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           8260 – 13th Avenue
         Burnaby, BC V3N 2G5
          Phone: 604-522-1410
           Fax: 604-522-4606
  e-mail: admin@johnknoxbc.org


Preparing students for a life of transformation and service
      through excellent Christ-centered education

      Romans 12:2 ‘’Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be
                    transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

                                     Vision Statements

Our Program:
  •    Is grounded in a Biblical Christian perspective.
  •    Provides quality, innovation and excellence in education.
  •    Develops and promotes local and global leadership and service.
Our Students:
  •    Strive to reach their full potential and become passionate lifelong learners.
  •    Develop critical thinking skills and a growing understanding of competing worldviews.
  •    Demonstrate respect for others and all of God’s creation.
  •    Learn to respond to God’s call to live as disciples of Christ.
Our Teachers:
  •    Provide excellence in teaching and student learning practices.
  •    Demonstrate committed and caring relationships.
  •    Establish a dynamic and evolving professional teaching/learning community.
  •    Are Christians committed to living out their faith.
Our School Culture:
  •    Provides a secure learning environment which nurtures, encourages and challenges
  •    Cultivates faith formation, worship and prayer.
Our Community:
  •    Partners together to help children flourish in their spiritual, social, cognitive, physical
       and emotional development.
  •    Prayerfully works to strengthen the mission, finances and facilities of the school.

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John Knox Christian School (JKCS) is a K-12 independent, interdenominational,
educational institution owned and operated by the John Knox Christian School
Association. The association is made up of parents, whose children are enrolled in the
school, and other interested persons who support the school and agree with the

Parents, believing they were responsible for their children's education, established
Christian schools. Such schools complement the Christian home and church and present
the student with a consistent Christ-centred approach to all of life and learning. Unity
between the school and home provides the best foundation for a child's development.

The Bible is the authority that governs and directs the way we educate our children. Christ
is recognized as the foundation of all knowledge and truth. The school strives to guide and
direct our students to commit their hearts and lives to Christ, to come to a meaningful
knowledge of God's wonderful creation and to prepare them to serve God and humanity in
all aspects of life.

Every subject is taught in the light of God's Word. The curriculum directs our students to a
Christian understanding of God, themselves, their fellow man, and the world in which they
live. Along with factual information, students are given guidance and direction by teaching
values that help develop every potential God has given each of them. The school meets
provincial requirements for certification as a Group 1 Independent School.

BOARD - John Knox Christian School Association (JKCSA) elects a Board of Trustees
which carries out the aims, purposes, and policies of the society. It is assisted in its work
by a number of committees appointed from the membership.
STAFF–The teachers are selected on the basis of their Christian commitment and
academic training. All staff members are required to be certified by the BC Ministry of
Education. The full-time staff positions are supplemented by part-time teachers and parent
FINANCING - The school's finances are primarily derived from three sources - tuition fees
charged to parents of the students, donations made by supporters of Christian Education,
and funds provided by the Provincial Government under the Independent School Act.

8260 – 13th Avenue, Burnaby, V3N 2G5
Phone: 604-522-1410 Fax: 604-522-4606
Email: admin@johnknoxbc.org


System Principal                       Mr Paul Tigchelaar
Site Principal                         Mr David Ward
Primary Coordinator                    Mrs Carlee Chan
Intermediate Coordinator               Mr Jacob Rodgers
Development Coordinator                Ms Arusha Vegt
Business Manager                       Mrs Karen Dyck
Kindergarten (3 classes)               Mrs Kim Beunk, Ms Theresa Choi, and Mrs Joyce
Grade 1       (3 classes)              Mrs Sarah Faber, Mrs Joyce Kwan (with Mrs Anne
                                       Langille 1 day), and Mrs Winnie Wong
Grade 2       (3 classes)              Ms Amy Chao, Mrs Carlee Chan (with Mrs Clara
                                       Niou 1 day), and Mrs Trisha Miller/Mrs Vivian
Grade 3       (3 classes)              Ms Angie Au, Ms Cheryl Fan (with Ms Sonya Park
                                       1 day), and Ms Jessica Menagé
Grade 4       (3 classes)              Mrs Kelly Blackmore, Mrs Ruth Flannigan/Mrs
                                       Trudy Jenkins, and Ms Karina Wiebenga
Grade 5       (3 classes)              Mr Ian Morrison, Mrs Hannah Buikema/Mr Mike
                                       Spiliotopoulos, and Mrs Jeanine Wasik (with Mr
                                       Mike Spiliotopoulos 1 day)
Grade 6       (2 classes)              Ms Monica Elford and Mr Jacob Rodgers (with
                                       Mrs.Theresa Herfst 1 day)
Grades 1-2 French                      Mrs Brenda Papapanagiotou
Grades 3-6 French                      Ms Vivian Lew
Grades K-2 Music                       Ms Diana Lang
Grades 3-5 Music                       Mrs Rebecca Visser
Grade 6 Music Instrumental/Vocal       Mrs Tina Shrimer
Educational Support Services           Ms Lindsay Chimick and Mrs Cheryl Embree
Educational Support Services Assistants:
    Ms Andrea Beunk                    Ms Melody Hung                 Mrs Jeyne Lund
    Ms Deborah Chen                    Ms Shahrzad Jamali             Ms Jamala Mya
    Mrs Deborah Coppen                  Ms Mary Kim                   Ms Sophia Tsang
    Ms Veronica Ferdis                 Mrs Vivian Chui                Mrs Bev Wall
    Mrs Theresa Herfst                 Ms Elsa Ling                   Mrs Ruth Wat
    Mrs Nicole Decano                  Mrs Elizabeth Loewen
Classroom Teacher Assistants:          Ms Colleen Beunk, Mrs Susan Chua, Ms Mimi Kim
SOI                                    Mrs Marne Stelzer and Mrs Linda Rozak
Administrative Assistants:             Mrs Gloria Redaon and Mrs Betty Chien
Bookkeepers:                           Mrs Vanessa Klein and Ms Bailey Geddes
Librarians:                            Mrs Pansy Hwang (3 days), Mrs Janice Gifford (1
                                       day), and Mrs Valerie Gifford (1 day)
Janitors:                              Mr and Mrs Gordie and Anna Forbes
Network Administrator                  Mr Luke Qi
School Counsellor                      Mrs Cynthia Chernoff, Ms. Megan Beyer
Facility Maintenance                   Mr Fred Hizsa

