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2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
Course Guide
International Students
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
“Welcome to The University of Western Australia. Our world-class
          course structure will see you graduate with a degree that will prepare
          you for success in our rapidly changing world. Whatever goals you may
          be pursuing, UWA is the right choice now to set you up for the careers
          of tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming you to our community.”
          Professor Paul Johnson, Vice-Chancellor

                                                                                                                                                             Perth City

                                 fACULTY of education
                                  (Nedlands Campus)

                                                                                                                                                             kings park
                               fACULTY of arCHITECTURE,
                              LANdSCAPE AND vISUAL ARTS                                 St. George’s College
                                  (Nedlands Campus)                                   St. Thomas More college

                                    Trinity College
                               St. Catherine’s College

                                                                      sports and recreation centre

                                               university Hall
                                                                                                            Dolphin Theatre
                                                                                                                                                       UWA WATERSPORTS Complex

                                                                                                                    somerville Auditorium

       Lawrence Wilson                                           WINTHROP HALL
         Art Gallery
                                                                                                            Octagon Theatre                    fACULTY of law

                                                                                        Faculty OF Arts

                           Earth Science Museum                                                                                                            sCHOOL of iNDIGENOUS sTUDIES
                                                                                                          student central
                                                                       Reid Library

                                                                                                                              GUILD VILLAGE

Future Students Office
 (Level 1, Ken and Julie
   Michael Building)                                                                                                                                  Faculty of Medicine,
                                                                                                           bayliss building
                                                                                                                                                 Dentistry and Health Sciences

                                      FACULTY OF Engineering,
                                    Computing and MathEmatics

                                                                                                                               BARRY J MARSHALL LIBRARY
                                                                                                                              (FORMERLY SCIENCE LIBRARY)

                                                                                 broadway shopping centre

                                 centre for english
                              language teaching (celt)
                              CLAREMONT CAMPUS (3KM)

                                  Taylors College
                               CLAREMONT CAMPUS (3KM)

     2 study.uwa.edu.au
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
Stand out with a degree from UWA      4     Economics (single major)             32   Bachelor of Philosophy
         find your course   Beautiful Campus
                            and Outstanding Facilities            6
                                                                        Economics (double major)
                                                                                                             34   (Honours)
                                                                                                                  Choose a degree-specific major from
                            Student Life                          8     Human Resource Management            37
                                                                                                                  any of the four undergraduate degrees.
                            The City of Perth                    10     Management                           40
                            Design Your Future                   12     Marketing                            41
                            Courses and Careers                  14                                               Postgraduate
                            Bachelor of Arts                     16     Bachelor of Design                        Professional Degrees
                            Bachelor of Commerce                 18     Degree–specific majors                    Architecture                               49
                            Bachelor of Design                   20     Architecture                         27   Landscape Architecture                     49
                            Bachelor of Science                  22     Fine Arts                            34   Engineering                                50
                            Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)     24     Integrated Design                    38   Dental Medicine                            51
                                                                        Landscape Architecture               39   Medicine                                   52
                            Bachelor of Arts                                                                      Medicine and Dental Medicine
                            Degree–specific majors                      Bachelor of Science                       Application Guidelines for
                            Anthropology and Sociology           27     Degree–specific majors                    Direct Pathways                            52
                            Archaeology                          27     Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing      26   Pharmacy                                   53
                            Asian Studies                        28     Agricultural Science                 26   Podiatric Medicine                         53
                            Chinese                              30     Anatomy and Human Biology            27   Social Work                                54
                            Classics and Ancient History         30     Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   28   Psychology                                 54
                            Communication and Media Studies      30     Biomedical Science (double major)    28   Clinical Audiology                         55
                            English and Cultural Studies         33     Botany                               29   Law                                        55
                            French Studies                       34     Chemistry                            29   Teaching: Early Childhood                  56
                            German Studies                       36     Computer Science                     31   Teaching: Primary                          56
                            History                              36     Conservation Biology                 31   Teaching: Secondary                        57
                            History of Art                       36     Data Science                         31   Early Childhood, Primary and
                            Human Geography and Planning         37     Engineering Science                  32   Secondary Teaching Requirements            57
                            Indigenous Knowledge,                       Environmental Science                33   Translation Studies                        57
                            History and Heritage                 37     Exercise and Health                  33
                            Indonesian                           38     Genetics                             35   Entry requirements,
                            Italian Studies                      38     Geographical Sciences                35   admissions and pathways
                            Japanese                             39     Geology                              35   Direct Pathways                            58
                            Korean Studies                       39     Marine Science                       40   Support and Services for Success           62
                            Law and Society                      40     Mathematics and Statistics           41   During Your Studies and Beyond             63
                            Linguistics                          40     Microbiology and Immunology          41   Student Exchange                           64
                            Music—Music Studies                  42     Natural Resource Management          42   Finding a Home Away from Home              66
                            Music—Specialist Music Studies       42     Neuroscience                         43   Money Matters                              68
                            Philosophy                           43     Pathology and Laboratory Medicine    43   Entry into UWA                             70
                            Political Science and                       Pharmacology                         43   Help with English Language Skills          72
                            International Relations              44     Physics                              44   English Language Requirements              74
                            Psychology in Society                46     Physiology                           44   How to Apply                               75
                            Work and Employment Relations        47     Population Health                    45   Academic Entry Requirements                76
                                                                        Psychological Science                45
                            Bachelor of Commerce                        Quantitative Methods                 46
                            Degree–specific majors                      Science Communication                46
                            Accounting                           26     Sport Science                        46
                            Business Law                         29     Zoology                              47


                                                                                                                       uwa bUSINESS sCHOOL

                                                                                                                    The University of Western Australia
                                                                                                                    acknowledges that it is situated on Noongar
                                                                                                                    land and that Noongar people remain the
                                                                                                                    spiritual and cultural custodians of their
                                                                                                                    land and continue to practise their values,
                                                                                                                    languages, beliefs and knowledge.

                                                               The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 3
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
Stand out with a
degree from UWA
                                                                                                                                    Globally connected

Internationally                                                                                                                        4000                  +
recognised                                                                                                                             international
                                                                                                                                       students from       109+          countries

                  Ranked in the top                                                            1st
                  1%             of universities
                                 worldwide                    1st th in Australia and

1   st in(ARWU
           Western Australia
                                                                             in the world for
                                                                             Life and Agricultural
                                                                             Sciences (ARWU 2015)
                                                                                                                                Membership to the Worldwide Universities
                                                                                                                                Network (WUN) and Matariki Network of
                                                                                                                                Universities (MNU)

Ranked in
the world’s
                                                                                                      +                                                     109,000+
TOP                                                                                                                                                         graduates,

                                            for research, teaching, internationalisation,
                                            innovation, employability, facilities, and
                                            inclusiveness (QS Stars University Ratings)                                                                     40,000
                                                                                                                                                            of which live
                                                                                                                                                            overseas across
for Agriculture,
Earth and Marine
Sciences, and
                                                                                                                                                            100 different
Psychology (QS 2016)                                                                                                                                        countries

                                                                                                                                    Established the 1st
                                                                                                                                    Confucius Institute
                                            Globally recognised                                                                     in Australia
                                            course structure
                                            aligned with the leading European, Asian
                                            and North American universities

The information in this publication applies specifically to international students. Information in this publication is correct as        This publication was designed and produced in
of May 2016, but may be subject to change. In particular, the University reserves the right to change the content and/or the             collaboration with UniPrint and the Brand, Marketing
method of presentation and/or the method of assessment of any unit of study, to withdraw any unit of study or course which               and Recruitment division. Photography by Matthew
it offers, to impose limitations on enrolment in any unit or course and/or to vary arrangements for any course.                          Galligan. Printed by BPO Intelligence.

