Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Resident’s Handbook

Moulton Residences
Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Welcome to Moulton College
Halls of Residence
We warmly welcome you to life in halls at Moulton College
This handbook has been produced to           procedures set out in this handbook and
provide you with a guide to the facilities   the Resident Student Regulations. The
and support services, as well as policies    residential contract you sign is a legal
and procedures which are detailed in the     agreement between you and the College.
Resident Student Regulations and the         It is important that you read and fully
Student Rules.                               understand this commitment.
We hope that this handbook will help         Although there is a lot of information
you to understand what you can expect        held within this handbook, please take
from us and what is expected of you, as      the time to read it carefully as this is
a resident, when you move into Halls of      important information which you will
Residence.                                   need to know whilst resident on campus.
We aim to provide you with a safe and        Full copies of all documents referred to
supportive residential environment which     are available from Moodle which can be
will ensure you have every opportunity       accessed using your Student login details.
to develop as an independent person
and also to be successful in your studies.   Don’t be afraid to approach any member
Additionally we work hard to ensure you      of staff with any queries or questions you
have a great time socially and receive an    may have if there is anything you are
overall fantastic student experience.        unsure about.
We expect you to familiarise yourself        We wish you every success for the
with and abide by, the policies and          academic year.

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Residential Management

                           Vice Principal of Curriculum

               Student Support

                 Safeguarding        Mental           Student
Residential                                                           Community
                  & Wellbeing        Health           Support
Coordinator                                                             Officer
                  Coordinator      Practitioner       Mentor

 Residential     Safeguarding
 Experience       & Wellbeing
   Officer          Officer



               Cleaning Team                      Maintenance Team

                Catering Team                     Health and Safety

                 Security and
               Caretaking Team

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Student Support
Overall management of Student Support lies with the Vice Principal of Curriculum who
works closely with the Student Support Manager to develop and improve Student
Support services. The Student Support Manager is directly responsible for the Warden
Team; who in turn are responsible for the welfare and discipline of resident students
and are led by the Residential Coordinator.
At Moulton, we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and looking after
the welfare of our learners is our top priority. Living away from home for the first time
can be a daunting experience but as a resident at Moulton College there is always
something to do or someone to talk to. Please don’t feel that you cannot talk to a
member of staff or fellow student if you are having trouble settling in or missing home.
If you would like to talk to a member of the Student Support Team, please do not
hesitate to drop into our office in the Social Centre – any member of the team will be
more than happy to help.

Residential Warden Team
Our residents are supported by a team of Residential Wardens who are available to
interact with students and respond to emergencies and any incidents of anti-social
behaviour (late night noise and disruption etc.).
The Duty Wardens can be contacted by calling:

                                 07388 967514

                                Warden Duty Hours
                           Monday 3pm — 8am Tuesday
                           Tuesday 3pm — 8am Wednesday
                        Wednesday 3pm — 8am Thursday
                          Thursday 3pm — 8am Friday
                              Friday 2pm — 8am Monday

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Why would I contact the Warden?
If you have any queries or concerns during the evenings or at weekends, the
Wardens are available to assist you. Some of the reasons why you may call a Warden
include, because you are feeling unwell, you are experiencing anti-social behaviour,
something in your room is not working as it should or you are reporting that you will
not be attending an evening meal.

Who should I contact outside of the Warden duty hours
Any general queries regarding residential services should be directed to the Student
Support Office on 01604 491131 or via between
8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Before You Arrive
What should I bring with me?
● You may wish to bring some                  ● Any medication you may need
  money to buy drinks, and food for             (please note down any medication
  lunchtimes.                                   on your medical form and remember
                                                that we are unable to issue any pain
● Towels                                        relief medication, i.e. paracetamol, so
● Toiletries                                    you may wish to bring some with you)

● Alarm clock!                                ● Bedding (pillows, pillow covers, single
                                                duvet, single duvet cover and 3ft
● Money for the laundry, to buy                 bottom sheet – a mattress protector
  stationery, etc.                              is provided)

What should I leave at home?
We ask that you DO NOT bring the              ● Candles and incense/joss sticks
following with you into residence:
                                              ● Fireworks
● Pets – no pets or animals of any type
                                              ● Sunbeds / UV Tanning equipment
  are to be kept in residences. Should
  you wish to bring a horse with you,         ● Car Parts and Fuel cans
  please speak with a member of the
  equine staff about livery.                  ● Weight training and gym equipment
                                                (only hand-held weights are permitted
● Weapons – knives/blades, BB, Paint            in rooms)
  and air activated weapons, shotguns/
  rifles, crossbows, sling-shots, catapults   ● Darts
  and non-domestic knives and any             ● Chainsaws
  other item deemed to be a weapon by
  Moulton College.                            ● Subwoofers, large speakers and
● Cooking equipment – kettles,
  microwaves, sandwich toasters, etc.         ● Furniture

● Recreational drugs and other
  controlled substances, including
  new psychoactive substances
  (including nitrous oxide) or associated

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
What can I bring?
● Cars and motorcycles – permission                   ● Games consoles*
  to bring a car or motor vehicle on
                                                      ● TV* – it is recommended that you do
  site must be sought by completing
                                                        not bring televisions which are larger
  a ‘Permission to Bring a Motor
                                                        than 28" as most room layouts do not
  Vehicle to College’ form, which can
                                                        safely accommodate such sizes. If a
  be obtained from Student Support
                                                        large TV is unsafely stored, you will
  on production of a valid driver’s
                                                        be asked to remove it. If you bring
  licence, MOT certificate and insurance
                                                        your own television or device that
                                                        allows you to watch TV (including
● Bicycles – please note that bicycles                  some hand-held devices and laptops),
  must not be stored within the                         you need a television licence. Even if
  residential blocks                                    your parents have a licence at your
                                                        home address, you must still purchase
● 2ft × 2ft mini fridge* – although a
                                                        a licence for your room in residence
  fridge is provided in each common
                                                        (concessions may be available for
  room you may wish to bring a mini
                                                        students). Failure to do so could result
  fridge for your room
                                                        in a £1,000 fine as detector vans do
● Computer or laptop*                                   occasionally visit the area.

