School Charter 2021 - Cashmere High School

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School Charter 2021 - Cashmere High School
School Charter 2021

Motto:                 ‘Leading Learning’

Mission Statement:     Developing both the intellect and character
                       of our students.

Vision:                Empowering communities.

Values:                Citizenship, Opportunity, Vibrancy and
                       Excellence (‘COVE’).

Cashmere High School      School Charter 2019                   Page 1
School Charter 2021 - Cashmere High School
Description of our School Community:

Cashmere High School is the second largest Christchurch state co-educational secondary
schools, with a domestic student roll of over 2000. Due to increasing demand for places
from students the school has an approved enrolment policy to help manage this roll, with a
large ‘school zone’. This zone includes the community neighbours around the school – from
Westmorland on the West to St Martins in the East, framed by Spreydon in the North and
Cashmere Hills and Governors Bay in the South. As a result of high in-zone demand there
are only very limited places offered to out-of-zone students each year. While the school has
a decile rating of 9 the large and wide-ranging nature of the school community means a
diverse student population.

Located in the Southern corner of Christchurch city, the school has been held in high esteem
by the local community since opening in 1956. The school’s ethnicity is similar to
Christchurch City’s, with about 78% European, 10% Māori, 6% Asian and 3% Pasifika. In
addition, there are approximately 75 international fee paying students who provide
important financial support as well as adding a more global character to our school.

Cashmere High offers a comprehensive range of academic subjects, a strong and well
established Gifted and Talented Programme (GATE) and Learning Support Programme.
Since its foundation the school has held a strong national reputation in the Performing Arts,
with highly regarded productions, national winning Stage Challenge entries, successful
theatresports, debating and drama teams and a wide range of musical performances.
Cashmere also provides a diverse range of sporting opportunities, with teams and
individuals consistently performing at the highest levels regionally and nationally. A special
feature of our school is Te Pukenga (Conductive Education) Unit, which provides specialist
learning support for students with high special needs.

There is an appreciation of cultural diversity, especially recognising the unique position of
Māori. We consult with the whanau, offer Te Reo across all year levels and incorporate
tikanga Māori into our programmes. All reasonable steps are taken to provide instruction in
tikanga Māori and Te Reo Māori for full time students whose parents request it. Our staff are
developing culturally responsive practices to help support Māori students achieve success as

Cashmere High School                    School Charter 2019                                Page 2
School Charter 2021 - Cashmere High School
Strategic Priorities for 2021-2023:
    1. High academic achievement for all students
    2. Develop and enhance our bicultural capability
    3. Our school community is a safe, positive and inclusive environment

Our school’s strategic plan is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

Strategic Plan 2021-2023:
Strategic Priorities                                               Outcomes
                                                                   What this will look like
     1. High academic achievement for all students                 All students will have the opportunity to identify, seek out and achieve their
        (NAG 1, 2b, 3b and 4a)                                     personal excellence in learning.

     2. Develop and enhance our bicultural capability (NAG 1, 2,   All our students will develop a stronger understanding of our bi-cultural
        4 and 5)                                                   heritage. Māori students will have the opportunity to achieve educational
                                                                   success as Māori learners.

     3. Our school community is a safe, positive and inclusive     Systems and processes are put in place which support the wellbeing of our
        environment (NAG 1, 3 and 5)                               staff and students.

Cashmere High School                      School Charter 2019                                  Page 3
Implementation Plan for Priorities 2021:
Our school’s implementation plan outlines how the priorities for the year will be achieved.

 Priorities                          Operational actions in support of our priorities               Key responsibilities   Annual Targets
                                     (specific supports above usual school operations)
                                                                                                                           (How we will measure these