4 study.uwa.edu.au
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
UWA alumni
                                                                                          become world
                                                                                          Nobel Laureate
                                                                                          Professor Barry Marshall
                                                                                          Former Indonesian Vice-President
                                                                                          Professor Dr Boediono
                                                                                          Google (Asia-Pacific)
Vibrant                                                                                   Head of Marketing Innovation
student life                   Become the best                                            Lee Hunter
                                                                                          CEO Greenpeace Australia Pacific

5                              3  rd                                                      David Ritter
                                   in Australia and                                       Mecca Cosmetica founder

colleges close
                               49      th
                                       in the world
                               for graduate employability
                                                                                          Jo Horgan
                                                                                          Former Prime Minister
                                                                                          Bob Hawke
to campus
                               (QS 2016)                                                  Decjuba CEO and owner
                                                                                          Tania Austin

                                                                                          and many more…

                                      graduate starting salary, research grants,
clubs and                             research intensity, and student demand              research facilities
societies                             (Good Universities Guide 2016)
Design your degree                         World-class research                           hundreds
                                                                                          of visiting international researchers
Choose from over                           All of UWA’s broad fields                      each year.
4000 course                                of research are rated world
                                           standard or above
combinations               ,

                                           75         +
explore your interests
and reach your potential                                            7 highly
                                                                    cited researchers
                                           and centres

                                   The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 5
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
Beautiful Campus and
Outstanding Facilities
                     UWA has a distinctive mix of grand architecture and contemporary buildings
                     that house state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, lecture and
                     performance theatres, tutorial spaces, studios and subject-specific
                     laboratories for the perfect learning environment.

                     Western Australia’s most                  Adjacent to the Crawley site is UWA’s
                     beautiful campus                          Nedlands campus that hosts the
                     Located on a river bend in Crawley just   faculties of Architecture, Landscape
                     minutes from the city of Perth, UWA is    and Fine Arts, and Education. A short
                     often described as one of Australia’s     minute’s walk to Hampden Road,
                     most picturesque campuses. Heritage-      this campus location offers students
                     listed architecture blends with modern    nearby access to a selection of cafés
                     buildings and leading facilities in       and a handy shopping centre, including
                     leafy grounds of open courtyards          a supermarket.
                     and beautiful gardens. Close to
                     UWA’s Crawley campus is Kings Park,       Located only a few minutes from
                     one of the world’s largest and most       the main Crawley campus is the
                     beautiful inner-city parks. Here you      University’s Claremont site, home to
                     can enjoy over 400 hectares of nature,    the Confucius Institute and Taylors
                     with sweeping views of the Swan and       College which teaches the University’s
                     Canning rivers.                           Foundation Program.

6 study.uwa.edu.au
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
World-class facilities                         • In 2014, the AUD$122 million
 •    At the heart of the main Crawley            10-storey Harry Perkins Institute
     campus is the Reid Library, Western          of Medical Research was opened
     Australia’s largest academic library,        on the campus of the QEII Medical
     with more than one million volumes,          Centre in Nedlands.
     complemented by several subject            • UWA will house the largest
     libraries around the campus.                 marine research capability in the
 •   The AUD$30 million Barry J                   Indian Ocean Rim with the Indian
     Marshall Library (formerly the               Ocean Marine Research Centre
     Science Library) offers a major              (IOMRC)—a AUD$62 million facility
     focal point for student learning and         which will enable Australia to
     scientific research.                         expand international research.
 •   The University houses the state-           • UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute
     of-the-art AUD$73 million Bayliss            helps facilitate industry engagement
     Building, the most advanced                  with state-of-the-art research
     biomolecular sciences facility in            facilities and expertise. The Crawley
     Western Australia.                           campus has centrifuge facilities for
 •   UWA’s Clinical Training and                  deep-water engineering (the only
     Education Centre (CTEC), Australia’s         testing and modelling facility in the
     premier medical and surgical skills          southern hemisphere that hosts
     training centre, is one of the most          both a beam and drum centrifuge),
     advanced medical technology                  the National Geosequestration
     complexes in the world.                      Laboratory, the ARC Training
 •   In partnership with the Western              Centre for LNG Futures and the
     Australian Government, UWA has a             ARC Research Hub for Offshore
     AUD$38 million oral health centre,           Floating Facilities.
     offering the most modern teaching
     and clinical services available.           The Albany Centre
 •   The UWA Business School educates           UWA also has a regional high-tech
     tomorrow’s leaders in a AUD$50             education centre in the South West
     million contemporary building,             town of Albany—a five-hour drive from
     overlooking the picturesque                Perth. Here you can experience all that
     Swan River.                                regional Western Australia has to
                                                offer while studying at university.
                                                For more information visit

The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 7
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
Student Life
Studying overseas at an international university is about more than                      The Guild Volunteering office helps
just classes. It is about discovering a new culture, meeting new people and              students find their perfect volunteering
having fun. As a UWA student you can expect to be stretched intellectually               role, whether it’s related to their degree
as you interact with some of the country’s leading researchers and teachers,             or not. Many opportunities will be
while at the same time making friends with other students from around                    added to your degree transcript and
Australia and the globe.                                                                 you can choose from a range of fields
                                                                                         (sports, education, arts, environment
                                                                                         and health) and the time donated
UWA Student Guild                          The Guild has over 125 affiliated clubs       (one-off, drop-in sessions or semester-
UWA has a bustling student life and        and societies that collectively run           long programs). The office also runs
the social activities on campus are        about 1000 events for you to connect          weekend volunteering trips which are
organised through the UWA Student          with people who share similar interests.      fun and affordable ways to see more
Guild which is the representative          Some of our international clubs               of WA.
student organisation. The UWA Student      include the African Student Union,
Guild has a reputation for being one       Asian Students in Australia (ASIA),           If you need help along the way, you
of the most active in Australia, and       Australia China Youth Association             only need to ask. The International
organises countless activities including   (ACYA), KAOS the UWA German Club              Students’ Service (ISS) is part of the
festivals, workshops, end-of-semester      and the Multicultural Students Union.         Student Guild and looks after the
parties, networking opportunities, the     In addition to the international clubs,       welfare of international students
Guild Ball (formal dance), the National    there are groups related to study or          studying at the University. ISS also
Campus Band competition and UWA’s          career, hobbies, politics, religion, social   puts on social and educational
wide array of clubs and societies.         justice and more. uwastudentguild.            activities such as a trip to Rottnest
facebook.com/UWAStudentGuild               com/clubs                                     and Spring Feast.
The Guild Village is a hive of activity    The Guild also provides student               facebook.com/
and houses shops, food outlets,            representation, with staff on hand            UWAInternationalStudentsService
bookshops, a medical centre, copy          to provide extra support on any
centre, hairdresser, a bank and other      academic, financial or welfare matters        Interested to see how current students
useful student amenities. Market day       affecting their study. Guild membership       enjoy life on campus? Visit our social
is on regularly where you can buy          entitles students to great discounts          media pages:
inexpensive, locally made clothes,         on campus and at restaurants, shops,          FACEBOOK
jewellery and more.                        activities and services around Perth.         facebook.com/UWAstudents
uwastudentguild.com                                                                      WEIBO

8 study.uwa.edu.au
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...
The Cultural Precinct
     The Cultural Precinct is UWA’s
     cultural hub, supporting the
     music, theatre, dance, literature
     and exhibition programs. It also
     supports broader arts and
     cultural events that take place            UWA Sport
     throughout the year, including             Whether you play sport to stay
     collaborating with the Perth               active or to socialise with friends,
     International Arts Festival.               you can ‘find your fit’ at one of
                                                UWA’s many sporting facilities.

                                                There is always someone to help
                                                at our staffed gym with extended
                                                opening hours, or visit the Water Sports
                                                Complex on the beautiful foreshore at
                                                Matilda Bay—home to the UWA Boat
                                                Club and Outdoor Club.