To find out more, and get your TV licensed, please go to or call 0300 790 6131
* All items over 12 months old must be PAT tested; this will be carried out at the start of term after
completing a PAT Test form on arrival

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Moving In
You will be notified of the time you should arrive to campus on your move in day.
When you arrive you will meet lots of people that are here to help. You will be able
to pay any outstanding fees, collect your keys and see what events are on during the
week to get you acquainted with the College and make new friends.
There will be an event on your first evening where the Student Support Team will
welcome you to the College and to residence. They will run through a few ground
rules and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This event will
also give you the opportunity to meet with other students who are also moving into

Room inventory and damage
Prior to moving in you will have paid         the guilty parties, the cost of the repair
caution money. This will be refunded to       will be shared equally between all
you when you leave providing there is no      the students who have access to that
damage to your room or the common             particular common area. To reduce the
areas that you have access to, your keys      risk of communal damage occurring, it
are returned and all fees are paid in full.   is vital that you ensure your do not prop
When you first move into your room you        security doors open.
will complete and sign a room inventory       You are responsible for any visitors to
form to state the condition of the room.      your room and for ensuring that your
When you move out at the end of each          room is secured when you are not
term your room will be checked against        present. As such you are responsible for
this form. Any damage that has occurred       any damage that occurs in your room.
(other than reasonable wear and tear)         Where a charge equates to more than
will be charged for.                          £50 per student it will be invoiced
Where damage occurs in a common area          as soon as the cost of rectifying the
and it has not been possible to identify      damage has been established. This
                                              ensures that caution money is still
                                              available should further substantial
                                              damage occur later in the year.
                                              Where a charge equates to less than
                                              £50 per student the charge will be
                                              recorded and then deducted from each
                                              student’s caution money at the end of
                                              the academic year with any balance then
                                              returned to the student.

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Room inventory and damage continued…
The following are examples of the fees that may be charged for damaged, lost or
tampered with items.

 Item                                                                         Cost
 Lost keys                                                       £15 per key
 Student card *                                                  £2
 Misuse of a fire extinguisher (including removing tags)         £100
 Tampering with a detector e.g. sock over detector               £100
 Damaged security access door                                    From £1,000
 Damaged fire door                                               From £400
 Damaged smoke detector                                          From £300
 Damaged light fitting                                           From £100
 Damaged bean bag (small)                                        From £90
 Damaged bean bag (large)                                        From £140
 Damaged low sofa chair                                          From £120
 Damaged dining table                                            From £250
 Damaged dining chairs                                           From £80
 Damaged microwave                                               From £50
 Damaged kettle                                                  From £20
 Damaged mattress                                                From £90
 Damaged desk chair                                              From £30
 Damaged curtains/blind (per set)                                From £120
 Damaged freestanding wardrobe                                   From £250
                                                                 £10 per hour plus chemicals
 Additional cleaning
                                                                 and hire of equipment
 Decorating                                                      At cost
 Damaged carpet                                                  At cost

* Please note that you must wear your ID card at all times around the campus and so if you misplace
  your card you will need to purchase a new one from the Learning Resource Centre immediately.

Resident's Handbook - Moulton Residences
Daily Events, Facilities and Services
Residents over the age of 18 who are in        week during term time. Meals will be
self-catered accommodation have fully-         served in the Chris Alderson‑Smith Dining
fitted kitchens in their blocks. If you have   Suite at the times stated below.
purchased a catering package you are
                                               Students who are entitled to meals are
entitled to breakfast and dinner seven
                                               required to show their student cards to
days per week (during term time. Meals
                                               the Duty Warden. The Wardens record
will be served in the Chris Alderson-Smith
                                               meal attendance and students under the
Dining Suite at the times stated below.
                                               age of 18 who do not attend dinner and
Residents under the age of 18                  do not notify Student Support that they
are provided with half-board                   are eating elsewhere, will be contacted
accommodation, which entitles you to           to ensure they have eaten and are not
breakfast and dinner seven days per            missing meals.

Meal times
     Day      Breakfast          Dinner          Day        Breakfast         Dinner

   Mon         7 – 9am         5.30 – 7pm        Thu         7 – 9am        5.30 – 7pm

     Tue       7 – 9am         5.30 – 7pm         Fri        7 – 9am      5.30 – 6.30pm

   Wed         7 – 9am         5.30 – 7pm        Sat      10 – 10.30am      5 – 5.30pm
Times subject to change during study week periods and bank holidays.

