Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...

Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
70th Annual
Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 March 19 – 21, 2020

 Program & Student Exhibitors
Magic Box Convention Center • 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
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Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
The Science Fair Executive Board and Advisory Committee welcome you to the 70th Annual Los Angeles County
Science and Engineering Fair!

This year, close to 1000 students from public, parochial, and private schools in Los Angeles County are participating
in the oldest and largest regional science fair in the western United States.

We celebrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in 36 Junior and Senior Division project categories
from Animal Biology to Product Science.

We welcome visitors to tour the exhibits and see the tremendous potential for outstanding future scientific work and
accomplishment, as presented by Los Angeles County science students.

ϒ To provide an opportunity for young people to apply creativity and critical thought to the solution of science,
engineering, and mathematics problems beyond the confines of the classroom.

ϒ To publicly recognize the achievements of talented science, mathematics, and engineering students.

ϒ To provide opportunities for scientists, engineers, and business leaders to network with the educational
community, both at the teacher and student level, to exchange ideas and discuss career opportunities.

ϒ To promote school-community cooperation in developing the scientific potential and communication skills of
tomorrow’s leaders.

 Science Fair Executive Board
 Nishat Alikhan President

 Benjamin Dickow Vice President

 Eric Hartung Treasurer

 Andrea Corrales Secretary

 Emily Hoffman Board Member

 Susan Singh Board Member

 John Vassiliades Board Member

 Maureen Allen Honorary Board Member

 Richard Boolootian Honorary Board Member
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
President's Message:
 It’s that time of year again, we celebrate the talents of our students in the fields
 of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This year, we celebrate our
 students and their passion and drive to continue to Dig Deep, Discover More.
 Our theme reflects the true nature of scientists and engineers who continue to
 question, research, and observe in order to discover more. I salute our students
 for their unwavering effort to further scientific knowledge and understanding.
 These students would not be here without the leadership and guidance of their
 teachers, family members, and all those who supported them in their endeavors
 as well as the amazing support of our partners. I thank all of you who helped each and every student
 whose name appears in this program and each organization that made a donation to help support us in
 our mission of supporting STEM education in Los Angeles County!
 Thank you all for being a part of our 70th Anniversary as we celebrate the 70th Annual Science and
 Engineering Fair and I wish all our students the best in their adventures yet to come.
 Nishat Alikhan, President
 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 About the Theme:
 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 For the 2020 Fair we asked students from the 2019 Fair to suggest possible themes for the 2020 fair. Once we chose a theme, we
 then asked participating schools to send in art to be used for the different aspects of the fair.

 The Theme was created by Brandon Stahl from Intellectual Virtues Academy
 In all the subjects we study in school, we strive to gain a thorough
 understanding of the information. Scientists and engineers are no different. As
 scientists, we are not satisfied with the easy answers. Instead, we create
 experiments because we want to discover the answers to unknown questions
 or investigate new solutions to problems. New inventions are created that
 ultimately change the world we live in. As we attempt to gain a deeper
 understanding with our investigations, we often realize our results lead to more
 questions. I imagine gaining new knowledge and new discoveries as a shovel
 full of dirt that is being moved. With every shovel full of dirt that I move, my pile
 of knowledge is getting bigger. However, the hole that I am digging from is also
 getting larger. That hole represents all of the new questions that now need to
be researched. Every time we dig to gain a deeper understanding, we discover more that needs to
be learned.

Artwork was created by Audrey Pranasky from Crescenta Valley High School
 Through my submission, I wanted to convey the many applications
of science and engineering as well as highlight the teamwork that goes into
them. I felt the best way to explain their potential was with a pinwheel
galaxy, because, like space, the possibilities of science are seemingly
endless. The idea for the people and the lightbulb came next. I wanted to
illustrate the different facets of research and roles people play in production.
I chose tools I was familiar with: a microscope, flask, and micropipette. The
clasped hands within the lightbulb are meant to further emphasize themes
of teamwork. To finish it, I added the symbols within the galaxy to represent
the many science and engineering fields.
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
 Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair Advisory Committee
 Nishat Alikhan, Shahida Alikhan, Amy Arreola, Alamelu Arunachalam, Bryan Benedict, Devi Bhatti, Paula
Borstel, Raul Cantalejo, Celia Castellanos, Alex Chau, Linda Chilton, Meena Chokkalingam, Andrea Corrales,
 Alexis Crane, Fiona Darsot, Steve Deng, Patrick Denny, Benjamin Dickow, Oscar Espinoza, Doug Foster,
 Cindy Gainsforth, Dean Gilbert, Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio, Eric Hartung, Emily Hoffman, Joele Hodgeson,
 Michael Johnston, Sona Juharyan, Lisa Kahler, Kevin Kha, Fred Largent, Abraham Lee, Monica Lee, Anne
 Maben, Kristy Mar, Eva McGhee, Rossana Mian, Vanessa Morris O’Hearn, Jerilyn Neshek, Jeffrey Scott
 Nuttall, Susana Oliu, Anthony Quan, Heather Russell-Ramirez, Shyam Saladi, David Schmidt, Tripti Shah,
Mello Shorter, Susan Singh, Tonia Symensma-Cohen, John Vassiliades, Alex Waluszko, Mark Wang, Debbie
Weilbacher, Tina Weiner, Gary Weitkamp, Margery Weitkamp, Gary Widdison, Nicole Windmon, Roxy Yanko,
 Jennifer Zhang, Chaoyin Zhou

 Science Fair Director Judging Coordinators Special Awards Chairs
 Nishat Alikhan Emily Hoffman Mark Wang
 Alamelu Arrunachalam

 Scientific Review Teacher Workshop Technology Support
 Committee Chair Coordinator Patrick Denny (On-site)
 Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio, PhD Anne Maben Kevin Kha (Registration)

 Social Media Coordinator Regeneron ISEF Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator
 Paula Borstel Alamelu Arrunachalam Meena Chokkalingham

 Fair Registrar Interactive Exhibits Coordinator Facilities Chair
 Oscar Espinoza Jeffrey Scott Nuttall Susan Singh

 We Need Your Help!
The Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair is a 501 (c) (3) non-
profit organization and we must annually raise almost $150,000 in funds to
cover LACSEF expenses. The Science Fair, its website and workshops are run
completely by unpaid staff who find great satisfaction in donating their time on a
volunteer basis. We invite you to join our Advisory Committee to help continue
producing the longest running regional science fair in the western United States!
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
 Peter and Helen Bing
 For their 29 years of support and generous
 contribution of over $380,000 in
 Earthwatch student scholarships

 The Los Angeles County Office of Education
 is an in-kind partner and provides the Science
 Fair with administrative support and a home for
 our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

 The 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 extends its sincere thanks to
SpaceX, Edison International, the Professional Engineers in California
 Government, and The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for
 Women & Girls for their generous contribution and support
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
The 70th Annual
 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 Thanks our Generous Contributors
SILVER “Universe” Contributors $10,000 - $19,000

 2020 Presenting Sponsor
 Edison International
The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls
 Sponsoring The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation School Sponsorship

 Professional Engineers in California Government
BRONZE “Galaxy” Contributors $5,000 - $9,999

 Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, 2nd District
 Supervisor Janice Hahn, 4th District
 Supervisor Kathryn Barger, 5th District
Contributors $1,000 - $4,999

 Aerospace Corporation
 Shivani Desai
 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
 Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, 3rd District
 Supervisor Hilda Solis, 1st District
Friends of the Fair $300 - $999

 Michael Johnston
 Vick Liu
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
The 70th Annual
 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 Thanks to the following supporters:

 Aquarium of the Pacific
 Carnegie Observatories
 Center for Inquiry Investigations Group
 Columbia Memorial Space Center
 International Bird Rescue
 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
 Museum of Science, Boston – EIE
 Nonscriptium, LLC
 Project Scientist
 Raytheon Asian Pacific Association
 Southern California Paleontological Society
 Tree People/Generation Earth Program
 Two Bit Circus Foundation
 U Code

 & GoFundMe Contributors
 Thanks to Science enthusiasts from around the country and the world
 that contributed about $3,060 in support of the LA County Science &
 Engineering Fair!
 2019–2020 Contributions of $50 - $299
 Nishat Alikhan Mikel Gordon Fabien Nicaise Jackie Simons Don Tannenbaum
Margot Bennett Eric Hartung Stela Oliveira Susan Singh Sarah Tannenbaum
Benjamin Dickow Tom Idiaquez Joe Reuter William Stieritz Jennifer Terbush
Gisella Friedman Jack Kahler Holly Zax Shuter Philip Tu
 Tonia Symensma-
 Nona Friedman Lisa Kahler Gary Segal Mark & Sally Wang
 Steve Goldstein Carol Marmor Bradley Silverman Bob Yinger
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
Special Award Contributors
Thanks to the following Corporate and Professional Organizations for their generous
 support of excellence in student research:

 American Meteorological Society
 American Psychological Association
 American Vacuum Society
 Association for Women Geoscientists
 ASM Materials Education Foundation
 Broadcom MASTERS
 California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS)
 The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls
 Department of Defense
 Earthwatch Institute
 Greater Los Angeles Teachers of Science Association
 Laboratory Products Association
 The Lemelson Foundation
 MJH Life Sciences: LCGC North America & Spectroscopy Magazines
 Mu Alpha Theta
 NACE International, The Corrosion Society
 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
 The Nuclear Society
 Office of Naval Research (U.S. Navy / U.S. Marine Corps)
 Professional Engineers in California Government
 Regeneron Science Talent Search
 Ricoh USA, Incorporated
 The Scientist
 Society for In Vitro Biology
 Society of Petroleum Engineers - Los Angeles
 South Bay Business Environmental Coalition
 Southern California Paleontological Society
 Stockholm Junior Water Prize
 US Agency for International Development (USAID)
 United States Air Force
 US Metric Association
 UCLA Brain Research Institute
 Yale Science & Engineering Association
Program & Student Exhibitors - 70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair March 19 - 21, 2020 - LOS ANGELES COUNTY ...
Student Registration & Project Screening Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 2:00pm – 9:00pm
 Must have Screening Check-Off Sheet
Student Workshop, Tips for Interview Success The Cloud Room – Flr 2 3:00pm – 8:30pm

Registration Closes (Students must arrive by 8:45 pm) Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 9:00pm

Students Arrive Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 by 8:30am
 Professional attire recommended
 Stickers required on items bought for judging
 Doors open at 8:45 AM

Judging & Interviews Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 9:10am – Lunch
Interactive Exhibits Outside the Exhibit Hall 10:00am – 3:00pm
 Hands-on activities for students, parents, teachers, – Floor 2
 and visitors during unscheduled interview times
Lunch Times (on your own; Food Trucks/Concession Stand) Dismissal Times (Tentative - subject to change)
 11:20  S01, S04, S05, S07, S08, S09, S12, S13 1:40  S04, S05, S09, S11, S13
 11:40  J01, J06, J08, J15, S10, S11, S14, S15 2:00  J04, J05, J06, J16, S01, S06, S07, S08,
 12:00  J02, J04, J05, J07, J09, J13, J16, J17, S02, S10, S12, S14
 S03, S06 2:20  J01, J02, J07, J09, J13, J15, J17, S02,
 12:20  J03, J10, J11, J12, J14, J19 S15
 12:40  J18, J20, J22 2:40  J03, J08, J10, J11, J12, S03, S11
 3:00  J18, J19, J20, J22
Judging & Interviews Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 End of Lunch –
 for entire duration
Students Dismissed Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 4:30pm or earlier
 Determined by judging panel
Final Judging Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Student & Interactive Exhibits Open to the Public Exhibit Hall – Floor 2 10:00am – 1:30pm
Project Removal & Awards Pick-up Exhibit Hall – Floor 2
 Exceptions will be made for individuals picking up 2:00  J01, J02, J03, J04, J05, J22
multiple projects. Remember to have badges or pictures of 2:45  J06, J07, J09, J10
faces & badges for project removal. 3:30  J11, J12, J13, J14, J15
 4:15  J16, J17, J18, J19, J20
 5:00  J08, S01, S02, S03, S04, S05, S06,
 S07, S12
 5:45  S08, S09, S10, S11, S12, S13, S14,
Los Angeles County
 Excellence in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology
 8504 Firestone Blvd. #247, Downey, CA 90241

 Schedule for Saturday, March 21, 2020
Public Day and Interactives will be open for a shorter period of time in to
accommodate a staggered Project pick-up schedule. Both Public Day and
Interactives will be open from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm on Saturday, March 21.

Project Pick-up will be done by Category. Following is the schedule for each

2:00 pm  J01, J02, J03, J04, J05, J22

2:45 pm  J06, J07, J09, J10

3:30 pm  J11, J12, J13, J14, J15

4:15 pm  J16, J17, J18, J19, J20

5:00 pm  J08, S01, S02, S03, S04, S05, S06, S07, S12

5:45 pm  S08, S09, S10, S11, S12, S13, S14, S15

Please note that exceptions will be made for individuals picking up multiple projects.
Awards will be distributed during these times as well. Please take a look at your
board as you pick-it up for a note regarding which medal you will receive
(Recognition, Honorable Mention, Place medal) in addition there will be Special
Awards available for pick-up as well.

 Established in 1950, the Los Angeles County Science Fair is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
Get Involved!!
 Join the Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair

 Advisory Committee
Many minds collaborating always means a more diverse and creative fair for the students
 we are honoring. Experience an in-depth look at the technical details, quality and
presentation styles of truly excellent projects to bring back to your own students. Widen
 your circle of colleagues from business and industry professionals to informal science
 educators to college, public and private administrators and teachers. Light dinner,
 refreshments and great conversations at all meetings.

Partial List of Committees: Meeting Dates & Times

 • Volunteers Meetings are generally held one
 • Facilities Thursday a month from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
 • Workshops in Pasadena.
 • Judging
 • Fundraising There are many tasks that can be
 • Special Awards completed from the comfort of your
 • Project Screening home, office, or school at your
 • Interactive Exhibits convenience. Attendance at monthly
 • ISEF Affiliation meetings is not mandatory but highly
 • Science Review Committee encouraged!
 (Project Pre-Approvals)

 The Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair is longest running Fair
 west of the Mississippi River! To sustain this innovation and continue to
 provide the Fair for students of LA County, we need to add more members to
 our committee.