                                                The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
                                                endorses UWA as a member of the
                                                national Elite Athlete Friendly University
                                                network, but you don’t have to be
                                                an elite athlete to enjoy sporting life
                                                at UWA.

                                                The University has swimming pools,
                                                tennis and squash courts and numerous
                                                social sports, clubs and fun programs
                                                including stand up paddleboarding, rock
                                                climbing and other environment-driven
                                                experiences. Don’t have a team? We’ll
                                                help you find one.

                                                Nearby is the UWA Sports Park,
                                                covering 33 hectares of playing fields
                                                and facilities.

                                                Take on another faculty or college, or
                                                choose to represent UWA at high-level
                                                sporting competitions such as Western
                                                Uni Games and Australian Uni Games.

                                                Leadership courses, unique to WA, are
                                                also available.

The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 9
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Guide - International Students - Times Higher ...

                                                                                                    Fast facts
                                                                                                    Population – PERTH
                                                                                                    2.02 million
                                                                                                    Time zone
                                                                                                    GMT +8 (same time zone as 60% of the
                                                                                                    world’s population)

The City of Perth                                                                                   Language
                                                                                                    Democratic (Westminster system)
Perth offers an inspiring study environment with sunny weather, a relaxed                           Complete religious freedom
outdoor environment and beautiful natural scenery. For several years in                             Currency
a row, Perth has been recognised as one of the top 10 most liveable cities                          Australian dollar ($AUD)
in the world.1                                                                                      Weather
                                                                                                    Western Australia has a warm climate,
People from across the world are                 Perth is a popular destination for                 with temperatures climbing above 30
                                                                                                    degrees Celsius for much of the summer
drawn to Western Australia, and our              international students as it offers a              and rarely going below 15 degrees
State has become the most culturally             stimulating study environment that                 Celsius during the day in winter.

diverse, with around 30 per cent of              shares the same time zone with 60 per              Seasons

the population having been born                  cent of the world’s population. It is also         Summer: December – February
                                                                                                    Autumn: March – May
elsewhere and over 170 nationalities             only a few hours’ flight time to several           Winter: June – August
represented across the community.2               Asian cities, making it easy to keep in            Spring: September – November

                                                 touch with family and friends.

A changing city                                  Globally oriented                               Stunning scenery and
Perth has had one of the most consistent rates   Over 820 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)   an outdoor lifestyle
of economic growth in Australia over the past    listed companies have chosen to locate their    Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city, and the
decade. Perth’s economic and population          head office in Perth—more than any other        Mediterranean climate of warm, dry summers is
growth is driven by a mixture of local and       capital city in Australia. 3                    ideal for sports and outdoor activities. Explore
international firms operating in a range of                                                      WA further to discover our State is blessed with
industries, supported by a stable political                                                      precious natural phenomena, from the towering
environment and local demand.                                                                    karri forests and pristine beaches of the South
                                                                                                 West, to the rugged ranges and spectacular
                                                                                                 gorges of the Kimberley.
10 study.uwa.edu.au
Map not to scale.
  The bell Tower

                                                                                  TRIGG BEACH

                                                                                                                                        PERTH city
                                                                                                                    KINGS PARK

                                                                                                                                                                 PERTH AIRPORT


 Kings Park                                      ROTTNEST

                                                                                                               SWAN RIVER

                                                                 INDIAN OCEAN


 Rottnest Island
                                                                     TERRITORY                               Where is UWA?
                                                     AUSTRALIA                    QUEENSLAND                 Located minutes from Perth city,
                                                                       SOUTH                                 UWA has a picturesque riverside
                                               UWA                   AUSTRALIA
                                                                                                             campus in the suburb of Crawley that
                                                                                   NEW SOUTH
                                                                                     WALES      australian
                                                                                                             is easily accessible via frequent public
                                                                                                             transport with discounted fares for
                                                                                                             international students.


                                                                                                              1 A Summary of the Liveability Ranking and Overview,
                                                                                                                 August 2015, Economist Intelligence Unit
                                                                                                              2 Celebrate WA Annual Report 2014, accessed April 2016,
                                                                                                              3 City of Perth, accessed April 2016
                                                                                                              4	QS Best Student Cities 2016, accessed April 2016

Safe and friendly                                    Convenient facilities                                    Getting around
Perth offers a high standard of living and           Perth is the first and only city in Australia to         Perth’s public transport system makes it easy
has achieved positive rankings (35th) in the         offer free public WiFi in the CBD—a great way            to get around the city and to the main UWA
Best Student Cities 2016 published by QS             to stay in contact with family and friends whilst        campus. International students receive a
Top Universities.4                                   out and about.                                           Western Australian Government-sponsored
                                                                                                              40 per cent discount on all public transport.
                                                                                                              Perth also has free buses called CATs that
                                                                                                              operate around the central business district.

                                               The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 11
Your Future

    It has been widely claimed
    that the careers of the future
    don’t yet exist. It has also
    been estimated that many of
    today’s jobs will be replaced
    due to technological
    advancements.1 The
    question for students
    preparing for this changing
    world is – are you ready?                        What’s a major?                            beyond your major. You need to choose
                                                     This is the subject area you choose        at least one of your four broadening
    As a UWA student, the answer                     to specialise in. You can select either    units from Category A. The remaining
    is clear –                                       one or two majors from more than           three units can be taken from A and/
    • UWA’s course structure is                      65 available.                              or B, providing you meet any unit
        wide-ranging and flexible,                                                              prerequisites.
        allowing you to be creative                  What are core units?
        in choosing your pathway                     A core unit is one that must be taken      Category A – units with a global or
        to success.                                  to complete your chosen major. Some        cultural focus. They can be units in
    • Studying at UWA positions                      majors have set core units whilst others   languages other than English (provided
        you to adapt to an ever-                     allow you to choose from a list of core    the language is not the same as your
        changing and rapidly                         unit options.                              major), units from the designated list of
        developing workforce.                                                                   Category A units or a Student Exchange
    • At UWA you will future-proof                   What are complementary                     or Study Abroad program.
        your career by learning                      units?
        valuable skills and key                      These are units which go hand in hand      Category B – all units which sit outside
        competencies, such as                        with your major. They are designed to      your chosen degree.
        communication, problem-                      provide you with additional knowledge
        solving and research.                        to help you complete your major.           What are elective units?
                                                                                                Also known as ‘free choice units’,
                                                     What are broadening units?                 these units give you a great
                                                     These units give you the opportunity       opportunity to explore other areas of
1   Australia’s future workforce? CEDA, June 2015.   to develop skills in fields of interest    interest and expand your knowledge.

12 study.uwa.edu.au
For more information
How it Works                                                                                                                        Contact our Future Students
                                                                                                                                    Advisors if you have any questions
At UWA you can build a degree that keeps your options open. Our courses
                                                                                                                                    on how to design your degree.
are adaptable so you can choose to focus on a specific career, pursue
                                                                                                                                    +61 8 6488 3939
your personal interests, or both.                                                                                                   uwa.edu.au/askuwa

Concentrate on a single major
For those who are already focused on a specific career or area of interest.
                                                                                                                                           This diagram shows the basic components
       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   COMPLEMENTARY                  BROADENING A OR B            ELECTIVE                   of an undergraduate degree. In this example,

                                                                                                                                           a student has chosen to complete one
       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   COMPLEMENTARY                  BROADENING A OR B            ELECTIVE                   degree-specific major (DSM) which includes
                                                                                                                                           four complementary units. As well as four
       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   COMPLEMENTARY                  BROADENING A OR B            ELECTIVE
                                                                                                                                           broadening units, this student can choose

       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   COMPLEMENTARY                  BROADENING A OR B            ELECTIVE                   their remaining subjects (electives) from a
                                                                                                                                           number of different areas of interest.
       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   MAJOR (DSM)                    ELECTIVE                     ELECTIVE

       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   MAJOR (DSM)                    ELECTIVE                     ELECTIVE

  Degree-specific major unit          Complementary unit           Elective unit       Broadening unit

Pursue two majors
For those who wish to keep their options open or have more than one passion they’d like
to pursue. You can complete two majors in the same amount of time at no extra cost.
                                                                                                                                           This student has chosen to take two majors:
       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   COMPLEMENTARY                  BROADENING A OR B            SECOND MAJOR               the degree-specific major (DSM) and a

                                                                                                                                           major from another degree. Because the
       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   ELECTIVE                       BROADENING A OR B            SECOND MAJOR               degree-specific major chosen only specifies
                                                                                                                                           one complementary unit, there is room in
       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   ELECTIVE                       BROADENING A OR B            SECOND MAJOR
                                                                                                                                           the degree structure for some elective

       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   ELECTIVE                       BROADENING A OR B            SECOND MAJOR               (free-choice) units.

