FORUM 2018
        13 - 14 OCTOBER 2018

          SINGAPORE 039593
       (RECEPTION AT ROOM 325)
The Rockwills Estate Planning Forum began in 2017 to educate public on the importance of estate planning.

Over 2,000 participants attended our estate planning seminars on Wills and topics ranging from Trusts, Estate
Administration, Lasting Power of Attorney, charitable giving and business succession.

                                                      This year, we are excited to introduce a series of Master
                                                      Class seminars for participants to gain in-depth knowledge
                                                      on family and business succession planning, cross-border
                                                      estate planning issues, property trusts and multi-generational
                                                      trusts. There are a total of 4 segments over 2 days, with each
                                                      segment costing $100 per participant.

                                                      For the Public Free Talk series, we are glad to expand on
                                                      last year’s topics and bring in more detailed discussion on
                                                      various aspects of Wills and Trusts for Families. We have a
                                                      series of talk covering challenging estates administration
                                                      for the participants to learn and avoid mistakes in their
                                                      estate planning. For the first time, with the increasing trend
                                                      of holding digital assets, we will have a special sharing by
                                                      our Group Managing Director on Estate Planning for Digital

                                                      For participants who are keen to have their LPA and AMD
                                                      certified, we have on hand our partnering lawyers and
                                                      doctors to certify your LPA and AMD at a special event rate!

                                                      Register on our website to book your preferred time slot for
                                                      the certification.

Who should attend:
Masterclass: Business Owners, 2nd Generation or 3rd Generation Successors, Family Patriarchs, Listed Companies
             Owners, Founders, Multi Property Owners, Entrepreneurs

Public Talks: General Public, Extended Families, Investors with Overseas Properties, Owners of Digital Assets, Pet
              Owners, Caregivers, Parents of all ages.

You can find out more and register for the talks at

Professionals within the legal, wealth management, estate planning, insurance and property industries should
consider attending our professional series on 3rd & 4th October. More details of the Professional Series are available

See you there!
ANG KIM LAN                                            LORNA TAN
Advocate & Solicitor                                   Journalist and Book Author
Goodwins Law Corporation                               Straits Times, Singapore Press Holding

Ang Kim Lan (TEP) is a member of the Singapore         An advocate of financial literacy and consumer
Insurance Institute as well as the Society of          protection, Lorna Tan is The Sunday Times’ Invest
the Financial Services Professionals and is            Editor. With more than 14 years at Singapore Press
the Honorary Legal Adviser for the Singapore           Holdings (SPH), she helms The Sunday Times’
Insurance Brokers Association. Ang Kim Lan             Invest section which covers personal finance
works at Goodwins Law Corporation, where she           and investment issues. Over the years, she has

oversees the Insurance and Financial Services          won numerous awards including the Investor
Department, advising a host of clients including       Education award in 2016, the Financial Journalist
life insurers, general insurers and insurance          of the Year award in 2007, and the Financial
intermediaries and financial advisers. She also        Story of the Year award in 2005, awarded by the
oversees the Trusts Department, advising a clients     Securities Investors Association of Singapore

                                                                                                            MASTER CLASS
on how to use trusts effectively as well as advising   (SIAS).
trust companies on compliance issues
                                                       Lorna holds a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)
                                                       and an MBA. Prior to returning to SPH in June
                                                       2015, she was Senior Vice President, Corporate
                                                       Communications at CapitaLand Limited for four

LEE CHIWI                                              DAVID CHEE
CEO                                                    Director, Tax & Private Clients
Rockwills Trustee Limited                              Drew Napier

Chiwi was called to the Bar of England & Wales         Well-known private client lawyer David Chee
in 1986, before being admitted as an Advocate &        assists high net worth clients with succession
Solicitor in Singapore in 1988. With over 16 years     planning matters and establishing structures for
of legal experience, Chiwi is well-experienced in      generational wealth transfer, asset protection
the areas of corporate, fund industry and private      and tax efficiency. He also handles philanthropic
client work.                                           and family governance issues. Described as
                                                       ”resourceful,” ”experienced” and “unflappable,”
In 2004, Chiwi embarked on a new career                Chee is particularly noted for his years of
chapter in the trust services industry. He held        experience working for trust companies and
the position as Chief Executive Officer, British &     banks.
Malayan Trustees Limited from 2006 to 2007. In
2008, he joined Rockwills Group Singapore as           A market insider explains: ”David is a great
the Chief Executive Officer and was subsequently       combination of a Trusts lawyer and one who has
designated the title of Chartered Trustee (ChT)        strong experience in banks and Trusts companies.
by the Singapore Trustees Association in 2015.         He is well aware of potential business issues bank
An esteemed author, Chiwi recently launched his        trustees may face and possess the necessary
latest book ‘The Rockwills Guide to Succession         commercial knowledge and technical know-how
and Trusts in Wealth Management (3rd Edition)’         on the impact it has on business.”
in 2007.
FLORENCE KOH                                           ALAN WONG
                      Entrepreneur                                           Principal Consultant
                      A. Shepard Steward & Koh Pte Ltd                       W3 Consultancy Pte Ltd

                      Florence is an esteemed entrepreneur and the 3rd       Alan Wong is an Associate Financial Planner®
                      generation principal of Koh Family Trust, which        (AFP®) accredited with the Financial Planning
                      focuses on governance matters, restructuring,          Association of Singapore(FPAS) and an Associate
                      intra-familial relationship management, asset          Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®).
                      preservation and growth as well as effective
                      transitions across generations.                        He is the Principal Consultant of W3 Consultancy

                                                                             Pte Ltd, which provides training and consultancy
                      She founded A. Shepard Steward & Koh Pte Ltd,          services in the specialized field of Business
                      a family advisory and management business,             Protection Planning. W3 Consultancy Pte Ltd was
                      that focuses on direct private investments,            the Top Trust Franchisee in Rockwills International
                      joint ventures and collaborations with family          Group for Year 2012 & 2013.

                      businesses and corporate partners.
                                                                             Alan is well qualified in his consultancy work and
                      She is a Principal in ICG, a global consultancy in     travels regionally to provide training and speaking
                      unbundled internal consulting and corporate            engagements to Banks, Insurers and Property
                      training solutions. She holds the post of Vice         Investors, on topics such as Legacy & Estate
                      Chairman in Circle International Holdings Pte Ltd,     Planning, Business Protection and Continuity
                      a global edutech and education consultancy and         Planning, Wills, Trusts and Lasting Power of
                      learning management systems group.                     Attorney.

