WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre

WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
3 | Chair Welcome Statement
4 | A Welcome from our Executive Director
6 | Second Student Centre
 8   |   YFS Services
12   |   Directory
13   |   Food and Vendor Specifications
19   |   Club Offices Agreement
22   |   Booking Agreement
27   |   Evanced Spaces Guide
33   |   Event Guide
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre

  Dear Student Clubs,

  On behalf of the York University Student Centre, I would like to welcome you back to another promising
  and exciting year! We are incredibly excited to see what this year has to offer. The York University Student
  Centre is your space and it is the hub of student organizing, diversity, and advocacy.

  Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to our excellent team with whom you will be working
  with this year. It is our priority and commitment to make sure your experiences here are valuable and
  enjoyable. The Student Centre is dedicated to enhancing the quality.of student and community life on
  campus by providing a dynamic, central, multipurpose student space that effectively facilitates relevant
  services, resources, events, and commercial activities.

  This guide will also support and provide details into a wide range of services we provide including, but
  not limited to: club office space, meeting and conference rooms, event space, student union offices and
  community services groups, the Underground Campus Kitchen, and food court vendors. We are here to
  support students and our communities within the Student Centre. We are here to listen to your needs and
  ensure that we continue to improve our working spaces. We are here to ensure that your student space
  reflects your needs as a diverse community.

  Remember that the Student Centre is a growing environment that changes and adapts itself to the
  demands of the York University community. Given that this is your Student Centre, we look forward to not
  only serving our members, but also listening to your suggestions to develop the space and services to
  meet the needs of our members.

  I wish you the best this year, and look forward to working with you and your members!
  If you have an questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or any of our staff.

  Rawan Habib
  York University Student Centre

                                                                                         WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 3
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
  Dear Student Groups,

  On behalf of the York University Student Centre (YUSC) management team I would like to welcome you
  to another promising academic year. I hope you will find a home away from home in your Student Centre
  building and take advantage of the various services within the facility designed to improve your
  student experience.

  The YUSC has been at the forefront of facilitating student life by expanding its building and its services,
  dramatically growing its businesses, and more thoroughly integrating itself into the York University
  community. Through transparency, effective communication, prudent management, and a commitment to
  planning, its operations have been seen as an exceptional benefit to students and the community
  at large. The YUSC sees the campus as a living structure, where it adjusts and changes itself to best suit
  the needs of York University community members.

  Over the past 25 years the YUSC has provided an interactive, informative and warm space for garnering
  student lifestyle, thought and creativity, while facilitating students and student groups to accomplish their
  individual and diverse community goals. The YUSC has helped to provide for the growing demands of the
  York University community for more student-run and operated space. When the Student Centre building
  was constructed, it was sufficient enough to facilitate a space that was efficient in providing for the
  respective York community. However, the last two decades have seen a significant rise in student
  enrollment lacking an equivalent increase in student space. It is with this understanding that the YUSC
  began a process for the construction of an additional multi-purpose facility to provide for the growing
  needs of the York community.

  The New Student Centre (NSC) has been designed to both compliment and expand on the student spaces
  and services offered by the YUSC. This includes spaces for; study, meeting, events, multi-faith prayer,
  lounge, studio, tabling and more. It is an exciting year for all of us, as the NSC is set to open in Spring 2018!

  The YUSC has a proud history of being a premium student employer, housing student clubs and
  service groups, and operating the largest student-run food services operation on campus. Students are
  at the centre of our decision making, and that will always continue.


  Siva Vimalachandran
  Executive Director
  York University Student Centre Inc.

                                                                                             WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 5
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
                         4 // INTRODUCTION //
                         6 // THE WAY OF OUR WORK //
                         8 // THE VALUES OF OUR STUDIO //
                         10 // WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? //
                         12 // TALENT AND WORK //
                         14 // ABOUT THE PROJECT //
                         16 // ABOUT THE CLIENT //
                         18 // PROJECT DESCRIPTION //
                         20 // CREATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL //
                         22 // VISUAL CONCEPT //
                         24 // WORK IN PROGRESS //
                         26 // OUR OFFERS //
                         28 // TERMS AND CONDITIONS //
                         29 // ACCEPTANCE OF QUOTE //

Second Student Centre:
Coming Spring 2018.
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
About our work.

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officta consed quo essequo de et      deni as doluptatur, ut acest, tem res
remquiatur aliqui tem fugiatiamus     diat.
re exerum ut andam quundipic te       Apienis moluptas ratur, unt, quis et
accae verum ressequid quatem utat     libeaquis peliqui ssitat volo omni
fugiam quatiorunt officiusdae simos   solor abo. Orenestiorum et offic
nonsecea nos volor reritem debisti    te que volorep electus, ulpa sunt
nume et et landitibus alictaquos      et qui officiti atiust, sandam, esto
dollabo restis sum quatem la dolore   corum eum derchil exerum rem lacia
est, nest, iminctata doluptam,        aborem ne molupta dolentium, as
occus sum nonsequamet idis ducia      rempores nonsequi sum harum ut
vernam, sum voluptatius, ex est ma    que voluptaquam quae la que pos
dita venet ati re omnihilique quam    rem aliti offictium sum quaecuptae
quiditam, omnimil landani endebit     nossitation       core     volestibus
voluptiur magnis acero di net         repudantius aut quam hillorem re


                                      We are the result of our hard work. Our passion for what we do makes us
                                      leaders in our sector.

