Presidential Election Candidates - Thomas Duffy - Macra na Feirme

Presidential Election Candidates
                                        Thomas Duffy
                                    Address:     Edenburt, Virginia, Co. Cavan
                                    Mobile:      0868937618
                                Occupation:      Farmer/Part time Ag Advisor

Involvement in Macra

Club - Ramor
• Club Secretary
• Club Events and Fundraising Officer
• Club PRO

County - Cavan
• Cavan Young Farmer Chair
• Cavan National Council Rep
• Cavan Competitions Officer

• National Ag Affairs Vice Chairperson
• National Chairperson
• National Executive Member
• National Council Member

Highlights in Macra
• Ramor winning Club of the Year
• Winning National Impromptu Debating Team and Best Speaker on the night
• Winner Adjudicators Award and finalist at Young Farmer of the Year
• Reaching final of National Drama competition
• Winner President County Leadership Award
• Winner best male performer Capers semi final
• County titles in a variety of competitions

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Presidential Election Candidates
Community Involvement
• Officer with Foroige and won a Citizenship Award as a result of charity work
• Committee member and dairy commentator at Virginia Show
• Member of Virginia Kickboxing Club
• Graduate of Macra Skillsnet Leadership for Young Professionals
• Member of the Cavan Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)
• Member of Ramor Macra fundraising events including raising over €5,500 for
  the Irish Cancer society and over €7,000 for SOSAD by organising a tractor run
  from Cavan to Kilkenny


Climate Change and Agriculture
• Having experience as a partner in a 95 cow dairy herd in Cavan and as a part
   time private agricultural advisor, focuses Thomas on issues such as climate
   change and agriculture.
• Thomas has a background in research with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture
   from DKIT and a masters in Environmental Management from UCD.
• He will examine issues in farming and rural society from a scientific and a
   practical point of view as his masters focus was on agriculture and climate
   change which are both issues on the tip of the tongue for those living in rural
   communities, both young and old.

Membership Growth
• Order to maximise recruitment and ensure value for existing members.

Rural Broadband and Isolation
• Thomas has strong feelings on the roll out or lack thereof of rural broadband.
• Thomas will fight for the most up to date broadband network to ensure all
  rural dwellers receive this service.
• He will work to ensure that Macra continues to encourage young people to get
  involved in communities and develop a sense of belonging in their

Macra Policy Formation
• CAP and ensuring both continued support for Generational Renewal and
  Young Farmer is at the forefront of Thomas’ priorities and fighting for the
  policy created by our members consultation is key to that
• Thomas has led Macra policy on issues especially the forestry policy.
• He has lobbied hard both nationally and at the EU for fair representation for
  both young farmers and those in disadvantaged areas.

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Presidential Election Candidates
• He will continue this passion in the coming years.

Strategic Improvement of the Organisation
• Thomas has successful record of promoting transparency and being the voice of
  young people in agriculture and rural youth.
• As President, Thomas will continue and drive the voice of Macra as the main
  voice of rural youth in the Irish media.
• He will also look at continuing and speeding up reforms to our Macra
  organisation in its 75th year.

Personal Develoment of Members
• Thomas has experience of Macra from a young age and has seen the benefits
  of the large group of friends and acquaintances that Macra has brought to
• Having won a national impromptu debating award in 2016, Thomas has been
  part of Ramor Macra since he was 17, and was around the organisation for
  many years before that.
• Thomas will focus the organisation on supporting the personal development of
• He will encourage Macra members to use all five pillars of Macra in order to
  support members wellbeing.

• Ensuring both the financial impact to our farmers from Brexit is minimised
  including our often overlooked sectors, pig, poultry, and mushroom industries.

Personal Statement
• Thomas would bring the drive, passion and ambition that is required to ensure
  that in its 75th year and beyond, Macra would be the voice of rural youth and
  agriculture. Thomas would represent club issues on a national and European

Social Media
Twitter: @taesaveslives
Facebook: Duffy for Macra President 2019-2021

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates North-West
                                    Fergus O Rourke
                                    Address:     Killahurk, Carrigallen, Co Leitrim
                                    Mobile:      0870699298
                                Occupation:      Education Officer (Teagasc) &

• Founding member of Carrigallen Macra in 2015
• Past member of University College Dublin (UCD) Macra

Club level:
• Club chairperson
• Club Secretary
• Club P.R.O
• Young farmer chair
• County delegate

County/National Level:
• Currently Leitrims National Council Representative
• Currently Young Farmer Development Group (YFDG) secretary
• YFDG Chairperson
• Member of the Agricultural Affairs Committee
• County delegate to IFA meetings
• County delegate to NorthWest regional meetings
• Member of finance committee for Leitrim 70th reunion
• Member of Leitrim’s finance committee when county hosted national AGM in

Highlights in Macra to date:
• Founding member of Carrigallen Macra in 2015
• Hosting national AGM in 2017
• Voted best Escort at 2017 Queen of the Land Festival
• Placed 3rd at the 2017 Mr Personality Festival
• Part of Macra delegation which met with the EU Commission to discuss young
  farmers views and concerns on the upcoming CAP reform 2018

