Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau

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Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
           Idaho Farm Bureau

                          Spring Issue • Volume 22 Issue 2

 Special Election Edition
Candidates answer farm bureau questions

                                                             May 2022 | 1
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
The Zipline                                                                                               By Zippy Duvall
                                                                                       President American Farm Bureau Federation

       Inflated prices hitting farm country, too
                               e are all feeling the pressures these days     and care for animals to keep the farm running,
                               of rising costs, from the grocery store        you have to find a way to make it work, and many
                               to the fuel pump.                              American farmers are hoping to at least hold on
                      Most Americans are already making adjust-               until relief in the supply chain comes.
                   ments here and there. Some might drive less, take            As a beef and poultry farmer, I am a price taker,
                   a family vacation closer to home, or cook a few            and that’s the same story for farmers of all com-
                   more meals rather than dining out.                         modities across the country.
                      But finding small ways to save can only go so far         Most consumers don’t know that the higher
                   when your very livelihood depends on goods that            prices they’re paying in the grocery store these
                   keep getting more expensive, sometimes skyrock-            days don’t mean higher profits for my farm or
                   eting in price.                                            yours. This year’s input cost spikes have been
                      When you need to plant crops, tend to them                                            See DUVALL, page 21

The President’s Desk                                                                                     By Bryan Searle
                                                                                           President Idaho Farm Bureau Federation

      The reason for this special election edition
                        t is obvious from the front page alone that           exercise of a precious right that should never be
                        this edition of Idaho Farm Bureau Federa-             taken for granted.
                        tion’s Quarterly magazine is a special election          The importance of selecting good candidates
                    edition.                                                  who understand and who will adhere to the Con-
                       Voting is the cornerstone of democracy and it’s        stitution is so great that voting almost borders on
                    a way for We the People to ensure our elected of-         being a duty.
                    ficials adhere to and enforce constitutional limits.         It’s always a bit disappointing to me to see how
                       My first message to IFBF members, and every            small of a percentage of people actually vote in
                    other person in the state, is to make sure to vote        our elections and also how few people are actually
                    during the upcoming primary election, which               educated about the various important issues our
                    will be held in Idaho on May 17.                          state faces and where candidates stand on those
                       Voting is not only a civic responsibility; it is the                                  See SEARLE, page 20

Inside Farm Bureau                                                                                           By Zak Miller
                                                                                              CEO Idaho Farm Bureau Federation

                                It starts with food
                             keystone of civilization is when some            fundamental is lost.
                             members of a population are not required            Luckily for most Idahoans, we have never come
                             to engage in agriculture. When members           slightly close to knowing the desperation of true
                    of a group can engage in non-agriculture activi-          hunger. This is not true throughout the world.
                    ties because others create a food surplus, civiliza-         The machinations of a modern tyrant in Russia
                    tion is said to begin.                                    may cause more poor countries to begin to flirt
                       Put another way, Alfred Henry Lewis (1855-             with anarchy if hungry stomachs cannot be fed.
                    1914) said, “Every nation is about nine meals             Ukraine, often referred to as the breadbasket of
                    away from anarchy.”                                       Europe, accounts for 40% of the World Food
                       As revolutionary as excess food for one person         Program’s wheat.
                    was in allowing civilization to begin, the tower of          It is not hard to see the blessing of America
                    civilization can topple just as quickly when this                                         See MILLER, page 20

2 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Idaho Farm Bureau
                                Volume 22, Issue 2
                                      IFBF Officers
  President.................................................... Bryan Searle, Shelley
  Vice President..................................Richard Durrant, Meridian
  Executive Vice President/CEO...................................Zak Miller

