Flexibility Will be the Key!

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Flexibility Will be the Key!
Cedar Cliff Local Schools
                                   Superintendent’s Newsletter
                                          August 2020

It is the mission of Cedarville Schools to “Provide students with the best well-rounded education
that teaches, challenges and develops the mind, body and character and prepares responsible
graduates who contribute within society.”

                                  Flexibility Will be the Key!
         It is the beginning of August. School “officially” begins on Wednesday, August 26, but
the beginning of this year comes with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and questions—for all
of us!
         I would have to admit, I did not expect to have this uncertainty entering into the year when
school was finalized at the end of the 2019-2020 academic school year. I was hoping there would be
more “normalcy” when we returned. Sadly, this is just not going to be the case.
         Over 25 years of education I have never experienced anything like this pandemic and all that
accompanies the response. I do know and believe this, with all my heart, kids need to be in school—
and that is not just about academics. There are a myriad of reasons why students need to be with
teachers and around their peers. Those reasons have all been well-documented and espoused over
the last few weeks/months.
         However, there are also a myriad of reasons why, for the health and safety of the students and
staff, that students should not be in the building for face-to-face instruction and not be returning. It
is for this reason school districts across the state have come to many different decisions on what
school should “look like” for the 2020-2021 academic year. Some are planning to come back for a
regular start with safety measures put into place, others are planning on a hybrid approach where
students and building capacities are limited, while others are planning on an all-remote start with
students not in the building. Who is correct is largely predicated on your own personal, professional,
and political beliefs.
Flexibility Will be the Key!
I get to hear all the opinions as a Superintendent. I always smile when someone says, “It is
simple, you just…” As soon as someone says, “It is simple,” you often lose me. There is nothing
“simple” about these decisions, the issues, or the ripple effects associated with the path we choose
moving forward.
        I have even heard folks say, “Just bring all schools back, allow everyone to get sick, get it
over with and allow ‘herd immunity’ to take effect.” I did the math on that one—consider this:
        The CDC states that herd immunity is when 80% of the country or state has had the virus.
Let’s suppose we use half of that number—40% before we all have herd immunity—40%. There are
11.9 million people in the State of Ohio, 40% (roughly) comes to 4,640,000 people getting sick or
contracting the virus. Ohio currently, as of the date I write this, has 93,031 confirmed cases. To get
to 40% (and remember, the CDC recommends 80%) the State would need 4,546,969 more cases
before we reach the 40% threshold. That means, Ohio would need 12,457 more confirmed cases
every day for the next 365 days to reach the 40% threshold. Ohio’s current highest daily number—
1,733 (again, as I write this article). Critics of this argue, “But Mr. Mason, those numbers are
garbage!” That may be so, depending on what you believe, but the point is, it is not “simple” when
people say Superintendents should “just do this,” to make decisions.
        There is a very good chance, whatever plan schools have—right now, in August—will
change throughout the year. Our teachers and staff will have to be very flexible as we proceed
through this year, as will our parents/community members, Board of Education members,
Administrators, and most importantly, our students. We will have many ups and downs throughout
the year—many. As I reflect, I hope we can send our students the message, Welcome to Life—ups
and downs—accomplishments and disappointments—adjusting and patience. We all need these
skills and sometimes we need reminded of the importance of those skills. Here’s to all of us honing
those skills as we proceed.
        Let’s have a great year—no matter what it looks like!
Best Regards,

Chad Mason, Superintendent
Cedar Cliff Local Schools

Flexibility Will be the Key!
COVID Testing Availability
Flexibility Will be the Key!
School Re-Opening Plans
         For the most up-to-date plans regarding the start of the 2020-2021 school year, please visit the district
website at: https://www.cedarcliffschools.net/. The following chart illustrates how the district plans to adhere to
Greene County Public Health guidelines and alert status, but much greater detail is provided on the district

          A “Virtual/Remote” option is provided this year for parents reluctant to send their child back to school for
face-to-face instruction. Parents are reminded—the first week of August, 3-7, is the deadline for informing the
district should parents choose this option. Parents should inform their building principal if they desire for this
learning model for their child and, if they choose this option, are further reminded, they must continue this for the
entire first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.
Flexibility Will be the Key!
Remaining Summer Office Hours:
       The remaining weeks before school, the administrative offices at the elementary, high school,
and central offices will be open from 8:00 am-3:30 pm.