John Knox Christian School Board
      Chairperson                             Ms. Francine Anselmo
      Vice-Chairperson                        Mr. Tommy Cheung
      Treasurer                               Ms. Peon Cheng
      Secretary                               Mrs. Pansy Hwang
      Building                                Mr. Nick VanderKwaak
      Nomination/Governance                   Mrs. Deb Bliss
      Development                             Mrs. Deb Bliss
      Strategic Planning                      Ms. Angela Wolff
      Other                                   Mr. Michael Kwan, Mr. Ruben Gellibert


      District 12 of Christian Schools International

Society of Christian Schools in B.C. (SCSBC)

      Mr. Ed Noot Executive Director
      Mr. Darren Spyksma and Mr. Greg Gerber, Directors of Learning
      Mrs. Tracey Yan, Director of Finance
      7600 Glover Road
      Langley, B.C. V3A 6H4
      Phone: 604-888-6366
      Website: www.twu.ca/scsbc

Federation of Independent School Associations (FISA)

      Shawn Chisholm - Executive Director
      4885 Saint John Paul II Way
      Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 0G3
      Phone: 604-684-6023
      Website: www.direct.ca/fisa/

                                DAILY TIME SCHEDULE
ELEMENTARY (Gr. K-3)                                                INTERMEDIATE (Gr. 4-7)

      8:25 AM                         First Bell                          8:35 AM
Class Start Time: 8:30 am                                           Class Start Time: 8:40 am
      2:50 PM                         Closing Bell                        3:00 PM

If travelling conditions are treacherous due to snowy/icy roads, please consult your Echoo
App and also listen to CKNW (980)AM and/or Global TV for possible school closures. If
the school is closed for the day, a message will also be posted on our website, parents will
get an email, and a message may be left on the school’s voice mail. School Phone
number: 604-522-1410. The decision about whether or not to close the school is made
between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Please use parental discretion when deciding whether
to drive to the school when weather conditions are questionable. We do not want any
parents to feel that they need to put their child at risk in order to attend school.

1. Please enter on 12th Avenue and exit the property on 13th Avenue or drive East on
13th Avenue.
2. Load or unload students immediately – Park only in designated areas.
3. Do not let students leave your vehicle from the left side.
4. Students must not run out from between cars or cross the road by themselves.
5. The on-site speed limit is 10 km/hr.

Student visitor arrangements must be made through the principal, vice principal or
divisional administrator at least one day in advance of a visit. Unless visitors are
considering enrollment at John Knox Christian School, they may not visit while class is in
session. All student visitors are expected to respect the school rules.

1.   Interested parents can receive an INFORMATION PACKAGE about the school
     from the school office or from the school website.
2.   Kindergarten applicants must turn 5 and Grade 1 applicants must turn 6 by
     December 31 of the year they start school.
3.   As part of the application process, previous schools may be contacted and students
     may be tested for academic placement. The administration team will determine
     what information is needed. John Knox Christian School (JKCS) will consider
     accepting a student if the school can provide programs that meet the child’s
     educational needs.
4.   Original documents of Citizenship or Permanent Resident status for both student
     AND parents must be submitted (to be photocopied) for verification before any
     meeting with the principal.
5.   Enrollment at JKCS is a partnership which requires that the home and the school
     work together in harmony. The first three months are considered an
     evaluation/adjustment period. At any time during this probationary period it may be
     necessary to review the enrollment.
6.   If there is a vacancy in a grade, a meeting may be arranged with the principal when
     all documentation has been received.
7.   Once acceptance has been confirmed, the school requires a non-refundable $300
     deposit which will be applied towards the first month tuition and a one-time $25
     Emergency Kit fee. After the parents have read the information package, questions
     about the school and its program may be answered by the secretary or principal.

