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Escuela Secundaria de Emilie J. Ross

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Welcome to​ Ross Middle School
The staff at Ross Middle School welcomes you! We look forward to another exciting and challenging school year.
Everything that is offered to you is meant to assist and lead you in reaching the goals you have set. As middle school
students, your success and enjoyment at Ross Middle School will be determined by the amount of time and energy you are
willing to spend. We want the years you spend with us to be the best they can be. The following pages in this handbook
explain what you will need to know to help make these years a success. Take time to go over these pages with your
parents. Feel free to come to the office or to any teacher if you have concerns or problems. We are all here to help you.
-Ross Middle School Staff

                  GENERAL INFORMATION                                                        ROSS
                      7448 Fox Road                                                     OFFICE HOURS
                    Hughson, CA 95326                                           Monday – Thursday 7:30AM-4:00PM
                         883-4425                                                    Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM

OFFICE and TELEPHONE: ​The school office is a business center. Students entering the office shall have a legitimate
purpose and shall maintain good conduct. ​Once school begins, students should only enter the office with a pass​. ​Only
those with lawful business may enter the school campus​. Students may use the office phone only when there is a change
in an after school program or when a teacher has asked a student to remain after school. Office personnel will call home in
case of an emergency such as illness or injury.

                                                     2018-2019 BELL SCHEDULES

                    Regular Day                                                       Minimum Day

First Bell/Announcements               8:06-8:10                    Period 1                           8:06-8:46

Period 1                               8:10-9:05                    Period 2                           8:49-9:29

Break                                  9:05-9:14                    Break                              9:29-9:39

Period 2                               9:17-10:12                   Period 3                           9:42-10:22

Period 3                               10:15-11:10                  Period 4                           10:25-11:05

Lunch                                  11:10-11:50                  Lunch                              11:05-11:46

Period 4                               11:53-12:48                  Period 5                           11:49-12:29

Period 5                               12:51-1:46                   Period 6                           12:32-1:12

Period 6                               1:49-2:44

           Late Start Schedule (Wednesday) *                        First Bell/Announcements           8:06-8:10

First Bell/Announcements               9:06-9:15                    Period 1                           8:10-8:56

Period 1                               9:15-9:59                    Period 2                           8:59-9:45

Period 2                               10:02-10:46                  Break                              9:45-9:55

Break                                  10:46-10:56                  Period 3                           9:58-10:44

Period 3                               10:59-11:43                  Period 4                           10:47-11:33

Period 4                               11:46-12:30                  Period 5                           11:36-12:22

Lunch                                  12:30-1:10                   Lunch                              12:22-1:02

Period 5                               1:13-1:57                    Period 6                           1:05-1:51

Period 6                               2:00-2:44                    Assembly/Rally                     1:54-2:44

*Refer to School Calendar for Specific Dates

Aug 13           First Day of School                              Jan 21           Holiday – Martin Luther King Jr.
Aug 21           Back to School Night                             Feb              Spring 6 Week Progress Period Ends
Aug              Sports Physicals                                 Feb 15 & 18      Holiday – Presidents’ Day
Sep 3            Holiday – Labor Day                              Feb              Spring Parent Teacher Conferences
Sep 28           HHS Homecoming/Minimum Day                       Mar              Spring 12 Week Progress Period Ends
Sep 28           Fall 6 Week Progress Period Ends                 Apr 19 – 26      Spring Break
Nov 9            Fall 12 Week Progress Period Ends                May 7            Open House
Oct              Fall Parent Teacher Conferences                  May              8​th​ Grade Trip
Nov 12           Holiday – Veteran’s Day                          May              Radio Days
Nov 22 – 23      Thanksgiving Holiday                             May              8​th​ Grade Graduation Dance
Dec 21           End of Fall Semester/Minimum Day                 May 23           End of Spring Semester/Last Day of school
Dec 24 – Jan 7   Winter Break                                     May 23           8​th​ Grade Graduation Ceremony

In order to learn the material presented in classes, the student must attend school. Attendance is taken and reported each
class period. Only certain absences are considered to be excused by California Education Code:

A) Excused Absences
Students may make up missed work within a reasonable amount of time. It is the student’s responsibility to request and
return the make-up assignments.
    1. Personal illness
    2. Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer
    3. Medical appointments
    4. Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family
            a. One day excused if the service is in California; three days, if out of state
            b. "Immediate family" is defined as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, or any relative
                living in the immediate household of the student
    5. Exclusion, for up to five school days, for failure to present evidence of immunization.
    6. Appearance in Court.

 B) Unexcused Absences
 Unexcused absences are those that do not come under any of the definitions of excused absences. Students who have
unexcused absences may be denied make-up privileges. Such absences may be reflected in the student's final grade. Any
pupil subject to compulsory full time education who is absent from school without valid excuse for more than three days in
one school year is a truant and must be reported to the Superintendent and the HUSD School Attendance Review Team
(SART). Legal authorities may be contacted for appropriate action as well.

C) Procedures to follow regarding absences:
   1. Parents must call the Ross Middle School Office (883-4425) if their student is to be absent that day. The call must
       be made within ​72 hours​ of the absence.
   2. Upon returning to school, students report to the office with a written excuse for the absence ​(if a parent has not
       called)​. An admit slip is issued and must be initialed by the student's teachers. At the last period of the day, it is
       returned to the office. ​Failure to obtain a readmit slip upon return may result in detention.
   3. Students who need to leave school early are to be signed out by a parent or other authorized individual listed on
       the student’s contact information. The individual must be 18 years of age or older.
   4. Students arriving tardy to school must receive an admit slip from the office before going to class. Students who are
       tardy may be assigned to after school detention.
   5. Any student who cuts a class will receive one detention for each period missed.

