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              ONE CHILD AT A TIME
The Statement of Compliance shall state that the
parent or legal guardian agrees to ensure his/her
child's daily attendance at school, ensure his/her child's
arrival at school on time each day, ensure his/her child
completes all assigned homework, and attend all
required parent/teacher/principal conferences.

Please sign and return this page to your child's teacher,
indicating that you have received a copy of the Bain's
Lower Parent/Student Handbook and Statement of





                 ADVANCED ACCREDITED
Principal:             Mr. Torrence Williams
Assistant Principal:   Ms. J. Elizabeth Bristow
Address:               P. O. Box 2130
                       St. Francisville, LA 70775
Phone:                 (225) 635-4696
                       (225) 635-5345 Fax
Web Address: 
School Colors:         Royal Blue and White
Grades:                PK - 1
Enrollment:            Approximately 460
School Motto:          Be a Leader Every day
Purpose Statement:     Student Success: Learning Today,
                       Leading Tomorrow
Our Mission:           Bains Lower Elementary School, with
                       the support of family and community,
                       will help students develop problem-
                       solving, communication and literacy
                       skills in a positive, safe environment in
                       preparation for life-long learning.
Our Vision:            Bains Lower Elementary seeks
                       to become an exemplary data-
                       driven learning community that will
                       develop a culture for continuous
                       learning, improving instruction,
                       utilizing technology effectively, and
                       committing to implementing principles
                       of a data-driven professional learning

   Introduction of Music Program for all students 2021-2022
   Technology Integration for all students 2021-2022
   The Implementation of Science Technology Engineering
      and Mathematics (STEM) for all students – 2017
   The Implementation of Arts for all students 2016-2017
   Model School Presenters for National Conference 2017-
     Andrea Mathis, Natasha Hayes, Alaina LaCour, Sarah
     Rachal, Christian St. Romain
   Reader Leader Program to promote the love of reading
   Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program recognized as a
     3-Star Gold Rated Program 2016-2017
   Implementation of Louisiana A+/George Rodrigue
      Foundation of Arts – 2016-2017
   Recognized as a Model Lighthouse School based on
     Leader In Me (Stephen Covey) 2017-2018
   Advanced Accredited
   4 National Board Certified Teachers
      Tammy Dawson, Susan Ivy,
      Lynn Bowman, Joyce Roberts
   First in Kindergarten Readiness 2012
   National Distinguished Title 1 School

The West Feliciana Parish School Board Policy requires that
up-to-date proof of residency documentation be provided
when students enter our school system for the first time. You
are being asked to furnish all of the following documents
for your Primary Place of Residence to your child’s school
before your child is enrolled. All items must be in your name.

If you own your home:
    1. Two electric bills (previous two months) - NO
2. Copy of mortgage bill, property tax with physical
      address or homestead exemption.
   3. Photo ID (Driver's License) with current address.

If you rent or lease your home:
    1. Current lease - Child name must be on lease.
    2. Two electric bills (previous two months) - NO
    3. Photo ID with current address.
    4. Must be approved by Director of Student Services at
        School Board Office.

If parent is living with a relative or someone else:
    1. Property tax, homestead exemption, or current lease
       of the person you are staying with. If the person you
       are staying with is leasing, your name and your child's
       name must also be on the lease. Date of lease should
       include the current school year.
    2. Two electric bills AND water bills (previous two
       months) - NO DISCONNECT NOTICES.
    3. Photo ID of parent AND homeowner. Both IDs must
       match the address where they reside.
    4. Parent must have at least one additional document
       with a current address where they reside.
    5. Notarized Affidavit of Residency.
    6. Must be approved by Director of Student Services at
       School Board Office.

      Provisional custody by mandate is not accepted.
Once the information has been received and/or sufficiently
updated, you will receive a notification from the school.

Failure to provide these documents to the school board
by the deadline will cause your child to be dropped from
enrollment of the West Feliciana School System.

**Please note the following:

If your child is dropped from enrollment due to insufficient
residency documentation, re-enrollment into WFPSS will
require you to complete the entire registration process at the
Bains Lower Elementary beginning July 2021.

Students that were previously allowed to enroll on a
provisional basis due to residency documentation not being
in the name of the parent or legal guardian must complete
the entire registration process annually. Registration will be
held beginning July 2021 at Bains Lower Elementary School.

It is the policy of Bains Lower Elementary School to provide
equal education and employment opportunities and not to
illegally discriminate on basis of gender, race, national origin,
religion, age, marital status, or disability in its educational
program, activities, or its employment and personal policies.

Our local school attendance policy, as well as the state
policy, is that all students must attend school a minimum of
167 days during the school year. Parents must insist that their
child attend school daily.

Compulsory attendance is specified in the State of Louisiana
Bulletin 741 subsection 1103, which can be found on the
Louisiana Department of Education website @ (http:// State law requires that students
be in attendance a minimum of 167 days for elementary
schools. Based on our school calendar, this will consist of (10)
absences per year. In addition, any student with excessive
absences must attend a hearing with the Supervisor of Child
Welfare and Attendance, as mandated by No Child Left

Section 221 of Title 17 of the LA Revised Statues states that
responsibility for a child's school attendance is placed
with the child's parent or legal guardian. This responsibility
includes awakening the child in sufficient time each

morning and ensuring that the child arrives at school by the
appointed time.