8.   John Knox is a Christian School. We are a community of families who deeply value
     our Christian faith. To nurture this foundation, new families and students are
     enrolled on the basis of the following categories for student acceptance:

     a.     Students presently enrolled.
     b.     Siblings of students presently enrolled.
     c.     Children of parents or guardians who regularly attend the First Christian
            Reformed Church of New Westminster (with whom we have a historic,
            neighbourly relationship) and/or Alumni who wish to send their children to
            our school.
     d.     Students who, or whose parents or guardians regularly attend a Bible-
            based Christian church.
     e.     Parents who earnestly seek a Christ-centered education for their
            child(ren), but who do not attend a Christian church, will be asked to attend
            an Alpha program (a seminar introducing the Christian faith) and to commit
            to supporting the school.

f.     The Board of Directors believes that parents who desire to send their
              children to JKCS should be familiar with the educational direction towards
              which the school is committed. The Board believes this for two reasons:
              i) Our school seeks a cooperative working relationship with parents in the
                  belief that home and school have to work together in the Christian
                  nurture of our children.
              ii) The educational program at JKCS is based on a philosophy that is not
                   found in many other schools. It is important that parents understand
                   our uniqueness and be willing to work with the school towards its
                   stated goals.

For these reasons an orientation meeting will be held early in the school year and all
new parents are expected to attend.
Parents who after the orientation session sign a Membership Application indicating they
are in full agreement with the Constitution, By-Laws and Elements of Christian
Education, as recorded in the school’s Constitution and Bylaws document, may join the
school society as voting members.

John Knox Christian School is committed to showing all applicants respect as image-
bearers of God irrespective of their gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or
gender identity and expression.

The Board requires that tuition be paid by ten (10) preauthorized payments from
September to June, as most expenses are incurred during that time. Each family is
required to complete a tuition form together with a preauthorized payment form. For those
families wishing to make one tuition payment on September 1, cheques should be made
payable to John Knox Christian School for the full amount of the yearly tuition, less any
discounted amount, as advised by the Board from year to year.

                        JOHN KNOX CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
                       TUITION SCHEDULE FOR 2019/2020

        Grade of Oldest Child    1 Child        2 Children    3+ Children     Students
        K-Grade 3                 $8,030         $10,290        $11,450        $17,000

        Grades 4-5                $8,140         $10,500        $11,710        $17,500
        Grades 6-7                $8,610         $10.970        $12,180        $18,000
        Grades 8-9                $9,080         $11,490        $12,700        $19,000
        Grades 10-12              $9,920         $13,740        $15,360        $20,000

Staff at John Knox Christian School believe that student safety is a first priority. The
following policies help keep our students safe.

If a student will be absent, the PARENTS are requested to complete the online form on
our website johnknoxbc.org/absentee-form/ OR phone the school before 9:00 a.m. The
student must bring a note upon their return to school stating the reason for the absence
only if a website form has NOT be completed. Our Government Funding is dependent
upon a student attending 135 days of school by May 15th. Sick days are counted as being
in attendance. Absences, other than for medical reasons, do not count towards the 135
days total.

We encourage you to plan all family vacations to coincide with scheduled school holidays.
Much of the vital learning that happens in the classroom cannot be packaged and sent
home. Asking teachers to provide work for children who are away for unexcused absences
creates significant work for teachers, who must prepare work for the child’s absence and
“catch them up” when they return. If it is absolutely necessary that you to take your child
out of school during the school year, we ask that you inform the principal and your child’s
teacher in writing. We would like to remind you that the Board's policy is that students
must attend all regularly scheduled school days, except if absences are due to medical
reasons. If arrangements to miss school have not been made according to the
aforementioned guidelines, the teachers are not responsible for work missed by students.
During inexcusable absenteeism days, upper grade students may receive 0% on tests and

John Knox Christian School has developed a set of regulations of which we would like
students to be aware. We ask parents to support us in the enforcement of these rules and

The guidelines of discipline at John Knox Christian School are positive and restorative.
Students are encouraged to “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
While students are to conform to the image of Christ, we realize that no one is perfect and
that expectations are not always met. Although we do not expect perfection, an earnest
desire to meet school expectations as well as biblical standards is a necessity. Students
are taught to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and to
love their neighbour as themselves. This provides the foundational standard for the goals
of our discipline policy.

