Parent Handbook 2019-20 A guide to programs and services in Anne Arundel County Public Schools - Aacps

Parent Handbook 2019-20 A guide to programs and services in Anne Arundel County Public Schools - Aacps
Parent Handbook
A guide to programs and services in
Anne Arundel County Public Schools

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Contacting Us
   Many questions can be answered at your child’s school. Public information is available upon
 request. Please refer to the following telephone numbers for assistance. If you’re not sure which
    office to contact, please call the Communications Office at 410-222-5312 or 410-222-5316.
Advanced Studies and Programs/                410-222-5365
                                                                Mathematics (Elementary)                       410-222-5461
Programs of Choice
                                                                Mathematics (Secondary)                        410-222-5464
Advanced Learner Programs (ALPs)             410-222-5430
(formerly G/T)                                                  Military Liaison                               410-222-5280
AP/College Prep                              410-224-6829       Music                                          410-222-5465
Alternative Education Programs               410-222-5193       Office of Pupil Personnel               410-222-5284
Art                                          410-222-5450       Office of Safe & Orderly Schools 410-222-5288 or 5289
Athletics                                    410-222-5463       Out-of-Area Placements and Transfers 410-222-5326
AVID                                         410-222-5458       Outdoor Education                       410-222-3822
 Board Members Office                        410-222-5311       Physical Education & Health                    410-222-5460
 Bus Transportation                          410-222-2910
                                                                Reading/Language Arts (Elementary)             410-222-5455
 Career Technology Education                 410-222-5383       Reading/Language Arts (Middle)                 410-222-5456
 Charter Schools                             410-224-8572
                                                      School & Family Partnerships
 Co-Curricular (Advanced Clubs & Activities) 410-222-5430                                      410-222-5414
 Communications                                       School Attendance Boundaries
                                   410-222-5312 or 5316                                        410-439-5683
 Curriculum & Instruction                             School Counseling
                                             410-222-5401                                      410-222-5280
                                                      School Performance Regional Offices, by Cluster:
Deputy Superintendents                                Annapolis/Broadneck                      410-518-6473
Academics and Strategic Initiatives    410-222-5304 Arundel/South River                        410-626-9745
Student & School Support                410-222-5191  Glen Burnie/Severna Park                 410-766-6592
Digital Media & Learning Services      443-770-5142   Chesapeake/North County                   410-518-6471
Early Childhood (PreK, Kindergarten)   410-222-5441   Meade/Southern                           410-626-9747
English (High School)                  410-222-5452   Northeast/Old Mill                       410-766-6594
English Language Acquisition            410-222-5416  School Psychology & School Social Work 410-222-5321
(formerly ESOL)                                       School Security                          410-222-5083
Equity & Accelerated Student Achievement 410-222-5354 Science                                   410-222-5451
Evening High School/Summer School      410-222-5384   Science & Technologies                   410-222-5490
Food & Nutrition Services              410-222-5900   Signature Programs                       410-222-5342
                                                      Social Studies                           410-222-5440
General Information                    410-222-5000   Special Education                        410-222-5410
Home/Hospital Teaching                 410-222-5476   Student Government, CRASC                410-222-5405
Home Schooling                         410-222-5457   Student Services                         410-222-5322
Human Relations/Equity Programs         410-222-5318  Superintendent  of Schools               410-222-5304

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Humanities                             410-222-5412   Testing                                  410-222-5147
 Immunizations                               410-222-4896       Title I                                        410-222-5444
 Infants & Toddlers                          410-222-6911       Transportation                                 410-222-2910
 International Student                                          Volunteer Programs, PTA/PTO/CAC                410-222-5414
 & Family Welcome Center                     410-263-6420
                                                                World & Classical Languages                    410-222-5424
 Magnet Programs                        410-533-4815
 BioMedical Allied Health (BMAH-STEM) 410-222-5391 x1
 Centers for Applied Technology—North   410-969-3100            Important Hotlines
 Centers for Applied Technology—South   410-956-5900            Student Safety Hotline                   1-877-676-9854
 International Baccalaureate (IB/MYP)   410-222-5415            To confidentially report bullying, fighting, abuse, harassment,
 Performing & Visual Arts (PVA)         410-224-7284            weapons, gangs, or any other dangerous situation at school
 Science Technology Engineering       410-222-5391 x1           AA County Crisis Response                  410-768-5522
 & Mathematics (STEM)
 Triple E                               410-222-5397            Maryland Youth Hotline                  1-800-422-0009
                            Questions concerning the Parent Handbook should be directed to:
Jenn Lombardi, Senior Manager, School & Family Partnerships, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD

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responsible environmental decisions.                      &                          your phone number on record.
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    New, revised, and frequently requested information

