Prospectus - Matamata College

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Prospectus - Matamata College
Prospectus - Matamata College

                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Welcome message from the Principal       Page 3
     Core Values
Mission Statement                        Page 4
The School Day                           Page 5
     Bell Times
Leave from School                        Page 6
     Permanent Passes
     Absence from School
     Illness at School
Year 9 Structures                        Page 7
Year 10 Structures
Year 11 Structures                       Page 8
Year 12 Structures
Year 13 Structures                       Page 9
Useful Links for Students
Matamata College Dress Code Policy       Page 10
School Uniform                           Page 11
Pastoral Care                            Page 12
Matamata College Fees                    Page 13
Extra-curricular Opportunities           Page 14
All Settings Expectations                Page 15

Prospectus - Matamata College
From the Principal
                        I am very proud to be Principal of Matamata College - a school that has over 90
                        years of tradition; experienced, excellent teachers, a good academic record, well
                        resourced classrooms and a beautiful environment in which to learn.
                        Matamata College is proud to be part of the Matamata Kaahui Ako which sees all
                        mainstream schools in our community working more closely together for better
                        outcomes for students. We embrace our Kaahui Ako Mission Statement “All stu-
                        dents achieving educational success as confident, connected, lifelong, resilient
                        We provide learning programmes and opportunities for every student to reach
                        their potential and grow into responsible, positive, contributing citizens who are
                        confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners ready to take on the 21st
Principal: Mr A Munro
                        Our school whakatauki is “Ma mahi, ka ora” which means “by work we prosper”.
                        Simply, this means that the more work that you put in and the more you get in-
                        volved in everything that Matamata College offers, the more you will enjoy
                        school and the more success you will have.

                        I look forward to welcoming you to Matamata College.

Prospectus - Matamata College

Welcome to Matamata College. Nau mai haere mai. I trust that your association with this college will be a positive
one, and together, the school and home can provide the best learning opportunities for every student who
attends Matamata College.

Our Mission Statement: Quality Education for All
We are an exciting, dynamic, student centred school that inspires students to be:
     Positive in their own identity
     Motivated and reliable
     Resourceful
     Resilient
     Enterprising
     Able to relate well to others
     Effective and fluent communicators
     Positive members of their communities
Actively Involved
     Positive contributors to New Zealand society and Matamata College
     Fully involved in school life
     Participants in a range of life activities
Life- Long Learners
     Literate and numerate
     Critical and creative thinkers
     Interested and curious about their world
     Informed decision makers
     Motivated by their love of learning

Core Values
The core values of Matamata College are:
    - Respect
    - Integrity
    - Manaakitanga
    - Responsibility
Every student can learn and achieve if they:
    - Attend regularly
    - Do all the work set by the teacher to the best of his/her ability
    - Do regular revision
    - Come every day with equipment
    - Have a positive attitude
    - Receive support and encouragement from home
    - Get fully involved in school life

Prospectus - Matamata College

The School Day
School starts at 8.45 am and students are expected to be in the school grounds and moving towards their
classroom by 8.40 am. We run a 30 period, six day, rolling timetable with five one hour periods each day.

Bell Times

  Monday - Friday
  8.45 am – 9.00 am               Group Time
  9.00 am – 10.00 am              Period 1
  10.00 am – 11.00 am             Period 2

  11.00 am – 11.30 am             Interval

  11.30 am – 12.30 pm             Period 3
  12.30 pm – 1.30 pm              Period 4

  1.30 pm – 2.10 pm               Lunch

  2.10 pm – 3.10 pm               Period 5

Students arriving after 9.00 am must go straight to class and be signed in by their teacher. Students with a genu-
ine reason for lateness should have a note from home. We want our students present, engaged and achieving.
Lateness and non-attendance is monitored closely through our electronic attendance system.

Prospectus - Matamata College

Leave from school
All students must have a note from home to be issued with a pass
when leaving the school grounds. These requests for passes must
be issued by Group Class Teachers during Group Class time. As the
safety of students is a paramount concern for us, we request that
parents and caregivers only request leave passes for students for
genuine reasons.

Permanent Lunch Passes
A request for a permanent lunch pass must be approved by the Principal and is issued only so that the student can
go directly from school to home to school for lunch.

Absence from school
All students who are absent from school need to have this absence verified by a parent or caregiver. This could be
a letter to the Group Class Teacher, an email to the Data Administrator ( or a
phone call to the Attendance Line (07 881 9033).

