The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California

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The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California

The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
         During 2018-2019, Girl Scouts of Northern California made monumental strides.

                                                                      Girls                    Building courage, confidence,
                                                                                               and character to make the
                                                                                               world a better place.

     4.4                     Million                           104
      Packages of Cookies                                      Our Girl Scout Leadership Experience culminates
                                                               in the Gold Award, our highest honor for girls.
       The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led
            financial literacy program in the country.

     11,500                                                    3,839                Volunteer-led
                                                                                      Our council has more adult
                                                                                      members than any other Girl
      Summer Campers                                                                   Scout council nationwide.

         Attended 28 council- and volunteer-run
             camps across our 19 counties.

      Badges Earned
                                                                Total Financial Aid

          Earning badges teaches girls                                         Distributed to girls thanks
        confidence, self-reliance, and the                                      to our generous donors.
           courage to try new things.

*data as of 5/31/19
The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California

                   ● EUREKA                                                Shasta
                  Humboldt             Trinity
                                                               ● REDDING

                                                                           ■ RED BLUFF


      KEY                                                                                ● CHICO
      ■ OFFICE                                                                              Butte
      ● OFFICE & SHOP           Mendocino
      ▲ CAMP
                                   UKIAH   ■

                                                                                                           CAMP TWO SENTINELS   ▲
                                                  SANTA ROSA   ●                                        CAMP SUGAR PINE   ▲
                                               CAMP BOTHIN▲▲ CAMP AREQUIPA      Contra
                                                                               ▲ TWIN CANYON
                                                    San                     ● ALAMEDA

GIRL SCOUTS                                         CAMP BUTANO CREEK▲         ●     SAN JOSE

                                                                     ▲CAMP SKYLARK RANCH
                                                                     ▲ CAMP HIDDEN FALLS


The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
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The new Girl Scout Playbook is your personal roadmap to success in Girl Scouting. Designed for new
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right for your girls and troop. The Girl Scout Playbook will help you build the sisterhood, relationships
with supportive adults, and special experiences that are at the heart of Girl Scouts.

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The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
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The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
Tab l e                                                   n t s
                           o f Co                    nt e
    Learn about the Guide, information, important dates, and more.

    Girl Scout product programs are the biggest financial leadership programs in the world
    for girls. Become a young businesswoman and power your future troop experiences.
  ⚬ OUTDOOR • 40
    Adventure in the great outdoors is a core part of being a Girl Scout.

  ⚬ TRAVEL • 48
    Travel broadens the mind and opens the heart, from local trips to travel abroad.

  ⚬ SERVICE • 50
    Find an opportunity to inspire and give back to your community.

    Explore new interests, see new sites, and discover the world together.

  ⚬ LIFE SKILLS • 54
    Clear communication, financial wellness, first aid, crafting, and more: Girl Scouts is the place to learn practical life skills.

    STEM skills today will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

    Adults get the support they need and the fun they deserve.


 SYMBOLS                                                                       The A symbol appears when adults can expect that the
                                                                               program will actively engage them. If a program does not
   AGE LEVELS                                  EXPERIENCES                     have an Adult symbol, unless otherwise noted, girls still
       Daisies (K–1)                                Troop/Girl                 require a chaperone, but you can expect your role to be
                                                                               just that.
       Brownies (2–3)                               Adult + Girl
                                                                               We have expanded our symbols to include those that help
       Juniors (4–5)                                Family
                                                                               you identify the program content. Our national content
       Cadettes (6–8)                               Adult                      of Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Outdoors, and STEM is
       Seniors (9–10)                                                          supported and supplemented by Girl Scouts' long history
                                                                               of Service as well as FUN!
       Ambassadors (11–12)
   ★ New Program for 2019–2020
   ◆ Badge or patch included
6 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
 Looking to venture into the great outdoors, or committed to serving your community? Hoping to travel the state
 (or country, or world!), explore science, technology, and engineering, or hone your entrepreneurial instincts? Girl
 Scouts has it all covered, providing you with well-rounded programming that delivers the essential Girl Scout
 experience. So start planning your year—who knows what adventures are on the horizon?

