From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Traralgon Campus                           NEWSLETTER | SEMESTER 1, 2021

From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Welcome to 2021
The commencement of the 2021 school year is rapidly approaching, and we look forward to having students commence
on Monday 1 February. In addition to welcoming a large number of new students to St Paul’s in 2021, we also look
forward to welcoming the following new staff members.

New Staff
Traralgon Junior School                                          Cath Paulet – Year 6 Teacher
Rachael Geerts (commenced mid 2020) – Year 6 Teacher             Sheree Rees – Early Learning Centre
Samantha Giacobbe – Classroom Assistant                          Kathryn Spalding – Classroom Assistant
Richelle Harris – Early Learning Centre                          James Wardell – ELC Co-educator
Wendy Macdougall – Early Learning Centre
William Rilen – Physical Education Teacher                       Warragul Secondary School
Emma Stanistreet – Classroom Assistant                           Linda Bossard – French Teacher
Lauren Vercoe – Year 1 Teacher                                   Cooper Burgess – Sports Trainee
                                                                 Jade Chen – Mathematics/Science Teacher
Traralgon Secondary School                                       Chihiro McConville – Japanese Teacher
Ronny Dent – Food Services Assistant (Canteen)                   Nyah Makin – Administration Trainee
Kirra Gill – Sports Trainee                                      Sarah Moerke – Physical Education Teacher
Helen Lynn – Food Technology Teacher Relief                      Jennifer Nguyen – Mathematics Teacher
Deborah Rowley – Food Services Assistant (Canteen)               Ellen Rijs – Dance Teacher
                                                                 Christine Yule – Mathematics/Science Teacher
Warragul Junior School
Stephanie Clements – Dance Teacher                               Warragul Secondary School returning from leave
Janice Diston – Year 5 Teacher                                   Kat Crow
Mary Hill – Classroom Assistant                                  Tim Charles
Ondine Olsson – Administration Trainee                           Dane Morley
Mary Patrickson – Classroom Assistant

School Captains 2021
The St Paul’s School Captains for 2021 are Alice Greenall and Liam Lenders. Our Deputy Captains are Jordan Ashley and
Jacob Puddy. We are thrilled with their appointments, from a very competitive field of their peers and wish them
every success in their new roles.
From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
VCE Results 2020
It is with great pleasure that we congratulate the entire class of 2020 on their VCE results.

The 2020 Dux of St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School is shared by twins Connor Ibbotson and Luke Ibbotson both
receiving an ATAR of 99.6. Close behind were Sage Hyde of Warragul on 99.55, Tatum Cotterrell of Traralgon on 99.25,
Jesse Buhagiar of Traralgon on 98.9 and Kieran Lewis of Arawata on 98.9.

Other very high achievers included: Jessica Lo of Warragul on 97.85, James Gourley of Warragul on 97.6, Angus Guo of
Moe on 97.3, Elyse Gordon from Traralgon South on 97.25, Scarlett Price from Newborough on 97.25, Ruby Zhang of
Morwell on 96.95, Isaac Sadek of Pakenham on 96.85, Sophie Vale of Warragul South on 96.25, Claire Birks of Trafalgar
on 96.1, Mae Williamson of Warragul on 95.9, Mia Alexander of Warragul on 95.85, Aarushi Pathania of Traralgon on
95.75, Phoebe O’Connor of Mountain View on 95.55, Kristin Skee of Moe on 95.3, Lachlan Hollier of Yarragon on 95.15,
Callum van der Meulen of Traralgon on 94.7, Jarra Davis of Drouin on 94.25, Vansh Patel of Warragul on 94.25, Molly
Francis of Warragul on 93.95, Jackson Clerks of Warragul on 93.7, Lilly Thomas of Seaview on 92.35, Samantha Edgar of
Gormandale on 92.05, Hannah Remyn of Warragul on 91.8, Tomas Dowler of Traralgon on 91.75, Elodie Williamson of
Warragul on 91.5, Mia Stevens of Traralgon on 91.35, Nixon Hall of Yinnar on 91.3, Jorja Halsall of Traralgon on 91.15,
Bellamy O’Callaghan of Traralgon on 90.95, Emily Jaques of Warragul on 90.4 and Sophie Bennett of Tynong North on

The School is incredibly proud of the way our class of 2020 managed the complexities of a COVID year. Their focused
approach to their studies never wavered and they managed online learning, internet reliability issues and personal
circumstances with maturity, good humour and a distinct care for one another throughout the entire year.

In all twenty-three per cent of students achieved an ATAR over 95 and forty-one per cent of students achieved an ATAR
over 90.

The percentage of students who achieved an ATAR of over 80 was an outstanding sixty-seven per cent, placing them
in the top twenty per cent of the state. Ninety-seven per cent of students achieved an ATAR over 50. The fact that
St Paul’s does not stream students out of Year 12 or offer a VCAL stream, means that these results are truly indicative
of the quality environment of learning and teaching that St Paul’s offers.

This year’s cohort plan to study a diverse range of courses from medicine and allied health to interior design and

The next few weeks will be an exciting time for students who now await offers of places at a range of university and
TAFE institutions, seek employment or GAP year opportunities.

From the Acting Deputy Principal, Ms Laura Butterworth
I extend a very warm welcome to all families to the 2021 school year. As is customary at this time of year there are
several reminders, regarding procedures and compliance matters, that we need to bring to your attention.