                                 Pass along the Information!
        If you know of someone who would like to receive the newsletter, feel free to forward
the information. We will also have copies available at the Board Office and the Senior Citizens’
Center if someone would like the traditional paper copy. Once again, you can sign up to receive
the newsletter from the Cedar Cliff Website at: http://www.cedarcliffschools.net/


                                     Drivers Needed
Have you ever thought about driving a school bus? We are currently looking for substitute bus
drivers who can be available on an as-needed basis. If interested in becoming a bus driver,
please send an email to our transportation supervisor, Tom Morgan: tmorgan@ccliff.org


       The folks at the Greene County Public Library have a program to help with the
“summer slide” and keep children ready to learn. With the nature of the current
pandemic, this type of program is more important than ever! See the information
below from the Library’s summer program:

      Prevent Summer Slide! Our Greene County Public Library’s SUMMER READING
PROGRAM is still going strong. It’s a great way to prepare your student for a great start
   this Fall. For more information, visit www.greenelibrary.info/summer-reading.
Let’s Welcome the New Cedar Cliff Faculty and Staff!
       Summer always brings movement in the educational profession. With this movement comes the
opportunity to welcome new additions to the Cedar Cliff family. The following are this year’s newest
members and we can’t wait to get started working with them!

New faculty joining the Elementary School include:

        Mr. Justin Richardson (Miami University (OH) / Wright State University / Elementary Education
(1-8) and Special Education Licensure): Mr. Richardson will be assisting in our Special Education
department as well as teaching a Life Skills course in the Elementary. He comes to us from Lakota and
most recently Centerville and has 10 years of experience in the educational ranks. He has even served as
as an adjunct professor for Wright State University in the School of Education!

         Ms. Ashley Fisher (Cedarville University / 4th and 5th Grade Language Arts): Ms. Fisher will be
joining the 4th and 5th grade team and returning “home” to Cedar Cliff. As a 2004 graduate from CHS,
Ms. Fisher was excited to return to her roots and re-join the Cedarville family! She will be the 4/5
Language Arts instructor for the upcoming school year. She has ten years’ experience in the educational
ranks and comes to Cedar Cliff from Springboro Community School District.

         Mr. Brian DeHoff (University of Iowa): Mr. DeHoff will be serving as a first grade teacher for
this school year. He also holds endorsements in Reading and Language Arts instruction and comes to
Cedar Cliff with 6 years of teaching experience in Iowa and will now learn what it means to be a Buckeye
rather than a Hawkeye!

        Ms. Abigail Wolford (Cedarville University): Ms. Wolford will be serving as the Elementary PE
teacher as well as the JV Volleyball Coach for Cedarville High School. A standout athlete at Cedarville
University, Ms. Wolford completed her student teaching experience at CHS and we are thrilled to have
her back in an official capacity!

        Mr. Caleb Vanden Eynden (University of Dayton): Mr. Vanden Eynden comes to us from the
Dayton Area where he completed his student teaching with the Springboro Community School District.
He will be assisting with the Marching Band. After his experience in the same position with Chaminade-
Julienne HS, we are excited for him to assist the CHS stellar music program.

New support staff members include:

         Ms. Heather Herbst (Classroom Aide/Athletic Trainer): Ms. Herbst is a 2011 CHS graduate and
will be filling in part-time in the classified staff ranks as well as assisting our athletic programs in
conjunction with Kettering Sports Medicine. She is a Cedarville University Graduate and we appreciate
her hard work and efforts to help us out in our time of need in the support staff ranks.

        Mrs. Loraine Mitter (Wright State University): Mrs. Mitter holds certifications in School
Counseling, School Psychology, as well as Business Education. With over 30-years’ experience in the
educational ranks, we are excited for all she has to offer while serving as the district School Psychologist.
This has been a difficult position to fill in the past and we are excited to have her join the Cedar Cliff
News from the Nurse!
       The following information regarding immunizations and the adopted rules for school
vaccinations is now posted on the district website at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-
p0TBTyPwBAU2pZM1BKak1nNjg/view. Important information is highlighted below. Should
you have any questions, feel free to contact your doctor or pediatrician.

                                Immunization Information
         Incoming 7th graders for the 2020-2021 school year are reminded that they must show proof
of the following immunizations before they may enter school. This coming fall, incoming 7th graders
will be required to have documentation of 1 dose of Tdap vaccine. In addition, Meningococcal
vaccine will also be required for the upcoming school year prior to entry to the 7th grade.
Please check with your family physician if you have any questions.

