Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre

Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News
                           October 2017 - Issue 2

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The SYDNI Centre
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Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Upcoming events at Asda Leamington Spa:
  We are currently collecting the old one pound coins which we will be donating to Chil-
  dren In Need. These go out of circulation from 15th October, so why not check those col-
  lection jars and piggy banks and donate to this fantastic cause.

  Fundraising for Tickled Pink will be taking place in store from Saturday 23rd September
  until Friday 27th October. There will be lots of fun games with prizes to be won, plus our
  always popular Tombola, so keep an eye out on the community board for event dates.

  Fundraising for the Poppy Appeal 2017 will start on Saturday 28th October. Poppies and
  Poppy Appeal merchandise will be available from our Royal British Legion fundraisers in

                           We are continuously looking for local groups and charities for
                           our green token scheme, so if you know of a group which may need support please ei-
                           ther pick up a 'Nominate a cause' card from the community board, or apply on line on
                           the Asda Leamington Spa store page.

                           The Asda 'Happy Little Helpers' game has been launched; it is an activity board with
                           simple Velcro tiles with images of basic shopping items on for the children to look for
                           and tick off while they are in shopping. The aim is to help them focus on a task, and not
                           become overwhelmed with the whole shopping experience. The game was designed by
                           an Asda colleague who has a son with non-verbal autism, and found the game helped
                           reduce her son's stress whilst shopping. Due to a huge positive response on social me-
                           dia Asda has introduced the boards to over 300 stores nationwide. Boards are available
                           from our Customer Services desk.
                                                                                                             Jo Butler
                                                                                              Community Champion

                             Sydenham History Group
Sydenham History Group was set up in the autumn of 2007 with the aid of a grant from Warwick County Coun-
cil's Community Fund to research the history of Sydenham.
They meet every 2 or 3 months. Talks and slide shows illustrate the history of Sydenham as well as that of Leam-
                                           ington Spa and local area.

                                                                               Upcoming talks at SYDNI Centre are:

                                                                          Tuesday 24th October 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

                                                         Old Churches and Chapels of Leamington Spa by Kay Bugg

                                                                        Thursday 7th December 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

                                                           Spa Sounds. The Leamington Music Scene by Jim Layton

                                                                                     All are welcome. £2 admission.
   Find out more and keep up to date with forthcoming events                                           at http://
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham Together Action Group - STAG
                             Community action and steering group for Sydenham Residents

                                                                                                                               Next Action Day: Sunday
                                              Are you a Sydenham resident?
                                 You have the power to be a force for change...

                                                                                                                                   19th November
       Have a say on how we shape our services in Sydenham
       Raise and discuss any issues/concerns about Sydenham
       Share ideas and thoughts about Sydenham
       Get out and about on the action days
       No matter your contribution it will be valued

You can come and chat to Luke at SYDNI during the week and on the third Sunday of the month Jojo will be
out and about leading an action group to tackle small areas that have been neglected. For example, shrubs block-
ing paths, build up of litter and so on. Please follow SYDNI Centre Facebook page for an update of where we will
be. It will always start at 1pm. Everyone is welcome. For more information:
contact Luke at, 01926 422071 or email

    Introducing…….Sydenham’s New Town Councillor Jojo Norris .

Thank you for voting for me at the Sydenham bi-election on August 17th. My name is Jojo
Norris. I have lived in South Leamington for 23 years and have always been an active member
of the local community. Some of you may remember me from Bath Place. Both my children
were born and raised here and attended local Schools, Shrubland Street, Clapham Terrace
and Campion. I spent 20 years of my working life in horticulture (mostly as a gardener). Now
my day job is as a self employed therapist; I spend a lot of time sorting out my clients aches
and pains!
I am an active member of Friends of Eagle Rec. Over the last 14 years we have secured fund-
ing and worked closely with the Council to create the wonderful park we have today. It is still
work in progress!
As your Town Councillor I have your ear. I spend a lot of time emailing and talking to my fel-
low Councillors and the Council Officers. One Sydenham resident summed it up nicely: "So you're the one that nags".......
Well yes, nagging about speeding, inconsiderate parking and fly tipping, securing areas to stop Traveller encampments and
the awful recent cuts to your bus service. These are my main topics at the moment!
Lots of you have liked our Facebook page, Labour 4 Sydenham. Please like it if you haven't already. It is a great way to let us
know about any local issues. If you can also take photos, date and where, all the better. We use it as an online Surgery. It is
especially useful if you haven't got time to pop along to Sydenham Shops on the first Saturday of the month 11am- 12 pm.
You will often see me on my bike or at the SYDNI Centre. Please feel free to stop me and say hello. I always love to chat!
Otherwise, please email me: , with any concerns