       SEM 1          MAJOR (DSM)                   MAJOR (DSM)                    SECOND MAJOR                 SECOND MAJOR

       SEM 2          MAJOR (DSM)                   MAJOR (DSM)                    SECOND MAJOR                 SECOND MAJOR

  Degree-specific major unit          Complementary unit           Elective unit       Broadening unit         Second major unit

Still working it out?
If you’re not sure what path to take in                          This would give you a good cross-                                 Your first year units will still count
your first year, you can try different                           section of subjects and help you work                             towards your degree as broadening
areas of study. Once you’ve explored                             out what you’re best suited to and                                and elective units.
the possibilities available, you can                             enjoy the most.
select one or two majors.                                                                                                          When you complete your degree, you’ll
                                                                 Then, in your second year, you’d be in a                          not only be job-ready but have a wide
In your first year you could study                               great position to confidently choose a                            range of skills that will benefit you
subjects as diverse as marine science,                           major in one of these areas.                                      throughout your career.
sport science, Italian and marketing.

Here’s what this could look like.
Choosing Sport Science as a major
                                                                                                                                                       This diagram shows the
       SEM 1          SPORT SCIENCE                 Marine Science                 Italian                                   Marketing                 basic components of an

                                                                                                                                                       undergraduate degree. In this
       SEM 2          SPORT SCIENCE                 Marine Science                 Italian                                   Marketing                 example, a student has chosen
                                                                                                                                                       to complete a Sport Science
       SEM 1          SPORT SCIENCE                 Sport Science                  Human Biology                             Marketing
                                                                                                                                                       major which includes three

       SEM 2          SPORT SCIENCE                 Service Learning               Human Biology                             Marketing                 complementary units. As well
                                                                                                                                                       as four broadening units,
       SEM 1          SPORT SCIENCE                 Sport Science                  Physical Health & Fitness                 Marketing                 this student can choose their

                                                                                                                                                       remaining subjects (electives)
       SEM 2          SPORT SCIENCE                 Study Abroad                   Accounting                                Marketing                 from a number of different areas
                                                                                                                                                       of interest.
  Degree-specific major unit          Complementary unit           Elective unit       Broadening unit

Course structure diagrams are for illustrative purposes only. Refer to the UWA Handbook (handbooks.uwa.edu.au) for full details.

                                                             The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 13
Courses and Careers

Undergraduate courses
Your first degree (also referred to as an undergraduate degree) will give
you the practical skills and knowledge needed to commence your career.

    Bachelor of Arts                          Bachelor of Commerce          Bachelor of Design
      Choose from 25                            Choose from eight            Choose from four
      degree-specific majors                    degree-specific majors       degree-specific majors

      Your career options                       Your career options          Your career options
      Advertising                               Accounting                   Architecture
      Communications                            Banking                      Fine Arts
      Marketing                                 Economics                    Integrated Design
      Media                                     Finance                      Landscape Architecture
      Politics                                  Government                   Urban Design
      Public Relations                          Human Resources              and many more...
      Government Relations                      Management
      and many more...                          Marketing
                                                and many more...

                                                                            Bachelor of Science
                                                                             Choose from 32
                                              Bachelor of Philosophy         degree-specific majors

                                                Choose any degree-           Your career options
                                                specific major               Agribusiness
For the full list of majors see                 Your career options          Chemistry
pages 26 to 47.                                 Bachelor of Philosophy       Conservation
                                                (Honours) graduates          Genetics
                                                will have a wealth of        Geology
                                                opportunities upon           Research and Development
                                                graduation.                  Sport Science
                                                                             and many more...

14 study.uwa.edu.au
Postgraduate courses1
Additionally, you can go on to obtain your second degree. This degree is known as a
postgraduate degree and strengthens your credentials and future career opportunities.
You can also study a professional qualification at postgraduate level.

        Coursework                                                  Professional2                                 Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD
        Graduate Certificates                                       Master of Architecture (MArch)                (MClinPsych/PhD)
        Graduate Diplomas                                           Career: Architect                             Career: Clinical Psychologist
        Masters by Coursework
                                                                    Master of Clinical Audiology                  Master of Industrial and
        Higher Degree by Research
                                                                    (MClinAudiol)                                 Organisational Psychology/PhD
        Preliminary courses
                                                                    Career: Audiologist                           (MInd&OrgPsych/PhD)
        Professional Practice Masters
                                                                                                                  Career: Industrial and Organisational
        Professional Doctorates                                     Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
        Clinical Doctorates                                         Career: Dentist
                                                                                                                  Master of Clinical Neuropsychology/
                                                                    Master of Professional Engineering
        Research                                                                                                  PhD (MClinNeuropsych/PhD)
        Masters by Thesis and Coursework                                                                          Career: Clinical Neuropsychologist
                                                                    Career: Engineer
        Masters by Research
                                                                                                                  Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
        Professional Doctorates, including                          Master of Landscape Architecture
        Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)                                  (MLArch)
                                                                                                                  Career: Social Worker
                                                                    Career: Landscape Architect
                                                                                                                  Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)
                                                                    Juris Doctor (JD)
                                                                                                                  [MTeach(Early Childhood)]
                                                                    Career: Lawyer
                                                                                                                  Career: Early Childhood Teacher
                                                                    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
                                                                                                                  Master of Teaching (Primary)
                                                                    Career: Doctor
                                                                    Master of Pharmacy (MPharm)                   Career: Primary Teacher
                                                                    Career: Pharmacist
                                                                                                                  Graduate Diploma in Education
                                                                    Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)            (GradDipEd)
                                                                    Career: Podiatrist                            Career: Secondary Teacher

                                                                    Master of Industrial and                      Master of Teaching (Secondary)
                                                                    Organisational Psychology                     [MTeach(Secondary)]
                                                                    (MInd&OrgPsych)                               Career: Secondary Teacher
                                                                    Career: Industrial and Organisational
                                                                                                                  Master of Translation Studies
                                                                                                                  Career: Translator

1   Students may progress upon successful completion and upon satisfying any university prerequisites.
2   Additional steps may be required for professional accreditation. Visit studyat.uwa.edu.au for full details.

