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Madison Campus Elementary - Christ-centered education since 1906 - Madison Campus Elementary School
Madison Campus Elementary

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Christ-centered education since 1906
Madison Campus Elementary - Christ-centered education since 1906 - Madison Campus Elementary School
Madison Campus Elementary

     Calendar and Handbook
Madison Campus Elementary
            A Ministry of the Madison Campus Seventh-day Adventist Church

                            2018-2019 Calendar
             Madison Campus Elementary is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and
                                the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

                                           1515 Sutherland Drive
                                            Madison, TN 37115

                                  PHONE                 (615) 865-4575
                                  FAX                   (615) 612-4409

            Mission Statement:           Magnify God; Cultivate disciples; Excel academically
Vision Statement: Successfully educating today’s child with eternal principles and academic excellence.
August 2018
     SUN               MON                   TUE                  WED                  THU                     FRI                     SAT
                                                            1                    2                     3                        4
                                                                                     Teachers Report

5                 6                     7                   8                    9                     10                       11
                                                                                                                                MCC Teacher Dedication
                                                             Teachers Report                                                    MA/MCE Prayer Walk

                                            NAD Chicago Teachers Meetings

12                13                    14                  15                   16                    17                       18
                  1st Quarter Begins                                             Back to School
                  First Day of School                                            Night
                  BooHoo Breakfast                          Mr. Ross’ Birthday
                       PK-K Orientation/ Half Day
19                20                    21                  22                   23                    24                       25
                                        Finance Committee
                                        Board Meeting

26                27                    28                  29                   30                    31
PFE Orientation   PFE Orientation                                                School Picture Day

                                                  DIBELS TESTING (GRADES K-3)
                                                                                                       Mrs. Meliti’s Birthday
September 2018
      SUN                  MON          TUE                 WED                    THU        FRI        SAT


2                     3           4                   5                       6          7          8
                      NO SCHOOL                                                                     MCC Spotlight
                      Labor Day

9                     10          11                  12                      13         14         15
                                                      1st Qtr Progress Rpts

16                    17          18                  19                      20         21         22
                                  School Board

                                                  FALL WEEK OF PRAYER

23                    24          25                  26                      27         28         29
Grandparents Day                                      See You at the Pole
Social Studies Fair
                                                 IOWA TESTING (GRADES 3-8)
October 2018
     SUN        MON                 TUE              WED                      THU          FRI                SAT

30         1                  2               3                         4           5                    6

                         IOWA TESTING (GRADES 3-8)

7          8                  9               10                        11          12                   13
                                              8th Grade PSAT                        End of 1st Quarter   MCC Spotlight

14         15                 16              17                        181         19                   20
                                                                                    50 Days of School
           2nd Quarter         School Board
                                              Mrs. Whitley’s Birthday

21         22                 23              24                        25          26                   27
                                         Parent/Teacher                 NO SCHOOL   NO SCHOOL
                  OUTDOOR EDUCATION 5-6 GRADES

28         29                 30              31
                                              Field Day (PK-4)
November 2018
     SUN                MON         TUE                 WED                     THU               FRI           SAT

                                                                          1                  2          3

                                                                                                        Mrs. Selerio’s Birthday

4                  5          6                   7                       8                  9          10
                                                                                                        MCC Spotlight
Daylight Savings

11                 12         13                  14                      15                 16         17
                                                  2nd Qtr Progress Rpts                                 Dodgeball

18                 19         20                  21                      22                 23         24
                                                                          Thanksgiving Day
                              Finance Committee
                                                                 THANKSGIVING VACATION

25                 26         27                  28                      29                 30
December 2018
     SUN           MON         TUE               WED           THU                  FRI                SAT


2             3           4                 5            6                   7                    8

9             10          11                12           13                  14                   15
                          Board Meeting                  Christmas Concert

16            17          18                19           20                  21                   22
                                                                             11:45 Dismissal
                                                                             End of 2nd Quarter

23            24          25 Christmas Day 26            27                  28                   29
                                          CHRISTMAS VACATION

30            31
January 2019
        SUN                    MON                    TUE                     WED                    THU               FRI                    SAT

                                              1                        2                        3               4                       5
                                              New Year’s Day

                                                                  CHRISTMAS VACATION

6                        7                    8                        9                        10              11                      12
                                                                                                                                        MCC Spotlight
                         3rd Quarter Begins
Mrs. Angelo’s Birthday

13                       14                   15                       16                       17              18                      19
                                              School Board             1st Semester Report                      Pinecar Derby Kickoff   Glow in the Dark
                                                                                                                100th Day of School     Volleyball
                                                                   Prk-PhD Week of Prayer

20                       21                   22                       23                       24              25                      26
                         NO SCHOOL
                         Martin Luther King                             DIBELS TESTING (GRADES K-3)
                         Jr., Day                                                                          AcroFest (Highland Academy)

27                       28                   29                       30                       31

                                              Mrs. Taylor’s Birthday   Mrs. Furman’s Birthday
February 2019
      SUN                  MON               TUE            WED                     THU              FRI         SAT

                                                                                                1           2

3                    4                 5              6                       7                 8           9
                                                      3rd Qtr Progress Rpts                                 MCC Spotlight

10                   11                12             13                      14                15          16
                                                                              11:45 Dismissal   NO SCHOOL
                                       School Board

17                   18                19             20                      21                22          23
                     NO SCHOOL

                     President’s Day

24                   25                26             27                      28
AcroHawks Homeshow
March 2019
       SUN                    MON           TUE                    WED            THU             FRI             SAT

                                                                                           1              2

3                        4          5                         6          7                 8              9

                                                      NO SCHOOL - SPRING BREAK

10                       11         12                        13         14                15             16
                                                                                     MUSIC FESTIVAL (GRADES 6-8)
Daylight Savings
Time                                                                                                      Miss Maribel’s Birthday
                                                                         Pi Day

17                       18         19                        20         21                22             23
                                    School Board                         End 3rd Quarter                  Pine Car Derby
Mrs. Suarez’s Birthday                                                                                    Social

24                       25         26                        27         28                29             30
                                                                                           Good Friday    Pine Car Derby
                                                                                           Spirit Day
                                    Mr. Pichette’s Birthday
April 2019
      SUN                   MON                TUE            WED                THU              FRI         SAT

31                    1                   2              3                  4                5           6
Pine Car Derby
(Required School                                         3rd Quarter
Day)                                                     Grades

7                     8                   9              10                 11               12          13
                                                                            NO SCHOOL        NO SCHOOL