 HOW TO USE THE GUIDE                                                    FOR TROOP LEADERS & OTHER VOLUNTEERS
                                                                         Council-led programs are a fantastic resource to deepen the
 To get the most out of the Guide, use it alongside the online           experiences of girls over the course of your Girl Scout year.
 Activity Finder, which allows you to search for information             There are plenty of badge- and Journey-based adventures,
 and events using specific interests or locations. It’s easy to          as well as programs related to service and having fun with
 register for events online, access FAQs, and find detailed              a purpose. Share it with your group of girls to find out what
 registration policies.                                                  their interests are for the year, and settle on a few outings
 FOR GIRLS                                                               that complement your troop goals. Are they excited about
 Sit down and take a look at all the descriptions of the                 more experiences than you can cover in just your regular
 experiences. Find the ones that are most exciting to you and            troop meetings? Check in with parents to see if the troop can
 talk with your troop, troop leader, and parent/guardian about           support the added experiences. Don't forget to keep an eye
 new adventures and skills you’d like to explore.                        out for trainings and workshops thropught the year!

 FOR PARENTS                                                             STAY TUNED
                                                                         Throughout the year we introduce new programs as
 Girl Scouts of Northern California has plenty of adventures
                                                                         opportunities arise, so stay up-to-date with the Activity Finder
 that are perfect for the whole household. You’ll find
                                                                         and watch for program details via email and social media.
 everything from family explorations to skills that will set your
 girl up for success. Scroll through the programs to get more            Be on the lookout for big events that give girls
 acquainted with what GSNorCal has to offer your girl and                opportunities to travel and meet other Girl Scouts from
 your family.                                                            all over Northern California!

⚬ SEPTEMBER 30, 2019                           ⚬ OCTOBER 16, 2019                               ⚬ FEBRUARY 15, 2020
  Deadline for Gold Award Final Reports           Golden Gate Bridging registration                Destinations program deadline round 2.
  from girls graduating from 12th grade OR        opens at 10 AM
  her 18th birthday, whichever comes later.
                                                                                                ⚬ FEBRUARY 22, 2020
                                               ⚬ OCTOBER 31, 2019                                  World Thinking Day
  Deadline for Silver Award Final Reports         Juliette Gordon Low's birthday
  from girls graduating from 8th grade in
                                                                                                ⚬ MARCH 12, 2020
  2019. Teams spanning multiple grades
                                               ⚬ OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2019                             Girl Scouts 108th Birthday
                                                  Fall Product Program
  must go by the earliest deadline.                                                             ⚬ APRIL 25, 2020
  Submit both Silver and Gold Award final      ⚬ NOVEMBER 15, 2019                                 Golden Gate Bridging
                                                  Destinations program deadline round 1.
  reports directly to the council online.
⚬ OCTOBER 9, 2019                              ⚬ JANUARY–MARCH 2020
                                                  Girl Scout Cookie Program
  Registration opens for events run between
  January and September 2020.

                           For updates, resources, and photos of our girls out adventuring,
                           find @gsnorcal on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

                                                                                                                  INFORMATION • 7
The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
T he Es


                                               E x pe r i e nce

❧                          From the youngest Daisy to the most accomplished
                           Ambassador Girl Scout, all Girl Scouting is united around
                           the same experiences. Rooted in best practices for positive
                           youth development, and focused on the benefits girls of all
                           ages receive through Girl Scouts, the Essential Girl Scout
                           Experience is your roadmap to Girl Scout success.
                           Through the Essential Girl Scout Experience, all girls follow a path of
                           sisterhood, receive mentoring from supportive adults, and explore who
                           they are through special experiences.

8 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
           Flourish in an all-girl, girl-led space where she can gain confidence and build
            healthy relationships with her Girl Scout sisters.

                   SUPPORTIVE ADULTS
                Adult volunteers provide a consistent supportive presence in a girl’s life over
                time, making her feel valued and providing guidance and mentorship.