 High academic achievement for all   • All students’ academic achievement is clearly assessed       HOFs, SLT
 students                              and reported against NZC and NZQA.                                                  That 90% of our year 12
                                     • There are effective and co-ordinated intervention            Awhe group, FAA        students achieve Level 2
                                       strategies to assist identified students “at risk” of not                           NCEA
                                       achieving their potential (e.g. our “awhe” group).
                                     • Teachers are using assessment data to reflect on and         HOFs, SLT
                                       inform their teaching practice – subject strategies are                             That 85% of our 2021 Year
                                       outlined in annual reports to the Board of Trustees.                                10 students are “at or above”
                                     • Alternative educational and vocational pathways are                                 the level 5 NZ Curriculum
                                                                                                    TOK, BEM, FAA
                                       available to assist student engagement and achievement,                             in reading, writing and
                                       e.g. Gateway, STAR funded courses, CTC Trades                                       numeracy
                                       Academy and other secondary-tertiary programmes.
                                     • Professional Development opportunities for teachers are      SMC, FRR
                                       focused on student engagement, learning and
                                       achievement (e.g. observations of other staff, PD
                                     • Through our school’s involvement in our Kahui Ako            FAA, FRR
                                       (Community of Learning) called Te Mana Raupo – our
                                       staff are able to share and enhance teaching practices to
                                       improve the educational progress of our students from
                                       ECEs through schooling and into their future pathways.
                                     • The school continues to seek opportunities to actively       JNB, SMC
                                       promote and celebrate academic achievement (e.g.
                                       assemblies, newsletters, Te tū o Kakukura, Pasifika

Cashmere High School                   School Charter 2019                                 Page 4
Develop and enhance our bicultural   • Annual whanau hui - what educational achievement for          SQC, SRD        That we reduce the
 capability                             Māori, as Māori learners, looks like within our school                        achievement disparity
                                        community.                                                                    between Māori and non-
                                      • A school Kahui (made up of staff, students and whanau)        SQC, SRD        Māori by 5% in Level 1, 2
                                        meets every second week to ensure Māori educational                           and 3
                                        needs are discussed and meet within our kura.
                                      • Attendance data for Māori students is monitored               SQC
                                                                                                      SQC, SRD
                                      • Te reo and tikanga are continued to be integrated into
                                        the school (e.g. in classrooms and around school
                                        environment). This includes school signage, sculptures,
                                        whakairo, and potential renaming of the blocks).
                                      • Develop relationships with Ngai Tahu                          SQC
                                      • Te Reo Māori is offered as a curriculum subject across all    SEM, SRD, HEM
                                        year levels, and a tikanga curriculum subject is available
                                        for senior students (NCEA Level 1-3).
                                      • Staff have access to professional learning opportunities      SRD, SMC
                                        to increase their knowledge and application of taha Māori
                                        within their teaching practice
                                      • Te Korowai Matauraka - 8 within school positions support      FAA
                                        faculty pedagogy with respect to Te Ao Maori -
                                        Curriculum focussed.
                                      • Kapa haka continues to be supported and grow in its           SRD
                                        place and role within the school – including participation
                                        for elite performers as well as beginners.
                                      • Student achievement is actively acknowledged, including       SQC
                                        specific celebrations of Māori achievement (Te tū o
 Our school community is a safe,         •   The leadership team continue to consider student         SLT
 positive and inclusive environment          and staff wellbeing as a key factor in decisions
                                             around school operations.
                                         •   A Year 12 Life Skills (LIF201) subject promotes          HMV
                                             health and wellbeing.
                                         •   School leavers have clear ideas and access to their      MBE
                                             future career/study options – from within subjects
                                             by teachers and supported by Careers staff.
                                         •   Health taught to all Year 9 and Year 10 students.

Cashmere High School                   School Charter 2019                                   Page 5
•    The school continues to work closely with the            FRR, DHK
                                                   Ministry of Education and relevant contractors to
                                                   ensure our approved Christchurch School Rebuild
                                                   (CSR) programme is delivered in a timely and well
                                                   managed manner.
                                              •    Learning spaces and wider school facilities are
                                                   maintained in good order and repaired or upgraded        FRR, SMC
                                                   to inspire and encourage student learning and
                                              •    Health and safety is a focus and priority in the
                                                   school’s daily operations and systems.
                                              •    The school maintains a building and landscape plan       WIL
                                                   that fosters an inclusive and supportive

Annual Targets for 2021:
    1. That 90% of our Year 12 students achieve Level 2 NCEA
    2. That we reduce the achievement disparity between Māori and non-Māori by 5% in Level 1, 2 and 3
    3. That 85% of our 2021 Year 10 students are “at or above” the level 5 NZ Curriculum in reading, writing and numeracy

Implementation Plan for Annual Targets 2021:
Our school’s operational plan (i.e. actions) outlines out how the annual targets for the year will be achieved.