D) Tardy
Students shall be on time to all classes. They are to be inside the classroom and in their seats when the bell rings. The
Ross tardy policy is cumulative by semester. There are no consequences for the first 3 tardies, after that the following
consequences apply:
        Tardy #4 & #5           1 hour of detention assigned
        Tardy #6 & #7           2 hours of detention assigned
        Tardy #8 & #9           3 hours of detention assigned
        Tardy #10 & more        Possible suspension & SART/SARB referral

E) Attending School Events
***A student may not participate in an after school event if he/she has not attended school for at least half of the school
day. A student may not participate in any after school events if he/she has been suspended for that day. ***

F) Make up work
It is expected that students will make up the work that they have missed during an absence. The student must adhere to
these guidelines:
     1. Contact each teacher (not during class time) to get needed make-up work
     2. Complete the work in the same number of days as the absence
     3. Please review individual classroom policies

                                               ASSEMBLIES / RALLIES
Assemblies and rallies are held for the students' information and/or entertainment. Generally, they are held in the
gymnasium. All students not restricted for disciplinary reasons are welcome to attend. Any student that is removed from
an assembly or rally may be ineligible for the next assembly or rally. The following guidelines are to be followed:
    1. Students will sit by grade level
    2. Classes should come in quietly and be seated quickly
    3. Good audience manners should prevail (no booing, hissing, whistling)
    4. Students should not bring backpacks into the gym
    5. Students should stay seated until dismissed

If you need to contact the school or teachers please utilize our e-mail system. You will need the teachers first initial and
last name followed by this suffix (eg: ​​) You may also call the school to
leave a message for the teacher. You can also access school information on our web page:

                                               CHANGE OF ADDRESS
In case of emergency, the school must be able to contact the student's parent/guardian. Please notify the office
immediately if there is a change of address, telephone number, parent/guardian status, or emergency contact.

                                                  PARENT PORTAL
You can access your child’s demographic information, attendance, homework, and grades through the Aeries Browser
Interface. For first time users the Ross Office will issue a temporary access code and password for you to use to set up an
account. After you have set up your account you can keep track of your child’s progress through the Aeries Browser
Interface. The Ross Office has a computer with internet access for those who do not have internet.

                                        EDUCATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY
Achieving a quality education is a three-way responsibility on the part of teachers, parents, and students.
Teacher Responsibilities:
    1. To make the class meaningful for students
    2. To place students in proper classes
    3. To follow good teaching practices
    4. To follow school discipline policies
    5. To maintain contact with parents concerning student progress and to advise them of alternatives
Parent Responsibilities:
    1. To have students in school every day, except when ill
            a. Arrange appointments outside of school time
            b. Arrange for Independent Study Contracts for absences exceeding 5 consecutive days (must provide 5
                school days’ notice)
    2. To maintain contact with the school
            a. Attend scheduled conferences
            b. Support the teacher and school
            c. Contact the school when student is absent
    3. To send the student to school ready to learn

a. Provide lunch and school supplies
           b. Check homework, teacher blogs, Google calendar, and/or Parent Portal
           c. Provide a quiet workspace at home
    4. To continue to strengthen the student's self-image
    5. To encourage the student to seek extra help at school, as needed
Student Responsibilities
    1. To take responsibility for his/her own learning:
           a. Be at school on time every day
           b. Accept directions and complete work
           c. Have materials in class
           d. Enter assignments on Google Calendar or locate teacher Blog for homework assignments
           e. Finish and return homework
           f. Ask for help when needed
           g. Try to do his/her best
           h. Seek clarification of directions
           i. Obtain and complete assignments missed when absent
    2. To learn and follow class and school rules and accept consequences for breaking rules.
    3. To keep parents informed about his/her progress.

Every class matters at Ross Middle School. Students must earn a passing grade in each of their classes ranging from an A+
to D- from 6​th grade through 8​th grade at the conclusion of each semester. A passing grade will earn 5 credits per semester.
Students who earn an F grade(s) will not receive credit(s) for the class(es) and will be required to make up the lost
credit(s) via the After School Credit Recovery program the subsequent semester. For an 8​th grade student to be eligible to
participate in the graduation activities including the 8​th grade dance, graduation picnic, and the graduation ceremony at
Hughson High School Stadium, he/she must earn 170 credits. Students failing to meet the 8​th grade graduation requirements
will be recommended to the Hughson High School Community Day School (CDS) program to begin their high school
experience. Students who enter the CDS program will be eligible to attend Hughson High School no earlier than their
beginning of the spring semester.
                                                    Graduation Requirements
                                        1​st​ Semester Aug - Dec / 2​nd​ Semester Jan - May
                                                    10 Credits Per School Year
       6th Grade               6th Grade               7th Grade                   7th Grade         8th Grade Semester 1    8th Grade Semester 2
      Semester 1              Semester 2              Semester 1                  Semester 2

 English Language Arts   English Language Arts   English Language Arts       English Language Arts   English Language Arts   English Language Arts
         (ELA)                   (ELA)                   (ELA)                       (ELA)                   (ELA)                   (ELA)
        5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

         Math                    Math                    Math                        Math                    Math                    Math
       5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

        History                 History                 History                     History                 History                 History
       5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

       Science                 Science                 Science                     Science                 Science                 Science
       5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

  Physical Education      Physical Education      Physical Education          Physical Education      Physical Education      Physical Education
         (P.E.)                  (P.E.)                  (P.E.)                      (P.E.)                  (P.E.)                  (P.E.)
       5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

       Elective                Elective                Elective                    Elective                Elective                Elective
       5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits                   5 Credits               5 Credits               5 Credits

                                      Math              30 Credit         Science           30 Credits
                                      English           30 Credits        History           30 Credits
                                      P.E.              30 Credits        Elective          30 Credits
                                                            Total    180 Credits

Extra-curricular activities are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit, and do not take
place during classroom time. If a student's Grade Point Average (GPA) is lower than 2.0 in all courses averaged together
and/or he/she receives an "F" in any course, the parent will be notified and the student will be placed on "Academic
Restriction." A student on "Academic Restriction" may ​not​ participate in extra-curricular activities for the following
marking period. When a student is not eligible for an activity, he/she may ​not practice before or after regular school hours
with the group or participate in any part of that activity. When a student is ineligible, the principal/teacher shall inform
both the student and the parent/guardian in writing. A student will ​not participate in after school sports for the day if he/she
is excused from gym class due to illness or injury. Also, a student will not be allowed to participate in a game if he/she is
not in school for at least four periods on game day.