                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  Dan Garner....................................................................... Clifton
  Austin Tubbs...................................................................... Malad
  Jason Fellows...................................................................Weston
  Scott Steele................................................................ Idaho Falls
  Stephanie Mickelsen................................................. Idaho Falls
  Travis McAffee................................................................... Howe
  Darren Taber................................................................Shoshone
  Rick Pearson..............................................................Hagerman
  Rick Brune...................................................................... Hazelton
  Cody Chandler................................................................ Weiser
  Galen Lee........................................................... New Plymouth
                                                                                                            Welcome to
  Matt Dorsey.................................................................. Caldwell
  Marjorie French........................................................... Princeton
                                                                                                 Idaho Farm Bureau Federation’s
  Tom Daniel.............................................................Bonners Ferry
  Tom Mosman.............................................................Craigmont
                                                                                               2022 special primary election edition
  Melissa Durrant............................................................. Meridian
                                                                                                 In the pages of this edition of IFBF’s Quarterly magazine, you
                                                                                              will find information about candidates running for elected posi-
  Executive Assistant.....................................................Cara Dyer           tions in Idaho, including those running for the Idaho Legislature,
  Director of Operations.......................................... Justin Patten              as well as people running for the statewide offices of governor,
  Operations Assistant...........................................Elly McDonald
  Financial Controller................................................. Tyler Moore           lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and super-
  Director of Member Relations.................................Brody Miller                   intendent of public instruction.
  Dist. I Regional Manager............................................. Ott Clark                We hope the information you can find in this magazine will
  Dist. II Regional Manager......................... Camron Hammond
  Dist. III Regional Manager.......................................Zack Lanier                assist you in making an informed decision about who to vote for
  Dist. IV Regional Manager............................ Naomi Anderson                        in Idaho’s upcoming May 17 primary election.
  Dist. V Regional Manager...................................Bob Smathers
  Boise Office Manager.........................................Quinne Russell                    Voting is one way for the people to ensure elected officials share
  Dir. of Governmental Affairs...............................Russ Hendricks                   our values, adhere to the Constitution and represent our interests.
  Energy/Natural Resources.................................Braden Jensen
  Governmental Affairs Representative................ Chyla Wilson
                                                                                                 IFBF asked 15 candidates running for statewide offices five
  Director of Information...........................................Joel Benson               questions we feel are important to Farm Bureau members. Their
  Project Coordinator............................................Kristy Lindauer              answers to those questions can be found in the pages of this
  Publications Editor/Media Contact........................... Sean Ellis
  Videography Broadcast Coordinator................ Paul Boehlke                              magazine.
  Videographer................................................. Michaela Andrus                  We did not edit their responses.
  Member Benefits Manager................................. Betty Inskeep
                                                                                                 This allows you to hear straight from those candidates, unfil-
         Printed by: Adams Publishing Group, Pocatello, ID                                    tered.
                IDAHO FARM BUREAU QUARTERLY                                                      We have also included the names of legislative candidates that
              USPS #022-899, is published quarterly by the
                                                                                              Agra-PAC, the political action committee of IFBF, feel are most
               275 Tierra Vista Drive, Pocatello, ID 83201.                                   philosophically aligned with the policies that Farm Bureau mem-
              POSTMASTER send changes of address to:                                          bers have adopted.
                  IDAHO FARM BUREAU QUARTERLY                                                    Those legislative candidates were interviewed by county Farm
               P.O. Box 4848, Pocatello, ID 83205-4848.
            Periodicals postage paid at Pocatello, Idaho,                                     Bureau organizations across the state to determine which candi-
                    and additional mailing offices.                                           dates to recommend for support through Agra-PAC.
              Subscription rate: $4.00 per year included                                         Some pages in this magazine are also dedicated to highlight-
                         in Farm Bureau dues.
                                                                                              ing state legislators who received IFBF’s “Friend of Agriculture”
                        MAGAZINE CONTACTS:
                   Idaho Farm Bureau Federation                                               award, which is the highest award that Farm Bureau presents to
              EDITOR (208) 239-4292 • ADS (208) 239-4279                                      legislators.
                    E-MAIL: seanellis@idahofb.org
                    ADS: advertising@idahofb.org
                                                                                                 These are the legislators who have done the best job of support-
                       web: www.idahofb.org                                                   ing Farm Bureau member positions on selected bills over the past
                                                                                              two years.
                                                                                                 You, of course, will ultimately decide who you choose to vote
COVER: Idaho’s Capitol building is shown in this Idaho Farm                                   for, but we hope the information provided in this magazine can
Bureau Federation photo. (Photo by Paul Boehlke)
                                                                                              assist you in making that important decision. 
                                                                                                                                            May 2022 | 3
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Statewide Candidate
Questionnaire Responses
   Farm Bureau believes it is important for you to have
relevant information upon which to base your vote when
 you consider candidates for statewide elected offices.

 Each qualified candidate in a contested primary race
was given the opportunity to answer questions on topics
        selected by the IFBF Board of Directors.

    The answers are in the candidate’s own words
 and have not been edited. This information is provided
      here for you so you can make an informed
           decision at the polls on May 17.

We also gave the candidates the opportunity to provide
           longer answers on our website.
    Please visit ifarmivoteidaho.com and select
   Statewide Candidate Questionnaire Responses
             or scan the QR code below.
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly Special Election Edition - Candidates answer farm bureau questions - Idaho Farm Bureau
Continued from page 2
                                                    ‘It is up to We the People to elect
   My second message is to make sure you
truly know who you are voting for and un-
                                                 good, honest, and wise people who will
derstand where they stand on the various
                                                             represent us well.’
   Selecting who to vote for is not the same    that Farm Bureau asked them.                  who received IFBF’s “Friend of Agricul-
as selecting who to be friends with.               This allows you to hear straight from      ture” award, which is the highest award
   While it helps to have someone in office     these candidates, unfiltered, and help you    we present to legislators. These are the
who is likeable and friendly, it’s also of      have the information you need to make         legislators who have voted in line with our
great value to have someone who has the         your own decisions.                           members’ policy over the past two years.
correct philosophy of government and               In this magazine, you will also see the       We hope you will read through the pages
supports the beliefs and policies of Farm       names of legislative candidates that Agra-    of this magazine and learn something
Bureau members.                                 PAC, the political action committee of        about the candidates running for the Idaho
   With that in mind, Idaho Farm Bureau         IFBF, believes will be most philosophically   Legislature and those running for state-
Federation also understands most people         aligned with Farm Bureau members and          wide office.
do not have the time, or ability, to find out   the policy they have adopted.                    It is up to We the People to elect good,
pertinent information from candidates              County Farm Bureau organizations           honest and wise people who will represent
when determining who to support.                across the state designate “county evalua-    us well.
   IFBF has helped do that for you by           tion committees” that interview candidates       In the end, of course, it is up to you to
printing responses from 15 candidates for       and then make recommendations to the          decide who to vote for. We hope you will
statewide office – governor, lieutenant gov-    state Agra-PAC committee on who to            put some serious thought into that choice
ernor, secretary of state, attorney general     support.                                      and that is the purpose of this special elec-
and superintendent of public instruction           Some pages in this magazine are also       tion edition. 
– to five questions about important issues      dedicated to showcasing state legislators