       Proof of these immunizations may be delivered to the office any time. This will need to be
completed before students may enter school for the 2020-2021 school year. Once again,
immunization documentation can be turned in beginning this week, through the summer months.

       Seniors (those entering 12th grade) will need an additional Meningococal Immunization (2 doses).

                                  Emergency Phone System
        The Cedar Cliff Local School District utilizes the ONECALLNOW phone alert system
for emergency/active response purposes or for weather alerts regarding school activities. If you
do not receive these alerts and wish to do so, contact the central office at (937) 766-6000, and
ask that your name be added to the list.
2020-2021 school Calendar

        The 2020-2021 school calendar can be found on the front page of the district website under the
“District” tab (see below): Please note, this calendar has been amended due to the current health crisis in
the U.S. and is not the same calendar originally distributed in May, 2020.

        In order to have any kind of medication distributed to your child at school, a Medication
Administration Consent Form must be completed and turned into the office prior to the distribution
of the medication. (This includes over-the-counter medicines, cough drops, antacid tablets, etc.)
Forms are available upon request in the office or from the Nurse, Mrs. Joyce Hull.

In Case You are in Need or Know of Someone Who is!
Keeping You Informed!

Kindergarten KRA Testing                 Moved to October for 2020-2021 School Year

New Teacher Orientation                  August 12        All Day—Admin. Offices

First Day for Teachers/Staff             August 17        Meetings/Room Preparation—All Day

Elementary / MS Open House               August 19-21     By Appointment—more information will be

MS Orientation (Students Only)           August 24        Middle School Orientation - Students only
                                                          More information will be forthcoming, as COVID
                                                          has altered the normal procedure for this event.

Freshmen / New Student Orientation * August 24            Time--TBD
      (Students Only)

First Day of School (Students)           August 26        Welcome Back!

* This is for 9th graders and those High School students new to the district.


                                 FYI--Back to School Tax Holiday!

       Ohio's sales tax holiday for back-to-school shopping will take place this weekend. Shoppers can
make purchases without paying state sales tax for:

       Clothing items costing $75 or less;
       School supplies costing $20 per item or less; and
       School instructional materials priced at $20 per item or less.

The holiday opens at 12 a.m. Friday, Aug. 7, and ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 9.

       Refer to this link for further information: Sales Tax
Holiday https://tax.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/tax/help-center/faqs/sales-and-use-tax-sales-tax-
Update on the State of Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities
        As of the date of this publication, and changes occur daily, the following activities are classified
as non-contact sporting events: Volleyball, Cross-Country, and Golf. Football is the only activity hosted
by Cedar Cliff Local School District that is categorized as a “contact” sport.

        This distinction is important, as non-contact sports have been given the “green light” to proceed
with competition between school districts. As of the date of this publication, contact sports have not been
given this opportunity. This does not mean to imply that the opportunity will not take place, it simply
means the order has not been lifted to allow events at this time.

         Cedarville MS/HS students participating in these events are currently practicing and preparing for
a Fall season with the hope and expectation the season will proceed. However, it is likely the season may
look “different” or shortened in some fashion.

         Regarding spectators: Sporting events are considered “Social Gatherings” and the district is still
awaiting guidance as to the amount (if any) spectators will be permitted to attend the events. While this is
important for the community and parents, the district’s perspective remains, student participation is the
utmost important factor in a season—spectators are important, but the administration wants the students’
ability to participate to be the main focus on everyone’s mind. We understand how students feel about
these events and want to do everything we can to ensure the safest and most positive experience is had by
our students as we progress throughout the school year.

        We will do our best to pass along any information we can. For the most up-to-date information,
community members are encouraged to go the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s website at:

                                                 Work Permits

All work permits are issued from the Cedar Cliff Board of Education offices.
Applications are available in the hallway outside the Superintendent’s office. Please
contact Martha Campbell, Secretary to the Superintendent, to assist you in having
your work permit completed.

Notification Rights Under FERPA
         You have a right to review your student's records by making a written request to
the principal. The request will be honored within a reasonable period of time (no more
than 10 working days). Exceptions to this time frame may be made, if necessary, during
school vacation periods. Review of student records may be prohibited by a court order
or other legally binding document.

         Review of your student’s file shall take place in the presence of the school
principal or his designee. The request for review of your student’s records will be placed
in the student file as well as the date, time, and a list of individuals present at the time of
the review.

        A nominal copying fee will be charged if copies of student records are needed,
and a receipt will be provided.

