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Rangitoto College Football - Rangitoto College Football - 2019 Handbook - Sporty.co.nz
Rangitoto College Football
         2019 Handbook

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Rangitoto College Football - Rangitoto College Football - 2019 Handbook - Sporty.co.nz
Table of Contents

    -   Table of Contents and Coaches Message             1
    -   Football Mission and Vision                       2
    -   Coaching structure                                3
    -   Communicating with Us                             4
    -   Communicating with You                            4
    -   Draw                                              5
    -   Training information                              5
    -   Uniforms                                          6
    -   Maps                                              7
    -   Important Dates                                   7
    -   Selection Policy                                  8-9
    -   Code of conduct                                   9-11
    -   Health and safety                                 11-13
    -   End of season awards                              13-14
    -   Frequently Asked Questions                        14-16

Coaches Message
Welcome to a new year in the Rangitoto College Football Program. As coaches, we are excited about
the upcoming season and the opportunity to work with fantastic student-athletes. In the Rangitoto
College Football Program we work to develop talented, well-organized, team-oriented players. While
success on the football field will be emphasized, of greater importance will be our efforts to cultivate
responsibility, accountability, toughness and other character building traits in the young student
athletes at Rangitoto College.

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Rangitoto College Football - Rangitoto College Football - 2019 Handbook - Sporty.co.nz
Mission and Vision

As the Football Coordinator at Rangitoto College my primary goal is to create a football programme

that can compete with the best in Auckland and New Zealand across all grades. This will be achieved

by first building a large player base and providing a positive culture for the development of students

with all levels of skill.

Football is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the

world’s most popular game. It is important that Rangitoto provides a platform for students of all skill

levels to excel both on and off the field, by providing a healthy culture and supportive environment

for players to mature into you adults and continue to enjoy the game of football.

Development begins with the coaches so it is important that we are able to provide our coaches with

all the resources they need to give the students the best possible opportunity to improve.

The Student Performance Academy (SPA) is an integral part of the sport development at Rangitoto

College. This programme will provide extra time during the week for the first XI coaches to

personally work with select footballers who apply and are accepted into the programme. They will

be looking to enhance the football programme into one that provides both support for younger,

developing footballers, and high level analysis for those at the top of their game.

I look forward to many successes in my future with Rangitoto College.


Scott Vaughan

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Coaching Structure

Role of Football Coordinator

The Football Coordinator is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Football programme at
Rangitoto College. Responsibilities include:

    -   General administration/organisation of training, games, and tours
    -   Student welfare and parent liaison
    -   Represent Rangitoto Football on various committees
    -   Promotion of Football and vision development
    -   Management of coaching staff
    -   Oversee all aspects of the Rangitoto Football programme

Role of the Coach

All Rangitoto Football coaches are responsible for all coaching aspects within the Rangitoto Football
programme. Responsibilities include:

    -   Team allocation coach – at all training sessions and games for the duration of the season
    -   Student welfare of the players in their team
    -   Effective communication with the Football Co-ordinator

Role of the Manager

Each Rangitoto Football team has a volunteer manager. Responsibilities include:

    -   Assist the coach with team availability, game results, and communication
    -   Co-ordinate social events and activities with the team
    -   Assist the coach with ad hoc responsibilities

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Communicating With Us

Unfortunately, often our interactions will occur at games and/or trainings. We are more than happy
to answer queries you may have, but we ask that you respect the time constraints we may be under
at these events.

Email Correspondence – All notice regarding attendance, training, game issues, or the Rangitoto
Football programme should be communicated directly with the team manager and Football Co-
ordinator via email in the first instance. The school email address for the Football Co-ordinator is:

Mobile Calls – Communication regarding performance or selection policies should be directed to the
email above or by placing a call to the Football Co-ordinator’. Outside of this, the Co-ordinator may
hand out their personal mobile number, we ask you to use our personal mobile numbers kindly
between reasonable hours and only for issues that require attention in real time. Anything else that
can be re-directed to the school email or phone would be greatly appreciated.