                      JOHN SHOEMAKER                                         MICHAEL PERKINS
                      International Lawyer                                   Head of Private Client Services
                      Butler Snow Singapore                                  Nexus Law Group

                      With over 25 years of experience, encompassing         Michael is a 3rd generation practicing lawyer
                      U.S. tax & regulatory law and multi-jurisdictional     with over 30 years of experience in Trusts, Estates
                      compliance issues globally, John has been at           and private client practice. Michael received
                      the forefront of the evolution of the Foreign          the esteemed TEP Designation from the Society
                      Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the             of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) for his
                      OECD’s Common Reporting Standards (CRS),               expertise in these areas.
                      especially with regards to their application to
                      trusts, foundations and other fiduciary structures.    His practice focuses on helping clients deal with
                      This extensive understanding of FATCA & CRS,           their family, business, wealth and succession
                      combined with a background in regulatory issues        interests. He acts as a well-respected mentor
                      of compliance management, gives John unique            and general counsel to a range of closely held
                      insights in managing and controlling risk and          businesses and families.
                      structuring fiduciary products in a highly efficient
                      and compliant manner.

                      John’s experiences give him a global overview
                      with an eye for the local nuances of client
JOHARI LOW BIN ABDULLAH                                STELLA LAW
Chairman                                               Director
Rockwills International Group                          Crowe Horwath First Trust Appraisal Pte Ltd

Johari Low is a Fellow CPA and Chartered               Stella is currently the business valuation practice
Accountant double awards winner and member             leader and Director of Crowe Horwath First Trust
of Mensa International. With over 45 years of work     Appraisal Pte Ltd. She specializes in valuating
experience in the corporate world, Johari has          business and intangible assets with over 15 years
taken on the role of an auditor, receiver/liquidator   of experience in the industry. She has extensive
and then as executive director of the AmBank           experience in all phases of M&A activities, from pre-
Group, group managing director of Berjaya Group,       IPO investment/ pre-Deal analysis to due diligence

CEO of KFC Malaysia and deputy chairman of             during the negotiation process and financial
London-listed Anglo Eastern Plantations PLC.           reporting purpose upon deal completion, over a
                                                       wide range of industries. She has served owners of
He was a Director of Prudential Malaysia from          small-to medium sized privately held companies,
1989 to 1992 and co- founded BHLB Pacific              to listed companies and state owned enterprises.

                                                                                                               MASTER CLASS
Management Trust (currently, an entity of
CIMB), which became one of the largest unit            Stella is currently a member of Royal Institute of
trust companies in the country. He is now an           Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), Accredited Senior
entrepreneur and angel investor, as well as the        Appraiser of American Society of Appraisers
Chairman of the Rockwills International Group, an      (ASA), Registered Business Valuers of the Hong
independent director of Malpac Holdings Berhad         Kong Business Valuation Forum (HKBVF), and she
and adviser to the Amcorp Group.                       is also a part-time lecturer of the HKU School of
                                                       Professional and Continuing Education.

JULIE TEO                                              MARK SMALLWOOD
Adviser                                                Wealth Structuring and Client Advisor
                                                       HP Wealth Management (S) Pte Ltd
Julie graduated with a LLB (Honours) degree
from the National University of Singapore in 1979      Mark Smallwood was formerly a Managing Director
and was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an            and Head of wealth planning in Asia for a leading
Advocate & Solicitor in 1980. She is a member of       international private bank. He is now based with
the Singapore Academy of Law, STEP and ITPA.           HP Wealth Management (HPWM), which is a MAS
                                                       regulated Multi-Family Office in Singapore. HPWM
Julie has over 30 years of multi-jurisdictional        is a fee-based independent advisor, supporting
experience working with private and institutional      HNW and UHNW clients in managing their wealth.
clients in the financial services industry — namely    This includes advice on structuring their family
Banking, Wealth Management, Trust & Estate             office and succession structure, aggregation and
planning and Insurance sectors. She held regional      reporting of their wealth, and the management of
management roles in multi-national companies           assets.
& international banks including Aon Singapore
Pte. Ltd., BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Bank         Mark has been a member of the Society of Trust
Sarasin-Rabo (Asia) Limited, Citi Private Bank,        and Estate Practitioners for nearly 20 years.
American Express Bank and Barclays Bank. Her           Locally born in Singapore, with a Chinese wife
experience also extends to corporate finance           from Guangxi, China, Mark is sympathetic to the
& investment management, having first started          needs of Asian families.
her banking career with an Australian merchant
bank. Julie worked as a lawyer with Acies Law
Corporation prior to taking on her role as an
Advisor to the Chairman.
                                                     13 October 2018, Saturday

                                                     Segment A
                                                      1010 — 1110   Elder vulnerabilities (mental incapacity)
                                                                    Ang Kim Lan

                                                                    Retire Smart (Legacy Planning)
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Master Class

                                                      1115 — 1215
                                                                    Lorna Tan

                                                      1220 — 1320   Structuring Property Trusts for Legacy Succession
                                                                    Lee Chiwi

                                                     Segment B
                                                      1410 — 1510   HNW Wealth Succession with PTC Special Purpose Vehicles
                                                                    David Chee

                                                                    Multi-Generational Trusts — Beneficiaries as Stakeholders of
                                                      1515 — 1615   the Family Legacy
                                                                    Florence Koh