You are not allowed into the Dining            Holcot Centres and also the Chris
Suite in overalls, work boots, other form      Alderson-Smith Dining Suite at the
of industry specific personal protective       Moulton Centre. There is a College
equipment (PPE) or in a dirty state. This      Shop in the Social Centre in addition to
is for health and safety and hygiene           vending machines around campus.Pizzas,
reasons. You are also not permitted            nachos and snacks are available to
to wear hats or hoods in the Dining            purchase from the Loft bar from Sunday
Suite. If you attempt to enter whilst          to Wednesday evenings.
inappropriately dressed you will be asked
                                               If you have any special dietary
to go back to your room to change.
                                               requirements please contact Hotel
Snacks and lunch may be purchased              Services to discuss your specific needs.
from the cafeterias at Pitsford and

There is a shop based in the College         Monday to Friday. Times are subject to
Social Centre. The shop sells a variety      change throughout the year. There is
of snacks, food, stationery and cleaning     also a Cooperative store and a pharmacy
products at very reasonable prices. Shop     in Moulton village.
opening times are 8.30am to 4pm,

Cleaning services are provided as            designated over-18 blocks are requested
part of the residential fees. Bedrooms       to aid the cleaning team by emptying
and bathrooms are cleaned once per           your bedroom bin into the kitchen bin.
week and there will be a notice in your
bedroom advising you of your cleaning        If the cleaners are unable to clean your
day. Between Monday and Friday,              room as it is too untidy, you may be
bedroom bins are emptied and the             charged for a deep clean of the room.
common areas are cleaned. You are            Residents whose rooms are persistently
requested to aid the cleaning team by        left in an untidy and unacceptable state
keeping the facilities tidy and fit for      may be subject to disciplinary action
use and by keeping the floor clear so        and ultimately may be asked to leave
vacuuming can take place. Students in        residence if standards are not improved.

There are coin-operated machines and         in order to do your washing each
dryers in the on-site laundry located        week. Washing powder/tablets can be
behind Rowan block. It is advisable to       purchased from the shop in the Social
bring a few spare £1 and 20p coins           Centre.

Internet Access
As a resident you will receive free access   stay. By using the College Wi-Fi, you are
to the internet via our Wi-Fi network.       expected to follow a set of regulations
You will be given the access code for        to keep yourself and the College systems
this upon your arrival. Please keep a        safe. Details of these can be found on
copy of this safe as you may need it if      Moodle.
you purchase new devises during your

There are designated smoking areas at each centre. Smoking outside of these areas
is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action which may include a fine being
issued. At the Moulton Centre the smoking area is adjacent to the Social Centre.

If you wish to have a car on campus you will need to bring valid insurance and MOT
documents and a current driving licence to register the car on site. You will then be
issued with a car pass which can be affixed to the inside of the car window and will need
to be clearly displayed in the lower right hand side of your windshield to be visible to
security. This will allow you to park in the main Moulton Centre car park. Your permit
will be valid for one academic year or until you change your vehicle. Failure to adhere
to parking or driving regulations may result in your permit being withdrawn.

Room checks
Regular checks of your room are carried out to ensure that it is being kept to an
acceptable standard and to identify any health and safety concerns. The members
of staff carrying out the check will knock and announce themselves before entering
the room. You will be notified if you need to take any action to bring your room up to
standard and you will be given a deadline to do this by.

                                   Student mail should be addressed as below and
                                   can be picked up from the post trays in the Student
                                   Support Office after 12 noon, Monday to Friday.
                                   Student mail should be addressed as below:
                                   Student name
                                   Block name and room number
                                   Moulton College
                                   West Street
                                   NN3 7RR

If something in your room or block is not working as it should, please report this
directly to our Facilities Management team via This will then be
reported through to the maintenance team who will investigate the matter.

Each resident student is provided with contents insurance through Endsleigh. You will
be issued with your insurance paperwork when you move into residence. It is your
responsibility to check that you have adequate cover.

Lock outs
Where any member of staff finds a bedroom door unlocked they will always lock it and
so you must ensure that you carry your keys and student card with you at all times so
that you do not get locked out.

Our procedure for dealing with students who have forgotten or lost their keys and/or
their access card and cannot gain access to their room is dependent on the time of
day. New access cards can be purchased from the Learning Resource Centre and new
keys can be purchased from Hotel Services.

                      The student should visit the Student Support Office to speak
 Monday to Friday     with a member of staff. If the student is at fault for losing
                      or forgetting their key card they may either purchase a new
 8.30am – 3pm         card / set of keys or wait to be given access to their room
                      after 3pm.
                      The student should contact the Duty Warden to request
 All other times
                      access to their room.

Please note that as students under the age of 18 are not permitted to be out of their
blocks after 11pm (unless they have parental permission to be offsite overnight),
lock outs for under 18s should not occur after this time. Please note that we reserve
the right to issue a £25 fine where a student repeatedly has to be let into their
accommodation as they have not taken their card with them when they have left
their room or they have misplaced it.

Health and Safety
We strongly recommend that you register with Moulton Surgery when you first move
in. This will make it much easier for you to see a Doctor should you become unwell
during your time at College. Moulton Surgery can be contacted on:

                                 01604 644126

                        Moulton Surgery opening times
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday        8am – 6.30pm
 Thursday                                     8am – 8pm
 Saturday                                     8am – 11.15am

If you find you are unwell and feel that you cannot attend your classes, you will need
to follow the procedure set out below:
● Please visit a member of the Student Support Team in the Student Support office
  (ground floor of the College Social Centre) before your lesson is due to start. The
  office will be manned from 8am.
● The Student Support Team member will offer you advice. If you are deemed well
  enough to attend your classes the Student Support Team member will contact
  your Course Manager and advise that you are on your way to classes but that you
  have been feeling unwell.
● If the Student Support Team member deems that you are too unwell to attend
  your classes, they will contact your Course Manager to advise you will not be
  attending. If you are under the age of 18, the Student Support Team member will
  also contact your parent/guardian.
● If you are under the age of 18 and miss more than one day of your course due to
  being unwell, it will be necessary for you to return home until you are well enough
  to commence lessons.
Please be advised that the Student Support Team is unable to issue medication, but
this can be purchased from the College shop or the village Pharmacy.

