Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education

Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Study Abroad at La Trobe

Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Brittany Wong

La Trobe had the most welcoming
reception for international
students which I appreciated
coming from a different country.
Since arriving in February 2016,
I have joined the La Trobe Snow
Sports Team, ALP, and Student
Film and Theatre group.

Brittany Wong
Study Abroad – Inbound
Bachelor of Arts
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Welcome to La Trobe              4
Melbourne: a great place to
live and study                   6
Life in Victoria                 8
Life at La Trobe                 10
Accommodation and living costs   11
Apply for Study Abroad14
Study Abroad fees                14
Key dates15
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
to La Trobe
Study at a modern, culturally diverse
and vibrant university in one of the most
student-friendly cities in the world.
Since La Trobe opened its doors in 1967, we’ve built an international
reputation for excellence.
Today we’re ranked in the world’s top 400 universities by all
three major ranking agencies – the QS World University Rankings
2016–2017, Times Higher Education (THE) World University
Rankings 2016–2017 and the Academic Ranking of World
Universities (ARWU) 2016.
Our largest campus is located in Melbourne, a city renowned for its
food, entertainment and café culture, and consistently ranked the
world’s most liveable by the Economist Global Liveability Ranking.
Our diverse community of over 37 000 students includes over 8 000
international students from more than 110 countries.

                                                  Our student community includes

 As a Study Abroad student,                       8 000                            We were ranked among the
 you can choose from more than
                                                  international top 200
 2 000                                            students
                                                                                   most international universities in
                                                  from over 110 countries.         the world in the 2016 Times Higher
                                                                                   Education World University Rankings.

   4          Study Abroad at La Trobe
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
The wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax)
                                                                                is one of the world’s largest. For the
                                                                                Wurundjeri People, traditional owners
                                                                                of the land where our Melbourne
                                                                                Campus is located, the wedge-tailed
                                                                                eagle is known as Bunjil. The eagle
                                                                                gives guidance to those in need.

                                                                                ‘Whenever there’s a fearsome time,
                                                                                or a time of doubt, or you’re not sure
                                                                                of which way to go or what you should
                                                                                do, most times an eagle will feature.’
                                                                                  unty Joy Murphy Wandin,
                                                                                 Senior Elder of the Wurundjeri People.

                                                                                The eagle represents knowledge,
                                                                                wisdom and leadership. You can
                                                                                see one of these majestic animals
                                                                                at Healesville sanctuary or around
                                                                                the You Yangs in Victoria.

       Eighty-two per cent of our
       research areas were rated                                                We’ve invested over

       world                                                                    A$500
       standard                                                                 million
                                                We’re proudly celebrating our

       or above                                 50th                            into new world-class facilities such

       in the 2015 Excellence in
                                                birthday                        as the La Trobe Institute for Molecular
                                                                                Sciences (LIMS) and the Centre for
       Research for Australia Report.           in 2017.                        AgriBioscience (AgriBio).

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia                                                                        5
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Melbourne: a great place
to live and study

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

With music, art, food and sport, this is where it’s all happening.
Melbourne is a vibrant,                     Around the world                              Don’t forget to catch a game of Australian
                                                                                          Rules Football (AFL), Melbourne’s number
                                            in food and drink
multicultural city, known                                                                 one sport.
                                            We have world cuisines covered, with
worldwide as a leading                      everything from Mexican, Spanish tapas
destination for the arts,                   and Chinatown delights, to coffee dens        Getting from place to place
                                            and modern Indian cuisine.
cultural festivals, sporting                                                              It’s easy to travel around Melbourne.
                                                                                          You can explore the many attractions on
                                            On the weekend, visit one of our many
events, restaurants                         farmer’s markets and sample fresh,
                                                                                          our convenient public transport system,
                                                                                          which includes buses, trains and trams.
and cafés.                                  local produce.

