Elementary Parent & Student Handbook Goodview Elementary

Elementary Parent & Student Handbook Goodview Elementary
Elementary Parent & Student Handbook

        Goodview Elementary
      5100 W. 9th Street Goodview, MN 55987

        Jefferson Elementary
       1268 W 5th Street Winona, MN 55987

  Washington-Kosciusko Elementary
       365 Mankato Ave. Winona, MN 55987

WELCOME LETTER                                                2


CORE CURRICULUM                                               3

FIELD TRIP                                                    4

SPECIALIST RESOURCES                                          4

TESTING/PROGRESS MONITORING                                   4

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE                                     5

VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS                                       6

UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION                                    6

SCHOOL ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL                                  7

ATTENDANCE                                                    8

BUILDING RESERVATIONS                                        10

CAMPUS MESSENGER (Instant Alert)                             10

STUDENT HEALTH                                               1​1

DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION                                  13


PERSONAL ELECTRONIC/CELLULAR/ITEMS                           14

KEY KIDS                                                     1​4

PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION                                   1​5

NUTRITION PROGRAM                                            1​5

SCHOOL SAFETY                                                1​7

DRESS CODE                                                   20

LOST AND FOUND                                               20

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS                                        20


STUDENT RECORDS                                              21

TRANSPORTATION                                               2​3

FREQUENTLY REFERENCED POLICIES                               2​5

POSTERS AND NOTICES (BP 505)                                 26

PARENT’S RIGHT TO KNOW                                       2​7

Welcome to Winona Area Public Schools!

We are so excited for the 2020-21 school year and glad that you will be learning and
growing with us throughout the year. We believe that WAPS is a special school district
and we pride ourselves in making #WinhawkProud moments throughout the school

Our staff is committed to helping every student grow and learn to their potential. We are
invested in each students’ success and wellbeing. Because of this, it is our goal to have
a strong partnership with parents and families as we work to support our students. Our
teachers are focused on providing strong academics and building confidence in our

Our district staff and School Board have committed to ensuring student needs are used
to drive our decisions and actions. In this effort, our core values are the foundation of
supporting students and families during their educational journey.

The purpose of this handbook is to inform and provide a clear understanding for
students and their parents/guardians of important school district policies, procedures,
expectations, and required notices. This document is reviewed annually to accurately
reflect changes as we grow and change. A complete copy of the District’s Policies and
procedures can be found online at www.winonaschools.org, in the Superintendent’s
office, or at any of the district school offices.

We want your family to have a great experience during your time at Winona Area Public
Schools. Each student has access to a quality education and the right to feel safe at
school. Please let us know if you have any unique situations or needs. Our goal is to
work together to find solutions that will promote positive educational experiences for
each student. A positive learning environment is our top priority for each student. Thank
you for your support and partnership in the 2020-21 school year.

WAPS Elementary Principals,

Mrs. Emily Cassellius      Mrs. Maggie Maine           Mrs. Dawn Waller Lueck
Goodview Elementary        Jefferson Elementary        W-K Elementary

Mission​: “Expect excellence, grounded in compassion, to meet the needs of all

Vision​: “One community of lifelong learners, engaged in creating our culture where all
are safe, valued and accountable to one another for success.

Core Values​: Ensuring Student Needs Drive Our Decisions and Actions:

   ●   Excellence          Be my best and expect the best of others
   ●   Kindness            Concern, compassion, and advocacy for others
   ●   Respect             Acceptance of self and others as we work together
   ●   Honesty             Say and do the right thing, even if no one is watching
   ●   Responsibility      Do my part and be accountable for what I say and do

All school district rules, policies, procedures and discipline will be applied in a
non-discriminatory manner to all students, without regard to any protected
characteristics identified in the Minnesota Human Rights Act, ​including a student’s:
Race, Color, Creed, Religion, National Origin, Sex, Marital Status, Disability, Public
Assistance Status, Age, and Sexual Orientation.

                                 CORE CURRICULUM
All of our students receive instruction in the curriculum areas of literacy, math, science,
social studies, health, music, art, and physical education. This curriculum is built around
both state and national standards. Within this curriculum, students develop skills to think
critically, solve problems, and work collaboratively.

To ensure student success, the school and family must work together to support
academic growth. You can best support your student by:

   ● Working with your child at home by reading and doing homework together.
   ● Stress the importance of education and encourage your child to do their best in
   ● Being involved in the school community through involvement in school events,
     volunteering in the classroom or events, attending parent-teacher conferences,
     and maintaining open communication with your child’s classroom teacher.

Field trips are part of the district curriculum and are intended for those school-aged
children who are currently enrolled in the class or school participating in the experience.
Their purpose is to extend and enrich classroom activities. Depending on the nature of
the trip, the teacher may call volunteers to assist in supervising students. All adult
chaperones must complete a Volunteer Application including a background check.

                              SPECIALIST RESOURCES
Winona Area Public Schools has the following specialists available to ensure all
students are successful in learning: school psychologist, counselor, school social
worker, speech therapy, specific learning disability, deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visual
impairment, emotional/behavioral disorder, physical and other health impaired, cognitive
disabilities, Title I, school nurses, and gifted and talented. Parents are included in the
mandated procedures and are important partners in the process.

                         TESTING/PROGRESS MONITORING
Each spring, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in Reading and Math are
administered to students in Grade 3 & 4. These tests are used to evaluate district,
school, and student progress towards meeting state standards.

