PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
A Catholic
Education from
to Year 12
PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
© Sydney Catholic Schools • First published February 2012 • This edition published November 2017

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                                                                                       GENDER XX
                                                                                                        PRINCIPAL xx

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PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
Primary to
    Secondary    PATHWAYS
A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12
                  Thank you for choosing or considering a Catholic education for
                  your child. This booklet will guide you through the process of
                  choosing a Catholic systemic secondary college, and answer
                  some frequently asked questions. It explains how to select
                  a college, how to help your child cope with the primary to
                  secondary transition and the criteria for secondary enrolment.
                  It also contains details of all the secondary systemic colleges in
                  the Archdiocese of Sydney, including their official ‘feeder’ schools.

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
Why is a continuous                           Is my child guaranteed a place at the nominated
    Catholic education pathway                    secondary college if they are already enrolled in a
    important?                                    Catholic primary school?
    From primary school to secondary              When your child is enrolled at a Catholic primary school, the pathway to a
    college, a good Catholic education is for     systemic secondary college flows smoothly, provided that the student fulfils
    life and the friendships formed can last a    the enrolment criteria. The Enrolment Committee for each college prioritises
    lifetime. Students who follow the Catholic    enrolments according to the following criteria:
    education pathway from Kindergarten to
                                                  1.   Baptised Catholic children of regularly worshipping Catholic families with
    Year 12 experience a sense of continuity in        strong demonstrable links to the local designated feeder parish or parishes.
    the approaches to teaching and learning.
    Immersion in the Catholic faith and           2.   Siblings of children already attending the college whose families have
    traditions enables the students to grow as         demonstrated ongoing support for the ethos and values of the Catholic
    young men and women who will make a                Church.
    difference in the world.                      3.   Children of families currently enrolled at the designated Catholic feeder
                                                       schools who have demonstrated ongoing support for the ethos and values
    What is a designated parish                        of the Catholic Church.
    and feeder school?                            4.   Children of families who have ‘special pastoral circumstances’ as assessed
    Most Catholic parishes in the Archdiocese          by the Enrolment Committee or, where appropriate, the school principal
    of Sydney have a parish primary school.            and/or priests of associated parishes in conjunction with the principal.
    Secondary colleges were established           5.   Children of Catholic families not covered above or who are outside the local
    to support the educational needs of                designated Catholic feeder schools/parishes.
    students from a cluster of primary
                                                  6.   Children of regularly worshipping Orthodox families who have strong
    schools. These are referred to as ‘feeder
                                                       demonstrable links to their faith community and who are prepared to
    schools’ and have priority enrolment
                                                       support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church.
    into their nominated secondary colleges.
    Students from parishes without primary        7.   Children of regularly worshipping families from other Christian
    schools also have enrolment priority at            denominations who have strong demonstrable links to their faith
    their designated secondary college.                community and who are prepared to support the ethos and values of the
                                                       Catholic Church.
    In the following pages you will see which
    secondary colleges are linked to your         8.   Children of Orthodox families who are prepared to support the ethos and
    parish or school.                                  values of the Catholic Church.
                                                  9.   Children of families from other Christian denominations who are prepared
                                                       to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church.
                                                  10. Children of families from other faith traditions or non-religious backgrounds
                                                      who are prepared to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church.

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
Can my child go to a different Catholic
secondary college?
Yes, you can apply for enrolment at any Catholic secondary
college. The success of your application will depend on the
numbers of applicants falling into the priority categories listed
on the left.

How do I find out more about the Catholic
secondary colleges in my area?
Often secondary college principals will come and talk to senior
primary school students about their college.
You can also attend college open days, which provide insights
into what the college has to offer. You will meet the students,
teachers and current parents and take a tour of the facilities
and grounds.
Many of our secondary colleges have strong bonds with their
feeder primary schools, and offer opportunities for the primary
students to visit and become involved in a range of learning
and sporting activities.

   When do I need to enrol my child in a
   secondary college?
   From this year SCS secondary colleges will enrol
   prospective students two years before the intended
   commencement date, i.e. Year 5 for enrolment into Year 7.
   Traditionally, secondary colleges in the Archdiocese of
   Sydney accept enrolments between March and the end
   of May. This varies from college to college, so contact
   the specific secondary college you are interested in for
   more details.

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
What are the advantages of                                  What provisions are made for students with
    co-educational colleges and                                 diverse learning needs?
    single-sex colleges?                                        Sydney Catholic Schools is committed to meeting the diverse
    Across the Archdiocese of Sydney, there are a mixture       learning needs of students. We believe, and research demonstrates,
    of single-sex and co-educational colleges. Some             that gifted learners thrive academically, socially, and emotionally
    students attend the same college through to Year 12,        when they are placed with peers of similar ability.
    others commence their secondary studies for years 7-10      The Newman Program models best practice in education for gifted
    at a single-sex school, and then feed into a co-ed          and talented students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Students who
    years 11-12 college. Experts are divided on the             are identified as gifted are placed in Newman groupings or streams,
    advantages and disadvantages of either method of            which provide differentiated instruction and assessment, and record
    education. For you as a parent, the needs of your child     and celebrate student achievement.
    are the central factor in your choice of schooling.
                                                                Sydney Catholic schools also provide an inclusive curriculum,
    It is important to include your child in the conversation
                                                                adjusted learning programs and specialist support for students with
    about the best school option for him or her.
                                                                special needs. Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Lewisham opened in
                                                                2016 to provide holistic educational services for young people with
    Does the size of the school matter?                         moderate intellectual disability and other complex learning needs.
    Both small and large colleges offer different               It will expand in the future to include students from Kindergarten
    opportunities for your child. Smaller colleges, like        to Year 12.
    smaller primary schools, can offer a more personal          The Arrowsmith Program is also offered to improve the cognitive
    learning environment and better leadership                  capacities that affect learning for eligible students at selected
    opportunities. Larger colleges often have more subject      primary and secondary schools.
    choices, and also allow students ample opportunities
    to expand their circle of friends. Most schools have        If your child has a particular learning need or strength, it is essential
    programs in place to ease the transition from primary       that you discuss this with the principal of the school where you wish
    to secondary school, so students should not feel            to enrol.
    daunted coming from a small primary school to a large
    secondary college.                                          How do I help my child cope with the transition
                                                                from primary to secondary school?
    Do HSC and NAPLAN results matter?                           This transition period is a critical time for students and families
    There are a many differing factors which may affect HSC     – it is a major milestone on the journey to adulthood. From help
    and NAPLAN results. In general, Catholic colleges score     understanding transport arrangements to a brief lesson in reading
    above the state average in HSC and NAPLAN tests.            timetables, there are many things that you can do to help make
    However, the Catholic school ethos is about developing      your child’s transition a smooth one. Key is developing your child’s
    the whole person – which means your child will have         confidence and independence. The more knowledge they have about
    the opportunity to excel and develop in many areas,         the secondary college they will be attending, the better they will feel.
    not just academic ones. When you are looking at a           Most primary schools and secondary colleges run programs to assist
    secondary college for your child, it is important to know   the students in settling into their new school, speak to your child’s
                                                                school and explore the internet for more information.
    your child’s strengths and look at the opportunities the
    college provides for them to grow.