                                            Experience Melbourne’s vibrant bar scene.
You’ll never be bored                       Whether you’re after a colourful cocktail
in Melbourne                                at a rooftop bar or a few quiet drinks in
                                            a pub, you’re bound to find something
Be surrounded by art and culture. See a     to suit your mood and budget. Dance to          Did you know?
movie at an outdoor cinema, watch a free    world class DJs, be baffled by installation
performance at Federation Square or visit   art, or enjoy a late night snack.               Melbourne has the
one of our many galleries. Walk down                                                        largest operating
our famous city laneways and admire
the colourful street art.                   A sport-lover’s haven                           tram network in the
Melbourne hosts festivals throughout the
                                            Melbourne is the sporting capital of            world. More than
                                            Australia – we even have holidays to
year including major events such as the
                                            celebrate sport. Victoria hosts many
                                                                                            450 trams travel
Melbourne International Comedy Festival,
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week,
                                            international sporting events, including        on 250 kilometres
                                            the Formula One Grand Prix, Spring
Melbourne Writers Festival and
                                            Racing Carnival, Australian Open,               (155 miles) of track
International Arts Festival.
                                            International Cricket, Motor GP and             throughout the city.
                                            Rip Curl Pro just to name a few.

   6           Study Abroad at La Trobe
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Melbourne Cricket Ground                        Laneways

Degraves Street cafés

                                                  §§ Our largest campus is located in Melbourne, ranked the
                                                     world’s most liveable city for six years in a row (Economist
                                                     Global Liveability Ranking 2010–2016).
                                                  §§ Over half of Melbourne’s population was born overseas, and
                                                     residents speak over 100 languages – we’re a multicultural
                                                     city and proud of it.
                                                  §§ Melbourne is ranked in the world’s top five student cities
                                                     (QS Best Student Cities 2017).
                                                  §§ There’s a strong arts and cultural scene in Melbourne,
                                                     with a packed calendar of events.
                                                  §§ Melbourne was named the sporting capital of the world
                                                     at the 2016 SportBusiness Ultimate Sport City Awards.
Federation Square

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia                                                                       7
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Life in
    Victoria is small in size but big on appeal.
    Located on the south east of Australia, it has
    a diverse and beautiful natural landscape
    and varied weather – cooler in the south and
    warmer in the north. Victoria is an economic
    hub and is the most densely populated state
    in Australia.

    It’s easy to explore Victoria’s natural
    attractions. Simply hire a car, catch a train
    or book a tour to see the Great Ocean Road,
    Philip Island, Yarra Valley wineries and
    national parks such as the Grampians
    and the You Yangs. Head further north
    to historical towns such as Bendigo, the
    alpine ski fields and the Murray River.

8            Study Abroad at La Trobe
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Victoria is home to over                                   It’s a state of                                                        Hosts international

   six million                                                diverse                                                                sporting
   people                                                     natural                                                                events
                                                              attractions                  ,
                                                              including the Great Ocean Road
                                                                                                                                     including the Rip Curl Bells Beach
                                                                                                                                     Surfing Competition and the
                                                                                                                                     Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
                                                              and the Grampians.

Australia                                                                                               Victoria


        Western Australia                           Queensland
                                 South Australia
                                                                                                                                              Melbourne (Bundoora)
                                                   New South Wales                                                 Melbourne CBD


Melbourne                                            Tasmania
                                                                 SYDNEY RD

                                                                                                                     RING RD
        MELBOURNE                                                                                                                                      GRIMSHAW STREET


                                                                     HUME HWY

                                                                                          ST GEORGES

                                                                                                              RD                                                          NA RD
                                                                                                         ENTY        LA TROBE                                        ROSAN
                                                                                                       PL            UNIVERSITY
                                                                                PRESTON                NORTHLAND
                                                                                MARKET                  SHOPPING

                     GR                                           BELL ST                                 CENTRE




                                                                                                       EASTERN FWY

                                                                                  TRAM #86
                                                                                  From: WATERFRONT CITY/DOCKLANDS
                                                                                  To: LA TROBE UNIVERSITY/PLENTY RD

