UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide

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UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide

    UQ GUIDE 2014
     Top 100 universities worldwide

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UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide

  By selecting The University of Queensland (UQ) for your               UQ FACTS AND FIGURES
  Study Abroad or Incoming Exchange experience you can
  be confident you have chosen well. As one of only four                  STUDENTS AND STAFF
  Australian universities consistently ranked in the top 100             Academic staff            2836
  universities worldwide, UQ has a strong global reputation for                                    46,863 from more than
  educating aspiring leaders who succeed on a world stage.               Total students
                                                                                                   142 countries

      The University is located in a region renowned for its             International students    11,389
  subtropical climate, relaxed lifestyle and easy access to famous      Statistics are accurate as at December 2012.
  natural attractions.
      The UQ Advantage is the rich and cohesive set of opportunities
  offered to students, staff and alumni. It allows you to immerse
                                                                         UQ RANKINGS (2012-2013)
  yourself in our outstanding research culture, access award-
  winning teachers and facilities, as well as to explore sporting,       Rated well above world standard in more
  cultural and recreational opportunities                                specialised fields of research than any other
      With more than 4000 courses to choose from, your                   Australian university (2012 Excellence in
  international learning experience at UQ will be an invaluable          Research for Australia (ERA) survey)
  contribution to your university years.
                                                                         Rated Five Stars Plus (QS Stars™)
      Further, your presence at our University enriches our cohort
  through our students’ interactions with you. This transfer of          46th globally (2012 QS World University
  perspectives and experience dovetails with my vision to make UQ        Rankings)
  the most globally connected university in Australia.
                                                                         65th globally (2012-13 Times Higher Education
      International students from 134 nations contribute to UQ’s
                                                                         World University Rankings)
  friendly, safe, and multicultural community. You will be joining a
  truly international student body while receiving one of the best       90th worldwide and 6th in Asia Pacific region
  educations Australia has to offer.                                     (2012 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic
      At UQ, you can be assured of an education second to none,          Ranking of World Universities (ARWU))
  as well as one based on the skills and abilities required by a
  global workforce. Through extensive networks with industry,            72 world ranking (2012 Performance Ranking of
  government, non-government agencies and other employers,               Scientific Papers for World Universities)
  UQ’s curriculum is regularly updated to ensure our students have       Maximum five-star rating for positive graduate
  the best opportunities for personal and professional success.          outcomes, student demand, research grants,
      Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange students have access            staff qualifications, research intensivity,
  to the University’s cutting-edge facilities including Great Barrier    toughness to get in (St Lucia), and international
  Reef research stations, award-winning teaching and learning            enrolments (2013 Australian Good Universities
  spaces, and state-of-the-art sporting complexes. Some of our           Guide)
  most popular courses for Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange
  students include field trips to the reef research stations and
  South-East Queensland’s natural attractions including Fraser
      Thank you for making the time to research your options at UQ.
  I have no doubt you would have the time of your life here, while
  flourishing both professionally and personally. I look forward to
  welcoming you to the University in 2014.

Professor Peter Høj
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 1

Why choose UQ?                      2   Areas of study                           18   What else can I do at UQ?                 30
For every possible advantage in         – Agriculture, Animals and Food          19   Get fit, stay healthy                      32
learning and life...                    – Business, Economics, Tourism and Law   20   Be entertained, and make friends          34
                                        – Engineering, Architecture and               Be yourself                               36
Where is UQ?                       11     Information Technology                 21   Look after the basics                     37
                                        – Environment and Planning               22   Get help when you need it                 38
What is Brisbane like?             12
                                        – Humanities                             23   Access learning support                   40
The campuses                       14
                                        – Indigenous Studies                     24
Helpful online resources           15
                                        – Science and Mathematics                25   What will it cost?
                                        – Social Science and Communication       26   Where will I live?                        42
Study Abroad and                        – Sports Science and Health              27
Incoming Exchange                  16                                                 Living costs                              45
                                        – Field Trips                            28
                                                                                      Tuition fees                              46
How will I be taught and graded?   17
                                        Other study options                      29   Where to live                             47
                                                                                      Travelling to and from UQ                 49

                                                                                      Admission requirements                    50
                                                                                      Application process                       52
                                                                                      UQ Partners                               54
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
2 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

For every possible advantage
in learning and life...

VIBRANT                                         STUDY ABROAD AND
CAMPUSES                                        INCOMING EXCHANGE
Our lecture theatres aren’t the only            Gain an exciting international
places you can excel.                           perspective on your education.

WORLD-CLASS                                     GREAT
FACILITIES                                      CAREERS
Take advantage of our modern                    UQ qualifications are highly regarded by
infrastructure on picturesque grounds.          Australian and international employers.

QUALITY                                         HIGHLY AWARDED
PROGRAMS                                        TEACHERS
Choose from almost 400 high-quality             Our teachers have won more awards
programs and 4000+ courses.                     than any other university in Australia.

HIGHLY                                          LEADING
RANKED                                          RESEARCHERS
Enjoy the advantages of going to a              Our researchers are answering some of
university in the world’s top 100.              the toughest questions facing humanity.

PRACTICAL                                       DEDICATED
EXPERIENCES                                     SUPPORT
Learn by doing with many “hands-on”             We’ll help you settle in quickly to your
experiences and field trips.                     new life at University.
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 3
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
Life beyond the classroom is a big part         more than 190 social, sports and academic
of university life, and UQ is a great place     clubs and societies; and many cultural
to meet new people and access a wide            activities such as theatre, dances, concerts,
range of sporting and cultural activities.      movies, debates, barbecues, markets and
                                                art exhibitions.
Our four main campuses at St Lucia,
                                                   Close to beaches, rainforests and other
Herston, Ipswich and Gatton boast
                                                tourist attractions, UQ offers a safe and
beautiful grounds where you can relax
                                                welcoming environment that you will enjoy
between classes or catch up with friends.
                                                as your “home away from home”.
We offer world-class sporting facilities;

UQ offers courses to suit many interests.       these courses focus on Australian topics or
                                                offer field trips to unique locations in
As a Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange
                                                south-east Queensland.
student, you can choose from more than
                                                   Credit for courses successfully completed
4000 courses across UQ’s six faculties,
                                                at UQ in most cases may be transferred to
covering disciplines as diverse as Aboriginal
                                                your degree at your home institution (see
and Torres Strait Islander studies, mining
                                                page 16).
and minerals engineering, religious studies,
and zoology (see pages 18-28). Many of          Courses and Programs
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 5

UQ is constantly upgrading its teaching
facilities to meet the needs of both
students and industry.
We have one of the fastest and most
advanced information networks in the world,
one of the best research libraries in the
country, and modern teaching spaces that
enable the use of the latest technology, such
as individual touch screens and devices
for tablets/smart phones and recording
   Our active building program reflects
our commitment to providing high-quality,
sustainable facilities, with the opening of
the Learning Innovation building and work
progressing on structures such as the Oral
Health Centre at Herston.

