AOC SPORT FIFA 20 COLLEGE LOCKDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Please note: this tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its ...

AOC SPORT FIFA 20 COLLEGE LOCKDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Please note: this tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its ...


             Please note: this tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors
AOC SPORT FIFA 20 COLLEGE LOCKDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Please note: this tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its ...
WELCOME TO THE FIFA 20 CHAMPS                                                                                     KEY INFORMATION
                                                                                                                      AoC Sport Colleges to hold trials in April 2020 to find their top three players for
                                                                                                                      Xbox and also for PS4.
    The British Esports Association helps to educate parents, teachers, media, policy
    makers and government around what esports is and what its benefits are. We’re                                     Colleges must be a member of AoC Sport.
    working with schools, colleges and other educational establishments to embrace
    esports and create some inspiring events and activities.                                                          Students must have a valid Gamertag or PSN ID and that it is visible as your nickname
                                                                                                                      on the tournament roster.
    The FIFA 20 College Lockdown Championships will be for teams of three on both
    Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to compete nationally every week from May. Players                                     College students will form teams of three per tournament (XBOX/PS4), each playing
                                                                                                                      a 12-minute 1v1 match in the Ultimate Team mode (six minutes per half) against
    from member colleges will have the opportunity to play against English Colleges
                                                                                                                      opposing team.
    Football Association (ECFA) national team footballers and compete in a showcase
    final on Wednesday July 1st 2020.
                                                                                                                      Default match time is 3pm each Wednesday. Fixtures will be on the website.

    With students across the country learning from home as well as potentially caring for
                                                                                                                      Full ruleset on the tournament website (XBOX/PS4).
    family members, self-isolating, volunteering and wanting to socialise over the summer,
    British Esports and AoC Sport see this competition as an ideal activity for students                              In Swiss tournament structure, all fixtures must be played by the end of the week
    to get involved in. At a time when students are not able to develop skills through                                for the next round to be generated.
    playing sport physically, esports competitions can have a vital role in improving the
    same aspects such as teamwork, communication and sportsmanship.                                                   If the opponent does not turn up after 10 mins a default win can be claimed.
                                                                                                                      Speak to an admin.
    The tournament will be run under a dedicated code of conduct to ensure the values
    of fair play and respect are adhered to throughout.                                                               For all fixtures (e.g. College A vs College B) there will be 3 rounds with 9 overall
                                                                                                                      games being played by each college every week. All players will play 3 1v1 games
    Good luck and have fun!                                                                                           per fixture.
    British Esports Association & AoC Sport
                                                                                                                      For example:
                                                                                                                      Order of play: College A v College B - 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
    (Please note this tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors).
                                                                                                                      Round 1: A Player 1 v B Player 3, A Player 2 v B Player 1 & A Player 3 v B Player 2
                                                                                                                      Round 2: A Player 1 v B Player 2, A Player 2 v B Player 3 & A Player 3 v B Player 1
                                                                                                                      Round 3: A Player 1 v B Player 1, A Player 2 v B Player 2 & A Player 3 v B Player 3
       Parents Guide
       Benefits of Esports
2                                                                                                                 4                                                                                           3

                                                                            FIFA 20
                                                                                      1   Fill out this registration form.

                                                                                      2   You will receive a confirmation email and log in details by the end of the day.

                                                                                      3   Follow the log in details and reset your password.

                                                                                      4   Log into the website and click on “My Account” > “My teams”

                                                                                          Access your teams and edit player details and team name. Make sure your
                                                                                      5   player’s nicknames match their Xbox gamertag/ PSN ID so other players can
                                                                                          find them easily for matches. Only full rosters (with 3 players) will be complete.

                                                                                          Once your teams are complete, nominate a captain for each team. This
                                                                                          captain will help upload scores and manage fixtures, so make sure to share the
  Dean Hardman, AoC Director of Sport and Student Experience said:                        tournament website log in details with the captain(s).
  “We are really pleased to be offering member colleges this competi-
           tive esports opportunity over the next few weeks.