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
What are the fees?
Tuition fees are charged at all systemic primary and secondary colleges. In 2015,
SCS moved to a differentiated school tuition fee model. This means that there
will be slight variations in tuition fees from school to school, depending on the
socio-economic rating of the area in which the school is located.
On average, the tuition fees for a years 7-8 student are around $1,600 per year,
for a years 9-10 student, around $1,700 per year and for a years 11-12 student around
$2,200 per year. As mentioned, there will be some minor variations between schools.
As well as tuition fees, there are some separate school-based charges
(sport, excursions, technology etc.) and a School Building Levy. This levy is used to
help pay for the loans taken out by the parish or SCS to cover building works, repairs
and maintenance of school buildings.
At HSC level, there may also be some charges for specific subjects (e.g. Woodwork
and Construction).
Parents who need support to meet the cost of educating their child in a systemic
Catholic school may be eligible for a bursary through the Catholic Education
Foundation. Information about the Catholic Education Foundation can be obtained
from your local Catholic school or from the SCS website. School fee relief may
also be available to some families. Contact your local Catholic school for more
information about the school fees charged by that school.

What does ‘systemic’ mean and how are systemic schools
different from other Catholic schools?
Systemic Catholic schools are administered by SCS. All systemic schools work closely
with their parish, use a low fee model, and have access to centrally-funded programs.
They receive some government funding.
Congregational Catholic schools are run independently by religious orders. They
charge their own fees, and also receive some government funding, but under a
different model. Both systemic and congregational schools in the Archdiocese
of Sydney are responsible to the Archbishop of Sydney. The information in this
booklet refers only to Catholic systemic schools. There is a list of the congregational
secondary schools on page 47.

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
The following pages contain information about the 39 Catholic systemic
    secondary colleges in the Archdiocese of Sydney, including their contact details
    and official feeder primary schools.
                                                                                                         PRINCIPAL xx

                                                                                                         A xx
                                                                                                         T xx
                                                                                                         E xx
                                                                                                         W xx
                                                                                                  GENDER XX
    SCHOOL PROFILES                                      LaSalle Catholic College Bankstown26    ESTABLISHED   XX
                                                                                                           ADDITIONAL        INFORMATION
                                                                                                  ENROLMENT XX
    All Saints Catholic College Liverpool           7   Marcellin College Randwick                 27    Secondary pathway college listing
                                                                                                           by primary school                                     45
    All Saints Catholic Senior College Casula       8   Marist College Eastwood                    28
                                                                                                           Secondary pathway colleges for students
    Aquinas Catholic College Menai                  9   Marist College Kogarah                    29
                                                                                                           of Catholic parishes without
    Bethany College Hurstville                     10   Marist College North Shore North Sydney   30     a parish primary school                               47
    Bethlehem College Ashfield                     11   Marist Catholic College Penshurst                 31    Congregational secondary colleges in the
                                                                                                                  Archdiocese of Sydney                          48
    Brigidine College Randwick                     12   Marist Sisters’ College Woolwich                 32
                                                                                                                  Secondary colleges in neighbouring dioceses    48
    Casimir Catholic College Marrickville          13   Mary MacKillop Catholic College Wakeley          33
                                                                                                                  Map of secondary colleges
    Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood           14   Mount St Joseph Milperra                         34     in the Archdiocese of Sydney     inside back cover
    Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton            15   Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer     35
    De La Salle College Ashfield                   16   Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College Kensington 36
    De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah         17   Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield            37
    De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla          18   Southern Cross Catholic Vocational
    De La Salle College Revesby Heights            19   College Burwood                                  38
    Domremy Catholic College Five Dock             20   St Clare’s College Waverley                      39
    Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Lewisham      21   St John Bosco College Engadine                   40
    Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights     22   St Mary’s Cathedral College Sydney                41
    Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook   23   St Patrick’s College Sutherland                  42
    Holy Cross College Ryde                        24   St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove                   43
    Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba           25   Trinity Catholic College Auburn/Regents Park     44

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
All Saints Catholic College
                PRINCIPAL Michael Hollis                                              feeder primary schools
                A 53 Bigge Street Liverpool NSW 2170
                T 9602 4555
                                                                                      Students attending the
                                                                                      following Catholic primary
                                                                                      schools have priority enrolment
                                                                                      at All Saints Catholic College:
                CO-ED YEARS 7–10
                ESTABLISHED 2016
                ENROLMENT 968 STUDENTS                                                St Christopher’s Holsworthy
                                                                                      All Saints Catholic Primary Liverpool
                 All Saints Catholic College offers an engaging curriculum that is
                                                                                      St Francis Xavier’s Lurnea
                 student-centred, flexible and challenging. A unique approach to
                 providing both a specialised boys’ and girls’ education truly sets   St Joseph’s Moorebank
                 the school apart.
                 The college differentiates the curriculum through recognising
                 gender difference within learning styles, and provides both
                 single-sex core learning classes and co-educational experience
                 classes. In this way, students of both genders can access the best
                 possible learning experience within a positive, co-educational
                 school community.
                 Students are educated within state-of-the-art contemporary
                 learning facilities and have access to excellent resources,
                 allowing for a broad curriculum that can cater for a diverse         secondary pathway
                 range of learning needs.
                 While the college has an excellent reputation for academic           Graduating Year 10 students
                 achievement and outstanding student learning growth, there is        have priority enrolment at:
                 also a strong emphasis on pastoral care and individual student
                 wellbeing. The original schools on the All Saints site were
                 established by the Sisters of Charity and the Patrician Brothers,    All Saints Catholic Senior College Casula
                 and the school’s aim is still to ensure the spiritual, social,
                 emotional and intellectual growth of each student. There is an
                 expectation of high standards in all areas of school life, and the
                 active engagement of parents is highly valued.

