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A Word of Welcome
Dear McGill Parent,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child to the McGill University community. While campus will be
abuzz with the usual excitement and energy of a new academic year, you join McGill at a pivotal moment in time:
the University will be celebrating its bicentennial in 2020–21, and plans to mark this anniversary milestone are in
full swing!

But first, please know that as your child transitions to university life, the McGill Alumni Association is here to
offer you information and support, as well as opportunities to become involved with McGill and other parents,
throughout your child’s studies.

In this handbook, you will find answers to parents’ frequently asked questions and a handy reference guide to
locate McGill departments offering services to students. We also provide you with information on engaging with the
McGill community through academic, networking or sporting events, connections with other parents through the
global network of regional alumni branches or participation in parent-centred social media offerings.

As our new students begin their lifelong bond with McGill, our hope is that as a parent, you, too, will come to develop
a connection with McGill and a desire to contribute to its continued academic strengths and vitality.

I welcome you again most warmly as a new member of the University community, and wish you and your child
great success at McGill.


Gabrielle Korn
Executive Director, McGill Alumni Association

Table of Contents
Programs and Services for McGill Parents                    Maps
  McGill Alumni Association                            4      Map of Downtown Campus                             17

  Support from McGill Parents                          4      Map of Downtown Residences                         19

  McGill Alumni Association Regional Branches          4      Map of Macdonald Campus                            21

Web Resources for Parents                              5

The McGill Alumni Association and Students

Important McGill Policies
                                                              Using this Handbook
  Rights, Responsibilities and Academic Integrity      6
                                                              The McGill Alumni Association is delighted that
  Alcohol Policy                                       6      you and your child have chosen McGill. A wealth
                                                              of opportunities exists for both you and your
  Paying Tuition and Fees                              7
                                                              student to become active participants in the
  Policy on Email Communication with Students          7      University’s rich and diverse community. The
                                                              McGill Alumni Association is your gateway to
  Release of Student Information                       7
                                                              McGill. We are here to help you become familiar
  Helping Students in Case of Emergency                7      with the many resources available to parents
                                                              and students. Tools like the Parents Handbook
Campus Safety                                                 are intended to provide you with the information
  McGill Security Services                             8      you need to assist your student through this
                                                              important academic journey.
  Services and Programs Offered by Security Services   8
                                                              In the Handbook, you will find an overview of
McGill Contact Information                             9      programs offered to McGill parents, relevant
                                                              University policies, services available to you
Other Useful Contact Information                       11
                                                              and your student, and campus maps.
Frequently Asked Questions
                                                              If you have additional questions which are not
  Administrative Matters                               12     addressed here, please contact the McGill
                                                               Alumni Association by calling 514-398-5000
  Financial Matters                                    12
                                                              or 1-800-567-5175 (toll-free in North America),
  Getting Settled                                      13     or by emailing
  Health and Dental Insurance                          13

  For Parents of International Students                14

  Emergency Matters                                    15

Programs and Services for McGill Parents                    ■ Support from McGill Parents

At McGill, parents are a vital part of the University       McGill Parents are instrumental in providing support for
community. We hope you will consider becoming               many aspects of student life, including McGill Libraries
involved in some of the activities we offer, whether at     and student advising and mentoring services.
McGill or in your own region, as this can be rewarding
                                                            With the McGill Libraries playing such a central role in
both for you and the University.
                                                            student life and learning, it is hardly surprising that McGill
■ McGill Alumni Association                                 parents would feel a sense of kinship and responsibility.
                                                            Advising and mentoring also play a pivotal role in
The McGill Alumni Association offers families of McGill     students’ educational experience, ensuring that they
students an additional way to participate in the life of    are able to make the most of their time at McGill and
the University. The McGill Alumni Association aims to:      achieve their goals, wherever their lives and careers
◆ Provide advice to parents on McGill matters              might take them. For more information or to give
                                                            online, visit
◆ Establish a closer relationship between the
   University and McGill parents who are not                ■ McGill Alumni Association Regional Branches
   themselves McGill graduates
                                                            The mandate of the McGill Alumni Association is to
◆ Offer information about McGill and the services          foster long-term relationships with graduates and
   it provides to students                                  friends for their shared benefit and for the support and
◆ Encourage parents to support the University              development of McGill. Over the course of its 160-year
   financially through the McGill Fund.                     history, the Alumni Association has established a
                                                            worldwide network of branches. Parents are welcome
Parents, guardians and grandparents of students
                                                            to attend regional branch activities which include lectures,
registered in full-time courses can become members
                                                            receptions, tours, concerts, picnics and sporting events.
of the McGill community – all you have to do is register!
                                                            If you are interested, you can also volunteer to be part
You can do so by completing the form on the Parents
                                                            of a local organizing committee.
website at Any
information you provide remains strictly confidential.