14                    15                  16             17                 18               19          20
                                          School Board                      Art Fair                     MCC Spotlight
                                                         4th Qtr Progress

21                    22                  23             25                 25               26          27
                                                                            Spring Concert

28                    29                  30

                   8th Grade Class Trip
May 2019
     SUN        MON              TUE               WED           THU                    FRI               SAT

                                              1            2                      3                  4
                                                           Mr. Wilhelm’s Birth-

5          6               7                  8            9                      10                 11
                           School Board                    Field Day (5th-                           MCC Spotlight
                                                           8th)                   Yearbook Signing

12         13              14                 15           16                     17                 18
                                                           End 4th Qtr
                           Kindergarten       8th Grade    Last Day of School
                           Celebration        Graduation   11:45 Dismissal
                                               @ MCC

19         20              21                 22           23                     24                 25
           Teacher Professional Development

26         27              28                 29           20                     31
Madison Campus Elementary
                             A Ministry of the Madison Campus Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                              2018– 2019 Student Handbook
                                                                    1515 Sutherland Drive
                                                                     Madison, TN 37115
                                                   PHONE                           (615) 865-4575
                                                   FAX                             (615) 612-4409
                                                   WEB SITE              
                   Mission statement : Magnify God; Cultivate disciples; Excel academically
    Vision statement : Successfully educating today’s child with eternal principles and academic excellence.


               PHILOSOPHY OF OUR SCHOOL                                                                              OBJECTIVES
     We believe that Madison Campus Elementary exists primarily to instill in its stu-    1.   To help each child realize that true happiness and fulfillment can only be
dents the message of Christ, which is a reaffirmation of the supremacy of God and              attained through Christian living.
the infinite benefits of man’s surrender to His will. We desire to develop in our youth   2.   To provide an atmosphere conducive to the child’s highest level of spiritual,
the character of God.                                                                          mental, physical, and social development.
     We seek to lead each student to a closer personal connection with Christ, a
better knowledge of God’s word and the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist
Church, a desire to share and act upon knowledge received, excellence in intellectu-
al attainment, and respect and care of his/her body.
                                                                                             Students of Madison Campus Elementary, with help from their parents, will
                                                                                           be expected to:
             “True education is…the harmonious development of                                 1. Respect the religious ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
             the physical, mental, and spiritual powers. It prepares                          2. Respect and cooperate with all school personnel.
             the student for the joy of service in this world, and for                        3. Respect school property and the rights of others.
             the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”                           4. Abstain from those activities which destroy the development of the
             E.G. White, Education, p. 13                                                         physical, the mental, or the spiritual life.
                                                                                              5. Obey any regulations adopted and announced during the school year.

Madison Campus Elementary School is operated especially for the youth of the
Seventh-day Adventist faith. However, any child who desires a character-building                                        ATTENDANCE
education, and who will uphold the standards and comply with the regulations of the         SCHOOL HOURS
school may apply regardless of religious affiliation.                                            School begins at 7:45 a.m. for all students. All students will be dismissed at
     Pupils will be admitted by approval of the admissions committee and ac-                3:00 Monday-Thursday and at 1:45 on Friday. Students arriving before 7:15 will
ceptance will be re-evaluated each year. When classroom capacity limits the num-            be charged. Please refer to the After School Care section for details on those
ber of students to be accepted, priority will be given to constituent church member         charges. All students arriving before 7:30 will need to wait in the cafeteria until
children and families currently attending MCE. When reviewing applications, class           the bell rings, at which time they may go to class. Fifteen minutes after dismis-
make-up and size are among factors taken into consideration.                                sal, students are to be on their way home, signed into their designated after
     In order for each child to be considered for admission, his/her parents or guard-      school activity, or signed in to After School Care.
ian must submit the following:
       1.   Completed application materials and payment of the registration fee.            ABSENCE, TARDY, & EARLY DISMISSAL POLICIES
       2.   A physical exam is required for all students entering Kindergarten, and               Students in kindergarten through eighth grade are expected to be on time
            for all new students. New students entering from a Tennessee school             and regular in attendance. Medical appointments, sickness, and/or death in the
            will be exempt upon furnishing a copy of this record at the time of             family are considered the only legitimate excuses for absences. If your child is
            registration.                                                                   absent, please notify the school office. We are strongly encouraging all of our
       3.   Current immunization records.                                                   students to be regular in attendance. We are asking that all students have at
       4.   Copy of previous year’s report card and request for records sent to             least a 90% attendance rate (meaning a child may not have more than 18 unex-
            previous school.                                                                cused absences for 180 days of school) while enrolled here at MCE. If a child
       5.   If there is an unpaid account from any previous school, the bill must be        exceeds 18 unexcused absences, the admissions committee will review the
            paid prior to enrollment at MCE.                                                child’s status on an individual basis.
       6.   Copy of birth certificate.                                                            We believe that teaching our students punctuality to their appointments is a
       7.   Three references from former school (teachers and/or principal).                very important part of their education. The only legitimate excuses for tardies are
       8.   All new students will be tested by MCE school personnel prior to grade          medical/dental appointments or being involved in an accident on the road. Medi-
            placement.                                                                      cal/dental appointments, illness at school, or a weather emergency are the only
                                                                                            legitimate excuses for early dismissal. Therefore, after a student has accrued
     It is required that a child be at least five years old by August 15 to enter Kinder-   five unexcused tardies/early dismissals in a semester, it will be necessary to pay
garten. Although our Kindergarten program is designed to meet the needs of most             a $20 re-registration fee, due within a week of the notice date. If it is not paid
children, each family should look at their own child’s maturity level. We will be hap-      within the week, a $25 charge will be placed on their account. (For families with
py to set up a conference with any family who is unsure about whether their child is        multiple children the charge will only apply to one child.) This will occur after each
ready to begin Kindergarten.                                                                five unexcused tardies/early dismissals. Students who have unexcused absenc-
     It is also required that a child be four years old by August 15 to enter PK, at        es during ITBS testing will be required to pay for a test proctor for the make up.
least six years old by August 15 to enter first grade, seven years old by August 15
to enter second grade, and eight years old by August 15 to enter third grade.
                                                                                            AFTER SCHOOL CARE
                                                                                                 After school care is provided as a service to those families needing it. Play,
                                                                                            study, and learning activities are provided until 6:00 P.M. Monday – Thursday
NON-DISCRIMINATORY ADMISSIONS POLICY                                                        and 4:00 P.M. on Friday. All children remaining on campus after 3:15 p.m. Mon-
    Our school admits students of any race, color, and ethnic origin and offers to all      day – Thursday or after 2:00 p.m. on Friday, except for school related reasons,
the rights, privileges, programs and activities accorded or made available to stu-          will be charged for after school care. The siblings of those involved in after
dents at our school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or        school activities must go to after school care. There will be no After School Care
ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admissions policies, or other      provided on the days that we dismiss school early. School rules apply to
school-administered programs. However, there may be some special needs stu-                 ASC.
dents we are not able to accommodate.
                                                                                            AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES
COMMUNICATION                                                                                   The teacher/sponsor of any school activity that meets after 2:45 p.m. is re-
Children benefit academically, when both mom and dad are involved in the aca-               sponsible for their students’ supervision for the duration of the class. Students
demic process. It s in the child’s best interest for all guardians to receive infor-        who are not registered for an after school activity or directly supervised by an
mation and opportunities to be involved in the school and in the classroom. If there        adult must be checked into the After School Care Program.
are extenuating circumstances that prevent this, please contact the front office and
provide supporting documentation.