                                                                    Business Succession with Life Funded Buy-Sell Trust
                                                      1620 — 1720   Arrangements
                                                                    Alan Wong

                                                                                                       DAY TWO
                                                                                                          14 October 2018, Sunday

                                                     Segment C

                                                      1010 — 1110   Multi-Jurisdictional Cross Border Estate Planning Issues
                                                                    John Shoemaker

                                                                    Private Wealth Tax planning and Succession issues — A
                                                      1115 — 1215   Practitioners’ Experience
                                                                    Michael Perkins

                                                                    High Networth Succession Planning for Listed Company
                                                      1220 — 1320   Owners
                                                                    Johari Low

                                                     Segment D
                                                                    Why You Need to Value your Family Business in Succession
                                                      1410 — 1510   Planning!
                                                                    Stella Law

                                                      1515 — 1615   Legacy Planning with Universal Life policies
                                                                    Julie Teo

                                                      1620 — 1720   Family Wealth Succession with the Family Office
                                                                    Mark Smallwood
SYNOPSIS                                                             (MASTER CLASS)

Elder vulnerabilities (mental incapacity)
Ang Kim Lan
With the increasing Silver population in Singapore, the elder person can be vulnerable to undue influence from other people, including
their family members and close friends. Despite medical advancements, stroke, dementia, depression and mental incapacity are on the

In the unfortunate event of mental incapacity, who can give instructions on your behalf? Can anyone mobilize your financial reserves
during your period of mental incapacity?

How can you best make plans to manage your personal welfare and safeguard your assets in the event of unexpected mental incapacity?
The commonly discussed LPA form 1 caters generally to people with very basic and minimal requirements.

In this master class, let Kim Lan share how individuals with more customized needs can draw up a LPA form 2 for more robust planning
when mental incapacity hits.

Retire Smart (Legacy Planning)
Lorna Tan
Many people dream hard and long about their eventual retirement.

We spend decades building our wealth, before realizing that wealth distribution is equally as important as wealth accumulation in
leaving a smooth Legacy for our loved ones. Our family members are unique individuals with different attitudes towards money and the
financial maturity in money management.

In this master class, let Lorna share her insights on legacy planning and what it encompasses, such as wealth protection, preservation
and maintaining family harmony.

Structuring Property Trusts for Legacy Succession
Lee Chiwi
Real estate, held in Trust or in the Estate, can allow the beneficiaries to reap significant capital gains over time. Rental income of real estate
can also provide a stable stream of maintenance payments for your family members.

Which Trust is suitable to hold real estates? What are the differences between a Discretionary Trust and Absolute Trust? Can a Trust
allow beneficiaries to draw a loan to purchase their choice of real estate? What are the Trustee’s powers in acquiring a property for

In this master class, Chiwi will share on the succession of real estate, structuring of family trusts for the holding of real estate, the exercise
of powers by the Trustee in relation to real estate acquisitions and the impact of stamp duties and additional buyers’ stamp duties.

HNW wealth succession with PTC special purpose vehicles
David Chee
Succession of the family business to the next generational family members is one of the most challenging concerns for business founders
approaching the twilight of their career.

The decision as to who should take over control of the family business (if there even was a ready successor in the first place) is never easy.
Many family business founders grapple and ponder over the issue of a suitable successor without any firm conclusion.

In this master class, David will explain the concept of a PTC (private trust company). This structure is essentially premised as a trust, where
the PTC is a special purpose vehicle incorporated by the founder to act as the Trustee of the family trust to hold ownership of the family
SYNOPSIS                                                            (MASTER CLASS)

Multi-Generational Trusts — beneficiaries as stakeholders of the family legacy
Florence Koh
Trusts have been employed by many wealthy families to pass wealth from one generation to the next.

What motivates next-generational family members to craft a life for themselves? How can they build on the family’s legacies
and make the trust relevant in the modern era?

In this master class, let Florence share her views on multi-generational Trust governance, restructuring and the fostering of
multi-generational beneficiary relationships.

Business Succession with Life Funded Buy-Sell Trust Arrangements
Alan Wong
Building a successful and prosperous business comes with years of sweat, hard work and tears.

For many business owners, there is the need to address their business succession. This involves planning for the smooth transfer and
succession of the business interests of business owners in situations such as their retirement, unforeseen disability or untimely death.

What are the options available, if family members are unwilling to take over the business shares? In this master class, Alan will share
on the usage of a Buy-Sell Trust Agreement, which is funded by life insurance that allows your family members to gracefully exit your
business with a tidy sum of cash in exchange of your business shares.

Multi-jurisdictional cross border estate planning issues
John Shoemaker
With globalization and the boom in overseas education over the past two decades, it is common for a Singaporean family to have
members dispersed around the globe and stationed in high tax jurisdictions like the US or the UK.

It is becoming a rising trend for people to purchase or invest in property and other assets in their current country of residence, despite
being a non-citizen of the country. Given that every jurisdiction has its unique tax laws, having assets in different countries will certainly
impact the manner in which gifts of money, property and legacies through trusts can be given to beneficiaries.

The pitfalls in failing to understand and adequately plan for different tax laws in establishing Trust structures can result in painful estate
leakages through taxation and regulatory penalties.

In this master class, John will raise the issues and considerations that need to be dealt with in multi-jurisdictional and cross border estate

Private Wealth Tax planning and Succession issues — A practitioners’ experience
Michael Perkins
The proposition to a client to create a Family Trust for wealth preservation and succession is the tip of the iceberg in Trusts planning.

To ensure that the Trust stays relevant across generations, there are a whole host of matters to be addressed, such as potential threats
to the family and to clearly understand the client’s objectives in structuring his Trust to dictate his clear wishes. Issues touching on the
current family structure, the family values, culture and relationships have to be discussed openly and candidly.