 Annual Targets                          Operational actions in support of our annual targets                       Key responsibilities and supports
                                         (specific supports above usual school operations)
   1. At least 90% of our Year 12        •    Within specific subjects analysis of student achievement data is         •   Led by Heads of Faculty through to subject
      students will gain their Level 2        reflected on to inform teaching programmes and develop strategies –          teachers.
      NCEA.                                   including focus on priority learners.

Cashmere High School                         School Charter 2019                                   Page 6
•    Awhe Group – share identified “at risk” students and intervention    •   Awhe group chaired by DP FAA.
                                               strategies, and track resulting academic progress through regular
                                          •    The mentoring programme provided by non-form teachers in support     •   SWR. WGP, FAA
                                               of identified “at risk” students is consolidated with consultation
                                               between mentors, careers, pastoral heads and guidance.
                                          •    Alternative educational pathways are focused on assisting students   •   FAA for STAR, TOK for Gateway, BEM for
                                               engaged in school, and achieving NCEA credits. This includes             Careers.
                                               Gateway, STAR funded courses, CTC Trades Academy and other
                                               secondary-tertiary programmes.
                                          •    Māori students are monitored and “at risk” students are identified   •   SQC, SRD, BKL and SEM.
                                               and relevant supports provided through our ‘Māori Academic Mentor’
                                               and other key support staff.
                                          •    School maintains a ‘Pasifika Education Plan’ to support Pasifika     •   TDD, JNB.
                                               students – through promotion of Pasifika culture, small group
                                               mentoring, tracking achievement and interventions.
                                          •    Literacy and Numeracy achievement for NCEA is overseen by ‘NCEA      •   Literacy Achievement Lead Teacher HEP,
                                               Achievement Lead Teachers, and supported by school’s Learning            numeracy through the Maths Faculty DRD
                                               Support Faculty and focus by subject teachers.                           and HPA, and Learning Support HOF ALJ.
                                                                                                                        Monitoring by Adrian through Awhe group.

     2. That we reduce the                •    Māori students are monitored and “at risk” students are identified
        education disparity between            and relevant supports provided through our ‘Māori Academic Mentor’   •   BKL, SQC, SRD to monitor ‘at risk students’
        Māori and non- Māori by                and other key support staff.
        5% in Level 1, 2 and 3            •    Te Korowai Matauraka faculty positions develop more contextualised   •   FAA to Chair and lead within-school COL
                                               units of work to reflect Te ao Maori.                                    group.

     3.   That 85% of our 2021 Year       •    Year 9 assessment data including end-of-year e-asTTle testing is     •   Data distributed by RLR for English and HPA
          10 students are "at or above"        provided by English and Maths teachers to inform class specific          for Maths.
          the level 5 NZ Curriculum            planning for teaching staff.
          in reading, writing and         •    Staff professional development will be provided in the English and   •   DRD and MMM.
          numeracy.                            Mathematics Faculty meeting times to support how the data informs
                                               teaching practice, including the sharing of best practice.

Cashmere High School                          School Charter 2019                                   Page 7
                                      Principal (ECJ)        Associate Principal (SMC)         Deputy Principal (JNB)        Deputy Principal (SQC)        Deputy Principal (FRR)          Deputy Principal (FAA)         Executive Officer (DHK)
                                Strategic Leadership        Staff Professional               Student Participation and     Student Achievement          Student Future Focused           Student Learning and           Effective administrative
                                                            Learning & Development           Engagement                    and Attendance               Learning and Reporting           Pathways                       and school support
                                Strategic                   Staffing                         Student Support               Qualifications (NCEA)        Modern teaching practices        School Curriculum              Staffing
                                  • Charter/Strategic         • Annual Attestation             • Head of Schools            • Principal’s Nominee       • Effective school wide use       • Implementation of NZC        • Salaries and Payroll
                                  • Annual Plan/targets       • Teacher appraisal              • 24-7 (SYC) Mentoring       • School wide analysis        digital tech. (e.g. G.suite)    • Studies Guide booklet and      (Novopay)
                                                              • Teacher Reg (EDUCANZ)          • Pasifika students          • Moderation and            • Maximising Kamar (SMS)            subject selection            • Support Staff appraisals
                                                                                               • EOTC procedures               compliance (e.g. MNA)    • Community of Learning –         • School wide timetabling      • Staff appointing systems
                                  • Appointments            School Health & Safety
                                                                                                                            • Snr Exam organisation       support 5 WST projects          • School Curriculum
                                  • PPTA/NZEI liaison         • Chair school committee       School Wellbeing                                                                                                           Finance
                                                                                                                               (for school and NZQA)                                        Booklet
Core Leadership Roles