In addition to these standardized tests, specific Math and Reading skills of all students
(K-4) are assessed three times each year to determine individual progress toward
district established Benchmarks for each grade level. These Benchmark assessments
are administered fall, winter, and spring, using the FASTBRIDGE assessment system
for K- 4 students. Students are not graded on these assessments; they are used as
indicators of overall math and reading achievement. Individual student achievement
scores are available by contacting your child’s school.

The elementary school year is divided into quarters. Parent-Teacher conferences will be
held after the first quarter, and report cards will be given after quarters two, three, and
four through the Parent Portal of the Infinite Campus student management system,
unless a paper copy is requested. In addition, parents will be notified of their child’s
reading level three times per year as directed by the ​Read Well by Grade Three

The Minnesota Department of Education allows parents/guardians the right to make informed
decisions that benefit their children, schools and communities. One of these decisions is
whether or not your student participates in Minnesota’s statewide testing. Please refer to the
following document for more information and/or to obtain the testing refusal form.
MDE Parent/Guardian Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing

The testing refusal form must be submitted to the building principal prior to assigned testing

                           PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES
Family engagement in a child’s learning has been shown to significantly impact student
achievement, engagement in learning, and school attendance. We want to encourage
you to be informed and involved in your child’s education.

Parent/Teacher conferences are an integral part of the school program. Conferences
with each parent or guardian will be scheduled in the fall of the school year. Additional
conferences will be scheduled as needed throughout the rest of the year. Parents or
guardians may initiate a conference with a teacher, specialist, or principal at any time.

Each day we strive to provide the best educational experience for our students and
families. We recognize, however, that at times we may not meet all of your
expectations. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to alert us to any
concerns. We also feel that concerns are best addressed closest to the source. It’s with
that in mind that we use the following guidelines to address any concerns:

   ● Share your concerns with the person most directly involved (i.e. classroom
     teacher). Many times a concern is the result of miscommunication or
     misunderstanding and can be solved at the classroom or building level.
   ● If after that meeting there is still concern, bring the issue to the building principal.
   ● If an issue remains, you may take the concern to the superintendent or her
     administrative designee.
   ● If there is still an issue after speaking to the superintendent/designee, you may
     choose to take the concern to the school board during the open forum of the
     school board’s regular meeting.

We are committed to the students and families of Winona Area Public School and the
Winona community and value your feedback as we strive for continuous improvement.
                             VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS
Visitors and volunteers are welcome at our school! If you would like to visit, please
check-in at the school office, and we will provide you with either a visitor or volunteer
badge. So we can keep our schools safe and secure for everyone, we do request that
parents and family members, visitors, and community and parent volunteers register
and wear an identification badge.

Volunteers play an important role in the Winona Area Public Schools. Parents are
welcome to volunteer and should watch for volunteer forms being circulated as the
school year begins. Most of the time, volunteers are coordinated through the school’s
PTA. School secretaries and principals, as well as classroom teachers can assist
interested parents to find volunteer placements. You may also hear from your child’s
classroom teacher about volunteer opportunities. Information on volunteering in our
schools can be found on our website at www.winonaschools.org/volunteer.

SIGN IN​ – Please sign in at the school office with your state issued ID and obtain a
visitor or volunteer badge.

STAFF RESPONSIBILITIES​ – Volunteers are an important part of the educational
team. Suggestions and opinions are welcome. It is the professional and licensed staff
that are held responsible by law for decisions regarding the instruction of students and
the management of the classroom and school. For this reason, volunteers must always
work under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators.

CONFIDENTIALITY​ – The foundation of all school volunteer programs is confidentiality.
As the volunteer works with staff and students, information of a confidential nature may
be shared with you. Like teachers, volunteers are bound by a code of ethics to keep
confidential matters within the school. The staff and parents need to know they can
trust the volunteer.

                          UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION
Please verify your contact information by visiting Infinite Campus portal or contacting
your school’s secretary. Contact information includes telephone number, address and
emergency number. V  ​ isit​ w
                             ​ ww.WinonaSchools.org​ click parents on top right than select
Infinite Campus.

The elementary school day begins at 7:45 a.m, and ends at 2:15 p.m.​ We
encourage all students and families to utilize our crossing guards. School patrol
crossing guards monitor designated intersections near Jefferson and
Washington-Kosciusko Elementary Schools.
All elementary schools offer breakfast starting at 7:00 a.m.
All elementary school doors will be locked from 8:00 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

The following locations are patrolled starting at 7:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.:

                JEFFERSON                             WASHINGTON-KOSCIUSKO

 5th & Hilbert - PM only                       8th & Mankato

                                               8th & High Forest

                                               6th & Mankato

                                               7th & High Forest - PM only

DISMISSAL DURING SCHOOL DAY:​ Dismissals during the school day should be
handled through the school office. If you must take a child out of school, you are asked
to send a written request to the school office, stating the date and time of dismissal. It is
requested that you pick up your child from the school office.

END OF THE SCHOOL DAY DISMISSAL: ​All students should go directly to their
after-school destination (home, Key Kids, childcare, etc).
Parent pick-up locations:
       Goodview Elementary: 8th Street
       Jefferson Elementary: Hilbert Street
       W-K Elementary: Playground on designated symbol

Anytime a student will be traveling home in a different manner from the normal routine,
parents/guardians should contact the classroom teacher or school office by 1:30 p.m. to
ensure proper notification. Please note that students may only ride their assigned bus.
Students are not allowed to switch buses or bring another rider on the bus.

