Sydenham Rugby Club Handbook 2019

Sydenham Rugby Club Handbook 2019
Sydenham Rugby Club
   Handbook 2019
A big thank you to you all for volunteering to be involved and a part of
the Sydenham Rugby Club.
We pride ourselves on being a family club and our junior and senior
sections are essential components of our Club.

Main Club Contacts
Paul O’Halloran – President
Kim Browne – Director of Rugby
M: 022 405 1373
P: 03 355-4523
Andy Lynn – Club Captain
M:022 648 0410
Chris Colt Staunton – Junior Club Captain (U11-U18)
M: 027 498 2986
Sarah McKenzie – Junior Club Captain (U6-U10)
M: 021 115 3976
Melanie Hay – Club Administrator
P: 332 8875
F: 337 3772

Sydenham Board members:
Mike McKessar (Chair), Sherelle King (Secretary),
Chris Sheppard (Treasurer), Andrew King, Rob Gilden,
Reuben Harvey, Celia Knox


Registration and subscription payment               4
Season dates                                        4
Rugby Smart and Small Black courses                 5
Player and Coach Development                        5
Training grounds and gear                           6
Junior Gear bags                                    6
Team Playing Uniform                                7
Mouthguards                                         7
Medical supplies                                    7
Team Communication                                  7
Junior Team Selection                               8
Weekly draws                                        8
Side line behaviour                                 8
Disciplinary procedures, concerns, complaints       9
Serious Injury                                      9
10 Rules                                        10-11
Post game match report                             12
Weekly team results                                12
Junior Player of the day awards                    12
Saturday night team of the week                    12
Club days                                          13
Social events                                      13
Team photos                                        14
Junior Kicking Cup                                 14
Canterbury Metro representatives U11-18            14
Prizegivings                                       15
End of season return of gear                       15
Social Media                                       16
Sponsorship                                        16
Social Club membership                             17
Club Merchandise                                   17
Dates to remember                                  18

Registration and subscription payment
Subscriptions are integral to any Club to cover the general overheads
associated to the different teams, including medical supplies, water
bottles, gear bags, balls, cones, bibs, whistles, jerseys, training
t-shirts, training jackets, CRFU affiliation fees, Cashmere Club
affiliation fees, catering at club nights etc
Your NZRFU online registration, actioned through our website, will
be linked to your subscription payment. Unless your subscription
payment is made, your registration will NOT be released to the
CRFU and you will NOT be eligible to play.
Subscriptions this year are:
Seniors		         $200 ($160 if paid by 1 April)
Women		 $125
Premier Colts		   $125
Juniors U6 - U13   $80 (2 children $120, 3+ children, $140,
			4+ $180)
Juniors U14 - U18 visit Cashmere Rugby website
If you are a returning player, your information will be stored on our
If you are a new junior player you will need to provide a copy of your
birth certificate or passport page when registering for the first time.
Online registrations are preferred and are available online from
the end of January.
There will also be two junior registration days on:
Wednesday 13 February, 5-7pm and Sunday 17 February, 10-12pm.

Season dates
Pre season training commences for all senior teams on Tuesday
22 January. Monthly training calendars are posted on FB.
Senior rugby matches commence on 6 April.
The junior season commences on 6 April with grading games.
There are no rule changes from last year. The substitution rule is the
same as 2018. This will all be covered as part of your “Rugby Smart”

“Rugby Smart” & “Small Black” courses
The “Small Blacks” course is COMPULSORY for all coaches
of teams Under 13 and below. The “Rugby Smart” course is
COMPULSORY for all coaches of teams and they must attend every
year they coach.
Coaches must attend the appropriate course as follows:
Beginning Rugby: U6 - U7
Learning Rugby: U8 - U10
Playing Rugby: U11 - U13
The Club Administrator, will email out the dates of these courses and
the dates will be made available on our website and Facebook page.
As part of these course you will also have to compete a form
authorising the Rugby Union to conduct a Police Check on you which
is compulsory for anyone working or coaching children.

Player and Coach Development
In our pursuit of making Sydenham Rugby Club the top club in
New Zealand, we have a highly regarded Academy programme, seen
as only second to the Canterbury Rugby Academy.
Over the past six years we have had seven players who have
come through our system make the NZ U20 team, winning world
championships: Elliot Dixon, Paul Ngauamo, Telusa Veainu, Tyler
Blyendaal, Codie Taylor, Taniela Manu, Lutera Laulala. The NZ U20
programme will continue to be a focus for our upcoming players.
We now have very good numbers representing our club in Canterbury
teams, the Mitre 10 Cup and Super 15 teams around the country plus
we have current and past All Blacks from Sydenham.
Kim Browne, our Director of Rugby is your main point of contact for
coaching. Part of his role is to assist all coaches with training and
support throughout the season. Contact Kim Browne at any time if
your team or coaching staff need extra support or training, like front
row training. Kim can attend your trainings where possible or provide
alternative coaching assistance if required (senior player assistance).