In this master class, Michael will share his experiences in Trust planning for families to aptly reflect the objective of the client’s wishes in
leaving a proper legacy to his family members.
SYNOPSIS                                                           (MASTER CLASS)

High Networth Succession Planning for listed company owners
Johari Low
Founders of listed companies can hold stocks in their entities in various ways, such as direct individual ownership and indirect ownership
through secondary corporate vehicles.

While the existing ownership structures work well in the current economic landscape, chances are these structures will subsequently
need to be reorganized to cater to the new landscape affecting the next generation family members. The reorganization is necessary
to ensure that there is no dilution in the family ownership or splitting of stock and to enable leadership and control to be exerted by the
founder’s appointed successor.

In this master class, Johari will highlight the issues that business founders need to be mindful of and share the possible solutions in the
reorganization of listed companies’ ownership structures.

Why you need to value your Family Business in Succession Planning!
Stella Law
An important question family business founders need to think about, is if their family members are likely to be interested in the business
and to be part of the business upon the founder’s death. If the answer to the question is ‘No’, it is wise for the founder to structure
a business exit strategy for his family, which can take the form of a potential sale to competitors or a management buy-out after the
founder’s death.

Business valuation is sure to crop up at some stage of succession planning or the founder’s personal estate planning. For the upcoming
successor, the business valuation can be a clear marker of the business worth, motivating them to work to achieve higher value for the
family business. In structuring the exit strategy, the business founder will need to decide on the selling price or valuation formula for the

In this master class, Stella will share the possible valuation methods and how founders can put in place family agreements or share sale
agreements, as well as the possible valuation formulae in those instruments.

Legacy Planning with Universal Life policies
Julie Teo
Universal Life Insurance products, which encompass the flexibility of whole life and term life insurance, have been popular with high
net-worth individuals in Singapore.

Media reports in 2017, stated that these jumbo life plans catering to the high net worth market, are expected to generate an annual
double digit growth of up to 20 per cent or more in the coming years. The growth is undeniably fueled by private banks’ funding of the
policy premiums, such that clients only need to pay a fraction of the initial premium through cash with the balance through bank loan.

With the significant death benefit pay out, Universal Life policies are often marketed as a tool for wealth creation and wealth protection.
In this master class, Julie will discuss how these instruments can be best utilized for wealth transfer to the next generation of family
members and for legacy planning.

Family Wealth Succession with the Family Office
Mark Smallwood
Using a Family Office to manage a founder’s substantial wealth is a relatively new idea that is growing rapidly in Singapore.

It is essentially a structure that engages in the management and succession of the family’s diversified wealth. The Family Office typically
employs permanent staff and professionals to undertake various functions relating to investments, asset management, legal affairs,
trusteeship, risk management and tax. At the same time, business succession planning is an important topic of discussion to avoid family
feuds that can potentially arise after the founder’s death.

In this master class, Mark will discuss the possibilities of founders setting up their family offices for succession and management of
wealth, as well as the importance of grooming younger family members on the values, objectives, investments and financials concerning
wealth management.

LAWRENCE LIM                                      DARREN TAN ZI HONG                               LIM KIM HONG
Rockwills Estate Planner                          Founder                                          Advocate & Solicitor
                                                  PT Estate Planning Pte Ltd                       Kim & Co.
Lawrence took the Associate Estate Planning
Practitioner (AEPP®) Programme in 2008 and        As part of 1st cohort of graduates in STEP®      Ms. Lim Kim Hong (Kim) obtained her
has 10 years of experience in Estate Planning,    certificate for Financial Services (Trust &      Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree from the
having held talks to increase awareness on        Estate Planning Singapore), Darren Tan           National University of Singapore in 1987
the importance of Estate Planning.                belongs to group of Estate Planning specialist   and was admitted to the Roll of Advocates &
                                                  whom are professionally trained & qualified to   Solicitors, Supreme Court, Singapore on 16th
Specializing in Estate Planning for Individual    help clients with Legacy Planning solutions,     March 1988.
& Business Owners, Lawrence often stresses        be it for business or family purposes.
the important of understanding what Estate                                                         Currently in her 30th year of practice, Ms.
Planning comprises of and what challenges         As a Legacy Succession specialist with more      Lim handles a wide range of areas of work
one can face when it comes to estate              than 10 years of experience, Darren can help     including but not limited to General litigation,
administration and distribution should one        provide a comprehensive legacy solution for      corporate work, company incorporation,
pass on.                                          your needs.                                      Intellectual property, Lasting Power of
                                                                                                   Attorney Forms, and Conveyancing matters.

LEONG MUN KID                                     TAY TENG PONG                                    EUGENE SOO
Resident Manager                                  Director                                         Estate Specialist
Rockwills Trustee Ltdv                            Will & Legacy Pte Ltd                            Securing Generations

Mun Kid is a law graduate from the University     Teng Pong has offered Estate Planning            Eugene is a sought-after speaker in the
of London. He is also an affiliate member of      Service (EPS) to his clients since 1983 and      arena of Estate and Legacy Planning for his
STEP and has a Certificate in Trust Services      is the prinicpal officer of The EPS Practice,    extensive knowledge and practical insights.
(CTS) with Wealth Management Institute            a firm set up to train fellow practitioners to   He has conducted seminars with government
Pte Ltd (WMI). He joined Rockwills Group          provide Estate Planning Service in the market    bodies and multi-national companies.
of Companies in year 2011. He heads the           place. His clientele includes Great Eastern      Eugene has also appeared on media shows
Trust department in Rockwills Trustee Ltd,        Life, Keppel Insurance, NTUC, IPPFA, and         “Money Week” and FM938 Live - Moneywise
a licensed trust company under Monetary           various agencies.                                to share his views on Estate Planning.
Authority of Singapore (MAS) and has been
appointed as a resident manager under             He founded Wills & Legacy to offer Will-         He is one of the esteemed speakers in
criteria set by MAS. He manages the setting       writing and Will-custody services through        Singapore’s first ever Estate Planning Public
up and administration of trust in Rockwills       financial planners for their clients. Teng       Forum 2017 held in Suntec City Convention
Trustee Ltd and assists a variety of clients in   Pong has committed himself to conduct            hall. His attendees have labelled him as being
their estate and trust planning needs. He is      Legacy Seminars on a monthly basis. He has       humorous and clear in his presentations and
an experienced Trust specialist and regularly     four seminar topics at the moment. These         they feel empowered with the know-hows of
conducts Trust workshops, training and            seminars are for his clients, downlines,         Estate Planning application after the session.
seminars to the advisors and general public.      referrers & introducers and their clients or