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Presidential Election Candidates
• As YFDG chair running the complete farmskills competition in the county for
  the first time
• Taking part in various competitions such as drama, impromptu public speaking,
  bowling, soccer and gaelic football

Macra/Community Involvement:
• Part of a Macra club which has raised in excess of €12000 for various charities
  local and national
• Have organised Know Your Neighbour events to build relationships within the
  local community
• Leitrim Macra have hosted numerous farm talks/events for the wider farming
• Volunteering with the Mellon Educate charity where I fundraised and went to
  Cape Town, South Africa to build schools for the poor
• Coordinated the Embrace FARM ‘drive to remember’ to promote farm safety in
  the county

Campaign issues:
• Attend county & club meetings on a regular basis to keep updated with issues
  affecting the membership.
• Be a strong voice for the North-West region at National level ‘fighting our
• More timely communication of events and correspondence between head
  office/regional level to the grassroot member.
• While recruiting new members is essential to the development of our
  organisation, I believe greater emphasis also needs to be placed on member
• Provide localised relevant training, making greater use of the fantastic
  resources we have in all counties across the North-West in terms of past
  members, competition winners and club of the year/region winners.
• Skillnet although an amazing resource to have at our disposal, still remains
  relatively underutilised. Further promotion of what it has to offer is essential.
• Some competitions in the North-West have seen a decline in uptake in recent
  years. I propose to run workshops in areas such as farmskills and welding to
  name but a few. I will also promote the North-West nationally as a venue to
  host semi-finals and finals of these and other competitions.
• The King & Queen event is the highlight of the North-West Macra calendar and
  is an excellent legacy of current & past Vice Presidents and committees,
  however from listening to the membership some changes are required to bring

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Presidential Election Candidates
  it on to the next level, something I will listen to and implement.
• The Rural Youth committee’s nationwide consultation with members on issues
  affecting them is most welcome, I look forward to its findings and I will do
  everything I can to advance the cause of our Rural Youth.

Having been a member of Carrigallen & Leitrim Macra over the last four years
with various positions held including club chair and secretary, county YFDG chair
and in my current role as NCR I believe I have developed the skill set necessary for
the role of Vice President. Attending events/socials/fundraisers and taking part in
competitions up and down the country (and region) over the last four years I
have seen firsthand what Macra has to offer its members, something I believe no
other organisation can or has come close to offering. However one can never be
complacent and while I know and see Macra as a great organisation, I believe we
can always strive for better. Coming from a strong Agri background and in my
day job as a Teagasc Education Officer , I’m acutely aware of the issues facing
young people in rural areas both farming and non farming. Now more than ever
a strong voice is needed and if fortunate enough to be selected as Vice President,
I will work tirelessly on your behalf, working with the member for the member.
Centrally located within the North-West will allow me to represent the entire
region. I respectfully ask you for your No 1 vote and together let’s move things

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates North-West
                                       Shane Quigley
                                    Address:     Snugboro, Castlebar, Co Mayo.
                                    Mobile:      087 2243 817
                                Occupation:      Clerical Officer

Since joining Castlebar Macra back in 2010 I honestly have never looked back.
The opportunities I’ve gained from Macra have been amazing from taking part in
competitions to the trips abroad. They have made joining the best thing I’ve ever
done. I am proud to be from the North-West region and proud of the comradery
and friendships we all have built with each other, the comradery especially is
something which we don’t see in other regions. All this combined means that I
owe Macra an awful lot and if elected North-West Vice President I will give back
by being a positive, professional and experienced voice for all members in the

• Co-founder of Castlebar Macra 2010
• County Rep
• Various roles on very successful Know Your Neighbour Committees
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Chairperson

• Development Chairperson
• NW Rep
• Secretary
• National Council Representative
• 70th Anniversary Committee
• Schools Quiz Committee Chairperson

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates North-West
• Question Time Final Committee
• Public Speaking Final Committee Chairperson
• Embrace Tractor Run Mayo Organiser

• Mayo Northwest Representative
• Rural Youth Representative

• Mayo National Council Representative
• Member of Rural Youth Committee
• Rural Youth Committee Vice-Chairperson
• Transport Policy Sub-Committee member

• Leadership Distinction Award 2014
• Gold Leadership Award 2016.
• Represented Macra on 3 different trips abroad –
 - Northwest Trip to Brussels 2014,
 - Rural Youth Europe Rally Latvia 2017,
 - Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar Finland 2018.
• Represented Castlebar Macra in National Semi Final Public Speaking twice 2013
  and 2014.
• Represented Mayo Macra in National Competitions
 - Bowling,
 - 7 a side GAA,
 - National Talent (Mastermind),
 - Dairy Stock Judging.
• Co-host of The Macra Show with Stephen and Shane on CRCfm.

• Represented Macra on S.O.F.T. Committee in Mayo (Shaping Our Future
• Concern Schools Debates Judge 2018/19.
• All Ireland Darts winner Mayo 2016.
• Town League Darts Winner Castlebar 2013 and 2015.