Web Resources for Parents                                    ■ Summer Send-Offs

■ McGill Alumni Website                                     These special receptions are held in several cities and                        towns around the world. Their purpose is to welcome
                                                             new students to McGill before they leave home and
The McGill Alumni website is where you will find             provide them an opportunity to meet other incoming
information for McGill parents. It is designed to help       students. Parents are also invited to attend as they can
you understand and navigate the many McGill programs         benefit from the occasion to ask their own questions
and services offered to your student and to you as a         about McGill. Parents of returning students may also
parent. It is also a place where we address common           participate and contribute their first-hand experience
questions and concerns that may arise on a variety of        for the benefit of new parents. They join recent
topics, from the time your son or daughter applies to        graduates and current students who are on hand to
McGill until they graduate.                                  answer questions about their McGill experience, living
■ Facebook – McGill International Parents Community          in residence, managing academic course loads, getting
                                                             involved in extracurricular activities and enjoying Montreal.
Visit Facebook and look for McGill International Parents
Community, a group set up specifically for parents of        If you’re interested in volunteering at next year’s
McGill students. On this popular social networking site      Summer Send-Offs, please email us at
you can connect with a network of other parents, ask
questions and share your stories and advice.                 ■ Student Sponsorship Program

The McGill Alumni Association and Students                   The McGill Alumni Association and University
                                                             Advancement are proud to offer sponsorship funds
The McGill Alumni Association considers students             to McGill student groups for special projects of a cultural,
and their families to be an important part of the            athletic or educational nature. Sponsorships range from
constituencies it serves. The MAA is therefore pleased       $250 to $750 and are given to student groups for projects
to offer a wide array of programs and events for new         which enhance the richness of the McGill student
and returning students, including:                           experience and bring recognition to the University.
◆ Summer Send-Offs                                           For more information on the Student Sponsorship
◆ Student Sponsorship Program                                program, please visit
◆ Career Services
                                                             ■ Career Services
◆ Life After Your Degree (LifeAYD)
                                                                ■ Career Planning Service (CaPS):
◆ Seeds of Change                                                  The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) assists
To learn more about these programs and activities,                students in their career development and search
please visit                 for permanent, part-time and summer jobs, as
                                                                  well as internships, by providing workshops,
Some programs for students are greatly improved by                individual advising, a comprehensive job posting
parent participation. Here is a brief description of those        service, and an extensive Career Resource Centre.
you might like to get involved in as a parent:                    Visit CaPS at

     cGillConnect: Meet McGill alumni and                Important McGill Policies
    students on
                                                          In Quebec, an 18-year-old is considered to be an adult. is McGill University’s exclusive      Parents are sometimes surprised to learn of the restrictions
   hub where alumni, students, faculty and staff          on their access to information about their student. Below
   can connect online, over coffee, individually or       you will find some official University policies that may
   as a group.                                            be of particular interest to parents. Please review the
                                                          policies, and do not hesitate to contact the relevant
		    Use McGillConnect to:
                                                          department should you have questions or concerns.
      ◆  Connect with professionals who graduated
                                                          ■ Rights, Responsibilities and Academic Integrity
          from McGill
                                                          Being a McGill student comes with rights and
      ◆  Access opportunities like networking events,
                                                          responsibilities. To avoid mistakes that will result in
          drop-in career advising sessions, and more
                                                          disciplinary measures and to ensure fairness and
      ◆  Find fellow students and recent graduates to   respect in all their dealings with faculty, staff and fellow
          chat with about their experiences               students, it is essential for students to have a good
                                                          understanding of their responsibilities and to know
		Start building a network to support you on campus,
                                                          their personal and academic rights. McGill issues
   as you pursue your studies and build your career.
                                                          two important publications: the Handbook on Student
                                                          Rights and Responsibilities, also known as the “Green
■ Life After Your Degree (LifeAYD)                        Book”; and Fair Play, which presents real-life scenarios
                                                          to clarify what is considered honest work as opposed
LifeAYD is an annual event series hosted in               to plagiarism. The Student Rights and Responsibilities
partnership with the Students’ Society of McGill          website also makes a number of tools available to
University, the Campus Life & Engagement Office           students to help them avoid committing an offence.
and the University Advancement Office.                    Visit
Held all year round, LifeAYD activities are designed to   ■ Alcohol Policy
assist graduating students with their transition into a
post-McGill world by providing life-skills workshops,     The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. The objective
topical lectures and networking opportunities with        of the McGill Alcoholic Beverages Policy is to ensure
alumni. For more information on LifeAYD and other         the responsible and safe use of alcohol on campus.
services, please visit                In particular, this policy ensures alcohol servers
                                                          and event sponsors respect University policies
                                                          and provincial laws and makes them responsible
                                                          for the actions of those they serve. For details, visit