 “Many colleges have participated in esports over the past two years as
 part of our valued partnership with the British Esports Association and
 this FIFA lockdown tournament presents a further opportunity for even
  more colleges and students to get involved, playing one of the most
               popular video game titles among students.”                                           Full fixtures will be available on the tournament website.
                                                                                          You can see your own upcoming fixtures by logging in > “My Account” > “My
                              TEAMS OF 3                MATCHES                                   Thursday 16th April - 7th May          Registration period
         1v1                      -                     LAST 12                                                                    Fill out rosters with your top 3
                              XBOX & PS4                MINUTES                                                                          players per platform
                                                                                                        Thursday 7th May                Registrations close
                  CHOOSING YOUR TOP 3 PLAYERS
                                                                                                   Wednesday 13th May - 24th        Weekly fixtures begin (swiss
 For the AoC Sport FIFA 2020 Colleges Championships we are running
                                                                                                            June                              format)
 tournaments on both platforms: Xbox One and PS4. You can enter teams
 for both platforms, or one or the other.                                                              Wednesday 1st July          Showcase finals - opportunity
                                                                                                                                  to play against English Collegs
 For the whole registration period you will need to find your top 3 play-                                                         Football Association (ECFA) na-
 ers to make your team. You can do this by hosting trials online. If you                                                              tional team footballers
 need any help with how to run an internal competition to find your top
 3 players, please contact us, and we can provide guidance and support.                                              TIMINGS OF MATCHES:
                                                                                      Fixtures will take place by default on a Wednesday afternoon at 3pm. For all fixtures
  You can register without having your full roster decided yet, but you
                                                                                      there will be 3 rounds with 9 overall games being played by each college every week.
  will need to enter full rosters for the teams by end of day on Thursday
4 7th May in order to be generated into fixtures.Only full teams of 3 are             Each game will last approx 12-minutes (six minutes per half). If you mutually agree to5
6accepted.                                                                            a new time/date within the week, you MUST change this on the website.
SETTING UP THE MATCH                                                                                   REFEREEING AND REPORTING
                                                                                                       The member of staff responsible for your teams will be referred to as Leader.
                                                                                                       The student representative, chosen by the Leader, will be referred to as Captains
    The fixture list will determine which is the “home team”. The home team is the ‘host’ and is re-
    sponsible for setting up the match and the ‘lobby’ where players register and ‘meet’ before the

                                                                                                       LEADERS/CAPTAINS ARE EXPECTED TO:
    match starts.

    FOLLOW THESE STEPS:                                                                                          •   Ensure their team adheres to the Rules and the Code of Conduct. Supervise
                                                                                                                     students during their matches.
    The gameplay settings are                            HUD: Player Name & Indicator                            •   Check in for each week’s matches
                                                                                                                 •   Enter results on the tournament website.
    defined by the FIFA 20 Ultimate                      Player Indicator: Player Name                           •   Act as front-facing representatives of that college, as a point of contact for
    Team Friendly Seasons game                           Time/Score Display: On                                      Admins.
    mode, they are listed below:                         Radar: 2D                                               •   Report any issues to Admins via support ticket e.g. if a player on the team
                                                                                                                     accuses an opponent of ‘hacking’, the Leader must collect evidence and send
                                                         Gamertag Indicator: Off                                     it to an admin.
    •    Difficulty Level: World Class                   Scrolling Line Ups: Off                                 •   Players can contact Admins, but they themselves cannot submit reports to
    •    Half Length: 6 minutes                          Commentary Volume: 0                                        Admins. Only the Leader/Captain is able to submit reports..
    •    Stadium Settings                                Stadium Ambience: 8
    •    Stadium: FEWC Stadium                           Music Volume: 0
         (ensure you have completed                                                                    REPORTING PROCESS:
         the starter objectives to have                  CAMERA SETTINGS                                         If a player on your team thinks someone is breaking the rules or code of conduct,
         this stadium unlocked)                                                                                  in the first instance you should collect evidence e.g. screenshots of conversations,
                                                                                                                 video clips of cheating, recordings of verbal abuse. Wait until after the game to
        • Season: Fall/Autumn                            The following Single Player                             evaluate the situation. Any form of cheating (unofficial / modified versions / as-
        • Time of Day: 3:00PM                            Camera settings are disallowed:                         sisting tools) will lead to disqualification and/or penalties.
        • Pitch Wear: None                               • Pro
                                                                                                                 The college Leader/team captain should then contact an admin in private by rais-
                                                         • End to End                                            ing a support ticket on the tournament website with the following information:
    MANDATORY SETTINGS:                                  • Dynamic                                               • In-game name
                                                                                                                 • Team name
                                                                                                                 • Game & Match ID
    The following settings will be                                                                               • Description
    enforced for all users:                                                                                      • Evidence

SUBMITTING RESULTS                                                                                     SOCIAL MEDIA
                                                                                                             We would love to see photos and hear stories from you and your students dur-
    After each match has finished, each team captain/teacher should submit the                               ing the FIFA20 Champs. We would like to use them to help publicise the project
    result via the tournament platform.                                                                      through our social media channels and weekly newsletter.

    IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU TAKE SCREENSHOTS OF EACH ROUND’S SCORES                                         If you would like to share with us, please send them to:
    AND UPLOAD THIS VIA THE INDIVDIVUAL MATCH PAGE.                                                          • Dom Sacco - Head of Content (
                                                                                                             • Morgan Ashurst - Marketing Manager (
    If the opponent does not turn up after 10 mins a default win can be claimed.                             Both are available to support you, should you get media enquiries about the pro-
    Speak to an admin.                                                                                       ject.
8                                                                                                                                                                                                       9
you have completed the starter         mand as follows:
                                                                                       objectives to have this stadium
                                                                                       unlocked)                     It is forbidden to use the

                                                                                      • Season: Fall/Autumn                   pause without an obvious reason like
                                                                                                                              a player disconnect.
                                                                                      • Time of Day: 3:00PM
                                                                                      • Pitch Wear: None
                                                                                                                     In the case a player discon-
                                                                                                                              nects or is having connectivity issues,
                                                                            MANDATORY SETTINGS:             it is allowed to use the pause.
                                                                                     The following settings will be
                                                                                     enforced for all users:         In the case of hardware or
THE FULL RULESET WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE ON THE TOURNA-                             • HUD: Player Name & Indicator           software issues it is allowed to use
MENT PAGE.                                                                           • Player Indicator: Player Name          the pause.
                                                                                     • Time/Score Display: On
                                                                                                                     In the event of a pause,
1. PLAYER AND TEAM ELIGIBILITY                                                       • Radar: 2D
                                                                                                                              the other team should be informed
                                           1.4.4. A team may request a name          • Gamertag Indicator: Off
                                                                                                                              immediately why the pause has oc-
1.4. Team eligibility                      change at any point during a season.      • Scrolling Line Ups: Off                curred and should be informed of
                                           To change a team’s name an admin          • Commentary Volume: 0                   any progress towards fixing the issue
1.4.1. Each team must have a               must be contacted with desired            • Stadium Ambience: 8                    causing pause.
designated Leader that satisfies the       change.                                   • Music Volume: 0
following conditions:                                                                                                Before resuming games both
                                           1.4.6. A Teams name must not be                                                    teams should state they are ready to
                                                                            CAMERA SETTINGS A registered staff member         explicitly offensive and if the BEA                                                continue.
at the Institution that the team           considers this to be the case that team   The following Single Player Camera
represents. The Leader is encouraged       will be required to change their name.    settings are disallowed:
                                                                                                                     Teams may only pause the
to nominate a student Captain for                                                    • Pro
                                                                                                                              game for up to 10 minutes. If after
each team, who will assist with fixtures   2.MATCH RULES                             • End to End                             10 minutes technical issues cannot
and submitting scores.                                                               • Dynamic                                be solved the game should not be
                                           2.1. Match Setup                                                                   resumed. If the game cannot be re- Able to act as representative                                               2.1.3. Once both teams have joined       sumed then Admins should be con-
and point of contact for BEA               2.1.1. All matches must be played on      the lobby and stated they are ready,     tacted and an automatic win will be
                                           the European server.                      the lobby leader must click Start.       awarded to the opposing team. Able to supervise all online
interaction between Players at that        2.1.2. The gameplay settings are de-      2.2. Pauses and Rematches                2.2.3. Teams can agree to a rematch,
Institution. This can include before       fined by the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team                                                 if they think it’s needed to play a fair
and after matches as well as during.       Friendly Seasons game mode, they          2.2.1. If a player fails to connect to   and balanced match or to solve tech-
                                           are listed below:                         game the game should be paused           nical problems.
1.4.2. A team must consist of 3 players                                              immediately. If this player fails to
and must be from the same Institution.                                               connect the game may be restarted. A rematch has to be played
                                           •   Difficulty Level: World Class
