North Bullitt High School
  2015-2016 Student Handbook
North Bullitt High School
                                      3200 EAST HEBRON LANE
                                    SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY 40165

Bullitt County Board of Education policy shall take precedence over NBHS policy. Also, any changes that are enacted
by the Board of Education after printing of the student agenda will be applied accordingly.

                                             Administration Team
                       Mr. Rob Fulk                           Principal (Seniors U-Z)
                       Mr. Chris VerDow                       Assistant Principal (9th Grade, 12th grade A-F)
                       Ms. Rachelle Bramlage-Schomburg        Assistant Principal (10th Grade, 12th grade Me-T)
                       Mr. Bob Morris                         Assistant Principal (11th Grade, 12th grade G-Mc)

                                               Counseling Team
                       Ms. Chelsea Mullennex                  9th Grade, 12th grade A-F
                       Ms. Amy Rogers                         10th Grade, 12th grade Me-T
                       Ms. Ashley Poore                       11th Grade, 12th grade G-Mc

                                             NBHS Team Essentials
                       Mr. Ryan Bringhurst                    Athletic Director
                       Ms. Jennifer Lowe                      Youth Service Coordinator
                       Ms. Pam Masters                        School Psychologist

Driving Goal
All seniors graduate College or Career Ready and school composite of 20 on ACT.

Mission Statement
The mission of NBHS is to become…
    Excellent
    Ambitious
    Genuine
    Leading
    Encouraging
    Successful
With the courage to spread your wings…’ll learn to S.O.A.R.

Student Behavior Expectations
EAGLES will….show respect, accept ownership for words and action, strive for high achievement in and out of
the classroom, and demonstrate responsibility in all that we do in order to S.O.A.R.
Dear Students/ and our Community:

Welcome to NBHS. At NBHS our primary mission is:
All seniors graduate College or Career Ready & a School Composite of 20 on the ACT.

Our goal is that when you graduate NBHS you are either College or Career Ready, or in a perfect world both.
We set the goal of a 20 composite on the ACT for our junior class because a 20 will near guarantee admission
to most state colleges, which gives our students access to the next step. We are focused on the primary goal
of a HS: prepare you for what comes next, be it a job, college, the military, an apprenticeship… whatever your
goal may be, we seek to prepare you for it.

We have a lot to offer at NBHS. Career paths in JROTC, Culinary, Early Childhood, The Fine Arts, Business,
Allied Health/ Nursing, Aviation, and Information Technology: Computer Science. We offer a wide variety of
college prep options: the 12x12 early college program through JCTC, Dual Credit College courses through
Morehead, and St Catherine's in the math’s and sciences. Advanced Placement (AP) classes in a wide variety
of disciplines. We can customize preparation for you based on your wants, abilities, and desires for the future.
Whatever your goal may be, we seek to prepare you for it.

We offer a wide variety of sports and clubs. Pick a sport, we probably offer it including new in 15-16 Bass
Fishing. We have a host of clubs and organizations- beta, NHS, band, academic team to name a few. You
should get involved and enjoy the ‘finer’ parts of high school. All of these things offer you opportunities to
develop yourself into the person you want to become. Whatever your goal may be, we seek to prepare you
for it.

I am also proud to say we are the only high school in BCPS, and one of a few in the state that has students
serving on our Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) council. One junior and one senior serve with myself, three
teachers, and two parents to serve as the guiding body of our school. At NBHS we care about student voice,
as after all, you are who we serve.

Welcome to NBHS, enjoy your time here and prepare for your future.


Robert Fulk Ed.S
North Bullitt High School
Please note that all students and employees of North Bullitt High School are held accountable to Kentucky
Administrative Regulations (KAR), Policies and Procedures Manuel of Bullitt County Board of Education, The District
Code of Student Behavior and Discipline, and policies established by the School Decision Making Council of North Bullitt
High School. Complete copies of these documents can be reviewed at the Board of Education.

                                                Department Chairs
                                Ms. Rebecca Rink                Business and CTE
                                Ms. Shannon Barrett             English
                                Mr. Scott Mays                  Health/PE
                                Ms. Christine Bickett           Math
                                Ms. Diane Rector                Social Studies
                                Ms. Monica Clark                Social Studies
                                Ms. Blair Moyes                 World Language
                                Ms. Erica McClure               Special Education
                                Ms. Jennie Kling                Visual and Performing Arts

                                           Teachers by Departments
Allied Health                   Math                            English                          Social Studies
Ms. Tina Keehn                  Ms. Kari Abell                  Ms. Shannon Barrett              Ms. Christina Becher
                                Ms. Casey Bannon                Ms. Amber Bryson                 Mr. Alan Brown
Art                             Ms. Gelena Ballard              Ms. Haley Grey                   Mr. Ronnie Bryson
Ms. Sharon Rhodes               Ms. Christine Bickett           Ms. Bethany Griffin              Ms. Monica Clark
                                Mr. Adam Billings               Ms. Katie Hardy                  Ms. Angela Duvall
Business                        Mr. David Bohannon              Mr. Chris Kelly                  Mr. William French
Mr. Ryan Bringhurst             Ms. Cathy Conn                  Ms. Mary Lambert                 Mr. Blake Hardy
Mr. Chad Laswell                Mr. Emir Dizdarevic             Mr. Shane Leonard                Ms. Emily Knight
Ms. Marla Morris                Mr. Tom Druen                   Mr. Chris Logan                  Mr. Eric Lambert
Ms. Rebecca Rink                Ms. Paula Garcia                Ms. Erica McClure                Mr. Tim Ridley
                                Ms. Sara Ridley                 Mr. Tim Phelps                   Ms. Lindsey Wegley
Family Consumer                 Ms. Katie Ruff                  Ms. Sarah Rash
Science                         Ms. Cindy Zehnder               Ms. Anne Tilford                 Science
Ms. Rhiannon Jones                                                                               Mr. Justin Abnee
Ms. April Roberts               Physical Education              MSD                              Mr. William Bennett
Mr. Ryan Vincent                Ms. Jana Johnson                Mr. Jerry Durall                 Ms. Sara Conner
                                Ms. Kristin Hawkins             Ms. Megan Hardin                 Mr. Tim Dobson
Foreign Language                Mr. Scott Mays                  Ms. Darlyne Spina                Mr. Jeff Exner
Mr. Adam Elliott                                                                                 Ms. Amanda King
Ms. Blair Moyes                 JROTC                           FLEX                             Ms. Emily Lane
Ms. Ronda Nissen                Major Kevin Clark               Mr. Bill Robinette               Ms. Diane Rector
                                Master Sergeant                                                  Mr. Pat Riley
Music & Band                    Gene Siler                      ISAP                             Mr. Brian Wise
Ms. Jennifer Kling                                              Mr. Travis Ridley
Table of Contents
        Subtitle                                                  Page
   Dress Code                                                     6
   Critical Dates and Times                                       8
   Attendance                                                     9
   North Bullitt Guidance Department                              12
   Electronic Device (Cell Phone)                                 14
   Athletics/Extracurricular                                      16
   General Information                                            18
   Safety of All                                                  20
   Discipline                                                     21
   Student Parking                                                24
   Junior/Senior Prom Critical Information                        26
   Infinite Campus Parent Portal                                  28
Dress Code
 Item                               Style                               Information
 Shirt/Blouse                              Polo Style                       All shirts must have complete sleeves
                                           Button Down                      Visible cleavage or mid-section is not
                                           NBHS Spirit Shirt                  allowed at any time (when sitting or
                                           T-shirt with plain or              standing)
                                            appropriate logo/slogan          See paragraph above for
                                           Buttoned appropriately             “appropriateness”
                                                                             Low cut or backless shirts are not
                                                                             Shirts may not have cut outs or other
 Pants/Shorts/Skirts                       All pants/shorts must be         Holes, rips, tears, “frays”, etc. are not
                                            worn at the waist                  allowed 3 inches above the knee
                                           Shorts/skirts must be no         Oversize or sagging pants/shorts/skirts
                                            shorter than three                 are not permissible
                                            inches above the knee            Skirts must be within 3 inches of knee-
                                                                               even when wearing stockings, tights,
                                                                               or leggings/stretch pants
 Footwear                                  Dress shoes                      House Shoes/Slippers are not allowed
                                           Casual- loafers, sandals,        Tennis shoes are required for PE
                                            etc.                             Shoes with covered toes are required
                                           Tennis Shoes                       for Science Labs
                                           Flip Flops