Minor and first time disciplinary issues will be discussed with the child directly without
notifying the parents. Significant issues or those with an observed pattern will be
communicated directly to the parents. When some form of discipline is necessary,
appropriate consequences will be given at that time.
The sequence of discipline is as follows:
1. Problem Solving and or In-School Counseling: a student has the opportunity to
   discuss behaviour with a staff member to ensure understanding of school guidelines
   and to develop alternate ways to respond to similar circumstances. Appropriate
   consequences will result, and ongoing counseling support may be required.
2. Progressive Discipline: repeated occurrences may result in increased
3. Suspension: a student is removed from the day to day life of the school for a period of
4. Probation: a student is placed on a behavioural contract with regard to specific
   behavioural concerns.
5. Permanent Removal from the School: this can be done by parents/guardians
   withdrawing their child from the school or by expulsion. If expelled, the student loses
   the privilege of attending John Knox Christian School. The school may expel a student
   whose conduct consistently conflicts with the school’s behavioural standards and
   program. The school board and the principal make the final decisions about expulsions.

Sometimes there will be variations in the consequence given for similar student
behaviours. Although not limited to these factors – age, maturity, intent and a record of
previous misdemeanors will be considered when disciplining a student. Depending on the
seriousness of the infraction, one or more steps in the disciplinary process may be left out.

   John Knox Christian School intends to provide its staff members and students with a
   safe supportive environment, one that is free from offensive kinds of behaviour.
   Conduct, whether intentional or unintentional, that subjects another person to
   unwanted attention, comments, or actions because of gender, race, culture, religion,
   sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. Instead, we expect all persons to
   treat each other with respect.

              A.     We do not condone or allow harassment of others by teachers,
                     administrators, support staff, students or other persons at school or
                     school events.
              B.     Any person who believes they have been subjected to harassment
                     should report it immediately to an appropriate superior. Students may
                     report to a teacher, administrator, or counsellor. Teachers should
                     report an offence to their administrator. If a report is about the conduct
                     of an administrator, the offence should be reported to the chairperson

of the school board. Each report will be given serious consideration
                     and investigated appropriately.
              C.     Reports of harassment and subsequent investigations will be handled
                     discreetly to avoid embarrassment of the person making the report or
                     of a person who may be unjustly accused.
              D.     Any person who is determined to have violated this policy will be
                     subject to disciplinary action including the possibility of employment
                     termination (for staff members) or expulsion (for students).
              E.     Sexual harassment includes:
                         - making unwelcome sexual advances,
                         - engaging in improper physical contact,
                         - making improper sexual comments,
                         - writing a note to someone else, either electronically or by
                             hand, with content that may be construed as sexual,
                         - Using words (written or spoken), pictures, objects, gestures,
                             or actions relating to sexual activity to create a sexually
                             intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning or working
              F.     Any other form of ridicule of others based on race, physical
                     characteristics, ability, family background, or similar feature is
                     harassment. Persons engaging in this misbehaviour will be
              G.     All students and all school employees are expected to conduct
                     themselves with respect for the dignity of others.

                         CHILD ABUSE
This document outlines a Protocol for reporting and management of child abuse in
Christian schools in the province of British Columbia. In this Protocol the use of any gender
includes the other gender.
The following basic principles are fundamental to the rationale for reporting child abuse
and may serve to provide guidance when the protocols do not address a specific matter.
A.     The response of the Christian community to child abuse should be one of obedience
       to the Word of God and instituted authorities, and guided by principles of justice,
       mercy, compassion and healing with love.
B,     The protection of the child is paramount. If there is any doubt in the reporting or
       management of child abuse, the person should err on the side of protecting the
       child. This does not, however, obviate the need to assist other persons affected by
       the child abuse.
C.     The primary responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of the child lies
       with the parents or guardians.

D.     Sin may corrupt the relationship between the child and the parents or guardians or
       other adults. The Christian community must recognize that it is not immune to the
       problems of child abuse.
E.     The State has the authority from God to intervene in the relationship between the
       child and the parents, or guardians or other adults, only when the parents or
       guardians are unable or unwilling to ensure the safety and well-being of the child or
       when assistance is requested by the family. The State also has the authority from
       God to use the means at its disposal to protect a child from abuse.
F.     The Christian community is responsible to protect and support the abused child
       when the parents or guardians are unable or unwilling to ensure the safety and well-
       being of the child.
G.     The Christian community should cooperate with the instituted authorities
       concerning the problem of child abuse.
H.     The Christian community must be sensitive to the particular needs of the child in
       the reporting and management of child abuse.
I.     The focus of the Christian community should be the prevention of child abuse.