• I will encourage more member participation in competitions through regional
  rounds and introduce more light-hearted competitions like Darts/Pool.
• I will ensure the North-West Club of the Region competition continues and

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates North-West
• I will work hard to build the awareness of Macra and all the great work we do.
• I will build closer relationships with other organisations, like Foroige/No name
  clubs, to spread awareness of the benefits of joining Macra.
• I will build stronger relationships with Ag Colleges in the region and get more
  young farmers interested in joining Macra.
• I will help to develop stronger YFDG groups within the Northwest.
• I will build stronger relationships with the Young Farmers of Ulster by using the
  contacts I already have, especially for the border counties.
• I will campaign to raise awareness of farm safety.
• I will promote travel opportunities and encourage members to take part.
• I will work in partnership with the Training Officers to support all clubs and
  help develop new clubs in the region.
• I will ensure the views of North-West members are heard at a National level on
  the board and at National Council. But I will ensure that communication is
  improved and members on the ground know what is happening nationally.
• I will actively lobby politicians on behalf of members issues.

I think that the North-West is a region with some amazing clubs and counties
already, but we also have so much potential to develop further and if elected as
North-West Vice President I will do everything I can to make that happen. I will
represent all the members of the Northwest to the very best of my ability on both
the Board and National Council. I have always and will always do my very best for
Macra. It would be an absolute honour and privilege to serve the members as
North-WestVice President 2019 – 2021.

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
                                       Eamon Briscoe
                                    Address:     Sillogue, Monasterboice
                                    Mobile:      085 838 0881
                                Occupation:      Farrier/Suckler farmer/ Horse
                               Qualification:    Diploma Worshipful Company of
Club Level
• Member of Termonfeckin Macra since 2013
• Chairperson
• 2018/2019 – Young Farmer’s Development Officer
• Chair of Termonfeckin Macra 65th Anniversary Dinner Dance Committee

County Level
• Chairperson
• Member and Chair of New Year’s Eve Organising Committee (3 years)
• Organised and chaired Club Clinics
• Organised and ran Club of the County Competitions
• Ran and facilitated Club Recruitment Drives
• Increased club participation in County Rounds of competitions
• Organised and facilitated the running of inter club indoor soccer and pool

Community involvement
• Fundraising
 - Member of organising committee of Monasterboice Fun Run to raise funds for
   local defibrillator services
 - Shave or Dye in aid of the Irish Cancer Society
 - Participant in various fundraising events at Naomh Mairtin GAA club
• Member of
 - Naomh Mairtin GAA Club
 - Charolaois Cattle Society
 - Connemara Pony Association
 - Showing Association of Ireland and competed as owner and rider

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
• 2017 Silver Leadership Award
• 2017 All-Ireland Senior Debating Winner
• 2018 All-Ireland Impromptu Debating Runner up
• 2016 3rd in Mr Personality
• 2019 All-Ireland Macra Capers Finalist
• 2014, 2015, 2016 All-Ireland Public Speaking Finalist
• Other competitions include: Farm Skills, Dairy Stock Judging, NTC, sports
  (including soccer, basketball, volleyball, tag rugby, Gaelic football)

Address declining participation and membership at club and county level by
• Fostering active participation within clubs and counties
 - Meetings and social activities (including travel)
 - Competitions
 - Community involvement
 - Practical support in the recruitment and retention of members
Promote and encourage positive club and county structures by
• Supporting club and county officers in their roles
 - By providing a genuine ear to listen, a voice to help and practical support to
   resolve issues being faced
 - Linking clubs, counties and TDOs to share experience and knowledge
 - Local Training Hubs and workshops for club and county officer training
Encourage members’ personal development and well-being through
competitions and positive experiences
• Practical Competitions Workshops for members preparing for competitions.
• Facilitate and engage with past Macra membership to mentor current clubs.

I joined Macra back in 2013 and it’s one of the best decisions that I have ever
made. I have experienced first-hand the huge benefits that being a member
provides, helping me develop as an individual and providing invaluable
opportunities and lasting friendships.

                   The core of my vision is to Support, Develop & Service the
                   members, clubs and counties of Leinster. Macra is a very
                   encouraging environment for people to try out and embrace
                   new opportunities but fear can be a huge barrier for people.
                   Since 1944, personal development and growth of its members

           Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
has always been at the core of Macra. We must continue to have the
development and support of our members at the core of everything we do. For
Macra to remain relevant and vibrant, we need strong participation and active
members, for our clubs, counties and Leinster to thrive. If we have active
members and clubs, we will have strong counties and a strong Leinster.