 Sweatshirts/Sweaters                      All colors                         Hoods are not allowed to be worn up
                                           Plain or appropriate                during school.

 Coats/Jackets/Hats/Gloves                 Plain or appropriate               Hats need to be removed while in the
                                            logo/slogan                         building.

The Following types of clothing and related items are not permitted

      Any item with a confederate flag, emblem, or logo; items with obscene, vulgar, offensive, racist references,
       suggestive jokes, pictures, symbols or graphics; items that advertise drugs, tobacco, or alcohol products,
       violence, sexually explicit language, images or innuendos
      Sunglasses
      Sundresses or other clothing that may be revealing
      PJs, lounge pants, and other sleepwear including blankets
      Fishhooks on hats or other clothing
      Wallet with chain(s)
      Studded collar or wrist bands
      Clothing and/or accessories which constitute a safety hazard
Dress Code Violation Consequences
While the dress code does allow some freedom we do require students to dress in a manner that is respectful and does
not distract from learning. Administrators reserve the right to use discretion in applying the dress code in regards to
clothing or items not specifically listed they feel may cause a disruption to the educational process. Therefore, if it is
NOT on the code above please do NOT assume that it is an approved item. Also included in the code are a few of the
most common infractions.

 1st Offense                                            ISAP until violation corrected
                                                             Hats and hooded sweat shirts will remain
                                                                in front office until the end of the day.
 2nd Offense                                            1 day ISAP and parent notification
                                                             Hats and hooded sweat shirts will remain
                                                                in front office until a parent comes to pick
                                                                them up.
 3rd Offense                                            1 to 3 days of ISAP and parent conference.
                                                             Hats and hooded sweat shirts will remain
                                                                in front office until a parent conference.
 4th Offense (subsequent)                               1 to 3 days out-of-school suspension for defiance
                                                        of authority
Critical Dates and Times
A. Daily Bell Schedule

                                                   Start                        Finish
                  1st period                     7:20 am                       8:15 am
                  2nd period                     8:20 am                       9:15 am
                  3rd period                     9:20 am                       10:15 am
                Academic Time                    10:20 am                      10:55 am
             4th/5th/lunch period                11:00 am                      1:10 pm
                  6th period                     1:15 pm                       2:10 pm

B. Lunch Schedule

                                             Start                         Finish
                  1 lunch                  10:55 am                       11:20 am
                  2nd lunch                11:22 am                       11:47 am
                  3rd lunch                11:49 am                       12:14 pm
                  4th lunch                12:17 pm                       12:41 pm

C. Grading Periods
       Dates below are subject to change based on school closings. We are ONLY mailing reports
         cards at the end of the 4th quarter. These will go out within two weeks after summer has
       Parents are encouraged to monitor student grades minimally on a weekly basis through Infinite
         Campus Parent Portal.

                                First Semester       Begins            Ends
                              First Quarter       8/12/2015        10/16/2015
                              Second Quarter      10/19/2015       12/18/2015

                               Second Semester       Begins            Ends
                              Third Quarter       1/5/2016         3/10/2016
                              Fourth Quarter      3/11/2016        5/26/2016

D. Teacher Plan Days
          August 31, 2015
          October 12, 2015
          November 2, 2015
          January 4, 2016
          February 1, 2016
          March 21, 2016
          April 11, 2016

              o   Please check the board website for additional holidays as well as make up days for cancellations.
North Bullitt High School recognizes the importance of regular attendance for the academic success of its students.
While we encourage daily attendance, we understand there are circumstances that may require a student to be absent.
Parents or guardians are asked to notify the school when a student is absent. District policy allows a student the
number of days absent, plus one day, to make up work missed.

All North Bullitt High School student who accumulate more than 10 UNEXCUSED absences within a school year may be
denied participation in any or all school sponsored activities. This applies to Military Ball, Prom, Graduation Ceremony,
and driving privileges.

Morning Arrivals
Please do not drop students off prior to 6:50am. The lobby will be open and supervised at 6:50am. Students will remain
in the lobby, cafeteria, and main gym until 7:10am. The other classroom and hallways will be open at that time.

Tardy Policy
Class begins promptly at 7:20 a.m. Any student arriving to school after 7:20 a.m. is considered tardy to school (KRS
159.150) and must sign in at the front office. For a sign-in/out or tardy to be excused a written note is required within
24 hours that will count toward a student’s limit of six (6) parent notes. Traffic, car trouble, oversleeping are not
considered excused. Students riding BCPS buses will not be considered tardy should their bus be late. Students signing
in ten (10) minutes or more late to school or class will be sent to ISAP for the remainder of that period.

