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Whatever your ambition –
whether you’re looking to

                                                                                                 EXPLORE THE OU
explore your full potential
or take your career to the
next level – we’re here to
help make it happen.

We’re pioneers in distance learning. Since we
were founded, we’ve helped more than two                               78%
                                                                       of FTSE 100
million people realise their potential. Our unique                     companies have
approach to learning means you don’t have to put                       sponsored employees
your life on hold to get the qualification you want.                   on OU courses

We will:                         You can expect:
‒ help you get a qualification   ‒ materials that are designed
  to suit you and your goals       with you in mind
‒ provide you with the           ‒ continuous innovation –
  teaching and learning            we’ve been leading the way
  resources you’ll need            in distance learning for over
                                   50 years, ensuring education
‒ offer a flexible learning
                                   is accessible, whatever
  experience based around
                                   your circumstances
  you and your life
                                 ‒ access to world-class resources,
‒ use technology and teaching
                                   whenever you need them
  methods that enhance your
  study experience               ‒ qualifications that are respected
                                   by employers the world over.
‒ be there to support you
  every step of the way.

         WHY YOU
                                 We’re open to you.
       CHOOSE US                 We make learning
                                 available to all, regardless
                                 of background, age or
                                 additional learning needs.

      You can study
                                 We guarantee
      around your existing       outstanding value
      commitments. We’re         and a high-quality
      experts in helping         education at a
      people fit their studies   competitive price.
      around their busy lives.

      Our qualifications are
                                 You get more than
      vocationally focused,      a highly respected
      ensuring you can put       qualification. You’ll be
      what you learn into        able to show you’re
      practice immediately.      dedicated and committed
                                 – personal qualities that are
                                 valued in the workplace.

It’s great you’re looking into   We’ll work around
                                 you, wherever you are         Have you studied
postgraduate study. You
                                 You won’t have to             before?
could become a specialist        put your life on hold.        If you’ve studied before at
in your field and open                                         postgraduate level, you might
                                 With The Open University,
doors to more senior roles.      there’s no need to relocate   be able to count it towards
                                 or give up your day job.      your OU qualification. This
Exploring a subject in                                         can cut down the modules
                                 That’s why thousands          you’ll need to study, saving
greater depth can be             of people choose us for       you time and money.
life-changing, especially        postgraduate study.
                                                               If you tell us what you’ve
when it’s with the OU.                                         done, we’ll do the rest.
We’ll put everything into                                      Go to
helping you succeed.                                           credit-transfer.

                                 To anyone thinking about
                                 doing an OU degree, my
                                 advice is stop thinking
                                 about it and do it, it
                                 can be life changing.

                                 Neil McIvor,
                                 MSc in Mathematics

    Whatever inspires or                Postgraduate certificate                Entry requirements
                                        Ideal for professional and
    excites you, our tutors will        career development, this is the
                                                                                Typically, you’ll be expected
                                                                                to have a degree. But you might
    introduce you to world-             first step towards a masters
                                                                                have professional experience,
    class research and ideas.           degree as well as being a valuable
                                                                                other qualifications or prior
                                        qualification in its own right.
                                                                                university-level study that’ll
    You can study three types of                                                help set you up for success.
    postgraduate qualification:         We’ll give you:
                                                                                What matters is that you’re able to:
    Masters degree                      ‒ the flexibility to fit study around
    Study modules towards an              your other commitments                ‒ find and understand research
    internationally respected                                                     material written for experts
                                        ‒ the opportunity to
    qualification while gaining           enhance your career                   ‒ critically analyse your findings
    specialist academic,
    professional or technical skills.   ‒ freedom to follow your                ‒ follow academic convention
                                          passions to the next level.             when presenting findings, ideas,
    Postgraduate diploma                                                          bibliographies and references
    Work towards a widely
    recognised qualification.                                                   ‒ reflect on different theories and
    A postgraduate diploma                                                        relate them to your own studies.
    is equivalent to two-thirds                                                 Whatever course you
    of a masters degree.                                                        decide on, you’ll need:
                                                                                ‒ a computer you have
                                                                                  regular access to
                                                                                ‒ internet access
                                                                                ‒ an appropriate level of proficiency
                                                                                  in English. (You can check your
                                                                                  English skills at openuniversity.

You’ll have the flexibility             Pioneering technology                  Do you have additional
                                                                               study needs?
to fit study around the                 We’ve been using innovative
                                        technology to connect with             We’re committed to helping
other things going on                   our students since we first            students with disabilities and
in your life, whatever                  started. Examples include our          additional needs. We’ll give
they may be.                            online tutorials and module            you the tools to help overcome
                                        forums. We’ll make sure that           obstacles that could stand in
                                        you always have what you               the way of your learning –
Distance learning                       need, and feel connected.              whatever your needs may be.
with the OU
We’ve designed our learning             Connect with other students            Disabled Students’ Allowance
experience to combine flexibility                                              (DSA) – UK residents only
                                        You can use our module discussion
and regular contact. We’ll give you     groups to talk about subjects,         A DSA can help you with study
the help you need to learn in the       course work or study methods.          costs that result directly from your
best possible way. You’ll get regular                                          disability or specific learning difficulty.
support from tutors and access to       You can also connect with us
                                                                               They’re not means-tested and can
all the materials and resources         on social media or join one of
                                                                               go towards specialist equipment
essential to your course.               the many informal Facebook
                                                                               (such as an adapted computer),
                                        groups set up by students.
You’ll also have access to student                                             non-medical study support (e.g.
support teams, who’ll be there to                                              a dyslexia support worker) or other
                                        Students association                   related expenses. You can also
help you on your learning journey.
                                        You’ll become a member of our          apply for help with study-related
                                        active students association when       travel costs that result directly
How you’ll be assessed
                                        you register. You can help influence   from your disability.
You could be assessed in                University decisions, meet fellow
a variety of different ways                                                    For more information, go to
                                        students and develop new skills.
depending on your choice of                                          
course. We use a combination            Find out more at                       or call us on 0300 303 5303.
of written assignments, oral  
or practical assessments,               Or join the conversation on
projects, examinations,       
dissertations and portfolios. 
Your assessments will occur   
at set points during your course.

