STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...

STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
                         STRUT DANCE

 "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in
opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is
       doing for the Australian contemporary dance sector."

                                 Independent Artist & STRUT Member
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
VISION                                                      CONTENTS
STRUT Dance is the national centre for choreographic
development, based in Perth, Western Australia. It is our   03 /   Welcome                                         15 /   The Terri-ann White Scholarship
vision and privilege to continue making Perth a beacon
of excellence, innovation and opportunity for independent   04 /   STRUT Dance - An Overview                       16 /   The Lewis Major Projects Scholarship
Australian dance and physical theatre artists.
                                                            06 /   Membership                                      16 /   The Rogues Program

                                                            07 /   2019 Core Activities                            17 /   Recurring Performance Opportunities

                                                            07 /   The Master Workshop Series                      19 /   Major Performance Outcomes

                                                            08 /   Hofesh Shechter                                 19 /   SUNSET

                                                            10 /   Crystal Pite                                    20 /   Stephanie Lake & West Australian Opera

                                                            11 /   The Collaborations Program                      21 /   Perth Festival Connect

                                                            12 /   Collaborations: Melanie Lane & Adena Jacobs     23 /   SEED Residencies

                                                            13 /   STRUT Scholarship Program                       24 /   Professional & Public Classes

                                                            14 /   The Feilman Foundation Pathways to Excellence   25 /   Our Partners - Our Thanks
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...

                                                                                                                                                 2019 STRUT_Dance Program_3
              It is with extraordinary pride
                                                         Blue Room Theatre and Co:3 Australia,        for independent work, And Then Some,
              that I welcome you to the 2019             as new development and presentation          in partnership with The Blue Room
              STRUT Program.                             partners across our program.                 Theatre and Co:3 Australia.

              Looking across the fantastic offering      We also see the wonderful Victorian          Our thanks to this incredible cohort of
              that we have in store for 2019, I cannot   choreographer and recent Keir                partners and artists who have helped
              help but cast my mind back five years      Choreographic Award winner, Melanie          make our 2019 program so rich, diverse
              to when it all began with that first       Lane, join us with Adena Jacobs as our       and nationally impactful.
              workshop program in 2014 with Ohad         next Collaborations Program leaders
              Naharin's Batsheva Dance Company.          and we are thrilled to have Ballet Id, the   From our public class performances
                                                         Salihara Arts Centre and Nan Jombang         Access, right up to the Perth Festival’s
              I watched Ohad himself direct soloists     Dance Company as new Indonesian              presentation of Maxine Doyle’s
              from WA Ballet and Batsheva, dancing       residency and exchange partners.             SUNSET, from the studios in the King
              alongside graduates from WAAPA                                                          Street Arts Centre to the State Theatre
              and VCA. I thought, if this is just the    We proudly welcome The Minderoo              and the Sunset Heritage Precinct,
              beginning, how extraordinary is the        Foundation and The Ungar Family              I invite you to STRUT with us into 2019.
              potential reach and impact of the          Foundation as exciting, new supporting
              STRUT program? What a unique               partners as we do Prof. Ian Lawrance,
              partnership we have with Batsheva          STRUT’s 2019 philanthropic campaign
              Dance Company. If this is how we start,    ambassador.
              where can it all go from here?
                                                         Yes, 2019 is all about celebrating new
              And indeed, where is it going?             and exciting partnerships. However, we       JON SMEULDERS
                                                         recognize and honour all those artists,      Chair STRUT Dance
              In 2019, STRUT Dance is all about          funders, sponsors and friends who have
              forging new partnerships and pathways      brought us to where we are today.            STRUT Staff           STRUT Board
              of opportunity for our members,                                                         Director              Chair
              dancers and artists.                       The phenomenon of Hofesh Shechter            Paul Selwyn Norton    Jon Smeulders
                                                         will strike not once, but twice in 2019,
              We extend a fantastic partnership with     with a double workshop delivery and a        General Manager       Deputy Chair
              Perth Festival as the co-commissioner      keen eye on the audition for his brilliant   Alica Byfield         June Moorhouse
              of SUNSET from Maxine Doyle, with          work tHE bAD, later on down the track.       Administration        Franklin Gaffney
              more than 40 Australian creatives,         Cindy Salgado returns to Perth to take       Carly Armstrong       Lisa Jackson
              technicians and management, employed       the lead on the Crystal Pite program.                              Louis Mostert
                                                                                                      Finance Officer
              on a thrilling activation of the Sunset    Stephanie Lake creates a thrilling new                             Michael Murphy

                                                                                                      Natalie Johnson
              Heritage Precinct.                         work for the West Australian Opera’s                               Ricky Arnold
                                                         Pinnacles season. And our great friends
                                                                                                                            Artist Members
              And as we wave goodbye to this unique      at the State Theatre Centre, the home        STRUT Brochure

                                                                                                                            Amy Wiseman
              three-year partnership with Maxine, one    of contemporary dance in WA, as              Photography
                                                                                                                            Emma Fishwick
              that has supported the development         well as supporting our Collaborations        Simon Pynt
                                                                                                                            Laura Boynes
              of over 210 Australian artists, we say     Program, will provide a new platform

              hello to the West Australian Opera, The                                                 Mel Tan
                                                                                                      Sarah Wilson
                                                                                                      Christopher Hill
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...