Habitual tardiness will results in:
    5th Tardy – Detention & Five (5) day suspension of parking privileges, if a driver
    10th Tardy – ISAP & Revocation of parking passes, if driver
    Home Visit

During Transition Time
An instructional assistant will be positioned in the following locations: below ramp science hall, CCR – Internet Cafe,
main lobby by library, above the ramp in main hallway, 1st floor new wing by the elevator. Once the tardy bell rings,
instructional assistants will complete the Tardy Sweep and administer Class Admission Form’s to the student. The white
copy is given to students; yellow copy is retained for records. After the tardy bell, tardy students will be permitted in the
classroom ONLY if they have the white copy of the Tardy Sweep form. Students attempting to enter class without a
form need to see an instructional assistant. If the time allotted for sweeps has ended and an instructional assistant in no
longer in position, students should be sent to the office to obtain a pass and/or meet with an administrator.

Excused Absences
Excused absences/tardies will be considered for the following reasons with the appropriate documentations.
     Medical appointments                                      Professional note from doctor/dentist, etc.
     Student Illness                                           Dr. Note, parent note
     Death of Severe Illness of Family Member                  Verification of funeral, note from parent
     Educational Trips/College Visit                           Parent note or college verification
     Educational Enhancements*
     Kentucky State Fair                                       Ticket stub accompanied by parent note
     Religious holidays and practices                          Parent note
     Test for Driver’s permit/license                          Permit, License, or parent note
     Court Appearance                                          Court clerk, judge verification
     Documented Military Leave                                 One (1) day prior to departure of parent/guardian to
                                                                active duty or one (1) day upon military duty
Educational Enhancements*
The Principal may give permission to a student to be out of school for up to ten school days for an activity that is
deemed to have significant educational value. Approval for Educational Enhancements MUST be pre-approved.

Missing Work
It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their teachers to get any work missed. Every teacher should provide a
system for obtaining missing work.

Reporting Excused Absences
A student may have a total of six (6) absences, partial day absences, or tardy excused via parent note. Upon
accumulation of six (6) events additional verification other than parent notes will be required in order for an absence
to be excused; Board Policy 09.123

Please note, a student has five (5) days following an absence or tardy to bring in documentation explaining the absence
or tardy. Parent notes explaining an absence or tardy must include:
             Student’s name and grade;
             Date and reason for absence;
             Signature of parent with a phone number.

Medical Excuse Form
Any absences due to medical reasons in excess of ten (10) will require completion of the Medical Excuse
Form before the absence will be excused. Medical Excuse Forms will be available from the attendance clerk, the Board
Office, and the District Website.

Unexcused Absences
Unexcused absences/tardies are those situations that are not covered by any of the excused absence categories. A
family vacation is not considered an excused absence.

Each morning our automated system makes a phone call to the home of every student absent at the start of the day
(first period). You may receive a call from our automated system because your child was tardy to school. The purpose
of our automated calling system or NBHS personnel attempting to make contact is to:
      Inform parents or guardian of student absence.
      Remind NBHS families of our policy regarding attendance.
Parents are encouraged to make contact with the attendance office, Ms. Brenda Eddington, if a student has had several
consecutive absences. 502-869-6207.

Habitual Absences
When a student begins to accumulate unexcused absences the following process begins:
    A letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian with their child’s third (3rd) unexcused absence/event.
    A 2nd letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian with their child’s sixth (6th) unexcused absence/event.
    Student Conference/counseling
    Parent Conferences
    Home visit(s)
    Detention and/or ISAP
    Alternative Placement

Any student enrolled in a public school who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years, but has not reached his/her
twenty-first (21st) birthday, who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more days, or tardy
without valid excuse on three (3) or more days, is a truant. Any student who has been reported as a truant two (2) or
more times is a habitual truant. The following actions may take place:
     Home visit by Principal, Assistant Principal, or designee
   Truancy may be filed on students when they surpass six (6) unexcused absences (KRS 159.150).
           o A Court Designated Worker referral
           o Juvenile Court Appearance
           o Court Ordered Community Service, Summer School, and/or Bullitt Alternative Placement

Perfect Attendance
Students who have zero (0) absences, including tardies, for each quarter are recognized for this outstanding
achievement and are placed on the Perfect Attendance Honor Wall. Those with perfect attendance for each grading
period are recognized on our social network cites (Facebook, Twitter, E-News, NBHS website).

Attendance and Eligibility
Whether the absence is excused or unexcused, students will not be permitted to participate in any extra-curricular
academic or athletic activities, including practices on the days they are not present a full day of school. Excused
appointments may be allowed if approved by an administrator.

Permission to Leave School
Students are required by law to attend school six hours per school day. Sign-outs will be admissible for professional
appointments that cannot be scheduled after normal school hours and emergencies. An administrator will considered
emergencies on case by case basis.

Signing out of school does count toward the student’s attendance record. Please note, if it becomes necessary during
the school day for a student to leave school, he/she will be permitted to sign out only under the following conditions:
         The parent or guardian will come to the office and sign out the student, regardless of the student’s age.
         Parents, guardians, or other individuals who are to sign a student out of school are required to produce a
            photo I.D. and must be listed on the student’s Household Form.
         Student’s over the age of 18 must present in advance a written professional appointment card (doctor,
            dentist, lawyer, etc.), which contains the time and date of the appointment.

School buses must have priority at all times on school grounds. Cars cannot be in the bus loading zone. CAUTION:
Please watch for buses and students when entering and leaving NBHS school property.

No phone calls or notes will be accepted for sign-outs. In case of an emergency, parents should contact the building
principal or designee.

Leaving School without Permission
Students cutting class, failing to sign-out properly, or leaving school without permission will be subject to disciplinary
action. Habitual students are subject to a “Beyond Control” referral to Bullitt County Juvenile Court.
North Bullitt Guidance Department
Mission Statement
The NBHS Guidance Department provides services and support to students and their families for the highest level of life-
long academic, social, and emotional success. The primary goals of NBHS School Counseling program are to ensure
students are academically successful and prepared for college and the world of work upon graduation. They offer a
comprehensive program, based on ASCA School Counseling Standards, which promotes career and college readiness,
academic achievement, and personal/social development of each student.