AACPS Board of Education                   3      During the School Year                    15    Magnet Programs • 35
                                                  Attendance • 15                                 CAT Centers • 35
Before Your Child Goes to School     4            Complaint Procedures • 16                       Signature Programs • 36
Enrollment & Residency • 4                        Custody • 16
Homeless Students • 4                                                                             Early Childhood Services          37
                                                  Field Trips • 16
International Students • 4                        Fundraising. • 16                               Special Education Services • 37
Medical Conditions (Concussions) • 4              Home Communications • 16                        Child Identification • 37
Section 504 Rights • 5                            Pest Management • 17                            Community-Based Services (CBS) • 37
   Immunization Requirements • 5                  Reducing Energy Use • 17                        Early Childhood Intervention • 37
                                                  School Improvement Process • 18                 Prekindergarten Program • 37
Getting Your Child to & from School 6                                                             Kindergarten Programs • 37
                                                  Social Media • 18
Schedules & Services • 6
                                                     Student Equity • 18                          Elementary School                     38
Student Supervision • 6
                                                  Student Records • 19
School Bus Stop Safety • 6                                                                        Academic Program • 38
                                                  Students & Technology • 20
Meeting the School Bus • 6                                                                        Elementary Assessments • 38
Kindergarten, Pre-K, & ECI ID Tags • 6            Academics                           21          Promotion & Retention • 38
Conduct on School Buses • 6                       Special Education • 21                          Title I Schools • 38
Requests for Alternate                               English Language Acquisition • 21               Triple E • 39
Bus Transportation • 6                            College & Career Readiness • 22
Video Cameras & Audio                                                                             Middle Schools                     39
                                                  Grading — Overview • 22
Recording Devices • 7                                                                             Scheduling • 39
                                                  Grading — Elementary School • 23
Unauthorized Entry onto a Bus • 7                                                                 Service Learning Requirements • 39
                                                  Grading — Middle School • 24
Safety around the School Bus • 7                                                                  Extracurricular Activities • 39
                                                  Grading — Middle & High School • 25
Walking to School • 7                                                                             Middle School Assessments • 40
                                                  Grading — High School • 25
Crossing Guards • 7                                                                               Preparing for High School • 40
                                                  Homework • 26
Traffic Signs & Crosswalks • 7                                                                    Promotion of Students • 40
                                                  Honor Roll • 26
Tips to Keep Children Safe • 7                                                                    Skipping a Grade • 40
                                                     PowerSchool Parent Portal • 26
                                                                                                  Summer School • 40
Get Involved                       8              Parent/Teacher Conferences • 27
Communicating with your School • 8                Report Cards • 27                               High School                             41
Chaperones & Volunteers • 8                       Service Learning • 27                           Early College Access Program • 41
Parent & Community Involvement • 8                Alternative Education • 28                      Selecting & Changing Courses • 41
                                                  Charter Schools • 28                            Senior Status • 42
Keeping Students Safe & Healthy     9             Evening High School • 29                        Summer School • 42
   Bias Behavior, Bullying &                      Secondary Summer School • 29                    Extracurricular Activities • 42
Cyberbullying, Harassment, Sexual                 Twilight School • 29                            Academic Eligibility • 42
Harassment, Hazing, & Intimidation • 9            Mary Moss @ J. Albert Adams • 29                Graduation Requirements • 43
Child Abuse & Neglect • 10                        Phoenix Academy • 29                               Participating in Senior Activities • 44
Medical & Health Issues • 10                                                                         Latin Honors • 44
School Security • 11                              State & National Assessments       30
Suicidal Thoughts & Gestures • 11                    MCAP • 30                                    Board Policies and Regulations        45
School Wellness & Health • 11                        State & National Assessments • 30
                                                  PSAT/NMSQT/SAT/ACT • 31                         Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation
Beginning the School Year         13              Advanced Placement (AP) Exams • 32              Reporting Form                    46
Student Information • 13
   Emergency School Closings • 13                 Advanced Studies & Programs
Federal Parent-Pupil Survey • 13                  Programs of Choice                33
School Meals • 14                                 Advanced Learner Programs
                                                  & Primary Talent Development • 33                         See the Student Handbook
Student Accident Insurance • 15
                                                  Advanced Placement Courses (AP) • 33                      for information on:
                                                  AVID • 34                                                 The Code of Student Conduct • 4–15
                                                  Advanced Co-Curricular Programs • 34                      Student Responsibilities • 19–20
                                                                                                            Student Discipline • 21–22

Find more online:   Anne Arundel County Public Schools: |
This handbook can be found online ( and is also available in Spanish.

AACPS Board of Education
Board meetings are broadcast live on AACPS-TV and the web! (see page 1)

     Terry Gilleland             Michelle Corkadel                  Rida Alvi             Candace C.W. Antwine               Melissa Ellis
        President                   Vice President              Student Member               443-510-4640                   410-533-7940
    410-987-3039                   410-507-9204                 410-271-2944
                                                                                                                                For more
                                                                                                                          information, contact
                                                                                                                             Diane Howell
                                                                                                                         Executive Assistant to
                                                                                                                          the Members of the
                                                                                                                          Board of Education

     Eric Grannon                  Julie Hummer                 Robert C. Leib               Dana Schallheim
    410-570-0361                   410-693-7458                 443-534-5766                  443-534-2660

The Board of Education of Anne                    Exceptions to the meeting schedule               the Board meeting. up at www.aacps.
Arundel County consists of eight                  for the 2019–2020 school year are:               org/boardtestimony or by calling the
adult members—four elected and four               October meeting will take place on               Board Office at 410-222-5311.
appointed by the Governor—as well as              Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, due to the                  Special meetings, workshops, and
one student member who is elected by              Maryland Association of Boards of                public hearings are scheduled annually.
county students and appointed by the              Education Conference.
Governor, who serves a one-year term.                Board meetings and public hearings
Beginning in 2020, the Board will                 held at the Parham Building are broad-
consist of seven adult elected members            cast live on AACPS-TV (Channel 96
and a student member.                             on Comcast and Broadstripe, Channel
   The Board typically meets twice a              36 on Verizon, and in HD at Comcast
month during the school year. On the              Channel 996, Broadstripe Channel 496,
first Wednesday, the Board will meet              and Verizon 1961). Board meetings are
at 8:30 a.m. in an Open Session before            also streamed live on the Internet and
proceeding into a Closed Session. The             can be accessed at
Board meeting will resume in an Open              cable. Past broadcasts are available
Session at 10:00 a.m. On the third                through the same link.
Wednesday, the Board will meet at                    Public testimony is taken by the
5:30 p.m. in an Open Session before               Board of Education at all regularly
proceeding into a Closed Session. The             scheduled meetings. Those wishing to
board meeting will resume in an Open              offer comment before the Board can
Session at 7:00 p.m. Changes in dates             sign up between the time the agenda
could alter this schedule.                        is posted and 4 p.m. on the day before

Board of Education: | Board Meeting Calendar: | Board Meeting Videos:

Before Your Child Goes to School
Enrollment & Residency                              Homeless Students                                    International Students
Requirements [boe*]                        The McKinney-Vento Homeless                                  All students entering grades 1 through
To enroll a new student, the biological    Education Assistance Act was incor-                          12 who are immigrating from another
parent or court-awarded guardian/cus- porated into the No Child Left Behind                             country and who have not attended
todian* must provide:                      Act. It ensures educational rights and                       another school in the United States,
                                           protections for children and youth                           will go to International Student and
  • the child’s evidence of birth.
                                           experiencing homelessness. The fed-                          Family Welcome Center for their
  • proof of residency. (Proof of resi-    eral government’s legal definition of                        initial intake into AACPS. At the
    dency includes mortgage papers/        homelessness (based on the McKinney-                         Welcome Center families will fill out
    lease, and one additional support-     Vento Homeless Education Assistance                          all registration forms, have immuniza-
    ing documentation such as a utility Act) includes anyone who lacks a                                tions reviewed or be referred to health
    bill issued within 60 calendar days    regular, fixed, and adequate nighttime                       clinics, be advised of graduation
    prior to enrollment.)                  residence (substandard housing); is                          requirements for high school stu-
  • a copy of the immunization record.     sharing housing due to loss of perma-                        dents, and complete English language
  • proof of parents’/guardians’ identity  nent  housing or economic hardship; is                       screening. Families need to bring their
    (including driver’s license, passport, living  in a shelter, hotel or motel; is liv-                child(ren)’s birth certificate, immuni-
    Motor Vehicle identification card, or  ing in  a public place not designated for                    zation records, two proofs of address,
    other legal forms of identification).  sleeping   (cars, parks); is an unaccompa-                   and previous school records. Families
                                           nied youth; is a child or youth await-                       should call the Welcome Center at
   A student may not attend school         ing foster care placement; is a child or                     410-263-6420 for an appointment or
without proof of immunization compli- youth abandoned in a hospital; or is a                            for questions. For more information,
ance. A student enrolling in a school in migrant child who qualifies under any                          visit If immigrat-
Maryland for the first time must com-      of the above.                                                ing students are entering kindergarten
plete a physical within nine months           The McKinney-Vento Homeless                               or if they are transferring from
after enrolling. A student transferring Education Assistance Act requires                               another school system in the United
from another school system in Mary-        districts to ensure homeless students                        States, they should enroll at their
land must have the Maryland transfer have access to education and other                                 school. The English Language Acquisi-
form. A student enrolling from out-        services they need to meet the same                          tion (ELA) office will schedule lan-
of-state should bring the most recent      high academic achievement standards                          guage screenings for students.
transcript and immunization record.        as all students. All local school districts
   Students must attend the school         must designate a Homeless Liaison.
designated to serve the attendance
                                                                                                         Medical Conditions
                                           The Homeless Liaisons must ensure
area of their bona fide residence. Ex-     that: homeless children and youth are                        If your child has a chronic health condi-
ceptions to the placement of students      identified; homeless students enroll in,                     tion, such as asthma, diabetes, or ana-
according to attendance areas may be       and have full and equal opportunity                          phylactic allergies, you should notify
made as follows: with Board of Educa-      to succeed in, the school districts; and                     the school health professional immedi-
tion approval, the Superintendent may that homeless families, children, and                             ately so that proper procedures can be
transfer groups of students outside        youth receive educational services.                          developed to assist your child. For more
their normal attendance area to relieve       Homeless students have the right to                       information, call the school nurse.
overcrowding or to ensure an equi-         enroll in school immediately. Parents
table distribution of students among       can request continued enrollment in                          If your child has been diagnosed with
available facilities, or the Division of   the school attended prior to becoming                        a concussion, it is important to notify
Student Services may authorize an          homeless or at the local school for the                      school health staff. School health staff
out-of-area placement of individual        current residence. For further infor-                        can work with your child and your
students whose particular circum-          mation please contact 410-518-9873.                          child’s teachers to ensure proper
stances or needs warrant it. If you                                                                     supports while at school.
have questions regarding out-of-area                                                                       For additional information related
placements, please call 410-222-5322.                                                                   to concussions visit the website below.

 Find more online:   Enrollment/Custody: | Homeless Students: |
*A caregiver who is not the biological parent or court-awarded guardian must seek approval to enroll through the Division of Student Services.

Section 504 Rights                                                                                           2019–2020
The purpose of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended,                             Immunization Requirements
is to ensure that:                                                                                  Prekindergarten
   “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States…shall,
    solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from the participation in, be              • 4 diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis
    denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or                      (DTP, DT or DTaP)
    activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”                                                 • 3 polio
Anne Arundel County Public Schools implements procedures to ensure                                    • 1 measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)
a free, appropriate public education for students with disabilities who are eligible                  • 1 varicella (Chicken Pox)
under Section 504.
                                                                                                      • 3 Hepatitis B
Parents of students with disabilities have the right to:
                                                                                                     • 2 PCV ages 12–23 months
 1. Have the school system advise you       9. Have educational evaluation and                         1 PCV 24–59 months
    of your rights under Section 504.           placement decisions based on                           (Prevnar-Pneumonia vaccine is
 2. Have your child with disabilities           information from a variety of                          required for all pre-school aged
    take part in, and receive benefits          sources and by persons who know                        children.)
    from, public education programs             your child’s educational needs, the                 In addition, children 12–59 months
    without discrimination because of           meaning of the evaluation infor-                    old must have one dose of the Hib
    the disability.                             mation, and the placement options                   vaccine given after 12 months of age.
 3. Receive all information in your             available  in the school system.
                                                                                                    Kindergarten–Grade 12
    native language or other primary       10. Have  the  Section  504 Plan re-
    mode of communication.                      viewed   at least annually, if one is                 • 4 or 3 DTP, DTaP, or DT/Td
                                                developed,   and  have the  student                     (If your child is 7 years of age or
 4. Have your child receive a free, ap-
                                                re-evaluated every three years or                       older, 3 doses of DTP, DTaP, Tdap,
    propriate public education (FAPE).
                                                before any significant change is                        DT or Td are required.)
 5. Have your child be given an equal
                                                made in your child’s placement.                       • 7th–12th graders—1 Tdap
    opportunity to participate in school
    programs and extracurricular           11. Be included in decisions or actions                      (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis/
    activities sponsored by the school.         regarding your child’s identifi-                        whooping cough)
                                                cation, evaluation, educational                       • 7th–12th graders—1 MCv4
 6. Receive notice before the school
                                                program or educational placement.                       (Meningococcal) (can only be
    identifies or evaluates your
    child or changes your child’s          12. Appeal   any decision made by                            given at age 11)
    educational placement.                      the Section   504 Team through
                                                                                                      • 3 polio
                                                the AACPS Conflict Resolution
 7. Inspect and review all of your                                                                    • 2 measles, 2 mumps, 2 rubella
                                                Procedures and/or to the Office
    child’s educational records, includ-                                                                (MMR)
                                                for Civil Rights.
    ing the right to obtain copies at a
                                           The most current information is                            • 3 Hepatitis B
    reasonable cost. You will not be
    charged for a copy of your child’s     available at the website below.                            • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    record if the cost would prevent                                                                   — Kindergarten, Grades 1–5,
    you from inspecting and                                                                              2 doses
    reviewing the records.                      Anne Arundel                                           — Grades 6–12, 1 or 2 doses
                                                                                                       — Age 13 years or older: 2 doses
 8. Request an amendment to the
    record if you believe information
                                                County Public Schools                                    previously unvaccinated
    contained in the record is inac-            implements procedures                               Note: All doses of measles, mumps,
    curate or misleading or violates
    your child’s privacy or other rights.       to ensure a free,                                   rubella (given as MMR vaccine) and
                                                                                                    varicella must be given on or after
    If the school system refuses to             appropriate public                                  the first birthday.
    amend the record, you have the
    right to request a hearing and/or           education for students                              For additional information on
                                                                                                    Immunizations, visit the Anne
    to place in the record a statement
    of why you disagree with the
                                                with disabilities who                               Arundel County Department of
    information it contains.                    are eligible under                                  Health website below.