                                           What’s it like to study with The Open University?
                                           To find out more about distance learning, the OU study
                                           experience and how we’ll support you throughout your
                                           studies, go to

    You gain a postgraduate
    qualification by building
                                                           60 credits at postgraduate level.
    up a set number of credits.
    ‒ 60 credits to gain a postgraduate certificate
                                                             Postgraduate certificate
    ‒ 120 credits to gain a postgraduate diploma
    ‒ 180 credits to gain a masters degree.
    You gain credits by successfully
    completing modules.
                                                       A further 60 credits at postgraduate level
                                                                   – total 120 credits.
    ‒ With each module you successfully
      complete, you’ll earn a set number of credits.
    ‒ Modules are either compulsory                           Postgraduate diploma
      or selected from a choice of options.
    You choose the modules you
    want to study, year by year.

    Getting started                                    A further 60 credits at postgraduate level
                                                                  – total 180 credits.
    ‒ All you need to do is choose which
      qualification you want to study and
      register on a module that counts
      towards that qualification.
                                                                  Masters degree
    For information on how long your
    qualification will take – see opposite.

Exactly how long                                      Most of our students study part              Remember, you may be able to
                                                      time, taking 60 credits a year.              count previous postgraduate studies
it will take to get your                              The guide below gives you an                 towards your qualification. This
qualification depends                                 idea of how long it will take you            could save you time and money by
on which qualification                                to gain your qualification.                  reducing the number of modules
                                                                                                   you need to study. To find out more,
you’re working towards                                                                             go to
and how many credits                                                                               credit-transfer.
you study each year.

      Part time | 60 credits a year | 16–20 study hours a week

            Postgraduate certificate
                        (60 credits)

              Postgraduate diploma1
                       (120 credits)

                       Masters degree1
                          (180 credits)

                                             0                           1                             2                        3

                                                                               Years to complete

    Some qualifications follow a different pattern of study.
For course-specific information, go to and view your chosen qualification.

     We offer great value for money, and we’ll always help
     you find a way of paying that suits your circumstances.
     You pay for postgraduate              ‒ All eligible students will receive      Get sponsored
     qualifications module by                a non-repayable grant of £1,000,
                                                                                     See whether your employer would
     module. Our website shows the           rising to a maximum of £6,885,
                                                                                     want to help you learn and develop.
     total fee for each qualification.       depending on household income.
                                                                                     It’s always worth asking.
                                           ‒ Loan repayments only start when
     Funding – England                       you earn more than the income
     You could be eligible for a             threshold (currently, £21,000).
     maintenance loan of up to £11,222     ‒ You’ll repay 6% of your income
     from Student Finance England.           over the threshold – so, for example,
                                             if you earn £25,000, you’ll repay       MORE ONLINE
     To be eligible you must:
                                             only £240 that year (6% of £4,000).     Find out more about
     ‒ be under 60 years old                 That’s just £20 a month.                fees and funding
     ‒ be resident in England              You may be eligible for an                Visit openuniversity.
     ‒ be studying a masters degree        additional bursary, (see              
       that can be completed in            detailed information online).             Call 0300 303 5303
       no more than three years
     ‒ not currently have a masters        Funding – Northern
       degree or equivalent                Ireland and Scotland
     ‒ be studying your qualification      You could be eligible for a fee              Open University
       from the beginning.                 loan of up to £5,500 from Student            Student Budget
     Key facts                             Finance Northern Ireland or the              Accounts Ltd
                                           Student Awards Agency Scotland.              (OUSBA)
     ‒ Repayments only start when
       you earn more than the income       To be eligible you must be:                  When you enrol with us, you’ll
       threshold (currently, £21,000).                                                  be offered the opportunity
                                           ‒ resident in Northern
                                                                                        to pay your fees through a
     ‒ You’ll repay 6% of your income        Ireland or Scotland
                                                                                        loan from OUSBA.
       over £21,000 – so, for example,     ‒ studying for an eligible
       if you earn £25,000, you’ll           postgraduate qualification.                OUSBA will pay your fees to
       repay only £240 that year (6% of                                                 The Open University, and you
       £4,000). That’s just £20 a month.   Key facts                                    repay OUSBA either in a single
                                           ‒ Repayments only start                      sum before your course starts –
     ‒ Payments are deducted
                                             when you earn more than the                in this case there’s no interest
       automatically from your salary.
                                             income threshold (currently,               – or in monthly instalments
     ‒ Any balance outstanding after         £18,935 in Northern Ireland                of up to a year – in this case,
       30 years will be written off.         and £18,330 in Scotland).                  interest does apply.
                                           ‒ You’ll repay 9% of your income             The interest rate is fixed for
     Funding – Wales                         over the threshold – so, for example,      the duration of the course
     New postgraduate students can           if you earn £20,000 and live               (representative APR 5.1%).
     apply for financial support, made       in Scotland, you’ll repay only
                                             £150.30 that year (9% of £1,670).          If you’re worried about
     up of non-repayable grants and
                                             That’s less than £13 a month.              affordability or a poor credit
     top-up loans.
                                           ‒ Payments are deducted                      history, you can apply for a
     To be eligible you must be:                                                        joint loan application with
                                             automatically from your salary.
     ‒ resident in Wales                                                                a third party e.g. partner,
                                           Self-funded study                            sibling, friend, etc.
     ‒ studying for a masters degree
     ‒ under 60 years old.                 You can pay using a debit or credit          Find out more about OUSBA at
                                           card, or by bank transfer. Or spread
     Key facts                             the cost with an Open University
                                                                                        As a responsible lender,
     ‒ The support is made up of           Student Budget Account – see
                                                                                        OUSBA carries out
       grants and loans and is             right for more information.
                                                                                        affordability checks as part
       worth up to £17,489.                                                             of the application process.


                                                                                                            EXPLORE THE OU
An OU qualification can            Careers guidance.                          You’ll get
really boost your career.          Right from day one                         EXCLUSIVE
Employers the world over           We’ll help you start, change or
                                   develop your career, regardless
will respect what you’ve           of your background. And you’ll             to OpportunityHub,
                                                                              the online platform
tackled. They know it’s            discover opportunities you might
                                   otherwise never encounter.                 connecting OU
hard to juggle study,                                                         students and graduates
                                   Once you’re registered,
work and family life.              you’ll get access to:                      with employers
There’s no better way to show      ‒ online forums, webinars,
you can seize opportunity.           and Facebook live chats
That you’re ready to learn.
                                   ‒ a wealth of downloadable guides
And up for fresh challenges.
                                     and Your Career Planning Guide
Network Rail, IBM and PwC are                                             MORE ONLINE
                                   ‒ online interactive career planning
just some of the firms which
                                     and CV building tools                Visit openuniversity.
seek recruits from the OU.
                                   ‒ our LinkedIn networking group
You’ll be working                  ‒ one-to-one guidance from
hard. And we’ll be                   experienced careers consultants.
working hard for you
Our relationships with employers
help us understand what they’re
looking for. Our educational
materials are often designed by    Balancing OU study with
leading industry experts. And we   other commitments gives
check them with skills councils,
                                   students flexibility and time
businesses and professional
bodies to make sure they’re
                                   management skills particularly
current and relevant.              valued by employers and can
                                   really prepare students for life
That’s why so many employers
are happy to sponsor their staff   beyond higher education.
to study with the OU.
                                   Andrew Bargery,