         Parents and adult students have the right to amend a student record when they
believe that any of the information contained in the record is inaccurate, misleading, or
violates the student’s privacy. A parent or adult student must request the amendment of a
student record in writing and if the request is denied, the parent or adult student will be
informed of his/her right to a hearing on the matter.

         Parents have the right to inspect upon request any instructional material used as a
part of the educational curriculum for their student. See Board Policy 2416 for the
procedures for making such a request. Any parent or student who believes that the
School District has failed to comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
("FERPA") or the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment ("PPRA"), may file a
compliant directly with the Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of
Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202-8520. This Notice will
be transmitted to disabled parents and students or to non-English speaking parents and
students in a format designed to accommodate their disability or in their native language.

        Feel free to contact the Office of the Superintendent at (937) 766-6000 with
questions regarding parental rights with respect to FERPA or for any assistance.

                        2020-2021 School Building Starting and Ending Times

                                       School                    Hours
                                     Elementary                  8:00-2:50
                                     Middle School               7:55-3:00
                                     High School                 7:55-3:00

                  These are amended times from previous years. Please be aware!
Upcoming August Events
Wednesday, August 5
      Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
      Greene County Fair
      8:00am—HS GOLF (A) @ Dayton Christian High School (DC Invitational)

Thursday, August 6
       Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
       Greene County Fair
       4:30pm—HS Golf (A) @ Greenon High School

Friday, August 7
        Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
        Greene County Fair
        10:00am—HS Golf (A) @ Triad High School

Saturday, August 8
       Greene County Fair
       12:00pm—HS Golf (A) @ Greeneview High School (Ram Invitational @ Locust Hills)

Monday, August 10
      Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
      Music Boosters
      4:30pm—HS Golf (A) @ Southeastern HS

Tuesday, August 11
       Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
       Fall Sports Pictures
       4:30pm—HS Golf (A) @ Greeneview High School
       5:00pm—HS Volleyball (A) vs. Milton Union High School (Scrimmage)

Wednesday, August 12
      Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
      5:00pm--MS Volleyball (A) vs. East Clinton High School (Scrimmage)
      5:00pm—HS Volleyball (H) vs. Legacy Christian High School (Scrimmage)

Thursday, August 13
       Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
       4:30pm—HS Golf (A) vs. Catholic Central High School

Friday, August 14
        Cedarville Elementary Summer Intervention
Saturday, August 15
       10:00am—JV Volleyball (A) Houston High School (Scrimmage)
       10:00am-- MS Volleyball (H) vs. Wilmington (Scrimmage)
       10:00am—HS Volleyball (A) vs. Lehman Catholic High School (Scrimmage)
       1:30pm—HS Golf (A) vs. Tecumseh High School (Arrow Invitational @ Windy Knoll)

Monday, August 17
      First Day for Teachers
      Regular Board Meeting (7:00)
      4:30pm—HS Golf (H) vs. Madison Plains High School

Thursday, August 20
       4:30pm—HS Golf (H) vs. Mechanicsburg High School

Monday, August 24
      4:30pm—HS Golf (A) vs. Northeastern High School
      5:30pm-- JV Volleyball (H) vs. Bradford High School
      5:30pm--MS Volleyball (A) vs. Greeneview High School
      7:00pm—HS Volleyball (H) vs. Bradford High School

Tuesday, August 25
       4:30pm—HS Golf (H) vs. Fairbanks High School
       5:30pm-- JV Volleyball (A) vs. Greenon High School
       7:00pm—HS Volleyball (A) vs. Greenon High School

Wednesday, August 26
      First Day of School
      5:30pm--MS Volleyball (A) vs. Southeastern HS

Thursday, August 27
       5:30pm--JV Volleyball (H) vs. Madison Plains High School
       7:00pm—HS Volleyball (H) vs. Madison Plains High School

Friday, August 28
        7:00pm—(Tentative) HS Football (A) vs. Tri-Village HS

Saturday, August 29
       10:00am—HS Cross-Country (A) @ Milton Union High School (Milton Union Invitational)

Monday, August 31
      4:30pm—HS Golf (H) vs. West Jefferson High School
      5:30pm--MS Volleyball (H) vs. Greenon High School

Tuesday, September 1
       4:30pm—HS Golf (H) vs. Greenon High School
       5:30pm--JV Volleyball (A) vs. Southeastern HS
       7:00pm—HS Volleyball (A) vs. Southeastern HS
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