                                                                                     The new game must follow rules for a     with the same vehicles.
 1.4.3. A player must be only on one       •   Half Length: 6 minutes                rematch found in section 2.2.3.
 team at once, however players may         •   Stadium Settings
8                                                                                                                             2.3. No show                           9
 change teams throughout the season.       •   Stadium: FEWC Stadium (ensure         2.2.2. Teams may use the pause com-                                                 11
3.1.1. Teams are expected to play at        and will be subject to penalties at        following penalties:
 2.3.1. Teams are expected to arrive       their best at all times within any AoC      the discretion of the British Esports
 promptly to all games at the mutually     Sport FIFA 2020 College Champion-           Championships.                    Loss of choice of starting
 agreed start time over a Wednesday.       ships match, and to avoid any behav-                                                   side.
                                           ior inconsistent with the principles of Flaming/toxicity. This shall be
 2.3.2. If a team hasn’t joined the lob-   good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair        defined as any comments in all chat Issue of a warning on the re-
 by 10 minutes after the stated start      play.                                       or game lobby that may be consid-          cord of that team.
 time, the team that did show should                                                   ered negative or hurtful.
 report a win on the tournament web-       3.1.2. The following actions will be                                          Forfeit of a match.
 site and submit a support ticket.         considered unfair play and will be Use of discriminatory lan-
                                           subject to penalties at the discretion      guage including, but not limited to, Temporary suspension of a
 2.3.3. If neither team has created or     of the admins.                              comments about a person’s gender,          player.
 joined a custom game within 10 min-                                                   race, sexual orientation, age, hate
 utes, both teams will receive a loss. Hacking. Hacking is de-            speech or calls to harmful action. Permanent ban of a player.
 For calculating pairing, the higher       fined as any modification of the pro-
 team will be considered the winner        gramme by any player, team or per- Intentional disconnects. This Deduction of points or seed-
 but the game will still count as a loss   son acting on behalf of a player or a       does not include restarting client in      ing for the current or next tourna-
 for calculating final standings.          team.                                       order to bug fix.                          ment. Penalties are carried over with
                                                                                                                                  the majority of the offending team for
 2.4. Submitting results          Ringing. Playing under an-         3.2. Penalties                             the full academic year.
                                           other player’s account or soliciting,
 2.4.1. After each game, both team         inducing, encouraging or directing          3.2.1. Any person found to have en- Disqualification of team from
 Leaders should report results. Good       someone else to play under another          gaged in or attempted to engage in         a tournament.
 practise is to take screenshots of the    player’s account.                           any act that British Esports’ believes,
 final scoreboard in case of dispute.                                                  in its sole and absolute discretion, Disqualification of team
                                  Cheating Device. The use of        constitutes unfair play, will be subject   from the AoC Sport FIFA 20 College
 2.4.2. Results should be submitted        any kind of cheating device and/or          to penalty. The nature and extent of       Championships.
 using the tournament companion            cheat programme.                            the penalties imposed due to such If                                                acts shall be in the sole and abso-        4. SPIRIT OF THE RULES
 players have any issues in doing this, Intentional Disconnection. An      lute discretion of the British Esports
 then please email us at champs@           intentional disconnection without a         Championships.                             4.1. These Rules may be amended,                       proper and explicitly-stated reason.                                                   modified or supplemented by the
                                                                                       3.2.2. If any team or player is sus-       British Esports Association from time
 2.4.3. If both team Leaders do not Championships Discretion.          pected of breaking any rules, admins       to time, in order to ensure fair play
 enter the same score, an admin will       Any other further act, failure to act, or   should be informed by the Leader. At       and the integrity of the Champion-
 be alerted automatically. Please have     behavior which, in the sole judgment        this point admins may ask for screen-      ships.
 match scoreboard screenshots ready        of Championships officials, violates        shots or other evidence of miscon-
 to upload on request.                     these Rules and/or the standards of         duct.                                      4.2. All decisions regarding the inter-
                                           integrity established by Champion-                                                     pretation of these rules lie solely with
 3. SPIRIT OF THE GAME                     ships for competitive game play.            3.2.3. Upon discovery of any team          the British Esports Association, the
                                                                                       member committing any violations of        decisions of which are final.
 3.1. Sportsmanship                        3.1.3. The following actions will be        the rules listed above, the Champion-
10                                         considered poor sportsmanship play          ships may, without limitation issue the
                                                                                                            The British Esports Association takes safety of players very

                                                                                          CODE OF CONDUCT
                                                                                                            seriously. As such, we have implemented several measures to
                                                                                                            protect the wellbeing and identities of those who take part in
                                                                                                            our tournaments.