                                                              • Guidance and Health                                                                       and Stewardship
                                Finance and Property                                         Student Leadership                                                                                                          • School Budgets
                                                                                                                           Student Attendance           • Staff PLD support              Personalised Achievement        • Financial systems (e.g.
                                  • Annual Budget           Professional and                   • Student Council            • Systems (including EN)                                     “Awhe” group                      accounts payment, debt)
                                  • Income/expenditure      Instructional Learning             • House System                                           School Reporting
                                                                                                                            • MoE quarterly returns      • Communications e.g.            • Literacy/Numeracy            • Resource Centre
                                  • Chch Schools Rebuild      • Raising teaching quality       • Peer Leaders/Support
                                                                                                                                                           timeframes                     • Academic Mentors
                                                                 – PLD overview                                            Maori educational                                                                            Health & Safety
                                Public Relations                                                 programmes
                                                                                                                                                         • Review of format/style         • GATE/Learning Support
                                                              • Specialist Class. Tch.                                     achievement – including                                                                       • Systems and processes
                                  • Newsletter/website                                       Provisionally Certified                                     • Accurate delivery though       • Chair Te Korowai
                                                              • E-learning/ICT budget                                      tikanga and te reo.                                                                             (e.g. evacuations, legal
                                  • Lymphad magazine                                         Teachers Advice/orientation                                                                    Matauraka and
                                                              • ICT Network and                                                                            Parent Portal                                                   compliance, registers).
                                  • Media contact                                                                          Performing Arts – Arts Co-                                       Stewardship
                                                                 infrastructure              School Sports – Sports                                     Staff support
                                  • Prospectus                                                                             ordinator and productions.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Careers Pathways               Property and Resources
                                                                                             Director and Co-ordinator                                   • PLD for Middle Leaders                                        • Effective systems (e.g.
                                Community of Learning                                                                                                                                     • Subject guidance
                                                                                             Staff Duty allocation                                       • Staff liaison for CSR                                           BWOF, 10YA, SOBs)
                                  • Stewardship Committee                                                                                                  property works                 • Links with other
                                                                                             Including contract room
                                  • Schools and ECEs                                                                                                                                        institutions
                                                                                                                                                                                          • STAR and Gateway            Operational Administration

                                Management of CHS           Year Level 12 and 13             Year Level 9                  Year Level 10                Staff Weekly News –              Year Level 11                  Reporting and
                                International Students        • Enrolments                     • Enrolments                 • Enrolments                keeping staff well informed       • Enrolments                  communications
                                Dept.                         • Support to HoS                 • Support to HoS             • Support to HoS                                              • Support to HoS               • Principal on school
                                                                                                                                                        School Culture
                                                              • Senior Prizegiving and         • Prizegiving & report       • Prizegiving & report                                        • Prizegiving & report           management and issues
                                Cashmere HS Foundation                                                                                                    • School App
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         • Board of Trustees sub-
School Systems and Management