                                                                                                                             BURKE R

           WESTGATE FWY                                                                                                                                    KEY
                                                          CITY CENTRE
                                                                                                                                                           MELBOURNE CAMPUS
                                                                                              PRINCES HW                                                   RAILWAY STATION
                                                                                                                                                           TRAM STOP
                                                                                                                                                           TRAM ROUTE

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia                                                                                                                                9
Study Abroad at La Trobe - - Times Higher Education
Life at La Trobe
There is a lot more to experience at
La Trobe than going to class and working
on assignments. You will have an
opportunity to get to know other
Study Abroad students on an optional
pre-Orientation trip to one of our most
popular destinations, the Great Ocean
Road. You’ll also have a surfing lesson,
go hiking along the coast, see real koalas
and visit Bells Beach, home of the famous
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Surfing

After arriving back on campus, you’ll
settle into student life. At La Trobe you
can access a range of facilities and            Melbourne Campus
services, including student support, library
facilities, fitness centres, cafés and retail
outlets. You can participate in a range of
clubs, sporting teams and social events
to make your La Trobe experience a
memorable one.

Our Study Abroad team is on hand to
help you with any questions you may
have, and you’ll also have access to
a dedicated International Students
                                                City Campus                                   Bendigo Campus

Melbourne                                       The La Trobe Global Lounge is an              Bendigo
                                                information hub for La Trobe’s incoming
Over 26 000 students | 14 kilometres            and outgoing exchange students located        Over 5 000 students | 3 kilometres
(8.7 miles) from Melbourne city |               at the Melbourne Campus. Here, you can        (1.86 miles) from Bendigo city centre |
Accessible by car, tram, train, bus or bike |   meet with La Trobe Abroad Advisers,           Accessible by car, train, bus or bike |
On-campus accommodation options.                network with other students, and find         On-campus accommodation options.
Our Melbourne Campus is our largest,            more information about the many               The Bendigo Campus is La Trobe’s second
set among 267 hectares (660 acres) of           destinations available for exchange.          largest campus with over 5 000 local and
parkland and waterways. Amenities and                                                         international students. The Campus is
services available at the Campus include        Melbourne City                                home to the La Trobe Rural Health School
student accommodation facilities, cafés,                                                      and the Centre for Sustainable Regional
library and a sports and fitness centre.        Over 700 students | Melbourne city location   Communities. Located approximately
We are also the only university in Melbourne    | Accessible by car, train, bus or bike.      a two-hour drive or train ride from
to have our very own Wildlife Sanctuary,                                                      Melbourne in the heart of Victoria,
                                                Located in Collins Street in the heart of
home to native animals including an emu,                                                      Bendigo is a cultural hub with a vibrant
                                                Melbourne, the City Campus combines
kangaroos, possums and flying foxes.                                                          nightlife and a welcoming community.
                                                study with all the excitement and culture
                                                                                              You’ll also be able to explore the
Located just 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) from     Melbourne has to offer. The Campus
                                                                                              surrounding natural attractions, including
the centre of Melbourne, close to public        offers postgraduate courses in business,
                                                                                              a national park. La Trobe International has
transport and with car parking available,       law and health, and is home to La Trobe
                                                                                              a dedicated team of advisors ready to
travelling to the Campus is easy. You can       Business School. Students enjoy a service-
                                                                                              take your enquiries.
also loan a bicycle or catch the free glider    focused study experience and modern
bus to different locations on campus.           facilities that are close to shops, cafés,
                                                restaurants and public transport.
                                                For more information visit:

   10           Study Abroad at La Trobe
and living costs
Living on campus gives you a unique opportunity to develop
intellectually, socially and personally in a safe and dynamic residential
community. Residents on campus share a unique relationship with
other students and dedicated staff, which supports and enhances their
student experience.
On-campus accommodation is offered at the Melbourne and
Bendigo campuses. The Melbourne Campus has three undergraduate
colleges – Chisholm, Glenn and Menzies. The Bendigo Campus has
accommodation located across its campus.
You will have your own bedroom located on a shared floor, giving you
a private space to relax and study while also making it easy to spend
time with friends. At both the Melbourne Campus and the Bendigo
Campus, you will have access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals
easily and affordably, or you may opt for the convenience of having
some meals catered.
If you wish to stay off campus, your options include homestay
or renting a room or apartment.
Find out more about your accommodation options and costs:

Average living costs for one student (A$) – indicative only
                                                                                 MELBOURNE                                                    BENDIGO
                                                                                                    flat or apartment 3

                                                                                                                                                               flat or apartment 3
                                                                                                                          Chisholm College
                                                                                Renting shared

                                                                                                                                             Renting shared
                                                                                                    One bedroom

                                                                                                                                                               One bedroom

                                                                                                                                                                                     non‑catered 6
                                                                                house or flat1

                                                                                                                                             house or flat1

TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION                                                                                                                                                                The Units

Establishment costs (once only)
Bond2                                                                            651                 1 282                 515                563               987                  515
Rent in advance                                                                  651                 1 282                 0                  563               987                  0
Telephone, internet and utilities connection                                     100                 143                   515 4              55                143                  515 4
Establishment costs (Household items, furniture)                                 512                 1 100                 226        2
                                                                                                                                              512               1 100                2262
Total                                                                            1 914               3 807                 1 256              1 693             3 216                1 256

Annual Costs
Books, stationery, etc.                                                          819                 819                   819                819               819                  819

Weekly Costs
Weekly rent/board                                                                150                 295                   192                130               228                  173
Food/groceries                                                                   92                  92                    92                 92                92                   925
Personal items/health/clothing11                                                 31                  61                    31                 31                61                   31
Utilities (gas, electricity, mobile phone, internet)                             66                  110                   11                 66                110                  11
Travel (public transport/fuel)3                                                  60                  60                    29                 27                27                   11
Spending money                                                                   82                  82                    82                 82                82                   82
Average weekly costs                                                             481                 701                   437                428               600                  400

Total estimate                                                                   19 391              28 563                17 800             17 359            24 665               16 464
(one academic year = 36 weeks)
[1] Assumes shared with two others. [2] Includes non-refundable costs of social and transition programs and other miscellaneous fees. This cost may be lesser for students who are in-residence for
only one semester or who commence at Semester 2 (July). [3] Tenants are legally liable to pay rent for 52 weeks when signing a lease for one year. [4] This includes facilities, services and internet
connection and usage. [5] Different Catering plans and casual dining options are available at all on-campus accommodation in Bendigo. For an extra A$99 per week you receive five breakfasts from
Mondays to Fridays, and four dinners Mondays to Thursdays. [6] Multiple accommodation options are available at Bendigo. In addition to The Units, there are the new Hillside Apartments, Orde House
and The Terraces.

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia                                                                                                                                                        11
La Trobe offers you a unique study experience. Complete one or two semesters at La Trobe
for credit towards your degree in your home country, including coursework and research.
You can design your own study plan by choosing from the excellent selection of programs
we offer across our colleges.