If a student is absent from school, we request that a parent or guardian call school each
day of the absence. If we do not hear from a parent or guardian by 7:45 am, we will
begin contacting the home or workplace. If no communication takes place between
home and school, the school and district will record this as an UNEXCUSED
ABSENCE. ​ (Refer to school district attendance policy)

Classification of Absences
To be considered an excused absence, the student’s parent or legal guardian may be
asked to verify, in writing, the reason for the student’s absence from school. Excuses
must be received within two (2) business days or they will be recorded as unexcused
absences. A school reserves the right to accept or deny any request for an excused

Absences generally considered to be excused are:
   A. Illness.
   B. Serious illness in the student’s immediate family.
   C. A death in the student’s immediate family or of a close friend or relative.
   D. Medical, dental or orthodontic treatment or counseling appointment.
   E. Court appearances occasioned by family or personal action.
   F. Religious instruction.
   G. Physical emergency conditions such as fire, flood, storm, etc.
   H. Official school field trip or other school-sponsored outing.
   I. Removal of a student pursuant to a suspension. Suspensions are to be handled
      as excused absences and students will be permitted to complete make-up work.
   J. Active duty in any military branch of the United States.
   K. Impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe.
   L. Five (5) days maximum for vacation purposes. (Requests must be in writing and
      submitted to a school administrator prior to vacation)

Examples of absences generally considered to be unexcused and unacceptable:
   A. Visiting relatives/friends
   B. Overslept
   C. Hunting
   D. Child is not immunized
   E. Helping at home

F.   Work
   G.   Too tired
   H.   Missed the bus
   I.   Cold weather
   J.   Shopping
   K.   Staying home to care for family member
   L.   Inadequate and/or inappropriate clothing

A parent or guardian may clear three (3) days per month that school is in session.
Subsequent clearances for illnesses require verification by a doctor or other valid health
care professionals. Student attendance will be monitored to detect patterns of
excessive absences so that appropriate intervention action takes place.

Written doctor’s excuse:
   ● On valid doctor’s medical slip
   ● Specific dates of illness or injury and date doctor was seen
   ● Doctor’s belief that due to illness or injury (state injury or illness), the student is
       restricted from participating in or attending school. Restrictions need to be listed
       with a final date.

The following charts reflect guidelines for schools to follow in working with parents of
students with recurring tardies and absences. (Guidelines are suggested by Winona
County Truancy Task Force.)

# of Tardies                      School’s Response
5            Principal/School Official to send a letter to parent/guardian.
7            A parent conference will be held with the Principal/Attendance Personnel.
9            The Attendance Personnel will refer parent/guardian to Winona County.

# of Absences                      School’s Response
3           School Official to contact parent by phone or letter.
5           School Official will request a parent/guardian meeting.
7           The Attendance Personnel will file educational neglect or truancy charges
            against the parent/guardian and juvenile.

# of Excessive Absences         School’s Response
3/month     Parent contact by the Principal and/or Attendance Personnel requesting a
            valid Doctor’s excuse for future absence. A school reserves the right to
            accept or deny any request for an excused absence.

15            The Attendance Personnel will verify the Doctor's excuse with the Doctor.
              Parents will be notified if further action is warranted.

For more information, see Winona Area Public School Board Policy #503.
School Board policies are available on the WAPS web site at www.winonaschools.org,
in the Superintendent’s office, and at any of the school offices.

                               BUILDING RESERVATIONS
The use of school district facilities for groups/activities outside of the WAPS
organization must follow the “Guidelines for Community Use of Public School Facilities”.
School district facilities are generally not available during the school day. All facility use
reservations must be scheduled through Community Education or by submitting a
request using the following link.: ​www.winonaschools.org/district/facility-use-rental

                         CAMPUS MESSENGER (Instant Alert)
What is the WAPS – Campus Messenger with Voice?
The WAPS – Campus Messenger with Voice is a computer based software program.
The program is used by the district when notifying and communicating with families and
staff regarding inclement weather/ emergency school closings, as well as other
designated district and building announcements.

How do I know if I am already signed up?
Each school year, WAPS will communicate several district-wide instant alert
notifications. A number of these notifications will be weather related. If you are a
parent/guardian of a WAPS student you will automatically receive the notification
through one of the following devices: a designated cell phone, e-mail, or telephone
landline once you select your preferences in Infinite Campus.

How do I change the method of how I receive messages?
Go to the district website at ​www.WinonaSchools.org/enroll​, click on the “Existing
Families” and “Update. Sign into the Campus portal, click on Contact Preference and
change your settings. If you don’t have a portal account, please e-mail
portalhelp@winona.k12.mn.us​ requesting an activation key.

Our School Health Program follows the directives and guidelines of the Minnesota State
Boards of Health and Education, as well as relevant state and federal laws. Your child
will do his/her best at school if they are in good health. The school health office works
with you to provide your child with healthful school living. A school nurse is assigned to
each elementary school. Please contact your school health office for more information.