 Please consider how you can help!
 For more information, contact Nishat Alikhan, President
Messages from Families and Schools
 Good Luck to all of you! Smile and Shine. Enjoy
 your time here at the Fair.
  The LA County Science Fair Committee

 Congrats Adam L.- we are so proud of all your hard work! Thanks to Cindy & Zack. Love Shiri, Avi &
AJ P ressnall - Your curiosity and hard work shine through. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad
 Well done AJ Pressnall! So proud of you! Love, Grandma and Gramms
 Crespi Carmelite High School- Congratulations on your accomplishments! CELT PRIDE! Proud STEM
Daniel Stefanini: Mom, Dad, Rachel, and all of Saint Monica Academy are proud of you! Great Job!
 Congrats Grace Petoyan & A&M Hovsepian School students! So proud of you! Love- Mom, Dad &
Congratulations Joe K! You’ve worked so hard and we’re very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and Nicky
 Congratulations Manav Desai for your Achievements in Science -Love You- From Desai Family
 Congrats Noah Kupferwasser and all the students from Pressman Academy! The Kupferwasser
 Sebastian, we are all so proud of you! You are capable of more than you know! -Mama, Papa and
Congrats SHELBY VELANDIA on your science fair achievement! We are so proud! Luv- Mom, Emily &
 Congratulations ST. CYRIL! Ava A, Daniel M, Joseph K, Sawyer B, & Shelby V- We are proud of
Vale, we are so proud of you. You are the wind beneath the winglet! Congratulations! We love you! 
 We are so proud of you and blessed to have you, Zalea!  Shine on!!  Mom/Dad
 Dear Elan, We are extremely proud of all your achievements. Love, Mom, Dad, Oren, Eden and Ariel
 Good luck Adam & Elan! We are proud of you!  Delphi Faculty

The Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair Advisory Committee &
 Executive Board wants to applaud the Los Angeles County Board of
 Supervisors & our partners for supporting STEM Education in LA County!
 Thank You!

 Don’t forget- You can still place an order for Science Fair shirts
 Place your order at
Special Awards
 The following Special Awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony if their criteria are met.

 Organization Name of Award Criteria Prize
 Certificate of Outstanding
 Grades 6-12. Project showing excellence in
 American Achievement for Ability and
 atmospheric & related oceanic & hydrologic
 Certificate & invitation to LA-
Meteorological Society Creativity in an Atmospheric
 sciences AMS Annual Banquet
 Science Exhibit

 Certificate of Award for Grades 6-12. Best psychology-related project.
 Behavioral & Social Sciences / Animal Sciences
American Psychological Achievement in Research
 / Biochemistry / Computer Sciences / Certificate
 Association in Psychological Environmental Sciences / Math / Medicine &
 Association Health Sciences
 American Vacuum Excellence in Vacuum or Grades 6-12. Projects related to vacuums, thin
 films, or surface chemistry. Cash Award
 Society Surface Chemistry
 Female students only; Grades 6-12. Projects
 that increase public awareness of geosciences,
Association for Women Student Awards for illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of the Certificate
 Geoscientists Geoscience Excellence geosciences, or promote the sensitivity to the
 Earth as a global system.
 ASM Materials Most Outstanding Exhibit in Grades 6-12. Best materials engineering
 project. Certificate & Ribbon
Education Foundation Materials Science Award
 Certificate + Eligibility to enter
 Broadcom Broadcom Finalist Grades 6-8. Top 10% of all Junior Projects Broadcom MASTERS
 Grades 7-11. For the project best illustrating Certificate, $100, &
 California Association good scientific methodology in a discipline
 CAPS Outstanding Young Eligibility to compete for
 of Professional represented by members of CAPS, including
 Scientist Award physics, chemistry, biological & environmental CAPS Outstanding Young
 Scientists (CAPS) Scientist Award
 science, toxics & energy resources
The Cheryl Saban Self- Grades 6-12. Top projects by female scholar
 Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Cash Award + Crystal
 Worth Foundation for with a focus on providing a positive impact to
 Foundation Scholar Prize her community. Award
 Women & Girls
 Grades 6-8. Excellence in STEM, as well as
 DoD STEM the problem-solving skills and determination to
Department of Defense Leadership Prize overcome challenges throughout the research Certificate & $100
 Grades 9-12. Students must be 15 years old or
 Earthwatch Institute Earthwatch Grant older by June 1, 2020. Paid Trip

 Greater Los Angeles Grades 6-12. "I Did It Myself"--An exemplary
 project completed entirely by a student with no
 Teachers Science Darrell Smedley Award assistance from parents, teachers, other adults Plaque & $100
 Association or peers.
 Grades 6-12. Best new innovations carefully
 Southern California Social crafted, researched, built, and experimented to
 ICP DAS USA, Inc. help better the environment and quality of life Cash Award
 Impact Award
 on the planet.
 Certificate of Award for Grades 6-12. Best examples of "The core of
 Laboratory Products
 Scientific Creativity & sciences lies a problem-solving approach called Certificate & $50
 Association Problem Solving the scientific method."
 Grades 6-8. Problem-solving, empathy,
 The Lemelson The Lemelson Early entrepreneurial, and environmentally- Certificate & $100
 Foundation Inventory Prize responsible invention.
MJH Life Sciences: LCGC Most Outstanding Female Grades 9-12. Female students only. Most
 North America and in Chemistry or Chemical outstanding project in chemistry or chemical Certificate & Gift Card
Spectroscopy Magazines Analysis analysis.
 Mu Alpha Theta Award for the
 most challenging, original, 9th - 12th Grade Student Only. Most
 MU Alpha Theta thorough, & creative outstanding project exhibiting in the area of Certificate
 investigation of a problem mathematics.
 involving mathematics
 National Association of Grades 6-12. Best corrosion- or
 NACE International,
 Corrosion Engineers 3rd electrochemistry- related project from any Cash Prize & Corrosion Kit
The Corrosion Society Place category
 Grades 6-12. Project that offers greatest
National Aeronautics & NASA Earth System insight into Earth’s Interconnected Systems and Certificate
Space Administration Science Award demonstrates excellence in inquiry.
Organization Name of Award Criteria Prize
 NOAA's 2014 Taking the Pulse
 of the Planet Award - for
 Grades 6-12. Best project related to
 National Oceanic and presenting research that
 understanding and predicting changes in
 demonstrates the Principles &
 Atmospheric Technical Innovations that offer
 climate, weather, oceans, and coasts. Letter & Certificate
 Administration Conserving and managing coastal and marine
 the greatest potential for an
 improved understanding of
 Earth's dynamic processes
 Grades 6-12. Best project representing a field
 of nuclear science, nuclear technology, nuclear
 Nuclear Society Nucelar Society Award
 medicine, nuclear engineering, radiation, or Cash Award
 health physics.
 Office of Naval Grades 6-12. Any project which shows
 The Office of Naval Research Jr. Certificate & Medal Sr.
Research (U.S. Navy / Naval Science Award
 excellence in science or engineering. No Team
 Certificate, Medal, & $50
 U.S. Marine Corps) Projects!
 Honorable Mentions
Professional Engineers Marylin Jorgenson-Reese Gift Card & Honorable
 in California Award for Excellence Grades 6-12. Best engineering related projects Mention Medal
 Government James E. Roberts Award for Cash Awards
 Regeneron Science Invitation to Compete in the
 Grades 9-12. Excellence in Science Invitation to Enter Contest
 Talent Search Intel Science Talent Search
 Grades 6-12. For presenting research that
 Ricoh Sustainable demonstrates the Principles & Technical
 Ricoh USA, Inc. Development Award 2018 Innovations that offer the greatest potential for
 Sustainable Development
 Outstanding Achievement in Grades 9-12. Achievement in exploring science Certificate, $100, and
 The Scientist Exploring Life and Inspiring and inspiring innovations for the future Life subscription to The
 Innovation Science community. Scientist magazine
 Award for any project that
 demonstrates a principle of
 Grades 6-12. Energy, fluid and gas production
 Society of Petroleum energy, fluid and gas
 and handling, or other technologies or science Letter, Certificate, & $100
Engineers – LA Section production & handling, or other
 related to the Petroleum industry.
 technologies or science related
 to the Petroleum industry
 11th Grade Student Only. Most outstanding
 Society for In Vitro Society for In Vitro Biology project exhibiting in the areas of plant or animal
 Biology Award in vitro (artificial environment) biology or tissue
 Grades 6-12. Best project related to the
 South Bay Business
 South Bay Business SBBEC's mission of promoting sustainable
 Environmental Coalition Award
 environmental practices within the realm of Gift Card
Environmental Coalition for Innovation in Sustainability
 Grades 6-12. Best project related to Cash Prize, Certificate, Possibility
 Southern California
 Southern California Paleontological Society Award paleontology or geology, earth science,
 of Publication in Society's Journal,
Paleontological Society for Academic Excellence paleobiology, or similar categories
 1-yr honorary membership to
 society, Tour of La Brea Tar Pits
 Grades 9-12 only. Outstanding water-related
 Regional Water Prize Award - research at the high school level which focuses on
Stockholm Junior Water Award of Excellence for a relevance in terms of science, the environment, & Certificate + Nomination to
 Prize Water-Related Science society, creativity of the project, methodology, State SJWP Competition
 Research Project subject knowledge, practical skills, & report &
UCLA Brain Research Award - for outstanding Grades 6-12. For outstanding projects related
 projects related to Gift Card & Certificate
 Institute Neuroscience
 to Neuroscience