     We’re leading the way               Dogs go digital                        Rosetta: The great space
                                                                                mission of our time
     in world-class research             Dr Clara Mancini set up our
                                         first research programme into          It took 10 years for the Rosetta
     Tackling real-life issues           animal-computer interaction.           space mission to reach Comet
     And making sure the                 Developing tools to enable dogs        67P. But after travelling almost
     curriculum you study                to work in medical detection.          four billion miles, it finally made
                                                                                it on 6 August 2014.
     remains cutting edge.               One tool lets diabetes-alert
                                         dogs raise help if their owner         Getting there was the first hurdle.
                                         suffers a hypoglycaemic attack.        Then it was down to the important
     Volcano safety                      Another allows trained pets            instrumentation built by the OU
     First we developed EVOSS – the      to operate lights or doors.            to do its work. Like Ptolemy, which
     European Volcano Observatory                                               measured samples from the comet
                                         Through digital technology, we
     Space Services project. Now                                                and found they contained sugars
                                         hope to link these tools to wireless
     we’re developing a real-time                                               and amino acids: the building
                                         appliances, alert others that help
     satellite volcano monitoring                                               blocks of life.
                                         is required, and make these even
     system, designed to expand
                                         more useful in people’s homes.
     worldwide. We’ll provide vital
     information on lavas, gas columns
     and ash plumes – potentially
     protecting thousands of people.

                                                                                MORE ONLINE
                                                                                Find out what else we’re discovering
                                                                                Call 0300 303 5303

I AM...
James graduated from          After completing my undergraduate         OU MBA is that it takes a practice-
                              degree in four years, I still wanted to   based approach. So, when you learn
The Open University with      go further in my career, so it made       new skills, you can practise them
a BA (Hons) in Leadership     sense to undertake an MBA.                in the workplace immediately.
and Management and            Studying with the OU is such              To get the most out of the course,
progressed in his career to   a rewarding experience. It’s not          I’ve had to work very hard. I’m married
                              just the high-quality learning            with a young daughter, but the
middle management. But                                                  OU has enabled me to be flexible.
                              materials, but the opportunity to
with the determination to     study alongside students from             That means that one day I might
go further, he registered     other backgrounds. It’s invaluable.       be studying quite late at night, and
                              The residential schools have been         on another, I might be studying on
on an MBA with the OU         particularly useful. Spending time        the train to London, and that works
and is now the Head           with international students gives         perfectly. I couldn’t get that at a
                                                                        traditional university. That said,
of Customer Delivery          you great insight and has
                                                                        you do have to invest the time
                              broadened my perspective,
Support with the              making me a far better leader.            – you have to be committed.
Welsh Civil Service.                                                    I’m now on the corporate
                              The skills you learn from the OU
                                                                        leadership group for Companies
                              – the ability to organise yourself,
                                                                        House and oversee six different
                              to keep yourself motivated, to
                                                                        teams. It’s been an incredible
                              go home after work and then sit
                                                                        journey. Studying with the OU
                              down for another three or four
                                                                        has been life changing. As well
                              hours of studies – change you as
                                                                        as the benefits to my career,
                              a person. My studies have made
                                                                        it’s completely transformed
                              me far more confident. I’m more
                                                                        me as a person.
                              aware of strategy and the wider
                              picture within organisations, and         James Frowen,
                              that has been massively beneficial.       currently studying
                              One of the key things about the           towards an MBA
     In this section you can
                                   POSTGRADUATE COURSES
     find information about
     the specific qualifications   MA/MSc Open                             15
     that we offer. There’s a      Arts and humanities                     16
     wide range of fascinating
     subjects to choose from.      Business and management                 18

                                   Childhood and youth studies             20

                                   Computing and IT                        21

                                   Education                               22

                                   Engineering and technology management   24

                                   Environmental and global development    26

                                   Health and social care                  28

                                   Languages                               29

                                   Mathematics                             30

                                   Science                                 32

                                   Social science and psychology           34

                                   Systems thinking in practice            35

Do you want the freedom                 Whatever your reason for
                                        postgraduate study, choosing the             Subjects
to create a personalised                MA/MSc Open will demonstrate
course of study across                  your flexibility in approaching        Choose modules
                                        different subjects and the breadth                              F81
a range of academic                                                            from a wide range of
                                        of knowledge you’ve gained in          academic disciplines
disciplines? Then our                   related disciplines. You’ll develop
MA/MSc Open is ideal.                   a richer world-view in the learning
                                        process, bringing with it a set of
Not all postgraduate students want      desirable skills and attributes you
to specialise in the traditional way.   can apply to your personal and
This is where our innovative masters    professional life, including:
degree is different.                                                          MORE ONLINE
                                        ‒ adaptability
                                                                              Discover more and register online
Why choose the                          ‒ critical thinking
MA/MSc Open?                            ‒ analysis and problem solving.
Put simply, the MA/MSc Open gives
you choice. It allows you the freedom
to choose from a variety of modules
across different subject areas.
You can:
‒ Tailor your qualification
  to suit your needs.
‒ Choose modules from a wide
  range of related subject areas.
‒ Study to fit your evolving
  ambitions or personal interests.
‒ Open up your career prospects.
‒ Count previous study
  towards your qualification.