In accordance with the School Immunization Law (Minn. Stat., Section 123.70), students
may not enroll or remain enrolled in school without having provided documentation of
immunizations allowing for certain legal exemptions. All students are required to be in
compliance on the first day of their entry into school. Minnesota law requires that we
have written recorded evidence of your child’s protection from the following diseases.
Parents need to provide the month, day, and year of each dose.

   ● Diphtheria – Tetanus – Pertussis (DTP)
        ○ (5) doses under age seven, then (3) doses are adequate after age seven.
   ● Polio
        ○ (4) doses under age seven, then (3) doses are adequate after age seven.
   ● Measles – Mumps – Rubella (MMR)
        ○ (2) doses for all students in Grades K-4.
   ● Hepatitis B
        ○ (3) doses for all students in Grades K-4.
   ● Varicella (chicken pox)
        ○ (2) doses for all students in Grades K-4.

If you conscientiously object to any immunization, we need this signed and notarized on
file. If your child has a medical exemption to any immunization, we need a signed
physician statement on file.

All medications should be given at home whenever possible.

Medications can be given at school if prescribed by your physician. However, we need
to comply with Minnesota law in this regard. Parents are responsible for supplying the
medication and for transporting the medication to and from school. Medications must
be in a prescription container, have an accompanying physician order, and include a
signed parental permission. All local pharmacies will provide you with an extra labeled

school container. Over-the-counter medication/non-prescription medicine must also
have a physician order and be provided in the original container. All medications must
be retrieved by parents by the last day of school. Medications cannot remain at school
after the last day. School staff cannot destroy medications. Disposal of school
medications is a parent’s responsibility.

  ● Make sure that your child is well before leaving for school in the morning. Do not
    send him/her if they appear to be ill.
  ● Assure that your child gets regular and adequate amounts of fresh air, exercise,
    sleep, and a well- balanced diet to help prevent illness, as well as foster
    alertness for learning.
  ● Please be sure your child is properly dressed for daily weather conditions, as well
    as for the season.
  ● If your child has a headache, sore throat, or skin eruptions; or if he/shows signs
    of similar disorders, please keep them home.
  ● Your child must be free of fever (less than 100 degrees orally without
    fever-reducing medication) for 24 hours before returning to school.

To promote good health, all students need the cooperative effort of each parent and the
School Health Service. Please do not hesitate to call your school nurse at any time with
your questions, suggestions, or information regarding your child’s health. If an illness or
injury seems serious, please consult your physician.

If your child has symptoms of any illness or communicable disease (sore throat, fever,
rash, oral temperature of 100 degrees or higher, headache, stomachache, nausea) you
are encouraged to keep him/her home. Your child must be free of fever (without
fever-reducing medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. Should your child
become ill at school, you will be called if the situation appears harmful to your child or
the health of others. Please remember that you need to provide a day telephone
number where you can be reached. The Winona Area Public School’s policies
regarding school attendance and/or exclusion for all communicable diseases follows
direction from the Minnesota Department of Health and Education. If you have
questions or would like more information, please call your school.

Minnesota Health Care Programs offer free and low-cost health insurance for families
who qualify. (Medical Assistance has no monthly cost while MinnesotaCare has a
monthly premium based on household income).

To get a Minnesota Health Care Programs application call (855) 336-7873 toll free or

                          DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION
It is very important to us how we streamline important news about your child’s
classroom, school and district.

District Website: ​www.winonaschools.org​ WAPS website features district and school
news, district resources, school board information and school calendar.

Social Media: Many of the schools, principals, teachers, and classrooms share photos,
videos, and news of current district/school events, student and staff success stories and

HBC TV Channel 25/WAPS YouTube channel broadcasts school board meetings,
school events, and a variety of announcements.

For students and parents/guardians of the Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS), we
offer the following information and policies to assist with understanding the expectations
and responsibilities surrounding the appropriate use of school district technology
resources. These policies establish guidelines for acceptable and safe use of the
Internet, electronic communications and social media.

The use of WAPS technology resources is a privilege, not a right. Users of WAPS
technology must abide by all Board of Education policies and amendments, including
but not limited to;

Internet & Electronic Communications Acceptable Use Policy (Policy 524)
Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records (Policy 515)
Bullying Prohibition Policy (Policy 514)

These policies are provided to make all technology users aware of the acceptable and
ethical use of technology resources. Violations of these policies may result in the
termination of privileges, denial of access to school district technology resources as well
as appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension/expulsion.

All policies can be found at: ​www.winonaschools.org/district/school-board

During the school year, your student may be part of activities or events that are
photographed. The district may use your child’s name and/or photograph for
educational or promotional purposes on the district website, newsletters, multimedia
projects, or other publications. Each school publishes student names and photographs
in their yearbook. Every parent or guardian of a WAPS student has the opportunity to
“Opt Out” of the publishing of their student’s name, photograph, or publicized
information. This “Opt Out” option needs to be updated each year on your annual
student registration form through Infinite Campus.

The use of personal technology such as a cell phone, cellular watch, and/or iPod/iPad
are not permitted during school hours. If any staff members see these devices, the
student will be asked to put it in their lockers. If continued use arises, the device will be
brought to the office where a parent must pick it up. Please note that our elementary
school lockers do not have locks, and your student’s personal electronic devices may
not be safe. It is our recommendation that these devices be left at home. If a cellular
watch is worn, the Bluetooth must be turned off and its use must be limited to the
functions of a basic watch. Likewise, personal items such as toys, sporting equipment,
trading cards should remain at home.