                                                          Parents should encourage students to take charge of
                                                          their well-being in a responsible manner. Information
                                                          for students regarding alcohol consumption and
                                                          factors that influence intoxication can be found at
■ Paying Tuition and Fees                                       legislation does not permit any information about a
                                                                student to be released to any third party, including a
Through Minerva, the University’s self-service, web-based
                                                                member of a student’s family, without the student’s
administrative system, students may view all charges
                                                                prior written consent. Parents are encouraged to
to their account including tuition, fees, health insurance,
                                                                discuss their need to consult confidential information
housing fees, meal plan and other miscellaneous
                                                                with their students.
charges. McGill provides a convenient e-bill on Minerva.
Students will receive a notification at their McGill email      Emergencies, which are defined as situations in which
address at the beginning of each month, prompting               a student’s health or well-being is seriously at risk,
them to view their e-bill in Minerva. Payment deadlines         give rise to exceptions under the provincial Law.
are provided on the Student Accounts home page.
                                                                ■ Helping Students in Case of Emergency
Convenient ways to pay bills are by Internet/telephone
                                                                In case of an emergency or a crisis involving individual
banking, pre-authorized debit (or e-cheque) from a
                                                                McGill students on campus or anywhere in the world,
Canadian or US bank account or through Western Union
                                                                the Office of the Dean of Students is the main contact
GlobalPay for international students. As a last resort,
                                                                point for families. The Dean of Students works closely
cheques in Canadian or US dollars can be sent by mail.
                                                                with Student Services and McGill Security Services
Please note that payment by credit card is not possible.
                                                                to ensure student safety and well-being on both the
For more information, visit the Student Accounts website,       downtown and Macdonald campuses., or call 514-398-7878.
                                                                The role of the Office of the Dean of Students in such
Students may give Minerva access privileges to a
                                                                cases is to gather information, act as a liaison with
parent or other guest user. These privileges include
                                                                relevant services and departments concerning the
viewing e-bills, account summaries and tax receipts,
                                                                student or students, and disseminate information
as well as arranging e-payments.
                                                                to the appropriate individuals. To learn more about
■ Policy on Email Communication with Students                   how to help students in case of an emergency,
                                                                please visit the Dean of Students website at
Email is one of the official means of communication
between McGill University and its students. As with all
official University communications, it is the student’s         In the event of sexual or gender-based violence, the
responsibility to ensure that time-critical email is            Office for Sexual Violence, Response, Support and
accessed, read and acted upon in a timely fashion. If a         Education provides confidential and non-judgmental
student chooses to forward University email to another          support to impacted students. To learn more about the
mailbox, it is up to the student to ensure that the             services and resources offered by the Office of Sexual
alternate account is viable. Read the full policy at            Violence, Response, Support and Education, please visit                 the website at
■ Release of Student Information                                Parents with serious concerns about their student
                                                                can contact the Office of the Dean of Students at
McGill cannot release information regarding a student’s
                                                                514-398-4990 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm,
application, file or academic standing to anyone other
                                                                or Security Services at 514-398-3000 (Downtown
than the student, even if the student is a minor or if his or
                                                                campus) or 514-398-7777 (Mac Campus) outside
her parents are paying the tuition fees. Quebec privacy
                                                                office hours.
Campus Safety                                                 ■ Services and Programs Offered by Security Services

Montreal is a safe city. Nevertheless, students must          Emergency Telephones
always take precautions to protect themselves and
                                                              Each campus also has a network of yellow emergency
their property. With this in mind, McGill offers a range of
                                                              telephones located in strategic areas. These telephones,
security services that will help students enjoy a safe and
                                                              easily recognizable at night by a blue light to mark their
secure university experience, both on and off campus.
                                                              locations, connect students to the Security Operations
Parents can make the University’s efforts more                Centre with the push of a button.
effective by encouraging students to participate in
                                                              All public payphones on campus can be used to reach
crime prevention and personal safety programs, write
                                                              Security Services at no charge by dialing 514-398-3000.
contact information on their property, use available
                                                              They are also connected to the 911 system at no
security equipment and promptly report suspicious
                                                              charge. If you call 911, please place a follow-up call to
people, vehicles or activities to Security Services.
                                                              Security Services.
■ McGill Security Services
Downtown Campus                                               514-398-2498 (free from any campus payphone)
                                                              McGill Walksafe provides a safe alternative to walking
514-398-3000 (emergencies)
                                                              or taking public transportation alone at night. Walksafe
514-398-4556 (general information and other
                                                              patrol teams will accompany students to any location on
security services)
                                                              the island of Montreal. During the school year, Walksafe
Macdonald Campus                                              operates Sunday through Thursday from 9 pm to                                        12 am, and Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 3 am.
514-398-7777 (emergencies)                                    To request a Walksafe escort, students can call the
514-398-7770 (general information)                            number above or stop a Walksafe patrol team on the
                                                              street. Patrol teams are easily identifiable by their
McGill University Security Services provides services         red McGill Walksafe jackets, and are equipped with
and expertise to ensure the safety and security of the        two-way radios for communication with the dispatcher.
University community. Uniformed personnel patrol the
campus, control building access, transport students with      Security Services maintains a close working
disabilities and respond to incidents and emergencies.        relationship with the McGill Walksafe executive.
Each campus has a Security Operations Centre that             When Walksafe is not available, Security Services
functions 24/7 and responds to the emergency number           agents will provide the service within certain limits.
at all hours.
                                                              Night Route Map

                                                              A night route map is made available to encourage
                                                              students who walk alone to take the brightest and most
                                                              frequented routes. Emergency and public telephones
                                                              are also identified on this map. View the map at
S.T.O.P. Program                                              McGill University General Information
McGill Security Services has teamed up with hardware
protection specialists Security Tracking of Office Property
(S.T.O.P.) to ensure that students’ belongings aren’t         Macdonald Campus General Information
targeted for theft. The S.T.O.P. system works by attaching    514-398-7773
a special security plate to a student’s property, such as
a laptop. Each plate carries a barcode that is registered
                                                              McGill Security
with both McGill Security and S.T.O.P., and comes with
                                                              514-398-3000 (emergency)
a warning label letting would-be thieves know that
                                                              514-398-4556 (general information)
ownership of the laptop is permanently registered,
thus rendering resale (the prime reason for laptop
theft) very difficult.                                        Macdonald Campus Security
                                                              514-398-7777 (emergency)
If a laptop is lost or stolen, the barcode and 24-hour
                                                              514-398-7770 (general information)
hotline listed on the plate allow anyone who finds it to
contact S.T.O.P. and ensure that the laptop is returned
to its owner. Laptop registration is offered at the
Parents Tent and around campus during Orientation.            Athletics and Recreation
Learn more about the S.T.O.P. program at                      514-398-7000  
To view other safety tips and information made                Athletics and Recreation – Macdonald Campus
available by McGill Security Services, please visit           514-398-7789            
                                                              Campus Life & Engagement
McGill Contact Information                                    514-398-6913