                 OPEN DAY: SATURDAY 17 MARCH 2018

PATHWAYS 2018 A Catholic Education from Kindergarten to Year 12 - St John Bosco College Engadine
All Saints Catholic Senior College
feeder colleges                                          PRINCIPAL David Fetterplace
                                                         A Leacocks Lane PO Box 504 Casula NSW 2170
Students attending the following
                                                         T 9821 1822
Catholic secondary colleges have
priority enrolment at All Saints
Catholic Senior College:
                                                         CO-ED YEARS 11–12
                                                         ESTABLISHED 1987
All Saints Catholic College Liverpool                    ENROLMENT 530 STUDENTS

                                                         All Saints Catholic Senior College offers Year 11 and 12 students
                                                         a calm, safe environment in which to focus on their HSC studies,
                                                         whatever their goals for the future.
                                                         The college outperforms local government schools in the HSC
                                                         and offers a broad selection of subjects, enabling young adults
                                                         to focus on gaining the knowledge that best suits their ambitions
                                                         for the future.
                                                         Academically inclined students can select Mathematics and
                                                         English Extension 1 and 2, History Extension 1 and a full range
                                                         of science courses. A range of hands-on subjects, including
                                                         Food Technology, Visual Design and Exploring Early Childhood,
                                                         give practically-minded students the ability to begin amassing
                                                         knowledge toward their chosen career.
                                                         Students often comment that they are treated as young
                                                         adults at the senior college. They are able to enjoy a distinctly
                                                         pre-university environment, with purpose-built facilities located
                                                         in a beautiful, bushland setting. Relationships with teachers are
                                                         based on mutual respect and high expectations.
                                                         All Saints Catholic Senior College is closely associated with All
                                                         Saints Catholic Primary (K-6) and All Saints Catholic College
                                                         (7-10). While proudly Catholic, the college accepts enrolments
                                                         from other families in the area who share the college’s Christian
                                                         values of love, peace and tolerance.

                                                         OPEN DAY: C
                                                                    ONTACT PRINCIPAL FOR SCHOOL TOUR

Aquinas Catholic College
               PRINCIPAL James Corcoran
                                                                                     feeder primary schools
               A Anzac Road Menai NSW 2234
               T 9543 0188
                                                                                     Students attending the
                                                                                     following Catholic primary
                                                                                     schools have priority enrolment
                                                                                     at Aquinas Catholic College:
               CO-ED YEARS 7–12
               ESTABLISHED 1993                                                      Holy Family Menai
               ENROLMENT 1120 STUDENTS

              Aquinas Catholic College strives to achieve the highest standards
              in learning by addressing the individual educational and wellbeing
              needs of every student.
              The college is a dynamic, welcoming community with a reputation
              for academic achievement and a strong connection to the local
              area. Students and teachers are proud of their consistently
              positive HSC and NAPLAN scores and the high-quality teaching
              they reflect.
              Classroom learning is supplemented by a range of co-curricular
              activities in the areas of public speaking, debating, mock trial,
              and the performing arts, and the college also has a strong record
              of sporting achievement.
              Catholic faith plays an important role in every part of school life,
              and the school’s mission statement reflects its goal to be place
              ‘Enlivened by the spirit’. This aim is lived out through formal
              Religious Education studies, a strong liturgical and prayer life
              and the strong, generous relationships that exist in the college.
              The college’s faith also reaches out to the community through
              student involvement with the St Vincent de Paul Society, regular
              visits to nursing homes and the Newtown Asylum Seekers’ Centre,
              cleaning of local beaches during the annual Envirowalk, student
              participation in World Youth Days and Catholic Youth Festivals
              and immersions in Timor L’Este.

              OPEN NIGHT: W
                           EDNESDAY 7 MARCH 2018

Bethany College
feeder primary schools                               PRINCIPAL Robyn Rodwell
                                                     A Croydon Road Hurstville NSW 2220
Students attending the
                                                     T 8566 0711
following Catholic primary
schools have priority enrolment
at Bethany College:
                                                     GIRLS YEARS 7-12
                                                     ESTABLISHED 1993
St Francis Xavier’s Arncliffe                        ENROLMENT 1000 STUDENTS
St Gabriel’s Bexley
                                                     Bethany College is a school that combines high standards,
Mater Dei Blakehurst                                 well-qualified and passionate teachers, an extensive curriculum
                                                     and outstanding facilities. The school offers a highly competitive
St Thomas More’s Brighton-Le-Sands
                                                     Newman Selective stream, and the learning culture is underpinned
St Mary’s Star of the Sea Hurstville                 by state-of-the-art digital learning resources and contemporary
                                                     learning spaces. Students bring their own devices to class and
St Patrick’s Kogarah                                 are taught to use technology responsibly to enhance learning
                                                     and communication skills.
St Joseph’s Oatley
                                                     The diverse curriculum is supported by an extensive co-curricular
St Declan’s Penshurst                                program including dance, debating, Duke of Edinburgh and over
St Joseph’s Rockdale                                 15 competitive sporting options, including international tours.
                                                     Social justice initiatives are strongly promoted, including a Vinnies
St Finbar’s Sans Souci                               chapter, and initiatives with Caritas.
St Raphael’s South Hurstville                        Staff aim to assist students in developing into confident and
                                                     articulate global citizens with integrity, compassion, creativity
                                                     and courage who can look towards the future and make a positive
                                                     difference in their world. The college calls each of its students
                                                     to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with their God. This
                                                     mission is achieved through quality Religious Education, faith
                                                     development and social justice education programs.
                                                     At Bethany, girls are the priority. Educators teach them, care
                                                     for them and help them to reach their full potential academically,
                                                     physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. The college describes
                                                     itself as ‘not a school with girls, but a school for girls.’

                                                     OPEN DAY: T
                                                                UESDAY 6 MARCH 2018

Bethlehem College
              PRINCIPAL Paula Bounds
                                                                                    feeder primary schools
              A 18 Bland Street Ashfield NSW 2131                                   Students attending the
              T 9798 9099                                                           following Catholic primary
              E                                     schools have priority enrolment
              W                                     at Bethlehem College:
              GIRLS YEARS 7–12
              ESTABLISHED 1881                                                      St Brendan’s Annandale
              ENROLMENT 700 STUDENTS
                                                                                    St Francis Xavier Ashbury
             Bethlehem College is a school with a proud academic history,           St Vincent’s Ashfield
             a broad curriculum and a strong commitment to supporting
             all students’ individual needs and interests. The school’s gifted      St Michael’s Belfield
             education program includes a selective stream, course acceleration,    St Mel’s Campsie
             a differentiated program of study and enrichment opportunities.
             The school is committed to academic excellence, and encourages         St Mary’s Concord
             every student to set goals and strive for her personal best.
                                                                                    St Ambrose’s Concord West
             Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum as a vital part
             of learning, and educators expect students to become independent       Holy Innocents’ Croydon
             and interdependent learners. They nurture the development of
                                                                                    St Paul of the Cross Dulwich Hill
             strong learning habits, encourage a growth mindset and problem-
             solving, and promote wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.      St Joseph’s Enfield
             The college offers an extensive co-curricular program including        St Pius’ Enmore
             public speaking, debating, mock trial, Duke of Edinburgh,
             representative sport and the performing arts. A number of              St Patrick’s Mortlake
             scholarships are available in music, dance, drama and sport,
             and students have meaningful opportunities to display leadership.      Our Lady of the Assumption
                                                                                    North Strathfield
             Founded by the Sisters of Charity, the College Motto ‘Este Fideles’
             (Be faithful) ideally suits its close community, which strives to be   St Michael’s Stanmore
             faithful to God, to themselves and to one another. Gospel values
             are lived out daily and students put their faith into action through
                                                                                    St Martha’s Strathfield
             social justice initiatives.                                            St Anne’s Strathfield South
                                                                                    St Patrick’s Summer Hill
             OPEN DAY: TUESDAY 6 MARCH 2018

