STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast

STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast

                                                                  2    STUDY ABROAD AT QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY BELFAST

                                                                  11   THE FACULTY OF ARTS, HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES

                                                                  27   THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES

                                                                  41   THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE, HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES

                                                                  47   INCLUSION AND WELLBEING SERVICES

                                                                  50   WHAT’S NEXT?

This means you’ll be taught by world-leading academics and that
your course content will be informed by the latest research,
making it as relevant as it can be.

Queen’s is based in Belfast, a buzzing capital city with the
lowest student cost of living in the UK
(Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020).
What could be better?

With over 200 student-led clubs and societies on campus,
you are sure to find your tribe.

STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
As the leading UK university on the Island of Ireland, over 100
students from North America come to Queen’s University Belfast
each year to study abroad for a semester or an academic year.

WHY                                                               Awash with enthusiasm, culture
                                                                  and that famous Irish friendliness,

BELFAST?                                                          students can also explore:
                                                                  • Game of Thrones film location
Belfast is a vibrant city and a “Must See”                          and activity tours
European destination, with its own distinct
culture and traditions. Belfast is in the safest                  • Beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures
region in the UK (UK British Crime Surveys                          such as the Giant’s Causeway or
2018/19).                                                           hiking in the Mourne Mountains
                                                                  • The Titanic Belfast Museum was
                                                                    voted best tourist attraction in the
                                                                    world (World Travel Awards 2016)
                                                                  • Great entertainment and nights out; a
                                                                    buzzing arts and social scene from festivals,
              BELFAST VOTED                                         theatre and international events to historic
             NUMBER 1 REGION                                        pubs, stylish bars and brilliant shopping
               (LONELY PLANET, 2017)                              • Northern Ireland is the happiest
                                                                    place to live in the UK (Lloyds
                                                                    Bank Happiness Index, 2020)
                                                                  • The rest of the UK, Ireland and
                                                                    Europe with accessible airport and
                                                                    transport links to most major cities.


2                                                                                                                   3
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
Choosing Queen’s allows
    students to study at a world-
    class university (Ivy League
    equivalent), make new friends
    and live alongside people
    from all over the world for a
    truly immersive experience in
    another culture.

WHY                                                                                             ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                                AND ORIENTATION
QUEEN’S?                                                                                        All study abroad students are guaranteed
Study abroad students at Queen’s are                                                            accommodation at Queen’s, which is located
taught by world-leading researchers and                                                         within easy walking distance of the University
experts in their field through lectures,                                                        in a pleasant residential area (Elms BT9), or
tutorials or practical laboratories,                      QUEEN’S WAS RANKED 1ST                at the heart of city life at our BT1 and BT2
in state-of-the-art facilities.                     OUT OF 9 RUSSELL GROUP UNIVERSITIES         housing. All accommodation is self-catering
                                                              FOR SATISFACTION
We also offer opportunities beyond the                  WITH ACCOMMODATION COST                 with en-suite options and internet access.
                                                       (INTERNATIONAL STUDENT BAROMETER 2018)
classroom with internships, research classes                                                    Orientation programmes run in September
and field trip options. Due to the unique                                                       and January to coincide with the start of
history of Belfast, students can also gain                                                      semester, helping study abroad students
insights into their subject(s) in a post conflict                                               get familiar with the new environment and
scenario, especially in areas of Politics,                                                      support services on offer at Queen’s. There
International Studies, History and English.                                                     is also information on adjusting to university
Our Campus is within walking distance                       QUEEN’S IS HOME TO                  study, living expenses and tours of the
of the city center as well as coastlines            OVER 3,000 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS           recreational facilities and city of Belfast.
                                                      FROM 80 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES
and epic landscapes just 1 hour away.                      (QUEEN’S PLANNING OFFICE, 2020)

We understand that this is, for many
students, a once in a lifetime opportunity.
With this in mind, we encourage students
to maximize their experience outside the
classroom and offer organized field trips
and excursions each weekend through
                                                               QUEEN’S IS THE
student accommodation services.                           NINTH OLDEST UNIVERSITY
                                                                 IN THE UK
                                                          (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)

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STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
WHAT                                           CHOOSING
CAN I STUDY?                                   WHAT TO STUDY

Study abroad students can choose to study      Study abroad students normally take          Students should agree module choices
virtually any subject Queen’s offers in:       three modules per semester. Modules          with their home institution’s study abroad
                                               are usually worth 20 CATS points each        adviser before submitting an application
- Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
                                               (5 US Credits) and students require 60       to ensure they are appropriate to the
- Engineering and Physical Sciences            CATS Points per semester (This equates       student’s level of study and that your home
                                               to 15–18 US Credits or 30 ECTS credits).     university will award transfer credit.
- Medical, Health and Life Sciences
                                               A list of modules in the undergraduate       Teaching Methods
Examples include:                              course catalogue is available at             Learning in the UK and Ireland is much more
                                                         independent. The teaching of a module will
- Architecture                                                                              usually be based on lectures, supported by
                                               Simply select the subject area of interest
                                                                                            tutorials or seminars, which incorporate
- Biological Sciences                          to see the range of modules (classes)
                                                                                            group discussion. Students are also expected
                                               offered. By clicking on each individual
- Biomedical Science                                                                        to supplement formal teaching with their own
                                               module, information on credit, content
                                                                                            private study, with the student determining
- Conflict Transformation and Social Justice   and assessment is detailed along with
                                                                                            how much reading they wish to do.
                                               which semester in which it is offered.
- Ethnomusicology
                                               Students can usually select modules from
- Economics                                    Level 1 and 2 without evidence of prior
- Engineering and Computer Science             study. Modules at Level 3 often require
                                               demonstration of relevant study.
- Northern Ireland: Conflict,
  Identity, Peace
- Pharmaceutical Sciences
- Psychology
Interdisciplinary study is also possible
dependent upon pre-requisites being
met and timetabling, eg Irish Folklore/          1 CLASS IS WORTH 20 CATS CREDITS
Molecular Cell Biology/Bio Chemistry.                     = 5–6 US CREDITS
                                                     STUDENTS TAKE A TOTAL OF
There are also some more specialist                   3 CLASSES PER SEMESTER
subjects on offer at Queen’s, such as,
The Politics of Deeply Divided Societies
and Introduction to Screenwriting.