                                      Henienim exceristi bero dit et          rae velesequi sumquaturios eat.
                                      haribusam sincipient reiunt iliaspite   Cererempores endae post hillest
                                      coribusdam       voloreratias    rest   isquos delicipsunt.
                                      re nistium in ressed quatum re          Id untur sita voluptia volor sam
                                      voloreiumet et volorumquam, ut volo     faccum destibus utem. Uptae essiti
                                      dolorero dit archilla qui as eumquas    coremost, alibea voluptaeriae pero
                                      picimus eum aut repuditas maionet       ipsamenda eum nimpor solo cuscien
                                      fugitaepudis vendunt ut eturione        iendes dolesed que event, ut et
                                      pere nostibu sandus, ut quia culla      acerchi liquate voluption pliquam
                                      nonsed ma peribea tquiberum quia        etum ex endam.
                                      pelici autemost vent acessime sum
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre

York Federation of Students (YFS).
Room 336 – Student Centre Building

Hours of Operation*
Monday – Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 10AM–4PM

*Closed for lunch 1PM-2PM

                                     Member Services Office.
                                     Room 106 – Student Centre Building

                                     The Member Services Office (MSO) provides great
                                     discounted services to our members: you, the students.
                                     The MSO has a plethora of services to choose from —
                                     whether it's a FREE ISIC card, queries about the health
                                     and dental plan or access to discounted movie tickets.
                                     The York Federation of Students has been and still is
                                     whole-heartedly committed to saving students money.

                                     Hours of Operation
                                     Monday – Thursday: 9AM–7PM
                                     Friday: 10AM-6PM

8 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
Photocopying, Printing & Fax.

Last minute photocopies? No worries, the YFS has
a photocopier available for the use of all students at
the cost of 5 cents a page, much cheaper than other
photocopy services on campus. There is also free local
faxing available for the use of all students.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 9AM–7PM
Friday: 10AM-6PM

                                                         Food Bank.

                                                         Food4Thought is the only on-campus food bank at York
                                                         University and is a member agency of the North York
                                                         Harvest Food Bank allowing for regular deliveries of
                                                         replenishments. The issue of food insecurity on campus
                                                         has resulted in Food4Thought becoming an essential
                                                         service of the YFS.

                                                         All are welcome to use this service, including students
                                                         who have finished their meal plan or members of
                                                         the community looking for healthy food options. It
                                                         is located in room 337 of the Student Centre, if the
                                                         office is closed please visit the YFS office (336 Student
                                                         Centre) where astaff member will be able to provide
                                                         you with assistance.

                                                         Hours of Operation
                                                         Monday – Wednesday: 9AM–7PM (closed 1PM–2PM)
                                                         Thursday: 2PM-6PM
                                                         Friday: 10AM–3PM

                                                                                     WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 9
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017-2018 - York University Student Centre
Community Service Groups.

                    The York Federation of Students (YFS) recognizes that groups among its membership
                    are marginalized on campus and within society. In order to combat and eradicate
                    inequities the YFS has created five community service groups. Their goal is to provide
                    resources and services in the hopes of helping coordinate marginalized groups and
                    providing them with the resources needed to combat marginalization on campus and in
                    society. The community service groups are comprised of the following:

                          Room 429      Access Centre
                           Room 431     Aboriginal Students’ Association (ASAY)
                          Room 436      York United Black Students’ Alliance (YUBSA)
                         Room 449C      Ontario Public Interest Research Group York (OPIRG YORK)
                         Room 449B      Sexual Assault Survivor's Support Line and Leadership (SASSL)
                         Room 449A      Trans, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual at York (TBLGAY)
                         Room 449D      United South Asians at York (USAY)

                    In order to fully comprehend the scale of these distinct YFS Community Service Groups,
                    it is necessary to understand the individual roles played by each group in our
                    synchronized efforts to eliminate prejudice, hate and discrimination. Please refer to
                    www.yfs.ca for a breakdown of each Community Service Group.