TAN YUEN YING                                    LIM BOON YAM                                      ALFRED CHIA
Associate Director                               Director                                          Council member and Board Chair; FPAS
finexis advisory Pte Ltd                         5G Legacy Consultancy Pte Ltd                     CEO; SingCapital

Yuen Ying is a qualified CFP® and has been       Boon Yam graduated from the National              After graduation from the National University
helping clients with their estate planning       University of Singapore in 1991 with a            of Singapore with a Bachelor in Science,
since 2013.                                      Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.     Alfred has over 25 years of financial advisory
                                                 He joined the wealth management industry in       experience and is currently the Chief
Yuen Ying has been invited to speak on a wide    2000 after several years working as a regional    Executive Officer at SingCapital and serves
range of topics by numerous organizations.       manager in a multinational corporation.           as the Chairman of the Financial Planning
He has value added hundreds of people                                                              Association of Singapore (FPAS)’s editorial
in better understanding the importance           Boon Yam specializes in advising business         board. His strong passion for education has
of portfolio management and wealth               families and high net worth individuals on        led him to be the Creator and Chief Trainer
distribution. His well-rounded approach          comprehensive wealth management and               for the ‘Singapore Accredited Mortgage
towards planning has benefited the financial     succession planning. His work involves            Planner’ program for real estate and finance
portfolios of not just working professionals     facilitating the setup of family wealth           professionals. Alfred regularly shares his
and families, but also retirees.                 structures and family governance to ensure        insights and perspectives on a wide range
                                                 peace and harmony within the family. It is also   of financial matters over radio, print and
                                                 to ensure sustainable wealth accumulation,        television. He is also an esteemed book author
                                                 preservation and protection for the business      of 3 books, which are dedicated to holistic
                                                 family.                                           financial planning and comprehensive final
                                                                                                   journey planning

REUBEN LIM                                       SAW LEONG AUN                                     ZAC TAY
Trainer                                          Group Managing Director                           Estate Specialist
Silvercare Coorporative                          Rockwills International Group                     TL Wills and Trusts Pte Ltd

Reuben is an internationally certified cross-    Mr Saw Leong Aun, is the Group Managing           Zac has been in the estate planning industry
cultural career coach and trainer, and wears     Director of Rockwills International Group         for 3 years and was the rookie of the year for
the title of GCDF-US and CCSP-US. As a multi-    and Director of Rockwills Corporation Sdn         2016. He has dedicated his service to more
disciplinary academic with over 20 years’        Bhd. He is the author of the books, “All you      than 100 clients, who are mostly high net
corporate experience as an entrepreneur,         need to know about Wills” published by            worth clients, to help them structure their
and a cross-cultural trainer, coach and          Times Publications, ‘Guide to Planning Your       assets to take care of their loved ones in the
consultant, Reuben brings together his rich      Will Effectively’ and “Warriors of Rockwills”     event of mental incapacity or sudden death.
and practical experience in mentoring and        published by Leeds Publishers. He holds an
training people from all walks of life.          Honours Degree in Social Science from the
                                                 University of Malaya.
As a caregiver himself, Reuben has personal
experience in caring for seniors suffering       He was also nominated as the finalist in the
from physical immobility and dementia, and       “Chivas Regal Success Unlimited Award”
are familiar with social services, initiatives   which recognises young CEOs for their
and grants that support caregivers.              innovation.
                                                                  PUBLIC SERIES

SIMON CHAN                                        JOHANN TAY                                      ERIC SEAH
Financial Advisory Consultant                     Legacy Specialist                               Director
Phillips Securities                               Will & Legacy Pte Ltd                           Wealth Legacy Associates

Simon is currently a practicing licensed          Johann joined Will & Legacy in 2012.            Eric is a qualified CFP®, AEPP®, CIAM, CMFA
Financial Advisor Representative with Phillip     Together with Teng Pong, Will & Legacy has      and has been practising Estate and Business
Securities for 13 years. He is a Certified        written several thousand Wills, averaging       Succession Planning for almost a decade.
Financial Planner™ and holds the Associate        more than a day. Johann has spoken at           He set up Wealth Legacy Associates and
Estate Planning Practitioner designation. He      many organizations and is well known for his    the team has helped many successfully
is an Affiliate of STEP (Society of Trust and     humble manners and clear sharing on estate      established individuals and business
Estate Practitioners) and holds the STEP          planning ideas.                                 owners solve their wealth distribution needs
Certificate for Financial Services - Trusts and                                                   through estate planning tools such as Wills,
Estate Planning,Singapore.                                                                        Trust, Insurance Nomination, Trust, Buy-Sell
                                                                                                  Agreements and Lasting Power of Attorney.
Simon is passionate about Estate Planning
and strongly advocates that a good
plan requires one to take ownership and
responsibility to decide how to settle his or
her estate when one passes away. A failure
to plan will leave the estate in disarray
and create unnecessary disharmony and
animosity among the beneficiaries.