                                                              Career Planning Service

                                                              Career Planning Service – Macdonald Campus

                                                              Counselling Services

Counselling Services – Macdonald Campus         McGill Parents
514-398-7992                                    514-398-5000, 1-800-567-5175 (toll-free)                 
Dental Clinic
514-398-3155                                    McGill Counselling                  514-398-3601
514-398-8040                               Off-Campus Housing                             514-398-6368
Enrolment Services
514-398-7878                                    Office for Students with Disabilities                                    514-398-6009
First Peoples’ House
514-398-3217                                    Office of the Dean of Students                                   514-398-4990
International Student Services
514-398-4349                                    McGill Psychiatric Services                 514-398-6019
Macdonald Campus Bookstore
514-398-8300                                    Registration, Student Records and Exams                        514-398-7878
McGill Alumni Association
514-398-5000                                    Residences and Student Housing
1-800-567-5175 (toll-free in North America)     514-398-6368                      
Le James – McGill Bookstore                     Residences and Student Housing –
514-398-5063                                    Macdonald Campus                               514-398-7716
McGill Food and Dining Services
514-398-6368                                    Scholarships and Student Aid                          514-398-6013
McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
514-398-4104                                    Scholarships and Student Aid – Macdonald Campus                                 514-398-7992
Service Point                                      Other Useful Contact Information
514-398-7878                    City of Montreal
                                                   3-1-1 (from anywhere in the Montreal region)
Student Accounts                                   514-872-0311 (from outside Montreal)
                                                   Montreal’s Public Transit System (STM)
Student Affairs Office – Macdonald Campus          514-STM-INFO (514-786-4636)
Student Health Service                             8-1-1
514-398-6017                                       514-521-2100                            (from anywhere within the province of Quebec)
Student Health Services – Macdonald Campus
                                                   Info-Santé is the Quebec health hotline for non-
                                                   emergencies. Anyone concerned about their health
                                                   can call 8-1-1 from anywhere in Quebec. A nurse will
Student Services                                   answer the call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                                                   Tourisme Montreal
                                                   514-844-5400 (Montreal Area)
Student Services – Macdonald Campus                1-877-266-5687 (Toll free, from Canada and U.S.A.)
Walksafe                                           514-789-2494
514-398-2498                                       1-877-820-2453 (Toll free)                              
                                                   Bixi is Montreal’s public bike system, accessible across
Welcome Centre
                                                   the city 24 hours a day from April to November.
Downtown Campus: 514-398-6555
Macdonald Campus: 514-398-7773                     Taxi companies by region
                                                     Diamond 514-273-6331; Co-op 514-725-9885;
                                                     Atlas 514-485-8585

                                                   East End
                                                   	Co-op de l’Est 514-352-6000; Champlain 514-271-1111;
                                                     Hochelaga-Beaubien 514-256-9033

                                                   West End
                                                     Co-op de l’Ouest 514-636-6666; Taxi Lachine 514-637-7011

Frequently Asked Questions                                  Financial Matters
Administrative Matters                                      ■ How much will tuition be? How should fees
                                                               be paid?
■ As a new McGill parent, who should I call for
   general information about student services?              The Student Accounts Office is your source for information
                                                            about all matters relating to financial records. Visit
Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E) has information on to learn about different
all McGill services for new students, including special     methods of payment, McGill’s fee schedule and other
assistance for francophones who will be studying in an      relevant information. Please note that electronic billing
English milieu for the first time.                          is the official means of delivering fee statements to all
Campus Life & Engagement                                    McGill students: no paper bill will be issued. For payment
1010 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 203                      methods accepted by the University, please visit
(2nd floor, entrance off Metcalfe Street)                                                  Payment via credit card is not accepted.
514-398-6913                                                For information about charges that may appear on                                         your student’s account statement, visit
■ Where can I find an academic calendar with     
   important dates for my student?                          or contact the Student Accounts Office at 514-398-7878.