10 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
        Lower level
        Underground Campus Kitchen                   342     Refuge Aid
                                                     343     Malayalee Student Association
        1st Floor                                    346     Printing Resource Centre
        The Dirty Bird     Jimmy the Greek
        The Islands        Wendy's                           4rd Floor
        Gateway Cigar      YFS Member's Services
        Pagoda Tree        Yogen Fruz                406     Rotaract Club of York University
        Gino's Pizza       Treats Cafe                410    Agents of Change Community
        Chancellor's                                   411   York Taiwanese Student Association
                                                      413    Vibe 105.5 FM
        2nd Floor
                                                      414    South Asian Alliance
        Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre                 416     York University Chinese Students and
        Mac's Sushi
                                                             Scholars Association
                                                      417    Heart and Stroke at York
        3rd Floor
                                                      418    Community of United Jamaicans
 307    Meeting Room                                  419    Caribbean Students' Association
  310   Egyptian Students Association                420     Excalibur
 311B   Meeting Room                                  421    African Students Association
 311C   Meeting Room                                 429     Access Centre
  312   Iranian Student Association                   431    Aboriginal Students’ Association
  313   Meeting Room                                 434     Ethiopian Students' Association at York
  314   Ghanaian Students Association                435     Somali Students Association
315C    Meeting Room                                 436     York United Black Students’ Alliance
  316   Trinidad and Tobago Students' Association    437     Afghan Students Association
  317   Organization of Latin American Students      438     Hellenic Students' Association
  318   Nigerian Students' Association               439     Oromo Student Association
  321   Muslim Students Association Prayer Space      441    Socialist Fightback Club
 322    Centre for Women and Trans People            442     Hillel @York
325     Graduate Students Association                443     Indian Cultural Association
326     Students Against Isreali Apartheid           444     York University Tamil Students' Association
329     Eritrean York Students United                445     Korean Christian Fellowship
 331    Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance             446     Armenian Students' Association
332     Women's Mental Health Talks                  447     Guyanese Social Club
333     York Punjabi Association                     448     Pakistani Student Association
335     York University Student Centre Office       449A     TBLGAY
336     York Federation of Students                 449B     SASSL
337     YFS Food Bank                               449C     OPIRG YORK
340     Middle Eastern Students Association         449D     United South Asians at York
 341    Power to Change                              453     York Catholic Chaplaincy

                                                                               WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 11

Food Court.

The York University Student Centre Food Court is the main hub for     Legend
student life on campus providing services to over 55,000 students.
                                                                      YU Accepted
The Student Centre is among the largest food operations on campus
offering a wide variety of meal options, and is a central social      Debit Accepted
spot. Located on the main level of the Student Centre, the Food       Halal Options Available
Court has nine food vendors serving a variety of tasty options. The
Student Centre is mobility device accessible and all food vendors
accept cash, York meal card or debit/credit as forms of payment.      Vegetarian Options
The Student Centre food court is the perfect place for your dining    Gluten Free
experience. The Student Centre offers an ATM machine, water
hydration station, and microwaves for community use.

12 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
The Dirty Bird.

The Dirty Bird provides a uniquely ‘northern’ twist to a southern          Hours of Operation
comfort food staple. Their secret ‘Maple Dust’ blend offers TDB’s          Mon – Thurs: 10AM – 9PM
varied fried chicken dishes a distinct piquant taste that keeps            Fri: 10AM – 7PM
patrons coming back for more. The Dirty Bird successfully delivers         Sat: Closed
high quality ingredients and an expert culinary approach to the            Sun: Closed
casual grab and go experience.


                                                                           Hours of Operation
The success of our operations is a simple recipe: possess a
                                                                           Mon – Thurs: 10AM – 9PM
burning desire to offer delicious high quality fresh food, provide
                                                                           Fri: 10AM – 7PM
fast friendly service and do it with a touch of Greek hospitality.
                                                                           Sat: Closed
                                                                           Sun: 11AM – 7PM
Pagoda Tree.

Pagoda offers your favorite stir frys, sweet and sours, and fried          Hours of Operation
rice – all in convenient combo meals. Our rolls are the finest and         Mon – Thurs: 10AM – 9PM
our chicken balls are a real treat. If you are looking for great Asian     Fri: 10AM – 7PM
fusion, then Pagoda Tree is the place for you.                             Sat: 11AM – 8PM
                                                                           Sun: Closed

Mac Sushi.

Mac’s Sushi has cash and carry menu items that will surely delight         Hours of Operation
your taste buds. We have 6 piece, 8 piece and 12 piece take-away           Mon – Fri: 10AM – Midnight
boxes of assorted sushi and rolls, always prepared fresh and on            Sat – Sun: Closed
site! These boxes are perfect for those wanting a delicious and
healthy lunch, dinner or snack while they are on the go. Although
our sushi is prepared quickly, it certainly isn’t fast food. Mac’s Sushi
is good, healthy food served fast!


When everyday people sort through all the ‘spin’ there is one
                                                                           Hours of Operation
quick-service restaurant that is ‘A Cut Above’. That’s Wendy’s.
                                                                           Mon – Sun: 10AM – 12AM
We stand for honest food, higher quality, fresh, wholesome food
prepared when you order it. Prepared by Wendy’s kind of people.
People that believe this is My Wendy’s. We do it Dave’s Way: we
don’t cut corners.