ACADEMIC POLICY FOR GRADES 3-8                                                            Pre-K
      It is our desire at Madison Campus Elementary School that each student con-                At Madison Campus Elementary, we know that the human brain develops
tributes to an atmosphere that promotes learning as well as demonstrates a will-          more rapidly between birth and age five than any other subsequent period. The
ingness to cooperate with teachers in maintaining such an atmosphere. As a re-            early years are learning years, and our quality Pre-K education prepares children
sult, and in an effort to encourage all students to be productive and successful in       for success in Kindergarten, especially in the areas pre-reading, pre-math and
their academic endeavors, the following policy has been adopted.                          social concepts.
        After the first four weeks of each quarter, a student’s progress will be evalu-          Madison Campus Elementary offers 2-day, 3-day or 5-day options for stu-
ated. (A student's eligibility during the first two weeks of each quarter will be based   dents who are 4 years of age before August 15. Students will be given lots of
on his/her final grade from the previous quarter.) Grades will be checked each            opportunity to explore and discover their world through hands-on activities.
Friday morning, and if he/she has below a 70% average in Bible, math, science,            These activities are designed to grow problem solving skills, creativity, social
language arts, social studies, or reading for that period, he/she will not be eligible    skills, and a love for learning. Students will be allowed the opportunity to learn
to participate in interscholastic sports, gymnastics, and field trips not covered by      and grow at their own pace recognizing that early childhood development stages
the curriculum. The office will notify parents that their child is ineligible. The stu-   vary from one child to another. Our goal is to provide each child with a positive
dent will continue to miss these activities until grades have improved.                   education experience where he/she feels challenged and successful.
        Teachers do their best to help students succeed in the classroom, but teach-
ers are not responsible for making sure students are eligible for activities. Teach-
ers will enter grades in a timely manner, but if the grades are not sufficient when       KINDERGARTEN
administration checks, then students will not be able to participate and should not            The Kindergarten program is an essential part of Madison Campus Elemen-
petition teachers to make last minute changes to grades.                                  tary that lays the foundation for the child’s formal education. This program pro-
        If no improvement has been made after several weeks, the school may ask           vides a relaxed atmosphere in which each child has an opportunity to succeed, to
the parents to obtain a tutor for the student and/or request educational testing. If      be creative, and to develop at his/her own rate. The child benefits from individual
this is not done, the school reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw.           guidance as his personality and character develop, as well as from shared expe-
        Students who fail two or more academic subjects in a school year will be          riences of the group.
required to successfully complete a pre-approved summer school program. Docu-                  Madison Campus Elementary offers a full-day Kindergarten program to stu-
mentation must be presented before entry into the next grade. The retention of a          dents who are 5 years of age before August 15. Various activities provide each
student will be determined by the teacher in consultation with the principal, par-        child with a program for total development. Special emphasis is placed on helping
ents, and conference office. Factors that will be considered are attitude, maturity,      the child to develop socially by using problem- solving techniques.
performance level, degree of improvement, and test scores. If a classroom is at
capacity at the beginning of a school year, the students of the incoming class will       Grading Scales
be given first priority over a student repeating a grade.                                     Madison Campus encourages each student to excel academically. Our
      We consider it our responsibility to see that each child in our school progress-    teachers strive to challenge each and every child and partner with parents to en-
es through the educational program so they may successfully complete the need-            sure academic success.
ed academic levels each year. We will do our best to see that this occurs, but from
time to time students that have the ability choose not to do the required work and        Grades K-2
are consequently not prepared to move to the next grade. Should a child make                  The grading scale used in grades K-2 is as follows:
this choice, they may be required to repeat the school year, required to take an
approved summer school program and then be placed on academic probation for                           I - Independent (81-100%)
the next school year or not accepted back for the following year.                                     P - Progressing (51-80%)
                                                                                                     NT - Needs More Time To Develop (0-50%)
      To qualify for Principal’s List, the student must have A’s in all subjects. Honor
Roll students must have A’s and/or B’s in all subjects. Principal’s List and Honor        Grades 3-8
Roll awards will be awarded each quarter.                                                     The grading scale used in grades 3-8 is as follows:

SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS                                                                      98-100%     A+          78-79%      C+
     MCE is not set up with funding or specially trained staff to support a wide               92-97%      A           72-77%      C
range of special needs, but we are committed to evaluating and accommodating                   90-91%      A-          70-71%      C-
special needs students on a case by case basis. We will assess the safety needs                88-89%      B+          68-69%      D+
and appropriate placement for each student requesting to enroll.                               82-87%      B           62-67%      D
                                                                                               80-81%      B-          60-61%      D-