Medication in residence
Parents/guardians and/or the student             that they should store this medication
must inform the college if the young             securely in their lockable cupboard.
person has or develops a medical                 This is especially important if it is
condition which will require either              controlled medication. In cases where
prescription or non‑prescription                 the medication requires refrigeration the
medication to be taken at College and of         college advises students to bring with
any changes to the medication.                   them a lockable fridge to securely store
                                                 their medication. In the event that a
Residential students are expected to be          residential student takes medication via
able to independently administer their           injection, they will need to provide their
own medication. Residential students             own sharps box for their room. It is the
should store their medication securely in        responsibility of the student and parent/
their room. If a student sharing a room          guardian to provide and maintain the
is taking medication, the college advises        sharps box.

Fire safety and equipment
When you first move into your                    Anyone found tampering with any fire
accommodation you must familiarise               or safety equipment will be required to
yourself with the escape routes, the             pay the full costs of any damage or loss
alarm systems and the evacuation                 incurred. You are reminded that it is a
procedures. You must read carefully              criminal offence to interfere with any fire
the fire regulation notices which are            safety equipment under the Health and
displayed in all bedrooms.                       Safety at Work Act 1974.
The College takes a very serious view of         You must ensure your own safety and
any actions that could jeopardise the            that of others at all times and if in
safety of students or staff. Appropriate         any doubt raise the alarm, vacate the
disciplinary action will be taken in line with   building and contact a member of staff.
the Performance and Conduct Procedures.

Fire drills
Fire drills will be scheduled throughout         notices displayed in each room. Any
the year. Please cooperate and respond           student who fails to evacuate within a
to the alarm. When an alarm sounds               reasonable timeframe will be subjected
you must report to the designated                to disciplinary action.
area as reported on the Fire Regulation

Fire doors
Fire doors dramatically increase the           with your door open the steam will
amount of time it takes for smoke and fire     activate the bedroom smoke detector.
to spread through a building and so they
                                               All bedroom doors are fire doors. If any
have a vital role to play in allowing you to
                                               damage is caused to a fire door, the
escape from a building. Fire doors cannot
                                               whole door has to be replaced as the
do their job if they are wedged open.
                                               damage may reduce the effectiveness of
Anyone found to be wedging fire doors
                                               the door. Please be aware that the cost
open will be severely dealt with in line
                                               of these fire doors is significantly more
with the college’s disciplinary procedure.
                                               than a standard door you would find
When showering you must make sure              in a normal house and students will be
that your bathroom door is closed and          recharged the full cost if their door needs
your extractor fan is on. If you shower        to be replaced.

Fire extinguishers
Each block has access to a two types           for any purpose other than fighting a
of fire extinguishers; water and carbon        fire will be disciplined and fined. This
dioxide. You should only use fire              includes removing the tags from the
equipment to fight a fire if you are           extinguishers. If the person responsible
trained to do so.                              is not identified then all students in that
                                               block will be held responsible.
Any person or group of students
using a fire extinguisher for fun or

Smoke and heat detectors
All bedrooms and corridors are fitted with     a student that they set the alarms off
smoke detectors.                               accidentally, we cannot cancel the fire
                                               engines. Northamptonshire Fire and
WARNING – Between the hours of
                                               Rescue Service reserve the right to
5.30pm – 7.30am, Monday to Friday
                                               charge Moulton College for responding
and all days over weekends and bank
                                               to a false alarm. If the College receive
holidays, the fire systems at Moulton
                                               a bill, the cost will be passed onto the
College are directly connected to the
                                               student responsible. If an individual or a
local fire station and two fire engines
                                               group of students cannot be identified,
are automatically dispatched to the
                                               the cost will be shared between all
residences. Even if we are notified by
                                               students who reside in the block.

Personal safety and security
Moulton College is a very safe campus with extensive security systems in place.
To ensure that risks are minimised we kindly ask that you:
● Lock your bedroom door when you leave it and take your keys and access card with
  you. If cleaning or wardening staff find a door unlocked they will always lock it.
● Do not prop open block or corridor doors. Remember that if damage is caused in
  your block and we cannot identify who is responsible, we will have to share the cost
  between all residents who reside in the block. You have a responsibility to ensure
  you block is kept secure so if you find a door propped open please close it.
● Do not let people you do not know into your block.
● Report any suspicious people or activity to a member of staff.
● Report any loss of room keys or access cards immediately so that appropriate
  security measures can be taken.

Room keys / Access cards
● Your room keys and student access card are your responsibility. If you lose either,
  you will need to pay for a replacement
● If you forget or lose your student ID card you will need to get a new one printed
  immediately as you must wear your ID at all times around the campus. The cost
  of a new card is £2.
● Remember to bring your card and keys with you when you return to the residences
  after a weekend or holiday.
● Do not give your keys or card to anyone else.
● Do not allow anyone
  to enter your room
  without you being
  present. You are
  responsible for any
  damage or incidents
  which occur to your
  room even if you
  were not present at
  the time.


In order for a non-resident to visit the      All visitors must be signed in as soon as
residences or be on site after the college    they come onto site and they must sign
day, they need to be on the approved          out by 10.30pm.
visitors list.
                                              Visitors must be 16 or over, unless
If you would like your friend to be able      accompanied by the parent/guardian of
to visit you, you need to escort them to      the resident.
the Student Support Office where they
will be asked to present photographic ID.     You must accompany your visitor at all
If your friend is a current student of the    times and they must not be left in your
college, we can use the information on        room when you are not present. You are
ProMonitor for this purpose. All visitors     responsible for any damage caused by
will also need to complete a personal         your visitors. If residents fail to follow the
details form which asks them to provide       procedure set out above they may lose
next of kin information.                      the privilege of having visitors.