Training Grounds and Gear
Sydenham Rugby have four major training grounds in use – Hansen
Park, Waltham Park and Barrington Park and Sydenham Park.
At each of the grounds there is additional gear available like tackle
and hit pads. Your team is not the only one using the training gear
at your training ground. When you have finished training, replace the
gear in the shed it was taken from. Please DO NOT remove any gear
from the grounds or sheds. If you require gear for another use away
from the ground, please contact the office.
Please ensure that all changing sheds are kept clean for the next
team that uses them. There are brooms and bins in all the sheds. If
you notice that changing rooms have not been cleaned or the bins are
full, please advise the office.
There are lock boxes with keys in at each ground – the combination
is available from the office. Please ensure the lights are turned off
after you have finished training and the keys are returned to the
lock box.
Grounds and times will be allocated to all teams and added to our
2019 training ground spreadsheet. All coaches will then know which
team is using each field.
You do not have to use these parks if you have access to school
grounds or other parks but no extra gear will be provided.

Junior Gear Bags
Prepared gear bags for Under 6 - Under 13 will include:
• balls
• cones
• mouthguards
• medical kit
• team set of jerseys
• team set of jackets
• list of jersey and jacket numbers allocated to each player

Team Playing Uniform
We take pride in our playing strip. All players across the Club must
wear Sydenham socks and white shorts. These are available from
the Club office which is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm –
Eftpos is available. Junior teams from U6-U10 will be provided
with team jerseys and jackets (player sizes will be taken down at
junior registration as well). Our U11 – U13 teams are supplied with
numbered sets by the Club. Black skins or poly props are permitted
to be worn by our players under white shorts. For Senior teams your
manager will organise and distribute your team’s gear.
Jerseys must not be altered in any way.

Mouthguards are compulsory. This is a directive of the NZRFU. Players
not wearing a mouthguard will not be permitted to participate in any
game or practice. These are normally provided by the CRFU and will
be supplied to teams before the start of the season.

Medical Supplies
PhysioSouth hold strapping clinics every Saturday morning for senior
teams so please speak to your team manager for more details on
times. Senior teams will be provided with strapping tape, however the
Club will monitor allocation of this. Teams will be provided with a first
aid kit.

Team Communication
Junior teams – coaches will be given a team list with the player’s
name, birth dates and contact details at the beginning of the season.
The easiest way to communicate with your team is by email or group
text so please contact parents before the start of the season and
confirm you have correct email addresses/cell numbers. Please advise
the office of any email/text address updates.
Senior teams – your manager will compile and maintain team lists
and be responsible for team communications via text or email or via
Facebook if important notices are required.

Junior Team Selection
The majority of our junior teams are made up of players who have
preferences for team mates from schools they are at or close friends.
Every endeavour is made to accommodate these requests however
this is not always possible.
Coaches are usually a generous parent volunteer so please support
them as much as possible. Think about becoming a team manager to
assist your coach.

Weekly Draws
Draws are always emailed to all coaches and managers and posted
on the Club website on a Tuesday. The draw will also be published in
The Press on a Wednesday. If the draw is changed for any reason an
updated version will be emailed to you.
For park locations visit the Christchurch City Council website - - for downloadable pdfs.
Cancellations are broadcast on Newstalk ZB on the Saturday morning
of games when required. Cancellations are also posted on the CRFU
website and Facebook pages between 7.30-8am.

Side Line Behaviour
As a player or supporter of Sydenham Rugby, please always
remember to respect the opposing players, supporters and officials,
as negative behaviour reflects on our club as a whole. We have a
great record of discipline on and off the field. Please remember that
the example you set will be followed by our younger players. Every
official involved with providing club rugby, Canterbury wide, is a
volunteer. These people give up their valuable time week in and out
and we thank them for their efforts.
There is ZERO tolerance at Sydenham Rugby - no abuse of
referees, opposition players or parents/supporters.
There is a “10 Rules” poster pdf available for circulation to families to
clarify expected side line behaviour (see page 10-11).