Gain an advantage by choosing from a range of course packages that combine your first
degree with your second degree. Our upcoming direct pathways guide will explain all your
options. For more information contact our Future Students Office on +61 8 6488 3939 or visit

                                                               The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 15
of Arts
  UWA course code: BP001
  CRICOS Code: 003005D
  Length of course: 3 years full-time
  Intake period: February and July
  2017 tuition fees: AUD$30,000 per year

The Bachelor of Arts degree offers         Seven different modern European          and the study of musicology and
students a diverse range of majors         and Asian languages are taught in the    music education.
to study in the humanities, social         degree and you can either learn a new
sciences, languages and music.             language or advance your existing        As a student, you are exposed to a
                                           knowledge, as well as studying its       broad range of learning styles, from
The humanities explore the histories,      related popular culture, art, film and   traditional lectures to interactive
literatures and cultures of human          literature. You may also choose to       tutorials and practical workshops
civilisation, while the social sciences    study a classical language such as       involving digital media. UWA academic
study sociology, anthropology,             Ancient Greek or Latin.                  staff members are not only dedicated
archaeology, political behaviours                                                   award-winning teachers, but many
and other forms of human behaviour,        The School of Music provides             are also renowned scholars and
communication and organisation.            opportunities for developing             researchers who are international
                                           performance skills in instrumental       leaders and experts in their fields.
                                           or vocal studies, composition

16 study.uwa.edu.au
“Everything I studied in my
                                                                                                   communications course
                                                                                                   has a connection with
                                                                                                   what I do in my career, be
                                                                                                   it writing, filming, listening.
                                                                                                   What I learned at UWA
                                                                                                   is helping my career
                                                                                                   every day.

                                                                                                  My advice to international
                                                                                                  students considering
                                                                                                  study in Australia is to
 Faculty of Arts                                                                                  choose UWA. It’ll be the
                                               Founded                                             best choice you’ll ever
                                               the Perth                                           make, and while you’re at
                                               International                                       it, make sure you live at a

         3       Schools
          Social Sciences,
                                               Arts Festival
                                                                                                  college. The friends you
                                                                                                   make will last a lifetime,
                                                                                                  and the person you’ll be at
                                                                                                   the end of university will
          Humanities and                       Ranked top 100                                      be so different from the
          Music School                         worldwide for Anthropology,                        one that stepped in on the
                                               Archaeology, English                               first day.”

                                               Language and Literature,
             Undergraduate                     and Performing Arts                                Jerald Justin Ko
             Majors                            (QS World University Rankings                      Senior Producer
                                               by Subject 2016)                                   and Presenter

                                                                                                  Power 98FM, Singapore
                                                                                                  Bachelor of Arts
             Postgraduate                                                                         (Communication and Media
             Courses                            Teaching quality                                  Studies) graduate
                                                                                                  Home country: Singapore

      Awarded the                               Overall satisfaction for
      largest grant to
      the humanities in
                                                Humanities and Social
      Australia to operate the ARC              Sciences
      Centre of Excellence for the              The Good Universities Guide 2016
      History of Emotions

Why study Arts?                                As part of your Arts degree you                Beyond your Bachelor of Arts
Studying Arts equips you for every             can choose to undertake the Arts               Arts graduates are equipped with a
aspect of life. It enables you to discover     Practicum, which provides the                  well-rounded education and excellent
your talents, interests and abilities          opportunity to work on a supervised            communication, research and
and develop them fully. You will also          project in a workplace of your                 technological skills that provide a great
acquire skills such as critical thinking,      choice while earning credit towards            choice of career pathways. Successful
communication, reasoning ability and           your degree.                                   graduates include prime ministers,
problem-solving. These proficiencies                                                          ambassadors, authors, composers,
are all highly sought after and valued                                                        journalists, anthropologists, historians,
by employers and will provide you with                                                        public relations managers, policy
many future career opportunities.                                                             advisers and teachers, to name a few.

                                             The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 17
Bachelor of
 UWA course code: BP002
 CRICOS Code: 003006C
  Length of course: 3 years full-time
  Intake period: February and July
 2017 tuition fees: AUD$36,000 per year

The Bachelor of Commerce delivers          You will learn from leading academics,   Why study Commerce?
a global perspective on business           have opportunities to develop industry   The Bachelor of Commerce focuses on
providing you with the skills,             networks and graduate with an            the factors that drive economic behaviour
knowledge and experience you need to       internationally recognised degree. The   at both an individual and organisational
pursue a career within the corporate,      strong links between UWA and the         level. Your studies will equip you with
government and not-for-profit sectors.     business community will provide you      the analytical, communication and
A degree in Commerce offers you the        with an educational experience that      problem-solving skills to effectively
flexibility to engage with a broad range   extends beyond academic excellence.      identify issues, source information and
of disciplines. You will gain a strong                                              find efficient and practical solutions. The
and relevant education, providing you      Graduate opportunities are diverse and   course has been tailored in consultation
with the scope to enter a wide range of    exciting which will set you apart from   with representatives from leading local
business-related fields.                   the crowd and prepare you for success    and international organisations, ensuring
                                           in the global marketplace.               you will graduate with an industry-
                                                                                    relevant degree.

18 study.uwa.edu.au
“Achieving a degree from
                                                                                             UWA is not an easy feat.
                                                                                             But all the hard work will
                                                                                             pay off once you graduate.

                                                                                            During my time at
                                                                                            UWA, I acquired the
                                                                                            necessary skills to be an
                                                                                            auditor, such as how to
                                                                                            critically analyse financial
                                                                                            statements and general
                                                                                            business acumen. The
                                                                                            group projects helped
                                                                                            develop my interpersonal
                                                                                            and communication skills,
                                                                                            which are important skills
                                                                                            to have as an auditor.”

                                                                                            Andi Sanusi
  UWA BUSINESS SCHOOL                                                                       Auditor
                                                                                            Office of the Auditor

                                                                                            General for Western
       Undergraduate                      Graduate salary                                   Australia (OAG)
       Majors                             Getting a job                                      Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                                             (Accounting) graduate
                                          The Good Universities Guide to MBA                 Home country: Indonesia
                                          and Management Courses 2016
           Courses                        5000+      students
                                                from more than
               30+ leading
                                            62        countries around
                                                      the world

               partners spanning                                                         The only institution in Western
               across industries          Ranked                                         Australia to be internationally
               including mining           top 100 in the world                           accredited through the European
               and resources,             for Accounting and Finance                     Quality Improvement System
               professional services      (QS World University Rankings                  (EQUIS) and the Association to
               and infrastructure         by Subject 2016)                               Advance Collegiate Schools of
                                                                                         Business (AACSB).

You can choose to join a number           situations by taking part in national          opportunity to gain work in industries
of student societies including the        and international competitions run by          across the world, including energy
Economics and Commerce Student            leading organisations.                         and resources, financial services,
Society, Bloom, UWA Consulting                                                           consulting, information management
Society, Student Managed Investment       Beyond your Bachelor                           and marketing and communications.
Fund, Finance Association of              of Commerce
Western Australia and many more.          Bachelor of Commerce graduates
In addition, you can choose to            are highly employable across a range
participate in Enactus UWA, a not-        of business-related activities, such
for-profit organisation that aims to      as developing marketing strategies,
empower local communities through         delivering professional accounting
entrepreneurial and education             advice, managing business teams
outreach projects, or apply your          and understanding the stock market
business knowledge to real-world          and the economy. You will have the

                                       The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 19
of Design
 UWA course code: BP0031
 CRICOS Code: 068912J
 Length of course: 3 years full-time
 Intake period: February and July
 2017 tuition fees: AUD$35,500 per year

The Bachelor of Design offers you a       The Bachelor of Design offers four      Beyond your Bachelor of Design
rich combination of experiences in        degree-specific majors which include:   UWA offers an internationally respected
creativity, the humanities and the        • Architecture (page 27),               design degree with many of its
sciences. The course is suitable for      • Fine Arts (page 34),                  graduates achieving success across
students interested in architecture,      • Integrated Design (page 38),          the globe. The course prepares you to
fine arts, landscape architecture or      • Landscape Architecture (page 39).     develop solutions to contemporary
urban design, and provides practical,                                             issues and contribute to the
hands-on studies enriched by leading                                              development of the built environment
research practice.                                                                in an independent and creative way.