DEREK LIANG                                       JOY KOH                                         KEE SIEW POH
Advisory Director                                 Rockwills Estate Planner                        Council Member and Board Co-Chair
finexis advisory Pte Ltd                                                                          FPAS
                                                  Joy graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce
Derek is a qualified CFP® and AEPP® member.       and became an estate planner after              Kee’s mission is to help top-notch key
With 10 years of legacy and estate planning       witnessing the anguish and frustration of the   executives and professionals achieve a
experience, Derek also serves his clients         family members that were left behind after      purposeful life beyond finance. Through
from senior professionals to business owners      her close friend’s brother who passed away      a well-constructed value-based Wealth
diligently. His hard work and dedication has      without a Will.                                 Creation & Estate Plan, she helps families
won him several awards in the Trust Category                                                      grow from success to significance.
of Rockwills Group of Companies. Derek’s          Since 2014, she has been one of the top
particular interest is on the values-driven       REPs in Rockwills who is passionate about       The 3 “cheques” which she creates for
family trust.                                     helping her clients to ensure the smooth        her clients give them the assurance and
                                                  wealth distribution upon death and minimal      confidence to redefine their retirement and to
Derek holds frequent workshops educating          or no conflicts between family members. She     live the life they have always wanted. Beyond
clients on the social, relational and emotional   has taken on the Associate Estate Planning      the passing of ‘valuables’, she help her
aspect of estate planning. As he has learnt       Practitioner (AEPP®) Program and had helped     clients pass on some of the values that make
from several of his well-heeled clients,          more than 100 clients and families with their   them successful, such that their loved ones
preparing adequately for death is preparing       estate planning.                                have enough to do something meaningful
for the happiness and harmony of the living.                                                      but not too much that they do nothing.
                                                                PUBLIC SERIES

JOLENE GOH                                      BONG YING WEI                                   LEE CHIWI
Director                                        Legal Counsel                                   CEO
EV Group Singapore Pte Ltd                      Rockwills Trustee Ltd                           Rockwills Trustee Ltd

Nothing in life is guranteed, except for Tax    Bong Ying Wei joined Rockwills Singapore        Chiwi was called to the Bar of England &
and Death. But yet, death can also be the       as a Legal Counsel in 2016. She specialises     Wales in 1986, before being admitted as an
most uncertain. When we pass on, we want        in estate administration and estate planning.   Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore in 1988.
to make sure that we leave a legacy and not     She handles administration of the estates       With over 16 years of legal experience, Chiwi
a mess. We want to ensure that our loved        with assets located in multiple jurisdictions   is well-experienced in the areas of corporate,
ones have enough. And whatever we leave         and deals with insolvent estates with           fund industry and private client work. In 2004,
behind, we want to make sure that it goes to    various creditors. Since she joined Rockwills   Chiwi embarked on a new career chapter
the intended beneficiaries. Jolene is focused   Singapore in 2016, Ying Wei has also            in the trust services industry. He held the
on assisting her clients to achieve greater     involved in the application for Beddoe Order,   position as Chief Executive Officer, British &
peace and secure “Wealth-being” for her         application for Benjamin Order and also         Malayan Trustees Limited from 2006 to 2007.
clients and their loved ones.                   court proceedings to challenge the validity
                                                of a purported revocation document.             In 2008, he joined Rockwills Group
                                                                                                Singapore as the Chief Executive Officer
                                                Ying Wei is currently a member of the           and was subsequently designated the title
                                                Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP)   of Chartered Trustee (ChT) by the Singapore
                                                and an affiliate of the Society of Trust and    Trustees Association in 2015. An esteemed
                                                Estate Practitioners (STEP), Singapore.         author, Chiwi recently launched his latest
                                                                                                book ‘The Rockwills Guide to Succession
                                                                                                and Trusts in Wealth Management’, third
                                                                                                edition last year.
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talks

13 October 2018, Saturday

    1010 — 1040        Wills — Pitfalls and Family Feuds
                       Lawrence Lim

    1050 — 1120        The flexible Family Standby Trust
                       Darren Tan

    1130 — 1200        LPAs — when a person is Mentally Incapacitated
                       Lim Kim Hong

    1210 — 1240        Advance Care and AMD planning
                       Lim Kim Hong

    1250 — 1320        What Executors do for Estate Administration
                       Leong Mun Kid

    1330 — 1400        Wills — Dealing with certain assets classes
                       Tay Teng Pong

    1410 — 1440        A legacy with Multi-Generation Family Trusts
                       Eugene Soo

    1450 — 1520        LPAs: Basics and differences between Form 1 and Form 2
                       Tan Yuen Ying

    1530 — 1600        遗嘱 , 信托及遗产规划
                       Lim Boon Yam

    1600 — 1630        Why put your Real Estate into Property Trusts
                       Alfred Chia

    1640 — 1710        Caregiving Journey: Managing Emotions and Stress
                       Reuben Lim

    1720 — 1750        Estate Planning for Digital Assets
                       Saw Leong Aun
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talks

                                                          14 October 2018, Sunday

                                    DAY TWO
1010 — 1040   遗嘱 , 信托及遗产规划
              Zac Tay

1050 — 1120   LPAs for protection in the golden years
              Simon Chan

1130 — 1200   Wills — A kickstart or distraction to my children?
              Johann Tay

1210 — 1240   Using Standby Trusts to hold Insurance Policies and CPF monies
              Eric Seah

1250 — 1320   Responsibilities of Donees in LPAs
              Lim Kim Hong

1330 — 1400   Estate Planning involving foreign property
              Derek Liang

1410 — 1440   Wills — Care for pets and giving to charities
              Joy Koh

1450 — 1520   Creating Family Trust using Insurance plans
              Kee Siew Poh

1530 — 1600   Wills — Guardianship and care for minors
              Jolene Goh

1600 — 1630   Administering difficult estates
              Bong Ying Wei

1640 — 1710   Why put your Real Estate into Property Trusts
              Lee Chiwi
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talk

              Wills — Pitfalls and Family Feuds
              Lawrence Lim
              The dangers and pitfalls when no will is drawn up or when it is poorly prepared is a reminder for all to have serious
              thought and action. The media is full of stories of contests and family feuds over deceased persons’ estates. On
              hindsight many of the issues that are encountered could have been avoided. There will certainly be a myriad of
              questions to ponder over in will preparation and the speaker will share with you the importance of leaving your legacy
              in the best possible manner through a properly crafted Will.