Once a visitor is on the approved visitor     Where parents/guardians are visiting site
list they need to visit the Student           to collect or drop off their child, it is not
Support Office each time they visit so        necessary for them to sign in. However
that they can be signed in and issued         if they are planning to stay for more
with a visitor lanyard. It is not necessary   than 1 hour then they need to follow this
for them to provide photo ID each time        procedure.
they visit.

Alcohol (under 18)
Residents under the age of 18 must not     collect the student the College may
purchase, bring onto or consume alcohol    arrange for a taxi to take the student
on the College premises. Residents         home and the cost will be recharged.
must not return to campus under the
                                           The College has a breathalyser that
influence of alcohol. Any alcohol found
                                           may be used to determine if any
in the residences will be disposed of
                                           student under the age of 18 has
and parents/guardians will be informed.
                                           consumed alcohol and is in breach
Where students under the age of 18 are
                                           of the rules outlined above. Refusal
found under the influence of alcohol
                                           to be breathalysed will be seen as an
parents/guardians may be contacted
                                           admittance of guilt.
to collect the student immediately
regardless of the time of day or night.    Appropriate disciplinary action will be
If the parent/guardian is unable to        taken.

We have a zero tolerance approach to       face disciplinary action and are likely
drug use on campus. Students found         to be asked to leave residence. We also
in possession of, or under the influence   do not permit drugs paraphernalia on
of recreational drugs, other controlled    campus.
substances, prescription medication
which has not be prescribed to you, or     The College has a drugs testing kit that
new psychoactive substances (previously    may be used to determine if any student
known as legal highs) on campus will       is in breach of the rules outlined above.

You have been allocated a place in         Manager/Residential Coordinator and
residence to enable you to attend your     their Course Manager to discuss the
course and as a resident student it        reasons for absence. Where a resident
is expected that you will have a high      student has a low level of attendance
level of attendance as you do not have     and they are deemed to have a poor
to travel into College. The Student        commitment to their course, they may
Support Team monitors each resident’s      be asked to leave the residences. Please
attendance record on a weekly basis        note that those students in receipt of
and where attendance drops below 90%       a residential bursary are at risk of their
the resident will be required to attend    bursary being revoked if their attendance
a meeting with the Student Support         drops below 85%.

Social Life on Campus
We want every student to have a great student experience whilst at Moulton and we
work hard to create a fun and enjoyable social programme. We hope you will take
the opportunities available to get involved in a wide range of social activities and to
make lifelong friendships during your time in residence.

Moulton Life
We offer a wide range of social and community activities for both resident and
non‑resident students. We aim to make sure all students get the most out of the
College experience. You will learn more about Moulton Life during your induction.
If you have any ideas for events, or would like more information on how to get
involved with Moulton Life, call into the Student Support office or find us on Facebook
Moulton Life or follow @MoultonLife on Twitter.

Resident’s Forum – have your say
The Resident’s Forum is a group of residents who come together every few weeks
to feedback their views on their residential experience and to assist us in planning
events and activities. You will learn more about how you can get involved with the
Forum during your induction.

The local area – Moulton village

                                                           Hill             t
                                                        ch             ch Stree
                      treet                  Ch       ur
                West S

                                                                  C hur

                                                                                  H i gh S
                                           s St r e


1.   Bus Stop (from town)                           7.    Carey Baptist Church
2.   Bus Stop (to town)
                                                    8.    Moulton Evangelical Church
3.   Book Exchange (Parade Bank)
                                                    9.    Hairdressers – The Style Xchange
4.   Moulton Surgery
                                                    10. Moulton Theatre
5.   Pharmacy
6.   Moulton Parish Church (C of E)

The local area

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                 ● Museum:
                 ● Swimming:
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                 ● Northants Young Farmers:
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● Wicksteed Park:
● Whipsnade Zoo:
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                                          Journey planner:
                                          Buses into Northampton, 10 and 10X
                                          from opposite the Co-op:

Regulations for Residents

A copy of the Student Code of Conduct and Resident               These regulations should be read in conjunction with the
Student Regulations will be given to you upon or prior to        Policy for Student Conduct and Performance.
arrival. You are expected to read and sign in agreement to
                                                                 Although each incident of misconduct is individually
these rules before keys are given out. Breaches of the Student
                                                                 investigated, we wish to ensure that we are consistent in
Code of Conduct or the Residential Regulations can result in
                                                                 our approach to discipline. We have created the following
disciplinary action and, in the case of students under the age
                                                                 disciplinary chart to illustrate the likely consequences of
of 18, the notification of parents/guardians.
                                                                 certain types of misconduct.