Each Head of School will communicate with families regarding COVID-19 protocols prior to the commencement of

Anaphylaxis and Asthma
It is timely to remind all school families of our need to be allergy aware when packing school snacks and
lunches. We have several students across the school for whom contact with a known allergen can have dire

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening. Common allergens include (but are not
limited to) nuts, eggs and shellfish.

The School requests that parents, students and members of staff do not provide foods with known allergens for
consumption at school. The school canteen will not use, provide, nor prepare foods containing known allergens for
consumption or use at school but may stock those labelled “may contain traces of nuts”. Where necessary, the Head of
School will inform families of any other foods which may not be brought to school.

The School’s policy and procedures for the management of students with anaphylaxis and asthma is available on

Parents of children who have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis or asthma are reminded that they are obligated to
provide the School with an accurate and updated Action Plan each year. Students will not be able to attend school
unless these documents are up to date. The School has a legal and moral obligation to keep the students safe and
parent cooperation is vital to ensure that this duty of care can be fulfilled.

Panadol and Nurofen (Analgesics) Administration Change
Just a reminder that the School can no longer administer analgesics to students during the school day, despite parental
permission. As has been previously communicated, there is concern that doing so may mask underlying symptoms that
are then not addressed. When it comes to students being away on school camps or overseas tours, parents are asked
to supply analgesics and any other medication to be taken, in a labelled zip lock bag with administration advice from
their family doctor included. We apologise for any inconvenience but as always, student safety is our first concern.

SMS Absence Notifications
Please ensure you notify the School if your child/ren are going to be absent from school. SMS absence notifications
to parents or guardians are now being used across all campuses. If there is an unexplained absence, all mobile phone
numbers listed on the school database (unless we have been otherwise instructed) will receive an SMS notification.
If you have called the School on the morning of the absence, sent a note earlier or your child is on an excursion or camp
you should not receive an SMS. We appreciate your assistance in making sure that our attendance data is accurate
and also ask that when you notify the School that your child is absent that a reason is provided (for example, illness,
appointments and the like).

Code Red Fire Danger Rating and School Closure Policy
It is that time of year when we need to draw the attention of all school families to our Code Red Fire Danger Rating and
School Closure Policy.

Although our school is not listed as being at the greatest risk of bushfires, our students and staff travel from many rural
areas within Gippsland which could (and have in the past) been significantly impacted by bushfires.

Should a Code Red Fire Danger rating be posted by the Emergency Management Commissioner, St Paul’s Anglican
Grammar School will close both campuses for the day, in order to keep students and staff off the roads.

Families will be provided with as much notice as possible of a planned closure. The final decision to close the School
will be confirmed no later than 1:00 pm the day before the planned closure. The School will communicate the details of
the closure to our community via SMS, email and Facebook. However, if unexpected weather patterns are experienced,
closures may happen at short notice.

To avoid confusion, once the decision to close has been confirmed, there will be no change – regardless of improvements
to the weather conditions the following afternoon or overnight.

Please take some time to read the full policy which can be found under ‘Parent Resources/Policies’ on MyStPauls
( We certainly hope that it will not be needed again this year but
it is always best to be prepared.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Child Safe School
St Paul’s takes matters of child safety very seriously. In keeping with the requirements of Ministerial Order 870, all adults
(over eighteen) who have contact with our students must undergo Child Safe training (online and takes approximately
forty-five minutes) as well as hold a current Working with Children Check or equivalent.

All teaching and non-teaching staff have completed their training and assessment and any parent or community member who
has or is likely to have direct contact with our students must also undergo the training. This requirement applies to coaches,
classroom helpers, those assisting with excursions, camps, sport, special celebrations and the like. In addition, adults assisting
in Junior School classrooms must also attend a short Parent Helper session and Heads of School will communicate when these
will take place.

Parent volunteers only have to complete these requirements once and, when completed, a record is added to our volunteer
registers. Parents will not be able to volunteer at any school event, nor assist in classrooms or with excursions, until they have
successfully completed these requirements.

We value your involvement with our school and hope that the additional expectation will not deter you. I am sure that you
will agree that in the end, making sure that we are a child safe school is well worth the additional effort. Should you wish to
complete the online modules, please email Carol Reid on

Our Child Safety Code of Conduct
We would also like to remind you of the Child Safe Code of Conduct by which all adults in the school community are
bound. This document, and other Child Safety Policies, can be accessed on the parent policies page of MyStPauls.

The Child Safety Code of Conduct outlines appropriate standards of behaviour for all adults towards students.
The Code serves to protect students, reduce any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur, and promote child safety
in the School environment. It provides guidance on how to best support students and how to avoid or better manage
difficult situations.

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School has the following expectations of behaviours and boundaries for all adults interacting
with students within our school community. This includes all teaching staff, non-teaching staff, Board Directors,
volunteers (direct and indirect), third party contractors, external education providers and parents/carers.

The School’s Board has endorsed this Child Safety Code of Conduct.