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STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
HOW TO                                                                               WHAT ARE
APPLY                                                                                THE COSTS?*
                                                                                       STUDY ABROAD FEES 2021-22                                            £                            US$**                    CAN$**
                                                                                      One Semester/Term                                                     7,600                        10,523                   13,345
Study abroad is open to those students
currently undertaking an undergraduate                                                1 Academic Year                                                       15,200                       21,046                   26,690
degree from an accredited university.                                                  ACCOMMODATION COSTS 2021-22
Applicants should normally have completed
at least one year of university study.                                                Non-catered accommodation                                             110 per week                 152 per week             192 per week
                                                                                      Non-catered accommodation with ensuite                                124 per week                 171 per week             217 per week
Students are required to have a GPA of 3.0
                                                                                      Application fee/Damage deposit                                        300                          415                      527
overall from their current home university.
Some specific subject areas chosen may require                                         LIVING EXPENSES
evidence of prior study and attainment.
                                                                                      Food                                                                  50 per week                  69 per week              88 per week
Apply online at                                                 Personal Expenses e.g. entertainment,                                 40 per week                  55 per week              70 per week
Module choices, an academic reference                                                 clothes (depending on social life)
and official transcripts from the home                                                Books                                                                 10 per week                  14 per week              17 per week
university outlining obtained grades                                                  Can be borrowed from the Library for two
are required for applications.                                                        weeks or overnight, or bought (reasonably
                                                                                      priced University Bookshops)
                                                                                      Local Transportation Costs Minimal, as                                 5 per week                  7 per week               8 per week
Application Deadlines
                                                                                      Queen’s is a campus university.
Semester 1 Fall/Academic Year: 31 May                                                 Cost of a standard return coach journey to                            18                           25                       32
Semester 2 Spring: 31 October                                                         Dublin (2 hours)

Visa Requirements                                                                     Cost of an average return flight to                                   51                           71                       90
                                                                                      London (1 hr)
Semester Study Abroad students from                                                   Based on Easyjet flight from various London
North America require a Visitor Study Visa
whereas those undertaking a full academic         QUEEN’S                             airports to Belfast International lowest
                                                                                      published fare between October and
year require a Student Visa Route (formerly
Tier 4 Visa). Queen’s will provide the required
                                                  LOYALTY                             December 2020

documentation to successful study abroad          SCHOLARSHIP                         Gym membership based on student off peak
                                                                                      monthly membership – payable per month
                                                                                                                                                            16.50 per month              23 per month             29 per month

applicants for their visa application.
                                                  Study Abroad students who return
                                                                                      One off administration fee for monthly gym                            15                           21                       26
                                                  to Queen’s to complete a            membership
                                                  full-time undergraduate or
                                                                                      Student Cinema Ticket with Odeon                                      6                            8                        11
                                                  postgraduate degree are also
                                                  eligible for
                                                                                     *Living expenses are indicative and program costs including fees vary subject to arrangements with individual partner institutions
                                                  20% TUITION FEE DISCOUNT
                                                  IN YEAR 1                          **All fees are payable in £ sterling. An approximate estimation is shown at the following exchange rate
                                                                                     (10 February 2021): US$1.38 = £1, Can$1.76 = £1. Prices quoted are correct at time of print (February 2021)

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                9
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
I came to Belfast looking to escape
     the well-trodden path of the London,

                                                                                         THE FACULTY OF
     Paris, or Berlin study abroad experience
     on which many of my peers were              QUEEN’S RANKED 17 IN THE WORLD

                                                                                         ARTS, HUMANITIES
                                                  FOR INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK
     embarking. I wanted to be in a place              (TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION
     that would deepen my understanding             WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2022)

     of my Politics degree – a place that
     would bring the theory I learned into                                               AND SOCIAL
     sharper and more personal focus. I
     found that in Belfast. I rarely feel like                                           SCIENCES
     a tourist, and easily engage in the
     messy and personal politics that mean
                                                     10 QUEEN’S SUBJECTS IN
     so much in this transitioning city.            THE TOP 200 IN THE WORLD
                                                   (QS WORLD RANKINGS BY SUBJECT 2021)
     I’ve been welcomed by both residents
     of Belfast and by Queen’s students.
     Being at Queen’s has allowed me to
     be more in control of my education.
     As a politics student, I am given
     the space to do better and more
     meaningful work both at Queen’s
     and as a person living in Belfast.

     Emma Paul
     Oberlin College, Ohio

10                                                                                                          11
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and                10 QUEEN’S SUBJECTS IN THE                           INTERNSHIPS AND
Social Sciences at Queen’s is a busy,              TOP 200 IN THE WORLD
multidisciplinary community of learners,           (QS World Rankings by subject 2022)
                                                                                                        RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES
dedicated to using the wide range of               - Pharmacy and Pharmacology (=79)
subjects within the arts and humanities to                                                              Internship Pathway                              Independent Research Module
                                                   - English Language and Literature (=94)
make a difference to the lives of ordinary
                                                   - Nursing (51-100)                                   Complement the Queen’s study abroad             Students have the option to undertake
people, locally nationally and internationally.                                                         experience with a six week internship in        a piece of independent research within
                                                   - Archaeology (101-150)
                                                                                                        the field of social justice and peacebuilding   the faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social
We are home to some 9,300 students and             - Law (101-150)                                      following the spring semester. Gain             Science, worth 20 CATS points.
700 academic and support staff who work
                                                   - Agriculture and Forestry (151-200)                 international work experience and college
across five Schools:                                                                                                                                    Students will discuss and agree a suitable
                                                   - Architecture/ Built Environment (151-200)          credit (20 CATS/5-6 US Credits) in a vibrant
                                                                                                        city emerging from decades of conflict.         research topic with the nominated Queen’s
- Arts, English and Languages                      - Chemical Engineering (151-200)                                                                     supervisor, and also their supervisor at their
- History, Anthropology, Philosophy                - Electronics and Electrical Engineering (151-200)   The internship is designed to improve           home institution if required.
  and Politics                                     - Medicine (151-200)                                 student’s employability in a competitive
                                                                                                        sector by combining research and study with     Students may complement this independent
- Law                                                                                                                                                   research with any two additional modules
                                                                                                        practical experience. Queen’s works with a
- Management                                      GUARDIAN UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2022                        range of different organisations throughout     from across the university.
                                                  - 1st in the UK for Pharmacy and Pharmacology         Belfast to find a bespoke internship that
- Social Sciences, Education and Social Work                                                                                                            For more information on Study Abroad
                                                  - 1st in the UK for Agriculture, Forestry and Food    matches students interests and skills to a
                                                                                                                                                        Internships and Research opportunities email:
We also house a Global Research Institute,                                                              project.
                                                  - 3rd in the UK for Dentistry                                                               
the Senator George J Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice.           - 3rd in the UK for Electronic and                    Students will spend 3-4 days per week at
                                                    Electrical Engineering                              the internship, allowing time for completion
                                                  - 6th in the UK for Architecture                      of a weekly learning journal. Applications
                                                                                                        are encouraged from all majors. More
                                                  - 6th in the UK for Social Work
For Arts, Humanities and Social Science                                                                 information on the organisations we work
specific queries, please contact                  - 6th in the UK for Anatomy and Physiology            with for internships is available on the
Dave Murphy, Study Abroad Recruitment             - 7th in the UK for Building and                      Queen’s website at:
Officer at:                    Town and Country Planning                 