 U.S. Agency for Grades 6-12. Scientific excellence and using
 science innovatively to create a potential
 International Science Champion Award
 solution to international development
Development (USAID) challenges.
 The U.S. Airforce Science Grades 9-12. Projects exemplifying STEM- Certificate, Folder,
 U.S. Air Force Award related research Backpack, Hub, Letter
 Grades 9-12 only. Any project which involves
 U.S. Metric Association Award for measures and expresses those measures
U.S. Metric Association the best use of SI Units in a consistently and correctly in SI metric units; A Certificate
 Science Fair Project project in which the measures were integrally
 important to the research.
 Yale Science and
 Grade 11 only. Outstanding Exhibit in Computer
 Engineering Most Outstanding Exhibit
 Science, Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry Certificate & Medallion
Student The following sheet was used by the judges as they reviewed your project. They
were asked to either check off boxes in the rubric, OR give thorough comments at the bottom.

Some judging teams used the numbers to score/rank the projects.

Please use this as a way to better understand the results of your placement in your category.

 Topic 4 3 2 1
Introduction (I)/  It has an original, detailed EQ
 that clearly outlines the
  It has an EQ that
 outlines the
  The EQ is the
 same as
  The EQ does
 not overview
 Experimental experiment. experiment. published by the experiment.
 Question (EQ)  H (where appropriate) is clearly
 stated and based on research.
  H (where appropriate)
 is clearly stated.
 another source;
 lacks originality.
  H is not related
 to the EQ;
 & Hypothesis  The purpose of the investigation,  H is based on student lacks
 (H) answers a specific question. assumptions,
 lacks a review of
 of experiment
(H may not be present in
 research. and expected
 all projects) results.
 Background  Research has been done on the
 scientific process that is being
  Research has been
 done on the topic of
  Minimal
 research has
  Lacks evidence
 of research
 Research/ manipulated in the experiment. the experiment. been done. related to the
 Exploration  Evidence of a bibliography is
 present, written in proper format.
  Evidence of a
 bibliography is
  Student lacks
 topic of the
 present. of the  No bibliography
 experimental is present.
  Bibliography
 may be present.
 Procedure/  Detailed ORIGINAL procedure
 written to allow an outsider to
  The procedure is
 written to allow an
  The procedure
 is the same as
  The procedure
 is very brief and
 Materials & understand all steps that were outsider to published by does not allow
 Methods taken in the experiment. (This
 includes explanation of the
 understand steps that
 were taken in the
 another source;
 lacks originality.
 another reader
 to fully
 variable, data collected, number experiment. (This understand
 of trials, disposal methods, if includes explanation what was done
 necessary, and all tools that of the variable, data during the
 were used.) collected, and all tools experiment.
 that were used.)
 Data/ Results  Appropriate qualitative and/or
 quantitative data has been
  Both qualitative and
 quantitative data has
  Only one kind of
 data has been
  Minimal data
 has been
 collected. been collected. collected. collected.
*Some projects do  Data is clear and  Multiple trials have  Limited trials  Only one trial
not use graphs with understandable. been conducted. have been has been
  Sample size and number of  Graphs are present of conducted. completed.
 data. trials are appropriate for the trials and averages.  Student has a  Graphs are
 subject.  These graphs include graph of their misleading,
  Graphs/data/and tables are key parts of a graph data. they do not
 appropriately used. and a caption. have equivalent
  Data is appropriately labeled. spans, lacking
  Grade appropriate data key information.
 Conclusions/  Analysis is thorough and grade
  Student has drawn
 conclusions based on
  Student has
  Student has
 Student  Student has drawn conclusions the experiments. conclusions discussing the
Understanding based on their experiments and
  They are able to
 discuss the results
 based on the
 experiment and
  Student is able to discuss the and cite the data that  Student is able  Student does
 results and cite the data that has has been collected. to discuss the not make
 been collected.  Student has further results and cite connections
  The student is able to discuss questions and the data that between results
 if/when the research and data research ideas. has been and research.
 match or not. collected.
  Student has further questions
 and research ideas.
  Depth of understanding is
Interview Tips & Tools
 4. Communicate in a natural 7. Allow questions and
 1. Think of yourself as belonging
 manner, not rushed, perhaps just comments to guide the direction
 to the science community.
 a bit slower than usual. of your presentation.
 You are sharing your ideas
 Give each idea its moment in Pause from time to time to
 among colleagues
 the sun. allow for dialogue!
 5. Let your opening start with a
 2. Find a way to get physically 8. If you don’t know, use the
 BIG IDEA, then connect it to your
 comfortable with yourself just moment to think out loud with
 research topic.
 before you begin. your colleagues.
 Place your project into
 Breathe easily! Show the quality of your
 thinking process!