                                         KEY KIDS
Key Kids is a school-aged child care program open to children ages kindergarten
through 4th grade. The program provides care after school, on non-school days, snow
days, late start mornings, and scheduled early release days. Key Kids is a fun place for
exploring, making new friends, taking field trips, playing games, arts and crafts and
outdoor fun.

Key Kids is in session from 2:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m. at Goodview Elementary, Jefferson
Elementary School, and W-K Elementary.

● Tuition assistance is available through Winona County Child Care Assistance.
     Please contact the Key Kids Office for more information.
   ● Drop-in care is available for our non-Key Kids families, for up to two days per
     month. Please complete an online drop-in form located on the Key Kids website.

Key Kids Office | 507-494-0910
keykids@winona.k12.mn.us​ | ​www.winonaschools.org/communityed

                          PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION
All WAPS elementary schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that supports
classroom teachers and students through a variety of ways: field trips, classroom
supplies, etc. PTA meetings are held once a month. This is a great way for families to
get involved in the school community. Contact your child’s school for meeting times and
current PTA officers.

                                NUTRITION PROGRAM
Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal
requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students
with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and
nutrition needs of students. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and
low-fat dairy products. We stress the importance of families to monitor the meal
accounts and maintain a positive balance as it is important to eat healthy balanced
meals for student academic success.

Winona Area Public Schools utilizes Infinite Campus, which is the student information
database and can be accessed on the school website. You may view lunch account
balances and make online lunch payments.
Parents/guardians will be notified three times per week via phone call and email if there
is a low or negative lunch account balance. Please make sure your meal account has a
positive balance. At the end of the year, any balance left in the student’s account will be
carried over for the next year.

Winona Area Public Schools takes part in the School Nutrition Program which accepts
applications for free and reduced-price meals. Students who qualify for reduced-price

breakfasts and lunch are served at no charge. Approval is based on comparison of the
household’s income to current U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) household
income guidelines.
Applications may be accessed online via the Infinite Campus Portal or picked up at your
child’s school. A letter accompanies the form and explains school meal benefits and
how to apply.
If you qualified for reduced priced meals during the last school year, your benefits will
end 30 days after the start of school. Be sure to complete a free/reduced application
each year or if your income changes.

All students have an account number. Only the system operator can tell whether the
student’s meal is free, reduced or paid. No student is identified by the family’s ability to
pay for meals.
   ● Elementary Student Breakfast Price - $1.50
        ○ Kindergarten - FREE
   ● Elementary Student Lunch Price - $2.40
   ● Middle or High School Student Lunch Price - $2.80
   ● Adult Lunch Price - $3.75
   ● Additional milk or milk with lunch from home - $0.50

Do your children have an allergy or need a special diet? Are they lactose intolerant?
Please go online and download a Special Diet Statement. If you do not have access to
a computer/printer, call 507-494-0830 and one will be mailed to you. It must be filled
out by the parent and a physician according to state requirements.

The Winona Area Public Schools has a Wellness Committee. The purpose of having
this committee is to assure a school environment that promotes and protects district
employees’ and students’ health, well being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy
eating and physical activity. During each school year, students will have the
opportunity to participate in Walk/Bike to School days as well as many other activities
that promote student health.

Any additional questions or concerns that you may have regarding the school district’s
nutrition program may be forwarded to Jennifer Walters, RD, School Nutrition Director,
903 Gilmore Ave., 494-0830. To view a complete list of ​School Nutrition standard
operating procedures or view your ​child's menu​ visit ​www.WinonaSchools.org​.

                                    SCHOOL SAFETY
It is the policy of Winona Area Public Schools that all employees and volunteers must
submit to a criminal history background check.

The issue of bullying at school is of great concern. No parent wants a child to be
mistreated anywhere, and certainly not at school. Winona Area Public Schools believes
actions which violate school rules which are committed on school property or at school
activities or which affect the educational mission of the district must be addressed when
they are known to the school and its personnel. Together, parents, students and school
personnel, will make a difference in the life of the children of WAPS. More information
on the Safe and Supportive Schools Act can be accessed by referring to
www.winonaschools.org under the Quick Links for Parent tab.

The Minnesota Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Law requires school personnel to
report if they know or have reason to believe if a child is or has been abused in the past
three years. Failure to report child abuse is a misdemeanor and punishable by law. A
report of child abuse made in good faith provides one with immunity from legal action.
Child abuse may include physical abuse including mental injury, sexual abuse, neglect
or threatened injury. The Winona County Community Social Services Intake direct
number is 507-457-6560 (press 3 from menu options).

Students will not go outside for recess or gym classes when the cold weather conditions
reach 0 degrees. The wind chill factor will be taken into account as well as the general
dampness of the day.

Drills are held periodically to educate children in safe and effective exiting procedures
for fire, tornado, bomb, intruder, evacuation or other emergency situations. WAPS
utilizes situational awareness drills to effectively prepare students and staff for all events
of crisis that may occur in school buildings.

The Chapter 226 Omnibus Crime Act creates a statewide school locker policy. It
provides that it is the policy of the State of Minnesota that:
“School lockers are the property of the school district. At no time does the school district
relinquish its exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of students.
Inspection of the interior of lockers may be conducted by school officials for any reason
at any time, without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant. The
personal possessions of students within a school locker may be searched only when
school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence of
a violation of law or school rules. As soon as practicable after the search of a student’s
personal possessions, the school authorities must provide notice of the search to
students whose lockers were searched unless disclosure would impede an ongoing
investigation by police or school officials.”