HOMEWORK POLICY IN REGARD TO ABSENCES                                                     FIELD TRIPS
      Absences for sickness, medical appointments, or death in the family are ex-               Throughout the year, teachers from all grade levels plan field trips that meet
cused by submitting a written excuse from a parent or doctor. For every day               instructional goals. Only children in the grade planning the field trip are allowed
that the student has an excused absence, they have one day to complete missed             to participate. These trips are well planned and have specific itineraries. Usually
schoolwork, plus one. (Ex. 1 day absent, 2 days to complete work). Absences for           field trips are announced well in advance of the activity date. In the event a stu-
family trips, vacations, and all other absences can be considered unexcused. Cred-        dent, either by election or ineligibility, does not attend a class-sponsored field trip,
it for some schoolwork may be forfeited if the student cannot be in the classroom.        he or she will report to school to complete alternate assignments planned by the
                                                                                          teacher. Most field trips occur in the Nashville area. Students may attend field
                                                                                          trips only if there is written parental authorization. Parents helping with field trip
STUDENT TESTING                                                                           transportation must complete a chaperone form, have a current copy of their
     After an evaluation by the teacher and administrator, the school may request         proof of insurance indicating 100,000/300,000 liability coverage, and a copy of a
that a student be tested. A testing fee may be assessed. A conference with the            valid driver’s license on file in the school office. Inappropriate student behavior
parents will precede the testing. After testing, MCE staff will determine if MCE is       will jeopardize their attendance on future field trips. Students on academic or
equipped to address the student’s needs and schedule a follow-up meeting with the         behavior probation may not be eligible to attend field trips.
GRADUATION POLICY                                                                         All students in sixth through eighth grade are required to take at least one music
       Students need to maintain acceptable behavioral and academic standards. If         class. The choices are choir, band, or chimes. All students in grades Pre-K
a student fails more than one core subject, they will be required to successfully         through fourth grade will have classroom music. Third and fourth grade students
complete summer class work in the classes with failing grades before receiving            learn to play recorders and fifth grade students are in beginner’s band and guitar.
their diploma.
       If a student contracts an illness that prevents them from attending school for a   PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES
significant length of time, special arrangements will need to be made with admin-              A parent-teacher conference is scheduled for teachers and parents to confer
istration and the eighth grade teacher for assignment completion.                         on their child’s progress after the first quarter. Other conferences may be set up
       Dress code for graduation is business dress; i.e. dress shirt, tie, and dress      during the year as the need arises. Either parents or teachers may request a
slacks for boys and appropriate dresses for young ladies. (No sleeveless, spaghetti       conference to clarify student progress, explain behavior, or offer potential solu-
straps, split-shoulder sleeves, or low necklines. Skirt or dress length must be to the    tions to problems that might exist.
knee). The school bill must be paid in full for the student to march at graduation.
       Valedictorian medals will be given to students who earn A’s in every subject
throughout their 8th grade year. High honor cords will be given to students who
have a grade point average of 3.5 and higher. Honor cords will be given to students
with a grade point average between 3.0 and 3.49

      In order to qualify for the 8th grade class trip at the end of the school year,
students must not have any F’s and no more than two D’s. In addition, any student
on behavioral probation may not be able to attend. If any student has been sus-
pended or placed on academic probation during the course of the year, he/she may
not be permitted to go on the trip.

     Our desire to have an excellent school program incorporates all phases of the        MCE Logo:
school experience and includes how our students dress. Uniforms are required.             An embroidered logo is required on all shirts. Educational Outfitters and French
And may be purchased from French Toast (you may log on                Toast will provide this service, or you may take items to Enchanted Threads lo-
and enter source code QS5JNRQ). Other uniform items may be purchased from
                                                                                          cated at 106 East Cedar St. Goodlettsville, TN (615) 855-3275.
either French Toast or Educational Outfitters (you may log onto and select find my school and select Madi-
son Campus Elementary). You may also purchase Austin brand light blue, navy or
                                                                                          The following guidelines must be adhered to:
white polo shirts and khaki and navy pants/shorts at Academy Sports, Sears, or                 1.   All clothing must be modest in length and neat.
Old Navy that follow our standards (uniforms may have limited availability for June-           2.   All shirts must be worn tucked in.
August).                                                                                       3.   Hair should be clean and neatly styled. Only natural hair colors are
                                                                                                    permitted. Extreme styles are not acceptable. Boy’s hair is to be above
                                                                                                    the collar, ears, and eyebrows.
                                                                                               4.   Hats and bandanas are not to be worn in the school building.
          Shirts must be white, light blue, or navy blue
                                                                                               5.   The following are not acceptable at MCE:
          Pants must be navy or khaki
                                                                                                      A. Pants that are tight or torn.
          Jumpers, shorts, skirts, skorts, and scooters must be navy, khaki, or
                                                                                                      B. Earrings, necklaces, rings, wrist bands, or other non-functional
          plaid, (blue/gold plaid from French Toast).
          (Skorts are for grades K – 4 only)
                                                                                                      C. Noticeable or unnatural makeup or nail polish.
                                                                                               6.   There must be no visible logos or tags on pants and shirts, except for
          Shirts must be polo style (collared, with 2-4 buttons), or white oxford
                                                                                                    the school logo.
          button down for boys or white “Peter Pan” for girls. No lace, ruffles, or
                                                                                               7.   All buttons, zippers, etc. on bottoms must be either brown or navy
          puffed sleeves.
                                                                                                    (no gold or silver).
          Pants must be from Educational Outfitters, French Toast, Academy
          Sports, Sears, or Old Navy. Either 100% cotton or polyester/cotton blend,
          pleated or flat. No jeans-style or cargo style, inside pockets only, no orna-
                                                                                          MUSIC Program Attire:
                                                                                          Students in grades 5-8 are required to wear performance attire at all music pro-
          Jumpers and skirts must be pleated. Jumpers, skirts, scooters, and
                                                                                          grams. Performance attire is black dress pants with white button-up shirts. Black
          skorts must hang at or below the knee.
                                                                                          dress pants should not be tight. Ties are optional. Grades Pre-K- 4 may wear
          Shorts must extend below the fingertips.
                                                                                          the same performance attire or they may wear their normal school uniform.
                                                                                          Students not in appropriate dress attire will not be allowed to perform.
          Belts are required with pants, for grades 3-8, and must be solid navy, kha-
          ki, black, or brown with no ornamentation.                                      PE Attire:
                                                                                          Athletic shoes with laces or velcro are to be worn by all students on PE
Socks:                                                                                    days. Students in grades 5-8 may change clothes for PE class, but if they
          Socks or Leggings must be worn at all times. Leggings may be worn               change, they must wear the approved PE uniform. Students who choose to
          if socks of the same color cover the leg between the legging and shoes.         change for class must be able to do so quickly in order not to interfere with valua-
          Both leggings and socks must be solid white, khaki, or navy.                    ble class time. Those students repeatedly unable to change in the allotted
                                                                                          amount of time will no longer have the privilege of wearing the PE uniform.
          Shoes must be worn and be closed toe and closed heel with appro-                Dress Code Violations:
          priate laces. Shoes may be black, brown or navy. In addition, athletic          Violation of the dress code is a level one offense and the discipline committee
          shoes may be worn. No roller shoes, crocs, knee-high converse, or light         has the discretion to make a ruling if a particular question arises regarding dress
          up shoes are allowed. New shoes or styles that administration finds inap-       and grooming that is not already addressed in the handbook. Repeat offenders
          propriate for school will be prohibited. On PE days, students are required      will face disciplinary action.
          to wear athletic shoes.