      •   Behave as a positive role model to students.
      •   Promote the safety, welfare and wellbeing of students.
      •   Be vigilant and proactive with regard to student safety and child protection issues.
      •   Provide age appropriate supervision for students.
      •   Comply with guidelines published by the School with respect to child protection.
      •   Treat all students with respect.
      •   Promote the safety, participation and empowerment of students with a disability.
      •   Promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of linguistically and culturally diverse students.
      •   Use positive and affirming language towards students.
      •   Encourage students to ‘have a say’ and then listen to them with respect.
      •   Respect cultural, religious and political differences.
      •   Help provide an open, safe and supportive environment for all students to interact and socialise.
      •   Intervene when students are engaging in inappropriate bullying behaviour towards others or acting in a
          humiliating or vilifying way.
      •   Report any breaches of this Child Safety Code of Conduct.
      •   Report concerns about child safety to one of the School’s Child Protection Officers and ensure that your legal
          obligations to report allegations externally are met.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
•   Where an allegation of child abuse is made, ensure as quickly as possible that the student involved is safe.
    •   Call the Police on 000 if you have immediate concerns for a student’s safety.
    •   Respect the privacy of students and their families and only disclose information to people who have a need to

Do not:
   • Engage in any form of inappropriate behaviour towards students or expose students to such behaviour.
   • Use prejudice, oppressive behaviour or inappropriate language with students.
   • Express personal views on cultures, race or sexuality in the presence of students or discriminate against any
        student based on culture, race, ethnicity or disability.
   • Engage in open discussions of an adult nature in the presence of students.
   • Engage in any form of sexual conduct with a student including making sexually suggestive comments and
        sharing sexually suggestive material.
   • Engage in inappropriate or unnecessary physical conduct or behaviours including doing things of a personal
        nature that a student can do for themselves, such as toileting or changing clothes.
   • Engage in any form of physical violence towards a student including inappropriate rough physical play.
   • Use physical means or corporal punishment to discipline or control a student.
   • Engage in any form of behaviour that has the potential to cause a student serious emotional or psychological
   • Develop ‘special’ relationships with students that could be seen as favouritism (for example, the offering of
        gifts or special treatment for specific students).
   • Engage in undisclosed private meetings with a student that is not your own child.
   • Engage in meetings with a child that is not your own, outside of school hours and without permission from the
        School and the child’s parent.
   • Engage in inappropriate personal communications with a student through any medium, including any online
        contact or interactions with a student.
   • Take or publish (including online) photos, movies or recordings of a student without parental/carer consent.
   • Post online any information about a student that may identify them such as their full name, age, email address,
        telephone number, residence, school, or details of a club or group they may attend.
   • Ignore or disregard any suspected or disclosed child abuse.

Our Child Protection Program includes a Staff and Student Professional Boundaries Policy that provides detailed
guidance for all staff and volunteers on how to maintain professional boundaries between students and adults at
St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School.

Online Learning Survey Results
By the end of 2020, all Heads of School had conducted a parent survey of online learning at their respective sub-school.
The results across the School were overwhelmingly positive (greater than eighty per cent across all sub-schools), with
parents acknowledging the efforts of students and staff and very pleased with the outcomes achieved.

However, we do acknowledge that the experience was particularly challenging for some families, with the age of the
children and parents’ work commitments playing a significant role in the degree of challenge experienced. We have
certainly taken on board the feedback provided by our parent community and are most grateful for the time many took
to write suggestions for the future.

Whilst we would no doubt all prefer not to experience such protracted periods of online learning again, should that
become necessary, we are well prepared to again respond rapidly to ensure the educational progress of our students.
We are very proud of the way our parents, students and staff weathered the challenges of 2020 together.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Year 7 Coding Classes with CS in Schools move into Year 8 in 2021
Last year, St Paul’s joined RMIT University’s CS in Schools program to develop student and teacher digital technology
skills. By 2022, an additional 81,000 workers will be required in the Australian IT sector. By working with CS in Schools,
we are committed to building a world-class digital technology program that develops these skills in our students.

CS in Schools offers a unique model that pairs an industry professional with secondary teachers and brings an industry
professional into the classroom. Throughout 2020, all Year 7 classes undertook coding lessons for a weekly double
period for one term. During this time they learnt the basics of coding and wrote their own code with continuous
feedback and support.

In 2021 these coding classes will be extended into Year 8 at both the Traralgon and Warragul Campuses.

Over three hundred Years 7 and 8 students will be taught coding as part of the CS in Schools program at St Paul’s
Anglican Grammar School this year.

Developing digital technology skills in our teachers and students is an important part of a well-rounded education at
St Paul’s and we are excited to be continuing our partnership with RMIT University, CS in Schools, and embedding
industry professionals in our classrooms.

We are looking forward to working closely with the program in 2021 and expanding it into our Years 9 and 10 elective
program in 2022.

From the Business Manager, Mrs Leah Young
Building and Facility Developments
The 2021 Budget is focused on providing funding for major capital works, ICT, infrastructure, as well as maintenance,
landscaping and minor capital improvements. New classroom furniture and musical instruments will feature across
the campuses.

Warragul Junior School
Late in 2019 we received advice from the Minister of Education, The Hon James Merlino MP, that our application for
a grant under the 2019–2020 Non-Government Schools Capital Fund had been successful for an amount of $2M. This
grant, along with a contribution from the School’s Building Fund (Total cost $2.64M), will be used to construct this
new building incorporating an Administration/Reception area, student services, toilet amenities, five classrooms and
smaller breakout rooms as well as a staffroom. This project was deferred for a period this year due to COVID-19 but
commenced late 2020 and will continue throughout 2021.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Warragul Junior School – Early Learning Centre Expansion
Further to this, the School has also received advice of its successful application for a Capital Grant of $600K (total cost
$754K) from the Victorian State Government to expand the Early Learning facilities at the Warragul Junior School.