12                                                                                                                                                                                                       13
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
CONFLICT, RELIGION AND IDENTITY                                                             INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
Since 9/11, politicians, media commentators,   SAMPLE PATHWAY                               Queen’s has always been strongly                 SAMPLE PATHWAY
and scholars from across all disciplines                                                    international in character and today a large
have been struggling to comprehend             Semester One: Fall                           proportion of our graduate students, a good      Semester One: Fall
the ‘return of religion’ evidenced by the                                                   proportion of our undergraduates, as well        Level 1
                                               Level 2
unprecedented growth of radical expressions                                                 as many members of the faculty are drawn         ANT1003 A World on the Move:
                                               ANT2032 Conflict and Peace
of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The                                                    from Europe, North America and further           Anthropological and Historical
                                               in Comparative Perspective
global rise of radical religion has become                                                  afield. Our aim is to offer students a broad     Approaches to Globalisation
                                               Address questions such as are human
arguably the most pressing – yet least                                                      range of options including major theoretical     An anthropological introduction to the study of
                                               beings inherently violent, why are there
understood – social, political, and security                                                perspectives on International Relations,         globalisation, outlining links with perspectives
                                               conflicts and how are they incorporated
problem of the contemporary period.                                                         the study of conflict as well as peace           in the field of history. Issues discussed include:
                                               into everyday life and how do we achieve
                                                                                            building, the work of the major international    migration, refugees, trafficked people, tourism;
Northern Ireland has witnessed the interface   peace and reconciliation?
                                                                                            institutions, and the major regions of the       diasporas, the idea of home and national
of religion, political identity and conflict   +                                            world from Europe to the Middle East.            borders; and global and local regimes of power
throughout ‘the Troubles’ of the 20th
                                               Level 2                                                                                       and resistance.
century and, as a result, Queen’s University                                                Queen’s University is known as a world-
is home to some of the most innovative         PAI2011 The Politics of Deeply               leading center for the study of political        +
and interdisciplinary thinking on conflict     Divided Societies                            violence, security studies and conflict          Level 2
transformation. We offer students the          Explore the study of the politics of         transformation. Given the unique history         PAI2001 Politics and Policy
opportunity to study conflict, religion and    deeply divided societies such as Northern    of conflict and reconciliation in Northern       of the European Union
identity through the lens of anthropology,     Ireland, South Africa under Apartheid        Ireland, researchers at Queen’s are well         An introduction to the European Union,
history, sociology and politics, allowing      and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with   placed to offer a unique perspective on          demonstrating how this evolving and
accepted wisdom on these issues to be          an examination of ethnic and national        many of today’s difficult research challenges,   expanding tier of European governance
challenged from a variety of perspectives.     conflict in terms of global politics.        both in Ireland and across the globe.            impacts on national political systems.
                                               Level 2
                                                                                                                                             Level 2
                                               SOC2032 Northern Ireland:
                                                                                                                                             PAI2017 International Relations
                                               Conflict, Identity, Peace
                                                                                                                                             Examines the balance of power, peace,
                                               You will be introduced to sociological
                                                                                                                                             international society, norms and gender.
                                               approaches to identity, peace and
                                                                                                                                             Modern challenges, such as International
                                               conflict in Northern Ireland. The nature
                                                                                                                                             Political Economy, the spread of Globalization,
                                               of Northern Ireland’s peace process is
                                                                                                                                             and contemporary concerns with security and
                                               analysed in relation to contemporary
                                                                                                                                             the War on Terror are also discussed.
                                               local evidence as well as to scholarly
                                               debates about conflict transformation.                                                        = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
                                               = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
                                                                                                                                             BREXIT PATHWAY

                                                                                                                                             Queen’s was a thought leader in the Brexit
                                                                                                                                             negotiations. With Northern Ireland being
                                                                                                                                             the only part of the UK to border another
                                                                                                                                             European country, Queen’s staff have been
                                                                                                                                             engaged as political advisors and negotiators
                                                     JOINT 1ST IN THE UK                                                                     on the British exit from the EU and had
                                                   FOR RESEARCH INTENSITY
                                                        FOR POLITICS                                                                         considerable influence and impact on the issues.
                                                   (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2022)                                                          These include world-renowned Professors
                                                                                                                                             of European politics, law and policy.

14                                                                                                                                                                                         15
STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE - A GIANT - Queen's University Belfast
CREATIVITY, PERFORMANCE AND ART                                                                       PUBLIC HISTORY
Performing Arts at Queen’s has been              SAMPLE PATHWAY                                       Public History at Queen’s University              known for the ‘Enlightenment’, a rapidly
ranked in the top 100 in the world by the                                                             Belfast offers an opportunity to study            expanding print media and new developments
QS World University Rankings. This ranking       Semester Two: Spring                                 how historical knowledge is produced,             in human understanding of the natural
is reflective of the unique and stimulating                                                           mediated, represented and consumed                world. History has traditionally told a story
                                                 Level 1                                              in public spaces, in a region where the           that foregrounds the ‘great men of science’
environment offered to creative arts
                                                 BCP1003 Broadcast Analysis 2                         past continues to resonate powerfully.            and male activity in the ‘public sphere’ of
students at the University. Students are
                                                 Explore a range of methods and approaches                                                              institutions, universities, clubs and societies.
taught by world-leading academic staff and
                                                 used in analysing broadcasting and broadcast         Modules on this pathway approach public
practitioners in some of the most advanced                                                                                                              +
                                                 texts and their role in society, in cultural life,   history from many perspectives ranging
facilities in Europe including the Sonic Arts                                                                                                           Level 3
                                                 and for the individual.                              from the local to the global. The city of
Research Centre (SARC), a fully accredited                                                                                                              HIS3130 Pop Culture and Protest in
Avid Training Centre for Film, the Brian Friel   +                                                    Belfast offers an exciting opportunity
                                                                                                      to engage with key issues surrounding             US History
Theatre and the Queen’s Film Theatre.            Level 2                                                                                                This module examines critical approaches to
                                                 DRA3010 The Theatre of Brian Friel                   contested histories, national narratives,
                                                                                                      memory, commemoration and community               the study of American popular culture in the
The School is host to a broad range of           Brian Friel was the most acclaimed playwright
                                                                                                      history in a very real and meaningful way,        twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
student societies and musical ensembles          from Northern Ireland and one of the most
including the Tyrone Guthrie Society,            internationally acclaimed playwrights of his         and to gain first-hand understanding of the
                                                                                                                                                        Pop culture has served many purposes in
which provides opportunities for students        generation. Students taking this module will         relationship between history, heritage and
                                                                                                                                                        American history, and in this course, we’ll
to work with professional directors.             learn how Friel wrote plays that proved to be        public audiences at a local and national level.
                                                                                                                                                        examine how different kinds of pop culture—
                                                 popular with audiences around the world and                                                            music, fiction, television, film, advertisements,
                                                 gained such approval from leading critics            SAMPLE PATHWAY
                                                                                                                                                        and poetry, to name a few—have been
                                                 and scholars.                                        Semester One: Fall                                used in the recent past as resistance, or as
                                                 +                                                                                                      a means of protesting the contemporary
                                                                                                      Level 1                                           status quo. We’ll also analyse our current
                                                 Level 3                                              HIS10001 History and Historians:                  culture, and each student will produce their
                                                 FLM3031 Cinema and Postmodernism                     Contested Pasts                                   own protest pop cultural text in accordance
                                                 Challenging the traditional study of European        This module examines a number of                  with the themes, questions, and types of
                                                 film as a set of national cinemas, discover          controversial historical themes. It               protest we will discuss this semester.
                                                 a continental and transnational view of              examines a number of contemporary
                                                 contemporary cinema, covering topics such            debates about what constitutes
                                                 as the postmodern city, travel and emigration,       historical truth via close examination of          We work closely with major cultural
                                                 history and nostalgia.                               a number of important case studies: the            institutions and heritage organisations
                                                                                                      crusades; the holocaust and slavery.               such as the Ulster Museum, Titanic
                                                                                                                                                         Belfast, Historic Royal Palaces and the
                                                 = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
                                                                                                      It will challenge preconceptions about             National Trust.
                                                                                                      the nature of history, stimulate awareness
                                                                                                      of the diverse ways in which the past
                                                                                                      can be studied, and introduce students
                                                                                                      to parts of the historical enterprise that
                                                                                                      few are likely to have encountered.
                                                                                                      Level 3
                                                              6TH IN THE UK FOR                       HIS3135 Cultures of Knowledge in
                                                            CAREER PROSPECTS FOR                      Eighteenth Century Britain and Ireland
                                                     FILM PRODUCTION AND PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                           (GUARDIAN UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)           This module examines diverse cultures of
                                                                                                      knowledge in a period of time that is best