              The flexible Family Standby Trust
              Darren Tan
              Many people in the mass affluent segment may desire an affordable, yet flexible trust structure for their family members
              or even themselves. The standby trust is a distinctive trust that caters to a person who may decide to only transfer
              some of his significant assets into trust at a future date. One reason for the popularity of the Standby Trust is its low
              set up cost and maintenance. The standby trust is an intermediate solution that is sufficient for many people’s estate

              The speaker will describe the merits of the standby trust, which undoubtedly will feature increasingly as an essential
              part of estate planning.

              LPAs — When a person is Mentally Incapacitated
              Lim Kim Hong
              It is important to understand the risk of mental incapacity. It is estimated that in 2020, some 53,000 persons will suffer
              some form of dementia and also projected that in 2030, the numbers will rise to 92,000 (info from Alzheimer’s Disease
              Association). One of the major concerns flowing from an elderly person’s mental incapacity is not only in relation to his
              personal welfare but also the management of his assets and property affairs. With a Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’),
              the entire process is simplified and a person (the donor) is able to appoint his most trusted person to take care of him
              and manage his affairs as his donee.

              The speaker will share on the issue relating to mental incapacity and the advantages of setting up a LPA.

              Advance Care and AMD Planning
              Lim Kim Hong
              The ACP is a guide that a patient is now encouraged to draw up for decision-making when he becomes unable to
              communicate. It is reduced in writing and often based upon a series of conversations that help patients decide on
              their future healthcare options. Patients can be guided by trained facilitators in these discussions.

              An AMD is a legal instrument that allows you to pen down your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. The
              AMD specifies what actions should be taken for your health if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourselves
              in situations of terminal illness especially where further medical intervention may be ineffective in prolonging
              meaningful life.
              The speaker will share with you what is involved in drawing up the ACP and AMD.

              What Executors do for Estate Administration
              Leong Mun Kid
              Before a person decides on naming a family member as the executor of his will, a close examination and understanding
              of what is involved is important. Executorship can be an onerous office. When a person dies, the authority to deal with
              his estate vests in his executors when the testator dies. Much time, responsibility and expense have to be committed
              by executors to engage lawyers for probate and to deal with third parties such as financial institutions and even the
              IRAS. It is often prudent to name two individuals to be the joint executors but could they work harmoniously together
              or what if one of them becomes disinterested?

              The speaker will unravel what needs to be carried out in executorship as food for thought when a person decides on
              the suitable persons to act in such office.
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talk

              Wills — Dealing with certain assets classes
              Tay Teng Pong
              This session introduces the key concepts of Will making in dealing with the multi-faceted asset classes that could
              potentially be left behind in an estate. The concept of survivorship applies to jointly owned properties and accounts
              requiring special attention in various scenarios. What about insurance policies, nominations and where no nominations
              are made? There are also non-probate assets such as CPF nominations. Who and how should such asset classes be
              dealt with?

              The speaker will suggest how you could plan for the succession of such assets in a proper way to avoid adverse
              consequences that could arise for the lack of proper understanding.

              A legacy with Multi-Generation Family Trusts
              Eugene Soo
              With more significant wealth owned by Singaporeans over the last few decades, many are now faced with issues
              concerning the succession of the moneys and their businesses built up over their lifetimes. The old adage that wealth
              does not pass through three generations is a stark reminder that the founder needs to find solutions to address the
              issue. Founders grapple and ponder over these issues without coming to any conclusions. Will trusts help?

              The speaker will highlight what is involved in the creation of family trusts to hold the family wealth for multi-generations
              as a possible legacy solution.

              LPAs: Basics and differences between Form 1 and Form 2
              Tan Yuen Ying
              This session focuses on the LPA and AMD, two instruments that are critical in old age or where the person although
              not of elderly age becomes vulnerable through accidents or medical illnesses. With a Lasting Power of Attorney
              (‘LPA’), a person (the donor) is able to appoint his most trusted person to take care of him and manage his affairs as his
              donee. The AMD specifies what actions should be taken for your health if you are no longer able to make decisions
              for yourselves in situations of terminal illness.

              The speaker will share some of the aspects that need to be considered when planning to put in place such instruments.

              Lim Boon Yam / Zac Tay


              Why put your Real Estate into Property Trusts
              Alfred Chia / Lee Chiwi
              The real estate that you own is often a substantial part of your total wealth holdings. Real estate, if it remains held in the
              estate or in trust can benefit the family in the form of significant capital gains over time. In the meantime, rental income
              of real estate can provide a stream of maintenance payments for family members. But what form of trust is suitable?
              When should a discretionary or an absolute trust be used? What are the kinds of stamp duties, property taxes and
              estate taxes expected in a trust ownership.

              The speaker will share how you could create a property trust to hold real estate in your succession plans.
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talk

              Caregiving Journey: Managing Emotions and Stress
              Reuben Lim
              With an aging population and a growing number of elder persons becoming infirm, suffering loss of mobility and
              other vulnerabilities, it is expected that caregivers will also grow in tandem. Research has found that caregivers tend
              to neglect their own health care and have poor-quality diets, particularly among those who provide others assistance
              in basic activities of daily living (ADLs). Caregivers are also at high risk of fatigue and may lose their motivation to care
              for their loved ones due to the demands of their caregiving roles. Caregivers’ health will also decline in the long term.

              Caring for a family member is often challenging for families and friends. If you are a caregiver or may be one, YOU
              are extraordinary and you are not alone. The Silver Caregivers Cooperative Limited (SCCL), want to walk this journey
              with you in realising a caring society. Learn more about various challenges of caregivers and some techniques of
              managing the emotions and stress when you are a caregiver.