A ‘Bush Kinder’ kitchen garden is also being established for our students in 2021.

Traralgon Campus – Performing Arts
Improvement works have been taking place during the holiday period to refurbish the Performing Arts Music Rooms.

Modifications have also been made to the stage of the gymnasium to create a suitable space for Dance.

Also, a rehearsal space for the new Academy of Music is being developed along with a new grand piano being a
welcome addition to Performing Arts!

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
Traralgon Junior School – Wellbeing Space
The open plan space within the Year 5 building has been redesigned as the Junior School’s wellbeing hub. This space has
been refurbished with furniture and equipment designed to provide groups of students with an opportunity to engage
in sensory activities, to develop strategies for regulating emotions and to participate in wellbeing and mindfulness
programs, enhancing mental health and social skills. Couches, tables, bean bag chairs, tents and a range of sensory
equipment will be installed with careful consideration to make this space an enjoyable and well used addition to the
Junior School.

Years 5 and 6 classrooms have also been refurbished with new furniture.

Future Building Planned for Traralgon Campus
St Paul’s will embark on a staged building program of state-of-the art secondary facilities commencing in 2022 with
the construction of the Futures Centre: a striking double-storied building with a welcoming entry and reception area,
outstanding performing arts facilities, general learning areas, a modern secondary library adjoining a large spacious
open cafeteria, a community hub and a range of student gathering spaces – both large and small. St Paul’s strong
focus on academic excellence will expand and diversify the curriculum to include a broad range of VCE subjects and
co-curricular activities, creating opportunities for every student to work toward their potential.

From the Director of Information Services, Mr David Cope

The Information Services teams have been busy setting up for the new school year.

The IT Services team have worked through a large program of infrastructure and system improvements over the break.
As well as configuring the new fleet of student laptops, upgrades to all the server systems have been completed.
This will improve our printing and storage capacity, and further ensure improved reliability of all school systems and
services. Trolley sets of laptops have been upgraded for use in both Junior Schools. Improvements to both the wired
and wireless components of our network have been undertaken at all campuses. Further improvements will occur
early in Term 2 as the School increases its broadband capacity to provide all students and staff with multimedia rich
educational resources.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
The Library team is looking forward to building upon the developments of last year. The Library team continue to
expand their offerings with access to audio and eBooks through the Wheelers platform. This platform is accessed
through student laptops, as well as iPads available for use within each Library. Teaching staff have been introduced
to the new features of the ClickView Media Library system. The Warragul Secondary Library team is also aiming to
undertake a minor refresh to improve the accommodation for students as they undertake collaborative research tasks.

The Curriculum Services team is continuing the transition to Continuous Online Reporting. All families including parents
of Junior School students, are able access their son or daughter’s formal assessment documents from MyStPauls at their
convenience. The MyStPauls system has further developed its capability as a Learning Management System. It now
has a fully integrated ‘Similarity Check’ function as part of its assessment submission process for secondary students.
This function quickly scans all submitted files for plagiarism against other submissions and the wider internet. Not only
does this system assist in making grading fairer, it provides students with the opportunity to re-work their submissions
and continue developing their writing skills.

If you have any thoughts, questions or issues regarding the Information Services Department, or any of the above
initiatives, I can be reached via email at

From the Head of Traralgon Secondary School, Mr Brad McCabe
Welcome to the 2021 academic year. I hope all of our Traralgon Secondary School families have enjoyed a break and
some quality time together over the festive period. I would also like to welcome our new students and families at each
year level; in particular, our Year 7 students who will shortly start their secondary school journey with us.

Please find below some key dates and reminders to help the new school year to start smoothly.

School Photos – Day 1, Monday 1 February 2021
A reminder that school photos are on the first day of school, Monday 1 February. Please ensure your child is well
presented in their school uniform and has their blazer with them. The blazers of prize winners that were handed in for
embroidery at the end of 2020 will be available for collection at the Secondary School Office.

Boys are required to wear formal winter uniform, with no jumper. Girls are required to wear formal summer uniform,
no jumper. Blazers are required for all photos and boys are required to wear their school tie.

In 2020 the School started to use Consent2Go to collect and keep up to date each student’s medical record. Before
each year level camp, all families will be prompted to update these records for their child/ren again. Of course, at any
time, if your child has a change in any medical circumstances that the School should know about, please call us, and we
will send you a link to update immediately.

In 2021 the School will also be using Consent2Go for excursion permissions. We hope that all families will find this a
much more convenient way to receive this information and to give consent.

For families new to St Paul’s, Consent2Go is a digital solution that easily enables you to keep your child’s health records
accurate and provide consent for school events, excursions and camps in a secure and timely manner. Consent2Go has
now replaced our previous paper process and will allow you to update photo/video permissions, dietary requirements,
and parent education and occupation details required by the government. Parents or guardians will be prompted by
an email with a secure link from which you can check and update your child’s medical information and other details.
The email will be from St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School.

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From the Principal, Mr Cameron Herbert
New Parent Welcome Evening – Wednesday 24 February
For parents and students new to our campus, we annually hold a “meet-and-greet BBQ” at 6:30 pm, followed by a
brief presentation at 7:00 pm. This event will be held in the Secondary School gardens on Wednesday 24 February. It
is a wonderful opportunity for new parents of the School to meet their child’s teachers and other parents new to the
St Paul’s family.