                  SPECIAL EXPERIENCES
                The special experiences she’ll have in Girl Scouts will expand her
                horizons, connect her to uniquely Girl Scout traditions, and help
                her discover who she is and who she wants to be.

             Sisterhood, supportive adults, and special experiences
            happen through the six Troop Fundamentals.
         Engaging your troop in these six areas will introduce them to a variety of activities, experiences,
       and opportunities that will build new skills, strengthen their relationships, and challenge them to
      grow. Use the new Girl Scout Playbook at to help you plan your year
    and support your girls while they earn badges, complete a Journey, and try something new in each
  of the five other fundamentals:
BADGES, JOURNEYS, AND AWARDS                                           PRODUCT PROGRAM
Level up the skills your girls love, try exciting activities for the   The Girl Scout Product Programs are the largest
first time, or team up with your troop to solve a problem in           entrepreneurial leadership programs for girls in the world,
your community! From robotics to first aid, outdoor survival           encouraging financial literacy, goal setting, and ethical
training to a Take Action project, girls will explore their world,     decision-making. Whether it’s building her online business
build skills, and improve their community.                             from the ground up in the Cookie Program or taking action
                                                                       through the Fall Product Program, girls use the funds they
                                                                       earn for service products, camping, travel, and more.
Since 1912, Girl Scouts has been introducing young women
to the wonders of the great outdoors. Get outside with your            COMMUNITY SERVICE
troop as often as possible, whether it’s exploring your local          Girl Scouts serve their community, abiding by the Girl Scout
park or neighborhood green space, taking your first hike,              Promise and Law. From Take Action projects and Bronze, Silver,
going camping, or bigger adventures like backpacking or zip-           and Gold Awards to food drives and beach clean-ups, making
lining! They’ll learn useful skills, self-reliance, and teamwork as    community service a core part of your troop experience will
they enjoy the sunshine and learn to treasure the planet we            teach girls to see with open eyes, fight for what they believe
call home.                                                             in, and commit to changing the world for the better.

SPECIAL EVENTS                                                         GIRL SCOUT TRADITIONS
Whether your troop attends her local service unit scavenger            Flag ceremonies, uniforms, camp songs, SWAPS (Special
hunt or learns to build robots through a GSNorCal program,             Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere),
each Girl Scout will make memories she’ll never forget.                bridging, and s’mores—Girl Scout traditions connect girls
Special experiences expand her horizons, challenge her                 around the country and the world! As she learns about the
conceptions, and introduce her to ideas, goals, careers, and           history and tradition of Girl Scouts, she’ll learn to lean on her
adventures she might have never otherwise experienced!                 community of sisters for support as she grows, becoming
Girl Scouts even travel the world, from beach adventures and           a better person because of her enthusiastic and diverse
space camp to working with giant pandas in China or surfing            community of Girl Scouts.
the tropical waters of Costa Rica!

                                                                          THE ESSENTIAL GIRL SCOUT EXPERIENCE • 9
The Guide - Girl Scouts of Northern California
S K                 ORROW.
  U C  C E SS TO  M

    Our retail stores have the expertise to answer your Girl Scout questions. We carry uniforms,
     program requirement materials, badges, and fun items to show off your Girl Scout spirit!
    Use Fall Product and Cookie reward cards to get your favorite Girl Scout gear, in-store only.

                          Visit us at any of our six locations, give us a call,
                                  or email us at

       ALAMEDA STORE                        SAN JOSE STORE                        CHICO STORE
             EAST BAY                           SOUTH BAY                        NORTH CENTRAL
   1650 Harbor Bay Pkwy, Suite 100          1310 S. Bascom Avenue                  50 Landing Circle
         Alameda, CA 94502                    San Jose, CA 95128               (New location coming soon)
       800-447-4475 ext. 7093               800-447-4475 ext. 7096                Chico, CA 95973
                                                                               800-447-4475 ext. 7097

     SANTA ROSA STORE                        EUREKA STORE                       REDDING STORE
          NORTH COAST                     NORTHERN REDWOODS                      NORTH CENTRAL
      4825 Old Redwood Hwy                      3203 T Street,               1670 Market Street, Suite 248
       Santa Rosa, CA 95403                   Eureka, CA 95503                    Redding, CA 96001
      800-447-4475 ext. 7091                800-447-4475 ext. 7099              800-447-4475 ext. 7097

                        No time to stop by? Shop online and support your local council at

10 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
The uniform is an essential element of the Girl
Scout experience, and a beautiful record of her
time in Girl Scouts.
From the Daisy smock to the Ambassador sash or vest, girls
get to wear their accomplishments with pride and let their
strengths shine.