     Level of                                   Disciplinary Issues
    Misconduct                       (example breaches, this list is not exhaustive)

     Stage 0           • Littering                                                                 • Verbal warning
                       • Spitting                                                                  • Conduct alert recorded
 Performance Alert
                                                                                                     on student record until
                       • Minor noise disturbance
     Issued by:                                                                                      departure
  Any staff with a     • Driving/parking an unregistered car on campus or parking in an
                                                                                                   • Parents informed (U18)
 role in supervising     unauthorised location
       students                                                                                    Possible Sanctions:
                       • Lying to staff
                       • Smoking outside of the designated smoking areas                           • £25 fine

                       • Inappropriate language                                                    • Litter picking

                       • Absent from lessons without notification/or valid reason                  • Specific targets relating
                                                                                                     to offence
Level of                                 Disciplinary Issues
   Misconduct                     (example breaches, this list is not exhaustive)

   Stage 1          • Not complying with reasonable instructions from a member of staff        • Cause for Concern
                    • Low level anti-social behaviour
Cause for Concern
                                                                                               • Recorded on student
                    • Low level bullying
   Issued by:                                                                                    record until departure
   Residential      • Breach of curfew (U18)
                                                                                               • Parents informed (U18)
  Coordinator /
                    • Failure to identify yourself to a member of staff / Failure to wear ID
 Course Manager                                                                                • Stage 1 Conduct Action
                    • Minor breach of health and safety
                                                                                               Possible Sanctions:
                    • Keeping a pet in the blocks / your room
                                                                                               • £50 fine
                    • Under-18 students entering the over-18 blocks
                                                                                               • Specific targets relating
                    • Accessing inappropriate material on the IT network                         to offence
                    • Demonstrating a lack of commitment to your study programme
Regulations for Residents continued…

   Level of                                Disciplinary Issues
  Misconduct                    (example breaches, this list is not exhaustive)

   Stage 2        • Received an unacceptable number of Stage 1 warnings or failure to          • Formal meeting
                    complete Stage 1 actions                                                   • Recorded on student
 Formal Warning   • Persistent bullying                                                          record until departure
   Issued by:     • Behaviour or language that offends or may be discriminatory in its         • Stage 2 Conduct Action
   Residential      nature                                                                       Plan
  Coordinator /   • Under-18 students in possession of alcohol anywhere on campus, who
 Course Manager                                                                                Possible Sanctions:
                    give a positive reading on Breathalyser, or refuse to give a breath test
                                                                                               • £75 fine
                  • In possession of alcohol in an under-18 block (O18) or around the
                    campus                                                                     • Specific targets relating
                                                                                                 to offence
                  • The use or possession, of controlled drugs, solvent abuse or new
                    psychoactive substances (including nitrous oxide) on any part of the       • Suspension from
                    campus                                                                       residence
                  • Health and Safety breaches that may impact on the safety of others
                  • Having an overnight guest in your room
                  • Disrespectful attitude towards staff
                  • Not exiting a building on hearing the fire alarm
                  • Leaving site without permission to visit pubs/clubs (U18)
                  • Returning to the campus after 11pm when we have received an email
                    from your parents giving you permission to be absent over night (U18)
Level of                                Disciplinary Issues
 Misconduct                    (example breaches, this list is not exhaustive)

  Stage 3        • Failure to complete Stage 2 actions                                  • Final Written Warning
                 • Serious or persistent bullying (including cyber bullying)            • Recorded on student
Final Warning                                                                             record until departure
                 • Serious verbal abuse, harassment or discriminatory behaviour
  Issued by:       towards others                                                       • Meeting with student,
Head of School   • Deliberate Health and Safety breaches that impact on the safety of     parents/guardians and
                   others                                                                 Director of Quality
                                                                                          Improvement and
                 • Theft                                                                  Student Support
                 • Deliberate vandalism
                                                                                        Possible Sanctions:
                 • Over-18 students promoting under age consumption of alcohol
                                                                                        • £100 fine
                 • The exchange or selling of controlled drugs, solvent abuse or new
                   psychoactive substances on any part of the campus                    • Specific targets relating
                                                                                          to offence
                 • Reckless or dangerous behaviour
                                                                                        • Vehicle banned from
                                                                                        • Suspension from
                                                                                          College and/or
                                                                                        • Exclusion from College
                                                                                          and/or accommodation
Noise in residence
                                            Although some noise is to be expected
                                            when living in a communal block it is
                                            unfair to disturb others late at night.
                                            Some students live on site to enable
                                            them to carry out specific early morning/
                                            late evening commercial experience or
                                            gym sessions as part of their course. We
                                            therefore ask that general noise is kept
                                            at a reasonable level during the day and
                                            early evening and all noise be kept to an
                                            absolute minimum after 11pm.
                                            If you find you are being disturbed by
                                            late night noise, please call the Duty
                                            Warden confidentially on 07388 967514
                                            and they will speak with those responsible.
                                            Staff are unable to resolve problems
                                            if they are not notified that they are
                                            Please be respectful of others and
                                            consider that some students may
                                            wish to study or they may not wish
                                            to be subjected to your choice of

Unfortunately there are times when residents behave in a way that contradicts our
residential regulations. We will always try and work with residents to try and resolve
any issues but there may be occasions when we have to charge or fine individuals for
this behaviour.
Students (and their parents/guardians if they are under the age of 18) will be notified
of the fine in writing and given 14 days to make payment. It will not be possible for
fines to be deducted from the damage deposit held.
Fines collected will go to the nominated charities which are chosen by the student
body each year.

Residents Under the Age of 18
Where an educational establishment provides accommodation for students under
the age of 18 there is a statutory and a moral duty to ensure that these students
are safeguarded. Moulton College prides itself on the level of support and quality
of the safeguarding it provides to learners under 18 years of age. As such we have
implemented additional regulations for residents under the age of 18, which are set
out below.