Continued from page 2
                                                   ‘The more this world                       your help as we work all the time to ensure
                                                                                              farmers and ranchers are allowed to thrive.
and Idaho all around us. Witnessing
the tragedy playing out in Ukraine only
                                                    changes, the more it                        Food in our stomachs is paramount to
emphasizes what we have and the need             proves we need farmers,                      our freedom. Our freedom is what has
                                                                                              made us unique.
to support the fundamentals of our great
                                                  and we need your help                         I want people not to have to worry about
   We have important decisions before us             as we work all the                       their food supply so that I can have access
                                                                                              to good doctors, buy new tools, enjoy
in this upcoming primary election. In this
edition of Idaho Farm Bureau Federation’s
                                                  time to ensure farmers                      exciting experiences, and sleep in a safe
Quarterly magazine, you will find a lot of            and ranchers are                        home.
                                                                                                Civilization may be simply enjoying
information about candidates that could
help you decide who to vote for.
                                                     allowed to thrive.’                      the results of others who discovered and
   Only four other states have a larger share                                                 implemented innovative solutions. Let us
                                                Simultaneously, we need leaders that          support agriculture so that it can support
of their total Gross Domestic Product that      understand infrastructure, health care,
comes from agriculture. Put another way,                                                      the myriad of activities that give us oppor-
                                                education, balanced budgets, and the list     tunities for safety, security, and freedom.
agriculture is so vital to Idaho that only      goes on and on.
four other states’ economies depend more                                                        Idaho Farm Bureau Federation encour-
                                                   Farm Bureau was started to give farmers    ages its members and others to put some
on the farming and ranching industry than       a voice, and it continues to work to be the
Idaho does.                                                                                   serious thought into voting for those
                                                “Voice of Idaho Agriculture.”                 people you believe are best suited to help
   We need to elect leaders who under-             The more this world changes, the more
stand, defend, and work for agriculture.                                                      achieve that. 
                                                it proves we need farmers, and we need

20 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Continued from page 2

tough, but they are also part of the bigger story of the rising cost
of farming.
   For livestock farmers in particular, business costs have in-
creased 46% since 2013—those costs include animal care, feed
and seed.
   Today, those costs continue to rise and with supply chain dis-
ruptions, you also have to pray that your farm supplies will arrive
in time.
   The story isn’t much better for farmers growing row crops
either. While market prices are high for crops like corn and
soybeans, the higher costs for seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and fuel
make it tough to balance out.
   It’s also too early to tell if prices will keep up with farm costs or
be swallowed up.
   I know everyone is feeling the strain of rising costs, but where it
hits differently on the farm is our inability to set prices. A restau-
rant might adjust its menu and raise prices to keep up, or reduce
hours and staff, but those adjustments just don’t work on the farm.
   Whether you’re growing grains, raising livestock or growing
fruits and vegetables, you don’t set the price you’ll receive at har-
vest unless you’re directly marketing your products, and that price
can change from the time you’re planning and planting to harvest                                                           Isn't it time to
   There are no slow times on the farm or margins to reduce em-                                                           put your money
ployee time. What’s more, you can’t control when your equipment
might break down or worse, when a storm or natural disaster
might sweep in.
                                                                              Farm Bureau Finance Company
                                                                                  275 Tierra Vista Drive                  to work for you?
                                                                                  Pocatello, Idaho 83201                      Farm Bureau Finance Company offers
   Farmers and ranchers rise to these challenges each day because                                                            subordinated debenture notes at rates
we are grounded in our commitment to feed our families and                         Benefits                                         above most competitors.
                                                                                  Minimum investment of $50.00
   But the pressures of rising farm costs—from seeds to equip-                    You choose the term one month to 60 months
ment—are front of mind in every region right now and providing                    Automatic re-investment for your convenience with no loss of interest
relief in the supply chain must be a top priority for our nation.
   At Farm Bureau, we have been calling on the Administration to                                                                   n
address the skyrocketing costs of fertilizer, remove import duties,                                                            50%o
                                                                                                                           f 1.     re
free up port congestion and increase efficiency across shipping
                                                                                                                   ate o or mo
                                                                                                                    $ 1,000 rm.
   Our team of economists are following market impacts closely                                          sp        of nth te
and will continue to provide analysis as farmers and ranchers                                     ering ment          o
adjust their budgets to keep up.                                                           ly off vest a 15-m
                                                                                          t          n                   .
   The pressures that keep you up at night on the farm, keep us                     urre
                                                                                              ne  wi    d  for etails
up looking for solutions and advocating on your behalf here in                    *C
                                                                                      im um nvest l for d
                                                                                     n          i        l
Washington.                                                                        mi when             Ca
   We will weather this storm together, as we work to keep our
nation’s food supply secure and our farms strong.
   The importance of food supply self-sufficiency has become
crystal clear in recent weeks as more and more people understand           Terms in months. Yield assumes that interest is compounded quarterly and is left in the account for a full year.

the connection between food security and national security.                 Call Brett Fuhriman,                           A subordinated debenture note is a security offered
                                                                                                                           by Farm Bureau Finance Company that may only be
   The cost of farming may be high, but as global events remind             Director                                        purchased by residents within the State of Idaho.
us, the cost of losing America’s farms would be even greater.              (208)239-4249                                   Prospectus available upon request and furnished
                                                                                                                                          with each purchase.

                                                                                                                                                     May 2022 | 21
Idaho Farm Bureau announces
                        support for legislative candidates
    The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation has a Political Action Committee named Agra-PAC. The purpose of
      Agra-PAC is to assist state legislative candidates who are philosophically aligned with Farm Bureau
     policies and positions to win their election. Based upon recommendations from county Farm Bureaus,
       the following legislative candidates have demonstrated a commitment to Idaho agriculture, limited
               government, less regulations and lower taxes and have been endorsed by Agra-PAC.

                 We encourage you to support them at the polls on May 17!