20 study.uwa.edu.au
“I chose UWA because of
                                                                                                 its prestigious reputation
                                                                                                 and because my degree
                                                                                                 would be recognised
                                                                                                 internationally by
                                                                                                 the Singapore Board
                                                                                                 of Architects.

                                                                                                My career has been very
                                                                                                rewarding so far and
                                                                                                I have used my creative
                                                                                                skills and knowledge
                                                                                                I learned from UWA on
                                                                                                complex design projects
                                                                                                across Hong Kong,
                                                                                                Singapore, Indonesia
                                             10 STUDENTS 1 staff
                                                                                                and Australia.”
                                             within teaching studios
                                                                                                May Kong
 Faculty of Architecture,                            overseas studios                           Architect Sole Proprietor,
 Landscape and Visual Arts                           held each year in                          Singapore
                                                     Milan, Athens,                             Architecture graduate
                                                     Spain, Bali and India                      Home country: Singapore

4        Undergraduate
         majors within
         Bachelor of Design
                                             ALVA team shortlisted in
                                             Guggenheim Design
                                             Competition 2015 –
                                             the largest architectural
                                             competition in the world
         Courses                                       Distinguished alumni
                                                       with international
                                                       standing include:
Teaching staff from around the
world including Italy, USA, UK,              Richard Hassell of WOHA
                                             Kerry Hill of KHA
Germany, Spain, Portugal and Serbia
                                             Ross Donaldson of Woods Bagot
                                             Abbie Galvin of BVN Architecture

Master of
LANDSCAPE                                    MASTER OF
Architecture                                 ARCHITECTURE
                                             RECOGNISED BY THE COMMONWEALTH
Recognised by the Australian Institute       ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS (CAA) AND
of Landscape Architects (AILA)               COVERED BY THE CANBERRA ACCORD

The Bachelor of Design is a starting         Students who seek professional                 1 The Architecture major can only be taken by Bachelor
                                                                                              of Design or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
point for students planning to               accreditation in architecture will need          students concurrently enrolled in the Integrated
pursue a professional qualification in       to complete both the Architecture                Design major. It is not available for study as a
                                                                                              second major.
architecture or landscape architecture,      and Integrated Design majors,
as well as further studies in urban          before proceeding to the Master of
design, which can be undertaken at           Architecture course.
postgraduate level after completion
of the Bachelor of Design.

                                          The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 21
Bachelor                                                                               “I chose to study at UWA
                                                                                        because it is a great

of Science
                                                                                        university that is also
                                                                                        close to my family in

                                                                                        UWA academics are
                                                                                        leaders in their respective
                                                                                        fields. My Honours
 studyat.uwa.edu.au/science                                                             research supervisors
 UWA course code: BP004
                                                                                        inspired me to push
 CRICOS Code: 068914G
                                                                                        the boundaries of my
 Length of course: 3 years full-time                                                    research and I was also
 Intake period: February and July                                                       given opportunities to
 2017 tuition fees: AUD$36,500 per year                                                 present my research at
                                                                                        international events.

                                                                                        I now work as a research
                                                                                        scientist and provide
                                                                                        scientific data to global
                                                                                        organisations that aim to
                                                                                        cure cancer. My rewarding
                                                                                        career all began with a
                                                                                         decision to study Science
                                                                                        at UWA.”

                                                                                        Ferrer Ong
                                                                                        Research Scientist
                                                                                        Telethon Kids Institute
                                                                                        and Phylogica, Australia
                                                                                        Home country: Singapore

The Bachelor of Science gives you the     theoretical knowledge needed, will         potential and opportunity. During your
opportunity to harness the skills and     prepare you for diverse and exciting       studies you will investigate the big
knowledge necessary to make a real        career options.                            issues confronting our planet including
contribution to the global challenges                                                climate change, the diagnosis and
facing humanity. You can specialise       Why study Science?                         treatment of disease, healthy lifestyles,
in areas ranging from cutting-edge        Science is for those who have a sense      food sustainability and conserving
pure and applied science to new           of adventure, a desire to explore and      biodiversity.
multidisciplinary fields of science.      an ability to think creatively. From
Strong communication and research         undiscovered galaxies to the ‘invisible’   You will acquire skills that make you
skills embedded throughout each           activities of microscopic organisms,       highly employable, such as critical
major, along with the technical and       no other field covers such a vast and      thinking and problem-solving.
                                          colourful spectrum of innovation,

22 study.uwa.edu.au
Faculty of Science

32           Undergraduate
             majors                        50          +Postgraduate

1st th
     in Australia and

25         in the world for
           Life and Agricultural
                                               22 STUDENTS 1 staff
           Sciences (ARWU 2015)
                                               One of the best staff to
Psychology and Earth                           student ratios in Australia
and Marine Sciences
are ranked in                                  5000+students
the world’s
top 40 institutions
                                               23% from overseas
(QS World University Rankings
by Subject 2016)

UWA is ranked first in Life and                   Beyond your Bachelor of Science                opportunities across a wide range of
Agricultural Sciences1 in Australia and           The skills you gain when studying              sectors. If you choose to pursue further
25th in the world, and boasts staff who           the Bachelor of Science, such as               study, a master’s degree by research
are among the world’s leading teachers            reason, logic, observation, analysis,          or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will
and researchers. Their research and               resourcefulness, communication,                enable you to move into a career in
knowledge, as well as access to state-            creativity, imagination and                    scientific research.
of-the-art facilities, will form an integral      experimentation, form the foundation
part of your learning experience.                 of a great science education and
                                                  are highly valued and sought after
                                                  by employers. Science graduates
                                                  are in demand worldwide with job
                                                                                                 1 Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2015

                                               The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 23
of Philosophy
                                                                                     Choose from more than
 UWA course code: BH005
 CRICOS Code: 068916E
                                                                                     65 majors
 Length of course: 4 years full-time
 (inclusive of Honours)
 Intake period: February                                                             Open to high achieving
 2017 tuition fees: AUD$39,000 per year                                              students – the top 2%
                                                                                     in Australia

                                                                                                    and Leadership

                                                                                     students are currently
                                                                                     enrolled in the BPhil at UWA

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)      Why study the Bachelor of                  What can I study?
is a challenging and research-oriented    Philosophy (Honours)?                      The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
four-year degree. The course offers       The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)       gives you the freedom to choose a
an innovative curriculum with an          will ensure you develop high-level         major from any field of study within
individually designed academic            research and communication skills          Arts, Commerce, Design or Science.
program, focusing on your chosen          that prepare you for the challenges        It is an integrated Honours degree with
area of specialisation.                   of achieving the highest international     research embedded throughout the
                                          standards of excellence. While many        four-year course and the opportunity
In addition to innovative research        Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)           to learn a language.
project work, the course includes a       graduates will choose to pursue
scholarship-supported study abroad        further studies or a career in research,   You will complete the first-level unit—
experience, academic mentoring,           the intensive focus of the degree on       Global Challenges, Research and
high-level communications training,       developing analytical, teamwork            Leadership—in first semester and take
professional skills development and an    and communication skills will              part in a group research project. This
on-campus residential experience prior    ensure you are highly employable           forms the basis of your subsequent
to the start of first semester.           upon graduation.                           research training. The Summer
                                                                                     Residence, held prior to the start of
                                                                                     your first semester, is an integral part

24 study.uwa.edu.au
“I chose UWA because it
                                                                                                  has a strong reputation
                                                                                                  for world-class research
                                                                                                  which matched my
                                                                                                  research pursuits.

                                                                                                 My experience at
                                                                                                 UWA has been quite
                                                                                                 transformative–I’ve made
                                                                                                 new friendships and
                                                                                                 professional connections,
                                                                                                 and have experienced
                                                                                                 amazing opportunities,
                                                                                                 such as the Cancer
                                                                                                 Council of WA Summer
                                                                                                 Scholarship where I learned
                                                                                                 expert lab skills from an
                                                                                                 esteemed professor.”

