Adult Education CLASS SCHEDULE - SPRING 2019

Adult Education CLASS SCHEDULE - SPRING 2019

   SPRING 2019

     Registration begins January 28, 2019
Adult Education CLASS SCHEDULE - SPRING 2019
Dear Santa Clara Community,

Happy New Year! As we start the 2019 calendar year, it seems like
a perfect time to discuss new beginnings. In the spirit of the new
year, Santa Clara Adult Education (SCAE) is expanding offerings to
our community. There are several new Career Technical programs
that provide expedited transition from training to work, additional
Parent Education classes at the Family Resource Center and added
counseling support for students pursuing a High School Diploma. Also, we have
expanded our health and fitness options to include new Yoga and Cross Training classes.

To learn more about SCAE programs and how we can support your individual goals, you
are invited to attend:

            Open Campus Thursdays Informational Tours
                              12pm and 5:30pm Weekly
By attending you will gain:
  • Knowledge on the wide range of interesting courses offered by SCAE;
  • Information on new, short term, employment training programs;
  • A chance to meet current students who have been successful;
  • Awareness of volunteer opportunities available on campus;
  • Important information on how to advance your life goals.

Santa Clara Adult Education (SCAE) looks forward to assisting each one of you to
achieve your new year’s resolution, whether it be to pursue fitness goals or to learn a
new skill or hobby. Opportunities to become your best self this year abound at SCAE!

Be well,
Brenda Carrillo
Director, Educational Options

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Spring 2019 •

Accounting .............................................. 44      ESL .............................................. 56, 58-60
Adult Basic Education/High School                                 Fitness and Health................................ 21-31
  Equivalency/High School Diploma......56, 57                     High Tech Academy ............................ 50, 51
Career and Technical Training .............. 36-48                Index ................................................. 66-68
Computers, PC .............................. 11, 38-41            Maps .................................................. 61-63
CPR & First Aid..........................................31       Office Skills Training Program ............... 38-41
Enrichment Classes................................ 2-21           Online Courses...........................................52
  Art of Woodworking.............................. 2-7            Parenting ............................................54, 55
  Crafts......................................................8   Registration ....................................... 70, 71
  Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting.................9, 10                Skills Plus................................................. 53
  Cooking ..........................................10, 11        Family Child Education-Early Education
  Gardening .............................................12          Programs...............................................53
  Language ....................................... 12-14
  Money Management ........................ 15-17
  Music .............................................18, 19
  Photography.................................... 19-21
  Writing .................................................21

                     See index for specific course titles at end of catalog.
                            Registration Instructions on page 70.

                                         Fully accredited by
                                         the schools commission of the Western
                                         Association of Schools and Colleges.

                            Key to Class Notations
                      Day           Time                 Site      Date         Sess.              Fee
                      M           7-10 pm               Rm F1      5/20           6               $65+

                   Day              Time            Location       Start     No. of            Fee+ =
                                                                   Date      Sessions          Lab Fee

Spring 2019 •

                                  Enrichment Classes*
    Learning with a Personal Touch – For Those Curious Enough To Take Action

                                                               Hand and Basic Power Tools – Part I*
        Send Us a Proposal                                     This class is perfect for beginners who want to
    Santa Clara Adult Education program is always              experience using hand tools for repairs around the
    looking for new ideas and classes. If you are              house and yard. We all practice the use of basic
    interested in teaching a class for our Enrichment          power tools by making samples of several small
    program, and have professional or teaching ex-             items. All material will be furnished. Please wear
    perience in your field, we would be interested in          short-sleeved shirts/t-shirts. No open-toed shoes.
    reviewing your proposal for future consideration.          Woman are strongly urged to attend. This class will
    The broad areas that we look at are content,               especially prepare you for our Furniture and Design
                                                               Class and is highly recommended. Materials
    instructor qualifications and marketability. We
    are presently looking for instructors/presenters
                                                               Instructor: Hecker
    for the following subjects: woodshop, dance,
    science, environment, cooking, social studies and          Day         Time       Site      Date Sess. Fee
    current events. Please email Rachael Peterson              T       6:30-9:30pm   Buc/F3     3/5    1    $55
    ( and you will be sent a               Hand and Basic Power Tools – Part II*
    class proposal form.
                                                               This class expands upon what is learned in Part
                                                               1. We will focus exclusively on all the power tools
                                                               in our workshop; Table saw, band saw, routers
         ART OF WOODWORKING                                    and the drill press. These tools make the art of
                                                               woodworking more efficient, fun and also open up
NEW Self Directed (Open) Woodshop*                             the opportunity to build larger projects. Materials
This open shop is for use by experienced and                   included. Please wear short sleeved shirts/ tee
well-qualified woodworkers. Please contact Ward                shirts. No open toed shoes. Women are strongly
Bingham 408-605-1636 if registering for the first              encouraged to attend. Materials provided.
time. Adult Ed has a fully equipped and maintained             Instructor: Hecker
woodshop. Two sawstop table saws, 3 band saws,                 Day         Time       Site      Date Sess. Fee
3 router tables, mortising machine, large planner,             T       6:30-9:30pm   Buc/F3     3/12   1    $60
6 + 13 inch joiners horizontal boring machine, 2
heavy duty drill presses, disk sander, spindle sand-           NEW Fundamentals of Woodworking*
er, 3 tool grinders, 4 large lathes, 4 small lathes,           This is a comprehensive entry-level woodworking
paint room and more! For experienced woodwork-                 class for beginners and/or as a refresher for people
ers who do not need assistance from instructor.                who have done woodworking in the past. This class
The instructor’s purpose in this class is to                   will stress wood shop safety and the safe operation
maintain a safe working environment.You may be                 of the power tools in the shop. A simple project will
observed from time to time and may be asked to                 be constructed to use 85% of the power tools in
stop any work that the instructor deems unsafe.                the wood shop. This class will prepare you for our
                                                               Self-Directed Woodshop, and for Joinery classes.
Open House and Drop-by Hours: see website
                                                               More information:
for more details.
                                                               Instructor: Truhe
*Class meets both Fridays and Saturdays. Friday
classes meet 6:00-10:00pm and Saturday classes                 Day        Time        Site       Date Sess.   Fee
meet 11:00am-9:00pm                                            Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   2/9-2/10 2      $200
                                                               Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   3/16-3/17 2     $200
Day         Time              Date              Weeks   Fee    Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   4/27-4/28 2     $200
F/Sa     See Above*         2/1-2/23              4     $165   Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   5/18-5/19 2     $200
F/Sa     See Above*         3/1-3/30              5     $212   Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   6/15-6/16 2     $200
F/Sa     See Above*         4/5-4/27              4     $165   Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   7/13-7/14 2     $200
F/Sa     See Above*         5/3-5/25              4     $165   Sa/Su    8am-4pm      Buc/F3   8/10-8/11 2     $200
F/Sa     See Above*         5/31-6/29             5     $212
                                                               Attendees to the following classes must wear
                                                               safety glasses, short-sleeved shirts and covered
                                                               toes (no sandals or flip-flops). We have safety
         Please keep checking our                              glasses that can be used or new ones available
                                                               for $3.00. For those with dust allergies we will
                website at                                     have available dust masks at $2.50 each.
       for updates and new classes.