                                                                 District 4
             District 1
                                                              Kootenai County
    Boundary & Bonner Counties

                                       Heather Scott                                      Ron Mendive
                                       House Seat A                                       House Seat A
          Jim Woodward
                                         District 3
                                                                Tara Malek

                                                                                              District 6
           Senate Seat                                         Senate Seat

                                      Kootenai County
                                                                                   Latah, Lewis & Nez Perce Counties

         Travis Thompson
          House Seat A
                                                                 Jim Addis
                                      Doug Okuniewicz          House Seat A
                                        Senate Seat                                        Robert Blair
                                                                                          Senate Seat

           Sage Dixon
          House Seat B

              District 2
                                                              Paul Amador
                                                              House Seat B
      Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah,       Vito Barbieri
                                                                                          Lori McCann
    Shoshone, & Clearwater Counties
                                       House Seat A
                                                                 District 5              House Seat A

                                                              Kootenai County

                                      Jordan Redman
         Jon Cantamessa
                                       House Seat B                                    Brandon Mitchell
           Senate Seat                                          Peter Riggs
                                                                                          House Seat B
                                                               Senate Seat

22 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Agra-PAC endorsed

           candidates continued

                                               District 9
             District 7                                                                 District 13
                                           Canyon, Payette &
  Adams, Idaho & Nez Perce County
                                           Washington County                          Canyon County

                                               Jim Rice
          Mike Kingsley                                          Julie Yamamoto      Jeff Agenbroad
                                            Senate Seat
          House Seat A                                            House Seat A        Senate Seat

                                              Judy Boyle         Chris Allgood
       Charlie Shepherd                                                               Brent Crane
                                            House Seat B          House Seat B
          House Seat B                                                                House Seat A

             District 8                        District 10         District 12
Boise, Custer, Elmore & Valley Counties   Ada & Canyon County    Canyon County

                                                                                      Kenny Wroten
                                                                                      House Seat B

                                                                                         District 14
                                             Mike Moyle
                                                                  Ben Adams          Ada & Gem County
          Terry Gestrin                     House Seat A
                                                                  Senate Seat
          Senate Seat

                                             Bruce Skaug
                                                                                    Gayann DeMordaunt
                                            House Seat B        Sebastian Griffin
           Matt Bundy                                                                  House Seat B
                                                                 House Seat A

                                              District 11
         House Seat A

                                                                                        District 15
                                            Canyon County                               Ada County

                                                                  Jaron Crane
       Megan Blanksma                                             House Seat B
          House Seat B

                                            Greg Chaney                              Codi Galloway

                                            Senate Seat                               Senate Seat

                                                                                         May 2022 | 23
Agra-PAC endorsed

        candidates continued

          District 18                 District 21
          Ada County                  Ada County

                                                              Melissa Durrant         Lance Clow
                                                               House Seat A          House Seat A
     Janie Ward-Engelking             Treg Bernt

                                                                 District 24
         Senate Seat                 Senate Seat

          District 19                  District 22            Camas, Gooding &
          Ada County                   Ada County             Twin Falls County

                                                                                    Gregory Lanting
                                                                                     House Seat B

                                                                                        District 26
                                                                                      Blaine, Jerome
         Chris Mathias              Lori Den Hartog              Jim Patrick         & Lincoln County
         House Seat B                Senate Seat                Senate Seat

          District 20
          Ada County

                                  John Vander Woude
                                                               Chenele Dixon         Laurie Lickley
                                     House Seat A
                                                                House Seat A         Senate Seat

         Chuck Winder
          Senate Seat

                                     Jason Monks                 Steve Miller       Michael Pohanka
                                     House Seat B               House Seat B         House Seat A

                                        District 23               District 25
          Joe Palmer
                               Ada, Canyon & Owyhee County     Twin Falls County
         House Seat A

                                                                                      Jack Nelsen
                                                                                      House Seat B

                                      Todd Lakey             Linda Wright Hartgen
       James Holtzclaw
                                      Senate Seat                Senate Seat
         House Seat B

24 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Agra-PAC endorsed

  candidates continued

    District 27                 District 29
Cassia, Minidoka,                Bannock
 & Oneida County                                      Jerald Raymond         Barbara Ehardt
                                                        House Seat A          House Seat A

                             Jacob Stevens
                             House Seat B

  Kelly Anthon
                               District 30
                                                         Rod Furniss         Marco Erickson
 Senate Seat
                                                        House Seat B          House Seat B
                         Bingham & Butte County
                                                          District 32          District 34
                                                       Bonneville County     Madison County

Douglas Pickett
 House Seat A
                            Julie VanOrden
                              Senate Seat
                                                         Kevin Cook            Doug Ricks
                                                        Senate Seat           Senate Seat

 Patrick Field
 House Seat B
                             David Cannon

    District 28
                             House Seat A
                                                                                Jon Weber
                                                     Stephanie Mickelsen

Bannock, Franklin
                                                                              House Seat A
                                                        House Seat A

 & Power County                                                                 District 35
                                                                            Bannock, Bear Lake,
                                                                           Caribou & Teton County

                            Julianne Young
                             House Seat B
                                                       Wendy Horman

                                 District 31
                                                        House Seat B

  Jim Guthrie            Clark, Fremont, Jefferson        District 33
 Senate Seat
                              & Lemhi County           Bonneville County       Mark Harris
                                                                               Senate Seat

  Dan Garner
                            Van Burtenshaw                Dave Lent           Kevin Andrus
 House Seat B
                              Senate Seat                Senate Seat          House Seat A

                                                                               May 2022 | 25
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation graphic
The U.S. potato industry may be getting close to achieving its long-sought-after goal of being able to export fresh potatoes to all of Mexico.