       College and Career Counseling provides students with a multitude of opportunities to investigate the world of
        work and make informed career decisions, develop strategies to achieve future goals, and understand college
        and other post-secondary educational/career opportunities, including admission and financial support.

       Academic Counseling assists students and their parents in understanding academic curriculum options, planning
        an academic program of studies, interpreting academic testing results, and developing academic skills that
        foster academic achievement.

       Personal/Social Counseling assists students to develop an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of
        others, how to resolve conflict and to define individual goals, reflecting their interests, abilities, and aptitudes,
        along with the skills to responsible citizens.

Requesting a Conference with a Counselor
In order to best serve all students and staff, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:
     Students should come to guidance office before or after school, between classes, or at lunch. Students should
        never miss class time to sign up for a guidance visit.
     Allow counselors at least 24 hours to call you to the guidance office for your requested meeting.
     If there is an emergency situation, please notify your teacher. The teacher will call the guidance office and then
        send you there.
     To arrange a parent conference with your counselor, please call or email your counselor to make an

Planning for College
College information is available in the counselor’s office. Available information includes financial aid, costs, and
information about various colleges. Assistance for obtaining financial aid and scholarships is available to all students.
Assistance in completing the FAFSA and other necessary financial aid statements are available. It is recommended that
this process starts early in the junior year.

Student Records
All official records, files, and data directly relating to students, including materials incorporated in each student’s
cumulative folder, shall be available to parents upon their request or to students 18 years of age or older upon their

NBHS Grading Scale
Letter grades are based on the following scale:
                A               100 – 90
                B               89 – 80
                C               79 – 70
                D               69 – 60
                F               59 – 0
Honor Roll
Students who receive grades of A and/or B in all subjects for each quarter are recognized for this outstanding
achievement and are placed on the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll for each grading period are recognized on our social
network cites (Facebook, Twitter, E-News, NBHS website)
Academic Honesty
Plagiarism is defined as the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. (Oxford
Dictionaries). Students who deliberately plagiarize individual assignments, projects, or tests will receive a zero on that
particular activity. Furthermore, any students who deliberately assist other student(s) in any form of plagiarism will also
receive a zero on that particular activity. If a student receives a zero, the teacher shall notify the parent(s)/guardian.

Seniors and Graduation Ceremonies
The faculty and staff at North Bullitt recognize that participation in graduation ceremonies is a privilege and honor for
graduating seniors. Any senior who does not meet all criteria shall forego participation in all ceremonies associated with
graduation. Nonparticipation does not alter graduation. Anyone meeting all academic requirements for graduation may
pick up his/her diploma at school during business hours on a date assigned. In order to participate in NBHS graduation
ceremonies, seniors must meet the following criteria:
     Meet all academic requirements (See curriculum guide)
     Successfully completion of College Readiness or Career Path (see curriculum guide)
     Successfully complete a senior project. (Outline below)
     Earn four (4) credits during senior year. A minimum of two (2) credits for the 2nd semester must be earned.
     Be free of all disciplinary actions (includes serving all detentions, ISAP, and Suspensions)
     Fulfill restitution on any outstanding financial obligations (fees, fines, loans, etc.)
     Be in attendance and conduct themselves in a responsible and orderly manner during all graduation ceremony
     Have fewer, but not including, ten (10) unexcused absences. (See Attendance Policy)

Senior Projects
Fulfillment of Graduation Criteria for Senior Project includes:
     1. Student must complete ILP and be certified by the high school Principal (or designee).
     2. Student will complete the following during a unit in Senior English:
             a. Construct a current resume
             b. Complete a college AND/ OR job application
             c. Write a 1 page paper outlining what the student’s post-secondary plan is, detailing contacts made,
                 college applications filed, job applications filed, and interviews attempted OR complete the FAFSA.
     3. Student will present a copy of the following to Counseling department by March 15 their senior year:
             a. A list of school sponsored clubs, activities, or sports they have participated in their High school career
                      i. See Athletics & Extra Curricular Section
             b. OR documented 5 hours of volunteer community service.

Other Educational Information
Please see your counselor Early Graduation and Co-operative Educational Programs. You can also reference the
curriculum guide.

Youth Service Center
The mission of a Youth Service Center (YSC) is to enhance students’ abilities to succeed in school by developing and
sustaining partnerships that promote successful transition into school, academic achievement and well-being, and
graduation and transition into adult life.

The primary goal of the YSC is to remove non-cognitive barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic
success. Areas the YSC will address are referrals to health and social services, employment counseling, training and
placement, assistance with school supplies, basic needs referrals (housing, utility assistance, food, clothing, etc.) summer
and part-time job development, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and family crisis and mental health counseling.
     Jennifer Lowe - Youth Service Center Coordinator
     Beverly Green - YSC Assistant
     NBHS Youth Service Center: (502)869-6213 (direct line)
Electronic Device (Cell Phone)
While on school property or while attending school-sponsored or school-related activities, whether on or off school
property, students shall be permitted to possess and use personal telecommunications devices as defined by law and
other related electronic devices, provided they observe the following conditions:

              1) Devices shall not be used in a manner that disrupts the educational process, including, but not limited
                 to, use that:
                   a) Poses a threat to academic integrity, such as cheating,
                   b) Violates confidentiality or privacy rights of another individual,
                   c) Is profane, indecent, or obscene,
                   d) Constitutes or promotes illegal activity or activity in violation of school rules, or
                   e) Constitutes or promotes sending, sharing, or possessing sexually explicit messages,
                       photographs, or images using any electronic device.

             2) The use of cell phones and other electronic media usage may be directed by teachers through school
                assignments. School may require phones to be turned off as appropriate. At no time, should a phone
                or other electronic media interrupt classroom instruction. Students with phones that ring or vibrate
                interrupting instruction may face consequences for this disruptive conduct.

                                              What Does This Mean?
                        Acceptable Use of                                Unacceptable Use of
                  Cell Phone/Electronic Devices                     Cell Phone/Electronic Devices
         Before 7:20                                        During classroom instruction
         After 2:10                                         During extension of classroom instruction
                                                            (assemblies, tutoring, field trips, ESS,
         During class transitions
         Lunch                                              Ringing or Vibrating of devices
         Silenced throughout the day                        Both earbuds/headphones on while moving
         Both earbuds/headphones on while seated in
         common area
         One earbud/headphone on while moving
         (students need to be able to hear
         announcements and others during moving

              3) Students are responsible for keeping up with devices they bring to school. North Bullitt High School
                 shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or destruction of devices brought onto school property.