***Students who are suspended MAY NOT participate in any extracurricular events (practice, game, rehearsal,
performance, etc.) for the period of the suspension***

Sports/Extracurricular Eligibility
Students of Ross Middle School are encouraged to participate in the after school sports program. Ross athletes compete
with other schools in the area. The sports offered are volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. Requirements for
participation in after school sports and extracurricular activities are:
    1. Signed Insurance Verification/Release form
    2. Signed Ross Sports Policy and Competitors' Contract
    3. Grade point average of 2.0 or higher
    4. No "F"s on previous progress report or report card
    5. Transportation from Ross after games and practices
    6. Not on extra-curricular/activity restriction

                                                   GRADING SYSTEM
Ross Middle School uses a grading system based on a normal statistical distribution. The following letter grades and their
point values are used:

A) Grade Designations
A    = 4.0 (90-100%)                D = 1.0     (60-69%)            P = Pass               NC = No Credit
B    = 3.0 (80-89%)                 F = 0.0     (0-59%)             F = Fail               I = Incomplete
C    = 2.0 (70-79%)                                                 CR = Credit            NM = No Mark

CITIZENSHIP​: ​All students will be given a citizenship grade based upon their effort, attitude, and behavior. Please see your
teacher’s syllabus for more specific expectations regarding citizenship.
O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs improvement
U = Unsatisfactory

B) Homework Policy
Homework should serve as an extension of work done in the classroom. It is an integral part of the educational process
and may be used for the following purposes:
    1. Completion of unfinished class assignments
    2. Make up work for work assigned while the student was absent
    3. Practice or review of content previously studied
    4. Individual extended study
    5. Research related to class work
    6. Recreational reading for book reports/Accelerated Readers goals
    7. Creative use, including written composition
    8. Involvement of parents in the student's learning process
Homework will be discussed in class so students know exactly what is expected on the assignment. Homework is to be
completed neatly and turned in on time. If students habitually fail to do homework, teachers may use the following
    1. Parent calls or Parent conferences

2. Progress reports
    3. Study detentions after school
    4. Student Study Team
The HUSD Board of Trustees has set the guideline on frequency of homework assignments for grades six through eight to
be a minimum of three (3) nights per week. If there is no written homework assignment, students are expected to read for
recreation, study for upcoming tests and work on projects or papers that are long-term assignments. These are considered
a part of daily assignments.

C) Report Cards/Progress Reports
Student report cards are issued each semester, and are mailed home after the end of the semester. Twice during each
semester, Progress Reports are mailed to indicate the student's current progress.

Students may check out two books at a time for a period of two weeks. The library is open during the lunch hour and at
other times as scheduled. ​Extra-curricular activities may be withheld from students with overdue books. If a book is lost
or damaged, the student will be charged the replacement cost of the book. ​A student body card is required to check out a

                                                  LOST AND FOUND
The lost and found is located in the locker rooms. Students should place their names inside coats and sweaters for easy
identification. All unclaimed items are donated to an appropriate agency.

All medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, must be accompanied by a physician’s order. Medication must be
kept in the office. No student is permitted to carry medication of any kind with them on campus. If it is necessary to take
any medicine at school, the following directions apply:

“The parents will be requested to secure from the physician a prescription for duplicate supplies of the said medication,
one supply to be kept at home and one supply to be kept at school. The school principal will designate the person at the
school to be responsible for the supply of medication at the school. Both supplies shall contain the name and telephone
number of the pharmacy, the pupil's identification, name of the physician, and dosage of the medication to be given.
Taking the dosage shall be supervised by the school nurse or other designated school personnel at a time conforming with
the physician's indicated dosage schedule.” ​BP #5141.21

Medication must be picked up from the school within 7 days of student transfer or end of the school year. Medication left at
the school will be disposed of by the school nurse or designated employee.

                                               PHYSICAL EDUCATION
At Ross, students are expected to wear a certain style of clothing that will enable them to work efficiently. A standardized
dress code puts students in the “spirit” for physical education. It gives safety to the program, is more economical than
wearing street clothes, and the “sweat factor” from gym class is not carried into the other classrooms. For P.E. dress
expectations, please refer to the class syllabus.

School and athletic insurance may be purchased through the school office. The school does not cover students.

Locker Rooms
A combination lock is issued to each student and must be returned at the end of the year. The student is responsible for
the lock and for keeping the combination confidential. There is a $5.00 fee for any lock that is not returned. Locker room
rules are posted in the locker rooms and will be gone over in detail by the gym teachers. Students that do not abide by the
rules will have their locker room privileges revoked. ​THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

A) Ross Middle School Coaching Philosophy

The Ross Sports Program is designed to give any student who is interested in a sport the opportunity to participate and
learn how to play that sport. It is also designed to teach the student to work to develop his/her skills. Because of this "need
to work" element of the program, attendance at practice and the player's attitude during practice will influence the amount
of playing time a student receives. Depending on the sport, students wishing to participate in athletics will be subject to a
“try-out” portion prior to beginning each season. Every student will be given the same opportunity to participate during the
try-out period and the coaches will make a final determination as to the team roster. Each coach makes every effort to play
everyone within the limitation of team size and opposing teams’ abilities.

B) Intramural
Intramural sports and activities are conducted during the lunch break. The emphasis in the program is participation, fair
play, and fun.

C) Ross Running Club
The Ross Running Club promotes physical fitness through the activity of running. It is open to all students at the school. A
permission slip must be signed by the parent. Students run a two-mile route once a week, thirty three times a year. Miles
are logged and kept for the student’s tenure. Students receive certificates for every twenty miles, a medal at sixty miles,
and a plaque and medal at 100 miles. Students earn charter membership at 100 miles and have their name posted in the
gym. Extra credit is also earned for gym class.

                                                    STUDENT BODY
A) Student Activity Cards
Student ID Cards are issued after school pictures are taken in the fall. They are needed to check out library books and for
entrance to school dances and other events. If a card is lost, it can be replaced for a charge of $5.00. If you would like a
Student Activity Pass which includes entrance to games, activities and dances, you may purchase one for $15.00.