                                                                                                                                 2019 STRUT_Dance Program_4
        A program of internationally benchmarked training,   STRUT Dance offers independent choreographers, dancers
                                                             and physical theatre practitioners the possibility to engage
        collaboration and performance opportunities          with national and international masters, the chance to
        unique in the Australian landscape.                  work with collaborative partners in the making of their own
                                                             performance and the opportunity to put their work in front
                                                             of a willing and informed audience.

                                                             As an organisation operating globally, STRUT’s programs
                                                             are open to all and operate on four levels:

                                                             BODY, COLLABORATION,
                                                             PERFORMANCE & EXCHANGE

                                                             STRUT offers sustained exposure to world-class dance
                                                             techniques and choreographic methodology to enrich the
                                                             body’s range of practice and ignite development. Usually
                                                             quarantined to major dance organisations, these aspirational
                                                             programs are now available to the independent sector,
                                                             exclusively through STRUT.

                                                             2019 will witness a deepening of our partnerships with some
                                                             of the most pertinent and visionary artists around Australia and
                                                             the world - Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot (CA), Hofesh Shechter
                                                             (IS/UK), Maxine Doyle (UK) and Stephanie Lake (AU).

                                                             Sustained exposure to these techniques, as core ongoing
                                                             training, will be supplemented by a focus on current
                                                             contemporary technique, physical theatre disciplines and
                                                             improvisation from the likes of Melanie Lane (AU), Adena
                                                             Jacobs (AU), Dada Masilo (ZA), Michael Keegan-Dolan and
                                                             Gideon Obarzanek (AU). The latter three artists are part of our
                                                             ongoing relationship with the Perth Festival through its Festival
                                                             Connect program.
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_5
COLLABORATION                                                        EXCHANGE
Key to a choreographer’s development is learning how to              STRUT recognises the value in reciprocal partnerships
collaborate with other artists in readiness for the stage. We        and continues to successfully align programs that build
provide the resources, the space and the leadership to coach         capacity with world-class local, interstate and international
those artists into asking the right questions.                       organisations. These provide international residencies
                                                                     and exchange opportunities focusing on choreographic
STRUT has developed a dynamic and responsive program                 development and research.
that builds skills in collaboration. In partnership with the State
Theatre Centre of WA, STRUT continues to provide pathways            The Dance Sites Network (DSN) is one such model and is a
to encourage future collaboration across all stage art forms.        research and development vehicle that rotates international
The 2019 Collaborations Program will see many kinds of               artists and choreographic teams around Australia. DSN core
innovative collisions between choreography, dance, theatre           organisations include STRUT (WA), Dancehouse (Vic) and
direction and acting.                                                Critical Path (NSW).

PERFORMANCE                                                          STRUT also regards international residencies as a pivotal
Throughout the year, choreographers are offered the                  mechanism of support for choreographic development and
opportunity to develop and present work with production              has invited a consortium of international choreographic
values at all levels. For maximum impact, the majority of these      centres to develop a reciprocal, residency exchange
performance opportunities aim to segue straight from training        program on a rotating basis. In 2019, these include:
or collaborative programs directly into the public arena, where
key learnings can be implemented back into practice. From            _
studio showings to full evening presentations at the State           Korzo Theatre (NL)
Theatre Centre of WA, all manner of platforms, sites and             _
festivals are available for expression.                              Komunitas Salihara Art Centre (IN)
A series of innovative presentation platforms have been              The Banff Centre (CA)
developed though new partnerships with The Blue Room
Theatre with Winter Shorts, plus Co:3 Australia and the              STRUT's $10,000 SEED Residencies can
State Theatre Centre of WA with And Then Some.                       be used by successful members to undertake
                                                                     their residency with one of these partner
2019 will also witness a new journey with the West Australian        organisations. (See SEED Residencies).
Opera and Stephanie Lake and the final performance outcome
of STRUT’s exclusive partnership with Maxine Doyle –
SUNSET. Maxine Doyle is one-half of Punchdrunk, pioneers
in site-based dance theatre performances the world over.
Punchdrunk design large scale, immersive experiences for
promenading audiences. The Drowned Man and Sleep No
More are cited as some of the most attended and critically
lauded performances in recent history. SUNSET will be
presented during the 2019 Perth Festival.

                     I was born in Perth and have watched the Festival from
                     the side lines, my whole life…Now, I am dancing in
                     the Festival with Maxine Doyle’s SUNSET. Thank you
                     STRUT, this is all your doing!
                     – Independent Artist and SUNSET creative
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_6
                                                            When artists over East talk

MEMBERSHIP                                                  about what’s happening
                                                            out West, what they really
                                                            mean is what’s happening
STRUT membership is worldwide, encompassing and
encouraging a community of passionate, professional         at STRUT? Here’s looking
independent choreographers, dance and physical              at you WA.
theatre makers.
                                                            – Independent Artist and STRUT Member
To take full advantage of the STRUT Dance program,
participants are invited to become members from January
2019 and engage with all of the following benefits:

