move up a list quicker than larger
                                                           boats due to the smaller slips available.

April 2019

The Dock Request Form is a courtesy only to our
Members. It is not required! It is only offered as      2019 BRIDLE PATH
                                                        EARTH DAY
a convenience for our Members. This does not
preclude anyone from contacting a specific dock
directly. It does not guarantee a boat slip, only a

request. The Dock Request Form is located on the
Club’s website. Once completed, please send to
Carly at lmccdocklist@gmail.com.

This committee of volunteers and staff meet regularly
                                                        T     he Bridle Path Committee is looking for
                                                              volunteers to support the Lake Mohawk
                                                        Preservation Foundation’s Earth Day Clean-up
on issues pertaining to boating regulations and
                                                        event on May 4, 2019. The Committee will do their
safety. They also conduct Boards of Adjudication
                                                        part to clean up garbage that may have collected
to address boaters who fail to comply with
                                                        along any of the Bridle Paths that were re-established
regulations. Recently the committee has researched,
                                                        last year.
reviewed and recommended new procedures for
boat measurements, inspection and approval for          During the 2018 LMPF Earth Day Cleanup event,
boats on Lake Mohawk. These recommendations             the Bridle Path Committee volunteers collected
were approved by the Board of Trustees and will         two full bags of garbage, a bag of recyclables and
be published in the revised Marine Rules and            nearly 80 cigarette butts. From this, we learn the
Regulations.                                            importance of the “carry in, carry out” policy.
                                                        If you are interested in joining the clean-up team
WATER SAFETY PROGRAMS                                   or would rather address a clean-up individually
                                                        on a Bridle Path that may be adjacent or
Our Water Safety Programs, Learn to Swim Lessons,
                                                        nearby your respective property, please contact
Junior Lifeguards, and Waterfront Lifeguard courses
                                                        Committee Chair, Mark Woolley, at mwoolley@
should begin the last week of June. Specific dates
and sign ups will be announced in the May edition.
                                                        The Committee kindly reminds Members to walk
MARINE SERVICES                                         the paths at your own risk, beware of uneven
                                                        terrain, walk (not ride) your bikes on them, and
Marine Services maintains a Facebook page which         respect private properties adjacent to the paths. In
they continually update with emergency, safety,         addition, please leash and clean up after your pets
lake and weather conditions along with program          and adopt the “carry in, carry out” policy by not
and beach closing announcements. Please visit this      leaving garbage along the paths. Lastly, please be
Facebook page often to check on these updates.   •      sure to carry your Club card when utilizing the
                                                        paths, as these pathways are for Membership use
                                                        only and you could be challenged by security or
                                                        staff to confirm membership status
                                                        Thank you and see you out on the Paths!     •

                                                                                           THE PAPOOSE      27

Submitted by Marjorie L. Strohsahl

     LIFE …may just SAVE YOUR LIFE!
                                                          (Extra copies of the form may be made for additional
                                                          family members, as needed.)
                                                          Sparta Ambulance Squad Cadets who gave of
                                                          themselves in time and service to place the red Vial
                                                          of Life ribbons and decals on Sparta lamp posts
                                                          were: Madison Arcuri, Matthew Cernek, Gaetana
                                                          DiGiovanni, Delaney Forziati, Kelsi Louwen, Amanda
                                                          Sansone, and Michele Scaglione. Assisting them were
                                                          Squad Cadet Leader Allyson Wright, long-time Squad
                                                          member/Vial of Life Committee member Arlene
                                                          Kayne, and Vial of Life Chair Marjorie Strohsahl.
                                                          The Sparta Woman’s Club truly appreciated the time
                                                          and effort of the Cadets, especially since it was below
                                                          freezing, and all the Cadets were scheduled to attend
Members of the Vial of Life Committee of the Sparta       their winter formal within hours. Sparta can be very
Woman’s Club worked their magic, and had some             proud of these young volunteers.
fun, too, as they prepared red ribbons and red decals     The Sparta Woman’s Club is a member of the
to be placed on lamp posts throughout the main            New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Club
streets of Sparta…all to bring attention to the use of    (NJSFWC) and a member of the General Federation
Vial of Life kits. The kits are free of charge, and may   of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). It is the oldest, largest,
be obtained at the Sparta Town Hall during regular        nondenominational, nonpartisan women’s service
working hours, at the Sparta Police Department on         organization in the world. Anyone interested in
evenings and weekends, and at the Sparta Library.         joining, may visit spartawomansclub.org for more
Other distribution sites will be found on the Sparta
Woman’s Club website, spartawomansclub.org, and
                                                          information.   •
announced in local publications.
Kits contain a Red Decal, which should be affixed
to the front door of the residence. This decal alerts
police/first responders who are answering a medical
emergency call that the information they will need
to best care for the patient, will be found inside in a
baggie on the front of the refrigerator door.
There is a Medical Information Sheet and an extra
copy in the kit, as well as a note from the Sparta
Woman’s Club. Residents should complete this
medical form and include it in the baggie, then affix
the baggie to the front of their refrigerator.