Jackets and Sweaters:
        Only uniform style, solid navy cardigans, vests, pullovers, or v-neck
        sweaters may be worn in the classroom. Jackets or hooded clothing may
        only be worn outside.

CODE OF CONDUCT                                                                             LEVEL ONE OFFENSES                LEVEL TWO OFFENSES

According to the book, Education, by Ellen G. White, “The object of discipline is the           Being late                      Fighting
training of the child for self-government. He should be taught self-reliance and self-          Loitering or leaving            Inappropriate language/gestures
control,” and we are admonished by Proverbs 22:6 to “Train up a child in the way                 assigned area                   Forgery/falsifying documents
that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” At Madison Cam-             Boisterous behavior             Insubordination
pus Elementary, our code of conduct is founded on these principles, and it is based             Running in the building
on the belief that student conduct should lead to student self-government, self- disci-                                          Lying
pline, and self-control. Acceptable behavior is essential to the successful operation           Chewing Gum                     Disruptive behavior
of any school and because we care about each child, our discipline policy is a posi-            Eating at inappropriate         Cheating
tive one. Our Code of Conduct is directly tied to our mission statement, and students            times
                                                                                                                                 Skipping class
are encouraged and expected to:                                                                 Dress code violations
                                                                                                                                 Bullying
                                                                                                Unacceptable language
                                                                                                                                 Unauthorized entry or attempted entry
     Magnify God                                                                            
                                                                                                 Unauthorized materials
                                                                                                                                  Unauthorized materials
                                                                                                                                  Leaving campus without permission
           Be Considerate and Polite                                                            Negative attitude
                                                                                                                                 Threats
           Dress Appropriately                                                                  Name calling
           Respect Your Property and the Property of Others                                                                      Public display of affection
                                                                                                Disrespect of property
           Be Quiet and Respectful in the Hallways                                                                               Theft
                                                                                                Excessive talking
     Cultivate Disciples                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                  Controlled substances
                                                                                                                                  Physical/verbal assault
           Be Respectful of Those in Authority
           Look for Opportunities to Do Good Things for Others
                                                                                                                                 Vandalism
           Treat Each Other With Respect through Verbal and Physical Actions                                                     Socially inappropriate behavior
     Excel Academically                                                                                                           Sexual harassment

           Show Integrity                                                                 Consequences for inappropriate actions, may be administered in one or more of
           Do Your Best Work                                                              the following ways. Staff reserves the right to adjust as needed.

                                                                                            Behavior may be documented and            A.   Verbal redirection
                                                                                             parents notified through a RenWeb         B.   Self-diagnostic documentation
                                                                                             generated email.                          C.   Class management procedures
STUDENT DISCIPLINE PLAN                                                                                                                D.   Loss of minor privileges

                                                                                            RenWeb documentation will be              E. Teacher or student decided
Each student is expected to respect the rights and privileges of other students,
                                                                                             preceded by a parent phone call              consequence
teachers, and staff. Standards of courtesy, decency, morality, proper language, hon-
                                                                                            Following parent notification, Level      F. Loss of major privileges
esty, and wholesome relationships with others shall be established. However, if a
                                                                                                                                       G. Work Project
student’s conduct or spirit loses harmony with these principles or standards and             2 offenses (or persistent Level 1
                                                                                                                                       H. In-school suspension (with
causes disruption of the school environment, one or more of the following discipli-          offenses) may be referred to the
                                                                                                                                          student-written re-entry plan)
nary measures will be taken which are appropriate to the behavior.                           principal/ school disciplinary com-
                                                                                                                                       I. Out of school suspension (with
                                                                                             mittee for appropriate disciplinary
                                                                                                                                          $25 re-registration fee/ student-
                                                                                                                                          written re-entry plan)
                                                                                            In matters of disciplinary actions        J. Behavioral probation (zero
                                                                                             involving probations, suspensions,            tolerance plan)
                                                                                             or expulsion, parents have the right      K. Referral to a professional
                                                                                             of appeal to be brought to the               guidance person
                                                                                             school board disciplinary committee       L. Recommendation to school
                                                                                             through the board chair.                     board for expulsion
                                                                                          Although the infractions and consequences are outlined above, it is our desire to
                                                                                          intentionally discipline with the backdrop of the Cross ever before us. The student
                                                                                          is given the opportunity to reflect on behavior as it relates to Christ’s desire for us
                                                                                          in His word. This includes the concept of forgiveness and repentance.
      The success of the school depends in a large measure upon the full coopera-        ACCOUNTS
tion between parents and teachers. It sometimes happens that students make                    Madison Campus Elementary encourages financial planning in advance of
complaints to their parents concerning school matters, especially when measures          enrolling your child(ren) in school. Christian education is a financial investment in
of discipline are involved. In such cases, parents are urged to contact the teach-       your child’s future. Please plan in advance to meet your financial commitment in
er, and if necessary, the principal, and withhold judgment until investigation can       full and on time.
be made. Carefulness along this line often prevents unhappy consequences. It is                Statements will be sent out at the beginning of each month listing tuition,
unwise to discuss negative school issues in the presence of the child. Once the          after school care charges, and any miscellaneous charges. Accounts not paid by
child loses respect and confidence in the teacher, the learning process is greatly       the 25th becomes past due and are subject to a late payment fee of $15. If you
hindered. Parents are expected to discuss school policies, problems, or com-             find that it is impossible for you to pay the past due amount by the day of the fi-
plaints with the teacher.                                                                nance committee meeting, it is up to you to make either a verbal or written pay-
      It is the belief of Madison Campus Elementary that most classroom problems         ment plan request to the treasurer to be submitted to the finance committee. If, by
that arise are the result of a temporary lack of communication. Discussing these         the date of the finance committee meeting, you do not either pay the past
issues with one’s teacher can usually solve the communication issue and prob-            due amount or submit a proposal indicating when this payment will be
lem. The school recognizes that in some instances a problem cannot be resolved           made, school policy requires that the student (s) withdraw until the account
in this way. Should this be the case, the school’s problem solving procedure will        is made current or approved payment plan is made.
be used. Should the need arise, there is a Parent/Teacher Concerns and Action                  Accounts must be paid in full in order for students to receive final grades,
Form available from the school secretary.                                                have their transcript sent to another school, or march at graduation. Siblings of
      If the parent has contacted the teacher and still feels that it is not resolved,   8th grade graduates must not have a past due balance. Any exceptions to the
then the principal will assist in the problem solving process. If this is not success-   above policy will be addressed by the school finance committee.
ful, the next steps in the process are the School Board Chair, and a School Board              Any account not paid in full by the 25th of May will be charged 1 1/2% per
meeting. The final level of contact would be the KY-TN Conference Office of Edu-         month on the past due balance during the summer months. Accounts must
cation.                                                                                  be paid in full in order for the student to enter school the following year.
                                                                                               If a student withdraws during the school year or does not return the following
VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT                                                                    school year, the family is given 60 days to either pay the balance due or have a
      Every successful school has active parent involvement as a part of its pro-        written payment plan approved by the finance committee. If this does not occur,
gram. We are indebted to parents and friends of MCE who donate their time and            the account is turned over to a collection agency.
skills to our school. When you come in to help us as a volunteer, please stop by               A returned check fee of $15 will be charged on returned checks. If more
the school office and you will be given a pass so the school administration can be       than one check has been returned, payment on a cash only basis may be re-
aware of who is in our building.                                                         quired. Families with histories of slow payment may be placed on financial pro-
                                                                                         bation: 1) the family will be required to pay in advance by the 5th of each month
                                                                                         and 2) students will not be permitted to return to school until payment arrives.
Verified Volunteer
      In order to better protect our students, we require all volunteers pass a
course and background check administered by Verified Volunteer. The course
                                                                                         FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
and background check need to be renewed every three years. If you plan to help                 If financial assistance is needed, contact your local church pastor for availa-
in the classroom or go on a field trip, please request information from the front        bility of worthy student funds. Student aid forms for Madison Campus Church
office regarding Verified Volunteer. If you have not taken the course before a field     members may be picked up at the church office. Community service scholar-
trip, you will not be able to accompany our students.                                    ships may be available to those who qualify. Applications are available in the
                                                                                         school office.