Illness at school
The school operates a sick bay system with our Student Receptionist acting as the person responsible for adminis-
tering first aid. A serious injury or illness will be referred on to a Doctor and we will contact caregivers. Students
who fall ill during the school day or who suffer an injury should report to Student Reception. No student should go
home without reporting to Student Reception first.

Prospectus - Matamata College

                       Year 9 Structures
                             (13-14 years old)

                          English                            Languages offered:
          Compulsory      Mathematics                        Maori
                          Physical Education
                          and Health

                          Science

                          Social Studies
Year 9

                         Option A                             Half Year Option Subjects:
                                                              Art                          Learning Support
                         1 Language (1 year) + 4 Half
                                                              Design & Visual Commu-       Food Technology
            Option       Year Option Subjects                 nication
                                                                                           Metal Technology
                                                              Digital Technology
           Subjects                                                                        Music
                         Option B                                                          Performance Music
                                                              English Language
                                                                                           Wood Technology
                         6 Half Year Option Subjects          Information Technology
                                                              Fashion & Design

                       Year 10 Structures
                             (14-15 years old)

                                                         English
          Compulsory           1 Year
                                                         Mathematics
                                                         Physical Education and Health

                                                         Science
Year 10
                                                         Social Studies

                                                        Option subjects (full year):
           Option           Choose 3                    Agriculture/Horticulture   Learning Support
          Subjects        Subjects from                 Art                        Maori
                             the List                   Business Studies           Maori Performing Arts
                                                        Design & Visual Commu-     Metal Technology
                                                                                   Physical Training
                                                        English Language
                                                                                   Wood Technology
                                                        Fabric & Design
                                                        Food & Nutrition
                                                        Information & Digital

Prospectus - Matamata College

                          Year 11 Structures
                                 (15-16 years old)

                                                               Option Subjects:
                              English
             Compulsory       Health and Physical Educa-      Art Painting
              Subjects        tion                             Business Studies
                                                               Construction & Allied Trades
                              Mathematics                     Design & Visual Communication
                                                               Digital Computer Science & Hardware
                              Science (Choose a maxi-         Digital Design & Office
 Year 11                      mum 2 Science Subjects           Engineering
                              from below)                      English Language
7 Subjects                                                     Fashion & Design
                             Agriculture/Horticulture,         Food & Nutrition
                             Biology, Physical Science or      French
                             Science                           Geography
               Option                                          Maori
                             Choose 3 Subjects from the        Maori Performing Arts
              Subjects                                         Music
                             Option Subjects list or 2 (if 2
                                                               Physical Education
                             Science subjects are chosen)
                                                               Wood Technology

                          Year 12 Structures
                                 (16-17 years old)

                                                               Option Subjects :
             Compulsory                                        Art Painting
                             English                          Art Photography
               Subject                                         Biology
                             Mathematics                      Business Enterprise
                                                               Construction & Allied Trades
 Year 12                                                       Design & Visual Communication
                                                               Digital Computer Studies
6 Subjects                                                     Digital Information Technology
                                                               English Language
                                                               Fashion & Design
              Option                                           Food & Nutrition
                           Choose 5 Subjects from              French
             Subjects                                          Gateway (chosen in addition to 5 subjects)
                           the Option Subjects list.
                              Students can do a                History
                            maximum of 3 Science               Hospitality
                            subjects in addition to
                                                               Maori Performing Arts
                                 Agriculture                   Media Studies
                                                               Physical Education Biophysical
                                                               Physical Education Sociology
                                                               Wood Technology

Prospectus - Matamata College

                                         Year 13 Structures
                                                 (17-18 years old)
                                                                               Option Subjects:
                                                                               Art Painting
                                                                               Art Photography
                                                                               Design & Visual Communication
                                                                               Digital Computer Studies
                                                                               Digital Information Technology
     Year 13            No Compulsory             Choose 5 Subjects from the   Economics
    5 Subjects             Subjects                  Option Subjects list
                                                                               English Language
                                                                               Fashion & Design
                                                                               Food & Technology
                                                                               Gateway (chosen in addition to 5 subjects)
                                                                               Maori Performing Arts
                                                                               Media Studies
                                                                               Physical Education Biophysical
                                                                               Physical Education Sociology
                                                                               Statistics & Modelling
                                                                               Wood Technology

