The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School

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The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Together We Learn

    Springdale Heights Public School | 25 Cardo Drive Lavington NSW 2641 | p: 0260 256 433 f: 0260 402 328 | e: | w:
                                                                                    Principal: Miss Sue Farmer

     Term 2                                                                                                                                     18 June 2021

  Flying Fruit Fly Circus
                                                                         The Flying Fruit Fly Circus
  Located here in Albury, the
  Flying Fruit Fly Circus is
  Australia's national youth circus
  and the only full-time circus
  school for young people aged
  between 8–19 in Australia.

  Circus is all about performance.
  The Flying Fruit Fly Circus
  coaches young people in the art
  of circus and performs original
  theatre shows around the world.

   We are very fortunate to have
   had such a popular and world
      famous group of young
   performers here at Springdale
       Heights Public School.

                                                                                                        The very energetic and amazing Fruit Fly performers
                                                                                                         were brilliant and had the students captivated for
                                                                                                                          the entire show.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Stepping Stones Program

                                                                                                    The Annual Lions Club Public
           Students will receive a yellow                                                           Speaking was held at
          ‘Stepping Stones’ T shirt to wear                                                         Springdale Heights Public
              and keep once enrolled.                                                               School last week.

 Session 1                                                                                          Two of our students, Jack and
                                                                                                    Gibson, competed against
 Friday 29 October
                                                                                                    other local schools. Although
 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
                                                                                                    not moving through to the next
 Students in the classroom                                                                          round, Jack and Gibson were
 Parent/carer information session and school                                                        awarded for their outstanding
 tour                                                                                               participation. Their confidence
                                                                                                    when speaking in front of
 Session 2                                                                                          family and the school was
 Friday 5 November                                                                                  amazing. Well done boys!!
 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
 Students in the classroom
                                                          Jack and Gibson with Mr Charles Leaney.
 Session 3
 Friday 12 November                                       We would like to congratulate the
 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm                                       overall winner who will now go on to
 Students in the classroom                                the District level.
 Please bring a small packed lunch
                                                          Thank you to Mr Charles Leaney,
 Session 4                                                Mr David McCormack and Mrs Jan
 Friday 19 November                                       Leaney from the Lions Club for               Mr Charles Leaney and Mr David
                                                          adjudicating the Public Speaking.           McCormack presented awards and
 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm                                                                                   medallions to each of the students.
 Students in the classroom
 Please bring a small packed lunch
                                                                           On Friday 25 June, as part of our Positive
 Session 5                                                                 Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program, we would
 Friday 26 November                                                        like to celebrate a term of hard work by having a
                                                                           ‘Games Day’.
 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
 Students in the classroom                                  Students are invited to bring in a board or card game from
 Please bring a small packed lunch                          home to share with their teacher and peers. There will be
                                                            plenty of games available for students who are not able to bring
 Please ensure your child has a drink bottle and            in a game.
 is dressed appropriately for physical activity
 including a hat.                                           Some examples are; Guess Who, UNO, Connect 4, Yahtzee,
                                                            Scrabble, Twister, Trouble, Snakes and Ladders etc.
                                                            Please bring the game in a labelled shopping bag.
      We hope with this advance notice that                 Thank you,
         you can arrange for your child                     Springdale Heights Public School teachers.
            to attend each session.

                                                            Help Wanted
To express interest in enrolling your child you may do      Some of the teaching staff at Springdale Heights Public School
one of the following:                                       are embarking on a school beautification program. If you have
                                                            some skills in horticulture or design or would like to be part of
You may submit an Expression to Enrol with the ‘online      the working group, please contact the school on 6025 6433
form’ on our Sentral Parent Portal APP                      and leave your contact details. We will organise a time to have
Or                                                          a chat.
You may use the Online Enrolment process.                   Felicity Boughton and Katrina Heinjus
  GOOGLE: Springdale Heights Public School
  Click on ENROLMENT—at top right of page
  Under the heading How to Enrol—click on Apply online      Aboriginal Education Group
  Scroll down to “Get started with your application”        Springdale Heights Public School would love to hear from our
  Enter details                                             Aboriginal families and community members. If you know
Please read carefully and follow each step of the           someone who would be interested in talking about Aboriginal
process. Once the school has processed your request you     education, histories, cultures or has some stories and
will receive an automated reply of what to do next.
                                                            traditional skills they would like to share with our students,
                                                            please contact the school on 6025 6433 and leave your details.
        Please phone the school on 6025 6433 if
                                                            I will organise a time to meet with you.
            you have any further questions.
                                                            Katrina Heinjus

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Students from years 5-6 visited the Albury
 Library Museum to participate in the Courage to
 Care program.