     Human culture and              Join around 1,800 students               Many of our postgraduates have
                                    currently engaged in our diverse         continued into academic and
     history gives us a deeper      programme, which covers many             research careers, going on to
     insight into the world we      fascinating aspects of historical        complete MPhil and/or PhDs.
     live in and how we got here.   and contemporary cultures.               Some publish books and articles
                                    Modules are designed to stretch          resulting from their dissertation
     Seek intellectual challenge    your abilities and refine your           research. Others have used their
     and invigorate your passion    research and analytical skills. You’ll   newly acquired skills to help take
                                    gain excellent credentials both for      their career to a more senior level in
     for the arts with OU
                                    the world of employment and for          areas such as teaching, journalism,
     postgraduate study.            further higher-level qualifications.     media and public sector employment.
                                                                             The table below shows the
     Advanced academic                                                       postgraduate qualifications
     achievement, enhanced                                                   we currently offer in arts
     career opportunities and                                                and humanities.

     personal fulfilment. Just
     a few of the rewards you’ll               Subjects
                                                                 Postgraduate    Postgraduate        Masters
                                                                  certificate      diploma           degree
     get from studying with us.
                                     Art history                                                     F33 (MA)

                                     Classical studies                                               F27 (MA)

                                     Creative writing                                                F71 (MA)

                                     English                                                         F58 (MA)

                                     History                                                         F28 (MA)

                                     Humanities                        C20            D35

                                     Music                                                           F32 (MA)

                                     Philosophy                                                      F30 (MA)

MA in Art History (F33)                    MA in Creative Writing (F71)               MA in Music (F32)
This online MA will deepen your            This online MA offers an exciting          This fascinating introduction
understanding of art, architecture         opportunity to develop your skills         to the methods and materials
and visual culture, build your             as a writer in fiction, poetry, creative   used for music research will suit
analytical and critical skills, and        non-fiction and scriptwriting. You’ll      professionals working in a wide
develop the skills needed for              write in a genre of your choice and        range of music-related settings
independent study and research.            experiment with at least one other         and is also applicable if you have
You will start by exploring the            through practical and inspiring            a leisure interest in music.
core concepts and recent                   activities. Through sharing, reading
developments that have shaped              and critiquing work in progress,           MA in Philosophy (F30)
art history from Renaissance               your writing practice will be honed
                                                                                      This online MA will hone your
Italy to the contemporary                  as you progress towards producing
                                                                                      ability to think clearly, reason
Caribbean, before expanding                a substantial piece of your own
                                                                                      logically, and develop your essay
your understanding of visual               work to a professional standard.
                                                                                      writing, research and analytical
and material objects.
                                                                                      skills. You’ll put forward and
                                           MA in English (F58)                        evaluate arguments while exploring
MA in Classical Studies (F27)              This online MA offers you                  current debates and issues in
This online MA will develop your           a rich and exciting experience             philosophy – engaging with
knowledge of the ancient Graeco-           of higher-level literary study             a wide range of fascinating
Roman world and prepare you for            and enables you to develop                 philosophy texts and areas of
independent study, culminating in          your independent skills in                 contemporary enquiry with
a dissertation. You will investigate       literary research, culminating             discussions on environmental
classical studies as a multidisciplinary   in a dissertation on a topic               aesthetics, consciousness, global
field, examining texts, artefacts          of your choice.                            justice and political philosophy.
and other surviving evidence
through a range of theoretical             MA in History (F28)
and methodological perspectives,
                                           This online MA develops your
including options in classical
                                           research and writing skills through
archaeology, language and
                                           a close analysis of major themes
reception, and a subject
                                           and sources in the local and
module based around the
                                           regional history of Britain and
body in classical antiquity.
                                           Ireland 1750–1950. You’ll gain
                                           practical experience of project            MORE ONLINE
                                           planning through the completion
                                                                                      Discover more and register online
                                           of your own independently
                                           researched dissertation.                   Visit

     Business and organisations                                       Postgraduate   Postgraduate   Masters
     are a vital part of modern                                        certificate     diploma      degree
     life, global economies,                 Business
                                                                               C66       E80        F61 (MBA)
     politics and cultures.
     Studying them and the                   Finance                           K24       E83        F67 (MSc)
     people who are involved
                                             Human resource
     in them is rewarding in                 management
                                                                               K25       E84        F68 (MSc)

     many ways. Apart from                   Technology
                                                                                                    F69 (MBA)
     strengthening your                      management
     intellectual abilities, it
     can enhance your career                (AACSB); the Association of
                                            MBAs (AMBA); and the European
     and contribute to society.             Foundation for Management
     Upgrade your qualifications and        Development, through its EQUIS
     broaden your management skills,        programme – hallmarks of quality
     or seek opportunities to move          of teaching, learning materials
     from a professional, functional or     and qualification impact.
     technical role into a more senior      The table above shows the
     or general management position.        postgraduate qualifications
     Whatever your starting point or        we currently offer in business
     end goal, gain an extra edge with      and management.
     a postgraduate qualification from
     The Open University Business School.
     Our Business School is one of an            We have more than
     elite group of schools worldwide
     that are accredited by the three
     leading international accrediting
     bodies – the Association to Advance         successful MBA graduates
     Collegiate Schools of Business              in almost 100 countries

Selected highlights                   MSc in Finance (F67)                   MSc in Human Resource
                                      This qualification is designed to      Management (F68)
MBA (F61)                             support professional development       This MSc combines an in-depth
                                      and practice in a wide range           understanding of human resource
This internationally recognised
                                      of roles in finance – whether          (HR) management with a broader
MBA is designed for practising
                                      you’re developing in your career       exploration of its organisational and
managers aspiring to higher
                                      or aspiring to enter the sector. It    management context. Whether
positions. The emphasis for
                                      provides a thorough grounding in       you’re at the start of your career
your learning is directly rooted
                                      areas such as corporate finance,       in HR, aspiring to enter the HR
in management practice. You’ll
                                      financial decision-making, financial   profession or a line manager, it will
focus on strategic analysis and
                                      reporting and governance. You’ll       give you up-to-date knowledge
interdisciplinary skills – building
                                      develop competences in applying        of organisational theory and
on a solid foundation of core
                                      statistical and econometric            behaviour and the specialist
disciplines, including human
                                      techniques and gain knowledge          skills essential to practitioners.
resource management,
                                      of the fundamentals of Islamic
organisational behaviour,                                                    You’ll explore HR strategy both
                                      finance and behavioural finance.
accounting and finance,                                                      within organisations (including
marketing and operations.             You can choose to specialise either    issues such as employee relations
                                      in derivatives and financial risk      and employee engagement,
MBA (Technology                       management or in investment            learning and development, and
Management) (F69)                     and portfolio management, and          employee resourcing and talent
                                      will complete your qualification       management) and in relation to the
If you’re looking for an MBA
                                      with a dissertation on a finance       external environment (including
with a focus on technology,
                                      topic of your choice that is           globalisation and international
this is the qualification for you.
                                      relevant to your interests or          forces, social and technological
It’s applicable to technology
                                      chosen career development.             change, and government
management and technological
                                      This qualification has been            policies and regulation).
innovation in a wide variety of
contexts and sectors, including:      accepted into the CFA Institute        Completing the MSc, and the related
information technology/information    University Affiliation Program.        residential school module, provides
systems, telecommunications,                                                 a route to professional membership
computing, engineering,                                                      of the Chartered Institute of Personnel
manufacturing, transport                                                     and Development (CIPD).
and logistics, retailing, energy
production and supply, defence
and security, management and
administration, and any form
of services, including health,
welfare and leisure.                                                         MORE ONLINE
                                                                             Discover more and register online