Communicating With You

Season Guide

The Football handbook forms the foundation of our communication with you. In the event of a
question, query or point of clarification, families are asked to refer to the appropriate sections within
this handbook as a first point of contact.

Weekly Emails

There will be weekly emails sent out to all parents and students during the football season.

    -   An email will be sent with an attached PDF. The attached PDF will have game information,
        team lists, venue maps, and any other information important to that week. Girl’s emails will
        be sent on the Monday of each week for Wednesday afternoon games and Boy’s emails will
        be sent on Wednesday for Saturday morning games.

Urgent Information

    -   The Rangitoto College Sports app – we ask that you download this app to receive
        notifications about anything urgent

                                 Rangitoto College Football                                     Page 4
-   The ‘Rangitoto College Football’ Facebook page – please like this page to receive
        notifications, view pictures and updates.

Season Draw

All draws can be found at the following links:

       Boys Draw
       Girls Draw

Training Information

The training program has been created to maximise participation, many trainings will depend on
your team, coach and grade. We ask that you consider other co-curricular activities as much as
possible when training.

All school Football training is compulsory; please respect your teammates and coach and inform
them when you are unavailable for training.

In-Season Team Trainings

All teams train at the Rangitoto College fields – sometimes fields maybe closed due to weather

Training times will be advised prior to the start of the season. These times will be decided upon
based on the availability of the facilities and coaches.

Out-of-season Team Trainings

Coaches are encouraged to begin trainings with their teams prior to the start of the season. How
many weeks prior, times, and dates for these will be different for each team. These will be decided
upon by the coaches of each team and the Football Coordinator.

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1st XI Boys and Girls


    -     Blazers are inclusive of the 1st XI fees and will be issued and loaned at the beginning of the
          season. Blazers are to be returned at the end of the playing season. (Blazers are also
          available for purchase at Janbells and/or 2nd Hand Uniform Shop).
    -     All Boys 1st XI players must wear their full number one kit on Fridays before a Saturday game
          and Girls 1st XI players should wear their number one kit on the Wednesday.
    -     Blazers must also be worn on arrival to every game.

       Warm-ups/Trainings                Playing Kit – Blue & White               Number Ones
    Red Premier Warm Up Shirt           Blue/White 1st XI Playing Shirt     Rangitoto College Blazer
    Blue Rangitoto Sports Shorts           Blue/White 1st XI Playing         Rangitoto College Tie
           Suitable Socks                           Shorts                      White Dress Shirt
       Suitable Boots/Shoes               Blue/White Playing Socks              Black Dress Pants
                                                Suitable Boots                  Black Dress Socks
                                                                           Polished Black Dress Shoes
                                                                            Rangitoto School Dress
                                                                                   (Girls Only)

All Other Teams

               Warm-ups/Trainings                                       Playing Kit
             Appropriate Warm Up Tee                           Rangitoto General Sports Top
            Blue Rangitoto Sports Shorts                       Blue Rangitoto Sports Shorts
                   Suitable Socks                                 Rangitoto Sports Socks
               Suitable Boots/Shoes                                   Suitable Boots

Sports Uniform can be purchased from the SAS North Harbour Store which is located at the Barfoot
and Thompson Netball Stadium 44 Northcote Rd, Northcote, Auckland 0627

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Traditionally “boys” games are played on Saturday from 8am across Auckland and “girls” games are
played on Wednesday afternoons also across Auckland. Games that are not played at Rangitoto
College can be played at a host of venues, which are listed below. Please click on the relevant
hyperlink of your selected venue to bring up a map.