Brigidine College
feeder primary schools                                 PRINCIPAL Kate Edmondson
                                                       A 6 Aeolia Street Randwick NSW 2031
Students attending the
                                                       T 9398 6710
following Catholic primary
schools have priority enrolment
at Brigidine College:
                                                       GIRLS YEARS 7–12
Galilee Bondi                                          ESTABLISHED 1901
                                                       ENROLMENT 890 STUDENTS
St Anthony’s Clovelly
St Brigid’s Coogee                                     Randwick’s Brigidine College is an excellent example of how a
                                                       Catholic education blends strong academic results with a rich
St Andrew’s Malabar                                    sense of meaning and wellbeing.
St Mary-St Joseph Maroubra                             The Sydney Morning Herald ranked Brigidine 56th in the state in
St Aidan’s Maroubra Junction                           the 2016 HSC, and the school often appears among their top 100
                                                       performers. Dedicated staff create and foster a strong culture of
St Francis of Assisi Paddington                        learning for HSC students, and for girls across every grade in
                                                       the school.
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Randwick
                                                       In her Irish monasteries, St Brigid understood learning as a
St Margaret Mary’s Randwick North                      powerful way to develop individual potential, and the college
                                                       is committed to continuing her legacy. All Brigidine girls are
McAuley Rose Bay                                       encouraged to strive for excellence in everything they do.
St Charles’ Waverley                                   In partnership with the pursuit of academic achievement, the
Holy Cross Woollahra                                   school has a strong focus on the arts. Visual and performing arts
                                                       are highly valued, and there are ample opportunities for talented
                                                       students to perform.
                                                       Many other co-curricular activities enrich students’ learning and
                                                       create well-rounded, Christ-centred achievers. In particular, the
                                                       school and students are deeply committed to social justice issues
                                                       and have been since the college was founded in 1901. This passion
                                                       is born in the values for which St Brigid of Ireland is best known:
                                                       concern for the poor and marginalised, generosity and hospitality,
                                                       and living and acting with integrity.

                                                       OPEN DAY: W
                                                                  EDNESDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2018

Casimir Catholic College
               PRINCIPAL Daniel McInerney
                                                                                     feeder colleges
               A 200 Livingstone Road Marrickville NSW 1475
                                                                                     Students attending the
               T 9558 2888
                                                                                     following Catholic primary
                                                                                     schools have priority enrolment
               W                             at Casimir Catholic College:
               CO-ED YEARS 7-12
               ESTABLISHED 1983
                                                                                     St Paul of the Cross Dulwich Hill
               ENROLMENT 700 STUDENTS
                                                                                     St Pius’ Enmore
               Casimir Catholic College is a school where high expectations in
               all areas of conduct encourage students to achieve their best         St Brigid’s Marrickville
               possible academic results.                                            St Michael’s Stanmore
               Staff ensure engaging lessons take place within an organised,
               disciplined, well-resourced and fully air conditioned
               environment, and have clear expectations in respect to the
               college uniform, grooming, manners, conduct, attitude and
               commitment to homework.
               Staff consider the wellbeing of students a priority. All teachers
               know their students as individuals, and are attuned to their
               needs and development.
               The college provides a diverse range of co-curricular experiences
               for students including drama and vocal ensembles, theatre
               sports, a music tutor program, the new college band, debating
               and public speaking competitions, and a great variety of
               sporting opportunities. Locals know the college for its genuine
               sense of community, its friendliness, its concern for the wellbeing
               of students and the high-quality relationships that exist between
               students, staff and families.
               This culture of generosity and welcome is an important part
               of the Gospel values of the college, and the school’s history
               and religious tradition informs every part of the learning
               experience. Students have the opportunity to grow in their faith
               through formal Religious Education, prayer and sacramental
               opportunities, and social outreach programs.

               OPEN DAY: FRIDAY 2 MARCH 2018

Champagnat Catholic College
feeder primary schools                                PRINCIPAL Michael Blake
                                                      A 35 Donovan Avenue Locked Bag 7 Maroubra NSW 2035
Students attending the following
Catholic primary schools have                         T 9349 7333
priority enrolment at Champagnat                      E
Catholic College Pagewood:                            W
                                                      BOYS YEARS 7–12
                                                      ESTABLISHED 1961
St Bernard’s Botany                                   ENROLMENT 720 STUDENTS
St Michael’s Daceyville
                                                      Champagnat Catholic College, formerly Marist College Pagewood,
Our Lady of the Rosary Kensington                     was founded in the tradition of St Marcellin Champagnat. The
St Andrew’s Malabar                                   mission of the college is to educate students in the Catholic faith,
                                                      to help them grow spiritually, and to model Marist values in action.
St Mary-St Joseph Maroubra
                                                      Champagnat Catholic College is comprehensive in nature with a
St Aidan’s Maroubra Junction                          proud record of supporting the needs of all students, including
                                                      those who are gifted and those with specific learning difficulties.
St Therese Mascot                                     There is a strong culture of learning at the school, and staff are
                                                      deeply committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for
St Agnes’ Matraville
                                                      their students.
Our Lady of the Annunciation Pagewood                 The religious dimension of the college is well expressed through
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Waterloo                     prayer, liturgy and retreat experiences assisted by a rigorous
                                                      Religious Education curriculum. Co-curricular opportunities are
                                                      provided for students in the areas of creative and performing
                                                      arts, oratory and other cultural endeavours. The college also has
                                                      a wonderful sporting tradition.
                                                      The willingness of all staff to provide these extra opportunities
                                                      for the students is a key reason why an atmosphere of pride,
                                                      belonging, goodwill and engagement exists at the college.
                                                      Students at Champagnat Catholic College are constantly reminded
                                                      and encouraged to demonstrate ‘A heart that knows no bounds’,
                                                      and the school places great value in its traditions and history.