                                    Useful Links for Parents
 Matamata College:

 The New Zealand Ministry of Education:

 New Zealand Qualification Authority:

 Education New Zealand:

Prospectus - Matamata College

Matamata College Dress Code Policy
1. Matamata College is a uniform school and we expect all students to wear the correct full uniform, when
travelling to and from school and representing the school at events that require the school uniform to be worn.
The College is a place of work and the uniform is comfortable and practical for the work environment.
2. Uniform Passes - If there is a good reason why the full school uniform cannot be worn, a student must bring a
note from home requesting a uniform pass. Normally a uniform pass will be issued only for one day. Repeated
transgression of the uniform code will result in the student being dealt with through the school’s discipline
3. Jewellery - Students may wear small sleepers or studs in pierced ears. No other jewellery should be worn at
school. Facial piercings are not allowed with one exception, students may wear a small nose stud.
4. Makeup - Should be discreet and appropriate for a school setting.

5. Facial Hair - All students must be clean shaven.
6. Hair - Must be clean and tidy.
7. Marking of Clothes - Every item of uniform should be clearly named. Every effort will be made to return lost
property to owners and students should check at Student Reception if they lose a uniform item as lost property is
stored there.
8. Footwear - The dress code shoe requirement is for a black, flat shoe, suitable and appropriate for school.
Shoes must be completely black. Students may also wear black or brown sandals with a heel strap.
Socks—Girls—plain black or white socks or full-length pantyhose.
Socks—Boys—Matamata College socks or plain black socks
9. Health and Safety - For Health and Safety reasons students will be required to wear shoes in Technology
workshops and also be required to tie hair back in Food and Fabric Technology rooms (as directed by the

10. Physical Education Uniform - All Students must change for PE. Students in Years 9 -11 are expected to wear
the Matamata College PE uniform – Black Matamata College shorts and a Matamata College Maroon and Gold
singlet or T-shirt.
11. Hats    - Terms 1 & 4 only School Caps or Bucket Hats—Black with college logo
            - Terms 2 & 3 only School Beanies—Black with college logo
            - All Hats must be taken off inside.

12. Scarves - Black scarves only
13. Year 13 Jersey - any Black V neck jersey or cardigan
14. Sports Uniform items such as School Tracksuits, Sports Club Hoodies and any tour or warmup tops can only
be worn at sports events. They are not part of everyday school uniform and are not to be worn during the school


Boys’ Uniform
Years 9, 10 and 11
Grey striped Polo with Matamata College logo
Charcoal grey shorts or trousers with Matamata College logo
Maroon jersey with Matamata College logo
Matamata College socks or plain black socks
Black jacket with Matamata College logo

Year 12
Grey shirt with Matamata College logo
Charcoal grey shorts or trousers with Matamata College logo
Maroon jersey with Matamata College logo
Matamata College socks or plain black socks
                                                                        Junior Boy Polo &     Senior Boy Shirt &
Black jacket with Matamata College logo
                                                                             Shorts               Trousers
Year 13
Same as Year 12 with exception of a black V neck jersey or cardigan

Girls’ Uniform
Years 9, 10 and 11
White blouse with Matamata College logo
Tartan skirt or grey shorts or trousers with Matamata College logo
Maroon jersey with Matamata College logo
Plain white or black socks or black full length pantyhose
Black jacket with Matamata College logo

Year 12
White blouse with Matamata College Logo
Grey skirt or grey shorts or trousers with Matamata College logo
Maroon jersey with Matamata College logo
Plain white or black socks or black full length pantyhose             Senior Skirt & Blouse   Trousers & Blouse
Black jacket with Matamata College logo

Year 13
Same as Year 12 with exception of a black V neck jersey or cardigan

Note 1:     All Uniform items are available at Matamata College.
Note 2:     Tee shirts or thermals must be short sleeved and white.