Dress and Demeanour at School and any School Event
   1. Students are expected to use wholesome language and must be respectful of other
      students and adults.
   2. All our elementary campus students are expected to dress appropriately and
      modestly. Any logos on clothing should be in good taste. Spaghetti straps, tube
      tops, and bare midriff shirts are not allowed. Shorts and shirts should be of proper
      length. Caps are to be removed upon entering the building. Student clothing and
      demeanor should reflect a wholesome Christian attitude.
School Times
   1. Students should arrive at school after 8:15 a.m. because there is no morning
   2. At the end of the school day, students should leave the building by 3:15 p.m.
   3. Students should be on time for all classes. Students who arrive late must report to
      the office for a late slip. Excessive tardiness will lead to parents being contacted by
      the administration. Students of Grades 4-7 may earn after school detentions for
      habitual tardiness.
   4. If leaving the premises for any reason during regular school hours, please report to
      the office when leaving and returning.
Morning and Lunch Breaks
   1. Students are to remain outdoors in the morning before the bell and during breaks,
      except when given permission by their teacher to be in the classroom. Before
      school, students may wait outside under an overhang until the bell rings.
   2. Snow is beautiful to enjoy, but it can be used to cause injuries; therefore, snowball
      throwing and face washing are not allowed on the John Knox Christian School
   3. Students may only leave the schoolyard during school hours with permission from
      their teacher or the principal. This means that students may not retrieve an over-
      thrown ball from a neighbour’s yard without permission from the supervising
4. Parents, please don’t take your children off campus during lunch breaks, as this
     disrupts monitoring and easily leads to tardiness.
School Property and Equipment
  1. Using school equipment in ways for which it is not intended can cause damage or
     injury to students. Climbing the fence, climbing onto the roof and dangling from the
     basketball hoop is not permitted.
  2. Students may not remove equipment from other classrooms, the gym or the sports
     equipment room. Class monitors are responsible for taking out and returning all
     equipment. Students must have teacher approval to use audio-visual equipment,
     the photocopier or the phone.
  3. Keep all coats, lunches and backpacks in assigned lockers.
  4. Treat all school property, including furniture and books, with respect and care.
           i. Keep your school and school property clean.
           ii. Place all garbage in trash containers.
           iii. Keep lockers clean and free from graffiti or attachments (e.g. stickers,
           iv. Keep desks tidy and clean.
           v. Keep floors clean.
           vi. Remove dirty footwear before entering the classrooms.

Lunches and Snacks
   1. Parents are asked to provide their children with a nutritious snack that will be eaten
      during a short recess snack-time in the morning.
   2. Food should be eaten in the classrooms during snack-time and lunchtime. Eating
      is not permitted on the school grounds or in the halls.
  3. No gum chewing is allowed on the school premises or during regular school hours
      or at any school functions.

   1. Observe the following rules when using the bathrooms:
           i. Limit use during classroom time
           ii. Avoid gathering in the bathroom
           iii. Do not litter
           iv. Wash your hands before you leave
           v. Take personal belongings with you when you leave.
   2. Do not run or congregate in the hallways.
   3. Students are not allowed to skateboard or rollerblade on school property until after
      5:00 p.m. on school days. The school will not be held liable for injuries incurred by
      skateboarders or rollerbladers.
   4. No electronic toys of any kind, including IPods, MP3 Players, video games or laser
      games are permitted at school, at school functions, or on school trips, unless
      teacher permission has been granted.
   5. Arrangements for student visitors must be made in advance through the Vice
      Principal. Unless visitors are considering enrolment in John Knox Christian School,
      we highly recommend that they refrain from visiting during school hours, as visitors
      can be distracting to our students. Visitors are required to follow school rules.

We request parents wait in the front foyer until the bell rings. After school, have your
children meet you in the foyer or at a designated spot outside.
Please note all exit doors at the school are locked from the outside to provide a
secure school environment. Please Do Not use exit doors as a point of entrance into
the school.

Lockers are assigned to the students at the beginning of the school year. Each student is
expected to keep their locker neat and clean. Periodic locker inspections are held.

The elementary campus school library is open on a regular basis for the students to check
out reading and resource materials. Library books may be kept for one week. Any books
damaged or lost must be paid for by the student.

A number of fire drills are held each year. Whenever the fire alarm rings, everybody in the
building must leave through a designated exit and meet in the assigned areas. Each
classroom has a map posted near the door showing the route to be taken and the place to
assemble. The principal will issue a signal to re-enter the building.

Because our school is located in an earthquake-prone area, we want to remind you that in
the event of an earthquake, the subsequent procedures will be followed:
No student will be dismissed from school unless a parent (or guardian designated by a
parent) comes for him/her.
No child will be allowed to leave with another person, even a relative or babysitter, unless
we have written permission to that effect, or unless that particular person is listed on the
student's emergency card in our files.
All parents or designated guardians who come for students must sign out their child at the
office or at the alternative Student Release Station.
We are prepared to care for children in the event of a critical situation, or if parents are not
able to reach the school. Our Staff have First Aid training and will be in communication with
local emergency services. We do ask for your help in the following areas:
      - Please do not call the school as we must have the lines open for emergency calls.
      - Following an earthquake or other emergency, do not immediately drive to the
        school. Streets and access to our school may be cluttered with debris. The school
        access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency
Each new student is required to pay a one-time fee of $25.00 for our Emergency
Preparedness supplies.