GIRL SCOUT TRADITIONS ▶ Dating back to the founding of Girl
Scouts, the uniform helped girls build sisterhood and community.
We still have some of the same patches and awards as used at our
founding, like Troop Crests and Brownie Wings!
OUTDOOR ADVENTURE ▶ Girl Scouts are outdoorswomen, so
it makes sense that so many of our badges help you get outside! It’ll
be a cinch to earn badges like the Trail Adventure and Hiker badges,
advance to badges like Trailblazing or Night Owl, and achieve awards
like the Counselor-in-Training and Program Aide pins.
PRODUCT PROGRAM ▶ These awards focus on setting goals,
decision-making, money management, and people skills—everything
a young entrepreneur needs. These awards don’t just show off her
business acumen—they’re proof that she can help fund her own Girl
Scout experience. Brand new for 2020 is our Cookie Entrepreneur
Family pin!
COMMUNITY SERVICE ▶ Community service doesn’t just
transform her community—it transforms her Girl Scout spirit. These
awards commemorate the way she’s changed the world around her,
from local efforts to national action.
BADGES, JOURNEYS, AND AWARDS ▶ At the heart of your
troop experience, these awards show all the things you’ve learned
and accomplished in Girl Scouts. Badges for skill development and
exploring interests, Journeys for leadership growth and problem
solving, and finally our prestigious higher awards (Girl Scout Bronze,
Silver, and Gold awards) for big ideas and bigger effort.
SPECIAL EVENTS ▶ Special events might not have an official
badge, but they’re a vital part of what makes her Girl Scout experience
great! The back of her uniform is fully dedicated to keeping these
memories alive, and it’ll be covered in fun patches and participation
patches from her adventures before you know it.

                                                                         THE ESSENTIAL GIRL SCOUT EXPERIENCE • 11
   a           rds
                               a nd Me nt o r i ng

Calling all Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors!
Ever wanted to be a big sister to other Girl Scouts, or been excited to pass on your awesome Girl Scouting skills
to younger girls? Girl Scouts has so many opportunities to be a mentor, a leader, and a voice for change:

LEADER IN ACTION (LIA)                                              SUMMER CAMP LEADERSHIP
Cadettes share skills and test their knowledge by assisting a       High school-aged Girl Scouts who are experienced campers
Brownie group on any of their National Leadership Journeys.         are invited to become a Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T. I/II/
There are three different LiA awards, one for each of the           III) or Wrangler-in-Training (W.I.T. I/II). These teen leadership
Journey series: It's Your World–Change It!, It's Your Planet–Love   experiences are a unique way for girls to combine their love
It!, and It's Your Story–Tell It!                                   for the outdoors with their leadership goals!
PROGRAM AID                                                         VOLUNTEER IN TRAINING
Enhance your mentorship skills by working with younger girls        Seniors and Ambassadors mentor a Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or
over six activity sessions. This might involve assisting girls      Cadette troop or group as they complete a Journey or Take
on Journey activities, badge activities, or other sessions. You     Action project over a three to six month period. Using your
might work with a group, at their meetings, at a day camp, or       passion and expertise you'll foster your own leadership skills
during a special council event.                                     as you help your group discover their own skills and interests.
                                                                    Find out more about the VIT requirements in the Girl's Guide to
                                                                    Girl Scouting.