Year 7 2022 Information Evening – Tuesday 10 March
Year 7 is an important milestone in the transitional stage between primary and secondary schooling. At St Paul’s
Anglican Grammar School, we focus strongly on fostering the social, emotional and academic skills necessary for a
successful transition to Year 7, along with leadership, independence, organisation and time management to prepare
our students for the rigours of Secondary School. To provide further information about the Year 7 program, an
Information Evening is being held for parents on Tuesday 10 March. Transition to secondary schooling is an exciting
time in your child’s educational journey. An understanding of the Year 7 program, and the supports in place, can assist
in alleviating any anxiety for students or parents. I encourage all Year 7 families to attend this information evening and
to find out what is so special about Year 7 at St Paul’s.

Year 7 Peer Support Camp – Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 February
This year the Year 7 Peer Support Camp will be held at Camp Rumbug. The camp is set on 200 acres overlooking Wilsons
Promontory National Park. Year 7 students, Peer Support Leaders and Year 7 teachers will all be involved in the camp
from Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 February. The camp is run by trained instructors who tailor the adventure sessions
to meet the objectives of friendship building, teamwork, problem solving and community. Adventure activities are a
great way to stimulate learning and growth. We know our Year 7 students will have a terrific time and we will love to
hear their camp tales upon their return.

Heads of Year and Mentor Teachers 2021
Mentor Teachers see their students every day and are key to the delivery of the pastoral care program. They are
typically the first point of contact for parents/guardians with any questions, concerns, or general information. They
are further supported by the Head of Year who oversees the wellbeing, behaviour, academic progress and co-curricular
involvement of students. In 2021 our Heads of Year and Mentor Teachers are as follows.

        Ms Jennifer Witney       Ms Kirsten Enders       Ms Deborah Gatti   Mr Garry Williams    Mr Nathan Byrne
       Head of Years 7 and 8   Head of Years 9 and 10    Year 7A Mentor      Year 7B Mentor      Year 8A Mentor

         Mr Jason Addison       Mrs Victoria Wilson     Mr Andrew McGrath      Mrs Sandra        Mrs Sharon Pyle
          Year 8B Mentor         Year 9A Mentor           Year 9B Mentor     Timmer-Arends       Year 10B Mentor
                                                                            Year 10A Mentor

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School Captains 2021
I wish to congratulate our Traralgon Secondary School Captains for 2021, Zoe Dowler and Lachlan Speairs. Both Lachlan
and Zoe were very worthy candidates who we are sure will make a significant contribution to the Secondary School this
year. Our Peer Support Leaders, Co-curricular Captains, Deputy House Captains and Student Representative Captains
will be formally inducted into their positions at the Leadership Induction Assembly Thursday 4 February at 9:10 am.

                                           Zoe Dowler                Lachlan Speairs

At the start of the school year, it is timely to remind all families and students, of our uniform expectations. Please find
below the requirements in key areas.

Hairstyle and Grooming
• Girls must tie their hair back with a plain dark blue, burgundy or white ribbon, or a plain band in one of these
• Neither girls nor boys may have hair styles which are extremes of fashion in terms of length, style or colour.
    Boys’ hair must be above the collar at all times or tied back neatly.
• Beards and moustaches are not permitted. Boys MUST be cleanly shaven.

Jewellery and Makeup
• No visible jewellery may be worn except for wrist watches. Girls only may wear one small, plain sleeper (gold
   or silver) or stud (gold or silver) in the lobe of each ear. A small, discreet plain crucifix pendant on a thin chain
   necklace is accepted but this must hang lower than the collar opening of the dress or shirt.
   Nose piercings and ear piercings which are not in the lobe are NOT PERMITTED.
• Boys are not to wear piercings or jewellery (including bracelets, necklaces and rings) of any kind.
• Other than clear nail polish, cosmetics may not be worn at school. There should be no visible make-up. This
   includes blush, lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, mascara and foundation.

The uniform policy is very familiar to our students and we insist that it is adhered to at all times. A copy can be found
on the website for both student and parent reference,

We also suggest that all uniform is clearly labelled prior to the school year for easy identification if it is lost.

Mobile Phone Policy change
Our Mobile Phone and Other Electronic Devices Policy was reviewed by the staff and Executive team of the School in
2019, and changes to this policy were implemented in 2020. We were delighted to see that this change to our policy
created an immediate and positive effect on our student body.

All students from Years 7 to 10 are required to lock their phones in their lockers when they arrive and keep them
there until 3:10 pm.

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                            Page | 11
An excerpt from the policy is included below:
1. Students must sign and return an ICT User Agreement before they are permitted to bring their mobile phones to
2. Students who bring electronic devices to the School do so at their own risk. The School will not accept liability for
any lost, stolen or damaged items.
3. All students are permitted to access mobile phones after the official school day, for appropriate purposes.
4. At all other times, phones and other electronic devices, brought to the School should be kept on silent and out of
sight in students’ lockers (Secondary) or school bags (Junior). Headphones, earpieces and other accessories must also
be kept in lockers. At the Junior Schools students must leave their phones in their school bags or give them to their
classroom teacher to mind for the day. The exception to this rule is when a staff member specifically permits the use
of these devices for camps, excursions or educational purposes in class time.