                                                                                  WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 13
Yogen Fruz
                                                                         Hours of Operation
We dream of a world where healthy choices are delicious. Your            Mon – Fri: 10AM – 10PM
well-being is our passion. We delight customers around the world         Sat: 12PM – 6PM
with guilt-free frozen yogurt treats.                                    Sun: Closed

Gateway Cigar Store

                                                                         Hours of Operation
Gateway Cigar Store serves an array of convenience items from            Mon – Thur: 8AM – 10PM
soft drinks and candy bars to snacks and phone cards.                    Sat – Sun: 12PM – 7PM


                                                                         Hours of Operation
Treats serves a wide variety of bagels, muffins, cookies and cakes.
                                                                         Mon – Fri: 6AM – 9PM
Our flavored coffees and Breakfast are one of the most affordable
                                                                         Sat: 8AM – 2PM
and favorite ways to start the day on campus. Come and visit our
                                                                         Sun: Closed
newly renovated location with increased seating. There always
something great at Treats.

Gino's Pizza

Gino’s Pizza – our name says it all! For the best pizza, why not         Hours of Operation
enjoy the original. We also offer pasta specials, BBQ wings and          Mon – Thur: 10AM – 9PM
BBQ chicken. If you are a pizza lover, make sure to come by              Fri: 10AM – 8PM
Gino’s Pizza.                                                            Sat: 11AM – 7PM
                                                                         Sun: Closed

The Islands

The Islands offer a fusion of traditional forms of Caribbean cuisine     Hours of Operation
and world-renowned food fare, providing a unique assortment              Mon – Thur: 10AM – 9PM
of delicious meal options. The Islands will bring a taste of the         Fri: 10AM – 8PM
Caribbean to students in an exciting and beneficial way; a highly        Sat: Closed
skilled and experienced chef, impeccable management systems,             Sun: Closed
a “healthy and green” mandate, and eager-friendly customer
service. The Island offers certified Halal options for all chicken and
beef menu items. The Islands uses non-hydrogenated oils, and
free of MSG. The Islands Caribbean Fusion; a fresh take on the
traditional Caribbean restaurant, that blends the carte du jour of
all the islands into one unique dining experience.

14 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018

The Market Vending Centre located in the Food Court, “The Market”
Vending Centre is host to a variety of merchants all year round.
From jewelry and clothing, to perfume selections and cell phone
accessories, students can choose from a wide variety of products
and services. Consisting of four large spaces, the vending area
offers a variety of products to meet student needs. Why go to
the mall, when the mall can come to you at your Student Centre?

One booth at “The Market” Vending Centre has been designated
for Student Vendors. The student must be present at all times
during booth rental. If you are a student looking to start up your
own business venture, your Student Centre is the perfect place
to start.

To be eligible for the student booth ($50/day), the vendor must:
• Be a current York University student
• Present a valid form of I.D.
• Present their York Student Card.

                                                                     WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 15
YUSC Accounting Team.

Hi my name is Louis Chan and I am the Internal Controller for
The York University Student Centre. It has been my role for the past
two decades in exercising prudent management of the finances
of YUSC. Myself, along with the Assistant Controller, Joe Yiu,
ensure that the Student Centre executes its budget in a transparent
and accountable method to best serve our students.

We wish you all the best!

Louis Chan | YUSC CONTROLLER                                     Joe Yiu | YUSC ASSISSTANT CONTROLLER
E-mail: controller@yusc.ca                                       E-mail: assisstantcontroller@yusc.ca

16 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Patricia Yeboah.
your internal coordinator

My name is Patricia Yeboah, your Internal Coordinator. I am
responsible for all your building and office needs. My main goal is
to make sure you're being provided the supports you need for the
building to run successfully. Feel free to contact me with all your
questions or concerns regarding:

•   Meeting room booking
•   Club office inquiries
•   Promotional vendors
•   Market vending

                                                                      T: 416.736.2100 ext 40008
                                                                      C: 416.702.1441
                                                                      E: internal@yusc.ca

                                                                                WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 17
  Student Group Name:                                            Office Number:                 Mailbox Number:

  The York University Student Centre will grant the use of the above room and mailbox for the 2017 – 2018 allocation
  year under the following terms and conditions starting from the designated move-in date and occupancy until further
  notice by YUSC Administration.

1. The club agrees that as a condition of occupancy, the       8. The YUSC may impose penalties on the club for breach
    fundamental purpose of its office in the YUSC is to             of any of the terms and conditions of use. The YUSC
    provide for the administrative and organizational needs         reserves the right to evict any club from its office if
    of its members.                                                 the club gravely impairs the interests, regulations or
                                                                    policies of the YUSC or if the club is in arrears to the
2. The YUSC may require entry at any time to perform              YUSC or York University.
    maintenance and repairs or to inspect the office.
                                                                9. The club must respond to all memorandums and other
3. The club must at all time be recognized by the York             forms of correspondence with the YUSC in a timely
    Federation of Students (YFS) or the Centre for Student          manner and is required to attend all YUSC Building
   Community and Leadership Development (SC&LD).                    Meetings as a condition of your occupancy.
4. T
    he club may not simultaneously occupy another office       10. YUSC is not liable for any damage or loss to personal
   on campus, and will be suspended from using office                or club property as a result of club use, facilities or
   space within YUSC for the year.                                   defects that may occur at the YUSC. Each club will be
                                                                     allocated two office keys and one mailbox key.
5. The club will abide by all policies of the YUSC and York
    University.                                                 11. Clubs are required to submit a $60 mailbox key deposit
                                                                     and a $120 office key deposit. Deposits can be made
6. The club shall vacate the office if the club ceases
                                                                     by cheque only. Deposits will be kept on file the entire
    to utilize the space as determined by the YUSC or
                                                                     allocation year and will be cashed only in the event of
    disbands under the terms of its Constitution.
                                                                     a room/mailbox key being lost or damaged. Post dated
7. The club is responsible for all furniture and fixtures in        cheques to June 30th, 2018.
    the room, as well as the general cleanliness of the
    room, and any damages or extraordinary cleaning
    requirements, therein, will be charged to the club.
   Any damages are to be reported to the YUSC
   Administration immediately.