Macra is our organisation. I am asking for the opportunity to work with you over
the next two years to make this vision a reality. I have no doubt that with the
members of clubs and counties in Leinster working together, we can achieve

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
                                      Gerard Mahon
                                  Address:      Ballincanty, Blueball, Tullamore,
                                                Co. Offaly
                                  Mobile:       (085) 247 1416
                              Occupation:       Estate Agent

• Club Chairperson
• Club PRO
• Club Treasurer

• County Competitions Chairperson
• County Chairperson
• National Council Representative
• Queen of the Land Chairperson

National Level
• Member of National Council
• Chairperson of National Rural Youth Committee

Highlights in Macra
• Founding Member of reformed Killoughey Club
• Runner up in Mr. Personality 2013
• 5 Time Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up in Macra National Ploughing Class
• County Titles in a number of competitions

Community Involvement
• Secretary of Killoughey Ploughing Association
• Assistant Secretary of Offaly Ploughing Association
• Member of Tullamore Chamber of Commerce

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
•   Member of St.Brigids Pipe Band Mountbolus
•   Chairperson of Conor Doyle Benefit
•   Volunteer for Tullamore Show and National Ploughing Championships
•   Volunteer for Mountbolus St. Patricks Day Parade

There are 3 key pillars to my campaign as follows:
• Representation: As a member of the Board of Macra, it is vitally important to
  have a strong Vice President who can vocally represent the views of the region
  and argue on policy or changes which effects the region. Many critical
  decisions are made at board level and it is imperative that the Vice President
  ensures that these decisions are effectively communicated to the region and
  that any decision made does not have a negative impact on the members of
  the region.
• Communication: Communication has been a significantly contentious point for
  members over the past while and as VP, I would ensure direct lines of
  communication between members and the hierarchy. As a member-led
  organisation, it is crucial that your points are heard on a national level. It is also
  important that, you as the members have a greater understanding of the
  workings of Macra at a national level and I intend to be in direct
  communication with all clubs throughout the term. A well informed
  membership will boost morale and help in the development of clubs and
  counties across the region. Open, direct communication will also ensure that
  you are represented effectively at Council and Board level.
• Collaboration: As a member led organisation, it is key that Macra has a
  sustainable and durable future for you to participate in. In order to ensure this,
  we must develop clubs across the region and country. As VP, I would be a visible
  contact in all clubs and would work with club and county executives across the
  region, in conjunction with TDO’s to compile tailored development plans for
  each of you.

I believe the main occupation of the VP is to essentially act as the chief
development officer for the region and I intend to make myself available to every
club and county that needs help in development. As part of my aims for
development, I would lead a Leinster Club Forum which would be held 3 or 4
times a year and would bring clubs from across the region together for a day.
This forum would tie back into the Representation and Communication pillars of
my campaign as each club would have an opportunity to have a say in the
organisation. This forum would largely be focused on developing clubs in
collaboration with each other by identifying both strong and weak points in each
clubs and offering advice on how to overcome or capitalise on these scenarios.
This will feed into the continual development of the region. A Strong Club = A
Strong County = A Strong Region = A Strong National Organisation

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
Having been a member of Macra since 2007 and having held roles at Club,
County and National level, and having been involved in member development
from the very beginning, I believe I have the necessary skills and knowledge to
help grow the region. I believe that the 3 pillars of my campaign will provide for
an enhanced and effective region and organisation.

Macra is an organisation which is unrivalled in its ability to foster and develop
our youth and I credit this organisation with making me the person I am today. I
joined the organisation because I wanted to make friends, build confidence and
be part of something that has community at its core. I believe I have achieved this
and now want to give back to the membership by sharing my passion and
experience of Macra with you. I have worked with and represented members of
Macra from the moment I joined and I want to continue to do that on behalf of
Leinster. Alongside colleagues in Killoughey, we reformed our club which
continues to be a success today. I have been outspoken on National Council on
many issues and have worked with the Rural Youth team to develop a long term
plan for the growth of the committee and the wider organisation. We have
forged new alliances and implemented new policies on Rural Youth which will
begin to bear fruit in the coming months. I want to work with you, the members,
to build a successful region and I believe that working as a team, we can and will
have a strong organisation.

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster

                                Veronica Wheatley
                                  Address:      East Laois Macra na Feirme
                                  Mobile:       085 7439407
                              Occupation:       Administrator at Glanbia

• Club President
• Club Chairperson
• Club Secretary
• Club PRO
• Club Sport and Social

• Laois Chairperson
• Laois Assistant Chair
• Laois Assistant Secretary
• Laois Competitions Chair
• Laois Sports and Social

• Laois Rally committee member 2014. Entertainment officer.
• National fundraiser 2015: In conjunction with Walk in my Shoes Campaign.
  Helping promote Macra na Feirme and mental health awareness on television,
  radio and newspaper.