What’s On – Traralgon Secondary School

Monday 1 February			               Term 1, 2020 Commences
					                              School Photos
Thursday 4 February 		             Traralgon Leadership Induction Assembly
					                              Years 7 and 8 Swim Trials
Wednesday 10 February		            House Swimming Carnival
Thursday 11 February			            SEISA Summer Sport, Intermediate and Senior, Round 1
Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 February Year 7 Camp
Thursday 18 February			            SEISA Summer Sport, Intermediate and Senior, Round 2
Wednesday 24 February		            Years 7 and 10 Immunisations, 9:00 am
					                              2021 New Parent Information Evening, 6:30 pm
Thursday 25 February			            SEISA Swimming, Badminton and Table Tennis Carnival
Tuesday 2 March			                 Traralgon Secondary Athletics Carnival
Thursday 4 March			                SEISA Summer Intermediate and Senior Round 3
					                              DAV Debating Round 1
Friday 5 March				                 Steven Herrick (Author) Presentation to Year 8, 1:30 pm
Monday 8 March			                  Labour Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 March		     Year 8 Camp
Tuesday 9 March			                 SEISA Visual Arts
Wednesday 10 March			              Year 7 2022 Information Evening, 7:00 pm
Thursday 11 March			               SEISA Summer Sport, Intermediate and Senior, Round 4
Thursday 18 March			               SEISA Summer Sport, Intermediate and Senior, Round 5
Tuesday 23 March			                Parent Student Teacher Interviews (PSTIs), 4:00 pm
Friday 25 to Sunday 8 March		      Farm World
Friday 25 March			                 SEISA Summer Sport, Intermediate and Senior, Round 6
Tuesday 30 March			                House Athletics Carnival
Wednesday 31 March			              Parent Student Teacher Interviews (PSTIs), 4:00 pm
Thursday 1 April			                Easter Service
					                              SEISA Junior Trials
					End of Term 1, 2:30 pm finish
Friday 2 April				                 Good Friday Public Holiday

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                     Page | 12
From the Head of Traralgon Junior School, Ms Tracey King
To all of our students and families, new and returning, welcome to the 2021 academic year at St Paul’s Junior School
Traralgon. I do hope everyone enjoyed some sunshine and rest during the holiday break and are prepared for the
beginning of Term 1. With 2020 in our rearview mirror, it comes with some relief to be starting a new year and we are
hopeful that many of the regular activities and events that we enjoy at school will run as they have in the past. We have
certainly planned for this and look forward to our swim trials, school camps and excursions and family events. All of the
Teaching and Education Support Staff are excited to welcome our students back to school and to get 2021 underway.

Mrs Lauren Vercoe (Year 1) and Mr William Rilen (Physical Education) join our teaching team and Mrs Kim Moerke
(Learning Support) returns from leave. Ms Samantha Giacobbe and Ms Emma Stanistreet join our classroom education
support staff. Mrs Maria Hawkins will be on leave for 2021 and we look forward to her return next year.

2021 brings much excitement in the Junior School with many projects underway. The music room has been refurbished,
new furniture for the Years 5 and 6 classrooms has been delivered and our wellbeing space, Odyessy Zone is taking
shape and will be introduced to students throughout Term 1.

Term 1, 2021
Term 1 begins for all Junior School students on Monday 1 February at 9:00 am. The first morning is always very busy,
so please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive and to take care in our carpark. Our Kiss ‘n’ Go zone will be operating
as it did last year in the Junior School carpark. Students can be dropped at the Junior School Kiss ‘n’ Go zone or along
the bus loop. I would like to remind all parents to park only in designated parking spots if choosing to park in the Junior
School carpark and to safely use the crossing. As always, please SLOW DOWN and take extra care when driving
through our school.

Prep students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm during the first week of school and a reminder that for Wednesdays (starting
Wednesday 3 February), our Preps will enjoy a ‘rest day’. They will be asked to attend for a short time on one of these
Wednesdays to complete the Early Years Entry task with their teacher. Times will be arranged at the beginning of the

Our Early Learning Centre has slightly different commencement times with a staggered start enabling the students and
staff to get to know each other in half group sessions. This is particularly important for children who are new to the
program and our very youngest students in Pre-Kinder, who are beginning their education at St Paul’s. Parents have
been advised of the orientation process for the ELC.

I ask all families to please note the following events that will take place in first few weeks of term and hope you are
able to join with us on these occasions when possible (depending on current regulations). Details of these, and other
events, will be outlined in the fortnightly ‘What’s On’ and Junior School newsletter which are emailed to families.