Disciplinary Procedures, Concerns or
Coaches or parents – any incidents involving your team or opposition
teams must be reported to the Junior Club Captain so please contact
Andrew Lynn in the first instance.
All concerns/complaints must come through Sydenham Rugby and
NOT sent directly to the CRFU.
Please do not write or report any incidents directly to the CRFU. This
only embarrasses the Club if we are unaware of any situation. The
Club will carry out any investigation and action needed, without the
emotion that often accompanies a complaint by a parent or club
supporter. Please do us the courtesy of allowing us to handle any
issues in the first instance.
If a referee doesn’t turn up at a game contact your Club Captain and
he will follow this up. The CRFU have a person to allocate referees.
You can use a coach or parent to referee, however, if they are not
qualified referees, the game will then have to have non-contestable
scrums if over a certain age.

Serious Injury
You need to contact your respective Club Captain if you have any
player that has a serious injury during a game. You MUST also
complete a “Serious Injury report form” which can be found on the
CRFU website. Report any injury/s to your team manager, physio and/
or doctor.
PhysioSouth, Moorhouse Medical, 3 Pilgram Place, phone 332 6487
or 027 574 2443. There are “drop in clinics” available between
9am – 12noon on Saturdays at 167 Colombo St.
Moorhouse Medical is open 12noon – 4pm Saturday and
10am-12noon Sunday. After hours emergency – 0508 474 974
All players should fill in an ACC form if strapping is necessary.
                    Remember the RICE principles:

              Rest Ice Compress Elevate

      yOU TO

1.   Don't yell out instructions
2.   Don't yell at me in public
3.   Don't yell at the coach
4.   Don't put down my team
5. Don't put down other
6. Don't put down officials

 10 rULES!

   7. Don't lose your cool
   8. Don't lecture me about my
       mistakes after the game
   9. Don't forget how to laugh
       and have fun
   10. Don't forget that it is only a
       game. I will try my best but
       I'm not sure that I'll be the
       next superstar yet!

Post Game Match Report
For teams from Under 11 - Under 13, you need to fill in a match report
through the Sporty app link. An email will come out at the beginning
of the season giving instructions on how to do this. You must also text
your result to your Grade Manager as well (details to be provided).

Weekly Team Results
All results are posted on our website every Monday. They are also
emailed to all coaches and managers. Results can also be viewed on
the CRFU Community Rugby website.

Junior Player of the Day Awards
Once again we have generous sponsors supplying vouchers for
“player of the day” awards, as well as the Club providing a player
of the day trophy which can be presented on the Saturday after
the game. If it is your team night at the Club, as below, it can be
presented on stage.

Saturday Night Team of the Week
During the season each junior team will have the opportunity to be
“team of the week” in the Sydenham Lounge at the Cashmere Club.
The team will be fed and watered and will be asked up on stage.
The coach or manager can say a few words and a special guest will
present the “player of the day” award including your player of the day
trophy. It is a great night for the kids and they really enjoy it. Because
of the number of teams there will probably be at least two to three
junior teams at the Club each week. Dates for these will be advised to
each team.
Parents of junior players are reminded that the children are only
allowed in the Sydenham Lounge section of the Club and the
playground area outside. Children need to be supervised at all times
whilst at the Club.
All senior teams are expected back at the Club rooms every Saturday
night by 5.30pm for team speeches, players of the day presentations
and junior presentations.

Please don’t feel that this is the only time you can come down to the
Club. We run a number of social events during the season on Saturday
nights and everyone is welcome. We would love to see more parents
and supporters become social members of the Club.

Club Days
Club Day is on TBA.
All junior teams will play at South Hagley Park. After the game
there will be sausages and drinks for all the junior players and their
opposition teams. This is the most important day of the year for the
Club and this is the one game of the season you don’t want to lose!

Social Events
The annual golf tournament will be held on Sunday 14 April.
See our website for more details closer to the event.
If there are any All Blacks or Crusaders games on during the season
a Facebook notice will be posted advising screening of the games on
the big screen. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Team Photos
Team managers will be contacted about team photos.
The junior photo night will be held in July - date TBA.
Teams will be advised what time to arrive to avoid overcrowding so
please only bring the child in the team where possible.
Senior photos will be taken at the end of July or in August - date TBA.
Photos are taken in the Sydenham Lounge, Cashmere Club. Players
need to wear their team shorts/shirts/socks (boots are not required).
Payment is required on the night of the photos so you will need
to advise your team in advance. Eftpos will be available. Photos will
then be handed out at the Junior and Senior prizegiving function.