2      *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                           Enrichment Classes*
Furniture Design and Woodworking*                           Build a Console/Hall Table*
Take advantage of our fully equipped shop. Our              We will build a long and narrow table, approxi-
shop boasts several table saws including three              mately three feet long and one foot wide featuring
SawStop Table Saws along with two additional                long tapered legs, quality mortise and tenon
mini-lathes, air-filtration and much more. Learn            joinery. The contruction methods practiced making
to safely operate all major tools in the shop along         this project are appropriate for making many styles
with the assortment of power tools and hand tools           and sizes of tables, chairs and other furniture.
used to mill stock for preparation and construction         See photo on website. For more information:
of projects of your choosing. Gain skills and build
confidence in woodworking and furniture building            Instructor: Hecker
along with knowledge needed to select wood you              Day      Time         Site    Date Sess. Fee
supply for projects selected. No prior experience           Th     9am-12pm       Buc/F3 5/16-6/20 6 $160
required, all skill levels welcome. Safe and proper
operation of tools and machinery stressed through-          Router Table – Enhanced*
out the term.                                               In this 2-day class you will build a router table for
Mandatory Attendance: All new students must                 your shop. Installing your router in this router table
attend safety session Tues 2/12 from 6:30-9:30pm.           will increase its usefulness well beyond using it as
Please sign up for class #215701 listed under Safety        a hand-held tool. This will be a moderately upgrad-
Session on-line. Also must attend first two classes to      ed router table that will save space in the average
finish safety session project.                              home shop, as it can be put away when not in use.
Registration: Register early class numbers are              It will have a 20” x 24” table top with a melamine
limited and classes are extremely popular. No               finish. A cutout for an insert plate will be made to
refunds, transfers or credits. Choose carefully.            accommodate an industry standard 9.25” x 11.75”
Day       Time         Site    Date Sess. Fee               router plate (not included*). The base frame will
T      9am-12pm       Buc/F3 2/26-5/7 10 $200               be built out of ¾” high grade plywood. You will
Instructor: Zamora                                          be wiring up a built in electrical junction box con-
W     6:30-9:30pm     Buc/F3 2/27-5/8 10         $200       taining a switch and duplex outlet that your router
Instructor: Shortt                                          will plug into. Melamine edge banding around the
Th     9am-12pm       Buc/F3 2/28-5/9 10         $200       table top will be included to give the top a finished
Instructor: Hecker                                          appearance. The router table will also include a
Th    6:30-9:30pm     Buc/F3 2/28-5/9 10         $200       sturdy movable fence with slotted grooves and hold
Instructor: Zamora                                          down clamp knobs to aid in positioning your work
W     6:30-9:30pm     Buc/F3 6/26-8/28 10        $200
                                                            piece on the table. In the class we will discuss
Instructor: Hecker
                                                            various routers that you can purchase along with
Furniture Design and Woodworking                            their pro/con features to suit your individual work
Advanced                                                    requirements.
Summer session limited to returning students                * A blank shop-made insert plate can be made
only! Students must have taken Woodshop class               (extra cost) at the conclusion of the class which
at Santa Clara Adult Education. An extension for            you can machine to accommodate your particular
those who wish to further develop woodworking               router.
skills and understanding. Safety procedures and             Questions:
proper operation of tools stressed. Students furnish        Instructor: Truhe
own materials. Class size is limited. Absolutely            Day     Time          Site   Date Sess. Fee
no refunds, transfers, or credits. Pre-registration         Sa/Su 9am-4pm         Buc/F3 2/2, 2/3 2 $255
required. Class is 6 weeks only.
Instructor: Zamora, Shortt, Hecker
Day        Time        Site     Date Sess.       Fee
T       9am-12pm      Buc/F1 5/14-6/18 6         $120
W      6:30-9:30pm    Buc/F1 5/15-6/19 6         $120
Th     6:30-9:30pm    Buc/F1 5/16-6/20 6         $120

                                                                              *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.   3
Spring 2019 •

                                 Enrichment Classes*
                                                           Joinery #4, Dovetail Joints in Wood*
                                                           The first project will be blind dovetails of the kind
                                                           you would find in the front of any good-quality
                                                           sliding drawer. Following this we will switch to
                                                           another type of jig to build through dovetails. These
                                                           have good strength and add decorative features as
                                                           well as strength to the corners of large boxes and
                                                           cabinets. To accomplish this we will be using both
                                                           hand-held and table routers. We will be showing
                                                           samples and discussing other types of manufactur-
                                                           ing equipment, as well as hand-cut dovetails. For
                                                           questions email:
        ART OF WOODWORKING                                 Instructor: Hecker
Joinery #1, Basic*                                         Day       Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
In this 6 hour class you will make several of the          Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3     2/23   1   $115
                                                           Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3      6/1   1   $115
most common wood joints used in furniture,
                                                           Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3     8/24   1   $115
cabinets, boxes, and other useful projects. You
will make butt joints, edge joints, lap joints, miter      NEW Introduction to Finishing*
joints, biscuit joints, rabbet joints, and dado joints     Do you wonder what to do at the last stage of a
using the table saw, chop saw, and miscellaneous           project — creating the finished surface people
hand tools. Included will be a discussion of more          see and feel? Finishing is as important as stock
advanced-type joinery including box joints, dovetail,      selection or joinery, and deserves just as much
along with mortise and tenon. For questions:               thought. You’ve put a lot of effort into building                                     something. Now learn how to protect and show off
Instructor: Hecker                                         your project. This class takes you from sandpaper
Day        Time             Site         Date Sess. Fee    to final finish.
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3        2/16   1   $105   Come prepared to get your hands dirty (actually,
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3         5/4   1   $105   we wear gloves). You’ll work with several finishes,
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3        8/17   1   $105   preparing sample boards that will serve as your
Joinery #2, Basic*                                         references when you’re ready to finish your next
In this 6 hour class you will make sliding dovetail        project. Materials included. For questions email:
joints, mortise and tenon, saddle/bridle, cross  
lap, half lap miter, glue joints, and pocket screw         Instructor: Hecker
joints. Power tools including mortising machine,           Day       Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
table saw, table router, and miscellaneous jigs and        Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3     3/30   1   $150
accessories will be used throughout this course.           Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3      6/8   1   $150
For questions:                      Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3      8/3   1   $150
Instructor: Hecker                                         Krenov Plane*
Day        Time             Site         Date Sess. Fee    James Krenov, who passed away several years
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3         3/9   1   $105   ago, was a master craftsman and teacher. He
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3        6/22   1   $105   established a degree program for professional
Joinery #3, Box Joints in Wood*                            woodworkers at the College of the Redwoods in
Students will learn how to make box joints and             Fort Bragg, CA. One of the first student projects
finger joints that are used to build small and mid-        there is a wooden finish plane of his design.
size joints of substantial strength. Each student will     In this class, you will make a similar plane that
be making several joints on our standard shop jig.         uses the same iron that Ron Hock developed for
Next, we will build a jig for you to take home and         Mr. Krenov. We will also discuss plane design and
use on your own saw. With this jig we will build a         sharpening. Students will leave the class with a
box with strong corners. Discussions will be held to       fully functional finished plane. Materials included.
show you the assembly, gluing and rough finishing          Instructor: Hecker
the box. For questions email:                              Day       Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee                                     Sa      9am-3pm       Buc/F3     5/11   1   $200
Instructor: Hecker
Day        Time             Site         Date Sess. Fee
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3        4/13   1   $115
Sa       9am-3pm           Buc/F3        7/20   1   $115