McGill offers programs of study in some 300 disciplines     ■ I will be paying my student’s tuition fees.
through its 21 faculties and schools, and important dates      Can I gain access to his/her financial records?
and deadlines may vary from one program to another.         Only students have access to the information contained
The Important Dates portal at      in their online McGill account, such as fee and/or student
has been implemented to help you find the dates and         loan information. Students may choose, however, to
deadlines you are looking for by category, by faculty       give another party access to this information. They
or school, or by keyword; key academic dates and legal      can do so by completing the Consent for Release of
holidays are also found there on a single page. View        Student Accounts Information Form, available on the
payment deadlines pertaining to student accounts at         Student Accounts website at                         parents-and-sponsors/guest-access.
■ Will my student receive updates about important           ■ How can I find information about financial aid
services?                                                      for my student?
CL&E corresponds with new undergraduate students            The Scholarships and Student Aid Office aims to provide
by email throughout the summer. Parents can view            students with the financial resources necessary to help
these emails on CL&E’s publications webpage at              cover the cost of their McGill education. To find information                           about government student aid programs, McGill loans
■ Can I access my student’s record?                         and bursaries, undergraduate scholarship funding, debt
                                                            management, budget counselling and the Work Study
McGill will not release information regarding a student’s   program, please visit
record or their academic standing to anyone other than
the student, even if that student is a minor.
Getting Settled                                            clinic other than Student Health Services may have
                                                           to pay a fee and then apply for a refund to the health
■ Where can my student purchase textbooks?                 insurance plan of their province of origin. Note that
Professors will announce the required texts for their      students must contact their provincial health agency
courses on the first day of classes. Students can find     (by phone or in writing) to inform them that they will
material for their courses at the Le James Bookstore       be studying outside of the province or their health, or at Paragraphe Books conveniently            coverage may be cancelled.
located near the downtown campus at 2220 McGill            ■ Is my student eligible for the Quebec provincial
College Avenue.                                               health insurance plan (RAMQ)?
If your student would like to buy second-hand books,       Students who have Canadian citizenship but no provincial
he or she should first speak with the professor to         health insurance are usually not eligible for RAMQ. There
confirm that a previous edition of the required textbook   are, however, some exceptions to this rule. For further
is acceptable for course use. Le James offers hundreds     information about RAMQ eligibility, please visit
of used titles of current course materials. Students
can also find used textbooks by consulting SSMU’s          or call 514-864-3411 or 1-800-561-9749.
Marketplace at, or at
The Word, located at 469 Milton Street.                    ■ Why should I pay for insurance offered by the
                                                              Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)
For students at Macdonald Campus, the Bookstore               if my student is covered by my insurance plan?
is in the Centennial Centre and is run by the Macdonald
Campus Students’ Society. The Mac Bookstore carries        If your student is Canadian and covered by another
textbooks for Macdonald Campus courses and other           private plan, he or she can combine the SSMU Health
supplies.                                                  and Dental plan with their existing plan to maximize
                                                           overall coverage. By doing so, it may be possible for
■ How can my student find off-campus housing              your student to claim deductibles or co-payments that
   after the first year?                                   they would otherwise have to pay. The fees associated
Whether your student is looking for housing downtown       with the plan are billed directly to the student’s McGill
or around Macdonald Campus, the Off-Campus Housing         fee statement.
office has helpful resources, including housing lists,     Canadian students from outside the province of Quebec
available to McGill students. For more information, call   should check with their own provincial Medicare office
514-398-6368 or visit          to ensure the validity of their health coverage while
offcampus. Your student can also consult the SSMU’s        studying at McGill in order to benefit from the student
Marketplace at                 health insurance plan.
Health and Dental Insurance                                This does not apply to international students. See the
■ Will my student’s health insurance card from            following section addressing insurance for international
   another Canadian province be accepted in Quebec?        students.

Your student’s provincial health insurance card is
accepted at the on-campus clinic at Student Health
Services and all hospitals. Students visiting a medical

■ Can my student be exempted from the SSMU                 International Student Services offers many other
   Health and Dental plan?                                  programs and services. The office, located in the Brown
                                                            Student Services Building at 3600 McTavish Street, is
Canadian and Quebec students can opt out of the
                                                            open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and can be
student health insurance plan by cancelling their
                                                            reached by email at,
coverage if they meet the exemption criteria. (This
                                                            or by phone at 514-398-4349.
does not apply to international students. See the next
section.) Students may opt out of this plan during the      Information about International Student Services is
Change-of-Coverage Period at the beginning of the           available at
fall semester by visiting Students
                                                            ■ Is McGill health insurance mandatory for
also have the option to opt out for the duration of their
                                                               international students?
undergraduate studies at McGill. Opt-out dates will
be published in the McGill campus newspapers and            By McGill Senate regulation, ALL students who do not
online, notably on the SSMU website.                        have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status
                                                            must participate in the Compulsory International Health
■ What does the SSMU Health and Dental Plan cover?
                                                            Insurance Plan administered by the University and In-
The student health insurance plan (SSMU Health and          ternational Student Services. This policy also applies to
Dental Plan) provides coverage for many important           students who may be exempt from international fees.
services not covered by provincial health care. For         Therefore, students without valid Canadian Medicare
details on what health services are covered by this plan,   must be covered by this plan offered by Blue Cross.
refer to the information available at       In general, the policy provides coverage similar to that
Dental care is offered through the SSMU Health and          of Quebec Medicare.
Dental Plan to both Canadian and international students.
                                                            International students with questions should visit
For Parents of International Students              or contact
                                                            International Student Services at 514-398-4349.
■ Does McGill have special services for
   international students?                                  ■ Are there any exceptions to the mandatory
                                                               health insurance?
International Student Services (ISS) helps students
prepare for their arrival at McGill and adjust once         In rare cases, your student may be exempt from this
they begin their studies. For instance, ISS can help        compulsory plan. To be exempt, valid documentation
if your student requires assistance during the CAQ          proving eligibility under one of the categories listed at
(Certificate of Acceptance to study in Quebec) and/or
study permit application process or with any part of        For any question regarding eligibility for exemption,
the immigration process.                                    please contact International Student Services at

                                                            ■ Are international students covered by
                                                               a dental plan?