Junior Kicking Cup
This is a Junior Club run skill activity and is open to all players from
U6 – U13. Players test their kicking ability, by kicking into a target,
with left and right footed kicks and a varied range of goal kicking
challenges. There are trophies for both age groups and these are
presented at the annual prizegiving, at the conclusion of the season.
This year’s kicking cup date is TBA in August.

Canterbury Metro Representation: U11-U13
Coaches are asked to nominate players from their team during the
season if they think they are suitable to play rep rugby for their
age group. In the first instance, these nominations are passed to a
Sydenham Club representative (the Director of Rugby) to review and
decide whether these players should be recommended to the Metro
Rep Coaches.
The DoR may visit games to see if they agree with the coaches’
recommendations. Those recommended are then subject to selection
by the Rep Coaches. Trials/selection usually happens around the last
week of the Club season. The Metro Representative selection group
will contact the player if they are up for selection and advise trainings

Senior Prizegiving Dinner and
Awards Presentation
Each year a senior dinner is held in association with our senior
prizegiving. Our life members, sponsors, players, coaches and
partners are invited to attend this prestigious event held in the
Sydenham Lounge.

Junior Prizegiving
Trophies and certificates are awarded for key team and player awards.
Junior prizegiving will be held in September.

Coaches and managers will be sent nominations forms for their team
awards and these need to be completed and returned to the office by
late July to allow cups and certificates to be organised.
This will be divided into three sections: U6 – U7, U8- U10 followed
by the U11 – U18 grades in the afternoon. Each session should take
approximately 1-1.5 hours. Coaches will be advised which session
their team falls into.
At the conclusion of each session, there will be a BBQ and cold drinks
for the players. Parents are welcome to stay for a drink and chat
amongst themselves and thank the coaches for their season’s efforts.
This is held in the Sports Hall and Sydenham Lounge.

End of Season Return of Gear
Once your final games have been played for the season, please
arrange for the cleaning and collection of your team’s jerseys and
jackets as allocated on the sheet provided at the start of the season.
Return these to the office weekdays, 10am-2pm.

Social Media
Facebook: sydenham home

We would like to encourage people to LIKE our FB page so we can
share our Club information.

If you wish to request a FB notice or any other important club notices
to be posted on Facebook or the website, contact the Club office or
Sherelle King, Board Secretary (
Some team photos can be added as well, however ensure image sizes
have been resized to small and saved as RGB jpgs for upload.
Coaches FB group
There is an online coaching forum available through FB called
Sydenham Rugby Coaches. This is a closed group that allows
coaches to share tips and ask questions.You can request to join
through Andy Lynn. All our open grade coaches are on it and it is a

good tool to source ideas, drills and skills to use at training and to
share Information. There is also access to the rugby site which has
video content.

Sydenham Rugby Club faces the constant challenge of the funding
club rugby in a tight financial climate. Where a rugby club was once
a dominant social environment and the recognised pathway for
ambitious rugby players, this has now changed with many other
sporting opportunities available. Clubs need to have strategies in
place ensure club funds remain at sustainable levels.
There are four sponsorship opportunities available:
1 Jersey sponsorship - Have your company name printed on the
  back of the playing jersey of our high profile Division 1 team
2 Red and Blue sponsorship – Development programmes – our
  Academy, Premier Colts grade and specialised coaching clinics
  which could include local schools
3 Coaching and leadership programmes and courses for coaches
  and managers, both external and internal
4 Junior Red and Blue sponsorship - our junior section which plays
  a huge part of our history and success and transition of players
  through the grades
At Sydenham Rugby, we are very fortunate to have very supportive
sponsors. NZCU is our premier sponsor and a progressive local
Sydenham business.
Please view the full list of our key sponsors on our website and
support them wherever possible.
If you are interested in viewing our current sponsorship proposals,
please contact Rob Gilden on 022 639 3503.

Social Club Membership
If you would like to become a social member of the Sydenham Rugby
Club, you can do so by paying the very reasonable fee of $60.00.
This entitles you to membership of the Sydenham Rugby Club and
membership to the Cashmere Club as well (you must be over the
age of 18). Once a member of the Cashmere Club, you have entry to
all Chartered Clubs in New Zealand, receiving discounted drinks and
By becoming a coach at Sydenham Rugby the Club will also pay for
your membership of the wider Cashmere Club. If a returning coach,
please send your membership number through to the office and they
will arrange for any new cards or renew your current membership.

Club Merchandise
We have different items of club apparel available for sale through
the office so you can show your support on the sidelines. Check the
website and FB for items and prices or contact the office.

i   Please contact us on:
    +64 3 332 8875
    sydenham home

    PO Box 12048, 88 Hunter Terrace, Christchurch

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