                                                                                                 Nguyet Minh (Marisa) Duong
                                                                                                 Bachelor of Philosophy
                                                                                                 (Hons) graduate and
                                                                                                 current PhD student
                                                                                                 Faculty of Science, UWA,
                                                                                                 Home country: Vietnam

of the BPhil course and is designed            Entry requirements                             Beyond your Bachelor of
to introduce you to the academic               Entry to this course is extremely              Philosophy (Honours)
expectations of this degree as well as         competitive. Entry requirements for            Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
give you the opportunity to meet your          this course are an equivalent Australian       graduates will have a wealth of
fellow students.                               Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of at           opportunities upon completion.
                                               least 98.00 in most cases, supplemented        Graduates may choose postgraduate
During the four-year course, you               by some special admission pathways.            study by coursework and/or
will participate in collaborative and          Places will be limited. Before nominating      research, including courses leading
interdisciplinary research projects, work      your degree-specific major (and second         to professional qualifications, or may
closely with a research mentor from            major where relevant) you must have            prefer to enter the workforce directly
your chosen field of study, develop your       satisfied any specified prerequisites for      after completing their second degree.
own research project with an academic          that major.
supervisor, present your research
orally, produce a research dissertation,       The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
undertake an overseas study experience         is only available for first semester
and have the opportunity to meet               entry. The Summer Residence is a
international research leaders visiting        requirement of this course and all
the University.                                students are expected to attend.

                                            The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 25
UWA offers a diverse range of majors to choose from, as detailed over the
next 22 pages. Students have the flexibility to choose units from different
disciplines and need not decide on a major until the end of their first year.

Aboriginal Health                                         Accounting
                                                                                                                  Prerequisites2: Mathematics. Students who do not
and Wellbeing                                             studyat.uwa.edu.au/accounting                           have a sufficiently high level of Mathematics will
                                                          handbooks.uwa.edu.au/accounting                         be required to take a bridging unit in the first year
studyat.uwa.edu.au/aboriginal-health                                                                              of study.
handbooks.uwa.edu.au/aboriginalhealth                     Course description                                      Academic and English language requirements:
                                                          Accounting is essential for monitoring and guiding      See pages 74–77
Course description                                        business operations so that managers can gain an
The Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing major                 accurate and up-to-date picture of the financial        1 Students seeking professional accreditation must also
will provide you with a solid foundation on the           health of their organisation.                             take Introduction to Law or Australian Legal Principles
issues that influence the health and wellbeing                                                                      and Institutions, and Company Law.
of Aboriginal peoples, families and communities           The Accounting major focuses on the preparation,        2 Prerequisites and recommended courses may
in Australia. You will gain a broad introduction          interpretation and communication of accounting            not apply to students completing this major as a
to health and wellbeing from an Aboriginal                information essential for effective decision making       second major in a degree other than the Bachelor
perspective and a deeper appreciation of the              within and outside an organisation. You can choose        of Commerce.
underlying issues that influence health and               to gain an overall understanding of the field or
wellbeing from historical, cultural, environmental,       select units from specialist focus areas in either
political and spiritual perspectives.                     financial or management accounting. You can also        Agricultural Science
                                                          choose to pursue membership with one of the
The major will enable understanding of particular         professional accounting bodies.                         studyat.uwa.edu.au/agriculture
health problems within Aboriginal communities;                                                                    handbooks.uwa.edu.au/agriculture
their impacts; knowledge of the strategies, policies      In the future
and practices that have been implemented to               Professional accountants are employed as                Course description
improve health and wellbeing with a particular            company directors, board members, chief executive       Meeting the global demand for food, fibre and fuel
focus on Aboriginal community-led initiatives;            officers, partners in business and in the profession,   is a key challenge for agriculture in the twenty-first
and gain practical experience in Aboriginal               as well as in banking, company accounting,              century. By 2050 the world will have to feed and
health settings.                                          financial consulting, fund management, merchant         clothe 32 per cent more people than we do now
                                                          banking, public accounting practice, stockbroking       without irreparably damaging ecosystems. The
In the future                                             and taxation. Students can choose to pursue             rapidly growing population, changing climate and
Graduates will be well prepared for careers               further study at honours level or undertake a           limiting land and fresh water resources will impact
in Aboriginal health research, policy,                    master’s degree such as the Master of Commerce or       on the ability of agriculture to meet the demand.
management and practice in Aboriginal and                 Master of Business Administration.
government contexts.                                                                                              You will investigate how to address this challenge
                                                          Professional recognition and accreditation              by developing an understanding of the complex
Students can choose to pursue further studies at          • CPA Australia                                         biological, physical and social–economic factors
honours or postgraduate level in a range of areas         • Chartered Accountants Australia and                   that shape agricultural systems. Your studies will
including Aboriginal health and population health.           New Zealand                                          include cropping and pasture sciences, plant
                                                          • Institute of Public Accountants                       nutrition, livestock production, soil science,
Unit sequence                                             Note: All professional recognition is subject to        genetics and economics applied to agriculture.
                                                          students choosing the appropriate option and            The sequence of units will include field work and
LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS                                        elective units.1                                        extended field trips.1 Scholarships of $5000 per year
• Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in                                                                             (for the duration of the degree) are available for
  Our Backyard                                            Unit sequence                                           students entering their first year of the Agricultural
• Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction to                                                                         Science degree. Refer to www.rirdc.gov.au/
  Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge                       LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS                                      research-programs.
                                                          • Financial Accounting
LEVEL 2 CORE UNITS                                        • Introduction to Finance                               In the future
• Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing                                                                                 There is a shortage of agricultural science
• Indigenous Knowledge: Mind, Body and Spirit             LEVEL 2 CORE UNITS                                      graduates. Career opportunities are expansive and
                                                          • Corporate Accounting                                  the skills you will learn are transferable to many
LEVEL 3 CORE UNITS                                        • Management Accounting                                 other fields and areas of study. Agricultural Science
• Aboriginal Health Community Organisation                • Optional: Taxation                                    graduates become agronomists, animal scientists,
  Placement                                                                                                       bankers, commodity market analysts, consultants,
• Aboriginal Health Research Project                      LEVEL 3 OPTIONS                                         economists, food scientists, journalists, natural
• Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing               Select four (or three if Taxation unit is chosen        resource managers, plant breeders, researchers,
• Indigenous Research                                     at Level 2) including at least one from Financial       policy makers, politicians, science communicators,
                                                          Accounting: Theory and Practice or Strategic            soil scientists and more.
COMPLEMENTARY UNITS                                       Management Accounting:
Students nominating Aboriginal Health and                 • Advanced Corporate Accounting                         Students can choose to pursue further studies
Wellbeing as their degree-specific major in the           • Auditing                                              at honours or postgraduate level in Agricultural
Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Philosophy             • Contemporary Managerial Accounting                    Science, specialising in agricultural economics,
(Honours) course must also study:                         • Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice             animal or plant production, genetics and breeding
• Communication and Project Planning in Health            • Financial Statement Analysis                          or soil science.
• Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics           • Performance Measurement and Evaluation
• Human Biology I: Becoming Human                         • Strategic Management Accounting                       Unit sequence
• Human Biology II: Being Human
                                                          COMPLEMENTARY UNITS                                     LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS
Requirements                                              Students nominating Accounting as their degree-         • Frontiers in Biology
                                                          specific major in the Bachelor of Commerce or           • Plant and Animal Biology
 Prerequisites1: Mathematics or a bridging unit in        Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course must
 Mathematics in the first year of study.                  also study:                                             LEVEL 2 CORE UNITS
Academic and English language requirements:              • Economic and Business Statistics                      • Animal Function and Structure
 See pages 74–77                                          • Marketing Management                                  • Geomorphology and Soils
                                                          • Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
1 Prerequisites and recommended courses may not           • Organisational Behaviour                              LEVEL 3 CORE UNITS
  apply to students completing this major as a second                                                             • Agricultural Economics and Marketing
  major in a degree other than the Bachelor of Science.                                                           • Agricultural Systems
                                                                                                                  • Clean, Green and Ethical Animal Production
                                                                                                                  • Soil–Plant Interactions