2011 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 17—Education
RS 17:233—Cases of habitual absence or tardiness
referred to juvenile or family court; denial or suspension
of driving privileges

Universal Citation: LA Rev Stat § 17:233

§233. Cases of habitual absence or tardiness referred to
juvenile or family court; denial or suspension of driving

A. Any student who is a juvenile and who is habitually absent
from school or is habitually tardy shall be reported by visiting
teachers and supervisors of child welfare and attendance
to the family or juvenile court of the parish or city as a truant
child, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2 of Title VII of
the Louisiana Children's Code relative to families in need of
services, there to be dealt with in such manner as the court
may determine, either by placing the truant in a home or in
a public or private institution where school may be provided
for the child, or otherwise.

B.(1)(a) A student shall be considered habitually absent or
habitually tardy when either condition continues to exist
after all reasonable efforts by any school personnel, truancy
officer or other law enforcement personnel have failed to
correct the condition after the fifth unexcused absence or
fifth unexcused occurrence of being tardy within any school

(b) The parent or legal guardian of a student shall enforce
the attendance of the student at the school to which the
student is assigned.

(c) The principal of the school, or his designee, shall
notify the parent or legal guardian in writing on or before
a student's third unexcused absence or unexcused
occurrence of being tardy, and shall hold a conference with
such student's parent or legal guardian. This notification shall
include information relative to the parent or legal guardian's
legal responsibility to enforce the student's attendance at
school and the civil penalties that may be incurred if the
student is determined to be habitually absent or habitually
tardy. The student's parent or legal guardian shall sign a
receipt for such notification.

(d) The parent or legal guardian of any student in
kindergarten through grade eight who is considered
habitually absent or habitually tardy pursuant to the
provisions of this Section shall be in violation of the provisions
of Subparagraph (b) of this Paragraph and shall be
punished as follows:

(i) A first offense shall be punishable by a fine of not more
than fifty dollars or the performance of not less than twenty-
five hours of community service.

(ii) Any subsequent offense shall be punishable in
accordance with R.S. 17:221(A)(2).

(iii) For purposes of this Subparagraph, an offense means a
violation of this Subsection by the parent or legal guardian
of a child who is habitually absent or habitually tardy;
multiple offenses may result from violations involving different
habitually absent or tardy children of that parent or legal

(iv) In any case where the child is the subject of a court
ordered custody or visitation plan, the parent or legal
guardian who is lawfully exercising actual physical custody
or visitation of the child shall be responsible for the child's
attendance at school on those days and shall be solely
responsible for any absence or tardiness of the child on such
days. The parent or legal guardian not exercising actual
physical custody or visitation on the day of the absence or
tardiness shall not be in violation of this Section.
(2) In a nonpublic school, a student shall be considered
habitually absent or tardy only when the student has been
absent or tardy for more than five days within any month
without approval of the parent or other person responsible
for the student's school attendance and when the student's
principal has filed a written report showing dates of absence
or tardiness and dates and results of school contacts with
the home.

C. If a student is less than eighteen years of age and is
habitually absent or tardy as determined pursuant to this
Section the Department of Public Safety and Corrections
may, upon notification from the school board, deny or
suspend the driver's permit or license of the student in
accordance with the provisions of R.S. 32:431.1.

D. For purposes of this Section, the term "tardy" shall include
but not be limited to leaving or checking out of school
unexcused prior to the regularly scheduled dismissal time at
the end of the school day but shall not include reporting late
to class when transferring from one class to another during
the school day.

Acts 1990, No. 158, §2, eff. July 1, 1990; Acts 1994, 3rd Ex.
Sess., No. 103, §1, eff. July 7, 1994; Acts 2008, No 688, §1,
June 1, 2009; Acts 2009, No. 224, §6, eff. June 1, 2009; Acts
2009, No. 305, §1; Acts 2010, No. 644, §1, eff. June 29, 2010.

   Bains Lower Elementary Attendance Make-Up Protocol
1st—The Attendance Clerk emails a letter to inform parents/
guardians about their child having three unexcused
absences and/or unexcused tardies. If the parent does not
have an email address, the Attendance Clerk gives the
letter to the student to take home.

2nd—When a student gets five unexcused absences and/
or unexcused tardies, the Attendance Clerk emails a letter
to the parents/guardians AND the Director of Child Welfare
and Attendance sends a certified letter with the same
information to the parents/guardians.
3rd—When the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance
receives a "return receipt" from the certified letter, he informs
the Truancy Administrator and the Attendance Clerk. The
parents/guardians then has five days to call and schedule a
truancy meeting with the Truancy Administrator. If a meeting
is not scheduled, the parents/guardians name will be turned
over to the District Attorney. If a letter is returned the school
will make an effort to contact the parents/guardians. If
parents/guardians cannot be contacted, their name(s) will
be turned over to the District Attorney.

4th—The Attendance Clerk also makes contact with the
parents/guardians to inform them that a letter was sent out
informing them to call and schedule a truancy meeting
with the Truancy Administrator. This information should be
documented in the Truancy Google Doc form.

5th—During the truancy meeting with the Truancy
Administrator, a contract is created and signed by
the guardian, student, and the Truancy Administrator.
The contract entails how the student will make up the
unexcused absences and/or unexcused tardies. The Truancy
Administrator also reviews and gives a copy of Louisiana
Law RS 17:233 on habitual absences or tardiness to the

6th—The truant student is to fulfill the commitments in the
contract. If the student does not, their name will be given to
the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance to be turned
over to West Feliciana Parish District Attorney.

                BLE Policy on Credit Recovery
Unexcused Absences:
   •   Two After School Detentions make up one unexcused
   •   All but two unexcused days must be agreed upon to
       be made up during the time of the truancy meeting.

Unexcused Tardies:
   • One After School Detention makes up three unexcused
Attendance Clerk codes unexcused absences and/or
tardies as "Make-Up Class" and leaves specific comments in

Notes: If doctor excuses are turned in parents/guardians do
not have to attend truancy meetings. The Attendance Clerk
will document this in our Truancy Google Doc form.