16                                                                                                                                                                                                     17
IRISH STUDIES                                                                                     CRIME AND JUSTICE
Queen’s offers lively and interdisciplinary    SAMPLE PATHWAY                                     The study of crime and criminal justice            SAMPLE PATHWAY
teaching programmes in Irish Studies                                                              at Queen’s provides students with a
encompassing history, politics, literature,    Semester Two: Spring                               fascinating insight into how local issues of       Semester Two: Spring
anthropology, conflict resolution,                                                                political conflict, criminal and alternative
                                               Level 1                                                                                               Level 1
language, folklore and archaeology.                                                               justice connect to broader debates about
                                               ANT1006 Understanding Northern Ireland                                                                LAW1025 Criminal Law
                                                                                                  human rights, due process and social
                                               The course will provide an overview of the                                                            Gain knowledge of the legal elements of
These courses are very popular with students                                                      justice. Students have the opportunity
                                               history and politics of the state of Northern                                                         criminal liability, major criminal offences, and
not only from Ireland but also Europe,                                                            to study varying examples of, and
                                               Ireland. You will study key issues relating                                                           general defences, with the ability to apply
the US, Canada and Japan. We provide an                                                           perspectives on, policing, prisons, youth
                                               to Northern Ireland such as nationalism,                                                              the law to particular cases.
opportunity to explore Irish culture from                                                         justice, transitional justice, war and political
                                               unionism and the peace process from a                                                                 +
a variety of viewpoints and students are                                                          conflict, restoration and reconciliation.
                                               range of political, historical, sociological and
given the chance to learn about a vast                                                                                                               Level 2
                                               anthropological perspectives.                      Connecting the local and the global we
range of subjects and disciplines from both                                                                                                          CRM2006 Crime and the Media
Irish and Northern Irish perspectives.         +                                                  debate what can be learned from the radical
                                                                                                                                                     Consider questions such as; is the media a
                                                                                                  changes to the criminal justice system
                                               Level 3                                                                                               cause of crime? Does media depiction simply
                                                                                                  which have taken place in Northern Ireland
                                               ENG3330 Irish Gothic                                                                                  reflect public interests and attitudes, or help
                                                                                                  since the emergence of an on-going peace
                                               This module explores Ireland’s unique                                                                 to shape them? Does media representation
                                                                                                  process, whereby human rights re-defined
                                               contribution to the Gothic through an                                                                 of ‘crime’ and ‘criminals’ impact penal and
                                                                                                  policing, prisons and the youth justice
                                               extraordinary range of texts that encompasses                                                         social policies?
                                                                                                  system. Moving beyond the boundaries
                                               classics of the genre (such as Bram Stoker’s                                                          +
          2ND IN THE UK                                                                           of nation states and narrow definitions of
                                               Dracula) alongside lesser-known writers such                                                          Level 3
        FOR CELTIC STUDIES                                                                        crime and justice, we consider international
                                               as Gerald Griffin and James Clarence Mangan.                                                          LAW3056 Contemporary Issues
      (TIMES AND SUNDAY TIMES GOOD                                                                crime and justice, environmental harms
                                               +                                                                                                     in British and Irish Human Rights
           UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)                                                                 and contemporary social issues including:
                                                                                                                                                     Explore issues that raise important and
                                               Level 3                                            migration and detention, new technologies,
                                                                                                                                                     difficult questions in the UK and/or Ireland
                                               HIS3137 Diaspora: Irish 19th-century               international terrorism and organised crime.
                                                                                                                                                     concerning the extent to which certain
                                               migration: This module investigates the                                                               claims should be legally protected as
                                               making of the Irish diaspora; explores                                                                human rights claims, considering issues
                                               factors that led unprecedented numbers                                                                such as prevention of terrorism and
                                               of Irish migrants to permanently leave the                                                            the right to freedom of expression.
                                               country of their birth in the course of the
                                               19th century and comparatively assesses                                                               = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
                                               the often challenging experiences of Irish
                                               migrants in the leading host societies of
                                               Britain, the United States and Australia.

                                               = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS

                                                      1ST IRISH STUDIES                                                                                     11TH IN THE UK
                                                    CENTRE IN THE WORLD                                                                                   FOR CRIMINOLOGY
                                                     ESTABLISHED IN 1965                                                                              (GUARDIAN UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)