26 study.uwa.edu.au
COMPLEMENTARY UNITS                                          Requirements
Students nominating Agricultural Science as their                                                                      Archaeology
degree-specific major in the Bachelor of Science             Prerequisites1: Mathematics or a bridging unit in
or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course must              Mathematics in the first year of study.                   studyat.uwa.edu.au/archaeology
also study:                                                  Academic and English language requirements:               handbooks.uwa.edu.au/archaeology
• Plants in Action                                           See pages 74–77
• Principles of Inheritance                                                                                            Course description
• Science, Society and Data Analysis                         1 Students who do not meet the Mathematics                Archaeology is the study of past human societies
Plus one of the following:                                     prerequisite must study Mathematics Fundamentals.       through the material things people leave behind.
• Introduction to Scientific Practices                         Prerequisites and recommended courses may not           This major provides students with an overall view
• Science, Society and Communication                           apply to students completing this major as a second     of world archaeological studies as well as insights
   (unless Science Communication is taken                      major in a degree other than the Bachelor of Science.   into Australia and the region’s extraordinary past.
   as a second major)
                                                                                                                       Our expertise includes Indigenous, historical and
Requirements                                                 Anthropology                                              maritime archaeology, exploring the full breadth of
                                                                                                                       Australia’s rich Indigenous and colonial history to
Prerequisites2: Mathematics or a bridging unit in            and Sociology                                             consider the 50,000 years of human habitation of
Mathematics in the first year of study.                                                                                this continent.
Academic and English language requirements:                  studyat.uwa.edu.au/anthropology
See pages 74–77                                              handbooks.uwa.edu.au/anthropology                         The analytical and practical elements are taught
                                                                                                                       within laboratory and fieldwork units which are
1 Cost of food and accommodation to be paid                  Course description                                        held annually for two or three weeks. UWA is
  for by the student. For more information go to             Anthropology and Sociology seek to understand             home to the Centre for Rock Art Research and
  teachingandlearning.uwa.edu.au/students/fees.              human society in all its complexity. This                 Management, providing students with strong
2 Prerequisites and recommended courses may not              major incorporates the study of cultures,                 industry links and research connections.
  apply to students completing this major as a second        institutions, social behaviours, economies and
  major in a degree other than the Bachelor of Science.      systems of meaning, and includes the topics               In the future
                                                             of religion, politics, family, gender, education,         Archaeologists are in demand by government
                                                             health, ethnicities, migration, nationalism, the          departments, the mining and resources industries
Anatomy and                                                  environment and the media.                                and other organisations both within and outside
                                                                                                                       of Australia. They are either employed directly or
Human Biology                                                As a student you will investigate a range of social       they work as private consultants, providing advice
                                                             and cultural practices and theories through studies       about archaeological heritage matters. Other
studyat.uwa.edu.au/anatomy                                   of behaviours and beliefs of past and present             career prospects include museum curators and
handbooks.uwa.edu.au/anatomy                                 societies, locally and globally. Your study will help     researchers, or in the education sector.
                                                             you to understand your place in the world and
Course description                                           equip you with useful skills for living and working in    Students can choose to pursue further studies at
What is it that makes us human? A major in                   a changing, multicultural society.                        honours level or undertake a master’s degree such
Anatomy and Human Biology will allow you                                                                               as the Master of Heritage Studies.
to explore what it means to be human in an                   In the future
integrative way, combining studies of the biology            Graduates find employment in social research              Practicum or field unit
and behaviour of human beings with current social            within policy development, public service,                • Archaeological field methods
and ethical issues. The units offered within this            community development, the law, physical and              • Rock Art field unit
major cover topics as diverse as human functional            mental health, environmental problem-solving and
anatomy; genetics, reproduction, embryology and              assessment, urban planning and education. Work            Unit sequence
growth; microscopic structures of cells and tissues;         opportunities are also found in native title, heritage
structure and function of the nervous system; and            assessment and other Indigenous areas both in             LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS
ecology, behaviour and biosocial interactions. You           Australia and overseas, museums, foreign aid and          • Archaeology Today: Principles and Themes
will explore all of these from the molecular to the          agricultural development.                                 • Discoveries in Archaeology
population level and beyond.
                                                             Students can choose to pursue further studies at          LEVEL 2 OPTIONS (select two)
In the future                                                honours or postgraduate level.                            • Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
Graduates find careers as scientists in sleep                                                                          • Historical Archaeology
science, assisted reproductive technologies,                 Unit sequence                                             • Rock Art Field Unit
pharmaceutical training and neuroscience,                                                                              • The Archaeology of Rock Art
commercial organisations, or in sales associated             LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS                                        • The Emerging Human
with these organisations. There are career                   • Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
opportunities in public science education, in                • Global Changes, Local Responses                         LEVEL 3 OPTIONS (select four)
museums and in the media.                                                                                              • Archaeological Field Methods
                                                             LEVEL 2 CORE UNIT AND OPTIONs                             • Archaeological Laboratory Methods
Students can choose to pursue further studies in             • Social Thought                                          • Archaeological Method and Theory
honours, a master’s degree or a PhD in Human                 Plus two of the following:                                • Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia:
Biology or Anatomical Sciences. Other options                • Aboriginal Art                                            Origins to Civilisation
include the Graduate Certificate in Adult Sleep              • Australian Society                                      • Archaeology of Europe: Neanderthals to Homer
Science or Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science.                • Constructing Cultures Through Media                     • Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
                                                             • Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia                • Making History
Unit sequence                                                • Popular Culture in Asia                                 • Roman Archaeology
                                                             • Refugees, Human Rights, Violence and Fear               • Roman Britain
LEVEL 1 CORE UNITS                                           • Religion in Society
• Human Biology I: Becoming Human                            • Sex, Gender and Social Life                             Requirements
• Human Biology II: Being Human                              • Society, Law and Politics
                                                                                                                       Prerequisites: None
LEVEL 2 OPTIONS (select one)                                 LEVEL 3 CORE UNIT AND OPTIONS                             Academic and English language requirements:
• Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation                  • Advanced Qualitative Methods: Ethnography                See pages 74–77
   and Variation                                             Plus two of the following:
• Human Reproductive Biology                                 • Contemporary Social Thought
Plus one of the following:                                   • Engaged Anthropology                                    Architecture
• Human Organs and Systems                                   • Environment, Landscape and Place
• Human Structure and Development                            • Indigenous Australia                                    studyat.uwa.edu.au/architecture
                                                             • Migration, Mobilities, Belonging                        handbooks.uwa.edu.au/architecture
LEVEL 3 OPTIONS (select one)                                 • Mind, Body, Culture
• Human Biology: Applications and                            • Social Meaning of Money                                 Course description
   Investigations I                                          • The Social Worlds of the Asia Pacific                   Studying architecture is often described as
• Human Biology: Applications and                                                                                      the integration of creative work with scientific
   Investigations II                                         Requirements                                              knowledge, tempered by the humanities. In this
Plus three of the following:                                                                                           major you will undertake the design of individual
• Biological Anthropology: Genes and Society                 Prerequisites: None                                       buildings, urban and landscape schemes in
• Human Evolutionary Ecology                                 Academic and English language requirements:               the context of social, technical and economic
• Human/Primate Social Organisation                          See pages 74–77                                           considerations. You will acquire skills in design
• Human Reproduction
• Human Structure and Function
                                                          The University of Western Australia | International Undergraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 27
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