 3. Draw from what you know by 6. Provide a brief overview of 9. Used sparingly, humor,
 heart– so that it doesn’t sound highlights, like an abstract or a charm, and eye contact may help
 overly “memorized.” movie trailer. you connect with your
 Speak from your place of Excite your audience about colleagues.
 confidence! your project! Stay focused on the science

 Remember that this is an interview. Look professional!
When interviewed be sure to allow yourself time to get there and to relax! Your interview itself is only
about 8 minutes. You will be asked to be at your project early and to stay a few minutes after!
  To find your interview time(s) look on the back of the name card at your
 project location!
Who will interview you?
 They are scientists in the field, teachers, retired scientists, etc.
 o They have seen (and maybe read) your Abstract!
 o They have reviewed your board!
 o They are prepared with questions!
What questions might be asked?
Remember that every group/person will have their own favorite questions… here are the most
logical ones, and some of my favorites!
 o Why did you choose this experiment?
 o What is the significance of this project to your life?
 What were your variables?
 What were your controls?
 How did you make sure to run a fair (controlled experiment?
 What were your significant findings? (Results)
 What formulas did you use?
 Did your results match your research?
 How did you use your research? (Did you research?)
 Did you have any discrepant events? (Weird results that didn’t fit the trend?)
 What further results/experiments might you now be interested in doing?
 Partners… you BOTH/ALL have to talk!!
 The Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair is an equal
 opportunity for all event, regardless of age, ancestry, color, disability
 (mental and physical), gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, medical
 condition, national origin, race and religious creed. Judges and volunteers
 bear the responsibility to act as guardians and custodians of the students
 during their volunteering. Their familiarity with the students’ special
 sensitivities is imperative to the overall Science Fair effort to achieve an
 equal opportunity for all environments, free of discrimination.

 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 Pledge for Parents, Volunteers and the Public
On behalf of teachers, parents and visitors I pledge to be an example for our children by:

 ϒ Respecting the rules of the Los Angeles County Science &
 Engineering Fair;
 ϒ Encouraging excellence in experimentation and investigation;
 ϒ Supporting independence, originality, and creativity in the design
 and completion of all competitive projects; and
 ϒ Respecting the authority and decisions of the staff and judges of
 the Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair.

My actions will promote the spirit of cooperation within and among all
participating schools!

 Student Code of Conduct
 As a participant in the Los Angeles County Science Fair:

 ϒ I will compete honestly and with good sportsmanship.
 ϒ I will act with integrity and treat others with courtesy.
 ϒ I will respect Fair volunteers, staff, and judges and their decisions
Regulations for Projects
 The following regulations will help keep the projects uniform and within the laws of the State of California. Fair
 sponsors want all students to have the best opportunity to compete for the annual awards. During the time that
 the Fair is open to the general public, the perception of the projects must be positive and precautions must be
 taken for the security of each project. All projects at the Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair must
 abide by the following:

0. Present an experimentally based research design exemplifying the science processes or engineering design/inventions.
1. Be carefully prescreened and approved online by the School Site Coordinator. The Los Angeles County Science & Engineering
 Fair Judges’ Rubric lists the criteria used to evaluate the projects. Online Pre-approval of project proposals is necessary for
 projects involving tissue/cell lines, human subjects, live vertebrate animals, hazardous materials and/or microbes
2. Clearly distinguished between the work of the student entrant and the work of others. Students who have prepared a project in
 conjunction with research participation opportunity in industry, a university, hospital or institution other then their school must show
 only the student’s research in their project display. Students may mention the relationship to the research of others in notebooks
 only if they clearly specify the assistance received and the role and contributions of others in research related to the project. Most
 projects being performed at outside institutions will need online preapproval for the 5 categories listed above, including electronic
 verification by supervising professionals.
3. Be original and distinct. Identical project/data may not be submitted by a school under separate judging divisions. Likewise, the
 same unmodified project cannot be submitted multiple years.
4. Be within the total quota for each school. Quotas will be announced in advance of the Fair. If additional applications are submitted,
 schools will be contacted and each school will determine which projects are the official entries. If excess entries are initially
 overlooked, only a number corresponding to the quota will be judged. Those to be judged will then be selected at the discretion of
 the Science Fair Committee.
5. Schools need to be electronically enrolled for the fair through the website. Schools should avoid enrollment until
 it is certain that their students’ projects will be completed in time, ready to be registered online and arrive at the Fair.
6. Student and project information will be submitted online by students only in grades 6-12 or with an age equivalent to those in
 grades 6-12. Team members MUST attend the same school, for oversight by the Site Coordinator.
7. Be registered and setup at the Fair and picked up only within the designated hours. Early entries will not be accepted. Entries will be
 accepted and project pick up will be permitted only when a member of the Los Angeles County Science Fair Committee is present.
8. Use illustrations or photographs ONLY of microbes, animals and plants for displays. The display of bacterial cultures and live or
 preserved animals and plants will not be permitted.
9. Remain at the Fair during the day scheduled for judging interviews. The only exception to this rule is for students who must take
 projects to the International Fair, if their departure day/time overlaps the time that the Los Angeles County Science & Engineering
 Fair is open. To ensure security during project removal, the authorized time for pick up will be strictly followed. The Fair is not
 responsible for projects left after the designated time.
10. Use a title that provides the viewer with a clear concept of the subject and procedure of the research. Present the steps of the
 scientific methodology used, organized from left to right and top to bottom. Use metric units for all measurements. Have all values
 on charts and graphs correctly labeled. Present all narrative writing in a legible manner with correct grammar, punctuation and
 spelling. Carefully review the category descriptions and select the proper one for the project.
11. Fit within the prescribed space limitations – no larger than 76 cm (2.5 ft. deep (front to back), 122 cm (4 ft.) wide (side to side) and
 284 cm (6.5 ft.) high (if placed on table) or 274 cm. (9 ft.) high (if placed on floor) Oversized projects will be screened at the door and
 refused entry.
12. Be able to support their weight and not collapse due to inadequate construction. Any project that does not meet the minimum
 standards for construction will be removed from the display area and not judged.
13. Display photographs that do not show procedures harmful to the health and wellbeing of animals. (For instance, the performance or
 results of surgical procedures will not be shown.) Those projects not in compliance will be removed from the display areas and will
 not be judged.
14. Do not display items you cannot afford to lose. There is a system for bringing in items to show the judges. Have notebooks and
 other paperwork tethered to the display board. The Fair will not be responsible if these items are missing from projects.
15. A computer may be brought to the display for the judging interview if the student assumes full responsibility for the computer.
 Computers should not be left at a project if the student is not there to ensure its safekeeping.
16. Give attention to all considerations of safety. Projects that use 120-volt electrical current must have all wires and connections well
 shielded. Those projects not in compliance will be screened at the door and refused entry.
17. Adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the Fair and all relevant federal, state and local laws. Projects not in compliance will be
 screened at the door and refused entry.
18. Be submitted with the understanding that decisions of the Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair Committee are final.
 Junior Division
 Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson
 Al-Huda Islamic School Institute of Knowledge
 Gifted/HA Magnet MS
 All Souls World Language Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson
 James A. Foshay Learning Center
 Catholic School Middle School
 La Canada Preparatory
 American Martyrs School Saint John Fisher
 Private School