                                                PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES
                                                Choosing practical study options            placements of more than a thousand
                                                – field trips and industry placements        hours. You might work in a campus
                                                included – will help you emerge             laboratory, on an island, or down a
                                                from UQ with the skills and                 mine. You may go to another country.
                                                knowledge you need to boost your            Or you might just visit a public art gallery.
                                                career and meet the demands of                 Whatever the experience, all are
                                                today’s workplace.                          designed to give you a taste of your
                                                                                            future career, and help you make valuable
                                                “Hands-on” experiences range from
                                                                                            industry contacts.
                                                one-hour experiments to work
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
6 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

The University of Queensland’s Study            to UQ. Many courses focus on Australian
Abroad and Incoming Exchange                    topics or offer field trips to unique locations
programs provide you with the exciting          in South-East Queensland, while others
opportunity to gain an international            promote group project work or research
perspective on your education at a              opportunities.
leading Australian university with a               Studying at UQ as a Study Abroad or
reputation for teaching and research.           Incoming Exchange student is not only
                                                intellectually rewarding, it is also about
As a student already enrolled at an
                                                personal development, meeting new people
accredited university outside of Australia,
                                                and experiencing the Australian culture first-
the Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange
programs allow you to explore your interests
                                                   The University provides you with many
and talents through studying at UQ for one
                                                opportunities to participate in cultural,
or two semesters.
                                                educational and recreational activities. You
   If admitted to these programs, you are
                                                can also mix study with travel and take
not awarded a degree from UQ – instead,
                                                advantage of Brisbane’s location as the
credit for studies that you successfully
                                                gateway to all of the tourist destinations that
complete here may be transferred to your
                                                make Queensland famous.
degree in your home institution.
   You can choose from more than 4000           Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange Office
high-quality courses, with many offering        email studyabroad@uq.edu.au
theoretical or practical components unique      Phone +61 7 3365 7941

                                                                                                  UQ qualifications are highly regarded by
                                                                                                  Australian and international employers.
                                                                                                  In the 2012 Employer Review of the QS
                                                                                                  rankings of world universities, UQ was ranked
                                                                                                  51st for graduate employability. In Australia,
                                                                                                  our graduates enjoy an employment rate 6.7
                                                                                                  per cent higher than the national average and
                                                                                                  with higher starting salaries.
                                                                                                     UQ develops future leaders who can
                                                                                                  take their place in an increasingly globalised
                                                                                                  workforce, graduates who are job-ready
                                                                                                  with the fundamental skills needed to thrive
                                                                                                  in the 21st century.

                                                                                                  Since 1997, UQ has won 88 Australian
                                                                                                  Learning and Teaching Council awards
                                                                                                  and citations for its quality teaching
                                                                                                  practice and outstanding contributions
                                                                                                  to student learning, more than any other
                                                                                                  university in the country.
                                                                                                  UQ also has a 100 per cent success rate
                                                                                                  in the Carrick Citations for Outstanding
                                                                                                  Contributions to Student Learning, which
                                                                                                  recognise teaching excellence in higher
                                                                                                  education; a student-centred approach to
                                                                                                  learning that is enhanced by flexible options,
                                                                                                  a strong online program, and innovative
                                                                                                  teaching modes; and more than 2800 highly
                                                                                                  qualified academic staff dedicated to teaching
                                                                                                  and research, many of whom are recognised
                                                                                                  internationally as leaders in their fields.
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 7

Our researchers are answering some of
the toughest questions facing humanity.

With eight internationally recognised
Institutes on-site, along with leading
academics on staff, you will have the
opportunity to study with some of the
world’s best researchers.
   Recent research highlights include
the installation of Australia’s biggest
solar-power facility at UQ St Lucia; the
continuing development of the nanopatch
vaccine technology, as well as biofuels
and biologics; the mathematical
modelling of crop-planting for
maximum yield; and the mapping
of the Great Barrier Reef to
measure climate change.

                                           SUMMER AND WINTER RESEARCH PROGRAMS
                                           UQ’s Summer and Winter Research                     Participation is open to undergraduate
                                           Programs provide you with an opportunity to      students, including honours, who have
                                           gain research experience working alongside       completed at least one year of study and
                                           some of the University’s leading academics       Masters by coursework students. The
                                           and researchers.                                 program is open to both undergraduate
                                              By participating, you’ll be able to extend    students from The University of Queensland
                                           your knowledge of an area of interest and        as well as students from other international
                                           develop your analytical, critical thinking and   or Australian universities.
                                           communication skills.                               All selected research scholars will
                                              Summer research projects are available        automatically be considered for an Office of
                                           in many disciplines for between six and ten      Undergraduate Education Grant.
                                           weeks over the summer vacation period               For more information about the Summer
                                           (mid-November to mid-February); and winter       and Winter Research programs including
                                           research projects between four and six           how to apply, go to www.uq.edu.au/
                                           weeks over the winter vacation period (mid-      undergraduate/undergraduate-research-
                                           June to mid-July).                               programs
UQ GUIDE 2014 STUDY ABROAD AND INCOMING EXCHANGE - Top 100 universities worldwide
                                                                                                                  We provide a range of support services
                                                                                                                  to all students, from the time you start
                                                                                                                  your degree until after you graduate.
                                                                                                                  These include comprehensive orientation
                                                                                                                  programs, academic support programs,
                                                                                                                  accommodation assistance, careers and
                                                                                                                  employment advice, health services and
                                                                                                                  IT support.

                                                                                                                  We encourage UQ graduates to keep
                                                                                                                  in touch through our many alumni
                                                                                                                  networks scattered across the globe.
                                                                                                                  Whether you studied here for a semester
                                                                                                                  on exchange or completed a full degree,
                                                                                                                  we are proud to call you a UQ alumni. As
                                                                                                                  a member of the UQ Alumni community,
                                                                                                                  you will enjoy a lifetime of experiences,
                                                                                                                  with opportunities to maintain and
                                                                                                                  renew friendships and engage in social,
                                                                                                                  educational and intellectual activities
                                                                                                                  within the UQ community.
                                                                                                                    And in return, UQ appreciates the
                                                                                                                  generous philanthropy of our alumni
                                                                                                                  and community in providing support for
                                                                                                                  outstanding programs which have real
                                                                                                                  impact in the world.