12 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
BE A LEADER                                                       BE A VOICE FOR CHANGE
ROBOTICS TEAM                                                     GIRL BOARD PARTICIPANTS
The Space Cookies robotics teams include girls from               Each year, Girl Scouts of Northern California appoints two girls
across the Bay Area in partnership with the NASA Ames             to serve on our Board of Directors. For girls currently in grades
Research Center and Girl Scouts of Northern California.           9–11, this is an excellent opportunity to take part in council
Girls, with guidance from mentors, design, build, and             governance, advocate for their peers, and see first-hand how an
program innovative robots and compete in a variety of             organization is run.
events. In addition to learning valuable engineering skills,
students gain life skills such as teamwork, perseverance,
communication, collaboration, project management, and             Delegate governance is a key part of Girl Scouts of Northern
critical thinking.                                                California's strategy as we strive to honor the voice of our
                                                                  membership. GSNorCal girls age 14 and older have the
TEENS TAKE OVER                                                   opportunity to represent their Council regionally and nationally—
Girls know what they want and step up to take charge!             learn more about our Delegate governance and how you can get
With supportive adults and friends by your side, you’ll           involved today!
develop and use skills that will dazzle your fellow Girl Scouts
by directing an event or running a workshop. Collective
brainpower shines at monthly meetings where you will work
with girls from across the council to strategize, organize,
and coordinate, to bring your program vision to life.             HIGHEST AWARDS
There is a bright future right in front of you—reach for it at
Lead the Way! At this weekend-long conference, you will
                                                                                         BRONZE AWARD
                                                                                         Available to 4th and 5th graders, this is
join fellow Senior and Ambassador girl change-makers and
                                                                                         the first higher award a Girl Scout can
inspirational adults to boost your confidence and focus on
                                                                                         earn at Junior level.
your future. Days will be packed with college prep, career
thinking, life skills, and new friendships—everything you
need to pave your own unique way through the world! And,
in true girl-led Girl Scout spirit, Seniors and Ambassadors
can join the Lead the Way Planning Committee. Embrace                                    SILVER AWARD
your inner event planner and join the girl-led planning                                  Available to 6th–8th graders, this higher
committee for the 2020 Lead the Way conference.                                          award is for the Cadette level.
The Torch Award recognizes Cadettes, Seniors, and
Ambassadors who act as leaders in their communities.
In order to earn a Torch Award, an older Girl Scout must
complete one Leadership Journey, and serve a full term in a
leadership position at her school, place of worship, library,                            GOLD AWARD
community center, or a similar organization important to her.                            The highest award in Girl Scouting, the
                                                                                         Gold Award is available to 9th–12th
                                                                                         graders, or Seniors and Ambassadors.
                                                                                         The Gold Award is as prestigious as
                                                                                         other high awards in scouting, and has
                                                                                         incredible benefits for girls as they enter
                                                                                         college, the military, and the workforce.

                           Visit www. to learn more about all of these opportunities!

                                                                                           AWARDS AND MENTORING • 13
HIGHER EDUCATION AND CAREER                                       COMMUNITY
▶ Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process          ▶ Use your vision for change
▶ Earn college scholarships                                       ▶ Tackle an issue, locally or globally
▶ Enter the military one rank higher                              ▶ Establish a lifetime network
LIFE SKILLS                                                       ▶ Create your community legacy with a sustainable
                                                                    solution to a problem
▶ Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader
▶ Master time management skills
▶ Make the world a better place