Administration reserves the right to amend the Credit
Recovery process when needed.

If a student is present for less than 105 minutes of a school
day, he/she will be counted absent. If a student is present
between 106 minutes and 210 minutes, he/she is marked
present for 1/2 day attendance.

If a student is absent 1/2 day or less on one occasion, he/she
will still be considered to have perfect attendance; however,
if a student is absent for more than1/2 day (more than 210
minutes, 3 hours 30 minutes), he/she will not be considered
to have perfect attendance.

All absences, excused or unexcused, are counted as an
absence for reporting. Only when students are not present
due to participating in an authorized school activity are they
counted present.

Types of Absences
Local Category 1— The following types of absences will
allow a student to make up missed work but will count
toward a student's ten (10) day per year limit:

   •   “Out of School” suspension
   •   Verified Absence—Parent Note

Local Category 2 — The following types of absences will not
qualify a student for make-up work and will count against a
student's ten (10) per year limit:

   •   Unexcused Absence (No note or invalid reason)
*Examples of invalid reasons could include, but are not
limited to the following: missing the bus, work schedule or
babysitting conflicts.

Local Category 3— The following types of absences will
allow a student to make up work and will not count toward
a student's ten (10) day per year limit:

   •   Extended Doctor's Excuse
   •   Extenuating Circumstances (See definition below)
        State Definition of Extenuating Circumstances
The only exception to the attendance regulation will be
extenuating circumstances based on the total number of
days, which will be verified by the Supervisor of Child Welfare
and Attendance. Students shall be temporarily excused from
the attendance regulation for the following reasons:

   1. Extended personal, physical, or emotional illness
      in which a student is absent for three or more
      consecutive school days as verified by a physician or
      nurse practitioner licensed in the state;
   2. Extended hospital stay in which a student is absent for
      three or more consecutive school days as verified by
      a physician or dentist;
   3. Extended recuperation from an accident in which a
      student is absent for three or more consecutive school
      days as verified by a physician, dentist, or nurse
      practitioner licensed in the state;
   4. Extended contagious disease within a family in which
      a student is absent for three or more consecutive
      school days as verified by a physician or dentist
      licensed in the state;
   5. Observance of special and recognized holidays of
      the student's own faith;
6. Visitation with a parent who is a member of the
      United States Armed Forces or the National Guard of
      a state and such parent has been called to duty or
      is on leave from overseas deployment to a combat
      zone or combat support posting. Excused absences
      in this situation shall not exceed five school days per
      school year.
Procedures For Returning To School After An Absence
If a student is absent from school, he/she shall produce
upon his/her return to school a note from his/her parent or
physician that includes the following:

   1.   Day(s) student was out
   2.   Reason for the absence
   3.   Student's name
   4.   Signature of parent or guardian
   5.   Parent's phone number
This note from the parent or physician must be turned in
within three (3) days of the student's return to school.

Our school day begins at 8:00 a.m. Students will be
considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by 8:05
a.m. It is important that students arrive on time and ready to

After three unexcused tardies, a student's guardian will
be called. According to state and local policy, a student
is truant after the fifth unexcused absence or the fifth
unexcused occurrence of being tardy within any one
semester. Truancy is an important accountability issue,
and one that will be addressed. Beginning with the sixth
tardy, there will be a hearing with the school principal or his
designee, the student, and the parent prior to the student
returning to school.

All late arrivals must check in at the office immediately upon
arrival on campus. Any student arriving after 8:05 a.m. must
be accompanied by a parent. Students will not be allowed
to check in unless accompanied by a parent. A student
on campus without officially checking in shall be found in
violation of school policy.

Once a student arrives on campus, he/she is officially on
campus and cannot leave until the school day is over, or he/
she officially checks out.

A student checking out during the day will remain in class
until they are called by school personnel. Exceptions may be
made in the case of illness or other emergencies.

Bus/Parent Pick-up changes will be accepted by a written
note or signed email from a parent or guardian daily or
weekly. All emails and fax should be followed by a phone
call. Changes will not be accepted after 2:30 p.m. Check
out will not be allowed after 2:45 p.m.

Parents who are picking their children up at the end of the
day should pass through the parent pick-up line. The duty
teacher will radio inside the cafeteria to call the student out
to the pick-up line. Parents should not enter the cafeteria to
retrieve students.

Parents must report to the office to check a child out.
Parents may not take children out of the bus line, from off
the bus, or from out of the classroom. If a parent has an
extenuating circumstance, he/ she should report to the
office, and the child will be called to meet the parent at the

Types of Tardies
Local Category 1—The following types of tardies will count
toward a student's truancy count. A student is truant when
he/she has five (5) category 1 tardies per semester:

      Tardy Unexcused (No note or invalid reason)
      Check In Unexcused (No note or invalid reason)
      Check Out Unexcused (No note or invalid reason)

State Definition of Truancy (RS:233 and Act 745)
B.(1)(a) A student shall be considered habitually absent or
habitually tardy when either condition continues to exist
after all reasonable efforts by personnel, truancy officer, or
other law enforcement personnel have failed to correct
the condition after the fifth unexcused absence or fifth
unexcused occurrence of being tardy within any school

Make-up Work
It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements
with the teacher immediately upon return from an absence
that requires a student to make up any missed assignments.
Teacher will assign make-up work and tests to be completed
within (3) days, after student returns to school.

Students will be allowed to make up a test, turn in material,
or complete an activity. If after notification, the student fails
to accomplish the make-up assignments and test in the
allotted time, a grade of "zero" will be earned.