 This program has been initiated by B’nai B’rith,
 the world’s oldest community service
 organisation, to convey messages of social
 tolerance and to encourage people to live in

 Its content is considered to be very relevant to
 students as they encounter media images of
 intolerance and prejudice or when they
 experience racism or bullying at school.

                                                                   Students enjoyed their visit to the
                                                              Courage to Care exhibition and understanding
                                                                  the powerful message that it brings.

Courage to Care is a unique travelling exhibition and
educational program that uses stories of Holocaust
survivors and their rescuers to demonstrate the
importance of standing up to prejudice whenever it

It provokes conversations about social justice and
bystander intervention in our communities. Courage to
Care is a positive and empowering experience,
inspiring visitors to realise that their individual choices
can, and do, made a difference.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Community News

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Student reports were sent home yesterday. When
reading the report, you may find this explanation helpful
in understanding NSW Education A-E grading. As
always, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s
teacher should you wish to discuss your child’s report.

                                            Community News

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
K-1 B—Mrs Brown                             Library—              3-4 B
Kinder—Mrs Payne                                                          Mrs Kay           Eunice D
Nevaeh C                      Dakoda B                                                       Dean K
Alyssa L                      Bethany K                                     Kinder          Mahson E
                              Bella Rose H                                 Marley M        Mathew H-S
Marley M                                                                  Brandon B           Ella K
Zebediah M                    Willow T                                    Nevaeh C           Beau H
Brandon B                     Tamika C-S                                    Jett G         Chanelle O
                                                                            Malia L         Shyindi K
Jett G                        Logan B                                       Alyssa          Bryson T
                                                                                             Seth P
                                                                           Logan B              3-4 S
1-2 C—Mrs Carroll            1-2 W                                       Savannah L          Georgie G
Olivia W                     Mrs Wells & Mrs Pontt                          Jakai B            Ella B
                                                                          Fletcher O         Owen C-L
Hudson K                     Oscar G                                     Isabella Mc          Lachie S
Maliek B-M                   Skylee K                                    Tamika C-S          Charles M
                                                                        Muhammad N             Beau L
Benjamin F                   William F                                    Dakoda B            Rose M
Dakoda W                     Tylah S                                                         Hunter C
Hudson S                     Oliver D                                       1-2 C             Lucas R
                                                                         Benjamin F           Logan T
                             Freya W                                      Hudson S
                                                                          Mitchell F
                                                                           Xavier L             5-6 D
                                                                           Skye O             Tyson C
3-4 B—Ms Boughton            3-4 S—Mr Suidgeest                             Klay T           Chelsea F
Beau H                       Chelsea B                                   Dominic W            Maddi C
Shyindi K                    Charles M                                     Ollie Mc            Jack T
                                                                           Olivia W            Riziki H
Seth P                       Steven J                                     Dakota W            Zavier L
Koa P                        Jordan G                                                        Jaxson Mc
Hoze H                       Keeda B                                        1-2 W             Rhys T-L
                                                                          Hayley C            Sandra N
Rubii Rose M                 Yvonne B                                     Jasper S
                                                                           Oliver D             5-6 H
                                                                          Jaylah R          Woonsen P
                                                                          Poppi S-T           Ruby C
                                                                          Indigo M            Tuli M
5-6 D—Mrs Davidson           5-6 H—Miss Heinjus                           Skylee K           Delilah B
Tyson C                      Luca M-W                                      Freya W          Charlotte C
Jem L                        Didier I                                       Ayat J            Pixie H
Chelsea F                    Rachel W
Maddie C                     Isabell T
Jason S                      Elizabeth M
Riziki H                     Dean K

                                                     Zone Athletics
                                                     On Friday 4 June, a team of 42 students went with
                                                     Miss Heinjus and Mrs Davidson to Alexandra Park
                                                     for the Zone Athletics Carnival.