     Our interdisciplinary                                                 Postgraduate    Postgraduate         Masters
     approach to postgraduate                                               certificate      diploma            degree
     study in the field of                    Childhood and
                                                                                 K32            E93             F55 (MA)
                                              youth studies
     childhood and youth
     draws upon aspects
     from childhood and                      The table above shows the                 Postgraduate Diploma
                                             postgraduate qualifications               in Childhood and Youth
     youth studies; sociology;               we currently offer in childhood           Studies (E93)
     health and social care;                 and youth studies.
                                                                                       The postgraduate diploma comprises
     psychology; and education.              MA in Childhood
                                                                                       the first two modules from the
                                                                                       MA in Childhood and Youth.
     Our teaching approach                   and Youth (F55)
     encourages students to link             This masters degree delivers              Postgraduate Certificate
     theory to practical application         an interdisciplinary approach to          in Childhood and Youth
     and policy. You’ll improve your         studying childhood and youth,             Studies (K32)
     knowledge, critical reflection and      covering aspects of theory, policy
     insight into working with children      and practice. It’s well suited if you     The postgraduate certificate
     and young people on each module.        work with, or aspire to work with,        comprises the first module from
                                             children and young people. Or, if         the MA in Childhood and Youth.
     This subject is particularly relevant
     if you’re a graduate working in (or     you want to advance academically
     aspiring to work in) early-years        or in your profession. It’s designed
     provision, education, social work,      for graduates in childhood and
     nursing, psychology, healthcare,        youth studies; sociology; health
                                             and social care; anthropology;
     youth-work settings, youth justice or                                             MORE ONLINE
     the voluntary sector. You can build     psychology; or education.
                                                                                       Discover more and register online
     up your study from the certificate      The MA comprises three 60-credit
     towards the masters degree.             modules: Children and young               Visit
     Achievement of these advanced           people’s worlds (E808); Frameworks
     qualifications will significantly       for critical practice with children
     enhance your career prospects.          and young people (E809); and
                                             a dissertation module (E822).

                                                                                            You may also be
                                                                                            interested in our
                                                                                           IN EDUCATION
                                                                                            see page 22
Stay at the forefront of                                             Postgraduate    Postgraduate        Masters
computing and IT with                                                 certificate      diploma           degree
OU postgraduate study.                    Computing                       K22              E81          F66 (MSc)
Professionals with a strong
skill set and advanced                    Cyber security                                  E96           F87 (MSc)
knowledge are very
much in demand.
                                         Postgraduate Diploma                    Postgraduate Diploma
We work with employers and               in Computing (E81)                      in Cyber Security (E96)
sector-skills councils to offer          This flexible diploma enables           This industry-relevant qualification
industry-relevant qualifications.        computing practitioners to              gives a rigorous approach to the
We map our study to sector-skills        pursue their career goals. You’ll       study and application of cyber
frameworks to ensure you’ll              gain advanced knowledge,                security. It covers a range of topics
have the skills employers need.          skills and techniques, and develop      and incorporates transferable
The table above shows the                a professional approach to              skills for professional development.
postgraduate qualifications              the study and application of            It’s also the first two-thirds of our
we currently offer in                    computing. You can choose               MSc in Cyber Security.
computing and IT.                        modules to meet the varied
                                         requirements of industry and your
MSc in Computing (F66)                   own career. Or focus on software
                                         engineering or information
This qualification provides a rigorous   security and forensics.
approach to the study and application
of computing. Choose between
                                                                                 MORE ONLINE
                                         MSc in Cyber Security (F87)             Discover more and register online
three routes. Our flexible route lets
you choose modules to suit your          Cyber security is a growing
needs. Or choose between the             concern. There’s currently a major
Software Engineering route and the       skills gap and global demand
Information Security and Forensics       for cyber security professionals.
route. They let you develop in-depth     Our MSc will put you in the ideal
specialist knowledge. Finish with an     position to pursue a successful
independent project with either a        career in cyber security. You’ll
professional or research orientation.    cover information security, digital
                                         forensics and other fundamental
                                         concepts, and complete your
                                         masters with an independent
                                         project on a cyber security topic
                                         of your choice. It will either have a
                                         professional or research orientation.

     Whether you’re an             The Masters degree in Education        and teaching approaches
                                   (and its associated Postgraduate       relevant to digital learning
     experienced practitioner      Certificate and Diploma in             and global education.
     or looking to move into       Professional Studies in Education)
                                                                          New for this year is our Postgraduate
     an education-related          allows you to choose subject
                                                                          Certificate in Education in Wales.
                                   content most appropriate to your
     role, our qualifications      professional area of interest.         No matter what you decide to study,
     offer flexibility for your    Subject areas include:
                                                                          your postgraduate study will develop
                                                                          your capacity to reflect critically
     professional development      ‒ applied linguistics                  and constructively with others in
     and the opportunity to        ‒ inclusive practice
                                                                          a learning community, engage
     gain career credentials to                                           with the ideas and frameworks
                                   ‒ leadership and management            presented in the modules and apply
     help you establish yourself                                          them to your practice. You’ll also
                                   ‒ learning and teaching.
     as a leader in your field.                                           acquire skills and experience in
                                   The online and distance education      tackling and solving problems.
                                   programme enables you to
                                   develop specialist professional        The table below shows the
                                   expertise in the latest technologies   postgraduate qualifications
                                                                          we currently offer in education.