                                                       Join a Walking Group
The Sydenham walking is led by a team of trained and friendly volunteers. They meet at the SYDNI Centre at 10:15 so
they are ready to set off at 10:30.Typically walks last about half and hour and are suitable for all abilities.
       “I have met some really nice people on the walks and been surprised by the unknown beautiful places on our

       “ I love variety of walks for all ages and abilities; its done me a world of good I can now walk from guys cliff ave-
nue back home [to Sydenham]!”

If you would like something a bit more challenging, let the walk leaders know and we can endeavour to get a more
rambly group off the ground as well.
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Play Group for families with English as a second language

                                        Hello Play! is a group for children and families who
                                         don’t have English as a first language. In this ses-
                                                            sion we like to:

                                         *Have fun *Play games *Sing
                                                     *Listen to stories
                                                     *Meet our friends
    Hello play is free and is really good fun for your pre-school children. It is a great
     place to meet new people and to meet skilled early years workers. We will be
   having a focus on baby and toddler health soon; if you are interested in attending
                  come along to the play group and we will register you.
    Every Friday 9.30-11.00 at the SYDNI Centre – Cottage Square, Sydenham, CV31
                                   1PT, 01926 422071

                                      St Anthony’s School

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School have spent the first few weeks of the Autumn Term studying
the author Rudyard Kipling, and in particular his well-known Just So Stories.
The children, from Year 1 through to Year 6, have thoroughly enjoyed hearing and learning about
stories such as 'How the Rhino Got His Skin', 'How the Leopard Got His Spots' and lots of his other
wonderful and fascinating stories.
After studying Kipling's style of writing, the children have very successfully written their own fun
and interesting stories about how their chosen animal got their unusual feature.
Please turn over to read year 6 students, Jasmine and Amanveer’s wonderful stories
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Sydenham News October 2017 - Issue 2 - SYDNI Centre
Volunteer spotlight… Nafa Halvadzic

My name is Nafa Halvadzic I am from Bosnia and
Herzegovina . I came to the uk 4 and a half months ago.
What do you do at the SYDNI Centre? What’s your role?
I am the volunteer, volunteer coordinator at the SYDNI
Centre. I meet the volunteers for their for their initial visit and fill the forms and
then do their induction.
I help other volunteers to feel happy and satisfied within their roles.

What do you like about volunteering at SYDNI Centre?
I’ve met great people and am constantly meeting new people and dealing with
different personalities. I’ve really enjoyed working with the staff and volunteers.
I really enjoy it at SYDNI it has helped me to improve my language. Volunteering
at SYDNI helps me to integrate into society better.
All the people here are really great I am happy to have met people from different
countries, different capabilities. I have been really happy to meet local people as
that was actually my aim when I started volunteering to integrate into society
and to be part of average life of people here in Sydenham and in Leamington Spa
in general.

What are your interests outside SYDNI Centre?
Different types of sport (swimming, running, yoga), reading books

If you are interested in volunteering at the SYDNI Centre email me at or pop in for a chat. I am usually working on Tuesdays and
Ali, our amazing café manager and her friendly team of volunteers offer
you a warm, open welcome to the cafe Monday to Friday from 9.00 to
Enjoy delicious, freshly made sandwiches, salads, soup, a toasted sandwich
or our very own Special of the Day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
All your food is cooked and freshly prepared on site and uses local produce
                                                         where possible.
                                                        So, why not pop in and see what your local community
                                                        café is all about.
                                                        SYDNI Café also has free Wi-Fi access and provides a
                                                        take away service.

                   Keep up to date with activities @ SYDNI
 Keep up to date with events and activities on Facebook
 TheSydniCentre and through @SYDNICentre. Check the website for current volunteering activities available in their Volunteer
 Programme or … pop in and talk to them..

 The SYDNI Centre
 Cottage Square
 Leamington Spa
 CV31 1PT
 01926 422071

                                    Sydenham Neighbourhood Initiatives
         Registered Charity Number 1077333      Not for Profit Company Ltd by Guarantee 3521640.
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