Our prestigious alumni network includes                 – Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC,                  – Geoffrey Rush, Academy Award winner
leaders in fields such as business,                        Governor of Queensland                                    and 2012 Australian of the Year
government, the judiciary, the arts,                    – The Honourable Campbell Newman,                         – Dr Nat Yuen, Philanthropist, 2010 UQ
and academia. Some notable                                Premier of Queensland                                     International Alumnus of the Year
graduates include:                                      – Dr Johann Koss, Olympian and                            – Path Heang, Humanitarian, 2008 UQ
– Professor Peter Doherty AC, 1996                        humanitarian                                              International Alumnus of the Year
  Nobel Laureate for Medicine and 1997                  – Kate Morton, internationally acclaimed                  – Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim,
  Australian of the Year                                  author                                                    Chief Minister of the Malaysian state
– Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce                       – Professor Kin-Man Ho, philanthropist and                  of Selangor
  AC CVO, Governor-General of the                         environmental engineer                                  – Dr Lee Boon Yang, Chairman, Keppel
  Commonwealth of Australia                             – John Eales AM, former Australian Rugby                    Corporation Ltd and Singapore Press
                                                          Union captain                                             Holdings, former Singaporean Minister.

Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO,   Dr Yuichi Murakami,                       Kate Morton,                            Professor Peter Doherty AC,
Governor-General of Australia             2011 UQ International alumnus of the year internationally acclaimed author        1996 Nobel Laureate for Medicine
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 9

        THE UQ
        There are so many advantages available to you as a student at The University of Queensland.

            You will have access to world-class facilities, learn from Australia’s most awarded
        lecturers, and enjoy an enriched campus life full of exceptional opportunities that stretch well
        beyond the classroom. With a wide range of study options, sporting and extra-curricular
        activities, concurrent diplomas, a global network of more than 200,000 students, staff and
        alumni – and a ranking in the world’s top 100 universities – it’s easy to see how UQ can give
        you every advantage in learning, and in life.

            Now imagine the difference all of this could make to you...



At UQ, we know that study is only            your professional development, and you
one element in producing well-               will also participate in activities across
rounded, work-ready graduates.               three core categories:
                                             Global and cultural engagement
Participation in co-curricular activities,
such as volunteering, internships,           (e.g., international exchange, language
undergraduate research programs and          study, international short-term
international study programs, will also      programs)
help you make the most of your learning      Research and entrepreneurship
experience at UQ – and give you a            (e.g., internships, conference
competitive edge after graduation.           presentations, summer research project)
   That’s why we’ve introduced the           Social responsibility and leadership
UQ Advantage Award, a program                (e.g., volunteering, student associations,
that acknowledges your non-academic          participating in a student mentorship
activities and demonstrates your             program).
leadership potential, awareness of              If you complete all program
global issues and enhanced transferable      requirements, you will receive a formal
skill set, experiences and attributes that   certificate when you graduate that
are highly desirable to future employers.    attests to your enhanced student
   By registering in the program you         experience and skill set.
will have the opportunity to attend
workshops and seminars designed to               The program is open to students from
improve your life skills and fast-track      all disciplines and is free of charge.
10 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

           UQ business hours (world times)                                     Cairns
            BRISBANE               9.00AM     5.00PM
            Auckland              12.00pm      8.00pm
            Bangkok                6.00am      2.00pm
            Beijing                7.00am      3.00pm
            Berlin                12.00am      8.00am
            Bandar Seri Begawan    7.00am      3.00pm
            Dubai                  3.00am     11.00am                  Queensland
            Ho Chi Minh City       6.00am      2.00pm                                        Sunshine
            Hong Kong              7.00am      3.00pm
            Jakarta                6.00am      2.00pm
            Johannesburg           1.00am      9.00am
                                                                                 UQ Gatton
            Kuala Lumpur           7.00am      3.00pm
            London                11.00pm      7.00am                           UQ Ipswich
            Los Angeles            3.00pm     11.00pm
                                                                                Gold Coast    Brisbane
            Manila                 7.00am      3.00pm
            Mexico City            5.00pm      1.00am                                         UQ St Lucia
                                                                                              UQ Herston
            Moscow                 2.00am     11.00am
            New Delhi              4.30am     12.30pm
            New York               6.00pm      2.00am
            Sao Paulo              8.00pm      4.00am
            Seoul                  8.00am      4.00pm
            Singapore              7.00am      3.00pm
            Stockholm             12.00am      8.00am
            Suva                  11.00am      7.00pm
            Taipei                 7.00am      3.00pm
            Tokyo                  8.00am      4.00pm
            Vancouver              3.00pm     11.00pm

             UQ Herston

             UQ Gatton

             UQ Ipswich                                 UQ St Lucia

                                                        Brisbane CBD
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 11

                                       The University of
                                       Queensland has
                                       four ccampuses
                                       in and around
                                       Brisbane, South-
                                       Q ueeQueensland,
                                              nsland    and
                                                     d, and
                                         0 + sites
                                             sites elsewhere.
                                        40+ sites elsewhere.

   Economics Student
   “Studying in Australia is nothing like I expected. It is so much more.
   Brisbane is gorgeous, and the food here is simply delicious.
   The people are warm and the resources provided by the University
   really help facilitate my growth, both professionally and personally.”
12 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

BRISBANE                                          Entertainment                                   Food
                                                  Entertainment in Brisbane encompasses art       With just under a third of Brisbane’s
Built on and around the hills overlooking
                                                  galleries – including the Gallery of Modern     population born overseas, it makes sense
the Brisbane River, Australia’s third
                                                  Art (GOMA), an inner city beach, museums,       that you will find cuisine from almost every
largest city is characterised by a
                                                  unconventional and sophisticated live           culture in our thriving restaurant industry, so
subtropical climate, safe and relaxed
                                                  art venues, a thriving live music scene,        if you’re missing food from home, it’s likely
outdoor lifestyle, unique “Queenslander”
                                                  an extensive state library, cinemas, and        that you’ll find what you’re hankering after.
architecture, bustling restaurants and
                                                  kilometres of beautiful riverside parklands     Attend one of our popular farmer’s markets
cafés, and thriving arts, sports and
                                                  that are perfect for whiling away hot summer    every weekend for fresh produce, music and
entertainment scenes.
                                                  afternoons. Our lively festival scene, which    delicious meals outdoors. During the week,
    With a multicultural population of around     includes the Brisbane International Film        drink coffee at one of the many cafés that
two million, Brisbane has all the advantages      Festival, Brisbane Writers’ Festival and        dot the city and suburbs.
of a large modern city — cafés, restaurants,      the Brisbane Festival, attracts celebrated
bars, galleries, museums, sporting events,        national and international participants.        Getting around
and shopping districts — yet retains the
                                                                                                  One of the most picturesque and practical
friendliness and charm of a small regional        Sport                                           ways to see Brisbane is on the CityCat,
town. Queensland’s subtropical climate,
                                                  Whether you’re watching or participating,       a ferry that runs along the length of the
lush landscape, and unique architecture
                                                  Brisbane’s amazing weather, gorgeous            river, from UQ’s St Lucia campus to the
all contribute to this safe and welcoming
                                                  parks and huge range of sporting facilities     riverside suburb of Hamilton. Brisbane also
environment you will be pleased to call home.
                                                  make physical activity almost impossible        has an extensive bus and train network, so
    An hour’s drive south of the city are the
                                                  to avoid. Kayak along the Brisbane River,       everything you want to see or do is easily
golden beaches and theme parks of the
                                                  rock climb your way to the top of the           accessible. We recommend buying a Go
Gold Coast. North from Brisbane are the
                                                  Kangaroo Point cliffs, ride along more than     Card, an electronic ticket that allows you
Sunshine Coast beaches, national parks,
                                                  20 kilometres of riverside pathways, join one   to travel on all Brisbane public transport
rainforests and attractions like Australia Zoo.
                                                  of our many sporting clubs, or barrack like a   services at a discounted price.
Just off the coast are the pristine Stradbroke
                                                  local when you attend a rugby union, rugby
and Moreton Islands, both popular day-trip
                                                  league, cricket, “Aussie rules” or football
or holiday destinations for locals and
                                                  match at one of our famous stadiums.
visitors alike.

Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 13

– Capital city of the State of Queensland,
– 2,043,185 (Brisbane city and surrounds)
– 4,513,850 (Queensland)
– Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city after
  Sydney and Melbourne
Time Zone
– GMT/UTC + 10 hours
                                                     Heron Island
– English
– Australia is a multicultural country so you will
  hear people speaking a variety of languages
– Australian Dollar (AUD$)
– Subtropical
– Summer: December to February; Autumn:
   March to May; Winter: June to August;
   Spring: September to November
– Summer maximum average temperatures
   are around 29° Celsius (84° Fahrenheit)
– Average maximum daytime temperature
   in winter is around 21° Celsius (70°
– You should wear a hat, cool clothing that
   protects you from the sun, and maximum
   UV-protection (30+) sunscreen during
– You will need a long-sleeved jacket and
   warm clothes during the early morning and
   evening in winter

Brisbane City Council
Things to do in Brisbane
                                                       QUEENSLAND                                             West of the Great Dividing Range
                                                                                                           (Australia’s longest mountain range) are mine
Study Brisbane                                         The fast-growing population of                      sites, cattle stations and sheep stations, all
www.studybrisbane.com.au                               Australia’s second-largest state attests            examples of the primary industries which –
                                                       to the attractiveness of its subtropical            alongside bananas, pineapples, peanuts, a
                                                       climate, diverse topography and easy                wide variety of other tropical and temperate
                                                       lifestyle.                                          fruit and vegetables, grain crops, wineries,
                                                       Queensland’s landscape comprises lush               cotton, sugar cane and wool – are chief
                                                       northern rainforests (including the world’s         contributors to the Queensland economy.
                                                       oldest, the Daintree), red deserts in the              However, Queensland is also home
                                                       west, and golden surf beaches in the                to a diverse range of other market-
                                                       south-east.                                         leading industries including advanced
                                                          Home to the Great Barrier Reef, the              manufacturing, alternative and
                                                       largest coral reef on the planet and one of         renewable fuels, aviation and aerospace,
                                                       the seven wonders of the natural world,             biotechnology, creative industries,
                                                       Queensland’s marine territory is hugely             environmental and mining technologies,
                                                       important. The reef is home to around 1500          information and communication technology,
                                                       species of fish and 350 types of coral, and          nanotechnology, and therapeutic medicines
                                                       is significant for its cultural, natural, tourism    and devices.
                                                       and scientific value (UQ has a research              Study Queensland
                                                       station on Heron Island, pictured above top,        www.studyqueensland.qld.edu.au
                                                       one of 900 islands that dot the reef).              Queensland Government
                                                          In the south-east, Brisbane is a gateway         www.qld.gov.au/about/moving-to-queensland/
                                                       to some of the world’s largest sand islands
                                                       – Moreton, Fraser and Stradbroke – but if
                                                       you prefer high country, why not drive to
                                                       a mountain retreat? Choose from Mount
                                                       Tamborine, Mount Barney, Mount Glorious,
                                                       Lamington National Park or the Bunya
                                                       Mountains for camping, cool clear streams,
                                                       rainforests, native birds and fauna.

14 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

UQ ST LUCIA                                      UQ HERSTON                                       UQ IPSWICH
UQ St Lucia is renowned as one of                Herston is UQ’s core campus for clinical         UQ Ipswich provides a high-quality
Australia’s most attractive university           health teaching and research.                    teaching and learning environment in a
campuses, and is just seven kilometres                                                            supportive, friendly campus community.
from Brisbane’s city centre.                     Close to the Brisbane city centre, UQ
                                                 Herston operates within the Royal Brisbane       The campus offers programs in medicine,
Bounded by the Brisbane River on three           and Women’s Hospital, the Royal Children’s       nursing and midwifery, health science,
sides, the 114-hectare site provides             Hospital, and the Queensland Radium              paramedic science, and arts, and features a
a perfect study, research and living             Institute, and is home to the School of          suite of health clinics plus a water garden within
environment. You will enjoy the best of both     Medicine, the School of Population Health,       the library. UQ Ipswich is also home to UQ
worlds: a vibrant modern campus with the         the School of Nursing and Midwifery’s            College, a new educational centre for school
tradition of an established university.          research activities, and the Faculty of Health   leavers and adult learners wanting academic
   The gracious sandstone architecture,          Sciences office.                                  preparation and career-boosting qualifications.
with its hub of cloistered buildings enclosing                                                    UQ Ipswich
the National Trust registered Great Court        UQ Herston
— along with parklands and lakes —
encompass world-class teaching and               Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
research facilities, including Queensland’s
                                                                                                  UQ GATTON
largest research library and fully equipped
                                                                                                  UQ Gatton combines the historic, rural
laboratories and lecture theatres.
                                                                                                  traditions of its Queensland Agricultural
UQ St Lucia                                                                                       College heritage with modern research and
www.uq.edu.au/about/st-lucia                                                                      teaching facilities in agriculture, animals,
                                                                                                  veterinary science and the environment.
                                                                                                  Just over an hour’s drive west of Brisbane,
                                                                                                  the 1068-hectare campus offers a relaxed,
                                                                                                  friendly atmosphere and access to several
                                                                                                  world-class facilities.
                                                                                                  UQ Gatton
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 15