 Archer School for Girls La Merced Intermediate Saint Joseph Long Beach

 Arroyo Seco Museum
 Lennox Middle School Saint Martin of Tours School
 Science Magnet
 Sarah Ross Science Fair
 Bell Gardens Intermediate Mark Twain Middle School
 Junior Division

 Beth Hillel Day School Montebello Intermediate Sierra Madre Middle School

 Beverly Vista Middle School Monterey Highlands Sierra Vista Junior High School

 Blair High School Mt. Gleason Middle School South Gate Middle School

 St. Gregory A. & M.
 Brentwood School New Dimensions
 Hovespian School

 Chamlian Armenian School New Horizon School St. Bede The Venerable School

 Chandler School New Los Angeles Charter School St. Cyril of Jerusalem School

 Delphi Academy –
 Oak Hills Elementary School St. Monica Academy
 Junior Division
Flintridge Preparatory School –
 Our Lady of Refuge School St. Timothy School
 Junior Division
 Sun Valley Magnet –
Gaspar de Portola Charter AIAT Portola Highly Gifted Magnet
 Junior Division
 Hale Charter Academy
 Pressman Academy Suva Intermediate School
 STEAM Magnet
 The Science Academy
 Hollenbeck Middle School Ribet Academy (Junior Division)
 STEM Magnet
 Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian
 Holy Angels School Walter Reed Middle School
 Middle School

 Huntington Middle School Rosemont Middle School Weizmann Day School

 Hutchinson Middle School Rosewood Park School Western Christian School

 Incarnation Parish School Royal Oak Middle School
 Senior Division

 Applied Technology Center Lawndale High School
 Arcadia High School Loyola High School
 Armenian Engineers &
 Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School
 Scientists of America
Armenian General Benevolent Union –
 Mayfair High School
 Vatche & Tamar Manoukian
 Bell Gardens High School North Hollywood High School
 Bonita High School Palisades Charter High School
 Brentwood High School Palos Verdes High School
 Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
 California Academy of
 Pathways to Stem Cell Science
 Mathematics & Science
 California School of the Arts –
 PVNet Education & Technology Center
 San Gabriel Valley
 Cathedral High School Quartz Hill High School
 Compton Unified School District Ribet Academy (Senior Division)
 Crescenta Valley High School Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School
 Crespi Carmelite High School Saint Anthony High School
 de Toledo Sarah Ross Science Fair (Senior Division)
 Delphi Academy – Senior Division STEM Academy of Hollywood
 Diamond Bar High School Sun Valley Magnet – Senior Division
 Don Bosco Technical Institute Temple City High School
 Flintridge Preparatory School The Buckley School
 Garey High School The Science Academy STEM Magnet
 Granada Hills Charter High School The Webb Schools in Claremont CA
 Harvard – Westlake School Vistamar School
 Huntington Park High School Walnut High School
 La Canada High School
70th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
 Statistical Summary
 Table 1. Number of Project Entries
 2020 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
 Cat. No. Category JR SR Total Total Total Total Total Total Total
 J01, S01 Animal Biology 9 14 27 18 20 30 33 24 20
 J02, S02 Animal Physiology 13 6 16 18 20 15 15 12 17
 S03 Behavioral / Social Sciences - 21 25 12 9 12 16 12 13
 Behavioral Sciences – Non
 Human 11 - 11 10 13 12 9 11 8
 Behavioral / Social Sciences –
 Human 13 - 18 25 37 29 36 34 33
 J05, S04 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 22 13 25 32 41 29 37 29 37
 S05 Chemistry - 14 26 25 27 38 25 25 28
 J06 Chemistry – Applied 14 - 35 27 32 30 37 31 36
 J07 Chemistry – General 32 - 35 35 58 52 57 50 50
 J08, S06 Earth / Space Sciences 14 4 22 34 39 19 33 31 29
 J09, S07 Ecology 28 10 33 39 33 23 31 32 30
 J10, S08 Engineering Applications 41 21 82 70 75 88 76 57 60
 J11, S09 Engineering Research 20 13 42 26 44 42 50 30 33
 J12, S10 Environmental Management 45 19 55 60 64 54 56 34 56
 J13 Materials Science 18 - 28 29 36 18 35 19 31
 J14, S11
 Mathematics / Computer
 Sciences 19 18 32 25 19 22 20 18 17
 J15, S12 Microbiology 13 10 15 19 30 14 20 56 54
 J16, S13 Pharmacology 8 3 17 22 17 16 8 18 11
 S14 Physics - 19 11 14 16 32 13 12 19
 Physics – Aerodynamics /
 Hydrodynamics 16 - 26 14 34 21 35 33 25
 Physics – Electricity &
 Magnetism 29 - 30 24 41 33 32 40 38
 J19 Physics – General 19 - 34 39 51 52 89 64 54
 J20, S15 Plant Biology & Physiology 34 19 55 69 82 69 86 78 79
 J22 Product Science 36 - 46 36 40 34 38 42 42
 TOTAL 454 204 746 722 878 763 887 642 820

 Table 2: Number of Participating Students by District, Gender *2013-2020 District Data by # of Schools
DISTRICT 2020* 2019* 2018* 2017* 2016* 2015* 2014* 2013*
Archdiocese 10 13 15 19 19 21 16
Private 24 29 38 33 40 48 37
Public 97 75 94 95 84 49 76
TOTAL 121* 117* 147* 147* 143* 114* 137*
BOYS 424 413 460 421 476 433 463
GIRLS 470 465 581 474 554 476 500
TOTAL 894 878 1041 895 1032 909 963
 Junior Division
 J01 • Animal Biology - Jr

J0101 Corona, Damien Gr: 8 J0109 Nanny, Alma Gr: 8
Cold and Hot Brine Shrimp Sea Urchins Reproduction Rate in
S: South Gate Middle School Different pH
D: los angeles unified school district S: South Gate Middle School
C: Romero, Ruben D: los angeles unified school district
 C: Romero, Ruben
J0102 Cerda, Marissa Gr: 8
Warming Brine
S: South Gate Middle School
D: los angeles unified school district
C: Romero, Ruben

J0103 Ramsay, Zyg Gr: 8
 Cao, Boheng Gr: 8
The Butterfly Effect: The correlation
between the population of the butterfly
Danaus plexippus and California
S: The Science Academy STEM
C: Lewis, Ryan

J0104 Thompson, Lacey Gr: 8
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Passed
Through Fruit Flies To Their Offspring
S: Archer School for Girls
D: Private
C: Neshek, Jerilyn

J0105 Obregon, Eileen Gr: 7
S: Bell Gardens Intermediate
D: Montebello Unified School DIstrict
C: Arreola, Marisa

J0106 Shahinian, Nanar Gr: 7
The Effect of Temperature on the
Eating Habits of Drosophila
S: Chamlian Armenian School
D: parochial
C: Gevorkian, Lida

J0107 Petrossian, Serj Gr: 7
Magnetic Healing?
S: Gaspar de Portola Charter AIAT
D: Northwest
C: Schmidt, David