                                                    It was a cold and busy day, with many students in
                                                    multiple events. Our
                                                    students performed
                                                    incredibly well, achieving
                     some personal bests in the running, jumping and
                     throwing events. Our relay teams were impressive, with
                     our senior girls’ team taking out the win; unfortunately
                     they were later disqualified.

                     We had a number of finalists in the running events and
                     Ollie, Didier and Tuli all took second place overall in their
                     respective events and will be invited to the Riverina
                     Athletics Carnival next term. Congratulations everyone            Didier, Tuli and Ollie will
                     on your sportsmanship, effort and enthusiasm.                     attend the Riverina level
                                                                                               next term.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Have been very busy

                                I like to read books at    I like to play with my           I like to read books at
                                school.                    friends at school.               school.
                                Lola                       Malia                            Zebediah

I like to play with lego at     I like to play fun games   I like to read books at          I like to play with my
school.                         with my friends.           school.                          brother at school.
Dominic                         Franki                     Jett                             Austin

I like to play with my          I like to do maths at      I like to go to the library.      I like to learn with
cousin at school.               school.                    Nevaeh                            Mrs Crisp.
Chloe                           Alyssa                                                       Avril

I like to play on the computers at school.                                   I like to read books at school.
Samuel                                                                       Shanaya

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Kindergarten wrote a sentence and drew a
                                                                    picture about what they like most about
                                                                      big school. They have been very busy

Have been very busy                                                 socialisers and learners in the 19 weeks of
                                                                            school that they have had!

I like to play on the play      I like to play at the            I like to learn new letters at     I like to play with the cars
equipment at school.            playground.                      school.                            at school.
Violet                          Levi                             Kris                               Bailey

I like to play on the school playground           I like to play with the cars at school.
Zahli                                             Brandon

   I like to kick the footy with my brother at school.                    I like to play with the balls in sport.
   Thomas                                                                 Marley

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Inclusive School Sport
                 Multi Sport Day for classes 1-2 C and 3-4 B. They will participate in a rotation of various sports
  Wednesday      throughout the day at the Lauren Jackson Stadium. No canteen available at the venue. Wear
   23 June       school sport wear, runners and take food and water.

                 Pyjama Day—SRC fundraiser
                 Gold Coin donation—Students can wear their pyjamas and bring their slippers to school but
  Thursday       remember to dress appropriately for the weather on the day. Wear appropriate shoes for outside
   24 June       play. They will have popcorn and watch a movie as part of the day.

                 Games Day
                 As part of our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program, we would like to celebrate a term of
                 hard work by having a ‘Games Day’. Students are invited to bring in a board or card game from
                 home to share with their teacher and peers. There will be plenty of games available for students
                 who are not able to bring one in.

                 Canteen Meal Deal
    Friday       Pizza and a drink for $5. Extra pizza is $1.50 per slice
   25 June       Orders can be placed online ID is: 25103963

                 PSSA Sport
                 Students will leave school at 1 pm and return approx. 2:45pm. Play starts at 1:30 pm.
                 Netball will be played at JC King Park and Soccer will be played Alexandra Park ground 2 as per
                 the draw. Remember to take a water bottle & shin pads & football boots for Soccer.

Monday 28 June
Monday 12 July
                     School Holidays—Enjoy your break!
    Term 3
   Tuesday       All students in Kinder to Year 6 return for Term 3
    13 July

                 Students in Years 5 to 6 are invited to the Guys and Dolls JR performance by Murray High School
                 Set in Damon Runyon's New York City, Guys and Dolls JR. follows gambler, Nathan Detroit, as he tries to find the cash to set up the biggest
                 crap game in town while the authorities breathe down his neck. Meanwhile, his girlfriend and nightclub performer, Adelaide, laments that
  Thursday       they've been engaged for fourteen years without ever getting married. Nathan turns to fellow gambler, Sky Masterson, for the dough, but Sky
   15 July       ends up chasing the straight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown. Guys and Dolls JR. takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of
                 Havana, but everyone eventually ends up right where they belong.
                 The performance is at The CUBE in Wodonga. Students will leave school at 10:15 am and return
                 by 1pm.
                 K-2 Gymnastics starts, Friday 16, 23 & 30 July, Friday 6 & 13 August. 9:30 am to 11:30 am
                 Students will be participating in a gymnastics program for Term 3 sport. This is conducted at the
   Friday        Flyaway Gymnastics Centre by qualified trainers. $10 payment and notes must be returned for
   16 July       students to attend.