                                                               Postgraduate   Postgraduate         Masters
                                                                certificate     diploma            degree

                                    Education                       K27             E88         F70 (MA/MEd)

                                    Online and
                                    distance education
                                    Postgraduate certificate
                                    in education in Wales

Masters degree                          Postgraduate Diploma                Postgraduate Certificate
in Education (F70)                      in Professional Studies             in Education in Wales (K36)
This flexible qualification offers      in Education (E88)                  This PGCE allows those living
four specialist routes. Your choice     The postgraduate diploma            or working in Wales to gain
of route lets you engage with issues,   comprises the first two-thirds of   Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
concepts and debates that support       the Masters degree in Education.    It will equip you with all the skills
your professional development.                                              and experience you need to
Choose from applied linguistics;        Postgraduate Certificate            start in the teaching profession.
inclusive practice; leadership          in Professional Studies
and management; and learning            in Education (K27)
and teaching. You’ll expand your
research and communication              The postgraduate certificate
skills through a dissertation.          comprises the first third of the
                                        Masters degree in Education.        MORE ONLINE
     You may also be                                                        Discover more and register online
                                        Postgraduate Certificate
     interested in our                  in Online and Distance              Visit
    MA IN                               Education (C23)
    TRANSLATION                         Study the theory and practice of
     see page 29                        online and distance education,
                                        and the innovative use of new
                                        media and technologies.

     Qualified engineers and          Imagination and the ability         Accreditation
                                      to integrate technologies into      and recognition
     technologists now rank           an organisation’s products,
                                                                          Our MSc in Engineering fulfils the
     among the highest paid           processes and services are in
                                                                          Engineering Council’s educational
     professionals, according         great demand throughout public
                                                                          requirements for Chartered
                                      and voluntary sectors. As well
     to EngineeringUK.                as private business and industry.
                                                                          Engineer (CEng) status under
                                                                          UK-SPEC1, and is accredited by
                                      The table below shows the           several leading institutions:
                                      postgraduate qualifications we
                                                                          ‒ Chartered Institution of Building
                                      currently offer in engineering
                                                                            Services Engineers (CIBSE)
                                      and technology management.
                                                                          ‒ Institution of Engineering
                                                                            Designers (IED)
                         Postgraduate     Postgraduate       Masters
           Subjects                                                       ‒ Institution of Engineering
                          certificate       diploma          degree
                                                                            and Technology (IET)
     Engineering                               E22           F46 (MSc)    ‒ Institution of Mechanical
                                                                            Engineers (IMechE).
                                C49            E08           F36 (MSc)    1
                                                                              UK-SPEC (UK Standard for Professional
                                                                              Engineering Competence) sets out the
                                                                              requirements for UK engineers to
                                                                              achieve professional status.

Selected highlights                 Postgraduate Diploma               MSc in Technology
                                    in Engineering (E22)               Management (F36)
MSc in Engineering (F46)            Combine modules from               This MSc provides the knowledge
                                    engineering analysis and           and skills to make decisions about
The MSc is a milestone on the
                                    technology management to           technology strategy, innovation
route to becoming a Chartered
                                    shape a qualification that suits   and management. You’ll focus
Engineer (CEng). You’ll develop
                                    your career aspirations. You’ll    on the operational aspects of
a professional approach to
                                    broaden and deepen your            managing technological innovation
your work and extend your
                                    understanding of professional      and change. You’ll go on to explore
engineering skills. You’ll also
                                    engineering and work               a range of capabilities that are key
develop a range of transferable
                                    collaboratively on a project.      to the strategic development and
skills, such as creative problem
                                    The diploma is the first step      management of technological
solving, effective communication,
                                    on the route to Chartered          innovation. Finally, you’ll conclude
project management and
                                    Engineer status and is the         with an in-depth investigation of
concept realisation.
                                    same in structure as the           a topic or problem of your choice.
                                    first two-thirds of the MSc.

                                                                       MORE ONLINE
                                                                       Discover more and register online

     We live in an age dominated                                      Postgraduate     Postgraduate       Masters
     by concerns about the                                             certificate       diploma          degree
     environment, sustainable                 Environmental
                                                                             K19            E79          F65 (MSc)
     development, cultural
     conflict, poverty and war.
                                              The table above shows the            Selected highlight
     Individuals, organisations               postgraduate qualifications
     and governments are being                we currently offer in                MSc in Environmental
     challenged to think more                 environmental management.            Management (F65)
     proactively about the local and
                                                                                   Expand your knowledge and
     global impact of their actions. This     Accreditation                        skills needed for effective,
     shift has made the importance
                                              ‒ Chartered Institution of Water     informed and creative
     of finding sustainable solutions
                                                and Environmental Management.      environmental management.
     to these issues even more vital.
                                              ‒ Institute of Environmental         You’ll examine current local
                                                Management & Assessment.           and global concerns. In areas
     Environmental                                                                 such as environmental protection,
     Management                                                                    natural resource management, and
     Complying with environmental                                                  legislation and policy. Developing
     legislation. Improving the competitive                                        your skills in unpacking the issues
     edge of a business. Addressing                                                and improving environmental
     the global challenges of climate                                              performance in all sectors.
     change and energy conservation.
     Environmental management is
     becoming increasingly important
     to everyone.
     If you’re interested in designing,                                            MORE ONLINE
     managing and participating                                                    Discover more and register online
     in effective environmental
     management, our postgraduate                                                  Visit
     qualifications are for you. Our
     student body is diverse and
     experienced – drawn from local
     government, consultancies,
     industry, commerce, non-
     governmental organisations
     and communities.