                     THE SCHOOL DAY
Our first bell rings promptly at 8:00 a.m. Students are not to
report to school before 7:30 a.m. There is no adult supervision
available before 7:30 a.m. Daily dismissal time is 3:08 p.m.
Students must be picked up by 3:15 p.m.

Early Dismissal is scheduled for the following dates:
    Friday, September 10, 2021
    Friday, December 17, 2021
    Wednesday, May 19, 2022

Staff Development Days with no students are as follows:
    Wednesday-Friday, August 4-6, 2021
    Wednesday, October 13, 2021
    Monday, January 3, 2022
    Wednesday, March 2, 2022
In the event of a school emergency, parents will be notified
through an automated call system.

Louisiana RS 17:170 requires that students entering a public
school system are required to provide proof of current
immunizations prior to entering school. The child's parent
or guardian may obtain the record from the primary care
provider or a public health unit.

Parents of students who required medications to be
administered during the school day must provide a State
of Louisiana Medication Order form signed by a licensed
medical provider along with a completed Parent/Guardian
Consent form which can be obtained from the district
website or the school nurse. Medications may only be
transported to and from school by a responsible adult in the
original container or pharmacy labeled container. Do not
send any medications to school with a student. They will be
subject to disciplinary action for carrying medication of any

Any child who has fever over 100 degrees, vomiting, or
diarrhea must remain at home until 24 hours after the child
is symptom-free without medication. No child should return
to school the next day after being sent home with any of
these symptoms. Students who have communicable disease
such as Pink Eye, Scabies, Measles, Mumps, or Chicken Pox
must be treated by a physician and may not return until
documentation of release by physician is provided.

Students who have head lice must be treated at home and
cleared by a nurse prior to returning to school. Students will
not be allowed to return if live lice or a large number of nits
remain in their hair.

Routine screenings will be performed on students by school
nurses throughout the year. The nurses will also be available
at various times on each school to respond to illness and
injuries. The nurses will contact parents or guardians if the
student needs further care or needs to leave school. If your
child has special medical needs, please complete the
Health Information form which can be found on the district
website. The completed form can be sent to the school
nurse for appropriate follow up.

Absences related to illness or head lice will be unexcused
until a physician's excuse is brought to school. If the school
nurse requests for your child to stay home after checking
out ill or with head lice, she will excuse one day only. After
that time, a physician's note will be required to excuse those
missed days.

Bains Lower is a "Leader in Me Lighthouse School”, which
means that we implement the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Each
morning, we review the 7 Habits over the intercom as a
way to promote a school culture built on leadership and
community. The primary goal is to help students discover
the leader within them. We use student-led assemblies
called Synergy Assemblies, conduct student-led parent
conferences, and have students set and track academic,
behavioral, and personal goals all as part of having students
explore their leadership qualities, because this is the core
belief of our school. Our intent is to create a learning
environment focused on the whole individual and their
place in the classroom and community.

Be a Leader Every Day

   Be Proactive
   Begin with the End in Mind
   Put First Things First
   Think Win-Win
   Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
   Sharpen the Saw
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBIS)
At Bains Lower we believe all students can behave
appropriately. In order to create an atmosphere which
encourages learning, it is necessary that certain levels of
conduct and discipline be maintained. Teachers have the
authority and responsibility to maintain discipline in the
classroom. Each teacher will send home a written discipline
plan. School discipline procedures have been established
and will be consistently enforced. School wide rules are
posted in each classroom. All students are expected to
abide by the following:
     I am respectful to others.
     I keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.
     I follow the directions of adults.
     I respect school and personal property of others.
     I do not disrupt others from learning.
Students may be referred to school administrators for
disciplinary reasons. The teacher's behavior plan will be
reviewed in light of the incident and an investigation of the
incident will be conducted by the administration. Actions
initiated through the office may include loss of privileges, in-
school suspension, out-of-school suspension, and/or referrals
to the school resource officer and/or to the counselor/
social worker. Parents will be contacted if the student is sent
to the office for serious disciplinary infractions. Students will
be treated fairly and equitably in order to maintain a safe
environment conducive to learning. Due to the unique
needs of young children, discipline shall be based on a
careful assessment of the circumstances of each case.
Students are expected to:

   1. Walk orderly when going anywhere in the building.
   2. Follow all rules that apply to special areas of the
      school: cafeteria, library, playground, bus, etc.
   3. Refrain from chewing gum at school.

4. Refrain from wearing hats or caps in the building.
   5. Refrain from bringing radios, cell phones, electronic
      devices or battery operated toys.
   6. Refrain from bringing a knife, weapon, facsimile of a
      weapon, or object that can be used as a weapon.
Children are encouraged to report all incidences of
aggressive behavior, teasing, or possible bullying to
the classroom teacher so that these behaviors can be
addressed immediately. Bullying, hazing and other similar
behaviors are prohibited. In cases where bullying is
suspected, school personnel will follow the West Feliciana
Parish School Board Policy on Bullying and Hazing.

To help us respond quickly and adequately in assisting your
child should he/she become injured or ill, please keep the
Emergency Form updated. It is vital that the form remain
current. Parents should notify the school immediately if there
is a change of address, telephone number, work number,
babysitter, or person to contact. This information is very
important in case of illness or emergency.