                 PSSA Sport Netball at JC King Park and Soccer at Melrose Park. Play starts at 1.30pm
                 Naidoc Day—Whole day activities for the whole school.
   22 July
                 $40 payment due for Year 5/6 Excursion.
                 K-2 Gymnastics 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

   Friday        Induction of Student Representative Council for Semester Two and assembly 11.40 am.
   23 July
                 PSSA Sport Netball at JC King Park and Soccer at Alexandra Park ground 1. Play starts at
The Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Springdale Heights Public School
Term 3
     Friday 10
  September 2021

Friday afternoon
 student concert
  and a BBQ to
    More details later

                                                                A letter was sent home to all families regarding the introduction
                                                                of a new app that Springdale Heights Public School have
                                                                introduced. The app is Sentral for Parents. The Springdale
                                                                Heights Public School Skoolbag App will close soon.

                                                                Full details about the Sentral Parent Portal access has been
                                                                provided in the letter, so please read the letter carefully and
                                                                inform the school if your current details are incorrect.

                                                                      One letter per family has been generated with a
                                                                       parental portal access key

                                                                      Please note the access key is case sensitive and
                                                                       must be entered exactly as it appears
School Attendance
We would like to remind families to please let the school
                                                                      You must use a valid email address to create your
know if your child is absent from school. Preferred notice is          username
via the school office on 6025 6433 or send a message via
the new SENTRAL App parent portal. Send a note with                   Please contact the school on 6025 6433 if a second
your child if you have not reported by the above methods.              parent requires an access code

With all of these options available we have given families      Absence notification
multiple ways to let us know why your child is, or will be      Each day an SMS notification will be forwarded to parents of
absent.                                                         any child that is absent on the day. Your response is required
                                                                with a valid reason for the absence for our records.
It is a Department of Education requirement that all
absences are explained. If your child is sick and absent        This free app and portal means that you will be able to keep
                                                                track of homework, book parent teacher interviews, give
from school for three or more days, a medical certificate       permission for school activities, inform the school of current or
may be asked to be provided. It is important that unless        future absences, change of family details and communicate with
your child is sick, has an appointment or there are urgent      teachers. You will also be able to access the current PBL
family circumstances that your child attends school             Handbook, Prospectus, newsletter and canteen menu.
                                                                Family Changes
                                                                Please remember that if you have a changed family situation,
                                                                changed phone number, changed address, you need to let the
                                                                school office know. It is important for us to have the most
                                                                current information in the best interest of your child, to avoid
                                                                any inconvenience or delay in being able to contact family when

                                                                Medical Changes
                                                                Please advise the school if your child develops a new health
                                                                condition or illness, for example Asthma, food allergies etc... It
                                                                is important for us to have this information correct in the best
                                                                interest and safety of your child.

                                                                Year 3/4 Borambola Excursion - Expression of Interest
                                                                Monday 21 June—all payment and notes are due in for the
                                                                Year 3 & 4 excursion to Borambola Sport & Recreation Centre.
                                                                The excursion will be held Monday 13 and Tuesday 14
    Take the time to read a book!
                                                                The excursion can only go ahead if we have sufficient numbers.
                                                                Please return your note and $50 deposit as soon as possible so
    Reading a book is a great way to                           that we can make a confirmed booking. The deposit of $50 is
     calm the mind                                              only refundable if the excursion DOES NOT go ahead.

    Reading is a source of fantasy and                         Year 5/6 Excursion to Melbourne/Ballarat
                                                                An invoice for the excursion was sent home recently with your
     knowledge                                                  child. Next payment is due Thursday 22 July. Payments can
                                                                be made following the payment plan or you may wish to make
    Reading is the key to knowledge                            regular payments that suit your budget.

    Knowledge is the key to life                               Most families have paid the deposit and if you have not, and
                                                                wish your child to attend, you still may do so.

    Reading can be done at any time and is free                You will have signed an agreement form previously but we
                                                                require the recent agreement form that is attached to the
    Read out loud to someone or even read to your              itinerary to be signed and returned as soon as possible please.
                                                                Please phone 6025 6433 if you have any questions.
                                                                Notes Home
                                                                Please remember to check your child’s bag regularly for notes.
      You can always pick up a book and read!                   When returning notes remember to keep the top portion for your

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