Global Development                                                    Postgraduate   Postgraduate          Masters
                                                                       certificate     diploma             degree
Global development gets
ever more complex as more
                                           Global development              K37             E86            F86 (MSc)
agencies become involved. The
right of ‘beneficiaries’ to participate
                                           Global development
in their own development is                                                K38
increasingly asserted. New goals
emerge, complementing and
confronting existing ones. The            You’ll improve your understanding      Postgraduate Certificate
global development agenda is              of modern development challenges       in Global Development
currently dominated by the UN’s           by exploring historical and            Management (K38)
Sustainable Development Goals             contemporary contexts. Through
– 17 targets that UN member states        critical reflection, you’ll learn to   Aimed at development professionals,
have committed to achieve by 2030.        better understand the theories         this postgraduate certificate takes a
These include reducing poverty and        behind current approaches, and         practical approach to development
taking action on climate change.          build the skills needed to negotiate   interventions. It’ll develop your skills
                                          development effectively. You’ll        to negotiate development effectively
Our global development curriculum                                                in contexts affected by conflicting
will allow you to address these           relate these skills to your current
                                          work, enabling you to grow             interests, values and agendas.
complexities. Doing so will strengthen
your policy development and project       professionally and bring about         On completion, you’ll also be
management skills, enhancing your         sustainable development.               able to use this qualification as
capacity to build the organisational                                             a pathway to the postgraduate
                                          Postgraduate Certificate in
relationships needed for truly                                                   diploma and masters degree
                                          Global Development (K37)
sustainable development.                                                         in global development.
                                          On this postgraduate certificate,
The table above shows the                 you’ll explore the historical and
postgraduate qualifications we            contemporary theories about
currently offer in global                 development and its impact.
development.                              You’ll use real-world case studies
                                          to engage with these theories
Selected highlights                       in challenging contexts, and
                                          understand which approaches
MSc in Global                             are most appropriate.
Development (F86)                         Whilst developed as a standalone
This masters degree focuses on            qualification, the credits gained
alternative approaches, policies          on this qualification could be         MORE ONLINE
and actions to address global             used towards the postgraduate
development challenges and                                                       Discover more and register online
                                          diploma and masters degree
promote sustainable futures.              in global development.                 Visit
     The health and social care                                            Postgraduate    Postgraduate         Masters
     sector offers a wealth of                                              certificate      diploma            degree
     rewarding opportunities                   Advanced
                                                                                K33              E95           F85 (MSc)
                                               clinical practice
     for professional learning.
     Our practice-focused                      Social work                                       E85            F80 (MA)
     qualifications enable you to
     build on existing professional
                                              Advanced                                 Postgraduate Diploma
     experience to progress your                                                       in Enhanced Clinical
     career in the area you’re                Clinical Practice                        Practice (E95)
     most interested in.                      This new OU programme,                   This diploma is designed for
                                              includes a masters degree in             experienced, registered allied
     The table above shows the                advanced clinical practice, a            health professionals, nurses and
     postgraduate qualifications              postgraduate diploma in enhanced         pharmacists who are employed in
     we currently offer in health             clinical practice and a postgraduate     trainee advanced clinical practice
     and social care.                         certificate in non-medical               roles. It will help you develop the
                                              prescribing. The programme               clinical knowledge, leadership and
     Social Work                              provides a flexible path for trainee     assessment skills needed to work
                                              health professionals to develop          in advanced clinical practice roles,
     This programme – consisting of           into autonomous and leadership           across a variety of clinical settings,
     a diploma and a masters degree           roles in advanced clinical practice.     within primary and secondary care.
     – is interdisciplinary, with subject
     matter derived from psychology,          MSc in Advanced                          Postgraduate Certificate
     sociology, social policy, law and        Clinical Practice (F85)                  in Non-Medical
     social work studies.
                                              This qualification develops the          Prescribing (K33)
                                              skills and knowledge required            This professional qualification
     MA in Social Work (F80)
                                              to allow experienced, registered         prepares appropriately qualified
     This course will enhance                 allied health professionals, nurses/     nurses, pharmacists and allied
     your knowledge of social work            midwives and pharmacists to take         health professionals to become
     theory and legislation, apply your       on expanded roles and scope of           Independent or Supplementary
     learning to practice, and develop        practice. By focusing on the four        Prescribers, opening up opportunities
     your critical and analytical skills as   pillars that underpin advanced           for you to play an enhanced and
     a qualified practitioner. It includes    clinical practice – leadership and       highly valued role within your
     an embedded, professionally              management, education, research          organisation. It includes face-
     qualifying Postgraduate Diploma          and clinical practice – you’ll develop   to-face workshops alongside
     in Social Work which is approved         your core capabilities and clinical      online resources and tutorials.
     as a qualifying award for social         competence to work as a highly
     workers by Social Work England           autonomous practitioner across
     (SWE) and the Scottish Social            the healthcare sector.
     Services Council (SSSC).

                                                                                        MORE ONLINE
                                                                                       Discover more and register online
With increasing global                                              Postgraduate     Postgraduate        Masters
demand for translators                                               certificate       diploma           degree
and language specialists,                Translation                      K30             E92            F79 (MA)
our postgraduate
qualifications will provide             MA in Translation (F79)                  Postgraduate Certificate
you with the knowledge                  This qualification will develop          in Translation (K30)
and skills to embark on                 your skills as a translator, equipping   The postgraduate certificate
                                        you to work in the fast-growing          comprises the first module of
a career as a translator.
                                        translation-services industry.           the MA. The certificate enables
An immensely rewarding                  You’ll experiment with different         you to start developing your skills
profession, translation is for those    genres through practical translation     as a translator. You’ll engage in
with an interest in languages and       activities and hone your practice        authentic translation tasks to
communication. It encompasses           through peer review. You’ll gain         develop useful employability
a wide and growing range of areas,      hands-on experience of the tools         skills, explore different approaches
including audiovisual translation,      used in this evolving area, for          to translation and develop an
advertising and website localisation.   example, audiovisual translation         understanding of the links between
It also covers semi-specialised         and cloud-based translation tools.       theory and practice. Focusing
and specialised translation.            You’ll underpin your work with           on recent research, you’ll develop
                                        an understanding of translation          an awareness of wider cultural,
You can study French, German,           theories and debates, which you’ll       ethical and professional contexts.
Italian, Spanish, Modern Standard       demonstrate when producing
Arabic, or Mandarin Chinese –           a dissertation or extended
in combination with English.            translation project.
The table above shows the
postgraduate qualifications we          Postgraduate Diploma
currently offer in languages.           in Translation (E92)                     MORE ONLINE
                                        The postgraduate diploma                 Discover more and register online
                                        comprises the first two modules          Visit
                                        of the MA. The diploma builds
                                        on the work covered in the
                                        postgraduate certificate and
                                        progresses your translation
                                        practice through hands-on
                                        experience of translation tools.
                                        You’ll also take part in online
                                        open translation projects, giving
                                        you options to choose what
                                        you translate and connect
                                        with established translation

     Mathematics is at the heart           We have over 500 students             This enhanced skill-set and
                                           currently studying for our MSc, by    study experience will offer clear
     of advances in science,               far the largest number of students    advantages in progressing
     engineering and technology.           on any mathematics MSc in the UK.     your career as a professional
     It’s an indispensable                                                       mathematician. Equally, they
                                           You’ll gain access to
                                                                                 can help you to climb the ranks
     problem-solving and                   important and fascinating
                                                                                 in fields as diverse as computer
                                           areas of mathematics, such as
     decision-making tool                  approximation theory, coding
                                                                                 science, economics, engineering
                                                                                 and finance – where advanced
     in many areas of life.                theory and analytic number theory.
                                                                                 numerical and analytical skills
     Explore pure and applied              While extending your knowledge,       are always in high demand.
     mathematics with our intellectually   your studies will also refine your
                                                                                 The table below shows the
     stimulating curriculum. Whether       abilities to process information
                                                                                 postgraduate qualifications we
     you’re looking to advance your        accurately, and critically analyse
                                                                                 currently offer in mathematics.
     career, or study what interests       and communicate complex ideas.
     you, our mathematics programme
     has much to offer.
                                                                      Postgraduate   Postgraduate        Masters
                                                                       certificate     diploma           degree