Access to master workshops, STRUT performance
seasons, professional development opportunities
Eligibility to apply for all levels of the STRUT program,
including SEED Residency and performance
opportunities in the studio and on stage
Administrative advice for your own project
Regular email news updates including the
STRUT Member News
Discounts at our various hospitality and local                          All this
                                                                        for $50
retail partners

Who can become a STRUT member?                                         So don’t wait.
Anybody aged 18 or over, who is involved in
professional dance and physical theatre practice,                      STRUT on in!
cross disciplinary artists interested in the
Collaborations Program and any STRUT fans wanting
a more up close and personal experience.                                Join before 31 January
                                                                        to access the special
Visit to sign
                                                                        early bird price of $40.
up as a member!
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
2019 CORE

                                                                                                                                                                             2019 STRUT_Dance Program_7
STRUT’s program provides a robust and holistic
range of core activities to underpin professional
choreographic and physical theatre practice:
                                                                                                                                      STRUT is the Netflix of Dance. Every year
Choreographic Training -                                        SEED Residencies
                                                                                                                                      the quality of the program is phenomenal
The Master Workshop Series
                                                                The STRUT Scholarship Program                                         and we don’t have to leave home to
Collaborations Program
                                                                The Rogues Program                                                    access it…it all just comes to us!
Recurring Performance Opportunities                                                                                                   –Independent Artist and STRUT Member
                                                                Professional / Public Class
Major Performance Outcomes

These exclusive training intensives, delivered by some of        Taster
the most visionary national and international artists and        Master workshops usually follow a two-week full day format. This
organisations, build cumulatively into unique performance        year, we continue to offer access to these great artists for those
outcomes of their own and offer the independent sector           participants who are unable to make a two-week commitment
models of artistic excellence and aspiration that are usually    – the Taster. Each Taster will offer a single half-day event
quarantined to major company structures.                         comprising professional class and a two hour workshop.

2019 will witness a deepening of our partnerships with the       Look out for the Taster within each workshop description.
Hofesh Shechter Company (UK) and Crystal Pite (CA).
The international Master Workshop Series will be interwoven
with Australian masters, including interstaters Stephanie        I adore coming to Perth to share the artistry
Lake, Melanie Lane and Adena Jacobs.
                                                                 of Hofesh Shechter with STRUT. There is just
                                                                 so much hunger and vitality in the room…
                                                                 Australian dancers, you rock!
                                                                 – Hofesh Shechter Master Workshop Leader
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...

                                                                                                                                                             2019 STRUT_Dance Program_8
                        STRUT Dance is thrilled to be developing    May Workshop                       August Workshop                 With thanks to the
                        its partnership with the internationally                                                                       following partners:
                        renowned Hofesh Shechter Company,           Dates                              Dates
                        inviting leading members of the company     May 6 - 17                         Aug 12 - 23
                        to deliver a series of two-week workshops
                        in May and August 2019.                     Showing                            Showing
                                                                    May 16 / 6:30pm                    Aug 22 / 6:30pm
                        These workshops provide a rare
                        opportunity to delve into Hofesh            Workshop Price                     Workshop Price
                        Shechter’s unique choreography, sharing     $400                               $400
                        and exploring his movement fundamentals
                        and imagery through past works -            Taster May 11                      Taster Aug 17
                        a fascinating insight into Hofesh’s         Price $40                          Price $40
                        creative process.
                                                                    Venue all activities               Venue all activities
                        This master workshop series will lead to    King Street Arts Centre, Perth     State Theatre Centre of WA
                        a bespoke performance of tHE bAD in
                        2020, re-designed for STRUT by              Participation for Workshop May / August
                        Hofesh’s creative team. Details of the      Registrations open Feb 1 and payment will be accepted on a first
                        application and audition process are on     come first served basis.
                        the following page.
                                                                    Register for the May Workshop HERE.
                        Due to the demand for this artist, STRUT
                        will again hold two Hofesh Shechter         Register for the August Workshop HERE.
                        workshops in 2019.

                        Scholarships                                There are ridiculous amounts of people filling up
                        Scholarships to cover the $400 workshop
                        fee through The Feilman Foundation          Hofesh’s intensives in London and Europe and literally
                        Pathways to Excellence Scholarship          thousands at his auditions. But with STRUT, I am
                        Program are available for this workshop.
                        These scholarships are only open to         able to get right up to the bone of Hofesh’s vision and
                        recent dance graduates from Victoria        consequently have a much more valuable experience.
                        and Western Australia.
                                                                    – Independent Artist and STRUT Member
                        The Lewis Major Projects Scholarship
                        provides a financial contribution towards
                        workshop fees and expenses.

                        See STRUT Scholarship Program

Image: Gabriele Zucca
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...

                                                                                  2019 STRUT_Dance Program_9
Audition for Hofesh
Shechter’s tHE bAD

In 2020 Hofesh Shechter will be re-creating a bespoke version
of tHE bAD for STRUT Dance. Access to this opportunity
will be through a formal audition process. The rehearsal and
performance seasons for tHE bAD will be in early 2020.

Audition Dates
Aug 24/25 - directly after the August workshop

Audition criteria
This opportunity is open to all professional dance artists and
tertiary students who will have graduated by 2020. Audition
applicants will have to be able to demonstrate that they have
undertaken a minimum of two Hofesh Shechter Company master
workshops with STRUT or equivalent intensives overseas.