J0108 Rivas, Abril Gr: 8
Effect of Salinity Level on Isochrysis
Galbana Population Growth
S: South Gate Middle School
D: los angeles unified school district
C: Romero, Ruben
 Junior Division
 J02 • Animal Physiology - Jr

J0201 Galvez, Elsy Gr: 8 J0209 Rhee, Michelle Gr: 7
Can Children Under 18 Years Old Have Knee Pain: The Study of the Angle that
Cancer? What Are The Most Common Puts the Most Amount of Strain on the
Types/Symptoms? Knee
S: Hollenbeck Middle School S: The Science Academy STEM
D: LAUSD Magnet
C: Ruiz, Laura D: LAUSD
 C: Lewis, Ryan
J0202 Padilla, Delilah Gr: 6
 Arreguin, Jabneel Gr: 6 J0210 Mazar, Maayan Gr: 8
The Difference Between Artificial Hearts Under Pressure ... I Can Hardly See
and Real Hearts S: Pressman Academy
S: Rosewood Park School D: Private
D: 323887790 C: Hartung, Eric
C: Rico, Peter
 J0211 Kboudi, Caroline Gr: 8
J0203 Garth, Jessica Gr: 6 Newton's Fall
How does age and gender affect taste? S: Pressman Academy
S: Saint John Fisher D: Private
D: Los Angeles Archdiocese C: Hartung, Eric
C: Hoffmann, Jeanine
 J0212 Fatima, Amena Gr: 8
J0204 Melika, Marco Gr: 8 Fighting the Flu: How the Immune
 Mueller, Christian Gr: 8 System Works
Parkinson's Disease Treatments On S: New Dimensions
Brown Planaria D: Pomona Unified School District
S: American Martyrs School C: Alghaswyneh, Sawsan
D: Diocese of Los Angeles
C: McCorkle, Sarah J0213 Ali, Amaanah Gr: 8
 Winning Worms
J0205 Smith, Scott Gr: 8
 S: Institute of Knowledge
 Metcalf, Luke Gr: 8 D: Private
The Effect of Exercise on the Sleep C: Ahmad, Sadia
Patterns and Weight Loss of Mice
S: St. Bede The Venerable School
D: Archdiocese of Los Angeles
C: Fox, Jeffrey

J0206 Bhargava, Shreya Gr: 6
Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?
S: Blair High School
D: Pasadena Unified School District
C: Chau, Alex

J0207 Pieronek, Maddy Gr: 8
U'V Got Me Feeling Blue
S: American Martyrs School
D: Diocese of Los Angeles
C: McCorkle, Sarah

J0208 Hafez, Sarah Gr: 8
Keep it Down! The Effect of Noise
Pollution on Blood Pressure and Pulse
Rate in Adults
S: New Dimensions
D: Pomona Unified School District
C: Alghaswyneh, Sawsan
 Junior Division
 J03 • Behavioral Science - Non-Human - Jr

J0301 Arce, Andrea Gr: 8 J0310 Aguilar, Diana Gr: 8
Coloring Algae Sea Urchins Reproduction Rate in
S: South Gate Middle School Different Temperatures
D: los angeles unified school district S: South Gate Middle School
C: Romero, Ruben D: los angeles unified school district
 C: Romero, Ruben
J0302 Echavarria, Natalia Gr: 8
Bugs and colors J0311 Shpall, Isabella Gr: 8
 Diaz Fuchs, Miranda Gr: 8
S: Lennox Middle
School D: Lennox Light vs. Heat
C: Martin, Salvador S: St. Timothy School
 D: Archdiocese of Los Angeles
J0303 Jones, Natalia Gr: 8 C: Novak, Christy
Salinity Affect On Sea Urchins
Reproduction Rate
S: South Gate Middle School
D: los angeles unified school district
C: Romero, Ruben

J0304 Anderson, Sienna Gr: 7
Are Dogs Right or Left Pawed?
S: Royal Oak Middle School
D: Charter Oak Unified
C: Mancilla, Robert

J0305 Golden-Krasner, Eden Gr: 6
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Do Spiders
Have Self-Recognition?
S: Weizmann Day School
D: private school
C: Snyder, Lori

J0306 Figueroa, Helen Gr: 8
Bullying Plants?
S: South Gate Middle School
D: los angeles unified school district
C: Romero, Ruben

J0307 Kelley, Dylan Gr: 6
Which Treat Does My Dog Like Best?
S: Saint John Fisher
D: Los Angeles Archdiocese
C: Hoffmann, Jeanine

J0308 Rojas, Keyra Gr: 8
Can Turtles Learn To Respond To A
S: Hollenbeck Middle School
C: Ruiz, Laura

J0309 Viducic, Taylor Gr: 8
Which Treat is Best?
S: Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson
Gifted/HA Magnet MS
D: Los Angeles Unified School District
C: Aki, Teresa
 Junior Division
 J04 • Behavioral/Social Sciences - Human - Jr

J0401 Elbaz, Benjamin Gr: 8 J0409 Humphrey, Katherine Gr: 7
Political Campaigns: Go Negative? Serif or Sans Serif? The Quest for
S: Pressman Academy Improved Reading
D: Private S: Saint Martin of Tours School
C: Hartung, Eric D: Archdioces of LA
 C: Cantalejo, Raul
J0402 Isayan, Michael Gr: 7
Homework: Does it Help or Harm? J0410 Lutz, Scar Gr: 8
S: Portola Highly Gifted Magnet Chromebooks or Sketchbooks?
D: LAUSD Comparing off-task behavior
C: Gramajo, Ruth S: Arroyo Seco Museum Science
J0403 Ohshima, Suzuko Gr: 6 D: Los Angeles Unified
 C: Griffith, Laura
Shootings, Hurricanes, Earthquakes,
and your Social Status
 J0411 Alamad, Nadia Gr: 7
S: Walter Reed Middle School
 Hassan, Jasmine Gr: 8
C: Sofio, Joyann Sound Sound Go Away! A Study on the
 Effect of Decreased Background Noise
 on the Reaction Time of Special Needs
J0404 Guglielmetti, Isabella Gr: 6
 Children Suffering from Hyperacusis
First Impressions S: Al-Huda Islamic School
S: St. Timothy School D: Hawthorne/Private
D: Archdiocese of Los Angeles C: Alshanableh, Rula
C: Novak, Christy
 J0412 Avila, Emily Gr: 8
J0405 Rubio, Ponciano Gr: 8 Loza, Evelyn Gr: 8
A Look at Generational Logical Music vs. Stress
 S: Lennox Middle School
S: Arroyo Seco Museum Science D: Lennox
Magnet C: Martin, Salvador
D: Los Angeles Unified
C: Griffith, Laura
 J0413 Timour, Nicole Gr: 8
J0406 Richland, Ayla Gr: 8 Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You?
Catchy Memory S: Chamlian Armenian School
 D: parochial
S: Pressman Academy C: Gevorkian, Lida
D: Private
C: Hartung, Eric

J0407 Mahoney, Evelyn Gr: 8
 Alfaro, Andrea Gr: 8
 Olmedo, Kimberly Gr: 8
Subliminal Messages in Running
S: Mt. Gleason Middle School
D: Lausd
C: Moss, Craig