4     *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                          Enrichment Classes*
  Learning with a Personal Touch – For Those Curious Enough To Take Action
The following classes are designed for                     Most of the following classes require
first-time woodworkers. No experience                      some woodworking experience. Please
needed, however, experienced                               email instructor Larry Truhe to determine
woodworkers are welcome.                                   your level:
Short Courses in Wood Working                              Wine Rack
Learn basics in each class, which will lead to             In this class we will be building a small 8 bottle
more complex projects.                                     wine rack that can sit on a counter top. Building
NEW Wood Carving, Classical*                               the project will require an intermediate skill level.
                                                           Along with the table saw we will be using the
This class will get you acquainted with tools and          jointer, planer, band saw, router table with pattern
techniques of classical wood carving. We will              bits, and pocket screw joinery.
discuss sharpening and maintenance of tools,
                                                           You will learn how to create stylized advanced pan-
acquiring materials, setting up a work space and
                                                           el joinery. The unit will consist of 3 rows of open
different wood species suitable for carving. Our
                                                           racks with a solid top shelf. Its overall dimensions
project will be an Acanthus leaf in Bas Relief out of
                                                           are 13 ½” (W), 19 ½” (H) and 9” (D). Class size
Black Walnut. Wood carving is the perfect antidote
                                                           is limited to 8 students. Questions: catruhes@
for our fast paced, techno society.
                                                  See picture on website
Instructor: Ross
                                                           Instructor: Truhe
Day       Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
                                                           Day     Time         Site     Date Sess. Fee
Sa       10-2pm       Rm H2      2/9    1    $55
                                                           T        6-10pm       Buc/F3 7/16-7/30 3 $220
Sa       10-2pm       Rm H2      4/13   1    $55
Sa       10-2pm       Rm H2       6/8   1    $55
                                                           Kid’s Chair Set
NEW Step Stool/Sitting Bench*                              This colorful chair set will be a welcome addition
This class is perfect for beginners. We will build a       for your child’s or grandchild’s play room. You
simple wooden non-folding step stool. All materials        will be building four uniquely decorated chairs
provided. Please wear short sleeved shirt/t-shirt          with fun animal outlines. They will be painting in
and closed toed shoes. Women strongly encour-              brightly colored animal themes that will appeal to
aged to attend. Learn multi joinery techniques.            all children. These chairs are sturdy and will last
Instructor: Truhe                                          many years.
                                                           Building this chair set will require using many of
Day       Time         Site     Date Sess. Fee
                                                           the tools in our woodworking shop, including table
M     6:30-9:30pm     Buc/F3 3/11-3/18 2    $90
                                                           saw, band saw, jointer, planer and sanders. All
Cutting Board; Simple*                                     materials as well as paints are included in the
We will do all cutting and prep work the first class       class enrollment fee.
and put it together in the second class. Learn how         Beginner woodworkers are welcome. It would
to use a tablesaw, miter, planer and jointer. Cutting      be beneficial if you’ve taken the Hand and Basic
board material will be walnut and maple laminated          Power Tools Part II safety course prior to enroll-
together to form a standard-sized cutting board            ing. Please sign up early as class size is limited.
or smaller cutting board with handle that can be 
used as a serving tray which is food safe. Materials       Instructor: Truhe
provided. Women strongly encouraged to attend.             Day       Time         Site    Date Sess. Fee
Learn how to use a table saw, miter, planer and            M        6-10pm       Buc/F3 2/4-2/25 4   $260
jointer. See sample on website.
Instructor: Truhe
Day  Time      Site            Date Sess. Fee
M 6:30-9:30pm Buc/F3          4/1-4/8 2    $75
Lathe for Woodworking*
Lathes are used to make ornamental items such as
bowls, plates, lamps and pieces used in designing
fine furniture. You will learn the basics of using a
lathe by making 2 slim line pens. You are supplied
with all necessary material. Fun and easy to learn.
Instructor: Hecker
Day    Time          Site       Date     Sess. Fee
T   6:30-10pm       Buc/F3      4/23       1    $55

                                                                             *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.   5
Spring 2019 •

                                Enrichment Classes*
                                                        size is limited to 8 students. Intermediate Level
       ART OF WOODWORKING                               Woodworker. See picture on website. catruhes@
Router Table - Ultra                                    Instructor: Truhe
In this 3 day class you will build a sturdy full        Day       Time         Site     Date Sess. Fee
featured router table for your shop. It will be a       M       6-9:30pm      Buc/F3 4/22-4/29 2   $160
floor standing router table complete with accessory
drawers, miter track rail, an innovative lockable       NEW Finger Joint Keepsake Box*
caster base system for easy movement as well as         This stylish finger joint jewelry box will make a
additional and various other options. This should       perfect keepsake gift. Building this small 5 x 8” box
be the last router table that you’ll ever need.         with a contrasting material lid will require an inter-
The table will have a 1 ½” thick top with 27” x 32”     mediate level of woodworking experience. We will
dimensions. The top will have a melamine surface        be using a finger joint fixture on the table saw to
and edge banding. A cutout for an insert plate will     cut the corner joints for this project. Highly figured
be made to accommodate an industry standard             hardwood materials will be used. Material cost is
9.25” x 11.75” router plate (not included*). The        included in the enrollment fee. Class size will be
base frame will be built out of ¾” high grade           limited to 10 students. Women are encouraged to
plywood with 4x4 legs. You will be wiring up a built    enroll.Questions: See
in electrical junction box containing a switch and      picture on website.
duplex outlet that your router will plug into.          Instructor: Truhe
The router table will also include a sturdy movable     Day  Time      Site             Date Sess. Fee
fence with slotted grooves and hold down clamp          M 6:30-9:30pm Buc/F3          5/6-5/20 3   $135
knobs to aid in positioning your work piece on the
table.                                                  End Grain Cutting Board
A sample of this router table will be on display        This is a professional grade cutting board that
in the workshop during late January and early           is also very attractive with its multi variety wood
February for your review. Class size will be limited    pattern. We start by making a typical cutting board
to 6 students.                                          similar to those that are made in our Basic Cutting
A table top cap can be added as an option that will     Board class. These basic cutting boards are then
allow this router table to serve as a medium sized      combined with 7 to 8 similar boards and cut in a
workbench.                                              unique way to produce an impressive final product.
In the class we will discuss various routers that you   Overall size is approximately 11 x 16 inches.
can purchase along with their pro/con features to       Intermediate or above skill level required. It would
suit your individual work requirements.                 be helpful if you’ve already taken the basic cutting
* A blank shop-made insert plate can be made            board woodworking class. Beyond the tools
at extra cost at the conclusion of the class that       required to make a basic cutting board, you will
you can machine to accommodate your particular          be learning how to combine various wood patterns
router.                          with zero glue lines and the use of very slow set
Instructor: Truhe                                       glues. All materials and supplies will be provided.
Day      Time              Site     Date Sess. Fee
                                                        See website for picture of a finished product. Inter-
Sa/Su/M 6-10pm            Buc/F3 3/23-3/25 3   $395
                                                        mediate Level Woodworker. catruhes@sbcglobal.
Desktop Shelving Rack                                   Instructor: Truhe
In this class we will be building a stylish corner      Day       Time         Site    Date Sess. Fee
shelving unit that can set on a desktop to hold         M        6-10pm       Buc/F3 6/3-6/24 4   $205
miscellaneous items that typically clutter the desk.
Building the project will require an intermediate
skill level. Along with the table saw we will be
using dado and rabbet joinery, router table, jointer,
planer and miter accessories. The shelf unit will
be made of maple with walnut accents, or for an
additional fee you can substitute walnut with a ma-
ple accent. The unit will consist of 7 shelves, each
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approximately 7” square, with a total height of 30”.              and “Like”
Material is included in the fee for the maple option;
the walnut version will require an additional $25              Santa Clara Adult
fee, payable at the beginning of the class. Class                 Education