                                                      OPEN DAY: W
                                                                 EDNESDAY 7 MARCH 2018

Clancy Catholic College
               PRINCIPAL Iris Nastasi
                                                                                     feeder primary schools
               A 201 Carmichael Drive West Hoxton NSW 2171
               T 8783 6000                                                           Students attending the following
               E                                         Catholic primary schools have
               W                                               priority enrolment at Clancy
                                                                                     Catholic College:
               CO-ED YEARS 7-12
               ESTABLISHED 2005                                                      Holy Spirit Carnes Hill
               ENROLMENT 1170 STUDENTS                                               St Francis Xavier’s Lurnea

               Clancy Catholic College is a community where real life                St Catherine of Siena Prestons
               connections bring learning alive. Teaching and learning
               principles emphasise building every child’s education on a solid
               foundation, allowing each student to maximise their potential at
               school and beyond.
               The college is a Newman Selective school and has an excellent
               track record of supporting gifted and talented students.
               Newman classes are for students identified as having strong
               abilities in specific areas of the curriculum, and enable students
               to work at their required pace, depth and complexity.
               State-of-the-art, flexible classroom environments provide
               options for teachers as they work to give students the best
               possible learning experiences. Students are rigorously prepared
               for a technology-rich world, and the college has been named
               an Apple Distinguished School for innovation, leadership and
               educational excellence four years running.
               The college is named in honour of Cardinal Edward Clancy,
               former Archbishop of Sydney, and inspired by his motto,
               ‘To love like Christ’. This background is reflected in the school’s
               commitment to providing a high quality Catholic education for
               all students, enabling them to reach their academic potential
               and equipping them to make a success of their lives.

               OPEN NIGHT: SATURDAY 3 MARCH 2018
                            9.30AM TO 12.00PM

De La Salle College
feeder primary schools
Students attending the following
Catholic primary schools have                      PRINCIPAL Stephen Kennaugh
priority enrolment at De La Salle                  A 24 Bland Street Ashfield NSW 2131
College Ashfield:                                  T 9797 3200
St Brendan’s Annandale                             W
St Francis Xavier Ashbury                          BOYS YEARS 7–12
St Vincent’s Ashfield                              ESTABLISHED 1916
                                                   ENROLMENT 570 STUDENTS
St Michael’s Belfield
St Mel’s Campsie                                   De La Salle College Ashfield acknowledges each student as a
                                                   unique individual, with his own distinct talents and strengths,
St Mary’s Concord                                  and offers a co-curricular program well-equipped to support
St Ambrose’s Concord West                          students with big dreams that will take them beyond the
                                                   classroom. With substantial learning gains in both writing and
Holy Innocents’ Croydon                            reading in the 2017 NAPLAN tests, the college is well placed to
                                                   ensure student success.
St Paul of the Cross Dulwich Hill
                                                   Prominent alumni of the college have excelled in the areas of
St Joseph’s Enfield                                public service, innovation, leadership, performing arts and public
                                                   speaking, and these continue to be areas in which the college
All Hallows Five Dock                              is amply equipped to help students thrive. Boys at the college
St James Glebe                                     are given ample opportunity to grow their talents in creative
                                                   and performing arts, music, debating, public speaking, chess,
St Joan of Arc Haberfield                          robotics and leadership.
St Fiacre’s Leichhardt                             Students are extended in the classroom by the Newman
                                                   Gifted and Talented Program, and outside it by the Duke of
St Columba’s Leichhardt North                      Edinburgh and the Lasallian Youth Leadership programs. The
St Patrick’s Mortlake                              college also has a strong and steadfast tradition on the sporting
                                                   field, offering pathways to elite sports through MCC and CCC
Our Lady of the Assumption                         sporting programs.
North Strathfield                                  Following in the footsteps of St John Baptist De La Salle,
St Michael’s Stanmore                              students are also invited to bear witness to their faith by
                                                   involvement in community welfare projects such as St Vincent
St Martha’s Strathfield                            de Paul Night Patrol and aged care visits.
St Anne’s Strathfield South
                                                   OPEN DAY: T
                                                              UESDAY 6 MARCH 2018
St Patrick’s Summer Hill                                     3.00PM–7.00PM

De La Salle Catholic College
               PRINCIPAL Peter Buxton
                                                                                 feeder primary schools
               A 389 Port Hacking Road Caringbah NSW 1495
               T 9524 9133                                                       Students attending the following
               E                               Catholic primary schools have
               W                                priority enrolment at De La Salle
                                                                                 Catholic College Caringbah:
               BOYS YEARS 7–10
               ESTABLISHED 1958
               ENROLMENT 510 STUDENTS                                            Our Lady of Fatima Caringbah
                                                                                 St Aloysius Cronulla
               De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah is a school with a
               strong focus on boys’ education principles. Educators believe     St Catherine Labouré Gymea
               that at the heart of all successful learning is the premise
               that every student learns differently and has a unique set        Our Lady Star of the Sea Miranda
               of needs. Every student is encouraged to be the very best
                                                                                 St Francis de Sales’ Woolooware
               that he can be, and the college has a strong culture of
               academic success.
               The school’s unique features include the use of restorative
               justice as the primary method of discipline, which is seen
               as particularly effective in working with adolescent boys.
               Students are also offered many co-curricular opportunities
               in areas as diverse as sport, public speaking, debating, music,
               social justice, and creative and performing arts, and the
                                                                                 secondary pathway
               school offers a variety of student leadership opportunities.
                                                                                 Graduating Year 10 students
               The school follows the core values reflected in its motto
               ‘Ambulate Digne Deo’–‘Walk worthy of God’. The maxim              have priority enrolment at:
               ‘Enter to learn. Leave to serve’ emphasises the college’s
               commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence, and
               to the provision of high-quality pastoral care. The college       De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla
               achieves its mission by being a vibrant, dynamic school,
               where meaningful change and development are integral
               to every part of school life.

               OPEN NIGHT: WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH 2018

De La Salle Catholic College
feeder colleges                                         PRINCIPAL Craig Mooney
                                                        A 2 Cross Road Cronulla NSW 2230
Students attending the following                        T 8522 1500
Catholic secondary colleges have                        E
priority enrolment at De La Salle                       W
Catholic College Cronulla:                              CO-ED YEARS 11–12
                                                        ESTABLISHED 1936
                                                        ENROLMENT 495 STUDENTS
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College
                                                        Set in landscaped grounds, De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla
De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah                  provides a unique, flexible environment in which students can
                                                        focus on their senior studies, whether they plan to attend
                                                        university or join the workforce.
                                                        The college has built its reputation on academic achievement, and
                                                        has a proud heritage of strong HSC results. Success is based in a
                                                        culture of lifelong learning, shared by students and an experienced,
                                                        dedicated staff team.
                                                        An excellent Vocational Education and Training (VET) curriculum is
                                                        on offer for students wishing to improve their future employment
                                                        opportunities, and school-based apprenticeships and traineeships
                                                        are just some of the ways the college assists students in
                                                        transitioning from school to work.
                                                        Contemporary specialist facilities provide ideal spaces for
                                                        students to grow in their understanding of the creative and
                                                        performing arts, the sciences, Design and Technology, Hospitality,
                                                        and Construction. Extra-curricular activities cater for a range of
                                                        interests, and the college has a strong tradition of community
                                                        work, sporting achievement and accomplishments in the arts.
                                                        As a Lasallian school, De La Salle seeks to continue the work and
                                                        charism of St John Baptist De La Salle. The college achieves its
                                                        mission by offering programs that challenge students to do their
                                                        best in an environment of strong pastoral care and support.