                                                                                                            PLAYING OF MATCHES
  5.1. INSTITUTION.                           can set up the upcoming game session,                         Only those rostered can play - emergency subs can be added ac-
  A school or college as defined in sec-      change their settings, and talk to each                       cording to rule 1.5.3. Teams must play together from same college.
  tions 1.1 And 1.2.                          other. In many games, players return to
                                              the lobby at the end of each session. In
  5.2. PLAYER                                 some, players joining a session that has                      UNSPORTING BEHAVIOUR
  A student who plays esports in the Brit-    already started are placed in the lobby
  ish Esports Championships.                  until the start of the next. As lobbies                       (“flaming”, “toxicity”, “bm”, “hacking”, “aimbotting”)
                                              consume very few resources they are
  5.3. ADMINS                                 sometimes additionally used as a “hold-                       Any unsporting behaviour is a punishable offence and harms enjoy-
  Also known as tournament admins, ref-       ing pen” for players while waiting for                        ment of the game. When dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct, it’s
  erees, umpires. Admins will create fix-     the next match. Opposing teams must                           important that admins have proof of exactly what happened.
  tures, calculate results, make sure that    be invited to the lobby for the match to
  players adhere to the Rules and Code of     proceed.                                                      If an opposing player verbally abuses a member of your team or
  Conduct, hand out penalties.                                                                              deliberately behaves in an unsporting manner you must take screen-
                                              5.9. DISCONNECT                                               shots and report directly to an admin. Depending on circumstance a
  5.4. LEADER                                 Also known as DC. Disconnect can re-                          player can be punished instantly or if the issue requires more investi-
  A Leader is an adult member of staff        fer to an Internet shortage that removes                      gation, this will be done after the tournament.
  that represents an Institution. A Leader    a player from a game or a player inten-
  is responsible for supervising online in-   tionally leaving a game.
  teractions between players, checking-in
  an Institutions teams, reporting match      5.10. CASTING                                                 SAFEGUARDING
  results to the tournament system. One       Commentating an esports match. Com-
  Leader can be responsible for multiple      mentators are known as casters. This is                       British Esports Championships considers the three areas of risk in
  teams.                                      short for shoutcasters, the original term                     online safety, as outlined by the Department for Education.
                                              used to refer to esports commentators
  5.5. TEAM                                   which has been shortened over time.                           CONTENT: all esports titles used by the British Esports Association
  A team is a group of players. A team                                                                      will be age appropriate. Fifa 20 is 3+.
  represents its Institution in the British   5.11. SEEDING
  Esports Championships.                      The process of preliminarily ranking                          CONTACT: each fixture in the Fifa 20 tournament will be played via
                                              teams in a tournament bracket to en-                          a closed community platform. Only students registered by their col-
  5.6. CHECK-IN                               sure the most fair outcome. Each team                         lege will be able to access the platform. Professional Tournament
  The process of reporting a team’s arrival   is a seed.                                                    Admins will be monitoring all online interactions and fixtures.
  and commitment to play in that week’s
  matches. Check-in takes place the day       5.12. GAME
  before fixtures on the tournament web-      The application, programme, or .exe file,                     CONDUCT: every college will submit the names of each player rep-
  site. Only a Leader can check a team in.    of a game. For example, RocketLeague.                         resenting their institution as well as their in-game name (full names of
                                              exe is the game Rocket League.                                players will not be shared without strict permission). Therefore, in the
  5.7. ARENA                                                                                                event of misconduct, that player can be held responsible and penal-
  Arenas are the main areas where the                                                                       ties will be imposed. Admins, and every college Leader, are respon-
  game takes place. They feature boost                                                                      sible for ensuring all rules are followed and standards of fair play are
  pads dotted around the field.                                                                             maintaining throughout.
  5.8. LOBBY
12 Lobbies are menu screens where players                                                                               School/college Leaders can request to have data erased. More    1313
                                                                                                                       information on data protection can be found in the T&Cs on the
                                                                                                                                            tournament website.
       If you need any further assistance or guidance throughout the
     AoC Sport FIFA 20 College Championships, please get in touch.

     If you would like assistance in taking part in esports competitions
      or the Championships, please let us know and we can aim to put
          you in contact with one of our current Champs team leaders.

                                               Raise a support ticket
                             Phone: 01753 656 802 or Schedule a Call

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