6    *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                             Enrichment Classes*
NEW Jewelry Box - 2 Drawer - Using the                      Drawing – All Levels*
Band Saw*                                                   All skill levels welcome. Learn the basics of working
Make a beautiful and unique walnut jewelry box              with graphite (pencil) on paper. The beginning
with free-formed flowing lines. This jewelry box            student will learn the fundamentals of composition,
features 2 pull out drawers with contrasting                perspective, and how to render convincing 3D
hardwood maple handles. In building this, you               images using light and shadow. Continuing, and ad-
will be making extensive use of the band saw for            vanced, students will continue to develop the basic
cutting compound curves, sanding of radiused                skills and have the opportunity to work with new
surfaces using the spindle and disc sanders and             tools, such as conte crayon, silverpoint, charcoal, or
edge finishing on the router table. Class size will         pen and ink. A supply list will be discussed the first
be limited to 8 students. Women are encouraged              class meeting. Questions? Contact Janine Sahm at
to enroll. Material cost is included in the enrollment
fee. See picture on website.                                Instructor: Sahm
Prerequisite: Beginner to intermediate woodwork-            Day   Time       Site   Date Sess. Fee
ing skills.                          M   12:15-2:15pm Rm H2 2/25-5/6 10 $118
Instructor: Truhe                                           No Class 4/15
                                                            M     12:15-2:15pm Rm H2 5/20-7/29 10                      $118
Day     Time         Site      Date   Sess. Fee             No Class 5/27
M      6-10pm       Buc/F3   7/15-7/29 3    $185
                                                            Drawing to Painting*
Golf Cart
                                                            A solid foundation in drawing can lead to more
The perfect gift for the golfer in your family. Build       successful painting. This class introduces the
this detailed model golf cart with a set of clubs. It       student to both drawing and painting and how
is constructed from a combination of walnut and             they work together. Fundamental topics to be
maple hardwood material. The finished product is            covered in class are basic shapes, value, color
approximately 9” long.                                      theory, basic techniques for graphite and painting
Building it will require using many of the tools in         medium of your choice (watercolor, acrylic, and oil),
our well- equipped woodworking shop including ta-           perspective, composition, and more. Beginners will
ble saw, band saw, routers, power sanders, jointer,         start with basic exercises and a directed project.
planer, scroll saw and drill press. All materials are       More advanced students will further develop their
included in the class enrollment fee. catruhes@             skills and/or supplement what they already know. Intermediate Level Woodworker.               Advanced students can also use this class as studio                                      time to work, ask questions, get guidance, and to be
Instructor: Truhe                                           inspired and supported. Supply list will be discussed
Day       Time          Site    Date Sess. Fee              the first night of class. If you have questions please
M        6-10pm        Buc/F3 8/5-8/19 3   $190             email Ms. Sahm at FencingMastersProgram@
                                                            Instructor: Sahm
                    FINE ARTS
                                                            Day   Time           Site         Date Sess. Fee
Acrylic and Oil Painting*                                   Th 6:30-8:30pm      Rm H2       2/28-5/9 10 $150
All levels welcome. Mini lectures will be given             No Class 4/18
                                                            Th 6:30-8:30pm      Rm H2       5/23-8/1        10         $150
on such topics as color theory, palette organiza-
                                                            No Class 7/4
tion, composition, and more. Individual instruction
and guidance will be given on students’ specific            Oil Painting – For All Levels*
projects. A supply list will be discussed the first
                                                            Explore the basic techniques of oil painting: color
day of class. Questions? Contact Janine Sahm at
                                                            mixing and application. Lots of teacher demonstra-
                                                            tions! Landscapes, seascapes and floral painting
Instructor: Sahm
                                                            emphasized. Supply list given 1st day of classes.
Day  Time             Site      Date Sess. Fee              Instructor: Dixon
T 6:30-9:30pm        Rm H2    2/26-5/7 10 $165
                                                            Day  Time            Site         Date Sess. Fee
No Class 4/16
                                                            M 10am-12pm         Rm H2       2/25-5/6 10 $108
T     6:30-9:30pm    Rm H2 5/21-7/23 10          $165
                                                            No Class 4/15
                                                            M    10am-12pm      Rm H2 5/20-7/29 10                     $108
                                                            No Class 5/27

                                                                              *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.     7
Spring 2019 •

                                 Enrichment Classes*
                                                        Introduction to Mosaic Art
                                                        This Beginner Mosaic class is a great introduction
                                                        to Mosaics! This 5 week course will cover many
                                                        different materials and you will create up to 2 class
                                                        projects. $40 materials fee payable first day of
                                                        class. We will focus on basic designs for mosaics,
                                                        using different types of materials, tools and surfac-
                                                        es. You will learn to cut glass, break plates and tile.
                      FINE ARTS                         Instructor: Morales
Watercolor/Pen and Ink*                                 Day       Time          Site   Date Sess. Fee
                                                        W       6:30-9pm       Rm H2 3/6-4/3 5    $120
We will explore two mediums – watercolor and
pen and ink – both individually and how they can        Mosaic Face Planter Class
be worked together. Students can work solely in         Design your own face or someone else’s on a
watercolor or pen and ink, or they can combine          garden planter. $30 materials fee payable first day
the mediums. Watercolor techniques, such as dry         of class. You will learn to use the basic techniques
brush, wet on wet, over washes and texture will         needed to create an extraordinary mosaic artwork
be demonstrated and practiced. The possibilities        from plain, ordinary and easily accessed materials.
of pen and ink will be explored. You will learn how
                                                        Instructor: Morales
to make a variety of lines with different materials
in order to build rich drawings. Watercolor can be      Day       Time          Site   Date Sess. Fee
used to tint pen and ink drawings, or pen and ink       W       6:30-9pm       Rm H2 5/1-5/15 3    $75
can be used to enhance and give structure to a
                                                        Mosaic Tree of Life Class
watercolor. A supply list will be discussed the first
day of class. Questions? Contact Ms. Sahm at            Create a perfect Tree of Life using a variety of                      Mosaic Materials including glass, plates, tile etc.
                                                        $30 materials fee payable first day of class. You
Instructor: Sahm
                                                        will learn how to cut glass, break plates and design
Day   Time               Site          Date Sess. Fee   your perfect Tree of Life Mosaic.
T   9am-12pm            Rm H2        2/26-5/7 10 $165   Instructor: Morales
No Class 4/16
                                                        Day       Time          Site   Date Sess. Fee
T     9am-12pm          Rm H2 5/21-7/23 10       $165   W       6:30-9pm       Rm H2 5/22-6/5 3    $75
Drawing and Watercolor – All Levels*
Students will learn the basic skills of drawing and                 NATURAL SCIENCE
watercolor. Students will explore color mixing and
application, composition and detail. Many detailed      NEW Astronomy for Beginners*
demonstrations will be provided. We will explore        Fascinated and perplexed by the night sky? Want
the drawing and watercolor as it applies to sea-        to know more about what you are seeing? Then
scapes, landscapes and florals. Materials list will     this class is for you! In this class, we will explore
be provided at 1st. class.                              astronomy and learn about objects in the solar
Instructor: Dixon                                       system and amazing astronomical events that
Day  Time                Site          Date Sess. Fee   occur on a regular basis. You will develop a richer,
W 10am-12pm             Rm H2        2/27-5/8 10 $120   deeper appreciation and understanding of the night
No Class 4/17                                           sky and be able share your learnings with family
W     10am-12pm         Rm H2 5/22-7/24 10       $120   and friends.
No Class 7/4                                            We will cover observational astronomy, which will
                                                        allow you to identify objects in the sky, understand
                        CRAFTS                          the phases of the moon, why we have seasons,
                                                        how the sun shines and what you should expect to
                                                        see with binoculars and telescopes. Materials Fee
Mosaic Valentine Heart Class                            $5 payable to instructor for an electronic version
Come and create a unique Valentine Heart for            (USB flash drive) of the class presentation and
yourself or someone you love. $25 materials fee         related materials.
payable at first class. We will use a variety of
                                                        Instructor: Mishra
materials to make a one of a kind heart.
Instructor: Morales                                     Day     Time         Site        Date     Sess. Fee
                                                        T       6-9pm       Rm D6        2/12       1    $50
Day        Time             Site   Date Sess. Fee       T       6-9pm       Rm D6        4/30       1    $50
W        6:30-9pm          Rm H2 2/6-2/13 2    $50