Could all of Mexico soon be open to fresh
              U.S. potatoes?
                By Sean Ellis                      area along the U.S.-Mexico border.                  would provide access to a market we’ve
        Idaho Farm Bureau Federation                  Gaining access for fresh U.S. potatoes           never had access to before and a market
                                                   to all of Mexico, which has a population            that we think will have strong demand for
   POCATELLO – The U.S. potato industry            of 130 million, has been one of the U.S.            our product.”
may be getting close to achieving its long-        potato industry’s top priorities for 25 years.         The efforts by the U.S. potato industry
sought-after goal of being able to export             Despite the current 16-mile border zone          to gain access to all of Mexico have been
fresh potatoes to all of Mexico.                   restriction, U.S. fresh potato exports to           a long and drawn-out battle that has
   That’s a very big “maybe” given the             Mexico were valued at $60 million in 2021,          raged on different fronts for a quarter of a
long history between the U.S. and Mexico           according to the National Potato Council.           century.
potato industries over this issue.                 Having access to the entire nation would               The U.S. and Mexican governments in
   The Idaho and U.S. potato industries            provide a market potential to the U.S.              2002 announced both sides would resolve
have fought for more than two decades              potato industry of $250 million per year, in        two long-standing market access issues –
to try to realize the goal of selling fresh        five years, according to NPC.
potatoes in all of Mexico but every time                                                               the U.S. agreed to expand market access
                                                      Idaho leads the nation in potato
it has appeared to be close to achieving           production and spuds are the state’s top            for Mexican avocados and Mexico agreed
that goal, Mexico’s potato industry has            crop in terms of total farm-gate revenue.           to open the entire country to U.S. fresh
successfully put up a roadblock.                      Gaining access to all of Mexico would            potatoes.
   Now, it appears Mexico’s spud industry          be a huge win for the state’s fresh potato             The U.S. now imports about $2 billion
may finally be running out of ways to              industry, as well as potato growers across          worth of Mexican avocados each year
block fresh U.S. potatoes from being               the U.S., said Idaho Potato Commission              while Mexico remains mostly closed to
exported to the entire nation.                     President and CEO Jamey Higham.                     fresh potatoes from the United States.
   The U.S. is allowed to export frozen               Opening all of Mexico to U.S. fresh                 The Mexican government in 2011 agreed
potato products, such as French fries, to          potatoes “would be a very big thing for
all of Mexico, but fresh U.S. potatoes are                                                             to allow U.S. potatoes full access to that
                                                   Idaho’s potato industry and for the U.S.
currently only allowed within a 16-mile            potato industry as a whole,” he said “It            country beginning in 2014. However,

26 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Mexico’s potato industry – the National Confederation of Potato      deal is honored by expeditiously reinstating access for U.S. fresh
Growers of Mexico (CONPAPA) – sued its government to prevent         potatoes and to express that any Mexican request for enhanced
that from happening and that case ended up before Mexico’s Su-       agricultural access to the U.S. should not be granted until this ac-
preme Court.                                                         cess is restored,” the letter stated.
   In a 5-0 ruling last April, Mexico’s Supreme Court overturned        On April 5, a joint U.S.-Mexico announcement on the potential
a 2017 lower court decision on that case that prevented the Mex-     reopening of the Mexican market to fresh U.S. potatoes was
ican federal government from implementing regulations to allow       released.
for the importation of fresh U.S. potatoes throughout the entire        That joint announcement states that according to an agreed
                                                                     upon work plan, the entire Mexican market will be open no later
country.                                                             than May 15 for fresh U.S. potatoes.
   The unanimous decision by the Mexican Supreme Court was              In response to that joint announcement, NPC released a
greeted by U.S. potato growers with tempered excitement because      statement thanking USDA and the U.S. Trade Representative’s
of the long history by CONPAPA of throwing up roadblocks to          office for their efforts on this issue.
prevent U.S. fresh potatoes from being allowed into the entire          “Given the history of this 25-year trade dispute, we are waiting
nation.                                                              to declare victory until we see durable exports of both fresh
   Sure enough, CONPAPA succeeded in putting up new hurdles          processing and table stock potatoes throughout all of Mexico …,”
and on March 14, 34 members of Congress signed a joint letter        the NPC statement said.
calling on USDA to press its counter-agency in Mexico to honor          NPC also said it hopes that “no last-minute roadblocks will be
                                                                     erected prior to Mexico finally – and permanently – reopening its
its trade agreements and finally open the entire nation to fresh     border to U.S.-grown potatoes.”
U.S. potato imports.                                                    National Potato Council CEO Kam Quarles told Idaho Farm
   The U.S. had previously negotiated market access and was ship-    Bureau Federation that Mexico’s potato industry has been creative
ping potatoes to Mexico for a brief three-week period in 2014        about finding ways to kick the can down the road to avoid
until the Mexican potato industry filed its lawsuit.                 opening the entire nation to U.S. fresh potato imports.
   “We write today out of deep concern for the ongoing dispute          “They have an exclusive monopoly on the market and they don’t
regarding U.S. fresh potato access to Mexico,” stated the congres-   want to give it up,” he said. “They are fighting so they can avoid
sional letter, which was signed by all four members of Idaho’s       competition with U.S. growers.”
                                                                        The U.S. has lived up to its part of trade agreements that call for
congressional delegation. “It appears that Mexico is continuing to
                                                                     allowing fresh U.S. potatoes into Mexico, he said, and it’s time for
delay restoring this access that was blocked due to legal proceed-   Mexico to do that as well.
ings initiated by the Mexican potato industry ….”                       “It’s really frustrating,” Quarles said. “That is a situation that
   “We request that the U.S. Department of Agriculture continue      cannot continue.” 
to work with their counterparts in Mexico to ensure that the trade

  Country Chuckles
                                                                                       By Johnny Hawkins

                                                                                                                  May 2022 | 27
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                                                                                                        May 2022 | 31
Idaho Farm Bureau
                   Award Recipients
            The following legislators have received the
        Idaho Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award, the
      highest honor legislators can receive from Farm Bureau.
 The Friend of Agriculture Award recognizes legislators who have
       consistently supported or opposed bills in harmony
           with Farm Bureau member positions over the
                2021 and 2022 legislative sessions.
        We encourage you to support these legislators
              who are running for re-election!