The West Feliciana Parish Public School System is committed
to ensuring the safety of students, employees, and visitors
through effective policies and procedures, educational
programming, and community involvement. The safety and
security of all students and staff is our first priority. Our goal is
to promote a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment.
Therefore, we have installed security doors at the entry
of BLE that will remain locked throughout the school day.
Parents and visitors will be checked in by the receptionist.
As a result, parents will no longer be able to walk students
to their classrooms beginning October 1st. Students may
be dropped off at parent drop/parent pick-up or bus. We
appreciate your cooperation in keeping our students and
faculty safe.
The overall goals are:

      To create a safe environment conducive to learning
       by providing campus-wide patrol and surveillance
      Responding to various campus incidents and calls for
      Daily inspection of security systems, equipment,
       buildings, and property

The West Feliciana School Resource Officer (SRO) Program
places experienced law enforcement professionals at
BLE, Bains, WFMS, and WFHS. The School Resource Officer
(SRO) Program reflects a community partnership between
West Feliciana Parish Schools and the West Feliciana Parish
Sheriff’s Office to ensure that our schools have safe, secure,
and orderly learning environments. The SRO provides a wide
array of services. The officer acts as a law enforcement
officer/safety expert, liaison to community resources, and
educator. In addition to outlined duties/responsibilities we
are asking that they conduct home visits in order to secure
contact information if the need arises.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child's/
children's teachers throughout the year. Parent/Teacher
conferences can be:

A. Requested by Teacher:
   The teacher will send home a form requesting a
   conference, note such on the report card, or contact
   a parent by phone. Please respond to these requests
   and attend these conferences. They are very important
   to your child's progress in school. Notify the office if you
   cannot make it. It is important to make every effort to
   keep open communication going between the home
   and school.

B. Requested by Parent:
   Parents should call the office for an appointment or
   contact the teacher. The teacher or a secretary will
   return the call and set up a time for the conference. Do
   not expect to conference with teachers without making
   prior arrangements. Valuable instruction time can be lost
   when a parent shows up unexpectedly. Be certain not
   to go directly to a teacher's room without checking in at
   the office first. The teacher will ask you for your Visitor's

C. Student-led Conference:
   Every child at Bains will conduct a student-led
   conference with a parent, guardian, or employee of
   our district. This is an incredible experience for parents to
   be part of and we ask you to be certain to attend this
   one conference. This is your child's time to share their
   accomplishments and goals. The teacher will provide
   scheduling options and parents can sign-up at their

Conferences will be scheduled during the school day at
the teacher's planning time or before or after school when
necessary if arranged in advance. Parents are welcome at
school events and are encouraged to communicate with
their children's teachers throughout the year.

Conference Expectations:

The goal of any parent/teacher conference is to share
information that will result in increasing the student's
academic, behavioral, and social/emotional achievement
at school. To ensure this goal is met, the following
expectations will be in place for all parent/teacher

      Please come with an open mind and be willing to
       listen to ideas and concerns from the teachers.
      If you are concerned or worried about something,
       please share this information in a way that provides
the teacher the opportunity to clear misconceptions
       or explain events that have occurred.
      Parents can expect teachers to have evidence
       of student's academics and behavioral decisions
       available for discussion at the conference.
      Yelling, cursing, making accusations or bringing
       up matters not related to the student will NOT be
       tolerated by the parent, teacher, or any other adult
       in the conference. If behaviors like these occur, the
       conference will immediately be ended.
      If the student (or any other children are present),
       only respectful behaviors and conversation will be
       permitted. If parents and teachers need to disagree
       or discuss a concern the student (or other children)
       must be removed from the room.
      If a parent or teacher feel uncomfortable at any time,
       a member of the administrative team can end the
       conference. It will be up to the principal to determine
       how to move forward.

All students have a minimum of one student-led conference
with the parent/guardian. Students use the data they have
been monitoring in their Leadership Notebook to share in
their conference.

Visitors are always welcome but are encouraged to call to
make an appointment to see a teacher, the principal, or to
visit classrooms. If you plan to visit your child's classroom or
conference with the teacher, we ask that you call ahead
to arrange a time. Teachers are unable to stop during
instructional time to have conferences. Upon arrival, all
visitors must use the main entrance, sign in, and obtain a
Visitor's Pass from the office. Visitors are to wear their pass
at all times while on campus. Before leaving campus visitors
must sign out in the office. Adult volunteers are asked not to
bring siblings or other small children when volunteering in the
class. We pride ourselves on having a warm, inviting campus
where everyone feels welcome. Stop by and visit sometime
or just give us a call so we can be ready for you!

The PTC at Bains Lower Elementary is an organization of
parents, grandparents, educators, and community members
who work together to build a closer relationship between
home and school. Our goal is for parents to provide support
for our staff in an effort to secure the highest quality mental,
physical, and social education for the students at Bains
Lower Elementary School. The PTC makes many contributions
to the school that benefit all students. Please join the PTC
and be an active volunteer. Without the PTC many of our
special programs and events would not be possible.

Dues are $5.00 per person. Parents, grandparents, teachers,
and any concerned community member may join Bains
Lower's PTC.

                 PARENT INVOLVEMENT
The active involvement of parents at Bains Lower Elementary
is an integral part of our day to day operation. This includes
the active involvement of parents in the classroom, and the
participation of parents in regular two-way communication
regarding student academic learning and school activities.

Bains Lower believes that parents play an integral role in
their child's learning. Weekly newsletters are sent home by
each classroom teacher to inform parents of academic
learning and to involve parents in the learning process.
A monthly school newsletter also helps to ensure regular
communication to parents.

Parents are also involved in decision making through various
committees such as School Building Level Committee
(SBLC), PTC Board, I.E.P. Committees, School Improvement
Committee, and The SACS-CASI Committee. Parents are
urged to conference with their child's teacher on a regular

                   THE PARENT CENTER
Bains Lower houses a special section in the library specifically
for parents. In the Parent Center there are books, CDs, flash
cards, games, activities, and other resources that can be
checked out for parents to use to help their children at
home. Come by and check it out!