B) Dances
The school as a means of promoting social growth hosts dances. An admission charge, $5.00, provides money to help
maintain high quality dances. The school is responsible for restricting those students whose behavior or academic
performance denies them the privilege of extra curricular activities. Misbehavior at a dance shall cause action that would
occur during regular school hours. The following rules are provided to ensure the good reputation and character of our
students, school, and community:
    1. Once a student enters the dance, he/she may only leave if their parent speaks with administration, or if their ride is
         visible from the school parking lot. Once the student leaves, he/she cannot return. Dances end at 5:00 pm.
         Students are required to stay inside the dance area at all times.
    2. Appropriate attire shall be worn, as at any school function.
    3. Appropriate behavior will be required in all areas (dance floor, restrooms, etc.) No inappropriate or sexually
         suggestive dancing will be allowed.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in the student being restricted from participation at future dances.

In order to provide clear information regarding qualifications for the various awards and acknowledgements students can
earn here at Ross Middle School, we have provided the following criteria for clarity:

A) Perfect Attendance
Students earning a perfect attendance award at the end of the school year have had no absences in any of their six classes
(neither excused nor unexcused) or tardies for the entire school year. Attending a school sanctioned event off campus on a
school day does not constitute an absence (i.e. band competition, RMS sports tournament, CJSF field trip).

B) Valedictorian
Students earning this honor have the highest three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of any 8​th grade student at
the end of their 8​th grade school year and will be honored at the promotion ceremony with a medal. Valedictorians are
provided with an opportunity to deliver a speech to the student body and audience if they choose, or lead those in
attendance in the flag salute.

C) Salutatorian

Students earning this honor have the second highest three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of any 8​th grade
student at the end of their 8​th grade school year and will be honored at the promotion ceremony with a medal.
Salutatorians will be asked to stand and be recognized by the student body and the audience.

D) Principal’s Honor Roll
Students earning this honor have a three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 – 3.75. Students receive a blue
and gold cord to be worn during the promotion ceremony at the end of their 8​th​ grade school year.

E) Gold Honor Roll
Students earning this honor have a three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.74 – 3.50. Students receive a gold
cord to be worn during the promotion ceremony at the end of their 8​th​ grade school year.

F) Blue Honor Roll
Students earning this honor have a three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.49 – 3.25. Students receive a blue
cord to be worn during the promotion ceremony at the end of their 8​th​ grade school year.

G) Presidential Education Award for Academic Excellence
Students earning this award must earn a three-year cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and score
“Exceeds Standards” on both the Mathematics and English portions of the SBAC test in the prior year.

H) California Junior Scholastic Federation & Scholarship (CJSF)
CJSF students may become Honor Award Members. Those who qualify have the Honor Award seal placed on their
certificate of promotion and are eligible to wear the CJSF gold pin. CJSF also sponsors an awards program. Each year,
advisers nominate Honor Award members for special recognition via a cash scholarship award as part of the CJSF
Outstanding Student Award program.

I) Presidential Physical Fitness Award
Students earning this honor must earn a “3” score on all criteria and be a “Consistent Miler.” A Consistent Miler is someone
who earns at least a score of 5 on 15 out of 20 of the mile runs. There are separate scoring criteria for boys and girls. More
detailed scoring information is available upon request by contacting a Ross Administrator.

E) Physical Fitness Wall of Fame
Students earning a spot on the Wall of Fame earned both an “A” grade and an “O” for citizenship for all three years of
physical education at Ross Middle School.

F) Renaissance
“Principal’s”-Students earning this academic award earned a grade point average of 3.5-4.0 for the grading period and no
disciplinary infractions. Students receive a membership card that contains various privileges and rewards, much like our
“Silver” card holders, but with upgraded privileges and rewards.

“Silver”-Students earning this academic award earned a grade point average of 3.0-3.49 and no disciplinary infractions for
the grading period and receive a membership card that contains both on campus privileges and rewards.

G) B.E.A.R. Awards
Students earning a B.E.A.R. (Bears Excelling At Ross) Award certificate have exemplified perseverance, effort,
achievement, or improvement in a specific class during a six-week grading period. Students are honored with these teacher
nominated awards after each six-week grading period has concluded and are eligible to earn more than one award within
the school year or even within the grading period.

                                                 SCHOOL MATERIALS
Only one set of devices/textbooks will be provided to each student. It is the student's responsibility to:
  1. Take care of the Chromebooks, textbooks, and library books.
  2. Replace the Chromebook, textbook, or library book if lost or destroyed.

A) Bus Transportation
“The governing board shall provide bus transportation for students within the district in accordance with the law. Such
transportation will be extended as a privilege, however, only insofar as the individual student continually and habitually
displays good conduct and behavior while preparing to ride, riding, or after debarking from the bus.” B     ​ P #5131.1
In accordance with this policy, the following rules have been made. These regulations apply at all times when students are
riding on a school bus. This includes field trips and all special trips. It is the responsibility of all school personnel, parents,
and students themselves to see that these regulations are followed.

Riders should:
    1. Arrive at the bus stop on time
    2. Stand in a safe place and wait quietly for the bus
    3. Enter the bus in an orderly manner and be seated
    4. Follow the instructions of the bus driver, who is in authority and is to be obeyed
    5. Stay seated at all times
    6. Be courteous to the driver and the other passengers
    7. Behave in a manner that will not distract the driver (no shouting, loud singing or whistling)
    8. Keep all parts of the body inside the bus; throw nothing from the bus or inside the bus
    9. Keep the bus and area around the bus stop clean and show respect for others’ property
    10. Not bring animals, insects, or large objects on the bus
    11. Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus

B) Bus Violations
When a bus rider engages in misconduct, he/she will be reported to the Director of Transportation and the school
administration. Listed below are citations and the action taken for each:
        1st Citation​: Warning and/or immediate suspension from riding the bus. Continued disorderly conduct or
        persistent refusal to obey the driver ​SHALL​ be sufficient reason for a pupil to be denied transportation; however,
        incidents of a serious nature ​MAY ​result in immediate suspension. P ​ arent Notification​: Copy of citation sent home.
        2nd Citation -​ 5-day bus suspension
        3rd Citation​ - 10-day bus suspension from bus
        4​th​ Citation -​ 20-day suspension
        5​th​ Citation ​- Remainder of school year.
*Student must bring signed Citation to the bus driver at the end of suspension to resume riding privileges.

C) Field Trips
Because field trips are an extension of the curriculum, it is assumed that every child will participate unless the principal
has determined that participation is inappropriate. ​If a child has been restricted from home to school transportation
because of inappropriate behavior on the bus, the principal will determine if the child can participate and the conditions
under which this participation may occur.