The Principal will make an announcement over the PA indicating that lockdown procedures
must begin. Teachers will secure the classroom doors, turn off the lights and direct
students to be silent and to move away from windows.

The aim of the Community Health Nurse is to aid in maintaining the physical well-being of
all school children. Throughout the year, various routine screening procedures will be
carried out in the school. The Preventive Program includes vision, hearing and dental
screening. In addition, teachers receive training in administering an epipen.
All children entering Kindergarten should have a booster of Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
(DPT) and Oral Polio. This may be done by a family doctor, a local Health Unit, or a Child
Health Centre. The DPT booster is effective for 10 years. Children should also have been
immunized twice for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. All grade 6 students are offered the
Hepatitis B, Meningococcal C and Chicken Pox vaccine. Grade 6 girls are offered the HPV
Parents are requested to periodically check their children for signs of head lice. If you
discover head lice on your child, inform the school and DO NOT send your child to school
until after successful treatment. For confirmation of diagnosis and recommendation of
proper treatment, call the Burnaby Health Department (604-918-7605).
If your child requires medication at school, and if it is necessary for a member of the staff
to administer this medication, the School Nurse will provide you with a letter to your doctor
and the necessary form to be completed by your doctor.

Excerpts from: Ending the Homework Hassle: Understanding, Presenting and Solving
School Performance Problems by John Rosemond. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel,
1990. ISBN 0-8362-2807-3.
The Seven Hidden Values of Homework:
1) Responsibility        4) Time Management                      7)   Resourcefulness
2) Autonomy              5) Initiative
3) Perseverance          6) Self-Reliance
For Parents:
The ABC’s of Effective Homework Management:
A. All by myself:         Have the child do his homework in a private, personal place,
                          such as in his own room.
B. Back off:              Parents should get involved only if asked by the child, and
                          should limit their involvement to:
                          - clarifying or reinterpreting directions,
                          -demonstrating or giving examples of a particular procedure,
                          -reviewing or checking work for accuracy, clarity and
C. Call it quits:         At a reasonable, consistent hour, such as 8:00 pm, end the
                          homework time. (It is best if the child takes responsibility for
                          deciding when to begin their homework).

Here are some guidelines for “reasonable” bed times for students:
Grades K – 2:7:00 – 7:30 p.m.Grades 3 – 5:8:00 – 8:30 p.m.Grades 6 – 8:8:30 – 9:30
Most researchers agree on the following sleep estimates based on the age of the child:
   One-year-old: 14 hours, including one or two naps.
   Two-year-old: 11 to 12 hours at night, including a single after-lunch nap that lasts
       one to two hours.
   Three-year-old: 12 to 12 ½ total hours, with some kids stopping naps.
   Five-year-old: 11 hours with most kids stopping naps by this age.
   Six-year-old: 10 ¾ to 11 hours.
   Seven-year-old: 10 ½ to 11 hours.
   Eight-year-old: 10 ¼ to 10 ¾ hours.
   Nine-year-old: 10 to 10 1/3 hours.
   Age 10 through puberty: 9 ¾ to 10 hours.
   Teens: 9 ¼ hours
       (Recommended by:Knight-Ridder)

In Grades 4-6, students will receive a Student Agenda. The agendas are used to assist
the student in completing his/her homework. Parents are encouraged to check their
child’s agenda for homework assignments and/or notes from the student’s teacher.

The “Times” newsletter is published every Friday of the month and highlights the events
that take place within the school community. The newsletter is available via email, sent
home upon request with the youngest sibling in the family, and highlights are posted on
our school website. Any submissions for the newsletter must be made to the principal
before 3:00 pm Tuesdays.

All parents and students are encouraged to check our website www.johnknoxbc.org for
regular information about our school.

All new parents to the school must attend an orientation evening in September of their
commencing school year. The purpose of this orientation is to provide parents with
details about the daily operation of the school.

Our reporting practices are currently under revision so that our JKCS Reporting Policies
and Practices are compliant with the recently mandated BC Ministry of Education Student

Reporting Policy Guidelines and Orders. Although transitions in our reporting practices
will unfold over the course of this school year, students and parents can expect:

       •   Timely and responsive reporting throughout the year
       •   A minimum of 5 reporting events, presented as a combination of formal and
           informal parts
       •   Reports that reflect student learning and progress in relation to the most current
           curriculum learning standards.


There may be times when parents have a concern or a complaint related to something
that happened at school. We encourage openness and honesty throughout any process
related to achieving a healthy resolution to parental concerns or complaints. As a
Christian School, we follow the Matthew 18:15-19 Principle. In summary, the Matthew 18
principle requires that individuals talk to each other about issues before they talk to the
Principal. If unresolved at the two people level, the matter is prayerfully and in an orderly
fashion moved upward in the organizational structure. Please note the following:

1. If your issue has anything to do with the child’s teacher, share your concern first with
the teacher, with the intention of working together to resolve the issue.