      By virtue of a child’s attending MCE, his or her parents/guardians automati-
cally become part of the Home and School Association of MCE. The support of
every parent is important as an example for our children and for the overall vi-
brancy of the school. Various opportunities for you to participate or provide other
resources will be communicated throughout the year. We strongly encourage
every parent to participate. This organization seeks to strengthen the school pro-
gram by bringing school families together in a variety of ways throughout the year.
One of their major goals is to raise money for school improvements that would be
difficult to afford otherwise.

TUITION RATES                                                                            TUITION DISCOUNT $3/Student/Month
     The yearly tuition (based on 180 school days) is charged to the student’s state-         If the entire balance marked “Total Due” on the statement is paid by the
ment evenly over a 10-month period. The first tuition billing will be at the beginning   10th of the month, a discount of $3 per student will be given. The discount will
of August. If a student withdraws during the school year or enrolls after the year has   appear as a credit on the following month’s statement. There is no additional
begun, the tuition charges will be pro-rated according to the number of days present.    discount for paying the full year’s tuition in advance. Also, you are able to make
Children in Pre-K do not qualify for the multi-child discount.                           payments online through Renweb. There is a slight charge for echecks and a
                                                                                         small percent charge for credit cards.

                                                                                         YEARLY REGISTRATION
                            Monthly Tuition Rates                                               There is a $25 discount if the application fee is paid by Pine Car Derby.
                                                                                         This is your registration fee and will reserve your child’s spot at MCE.
                                             th                    th
             Child                       K-4                      5 -8th
                 Non-Constituent SDA (Non-Subsidizing Church)                            REGISTRATION FEE                    $200/Student
               1   st
                                          $585                  $595                           The registration fee must be paid in full before the student starts school.
                                                                                         There will be a $25 discount if the entrance fee is paid in full by June 25. This fee
               2nd                        $527                  $537                     covers instructional fees, insurance, textbook rental, workbooks, and the year-
               3rd                        $469                  $478                     book.
                                                                                               Students registering for second semester will be charged $170. A 50 per-
               4th                        $412                  $419                     cent refund of the registration fee will be given if a student withdraws within the
                        Non-Constituent SDA (Subsidizing Church)                         first week after classes begin.

               1st                     $508                        $518                  TESTING FEE:
               2nd                     $458                        $469                      All new students and those who might be struggling scholastically will be
               3rd                     $408                        $416                  required to take placement testing. The fee is $ 30.00 for this test.
               4th                     $357                        $365
                                                                                         MORNING SCHOOL CARE
                           Madison Campus Church Members                                     Madison Campus Elementary provides early morning care starting at 6:30
               1st                       $414                      $424                  am. The charges for morning care are as follows:
                                                                                             Mon.-Fri.   7:00-7:15        $2
               2nd                       $373                      $382                                  6:45-7:15        $4
               3 rd
                                         $333                      $341                                  6:30-6:45        $6
               4                         $293                      $299
                                                                                         AFTER SCHOOL CARE
                                                                                             Charges for after school care are as follows:
Pre-K Tuition                                                                                Mon.-Th.    3:00-3:30         $2           Fri.   2:00-2:30         $2
Due to the additional costs associated with supervising young children, tuition for                      3:00-4:00         $4                  2:00-3:00         $4
students entering Pre-K is different than for other grades. Discounts for constituent                    3:00-4:30         $6                  2:00-3:30         $6
members or multiple children do not apply to Pre-K.                                                      3:00-5:00         $8                  2:00-4:00         $8
                                                                                                         3:00-6:00         $10
                            Yearly        Monthly
                            Tuition       Tuition                                             If a child joins after school care after an activity, there will be a $2 fee for
     2 day                  $2,950        $295                                           every half hour. A late fee is charged if the student is not picked up by 6:00 p.m.
     3 day                  $3,850        $385                                           Monday-Thursday, or 4:00 p.m. on Fridays. The late fee is $2 every 5 minutes
     Full-Time              $5,300        $530                                           after closing time per student. For instance, 6:01-6:05 is $2, 6:06-6:10 is $4, and
                                                                                         so on. These charges will be billed on the monthly statement.
Yearly Registration Fees
                                                                                              For families that use after school care regularly, you will not be charged
April 1-June 29, 2018                                                       $225.00      more than $160 a month per child, with the exception of late fees.
July 1- December 31, 2018                                                   $250.00
January 1-May 2019                                                          $175.00
New Student Testing Fee (1st-8th grade)                                      $30.00