   District 3          District 4             District 7                  District 10
   Senator          Representative         Representative              Representative
  Peter Riggs         Jim Addis           Charlie Shepherd              Greg Chaney
                                                                      also received in

   District 10
                        District 10       ** District 12
                                                                          District 22
    Jim Rice        Julie Yamamoto          Rick Youngblood            Lori Den Hartog
also received in                      also received in 2015-2016,      also received in
   2017-2018                             2017-2018, 2019-2020        2015-2016, 2017-2018

         District 22            District 23             District 27              District 28
      Representative          Representative          Representative              Senator
       Jason Monks           Megan Blanksma            Scott Bedke              Jim Guthrie
also received in 2013-2014, also received in    also received in 2011-2012, also received in
   2015-2016,2017-2018,    2017-2018, 2019-2020    2013-2014,2015-2016,    2011-2012, 2013-2014,
        2019-2020                                 2017-2018, 2019-2020           2017-2018

        District 28             District 30               District 30            District 30
      Representative             Senator                Representative
       Kevin Andrus             Kevin Cook              Wendy Horman            Gary Marshall
also received in 2019-2020                             also received in
                                                     2015-2016, 2017-2018

       District 31               District 31              District 32            District 34
     Representative           Representative               Senator                Senator
     David Cannon             Julianne Young              Mark Harris            Doug Ricks
                        also received in 2019-2020     also received in
                                                     2017-2018, 2019-2020

                                                                      ** Legislator is retiring
Photo by Chris Schnepf
Lopping and scattering slash reduces associated fire hazard.

 Thinning small trees – doing the work
              By Chris Schnepf                     and larger trees to deal with than you         throughout the stand. But if you are doing
              University of Idaho                  would have had if they were cut earlier.       the work yourself, it does not hurt to start
                                                      If you are felling larger pines, you may    by focusing on the trees you most want to
   In my previous column, we outlined              now also have to think about pine engrav-      favor and start daylighting around them.
the essentials of pre-commercial thinning          er, a bark beetle that can breed in downed        The goal here is to give desired trees an
– thinning out sapling trees early in the          green stems larger than 3” in diameter.        edge against competing trees.
life of a forest to favor the most sustain-           Lodgepole pine is an exception to this         If you are lucky enough to have western
able species for a site and improve forest         general spacing guideline. If you thin         white pine (WWP) saplings in your forest,
growth.                                            lodgepole pine right out to 15 feet, the       think about what thinning could mean for
   In this column, we discuss some practi-         trees can be become very bushy, so a pos-      managing the Idaho state tree’s chief neme-
cal steps and tools to get that work done.         sible strategy is to do two pre-commercial     sis – white pine blister rust.
   Typically, a pre-commercial thinning            thinnings – one to 6 feet and then another        Opening up young white pine stands can
(PCT) will leave 12-15 feet between trees.         to 15 feet, to develop better form on the      increase blister rust infections. Thinning
You may be tempted to space trees a little         trees.                                         allows the lowest branches of WWP to live
tighter than that.                                    Some foresters play with these densities    longer; these branches are more likely to
   After all, isn’t it good to leave a few trees   and timing in the hope of making the           be infected by blister rust.
to spare, in case some die? Resist that            second thinning a commercial thinning,            Letting more sunlight to the understo-
temptation.                                        where some trees can be sold to a mill to      ry can also help Ribes (gooseberries and
   If you do not reduce stocking enough,           reduce the cost of the treatment.              currants), the plants that supply the spores
five years later you may be back at the               For optimal growing conditions for each     that infect white pine trees.
same place, with too many trees per acre,          tree, aspire to thin to a consistent spacing      Generally, when thinning a young stand