Students are expected to take proper care of textbooks
and/or library books checked out in their name. All books
must be returned in good condition or parents will be
responsible for the cost to repair or replace damaged or lost

The best way for us to help our children is to communicate
our mutual expectations. Listed below are some of the ways
in which we will communicate with you.

Graded Papers Folders — Students will bring home graded
papers and test papers biweekly. Review these papers with
your child, sign and date the folder. Return the folders and
papers promptly.

School Calendar and School Newsletter— A school-wide
monthly calendar will be sent home at the beginning of
each month and will include school-wide activities and
grade-level activities. Notes and reminders regarding
policies and programs are also included. A school newsletter
will be sent home quarterly. This publication will highlight our
accomplishments of our students and staff as we strive to
develop our leadership skills. It will also include recognitions
and accomplishments.
School Fees— Students are charged a small fee that aids the
school in purchasing additional materials used throughout
the year such as Leadership Notebooks and performance
based activities to enhance learning. It is imperative that
all fees are collected to support additional activities to
enhance student learning. The fee can be collected in the
full amount requested by October 8, 2021.

    Pre-kindergarten        $40.00
    Kindergarten            $40.00
    First Grade             $40.00

Failure to pay fees in a timely manner will result in the

Students will not be allowed to participate in school
privileges that have a cost including, but not limited to Pizza
Day, Snow Cones, Harvesting Leaders, etc. until their school
fees are paid in full.

Economic Hardship Waivers—A student or his/her parent
or legal guardian may request and receive a waiver of
payment of a fee due to economic hardship. Waivers of
fees shall be granted based on objective criteria relative to
the student or his/her family, as listed below:

   1. Is receiving unemployment benefits or public
      assistance including temporary assistance for needy
      families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,
      supplemental security income, or Medicaid.
   2. Is in foster care or is caring for children in foster care.
   3. Is homeless.
   4. Is serving in, or within the previous year has served in
      active military service.
   5. Is an emancipated minor.

A request for waiver of fees shall be submitted to the
principal of the school or his/her designee for consideration
using the Economic Hardship Waiver for Student Fees form.
Proof of eligibility shall be included with the fee waiver
request. A written decision on the waiver request shall be
rendered within ten (10) school days of the date of receipt
of the request. Should the initial request to the principal of
the school for a waiver be denied, a written appeal may be
made to the Superintendent or his/her designee, who shall
respond to the appeal in writing within ten (10) school days
of the receipt of appeal.

All requests for economic hardship waivers of student
fees and any and all supporting documentation used in
considering the validity of any request for a waiver shall be

All records associated with a fee waiver request due to
economic hardship shall not constitute a public record,
but may be audited to ensure compliance with the School
Board's policy. A student's personally identifiable information
associated with such a waiver request shall not be made

Weekly Newsletters— Each teacher will send a newsletter
home weekly with events, activities, skills and reminders
specific to the class.

Report Cards and Conferences— First Grade and
Kindergarten report cards are sent home with students
each nine weeks. Pre-Kindergarten report cards are sent
home three (3) times a year. Pre-Kindergarten report cards
will be sent home on October 22, 2021, February 18, 2022,
and mailed May 23, 2022. They are an indication of your
child's progress and achievement. Conferences are held a
minimum of once per year. Additional conferences can be
held at any time and should be arranged with the teacher.

Website—Visit to view our school website.
Each teacher has a web page accessible to parents.

OnCourse Parent Portal — The OnCourse Parent Portal
gives parents and students access to real-time information
including attendance, grades (applies to 1st grade only),
assignment descriptions, school bulletins and lunch menus.
This gives everyone an opportunity to stay connected.
Students stay on top of assignments, and parents are able to
participate more fully in their student's progress.

                         FIELD TRIPS
Field trips are an important extension of classroom teaching.
They allow invaluable opportunities for learning that are
not possible within the classroom. As parents you are
encouraged and welcome to participate on any field trip.
Your attendance will allow you to share quality time with
your son or daughter. Participation on a field trip will give
your child the opportunity to enjoy your attention. Also, due
to liability issues siblings are not allowed on field trips.

Bains Lower allows students to celebrate birthdays at school
as long as parents strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

   1. Arrangements must be made in advance with the
   2. Fifteen minutes is the maximum time that is allowed
      for the celebration.
   3. The celebration can only be held at the end of the
      school day.
   4. Cupcakes/cookies and drinks can be served. (Cakes
      are not allowed) All items should be store bought. No
      homemade items.
   5. No gifts are allowed to be presented to the birthday
   6. Small favors or treats can be given to students, if
      desired (optional).
   7. No flowers or balloons are to be delivered or brought
      to the school.
   8. Balloons are not to be given to the students in the
If parents are hosting a party off campus and send
invitations to the school for delivery to students, the following
guidelines apply: the entire class, all girls, or all boys must
be invited. If a parent chooses to invite only some boys or
some girls in the class, the invitations cannot be given to the
students at school.

                   HOMELESS SERVICES
Any family having children in the West Feliciana Parish
School System and having no fixed monthly income,
fluctuating monthly income, or lacking a regular adequate
resident with appropriate utilities; should contact the school
office. If the following requirements are not met, we will
refer you to the appropriate personnel overseeing homeless
students. Also, you can contact the West Feliciana Parish
School Board Office at 225-635-3891 for assistance.

In accordance with Louisiana Children's Code article (1993),
any mandatory reporter who has cause to believe that a
child's physical or mental health or welfare is endangered as
a result, or that abuse or neglect was a contributing factor in
a child's death shall report these suspicions to the authorities.

          ALL Bains Lower Elementary personnel are
                  MANDATORY REPORTERS.