Creating a safe environment
We have a team of Wardens who work         the Wardens will follow the Missing
on a rota basis, seven days a week, to     Student Procedures and take the
ensure the welfare and safety of all       following steps:
our students. The Warden Team has
                                           ● Your parent/guardians will be
a particular responsibility towards the
                                             contacted. The Wardens will advise
care of our residential students with an
                                             them that you cannot be found on
emphasis on students under the age
                                             campus and are missing.
of 18 years. Two wardens are on duty
at any one time, with a member of the      ● The Wardens will then liaise with
senior management team on call 24            your parents/guardians and external
hours a day to support this team.            agencies such as the Police may be
The site has 24/7 security with CCTV
coverage in and around the main
accommodation areas.
If you are a resident student under
the age of 18, each evening the Duty
Wardens will check your presence on
campus and ensure you are safe. If
you do not attend your evening meal
and you have not advised Student
Support that you have made alternative
arrangements, you and/or your parents/
guardians will be contacted. If you
cannot be contacted by telephone or
found in your room and you do not have
permission to be absent, you will be
deemed as missing. The Duty Wardens
will make every effort to locate absent
students but should they not be found

Leaving campus and signing out procedures
If a resident is leaving campus it is       Signing in and out at the security lodge
essential that they sign out at the         is necessary in addition to parents/
security lodge and that they sign back in   guardians granting written permission.
on their return.                            This is as the written permission from
                                            your parents/guardians will state the
Students under the age of 18 must be
                                            date you will leave and return whereas
back in their residential blocks by 11pm
                                            signing out and in tells us the exact
each evening.
                                            time of your departure and return.
If you are under the age of 18 and          This ensures that in the event of an
intend to be absent from campus after       emergency, we have an accurate record
11pm (including at weekends, during         of who is and is not on campus.
study weeks and if you leave before the
                                            Failure to adhere to these procedures will
last day of a term) we will need written
                                            result in disciplinary action.
permission from your parent/guardian
before you leave (by 5pm) and this
permission will need to be emailed to

Over-18 accommodation
To ensure that we are able to adhere to our safeguarding responsibilities, residents
who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter any accommodation which is
designated for students over the age of 18.
Students who are over the age of 18 are permitted to visit students who are under
the age of 18 who have invited them into their blocks. Students over the age of 18
who visit under 18s must abide by the rules of these residences, which include not
consuming alcohol. Students over the age of 18 who visit must vacate by 11pm.

Information for Parents of Residents
Under the Age of 18
All parents of residents under the age of 18 must read and sign a copy of the Parent
Contract which is issued as a separate document.
At Moulton College we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. As all
residents under the age of 18 must be back in their residential blocks by 11pm each
evening, it is necessary for you to grant written permission if your son or daughter
wishes to be absent from College overnight. This includes if they leave for study days,
weekends and study weeks.
Written permission will need to provide the following information:
● When the student will be leaving           ● The subject of the email should be
  campus.                                      the student’s full name, followed by
                                               the word ‘absence’.
● When the student is due back.
For example:

  Subject: John Smith – Absence
  Dear Student Support
  I give my permission for John Smith to be absent from College this coming
  weekend. I will collect John from College at approximately 6pm on Friday and
  return him at about 4pm on Sunday. I will ensure he signs out and back in at the
  security gatehouse.

We request that permission emails are sent by 5pm on the day of the students’
departure and we will accept them up to one week in advance. Written permission
should be emailed to
Even though you may plan for your son/daughter to be absent from campus every
weekend, we are unable to accept one email from you at the start of the year giving
permission for a student to be absent over consecutive weekends. This is as plans can
change and if we were to record a student as being absent over a particular weekend
and the student remained on campus, we would not know they were onsite and we
would be unable to safeguard them.
If a student under the age of 18 has permission to be offsite overnight they must
sign out and not return to residence until 7am the following morning. They must sign
back in on their return.

Information for Parents of Residents
Under the Age of 18 continued…
If you are going to be leaving the country at any time whilst your son/daughter is
in residence, please ensure you provide us with the contact details of a UK based
guardian who we can approach in the event of an emergency.

Residents Turning 18 during the Year
Where students turn 18 during the           When a student turns 18 and they are
academic year they can request to move      residing in an under-18 block, a risk
to a designated over-18 block. However      assessment is carried out to identify
this will be subject to availability and    the risks and the control measures that
it is likely that room moves will only      need to be put into place to ensure that
be processed at the end of each term.       our residents under the age of 18 are
Where a student moves to a designated       safeguarded. The student will receive
over-18 block during the year, they         a copy of the risk assessment which
will continue to pay the room rate for      outlines the rules they need to abide by
which they are contracted and they will     whilst they are residing in an under-18
therefore remain eligible for half-board    residence.
                                            Students who turn 18 during the year
Students who wish to remain in their        are not permitted to keep or consume
original accommodation will be              alcohol in their bedroom or anywhere in
permitted to do so for the remainder of     their block. They are only permitted to
the academic year.                          consume alcohol in the College bar or in
                                            a designated over-18 block.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the questions we get asked regularly. If you have any more questions
please do not hesitate to contact the Student Support Team on 01604 491131.
1. How can I pay my                             also pay by cheque made payable
   accommodation fees?                          to Moulton College. Fees are due
                                                before the start of each term and
     Fees can be paid via the college           keys are not issued for the term until
     website or by calling the Finance          residency fees have been paid.
     Office on 01604 491131. You may