                                                        INFORMATION NIGHT: M
                                                                            ONDAY 19 MARCH 2018

De La Salle College
                  PRINCIPAL Tim Logue
                                                                                          feeder primary schools
                  A 9 Ferndale Road Revesby Heights NSW 2212
                  T 9773 7755                                                             Students attending the following
                  E                                       Catholic primary schools have
                  W                                        priority enrolment at De La Salle
                                                                                          College Revesby Heights:
                  BOYS YEARS 7–12
                  ESTABLISHED 1960
                  ENROLMENT 620 STUDENTS                                                  St Therese Padstow
                                                                                          St Christopher’s Panania
                  De La Salle Catholic College Revesby Heights is an all-boys
                  secondary school that promotes academic excellence and                  St Luke’s Revesby
                  the wellbeing of all students in a positive, safe and rewarding
                  community founded on Gospel values.
                  Students are encouraged to reach their potential, inspired by a
                  well-established system of awards and student recognition.
                  Extension classes through the Newman Selective program and
                  quality diverse learning support allow all students to achieve
                  their best. The school offers a curriculum and initiatives that are
                  specifically focused on delivering an outstanding education for boys.
                  The school performs consistently well in external examinations
                  including NAPLAN and the Higher School Certificate, and
                  consistently outperforms local government schools in the HSC.
                  As well as a comprehensive and diverse curriculum, the college
                  offers students ample opportunity to participate in sports, the
                  performing arts, leadership and community-based activities.
                  The student wellbeing structure supports the needs of each
                  individual student, and there are numerous opportunities for
                  student leadership.
                  As a Lasallian Catholic school under the patronage of St John
                  Baptist De La Salle, the college promotes Gospel values through
                  a vibrant Religious Education and liturgical program. The school
                  has a fine reputation in the local community, and values the support
                  of and contributions from its parent body.

                  OPEN DAY: SUNDAY 11 MARCH 2018
Domremy Catholic College
                                    FIVE DOCK
feeder primary schools                            PRINCIPAL Vivienne Awad
                                                  A 121 First Avenue Five Dock NSW 2046
Students attending the                            T 9712 2133
following Catholic primary                        E
schools have priority enrolment                   W
at Domremy Catholic College:
                                                  GIRLS YEARS 7-12
                                                  ESTABLISHED 1911
St Brendan’s Annandale                            ENROLMENT 600 STUDENTS
Fr John Therry Balmain
                                                  Founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1911, Domremy College is
St Mary’s Concord                                 a place where girls are nurtured and inspired to become confident,
                                                  courageous and compassionate women who embrace learning and
St Ambrose’s Concord West
                                                  carry Christ’s light forward.
Holy Innocents’ Croydon                           The college’s teaching and learning philosophy is based in a
St Mark’s Drummoyne                               growth mindset, with the goal of developing confident, resilient
                                                  and lifelong learners. The college is committed to the education
St Paul of the Cross Dulwich Hill                 and development of the whole person, in the Presentation
                                                  tradition, and offers a broad curriculum to support students’
All Hallows Five Dock                             individual needs. It is accredited to deliver the Newman Selective
St James Glebe                                    Gifted Education Program, which includes a selective stream and
                                                  an academic enrichment program.
St Joan of Arc Haberfield
                                                  Recognising the importance of STEM as a career path, the college
St Fiacre’s Leichhardt                            offers study opportunities which link STEM subjects to real life
                                                  scenarios. This is complemented by a rich co-curricular program,
St Columba’s Leichhardt North                     including Duke of Edinburgh, debating, public speaking, choir,
St Patrick’s Mortlake                             orchestra and representative sports. Extra-curricular and social
                                                  justice opportunities are also provided, including immersions in
Our Lady of the Assumption                        Fiji and visits to NASA facilities.
North Strathfield                                 A comprehensive and supportive wellbeing program provides for
                                                  the spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth of students and
                                                  staff, ensuring the best possible educational outcomes.
                                                  Situated on extensive grounds, with its cultural heritage woven into
                                                  the fabric of modern learning spaces, the college plays a valuable
                                                  role in the local community.
                                                  OPEN DAY: S
                                                             UNDAY 11 MARCH 2018 11AM–3PM
                                                  PRINCIPAL’S TOURS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR
Eileen O’Connor Catholic College
                PRINCIPAL Dr Ian Jackson
                                                                                  feeder primary schools
                A 7 Thomas Street Lewisham NSW 2049
                T 9569 9155                                                       Eileen O’Connor Catholic College
                E                                       caters for students with moderate
                W                                             intellectual disability and other
                                                                                  complex learning needs.
                CO-ED YEARS 5–10
                ESTABLISHED 2016                                                  The college is open to all eligible
                ENROLMENT 70 STUDENTS                                             students across the archdiocese.
                                                                                  To find out more about enrolment
               Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Lewisham is a newly               criteria, please contact the school
               established college that provides holistic educational services    or visit their website.
               for young people with moderate intellectual disabilities and
               other complex learning and developmental needs.
               The college aims to enable students to lead lives full of
               promise and meaning in a rapidly changing world, and for
               this purpose delivers innovative literacy and numeracy
               programs to all students. To prepare students for future life in
               the community the school is committed to building student
               resilience, a focus on healthy behaviours and the promotion
               of social capital.
               Open to all eligible students and their families across
               Sydney, the college employs experienced special educators
               in addition to a range of support staff, including speech
               pathologists and occupational therapists. The college follows
               the Authentic Learning for Life curriculum framework, and
               offers students the NESA Life Skills curriculum in secondary
               grades and adapted programs for K-6 students. By 2020, the
               college will be a K-12 campus, offering programs for students
               across all grades.
               As a Catholic college, the school celebrates all aspects of
               the Catholic faith, with regular masses, liturgies, prayer and a
               strong commitment to social justice on behalf of students and
               their families and carers.