NOTE: Bus riding is a privilege that may be revoked. Parents or guardians are urged to discuss disciplinary action taken to
prevent further occurrence. Students suspended from riding the bus must continue to attend school. It is the parent or
guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the student attends school.

D) Foggy Days
During foggy days, listen to radio stations K105, KMIX, 98.3, KTRB, or K093 for the bus schedule. It is sometimes necessary
to delay the buses one or two hours. ​If the buses do not run at all on extremely foggy days, students must make their own
arrangements for transportation since students must still attend school.

                                                SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS
Substitute teachers are guests at Ross Middle School. They are to be treated with respect at all times. Since often they are
new to our procedures, students should try to help them become acquainted with our school. Substitute teachers will
enforce classroom and school rules and may issue detention notices. ​Some staff members ​have a policy of doubling
detentions that are issued by a substitute because of the lack of civility demonstrated by a student.


Ross Middle School publishes a yearbook each spring. It contains pictures of students and faculty and serves as a reminder
 of the year's activities. Yearbooks must be paid for in advance; sales begin in August and continue until spring.

 Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, Ross will implement Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). The goal of
 PBIS is to promote desirable behavior throughout our campus and build a positive school climate. Through PBIS we will
 explicitly define student behavior expectations and recognize and reward those who demonstrate it. The three behavior
 expectations at Ross are:
     1) Be Safe
     2) Be Respectful
     3) Be Responsible

 Please see the following chart for how these behaviors can be demonstrated throughout campus:

                                                                 SCHOOL RULES
AREA/SETTING                      BE SAFE                         BE RESPONSIBLE                     BE RESPECTFUL
Classroom            *Keep all hands, feet, and           *Come to class on time, with all    *Use respectful language at a
                     materials/objects to yourself.       materials, prepared and ready to    respectful volume, and listen
                     *Keep doorways and walkways          learn.                              when others are speaking.
                     clear.                               *Leave the classroom the way        *Help others whenever
                     *Walk when entering, exiting, or     you found it or better.             possible and appropriate.
                     inside of a classroom.               *Follow directions the first time   *Use school equipment and
                                                          given.                              materials respectfully and
Office               *Acknowledge Privacy.                *Have a pass and a purpose.         *Use kind words
                                                          *Use appropriate volume.            (“please”, “thank you”).
                                                                                               *Use manners (seek
                                                                                              *Use appropriate language.
Restroom             *Wash hands w/soap.                  *Flush when finished.               *Use appropriate language.
                     *Report any maintenance needs to     *One person per stall.              *Respect the privacy of others.
                     the office.                          *Clean up after use.
Library/             *Walk as you enter the room.         *Use your chargers to prepare       *Use appropriate language.
Computer Lab         *Keep your belongings out of         for class.                          *Be respectful of your
                     walkways.                            *Leave the library the way you      neighbors and their property.
                                                          found it or better.                 *Use an appropriate volume.
                                                          *Return loaned items in a timely
Eating Area          *Walk at all times.                  *Clean your area.                   *Use table manners.
                     *Wait patiently for your turn in     *Use garbage cans and separate      *Use appropriate language.
                     line.                                lunch trays.
                     *Eat in the designated area.
Locker Room          *Utilize benches for seating only.   *Lock your valuables in your        *Use appropriate language.
                     *Walk at all times.                  locker.                             *Personal hygiene products are
                     *Wait your turn when entering or     *Place your backpack and            for personal use only.
                     exiting the locker room.             chromebook in the designated
Gym                  *Wait your turn when entering or     *Clean up after yourself.           *Use appropriate language.
                     exiting the gym.                                                         *Interact kindly with others.
                     *Use facility/equipment for its
                     intended purpose.

Field                 * Be mindful of the field’s          *Return to class with             *Use appropriate language.
                      landscape.                           belongings.                       *Interact kindly with others.
                      *Use equipment for its intended      *Return equipment to              *Be respectful to our
                      purpose.                             appropriate spots.                residential and school
                      *Follow the rules of the school      *Run out in the fields or in      neighbors.
                      and the sport.                       designated play areas only.
Bus                   *Keep your arms inside at all        *Take all belongings with you.    *Use appropriate language.
                      times.                               *Leave the bus the way you
                      *Face forward.                       found it or better.
                      *Stay quiet at the train tracks.
Parking Lot           *Use crosswalks and sidewalks.       *Drivers watch for pedestrians.   *Use appropriate language.
                      *Walk bicycles, scooters, and        *Pedestrians watch for drivers.

Sporting Events                                                                              *Use appropriate language.

                                        PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE CHART
 The purpose of discipline at Ross Middle School is to change negative behavior. Consequences increase in severity if
 unwanted/unsafe student behavior persists. Every attempt will be made to follow the dictates of the chart displayed below.
 However, the administration does reserve the right to objectively determine punishment based on the seriousness of a
 particular infraction and the previous discipline record of the student who commits the offense.

            VIOLATION                        1​ST​ OFFENSE               2​ND​ OFFENSE                 3​RD​ OFFENSE
                                               CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
                                        Automatic suspension
Alcohol/Drugs: Possession or Use
                                        pending a parent     RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
E.C. 48900 (c or j)
Alcohol/Drugs: Sales
                                        RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
E.C. 48900(d)
Chewing or Smoking Tobacco
                                        1 to 4 hours detention     Automatic suspension pending parent conference
E.C. 48900(h)
                                                   DANGEROUS ITEMS
                                        Automatic suspension
Dangerous Objects (Possession)
                                        pending a parent      Automatic suspension pending parent conference
E.C. 48900(b)
Explosives (Firecrackers, Smoke
                                        Suspension pending a
Bombs, Incendiary Devices etc.)                                    SUSPENSION PENDING PARENT CONFERENCE
                                        parent conference
Weapons E.C. 48900(b) (m)
                                        RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
a. Knives (Brandishing)
                                        (Police Contacted)
b. Firearms
                                        Discipline administered
                                                                                               Repeat offenses: (possible
                                        by instructor/F on      1 to 4 hours detention and
Cheating/Plagiarism                                                                            suspension) and “F” on the
                                        assignment, parents     “F” on the assignment
                                                                Flagrant Incident:
                                                                Suspension pending a
                                        Warning to 4 hours                                     Automatic suspension
Defiance E.C. 48900(k)                                          parent conference.
                                        detention                                              pending parent conference
                                                                Others: Warning to 4-6
                                                                hours detention