34 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
with white pine, it is best to also prune        end.                                            stems are smaller diameter, they tend to
the white pine to reduce rust infection             “Clearing saw” generally refers to the       decompose sooner than larger fallen trees.
opportunities. The disease can only come         largest two or three models along this          It is always a good idea to talk to your local
in through the needles, mostly within the        spectrum. You can put a circular saw blade      IDL fire personnel to assess your site and
lowest 8 feet of the tree where humidity is      on some of the mid-size devices, but they       the likely fire hazard from pre-commercial
highest.                                         likely will not withstand cutting trees by      thinning.
   In some cases, leaving some areas a little    the acre.                                          In some cases, pre-commercial thinning
thick will suppress Ribes and aid WWP               Most saw shops do not stock clearing         slash may need to be piled and burned to
self-pruning. Some small thickets may            saws, but they can order them for you.          keep fire hazard within acceptable levels of
also benefit some species of wildlife (e.g.,     Working with your local saw shop also           risk. However, when appropriate, leaving
snowshoe hares, which are a prey species         puts you in place for help with maintaining     thinning slash to decompose in place
for many of our carnivorous species such         the saw.                                        retains nutrients for the site.
as lynx).                                           All cutting devices work better if they         A compromise would be to leave the
   For more information see “Pruning             are sharp. If you are planning to use a         slash in place over one winter before piling
Western White Pine: A Vital Tool for             clearing saw a whole day, bringing spare        and burning it. If the needles have fallen,
Species Restoration” (PNW 584) down-             sharpened saw blades with you to the field      you would still have captured a portion of
loadable at www.extension.uidaho.edu/            allows you to change blades out as needed.      the nutrients.
publishing/pdf/PNW/PNW0584.pdf .                    This can be especially helpful working          There are no insect hazards associated
   If you are falling the trees, wear appro-     on rocky sites, where blades are dulled         with thinning slash if cut stems are less
priate safety equipment – chaps if you are       more easily.                                    than 3” in diameter. If you leave felled
using a chainsaw, a hardhat (it does not            You may discover pre-commercial              pine stems larger than 3” in diameter, you
take a very large stem to hurt your crani-       thinning is a lot more work than you imag-      may need to treat them or do this thinning
um), eye protection, ear protection, long        ined. If it is too much, consider working       in the late summer or early fall to avoid
pants, and a long sleeve shirt.                  with a consulting forester to get a thinning    problems with pine engraver beetle, a bark
   Also bring a shovel and a small fire          contractor to do the work.                      beetle also commonly referred to by its
extinguisher, in case your saw hits a rock,         As with any contracted forestry work,        genus name “Ips”.
creating sparks.                                 get a signed, written contract that clearly        Other bark beetles capable of breeding
   If I have to remember to bring multiple       specifies job expectations and insurance        in downed green trees are not a problem
tools to get a given job done, there is a risk   coverage.                                       since stems from pre-commercial thinning
I will forget one of them. Using equipment          You may also be eligible for cost-sharing    are usually too small for them to success-
that is more integrated can reduce that          assistance for pre-commercial thinning.         fully reproduce in.
(e.g., a hardhat with a face shield and ear      Even if you are doing the work yourself,           For more information, see “Managing
protection built into the same unit).            cost-share money will help you pay for          Organic Debris for Forest Health: Recon-
   Remember, plastic hardhats have a lim-        better tools (e.g., a clearing saw).            ciling Fire Hazard, Bark Beetles, Wildlife,
ited life, so replace them as needed per the        The most common cost-share pro-              and Forest Nutrition Needs’. PNW 609.
manufacturer’s recommendations.                  gram currently used for pre-commercial          http://www.extension.uidaho.edu/publish-
   If you are cutting trees smaller than 4”      thinning is the Environmental Quality           ing/pdf/PNW/PNW0609.pdf.
and the ground is not too steep, a clearing      Incentives Program, administered by the            Pre-commercial thinning is a powerful
saw can speed up pre-commercial thinning         Natural Resources Conservation Service.         tool to put your young forest on the most
dramatically.                                       Stop into your local NRCS or Idaho           sustainable trajectory possible. If you
   These devices also tend to be safer to        Department of Lands office and they can         would like to learn more, we are holding a
use and easier on your body than bending         fill you in on the details and deadlines.       “Thinning and Pruning Field Day” on June
over all day with a chainsaw. They also          They may also have information on other         18 in Blanchard, where you can learn more
leave flatter, shorter stumps than angling a     cost-sharing monies to support pre-com-         about fundamental concepts of thinning
chainsaw to cut trees.                           mercial thinning.                               and pruning, stand stocking measure-
   A clearing saw is like a string trimmer,         The trees you cut down in a pre-com-         ments, forest genetics, and demonstrations
except with a circular saw blade on the          mercial thinning can be a fire hazard. On       of thinning and pruning tools.
end. Typically, these blades have teeth sim-     most Idaho sites, fire risk is reduced by          Registration forms can be downloaded
ilar to a chainsaw, that can be sharpened        lopping trees into smaller pieces and keep-     at https://www.uidaho.edu/extension/for-
using a rat-tail file.                           ing slash less than 2 feet high.                estry/programs.
   On chainsaw manufacturers’ websites,             Normally after a winter or two, the nee-        Chris Schnepf is an area extension educa-
you will see an assortment of these kinds        dles have fallen off the felled saplings, and   tor in forestry for the University of Idaho in
of devices ranging from a string trimmer         snow compacts the slash, further reducing       Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai and Benewah
you plug into an electronic outlet to larger     fire hazard.                                    counties. He can be reached at cschnepf@
devices with a circular sawblade on the             Because pre-commercially thinned             uidaho.edu. 