                                            Mathematics                    C90            E23           F04 (MSc)

MSc in Mathematics (F04)              Postgraduate Certificate in
Delve deep into the aspects of        Mathematics (C90)
pure and applied mathematics          This certificate comprises
that interest you. Choose from a      two 30-credit modules from
wide range of modules. There are      a wide choice. Tailor your study
topics for not only mathematicians,   to areas that suit you. Develop
but engineers and mathematically      skills in problem solving and
inclined scientists. Choose from      decision making relevant in
areas such as fractal geometry,       business, commerce and industry.
coding theory and calculus of         It’s also the first stage of our
variations. Advance your career       postgraduate mathematics
with a high-level qualification.      programme. You can progress
                                      to the postgraduate diploma and
Postgraduate Diploma in               then the MSc in Mathematics.
Mathematics (E23)
This diploma comprises four           Entry requirements
30-credit modules from a wide         ‒ An honours degree
choice. Topics include analytic         (with a 2:2 classification
number theory, calculus of              or higher) in mathematics.
variations and nonlinear ordinary
                                      ‒ Alternatively, an honours
differential equations. Extend
                                        degree (with a 2:1 classification
your understanding of areas of
                                        or higher) in a subject with a
mathematics applicable to science,
                                        high mathematical content.
engineering and technology. It’s
also the first two stages of our      Check you’re ready with
postgraduate mathematics              our self-assessed quiz:
programme. You can achieve the
MSc in Mathematics by taking a
further two 30-credit modules.

                                      MORE ONLINE
                                      Discover more and register online

     Scientific research is       Personally and professionally          A postgraduate qualification in
                                  rewarding, science is as diverse as    science will widen your opportunities,
     advancing at a rapid         it is challenging. As a professional   with the potential to rise to the top
     rate, which means the        scientist, you could be instrumental   of your profession and significantly
     demand for skilled science   in developing new medicines,           increase your lifetime earnings.
                                  researching health sciences or
     graduates is growing.                                               The table below shows the
                                  as part of a team advancing
                                                                         postgraduate qualifications
                                  space exploration.
                                                                         we currently offer in science.

                                                             Postgraduate    Postgraduate         Masters
                                                              certificate      diploma            degree

                                   Mental health science                           E91           F78 (MSc)

                                   Space science and
                                                                  K28              E90           F77 (MSc)

Selected highlights                      MSc in Space Science
                                         and Technology (F77)
MSc in Mental
                                         This qualification looks at space
Health Science (F78)                     science and the technology that          MORE ONLINE
This MSc looks at the biological         underpins it. It’s suitable whether      Discover more and register online
and psychological underpinnings          the subject interests you or you
of mental health science. You’ll                                                  Visit
                                         want to develop a career in the
examine anxiety, depression,             space sector. We developed this
psychosis and dementia from a            MSc in consultation with the UK
biopsychosocial perspective. You’ll      Space Agency and the space
gain advanced knowledge and              industry itself. It’ll equip you with
understanding of contemporary            the skills to carry out individual and
topics in metal health science.          team scientific investigations using
Plus the skills to critically evaluate   space-based instrumentation.
literature, discuss issues and           Learn how to use a programming
communicate your understanding.          language in support of space
You’ll also plan and carry out an        science applications. Develop skills
academically rigorous research           that are relevant to further research
project. And develop skills and          or employment in the space sector.
knowledge relevant to further            You’ll also conduct an in-depth
research, employment and                 research project in space science
professional practice.                   or space technology.

     Explore, in-depth                                                                Postgraduate          Masters
     psychology and social                                                             certificate          degree
     science. Subjects used                 Crime and justice                                               F75 (MA)
     in many professional
     and everyday contexts,                 Forensic psychological studies                                 F73 (MSc)
     including counselling;
     criminal justice; social               Psychology                                                     F74 (MSc)

     policy; and social research.
                                            Social and psychological inquiry                K26
     Use your passion for social and
     psychological questions and debates
     to develop your critical thinking,    You’ll consider the significance          MSc in Forensic
     research skills and knowledge.        of power, social structure, and           Psychological Studies (F73)
     Advance your personal interests       economic and social inequalities
     and unlock new career opportunities                                             This MSc enables you to gain
                                           in understanding crime, processes
     with postgraduate study.                                                        an advanced understanding of
                                           of criminalisation, and ideas about
                                                                                     the fascinating area of forensic
     The table above shows the             justice. The qualification will enhance
                                                                                     psychology, while enhancing your
     postgraduate qualifications           your ability to construct clear,
                                                                                     analytical and communication
     we currently offer in social          logical and theoretically informed
                                                                                     skills, as well as your research
     science and psychology.               arguments about problems
                                                                                     literacy. You’ll learn about a
                                           of criminological interest.
                                                                                     broad range of topics relevant
     Postgraduate Certificate                                                        to forensic psychology, including
     in Social and Psychological           MSc in Psychology (F74)                   cyber crime, investigative
     Inquiry (K26)                         This MSc provides a valuable              interviewing and profiling, and
                                           opportunity to gain an advanced           develop an understanding of the
     If your work makes considerable
                                           understanding of a range of               reciprocal relationship this field
     use of social or psychological
                                           research areas in psychology,             of research has with UK law,
     research or you are fascinated
                                           including cognitive, social, forensic     policing practice, policy, and the
     by research into social behaviour
                                           and counselling psychology.               wider public. The qualification
     and issues, this certificate will
                                           It aims to develop critical appraisal     also considers international
     equip you with the knowledge,
                                           skills in psychological research          research and practice.
     skills and confidence to appraise
                                           and practice by showcasing
     research and communicate
                                           contemporary research carried
     your ideas to academic and
                                           out by OU academics. You’ll also
     non-academic audiences.
                                           gain an understanding of
                                           the reciprocal relationship
     MA in Crime and Justice (F75)
                                           psychological research has                MORE ONLINE
     This MA explores new perspectives     with medicine, public policy,             Discover more and register online
     and approaches to crime, harm         public opinion and the media.
     and justice. It is concerned with                                               Visit
     examining problematic areas of
     social life, transgression, crime,
     social harm and justice in
     an increasingly global world.
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