Here are some projects girls have taken on for their Gold Awards in recent years:
ISSUE ▶ Farmers need to conserve water during droughts            ISSUE ▶ Communities are often economically and racially
while also sustaining their businesses.                           segregated, which can lead to a divided community.
Solution ▶ A Girl Scout Ambassador from Northern                  Solution ▶ A Girl Scout Ambassador in Florida used her
California developed soil moisture sensors and readers to         hospitality skills to mitigate tensions in her racially and
help farmers conserve water and use less groundwater. The         economically diverse area by building bridges among her
sensors are planted into the soil; they allow farmers to read     peers. With the help of her support team, she hosted a
and determine the moisture level in the soil. Based on this       dinner party for 120 students from 12 public and private
technology, farmers on average saved 25 percent of their          high schools. The dinner party brought everyone together
monthly water use. She’s in the process of patenting her          for critical conversations about how to prevent bullying and
product and has created a Facebook site and video log to          strengthen relationships that promote peace, equality, truth,
show others how they could replicate it globally.                 and unity, both among the students themselves and within
                                                                  the community at large.
Sustainability ▶ Make your solution sustainable.
                                                                  Sustainability ▶ Educate and inspire others.
ISSUE ▶ More girls could have fun and stay fit if they knew
how to kayak (or canoe, hike, bike, backpack—pick your
                                                                  ISSUE ▶ When students with anxiety disorders are
                                                                  overwhelmed by feelings of fear or sadness at school, their
favorite sport!)
                                                                  learning suffers.
Solution ▶ Create a one-day event to give girls a chance
                                                                  Solution ▶ A Girl Scout Ambassador decided to create a
to try the outdoor activity you love the most. Partner with a
                                                                  sensory room—a quiet, calming space where people can
local business or outfitter to get equipment and instructors
                                                                  take a moment to refocus—for her school. She presented her
to help. Create a playbook so that others can replicate your
                                                                  idea to the principal. Not only did she get permission, but the
event’s success in the future.
                                                                  school district’s board of directors gave her a grant for the
Sustainability ▶ Educate and inspire others.                      project. Within a year, almost a quarter of the student body
                                                                  had used the room at some point.
ISSUE ▶ A high school sophomore in Virginia sometimes             Sustainability ▶ Make your solution permanent.
felt uneasy on the 20-minute walk from where the school
bus drop-off to her home, especially during dark winter
afternoons.                                                       Inspired to pursue your own Bronze,
Solution ▶ She created an app called Safe Travel to help          Silver, or Gold Award project?
people feel safer when traveling alone. Users can program the
app to send an alert to someone they trust if they don’t arrive   Learn more about the Highest Awards by visiting
at their destination by a certain time.                  and use the Take Action
Sustainability ▶ Make your solution permanent.
                                                                  worksheets on the next two pages to jumpstart your
                                                                  own project!

14 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
Build Your Bronze, Silver, or Gold
Award Take Action Project
                                                         What bothers you?
What are your                                            What problems do
talents and skills?                                      you want to solve?
What do you do                                           Who do you want
for fun?                                                 to help?
        ▼                                                        ▼
                               STEP 1 ▼
                             Fill in the boxes
                              on each side

                               STEP 2 ▼          ⇨
                               Choose one
                              winner from
                              each bracket


                                  STEP 3 ▼
                                Combine the
                                final pair to
                              create your Take
                               Action project!
Girl Scouts of Northern California is pleased to present you with the resources to enhance your Girl Scout year!
The collaborators featured in this guide have met our standards for safety and focused, fun Girl Scout programs. Please
use them as a resource; they can set up events with troops and groups to enhance your program year.

Annie Fox                                          
Aquarius Theater                                   
Bay Area Discovery Museum                          
California Academy of Sciences                     
Call of the Sea                                    
Camp Fashionista                                   
Chabot Space & Science Center                      
Charles M. Schulz Museum                           
Children's Creativity Museum                       
Children's Fairyland                               
City of San Leandro                                
Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley       
Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center              
Heartshare Training                                
Hiller Aviation Museum                             
Hostelling International USA                       
IMPACT Bay Area                                    
Lawrence Hall of Science                           
League of Women Voters of North & Central San Mateo County
Marine Science Institute                           
Mills College                                      
New Museum Los Gatos                               
Oakland Zoo: Conservation Society of California    
San Francisco Ballet                               
San Jose Dance Theatre                             
Santa Clara University                             
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk                         
SAP Center, SJ Sharks                              
Six Flags                                          
Sonoma State University                            
Stanford University Athletics                      
Teatro Vision                                      
The Buck Institute for Research on Aging           
The Crucible                                       
The Gardens at Heather Farm                        
The Tech Interactive                               
The Tree Monkey Project                            
The Walt Disney Family Museum                      
Trees of Mystery                                   
Trips for Kids Marin                               
TriValley Ice                                      
U.C. Berkeley's WICSE                              
USS Hornet Sea, Air, and Space Museum              
Waterworks Redding                                 
Women of AT&T Bay Area                             

16 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
When you need activities, ideas, or training, who ya gonna call? Your friendly local service unit! Service units are great
resources for fun activities to attend with your troop like camporees, bridging ceremonies, and community service opportunities,
and they host monthly meetings for all local troop leaders featuring training and networking opportunities between fellow leaders
and experienced volunteers. Take advantage of their experience and resources by checking in with yours today!