                                (Trustee)                        Graduation                       evenings                    evenings                                                      evenings
                                                              • Senior report evenings                                                                                                    • Y 8 transitions                committee (finances)
                                                                                             School Calendar               School Culture                 • Y9 & Y11 “How to”
                                Alternative Education                                                                                                                                                                    • Staff budget holders
                                  • Chairperson of Chch                                                                      • Support of the               digital resources
                                                            Staff Daily Relief System                                                                                                    Alternative Education
                                                                                             School Jnr Exam                   Performing Arts            • School photo                                                External Contractors
                                    City AE Consortium of
                                    schools                 School Culture                   organisation                    • Maori/whanau liaison         organisation                 Faculty Support                 • Monitoring and
                                                              • Uniform regulations                                          • Celebrating                                                 • Technology                    management of contracts
                                                                                                                                                        Faculty Support
                                School Culture                • Start-of-year                School Culture                    achievement (e.g.                                           • Student Support               (e.g. canteen, cleaning)
                                                                                                                                                          • PE and Health
                                  • Assemblies                  organization (sobs etc)        • Achievers Evening             badges/ties, photos)                                                                      • Police vetting, sign ins
                                                                                                                                                          • Mathematics                  Competitive House:
                                  • School Values                                              • School Open Day
                                                            Faculty Support                                                                                                              Rutherford                     School Culture
                                  • Head Students                                                                          School Jnr Exam              Competitive House: Blake
                                                              • English                      Faculty Support                                                                                                             • Support Staff work place
                                  • Celebrating                                                                            organisation
                                                              • Languages                      • Social Sciences                                                                                                           culture/standards
                                                                                               • Sciences                  Faculty Support                                                                               Parent Group Liaison
                                                            Competitive House: Ngata
                                Competitive House:                                                                           • Visual & Performing
                                                                                             Competitive House: Cooper
                                Sheppard                                                                                       Arts
                                                                                                                           Competitive House: Britten

                                Cashmere High School                                    School Charter 2019                                               Page 8
School Self Review
      Where are we currently at?                  Where do we need to go?                         How do we get there?
Teacher                                   Teacher:                                      Teacher:
• Diagnostic data and testing (e.g.       • Lesson and unit observations (based         • Teaching schemes and lesson plans.
   entrance testing, class specific          on revised NZC and student data).          • Specific teaching/learning strategies to
   planning, topic pre-tests).            • Specific targets for student                   raise student achievement.
• Collection and evaluation of student       achievement (some IEPs but also            • Formative assessment practices (i.e.
   assessment data and feedback.             class/group based).                           teaching guided by informal
• Staff appraisal – teaching as inquiry   • Staff appraisal – Reflection on                assessment information).
   cycle.                                    assessment data and feedback as part       • Staff appraisal – implementation of
                                             of teaching inquiry cycle.                    inquiry cycle and evaluation of data.
• Annual analysis of student              Department/Faculties:                         Department/Faculties:
   achievement (e.g. NCEA results).       • Annual subject assessment targets           • Development of Department teaching
• Student surveys of subjects (e.g.          (identified in annual analysis report to      and learning schemes and unit
   student voice on courses).                BoT).                                         plans/resources.
• Department/Faculty meetings to          • Specific subject/staff PD goals.            • Involvement in subject/staff PD (e.g.
   raise/discuss issues.                                                                   subject associations’ workshops).
School:                                   • Student Council identifies                  School:
• Student Council – provides student         projects/issues for their year.            • Student Council develops action plan.
   voice on issues around school.         • Annual School Targets (part of School       • Operational Plans (i.e. responsibilities
• Various meetings to identify/discuss       Charter).                                     and timeframes).
   issues (e.g. HOF, HOS, Pastoral).      • Strategic Plan 2020-2021 with guiding       • Budget priorities and application.
• School wide Professional                   goals for school direction.                • Proposed building/landscape plans.
   Development (e.g. Learning Walks).     • Proposed changes considered for             • Changes to school systems (e.g.
• Annual review of systems (e.g.             school systems (e.g. timetable, new           timetable changed, new subjects
   subject choices and timetable by          subjects).                                    offered).
   HOFs, discipline by SLT and HOS).
                                          Community:                                    Community:
Community:                                • Strategic Plan 2020–2021 with guiding       • Informal meetings/contact with
• Feedback from parents – formally at        goals for school direction.                   parents and staff (e.g. phone calls,
   hui/fono and informally through                                                         email, meetings).
   comments (e.g. at functions and                                                      • Whanau hui/fono.
   responses made to school).                                                           • Parent-teacher interviews.
• Regular surveys of parents, e.g.                                                      • Formal progress reports to family.
   SWOT, uniform questionnaire.                                                         • Other communications – e.g. website,
• External appraisal.                                                                      newsletters and letters.

Self-review is a cyclical process, and used to inform our strategic thinking and planning, for the purpose of self-

Our self-review is an annual process by which our school’s performance and systems for the purpose of improving student
learning and achievement.

Self-review is also a mandated requirement of NAG 2 (b): “maintain an on-going programme of self-review in relation to the
above policies, plans and programmes, including evaluation of information on student achievement”.
       Cashmere High School                            School Charter 2019                                            Page 9
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