 18 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
We certify that we are duly elected signing officers and have read this agreement and agree
to be bound to all the terms and conditions, therein contained.

Dated                                                       Dated

Primary Signing Authority                                   Secondary Signing Authority

Signature                                                   Signature

Title                                                       Title

Mobile Phone                                                Mobile Phone

E-mail                                                      E-mail

Student Number                                              Student Number

For office use only

YUSC Representative                     Date                                     Signature

                                                                                      WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 19

          Please Initial the following:

☐         Information and Contact Sheet has been filled out in its entirety.

☐         Booking Agreement has been read, understood and signed.

☐         I have read, signed and agreed to the policies under Room Booking Policies.

☐         Evanced Account created under the name of signing authority.

☐         I have read, signed and agreed to the policies under the Underground
          Campus Kitchen Booking Event Venues.

20 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018


            WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 21
General Student Group Information.
Please print clearly.
Please note that the information listed in the Information and Contact Sheet is for York University
Student Centre’s internal use only and will not be distributed beyond our office use.

Student Group Name:                                           Office Number:                   Mailbox Number:
Phone Number:                                                 Email:
Website:                                                      Office Hours:

Facebook:                                Snapchat:                                    Other:
Twitter:                                 Instagram:

Primary Signing Authority:                                    Secondary Signing Authority:
Email:                                                        Email:
Mobile Phone #:                                               Mobile Phone #:
Signature:                                                    Signature:

Executive Committee Contact Information.
Please note that the following contact list can only be edited in the presence of at least one of the Signing Authorities
of the Student Group. Please note if a member is not listed below as a signing officer, office door will not be opened
under any circumstances

                                                                                                 Office   Mailbox
           Name              Position          Mobile Phone                   Email             Granted   Granted   Date

                                                                                                 Y/N       Y/N

22 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Booking Agreement (Rooms, Tables, Equipment).

  Student Group Name:                                           Office Number:                 Mailbox Number:


1. Only officially recognized clubs, services, and York       8. Student groups must designate one or two executive
    University departments may book rooms, tables and/             members to book rooms, tables and equipment at the
    or equipment with the York University Student Centre          YUSC.
    (YUSC). Outside organizations will be required to pay a
    fee for the use of any rooms, tables and/or equipment.     9. A $20.00 booking deposit is mandatory for all room,
                                                                   table and equipment bookings. Deposits can be made
2. Rooms, tables and equipment at the YUSC are booked             by cheque only. All cheques must be post-dated to
    on a month-to-month basis.                                    June 30th, 2018. Deposits will be kept on file for the
                                                                   entire academic year providing there are no violations.
3. The deadline for advanced consideration for bookings           Please note: it is the student group’s responsibility to
    for each month is the third Friday of the preceding            provide the YUSC with a new deposit cheque at the
    month. Completed booking requests should be                    beginning of each academic year.
    submitted online. Please note: submitting the request
    does not guarantee your booking; it does, however,         10. A club is limited to two meeting room bookings per day.
    give you the best chance for space availability.
                                                               11. Failure to cancel your booking in a timely manner, any
4. Groups can book rooms, tables and equipment through             damage, messes and/or failure to return room keys/
    online booking system. Equipment can be picked up on            tables/equipment on time will result in the immediate
    the day of the booking.                                         suspension of all booking privileges and loss of some
                                                                    or all of the booking deposit.
5. When you fail to cancel your booking in a timely
    manner, another student group might have been              12. Posters must be stamped by the Internal Co-ordinator.
    declined booking space which could have been                   Any posters not approved or unstamped will
    available to them. Please be courteous. If you need to          be removed.
    cancel your booking, please inform the YUSC Office at
    least 24 hours in advance by calling 416.736.5658, or      13. Student clubs that put up unapproved and/or
    sending an email to reception@yusc.ca.                          unstamped posters will face penalties.

6. The booking is considered canceled if the assigned         14. All outstanding balances must be paid before booking
    student group representatives fail to sign out requested        within YUSC.
    room/table/equipment in 30 minutes following the
                                                               15. Student cubs are not permitted to book on behalf
    booking start time.
                                                                    of any external clients. Groups that book on behalf
7. Rooms may be subject to change by YUSC.                         clients will face penalties and lose booking privileges.
   Student groups will be given alternative options and
    advance notice.