April 2019

SPARTA                                                  FOR SENIORS
WOMAN’S CLUB                                               ONLY
                                                        SENIOR DAY TRIP:
SCHOLARSHIPS                                            WEDNESDAY MAY 8 - THE FRICK MUSEUM
                                                        The Frick Collection in New York City, housed in
Submitted by Mary Warner, Education Chair
                                                        the mansion built by Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919),
                                                        one of America’s most successful industrialist, are

T    he Sparta Woman’s Club is pleased to announce      masterpieces of Western paintings, sculpture and
     that the applications for the 2019 scholarships    decorative art, displayed in a serene and intimate
are now available. For over 65 years, the Sparta        setting of a time gone by and the same time to
Woman’s Club has been providing scholarships            inspire the power of great art collections to views
for female Sparta resident high school seniors. A       today. Cost is $25.00 per person. We will Stop for
scholarship is also available to a Sussex County        lunch on our way back to Sparta. Bus will leave
woman who is furthering her education in college,       from Station Park at 9:15am.
business, or trade school. This scholarship applicant
need not be a resident of Sparta.                       TRI-COUNTY SENIOR OLYMPICS:
                                                        WEDNESDAY JUNE 5, (RAIN DATE JUNE 6)
Applications for 2019 are available at Sparta
High School, at Pope John XXIII High School,            Join in a friendly and fun competition in Rutherford.
at Sussex Vo-Tech School, and at the Sparta             There must be 24 senior citizen participants in a team,
Library. All completed high school scholarship          also 3 assistants that do not participate. The day will
applications must be in the hands of the guidance       run from 8:30am-1:30pm and consist of Continental
directors of the above schools on or before April       Breakfast, Fun, Opening Ceremonies, Games, Lunch,
30, 2019. Completed scholarship applications for        Awards Ceremony and Entertainment. Call Jeanne
a woman returning to school must be received by         at 973-729-2383 if you would like to participate.
Mary Warner, Education Chair, by April 30. All
necessary information is attached to the scholarship    SUSSEX COUNTY SENIOR OLYMPICS:
application.                                            Division of Senior Services is excited to announce
                                                        their Second Annual “Senior Olympics”; scheduled
Scholarship awards are made possible through the
                                                        for Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at Veterans Park in
fundraising efforts of the membership of the Sparta
                                                        Hopatcong (rain date, June 13). There must be 24
Woman’s Club, which is a member of the New
                                                        senior citizens participants in a team, also 3 assistants
Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs. For more
                                                        that do not participate. The day will run from 8:30am-
information about the Sparta Woman’s Club, check
                                                        1:30pm and consist of Continental Breakfast, Fun,
our website: www.spartawomansclub.org.      •           Opening Ceremonies, Games, Lunch, Awards
                                                        Ceremony and Entertainment. Call Jeanne at 973-
                                                        729-2383 if you would like to participate.

                                                        For more information, please call Sparta Recreation
                                                        Center at 973-729-2383, or view all of our programs on
                                                        our website spartanj.org and click on Senior Services.

                                                                                             THE PAPOOSE         29

BUNNY BREAKFAST:                                         RECREATION BROCHURE ALERT:
SATURDAY, APRIL 13TH 9:30AM & 11:00AM                    The Spring/Summer Recreation Brochure will be
ALL AGES FEE: $12.00/CHILD                               available by April 5th ! This brochure includes the
Join us at Sparta Recreation for an entertaining         spring session of our regular classes, our summer
breakfast with our very special bunny! There will be     movie night schedule, 2019 Creative Kids Camps
entertainment by Mr. Chris, a petting zoo, breakfast     and much more! Program Registration begins on
and pictures taken with the bunny. Pre-registration      April 17th .
is required. Presented by the Sparta Recreation
Advisory Committee.                                      Information on these and other offerings is available in
                                                         the following ways:
FLOWER PLANTING PARTY:                                   • Call 973-729-2383
THURSDAY, APRIL 25 (SPRING BREAK!)                       • E-mail: Alison.deeney@spartanj.org
1:00-2:00PM FEE: $5.00/CHILD                             • Online at: www.spartanj.org
Come celebrate spring with Sparta Recreation! This       • Facebook: www.facebook.com/spartarecreationnj     •
fun, interactive workshop will introduce your child
to different types of flowers and how to maintain
them. Children will have a chance to plant their
own flower, decorate their flower pot, and take
home their special project to enjoy and care for!
All materials provided. Registration begins April
1st. Ages: 3 and up. Ages 5 and under must be
accompanied by an adult.