School closings and emergency closings due to inclement weather will be posted online
and will be communicated to families through the use of the Campus Messenger
System. All weather related announcements are also reported to the local radio and
television stations.

School Board Members​: Holds all school personnel responsible for the maintenance of
order within the school district and supports all personnel acting within the framework of
this discipline policy.

Superintendent​: Establishes guidelines and directives to carry out this policy, hold all
school personnel, students and parents responsible for conforming to this policy, and
support all school personnel performing their duties within the framework of this policy.
The superintendent shall also establish guidelines and directives for using the services
of appropriate agencies for assisting students and parents.

Building Level Administrator​: Formulates building rules and regulations necessary to
enforce this policy, and will provide annual training/review to students and staff
regarding such. The licensed school principal shall give direction and support to all
school personnel performing their duties within the framework of this policy. The
licensed school principal, shall consult with parents of students conducting themselves
in a manner contrary to the policy. The licensed school principal shall also involve other
professional employees in the disposition of behavior referrals and shall make use of
those agencies appropriate for assisting students and parents. A licensed school

principal in exercising the person’s lawful authority, may use reasonable force when it is
necessary under the circumstances to correct or restrain a student or prevent bodily
harm or death to another. In determining the extent of student involvement in a contrary
behavior the licensed school principal may use all investigative means necessary
including electronic and video surveillance in order to carry out this policy.

Teachers​: Provides a well-planned teaching/ learning environment including but not
limited to the classroom and in doing so, shall enforce the Code of Student Conduct,
with appropriate assistance from the administration. All teachers shall enforce the Code
of Student Conduct. In exercising the teacher’s lawful authority, a teacher may use
reasonable force when it is necessary under the circumstances to correct or restrain a
student or prevent bodily harm or death to another.

Other School District Personnel​: Contribute to the atmosphere of mutual respect within
the school. Their responsibilities relating to student behavior shall be as authorized and
directed by the superintendent or designee. A school employee, or other agent of a
school district, in exercising the person’s lawful authority, may use reasonable force
when it is necessary under the circumstances to correct or restrain a student or prevent
bodily harm or death to another.

Parents/Guardians​: Responsible for the behavior of their children as determined by law
and community practice. They are expected to partner with school staff in supporting
positive behavior in their children.

Students​: Individually responsible for their behavior assisting with the overall climate of
the building, and for knowing and obeying the Code of Student Conduct and this policy.

Community Members​: Contribute to the establishment of a positive atmosphere at
events sponsored by the school district or held on school district property.

The role of the Police-School Liaison Officer is not to provide input on the school
district’s internal decisions to discipline a student when his/her behavior violates policy.
Instead the Police-School Liaison is tasked with promoting school safety and assisting
when necessary. Involvement of the Police-School Liaison Officer in discipline issues
must be limited to situations where involvement is reasonably necessary to protect the
physical safety of students, school personnel, or the public.

The Police-School Liaison Officer’s duties will primarily involve providing assistance to
staff when criminal behavior is perpetrated on school grounds, aiding the school district
in crisis management, and addressing immediate safety concerns.

The Police-School Liaison Officer is primarily assigned to Winona Senior High School
and is present on student days during school hours. The officer is also available on a
on-call needs basis for the Winona Alternative Learning Center, Winona Middle School,
Washington-Kosciusko Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Goodview Elementary.

                                      DRESS CODE
Students are expected to be dressed and groomed appropriately for school. Any style
which presents a safety/health hazard or fosters disruptions is prohibited. If deemed in
violation of the ​Student Dress and Appearance Board Policy 504​, the student will be
required to change grooming or clothing. Likewise, weather appropriate clothing is
required for daily recess and tennis shoes are required for PE class.

                                    LOST AND FOUND
Due to the large volume of lost items in the elementary schools, it is important to clearly
label all school items including: coats, boots, notebooks, and backpacks. Each school
has a designated area for lost and found items. Items not claimed will be donated to a

                             BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
At WAPS elementary schools, we want every student to feel special on their birthday.
When considering bringing in birthday treats, please be considerate of food choices for
students. We are an allergy aware district, so please communicate with your child’s
teacher at least one day in advance to check for any classroom restrictions. All items
need to be store bought and checked in with the office or classroom teacher. Students
are learning throughout the day, so the least amount of disruption in the day is ideal for
student learning.

Birthday invitations can be handed out at school if there is one for every child in the
classroom. Due to data privacy, student addresses are not allowed to be disclosed.

The School Board has established the following policies regarding visitors to District 861
schools or on District grounds:
   ● All district employees shall wear photo identification tags or badges while in
      district buildings or sites during regular school hours. Employees are encouraged

to wear identification badges out of the district when representing District 861
   ●   All district volunteers shall wear identification tags or badges. The volunteer
       badge shall be easily distinguishable from visitor badges.
   ●   All visitors to a public school building or grounds of School District 186 must
       present themselves at an administrative office to gain permission and a visitor’s
       identification badge to remain in the building or grounds, circulate in the building,
       conduct business, enter any classroom, or visit with either staff or students in the
       building or on the grounds.
   ●   School district employees must courteously approach any visitor without a
       visitor’s identification badge and direct him or her to the school office.
   ●   If deemed necessary by a school administrator, a visitor may be required to be
       accompanied by an escort while in the school building.
   ●   Permission granted for visitation may be limited as to time or purpose and may
       be revoked by the building administrator or superintendent at any time if in the
       administrator’s opinion such a visit is no longer in harmony with the proper
       conduct of the school(s).