     Students in the 5th and 6th grades have the privilege of attending an outdoor        LUNCH
education school held at Indian Creek Camp in the fall.                                        Students must bring a lunch unless they wish to purchase hot lunch. Due to
                                                                                          the limited amount of time in the cafeteria and the number of microwaves, we ask
ATHLETICS                                                                                 that students not bring any meals that need to be microwaved for more than three
      There are different intramural sports for grades K-4 all year long; the cost for    minutes.
each sport is $30. Students meet once a week during a 6 week period.                           The hot lunch menus for the following month are published on RenWeb and
      Interscholastic sports pricing varies depending on the sport. Students that are     also emailed at the end of each month. Hot lunches are $4 a day. Students may
old enough to participate must maintain good grades and behavior in order to prac-        receive milk or bottled water for an additional $0.50. In order to make sure
tice and play on the team.                                                                enough food is prepared, lunches should be ordered through RenWeb a week in
      Gymnastics begins in September and lasts until March. There is a $55                advance. Lunch charges will be added to your bill. If lunch is not ordered on time
monthly fee. Students must maintain good grades and behavior to participate.              there may not be enough lunches for all students. We will provide a snack at a
                                                                                          cost of $2.00 for students whose orders were not placed on time.
                                                                                               Madison Campus Elementary does its best to provide a hot, healthy lunch in
MUSIC FESTIVAL                                                                            line with the health principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We do not
       Students in grades 6-8 are required to attend the KY-TN Music Festival held        allow sodas during lunch. We also discourage students from eating pork prod-
in the spring.                                                                            ucts.

BAND INSTRUMENTS                                                                          FOOD
      If a student uses a school instrument, the student is responsible for the cost of         Any parents that wish to bring food for a party must make a copy of the
any repairs due to damage of their instrument.                                            ingredient list and give it to the receptionist. If a student were to have an allergic
                                                                                          reaction, this information would allow medical professionals to know the proper
PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS                                                                     treatment. For this same reason, students should not share their food at any
     Instrumental lessons for grades 5-8 are part of the band program at no addi-         point during the day.
tional cost. Guitar, string, and voice lessons are taught by other instructors at a
cost. Private music lessons must be scheduled before school, after school, or dur-        DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY
ing recess break.                                                                              Students will be charged the cost of repairing any damage that they have
                                                                                          caused to the school building. Students who tamper with or set off the smoke
LIBRARY BOOKS                                                                             detectors, fire extinguishers, or sprinkler system will be charged for repairing the
    If books are not returned on time, students will not be permitted to check out        affected unit. In the case of a sprinkler being activated, any water damage and
any more. If the book is lost, student accounts will be charged a $15 fee for the         cleanup will also be the parent’s financial responsibility. Sprinkler activation
book, processing, and labeling.                                                           causes extensive damage and is a very serious offense.

TARDIE FEES                   $20/$25                                                     FALSE FIRE ALARMS
      After a student has accrued five unexcused tardies/early dismissals, it will be         Students will be fined $50 for pulling the fire alarm unnecessarily.
necessary to pay a $20 re-registration fee, due within a week of the notice date. If it
is not paid within the week, a $25 charge will be placed on their account. This will            GENERAL POLICIES AND INFORMATION
occur after each five unexcused tardies/early dismissals.
      A student returning from a home suspension will be charged a $25 re–
registration fee.                                                                         STUDENT LEAVING THE SCHOOL CAMPUS
                                                                                              A student may not leave the school campus by him/herself during the school
TEXTBOOK CHARGES                                                                          day without parent’s written permission. This must be presented in advance to
    There will be a charge put on your statement for any lost or damaged text-            the principal except in case of an emergency. If a student must leave early, the
books or lost workbooks.                                                                  parent must sign him/her out at the school office.

       Visitors and parents are welcome, but please check in at the school office for     TELEPHONE USE
a visitor’s pass. Visitors to the classroom are not allowed from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and            The telephone is not to be used by students except in an emergency and
from 2:30-3:00 p.m. to allow the teacher uninterrupted time to begin and close the        only by permission from a MCE staff member. During class time, calls will be
day. As a courtesy, parents should notify the teacher of their visit in advance. Any      permitted into the classroom only in case of emergency. Messages can be left
student visiting for more than two days will be required to register for school.          with the school secretary or on the teacher’s voice mail.

SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS                                                                     CELL PHONES
    Any items of business to be discussed by the school board should be
presented to the board chairman or principal one week prior to the meeting.                     The use of cell phones can be disruptive and misused. They should not be
Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of each month. Unless otherwise           brought to the school or any school related event. If brought to school a cell
announced.                                                                                phone is to be turned into the teacher upon entering the classroom. Cell phones
                                                                                          are not allowed during before and after school care and will be confiscated by the
                                                                                          attending staff. Evidence of cell phone use during school hours will result in dis-
UPDATE                                                                                    ciplinary action. The school is not responsible for replacement of lost/confiscated
    A weekly newsletter is e-mailed to each home and are available on RenWeb.             items.
There are also paper copies which may be available upon request.
                                                                                          SOCIAL MEDIA
STUDENT SUPPLY LISTS                                                                            Parents and the school will work together to monitor their childrens’ social
     Student supply lists are available on the MCE website or at the school office.       media usage for inappropriate usage. i.e. cyber bullying, Facebook/Instagram
We encourage you to avoid purchasing school supplies that advertise pop                   postings, or any other use of media that is hurtful or threatening toward another
culture. We also ask that you do not purchase Zuca or similar style backpacks be-         student, their family, or a school employee will be firmly dealt with.
cause they take up too much room in class.
LOST AND FOUND                                                                                 Students are not allowed to bring weapons on the school premises or on
     Clothing and personal items that are left at school will be placed in our lost and   field trips. All weapons will be confiscated and further disciplinary action will be
found area.. Attempts are made to find the owners, but those items left unclaimed         taken.
will be donated to the Adventist Community Services. Please put your child’s
name on all their belongings. MCE assumes no responsibility for personal                  SKATEBOARDS AND RECREATION ITEMS
items brought to school.                                                                       Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and other recreation items are not per-
                                                                                          mitted on campus at any time due to insurance restrictions on coverage for these
SCHOOL CLOSINGS                                                                           activities. Personal toys, electronic devices, sports equipment, etc. are
    When school is closed a parent alert will be sent out via text and email. You         discouraged and if brought must remain in the students’ backpack.
may also check designated news channels. MCE does not automatically follow the
public school systems for closings.                                                       ELECTRONIC DEVICES
                                                                                              Cell phones or other electronic devices are NOT permitted on the school
BIRTHDAY Policies                                                                         grounds or on any field trips and will be confiscated by the staff. If these items
      If you are planning to recognize your child’s birthday at school, please notify     are taken by the staff, they may be kept until the end of the school year. The
your child’s teacher several days in advance. This will allow the teacher to alert        school is not responsible for replacement of lost/confiscated items .
other parents so they can plan their child’s lunch accordingly. Our accrediting body
requires that teachers and parents must bring an ingredient list to the office for any    HANDBOOK CHANGES
foods and treats served at school for meals or parties. A recipe is not an ingredient         Handbook/calendar changes may be made throughout the year as needs
list. However, you may take a photo of the ingredient list or email the office listing    arise. Parents will be notified via e-mail and/or the weekly update.
each item used in the meal preparation.
      Party invitations are not to be distributed at school unless the entire
class is invited. They should not be distributed until the end of the day and
only with teacher permission.