18                                                                                                                                                                                                  19
ENGLISH STUDIES                                                                                    BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT
English Literature at Queen’s enjoys both rich      SAMPLE PATHWAY                                 Queen’s Management School is one of the       SAMPLE PATHWAY
heritage and international acclaim. Ranked in                                                      top business schools in the UK and Ireland
the top 100 English departments worldwide           Semester One: Fall                             and prides itself on offering a world-class   Semester Two: Spring
(QS World University Rankings 2019), English                                                       range of undergraduate and postgraduate
                                                    Level 1                                                                                      Level 1
at Queen’s is esteemed for its dynamic and                                                         programmes. The School is a vibrant place
                                                    ENG1008 Adventures in the History of Ideas                                                   FIN1001 Financial Institutions and Markets
lively culture of critical and creative activity.                                                  of learning for students as it is home
                                                    An introduction to a range of social,                                                        Study the economic functions and workings
                                                                                                   to the FinTru Trading Room, the Chief
Renowned for hosting the 1960s’ ‘Belfast            historical, philosophical and moral concepts                                                 of financial institutions and markets, and
                                                                                                   Executives Club for Northern Ireland and
Group’, a collective of writers which included      that have been central to the historical                                                     gain an understanding of the financial
                                                                                                   the William J Clinton Leadership Institute.
poets Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley as             emergence and current predicaments of                                                        intermediation process.
well as playwright Stewart Parker and novelist      Western culture.                                                                             +
Bernard MacLaverty, the department has              +                                                                                            Level 2
refused to rest on its creative laurels. In the
                                                    Level 2                                                                                      ECO2008 Introduction to Econometrics
1970s the University fostered the three very
                                                    ENG2093 Creative Writing (Prose)                                                             Understanding data is at the heart of
distinctive voices of the poets Ciarán Carson,
                                                    Based on your own written work, the course                                                   economics, and data on different processes
Paul Muldoon and Medbh McGuckian.
                                                    will look in depth at practical aspects of                8TH IN THE UK FOR                  or events is often impossible to predict with
Today, the Seamus Heaney Centre is one of
                                                    fiction writing – characterisation, plot               ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE                complete accuracy. However, most data
the leading centres for creative writing in
                                                    construction – and at the evolution of the               (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2020)
                                                                                                                                                 variables have patterns, and econometrics is
Britain and Ireland, with a staff comprised of
                                                    main prose forms and genres.                                                                 about understanding and helping to explain
leading poets, screenwriters, and novelists.
                                                    +                                                                                            these patterns.
Students coming to study English at                                                                                                              +
                                                    Level 3
Queen’s can select classes from a wide                                                                                                           Level 2
                                                    ENH3008 Contemporary US Crime Fiction
range of our most popular undergraduate                                                                                                          MGT2018 The Digital Business
                                                    Examine contemporary U.S. crime
offerings taught by our award-winning staff                                                                                                      Explores the challenges and opportunities
                                                    fiction since the late 1960s, looking at
and visiting scholars. Our poetry modules                                                                                                        of new emerging technologies such
                                                    ‘policing the city,’ state violence and
whether Anglo-Saxon England, contemporary                                                                                                        as cloud computing, social media, the
                                                    public corruption and an examination of
Ireland or the United States complement                                                                                                          internet of things and big data.
                                                    the limitations of state power and the
other popular options on the Irish Gothic,
                                                    international reach of some crime fiction.                                                   = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
Contemporary Irish and Scottish Fiction,
Women’s Writing and a full range of modules         = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
on English Language and linguistic study.

                                                            TOP 200 IN THE WORLD                                                                           JOINT 2ND IN THE UK
                                                          FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND                                                                    FOR GRADUATE PROSPECTS FOR
                                                                 LITERATURE                                                                             ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE
                                                           (QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2021)                                                            (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)

20                                                                                                                                                                                            21
Law has been taught at Queen’s for over          SAMPLE PATHWAY
150 years. We are proud of our long and
distinguished record of achievement in           Semester One: Fall
both education and research. The Law
                                                 Level 1
programme at Queen’s is ranked within the
                                                 LAW1020 European Constitutional Law
top 150 in the world (QS World University
                                                 Study the development of the EU and with
Rankings 2021), confirming its position
                                                 the powers of its institutions, as well as
as a leading Russell Group Law School.
                                                 define the core constitutional principles
We provide first class resources including       developed by the EU Courts.
our £20 million Law School, which opened in      +
September 2016. The Law School provides
                                                 Level 2
numerous innovative and interactive teaching
                                                 LAW2040 Contract Law
spaces, central to which is the Moot Court
                                                 Study the fundamental principles of the
Room and the One Button Studio.
                                                 general law of contract; rules relating to
The School of Law offers a range of high-        the formation of contracts and what makes
quality programmes which connect to              a contract different from a non-binding
our research strengths and international         agreement, in addition to the transactional
links, in areas such as commercial law,          quality of Contract Law.
corporate governance, criminology,               +
criminal justice and human rights.
                                                 Level 3
Research undertaken in the School is             LAW3090 Business and Human Rights
currently shaping global and local debates       An overview of important issues in the
within legal scholarship. We strive to ensure    interactions of business and human
that this expertise informs all aspects of the   rights, with detailed knowledge and
educational experience of our students.          critical understanding of the fundamental
                                                 doctrines, principles and features and
                                                 regulatory politics underpinning this.

                                                 = TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS

                                                             TOP 150 IN THE WORLD
                                                                   FOR LAW
                                                     (THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD UNIVERSITY
                                                                     RANKINGS 2021)

22                                                                                                  23

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social     MANAGEMENT                                       POETRY                                             SONIC ARTS RESEARCH
Sciences at Queen’s is an intellectual
powerhouse spanning traditional humanities     AND FINANCE                                      Seamus Heaney Centre                               CENTRE (SARC)
and social science subjects to innovative
and cutting-edge areas in Creative Arts and    FinTrU Trading Room                              The Seamus Heaney Centre is named after            Sonic Laboratory
applied professional studies.                                                                   the late Seamus Heaney, recipient of the
                                               Our Trading Room provides an interactive and                                                        SARC is an established center of excellence
                                                                                                1995 Nobel Prize in Literature, and alumnus
Our staff and students benefit from world-     exciting learning environment which brings                                                          dedicated to the research of music technology.
                                                                                                of English at Queen’s. The Heaney Centre
class facilities, which enhance learning and   textbook theory to life. Students have access                                                       Its centerpiece the Sonic Laboratory is a
                                                                                                is the first center of excellence for poetry
provide an immersive environment for           to the Bloomberg professional service,                                                              unique space for cutting-edge initiatives
                                                                                                in Ireland, providing resources for emerging
students across the Faculty.                   market leader in financial data, news and                                                           in the creation and delivery of music and
                                                                                                poets and critics, and hosts a number of high
                                               analytics, and to Oxyor, a trading simulation,                                                      audio. With over 48 loudspeakers it provides
                                                                                                profile public events throughout the year
                                               which puts them in a dealing room hot seat!                                                         a unique and exciting listening experience,
                                                                                                which students are encouraged to attend.
                                                                                                                                                   the auditory equivalent of an IMAX cinema.

     My experience with the SARC
     at Queen’s was unforgettable.
     I left the programme with a
     plethora of music technology
     tools which I use frequently
     upon my return home. I can’t
     thank them enough for my
     invaluable experience!
     Isaac Wellish
     Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
                                               DRAMA                                            FILM                                               LAW
                                               Brian Friel Theatre                              The Film Studio and Queen’s Film Theatre           Law Building and Moot Court

                                               Superb 120 seat studio theatre,                  Our film studio is an exciting new facility that   Our £20 million Law School building
                                               including rehearsal room, dressing               boasts a broadcast approved LED lighting           opened in September 2016, and the
                                               rooms, green room and workshop.                  system with custom made Doughty hoists.            space provides numerous innovative and
                                                                                                                                                   interactive teaching spaces, including our
                                                                                                The QFT is a functioning two screen cinema,        Moot Court Room and One Button Studio.
                                                                                                which is open to the public. Many students also
                                                                                                play an active role in the running of the QFT!

24                                                                                                                                                                                              25
The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is a busy,
multidisciplinary community of learners, dedicated to using the wide
range of subjects on the arts and humanities to make a difference
in lives locally, nationally and internationally. We are home to some
7,600 students and 700 academic and support staff.

Professor Dominic Bryan

Dr Bryan has developed a research agenda
exploring rituals, symbols and memory as they
influence identity and social space in Ireland.
Much of his early research focused upon Orange
Order parades in Northern Ireland, but now
covers a much broader range of rituals and
activities including St Patrick’s Day, The Lord
Mayor’s Show and Carnival in Belfast. In addition
Dr Bryan has a major four year project looking at

                                                                        THE FACULTY OF
the popular flying of flags in Northern Ireland.