                                                                                                                      May 2022 | 35
Classifieds                       Balewagons: New Holland self-pro-      One five-hole double depth
        LIVESTOCK                     pelled or pull-type models, parts,     drawbar fantail $85. Three-hole                       WANTED
                                      tires, manuals. Also interested in     winch fantail $50. Both for $110.
2-year-old purebred Nubian Billy      buying balewagons. Will consider       1905 Davis Safe $110. Lewiston, ID         Vintage snowmobiles pre 1980s.
Goat. Has classy kids on ground.      any model. Call Jim Wilhite at 208-    743-9204                                   Mercury snow, trail twisters,
Asking $ 200 OBO. Located in          880-2889 anytime.                                                                 Polaris, txt xl, star rires, Yamaha,
Georgetown, ID. Call Nadine at                                               1963 Comache 250 airplane with             GPX, SRX, Exciters, Ski doo, TNT,
                                      1973 Veermer Trencher Gas M450                                                    Rvs Bizzard, Ripp, Nitro or other
208-847-0309 leave a message.                                                200 hours on a chrome major over-          performance sleds. Kimberly, ID
                                      blade and back-hoe with 12” buck-      haul. Has been hangered most of            Text call or email Craig 208-539-
Registered Black Angus Bulls for      et, Ford engine. Firm $4,250. Gem      its life. Pilot lost license due to age.   1264 dginder@gmail.com
sale 20 months old. Fed no grain.     County 208-757-3943                    Rupert, ID 208-532-4411.
Call 208-351-6654
                                                                                                                        Paying cash for old cork top
                                      ALFALFA SEED $2.80/LB.                 Two Thunderbird bearing sprock-            embossed bottles and some tele-
AKC and ASCA registered Aus-
tralian Shepherds. Our dogs are       Alfalfa seed, $2.80/lb., Dormancy 4.   ets rebuilt $250 each industrial           phone insulators as well as other
family raised and come from the       Tests well with great persistence      chipper with 1000 rpm pto for              vintage and antique items. Call
finest herding stock. If you need a   and winter hardiness. Inoculated in    tractor $900 obo rodinator gopher          Randy. Payette, ID. 208-740-0178.
companion that excels in loyalty      50lb. bags. Kuna, ID. Contact Dave     blaster with four wheel trailer and
and intelligence, please look into    208-890-1066 or Jessica 208-761-       tanks $1900 handmade stainless             Paying cash for German &
our program. We are located just      2720 or email seed@davereynolds-       steel shovel with your name
outside of Coeur d’Alene. 208 651                                                                                       Japanese war relics/souvenirs!
                                      farms.com                              stamped 208-550-4619                       Pistols, rifles, swords, daggers,
                                                                                                                        flags, scopes, optical equipment,
                                      Hesston 4655 Little Baler, asking
For Sale: AKC registered Anatolian    $8,500;
                                                                                 MISCELLANEOUS                          uniforms, helmets, machine guns
Shepherd Livestock guardian dogs.     Case 8555 Baler, asking $8,555;                                                   (ATF rules apply) medals, flags, etc.
                                                                             Build your ideal log structure. We
www.elkhornasd.com,                   H&S CR12 Hayrake, ground driven,                                                  208-405-9338.
                                                                             have both pine and fir logs and
www.elkhornbnb.com, Mesa, ID          asking $4,500;                         can assist with any carport, barn,
208-741-2071                          John Deere 4010 Tractor; asking        house, or shop design. Oftentimes          Pre-1970 Idaho License Plates
                                      $12,000.                               cheaper than metal buildings.              Wanted: Also Revere Ware
 FARMING/EQUIPMENT                    All have been maintained well.         Cabins too! We design, deliver, and        and Solar-Sturges Permanent
                                      Kuna, ID 208-559-6091                  install. Just call - John 208-781-         cookware, and old signs. Will pay
Owatanna 35 Swather, Allis                                                   0691.                                      cash. Please email, text, call, or
Chalmers Baler, Oliver 77 Tractor,    IH tractor model 464, comes with                                                  write. Gary Peterson, 115 E D St,
IH Grain Drill, Two Bottom Plow, A    front bucket and fork on back. Also    Our Idaho family loves old wood            Moscow, ID 83843. gearlep@gmail.
Frame Hoist, Metal Posts, I Beams,    Gannon ripper/scraper. Meridian,       barns and would like to restore/re-        com. 208-285-1258
Tool Bar, Misc. East Idaho Area.      Idaho. For more information you        build your barn on our Idaho farm.
                                      can text 208 870-3619                  Would you like to see your barn
For more info text Number to 208-                                                                                       Paying cash for junk cars and
569-1855.                                                                    restored/rebuilt rather than rot           pickups in the Mini-Cassia and
                                      Milk Bulk Tank 1500 Gal Muller two     and fall down? Call Ken & Corrie           Magic Valley areas. Please call
                                      condensing units and 12 her-                                                      208-431-1216.
Stanley Chipper for sale. Only used                                          208-530-6466.
                                      ringbone stalls, other misc. equip.
two times. $100. Murtaugh 208-731-    208-431-8230 Burley

Fordson Major Diesel, 42 Hp. 6
                                                FOR SALE                                   FRE CLSIFED A
speed Trans. 3 pt. Hitch, Very good   65.22 Acres in Teton Valley Idaho.
                                                                                Non-commercial classified ads are free to Idaho Farm Bureau
tires, Fluid and wheel weights        Just two miles from the mouth of
                                                                                members. Must include membership number for free ad. Forty
on rear. Included: Shop Manual,       the Teton Mountains. Great ground
drawbar, top link and chains for
                                                                                (40) words maximum. Non-member cost is 50 cents per word.
                                      for development or your personal
rear. Engine overhaul – 2020. Price   house. Leave a message 208-351-           You may advertise your own crops, livestock, used machinery,
$5950.00. Call or text 208-892-1887   2968.                                       household items, vehicles, etc. Ads will not be accepted by
                                                                                  phone, Ads run one time only and must be re-submitted in
                                                                                 each subsequent issue. We reserve the right to refuse to run
                                                                                  any ad. Please type or print clearly. Proofread your ad. Ads
                                                                                      must be received by May 20 for the June Producer.
     rF ee Classied ads o f r                                                                          Mail ad copy to:

 Idaho a F rm Bureau Members                                                                          FARM BUREAU PRODUCER
                                                                                                P.O. Box 4848, Pocatello, ID 83205-4848
            Send to knlindauer@idaho.org                                                       or email Kristy at knlindauer@idahofb.org

36 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
I don’ t wa n t
                                                                                                                              my family to to leave
                                                                                                                              • Mor tga ge d
                                                                                                                                              eb t
                                                                                                                              • Mon thly exp
                                                                                                                             • Funeral cos
                                                                                                                             • Kids’ college

                                 I know you say I need life insurance,
                                           but do I really?
            Yes! While the reasons for having life insurance vary from person to person,
         coverage is a smart move no matter what stage of life you’re in. Talk to your agent
         about the many ways life insurance can help protect you and your loved ones.

                                 Auto | Home | Life | Business | Farm & Ranch | Crop | Financial Planning

Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company*/West Des Moines, IA. *Company provider of Farm Bureau Financial Services. LI193 (4-22)

                                                                                                                                                 May 2022 | 37
Are you a young or beginning producer with
                                   dreams of a successful future in agriculture?

                                   You’ve come to the right place. Our AgVision
                                    program provides financing for producers
                                    age 35 or younger, or who have less than
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                                              educational resources.

                                     Ready to build a life in agriculture? We’re
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38 | Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly
Be prepared for Summer with
our Summer favorites.





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