Audition application
Please supply your CV with a clear head shot and a short
EOI detailing your experience with, or future commitment to,
Shechter workshops/intensives. These documents should be
combined into a single pdf and forwarded to:
** NOTE: Multiple PDF documents will not be accepted.

Audition applications close Fri 2 Aug 2019.

                                  A mature and magnificent work
                                  …sulphurous, visceral and
                                  surprisingly tender
                                  –Neil Norman, The Stage (tHE bAD)

                                                                      Image: Gabriele Zucca
STRUT DANCE PROGRAM 2019 - "Unparalleled in reach, profound in impact and abundant in opportunity, it is truly game-changing what STRUT Dance is ...
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_10
PITE                                                                                                                                       Image: Michael Slobodian

          STRUT is honoured to continue its partnership with this             Scholarships
          Canadian visionary who continues to build a global reputation       Scholarships of $1000 to cover the workshop fee and
          as the choreographic leader of Kidd Pivot. Crystal's work sits in   travel/accommodation expenses through the Terri-ann
          the repertoire of some of the most significant dance companies      White Scholarship are available for this workshop. This
          the world over. Cindy Salgado, a founding Kidd Pivot member,        opportunity is open to all professional Australian dance
          returns to STRUT to lead a two-week master workshop on the          artists, including recent graduates and previous Terri-ann
          principles governing Crystal’s repertoire                           White Scholarship recipients.
          and choreographic methodology.
                                                                              Scholarships to cover the $400 workshop fee through
          Workshop Dates             Taster Nov 23                            The Feilman Foundation Pathways to Excellence
          Nov 18 - 29                Price $40                                Scholarship Program are available for this workshop.
                                                                              These scholarships are only open to recent dance
          Workshop Showing           Venue all activities                     graduates from Victoria and Western Australia.
          Nov 28 / 6:30pm            State Theatre Centre
                                     of WA, Perth                             The Lewis Major Projects Scholarship provides a financial
          Price                                                               contribution towards workshop fees and expenses.
                                                                              See STRUT Scholarship Program.
          Registrations open Feb 1 and payment will be                        ** Applicants can apply for any of the scholarship
          accepted on a first come first served basis.                        opportunities for the Crystal Pite program, but can
                                                                              only receive one.
          Register HERE.
                                                                              With thanks to the following partners:

          I have participated in all the Pite
          workshops since the get-go and
          yes, there is no stopping me now.
          I am going all the way to the
          magnificent finishing line.
          – Independent Artist and STRUT Member

                                                                                                    2019 STRUT_Dance Program_11
Resources do not often allow for collaboration across art forms
at an early developmental level. STRUT has devised dynamic
and responsive programs for choreographers that build skills
in collaborative processes.

In partnership with the State Theatre Centre of WA, STRUT
designs pathways to encourage future collaboration across
all stage art forms. We feel that these conversations should         This was a brilliant opportunity
commence at ground zero and be continually nurtured. The aim
                                                                     to really share, discover and
is to provide all parties with the necessary vernacular and skills
to develop performance works of greater resonance and depth          then dream together! I am now
and deliver these to the public.
                                                                     making my third work with the
                                                                     choreographer who I met in the
Outcomes include:
                                                                     2016 Collaborations Program.
Young artists learning about collaboration across stage art
                                                                     – Independent Music Composer
forms and having the opportunity to implement that learning
directly back into practice on stage, in order to prepare them
for future creative development
Artists and participants being able to network across art forms
for future creative collaboration
Artists learning about the realities and demands of the
stage environment
Building capacity around marketing and promotion: helping
artists talk about their work at all stages of development
Young artists discussing opportunities to present their own
activity with the State Theatre Centre of WA
Building capacity around audience development for
contemporary dance
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_12
                            Melanie Lane & Adena Jacobs
                            Choreography and Theatre Direction
                            Join recent Keir Choreographic Award winning choreographer Melanie Lane and Fraught Outfit artistic
                            director Adena Jacobs in a two-week exploration of the intersectionality of dance and theatre practice.
                            A space that invites and unpacks processes of interdisciplinary collaboration, collisions and co-creation.
                            The workshop will offer participants:
                            Dialogue that interrogates the parallel practices between theatre and dance
                            Methods and principles for transforming narrative into physical practice
                            Processes of generating material around imagery and narrative

                            Workshop Dates             Taster Sept 7
                            Sept 2 - 13                Price $40                          Participation
                                                                                          Registrations open Feb 1 and payment will be
                            Workshop Showing           Venue all activities               accepted on a first come first served basis.
                            Sept 12 / 6:30pm           State Theatre Centre of WA
                                                                                          Register HERE.

                            Scholarships to cover the $400 workshop fee through The Feilman Foundation Pathways to
                            Excellence Scholarship Program are available for this workshop. These scholarships are only
                            open to recent dance graduates from Victoria and Western Australia.

                            The Lewis Major Projects Scholarship provides a financial contribution towards workshop fees
                            and expenses.

                            See STRUT Scholarship Program.