8     *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                          Enrichment Classes*
NEW Astrophysics for Everyone*                            Sewing Circle **
When you gaze up at the night sky is your sense of        Need help and encouragement to finish that “un-
awe met with a desire to understand what you are          finished item”? Come join a wonderful group and
seeing? What exactly are those celestial bodies?          have fun while you work on a special project–soft
Do they move? Are they shrinking or expanding?            dolls/toys, sewing, quilting, crocheting, embroidery,
Are they alive? Why do they appear as points              etc. See what others are doing; get great ideas.
of light to us? How does one actually study and           Beginners through advanced welcome–basic craft
measure such far away objects? Astrophysics for           skills recommended. Sewing machines available.
Everyone is a class that delves into the underlying       Instructor: Sjostrom
structure and forces that make up the Universe.           Day    Time           Site         Date Sess. Fee
This non-technical class begins with the role of          T   10am-12pm        Rm I1       2/26-3/26 5   $82
matter and energy in the formation of the elegant         T   10am-12pm        Rm I1        4/2-5/7  5   $82
Universe. We learn how clouds of gases and dust           No Class 4/16
give rise to stars, planets and solar systems.            T    10am-12pm       Rm I1       5/21-6/25        6         $98
Particular attention is paid to the Sun: how is it
powered? and how it will eventually die. Additional       Sewing 101*
topics include the Big Bang and the creation of           Learn to sew the simple way– yes, that’s correct.
the Universe, the power of gravity, how we search         By creating samples and making small items one
for exoplanets that we’re finding almost every day,       can learn techniques to be used over and over
galaxies, black holes, supernovae, dark matter and        again; in clothing, home décor, garment alterations
energy. The course concludes with current theories        and quilting. The new sewing student will learn the
about the multiverse and the “Theory of Every-            basics of hand and machine sewing and how to
thing”. Questions:                      navigate the fabric store. Students are encouraged
Instructor: Mishra                                        to bring their own machines and supplies which
                                                          they will learn to use to their fullest. For those
Day  Time            Site       Date     Sess. Fee
                                                          who do not have their own, class machines are
T 6:30-9:30pm       Rm D6       3/19       1    $50
                                                          available. A detailed materials list will be discussed
T 6:30-9:30pm       Rm D6       5/14       1    $50
                                                          at the first class. Class size is limited. No transfers,
                                                          refunds, or credits.
 SEWING/KNITTING/CROCHETING                               Instructor: Sjostrom
                                                          Day    Time           Site         Date Sess. Fee
Quilting Studio – Basics and Beyond **                    Th     6-9pm         Rm I1       2/28-3/28 5  $120
Come and share the joy of quilting–learn a few            Th     6-9pm         Rm I1        4/4-5/9  5  $120
new tricks, share your quilting experiences with          No Class 4/18
others, get creative ideas for current and future         Th     6-9pm         Rm I1       5/23-6/27        6         $144
projects. Enjoy an afternoon with fellow enthusias-
                                                          Sewing 102*
tic quilters – all levels welcome. Work at your own
pace. Jump in and try something new!                      Now that you have completed Sewing 101, you’re
                                                          ready for this continuation class where you can
Instructor: Sjostrom
                                                          put your new skills to good use. In the first class
Day    Time          Site      Date Sess. Fee             you will be learning how to take measurements
T     12-2pm        Rm I1    2/26-3/26 5   $82            and how to select the correct size pattern. New
T     12-2pm        Rm I1     4/2-5/7  5   $82            sewing techniques will be covered. Your project
No Class 4/16
                                                          will be making pajama bottoms. Please register in
T     12-2pm        Rm I1    5/21-6/25    6      $98
                                                          advance to assure a space. Class size limited. No
                                                          transfers, credits or refunds.
                                                          Prerequisite: Must have taken Sewing 101 as
                                                          listed above or prior approval by instructor; email
                                                          Susan at
                                                          Instructor: Sjostrom
                                                          Day    Time           Site         Date Sess. Fee
                                                          W      6-9pm         Rm I1       2/27-3/27 5  $120
                                                          W      6-9pm         Rm I1        4/3-5/8  5  $120
                                                          No Class 4/17
                                                          W      6-9pm         Rm I1       5/22-6/26        6         $144

** Take both Quilting Studio and Sewing Circle for $154 for the 5 week sessions, and for $186 for the 6 week
sessions- Please come into our office or call 408-423-3500.