You can find out more about studying at UQ via these websites.
The University of Queensland                    Education                                            Transport in Brisbane
www.uq.edu.au/international                     Australian Education International (AEI)             Airtrain
Alumni                                          www.studyinaustralia.gov.au                          http://airtrain.com.au
www.alumni.uq.edu.au                            Australian Qualifications Framework                   Brisbane Airport
English Language Studies (ICTE-UQ)              www.aqf.edu.au                                       www.bne.com.au
www.icte.uq.edu.au                              Education Network Australia                          Public transport
Faculty of Arts                                 www.edna.edu.au                                      www.translink.com.au
www.arts.uq.edu.au                              Education Queensland
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law                                                               Ipswich
www.bel.uq.edu.au                               ELICOS
                                                www.elicos.com                                       (see page 12)
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and IT
                                                Group of Eight (Go8)                                 Ipswich City Council
                                                www.go8.edu.au                                       www.ipswich.qld.gov.au
Faculty of Health Sciences
                                                International English Language Testing Systems       Discover Ipswich
                                                (IELTS) (see page 50)                                www.discoveripswich.com.au
Faculty of Science                              www.ielts.org
www.science.uq.edu.au                           The Good Universities Guides (Australia)
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
www.uq.edu.au/sbs                                                                                    (see page 14)
                                                Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Graduate School                                 (see page 50)                                        Lockyer Valley Regional Council
www.uq.edu.au/grad-school                       www.ets.org/toefl                                     www.lockyervalley.qld.gov.au
Library (see page 40)                           Universitas 21 (U21)
www.library.uq.edu.au                           www.universitas21.com                                Accommodation
Information Technology Services (see page 41)   Universities Australia
                                                                                                     Accommodation (see pages 47-48)
www.its.uq.edu.au                               www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au
www.uq.edu.au/news                              Australian government bodies                         Australian healthcare providers
Courses and Programs (see pages 18-28)          Australian Diplomatic Missions, Embassies and
www.uq.edu.au/study                                                                                  (see page 44)
Research                                        www.dfat.gov.au/missions                             OSHC Worldcare (UQ preferred)
www.uq.edu.au/research                                                                               www.oshcallianzassistance.com.au
                                                Commonwealth Department of Education,
Staff                                           Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)           Australian Health Management
www.uq.edu.au/contacts                          www.deewr.gov.au                                     www.ahm.com.au
Statistics                                      Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)       Australian Unity
www.mis.admin.uq.edu.au                         www.dfat.gov.au                                      www.australianunity.com.au
Student Centre (see page 40)                    Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)     British United Provident Association Ltd (BUPA)
www.uq.edu.au/student-centre                    www.immi.gov.au                                      Australian Health Pty Ltd
                                                Foreign Diplomatic Missions (in Australia)           www.bupa.com.au/health-insurance/cover/oshc
Student Services (see page 39)
                                                www.dfat.gov.au/embassies.html                       Medibank Private
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange              Brisbane and Queensland
(see page 16)
                                                (see pages 12-13)                                    Other helpful sites
                                                Study Brisbane
                                                                                                     Australian White Pages (national phone directory)
UQ Gatton (see page 14)                         www.studybrisbane.com.au
www.uq.edu.au/gatton                            Brisbane City Council
                                                                                                     Australian Yellow Pages (national business phone
UQ Herston (see page 14)                        www.brisbane.qld.gov.au
www.uq.edu.au/about/herston-campus              Brisbane Marketing
UQ Ipswich (see page 14)                                                                             Bureau of Meteorology
www.uq.edu.au/ipswich                           Brisbane Visitor’s Bureau
                                                www.brisbane.visitorsbureau.com.au                   www.bom.gov.au
UQ St Lucia (see page 14)                                                                            Global currency converter
www.uq.edu.au/about/st-lucia                    Queensland Government
                                                www.qld.gov.au                                       www.oanda.com
Visitor information                                                                                  Where Is (national street directory)
                                                Visit Brisbane
www.uq.edu.au/about                                                                                  www.whereis.com
                                                Tourism Queensland                                   World times
                                                www.tq.com.au                                        www.times.clari.net.au
                                                Study Queensland
                                                The Thousands
16 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

                                                                                                   course selection or you wish to change your
                                                                                                   courses, you can wait until you arrive at UQ
                                                                                                   before you enrol in or change your courses.
                                                                                                       If you need assistance with your course
                                                                                                   selection you can attend an Academic
                                                                                                   Advising Session during Orientation where
                                                                                                   academics from all areas can help with
                                                                                                   course choices and provide permission for
                                                                                                   new courses if necessary.
                                                                                                       If you are currently enrolled in a
                                                                                                   postgraduate program at your home
                                                                                                   institution you can enrol in postgraduate
                                                                                                   courses at UQ under the Study Abroad and
                                                                                                   Incoming Exchange program.
Study Abroad and Incoming                          See pages 50-51 of this guide for more              Pages 18-28 provide an overview of
                                                information about admission requirements           some of the popular undergraduate courses
Exchange studies at UQ                          for the Incoming Exchange program.                 UQ offers.
offer different perspectives                                                                           A full list of courses available for Study
on your field of study and                       CREDIT TRANSFER                                    Abroad and Incoming Exchange students
                                                                                                   can be found at UQ’s Courses and
create new career and                           It is important that your home institution         Programs website (www.uq.edu.au/study).
                                                approves your intended course of study             You can browse your course options by
academic possibilities.                         to ensure smooth credit transfer.                  entering a search term and clicking on
                                                                                                   Courses. Clicking on a course code or
                                                You must plan to enrol in a full-time load
ELIGIBILITY                                     during each semester you study at UQ. A
                                                                                                   title will let you view the level of the course
                                                                                                   (undergraduate or postgraduate), which
                                                standard full-time load is eight units, which
Study Abroad eligibility                                                                           semester(s) it is offered, and its campus
                                                usually equates to four courses per semester.
                                                                                                   location. On the course description page,
The UQ Study Abroad program is available
                                                                                                   you will find a short description of the course
to students currently studying at an
accredited institution outside of Australia.    CHOOSING COURSES                                   as well as a link to a detailed course profile.
                                                                                                   If the course is pre-approved for Study
   As a Study Abroad student, you can           While UQ’s courses are administered by             Abroad and Incoming Exchange students,
study at UQ for one or two semesters and        its faculties, Study Abroad and Incoming           there will be a note in the sidebar on the left
are enrolled as a non-award student. Credit     Exchange students are not restricted               stating this, meaning that you do not require
for courses that you successfully complete      to taking courses in just one faculty.             special permission from UQ to enrol. If this
is normally transferable towards your home      You may take courses across multiple               note is not shown, you can still apply for
institution degree. Admission requirements      faculties as long as your course choices           the course but you will need to meet the
for the Study Abroad program are available      are approved by your home university.              relevant prerequisites.OURSE SELECTION
on pages 50-51 of this guide.
                                                Most courses are open to Study Abroad and          Courses and Programs
Incoming Exchange eligibility                   Incoming Exchange students, however, some          www.uq.edu.au/study
                                                require permission from the relevant faculty
The UQ Incoming Exchange program is             or school before you can enrol in them.
available to students currently studying at     You should list the courses in which you
an overseas institution which has a student     are interested on the relevant section of the
exchange agreement with UQ.                     International Student Application for Study
   UQ currently has agreements with a           Abroad or Incoming Exchange Program
number of leading universities throughout       application form. If any courses require
the world (see page 54 for a full list of
                                                                                                     UQ’s faculties
                                                permission, the Study Abroad and Incoming
UQ Partners).                                   Exchange Advisors will request this for you.
                                                                                                     UQ’s courses are administered by
   Incoming Exchange students can study                                                              six faculties:
                                                   You will receive a report with your letter of
at UQ for one or two semesters and are                                                               – Faculty of Arts
                                                offer indicating which courses have been             – Faculty of Science
enrolled as non-award students.                 approved.                                            – Faculty of Business, Economics
   Credit for courses successfully completed       Once you have accepted a place as                   and Law
is normally transferable towards your home      a Study Abroad or Incoming Exchange                  – Faculty of Engineering, Architecture
institution degree. You should contact                                                                 and Information Technology
                                                student, you will receive a UQ username
                                                                                                     – Faculty of Health Sciences
the International Exchange Office at your        and password, which can be used to enrol             – Faculty of Social and
home institution for more information about     in courses online before you arrive.                   Behavioural Sciences.
studying at UQ on exchange.                        If you need more time to decide on your
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 17