                            With thanks to the following partners:                I asked STRUT when they were
                                                                                  finally going to bring Melanie Lane
                                                                                  to Perth and now here she comes.
                                                                                  It is so great when an organisation
                                                                                  just listens…
                                                                                  – Independent Dance Artist and STRUT Member

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_13
STRUT recognises the financial challenges facing independent artists when trying to
sustain an ongoing practice. In response, we have developed avenues of access into
the Master Workshop Series through an annual scholarship program. This program is
underpinned by the generous support of foundations and individuals who believe and
champion STRUT’s objective to develop independent choreography and
dance-theatre across Australia.

The STRUT Scholarship Program offers four pathways:

The   Feilman Foundation Pathways to Excellence
The   Terri-ann White Scholarship
The   Lewis Major Projects Scholarship
The   Rogues Program

Image: Rahi Rezvani

                                                                                                                             2019 STRUT_Dance Program_14
The Feilman Foundation was established in 1976 by Mrs
Ethel Feilman to make donations to causes which were
important to her family and in recent times has grown with
addition of the estates of Margaret and Patricia Feilman.

In recognition of the valuable role that STRUT plays in dance
sector development, the Feilman Foundation continues to provide
recent graduates avenues of access into our 2019 Master
Workshop Series.

This will take the form of scholarships to cover workshop fees,
which we understand can be a struggle for students who are just
stepping into the industry. Scholarships are available across the
Crystal Pite, Hofesh Shechter and Melanie Lane & Adena Jacobs
workshops and are limited, at this stage, to graduates of West
Australian or Victorian tertiary programs.

If you are a recent graduate and are interested in applying
for one these scholarships, please follow the link HERE.
                                                                    This scholarship made all the
Applications close COB Fri 18 Jan 2019.
                                                                    difference in enabling me to come
                                                                    over to Perth and work with Hofesh
                                                                    Shechter – thank you STRUT and I
With thanks to the following partner:
                                                                    know that I am not alone in my thanks.
                                                                    – Independent Artist and Feilman Scholarship Recipient
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_15
Terri-ann White, publisher and writer, has generously         Eligibility:
agreed to continue providing scholarship pathways into        _
STRUT’s Master Workshop Series in 2019. The focus of          Applicant must be a STRUT member
this scholarship is to provide access to the Crystal Pite     _
November workshop.                                            This opportunity is open to all professional Australian dance
                                                              artists, including recent graduates and previous Terri-ann
The scholarship will provide Australian dance artists with    White Scholarship recipients
$1000 each to cover the workshop costs and travel/            _
accommodation expenses. Access to this opportunity will be    Applicants can apply for any of the scholarship opportunities
through an EOI process to be reviewed by a panel to include   for the Crystal Pite program, but can only receive one
Terri-ann White and industry experts.
                                                              Applications are now open. Download the application pack HERE.

                                                              Applications close COB Fri 18 Jan 2019.

I am not exaggerating when I say that it                      Terri-ann White is the director of UWA Publishing and a writer.
(Crystal Pite) was perhaps the single most                    She is fiercely interested in dance and has always been
                                                              fascinated by what happens when artists working in
significant workshop I have undertaken in                     different forms come together to make work.
my dance career to date. I left Perth with
                                                              STRUT thanks Terri-ann White for her generous support
a renewed interest in dance theatre and a                     in enabling the ongoing development of independent
                                                              Australian artists.
wealth of knowledge and inspiration that
will help drive my own creative practice.
– Scholarship recipient
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_16
                                                  THE ROGUES
                                                     An initiative to create opportunities for artists
                                                     who have taken a more idiosyncratic or non-
                                                     institutionalised pathway into dance. STRUT’s desire

                                                     is to draw from a culturally and artistically diverse
                                                     pool of dancers who, in turn, help build a more robust
                                                     cohort of STRUT members and Australian artists.

PROJECTS                                             Rogue scholarship recipients are given free access to all of
                                                     STRUT’s Master Workshop and Collaborations programs.

SCHOLARSHIP                                          To this date, STRUT has successfully supported 6 Rogues
                                                     through parts of the 2014-18 program. Any individual or
                                                     organisation may nominate a Rogue for consideration. If you
                                                     have someone in mind, come and talk to us…
Lewis Major Projects has generously
created a bespoke opportunity for a South                              We congratulate Callum Mooney who has
Australian artist to engage with the master                            been nominated as a 2019 Rogue.
workshop series.

$1000 can be applied across fees for any of
the workshops (up to two in total), STRUT
membership and expenses.

Applications are now open and comprise a CV
and 250 word motivation letter in single PDF
format to:
** NOTE multiple PDFs will not be accepted.
                                                                 Being a Sydney based performer,
Applications close COB Fri 18 Jan 2019.
                                                                 opportunities to connect with
This opportunity is only available to graduated                  international and national
dance and physical theatre artists who are
residing in South Australia.
                                                                 choreographers are quite slim.
                                                                 Having this opportunity as a Rogue
                                                                 with STRUT will really help me
STRUT thanks                                                     connect with these choreographers
                                                                 and establish greater networking
                                                                 within the dance world. So, I am
                                                                 happily heading to Perth for 2019!
                                                                 – Callum Mooney
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_17
OPPORTUNITIES                                                 IN SITU
                                                              In partnership with Tura New Music

                                                              In SITU is an annual season of original site-specific works.
                                                              It is a unique opportunity for dance and music artists to explore
                                                              an exciting model of presenting independent performance in
                                                              enticing and unexpected locations throughout the cities of
                                                              Perth and Fremantle.