                                                Section 504

Section 504: | Health Department: | Immunizations:
                                                                                                                            *[boe]—See Page 45

Getting Your Child to and from School
A         nne Arundel County Public
          Schools provides Transporta-
          tion from designated bus stops
for students who reside within the
schools attendance area. Transporta-
                                                      Student Supervision
                                                     Parents and guardians are responsible
                                                                                                              Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten,
                                                                                                              & ECI Identification Tags
                                                     for the supervision and safety of their At the start of the school year, each
                                                     children receiving bus transportation   kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, and
                                                     from the time that children leave home ECI student will receive a Transpor-
tion is dependent on your child’s grade
                                                     in the morning until the time of board- tation Identification Tag. This name
level and the distance of your resi-
                                                     ing the school bus. The same rule ap-   tag will identify the child’s name,
dence from the school. Transportation
                                                     plies at the time of discharge from the bus number, parent’s name, bus stop,
is provided for:
                                                     bus on the way home from school. The teacher’s name, address, school name
    • prekindergarten students who live              school administrator and bus person-    and contact numbers. Please be certain
      in excess of one-half mile from the            nel acquire supervisory responsibility  that this identification tag is placed on
      attending school.                              while children are on the school bus.   the outer clothing of your child each
    • kindergarten students who live                                                         day—not on their backpack.
      more than one-half mile from                    School Bus Stop Safety
      their school.
                                                     Millions of children in the United                       Conduct on School Buses
    • elementary students who live more              States ride safely to and from school                   The slightest distraction to the driver
      than one mile from their school.               on school buses each day. Although                      may have significant student safety
    • middle and high students who live              school buses are the safest way to get                  consequences. Appropriate student
      more than one and one-half miles               them to school, each year a number                      behavior on school buses is essential
      from their school.                             of school-age children die in school                    to the safe operation of the school bus.
                                                     bus-related traffic crashes, according                  Riding the school bus is a privilege.
Proper behavior by students at bus
                                                     to the National Highway Traffic Safety                  This privilege may be temporarily de-
stops and on the school bus translates
                                                     Administration (NHTSA).                                 nied or permanently revoked if miscon-
to safe transportation. Students who
                                                        The biggest dangers are with stu-                    duct jeopardizes the safe operation of
do not follow bus rules could lose
                                                     dents, five to seven years old. Students                the school bus or the safety of students
their bus privileges. The bus driver is
                                                     are hit either by the school bus or by a                riding the bus. School suspension is a
in charge of the bus and the students
                                                     passing vehicle when they are in the                    possible sanction for bus misconduct.
while they are on the bus.
                                                     danger zone located around the school
                                                     bus. Remember, it is illegal for a car to
Schedules & Services                                                                                          Requests for Alternate
                                                     pass a bus with its red light flashing.
Bus Schedules are posted for three
                                                                                                              Bus Transportation
weeks at the beginning of the year, at                Meeting the School Bus                   When exceptions to bus transportation
the website below. After that, please                                                          arrangements are needed, you must
                                                     There is no general provision to keep
contact your child’s school for infor-                                                         complete an Exceptional Transportation
                                                     children on the school bus when
mation about bus schedules.                                                                    Request form five working days before
                                                     parents fail or choose not to meet the
   The Transportation Division is                                                              the date the exceptional transportation
                                                     school bus at the bus stop at the time of
responsible for any concern involving                                                          is expected to begin. The principal may
                                                     the afternoon discharge. This provi-
the school bus, be it the schedule, the                                                        conditionally approve the request, but
                                                     sion for discharge includes pre-kinder-
driver, the attendant, the bus stop loca-                                                      then must forward the request to the
                                                     garten and kindergarten students. If
tion, or the bus itself. Concerns should                                                       Transportation Division for final ap-
                                                     for some reason you are not able to be
be reported by telephone to 410-222-                                                           proval. Request forms are available in
                                                     at the bus stop to greet your child, and
2910. The Transportation Division will                                                         the school office.
                                                     you do not wish for your child to be
make every effort to resolve concerns                                                             Transportation arrangements
                                                     discharged without adult supervision,
as quickly as possible. Please avoid                                                           of this nature are to be consistent
                                                     contact a responsible adult and ar-
confrontations with the school bus                                                             for each day, morning and/or after-
                                                     range for this alternative person to be
operators at bus stops.                                                                        noon, Monday through Friday, for
                                                     at the bus stop, or call the local school
                                                                                               each school day, for the time period
                                                     and ask that your youngster not be
                                                                                               requested. Requests for occasional,
                                                     placed on the bus. If you request that
                                                                                               inconsistent days (i.e., every Tuesday
                                                     your child stay at the school, you must
                                                                                               and Thursday) or every other week
                                                     make prompt arrangements for your
                                                                                               will be denied. Emergency situations,
                                                     child’s pick-up at the school.
Find more online:   Bus schedules: (available the first three weeks of each school year) | Transportation:

such as sudden illnesses or a death in   Safety around the School Bus               Tips to Keep Children Safe
the family that require exceptional
                                         Young children are most likely to be hit    • Children should leave home early
transportation may be approved by
                                         by the school bus because they:               enough to arrive at the designated
the principal without five-day advance
notice. Please note: Services are not      •  hurry  to get on or off the bus.         school   bus stop ten minutes before
available to areas beyond the school’s     • act before they think and have little     the scheduled     arrival time of the
attendance area. Transportation for           experience with traffic.                 school   bus.  This  enables the bus
students residing outside the atten-                                                   operator   to  account   for students
                                           • assume motorists will see them and
dance area is the responsibility of the                                                upon   approaching      the  bus stop.
                                              will wait for them to cross.
parent(s)/guardian(s).                                                                 Bus  operators    activate   red flashing
   Requests for accommodations of dif-     •  do not always   stay within  the bus     lights  when    the bus   comes   to
fering schedules shall be subject to the      driver’s sight.                          a complete    stop  at the  school   bus
recommendation of the Supervisor of          If you have a concern about a bus         stop. Motorists    must    stop for  these
Transportation and the approval of the stop, please talk with your child’s             lights. Tardy    passengers    cause
Chief Operating Officer.                 school principal or the school system’s       motorists to become impatient and
   Transportation will be approved on    Supervisor of Transportation.                 some will ignore the lights. For this
a first-come, first-served basis while                                                 reason,   bus operators are generally
space is available. If a bus becomes                                                   instructed    not to wait for persis-
                                         Walking to School
overcrowded, exceptional transporta-                                                   tently  late passengers.
tion request students will be removed    Parents, together with the child,
                                                                                     • Walk with younger children to
to reduce loads. Transportation will be  should    develop a walking route to and
                                                                                       and from the school bus stop or
provided from an established bus stop    from the school bus stop or school
                                                                                       make arrangements for another
location only.                           which minimizes the exposure of the
                                                                                       relative or neighbor to accompany
                                         child to traffic. Shortcuts through
                                                                                       the children.
                                         isolated fields and woods, or across
Video Cameras & Audio                    streams or railroad tracks can often        • Supervise children to make sure
Recording Devices                        be dangerous. Entering abandoned              they get to the stop on time, they
                                         houses or deserted buildings on the           wait  a safe distance from the
Many school buses are now equipped
                                         way to or from school bus stops should        roadway,    and they avoid rough play.
with video cameras and/or audio
                                                                                       Please   respect  private property.
recording devices. These tools monitor not be condoned. The route should be
the passenger area of the bus. As such direct and uninterrupted.                     • Teach your child to ask the
you could be subject to audio surveil-                                                 driver for help if he or she drops
lance. The objective is to provide an    Crossing Guards                               something     near the bus. If a child
important additional tool to assist the                                                stoops to pick up something, the
                                         The Anne Arundel County Police                driver cannot see him or her. A
driver and administration in manag-
                                         Department and the Annapolis City             bookbag or backpack helps keep
ing student conduct on school buses,
                                         Police Department are responsible for         loose items together.
an important safety consideration that
                                         the training, placement, and supervi-
benefits all.                                                                        • Make sure clothing has no loose
                                         sion of school crossing guards in their
                                         respective jurisdictions. All requests for    drawstrings and backpack straps
Unauthorized Entry onto a Bus            school crossing guards are to be made         are short, so they don’t get caught
                                                                                       in the  handrail or bus door. Al-
School buses are the proprietary use of in writing through a school’s PTA or
                                         Citizen Advisory Committee and for-           though    all drawstrings have risk in
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
                                         warded to the Transportation Division         snagging,    those with buttons at the
with the purpose of safely transport-
                                         for processing and evaluation by the          end  of  the  drawstring are particu-
ing students to and from school or
                                         appropriate police and traffic agencies.      larly dangerous.     The NHTSA sug-
school-sponsored activities. Parents
                                                                                       gests that drawstrings be cut.
may not board school buses without
the consent of Anne Arundel County       Traffic Signs & Crosswalks                  • Encourage safe school bus
Public Schools or its authorized agent.                                                loading/unloading.
                                         Local traffic agencies are responsible
Doing so may constitute a violation of                                               • Work with your child to develop
                                         for school zone signs, pedestrian
Maryland Education Article, Sections                                                   a safe walking route to and from
                                         crosswalks, and traffic control signs.
26-101, Disturbing activities at school                                                the school bus stop or school that is
                                         Requests for any of these items may be
or college and 26–104, Obstruction,                                                    direct and uninterrupted.
                                         directed to the local agency or to the
hindrance, or interference with school
                                         AACPS Transportation Division.
bus driver during official duties.

Keeping children safe:
                                                                                                                 *[boe]—See Page 45

Get Involved With Your Child’s School

I   nvolved parents have a direct
    impact on increased student
    achievement. We hope you will
stay involved in your child’s educa-
tion. Be a guest reader, speak about
                                         tion of our students, support our staff,
                                         and serve families in our community.
                                            Family and community members, as
                                         well as local businesses, are welcome as
                                         volunteers in AACPS. Both short-term
                                                                                                   Volunteer in your child’s school. You
                                                                                                can be a guest reader, speak about your
                                                                                                job for Career Day at school, help with
                                                                                                class events, chaperone a field trip, be-
                                                                                                come a mentor, and much more. Talk to
your job for Career Day at school, help  and full year opportunities are avail-                 your school’s volunteer coordinator to
with class events, chaperone a field     able. Contact your school’s staff liaison              find out about volunteer opportunities.
trip, become a mentor, read the school   for volunteers to learn more about                        Communicate with your child’s
newsletter, visit your child’s class dur-opportunities and become a volunteer.                  teacher about your child’s progress.
ing scheduled activities, and meet your     As Anne Arundel County Public                       Attend parent-teacher conferences,
child’s teachers.                        Schools is committed to providing safe                 request a meeting when you have con-
                                         and secure learning environments for                   cerns, and attend Back-to-School night
Communicating with                       all students and employees, successful                 to learn about your child’s academic
                                         completion of a background check is                    program. Support your child’s academ-
your School
                                         required before any person has access                  ic success at home by talking about the
Your interest and involvement in your    to students, either on or off school                   value of education, creating a place for
child’s education is a key to academic   property. The Office of Investigations                 your child to do homework and study,
success. Please call first to make an    has continued to work closely with                     monitoring homework to be sure it is
appointment with a teacher, school       the Office of School Security to review                completed, getting extra homework
counselor, or administrator.             AACPS protocols for conducting back-                   help if needed, and limiting TV time.
   You are encouraged to attend the      ground checks.                                            Learn about what is happening in
Back-to-School night at your child’s        Background investigations are di-                   your school and in schools across the
school; to attend scheduled confer-      vided into two categories: Commercial                  county by visiting your child’s school
ences with teachers and to make ap-      background checks and Fingerprint-                     during American Education Week,
pointments for conferences to review     supported background checks. Anyone                    reading the school newsletter, or visit-
the educational progress of your child; applying to be a chaperone or volun-                    ing the AACPS website.
to volunteer in your child’s school; and teer must be at least 18 years of age.                    The Office of School & Family Part-
to join some of the many groups at the For details on Commercial Background                     nerships develops and supports numer-
school, including the PTA or PTO, CAC, Checks and Commercial Fingerprint-                       ous initiatives to engage families and
School Improvement Team, and Hu-         Supported Background Checks, includ-                   community members in collaborative
man Relations Committee.                 ing how to apply, go to https://www.                   relationships with schools. The office
   Parents can also keep informed                                   sponsors parent involvement confer-
about school system news, events,                                                               ences, conducts countywide volunteer
and programs through AXIS, AACPS’                                                               training, develops parent workshops
                                         Parent & Community
weekly e-newsletter. AXIS is emailed                                                            and provides outreach to international
to all parents who supply an email ad-   Involvement
                                                                                                families, It also hosts five AACPS-TV
dress on their child’s Emergency Card    Parent and community involvement                       programs, Parent Connection, Parents
Verification Report.                     provide strong, positive forces in the                 Corner, Global Perspectives, Charla
   Parents can sign up to receive email academic success of students in Anne                    Educativa, and Nuestra Comunidad
alerts of news releases by subscribing   Arundel County Public Schools. Re-                     (Comcast Channels 96 & 996 HD,
online at the address below.             search has shown that students benefit                 Broadstripe Channels 96 & 496 HD,
   We take pride in our work to build    when parents, schools, and community                   and Verizon Channel 36 & 1961 HD.)
relationships with students, families    members work together collaboratively.                    For more information about any
and partners. To help our students       As a parent, there are many ways to                    of these programs, call the Office of
develop into caring, competent, and      be involved in your child’s education.                 School & Family Partnerships at
contributing citizens, every member      Here are a few:                                        410-222-5414.
of the AACPS family has a role to play      Join your PTA/PTO, CAC, SECAC,
in making meaningful contributions       School Improvement Team, or Human
to student growth. Volunteers are an     Relations Committee. Contact your
important part of the AACPS school       school for meeting times and dates.
community. By offering their time and
talent, volunteers can enrich the educa-
Find more online:   Keeping informed: | Chaperones/Volunteers:

Keeping Students Safe & Healthy
Bias Behavior, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, Sexual
Harassment & Intimidation [boe*]

The Board of Education is committed                   of rules related to bullying, cyberbul-                Cyberbullying
to providing students with a safe and                 lying, harassment, and intimidation,                   The use of electronic communication
orderly learning environment that is                  and bias behavior occur at the local                   to harm or harass others in a deliber-
free from bullying and cyberbullying,                 school to support this policy, reprisal or             ate, repeated, and hostile manner.
harassment, sexual harassment, and                    retaliation against individuals (victims,              Harassment
intimidation, and/or bias behaviors.                  witnesses, or bystanders) who report                   Perceived or actual experiences of
Processes for handling these behaviors                acts of bullying, cyberbullying, harass-               discomfort which adversely affects
are clearly defined in Board of Educa-                ment and intimidation, or bias behavior                a student’s ability to participate in or
tion Policies of Anne Arundel County                  is prohibited.                                         benefit from the school’s educational
Public Schools JCC Student Conduct,                      Bullying and cyberbullying, ha-                     programs or activities. It includes ac-
JCCA/JCCA-RA Bullying, Cyberbully-                    rassment, sexual harassment, and                       tual or perceived negative actions that
ing, Harassment, and Intimidation and                 intimidation, and/or bias behaviors are                offend, ridicule, or demean another
JO/JO-RA Bias Behavior and Language,                  unsafe behaviors that do not reflect                   individual with regard to race, na-
and the Anne Arundel County Public                    respect for others as defined by the                   tional origin, marital status, sex, sexual
Schools Student Handbook.                             Code of Student Conduct. If a student                  orientation, gender identity, religion,
   The Board of Education of Anne                     is a target of one of these behaviors,                 ancestry, physical attributes, socioeco-
Arundel County Public Schools del-                    parents or guardians, close relatives,                 nomic status, familial status, physical
egates authority to the Superintendent                and students can report this using the                 or mental ability, or disability.
to develop guidance and regulations for               Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation
ensuring that all schools follow Sec-                 Reporting Form, available on the web-                  Intimidation
tion 7-424.1 of the Education Article                 site or in the back of this handbook.                  Subjecting an individual to intentional
of the Annotated Code of Maryland.                    Students should also be encouraged                     action that seriously threatens and
The Superintendent shall designate                    to report directly to a staff member                   induces a sense of fear and/or inferior-
the Principal of each school to ensure                or administrator.                                      ity which adversely affects a student’s
that clear guidance and enforcement                                                                          ability to participate in or benefit from
                                                                                                             the school’s educational programs
                                                                                                             or activities.
Bias Behavior & Language                               Bullying
A Guide for Parents of Students Who                    It is important to understand the dif-    Sexual Harassment
Have Been Victims of Bias Behavior                     ference between bullying behavior         Conduct that is of a sexual nature is
defines bias behaviors sometimes                       and normal peer conflict.                 generally thought to mean actions,
referred to as prejudice or intolerance.                                                         language, or visual materials which
                                                       Bullying is behavior that is:             specifically refer to, portray, or involve
The brochure defines bias behaviors
and language as they are described in                   • Repeated, intentional behavior.        sexual activity or language. Conduct of
Board of Education policy and explain                   • Intentional.                           a sexual nature may include overt sex-
school system procedures and legal                      • Intended to harm. There is an intent ual solicitations, inappropriate touch-
concerns. It also addresses common                        to cause physical or emotional hurt. ing, sexual jokes, and inquiries about
feelings and behaviors your child may                                                            a person’s sex life. Sexual harassment
                                                        • Involves a power differential. One
experience, suggestions on ways to                                                               is the broader term that encompasses
                                                          child is more popular, bigger, or
help your child overcome any changes                                                             conduct of a sexual nature such as
                                                          older than another.
in behavior, and information on how                                                              unwelcomed sexual advances, requests
                                                        • Creates a hostile educational          for sexual favors, and other verbal or
we can help.
                                                          environment. Your child doesn’t        physical contact of a sexual nature.
   We encourage you to share this bro-
                                                          feel safe.                             Sexual harassment also includes acts
chure with your child and to contact
members of the Student Services Team                   Bullying behaviors are handled by         that are not overtly sexual but rather
at your child’s school for assistance.                 school personnel when they occur in       are directed at individuals based on
We care about the well-being of your                   school, during a school-related activity, their gender such as profanity or rude
child and stand ready to assist you and                on a school bus, or are substantially     behavior that is gender-specific.
your family.                                           disruptive to the orderly operation of
                                                       the school.
Getting Involved: | Anti-Bullying: | Reporting an incident:
                                                                                                                                           *[boe]—See Page 45