                                                            Yes, international students are automatically covered by
                                                            the SSMU Dental Plan. Students wishing to opt out of the
                                                            dental plan may do so at
  an international students work while studying               students throughout the year. Participating in
 at McGill?                                                    these events will help your student meet other
                                                               students from their own country and around the
International students can work on and off campus if
                                                               world. To learn more about the MISN, visit the
they are full-time, completing a degree and have a valid
                                                               Facebook group at
study permit.
                                                             Emergency Matters
They are eligible to work both on campus – and up to
20 hours a week off campus – during regular academic         ■ Who can I call if I need to contact my student in
terms, and full-time during scheduled university breaks.        case of an emergency?
For more information about student work and work
                                                             In exceptional circumstances, parents can contact the
permits, please see
                                                             Office of the Dean of Students at 514-398-4990. Staff
                                                             members are available to answer your call weekdays
  ill my student’s immigration documents need               from 9 am to 5 pm. Outside of regular business hours,
 to be renewed?                                              you can reach McGill Security Services at 514-398-3000
                                                             or 514-398-7777 (Mac Campus).
Expiry dates of CAQs and study permits can vary. These
are often valid for the duration of your student’s program   ■ Where can my student see a doctor?
of study, but may expire earlier if the student’s passport
                                                             Your student can be seen by a doctor on campus
expires prior to the end of their program. It is important
                                                             at the McGill Student Health Service clinic. The clinic
to verify the details specific to your student’s CAQ and
                                                             offers same-day appointments at the downtown
study permit to determine when they should be renewed.
                                                             campus Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
If your student’s CAQ and study permit will both be          Same-day appointments are intended for urgent
expiring, your student must take the necessary steps to      cases, such as patients who have been injured or
renew them. Students should start the renewal process        who are sick. For non-urgent cases, students can
at least three to four months prior to the expiry date.      make an appointment by calling 514-398-6017.

For further information about student permits, see           Outside of McGill Student Health Service hours, or if        there are no appointments available when your student
or contact International Student Services at 514-398-4349.   needs one, we suggest visiting alternate clinics in the
                                                             Montreal area. For a list of clinics recommended to
  ow can my student meet other international
                                                             students around the downtown campus, please visit
◆ The International Buddy Program pairs new
                                                             For students at Macdonald Campus, please refer to
  international students with returning student
                                                             the following website for a list of clinics off campus and
  volunteers, often from their home country and/or
                                                             for other useful information:
  faculty. To learn about the buddy program, visit
◆ The McGill International Students Network (MISN)
                                                             All students can speak with a public health nurse by
  helps international students feel at home in
                                                             calling Info-Santé at 8-1-1. The Info-Santé service is
  Montreal and at McGill. MISN hosts events for
                                                             available 24/7.
■ Who should my student contact in case of an
                                                                                                  11 ’18
Students in an emergency or crisis situation should
contact the appropriate community resource.
                                                                                          OCTOBER 13
For serious emergencies or injuries, students should
call 9-1-1.

For on-campus emergencies, McGill Security should
also be notified at 514-398-3000 or 514-398-7777
for Macdonald Campus Security.
                                                                     CELEBRATION WEEKEND
There are two police stations located near the
                                                       NEED AN EXCUSE TO VISIT YOUR STUDENT IN MONTREAL?
downtown McGill campus:
                                                       Join us at Homecoming Celebration Weekend for our three signature
                                                       events and a variety of special activities on campus and around Montreal.
  Station 38                  Station 20
  1033 Rachel East            1432 Ste. Catherine W.
  514-280-0138                514-280-0120
                                                                                   ROXANE GAY
                                                                                   Bestselling Author, Professor,
                                                                                   Editor and Cultural Commentator
The police station closest to Macdonald Campus,
                                                                                   OCTOBER 11 | Beatty Memorial Lecture
Station 1, located at 2883 Saint Charles Boulevard,
is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm and can be reached
at 514-280-0101.                                                                   STEVE PATTERSON
                                                                                   Award-Winning Comedian,
For a list of local help hotlines, most of them                                    Humour Writer and Host of
available around the clock, please visit                                           CBC Radio One's The Debaters                                               OCTOBER 12 | 49th Annual Leacock Luncheon

                                                                                   GINA MCARTHY
                                                                                   Former Administrator of the
                                                                                   US Environmental Protection Agency
                                                                                   OCTOBER 12 | McGill School of Environment
                                                                                   Annual Public Lecture
                                                                                   OCTOBER 13 | Sir William Macdonald Luncheon

                                                                      OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS INCLUDE:
                                                             Homecoming Football Game and BBQ, Faculty events,
                                                                Macdonald Campus events... and much more!

                                                                      For complete information about events,
                                                                       registration and travel discounts, visit:

Map of Downtown Campus                                                           24 Frank Dawson Adams Building
                                                                                 25 McConnell Engineering Building
                                                                                 26 University Hall Residence and
1    McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
                                                                                    Presbyterian College and Residence (Pres Rez)
2    Francesco Bellini Life Sciences and Cancer Research Buildings
                                                                                 27 James Administration Building – Administrative units
3    Stewart Biological Sciences Building
                                                                                 28 Wilson Hall – Schools of Nursing and Social Work
4    Chancellor Day Hall – Faculty of Law
                                                                                 29 Wong Building
5    Gelber Law Library
                                                                                 30 Rutherford Physics Building
6    Education Building
                                                                                 31 Genome Building Building
7    Brown Student Services Building
                                                                                 32 Trottier Building
8    University Centre – Students’ Society of McGill University
                                                                                 33 Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building – Faculty of Dentistry
9a   Le James Bookstore (books, academic needs)
                                                                                 34 Duff Medical Building – Biomedical Engineering
9b   Le James (lifestyle, clothing, accessories)
                                                                                 35 McGill Sports Complex – Athletics and Recreation
10   Bronfman Building – Desautels Faculty of Management
                                                                                 36 McConnell Winter Stadium
11   Service Point and McLennan Library
                                                                                 37 Douglas Hall
12   Redpath Library
                                                                                 38 1010 Sherbrooke Street West
13   Redpath Hall
14   Redpath Museum
                                                                                 Bishop Mountain Hall Residences
15   Arts and Leacock Buildings
                                                                                 39a Bishop Mountain Dining Hall and offices
16   Macdonald Engineering Building
                                                                                 39b Gardner Hall
17   Macdonald-Harrington Building –
                                                                                 39c Molson Hall
     Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning
                                                                                 39d McConnell Hall
18   Burnside Hall
19   Otto Maass Chemistry Building
                                                                                 40 Carrefour Sherbrooke Residence
20   McCord Museum
                                                                                 41 La Citadelle Residence
21   School of Continuing Studies
22   Royal Victoria College Residence
23   Strathcona and Elizabeth Wirth Music Buildings – Schulich School of Music

                                                    N       « Nord de la grille. »

                                                             À Montréal, les
                                                             directions sont
                                                             données en fonction                                                        39a                 36
                                                             du nord de la grille.                                                                  39d
                                                             Ainsi, la rue Peel est
                                                             considérée comme                                                      36
Magnetic north        “Grid north.”                          étant sur un axe
Nord magnétique
Nord magnétique        In Montreal directions                nord-sud et la rue
                       shorthand, Peel St.                   Sherbrooke, sur un
                       is considered a                       axe est-ouest.                                                              37
                       north-south street;
                       Sherbrooke St.
                       is considered an
                       east-west street.

                       Welcome Centre
                       Welcome   Centre
                       Accueil McGill
                       Accueil McGill
                       Campus Security
                       Services de sécurité
                                   sécurité                                                                                        34                 35
                       Emergency Phone
                       Téléphone d’urgence
                       See page 9.
                       Téléphone d’urgence
                       Voir page 48.


                                                                                                31         32
                  1         2                                                                                                                                    3625
                                                                                                                                                                 du Parc

                                                                                                29         30                                                    Nouvelle
                                                                6                                                                                                New
                  3                                                                                                                                              du Parc
                                        4                                                                                                                        Le James

                                                                    7                                      25                      26

                                                                                13              17

                                                                                11                    19                                                   40
                                                                                                                                   22                                41

                                                                    38                               20                            9b

                       3510  Lionel-Groulx
                          3510  Lionel-Groulx       1430 Peel
                          Résidence                 Association des
                       Solin HallHall
                          Solin                     diplômés de McGill
                                                    McGill Alumni Association

                                                                                00                                                                                         18
Undergraduate Residences
1    Bishop Mountain Hall (cafeteria and offices)                             MORE Shared-Facilities Houses
2    Gardner Hall                                                             13 3559 University
3    Molson Hall                                                              14 3601 University
4    McConnell Hall                                                           15 3653 University
5    Douglas Hall                                                             16 505 des Pins
6    New Residence Hall                                                       17 509 des Pins
7    La Citadelle Residence                                                   18 510 des Pins
8    Carrefour Sherbrooke Residence                                           19 522 des Pins
9    Royal Victoria College Residence                                         20 3471 Peel
10   University Hall Residence (Dio)
11   Presbyterian College and Residence (Pres Rez)                            Not shown on map
12   Greenbriar and Hutchinson Apartments                                     Solin Hall, 3510 Lionel Groulx
                                                                              Solin Annex, 3585 Delisle

Shopping Guide

 Around the Downtown Campus                                                    Around Solin Hall

 Household items                1 Dollarama – 3575 Parc (in La Cité)                                            anadian Tire –1500 Atwater
                                                                               Household items                 (in Place Alexis Nihon)
                                2 The Bay – 585 Ste-Catherine West
                                                                                                               Winners – 1500 Atwater
                                  ollarama – 1500 McGill College                                              (in Place Alexis Nihon)
                                 (in Place Montreal Trust)
                                                                                                               Dollarama – 3795 Notre-Dame West
                                4 Winners – 1500 McGill College

                                                                                                               Pharmaprix – 1500 Atwater
 Drugstores                     1 Uniprix – 3575 Parc (in La Cité)
                                                                               Drugstores                      (in Place Alexis Nihon)

                                2 Pharmaprix – 390 Ste-Catherine West                                          Pharmaprix – 2740 Notre-Dame West

                                3 Jean Coutu – 677 Ste-Catherine West                                         Pharmacie Brunet – 151 Atwater
                                 (in Les Ailes de la Mode)
                                                                                                               Jean Coutu – 3711 Notre-Dame West
                                4 Pharmaprix – 1 Place Ville-Marie

                                5 Jean Coutu – 305 sherbrooke W;                                               IGA – 1500 Atwater
                                980 Ste-Catherine West
                                                                               Grocery stores                  (in Alexis Nihon Plaza)