              4) Students shall not utilize a telecommunication or similar electronic device in a manner that would
                 violate the District’s Acceptable Use policy or procedures or its Code of Acceptable Behavior and

* All confiscated electronic devices will not be returned until the end of the next school day. Items confiscated on Friday
will not be returned until the following Monday. If items are designated to be returned when school is not in session
they will be returned at the end of the first day school resumes.

** Confiscated items not picked up by June 30th will be donated to the FRYSC.
NBHS Discipline Policy for Cell Phone Violations
                           Phone confiscated until the end of the next day school is in session. Phone returned to the
1st Offense
                           student. Parent Contacted. (Example: phones taken on Friday will be returned on Monday).
                           Phone confiscated until the end of the next day school is in session. Phone returned to the
2nd Offense                parent/guardian after administrative conference. (Example: phones taken on Friday will be
                           returned on Monday.)
3 Offense                  Phone confiscated for 10 school days and then returned to parent or guardian.
Subsequent Offenses        Phone confiscated for 30 calendar days and then returned to parent or guardian.
Refusal to turn a cell phone over to a teacher will result in one day of ISAP for defiance of authority.
Refusal to turn a cell phone over to an administrator may result in a 3 day out of school suspension for defiance of
Athletics/Extracurricular Activities
Academic Eligibility (KHSAA)

       Graduation             First Year           Second Year          Third Year           Fourth Year
       Requirement            9th Grade            10th Grade           11th Grade           12th Grade
       22                     Promoted from        4.5 (20%)            10 (45%)             15.5 (70%)
                                                   3.5 credits          7 credits            11 credits
                                                   required from        required from        required from
                                                   approved             approved             approved
                                                   Science, Math,       Science, Math,       Science, Math,
                                                   English or Social    English or Social    English or
                                                   Studies Courses      Studies Courses      Social Studies

In addition, on the weekly grade check a student would be required to be passing 6 out of 7 courses in order
to participate in athletic activities. If a student were considered ineligible, they would not be allowed to
practice or play in a contest for the week of ineligibility. The only permitted team activity would be a study
hall/tutoring session under the supervision of a team coach or teacher.
Finally, students would be required to have passed 6 out of 7 courses during the Fall Semester in order to
participate in the Spring Semester. This mirrors the weekly grade check and is in line with the requirements
needed to stay on grade level.
Students may earn back athletic eligibility by completing the requirements outline in Bylaw 5, Case 5-5 by
earning 5.5 credits after one year of ineligibility or 3.5 after one semester of ineligibility. These credits should
come from core courses in Math, Science, English and/or Social Studies.

North Bullitt High School encourages involvement in numerous academic, competitive, and social
organizations in an effort to develop all student talents and abilities. To meet Bullitt County Board of
Education graduation requirements a student must participate in one school sponsored or approved activity
(SSA) during their four years in high school. The following sports programs are offered at NBHS:

Sports                         Soccer                          Chess Team                    HOSA
Archery                        Softball                        Choir                         International Club
Baseball                       Swim Team                       Color Guard                   JROTC*
Basketball                     Tennis                          Culture Club                  National Honors
Bass Fishing                   Track                           Drama Club                    Society
Bowling                        Volleyball                      Enigma Club                   Pep Club
Cheerleading                   Wrestling                       Extreme Sports                Photography Club
Cross Country                                                  FBLA                          Powerlifting
Dance Team                     Clubs                           FCA                           Speech and Debate
Field Hockey                   Academic Team                   FCCLA                         Student Council*
Football                       Band                            FEA                           STLP
Golf                           Beta Club                       History Club                  Yearbook
NBHS has an outstanding JROTC program that provides opportunities for students to be actively involved.
They may choose to compete on the Drill Team, Raider Team, or Orienteering. Students may earn leadership
positions and have opportunities for scholarships. The program is designed for all students not only those
considering a career in the military. Contact Major Clark or Master Sergeant Siler if interested.

Student Council
Students are invited to run for Student Council to voice concerns and promote change using the democratic
process. Elections are held by the end of August and any student interested in running for office should
contact the council sponsor. The Student Council is comprised of 25 members:
      8 representatives from the Senior Class
      7 representatives from the Junior Class
      5 representatives from the Sophomore Class
      5 representatives from the Freshman Class
General Information
Emergency Procedures
The Bullitt County School system and North Bullitt High School has Emergency Procedures to minimize danger to anyone
occupying a school and/or natural disaster should an emergency occur. Our main objective is to attend to the health
and welfare of your child in the event of an emergency and to see that he/she gets home safely.

delivered to your child via a phone request from the front office.

During the school year there will be several fire and disaster drills. The fire drills are signaled by blasts from the fire
buzzer. Three consecutive rings of the bell signal other drills. An evacuation plan is posted in each classroom. Since
there is always the possibility that the buzzer or bell may not be for a drill but an actual fire, tornado warning or other
disaster, keep talking to a minimum, listen to announcements and carry out the procedures in an orderly manner.
Complete Bullitt County Board of Education emergency procedures are available in the Code of Student Behavior and
Discipline Handbook or Board of Education Website.

Visitors must remain in the office and are not permitted in the hallway without a visitor’s pass. Any unauthorized visitor
should be reported to the office immediately.

Distribution of Medication to Students
Medication should be given at home when possible. Parents and health care providers shall complete the required
Permission Form for Prescribed or Over-the-Counter Medication (09.2241 AP.21) before any person administers
medication to a student or before a student self-medicates. Permission forms are available in the main office. The
parent/guardian, school personnel and the health care provider must complete the permission form.

All medications must be transported to school by the parent/guardian in amounts specified by the Principal/designee.
Students are not permitted to bring any medication to school or carry medication on the bus unless a documented
pressing medical need exists.

Labels that have been altered in any way will not be accepted. The first dose of any medication or dosage change should
be given at home. Non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications may be accepted on an individual basis as provided
by the parent or legal guardian when a completed authorization to give medication Permission Form for Prescribed or
Over-the-Counter Medication (09.2241 AP.21) is on file. The medication should be in the original container, dated
upon receipt and given no more than three (3) consecutive days without a physician’s order. NOTE: Self-
administration of asthma medication shall be permitted in compliance with state law.

Kentucky law requires that each student in the public school system maintain an up-to-date immunization certificate. A
student cannot be officially enrolled in school without an immunization certificate. After a period of ten (10) days from
opening school, you child will not be able to attend unless an updated certificate in on file.