Dr Heather Johnson

When Dr Heather Johnson watches television
pictures showing boatloads of desperate migrants
on the Mediterranean, she is more than a concerned
observer. Dr Johnson’s research, at its core, is about
                                                                        AND PHYSICAL
the journeys of migration and the ways people
contest and move through the structures of security
and citizenship. She focuses on irregular migration
and asylum seekers, how migration is represented
in visual media, and the resistance, solidarity and
protests of non-citizens.

Dr Cheryl Lawther

Dr Cheryl Lawther is a Lecturer in Criminology and
a Senior Research Fellow in The Senator George
J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and
Justice. Her research interests are in the fields of
transitional justice, truth recovery, victims, ex-
combatants and conflict transformation. Cheryl is
currently leading an AHRC funded project on ‘Voice,
Agency and Blame: Victimhood and the Imagined
Community in Northern Ireland’ which is based on
extensive field work with victims and survivors of the
Northern Ireland conflict.

26                                                                                       27
ENGINEERING                                                                                    PSYCHOLOGY                                      SAMPLE PATHWAY

AND PHYSICAL                                                                                   The School of Psychology is truly world-        Level 3
                                                                                               leading in both teaching and research output.   PSY3098 Ageing: Mind, Brain and Behaviour

SCIENCES                                                                                       The School has specialised facilities for       The module covers three major themes
                                                                                               human experimental psychology, movement         in the psychology of ageing; mind, brain,
                                                                                                                                               and behaviour. The mind theme introduces
AT QUEEN’S                                                                                     and perception, individual differences,
                                                                                               social psychology, child development and        cognitive, social, and emotional aspects of
                                                                                               psychophysiology. We encourage cross-           ageing. We consider how older adults interact
The Faculty of Engineering and Physical
                                                                                               disciplinary and inter-institutional research   with their social environment and how
Sciences spans disciplines that impact on                                                                                                      emotional processing changes with age. The
                                                                                               collaborations which respond to societal
lives today and will shape our future.                                                                                                         brain theme introduces psychophysiological
                                                                                               needs nationally and internationally.
                                                                                                                                               changes that occur with age. We consider
                                                                                                                                               how ageing affects memory and attention and
                                                                                               RESUS                                           some of the underlying physiology involved.
                                                                                               Study Abroad students have the                  The behaviour theme focuses on sensori-
                                                                                               opportunity to apply to take part in RESUS.     motor control in older age, on how mobility
                                                                                               The Research Experience Scheme for              can be compromised with age, and introduces
We are home to some 7,600 students and       Underpinning all of this is our drive to solve    Undergraduate Students at the School of         methods for improving mobility in older age.
400 academic and support staff who work      the big challenges that global societies face.    Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast          +
across six Schools:                          Whether that is understanding the human           (RESUS) is intended to provide an online        Level 3
                                             brain, investigating clean energy production      framework within which psychology               PSY3118 Using Nudges to Change Behaviour
- Chemistry and Chemical Engineering         or securing our digital future. Our research is   undergraduates can gain valuable                Explore the power of a gentle nudge. This
                                             leading the world in an environment rooted in     experience working on research projects         module will introduce students to recent
- Electronics, Electrical Engineering
                                             the ideals of Athena SWAN where we actively       with members of staff here in the school.       theory and practice relating to behaviour
  and Computer Science
                                             promote Women in Science and Engineering.                                                         change. We examine the psychology
- Mathematics and Physics                                                                                                                      of “nudges”, small changes to choice
                                             Uniquely, we provide the tools for industry       4TH IN THE UK FOR RESEARCH                      architectures which encourage certain
- Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
                                             and research to meet. Offering a platform                                                         desirable behaviours without making those
                                                                                               INTENSITY FOR PSYCHOLOGY
- Natural and Built Environment              to spin out research into commercial                    (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)          behaviours mandatory.
                                             opportunities and engage with industry                                                            +
- Psychology                                 on cutting-edge research with real-world                                                          Level 3
Our students and academics are working       projects. The leadership provided by our                                                          PSY3124 Introduction to Political Psychology
together to build the bridges, develop the   academics creates opportunities for all                                                           This course aims to introduce you to the field
medicines and create the infrastructure      students to satisfy their ambitions through                                                       of political psychology. The module will cover
that will make the world a better,           taught and research programmes.                                                                   different core areas of political psychology
safer and more sustainable place.                                                                                                              such as race and racism, social movements,
                                                                                                                                               political extremism, polarization and youth and
As one of the most diverse faculties            The comfort and security of                                                                    political violence. Throughout the course, you
in Queen’s University, we are a vibrant         our modern world is provided                                                                   are expected to develop an understanding of
community that is home to some                                                                                                                 the basic psychological processes underlying
of the most innovative and globally
                                                by amazing advances in science                                                                 our political thoughts and behaviours and
significant research and teaching across        and technology, focused on                                                                     apply this information to real life situations.
six schools. With strength in traditional       improving our lives.
engineering disciplines, the Faculty also                                                                                                      =TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS
brings together diverse topics from
Psychology to Geography, and Computer
Science and everything in between.

28                                                                                                                                                                                         29
COMPUTER SCIENCE                                                                                 GLOBAL
Study Computer Science at Queen’s
and find yourself at the heart of new
                                               SAMPLE PATHWAY
research centres in Secure Information         Level 3
                                               CSC2062 Artificial Intelligence
                                                                                                 SHAPING OUR WORLD
Technologies, Electronics, Communications
and Information Technology and Sonic           This module explores key concepts of artificial
                                                                                                 The School of Natural and Built
Arts. The modules available are closely        intelligence and machine learning. From
                                                                                                 Environment (NBE) brings together a
linked to the research expertise of these      propositional, predicate, and fuzzy logics to
                                               probabilities and descriptive statistics, this    multi-disciplinary team of researchers
centres and change rapidly to reflect
                                               module covers an array of algorithms for          and educators who share a passion for
some of the current, emerging and
exciting developments in the field.            machine learning and data analysis.               tackling some of the key global challenges
                                               +                                                 that face the world around us. Climate
At Queen’s, we aim to deliver a high quality   Level 3                                           change, the environment, urbanisation and
learning environment that encompasses          CSC3065 Cloud Computing                           sustainability are common threads that bind
intellectual curiosity, innovation and         This module covers concepts and technologies      our research and teaching, drawing upon
best practice in learning, teaching and        related to cloud computing including the
                                                                                                 our expertise in Architecture, Planning,
student support to enable students to          design and deployment of highly distributed
                                                                                                 Civil and Environmental Engineering,
achieve their full academic potential.         systems on modern cloud vendor platforms.
                                               +                                                 Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology.
                                               Level 3
                                               CSC3059 Malware Analysis                          With high quality teaching and exceptional        organisations will have the opportunity to
                                               This module introduces malware analysis           links with industry, government agencies          apply for a place on a student-led team to
                                               in virtual machines as well as how to             and not-for-profit organisations, our courses     work pro bono on a research project for a
                                               recognise C Code Constructs in assembly.          provide rich challenge-based learning             not-for-profit agency, government entity or
                                               We will study malicious Window programs,          experiences, that seek to integrate theory        grassroots organisation (EPS 3003). Working
                                               malware Taxonomy and even machine                 and practice, issues with innovations and         under the supervision of an academic
                                               learning for malware detection.                   evidence with stakeholder decision-making.        supervisor and a mentor based in the civic
                                                                                                                                                   organisation, students will undertake a
                                               =TOTAL 15–18 US CREDITS                           EPS 3001 Independent Research Project             bespoke 6 week project as an add-on to their
                                                                                                 Students have the option to undertake             study abroad experience. This is a unique
                                                                                                 a piece of independent research (EPS              opportunity within the post-conflict context
                                                                                                 3001) within the Faculty of Engineering           of Belfast.
                                                                                                 and Physical Sciences, worth 20 CATS
                                                                                                 credits. Students will discuss and agree          Students aspiring to careers in Urban
                                                                                                 a suitable research topic with the                Planning, Environmental Science and
                                                                                                 nominated Queen’s supervisor, and also            International Development will find this
                                                                                                 their supervisor at their home institution if     option to be an extremely valuable addition
                                                                                                 required. Students may complement this            to their professional portfolio, especially the
                                                     TOP 150 IN THE WORLD FOR                    independent research with any two additional      value employers place in practical experience.
                                                        COMPUTER SCIENCE                         courses from across the university.
                                                      (TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD                                                                Places are limited and interested students
                                                          UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2021)
                                                                                                 EPS 3003 - Civic Engagement                       should contact Dr Niall Majury (Director of
                                                                                                 Research Project                                  Education, NBE) directly at
                                                                                                 Students with an interest in how to apply their
                                                                                                 knowledge and skills to the challenges that
                                                                                                 face city government and non-governmental