                                                                             *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.     9
Spring 2019 •

                                Enrichment Classes*
                                                           Instructor: Margaret Paul
                                                           Lemon Jamalade / Preserved Lemons*
Crocheting/Knitting*                                       The focus on this class will be lemons. We will
Want to be more creative? How about hand                   be crafting Jamalade a cross between Jam &
crocheting or knitting gifts for family and friends?       Marmalade profiles. We will craft Lemon & Ginger
Lucia will teach beginners how to crochet or knit          Jamalade, perfect with biscuits and scones as
by making simple projects (scarf or blanket). Inter-       well for use in savory dishes. Next, we will craft
mediate/advanced students will choose their own            Preserved Lemons in a jar a Moroccan staple; a
projects. You will love our close “knit”group. Please      perfect condiment to add to pan sauces, grilled
bring a crochet hook (G or H) and yarn.                    meats, rice dishes, yogurt sauces and vinaigrettes.
Instructor: Grengo                                         Instructor: Paul
Day  Time               Site          Date Sess. Fee       Day   Time            Site       Date     Sess. Fee
F 10am-12pm            Sr. Ctr.     2/1-3/29 8    $77      Sa  9am-1pm          Rm I2       3/23       1    $65
No Class 2/22
F    10am-12pm         Sr. Ctr.     4/5-5/31   8    $77    Pickled Jalapenos / Pickled Giardiniera*
No Class 4/19                                              We will be crafting Pickled Jalapenos: both sweet
                                                           and spicy these delightful pickled Jalapenos will
Knitting and Crocheting - All Levels*                      win over any Jalapeno lover in your life. Next, we
From scarves to sweaters, from knitting to                 will craft Giardiniera, a classic Italian pickle. This
crocheting, learn the basics of these creative             classic contains an array of vegetables; cauli-
pastimes. No experience? No problem. Beginners             flower, sweet red pepper, rainbow carrots, sweet
will learn the basic stitches, how to read patterns,       onion, garlic and fresh herbs. Perfect on its own
and how to choose the right yarn and needles/              for snacking, also makes a delicious spread for
hook. Advanced students will continue to develop           sandwiches and perfect for salads.
their skills by learning to fix mistakes, working with     Instructor: Paul
beads, designing their own patterns, or just getting
                                                           Day   Time            Site       Date     Sess. Fee
the guidance and motivation needed to finish those
                                                           Sa  9am-1pm          Rm I2       4/13       1    $65
unfinished projects. If you already have materials
or a project, bring it in. Otherwise, a supply list will   Pickled Asparagus / Grace Pickles*
be discussed the first night of class. For questions       For this class we will be crafting two simple types
about the class, email Ms. Sahm at                         of pickles. First, we will craft Spicy Pickled Aspar-                         agus: just plain good straight from the jar or use
Instructor: Sahm                                           in your favorite brunch Bloody Mary recipe or any
Day  Time               Site   Date Sess. Fee              spring vegetable salad. Next, we will craft Graces
M 6:30-8:30pm          Rm H2 2/25-4/22 8  $115             pickles, very easy Sweet and tangy and quick to
No Class 4/15                                              make! These pickles definitely will become a fast
M    6:30-8:30pm       Rm H2 5/20-7/15         8   $115    favorite for you.
No Class 5/27                                              Instructor: Paul
F    12:30-2:30pm Rm H2             3/1-4/26   8   $115
                                                           Day   Time            Site       Date     Sess. Fee
No Class 4/19
                                                           Sa  9am-1pm          Rm I2       4/27       1    $65
F    12:30-2:30pm Rm H2 5/24-7/12              8   $115
                                                           Enjoy Italian Cooking – Buon Appetito!*
                      COOKING                              Join us in our kitchen and learn how to combine
                                                           fresh and seasonal ingredients with simple cooking
Spring in a Jar Canning and Preserving                     techniques. Italy is the home of a wonderful range
Series 2019*                                               of delicious dishes and you will be initiated in the
                                                           art of preparing tasty and traditional Italian dishes
Come join me as I start my “Spring in a Jar Can-
                                                           like vegetables, pasta, fresh home-made pasta,
ning and Preserving Series 2019.
                                                           risotto, vegetarian dishes, delightful and irresistible
These classes are designed for you the home
                                                           desserts. We will share with you the essence of
cook, teaching you the basic techniques and safety
                                                           Italian cuisine that it’s not just about ingredients or
practices for home Hot Water bath canning. You
                                                           recipes, but a cultured way to communicate our
will enjoy the satisfaction and enjoyment of hand
                                                           love for tradition and conviviality. In these classes
crafting and preserving foods from your home
                                                           we will provide guidelines of ingredients’ selection
kitchens. All classes
                                                           as well as wine-pairing.
are hands on; each student will bring home a jar of
what was crafted in class and recipe.

10   *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                           Enrichment Classes*
Instructors: Caterina Trucco, Sabrina Lascala
A Special Occasion in Italy
Do you want to astonish your family and friends            Genealogy Beginning*
with a tasty and inviting meal, which is relatively        An exciting class where you will explore your
quick and easy to prepare? In this class you will          heritage! Introduction to Roots Magic program,
learn how to make some typical and authentic Ital-         learn how to build a pedigree chart for 1-9 gener-
ian dishes, and to create a satisfying menu, from          ations and be introduced to various web sites for
the first course to the dessert, perfect to celebrate      research. Learn to save the results on a flash drive.
a special occasion! The menu:                              Questions email:
Tortellini with sausage ragú                               Instructor: Hamilton
Polpettone ripieno (meatloaf stuffed)                      Day     Time        Site           Date       Sess. Fee
Cake with chocolate and pear                               See Fall/Winter 2019
Instructors: Trucco & Lascala                              Genealogy II*
Day     Time          Site       Date    Sess. Fee         In this class you will be researching different
Sa     9am-12pm       Rm I2       3/9     1     $65        geographical locations for family genealogy and
                                                           learning different tips that reveal and locate family
The Spring Fragrance in the Italian                        records. Questions email:
Kitchen                                                    Hamilton
Caterina and Sabrina will take you to Italy to
                                                           Day     Time          Site         Date Sess. Fee
experience the variety, colors, aromas, and flavors        W      9-11am        Rm J2       2/6-2/27 3    $60
of its cuisine during the Spring season. Join them         No Class 2/20
and learn how to prepare some tasty, refined, and
simple dishes from central and northern Italy. The         Computers - Beginning I*
menu:                                                      Understanding the basic functions of the computer
Caserecce with cream of zucchini and bacon                 such as using the mouse, scroll bar, keyboard, clip
Pizzaiola chicken                                          art, and folder creation. Questions email:
Crostata di ricotta (ricotta tart)               
Instructors: Trucco & Lascala                              Instructor: Hamilton
Day     Time          Site       Date    Sess. Fee         Day      Time        Site          Date       Sess. Fee
                                                           See Fall/Winter 2019
Sa     9am-12pm       Rm I2       4/6     1     $65

Homemade Pasta Party with a Touch of                       Computers - Beginning II*
Italian Creativity                                         How to search the internet for images, news,
                                                           information, maps and how to use email.
Are you ready to make your own homemade
pasta? In this class you will learn the basic cooking      Questions email:
techniques, ingredients and tips to make fresh             Instructor: Hamilton
pappardelle pasta from scratch. Then you can use           Day     Time          Site         Date Sess. Fee
your creativity to create delicious and easy to make       M      9-11am        Rm J2       2/4-2/25 3    $60
appetizer and dessert: a colorful and funny mock           No Class 2/18
fish to start your meal and original sweet fans for
dessert. After this very “hands on experience”,
students can enjoy a delicious and fresh lunch
together. The menu:
Mock fish
Pappardelle with asparagus and shrimps
Sweet fans
Instructors: Trucco & Lascala
Day     Time          Site       Date    Sess. Fee
Sa     9am-12pm       Rm I2      5/18     1     $65