                                                              STRUT and Tura New Music offer a facilitated and co-creative
                                                              space for choreographers and composers to share practice,
                                                              resources and presentation platforms.

                                                              Beginning as a pop-up performance in Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall
                                                              in King Street in 2014, In SITU then travelled to Fremantle Arts
                                                              Centre, the Courtyard of the State Theatre Centre of WA,
                                                              St George’s Cathedral and most recently, the Old Girls
                                                              School in East Perth.

                                                              In SITU also provides the opportunity for WA emerging
                                                              producers to flex their muscles around site-based curating.
                                                              To date Unkempt Dance, Emma Fishwick and Kynan Hughes
                                                              have held this post. In 2019, the In SITU baton passes to a
                                                              new team of curators: Serena Chalker, Daisy Sanders and
The popular platform of independent choreographic work
                                                              Geordie Crawley.
where artists are provided with resources to develop and
present new ideas in a studio setting.
                                                              Performance Dates
                                                              Dec 4 - 7
Performance Dates
Apr 11 - 13
                                                              To be announced later in the year.
Studio 3, King Street Arts Centre
                                                              EOI and selection procedure by a panel of industry experts
                                                              and In SITU production team.
EOI and selection procedure by a panel of industry experts.

                                                              With thanks to the following partner:
It all started with Short Cuts.
Such a wonderful springboard
into the independent scene!
– Independent Dance Artist and STRUT Member
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_18

WINTER SHORTS                                                 AND THEN SOME                                                    Work considered for And Then Some will be drawn from the
A new partnership between The Blue Room Theatre and           A new partnership pathway between STRUT Dance, Co:3              following pathways or programs:
STRUT Dance. A program of four short choreographic works      Australia, the State Theatre Centre of WA and The Blue Room      _
selected from STRUT’s 2019 Short Cuts and The Blue            Theatre. An initiative to increase the pipeline of development   Short Cuts – the 2019 program
Room Theatre’s micromove seasons, underpinned with extra      and presentation opportunities for the independent dance         _
development, technical and marketing support, Winter Shorts   sector. And Then Some is core to these organisations’            Winter Shorts or micromove – either of the 2019 seasons
will be presented as part of The Blue Room Theatre Winter     commitment to developing pathways for independent artists        _
Nights program.                                               to present longer work with higher production values.            STRUT SEED Residencies – all SEEDs from 2018 and 2019
                                                                                                                               undertaken prior to the EOI are eligible
Performance Dates                                             In 2019, And Then Some will be a fully produced evening of       _
Jul 23 – Aug 3                                                independent contemporary dance – a double-bill from two          Co:3’s Co:Lab and associated programming – from either the
                                                              choreographers/choreographic teams in the State Theatre          2018 or 2019 development programs
Participation                                                 Centre’s Studio Underground. The intention is that And Then      _
EOI and selection procedure by a panel of industry experts    Some will become an annual offering to the sector, with one      Independent choreographic developments funded through
and stakeholders.                                             of the works selected to receive a further development and       external sources and organisations, with development
                                                              presentation opportunity as part of Co:3 Australia’s 2020        undertaken in either 2018 or 2019
                                                              Performance Season on the Heath Ledger Stage.
                                                                                                                               ** NOTE: works presented in both Short Cuts and micromove
                                                              Performance Dates                                                have two pathway options – either directly into And Then Some
                                                              Oct 30 – Nov 2                                                   or through the Winter Shorts platform. Selection for each will
                                                                                                                               be dependent on project readiness and will be panel driven.
                                                              Venue                                                            Artists may choose to apply for both opportunities.
                                                              State Theatre Centre of WA - Studio Underground
                                                                                                                               2020 Co:3 Performance Season Opportunity:
                                                              And Then Some Application                                        Curated from the 2019 And Then Some season by a panel
                                                              EOI and selection procedure by a panel of industry experts       of program stakeholders.
                                                              and program stakeholders.
                                                                                                                               With thanks to the following partners:

                                                                                                                                                                2019 STRUT_Dance Program_19
        PERFORMANCE                                                                           A STRUT and Perth Festival
                                                                                              co-commission world premiere.

                                                                                              By Maxine Doyle

                                                                                              Presented in association with Tura New Music.

                                                                                              Leave your comfort zone and enter a mysterious world where
                                                                                              you wander with the spirits of Perth’s colourful past. Discover
                                                                                              forgotten secrets in the dusty shadows of one of our city’s
                                                                                              most intriguing and significant heritage sites, Sunset down
                                                                                              by the iconic Swan River.

                                                                                              From the renowned UK director-choreographer Maxine Doyle
                                                                                              (co-director of Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man, Sleep No
                                                                                              More) comes a visceral dance-theatre performance that is
                                                                                              epic in reach but intimate in experience. Inspired by the
                                                                                              riverside precinct’s rich and unique history and the bushland
                                                                                              that surrounds it, SUNSET transforms the former Sunset
                                                                                              Old Men’s Home into a waiting room between worlds, where
                                                                                              classical myth collides with WA stories and local heroes can
                                                                                              waltz with gods.