                                                                          Signature for Primary signing authority

                                                                        Signature for Secondary signing authority

                                                                                             WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 23
Booking Agreement (Rooms, Tables, Equipment).

 Guidelines specific to booking rooms at the YUSC

1. T
    he YUSC meeting rooms are located on the 3rd floor        6. All information is to be displayed on the table only
   of the building and are available to all recognized             (there can be no displays beside, behind or in front
   student groups for meeting and gathering of various             of the table). However, banners/poster not extending
   types. There are six rooms available for booking:               beyond the width of the table may be taped to the
                                                                   table with masking tape. All banners/posters must be
      Large Rooms (up to 40 students):                             removed upon return of the table to the YUSC office.
      Room 307:
      This common room is perfect for casual meetings,         7. Student groups shall not disseminate any information
      and can hold up to 40 students.                              which can be reasonably construed as sexist, racist,
      Room 313:                                                    homophobic, or any information which promotes hatred
      Equipped with flexible furniture, projector screen           towards any group or individuals. If complaints are
      and a large floor space, this council room is perfect        received, the YUSC office shall attempt to mediate the
      for hosting formal meetings and seminars.                    issue and seek an agreeable resolution. Failing such
                                                                   agreement, the YUSC shall make the decision it deems
      Small Rooms (up to 15 people):                               appropriate, given the circumstances.
      Room 311B, 311C, 315C:
      These boardrooms are equipped with flexible              8. Student groups wishing to book a table for the purpose
      furniture that can be rearranged to suit your needs.         of organizing a bake sale must ensure the YUSC
                                                                  Guidelines for Bake Sales are followed and adhered
2. All room bookings and picking up of room keys must be          to at all times. The Bake Sale request form must be
    made in person and during regular YUSC office hours.           submitted to the Internal Co-ordinator for approval.
   Should a booking fall into an evening slot when the
   YUSC office is closed, the student group must vacate        9. Music or sound amplification between 1pm-3pm of any
    the meeting room by 11:00pm and return the room key            kind is strictly prohibited within the building.
    in a pre-provided envelope by slipping it under the        10. Failure to cancel your booking in a timely manner, or
   YUSC office door.                                                any damage, messes and/or failure to return room
3. Student groups are permitted to change the layout               keys/tables/equipment on time will result in the
    of the furniture in the rooms for the duration of their         immediate suspension of all booking privileges and
    booking as long as the furniture is not removed from            loss of some or all of the booking deposit.
    the room and the room is returned to the default setting   11. Clubs are not allowed to pass the key to anyone
    at the conclusion of the booking. Floor plans are               unless they have been instructed to do so by the
    posted in all rooms for your reference.                        YUSC staff.
4. Please remember to remove or place in bins any
    garbage or materials that your association has brought/
    used for your booking.

5. Alcoholic beverages must be provided by
    the Underground Campus Kitchen as per the YUSC
    alcohol policy and liquor license and must be arranged
   10 days prior to the booking. Failure to comply will
    result in immediate suspension of booking privileges.
                                                                         Signature for Primary signing authority

                                                                       Signature for Secondary signing authority

 24 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Booking Agreement (Rooms, Tables, Equipment).

  Specific guidelines for booking equipments at YUSC:                    Summary of deposits:

1. Student groups will be required to submit a $250.00 AV               Clubs with office space in the YUSC
    deposit. Cheques must be post dated to June 30th, 2018.              $20      Room booking deposit
                                                                         $60      Mailbox key deposit
2. Under no circumstances can the YUSC equipment be
                                                                         $120     Office keys deposit
    removed from the York University Student Centre building.
                                                                         $250     AV deposit
3. Failure to cancel your booking in a timely manner, any
    damage, messes and/or failure to return room keys/
    tables/equipment on time will result in the immediate                Clubs without office space in the YUSC
    suspension of all booking privileges and loss of some
                                                                         $20      Room booking deposit
    or all of the booking deposit.
                                                                         $250     AV deposit

                                                                         Please postdate all of your cheques to Friday
                                                                         April 13th 2018.
                                                                         Cheques will not be cashed unless your
                                                                         club violates the room booking policies or
                                                                         damages/loses the projector.
                                                                         Once cheques have been received, office and
                                                                         mailbox keys will be available for pickup.

We certify that we are duly elected signing officers and have read this agreement and agree to be bound to all the
terms and conditions, therein contained.

Dated                                                           Dated

Primary Signing Authority                                       Secondary Signing Authority

Signature                                                       Signature

Title                                                           Title

Mobile Phone                                                    Mobile Phone

E-mail                                                          E-mail

Student Number                                                  Student Number

                                                                                          WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 25


26 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
First, create a profile.
Go to http://yusc.evanced.info/spaces
At the top of the page, click “Create an Account”.

Fill out your details.
NOTE: Do not create an account under the name of the organization. Only the signing uthority of the club
may create an account under their own name.