 Hibiscus & North Shore Venues                    Greater Auckland Venues
 Orewa College                                    Epsom Girls
 Long Bay College                                 St Cuthbert’s College
 Massey High School                               Sacred Heart College
 Westlake Girls High School                       Macleans College
 Westlake Boys High School                        Mt Albert Gramamr School
 Albany Senior High School                        Auckland Grammar School
 Albany Junior High School                        Rutherford College
 Northcote College                                Saint Kentigern College
 Glenfield College                                Avondale College
 Birkenhead College                               Baradene College
 Kristin College                                  Kelston Boys High School
 Takapuna Grammar                                 Glendowie College
 Kaipara College                                  Selwyn College
 Mahurangi College                                Kings College
 Pinehurst School                                 Mt Roskill Grammar School
 Rosmini College                                  Diocesan School for Girls
 Kingsway School

Important Dates 2019
   -   1st XI Girls Premier, Senior A1 & Junior A season begins Wednesday 1st May 2019
   -   1st XI Boys, Senior A, & 14A season begins Saturday 4th May 2019
   -   All other Boys football grades begin Saturday 11th May 2019
   -   All other Girls football grades begin Wednesday 15th May 2019
   -   Queens Birthday Weekend no games
   -   No Games during school holidays (7th July 2019 – 22nd July 2019)
   -   Winter Tournament Week – Monday 2nd September 2019 – Friday 6th September 2019

The Girls Tournament team will be playing in the “Girls Lotto Premier Tournament” which is played
in Christchurch Football Centre, Yaldhurst Park, Christchurch in 2019.
The Boys Tournament team will be playing in either the “Rex Dawkins Tournament” in Crown Park,
Taupo or the “Malcolm Cowie Tournament” in McLennan Park, Papakura.

                               Rangitoto College Football                                 Page 7
Selection Policy
General Policy

Players will be selected on the following criteria (in no particular order):

    -   Level of skill e.g. footwork, ball control, first touch
    -   Work ethic
    -   Balance / Agility / Quickness
    -   Attendance and effort at trials and trainings
    -   Reliability
    -   Knowledge / sense of the game
    -   Sporting spirit and general conduct
    -   Coachability / Sportsmanship

Technical (The “How” of Football)

    -   Passing (Both Feet) short and long range, different surfaces of the foot, bending balls.
    -   Receiving – Ground balls, air balls, with left and right foot.
    -   Dribbling – Speed with ball. One v One moves.
    -   Chipping – Short and long range.
    -   Heading – Offensive and Defensive.
    -   Tackling
    -   Shielding
    -   Goal-Keeping – Catching ability, collapse dive, extension dive, punts

Tactical (Decision Making – The “Why” of Football)

    -   1st Attacker – 1 V 1 to beat opponent, recognizing when to hold or penetrate, when to
        dribble, pass or shoot.
    -   2nd /3rd Attacker – Supporting roles, positioning on the field, timing of runs, movement off
        the ball, combination play.
    -   1st Defender – pressuring the ball, timing of defensive tackles.
    -   2nd / 3rd Defender – positioning on the field, movement off the ball, balancing,
        communication, field vision without the ball.
    -   Execution of set plays and team strategies and formations.
    -   Decisions about which skill (pass, receive, dribble, chip, shoot, head, tackle) to execute in a
        given situation (speed of thought).
    -   Goal-Keeping – Positioning and angles, decisions about when to set and dive, stay on your
        feet, leave box.


    -   Cardiovascular Fitness.
    -   Speed and Quickness.
    -   Agility.

                                  Rangitoto College Football                                    Page 8
-   Balance.
    -   Coordination –Integration of eye, hand and foot movements.
    -   Power
    -   Reaction Time
    -   Work Rate – Effort
    -   Athleticism
    -   Strength – ability to protect your space and the ball, not get pushed off the ball.
    -   Health and Self Care – durability, resistant to injury, time management, response to muscle
        soreness and injury.