30                                                                                                                                                                                               31
ARCHAEOLOGY AND                                 SAMPLE PATHWAY                                       GEOGRAPHY                                      SAMPLE PATHWAY

PALAEOECOLOGY                                   Semester Two: Spring
                                                                                                     Geography at Queen’s boasts expertise in
                                                                                                                                                    Semester Two: Spring

Archaeology and Palaeoecology is a              Level 2                                              the local physical and political geography     Level 2
vibrant, long-established unit within           ARP2039 Archaeological Excavation                    of Ireland as well in the wider dynamics       GGY2061 Exploring Dynamic
Queen’s University Belfast. With relevance      Through the excavation of an archaeological          of natural, cultural and economic change.      Environments (Mallorca)
to both Science and Humanities, it lies         site in Northern Ireland, this module introduces     Queen’s also has a long and acclaimed          Explore the Mediterranean island of
at the heart of the University; its degree      students to one of the basic methods of              tradition of work in historical geography      Mallorca with this exciting field-based
programmes span two Faculties but               acquiring archaeological data and to the             and the geographies of knowledge,              module. We investigate a variety of
Archaeology and Palaeoecology can               field techniques involved. The focus is on           as well as cutting-edge expertise in           contrasting landscapes on the island and
provide temporal depth to practically           developing an understanding of the reasons           Geographical Information Science (GIS).        explore the human and physical dynamics
all disciplines. Archaeology studies the        for the methodology used on the excavation           The programme reflects this diversity, but     that have shaped them over multiple
development of humanity by examining            and on providing students with experience            is united by a shared concern with grasping    timescales.
people’s surviving material remains             in its application. The module involves some         the magnitude and multi-dimensional            +
(tombs and temples, settlements and             classroom-based teaching during term time, but       character of pressing environmental and        Level 3
skeletons, artefacts and environment)           the four-week fieldwork component that is an         social issues, seeking sustainable solutions   GGY3066 Geography, Science and Society
and using them to trace our economic,           integral part of this module takes place after the   to these urgent problems. Global in scope,     This module explores ways of thinking
cultural, social and spiritual achievements     end of Spring term classes, usually in June.         the teaching programme spans the length        geographically about the production and
through time. At Queen’s, Palaeoecology         +                                                    and breadth of the planet – from the           reception of scientific ideas, particularly
complements Archaeology by studying the         Level 2                                              contested territories of Israel/Palestine      in the nineteenth and early twentieth
nature and timing of environmental events       ARP2045 From St Patrick to the Plantation            to the tropical ecosystems of Peru.            centuries. Among the themes we study are
in the past, including climate change,          The module involves the study of Ireland in                                                         the discovery of the ice age, Darwin and
while also assessing the impact of human        the historic period, from the 5th century AD                                                        evolution, and the emergence of climate
activities on past natural environments.        to the 17th century AD, using the physical                                                          science. We will consider how each episode
                                                remains of the past, supported by documentary                                                       in history sparked social, cultural and
We are consistently ranked in the Top 150       sources. Topics include Early Medieval crafts                                                       political debates that continue into our own
Archaeology Departments in the QS World         and settlements; the impact of the Vikings; the                                                     time.
University Rankings and lie within the Top      lordships of the Anglo-Normans, Late Medieval                                                       +
10 Archaeology departments in the major         Gaelic Ireland, and the Ulster Plantation. The                                                      Level 3
UK league tables. Study Abroad students         module is taught through lectures and involves a                                                    GGY3095 Environmental Catastrophes
coming to Archaeology and Palaeoecology         weekend fieldtrip to visit archaeological sites.                                                    Environmental catastrophes occur when
at Queen’s will have the opportunity to         +                                                                                                   there is a rapid departure from normality
gain practical skills, both in the laboratory   Level 3                                                                                             and humans and/or ecosystems are
and as part of fieldwork projects.              ARP3053 Society, Death and Disease                                                                  unable to adapt. We explore the causes,
                                                The module is taught through lectures,                                                              mechanisms and consequences of a
                                                practicals and fieldtrips. It focuses on human                                                      range of geohazards and human-induced
                                                osteoarchaeology and its contribution to our                                                        catastrophes, including volcanic eruptions,
                                                understanding of life in the past, disease and                                                      tsunamis and biodiversity loss. We will also
                                                its impact on past societies, and the study of                                                      consider theoretical constructs such as
                                                funerary monuments. Students are introduced                                                         the Anthropocene, ecosystem resilience,
                                                to the practical analysis of archaeological                                                         and tipping points in the Earth System.
                                                human remains and what the osteological and
                                                palaeopathological analysis of ancient people
                                                can contribute to our understanding of past
                                                societies. It also explores the information that
SATISFACTION FOR ARCHAEOLOGY                    can be gained from funerary monuments and,
     (COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE 2021)           in particular, Post-Medieval grave memorials.