At UQ we use a range of teaching
methods, including lectures, tutorials,
laboratory practicals, fieldwork, group
discussions, and online modules and
We want you to understand and apply
concepts and theories, and be able to
critically examine different arguments and
viewpoints. This means we encourage you
to actively participate in class discussions
and to ask questions.
   Please express your personal viewpoints!             TEACHING SPACES
Many lecturers will deliberately provoke
discussion and argument to encourage                    UQ’s four major campuses have more than 180 teaching rooms, which
thinking and debate.                                    range from collaborative teaching and learning spaces, to seminar rooms
   Apart from face-to-face contact, you                 and traditional lecture theatres, to laboratories and practical training
will need to complete assignments and                   areas that cater for specialised needs.
examinations: you are expected to spend as              All are designed to give you the best possible learning experience.
much time – if not more – on library research              Some lecture theatres have Lectopia installed, which allows lectures
and independent study as you do attending               to be recorded for online access; others enable video-conferencing. The
lectures and tutorials.                                 innovative Collaborative Teaching and Learning Centres (CTLC) have the latest
   To help you adapt to what is required                audiovisual teaching equipment and comprise a series of flexible spaces for
at undergraduate-level study, our Student               group work, teaching and printing. And the Advanced Concepts Teaching
Services team offers training throughout                Space (ACTS) has individual touch screens and devices for iPods and
the semester for enhancing your learning,               recording mechanisms to allow students to interact directly with teachers.
assignment writing, research, examination,                 All ensure that you will already be familiar with business and commercial
and time-management skills (see page 39).               facilities when you graduate.
Student Services                                        Teaching Space Management
www.uq.edu.au/student-services                          www.uq.edu.au/teachingspace

Assessment methods vary according to
the course.
You may have to write assignments,
undertake mid-semester and end-of-
semester examinations, participate in
individual and group projects, or prepare
research reports and laboratory practical
reports.                                             UQ strongly emphasises written                   Academic performance is usually graded
   Individual course assessment                    expression in most forms of assessment,          according to a seven-point scale:
requirements are set out in course profiles         but good speaking skills are also essential,       7 – High Distinction
(outlines), available online for students at the   and you will develop both these skills during      6 – Distinction
start of semester, and are usually explained       your program.                                      5 – Credit
to you in the first lecture. How you progress         You can find out more about the                   4 – Pass
in your study depends on your academic             University’s assessment processes at               3 – Fail
results, which will be considered by faculties     Orientation (see page 38).                         2 – Fail
at the end of each semester.                                                                          1 – Fail
18 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

UQ offers a wide range of world-class study
options for Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange
students – discover the courses that best suit you.

UQ offers one of Australia’s most
comprehensive ranges of study
Some of our more popular courses
across a wide range of disciplines are
outlined in the following pages.
Courses may include lectures and tutorials,
group work, practical lab or field work,
and industry placements. Many courses
include field trips, which are popular with
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange
students, because UQ’s location offers
opportunities to study outback, tropical and
marine environments, as well as Australia’s
unique flora and fauna. For a complete list
of courses available to Study Abroad and
Incoming Exchange students, visit
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 19

FEATURED COURSES                                   Lifestyle Horticulture
                                                   (Gatton campus)
Equine Stud Management                             HORT3008
(Gatton campus)                                    The course discusses the establishment
ANIM2039                                           and maintenance of tree, turf, interior plants,
This course covers the theoretical and             seasonal colour in the landscape and the
practical principles involved with the             emerging area of interest of green roofs.
management of breeding horses –                    A flexible program of study, tutorials and
including mating, foaling and weaning; and         field trips will be used. Lifestyle Horticulture
associated equine facilities, including stallion   encompasses urban forestry (arboriculture),
accommodation, breeding sheds and                  turf, seasonal colour in the landscape and
yards, foaling paddocks and stables, and           floriculture. These disciplines link to sciences
weaning, handling and pre-training facilities.     (plant physiology, ecology, soils and water)
Previous students have enjoyed this course         as well as to aspects of landscape design
particularly because it integrates theory with     and management.
                                                   Principles of Wildlife Management
Zoology                                            ENVM3001
BIOL2204                                           This course is an overview of the principles
This course covers animal diversity and            and concepts that wildlife managers need                   GURION ANG
evolution, from primitive metazoans to             to be familiar with to master their craft. You             (SINGAPORE)
vertebrates. It describes the fantastic            will learn biology and population dynamics
                                                   of Australian native and feral animal                      Zoology student
diversity of animal and life histories in an
evolutionary and phylogenetic context. You         populations; the ecological factors which                  “Zoology might be an unconventional
will become familiar with body form and            affect the distribution and abundance of                   route to take for a Singaporean,
function, and life history characteristics of      wild vertebrates; management of pests;                     but the program at UQ successfully
the major groups of animals.                       management of critically endangered                        amalgamates the fascinating world
                                                   species; and the concept of adaptive                       of animals with their biomedical,
Food Science                                       management.                                                agricultural and conservation
FOOD2000                                                                                                      applications to produce graduates
                                                                                                              with a dimensionless range of career
Food science is the study of the physical,
chemical and biological properties of foods
                                                   OTHER COURSES                                              and further study options. The best
                                                   The table below lists other popular courses                thing about UQ has got to be the
and their constituents and the changes                                                                        fair advantage every student gets
they undergo (including nutritional) when          in this area available to Study Abroad and
                                                   Incoming Exchange students. A full list of                 to participate in the wide range of
subjected to handling, preservation,                                                                          activities on offer. I did a Summer
processing, storage and distribution. This         courses can be found on UQ’s Courses and
                                                   Programs website at www.uq.edu.au/study                    Research Program where I got to
course covers the fundamental principles                                                                      work with moths and wasps (I love
of food science: science of sugar, meat,           UQ CODE      COURSE NAME                                   insects!).”
milk, seafood, fruits and vegetables, eggs,                     Plant Utilisation in Natural and
fats and oils, and grains and their derived        AGRC1014
                                                                Agricultural Environments
products.                                                       Ecology of Natural and Agricultural       NOTES
                                                   AGRC2019                                               – Course information is correct as at April 2013 and may
                                                                                                            change in 2014. Please refer to www.uq.edu.au/study
Food Product Development                           ANIM1008     Animal Health and Care                      for current information.
FOOD3011                                                                                                  – While all listed courses are available to Study Abroad
                                                                Animal Welfare, Behaviour and               and Incoming Exchange students, some will require
                                                                Handling                                    Faculty/School approval as relevant previous study
Successful food product development
                                                   ANIM3016     Captive Wildlife Husbandry                  may be required.
requires a knowledge of a range of disciplines
as well as a systematic approach to the            ANIM3039     Equine Exercise and Rehabilitation
development process. Integration of                BIOL3207     Animal Behaviour
marketing and consumer aspects with the            CHEM2003 Food Chemistry
technical aspects of food processing and           FOOD3000     Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
food products is very important. This course       FOOD3007     Food Structure and Sensory Science
covers the techniques involved in systematic                    Food Safety and Quality
food product development.                                       Management
                                                                Agriculture and Food Industry
20 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