Achievements within Macra:
Having represented my club and county in all areas of competition, I believe this
is a great way of trying new things and developing skills which have helped me
fulfill roles within the organisation and outside it.
• National Best New Member 2014

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
•   Finalist Queen of the Land 2014
•   National 7-a-side Football Finalist 2014
•   National Debating Runner Up 2015
•   National 5-a-side Soccer Finalist 2015
•   Chairperson of Club of the Year All-Ireland Runner Up 2016
•   National Impromptu Debating Runner Up 2016
•   National Impromptu Public Speaking Finalist 2017
•   National Sheep Stock Judging Finalist 2017
•   National Talent Ballad Group Finalist 2018

Community Involvement and other achievements:
• Elected Waterford Institute of Technology Student Union Chairperson on two
• Representing Waterford Institute of Technology at USI congress in 2008,2009
  and 2010.
• Samaratians Listener Training
• Meitheal Leadership Programme - Residential Volunteer Trainer
• Trained Defibrillator Operator in Doonane/Mayo Parish
• Co-ordinator of Munster Special Olympics Basketball Event
• Currently completing a certificate in Agri-business and Food Law

Leinster vice-president core plan
Throughout my tenure I will strive to implement the aims of the Macra Strategic
Plan 2017-2023 focusing on the following areas:

The success and future of the organisation relies on this area.
• Recruitment of the 17-21 year age demographic with a particular focus on
  post-primary schools where Agricultural Science is included on curriculum. This
  is a pilot project focusing on schools where there is an evident link of interest
  initially and can be expanded when successful.
• With active volunteer work in many schools currently, I aim to communicate
  through staff of Macra events in each county with an invitation to a
  recruitment night in each county to promote the Macra in the local area.
• Promotion of active participation in competitions from members by supporting
  “strength exchange from county-to-county”. This would link clubs which are
  strong in one competition and weak at another.

Mental Health Awareness
Having a volunteered with the Samaritans and also completed training, I wish to
continue to address the importance of healthy mental wellbeing for Macra

            Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
Encourage the development of Mental Health facilitation across the region,
• Events promoting mental health encouraging speakers and workshop style
• Physical activity Laugh out Loud initiative, encouraging positive non-
  competitive activities.
• Promotion of resources and organisations established with supports in place.
• Recruiting new members and supporting clubs, as mentioned above, will also
  result in more regular Macra activity which gives members more opportunities
  to meet and talk.

Young Farmer Support
I plan to support Macra’s Young Farmer Development Group, as agriculture is
currently facing greater challenges, from a societal, economic and legislative
point of view, than previously across all sectors.
• Promotion of aids such as Skillsnet courses to support members.
• Farm safety, “Neighbour be Safer”, is an initiative I wish to roll out, where
   issues are addressed within members on each other’s farms.

Succession in the farming sector is a challenge, as is identifying individuals for
roles at club and county level. I aim to help clubs identify and encourage
members into the opportunities that roles provide along with attending training.
• Building relationships across the region with two regional meetings per year,
  welcoming all club and county officers including NCRs. This creates increased
  opportunities for clubs to come together for development and to socialise.
• To support all Macra na Feirme clubs within Leinster by having open channels
  of communication, supporting club officers, attending meetings where invited
  and helping in the set up and promotion of events.
• Monthly review and update with all Training and Development Officers within
  the region to ensure that outreach is being established equally across the
• Support of the organisation through adjudication workshops for judges on
  scoring system to Macra competitions within the Performing Arts, Public
  Speaking and Agriculture areas.
• Active involvement with sub committees who wish for help in rolling out
  National Events annually.

           Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
Coming from a dairy farm and working in the agricultural sector I want
agriculture to continue to be an important part of Macra na Feirme and will
support and encourage members in organising agricultural events, courses and

Our clubs are a great tool for members, with structure and opportunities for our
members to meet regularly this can help to look after our mental health.
Working with clubs will be a major part of my agenda for 2019-2021.

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster

                                    Helen Dempsey
                                  Mobile:       085 7439407
                              Occupation:       Primary School Teacher and part
                                                time farmer.

Involvement in Macra: I joined Mountmellick Macra na Feirme in June 2013, and
have been an active member at club, county and national level.

• Chairperson
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Competitions Officer
• Pantomime Secretary
• Pantomime Treasurer

County (LAOIS)
• Chairperson
• Secretary
• Member of the Laois Rally Committee
• Sports and Social Officer

• Co-optee to National Competitions Committee
• PRO of National Competitions Committee
• Representing Macra at Rural Youth Europe’s European Rally in Ulster 2016

          Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
Highlights in Macra
• Runner-up Capers All Ireland 2019
• Recipient of Presidents Award, 2018 and semi-finalist in National Leadership

• NTC Disco Dancing Winner 2018
• Laois Act in National LipSync Fundraiser 2018
• Laois Eoin Doran Shield Winners 2015 - 2017
• Ladies Indoor Soccer Runner-up 2017
• Club of the Year Finalists 2017
• Third place in Bowling All Ireland 2017
• As chair of Laois Macra donating €4,500 to Bumbulance from proceeds of Laois

Macra’s “70 Miles For 70 Years” Charity Cycle to Limerick Rally, 2016
• Recipient of Silver LDA 2016
• Laois County Person of the Year 2016
• Winner of Leinster Badminton Competition 2016
• Creative Challenge Winner 2016
• Mountmellick Macra 50th Anniversary 2016
• Climbing Croagh Patrick with Mountmellick Macra and helping raise €4,500 for
  LOFFA 2015
• Donating €1,000 to Ben and Jake Connolly Trust from proceeds of New Years
  Eve Masquerade Ball 2015.
• Representing Laois in Queen of the Land 2015
• Third place in Capers All Ireland 2015
• Recipient of Silver LDA 2015
• Club of the Year Finalists 2014
• Laois winning Leinster County of the Year 2014 when Laois County Secretary
• Best New Member Finalist 2014
• Organising SAFETalk for members of Laois Macra 2014