32                                                                                                                                                                                             33
ARCHITECTURE                                                                                         CITIES, URBANISATION,                           SAMPLE PATHWAY

Supported by a diverse group of                Semester One: Fall
                                                                                                     THE ENVIRONMENT                                 Semester Two: Spring
experienced scholars and architects                                                                  Over half of the world’s population now live    Level 3
                                               If you are interested in architectural design, we
engaged in international, award-                                                                     in cities, with numbers expected to double      GGY 3063 Spaces of Urbanisation
                                               recommend you take the ‘full package’ that we
winning research and practice,                                                                       by 2050. While urbanisation poses serious       in Emerging Economies
                                               offer to our undergraduate students in Fall:          challenges, cities can also be incubators for
Architecture at Queen’s is one of                                                                                                                    Explore the potential of and prospects
the best places in the UK to immerse          Level 1                                                sustainable development. Drawing upon the       for sustainable urban development and
yourself in this creative profession.         ARC1024 History and Theory of Architecture I (i)       research expertise of our staff, at Queen’s     its implications for policy analysis in a
                                              (10 CATS)                                              we offer a variety of opportunities to learn    comparative perspective. Debate key
Our established reputation generated          +                                                      about the trends impacting cities, such as      approaches to urban management,
over 50 years means that students are         ARC1025 Architectural Design and                       population growth, demographic shifts and       consider alternatives and hone your skills
equipped with professional and transferable Communication I (i) (40 CATS)                            the risks posed by climate change, as well as   in critiquing policy approaches to cities.
skills that prepare them for practice. As a   +                                                      about innovative ‘people-centred’ models        +
design discipline, Architecture at Queen’s    ARC1023 Technology and EnvironmentaI (i)               for urban development that aim to ‘re-          Level 2
embraces both artistic and technical          (10 CATS)                                              humanise cities’ on a sustainable trajectory.   EVP 2009 Planning & Climate Change
qualities. Architecture students study design                                                                                                        Climate change is a colossal global, national
in a studio environment, contextualized       Alternatively, if you are eager to learn about built                                                   and local challenge for politicians, policy
by courses in history/theory, technology/     and urban environment, the following options are         ARCHITECTURE IS ONE OF
                                                                                                      15 SUBJECTS IN THE TOP 200                     makers and planners. It raises hugely important
environment and professional practice.        available:                                                                                             questions in terms of how we inhabit the
                                                                                                            IN THE WORLD
                                               Level 1                                                   (QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2021)         Earth, how we organise our economies,
SAMPLE PATHWAY                                                                                                                                       how we use natural resources, how we
                                               ARC1024 History and Theory of Architecture I (i)
Study Abroad students coming to                (10 CATS)                                                                                             travel, and how we plan our cities, towns
                                                                                                            6TH IN THE UK FOR                        and villages. In this module we will explore
Architecture in the School of Natural                                                                         ARCHITECTURE
and Built Environment can select from          Level 2                                                      (GUARDIAN LEAGUE TABLE 2021)
                                                                                                                                                     how, individually and collectively, we can
a wide range of undergraduate courses          ARC2004 History and Theory of Architecture II (i)                                                     meet the challenge of climate change, the
to learn about buildings, cities and their     (10 CATS)                                                                                             barriers that impede effective responses
design, and to gain practical skills. All                                                                                                            and means to overcome these barriers.
assessment is 100% coursework; we              Level 3                                                                                               +
do not have examinations/tests.                ARC4022 History and Theory of Architecture III (i)                                                    Level 3
                                               (10 CATS)                                                                                             EVP 3004 Conservation of
                                                                                                                                                     the Built Environment
                                                                                                                                                     Planning is about managing urban change and
                                               Semester Two: Spring                                                                                  conserving the character of places. In this
                                               For students joining us in Spring, we encourage you                                                   module, you will be working on live projects
                                               to take the following courses:                                                                        to help local communities devise ideas to
                                                                                                                                                     regenerate their historic areas. You will
                                               Level 1                                                                                               complete field studies, research best practice
                                               ARC1024 History and Theory of Architecture I (ii)                                                     and be part of progressive placemaking.
                                               (10 CATS)
                                               Level 2
                                               ARC3022 History and Theory of Architecture II (ii)
                                               (10 CATS)
                                               Level 3                                                                                                     UNIQUELY PLACED TO TACKLE
                                                                                                                                                            THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND
                                               ARC3003 History and Theory of Architecture III (ii)                                                       CULTURAL CHALLENGES FACING US
                                               (10 CATS)                                                                                                      IN THE 21ST CENTURY

34                                                                                                                                                                                               35

Civil Engineering is one of the founding         • Civil Engineering
degrees at Queen’s and it remains one of         • Environmental and Civil Engineering
the most sought-after careers providing          • Structural Engineering with Architecture
our students with the tools to solve the
challenges facing our modern society.
                                                 SAMPLE PATHWAY                               Semester Two: Spring
Our modules are delivered by a diverse group
of experienced academics and practitioners       Study Abroad students coming into Civil
                                                 Engineering can select from a range of       Level 1
who are engaged in international and award
                                                 undergraduate courses to learn about         CIV1008 Fluids 1 (10CATS)
winning knowledge transfer and research
                                                 the design and the core disciplines that     +
projects that are shaping our sustainable
                                                 form the backbone of our accredited          Level 2
future. Our established reputation provides
                                                 degrees. We recommend you follow             CIV2022 Architectural Design Studies 2
our students with professional and
                                                 one of the three pathways that we offer      (20CATS)
transferable engineering skills that make the
                                                 to our undergraduate students.               +
world a better place. For this reason, Queen’s
                                                                                              Level 3
Civil Engineers are in demand globally and
                                                 Some example modules:                        CIV3005 Civil Engineering for the
our former graduates have risen to the top
                                                                                              Changing Environment (10CATS)
of this profession, such as Peter Rice, the
                                                 Semester One: Fall                           +
Structural Engineer for the Sydney Opera
                                                                                              Level 4
House and the Louvre Pyramid, and Tan Sri
                                                 Level 1                                      CIV4042 Durability and Whole Life
Datuk Chin Fung Kee who led the design and
                                                 CIV1019 Engineering Drawing and Design 1     Management of Structures (10CATS)
construction of the Penang Bridge.
                                                 +                                            CIV4017 Hydrogeology 1 (10CATS)
Civil Engineering is a broad discipline
                                                 Level 2
that incorporates our cities, rivers, roads,
                                                 CIV2053 Engineering Geology 2
rail, bridges and ports, our water supply                                                     However, you choose your modules,
and treatment, our air quality, our energy                                                    you will be tackling some of the most
resources, including wind and marine                                                          significant challenges of the modern world,
                                                 Level 3
renewables. The development and safe                                                          such as achieving sustainable and safe
                                                 CIV3005 Civil Engineering for the Changing
maintenance of our civil infrastructure                                                       living in an increasingly urbanised society.
                                                 Environment (10CATS)
aligns to the ambitions of the United                                                         As the demands on resources like water,
Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals                                                        energy and land increase, there is a strong
                                                 Level 4
(SDGs) in particular Sustainable Cities                                                       need for qualified Civil Engineers with the
                                                 CIV4001 Construction
and Communities. Hence, our degree                                                            relevant technical skills who can positively
                                                 Management 4 (10CATS)
programmes are concerned with the                                                             impact on ethical awareness and the
sustainable planning, design, construction,      CIV4009 Bridge Engineering (10CATS)          environmental impact of their projects.
management and the safe maintenance of
this infrastructure, energy and water.

You will have the opportunity to tailor your
studies according to your skills and interest
within our three complementary pathway
programmes:                                                                                   ‘Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which
                                                                                              has never been.’ Albert Einstein

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