For all school uniform enquiries please email
Or phone 07 881 9018 ext. 225.
                                                                      Junior Skirt & Blouse    Shorts & Blouse


Pastoral Care
At Matamata College every attempt is made to support the individual needs of every student. The school has a
strong pastoral care system which operates to help students with academic, personal or behaviour problems. At
Matamata College we believe strongly in the school and home working closely together to support and encourage
our young people. We believe in being pro-active and we prefer early intervention to prevent small issues becom-
ing big ones. Staff are encouraged to contact home if there are concerns or if a student deserves a pat on the
back. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to make contact with the school if they have concerns about a
student’s progress or behaviour.
Key members of the school’s pastoral care network are:
Deputy Principals
The Deputy Principals have overall responsibility for student welfare and behaviour. They liaise closely with
Deans, House Leaders and the Guidance staff and work proactively in fostering a positive tone in the school.
Heads of Learning
HOLs support teachers in their area with student discipline and student achievement. They will often closely mon-
itor a student who is underachieving, not working well or who is misbehaving and stopping others from learning.
HOLs liaise closely with Deans and Deputy Principals.
Guidance Counsellor – available by appointment for students and parents. The Guidance Counsellor deals with
personal, relationship, career and academic issues.
Careers Advisors – work with individuals, groups and classes assisting students with career pathways choices.
They bring visiting speakers from the workplace and the Tertiary Institutions into school to talk to groups and also
arrange visits to Careers Field Days and Tertiary Institutions’ Open Days etc. The Careers staff also run the Year 10
Designing Careers programme which guides our Year 10 students in thinking about their career options and
starting their own personal career file and CV. The Matamata College developed Careers Studio computer pro-
gramme assists students and staff to track career plans and pathways.
Deans are responsible for a horizontal level of students (e.g. Year 9 or Year 13.) They help students with option
choices, class placement and also work with students on performance, discipline and career options. Deans liaise
closely with teachers and also with parents when they are working with a student. They will sometimes place a
student on daily report to monitor his or her attendance, behaviour and work effort. Deans are a good first point
of contact for parents because they have the “big picture” view of a student’s performance and behaviour.
Group Teachers are the first point of contact for students. Group Teachers meet their Group Class students
every morning and are responsible for attendance, uniform, notices and monitoring the progress of the students
in the group.
If you wish to contact any of the above please do so by ringing the School Office on 07 881 9018.


Matamata College Fees
School Donation
The school donation is $125 per student or $200 for two or more students. The College relies on this donation to
provide equipment and activities not funded by the Ministry of Education. The money generated by the school
donation is used to maintain the extensive school network of over 150 computers as well as providing for soft-
ware and server upgrades. The Board of Trustees also uses the money to provide resources for the Library and to
subsidise the running cost of the school mini vans. Some of the money is also used to provide extra Teacher Aide
help for students.

Subject Activity Costs
Some subjects have a cost attached to them. Normally this is in subjects where there is a take home component
(eg Technology) or when students have a course manual or homework book that the student writes in and keeps
for revision. The annual subject prospectus for each level, which students receive before making their subject
choices for the following year, contains the subject activity costs for each subject. (see the College website at where the costs for each subject are listed.)

Student Account Statements
The school will post home a fees statement for each student on a regular basis so that parents can check what has
been paid and what is still to be paid. Please contact the school’s Executive Officer if you have queries about these

Methods of Payment
Fees can be paid by cash or cheque or Eftpos at Student Reception. The school is very happy to arrange automatic
payments or time payments to assist parents and caregivers with their financial commitments. Please contact the
school’s Executive Officer on 07 881 9032 for more information.

Sports Fees
All sports also have a fee for registration and sometimes uniform hire. These fees must be paid before the student
begins playing sport for the school. Students involved in sports that must travel to play are asked to contribute a
transport fee to cover costs.

Extra-curricular Opportunities
Matamata College prides itself on the wonderful learning opportunities it offers students outside of the classroom.

     Concert Band                           Music Tuition                         Stage Challenge
     Debating                               Rock Bands                            Talent Quest
     Kapa Haka                              School Production                     Shakespeare Festival
     Mooting


     Athletics                                  Golf                                  Soccer
     Badminton                                  Hockey                                Squash
     Basketball                                 Motox                                 Swimming
     Cricket                                    Netball                               Tennis
     Cross Country                              Rugby                                 Touch
     Cycling                                    Shooting                              Triathlon
     Equestrian                                 Skiing                                Volleyball
     Bowls                                      Lacrosse                              Golf Croquet

All settings

    Act in a way that shows I belong
          to Matamata College

 Role model positive behaviour for

 Participate positively in the life of
         Matamata College

Be responsible for my own actions

    Ask for help when I need to

       Use positive language

Follow the instructions of adults in a
      timely and polite manner

“Quality Education for All “
                                       “ Mā mahi, ka ora

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