               OPEN DAY: THURSDAY 29 MARCH 2018

Freeman Catholic College
                                          BONNYRIGG HEIGHTS
feeder primary schools                                        PRINCIPAL Ray Wooby
                                                              A Mount Street Bonnyrigg Heights NSW 2177
Priority in enrolment is given as                             T 9823 2073
per the archdiocesan enrolment                                E
policy (see page 2). Freeman                                  W
Catholic College’s designated                                 CO-ED YEARS 7–12
feeder parish primary schools are:                            ESTABLISHED 1985
                                                              ENROLMENT 1362 STUDENTS
John the Baptist Bonnyrigg Heights
                                                              Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights is a school with a
Mary Immaculate Bossley Park
                                                              strong culture of learning, and, through the outstanding efforts
Marion Horsley Park                                           of students and staff, has achieved exceptional HSC results in
                                                              recent years.
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Mt Pritchard
                                                              The school, which ranked 69th in the state in the 2016 HSC,
                                                              is blessed with enthusiastic, talented and generous staff that
Unfortunately, due to the                                     have excellent relationships with their students, and enjoys a
                                                              wonderful reputation in the local community.
demand for places Freeman
Catholic College is unable                                    Each day, students are encouraged to live out traditional family
to accept every application                                   and Gospel values – to be respectful, patient, kind, forgiving and
for enrolment from its feeder                                 understanding in their dealings with one another, while striving
                                                              to be the very best they can be. Students are expected to give
                                                              their all to their studies, and the college mission is to promote
                                                              a culture of excellence where through lifelong learning every
                                                              student achieves his or her personal best.
                                                              The school recognises the individuality of every student and
                                                              supports each one to be a better person through participation
                                                              in the academic, co-curricular and spiritual life of the college.
                                                              The Freeman Religious Education Program ensures students
                                                              learn to recognise and embrace the relevance of the Catholic
                                                              faith to contemporary life and culture.

                                                              YEAR 7 INFORMATION EVENING:
                                                              MONDAY 26 MARCH 2018 6.30PM

22                                   21
Good Samaritan Catholic College
               PRINCIPAL Jane Donovan
                                                                                       feeder primary schools
               A 401 Hoxton Park Road Hinchinbrook NSW 2168
               T 9825 9955                                                             Students attending the following
               E                                 Catholic primary schools have
               W                                          priority enrolment at Good
                                                                                       Samaritan Catholic College:
               CO-ED YEARS 7–12
               ESTABLISHED 1999
               ENROLMENT 1300 STUDENTS                                                 John the Baptist Bonnyrigg Heights
                                                                                       Mary Immaculate Bossley Park
               Good Samaritan Catholic College is a school with a strong learning
               culture, where students are supported to reach their full academic      Marion Horsley Park
               potential. The college recognises that students have diverse learning   Good Shepherd Hoxton Park
               needs, and provides a specialist program for gifted students as well
               as resources to support those who struggle with their schoolwork.       St Francis Xavier’s Lurnea
               The college is committed to providing a comprehensive education         Our Lady of Mt Carmel Mt Pritchard
               that addresses the learning of each individual student, and offers an
               extensive range of specialist vocational training courses. St Joseph    St Therese Sadleir-Miller
               Trades Skills Centre, part of Good Samaritan Catholic College,
               opened in 2016.
               The co-curricular life of GSCC offers opportunities for students to
               participate in performing arts, debating, public speaking and sport,
               as well as social justice and evangelisation initiatives. A welcoming
               environment and effective communication processes ensure that
               parents work with the college in educating their sons and daughters.
               The school’s motto ‘Journeying with Compassion’, derived directly
               from the parable of the Good Samaritan, provides the underlying
               ethos of its mission statement. The college encourages students to
               grow as individuals by ‘Encountering God’, ‘Promoting educational
               excellence’, ‘Nurturing individual growth’ and ‘Being a Samaritan.’
               The result is a diverse, dynamic community confident in the call to
               develop the gifts of love, justice, mercy and compassion through
               the education of young people.

               OPEN DAY: S
                          ATURDAY 10 MARCH 2018
                         11.00AM - 1.00PM

Holy Cross College
 feeder primary schools                              PRINCIPAL Phillip Stewart
                                                     A 517 Victoria Road Ryde NSW 2122
Students attending the                               T 9808 1033
following Catholic primary                           E
schools have priority enrolment                      W
at Holy Cross College:
                                                     BOYS YEARS 7-12
                                                     ESTABLISHED 1891
St Mary’s Concord                                    ENROLMENT 730 STUDENTS
St Ambrose’s Concord West
                                                     Holy Cross College Ryde has provided a high-quality Catholic
St Therese’s Denistone                               education for young men of faith since 1891, and has always been
                                                     a place where students are developed into confident and creative
St Mark’s Drummoyne
                                                     young adults who take responsibility for their own learning.
All Hallows Five Dock                                Students are supported by dedicated and experienced teachers
Our Lady Queen of Peace Gladesville                  with a wealth of experience in boys’ education and a desire to
                                                     see every student develop to his full potential. A specialised
Villa Maria Hunters Hill                             middle school program provides an ideal environment for boys
                                                     to transition from primary to secondary school and immerse
St Patrick’s Mortlake                                themselves in a culture of success.
Holy Spirit North Ryde                               The college has expansive grounds, significant heritage buildings
                                                     and modern state of-the-art learning spaces and technology
Our Lady of the Assumption
                                                     facilities. Its academic program caters to the needs of all learners,
North Strathfield                                    offering pathways to tertiary study and vocational programs.
St Charles Ryde                                      Founded on the charism of the Patrician Brothers, the college is
St Martha’s Strathfield                              an inclusive community that seeks at all times to build a culture
                                                     of hospitality and inclusion with high standards of personal
St Anne’s Strathfield South                          behaviour and responsibility. An extensive co-curricular program
                                                     offers opportunities to participate in band programs, debating
                                                     and public speaking, outdoor education, science competitions and
                                                     chess. The college also has an enviable reputation for sporting
                                                     success in athletics, swimming, cricket, football, basketball, tennis,
                                                     squash, golf, touch football and rugby league.

                                                     OPEN DAY: S
                                                                UNDAY 11 MARCH 2018
                                                               10.00AM –2.00PM

Holy Spirit Catholic College
                PRINCIPAL Phillip Scollard
                                                                                     feeder primary schools
                A 39 Croydon Street Lakemba NSW 2195
                T 9740 8099                                                          Students attending the
                E                                         following Catholic primary
                W                                          schools have priority enrolment
                                                                                     at Holy Spirit Catholic College:
                CO-ED YEARS 7–12
                ESTABLISHED 1999
                ENROLMENT 985 STUDENTS                                               St Michael’s Belfield
                                                                                     St Joseph’s Belmore
               Holy Spirit Catholic College is a school that enjoys an
               outstanding reputation in its local community as a place where        St Mel’s Campsie
               excellence is encouraged, and diversity celebrated.
                                                                                     St John Vianney Greenacre
               The school is a part of the Newman Selective Gifted Education
               Program and students who are academically gifted and highly           St Therese’s Lakemba
               capable have their learning needs met and are challenged              St Jerome’s Punchbowl
               to achieve to their potential. All students have access to
               co-curricular activities, the latest technology and state and         St Martha’s Strathfield
               national competitions. Students with individual learning
               challenges are supported by personalised programs.                    St Anne’s Strathfield South
               Holy Spirit offers a comprehensive co-curricular program
               through the wonderful generosity of staff and parents which
               students have embraced with enthusiasm. Students have many
               opportunities to express their gifts and talents and realise their
               full potential in cultural, sporting and social justice endeavours.
               A Holy Spirit education opens doors for students, allowing
               them to pursue further study at university, to commence trades
               and traineeships, and to follow dreams in the creative and
               performing arts or on the sporting field.
               The school is deeply committed to working in partnership with
               families and local parish communities to ensure each student
               can achieve his or her very best at school and beyond.