Community and Other Involvement
• Member of Slievebloom Walking Club
• Volunteer for Special Olympics Ireland
• Member of Portlaoise Badminton Club
• Committee member for local Irish Heart Foundation Fundraiser to purchase
  and install a defibrillator in Cloneyhurke NS
• Member of Laois IFA
• Participation in Darkness into Light annual fundraiser, alongside local charity
  fun runs and charity walks.
• On club Pantomime Committee

           Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
• Strong Clubs = A Stronger Macra na Feirme
I am passionate about working with the grassroots of the organisation for the
betterment of Leinster Macra. Our core membership is at grass-root level and
with a strong club system, we will have a strong county and organisation at
national level.

• Competitions
Competitions are at the core of what Macra stands for. They encourage team
work; push our members to step out of their comfort zones and instil confidence
in members. The variety of competitions on offer to members is what makes us
unique. We should maximise the potential of this tool to recruit and retain
members, to increase club participation levels and to develop leadership from
within our clubs.

• Farm Safety
We should be leaders in the fight against farming accidents. We have the
resources to educate thousands of young farmers in ways to prevent farming
accidents. We could follow the model the YFCU rolled out this year by asking all
clubs/executives to host at least one workshop in the year about farm safety.

If elected I will:
• Meet with clubs and executives in Leinster. I propose meeting with the clubs in
   one county per month. Together we will draw up a development plan and
   where necessary; I will help you work through any challenges you may face.
• Represent the views of members in Leinster at Council and Executive meetings
   and ensure that communication is a two way process throughout the
   organisation. I will ensure clubs are made aware of decisions that are made,
   which directly affect their members.
• Listen to and work with our young farmers as we face the challenges in the
   Irish Agricultural Sector.
• Continue to work on the PR of Leinster Macra, to highlight the successes of
   clubs and to encourage clubs to engage with one another.
• Set a Leinster Vice-Presidents Challenge to all clubs to promote the
   development of clubs and executives in the region.

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Leinster
Brief Statement
“I have worked hard developing Mountmellick Macra, Laois Macra and as part of
the National Competitions Committee. I have decided to run for the position of
Leinster Vice President as I truly believe that I have the leadership, experience
and passion to lead and work with all the clubs in Leinster. I have demonstrated
my ability to work with other members and staff to bring about development
and change at club and county level. I will bring the same work ethic,
enthusiasm, positivity and pro-activeness to the role of Leinster Vice President. I
want to be a Vice President who represents the views of all Leinster Macra
members. As Vice-President, I will work with clubs and counties to continue
developing the vibrant and dynamic region that we are a part of and we will do
it as a team.”

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
                                         John Cremin
                                  Address:      Ballykiely, Ardagh, Co. Limerick
                                  Mobile:       087 1853258
                              Occupation:       Dairy farmer

I joined Macra at the 2014 National Ploughing Championships, since joining I
have been an active member at club, county and national level. My involvement
in Macra has shaped me greatly, I have become a more open minded and
outgoing person which is why I now want to give back to the organization.

• Club Secretary.
• Club Chairperson.
• Club Treasurer.
• County Delegate.

• Limerick Macra Rep. to I.F.A.
• Limerick Young Farmers Development Group Chairperson.
• Limerick Rally 2016 Ag-Affairs Chairperson.
• Limerick Macra Easter Ball Committee member.

• Agricultural Affairs Committee member. (2016/ 2017)
• Rural Youth Committee member. (2018/ 2019)
• Named contributor to the Macra CAP 2020 policy document.
• Limerick National Council Representative Proxy.
• Macra Agricultural Affairs Delegate to Brussels. (2016, 2018.)

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
• All competitions at Club and County level. (2014- present)
• Young farmer of the year finalist 2017.
• Represented Limerick in National Volleyball & Question Time final. (2016,2017)
• Represented Limerick in Impromptu Public Speaking Semi-final. (2015)
• Organized and ran the Limerick stage of the Embrace farm tractor run. (2018)
• Assisted in the organizing and running of NDC National 7-A-side Gaelic
  football competition. (2015,2018)


The Munster Forum currently meets at one central location to discuss all matters
retaining to regions.

• My proposal is to have three Munster forum meeting locations & meet three
  times a year with one social event after A.G.Ms have taken place and one
  meeting for the entire province after Christmas. It is important that counties
  bordering each other have a strong working relationship and all officers are
  known to each other. It would be my aim, if elected, to build Munster into a
  stronger and more united region.

Many Club & County AGM’s are held in early Summer whereas training is in
August / September, this lag may result in new officers feeling overwhelmed.