Violators of the above regulations shall be subject to the penalty as contained in
Minnesota Statutes 624.72, Subdivision 5.

All visitors including parents/guardians, family members, and volunteers must check-in
at the school office. All district buildings utilize a RAPTOR program, a visitor registration
system that enhances school security by reading visitors drivers’ licenses and
comparing information to a sex offender database. Once checked-in to the school
building, a badge will be produced which states the purpose of the visit and the location
to be visited. Please contact the school office with any questions on these procedures.

                                   STUDENT RECORDS
“Directory Information” includes, but is not limited to: the student’s name, address,
telephone listing, electronic mail address, photograph, date and place of birth, major
field of study, dates of attendance, grade level, enrollment status, participation in
officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic
teams, degrees, honors and awards received, the most recent educational agency or
institution attended. “Directory Information” also includes the name, address and
telephone number of the student’s parent(s). “Directory Information” does not include
identifying a student’s religion, race, color, social position or nationality. The information
listed above shall be public information which the school district may disclose from

education records of a student or information regarding a parent. Should the parent of a
student or the student so desire, all of the listed information will not be disclosed without
the parent’s or eligible student’s prior written consent except to school officials as
provided under federal law.

In order to make the directory information listed above “private” (i.e. subject to consent
prior to disclosure), the parent or eligible student must make a written request to the
building principal by October 1st. This written request must include the following
information: name of student and parent, school presently attended by student, and
parent’s legal relationship to student.

For more information, see Winona Area Public School Board Policy #515.
School Board policies are available in the Superintendent’s office, school offices and
online at ​www.winonaschools.org/district/school-board

The Winona Public School District recognizes its responsibility in regard to the
collection, maintenance and dissemination of pupil records and the protection of the
privacy rights of students as provided in federal and state statutes. The full text of this
board policy #515 is available in each school office and from the superintendent of

Education records means those records which (1) are directly related to a student; and
(2) are maintained by the school district or by a party acting for the school district.
Access to records is based on “legitimate educational interest” which includes interest
directly related to classroom instruction, teaching, student achievement and progress,
discipline of a student, student health and welfare, and the ability to respond to a
request for education data.

Parents and eligible students have the following rights under this policy:
   ● The right to inspect and review the student’s education records.
   ● The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records to ensure
      that they are not inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the student’s
      privacy or other rights.
   ● The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained
      in the student’s education records, except to the extent that such consent is not
      required for disclosure pursuant to this policy, state, or federal law, or the
      regulations promulgated thereunder (see Directory Information Policy).

Parents who have specific questions may review the entire policy and receive
assistance from the site principal or they may call the office of the superintendent.

The School District shall operate buses to provide pupil transportation as required by
law. The district is responsible for and the final authority in defining the operation of all
buses, e.g. scheduling, routing and establishing rules and regulations, etc.

Buses shall be used to transport students to and from schools, between schools, on
field trips, and co-curricular activities. Riding the school bus is a privilege, and a student
may be removed or suspended based on student misconduct or safety concerns.

Only regularly enrolled students in the public, private and parochial schools may ride on
the public school buses. Drivers are not permitted to pick up adults or others who do
not attend the Winona Public, Private, or Parochial Schools. Minnesota State Law
states that transportation by a school is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT.

Winona Area Public Schools uses a two tier busing structure. Elementary students are
transported on the first tier and school times are 7:45 a.m.-2:15 p.m.. Secondary
students are transported on the second tier and school times are 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
First Student is the contractor transporting all students in the district.

The School Board has established the following procedure points:

   ● All public, non-public and charter school children are eligible for transportation if
     they live one mile or more, or another distance designated by the School Board,
     from their home school of attendance.

   ● The school board has established a one mile walk boundary for each school
     within the district. Roadways that are deemed to be hazardous for students to
     cross are Highway 61, Highway 14, Highway 43, Highway 248. Students will not
     be expected to cross these roadways in order to walk to their school of
     attendance. Kindergartners will not be expected to cross the railroad track in
     order to walk to their school of attendance and will be offered transportation.

   ● All WAPS students must register annually using the Annual Student Information
     Update process through Infinite Campus. Non public and charter schools should
     also register annually using the online registration form located on the WAPS

Transportation webpage. Failure to register by the required deadline, could
   result in delayed transportation assignments at the beginning of the school year.

● Families may choose one pick up location and one drop off location. These
  locations must be consistent every day. Although the pickup and drop off
  location do not need to be the same location, the pick up location must be the
  same everyday and drop-off locations must be at the same each day. No
  alternating schedules will be accepted. Each location must be an eligible
  location for transportation. Parents may request an exception for alternating
  schedules for students that live in two households. The Joint Custody
  Transportation Exception Request Form must be completed at the time of
  registration and will be reviewed by the Superintendent for approval. The form is
  located on the Transportation page of the website.

● School buses travel only on state, county and township roads. Bus stop
  locations are determined by the district’s Transportation Coordinator and bus
  drivers have no authority to make any changes to bus stops.