Monday 1 February			    Students commence
Tuesday 2 February			   New students Years 3 to 6 swim testing
					                   Mad Science Show
					                   Welcome Assembly and Prep crossing of the Hats Ceremony, Junior School
					                   Gymnasium, 2:30 pm
Wednesday 3 February			 No Prep students
Thursday 4 February			  Traralgon Campus Leaders’ Induction, Junior School Gymnasium, 9:10 am
Friday 5 February			    Swim Trials Years 3 to 6
Wednesday 10 February		 No Prep students
Monday 15 February 			  Year 5 Camp Sovereign Hill begins
					                   Year 6 Urban Camp begins
					                   Years 3 and 4 Swimming Week 1 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
					                   and Thursday)

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                        Page | 13
Wednesday 17 February                    No Prep students
                                         ELC Welcome Picnic
Thursday 18 February 		                  Year 5 Camp Sovereign Hill return
                                         Year 6 Urban Camp return
Monday 22 February 			                   Years 3 and 4 Swimming Week 2 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
                                         and Thursday)
Wednesday 24 February		                  No Prep students
Friday 26 February			                    Family Fun and Information Evening (ELC and Junior School)

Family Fun and Information Evening
Families are encouraged to attend our Family Fun Evening on Friday 26 February. This evening will be an opportunity
to hear about some general Junior School details, meet our teachers and receive information about classroom learning
programs. Families will also be able to participate in activities led by Years 5 and 6 students and reconnect as a
community. This is an important session for parents to attend. A general information session will begin in the gym for
all families at 6:00 pm and will be followed by student activities and a schedule of classroom presentations. Families
can bring their own picnic to enjoy together or a sausage sizzle will be available.

Parents wishing to share specific information about their child with their classroom teacher at the beginning of the
year, should contact the Junior School Office or the classroom teacher directly to book in a time.

Junior School Captains 2021
I wish to congratulate our Traralgon Junior School Leaders for 2021. Chloe Ellen and Harrison Thomsen are both very
worthy candidates who we are sure will make a significant contribution to our Junior School this year. They will be
formally inducted into their positions at the Junior School Welcome Assembly on Tuesday 2 February. At this assembly,
we will also enjoy the Crossing of the Hats Ceremony for our Prep students as they begin their time in the
Junior School. All of our Year 6 Global Leaders will be inducted into their positions of leadership at the Traralgon
Leaders' Induction Assembly on Thursday 4 February.

There are a number of modes of communication families can access at St Paul’s. Parents are welcome to contact
our admin office via phone or use email at any time. Could I please ask if your email address, or any other contact
details have changed over the break that you contact the Junior School Office so we can update our system. It is
important that the preferred email address that you have provided us with is checked regularly to ensure you do not
miss any important information. Parents are also encouraged to regularly visit MyStPauls to keep updated with what
is happening at school, read our fortnightly newsletter and be aware of any emails from teachers and administration
staff. The Student Diary will also continue to be a major communication tool between home and school. Regular
communication between home and school is essential for a successful school year for your child. Please do not hesitate
to contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions or concerns.

In 2020, St Pauls Junior School started to use Consent2Go to collect and keep up to date each student’s medical
record. Prep to Year 2 families will be invited to update their child/ren records at the beginning of the year while our
Years 3 to 6 families will be prompted before each year level camp. Of course, at any time, if your child has a change
in any medical circumstances that the School should know about, please call us, and we will send you a link to update

In 2021 the School will also be using Consent2Go for excursion permissions. We hope that all families will find this a
much more convenient way to receive this information and to give consent if it is required.

For families new to St Paul’s, Consent2Go is a digital solution that easily enables you to keep your child’s health
records accurate and provide consent for school events, excursions and camps in a secure and timely manner.

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                     Page | 14
Consent2Go has now replaced our previous paper process and will allow you to update photo/video permissions,
dietary requirements, and parent education and occupation details required by the government. Parents or guardians
will be prompted by an email with a secure link from which you can check and update your child’s medical information
and other details. The email will be from St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School.

After School Care
Care before and after school is available for all families (including Pre-Prep) and I ask parents interested in using this
service to visit the Camp Australia website or contact their Customer Service team on 1300
105 343 to register their child/ren.

School Uniform
All parents are asked to assist their children in ensuring that they have the correct uniform for the start of school.

ELC to Year 2 students wear sports uniform all year.

Years 3 to 6 students wear summer uniform during Term 1. There will be no formal PE or sport classes on the first day
of school, therefore students should wear their summer uniform on Monday 1 February. Class teachers will inform
your child/ren of the days in which sports uniform is to be worn to school. Years 3 to 6 students wear their coloured
house top for both PE and Sport. (In Terms 1 and 4 during the warmer weather, students in Years 3 to 6 are not required
to wear Blazers to School. However, Blazers must be worn to all formal assemblies and staff will inform students when
the blazer is required. The jumper is not to be worn as the outer garment in public.)

Please ensure that all school and sports uniform are ‘St Paul’s issue’ and are clearly named, including school shoes
(it is a good idea to show your child where you have named their uniform). All students should have a school hat
from day one, and I ask that you please contact Dobsons Uniform Shop (5175 9265) should you need to purchase any
items. Please ensure your child/ren also bring a named Art smock and Library bag. All stationery and school books are
supplied by the school. All students and parents are asked to please have a quick look at home for any Junior School
library books or library bags that may be in bedrooms and return any to Mrs O’Malley in the Library.

Friends of St Paul’s
We have a very active Parent Group – FOSP (Friends of St Paul’s) which meets throughout the year to discuss ideas and
support functions or organise and run events in the Junior School. At times, there are some minor fundraising activities
conducted with all money raised going back into the Junior School. The group organise and run our Mother’s and
Father’s day stalls and other special events. FOSP would love more parents to become involved and anyone is welcome
to join them. You may only be able to help out from time-to-time, but the more the merrier so they can share the load.
Please keep an eye out in upcoming newsletters for further information about FOSP. FOSP invites parents to meet on
the first day of school for coffee and a chat at the Salvation Army adjacent to the school from 8:45 am.