Help make 2019 your children’s best summer ever
by registering them for Camp Sacajawea! Sparta
Recreation takes pride in this fun, dynamic NJ
certified day camp program. Campers can unplug,
enjoy fresh air, try exciting new activities, make
new friends and gain self-esteem. Our exceptional
staff is dedicated to helping campers develop new
skills, appreciate nature and thrive in the camp
environment! Early bird discounts will be available
until May 1st . For the first time ever, multiple
session discounts will also be available. Sign up now!

April 2019

Submitted by Lucy Lubertazzo, Chair Scholarship Committee

T    he Junior Woman’s Club of Sparta (JWCS) is pleased to announce
     that three scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000, will be
awarded to local female high school seniors. As a reflection of the
JWCS mission, awards will be based primarily on service to community
and school. Application forms, including complete instructions and
requirements, are available at www.jwcsparta.org. Application deadline
is April 27, 2019. Winners will be announced the week of May 20th,
2019, with formal recognition at Sparta Day on June 1st.
The Junior Woman’s Club of Sparta is comprised of women from
Sparta and the surrounding area who have come together as friends
to foster goodwill while organizing events and activities that bring
our community together. Each year the JWCS raises and distributes
                                                                         Adriana Purcell, a graduate of Pope
thousands of dollars to local organizations and charities. For more
                                                                         John XXIII HS and currently attending
scholarship information or to learn about JWCS membership, visit         University of Pennsylvania, and Jamie
www.jwcsparta.org or email jwcsparta@gmail.com.                          Rennie, a graduate of Sparta High
The JWCS is a group of women passionate about volunteerism.              School and currently attending Fairleigh
Despite our own busy lives, we make giving back to our community         Dickinson University, were 2 of the 3
a priority, and have fun doing it. We're inspired by the young women     women to be awarded a scholarship by
in our community who share our passion, and are pleased to be able       the JWCS this past year.
to honor a few each year with this scholarship. We hope that with our
encouragement they'll continue to give back throughout their lives. •

                                                                                            THE PAPOOSE        31
     Often it’s a next door neighbor, Meals
     on Wheels delivery volunteer or even
     a postal carrier who first discovers
     a senior may need more help. As a
     neighbor, you’ve probably noticed that
     seniors tend to have regular routines.
     Does the elderly gentleman next door
     always pick up his newspaper from the
     front stoop by 8 a.m.? Why is it still
     outside at noon? If lights-out is usually
     at 9 p.m., why are the lights still on at 11
     p.m.? Could someone be sick or hurt?
     When something seems a little off,
     it may be time to take a careful look
     outside, call your neighbor or knock
     on the door. Here are some neighborly
     tips:                                           VOLUNTEER ASSISTANCE
                                                       Every effort will be made to keep inquiries
     1. Write down your neighbor’s full name                    confidential if requested.
     and phone number. You can always call
     the house to check on your neighbor,
     and if everything is fine, just say hello.      Can Help With       Need Help
                                                                   With Transportation
     2. Get a phone number for your                           Yard Work/Snow Shoveling
     neighbor’s closest friend or family                              Legal Advice
     member. This can be as easy as                                 Real Estate Issues
     introducing yourself to her as she gets                         Estate Planning
     out of the car on a regular visit and                        Investment Guidance
     saying, “If I’m ever concerned about                      Filling Out Taxes / Forms
     your mom (or dad or aunt), it would be                       Minor House Repairs
     nice to have your number.” Offer your                           Companionship
     name and number, too.                                           Daily Check-in
                                                                      Grant Writing
     3. If you are able, offer to help unload                          Fundraising
     groceries, shovel snow or mow the                                House Watch
     lawn. This is a great opportunity for          Other
     young people to pitch in and help an           Email
     elder. Your kids will puff up with pride       Name
     when they do a good job, and a short           Address
     visit from a polite young person has the       City / State / Zip
     potential to make your neighbor’s day.         Phone
                                                     Please mail to The Neighbors Project Committee,
                                                    L.M.C.C., 21 The Boardwalk, Sparta, NJ 07871

You can also read