              Estate Planning for Digital Assets
              Saw Leong Aun
              With the prevalent use of the internet, digital assets are now everywhere. Many rely on use of such assets whether
              in communications, commercial transactions or social networking over the internet. Different types of digital assets
              require different and specific treatment in estate planning. Digital assets could be of significant financial value e.g.
              bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Not all digital assets have financial value but carry a sentimental or emotional value for
              family members.

              The speaker will delve on the practical approach in managing and administrating your digital assets and the
              appointment of your Digital Assets Facilitator.

              LPAs for protection in the golden years
              Simon Chan
              Life has been a great adventure and ripe with precious life lessons in the journey so far. For couples entering their
              golden years, many would have addressed ensuring that there is the health care plan to address each other’s infirmities
              in old age. But putting in place the LPA is equally important and should not be ignored or postponed.

              Simon will share on the issues that couples need to grapple with should one of them becomes mental incapacitated
              and dealing with the situation of the surviving spouse.

              Wills — A kickstart or distraction to my children?
              Johann Tay
              This session focuses on planning the legacy strategy. Moneys is needed as a resource for maintenance for
              beneficiaries but we should be reminded, as said by the judge in his legal decision that “It is not in our judgment
              generally in the interests of young persons to come into possession of large sums of money which might discourage
              them from achieving qualifications and from leading settled and industrious lives to the benefit of themselves and of the

              Johann will roll out some possibilities on creating your legacy that will help kickstart the lives of your children and not
              distract them from the pursuit of their education or career.
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talk

              Using Standby Trusts to hold Insurance Policies and CPF monies
              Eric Seah
              The standby trust has been well sought by mass affluent families desiring an affordable, yet flexible trust structure
              to benefit for their family members or even themselves. One reason for the popularity of the Standby Trust is its low
              set up cost and maintenance. Yet the standby trust has the feature where passive assets could during the lifetime of
              the settlor be transferred into the trust. Some of these passive assets could include your insurance policies and your
              CFP monies. Insurance policies held in such trust could come under a structure that ring fences against any creditor
              attacks. CPF monies nominated to the trust will avoid any potential issues arising when compared to the naming of a
              beneficiary who might face any financial risks.

              The speaker will describe how the above assets could work with the standby trust, which undoubtedly will feature
              increasingly as an essential part of estate planning.

              Responsibilities of Donees in LPAs
              Lim Kim Hong
              With LPA making, a person (the donor) is able to appoint his most trusted person to take care of him and manage
              his affairs as his donee. Setting up a LPA is not complicated and it is an effective way to ensure that the donor is well
              protected in the event of his mental incapacity. Most people will naturally think of their spouses as the suitable donee
              to assume the responsibilities of doneeship. But what if the spouse is equally of elder age or already deceased or the
              donor a single person? Non-spousal appointments such as children, close relatives and friends could bring some
              challenges. Are they prepared to accept such responsibilities?

              Kim will share on such issues and the as naming non-spouses and substitutes in setting up your LPA

              Estate Planning involving foreign property
              Derek Liang
              Many of us acquire not only assets in Singapore but elsewhere in the world. The rules governing the succession of
              assets in other places may not be readily understood. What are the general principles that govern the succession
              of movable and immovable assets. Related to such principles include other aspects such as the domicile of the
              deceased, the impact of forced heirship rules in many civil law countries and estate duties and inheritance taxes.

              Derek will touch on the issues arising and the planning that will need to be addressed including the making of multiple
              wills to deal with the succession of assets in the foreign country.

              Wills —care for pets and giving to charities
              Joy Koh
              While many of us focus and address the needs and provisions for family members in will making, where there are
              family pets, their maintenance can also be put in the will. This scenario could be pressing especially where the testator
              is the primary person caring and maintaining his loved pets. Who should then shoulder the responsibility? How is the
              gift made? A testator may also be desirous of giving part of his money to a favoured charity or the hospice that had
              provided palliative care to him.

              Joy will share the issues associated with the giving of such legacies and the way the will could be set up to achieve
              his objectives.
Rockwills Estate Planning Forum 2018: Public Talk

              Creating Family Trust using Insurance plans
              Kee Siew Poh
              This session advocates the settlement of life insurance policies into a family trust for purposes of estate planning,
              asset protection and succession planning. Often one of the reasons a person will buy a policy of life insurance is to
              give his or her beneficiaries liquidity, that is, ready cash for the maintenance for the family; since it might be difficult or
              undesirable to sell some of his other assets, such as his residential home or a family business. It may also be unwise for
              some family members to benefit from the policy proceeds at a time when they may be financially immature.

              Siew Poh will highlight how a life insurance trust could help your family to achieve your legacy plan.

              Wills — Guardianship and care for minors
              Jolene Goh
              When the family comprise of members of tender age, one aspect to address in the will making relates to the
              guardianship and care for minor children. What are the ways in which a person can be a guardian and how does
              testamentary guardianship work? What is the role of guardians and their authority and custody rights over the child?
              These matters are of great importance to parents as the planning will determine the persons who will take care of their
              child in their absence. Ideally, the guardian should meet certain criteria such as having a genuine interest and welfare
              in the child and the time and financial ability to support the child.

              Jolene will discuss how you could go about planning for guardianship of your children and the leaving of financial
              provisions and the family home for their care and maintenance.

              Administering difficult estates
              Bong Ying Wei
              Doing a will is sometimes only half the problem. You may have to consider the complexities that could arise should the
              time comes for your executors to carry out their duties. Such complexities could arise in multi-situations: the rivalries
              among your beneficiaries, their circumstances such as vulnerabilities, the peculiar nature of your asset classes, foreign
              owned assets or even the conflicts between the individuals you want to act as the joint executors. Are the proposed
              executors able to exercise their duties impartially such as in the sale of significant assets?

              Alfred will discuss the merits of appointing professional executors and trustees instead of family members. While
              professionals need to be remunerated, they have to exercise a much higher duty of care and supervision over the
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