J0408 Tizabi, Keren Gr: 7
He or She?
S: Pressman Academy
D: Private
C: Hartung, Eric
 Junior Division
 J05 • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Jr

J0501 Baumgartner, Alana Gr: 7 J0509 Mustafa, Layan Gr: 7 J0518 Hafez, Jana Gr: 8
Flour 101: How different flours affect Insulin Enduring Enzymes Iron Rich Foods
weight, density, and volume of muffins S: Institute of Knowledge S: New Dimensions
S: Saint John Fisher D: Private D: Pomona Unified School District
D: Los Angeles Archdiocese C: Ahmad, Sadia C: Alghaswyneh, Sawsan
C: Hoffmann, Jeanine
 J0510 Santos, Reef Gr: 6 J0519 Gomez, Jared Gr: 7
J0502 Hernandez, Rosalinda Gr: 8 The Edible Bubble: How Spherification Testing the pH Level
Food and Energy Is Achieved with Various Liquids S: Lennox Middle School
S: New Los Angeles Charter School S: Saint John Fisher D: Lennox
D: LAUSD D: Los Angeles Archdiocese C: Martin, Salvador
C: Ramirez, Diana C: Hoffmann, Jeanine
 J0520 Sherman, Katlia Gr: 6
J0503 Naranjo, Alina Gr: 6 J0511 Wind, Ella Gr: 6 Three Types of Methods to See Which
 Milliken, Isabella Gr: 6 Rotting Fruit One will Store Carbon Dioxide The
The Brownie Experiment S: Mark Twain Middle School Most Efficiently
S: Sarah Ross Science Fair Junior D: Los Angeles Unified School District S: The Science Academy STEM
Division C: Hodgson, Joele Magnet
D: Pomona Unified School District D: LAUSD
C: Gardea, Bridget J0512 Hubbard, Tess Gr: 8 C: Lewis, Ryan
 Testing for GMO
J0504 Markarian, Emily Gr: 8 J0521 Inal, Skye Gr: 6
 S: Archer School for Girls
Glucose Blood Sugar D: Private Comparing the Amount of Vitamin C in
S: St Gregory A. & M. Hovsepian C: Neshek, Jerilyn Home-grown Oranges and Store-
School bought Oranges
D: NA J0513 Wood, Mark Gr: 8 S: New Horizon School
C: Ruiz, Ashley D: Pasadena Unified School District
 Iron: How to Get the Most C: Satya, Kavitha
J0505 Marcarian, Anaiis Gr: 7 S: American Martyrs School
 D: Diocese of Los Angeles J0522 Hajhamid, Zeena Gr: 6
Regular chips V.S. Baked chips C: McCorkle, Sarah
 Finding the C in OJ
S: Saint Martin of Tours School
D: Archdioces of LA J0514 Harrison, Stephanie Gr: 8 S: Institute of Knowledge
C: Cantalejo, Raul D: Private
 Testing Heat v. Electricity on the C: Ahmad, Sadia
 Coagulation of Blood
J0506 Luo, Ambrose Gr: 7
 S: Archer School for Girls
 Long, Zhou Gr: 7
 D: Private
Stopping Cancer from Spreading, with C: Neshek, Jerilyn
Information from Genes
S: La Canada Preparatory Private J0515 Desai, Manav Gr: 8
School Effects Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids On
D: La Canada Unified Neuronal Regeneration
C: Miller, Steve
 S: Portola Highly Gifted Magnet
J0507 Hubbard, Addison Gr: 7
 C: Gramajo, Ruth
Decoding DNA: Using gel
electrophoresis to separate food dye J0516 Fleischman, Jordan Gr: 7
S: Incarnation Parish School Pretty Please with sugar ON top, but
D: Archdiocese of Los Angeles
 how much is IN what we eat? How
C: Anderson , Anna
 much "hidden sugars" are in our food?
 S: Blair High School
J0508 Baylor, Brooklin Gr: 7 D: Pasadena Unified School District
Soda, Energy,Juice. Comparing C: Chau, Alex
Leftover Abundance of Sugar
S: Royal Oak Middle School J0517 Steinbeck, Monica Gr: 7
D: Charter Oak Unified Infusing Plants With Vitamin C
C: Mancilla, Robert
 S: American Martyrs School
 D: Diocese of Los Angeles
 C: McCorkle, Sarah
 Junior Division
 J06 • Chemistry - Applied - Jr

J0601 Coleman, Max Gr: 6 J0609 Gelino, Molly Gr: 7
Does A Carbon Water Filter Really Which method of desalination and dirt
Work? extraction from an impurity filled water
S: Saint Martin of Tours School source works the best?
D: Archdioces of LA S: Royal Oak Middle School
C: Cantalejo, Raul D: Charter Oak Unified
 C: Mancilla, Robert
J0602 Chopiuk, Brooke Gr: 6
Which Brand of Water Bottle Will Keep J0610 Zhao, Olivia Gr: 7
Your Drinks Cold for the Longest What methods of purification are most
Amount of Time? effective?
S: Saint Martin of Tours School S: Gaspar de Portola Charter AIAT
D: Archdioces of LA D: Northwest
C: Cantalejo, Raul C: Schmidt, David

J0603 Wu, Nikki Gr: 8 J0611 Petoyan, Grace Gr: 7
 Gracia, Andrew Gr: 8 Cold Pack Chemistry: Where Does the
Tooth Decay Heat Go?
S: Monterey Highlands S: St Gregory A. & M. Hovsepian
D: Alhambra Unified School District School
C: Sapalicio, Nathaniel D: NA
 C: Ruiz, Ashley
J0604 Zheng, William Gr: 8
How does the voltage of the electrical J0612 Hacopians, Nicole Gr: 7
power (battery) affect how much Fire Resistant House
hydrogen is produced? S: Chamlian Armenian School
S: Portola Highly Gifted Magnet D: parochial
D: LAUSD C: Gevorkian, Lida
C: Gramajo, Ruth
 J0613 Almand, Ava Gr: 7
J0605 Nunes, Zalea Gr: 6 Fueling the Future with Fuel Cells
How do the expiration dates of S: St. Cyril of Jeruselem School
hyaluronic acid gel fillers affect the D: Archdiocese of Los Angeles/LAUSD
fillers in terms of sterility, and response C: Pugliese, Angelica
to hyaluronidase?
S: Sierra Madre Middle School J0614 Enfiadjian, Rafael Gr: 8
D: Pasadena Unified School District
 Lungs vs. Aerosols
C: Dev Anandhan, Ravi
 S: Chamlian Armenian School
J0606 Juarez, Odette Gr: 8 D: parochial
 C: Gevorkian, Lida
Egg Geodes
S: Sun Valley Magnet - Junior Division
C: Greene, Stephanie

J0607 Khachaturian, Beatrix Gr: 6
what is the most effective amount of
acid to remove gelatin out of hair
S: Sierra Madre Middle School
D: Pasadena Unified School District
C: Dev Anandhan, Ravi

J0608 Kojikian, Aleen Gr: 8
Toxic Metals in Baby Food
S: St Gregory A. & M. Hovsepian
C: Ruiz, Ashley
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