               OPEN DAY: W
                          EDNESDAY 7 MARCH 2018

LaSalle Catholic College
feeder primary schools                                 PRINCIPAL Michael Egan
                                                       A 544 Chapel Road Bankstown NSW 2200
Students attending the                                 T 9793 5600
following Catholic primary                             E
schools have priority enrolment                        W
at LaSalle Catholic College:
                                                       CO-ED YEARS 7-9 BOYS YEARS 10-12 (2018)
                                                       CO-ED YEARS 7-10 BOYS YEARS 11-12 (2019)
St Felix Bankstown                                     ESTABLISHED 1999
St Brendan’s Bankstown Central                         ENROLMENT 638 STUDENTS

Christ the King Bass Hill                              LaSalle Catholic College Bankstown endeavours to touch hearts
                                                       by developing the dignity and wellbeing of each student, teach
St Mary’s Georges Hall                                 minds through its educational programs, and transform lives.
St John Vianney Greenacre                              The college now includes the Saint Yon Trade Training Centre,
                                                       a state-of-the-art training facility that provides trade and
                                                       vocational training for students in years 11 and 12. Students study
LaSalle Catholic College enrols                        courses including Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology
Year 11 students from all over the                     and Metal and Engineering, leading to nationally recognised
archdiocese into the Saint Yon                         vocational qualifications. The centre has enhanced the college’s
Trade Training Centre. However,                        VET framework, and is perfect for students who want to get a
students from the following                            HSC and at the same time prepare for work by undertaking a
Catholic colleges (consortium                          trade apprenticeship or traineeship.
schools) will have first priority:                     LaSalle Catholic College is committed to a Lasallian vision of
                                                       education, and strives to provide a Christian education of the
Trinity Catholic College Auburn                        highest standard to each student, with a special concern for the
                                                       needs of those who are poor or marginalised. The college’s tagline
Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba                   is ‘Educating for commitment, confidence and success’, and its
                                                       mission statement mirrors that of the De La Salle Brothers, from
Casimir Catholic College Marrickville
                                                       whom it received its direction and energy.
Mount St Joseph Milperra                               The school is currently in the process of transitioning from a boy’s
De La Salle College Revesby Heights                    college to a co-educational college. In 2018, LaSalle will continue
                                                       to enrol girls and boys into Years 7, 8 and 9. The college will be
                                                       fully co-educational by 2021.

                                                       OPEN DAY: W
                                                                  EDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2018

Marcellin College
               PRINCIPAL John Hickey
                                                                                   feeder primary schools
               A 195 Alison Road Randwick NSW 2031
               T 9398 6355                                                         Students attending the
               E                                  following Catholic primary
               W                                          schools have priority enrolment
                                                                                   at Marcellin College:
               BOYS YEARS 7-12
               ESTABLISHED 1923
               ENROLMENT 980 STUDENTS                                              St Anthony’s Clovelly
                                                                                   St Brigid’s Coogee
               Marcellin College Randwick seeks to develop the confidence,
               capacity and competency of students as they mature into young       Our Lady of the Rosary Kensington
               men. It offers a dynamic curriculum with a wide range of HSC
                                                                                   St Mary-St Joseph Maroubra
               subjects available, and students have achieved outstanding
               results in recent years in all external examinations.               St Therese Mascot
               As the first Newman accredited college, Marcellin offers            Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Randwick
               enrichment opportunities to gifted students as they begin
               their higher school education, while a diverse learning program     St Margaret Mary’s Randwick North
               provides support for students with particular learning needs.
                                                                                   St Charles’ Waverley
               Marcellin College encourages an appreciation for lifelong
               learning, equipping students with the skills and knowledge          Holy Cross Woollahra
               needed to live a full and meaningful life. In the words of St
               Marcellin Champagnat, after whom the college is named, they
               seek to develop good Christians and good citizens.
               In striving for continuous improvement, the college fosters an
               environment where structure, mutually respectful relationships
               and active learning underpin the way students learn.
               The college provides a broad Religious Education program and
               students participate in social justice initiatives that give them
               opportunities to assist members of the community who are less
               fortunate than themselves. The Solidarity program offers staff
               and students the opportunity to be involved in immersions both
               within Australia and overseas.

               OPEN DAY: W
                          EDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2018

Marist College
feeder primary schools                             PRINCIPAL Anthony Boys
                                                   A 44 Hillview Road Eastwood NSW 2122
Students attending the                             T 9858 1644
following Catholic primary                         E
schools have priority enrolment                    W
at Marist College Eastwood:
                                                   BOYS YEARS 7–12
                                                   ESTABLISHED 1937
St Mary’s Concord                                  ENROLMENT 800 STUDENTS
St Ambrose’s Concord West
                                                   Marist College Eastwood is a school with a strong focus on
St Therese’s Denistone                             ensuring the learning needs of individual students are identified
St Kevin’s Eastwood                                and provided for appropriately. A broad curriculum caters for
                                                   all students, and senior courses are enhanced through close
St Anthony’s Marsfield                             collaboration with local TAFEs and other vocational institutions.
St Michael’s Meadowbank                            The college excels academically, and NAPLAN and HSC results are
                                                   consistently above state average. The curriculum accommodates
Our Lady of the Assumption                         and promotes gifted students by providing a selective stream
North Strathfield                                  for identified students, and also provides specialist literacy and
                                                   numeracy programs. In recent years the college has adopted a
St Martha’s Strathfield                            highly successful one-to-one laptop program, which has been
St Anne’s Strathfield South                        the basis for preparing students for the 21st century.
                                                   The college offers an extensive co-curriculum program of sport,
                                                   debating, public speaking, music, drama, visual arts and television
                                                   and media studies. Parental involvement at the college is very
                                                   strong and the College Old Boys Association provides funds to
                                                   assist students from families experiencing financial difficulty.
                                                   The core goals of the college are to develop the faith of
                                                   students according to Gospel values, maintain a high-standard
                                                   of excellence in education, and provide a caring and safe
                                                   environment. Prayer is part of the daily fabric of college life
                                                   and a strong emphasis is placed on student wellbeing.

                                                   OPEN DAY: SUNDAY 4 MARCH 2018

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