Mental / Psychological / Emotional

    -   Concentration / Focus
    -   Self-Control and Restraint
    -   Composure on the field and bench
    -   Persistence and Tenacity (persevering in the face of difficulty).
    -   Truthfulness , Reliability, Responsibility
    -   Leadership
    -   Team Player
    -   Mental Toughness (Ability to endure temporary physical & mental discomfort).
    -   Training Mentality (Always work your hardest)
    -   Game Mentality
    -   Positive Role Model
    -   Positive Language
    -   Positive Sportsmanship AT ALL TIMES

Level of Competitiveness

    -   All teams aside from the 1st XI sides will focus on development first; all players should
        receive the opportunity to play the game of football for Rangitoto College.
    -   The 1st XI’s first goal is to win. Players are not guaranteed equal playing times each and every
        game upon selection to the 1st XI – this is down to coaches discretion.

Selection Policy – Important Note

Parents and players need to be aware the selection policies are meant to be guidelines, and must be
granted a degree of flexibility. The agreed policy is to provide all students with an opportunity to
play football and represent their school. At the same time, we do wish to win games and
competitions. Winning is not our all-encompassing aim but it is an important goal of playing
Rangitoto Football. We are also conscious of other contribution issues such as safety, transport and
distances travelled.

                                Rangitoto College Football                                     Page 9
Code of Conduct

The purpose of the code of conduct is to encourage fair, ethical treatment of all persons that are
involved in Rangitoto College Football. Obviously, sections of the code will be more applicable to
some persons and groups than others.

When playing Football I will:

    -   Abide by Rangitoto College school rules and policies.
    -   Meet all financial commitments. No pay - no play. (Please note: financial assistance is
        available, ask the Football Coordinator for more information.)
    -   Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
    -   Learn the rules of the game and play according to them – be responsible for your actions.
    -   Always give 110%.
    -   Play fairly.
    -   Show respect to coaches, managers, parents, opposition members, referees, supporters, and
    -   Acknowledge the opposition and the referee at the end of the game.
    -   Undertake to attend all trainings and games. Should a conflict arise, it is player responsibility
        to communicate this to the coach.
    -   Not play if ill or injured and make sure to communicate all details of any illness, injury or
        recovery programme to the coach/manager.
    -   Wear the correct uniform to every game and training.
    -   Manage time effectively - Be on time to trainings and games as defined by the
    -   Not do anything that could bring my team or school reputation into disrepute—on or off the
    -   Talk to someone I trust—parents, coaches, managers, teachers etc. if I have a football
        related issue.

Guidelines for Coaches

    -   Treat everyone equally regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity or religion.
    -   Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each player in order to help each
        player reach their full potential.
    -   Maintain high standards of integrity.
    -   Operate within the rules of Rangitoto football and in the spirit of fair play, while encouraging
        players to do the same.
    -   Not disclose any confidential information relating to any students without written prior
    -   Be fair considerate and honest with players.
    -   Display high standards in language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation.

                                 Rangitoto College Football                                     Page 10
-   Display control, courtesy, respect, honesty, dignity and professionalism to all involved within
        the sphere of the sport – this includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, parents
        and spectators.
    -   Ensure equipment, rules, training and the environment are appropriate for the age, gender,
        physical and emotional maturity, experience and ability of the players.

Guidelines for spectators:

    -   Good play by either team should be recognised by applause.
    -   Respect referee decisions and teach students to do the same.
    -   Remember that students participate in sport for their enjoyment; not yours.
    -   Encourage students to participate and not force them.
    -   Focus on the students efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
    -   Never ridicule or yell at a student for making a mistake.
    -   Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
    -   Show appreciation for volunteers – including coaches, managers and officials.
    -   Visitors to the grounds should co-operate fully with any regulations or requests made by the
        home school, such as car parking, seating, dressing rooms, and the placing of spectators. At
        all times, visitors should leave the area tidy and free of rubbish when they leave.

Health and Safety

Common Injuries in Football

Injuries in football are no different from those in other sports, however injuries to the lower
extremities are the most common.

Lower Extremity Injuries

Sprains and strains are the most common lower extremity injuries. The severity of these injuries
varies. Cartilage tears and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains in the knee are some of the more
common injuries that may require surgery. Other injuries include fractures and contusions from
direct blow to the body.