                                                                                                               Super C – 147 Atwater
 Grocery stores                 1 Metro – 3575 Parc (in La Cité)
                                                                                                               Atwater Market – 138 Atwater
                                2 Marché Lobo – 3509 Parc
                                                                                                               IGA – 3964 Notre-Dame West
                                3 Provigo – 3421 Parc
                                                                                                               Marché Adonis – 2173 Ste-Catherine West

 Others                         1 Costco – 300 Bridge (membership required)                                    Supermarché PA – 1420 du Fort

                                2 Home Depot – 4625 St-Antoine West

                                3 Walmart – 6797 Newman

                                4 Ikea – 9191 Cavendish



    3                                                                                                                                                                          ne

              4                                                                                                                                                                        -M
2                                                                                                                                                      du 1              1 1
                       5           Molson


                                                                                                                                          i   so

                                                 16         Ay
                                                              lm                                                    Du
                                                                   er                                                       ch
                                                17                                                                             er
                                                           19                                       Ay
                                                                                         Lo                                                                                                                                                                                          eu
                                                                                           rn                                                                                                                                                                                           ry
                           Royal Victoria                   15                      ur          e                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Métro
                           Hospital                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Place-des-Arts


                                                                                           13                                                                                                                                                                7

                                                                                                                              n                                                                                                                   ty
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     8                 Co


                                                                                                                                      10                                                                                                                              rs

                                                Réservoir                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -A
                                                Rutherford                                                                                                                                                                       Un                                                                                              an
                                                Reservoir                                                                                                                                                                             io                                                                                           dr
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        n                                                                                             e

                                                                                                                                                                                                        9                                                                                                                                       2

             Mount Royal                                                                                                                                                                                       Un

             Park                                                                                                                                                                                                   ive



                                                                                                                    Campus                                                         M
                                                                                                                                                                                       cG                                                                        3
                                                                                                                    See page 18.                                                          ill
                                                                                                                                                                                                lle                                                          Les Ailes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             de la Mode




                                                                                                                               M                                         sfi

                                                                                                                                    cT                                       e

                                                                                                                                      av                                      ld




                                                                                                                                                       ca                                                                                3




                                                                                                                                                               Peel                          Les Cours


                                                                                                                                                                                                        6                                              5

        Stylized map.



        Not all streets appear.



        See note about “grid north”


        on page 19.

                                                                                                                                    00                                                                                                                                                                                                     20
Map of Macdonald Campus                  Shopping Guide
1    Glenfinnan Arena
                                         Around Macdonald Campus
2    Casgrain Building
3    Penfield Building
4    John Abbott College Library                             ostco – 5701 Transcanadienne,
5    Herzberg Building
                                         Household items    Pointe-Claire (membership required)
6    Hochelaga Building
                                                            Home Depot – 185 Hymus, Pointe-Claire
7    Anne-Marie Edward Building
8    Stewart Hall                                           Walmart – 17000 Transcanadienne
9    Stewart Hall Residence
10   Dental Clinic                                          Canadian Tire – 16821 Transcanadienne
11   Britain Hall                                            entre RioCan Kirkland –
12   Glenaladale House                                      3000-3330 Jean-Yves, Kirkland
13   Campus Daycare
                                                            Beaconsfield Shopping Centre –
14   Power House
                                                            50 Saint-Charles, Beaconsfield
15   Facilities Management
16   Tadja Hall                                             Galerie des Sources – 3237 Sources,
17   Centennial Centre                                      Dollard-des-Ormeaux
18   Laird Hall                                             Fairview Shopping Centre Pointe Claire –
19   Raymond Building                                       6801 Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire
20   Macdonald-Stewart Building                             Centre d’achat Le Faubourg de l’Île –
21   Barton Building                                        101 Cardinal-Léger, Pincourt
22   Parasitology Building
23   Avian Science Centre
24   CINE Building                                          Marché Richelieu – 16B Legault
25   Horticultural Services              Grocery stores     (enter from 33 Saint-Pierre),
26   Ecoresidence                                           Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
27   Harrison House                                         Provigo – 90 Morgan, Baie-d’Urfé
28   Swine Complex
29   Poultry Complex                                        IGA – 110 Don-Quichotte, Île-Perrot
30   Technical Services Building
                                                            Metro – 450 Don-Quichotte, Île-Perrot
31   Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre
32   Farm Centre                                            Maxi – 92 Cardinal-Léger, Pincourt
33   Cattle Complex
34   Nutrition Barn
35   Farm Storage Building
36   Large Animal Research Unit

STM bus stop
       Morgan                                               28             29
       Arboretum                                                                                                                      Security (24 hours)
                                                                                                                                      (514) 398-7777
                                                                                                                                      Laird Hall, room 101 &
                                                                                                                                      Herzberg, room H-136

                                                                                                                                      Campus Energency Phone


                                                                     Macdonald Campus Farm

                        36                                                         20


                                                                                             24                                25

                                                                                        19                     21
                                                       Playing Field                           20

                                                 3          4          6                                  McEwen Field
                                       2                         5
                                                     John Abbott
                                                                                     10                        27
                                                                                                                    Stewart Park         Rivermead


                                                                                                    ad                                                         Town
                                  12                                                            e Ro                                                           Baie d’Urfé
                                                                           15                              ke
Town                                                                                                   s La
Ste-Anne-                                                                                          Loui
de-Bellevue                                                                                    St.

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     the McGill Alumni Association
     McGill University
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