• I propose to hold a casual get together of neighbouring regional officers after
  regional AGM’s to ensure that a good support network exits for new officers in
  their role and a familiar working relationship is established between
  neighbouring officers.

One of the biggest issues I have seen is new members joining for the purpose of
an FBD Insurance discount. The organization has 9,000 members but with only
3,000 (approx.) active. Although the FBD discount is an essential asset I do not
believe it is being utilized correctly.

• I would work with clubs and counties to lobby executive to allow FBD vouchers
  to be allocated at club level to give clubs the chance to showcase what they

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
  have to offer. The method of distributing these vouchers will be at the
  discretion of each club and would therefore encourage more open-minded
  events and social gatherings.

Issues at club level:
For the first half of this Macra year three regions within Munster were only given
Training and Development Officer phone support due to a delay in new T.D.O

• As Munster has the largest number of Macra clubs within any region, we
  should be uniting to voice our concerns and lobby for issues such as this, not to
  go unchallenged.

Social competitions:
Macra competitions are the backbone of the organization. They facilitate the
building of friendships and comradery.

• I would like to introduce new informal competitions to Munster, which attract
  member interest and participation. E.G: pitch & putt, clay shooting, mountain
  biking, orienteering, snooker & darts.

Sexual Consent
Consent is a topic best discussed before it becomes an issue. I believe that macra
is well placed to offer education to its members on Sexual Consent but so far has
failed to do so.

• Relevant information may be offered to officers and members, during training
  with leaflets at appropriate occasions such as festivals & the Rally.

Ag Affairs & YFDG
Ag Affairs has done remarkable work but I would like to see a greater uptake in
skillnet courses to help with the continued development of YFDG groups and

• I would lobby that a list of all available courses and previous undertaken
  courses be sent to officers at the beginning of each year. We need to better
  utilize this resource to achieve the greater upskilling of our members.

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
As members we have the power to change the organization. It would be my aim,
if elected, to ensure all current and incoming members are aware of this and feel
that their Vice President is an advocacy for them and their concerns.

“In any role I take on in Macra I feel it’s my duty to listen to people on the
ground, they are the volunteers that keep the organization going and it’s their
views I need to portray and represent.”

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
                                        Seán Wallace
                                  Address:      Donoughmore, Muskerry
                                  Mobile:       086 065 3856
                              Occupation:       Software Engineer, ICBF

• 2010 – Present:   Member of Donoughmore Macra na Feirme in Muskerry
• 2011 – 2015:      Member of UCC Macra na Feirme in Seandún
• 2012 – 2013:      Donoughmore Club PRO
• 2013 – 2015:      Donoughmore Club Secretary
• 2014:             Member of Donoughmore’s 60TH Anniversary Committee

• 2015:           Member of Muskerry ‘Rally in the Lee Valley’ Committee
• 2015 – Present: Muskerry National Council Representative

• 2015 – Present:   National Competitions Committee
• 2016 – 2018:      National Secretary
• 2016 – Present:   National Executive / Board of Directors
• 2018 – Present:   National Competitions Chairperson
• Other national sub-committees including strategic planning & National Quality
  Standards Framework

• Competed or presided in all Macra competitions
• 2015:            National FBD Capers Winner
• 2015:            Club of the Year Winner as Secretary
• 2016:            Silver Leadership Distinction Award
• 2017:            Gold Leadership Distinction Award
• 2018:            National Leadership Award

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
• 2018:   Completed Skillnet Leadership for Young Professionals Course
• 2018:   National Impromptu Debating Winner

• 2016:  Represented Macra at English NFYFC AGM
• 2017:  Jointly led the prize-winners’ trip to Rome
• 2018:  Represented Macra at National Youth Council of Ireland AGM
• 2018:  Represented Macra at Rural Youth Europe Study Session, Hungary
• 2018:  Jointly led the prize-winners’ trip to Budapest

• Member of Donoughmore Community Council
• Regular Volunteer at Donoughmore Community Council’s Annual Carnival
• Represented Donoughmore Community Council at IRD Duhallow (LEADER)

• Membership: Support members by attending at least 2 county meetings in
  every county per year, as well as club meetings and events
• Participation: Increase the number of members entering competitions by:
 - Rolling out the Novice Debating competition across Munster
 - Introducing Novice Farm Skills competition across the province
 - Assisting counties with organising workshops to give their members the skills
   needed to compete in our various competitions
• Communication / Co-operation: Enable better co-operation & interaction
  between counties across 6 key areas, particularly between Competitions, Rural
  Youth and YFDG officers by:
 - Creating Munster Directory with county officers’ contact details, subject to
   compliance with GDPR regulations
 - Holding 1 Munster team-building/social event per year, with further events to
   be held if the demand exists
 - Holding 3 Munster Forum meetings per year
 - Expanding the Munster Club Exchange Programme to provide an opportunity
   for an exchange for all clubs
• Representation: Represent Munster’s views on National Council & the Board of
  Directors, continuing to maintain the 100% attendance rate upheld in my 4
  years as NCR
• Ag Affairs: Work closely with the Ag Affairs committee to create and support
  active Young Farmer Development Groups in each county that meet the needs
  of young farmers across all sectors