 SU#             SU Name                                     Cities Served                                     Email
  North Coast
   101        Montgomery Village                                 Santa Rosa                   
   102           Rincon Valley                             Kenwood, Santa Rosa                
   103          Sonoma Valley                               Glen Ellen, Sonoma                
   104         Redwood Empire                                Fulton, Santa Rosa               
                                       Bodega Bay, Bodega Town, Cazadero, Duncan Mills, Forestville,
   105          West Sonoma            Graton, Guerneville, Jenner, Monte Rio, Oak Grove, Occidental,
                                                          Sebastopol, Valley Ford
   106      Friendly Neighborhood                     Cotati, Penngrove, Rohnert Park         
                                                 Alexander Valley, Geyserville, Healdsburg,
   107             Chalk Hill                                                                 
                                                  Mark West/North Santa Rosa, Windsor
   108            Petaluma                                        Petaluma                    
                                          Ukiah, Boonville, Hopland, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley,
   112              Ukiah                                                                     
                                          Cloverdale, Fort Bragg, Gualala, Mendocino, Point Arena
   121              Willits                              Willits, Covelo, Laytonville         
                                                 Clearlake, Kelseyville, Lakeport, Lucerne,
   142           Lake County                                                                  
                                                Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake, Upper Lake
  203                Napa                                     Napa, Yountville                
  205            Upper Valley                   Angwin, Calistoga, Pope Valley, Saint Helena  
  342           Richardson Bay           Belvedere, Tiburon, Bolinas, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Stinson
  345          Marin Del Centro          Corte Madera, Fairfax, Greenbrae, San Anselmo, Larkspur
  346           Mission Rafael                                   San Rafael                   
   347              Novato                                    Novato, Nicasio                 
   125              Eureka                     Eureka, Fields Landing, Freshwater, Kneeland   
                                               Arcata, Bayside, Hoopa, Manila, McKinleyville,
   127            Redwood                                                                     
                                                       Samoa, Trinidad, Willow Creek
                                                   Ferndale, Fortuna, Garberville, Loleta,
   128             Eel River                                                                  
                                                     Myers Flat, Rio Dell, Scotia, Weott
   133           Crescent City                      Crescent City, Klamath, Smith River       
  Solano/Upper Contra Costa
   201              Benicia                                        Benicia
  202            Twin Sisters                          Cordelia, Fairfield, Suisun City       
  206              Vacaville                                Vacaville, Travis AFB             
  207               Vallejo                              Vallejo, American Canyon             
   321         Diablo Shadows                                 Clayton, Concord                
  324             Creekside                           Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Pacheco        
                                                 Crocket, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Hercules,
  329          W. Contra Costa                                                                
                                                   Pinole, Rodeo, Richmond, San Pablo