FEATURED COURSES                                  Behavioural and Evolutionary
Brand Management and Strategy                     ECON2060                                             GLENN PHAIR
MKTG2508                                          The course gives a guided exploration                (UNITED KINGDOM)
Products are the lifeblood of an                  of the new developments and insights in
                                                  the field of behavioural economics, mainly            Incoming Exchange Student
organisation, and thus it is important for
managers to understand the role of the            motivated by the evolutionary changes in             “The course that I am enjoying most
product and brand management in gaining           the major factors of production (labour,             is ECON2500 China: Emergence,
and maintaining customer loyalty. This            capital, technology and institutions). The           Implications and Challenges. As
course is designed to develop knowledge,          course will contain material from outside            an economics student I am greatly
skills and perspectives to support the            traditional economics, including insights            intrigued by what is going on in
application of managing products and              from neuroscience, cognitive psychology,             China, as a major player in the global
developing brand strategies in the marketing      laboratory experiments and historical                economy. It is really pleasing that UQ
area.                                             studies. The diverse material in the                 offers such a course, because I would
                                                  course, including a considerable degree              never have expected that coming to
Destination and Experience                        of mathematical formalisation, will place            Australia would have opened up that
Marketing                                         relatively high demands on students.                 possibility. It has been well worth it.”
This course applies marketing knowledge
                                                  Health Economics
to travel, leisure and tourism organisations.                                                       UQ CODE       COURSE NAME
Marketing theories, models, methods and           This course explores the descriptive and
                                                                                                    ACCT1101      Accounting for Decision Making
practices are critically evaluated. Destination   theoretical aspects of health and medical
                                                  services; demand and supply for health            ECON1010      Introductory Microeconomics
governance, positioning and branding are
examined, as is destination recovery after a      insurance, hospitals and related services;        ECON1110      Australian Economic Institutions
crisis.                                           equity versus efficiency in services;              ECON1120      The Economics of Social Issues
                                                  health financing and health systems; and           ECON2300      Introductory Econometrics
Introduction to Human Resource                    evaluation techniques.                                          China: Emergence, Implications and
Management                                                                                                        Challenges
MGTS2604                                          OTHER COURSES                                     ECON3430      Managerial Economics

Human Resource Management (HRM)                                                                     ECON3510      International Trade Theory and Policy
                                                  The table at right lists other popular courses
is about the deployment of people in              in this area available to Study Abroad and        EVNT3004      Event Sponsorship and Fundraising
organisations: it is about the policies,          Incoming Exchange students. A full list of        FINM1401      Personal Wealth Management
functions and practices that are designed         courses can be found on UQ’s Courses and          FINM2401      Financial Management
to attract, motivate and retain employees         Programs website at                                             Investments and Portfolio
for organisational success. This course           www.uq.edu.au/study                                             Management
will introduce you to the field of HRM, to                                                           FINM3403      International Financial Management
the theories and approaches, concepts                                                               IBUS2301      International Business Management
and techniques that are employed in best                                                            IBUS3309      Managing Across Cultures
practice organisations. Understanding the
                                                                                                    MGTS1301      Introduction to Management
significance, breadth and dynamic nature of
                                                                                                    MGTS1601      Organisational Behaviour
the field is necessary for sound professional
HRM practice by Human Resource                                                                      MGTS2603      Leading and Managing People
professionals and by general managers.                                                              MKTG2501      Consumer Behaviour
                                                                                                                  Principles of Tourism, Hospitality
                                                                                                                  and Events

  Law students                                                                                     – Course information is correct as at April 2013 and may
                                                                                                     change in 2014. Please refer to www.uq.edu.au/study
  If you are currently enrolled in a law program at your home institution you are eligible to        for current information.
  take law courses at UQ. You should select your courses from the course lists available           – While all listed courses are available to Study Abroad
                                                                                                     and Incoming Exchange students, some will require
  on the UQ School of Law website (current Students’ section) at www.law.uq.edu.au.                  Faculty/School approval as relevant previous study
  Course selections will be assessed by the School of Law on a case-by-case basis.                   may be required.
Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange UQ Guide 2014 21

FEATURED COURSES                                  Introduction to Mining
Artificial Intelligence                            This course is an introduction to Australian
COMP3702                                          mining history, mining methods and mining
This course investigates methods and              equipment, mine ventilation, explosives
techniques within the field of artificial           and blasting. You will explore the roles
intelligence, including problem solving and       and responsibilities of a mining engineer in
optimisation by search, representing and          Australian mineral deposits and mines, and
reasoning with uncertain knowledge, and           mining development.
machine learning. Specific emphasis is
placed on the practical utility of algorithms     OTHER COURSES
and their implementation in software.
                                                  The table below lists other popular courses
                                                  in this area available to Study Abroad and
Digital Prototyping                               Incoming Exchange students. A full list of
DECO2300                                          courses can be found on UQ’s Courses and
This course introduces you to a range of          Programs website at www.uq.edu.au/study
digital prototyping techniques for generating
proof-of-concept solutions for design
computing projects. Students will design           UQ CODE       COURSE NAME
and rapidly prototype interactive solutions,       ARCH1110      Principles of Architecture                     ADAM JOEL LUEPKE
following up with critique and reflection
on the success and/or failure of artefacts
                                                   ARCH3110      Modern Architecture and the City               (USA)
                                                   ARCH3210      Culture, Environment and Design
presented                                                                                                       Incoming Exchange Student
                                                                 Environmental Issues, Monitoring
                                                                 and Assessment                                 “CIVL2130 Environmental Issues,
Architecture of the Region                         CIVL2210      Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics                 Monitoring and Assessment is a
ARCH2230                                           CIVL2330      Structural Mechanics                           fantastic course that I would highly
                                                                                                                recommend to anyone studying
This course involves the study of                  CIVL2410      Traffic Flow Theory and Analysis
                                                                                                                at UQ. The environmental issues
architecture in its regional context, including                  Network and Operating Systems
                                                   COMP2303                                                     discussed are incredibly interesting
culture and history. It investigates influences                   Principles
                                                                                                                and affect everyone living on Earth.
on architectural form and the development          COMS3000 Information Security
                                                                                                                It becomes unmistakably clear how
of architectural ideas. Australian architecture                  Computer Systems Principles and
                                                   CSSE2310                                                     it is of the utmost importance to
and the architecture of South-East                               Programming
                                                                                                                understand our interaction with the
Queensland provide the basic regional study        DECO2200      Graphic Design
                                                                                                                world around us and to approach
contexts.                                          DECO2500      Human-Computer Interaction
                                                                                                                living comfortably within the means
                                                   DECO3500      Social and Mobile Computing                    of nature. Discussing the issues
Biomaterials: Materials in Medicine                ELEC2003      Electromechanics and Electronics               presented, such as global warming,
                                                   ELEC2004      Circuits, Signals and Systems                  population and sustainability,
This course is an introduction to biomaterials     ENGG1500      Engineering Thermodynamics                     further ignited my curiosity and has
science, artificial organs, prosthetic                                                                           continued to compel me to use my
                                                   INFS3200      Advanced Database Systems
devices, regulatory testing and evaluation                                                                      degree to contribute to the world
                                                   MECH2300 Structures and Materials
of new biomaterials. You will also gain                                                                         at large.”
an understanding of polymeric, ceramic,            MECH3250 Engineering Acoustics
metallic and composite biomaterials.                             Engineering Management and
                                                  – Course information is correct as at April 2013 and may
                                                    change in 2014. Please refer to www.uq.edu.au/study
                                                    for current information.
                                                  – While all listed courses are available to Study Abroad
                                                    and Incoming Exchange students, some will require
                                                    Faculty/School approval as relevant previous study
                                                    may be required.
22 UQ Guide 2014 Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange

                                                AND PLANNING
                                                risk of sedimentation. In this course, you         planning and policy-making. This leads to
                                                will take a journey from coral reef origins        an examination of the politics of planning,
                                                deep in the Earth’s geological past to             the tension between local and professional
                                                contemporary issues of reef conservation           knowledge in policy-making, and the many
                                                and management.                                    and varied understandings of “community”.
                                                                                                   The course then considers the co-evolution
   EMILY FAWTHROP                               Sustainable Development 1
                                                                                                   of planning and public participation in

   (UNITED KINGDOM)                             ENVM2100
                                                                                                   national and international contexts.

   Incoming Exchange Student                    This course is an introduction to the key
   “The course that stands out the
                                                principles of sustainable development              OTHER COURSES
                                                and the application of those principles in
   most for me is ANTH2060 Political                                                               The table below lists other popular courses
                                                real world situations. Topics addressed
   Ecology. We are learning about                                                                  in this area available to Study Abroad and
                                                include economic, ecological and social
   human–environment conflicts – it is                                                              Incoming Exchange students. A full list of
                                                considerations for sustainable development;
   very interesting and has made me                                                                courses can be found on UQ’s Courses and
                                                conflicts between individual and collective
   view things in a completely new way.                                                            Programs website at www.uq.edu.au/study
                                                interests; the constraints of resource
   My current assignment is to pick
                                                availability and use; management of scarce
   a media source and analyse how                                                                   UQ CODE       COURSE NAME
                                                food and water resources; and the options
   a particular human–environment
                                                before us for the future development of             ANTH2060
                                                                                                                  Political Ecology: Knowledge,
   conflict is represented and what its                                                                            Resources and Rights
                                                human society in a world of limited carrying
   impacts are – it is making me see                                                                BIOL1030      Global Challenges in Biology
   Pocahontas is a completely different                                                                           Evolutionary Perspectives on
   light! This course is definitely worth                                                            BIOL1100
                                                                                                                  Modern Society
                                                Introduction to Environmental
   taking as it is relevant to the modern                                                           BIOL3000      Conservation
   day and really makes you reassess
                                                ENVM1501                                            BIOL3215      Marine Ecology
   your perceptions!”
                                                This course is an introduction to the                             Energy Systems in Sustainable
                                                complex interaction among social, political,
                                                                                                                  Environmental Issues, Monitoring
                                                cultural, economic and ecological factors           CIVL2130
                                                                                                                  and Assessment
FEATURED COURSES                                in the field of environmental management.
                                                This course offers a philosophical framework
                                                                                                    ECON3700      Environmental Economics
                                                                                                                  Resource Management and
Ecology                                         necessary for modern environmental                  ENVM2200
                                                                                                                  Environmental Planning
BIOL2010                                        managers to deal with and approach the
                                                                                                    ENVM2522      Carbon and Energy Management
                                                complex reality of their field. The course
This course examines ecological theory and      also places emphasis on thinking about
                                                                                                                  International Regulatory
methodologies using historical and modern                                                           ENVM3104      Frameworks for Climate Change and
                                                environmental issues and opportunities in a                       Environmental Management
examples from studies of many organisms,        holistic and interdisciplinary way.                               Catchment Processes and
including plants, animals and microbes.                                                             ENVM3201
Topics covered include interspecies
                                                Environment and Society                             ENVM7205
                                                                                                                  Climate Change and Environmental
interactions, ecological and evolutionary                                                                         Management
aspects of species persistence in natural                                                           ENVM7524      Carbon and Energy Management
environments, population dynamics, species      This course focuses on natural and social
ranges and the movement of organisms            systems and their interactions, problems            GEOG1000 Human Settlements
                                                that arise in environmental quality and             GEOG2205 Global Population Issues
through landscapes, species-area
                                                resources, and the response of societies in                       Climate Change and Environmental
relationships, processes involved in defining                                                        GEOS3105
                                                planning and management. You will learn                           Management
communities in space and time, and              how to assess environmental economic                MARS2014      Marine Science
hypothesis testing in the study of ecology.     problems that arise from the relationship
                                                                                                    PUBH7027      Introduction to Environmental Health
                                                between humans and their environment and
Coral Reefs                                     how societies have responded and should             PUBH7113      Health and Development
BIOL3219                                        respond.                                            TOUR2007      Sustainable Tourism

Coral reefs comprise the most biodiverse
                                                Community Planning and                             NOTES
ecosystem on earth. The complex                                                                    – Course information is correct as at April 2013 and may
physical benthic structure of a reef            Participation                                        change in 2014. Please refer to www.uq.edu.au/study
                                                PLAN3005                                             for current information.
facilitates enormous trophic and ecological                                                        – While all listed courses are available to Study Abroad
partitioning, such that a huge number of        This course examines public participation,           and Incoming Exchange students, some will require
species from almost all animal phyla are        and community planning and policy-                   Faculty/School approval as relevant previous study
                                                                                                     may be required.
found in coral reef habitats. Many of the       making. It will be of interest if you are in the
coral reefs of the world – including those      planning, policy, design and environmental
supporting the highest biodiversity of all –    management fields. The course begins by
are heavily over-exploited, polluted and at     asking why the public should be involved in
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