VIOLATION                        1​ST​ OFFENSE              2​ND​ OFFENSE                  3​RD​ OFFENSE


                                                                   2-4 hours detention:
Disruptive Behavior                      Depending on severity:
                                                                   Serious infraction may        Automatic suspension
E.C. 48900(k)                            Warning and/or 1 to 4
                                                                   warrant an increased          pending parent conference
                                         hours detention
                                                                   disciplinary response

Failure to Follow Appropriate R.M.S
                                         Documented warning,       2 hours detention & final     Automatic suspension
Dress Regulations
                                         parent notification       warning of suspension         pending parent conference
E.C. 48900(k)
                                                                Willful: Automatic
Failure to Report with Office Referral                                                           Automatic suspension
                                         4 hours detention      suspension pending a
E.C. 48900(k)                                                                                    pending parent conference
                                                                parent conference
                                                   CLASS PREPAREDNESS
                                                                                                 1-4 hours detention
                                                                                                 Student issued chromebook
Unprepared for Class (No                 Warning, student issued   Warning, parent notified,
                                                                                                 from Library (Students who
chromebook, chromebook not               chromebook from           student issued
                                                                                                 are continuously unprepared
charged)                                 Library                   chromebook from Library
                                                                                                 for class will have increased
                                         Given 1 additional hour
Failure to Serve Detention                                                                       Automatic suspension
                                         detention & warned of   Automatic suspension
E.C. 48900(k)                                                                                    pending parent conference
                                                                 4 hours detention and
Leaving Campus Without Permission        1 hour detention and                                    Automatic suspension
                                                                 final warning of
E.C. 48900(k)                            warning                                                 pending a parent conference
Forgery/Altered Notes/Bogus Call                                                                 Automatic suspension
                                         2 hours detention         4 hours detention
E.C. 48900(k)                                                                                    pending a parent conference
Out of Class Without Permission                                    2 hours of detention, final   Automatic suspension
E.C. 48900(k)                                                      warning of suspension         pending a parent conference.
                                         Warning and
                                                                  1 hour detention,              4 hours of detention and
Skateboards/Roller blades/Bicycles       confiscation (student
                                                                  confiscation (parent must      suspension for future
(for use other than transportation)      can pick up at end of
                                                                  pick up)                       incidents
                                                    ELECTRONIC DEVICES
                                                                  2 hours detention and
                                         Warning and                                             Automatic suspension
                                                                  parent must pick up
Electronic Signaling Devices             confiscation of item(s).                                pending a parent conference.
                                                                  item(s) at the end of the
Of Any Kind E.C. 48900(k)                Student can pick up at                                  Confiscation (parent must
                                                                  day. Also a warning of
                                         the end of the day                                      pick up)
                                            SCHOOL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY
                                                                  Flagrant incident:
                                                                  Automatic suspension
Destruction of School or Personal                                                                Automatic suspension
                                         1-4 hours detention.     pending parent
Property (e.g. vandalism; loss of                                                                pending parent conference
                                         (Restitution required)   conference. Others: 4-6
property) E.C. 48900(f)                                                                          (Restitution required)
                                                                  hours of detention
                                                                  (Restitution required)
                                         Automatic suspension     Automatic suspension
                                                                                                 Automatic suspension
Flagrant Theft: School and Personal      pending a parent         pending a parent
                                                                                                 pending parent conference
Property E.C. 48900(g)                   conference (Restitution conference (Restitution
                                                                                                 (Restitution required)
                                         required)                required)

VIOLATION                          1​ST​ OFFENSE                2​ND​ OFFENSE                   3​RD​ OFFENSE

                                                                                   Automatic suspension
Theft: Cafeteria Food E.C. 48900(g)       1-4 hours detention          4-6 hours detention
                                                                                   pending parent conference
in Excess of $400 E.C. 48900(g)           (Restitution Required)
                                              VIOLATIONS AGAINST PERSONS
Assault/Battery of School Personnel
                                          RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
E.C. 48900(a) (2)
Extortion (Threat of Violence)
                                          RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
E.C. 48900(e)
                                                                       Automatic suspension
Harassment (repeated unwanted             4 hours detention, final                                   Automatic suspension
                                                                       pending a parent
actions) E.C. 48900.4                     warning of suspension                                      pending parent conference
Hostile Behavior                                                                                     Automatic suspension
                                          2 to 4 hours detention       4-6 hours detention
E.C. 48900(a) (i) (k) (o)                                                                            pending parent conference
Mutual Combat/Fighting; Verbal            Automatic suspension
and/or Physical Confrontation             pending a parent             RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION
E.C. 48900(a) (1)                         conference
Bullying (Electronic, physical, verbal                                                               Automatic suspension
                                          2 hours detention            4-6 hours detention
or written) E.C. 48900(r)                                                                            pending parent conference
Profanity E.C. 48900(i) (k)                                                                          Automatic suspension
                                          2 hours detention            4-6 hours detention
 a. Use of/Non-Directive                                                                             pending parent conference
                                                                                                     Automatic suspension
 b. Directed Toward Student               2 hours detention            4-6 hours detention
                                                                                                     pending parent conference
                                                                       Automatic suspension
                                                                                                     Automatic suspension
 c. Directed Toward Adult Staff           1 to 4 hours detention       pending a parent
                                                                                                     pending parent conference
 d. Contained in obscene notes            1 to 4 hours detention       4-6 hours detention
                                                                      AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION/RECOMMENDATION FOR
Sexual Harassment/Battery                 Recommendation for
E.C. 48900(n) E.C. 48900.2                Expulsion (Police
                                                                      (Police contacted if Battery involved)
                                          contacted if battery
Unprovoked Assault                        AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION/RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION (Police
E.C. 48900(a) (2)                         contacted if Battery involved)

  Any staff member or substitute teacher may assign detention. After school detention is held from 2:50 to 3:50 p.m. and on
  Minimum days from 1:20 to 2:20 p.m. Students ​must bring homework or an assignment to work on in the Detention Room.
  If students are talking, disruptive, or sleeping/resting head on the desk, they will be asked to leave. If a student is asked to
  leave detention before they have served the entire hour, she/he will not receive credit for the day and will be assigned an
  additional hour. Misbehavior in detention may result in suspension. Missing an assigned detention will result in a make-up
  detention plus an extra detention, or it may result in suspension.