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
• Competitions: Increase the number of members with the skills and the
  confidence to organise county rounds of competitions by running localised
  training for presiding officers, which will build on the training provided to the
  National Competitions Committee during my term as chairperson
• Rural Youth: Provide an additional link between the National Rural Youth
  Committee and members, while supporting the wide range of work being
  carried out by county RY officers, particularly in the area of health and well
• Travel: Create firm structure for the hosting of foreign exchanges, and ensure
  all Munster members are aware of the travel opportunities available to them
• Recruitment: Encourage recruitment and promotion of the organisation at
  grassroots level by running a media competition within the province, which
  will recognise and incentivise new and novel use of various media platforms
• Skillnet: Facilitate and encourage clubs and counties to use the Macra
  Agricultural Skillnet to its full potential, including the courses offered by the
  National organisation and those organised locally, such as specific agricultural
  skills training, first-aid / AED courses and competitions workshops
• Lobbying: Macra has always excelled at producing policy documents of a high
  standard and lobbying for them at a national level. By providing training for
  interested members how to lobby their local representatives, the effectiveness
  and success of these policies will increase
• Accountability & PR: Increase usage of the Munster Macra Facebook page,
  including publishing a monthly diary of events attended to ensure
  accountability, and to give members better visibility of what the role entails

If elected Munster Vice President, I will work with counties, clubs and members
within the province for the good of Macra across all 6 key areas. Since joining
Macra na Feirme in 2010, I have been active at all levels of the organisation, from
club level to the Board of Directors, facing similar challenges and opportunities
that members face today. Having gained so much from the organisation, I will
use my experience & work ethic to ensure that these opportunities are
safeguarded and enhanced for current & future members of Munster. I look
forward to working with you over the next 2 years.

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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
                                        Trevor Coffey
                                   Address:      Dunloe Upper, Beaufort Killarney,
                                   Mobile:       083 8308507
                               Occupation:       Postman

I’m a full-time postman and in the summer time I bring tourists in a horse and
carriage through the gap of Dunloe. I also help my father on the farm. I’m in
Macra na Feirme five years.

I didn't know much about Macra but I was struggling with mental health issues
and decided to go to a table quiz and haven’t looked back since. I started going
to sports and one of my first memories after joining was going to the National
Talent Competition - I couldn't get over it!

I took part in the national finals of Tag Rugby. I was later assistant treasurer and
treasurer the following year. I took over as chairperson of the club when it was
struggling. We went from having no sports to having 12 or 13 most nights and
also won best stand at the St.Patrick’s Day Parade, our first time winning it as a

I’m currently sports and social officer for the club. I’ve also organised a dance
fundraiser for the club which was a great success and I was part of the Kerry
Macra, South Kerry Ploughing Championship Committee which won best stand
on the day. I’ve been on National Council for two years representing Kerry where
I have gained a lot of experience and met new people and I was also on the rural
youth committee. I’m currently competitions secretary in the county, it’s great
working with my two colleagues and has been a massive success so far.
We have had an increase in every competition this year and we are having our
first ever county round in the National Talent Competition. I also have to make
sure entries are in in time for national finals. I’ve organised two very successful
80s vs 90s nights in the Grand in Killarney for different charities. I’m currently on

           Macra na Feirme Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates 2019
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Vice Presidential Election Candidates Munster
the committee for the bid for Kerry to host Rally 2020. I've also won a National
Leadership Award.

I was part of a Kerry team that was a finalist in the Macra Lipsync Battles as part
of a national fundraiser for the organisation. I also took part in ‘I’m a Macra
Member Get Me Out of Here’ held by Leitrim Macra. I’ve played Gaelic football
and have won most things during my time playing it, and also played rugby with
Killarney. We won the Munster Junior League Division 3 and the Martin
O’Sullivan cup. As I have done a lot with my club, county and nationally and
Macra na Feirme helped me when I was really struggling and helped me develop
and gave me a new lease of life, now is the time to give back and that’s why I
have decided to run for Munster Vice-President. If elected I would encourage
anyone that is in a bad place or suffering from depression to join Macra na
Feirme. Rural Ireland can be a lonesome place, but I would like to show Macra
can be a place for friendships. I would like to establish links between stronger
regions and struggling regions through the Munster forum, help retain members
and recruit new members and for both to show their experiences and knowledge
and also help with new clubs settling in.

I would like to encourage more social events in Munster, get the whole of
Munster together and have something in every region throughout the year. I
would like to work with the rural youth officers and help create a role for them
and revisit the wellness weekend which was a massive success the first year it was

I also want to touch base with the young farmer groups in Munster to see what
issues are affecting them as young farmers, and lobby those issues nationally. I
would also like to organise two weekends during the year to go somewhere to
experience other farms and cultures. I also want to have a trial Munster round in
competitions to help those who don't have a county round to have the
experience for the national round and help those counties struggling in such

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