                                                                                              SUNSET will bring together a stunning cast of Australian
                                                                                              artists, an original score by WA composer Rachel Dease,
                                                                                              set and costume design by Bruce McKinven and light design
                                                                                              by Matt Adey.

                                                                                              SUNSET also will be the inaugural event to launch the
                                     We thank the following partners:                         Heritage Precinct as a new performance venue for Perth and
                                                                                              is the outcome of STRUT's three-year partnership with lead
                                                                                              artist Maxine Doyle; an exclusive artform development program
                                                                                              that, since 2016, has seen more that 210 artists from all over
                                                                                              Australia engage with Maxine’s vision and methodology.

                                                                                              Performance Dates / Times          Venue
                                                                                              Feb 7 / 8pm                        Sunset Heritage Precinct,
                                                                                              Feb 8 - 10 / 8pm & 9.15pm          Nedlands
                                                                                              Feb 13 / 8pm
                                                                                              Feb 14 - 17 / 8pm & 9.15pm         Price
                                                                                                                                 $59 - $65
                                                                                              Duration 60mins
                                                                                                                                 Book HERE.
                                                                                              Pre Show Conversation
                                                                                              Thu 14 Feb 7pm
Image: Simon Pynt     With special thanks to Prof. Ian Lawrance and the STRUT Donor Circle.
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_20

                                                                          STRUT celebrates its partnership with Stephanie Lake - a brand new commission in
                                                                          collaboration with the West Australian Opera’s Opera in the Pinnacles.

WEST AUSTRALIAN                                                           Stephanie’s choreography plays out in the exquisite collision of highly wrought dance and
                                                                          theatrical ingenuity. For the WAO season, Stephanie will weave a series of signature and
                                                                          dynamic duets through some of the most spectacular arias in the WAO repertoire.

OPERA                                                                     Performance Date
                                                                          Apr 27

This performance is part of Opera in the Pinnacles presented              Location
by Act-Belong-Commit and the Minderoo Foundation.                         Nambung National Park

                                                                          More information
West Australian Opera is committed to bringing magical operatic           West Australian Opera
moments to all Western Australians. Join us for Opera in the Pinnacles    We thank the following partners:                              WAO Opera in the Pinnacles partners:
and relish an evening of heart-racing, heart-breaking, heart-warming
opera where the power of the human voice set against this iconic desert
landscape makes for a memorable experience like no other.
– West Australian Opera
Image: Simon Pynt                                               Image: Sarah Walker

                                                                                                                                                                              2019 STRUT_Dance Program_21

Every year the Perth Festival creates a
program of fantastic dance artists to engage
with. As part of the Festival Connect
Program, STRUT will host free workshop
intensives with the following artists.

                                               MAXINE                                                          GIDEON
                                               DOYLE                                                           OBARZANEK
                                               Who Maxine Doyle                                                Who Gideon Obarzanek
                                               Date Sat 9 Feb                                                  Date Sun 10 Feb
                                               Time 12 - 2:30pm                                                Time 1 - 2:30pm
                                               Venue Sunset Heritage Precinct                                  Venue King Street Arts Centre

                                               Maxine Doyle is the co-director and choreographer of            Join choreographer and director Gideon Obarzanek,
                                               Punchdrunk's seminal creations Sleep No More and The            accompanied by members of Dancenorth.
                                               Drowned Man and is the director and lead creative on the
                                               STRUT Dance / Perth Festival co-commissioned world              Gideon returns to Perth Festival with One Infinity, a cross-
                                               premiere of SUNSET.                                             cultural music and dance work he directed. One Infinity came
                                                                                                               from a collaboration between Australia’s recorder virtuoso
                                               Maxine and her team will lead a bespoke workshop                Genevieve Lacey and China’s Jun Tian Fang Ensemble, with
                                               unpacking the principles that have governed the creation and    dancers from Dancenorth and Beijing Dance Theater.
                                               performance of SUNSET. The workshop will take place at the
                                               Sunset Heritage Precinct on set and is open to dance artists,
                                               directors, actors and physical theatre practitioners.

                                               With thanks to the following partner:
Image: Colm Hogan                                                    Image: John Hogg

                                                                                                                                                                                                2019 STRUT_Dance Program_22

How to Connect

These workshops are free - register your interest HERE.

With thanks to the following partner:

                                                          MICHAEL                                                              DADA
                                                          KEEGAN-DOLAN                                                         MASILO
                                                          Who Michael Keegan-Dolan                                             Who Dada Masilo
                                                          Date Feb 16                                                          Date Feb 28
                                                          Time 12 - 3pm                                                        Time 2:30 - 4pm
                                                          Venue State Theatre Centre of WA                                     Venue His Majesty’s (access stage door)