  An action taken by the Board of Trustees for severe or prolonged breaches of discipline by a pupil. Expulsion, except for
  single acts of a grave nature, is usually reserved for application where there is a history of misconduct and where other
  forms of discipline, including suspension, have failed.

The Principal or Superintendent ​SHALL recommend a student's expulsion for any of the following acts, unless the Principal
or Superintendent finds, and reports in writing to the Board, that expulsion is inappropriate due to particular
circumstances which shall be set out in the report of the incident:
    1. Causing serious physical injury to another person.
    2. Possession of any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object at school or at a school activity on or off
        school grounds.
    3. Unlawful sale of any controlled substance as listed in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 1053) of Division 10 of
        the Health and Safety Code.
    4. Robbery or extortion.
The Principal or Superintendent​ MAY ​recommend suspension or expulsion for any of the below infractions or for​:
    1. Causing, attempting to cause, damage to school property or stealing or attempting to steal school property.
    2. Causing or attempting to cause damage to private property or stealing or attempting to steal private property.
    3. Unlawfully possessing, using, selling, or otherwise furnishing or being under the influence of any controlled
        substance, as defined in Section 11007 of the Health and Safety Code, an alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any
    4. Possessing or using tobacco.
    5. Committing an obscene act or engaging in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
    6. Disrupting school activities or otherwise willfully defying the valid authority of supervisors.
    7. Knowingly receiving stolen school property or private property.
    8. Committing unwelcome sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of
        a sexual nature.
    9. Harassment, threats, or intimidation that is so severe that it actually causes, or can reasonably be expected to
        cause, material disruption of class work, substantial disorder, and the invasion of the rights of student(s) by
        creating intimidating or hostile education environment.
Parents may request copies of Suspension/Expulsion Procedures and Due Process Rights from the Ross Office.

Sexual Harassment
The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a safe school environment that is free from harassment and
discrimination. The Board prohibits sexual harassment of students at school or at school-sponsored or school-related
activities. The Board also prohibits retaliatory behavior or action against any person who files a complaint, testifies, or
otherwise participates in district complaint processes.
The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that all district students receive age-appropriate instruction and information
on sexual harassment. Such instruction and information shall include:
    1.   What acts and behavior constitute sexual harassment, including the fact that sexcual harassment could occur
         between people of the same sex and could involve sexual violence.
    2.   A clear message that students do not have to endure sexual harassment.
    3.   Encouragement to report observed instances of sexual harassment, even where the victim of the harassment has
         not complained.
    4.   Information about the district's procedure for investigating complaints and the person(s) to whom a report of
         sexual harassment should be made.
    5.   Information about the rights of students and parents/guardians to file a criminal complaint, as applicable.
Complaint Process
Any student who feels that he/she is being or has been sexually harassed on school grounds or at a school-sponsored or
school-related activity (e.g., by a visiting athlete or coach) shall immediately contact his/her teacher or any other employee.
An employee who receives such a complaint shall report it in accordance with administrative regulation.
The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that any complaints regarding sexual harassment are immediately investigated
in accordance with administrative regulation. When the Superintendent or designee has determined that harassment has
occurred, he/she shall take prompt, appropriate action to end the harassment and to address its effects on the victim.
Disciplinary Actions
Any student who engages in sexual harassment or sexual violence at school or at a school-sponsored or school-related
activity is in violation of this policy and shall be subject to disciplinary action. For students in grades 4-12, disciplinary
action may include suspension and/or expulsion, provided that, in imposing such discipline, the entire circumstances of the
incident(s) shall be taken into account.

Confidentiality and Record-Keeping
All complaints and allegations of sexual harassment shall be kept confidential except as necessary to carry out the
investigation or take other subsequent necessary action.
The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a record of all reported cases of sexual harassment to enable the district to
monitor, address, and prevent repetitive harassing behavior in the schools.
Nondiscrimination Process
The Governing Board desires to provide a safe school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities
in the district's academic and other educational support programs, services, and activities. The Board prohibits, at any
district school or school activity, unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on
the student's actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental
status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; the perception
of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived
characteristics. This policy shall apply to all acts related to school activity or to school attendance occurring within a
district school. (Education Code 234.1)
Prohibited discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying includes physical, verbal, nonverbal, or written conduct
based on one of the categories listed above that is so severe that it affects a student's ability to participate in or benefit
from an educational program or activity; creates an intimidating, threatening, hostile, or offensive educational environment;
has the effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with a student's academic performance; or otherwise adversely
affects a student's educational opportunities.
Any student who feels that he/she has been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying should
immediately contact the Coordinator, the principal, or any other staff member. In addition, any student who observes any
such incident should report the incident to the Coordinator or principal, whether or not the victim files a complaint.
                                              ​ alifornia Department of Education: ​​; N
Following are resources for more information: C                                                             ​ ational
School Boards Association: ​​; and ​U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights:

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Since the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs adversely affects a student's ability to achieve academic success, is
physically and emotionally harmful, and has serious social and legal consequences, these substances may not be used on
the Ross campus or at any activity sponsored by the school.
When any student uses or possesses any of these substances at school or while under school jurisdiction, the following
shall result:
    1. Parent/guardian contact
    2. Law enforcement contact (mandatory in cases of illegal drugs, optional for alcohol and tobacco.)
    3. Suspension
    4. Restriction from school activities
In addition, the following action ​may​ be taken:
    1. A recommendation of expulsion
    2. Recommendation to refer the student to an appropriate community counseling program with the expectation that
         at least one counseling session will be held during the time of suspension.
    3. Alternative educational placement

Dress and Grooming
"The Governing Board believes that the development of attitudes and behavior patterns in dress and grooming should be a
part of each student's total educational experience. Dress, hairstyle, or makeup which are of a distracting nature or
interfere with the study habits of students in the class or school, shall not be acceptable." In accordance with this policy,
the following regulations apply at Ross Middle School:
    1. Clothing must be “decent”. Lack of decency will be defined as wearing of anything that disturbs or distracts from
         normal classroom procedures and/or interferes with the educational process or that is in violation of indecent
         exposure laws.
    2. Undergarments (underwear, bras/bra straps, slips, etc.) are not to be visible under any circumstances.
    3. Shoes are to be worn at all times.
    4. Head coverings are not permitted inside the rooms. Hats must be worn forward.
    5. Pants must be worn at the waist line and must be able to stay up when worn without a belt.