All basic textbooks are issued and assigned to students for their use. Textbooks are to be kept clean and handled
carefully. All lost or damaged textbooks are the responsibility of the student for which the book was issued. Students
will be assessed reasonable fines or replacement charges for repair of textbooks issued in their name that are damaged,
defaced or lost.

Lockers - $10 rental fee
Each student is responsible for the condition of his/her locker (inside/outside). Students are not to give their
combination to any other student. The locker is the property of Bullitt County Public Schools and may be searched at
any time deemed necessary by the administration to maintain the safety and welfare of the student body. There is $10
locker fee of which $2 will be refunded upon return of the lock at the end of the school year.
Computer and Usage Policy
Students must sign appropriate use form prior to being allowed to access Internet on any NBHS computer.

The Administration and STC have the right to revoke the computer usage privileges for the following:
     Vandalism to computers.
           o Fees will be applied to replace damaged item
     Modifying or deleting software and/or icons
     Installing games or other programs from home.
     Misusing the Internet
     Using the computer to play unauthorized games
     Attempting to access restricted areas.

Media Center
The NBHS Media Center is an information center and is essential to teaching/learning process of our faculty and
students. Library materials are available to anyone desiring to use them. Below are general guidelines:
     Open from 6:50am – 4:30pm
     The media center is a place for academics.
     Books may be checked out for two weeks. They must be renewed or returned after that time.
     No food or drink in the media center during the regular school day.
     Student must sign in and out.
     Students must report to the media center immediately after leaving their classroom.
     Students who abuse library privileges will lose those privileges.
     Students will replace or pay fines for any library materials or equipment damaged.
     Computers are for research. Please ask before printing.

Organizations of North Bullitt may conduct sales campaigns only with the approval of the Board of Education and the
principal. All other sales are prohibited including sales for other schools, the vocational school, churches, and for
personal profit. Prizes and/or awards are not to be used for incentives for selling.

Withdrawing from School
In the event that a student is moving to another district, it is important to get a withdrawal sheet from the guidance
office secretary on the last day present at NBHS. The failure to withdraw officially will delay the forwarding of records to
another school. Students under a standard school attendance order (SSAO) may not withdraw from school without
court approval.

Students under the age of eighteen who wish to withdraw from school must comply with KRS 159.010, which requires
that the child and parent meet with a guidance counselor to complete a questionnaire. Students who wish to withdraw
must also meet with a representative from the Central Office.

Cafeteria - 2015-2016 Meal Prices                    Meals                      Daily Prices         Weekly Price
                                                  Breakfast                         1.25                 6.25
                                         Adults, Visitors, & 2nd Meals              2.25                 11.25
                                                     Lunch                          2.45                 12.25
                                         Adults, Visitors, & 2nd Meals           $3.50 or ala carte prices
       For more meal info-
       To apply for free and reduced priced meals-
       To monitor and/or pay on a student’s meal
Safety of All
Harassment/Discrimination is unlawful behavior based on race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex or disability that
is sufficiently severe, pervasive, or objectively offensive that it adversely affects a student’s education or creates a
hostile or abusive educational environment. Acts of harassment/discrimination based on sex may be committed by
persons of the same or the opposite sex.

Bullying is intimidation by a written, verbal, physical act, or gesture that is reasonably perceived as demeaning,
disrespectful, or threatening. This includes cyber bullying (electronic and/or wireless communication) whether posted
on campus or off campus, which creates a hostile or abusive educational environment. The act of exclusion intended to
inflict emotional pain or humiliation upon another is included as bullying.

“Hazing” refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates
degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of person’s willingness to participate. Hazing is a student-
to-student activity not sanctioned or condoned NBHS.

Harassment/Discrimination/Bullying is prohibited at all times on school property and off school grounds during school-
sponsored activities. This prohibition also applies to visitors to the school who may come into contact with employees
and students. Sexual Harassment in educational institutions is prohibited.

A student who believes s/he has been subjected to harassment/discrimination/bullying/hazing should immediately
report the incident to the Principal/Designee. The Principal/Designee upon receipt of a report of
harassment/discrimination/bullying/hazing from a teacher or student will investigate, take appropriate action in
accordance with the Student Discipline Code and District policies, document the incident, inform the parent/guardian of
students involved, and log it in the Student Information System. Harassment complaint forms can be obtained in the
school office, each Principal’s office, or at the Board of Education Office.

No one shall retaliate against an employee or student because s/he reports an act of
harassment/discrimination/bullying/hazing, assists or participates in an investigation regarding the charge of
harassment/discrimination/bullying/hazing of an individual. Upon the resolution of allegations, the
Superintendent/Principal/Designee shall take steps to protect employees and/or students against retaliation.

Students who engage in harassment/discrimination/bullying/hazing of an employee or another student on the basis of
any of the areas mentioned above shall be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension and
expulsion. Deliberately false or malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination, bullying, or hazing may result in
disciplinary action taken again the complainant. For details refer to BCPS Code of Student Behavior and Discipline.
Discipline Code
Student discipline will be in accordance with the Bullitt County Public Schools Code of Student Behavior and

The guiding philosophy is to provide a positive, safe place for students to grow and learn. Rules for student
behavior have been established by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Bullitt County Board of Education,
North Bullitt High School, and the classroom teacher. Sometimes a school or teacher may have a specific rule
that is not spelled out in the Code and such rules may vary from school to school or teacher to teacher.

Disrupting the Education Process
Behavior that materially or substantially disrupts the educational process, whether on school property or at
school-sponsored events and activities, shall not be tolerated and shall subject the offending pupil to
appropriate disciplinary action. For purposes of this section, behavior which disrupts the educational process
shall include, but not be limited to:
     Conduct which threatens the health, safety, or welfare of others;
     Conduct which may damage public or private property, including the property of students or staff;
     Illegal activity;
     Conduct that materially or substantially interferes with another student’s access to educational
        opportunities or programs, including the ability to attend, participate in and benefit from instructional
        and extracurricular activities; or
     Conduct that materially or substantially disrupts the delivery of instructional services or interferes with
        the orderly administration of the school and school-related activities or District operations.

Disciplinary Consequences
Students may be disciplined through a variety of methods including, but not limited to:
     Talking the problem out;
     Being assigned to special projects/assignments;
     Being denied school privileges;
     Being assigned detention by the classroom teacher;
     Confiscated electronic devices and prohibited items*.