Frequently Asked Questions continued…
2. Do I need to pay a deposit?                to the Learning Resource Centre
                                              until 8pm Monday to Thursday and
   Yes. A non-refundable deposit of           5.30pm on Friday.
   £200 secures your room application
   and this will become your caution          The residency fee includes the
   money (damage deposit). This will          provision of water, gas and electricity.
   be returned to you at the end of the       All residents will also have access to
   academic year, less any damages            the College’s wireless network
   that occur in halls of residence.          MC Residence. The password will be
   Where damage is attributed to an           made available to you on the day
   individual or a block, the cost of         you take up residence.
   rectifying this damage is invoiced as
                                              Rooms are cleaned once each week
   soon as possible after the damage
                                              and bins are emptied daily. We ask
   has occurred and the reparation/
                                              that rooms are kept clean and tidy
   replacement costs are known. This
                                              to allow cleaning staff in to hoover
   ensures that any discrepancies are
                                              on your allocated day, failure to do
   handled immediately and also that
                                              so could result in disciplinary action.
   a sufficient amount of Caution
                                              Your cleaner will let you know your
   Money is in place for the remainder
                                              allocated cleaning day.
   of the year and to insure the College
   against losses.                         4. I am sharing a room, what if we
                                              don’t get on with each other?
3. What is included in my
   accommodation fee?                         When allocated shared accommoda-
                                              tion, we will look at the age of the
   All our accommodation is en-suite          occupants and the course of study
   and those in under-18 blocks have          they have chosen. We endeavour to
   access to a common room / kitchen          put you with someone on a similar
   which has a refrigerator, microwave,       course so you will have something
   kettle, iron and ironing board. Those      in common. If occupants of a twin
   in an over-18 block also have access       room do not get along together we
   to a fridge/freezer, oven and hob.         will attempt to resolve any issues.
                                              Moving students to alternative
   Residents in under-18
                                              accommodation is always a last
   accommodation are provided with
                                              resort and is not always possible.
   half-board accommodation with
   meals to be taken in the Chris          5. My friend will also be resident at
   Alderson-Smith Dining Suite on             Moulton, can we share a room?
   the Moulton site. All residents
   automatically become members               If you and your friend request this
   of the onsite gym and have access          on your application (i.e. you put each

Frequently Asked Questions continued…
     other’s names on the form) we will          like to talk to someone, call into
     do our best to allocate you a shared        our office or talk with your Course
     room together, however if one of you        Manager. Out of hours you can also
     is over 18 and the other under 18, we       call the Duty Warden.
     would not be able to permit this due
     to our safeguarding responsibilities.    9. What is there to do in the
                                                 evenings and weekends?
6. Can I view my room before term
   starts?                                       The residential team are on hand
                                                 to ensure you are never bored. On
     Unfortunately, Moulton College is           site we have a gym that you are
     unable to allow new students to             automatically a member of and we
     view their allocated accommodation          also book the Sports Hall for your
     prior to their arrival in September.        use on a regular basis. We organise
     However, you may look round an              events in the Loft Bar and the Barn
     example room during a residential           in the Social Centre. Recent events
     tour at any of our Careers Open             include a Christmas Ball, bubble
     Events which are advertised on the          football, an X-Box competition and
     College website:                            a scavenger hunt. These events
                                                 are advertised on your block notice
                                                 boards as well as on the Social
7. Will I be living with people from             Calendar which can be found in your
   my course?                                    room on arrival. If you have any
                                                 ideas for events or clubs/societies
     Rooms are allocated on a number             please speak with a member of the
     of factors. Your room will be in an         residential team.
     age appropriate block and you will
     be living with a variety of different       The College is only five miles from
     people from different courses. This         the centre of Northampton which
     will give you the opportunity to build      has a wide variety of shops, bars (for
     your social skills and have something       over 18s), restaurants and theatres/
     other than your course to talk about!       cinemas. There are also regular train
     There will usually be someone from a        services from Northampton to Milton
     similar course to you in your block.        Keynes, Birmingham and London.

8. What if I get homesick?                    10. Can I stay over Christmas and
     Missing home or feeling homesick is
     nothing to be ashamed about. Most           Unfortunately your room must be
     of our students are living away from        vacated at the end of each term.
     home for the first time so you will         During the holiday periods the rooms
     not be alone. If, however, you would        may be rented out by Hotel Services.

This also enables us to give your             Office and visitors must be on the
   room a thorough clean and carry               approved visitors list (see page 18
   out routine maintenance. You will be          for further information). For health
   provided with leaving and returning           and safety and safeguarding reasons
   dates at the start of the year and will       it is imperative that staff know who
   be sent details about the procedures          is and is not on site at any one time.
   for moving out at the end of each             If staff discover that a resident has
   term during each term.                        allowed a guest to stay overnight,
                                                 the resident will face disciplinary
11. I am an overseas student, can I              action and they will also be charged
    store my belongings over these               a nightly room rate for their guest.
                                              14. Can I put posters up in my
   If you are an overseas student                 room?
   please contact Student Support to
   enquire about this well in advance            You may put posters on the
   of the end of term. We recognise it           noticeboard provided in your
   is difficult for you to take all of your      room. Posters must not be put
   belonging home and we will assist             up elsewhere in your room as
   you where possible.                           the adhesive can cause damage
                                                 to paintwork etc. Any damage
12. How do I report damage or                    will be recharged to the student.
    something not working as it                  Staff reserve the right to remove
    should?                                      any posters they deem to be
                                                 inappropriate or distasteful.
   Please let a member of staff
   know if something is damaged or            15. Where can I find useful
   needs replacing. You can email                 information about the local to report any                 area?
   maintenance issues or please
   contact Student Support. This will            Information about what’s happening
   enable us to rectify the issues in a          in Moulton village can be found on
   timely manner. If you don’t tell us           the Parish Council website:
   about it we can’t fix it.           
13. Can I have a guest stay over?                Information about what’s
                                                 happening in Northampton and the
   Although guests may visit your room
                                                 surrounding area can be found on
   during the day and the evenings, all
                                                 the Northampton Borough Council
   guests must leave site by 10.30pm.
   Please note guests must be signed
   in and out at the Student Support   


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