Bullying is not:                              in a timely manner and, if verified, will Medical & Health Issues
  • Unkind words that occur once.             be followed up by support from student
                                              services personnel for both the target    The School Health Room
  • Rough play that is not intended                                                     Each school is assigned a School Health
                                              and the student engaging in these
    to hurt.                                                                            Professional, who is a Registered Nurse,
                                              behaviors, to ensure that all students
  • A physical attack that is not part        feel safe and supported. The students     and a Health Assistant, who is certified
    of a pattern of behavior.                 involved will receive support from a      by the Maryland Board of Nursing as
  • Behavior that may be inappropriate school counselor, school psychologist,           both a Certified Nursing Assistant and
    to someone else, but that the student school social worker, pupil personnel         a Medication Technician and works
    to whom it is directed does not see       worker, or school health staff person     under the supervision of the School
    as hurtful; for example, name-call-       to be sure everyone involved feels safe   Health Professional. The School Health
    ing that all are participating in on      and supported and understands how to Professional may be shared among two
    an equal basis                            avoid these situations in the future.     to three local schools.
                                                 Parents/guardians, close relatives,       If your child needs to use the health
What You Can Do:                              and students can submit the Bullying,     room, he or she will be assessed for
  • If you or someone you know is a           Harassment and Intimidation Report-       illness or injury.
    target of one of these behaviors,         ing Form electronically via the Anne         The care provided will be based
    you can report it using the Bully-        Arundel County Schools website or by on the School Health Services First
    ing, Harassment, and Intimidation         utilizing the form located on (page 46) Aid Manual:
    Reporting Form, available in the          to report instances of these behaviors.     • The majority of health room visits
    Parent Handbook, on the AACPS                Please note that the relevant policy       are minor and are handled with
    website, at from the and regulation are currently under re-               basic first aid and comfort measures.
    main office, or the school counsel-       view and may be revised after publica-
                                                                                          • If the health room staff feel that the
    ing office. You can also tell a staff     tion of the Parent Handbook.
                                                                                            student is too ill to remain at school,
    member, who will respond quickly             This form is also available on the
                                                                                            the parent will be contacted to pick
    and provide a practical, private, and AACPS website and in a number of
                                                                                            up the student.
    safe place to report.                     locations in the school, including but
                                              not  limited to the main office and the     • Health room staff will contact
  • If you are being bullied, report early
                                                                                            parents whenever students request
    and often, tell a parent, a teacher, a school counseling office.
                                                                                            that their parents be called due
    counselor, or another staff member.
                                                                                            to a health concern.If emergency
    Calmly tell the student to stop or say Child Abuse & Neglect [boe*]
                                                                                            transportation is needed, 911 will be
    nothing and walk away and try not
                                              All educators, other school system            called, and the parents notified.
    to show anger or fear.
                                              employees, and volunteers with Anne
                                                                                          • The goal of the School Health Ser-
  • If you know someone who is being Arundel County Public Schools who
                                                                                            vices team is to return students to
    bullied, report early and often. If       have reason to believe that a child
                                                                                            class as soon as possible.
    you feel safe, tell the bully to stop. If has been subjected to physical abuse,
    you don’t feel safe, say kind words       sexual abuse, mental abuse, human         Administering Medication
    to the student being bullied. Be a        trafficking, or neglect are required by   To request that medication, prescription
    friend! Don’t encourage the bully by law to immediately report such sus-            or over-the-counter, be administered
    laughing or joining in. Tell other by- picions to the Department of Social          to your child during the school day at
    standers how to help stop bullying. Services (410-269-4500) or to the police. school, you must complete a
    Tell an adult. Encourage the bullied         All school system employees and vol- Parent’s Request to Administer Medi-
    student to talk to someone.               unteers receive training to recognize     cation at School form, which includes
                                              the  signs of child abuse and neglect and several stipulations and a signed order
Reporting an Incident
                                                                                        from a physician. The term medica-
When a student reports to a staff mem- what their responsibilities are under
                                              the  law.                                 tion refers to both prescription and
ber that the student is the target of bul-
                                                                                        non-prescription medicine. Prescrip-
lying, and/or cyberbullying, harassment,
                                                                                        tion medication must be brought in a
sexual harassment, and intimidation,
                                                                                        pharmacy-labeled container; over-the-
and/or bias behaviors, the staff member
                                                                                        counter medication must be brought in
will respond quickly and appropriately
                                                                                        the original, sealed container. Medica-
to investigate and intervene, making
                                                                                        tion cannot be administered to students
every effort to provide the student with
                                                                                        without this completed paperwork. For
a practical, safe, private, and age-appro-
                                                                                        your child’s safety, all medications must
priate way of reporting. Reports will be
                                                                                        be brought to school by an adult.
handled by the school administration

Find more online:   School Health Services: | Medication:

   The Parent’s Request to Administer              exterior cameras, parking lot cameras,              Parents are in a unique
Medication at School can be obtained               etc. Access to students and/or school
from your school health professional or            building may be temporarily limited
                                                                                                       position to influence the
downloaded from the website below.                 during security exercises or events.                health of their children
EpiPens, etc.
                                                   Suicidal Thoughts & Gestures [boe*]
                                                                                                       and they set the stage
(Stock auto-injectable epinephrine)
Stock auto-injectable epinephrine                  If school employees become aware that               for health behaviors,
(EpiPen) has been and continues to be
available in all Anne Arundel County
                                                   your child has implied, stated, written             provide reinforcement
                                                   about, or discussed (including through
Public School health suites for admin-             electronic communications) possible                 for such behavior, and
istration to students experiencing signs
and symptoms of anaphylaxis while at
                                                   suicide or makes suicidal gestures, they
                                                   will immediately report this informa-
                                                                                                       serve as emotional
school. Anaphylaxis is potentially life            tion to the principal as well as a student          supports in the behavior
threatening and may occur as a reac-               services staff person, who will talk
tion to insect stings, insect bites, foods,        with your child immediately and assess
                                                                                                       change process.
medications, and other allergens.                  the seriousness of the situation. You
   EpiPens are not sent on field trips.            will be ed to discuss the course of ac-
Parents of students with prescribed                tion to be taken and may be asked to
auto-injectable epinephrine must con-              take your child to be seen by a mental
tinue to provide the prescribed auto-              health provider. You will be provided
injectable epinephrine for use at school           with resources for additional guidance
and school-sponsored activities.                   and information and to help you in
   Please contact your school nurse                seeking such assistance.
with any questions or concerns.
                                                   School Wellness & Health
School Security
                                                   Anne Arundel County Public Schools
All visitors must enter through the main           and Anne Arundel County Depart-
doors and report directly to the main              ment of Health collaborate on a unified
office before going to any area of the             approach to support the Centers for
school building or grounds. Visitors may           Disease Control model of School Health
be required to request building access             and Wellness. Together a systematic
via an audio/intercom phone, state the             approach is designed to connect health
nature of the visit and provide photo              (physical, emotional, and social) with
identification prior to being granted en-          learning. That connection improves
try. Once in the main office, all visitors         children’s health and their capacity to
are required to present a government is-           learn through the support of families,
sued photo ID (driver’s license, passport,         communities, and the schools work-
military ID, etc.) and be entered into our         ing together. Parents are in a unique
visitor accountability system.                     position to influence the health of their
   If you are picking your child up                children and they set the stage for
early from school, you must complete               health behaviors, provide reinforce-
the sign-out process in the main office.           ment for such behavior, and serve as
Only parents, legal guardians, and                 emotional supports in the behavior
those on the emergency contact list                change process.
may pick a child up from school. School               The compoments of the Wellness
personnel will require photo identifica-           Policy with activities in AACPS as well
tion from anyone who comes to school               as suggested activities which can be
to pick up a child. Your cooperation               done at home are on provided page 12.
will help us provide a safe and orderly
environment for children and staff.
As required by law, public notice is
posted for buildings equipped with any
form of public video surveillance, i.e.,
entrance cameras, hallway cameras,

Emotional Wellness : | Wellness: | School security:
                                                                                                                                *[boe]—See Page 45

                       Components of the AACPS Wellness Policy
                         What we’re doing at school...                                                   How you can help at home...
Health Services          Caring for students with acute and chronic health conditions. Provid-           Attend routine well-visits with your child’s primary care physician.
410-222-6838             ing first aid, administering medications, and teaching and                      Contact the school nurse if your child has a health condition that
                         promoting health education.                                                     could interfere with their education.

Health Education         Students in elementary, middle and high school focus on building                Parents can and should model healthy behaviors which include but
410-222-5460             health literacy skills. Health Literacy refers to the ability to obtain, in-    are not limited to, making healthy decisions, setting healthy and
                         terpret, and understand basic health information and services which             attainable goals and practicing health enhancing behaviors (eating
                         can, in turn, be used to support the use of refusal skills, decision            a balanced diet, exercising on a regular basis and avoiding of the
                         making skills and promote advocacy.                                             use of of nicotine products, alcohol and other drugs.)

Physical Education       The undisputable evidence shows that the more active students are,              Exercise helps the body fight off simple illnesses; include active play
& Physical Activity      the better they perform academically. Teachers integrate “Brain-Boost”          in your child’s schedule as often as possible. Students should be
410-222-5460             activities into instruction and calling upon kinesthetic learning oppor-        encouraged to include at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous
                         tunities to enhance student achievement. Students receive at least 30           physical activity a day as prescribed by the Centers for Disease
                         minutes of physical education twice a week in elementary schools, at            Control and Prevention.
                         least 50 minutes in middle schools, and must graduate with one full
                         credit from high school.

Physical Environment     All new and replacement schools are constructed to meet LEED silver             Recycling, rain water collection, composting and using green
410-439-5658             certification. The most notable features in our LEED schools are an             cleaning products promotes sustainability in the home. Bike riding
                         increase in natural daylight, lighting controls, bike racks and rain            and walking to school on safe routes increases time in nature.
                         water management. Recycling, pest management and green cleaning
                         assist with keeping a safe and comfortable learning environment.
                         Natural outdoor instruction and recreation opportunities are provided
                         at many of our schools
Nutrition Environment    School Meals encourage healthy eating that focus on foods that are              Build a healthy eating environment at home. Be a role model by
& Services               nutritious, have great variety and appropriate portion size that taste great.   eating fruits and vegetables daily with meals and snacks. Encourage
410-222-5900             Students are encouraged to fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables    your child to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables. Visit a
                         from the self-service salad bar during school lunch. All schools offer salad    local farmers market and find a new fruit or vegetable you would
                         bars with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. School Meals also sup-       like to try. Try vegetables steamed, grilled or roasted. Physical
                         port local purchasing of fruits, vegetables, milk, protein and grains.          activity and healthier food at home can help make a positive impact
                                                                                                         while at school.
Employee Wellness        AACPS believes that the healthy lifestyle of staff sets a good example for Schedule your routine screenings. Move more and make exercise
410-222-5221             students and ultimately enhances the learning process. Wellness activi- fun. Plan meals for you and your family. Prioritize good sleep
                         ties and programs for staff are offered at the system and school level.    (7-8 hours a night). Develop positive coping skills, such as
                                                                                                    meditation, to manage stress.

Counseling,              Classroom, small group, and individual instruction and/or counseling            Reach out to your child’s school counselor, school psychologist,
Psychological & Social   provide students with the attitudes, knowledge and skills that support          school social worker, pupil personnel worker, or school nurse for
Work, & Pupil Services   regular school attendance and positive behaviors for school success.            resources and strategies that you can use at home to support your
410-222-5325                                                                                             child’s emotional and physical well-being.

Family Engagement        Encouraging students in community service projects that encourage               Make a point of incorporating physical activity into your family tradi-
410-222-5414             physical activity.                                                              tions. Go for pre and post dinner walks. Plan to walk or run for charity.

Community                Establishing partnerships with community members, businesses, and               Ask questions and be active in your school and community. By be-
Involvement              organizations to support healthy initiatives for students and staff             ing active in your school and the community, you can be a change
410-222-5414             within the school and outside of the school building.                           agent and make a difference.

Social & Emotional       School wide programming supports a positive school climate.                     Talk to your child about the events at school and encourage their
Climate                  Through the use of advisory lessons, cultural events, and whole                 participation. A strong home-school connection can help foster
410-222-5280             school initiatives, schools cultivate a safe and supportive learning            healthy social and emotional development.
                         environment for all students.

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