For more severe cases of misconduct, the school may use:
     In School Alternative Program (ISAP)*;
     Office Assigned after School Detention and Lunch Detention;
     Escort list;
     Out-of-School Suspension;
     Court Intervention;
     Alternate Placement;
     Expulsion.
           o Note: As discipline infractions accumulate, an option open to the school is to file a Beyond
              Control Petition with the court based upon review of a student’s discipline record.

In School Alternative Program (ISAP)*
Students assigned to ISAP will be required to turn off and turn over their cell phone to the ISAP teacher. Once
they leave ISAP, s/he will be given the phone back. If a student refuses, further disciplinary actions will
happen. During the student’s assigned time, s/he is expected to complete their regular classroom work.
Search & Seizure
Authorized personnel may search a student’s outer clothing, pockets, or his or her personal effects (e.g.,
handbags, backpacks, etc.) when they have probable cause to believe the student has violated or is violating
either a school rule or the law. School property, such as lockers and desks, are jointly held by the school and
student. School authorities have the right to conduct general inspection of all such property on a regular
basis. Students should not expect privacy to items left in such locations. Complete Bullitt County Board of
Education Policy #09.436 for search and seizure are available in the Code of Student Behavior and Discipline
Handbook or Board of Education Website.

Bullitt County Tobacco Possession/Use Policy
The use of any tobacco product is prohibited in any building owned or operated by Board of Education.
Students shall not possess, smoke, or use tobacco products at school, on school bus, or at any school-related
activities, on school grounds during regular school hours. Nor shall any students possess, smoke, or use
tobacco products at ant school sponsored or endorsed activity while said student is a participant is such

Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, alternative nicotine products, or vapor products
as defined by KRS 438.305 cigars, pipes tobacco, chewing tobacco, or snuff.

Students shall not be permitted to use or possess any tobacco product, alternative nicotine product, or vapor
product as defined in KRS 438.305 on property owned or operated by the Board, inside Board-owned vehicles,
or during school sponsored trips and activities. Student who violate these prohibitions while under the
supervision of NBHS shall be subjected to penalties forth in the Code of Student Behavior and Discipline. All
confiscated items will be thrown away at the end of the school year if not picked up by parent/guardian. The
following methods of discipline will be administered to persons who violate this policy:
    1. First Offense
       a. Parent Contact
       b. Confiscation of tobacco product
       c. 1 day of ISAP
       d. Completion of Tobacco Education Program
       e. Parking pass will be revoked the remainder of the school year
    2. Second Offense
       a. Parent Contact
       b. Confiscation of tobacco product
       c. 2 day of ISAP
    3. Third Offense
       a. Parent Contact
       b. Confiscation of tobacco product
       c. 3 day of ISAP
    4. Subsequent
       a. Parent Contact
       b. Confiscation of tobacco product
       c. 3 day Out of school suspension

Outside Food or Drinks Prohibited
Students are not allowed to bring snacks or drinks to school other than for lunch. Leaving school grounds for
lunch or bringing food in from restaurants is not permitted. Students may bring drinking water in a clear
plastic bottle.
School Bus
Drivers are in charge of their buses, and their primary responsibility shall be to safely transport all of their
passengers. In the event that one or more students are behaving in such a way as to endanger the safety of
the other students on the bus, the driver is authorized to order the offending students from the bus and
report the incident to the school. NBHS will investigate each incident and is authorized to withhold bus riding
privileges up to a maximum of 10 days. A parent contact will be made when a student’s privileges of riding the
bus have been revoked.

School Resource Officer
North Bullitt High School has benefited from the Bullitt County Sheriff’s department assigning of Deputy Bruce
Rucker to serve as a School Resource officer in the district. Deputy Rucker coordinates the DARE program for
elementary and middle schools in the county and visits North Bullitt weekly to interact with students. Deputy
Rucker’s presence helps to ensure a safe school environment and he has demonstrated a willingness to work
with students on a variety of concerns, both in and out of school. Deputy Rucker can be contacted at or by calling dispatch at 502-955-7480.
Student Parking
North Bullitt High School permits seniors and juniors (as spaces are available) to park on school property. Board policy
requires that all students driving to school have a parking permit. Student must register their vehicles in the main NBHS
office. An annual fee is $25.00 for the permit. There is a BOE policy that requires student driving to school to
participate in the drug testing program. See for the participation form as well as the
application for parking permit.

  1. All North Bullitt High School (NBHS) students that plan on parking on campus must have all fees paid before applying
      for a parking permit.
  2. Only students classified as juniors or seniors may apply.
  3. All North Bullitt High School (NBHS) students that plan on parking on campus must purchase a Parking Permit from
      the school. The cost of the parking permit will be prorated to half the cost beginning with the second semester.
  4. To purchase a valid NBHS parking permit, the student must provide the following;
                 (a) receipt of payment of instructional fees (including parking fee);
                 (b) a copy of a valid Kentucky operator’s license;
                 (c) a copy of the vehicle registration card for the primary vehicle (temporary tags are not permitted);
                 (d) a completed permit application including parent signature and all vehicle information (make, model,
                      and license tag);
                 (e) proof of insurance.
  5. Any item with obscene, vulgar, offensive, racist references, suggestive jokes, pictures, symbols or graphics is
      prohibited. This would include, but not be limited to, window tint or accessories that advertise drugs, tobacco or
      alcohol products, violence, sexually explicit language, images or innuendoes, etc.
  6. All students are to park in the designated student parking area before, during, and after school unless the principal
      has granted prior approval.
  7. Parking on campus is a privilege and not a right. The Bullitt County Board of Education, North Bullitt High School,
      nor school officials are to be considered liable for vandalism, theft, damage, nor any other problems that may occur
      while parked in the school parking lot. The parking tag only reserves a space for the parking privilege and does not
      cover insurance claims. Students park at their own risk.
  8. All Kentucky traffic code and laws apply on school property. Failure to abide may result in loss of permit.
  9. Parking tags are not to be loaned or sold to other students. If a student loans or sells a permit to another student,
      the owner of the registered permit as well as the recipient will lose the permit for the remainder of the current
      school year.
  10. Students will be assigned a numbered parking spot and are expected to park in that spot daily. Each parking tag will
      also have a numbered parking spot on it. Failure to park in your assigned spot will result in a revocation of your
      parking privileges.
                 1st time = written warning
                 2nd time = 5 days
                 3rd time = Loss of pass for rest of school year