● School bus laws require the use of stop arms and flashing red lights whenever
  students are dropped off and picked up. Stop arms and flashing red lights mean
  other drivers stop and wait at least 20 feet from the bus. Other drivers are
  required to stop whether following or approaching from the opposite direction.

● School buses do not drive on private driveways. An exception to this rule would
  be a designated turn-around or driving into a mobile home court area where
  permission has been granted by the owner.

● Special transportation is provided for handicapped students who cannot travel to
  and from school on the regular bus routes.

● Students ride only their assigned buses. Students are not allowed to switch
  buses or bring another rider on their bus. Temporary transportation MAY be
  arranged ONLY for an emergency situation. Parents/Guardians MUST call the
  Transportation Office to request prior arrangements. All requests will be
  determined at the discretion of the Transportation Coordinator.

● Large articles, large musical instruments, pets, firearms, or other hazardous
  materials are not allowed on the bus.

● The District has a contractual agreement with First Student. If you have a
  question regarding their operation the phone number is (507) 961-2176.

● Questions or concerns regarding student transportation are to be directed to the
     Transportation Coordinator, 903 Gilmore Ave. or call 507-494-0810.

All students must register for busing annually using the annual student information
update through Infinite Campus. Students attending non-public or parochial schools
that qualify for transportation should also register annually using the on-line form
located on the ​WAPS Transportation page​. Registrations for the fall school year are
due by June 10. Failure to complete the proper registration by June 10, could result in
delayed transportation assignments in the fall.

If you are moving during the school year, please update and verify your change of
address at your earliest opportunity by notifying the school of attendance or by using the
Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once the school has been notified of your change,
WAPS students should complete the WAPS Transportation Change Form located on
the district website transportation page. Charter and non public students should
complete the ”​Charter/Non Public Transportation Change​” Registration form. Please
complete a new form for each child.

School Board policies are available in the Superintendent’s office, school offices and
online at ​www.winonaschools.org/district/school-board
 POLICY NAME                                  POLICY NUMBER

 Student Attendance                           503

 Student Dress and Appearance                 504
                                              WAPS School Board Policy 504 to be approved
                                              June, 18th, 2020

 Student Discipline                           506

 Bullying Prohibition                         514

 Student Medication                           516

 Internet & Electronic Communications         524
 Acceptable Use

 Attendance Boundaries                        798

Crisis Management Procedures                    806

                           POSTERS AND NOTICES (BP 505)
Only approved posters/notices may be displayed on a bulletin board, cork strips, walls
or other spaces designated for posters and notices. This policy and procedures will not
be applied in a discriminatory manner in violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
Guidelines, as outlined in Board Policy 505:
    1. Requests for posting or distributing notices are reviewed by administration on a
       case-by-case basis.
    2. Requests must be submitted to the building principal for approval. Approval is
       based on the allowable guidelines as defined by BP 505.
    3. Decisions regarding the time, place, and manner of distribution will be solely
       within the discretion of the administration, consistent with the provisions of BP
Procedures, as outlined in Board Policy 505:
   1. Any student or employee wishing to distribute nonschool-sponsored or school sponsored
      material must first submit for approval a copy of the material to the principal at least 24
      hours in advance of desired distribution time, together with the following information:
           a. Name and phone number of the person submitting the request and, if a student,
               the room number of his or her first-period class.
           b. Date(s) and time(s) of day intended for distribution.
           c. Location where material will be distributed.
           d. If intended for students, the grade(s) of students to whom the distribution is
   2. Within one school day, the principal will review the request and render a decision. If
      approved, the principal will sign and date the material to be posted. In the event that
      permission to distribute the material is denied or limited, the person submitting the
      request should be informed in writing of the reasons for the denial or limitation.
   3. If the person submitting the request does not receive a response within one school day,
      the person shall contact the office to verify that the lack of response was not due to an
      inability to locate the person.
   4. If the person is dissatisfied with the decision of the principal, the person may submit a
      written request for appeal to the superintendent. If the person does not receive a
      response within three (3) school days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) of
      submitting the appeal, the person shall contact the office of the Superintendent to verify
      that the lack of response is not due to an inability to locate the person.
   5. Permission or denial of permission to distribute material does not imply approval or
      disapproval of its contents by either the school, the administration of the school, the
      school board, or the individual reviewing the material submitted.

School districts must notify parent of children attending Title I schools that they can
request information regarding their children’s teachers, including at minimum,
information on (1) completion of state requirements for licensure and certification; (2)
emergency or other provisional status; (3) educational background and (4) whether
paraprofessionals are serving the child and, if so, the paraprofessionals’ qualifications.
Washington-Kosciusko, Jefferson, and Goodview are Title I schools.

Parents can request information about teachers Under the Every Student Success Act
(ESSA), parents have the right to request information regarding the professional
qualifications of their student’s classroom teachers. Parents who would like to receive
this information should write to the Human Resource Department, Attn: ESSA Teacher
Qualifications, Winona Area Public Schools, 903 Gilmore Ave, Winona, MN 55987.

Parents can designate which of the following information they want:
   ● Whether the teacher has met state qualification and licensing criteria for the
      grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;
   ● Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status
      through which state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived;
   ● The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate
      certification or degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the
      certification or degree; and
   ● Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their

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