2. If your meeting with the teacher does not result in a satisfactory outcome, please book
an appointment to talk to a school administrator about your concern. The administrators
will arrange a meeting with involved parties and oversee the process of working toward a
healthy resolution. If the concern is not satisfactorily resolved, bring your concern to the
attention of the principal.

3. If you have a general concern that is not related to your child or their teacher, please
bring your concern to the attention of involved parties or to the attention of the school

When making up classes for the following year, our goal is to create balanced, teachable
classes so that optimal teaching/learning practises can occur. Each year team/teachers
create class rosters after thoughtfully considering the variety of their students’ cognitive
and social/emotional needs (i.e. learning strengths and weaknesses, friendships,
motivation and special needs). The Learning Support Services team also advocates for
the optimal placement of children with unique learning support needs.
We value parent input regarding the educational factors that they consider important for
their child’s learning success. The respective school principal is happy to accept written
letters that outline these factors. If you submit your letter by May 15th, the information you
provide will be considered within student placement rationale discussions. We ask that the
letters focus on educational factors rather than upon a request for a particular teacher.


The Bible states clearly that man was created in the image of God. Genesis 1:27 reads:
"So God created them in His own image; in the image of God He created them." Though
all are created in His image, we are all different, one from another! As such, each child is
an individual with individual gifts, talents and characteristics received from his/her Creator.

The Educational Support Services (ESS) staff is available at the school to facilitate
successful and enriched learning experiences for all students. We provide in-class
assistance and individual and small group directed teaching. We believe that utilizing both
methods will maximize student learning opportunities. In support of a team approach, we
collaborate with teachers, parents, students and outside agencies concerning the learning
needs of the students we work with. By being involved in the classroom on a daily basis,
ESS staff strive to meet the needs of all students in their learning environment.
The ESS staff consists of coordinators and educational assistants who work with parents
in planning and implementing programs that meet the criteria Individual Educational Plans
ESS Staff implement a variety of programs. These programs include but are not limited to
teaching phonemic awareness to all kindergarten students, providing sensory integration
programs that enhance student learning potential, coordinating speech and language
services at school, providing enrichment activities in class and in small groups and
modifying and adapting curriculum to suit the individual needs of some students.
In the Educational Support Services program we aim to keep learning exciting and
stimulating for students and to help students develop confidence in their God-given gifts
and abilities.

There are three kindergarten classes at John Knox Christian School. The classes meet
full days every day of the school week. In September we schedule a gradual entry for
Kindergarten students.

John Knox Christian School provides 3 days of counselling support for our students
Kindergarten through Grade 12. Need is assessed by our staff on a case by case basis.

Chapel occurs Monday morning at 8:50 a.m. for the Primary students. An all-school chapel
occurs on the first Monday of the month. The intermediate grades most often hold their
chapels on the third Wednesday of each month.

At recess time, students in Grades 3-6 are involved in a mandatory running program. The
students run around a prescribed city block and the number of laps they run is recorded.
The following rules apply: a) Students are to run the long sides and may walk the short
ends of each block. b) Students are not allowed to “cut” corners, bunch up, push or play
games while running. c) Students must run on the inside of the sidewalk so passing can
occur on the left side. d) Students are not to run on lawns or to touch vehicles.

A warm-up session helps teach students proper running techniques, by emphasizing
dynamic stretching prior to running. The goal of doing pre-running exercises is to focus
on students’ overall health, to help them become more successful runners, and to teach
them to prevent injuries.

Running Days: Grades 5-6 will run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.The Grade 3 and
4 students will run together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Grade 4 students also run on
Minimum Laps: The minimum number of laps for Grades 4-6 students is 4. The grade 3
students are not assigned a minimum number of laps, but most usually run 3 laps.

Awards: At the end of the school year students in grades 4-6 are awarded a ribbon if they
run between 100 km – 149 km, a medal if they run between 150 km-199 km and a trophy
if they run over 200 km. Students in grade 3 are awarded a participatory ribbon if they run
less than 100 km, a medal if they run between 100 – 150 km and a trophy if they run over
135 km.

Sports Philosophy
The Middle School sports program exists to give all students opportunities to grow and
excel in the area of athletics. The program strives to engage and challenge students with
differing abilities while they participate in competitive and non-competitive sports. It is
necessary that students take responsibility for the areas listed below:
It is essential that students attend all practices and games.
A goal of the Middle School Athletic Department is to develop Christian character in young
and developing athletes. Athletes need to respect and obey coaches and officials. They

must respect their teammates, their opponents, and the facilities being used. John Knox
Christian School would like to develop athletes who are coachable, eager to apply skills
taught, self-controlled, determined and humble.
Practicing Time Management
The Management of Inter-school sports teams requires a large commitment of staff and
student time. Students face the challenge of balancing their games and practice times with
other obligations. Academics take priority over sports. Students must fulfill their homework
obligations before being permitted to participate in team sports.
John Knox Christian School participates in a variety of sports leagues. Depending on the
event, most teams from Grades 4-7 participate in the Christian Elementary School Sports
League (CESS). In this league, the only official games take place at season-end
tournaments. Exhibition games may take place in preparation for tournaments.