                                                          Over more than two decades, Michael Keegan-Dolan has                 Join Dada Masilo and company in class, in which she will teach
                                                          developed a unique and energetic style of dance and theatre -        her unique choreography. Her classes are fast and eclectic -
                                                          working with dancers alongside singers, actors and musicians         fusing Flying Low, Forsythe, ballet and African dance.
                                                          in many of his productions.
                                                                                                                               Dada was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa and
                                                          In this class, learn how these processes integrate in play.          trained at The Dance Factory, where she is now Artist-in-
                                                          Rather than technical analysis, focus on the act of doing; work      Residence. After training abroad at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels,
                                                          with different energetic dynamics; explore the skillful use of the   she returned to South Africa and presented three commissions
                                                          senses and their application to work, rhythm and musicality.         from the National Arts Festival including Romeo and Juliet
                                                                                                                               (2008), Carmen (2009) and Swan Lake (2010), which have
                                                          This workshop is open to dance artists, actors, musicians,           since toured extensively throughout Europe.
                                                          directors and choreographers.
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_23
                            at home and abroad
                            Four artists/artistic teams per year are to receive residencies   New SEEDs / New Partners
                            of up to $10,000.                                                 STRUT Dance and the Komunitas Salihara Arts Centre in
                                                                                              Jakarta are beginning a new partnership to create pathways
                            These residencies have been successful in offering financial      of exchange with shared artists and collaborators. To launch
                            and administrative resources to choreographers so that they       this initiative, STRUT and Salihara are supporting the
                            can really knuckle down into a new process. Many SEED             choreographic team of Natalie Allen and Samuel Harnett-
I'm super excited to        recipients have gone on to receive further support and develop    Welk to undertake the first Indonesian SEED.
                            full evening works presented on festival platforms.
spend six weeks at                                                                            STRUT congratulates Natalie and Samuel and wishes them
Komunitas Salihara Arts     We accept applications from all over Australia, however the       an enriching experience.
                            WA/Interstate allocation mirrors STRUT’s own state to federal
Centre with Samuel          funding ratio of three to one.                                    This SEED was made possible with the support of the
Harnett-Welk to do some                                                                       Australian Government through the Australia Council for the
                            Selection is by formal application to be reviewed by an           Arts, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the
serious investigating       independent panel of industry experts and stakeholders.           Australia Indonesia Institute.
into our improvisational
                            2019 successful SEED applicants are:                              The 2020 SEED Residency applications will open in June 2019.
practices. We anticipate
that the great amount of    Emma Fishwick                                                     We thank the following partners:
                            Scott Elstermann
inspiration and cultural    Eliza Sanders and James O’Hara
exchange by the local       Yilin Kong and Michael Smith

artists, the environment    STRUT congratulates these six artists and wishes them
                            a wonderful journey SEEDing their next creation.
and history will richly
feed our creation of
Alternative Universes.
Natalie Allen –
Indonesian SEED recipient
PROFESSIONAL                                                  PUBLIC

                                                                                                                                                         2019 STRUT_Dance Program_24
CLASS                                                         CLASS
Aspirational training for professional dancers and physical   STRUT continues to open its doors to those who just
theatre practitioners.                                        feel the need to join us on the dance floor. Our public
                                                              contemporary classes are geared at an amateur level – for
STRUT recognises the necessity of technical training as       beginners and intermediates – but are led by professional
part of a dancer’s physical maintenance and preparedness      artists, with an emphasis on technique, musicality and joy.
to work. STRUT is committed to providing the sector with
inspirational dance teachers and mentors from all over        Open to anyone over 18 with any level of experience
Australia and abroad. This is mostly focused during Master    in dance.
Workshop Series and any performance outcome delivery.
                                                              Once a year STRUT public class participants present
So please check the dates of the Master Workshop Series       their own studio performance, Access, platforming the
to make sure that you are up to date and able to engage.      techniques and training that participants have been
                                                              playing with across the year.
STRUT sometimes offers professional classes outside                                                                         So much fun and the
these times. So please check the STRUT classes                CLASSES                                                       teachers are really
website page.                                                 When
                                                              Beginner: 5:40 - 6:55pm, Tuesdays                             engaged! I am a diehard
When                                                          Intermediate: 7:00 - 8:15pm, Tuesdays                         Access dancer!
9:30 - 11.00 am
Mon - Fri                                                     Venue                                                         – Public Class participant
                                                              King Street Arts Centre
King Street Arts Centre                                       Participation
State Theatre Centre of WA                                    Click HERE to find out more and to book your
                                                              place in these classes.
Check the STRUT website for details
                                                              Access - Public Class Performance
Price                                                         A performance invitation for public class participants
$12 per class for STRUT Members                               to STRUT up and dance in work co-choreographed
$16 per class for non-members                                 by public class participants and teachers.
$90 for 10-class card (for STRUT Members only)
                                                              Date Oct 4
Participation                                                 Time 6:30pm
Open to all professional-level dancers and physical           Venue King Street Arts Centre
theatre practitioners.

** STRUT is committed to supporting independents who
want to hold their own professional training outside of
STRUT’s regular schedule.

Get in touch to discuss possibilities.
2019 STRUT_Dance Program_25
                   OUR PARTNERS
                   OUR THANKS
STRUT plays a vital role in introducing
Australian artists to the global benchmark
of contemporary choreographic masters.
It is so exciting to now see the organisation
collaborate with an international innovator
like Maxine Doyle on a bold new site-
specific work in Perth.
– Wendy Martin, Artistic Director of Perth Festival

First Floor
King Street Arts Centre
357-365 Murray Street
Perth WA 6000

PO Box 7011
Cloisters Square
Perth WA 6850

T | 61 8 9321 4066
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