Junior School Focus for 2021
During the holiday break I spent time reading a number of texts and participating in professional learning related to
the science of learning and developing young people who are resilient and empathetic. As we are learning to live with
the challenges of COVID-19, there have been new opportunities provided to us via online learning and because of this
I have been able to participate in some outstanding online webinars and conferences with other educational leaders
from across the world all of who have the common goal of lifting literacy outcomes for all students.

Over the past twenty or so years, the ever increasing use of technology to study the living human brain has provided us
with a huge amount of information and evidence about how the brain learns. There are many scientists and researchers
who have made it their life’s work to investigate and their share their findings. This evidence is essential for teachers
to know, understand and apply.

In 2021, our Junior School team will be focusing on developing evidence-based instructional practices, implementing
the Science of Reading into classroom lessons and building our wellbeing programs. To further the skills of our team,
we will be working with Joe Ybarra from Data works and participating in online professional learning to build teachers
‘capacity for explicit instruction.

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                       Page | 15
We will also welcome Wilson and Julie McCaskill from ‘Play is the Way’ who will work with us as we explore practical
methodology for teaching social and emotional learning. It is looking to be an exciting year for our team and I will be
sharing our progress throughout the year with parents.

A new e-mag has also been launched during the holidays which has the purpose of supporting families and teachers
and increasing awareness of dyslexia. Dystinct Magazine is packed with evidence-based content from experts around
the world in the field of dyslexia and inspiring stories from individuals who have successfully learnt to embrace
dyslexia. It is hoped this magazine will help change the narrative around dyslexia for families of children struggling to
see the light at the end of, what can be, a long, isolating tunnel. Click on below link from your iPhone/iPad or Android
phones to get one-year free subscription to the Dystinct Magazine until February 2021:

                                       Traralgon Junior School Leadership Team

                       Ms Tracey King              Mr Rick Battista              Mrs Gwen Hunter
                    Head of Junior School    Deputy Head of Junior School       Director of Learning
                                                                                   and Teaching

                                     Ms Kassie Olivier           Ms Rachael Geerts
                                Prep to Year 2 Team Leader    Years 3 to 6 Team Leader

I look forward to starting an exciting 2021 school year with you and your children. Should you have any questions or if
I can assist you or your child with the commencement of the school year or throughout the year, please do not hesitate
to contact me at school on 5175 0133.

The Junior School team and I are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 1 February.

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                      Page | 16
From the Senior Chaplain, Reverend Daniel Lowe
Spiritual Life of the School
There are a few questions which we are often asked regarding Chaplaincy and Religious Education at St Paul’s and the
start of the year seemed like a good time to briefly answer some of them as we welcome new and returning families.

What does it mean to be an Anglican School?
There are many ways this question could be answered in terms of history, governance and affiliation but probably
the most important thing for students and parents to understand is the way in which the life of the School is marked
particularly by its Anglican ethos. Firstly, we affirm and value people as individuals, recognising the equal value of each
person, regardless of racial, ethnic, faith or cultural differences. Secondly, we seek to build in our students a desire to
seek justice, to respond to others in need and to be wise stewards of our natural resources.

What is the role of the School Chaplain?
Our Chaplains serve a number of functions within the life of the School. As part of the pastoral team, the Chaplain is
someone that students and staff can approach for support, advice or encouragement. As well as being a listening ear,
the Chaplain may also be a stepping stone towards accessing other support services such as a School counsellor or an
external service.

Chaplains are also responsible for the spiritual life of the School and, as part of this, oversee regular chapel services
along with elements of our School assemblies and formal gatherings. Our Chaplains are also educators and teach
Christian Studies classes at various year levels as part of the Christian Studies teaching team. Some of our Chaplains
have quite a heavy teaching load and much of their engagement with students happens in the context of classroom

What is taught in Christian Studies?
Our Christian Studies classes have two main areas of focus. The first is an exploration and understanding of the Bible
(one of the most influential texts in Western history and thinking) and of the person of Jesus (one of the most influential
people in history). The second is an exploration of the values and beliefs of Christianity and opportunities for students
to consider and critique the range of values and beliefs that surround them in a pluralistic culture. Recognising that
students come with a whole range of views and backgrounds we respect each person’s right to their own belief system.
There are plenty of opportunities to learn about what Christians believe (as well as exploring a range of other beliefs)
and each student is encouraged to make their own well informed decisions about life and faith as part of their spiritual
growth and development.

Who are the School Chaplains?

       Reverend Daniel Lowe                          Mr Glen Treble
           Senior Chaplain                         Traralgon Chaplain                      Ms Deana Board
 (Primarily responsible for Warragul             (Responsible for both               Warragul Junior School Chaplain
  Secondary School and assists with          Junior and Secondary Schools              (Responsible for Warragul
      Warragul Junior School)                  at the Traralgon Campus)                      Junior School)

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                        Page | 17
We are also very pleased to be retaining the services of Mr Lynton Allan. Lynton will be operating in a pastoral role at
Warragul Secondary School alongside the Chaplaincy team.

                                                    Mr Lynton Allan

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?
We have a parent prayer group which meets monthly. Details of time and place will be announced in school bulletins
and any interested parents are welcome to come along.

 Traralgon Campus | 46 Cross’s Road, Traralgon VIC 3844                                                     Page | 18
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