                        DRESS CODE
All students attending Bains Lower Elementary are expected
to adhere to the mandatory dress standard adopted by
the West Feliciana School Board. Violations will result in
appropriate disciplinary action. On special days students
may be allowed to dress out of uniform. These changes are
always made in writing to parents. Please carefully review
the uniform policy.

                   UNIFORM POLICY

Shirts:                    Solid white, navy, or royal blue
                           polo/golf/turtleneck or oxford
                           collar shirts (short or long sleeved)
                           with no logo or decoration.
                           *Shirts must be tucked in.
                           *All shirts must have a collar.
T-shirts:                  Only white T-shirts may be worn
                           under the uniform shirt.
Pants:                     Khaki or navy traditional trousers
                           or navy and white approved
                           plaid (for girls). No cargo/painter/
                           carpenter styles are allowed.
                           *Athletic pants of any type or style
                           are not permissible.
Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers:   Khaki or navy traditional style or
                           navy and white approved plaid
                           (for girls). No cargo/carpenter
                           styles are allowed. Length must be
                           no shorter than four inches above
                           the knee when being measured
                           from the floor while kneeling.
Dresses:                   Dresses may be worn but must
                           have a collar. Sleeveless dresses or
                           jumpers are not permissible.
Leggings:                  Leggings may be worn under
                           dresses and skirts but they must be
                           solid white or navy.
Capris:                    Khaki or navy traditional capris.
                           No cargo/carpenter styles are
                           allowed. No excessively tight
                           capris are allowed.

Belts:                     Black, brown, navy or khaki belts
                           must be worn with bottoms with
                           belt loops.
Sweatshirts:               Solid, navy, black, gray, or royal
                           blue with no logo or decoration
                           (long sleeved).
                           *A shirt with a collar must be worn
                           under sweatshirts.
Sweaters:                  Solid white, navy, black, gray,
                           or royal blue with no logo or
                           decoration (sweater vests or long
                           sleeved sweaters).
Jackets, Coats:            Solid white, khaki, navy, black,
                           gray, or royal blue with no logo or
Shoes:                     Tennis shoes are preferred for
                           outside play and P.E.
                           *Shoes with wheels are not
                           *No flip-flops are allowed
                           *Crocs are not acceptable
                           Sandals must have straps on the

  •      The waistband of all clothing must be located on the
         natural waistline of the student and should be sized
         appropriately. No excessively loose or tight clothing
         will be allowed.
  •      Jeans or jean shorts of any color or style are not
  •      Rain boots are to be worn outside only. Regular shoes
         must be provided for inside wear.
  •      Parents are asked to sew name tags into or use
         permanent markers on sweaters, jackets, gloves and
  •      If in doubt, before wearing an outfit, please check
         with an administrator.

A grievance is a complaint. It is recommended that
grievances be resolved at the lowest possible level.

The best place to start if you have a complaint is to
speak with the person with whom (staff member or other
participant) you have the problem and try to work out your
disagreement. At this point, you may also wish to discuss
your problem with the Principal or the Assistant Principal.

If you are not satisfied, you may put your complaint in writing
and give it to the Principal. Your written complaint will be
reviewed by the Principal. Within ten (10) working days, the
Principal will give you a written decision about your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with this decision, you may appeal in
writing to the Superintendent of the West Feliciana School
System. Within ten (10) working days, the Superintendent or
a person appointed by the Superintendent will meet you to
discuss your complaint. Within ten (10) working days, of the
meeting, the Superintendent or a person appointed by the
Superintendent will give you a written decision.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the
Superintendent, you may appeal the ruling through any
process available to you under the law. You may address
any unresolved complaints to:
   Louisiana Department of Education
   Office of Student Programs
   Division NCLB and IDEA Support
   P.O. Box 94064
   Baton Rouge, LA 70804
   (225) 219-0364

Regulations and information on public schools are available
online at the DOE web site:

We are pleased to inform you that West Feliciana Parish
School District will be implementing a new option available
to schools participating in the National School Lunch and
School Breakfast Programs called the Community Eligibility
Provision (CEP) for School Year 2021-2022.

Great news for you and your students! All enrolled students
of the school system are eligible to receive a healthy
breakfast and lunch at school at no charge to your
household each day of the 2021-2022 school year. Students
may continue to purchase extra sale items. No further action
is required of you. If we can be of any further assistance,
please contact Mrs. Pat Gilmore/Food Service Director at
225-635-3272 Ext. 1227.

                 SPECIAL DIET REQUEST
The school secretary, the cafeteria manager, or the nurse
may be contacted to receive a diet prescription request
form for meals at school. When the form is returned correctly
completed by the physician, the diet request will be
forwarded to the Child Nutrition Department for evaluation.
Until such a determination is made, parents may be required
to send their child's meals to school. Diet prescriptions must
be made each school year.

In Accordance with federal and state laws, our district is
required to notify parent and guardians of your student
rights pertaining to your student's personal identification
information. You will receive the appropriate forms and
documentation at the beginning of each school year. Any
changes regarding the sharing of your child's personal

identifiable information need to be made in writing and
submitted to the Principal of their school.