Player Selection
It is the objective of Intermediate School staff to allow as many interested students as
possible to participate in team sports. To this end, coaches do their best to encourage and
facilitate participation. Because inter-school tournaments restrict the number of
participants, we also run a rotation of lunch-time intramural sports events for all upper-
grade students. By Grade 7, the focus of coaching shifts to the refinement of skills at an
elevated level of play. Coaches may select students based upon ability and skill

The Intermediate Grades Athletic Department depends on volunteer parent help. Please
contact Mr. Morrison if you are able to share your time and expertise in a particular sport.

Various cross-grade clubs at the elementary campus are available during some months of
the school year. Staff and parent volunteers run student clubs during noon hour breaks or
after school. Secondary Campus: Students at the Secondary Campus are encouraged to
sign up and participate in the various clubs.


Student nominated leadership teams plan and organize special fun days and activities
throughout the school year. The Student Leadership Team operates under the guidance
of a teacher and/or volunteer parent.

Students in Grade 6 are encouraged to participate on a Chapel Worship Team.
Participating students gain experiences in leading worship by singing or playing a musical
instrument during chapel services.

Our students sponsor two orphans through the Holt Adoption Agency. The cost for
providing shelter, food, medical care and education for these children is about one cent,
per day, per student. The school regularly receives information on the progress of Holt
Adoption Agency children. Many children have been adopted during the past years. This
program was started in the school to help teach our students to share the abundant
resources the Lord has given us. We have various fundraising activities to support this
cause (i.e. The Coin Drive).

This organization in China does important work in God’s kingdom assisting children with
disabilities. We are privileged to have the ability to tithe 10% of our Knox Walk fundraising
to our friends at the Living Stones Village.

On special occasions students are asked to bring an item of non-perishable food to donate
to the Union Gospel Mission. Support of this ministry helps our students become aware of
the needy right here in our community.

                    COMPUTER USE GUIDELINES
Computer classes are teacher-directed. As students’ progress through the grades, the
computer program expands and it becomes increasingly critical that they understand
proper computer use protocols. Parents are essential to the ongoing process of teaching
their children to use technology responsibly. For this reason, parents and their children
are required to sign a Computer Use Agreement. If the terms of the agreement are
violated by your child, permission to use school computers may be revoked. Please read
through the Computer Use Agreement form attached below. Your child’s classroom
teacher will send home a form to be signed and returned to the school, upon entry into
grade 4 and again in grade 7.

                                         COMPUTER USE AGREEMENT

Students will have access to the John Knox Christian School (JKCS) computer/Internet systems
for educational purposes under the instruction of teaching staff. Before access is given, parents
must give permission for their son/daughter to use the computer/Internet systems and students
must agree to comply with the following rules:

   1. I understand the values of John Knox Christian School and will uphold these values
       as I use the computer/Internet systems.
   2. I will use the computer/Internet systems for educational purposes only, as instructed
       by teaching staff.
   3. I will not have food or beverages around the computer systems.
   4. I will use correct log-on and log-off procedures.
   5. I will not share my password with others, and will not log on as anyone else. I will
       respect the privacy of other users.
   6. I will not change or alter the computer icons, or change or alter passwords without
       a teacher’s permission.
   7. I will refrain from going into private files (software/hardware) that belong to JKCS
       staff, students or teachers.
   8. I will not install, move, delete download, upload, reconfigure or modify any
       software/hardware files without permission of a teacher.
   9. I will not compose or transmit anything that may disrupt, crash, or disable the
       security features of the computer/Internet systems. I will follow all precautions to
       prevent viruses from being introduced onto the school’s computers.
   10. I will immediately report any known damage, viruses, or change on the
       computer/Internet systems to a JKCS staff member.
   11. I will respect software programs that are copyrighted, and will not violate license
       agreements by copying protected media.
   12. I will not use the computer/Internet systems to participate in any form of online
       messaging/chat, blogging or social networking sites, such as but not limited to
       Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. I will only use this type of site if I am
       granted permission by a supervising teacher.
   13. I will not use the computer/Internet systems for online or personal game applications
       or gambling.
   14. I will use appropriate language in all communication on the computer/Internet
       systems. I will not use abusive, threatening, profane, or obscene language/material.
       I will not participate in cyber bullying, hate mail, or harassment. I will not use the
       computer/Internet systems to access, purchase or sell goods and services.

   Parent’s Name:                                Parent’s Signature:

   Student’s Name:                               Student’s Signature:

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