6.   Belts must be worn in the belt loops.
    7.   Shirts that are excessively large are not allowed; shirts may not extend below the natural inseam.
    8.   The following types of clothing are prohibited and may​ NOT​ be worn:
                  Wallet chains                     Half-shirts
                  “Bare backs"                      "See-through" tops
                  “Off the shoulders"               Tube tops
                  Halter tops                       Backless tops
                  Tops with "spaghetti straps"      Spandex "Biker" pants
                  "Bare midriffs"                   Shoes with heels higher than 2 inches
                  Revealing necklines
    9.   Additional items students may not bring to school include blankets, pillows and permanent markers/paint. Clothing
         with crude or vulgar printing or pictures (those depicting drugs or alcoholic beverages, or those that are sexually
         suggestive) or clothing that represents other offensive or negative messages is not acceptable. Clothing depicting
         people that have a history of promoting or involvement in violence is not acceptable. Clothing depicting gang
         involvement or any types of gang names, symbols, or figures is not acceptable. The wearing of gang “colors” is not
         acceptable, which includes gang-colored shoelaces, bandanas, belts, etc.

Closed Campus
Students may not leave the school at any time during the school day without permission from a parent and the office. If
they need to leave campus early, a parent or other adult (18 years or older) from their contact list will need to pick them up.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller blades
Bicycles, roller blades, “wheelie” shoes, and skateboards may ​NOT be ridden on the school campus or areas in front of the
school at any time. Shoes with wheels must have the wheels removed while on campus. Students are expected to leave
bicycles in the bike rack during the school day. ​The school is not responsible for bicycles, skateboards, etc. It is strongly
recommended that the student lock the item to the rack.

Public Display of Affection
“Hands-off Rule.” No holding hands, no hugging, no kissing at school, school functions or any school activity. Students are
expected to show maturity and respect in their relationships.

Electronic Devices
Due to the potential for distraction from learning, disruption of classes, and/or theft, ​students may not bring radios,
MP3/CD/DVD/tape players, beepers, electronic games, or other such devices to school. If any of these items are displayed
or used during school, they will be confiscated and a parent will be required to pick the item up. Any student’s cellular
phone that is turned on or in use during the school day will be confiscated. Repeat offenses will result in progressive
disciplinary action and/or parent pick up. ​The school will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any electronic devices
at school.

Cell Phones
Cell phones, while convenient, can often disrupt the learning environment and keep teachers from teaching and students
from learning. Therefore, students are to keep their cell phones off (NOT silent or vibrate) and put away for the duration of
the school day, from 8:00 a.m. until 2:44 p.m. Students are only permitted use of their phones once the school day has
concluded. Progressive discipline will be administered for students that refuse to follow this school policy.

In the event that a student needs to make contact with their parent for any reason during the school day, the student is to
report to the office to use his/her cell phone or to use the office phone. Parents seeking to check out their student during
the school day should do so by signing them out in the main office, where one of the clerical staff will contact the student’s
classroom teacher and call them to the office with their belongings.
Wellness Policy
In order to maintain compliance with our HUSD Wellness Policy, we may only permit sealed, store-bought baked goods
from the local bakeries and grocery stores for birthdays and celebrations. This will ensure that students can still celebrate
special occasions, but in a safe and healthy way.


Bienvenidos a la Escuela Secundaria de Ross
¡El personal de la escuela Ross te da la bienvenida! Nosotros estamos ansiosos por el nuevo y excitante ano escolar. Todo lo que
ofrecemos es para asistirte y dirigirte en alcanzar metas. Como estudiante de secundaria, tu éxito y disfrute será determinado por el
tiempo y energía que tú quieras invertir. Nosotros queremos de que los anos que tu pases con nosotros sean lo mejor que pueden ser.
Las siguientes páginas en este manual explican lo que tú necesitaras para ayudarte a hacer estos anos un éxito. Toma tiempo para leer
estas paginas con tus padres. Puedes venir a la oficina o con cualquier maestro si tienes preocupaciones o problemas. Aquí estamos
para ayudarte.
El personal de la Escuela Secundaria Ross
                                                     INFORMACION GENERAL

                                                          7448 Fox Road
                                                         Hughson, CA 95326

           HORAS DE OFICINA Lunes-Jueves                      7:30AM-4:00Pm    Viernes 7:30AM-3:30PM

OFICINA Y TELEFONO: ​La oficina de la escuela es un centro de trabajo. Los estudiantes que entren a la oficina necesitan tener un
propósito legítimo y deben mantener buena conducta. Cuando las clases comiencen, los estudiantes no pueden entrar sin una nota​. ​NO
SE PUEDEN TRAER AMIGOS A LA ESCUELA​. Los estudiantes pueden usar el teléfono nada más si hay un cambio en un programa
después de clase o cuando un maestro quiere que un estudiante se quede después de clase. El personal de la oficina llamara a casa en
caso de una emergencia como enfermedad o herida.


                   Dia Regular

First Bell/Announcements            8:06-8:10

Period 1                            8:10-9:05

Break                               9:05-9:14

Period 2                            9:17-10:12

Period 3                            10:15-11:10

Lunch                               11:10-11:50

Period 4                            11:53-12:48

Period 5                            12:51-1:46

Period 6                            1:49-2:44

                  Miercoles Tarde

First Bell/Announcements            9:06-9:15

Period 1                            9:15-9:59

Period 2                            10:02-10:46

Break                               10:46-10:56

Period 3                            10:59-11:43

Period 4                            11:46-12:30

Lunch                               12:30-1:10

Period 5                            1:13-1:57

Period 6                            2:00-2:44

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