Overuse Lower Extremity Injuries

Shin Splints (soreness in the calf), Patellar Tendinitis (pain in the knee), and Achilles Tendinitis (pain
in the back of the ankle) are some of the more common football overuse conditions. Football Players
can also suffer from groin pulls and thigh and calf muscle strains

                                 Rangitoto College Football                                       Page 11
Upper Extremity Injuries

Injuries to the upper extremities usually occur from falling on an outstretched arm or from player to
player contact. These conditions include wrist sprains, wrist fractures and shoulder dislocations.

Head, Neck and Face Injuries

Injuries to the head, neck and face include cuts and bruises, fractures neck sprains and concussions.
Note, that not all those who experience a concussion lose consciousness.

Injury Prevention

Attending pre-season trainings & games, regular trainings and warming up before a game; are
appropriate ways to avoid preventable injuries. Pay attention to environmental recommendations
especially in relation to excessively hot or cold weather conditions. Hydrate adequately, waiting until
you are thirsty is often too late, and dehydration can lead to poor judgement in decision-making.
Maintain proper fitness, injury rates are higher in athletes who have not adequately prepared
physically. In the event of an injury, immediate and appropriate medical attention will hopefully
reduce the severity of the injury and reduce the amount of time you are on the sidelines. Most
injuries are minor and can be treated with a short rest period, ice, compression and elevation.

Injury Reporting

If a player receives an injury during a game or training and cannot continue it is essential that the
player or parents report the injury to football@rangitoto.school.nz as soon as possible.

It is advised that throughout a player’s recovery process they let their coach know about the
progress, as well as any commentary from their physiotherapist or doctor. This is to enable the
coach to tailor their session plan to be inclusive of the recovering player.

Concussion Management

What is a concussion?

Concussion is a brain injury caused by either direct or indirect forces to the head. Concussion
typically results in the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of brain function. Loss of consciousness
occurs in less than 15% of concussion cases whilst a feature of concussion, loss of consciousness is
not a requirement for diagnosing concussion.

How do I recognise a concussion?

The most important steps in the identification of concussion are to recognise a possible concussive
injury and remove the player from the field immediately. Non-medical personnel such as coaches,
teammates, players, parents, supporters and officials have an important role in observing possible
concussion and the effects and should take responsibility for removing the player.

                                 Rangitoto College Football                                     Page 12
Immediate Visual Indicators of concussion include:
- Loss of consciousness or responsiveness
- Lying motionless on the ground / slow to get up
- A dazed, blank or vacant expression
- Appearing unsteady on feet, balance problems or falling over.
- Grabbing or clutching of the head
- Impact seizure or convulsion

Concussions can include one or more of the following:
- Symptoms; Headaches, dizziness, ‘feeling in a fog’
- Behavioural changes, inappropriate emotions, irritability, feeling of nervous and anxious.
- Cognitive impairment , slowed reaction times, confusion/disorientation – not aware of location or
score, poor attention and concentration, loss of memory for events up to and/or after the

When can a player return to play?

The majority (80%-90%) of concussions resolve in short (7-10 day) period. Some players will have
more long-lasting symptoms. Players diagnosed with a concussion need to rest and adhere to all
guidelines provided by their medical doctor – Recovery may be longer in children and adolescents.
As a result, the return to play process should be more conservative for children and adolescents. It
should be stressed that there is no arbitrary time for recovery and that decisions regarding a return
to training and play need to be individualised.

Players MUST be symptom free and must have had clearance from a medical doctor prior to
embarking on the return to play process.

You can find out more information about New Zealand Football concussion management on the URL


Football Awards
Football awards are typically held at the end of term 3 – details about the date will be sent closer to
the awards. The awards are football specific and open to anyone and everyone involved in Rangitoto

Team Specific Individual Awards

The following awards are given out to each team – at the discretion of the coach:

                                Rangitoto College Football                                    Page 13
-   Most Improved Player
    -   Most Valuable Player
    -   Nominations for the “All Rangi XI”

The “All Rangi XI” is a new award which is an honour bestowed upon the best eleven players from
any team for that year. Each team nominates their; Best Attacker, Best Midfielder, Best Defender,
once each team has made the nominations, a panel sits down and selects the “All Rangi XI” which is
a combination of players from all teams.