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR COMPUTERS,                                                                       HEALTH INFORMATION
 With the permission of parents or guardians Madison Campus Elementary                 IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS
 (MCE) provides an opportunity to use the internet at school. Internet use is only     In order to attend any school in Tennessee, children must be fully immunized as
 for educational purposes approved by MCE.                                             required. A signed waiver must be completed and filed with the school office if
                                                                                       exemptions are to be granted.
 Acceptable Use:
  Students may use the Internet for research, to learn, and to communicate            VACCINE IMMUNIZATIONS REQUIRED
    with others under teacher supervision.                                             ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Students will not copy materials and say they wrote it themselves.                       DTP/DT                The 4th dose must be administered on or after the 4th
 Privileges                                                                                 Polio                 4 doses, 3 doses are acceptable if the 3rd dose is admin-
  If a student’s behavior on the Internet is not appropriate , they may lose this                                istered on or after the 4th birthday.
     privilege.                                                                             M-M-R                 Proof of a second dose of MMR vaccine, or its separate
                                                                                                                  components, is required for attendance in all grades.
                                                                                            Hepatitis B           3 doses of vaccine are required for entry into Kindergar-
  Students are expected to follow rules for appropriate behavior on the Inter-                                   ten and 7th grade.
     net. Examples of those rules are listed below:                                         Varicella             Proof of immunization or documentation of the disease is
  Be polite when writing a message.                                                                              required prior to entry into Kindergarten.
  Use appropriate language.                                                           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Remember that email is not private. What you write may be seen by others.
  Information that they get from the Internet is for them to use, but they do not     ALLERGIES/ HEALTH CONDITIONS
     own it, and they did not write it. They must identify where they found it. They         All allergy/health information must be current and on file in the office and
     will use the following online safety rules below.                                 classroom.
  Cyber bullying is a crime and may involve the authorities.
 Online Safety                                                                              Prescription or non-prescription medications for your child can be turned in
  They will not give out personal information about themselves or others (such        to the office. They must be in the original container with the student’s name,
     as: home address, telephone number, parent’s work address or phone num-           medication name, dosage, and time for each dose.
     ber, etc. ) to anyone on the Internet.
  If they find anything on the Internet that makes them feel uncomfortable or         ILLNESS
     nervous, they will get an adult to help them immediately.                              We are concerned about students coming to school with fevers. A child is
  If they get a message that is mean or frightening, they will tell a teacher or      considered fever-free if his/her temperature is less than 100 degrees. Your child
     responsible adult.                                                                MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness. If a
  Madison Campus Elementary is not responsible for the truth or the quality of        child’s temperature is 100 degrees or more, the parent will be contacted to pick
     the information that they find on the Internet.                                   up their child.

 Security                                                                              HEAD LICE POLICY
  They will only use the Internet when a teacher or responsible adult is pre-             If a student is sent home because of head lice, he/she MUST have a signed
    sent.                                                                              note from the Metro Health Department or doctor before returning to school.
  They will not use anyone else’s password for any reason.
  A password given to them is for their use only. They will not give it to anyone     RECESS
    else.                                                                                  All students will be expected to be outside during P.E. and recess time.
                                                                                       Recess or P.E. may be held inside the gym, depending on weather conditions.
 Vandalism                                                                             A request to have your child stay inside must be in writing, and excuses for more
  They will not cause any damage to school technology or change how they              than a few days must be signed by a doctor.
    are set up.
  They will not modify or delete files that belong to others.                         BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGEN POLICY
                                                                                           The school has a policy for handling all material contaminated by blood.
                                                                                       This policy is kept in the office and is available for review.
                                                 2018-2019 Tuition and Fees
           For students who are not enrolled at MCE but wish to share in some of the experiences with our students

                          Fees                              Kindergarten– Grade 2                      Grades 3-5                           Grades 6-8
*Registration Fee (required for each unenrolled student)                                $78                                 $78                                 $78
**Testing (ITBS, DIEBELS, COGAT, WRAP)                                             $52/test                            $57/test                            $62/test
Activity Fee (for class field trips/activities/events)             Paid to teacher per event           Paid to teacher per event           Paid to teacher per event

               Supplemental Classes
Bible                                                                          $67/month                           $67/month                           $78/month
PE                                                                             $31/month                           $31/month                           $41/month
Art                                                                            $16/month                           $16/month                           $26/month
Music                                                                          $21/month                           $26/month                           $62/month
Computer                                                                       $16/month                           $16/month                           $26/month

             Supplemental Activities
After School Clubs (chess, engineering, etc.)               See office for schedules and fees   See office for schedules and fees   See office for schedules and fees

STEM classes (grades 6-8)                                   See office for schedules and fees   See office for schedules and fees   See office for schedules and fees

Gymnastics (grades K-8)                                                        $72/month                           $72/month                           $72/month
Intramurals (grades K-4)                                                            $51/qtr                             $51/qtr
Volleyball (JV/Varsity: grades 5-8)                                                                                                                    $150/$200
Cross Country (grades K-8)                                                            $155                                $155                                $206
Basketball (JV/Varsity: grades 5-8)                                                                                                                    $155/$206
Golf (grades 5-8)                                                                                                                                             $206
Tennis (grades 5-8)                                                                                                                                           $206
Soccer (grades 5-8)                                                                                                                                           $206
Note: Homeschool parents must remain on the premises while their students participate in selected activities.
* Registration fee also includes: Friday chapels, assemblies and library usage
** Standardized tests vary by grade. Contact the office at the beginning of the year to sign up for tests.
You can also read