Accounting and business                                    Asian studies                           Health management
Accounting                                                 Chinese                                 Health administration
Business                                                   Hindi                                   Health information management
                                                           Indonesian                              OHS and ergonomics
Agricultural and                                           Japanese
environmental sciences                                                                             Health sciences
Agricultural sciences                                      Biological sciences                     Health sciences
Botany                                                     Animal veterinary biosciences
                                                           Biochemistry and molecular biology      Historical and cultural
Environmental management                                   Biology                                 studies
and ecology                                                Biotechnology                           Archaeology
Environmental science                                      Genetics                                Gender, sexuality and diversity studies
Science                                                    Microbiology                            History
Wildlife and conservation biology                          Science                                 Latin American studies
                                                           Counselling and social work             Human biosciences
Allied health and                                          Social work                             Exercise physiology
rehabilitation                                                                                     Human nutrition
Ageing and aged care                                       Economics and finance                   Physiology
Dietetics                                                  Economics
                                                           Finance                                 Information technology
Exercise science
                                                           Politics, philosophy and economics      Computer science
Health administration
                                                                                                   Information systems
Health policy                                              Education and teaching                  Information technology
Health promotion                                           Early childhood education               Science
Health promoting palliative care                           Educational leadership and management
Nursing                                                    Educational studies                     Law
Occupational therapy                                       Outdoor education                       Law
Public health
                                                           Physical and health education           Marketing and management
                                                           Primary education                       Event management
Rehabilitation counselling                                 Secondary education                     Human resource management
Disclaimer: entry into some of these programs is limited
and entry into subjects cannot be guaranteed.
                                                           Engineering                             Management
Arts, communication                                        Civil engineering
                                                                                                   Sport management
and critical enquiry                                       Engineering
                                                                                                   Tourism and hospitality management
Arts                                                       Science
Communication                                              European studies                        Medical and psychological
English                                                    French studies                          sciences
Journalism                                                 Greek studies                           Anatomy
Linguistics                                                Italian studies                         Biomedical science
Media                                                      Spanish studies                         Pharmacy
Philosophy                                                                                         Physiology

    12               Study Abroad at La Trobe
Physical, chemical and                          Visual and creative arts
mathematical sciences                           Creative arts
Chemistry                                       Creative writing                          Indigenous Australian
Mathematics and statistics                      Fine arts                                 history, culture and customs
Nanotechnology                                  Graphic design                            Wominjeka La Trobe is a short
                                                                                          compulsory online module which
Physics                                         Theatre and drama                         introduces all commencing La Trobe
Science                                                                                   students to Indigenous Australian history,
                                                For more information,                     culture and customs. All students are
Social sciences                                 visit:   required to complete this subject at the
Aboriginal studies                                                                        commencement of the first semester.
Crime, justice and legal studies
International development
International relations
Sustainability and development

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia                                                                                          13
Apply for Study Abroad
Apply through one of our representatives in your home country or directly to La Trobe
online at:

 Choose your subjects               Accept your offer        Arrive in Melbourne
                                    and pay tuition fee      for pre-Orientation trip
                                    deposit and OSHC

 Complete the online
 application form or                                         Experience Orientation
 apply through one of
 our representatives in
 your country                       Once you receive
                                    your Confirmation
                                    of Enrolment (CoE),
                                    apply for student visa
                                                             Begin your studies

 Submit certified copies of
 your academic transcripts,         Apply for
 completion certificates,
 proof of English language
 proficiency (if applicable)
                                                             Tuition fees for the Study Abroad
 and a copy of your                                          program are A$9 000 for four subjects.
 passport                                                    Three subject option may be available.

  14     Study Abroad at La Trobe
Key dates
Semester 1
February               Orientation
April		                Mid-semester vacation
June		                 Study vacation
June		                 Examinations

Semester 2
July		                 Orientation Week         I love the fact that it is very easy to
September              Mid-semester vacation    participate in class; the teachers are
October                Study vacation
                                                looking for discussions which are
                                                really interesting because we can link
November               Examinations
                                                the theory with real life experiences.
                                                All my classes here at La Trobe
Summer Semester                                 University are related to my career
November                                        path and I believe that the examples
                                                and exercises given in class will
Public Holidays (Victoria)                      help me be prepared for my future
New Year’s Day                                  job. As an exchange student, I have
Australia Day
                                                participated in the La Trobe fencing
                                                club, which I love! I have also been a
Labour Day (University open)
                                                volunteer at the Mud Run, which was
Good Friday                                     really fun and a great opportunity to
Easter Monday                                   meet Australians.
Anzac Day
Queen’s Birthday
AFL Grand Final
Melbourne Cup (University open)
Christmas Day
Boxing Day                                      Emilie Polonovski
                                                Study Abroad – Inbound

Study Abroad at La Trobe University Australia
Further information

Exchange students and fee-paying Study Abroad
students (partner based and direct applicants):

Students applying through an education agent:


                                                  ICON9803 CRICOS Provider 00115M
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