Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka

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Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
• Portugal is a country
  located on the Iberian
  Peninsula, is bordered by
  the Atlantic Ocean to the
  west and south and by
  Spain to the north and

• Apart from continental
  Portugal, the Portuguese
  Republic holds two
  islands called,
  archipelagos of Azores
  and Madeira, which are
  autonomous regions of
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
The Rooster of
• The Rooster of Barcelos
  (Portuguese, "Galo de
  Barcelos") is one of the
  most common emblems
  of Portugal.
• The legend of the
  Rooster of Barcelos
  tells the story of a dead
  rooster's      miraculous
  intervention in proving
  the innocence of a man
  who had been falsely
  accused and sentenced
  to death.
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
The Capital- Lisbon
• Lisbon is the capital city and
  largest city of Portugal with
  a population of 547,631.
  Approximately 27% of the
  population of the country
  lives in Lisbon.
• Lisbon is the westernmost
  large city located in Europe,
  as well as its westernmost
  capital city and the only one
  along the Atlantic coast.
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
Lisbon has two sites listed by UNESCO as a World
                  Heritage Site:

    Belém Tower            Jerónimos Monastery
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
Downtown Lisbon- The heart of the city is the Baixa (Downtown) the
Pombaline Baixa is an elegant district, primarily constructed after the 1755
                           Lisbon earthquake.
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
• School starts at 8:30am
• 1h30m classes
• 3 Areas: Science,
  Economics, Arts and
• No sports or activities
  after school
• The teachers change
  room not the students
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
   Futebol (soccer)

• Soccer is the most popular
  sport in Portugal, and the
  country has produced an
  amazing       amount       of
  talented footballers who
  became known worldwide.
• The Portugal national
  football team is among the
  higher-rated         national
  football teams in Europe
  and the world. Cristiano
  Ronaldo is one of the most
  famous soccer players in
  the world and he already
  won the award for player
  of the year in 2008.
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
Soccer League
• The Portuguese League
  professional soccer club
  championship is one of
  the most widely known
  sport events in the
  country, where such
  soccer clubs as Sport
  Lisboa      e     Benfica,
  Sporting      Clube    de
  Portugal, and Futebol
  Clube do Porto are main
Portugal - Prometna škola Rijeka
Portuguese Cuisine

• Portuguese cuisine is characterized by rich, filling and full-flavored
  dishes and is closely related to Mediterranean cuisine.
• Seafood plays a major
  part     in Portuguese
  cuisine and the quality
  of our seafood and
  freshly caught grilled
  fish is beyond compare.
• One of the mainstays of
  our cuisine is what we                Seafood
  call bacalhau (cod),
  dried and salted, served
  with olives, olive oil
  and white wine vinegar.
• Olive oil is one of the
  bases of Portuguese
  cuisine both for cooking
  and flavoring meals.

                             Cod fish             Portuguese Olive oil
A popular pastry is the pastel de nata, a small
    custard tart sprinkled with cinnamon.
•   Fado is a music genre which
    can be traced to the 1820s in
    Portugal, but probably with
    much earlier origins.
•    In popular belief, fado is a
    form of music characterized
    by lyrics, often about the sea
    or the life of the poor.
    However, although the origins
    are difficult to trace, today
    fado is regarded, by many, as
    simply a form of song which
    can be about anything, but
    must follow a certain
•   The music is usually linked to
    the Portuguese word saudade
    which symbolizes the feeling
    of loss.
    “Ó Gente da Minha Terra”
    This fado is mine and yours
    a destiny that binds us
    however it might be denied
    to the strings of a guitar
    Every time one hears the cries
    of a singing guitar
    one becomes immediately lost
    with a desire to cry
    Oh people from my land
    it is now that I understand
    this sorrow I carry
    I received it from you
    And it would seem like fondness
    if I allowed myself to be lulled
    the bitterness would be greater
    my singing would be less sad
    Oh people from my land
Countries and territories where Portuguese is the
                official language
                 •   Brazil
                 •   Mozambique
                 •   Angola
                 •   Portugal
                 •   Guinea-Bissau
                 •   East Timor
                 •   Macau
                 •   Cape Verde
                 •   São Tomé and Príncipe
                 •   Equatorial Guinea
Map of the Portuguese language in the world
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