                                                                             *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.   11
Spring 2019 •

                                 Enrichment Classes*
      GARDENING & GENERATION                                                 LANGUAGE
                                                            Chinese – Mandarin*
                                                            Ni Hao! This class is an introduction to the oral and
                                                            written forms of the Chinese language. Empha-
Join our lovely, well-kept outside classroom where
                                                            sis is placed on communication skills, everyday
you learn to grow your own vegetables, flowers and
                                                            situations, and demonstration of understanding the
more! As a student in this class, you will gain many
                                                            interrelationship between language and culture.
valuable gardening skills through group discus-
                                                            Culturally authentic materials including a variety of
sions, lectures, guest speakers and by managing
                                                            Chinese cuisine, major festivals, music, calligraphy,
your own garden plot. As a student, you will also
                                                            origami and newspaper articles are integral to the
learn through assisting in garden cleanup, sharing
                                                            course. Chinese is the language for today and to-
maintenance duties, and other garden group
                                                            morrow in any field and daily life. The students will
functions that will keep you, as well as the garden,
                                                            learn how to use “Pinyin” phonetic system, cardinal
growing and thriving. Through garden-unity, you
                                                            numbers as well as basic greetings in restaurants,
will be participating in teamwork, communication,
                                                            traveling and business meetings. Students will rec-
and demonstrating “good neighbor policies” in an
                                                            ognize simple street signs and business cards to
environment where everyone participates individu-
                                                            become informed and sensitive to Chinese culture.
ally, in teams and groups.
                                                            Instructor: Cheng
By registering for the class, you agree to follow and
abide by “Garden Guidelines” see website. Class             Day   Time           Site       Date Sess. Fee
size is limited. Registration is required BEFORE            T   7-8:30pm        Rm D7     2/26-5/7 10 $112
start date. Please register by Thurs. before start          No Class 4/16
dates.                                                      Arabic, Beginning*
Mandatory Meeting: New students to Gardening,               Students will focus on the Arabic alphabet, vocab-
please come to Room G7 at 8:30am on the first               ulary, grammar, and basic conversational skills.
day of class for orientation. Questions: jcarey@            Gain practice in reading, writing, and conversing, in                                                   Arabic. Great for Travelers!
Instructor: Carey
                                                            No textbook required for class.
Day Time       Site        Date Sess. Fee                   Instructor: Khalil
Sa 9am-12pm Teach Garden 3/2-5/11 10  $50
                                                            Day       Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
No Class 4/20
                                                            W     6:30-8:30pm     Rm P7    2/6-4/3 8    $120
Sa 9am-12pm Teach Garden 5/18-7/27 10 $50
                                                            No Class 2/20
No Class 7/6
                                                            W     6:30-8:30pm     Rm P7 4/3-5/29 8          $120
Garden, Generation Connection                               No Class 4/17
Volunteer in our award-winning volunteer program            Japanese 1A*
– The Generation Connection! Join other gardeners           Are you interested in Japanese? Japanese culture
who volunteer their time and share their love of            and food is commonly seen throughout Silicon
gardening with elementary school students. For              Valley. Anime, Japanese restaurants, and food have
further information email: mburlingame@scusd.               integrated deeply into American life. Sushi, tofu,
net. Pre-registration required.                             bonsai, haiku, karaoke, karate, and futon are just
Instructor: Burlingame                                      a few Japanese words that are used in everyday
Day      Time            Site           Date   Sess. Fee    English. In this ten week class, we will learn some
F        10am           Garden          3/15     1   Free   basic conversational skills, such as greetings,
                                                            counting, and simple everyday phrases. We will
                                                            learn to read and recognize hiragana characters.
                                                            The goal of the class is to begin to speak Japanese
                                                            and enjoy the process of learning a new language
                                                            and culture. Learning Japanese should be an
                                                            enjoyable and challenging endeavor and this class
                                                            aims to be the first step in that process.
                                                            Instructor: Iwasaki
                                                            Day    Time          Site       Date Sess. Fee
                                                            T 6:30-8:30pm       Rm G7     2/26-5/7 10 $150
                                                            No Class 4/16

12    *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                          Enrichment Classes*
Japanese 1B*                                               Spanish for Travelers*
This class is a continuation of Japanese – 1A class        Hola! This class is specifically designed for travel-
and for those with some basic Japanese. In this            ers and is a beginning class. Immerse yourself in
class, you will be expanding your vocabulary, learn-       a fun, relaxed atmosphere as you learn practical
ing more grammatical structures and expressions            Spanish used in common travel situations, such
in varied contexts. In addition to learning Japanese       as asking for directions, finding accommodations,
oral communication skills, Students will acquire           ordering at restaurants, and more. Emphasis will
hiragana writing skill, and be encouraged to read          be on developing your conversational and listening
and write in Japanese.                                     skills with a splash of Spanish culture.
Instructor: Iwasaki                                        Textbook: Latin American Spanish phrasebook and
Day   Time           Site       Date Sess. Fee             dictionary 8th edition June 2017 by Lonely Planet
Th 6:30-8:30pm      Rm G7     2/28-5/9 10 $150             ISBN# 978-1-74321-447-3.
No Class 4/18                                              Instructor: Rothstein
Spanish – Beginning 1A*                                    Day   Time            Site         Date Sess. Fee
An elementary course designed to help students             M   6:30-8pm         Rm D7       2/4-3/25 7    $80
develop basic communication skills, such as                No Class 2/18
listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish,       M     6:30-8pm       Rm D7       4/1-5/20         7         $80
and to introduce students to the cultures of the
Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn prac-
tical vocabulary, everyday expressions and basic
language structure. Students will be encouraged to
make every attempt to participate and communi-
cate in Spanish during class time.
Textbook: Spanish Now Level 1, 8th edition.
Available on-line.
Instructor: Santana
Day    Time         Site        Date Sess. Fee
T 6:30-8:30pm Rm G7           2/5-4/23 10 $150
No Class 2/19, 4/16
T 6:45-8:45pm Rm G7           5/7-7/9     10    $150

About the instructor:
Anna Santana is a Spanish teacher at Wilcox High
School. She graduated from San José State Univer-
sity with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and sociol-
ogy and from Stanford University with a Master’s in
Education and Teaching Credential.
Spanish – Beginning 1B*
We will build upon the foundation created in               French for Travelers*
Spanish 1A. We will expand our vocabulary, and             Bonjour! This class is specifically designed for
our speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish.      travelers. Immerse yourself in a fun, relaxed atmo-
The course includes history, culture, social and           sphere as you learn practical French used in com-
economic contexts. The student will acquire vocab-         mon travel situations, such as asking for directions,
ulary and sentence structure.                              finding accommodations, ordering at restaurants,
Textbook: Spanish Now Level 1, 8th edition (with           and more. Emphasis will be on developing your
MP3). Available on-line.                                   conversational and listening skills with a splash of
Instructor: Santana                                        French culture. Beginning, and those students who
Day    Time         Site        Date Sess. Fee             want to review the basics, are welcome.
Th 6:30-8:30pm Rm G7          2/7-4/25 10 $150             Textbook: French phrasebook and dictionary 6th
No Class 2/21, 4/18                                        edition March 2015 by Lonely Planet ISBN# 978-1-
Th 6:45-8:45pm Rm G7          5/9-7/18    10    $150       74321-444-2.
No Class 7/4                                               Instructor: Rothstein
                                                           Day  Time             Site         Date Sess. Fee
                                                           M 8:15-9:45pm        Rm D7       2/4-3/25 7    $80
                                                           No Class 2/18
                                                           M    8:15-9:45pm     Rm D7       4/1-5/20         7         $80