The following trophies will be given out at Senior Sports Awards and Junior Sports Awards:

    -   Boys Footballer of the Year
    -   Girls Footballer of the Year
    -   Junior Boys Footballer of the Year
    -   Junior Girls Footballer of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)
When can my Son/Daughter play for Rangitoto College?

Rangitoto host an array of teams for all age levels; U13, U14, U15 and senior teams. This means that
each student is eligible to play for a team throughout the duration of their time at Rangitoto College.

How long is a Football Season?

The main season typically starts at the beginning of term 2 for both genders (although dependant on
team) and will last for the duration of term two. Depending on the amount of teams in your child’s
league and whether any games were postponed during the season will determine if you have games
remaining in term 3.

What time are games?

It depends on the grade but a general rule is as follows:
All Girls Teams– Wednesdays 4pm
U13 & U14s Teams – Saturdays 8am, 9am or 10am
U15s & Senior Teams – Saturdays 9am or 10am
1st XI Boys – Saturday 12pm.

                                 Rangitoto College Football                                   Page 14
What equipment is needed to play?

Shin guards and football boots are required for both practice and games. A Rangitoto College playing
top, sports shorts and sports socks are required for games. The playing strip can be brought from
SAS North Harbour Store; which is located at Barfoot and Thompson Netball Stadium, 44 Northcote
Road, Northcote. First XI players are loaned both home and away playing strips for the season, which
is inclusive of their initial football fees. This includes 2x top, 2x shorts and 2x socks (Blue & White). A
water bottle should be brought to games and practices, all other equipment is provided by the

How much does it cost to play football at Rangitoto College?

$300.00 – Boys 1st XI
$270.00 – Girls 1st XI
$80.00 – All other teams

If my child has little football experience will they get much playing time?

First XI Teams – This is the best team in the school and therefore the primary objective is to succeed.
Game time is not guaranteed at this level and is up to the discretion of the coaches.

Other Teams – Although many teams are competitive, coaches are directed to divide playing time as
fairly as possible. Regardless of ability, there will be a team for each student at Rangitoto College

What about cancellations?

Rain does not mean a game or practice is cancelled; football can be played in diverse weather
conditions. If there is a field closure or a game cancellation for any reason, the sport coordinator will
send an email to both the parent and student, as soon as they have been made aware of the
cancellation. It is often helpful to have a “groupchat” using an application such as Facebook , so
more people are aware of any changes that have been made and information can be shared a lot

Will football clash with other sports?

Rangitoto College encourages all students to play multiple sports. Football is a winter sport so it is
possible that it does clash with some other winter sports. However, it is best to check with your
coach, so that clashes don’t occur with either trainings or games. Some examples that work for
winter sport can include Football and Basketball or Football and Hockey, both of which have been
popular amongst students of the past.

                                  Rangitoto College Football                                      Page 15
What other information should I be aware of?

Apart from the regular season fixtures and allocated training times; there are a number of other
events that occur during the season. These include; Photos, Football Awards, Knock out Cup Games,
Skills Development Programmes, additional trainings & fundraisers. Please note not all of the extra
events are relevant to every team – ask you coach for more information.

How do I pay for my football fees?

You can pay fees at the finance window, however we would like to encourage parents and caregivers
to use the parent portal. This will ensure that your payment is correctly allocated to your account
and specified fee

Click the “Sign In” button on the Rangitoto College website (www.rangitoto.school.nz)

The following screen will then appear where you are required to enter your user name and

If you do not know your user name or password please email ranginet@rangitoto.school.nz
Once you have entered your user name and password the following will appear, at which point you
click “Online Fee Payment”

                                Rangitoto College Football                                 Page 16
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