                                                                                     WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 27
Check your email.
Check your email. If the email is not there, check your spam folder. You will have to confirm your
email address.

28 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Revisit the page and log in.
You must now join your organization. At the top of the page, click “My account”, and on the left
side of the page, click the edit button to edit your organizations. Note, you will only be able to
join the organization you are affiliated with.

The request will be forwarded to the YUSC office for approval. Only the signed authority of this
welcome package will be approved to book space with the YUSC.

                                                                                         WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 29
Continue below to learn more about how to book a room for your student group.

Access the booking website.
at http://yusc.evanced.info/spaces and log in using the credentials you specified earlier.

Find available time and room.
Use the sliders to find an available time and room. If the blocks are red, it means the YUSC is
closed during that time, or the space is already booked.

30 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Submit request.
After you press “Pick Me!” for a room, you will be presented with this page.

After submitting the request, allow the YUSC to approve the booking at which time you will
receive an email confirmation. Please do not use the room if the reservation was not approved.
Happy booking!

                                                                                      WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 31


32 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Jennifer Muir.
your events and marketing manager

My name is Jennifer Muir and I am the Marketing & Events Manager
for the York University Student Centre. I am your go-to person
for booking and planning your club events in the Underground
Campus Kitchen and within The Student Centre.

If you are looking to host an event, I am here to help facilitate
your event and have it run smoothly from beginning to end. The
Student Centre and the Underground Campus Kitchen are the
ideal places to host successful events, no matter how big or small.
I look forward to working with you this year!

Checklist for a successful event:

☐   Have an initial meeting with Club Representatives.
                                                                      T: 416.736.2100 ext 33525
                                                                      F: 416.736.5884
☐   Read YUSC's booking policies.
                                                                      E: events@yusc.ca
☐   Book event in the calendar.

    Complete Security Evaluation Sheet.
    Fill in Tech Equipment Responsibility Sheet.

☐   Complete Catering Quote. Specify if the event uses outside
    food. If the event requires UG Catering, please contact

☐   Sign the contract for the event.

☐   Pay deposit for the event.

☐   Verify the collected Balance/Payment in full.

☐   Schedule a post-event meeting.

                                                                               WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 33
Booking an event – Considerations and Policies.

The YFS provides student clubs with funding so you can hold successful events without incurring
pocket expenses. It is the responsibility of the clubs involved to know the specifics of the policy
and to communicate with the YFS regarding any event you wish to have and get funding for.
There is a formal set of criteria that the YFS uses when determining the funding for any Club
event. It is the responsibility of the club to avail themselves of this information. This process must
be completed and funding secured BEFORE the scheduled event date. If the funding process has
not been completed prior to the event we reserve the right to forfeit the booking of the space,
if other funding sources have not been solidified. Late payments of an event will be subject to
an escalation of costs depending on the length of the overdue payment, so we urge students to
organize and solidify funding sources before the events are executed.

Here at the Underground Campus Kitchen, our chief goal is to support all students and to
ensure all events are run in an effective and safe way while still continuing to support student
life & community. As such, we allow students to hold a wide variety of events with many unique
aspects depending on the creativity of the groups involved. We do have restrictions, however on
what students are allowed to bring into our spaces.

Generally, we do NOT allow outside food & beverage into the Underground spaces but there are
a few exceptions that we do allow. Regardless of whether food is provided by the Underground
or if students have brought in food & beverage from an outside source, one or more of our staff
members (depending on the size of group and volume of food) must be present at all times. Our
staff are food service handling certified and can aid your group in serving items responsibly, and
by law we must have a certified person on site.
The reason we do not allow external food into our spaces is that we are a licensed food service
establishment and as such we are up to date with all regulatory practice. We must be able to
guarantee that any food and/or beverage served in our spaces has been made in a safe and
responsible way as outlined in Ontario safe food handling regulation. Any violations in the code
are subject to penalties and possible revocation of our licenses. As such, we cannot allow food
to be served that is not from an accredited source as confirmed by the Underground
General Manager.

34 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
The following are specific circumstances where we allow outside food & Beverage to be
 brought in:

1. Snacks – Student clubs are allowed to purchase their own snacks and refreshment items on
    their own dollar to provide to their guests should the Underground not be able to provide these
    types of items at a reasonable cost. Snacks are categorized as anything prepackaged that
    is safe for storage and consumption at room temperature i.e. chips, cookies, candies etc. This
    does NOT include anything purchased hot or cold (eg. dairy items) or brought from home that
    was made hot or not in a commercially sealed container or vessel.

2.Beverages – Students are allowed to bring in their own beverages subject to the same rules in
  #1 with a special note on hot beverages. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other hot beverage
  must be purchased from the Underground Catering services. We do not allow external
  providers to supply hot beverages in our spaces.