                                                                              *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.   13
Spring 2019 •

                                Enrichment Classes*
                    LANGUAGE                            French - Beginning I
                                                        Students with no or little French instruction will
About Instructor Lascala                                learn the fundamentals of French pronunciation
                                                        and syntax. Students will develop everyday conver-
Sabrina Lascala was born in Turin, Italy, and stud-
                                                        sational skills with focus on phonetics, grammar,
ied in Turin and in Rome. She has a bachelor’s
degree in Italian Language and Literature (Turin),      listening comprehension, reading and writing
a Master in “History and economics of the Twenti-       exercises. Students will also become familiar with
eth century” (Rome). She is a teacher, certified by     French culture and customs. The book is Dis-moi!
the Italian Ministry of Education, with 15 years        Textbook: SBN 0-673-21627-6. Book may be
of teaching experience in Italian public schools.       purchased online at,,
Sabrina has taught Italian, History, Geography          and
and Civilization in several public middle schools in    Workbook: Will be provided in class.
Italy between 2000 and 2015.                            Instructor: Pary Sarraf (Master’s degree in
She is teaching Italian language in Unified School      French, and holds California Adult Education
District – Adult Education in Santa Clara and in        Teaching Credential)
Mountain View and Italian Cooking in Santa Clara        Day    Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
Adult Education.                                        T      7-9pm       Rm F1    2/26-5/7 10 $150
Italian Language: Intermediate 1                        No Class 4/16
This class is designed for students who have            T      7-9pm       Rm F1 5/21-7/24 10          $150
basic Italian language skills. In a positive learning   French - Beginning II
environment, you will be expanding your vocab-          This Advanced Beginning French course is
ulary, learning more grammatical structures and         designed to teach students comprehension and
expressions in varied contexts, for oral and written    conversation skills with focus on pronunciation.
communication. The course will include many con-        Students will develop listening and reading
versational activities to prepare students to com-      comprehension through exercises and develop vo-
municate effectively in many real-life situations. We   cabulary enhancing communication skills, as well
will use the textbook, Learn Italian the Fast and Fun   as grammar and syntax. Students will accumulate
Way, 4th Ed. by Marcel Danesi.                          knowledge about the French culture and customs.
ISBN: 978-1-4380-7496-2.                                The book is Viens voir!
Instructor: Lascala                                     Prerequisite: Completion of Beginning French.
Day       Time             Site   Date Sess. Fee        Textbook: ISBN 0-673-216284. Book may be
M     6:30-8:30pm         Rm F7 2/4-3/25 7   $105       purchased online at,,
No Class 2/18
Italian Language: Intermediate 2                        Workbook: ISBN 0-673-35046-0.
This class is best suited for students who have         Instructor: Pary Sarraf (Master’s degree in
completed the Intermediate Italian 1 or have basic      French, and holds California Adult Education
vocabulary and understanding of Italian. Using          Teaching Credential)
a conversational approach in a comfortable and          Day    Time         Site      Date Sess. Fee
enjoyable atmosphere, you will continue to expand       Th     7-9pm       Rm F1    2/28-5/9 10 $150
your vocabulary and learn more grammatical              No Class 4/18
structures and expressions in varied contexts. The      Th     7-9pm       Rm F1    5/23-8/1   10      $150
students will develop communicative proficiency of      No Class 7/4
the target language in speaking, listening, reading
and writing. We will use the textbook, Learn Italian
the Fast and Fun Way, 4th Ed. by Marcel Danesi.
ISBN: 978-1-4380-7496-2.
Instructor: Lascala
Day  Time               Site          Date Sess. Fee
M 6:30-8:30pm          Rm F7         4/1-6/3 8   $120
No Class 4/15, 5/27

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                               Santa Clara Adult Education
14   *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.
Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Education

                           Enrichment Classes*
   Information presented is based on
 the opinions of the instructors. Santa
  Clara Adult Education does not take
responsibility for profits or losses made
  by the student who takes the class.

      The following classes are offered
        as a series for five classes -
              Godwin Investing.

Tax-Free Retirement Planning*
Are you aware of the devastating impact that the            Investing – Modern Portfolio Theory for
taxes can do to your retirement income? This                the Novice*
class will show you how to transform your retire-           What is modern portfolio theory and does it work?
ment and protect it from the impact of taxes. A             Value and Growth, this is not your father’s stock
truly proven and dispensable concept and strategy           market anymore, but size still counts.
to get to tax-free retirement. It will empower you          Topics will include:
to rescue your financial future and security from           • New stock categorizations (its not your parent’s
the looming threat of taxes. With just a little bit of        stock market).
proactive planning, you can insulate yourself from          • Intermarket relationships: commodities, interest
the threat of taxes by creating a totally tax-free            rates and stocks.
retirement.                                                 • Mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds (which is
The Instructor, Hendra Soeleman, PhD., is a Finan-            better, why?)
cial Professional and a Tax-Free Retirement Income          • More smoke and mirrors of Wall Street.
Specialist. He earned his degree from Purdue                • An introduction to Technical Analysis (where
University in Electrical Engineering. Please call (or         statistic count)
mail in) for couples’ registration 423-3500. Singles        This class is the second in a series and will give
may register on-line (               students a leg up on building a simple, diversified
Instructor: Soeleman                                        and cost effective portfolio. Materials fee included.
Day   Time           Site   Date Sess. Fee                  Instructor: Godwin
Th 6:30-9:30pm      Rm D6 3/7, 3/14 2   $49                 Day   Time           Site          Date       Sess. Fee
W 6:30-9:30pm       Rm D6 5/8, 5/15 2   $49                 T   6:30-9pm        Rm D6          3/19         1    $30
Th 6:30-9:30pm      Rm D6 7/12, 7/19 2  $49
Investing – Protecting Your Money in the                    Investing – Optimizing Your Portfolio with
Markets*                                                    Technical Analysis*
Investment experts sound good, look good and                Fundamentals tell you what to buy. Technical anal-
post impressive credentials and investment re-              ysis tells you when to buy it. Herd behavior drives
turns. Are they for real? This seminar will navigate        the stock market. Technical analysis is a subset
through some of the smoke, mirrors and myths                of Behavior Economics and is therefore a tool for
used by Wall Street.                                        monitoring the herd. Topics will include:
                                                            • The linkage between herd behavior and price
Topics will include:
                                                              performance (when is the herd wrong?).
•   Stock picking (or should we really try?)
                                                            • More on interest rates and the stock market (The
•   Earnings & earnings growth (does it matter?)
                                                              C.S.S. Model).
•   Performance numbers (can numbers count?)
                                                            • Monitoring the herd with anecdotal evidence.
•   Behavior finance (following the herd)
                                                            • Monitoring the major market trends with Breadth
•   Expert advice (or don’t try this at home)                 Indicators (McClellan Summation, Tick and TickQ).
This class is the first in a series and for anyone          This class is third in a series and will sharpen your
who wonders why everyone else makes money                   vision and thinking with regards to what drives the
in the markets, but not them (maybe they don’t).            markets. You will discover the tools needed to ex-
Materials fee included.                                     ecute and survive in the markets ahead. Materials
Instructor: Godwin                                          fee included.
Day   Time           Site        Date     Sess. Fee         Instructor: Godwin
T   6:30-9pm        Rm D6        3/12       1    $30
                                                            Day  Time            Site          Date       Sess. Fee
                                                            T 6:30-9:30pm       Rm D6          3/26         1    $30

                                                                              *No refunds, no credits, no transfers.   15
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