  11. Students who have been assigned a tag, have parked in the school parking lot, are in the correct parking spot, but
      do not have the parking tag displayed on their rear view mirror will result in a revocation of your parking privileges.
                1st time = written warning
                2nd time = 5 days
                3rd time = 10 days
                4th time = loss of pass for rest of school year
  12. Students who fail to register their vehicle will receive a warning on the first offense and the car may be towed at
      the owner’s expense. NO FURTHER WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.
  13. Students are not permitted to go to their vehicle during the school day unless:
                (a) they are leaving for an officially approved early dismissal;
                (b) they have been granted permission from an administrator.
  14. The principal or any Assistant Principal of the school reserves the right to search any vehicle at any time if there is
      reasonable suspicion that a Bullitt County Board of Education policy has been broken and the contents of the vehicle
may be retained by the school officials, or, if appropriate, delivered to law enforcement officials; and the contents
      of the vehicle may be used as evidence by school officials in any disciplinary proceedings brought against the student
      by the school Principal, Superintendent of Schools, Board of Education and/or used in any court proceedings.
  15. Any student caught with drugs or alcohol on campus or at any school sponsored function forfeits their right to a
      parking permit for their remaining time at NBHS. Tobacco offenses result in loss of permit for the current school
      year in which caught. Drivers are required to participate in mandatory drug testing as outlined in District Policy.
  16. Students who have their parking pass revoked for attendance, behavior, or other reasons are not eligible for a
  17. Students will be ranked from highest to lowest and receive priority based on the following formula:
             (Highest ACT Plan or ACT test + GPA + One Bonus Point for Extracurricular Participation*) / (Previous year
                unexcused whole day absences∆ + Behavioral Referrals) [If the denominator is equal to zero, then the
                divider will be one.]

        *Extracurricular Participation will be defined by a having a School Sponsored or Approved Verification Form on
        file with the office. One point is the maximum bonus,
          Time missed may add up to whole day absences.

Students can turn in parking applications during designated times. Applications will then be ranked according to the above
formula. The school will then assign desirable parking spaces by formula rank. Applications turned in after designated
time will be processed in the order they are received.

                                                 No Pass = No Drive
Academic and Attendance Deficiencies
Students who are sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old who become academically deficient or deficient in attendance
shall be reported to the Transportation Cabinet for driver’s license, permit or driving privilege revocation. Schools shall
make reports to the Transportation Cabinet following the end of each semester. High schools shall make reports
following summer school if a student who was academically non-compliant becomes academically compliant as the
result of their summer school attendance.

Academic and attendance deficiencies for students’ age sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) enrolled in regular, alternative,
part time, and special education programs shall be defined as follows:

              5) They shall be deemed academically deficient if they have not received passing grades in at least four
                 (4) courses, or the equivalent of four (4) courses, taken in the preceding semester.

                                                 Academic Deficiency
                       Courses Per Grading Period                 Courses Students Need to Pass
                                   5                                           4
                                   6                                           4
                                   7                                           5

              6) They shall be deemed deficient in attendance when they drop out of school or accumulate nine (9)
                 unexcused absences for the preceding semester. Suspensions shall be considered unexcused

Reinstatement of Driving Privilege
Students whose driving permits are revoked, but later meet standards for reinstatement, must then apply to the
designated administrator (Mr. Chris VerDow) to have their standing confirmed. A student may reapply as early as the
end of the semester during which he/she successfully completes the attendance and academic requirements. This
means the student must be in compliance (good standing) for a full semester before regaining driving privileges.
Junior/Senior Prom Critical Information
    1. To purchase tickets for prom you must be an 11th or 12th grade student at North Bullitt High School. You may
        only purchase a maximum of two tickets; one for you and one for your guest.
            a. NBHS students currently enrolled in Gatton Academy, BAMS, or Flex School are permitted to purchase
                tickets but must meet the same criteria as NBHS students.
            b. Any student with 10 or more unexcused absences will not be permitted to purchase a ticket or attend
                as a guest.
            c. If a student accumulates 10 or more unexcused absences after they have purchased their tickets, they
                will not be allowed to attend prom and no refund will be given.
            d. Principal discression will be used to determine attendance when a student has previous disciplinary
                concerns, i.e. suspensions .
            e. Any student absent from school the day of or the day prior to the event must present an acceptable
                excuse note upon entry. Failure to produce these items will result in no admittance and no refund will
                be given.
            f. Any student who is placed in extended ISAP for the duration of the school year will not be allowed to
                attend prom and no refund will be given.
            g. Any student with previously un-served detentions or Friday schools will not be allowed to attend prom
                and will not be issued a refund.
    2. Ticket sales will begin in January and will end one week prior to the event. No tickets will be sold after said date.
    3. Tickets will be sold before school and after school.
            a. Students may purchase tickets before or after school in room 25.
    4. You may not swap or sell tickets. Only the student and the registered guest will be admitted to prom.
    5. There are absolutely no refunds on tickets.

    1. Guests must be at least a high school freshman and must not be older than 20. All guests must be currently
        enrolled in school or employed.
    2. If your guests attends NBHS:
             a. They must meet the criteria in Section I and complete a Behavior Contract prior to any ticket purchase.
    3. If your guest does not attend NBHS:
             a. You must complete a Guest Approval Form (see Section V) and provide a photocopy of their driver’s
                license or other valid form of photo ID. The copies will be kept for record and must be clear, unmarked,
                and easy to read.
    4. If your guest changes and they are not currently enrolled at NBHS, you must resubmit a Guest Approval Form.
    5. If your guest changes and they are currently enrolled at NBHS, you must change the name with the Prom
        Sponsor (Ms. Tilford, Room 25) and the guest must submit a signed Behavior Contract at the time of the change.
    6. All Guest Approval Forms must be returned no later than two weeks prior to the event. Any forms submitted
        late may not be approved.

    1. The prom is a formal dress occasion. All students must be in formal attire, meaning a dress or tux (or suit) with a
        tie. Failure to dress properly will result in not being admitted to prom.
    2. There are absolutely no refunds on tickets.

    1. All students must complete a Behavior Contract (see Section V) prior to purchasing tickets.
    2. Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol, or any other illegal substances are permitted at the prom. Consumption of any
        the previously listed substances prior to admission to prom is strictly prohibited. Any student suspected to be
        under the influence will be promptly escorted off the premises. As such, any student found under the influence
        is subject to suspension, expulsion, and/or incarceration.
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