3.International / Ethnic Foods – Here at the Underground Campus Kitchen and in the Student
  Centre as a whole, we embrace the multicultural nature of the York University Campus. We
  recognize that food & beverage are integral to all cultures and beliefs and as such want
  to support groups who wish to have specific cuisines present at their functions. We at the
  Underground Campus Kitchen do our best to provide a wide variety of ethnically inspired
  cuisines. However, at times we are unable to provide specific cultural cuisines due to lack of
  preparation knowledge or unfamiliar ingredients.

 Should a student club wish to provide cultural food at an event it must do so by following these
 specific guidelines:

a) The Catering or Events manager, who is organizing the event, must receive notice of the
    intention of the club in bringing in external food a minimum of three weeks prior to the event.

b) T
    he Club must be procuring the food from a licensed establishment, as such the club must
   provide the specific name, location and a contact point for the establishment so our managers
   can contact the provider directly to ensure full compliance of food safety regulations.

c) A full list of the specific items and in what volumes must be provided to the organizing manager
    a minimum of 2 weeks before the event.

d) A detailed summary of how the food will be transported from the licensed establishment to the
    Underground Campus Kitchen.

e) All food brought into the Underground Establishment must be inspected by our chef & kitchen
    staff prior to service. All hot food must be delivered to the kitchen where our chef will inspect
    the food and transfer it to appropriate food handling vessels for service.

f) F
    ood made at home, by the students or parents, or by a friend or family member cannot be
   served in the Underground spaces. This considered a violation of the food safety code. The
   only circumstance that this is acceptable is if the family member or friend has a caterer’s
   license and produces their food in a certified commercial kitchen and is up to date with all
   municipal inspection agencies. Home cooked food is NOT permitted in any of our spaces.

 **If any of the above mentioned criteria for external food & beverage are not followed, we reserve the
 right to refuse service of any items we deem unfit for consumption**

                                                                                                          WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 35
Alcoholic Events in the Underground.
The Underground Campus Kitchen and catering are subject to all laws as
governed by the Ontario Alcohol & Gaming Commission and enforce all
laws therein. See the Alcoholic events section for the specific requirements.
Alcohol is licensed to be served in all of our spaces. We also have a
caterer’s endorsement which allows us to provide bartending services all
over campus with a few small exclusions.

All of The Underground Spaces are subject to security presence determined
by the booking manager of the event based on our risk assessment
procedures as outlined by the corporate charter and Toronto police & Fire
services. Thus it is mandatory for security to be present should your event
fall within one of the pre-designated event styles & sizes. Please refer to the
security section in the event planning section for a complete breakdown of
the procedure.

We certify that we are duly elected signing officers and have read this agreement and agree to be bound to all terms
and conditions therein contained.

Dated                                                           Dated

Primary Signing Authority                                       Secondary Signing Authority

Signature                                                       Signature

E-mail                                                          E-mail

36 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
Jason Goulart.
your underground general and catering manager

Jason has a wealth of information and planning expertise when
it comes to anything Underground-related. Whether it’s designing
menus, organizing events, or helping to figure out the best format
for your event, his job is to make sure you have everything you
need to host it successfully. He will be your primary contact point
for all catering & events. Send him an email, give him a call, or
stop by in person. Jason has an open door policy, so all forms of
communication are welcome with him. His years of experience
working with student clubs on every style of event imaginable brings
invaluable insight when planning events. He also has extensive
experience with all varieties of cultural food and ethnicities and can
help to make sure every specific consideration is addressed.

Catering & Event Inquiries – catering@yusc.ca
General Underground Inquiries – generalmanager@yusc.ca
                                                                                  T: 416.736.2100 ext 55606
                                                                                  F: 416.736.5884
                                                                                  E: generalmanager@yusc.ca

                                                   Sarah Neagle.
                                                   your underground campus kitchen executive chef

                                                   Sarah is our Executive Chef here at the Underground Campus
                                                   Kitchen. We searched far and wide for the perfect candidate
                                                   to bring you the highest quality food on campus. Sarah is a
                                                   classically trained Chef and comes to us with a wealth of
                                                   experience in some of Toronto’s most acclaimed restaurants and
                                                   catering companies. We look forward to seeing what Sarah comes
                                                   up with next! Sarah and our kitchen team’s food philosophy, as well
                                                   as the Underground as a whole, is to provide students with
                                                   wholesome, nutritious food made from scratch that you’ll be
                                                   excited to eat. We are one of the only establishments on campus
                                                   that produced most of our food from a whole state ensuring no
                                                   additives or chemicals have been used. We also feature 100%
                                                   halal meats from an accredited source Amir meats. Our menus
                                                   also offer a variety of ethnic cuisines as well as many options that
                                                   accommodate those with dietary restrictions such as gluten free or
   T: 416.736.2100 ext 58461                       vegan. Sarah’s Commitment to industry trends, sourcing local
   F: 416.736.5884                                 ingredients and sound cooking techniques means that there is
   E: executivechef@yusc.ca                        always something exciting coming out of the kitchen for you and
                                                   your friends to try. Look out for Sarah’s custom daily specials,
                                                   where she and the kitchen team innovate daily.

                                                                                          WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 37
38 | WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018
WELCOME PACKAGE 2017–2018 | 39
You can also read