                    GRADING SCALES
   Kindergarten & Grade 1
   M Mastery – 80% or more (standards exceeded)
   B Basic – 79%—70% (standards met)
   AB Approaching Basic – 69%—50% (standards nearly met)
   U Unsatisfactory—49% (standards not met)
   X Not measured

All Kindergarten students will be given the Desired Results
Development Profile (DRDP) screener. The results and other
available testing measures will be used to determine the
best placement for the student. First grade students who
did not attend a state approved kindergarten program will
be given the DRA, First Grade Math Beginning of the Year
Benchmark Assessment and DIBELs. It is recommended that
every Kindergarten student meet the following criteria by
attaining a minimum of 10 out of 13 of the bulleted skills listed

1. At the end of Kindergarten, a student should be able to
   master the following:

   •   Recognition of capital letters and lowercase letters
       (52 of 52 possible)
   •   Decodes CVC Words (9 of 12 possible)
   •   Write a dictated sentence using phonetic spelling
       based on sound-letter relationship.
   •   Reads at least 23 high-frequency words.
   •   Identify the long and short sounds of vowels: a, e, i, o, u.
   •   Recognition of letter sounds (20 of 26 possible)
2. At the end of Kindergarten, a student should be able to
   master 75% of each of the categories listed:
•   Count to 100 by ones (75 of 100 possible)
   •   One-to-one correspondence to 20 (15 of 20 possible)
   •   Fluently add and subtract to 5 (9 of 12 possible)
   •   Should master 75% of all other math skills listed on the
       report card (16 of 21 possible)
3. At the end of Kindergarten, a student should be able to
   correctly identify 7 of 9 print concepts.

4. At the end of Kindergarten, a student should be able to
   master 75% of the readiness skills in social development,
   general work habits, and fine motor skills as defined by
   the Kindergarten Student Evaluation Report Checklist (or
   Progress Report).

                     FIRST GRADE
In order for a first-grade student to achieve progression to
the next grade, he/she must meet the following minimum
weighted score of 9 out of 12. Points are earned based on
the Scoring Guidelines at the bottom of this page.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS—This will include             6 points
Reading Information, Reading Literature,
Reading Foundation, Language and Writing
standards of the LA Student Standards. The standards
   1) Key Ideas and Details, 2) Craft and Structure,
   3) Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, 4) Print
   Concepts, 5) Phonological Awareness, 6) Phonics and
   Word Recognition, 7) Fluency, 8) Text Types
   and Purposes, 9) Production and Distribution of Writing,
   10) Research to Build and Present Knowledge,
   11) Comprehension and Collaboration,
   12) Conventions of Standard English, and
   13) Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

MATHEMATICS – This will include the math               4 points
standards of the LA Student Standards.
The standards will include:
   1) Operations and Algebraic Thinking,
   2) Numbers and Operations in Base Ten,
   3)Measurement and Data, 4) Geometry.
SOCIAL LIVING – This will include science and           1 point
social studies standards of the LA Student
Standards. The standards include:
   1) History, 2) Geography, 3) Economics,
   4) Civics, 5) Waves and their Applications,
   6) Molecules and Organisms, 7) Heredity,
   and 8) Earth in the Universe.

TOTAL POINTS ACHIEVED            12 points
Scoring Guidelines
To receive ALL pupil progression points for a subject, a
student must perform at or above the basic proficiency level
on 70% or more of the standards in that subject.
To receive HALF of the pupil progression points for a subject,
a student must perform at or above the basic proficiency
level on 50% - 69% of the standards in that subject.
A student will receive 0 pupil progression points for a subject
if they perform at or above the basic proficiency level on 0%
- 49% of the standards in that subject.

Discipline on the bus will be handled by the bus driver and/
or school administrators. Nonconformity to bus rules and
misbehavior which jeopardizes the safety of the students
and driver will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension
of bus privileges.

Parents should be informed of and should understand their
responsibility in working with the bus driver and school system
personnel for the welfare and safety of their children. Also,
emphasis should be placed on the problems involved with
safe transportation and the extent of responsibility placed
on bus drivers who are transporting their children.

Responsibilities of parents are as follows:

 1. Be familiar with and follow local board and school level
    policies for school bus transportation.
 2. Have children ready and at their designated pickup
    points along the route.
 3. Cooperate with the school and bus driver in teaching
    children safety precautions and good manners and
    habits for school bus passengers.
 4. Assist when there are disciplinary problems.
 5. Avoid detaining the driver on the route.
 6. Avoid contacting drivers to change schedules, routes
    assignments, bus stops, etc. (If a problem arises contact
    the principal or Supervisor of Transportation.)
 7. Assist the school district in monitoring safe access to
    passengers by keeping bus loading and unloading
    zones free of parked vehicles, trash or debris, by
    keeping vegetation trimmed, etc.

A school bus with undisciplined passengers is a hazardous
bus. The misbehavior of the students can lead to accidents.
The drive must concentrate on the driving task at hand and
cannot be expected to constantly discipline the students
while the bus is in motion. Therefore, for the safe operation of
the school bus, students should be aware of and obey the
following safety rules:

1. Cooperate with the drive; your safety depends on it.
 2. Be on time; the bus will not wait.
 3. Cross the road cautiously under the direction of the
    driver when boarding and leaving the bus.
 4. Follow the driver's instructions when loading and
 5. Remain quiet enough not to distract the driver.
 6. Have written permission and be authorized by the
    principal to get on or off at a stop other than the
    designated stop.
 7. Remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion.
 8. Keep arms, head or other objects inside the bus at all
 9. Refrain from throwing objects in the bus or out of
    windows and doors.
10. Use emergency exits only for emergencies, and when
    instructed to do so.
11. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.
12. Avoid the use or possession of tobacco, matches,
    cigarette lighters, obscene materials, weapons, drugs or
    other prohibited items on the bus.
13. Take no glass objects or other objects on the bus if
    prohibited by state, federal law or local school board
14. Take no band instruments, projects and other objects
    too large or too hazardous to be held by the passenger
    or stowed safely under the seat. They will not be
    permitted on the bus.
15. Refrain from damaging the bus in any way.
16. Be courteous, and safety-conscious. Protect your
    personal riding privilege, and enjoy the ride.



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