                                                                                                           INFORMATION • 17
SU#         SU Name                            Cities Served                             Email
  301       Berkeley/Albany                      Berkeley, Albany        
  302        Cresta Blanca                          Livermore            
  303          Oakland                    Oakland, Emeryville, Piedmont  
  305           Chabot                        Hayward, Castro Valley     
  307         Coyote Hills                 Fremont, Newark, Union City   
  308        Dos Pueblos                    San Leandro, San Lorenzo     
  309         Crossroads                    Dublin, Pleasanton, Sunol    
  310          Alameda                               Alameda             
 Contra Costa
  320       Delta Gateway                  Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point 
                                         Bethel Islands, Brentwood, Byron,
  322       Harvest Sands                                                
                                         Discovery Bay, Knightsen, Oakley
  323        Las Trampas                Alamo, Blackhawk, Danville, Diablo
  326          Lafayette                             Lafayette           
  327       Orinda/Moraga                         Orinda, Moraga         
  328        Walnut Creek                          Walnut Creek          
  332         San Ramon                             San Ramon            
 San Francisco/San Mateo
  362       San Francisco                         San Francisco          
  382        Sister Cities                Brisbane, South San Francisco  
  384      Pacifica/Daly City                   Pacifica, Daly City      
  387       Crystal Springs        Burlingame, Hillsborough, Millbrae, San Bruno
  388         Coastside          Half Moon Bay, Loma Mar, Moss Beach, Pescadero
  389       Mid Peninsula                     San Mateo, Foster City     
  390       Diamond Crest             Belmont, Redwood Shores, San Carlos
  392        Redwood City                         Redwood City           
                                         Atherton, La Honda, Menlo Park,
  393        South County                                                
                                      Portola Valley, East Palo Alto, Woodside

Santa Clara NW
  601          Palo Alto                        Palo Alto, Stanford      
  605       Mountain View                         Mountain View          
  608          Los Altos                             Los Altos           
  610   Blossom Hill/Los Gatos                 Los Gatos, San Jose       
  618          Saratoga                              Saratoga            
  630         Cupertino                             Cupertino            
  638        Willow Glen                             San Jose            
  642      Branham/Almaden                           San Jose            
  671         Sunnyvale                             Sunnyvale            

18 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
SU#         SU Name                             Cities Served                                 Email
Santa Clara SE
 602            Evergreen                            San Jose                
 604             Gilroy                                Gilroy                
 620            Milpitas                              Milpitas               
 623       South San Jose                            San Jose                
 625         Santa Clara             Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Alviso
 640         Morgan Hill                            Morgan Hill              
 643     North East San Jose                  San Jose, Mt. Hamilton         
 661     Downtown San Jose                      San Jose, Campbell           
North Central
 703       South Siskiyou       Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta, Castella, Weed, McCloud
 705        South Shasta                      Anderson, Cottonwood           
 706       Intermountain       Burney, Fall River Mills, Hat Creek, Montgomery Creek
 707            Tehama                Red Bluff, Gerber, Los Molinos, Corning
 708        South Butte                            Biggs, Gridley            
                                         Hayfork, Lewiston, Weaverville,
 710             Trinity                                                     
                                     Douglas City, Junction City, Trinity Center
 715             Glenn                      Hamilton, Orland, Willows        
 717       Greater Oroville                           Oroville               
 718            Paradise                         Magalia, Paradise           
 722      Greater Redding          Redding, Shasta Lake, Palo Cedro, Shingleton
 730             Chico                     Chico, Durham, Forest Ranch       
 735       North Siskiyou            Dorris, Etna, Fort Jones, Montague, Yreka

                                                                                          INFORMATION • 19
We are so excited to celebrate our entrepreneurship programming as the key to powering all the amazing Girl
Scout opportunities in this Guide! From Art-chery to robotics teams to traveling to the Galapagos or Australia, girls
experience financial empowerment by engaging in the World’s Largest Girl-Led Entrepreneurial Program in the World.
While focusing on decision making, goal setting, financial literacy, business ethics and people skills, girls learn the
importance of how a logo makes customers feel, how cookies are developed from an idea on paper to arriving packaged
in NorCal, and how to make their business stand out from thousands of other online businesses. Over 5000 of our
incredible volunteers annually invest over $4 million dollars’ worth of volunteer hours to support our girls’ businesses.

Aayla C.              Jessica P.             Samantha B.           Ashlyn K.              Abigail L.             Ariel T.
Fremont, 1000         Shingletown, 1000      Hayward, 1000         Livermore, 1005        Napa, 1018             San Jose, 1036
Addyson D.            Jolie U.               Sarah B.              Ashton B.              Sabrina R.             Aria H.
San Jose, 1000        Dublin, 1000           Oakland, 1000         Concord, 1005          San Ramon, 1018        Castro Valley, 1039
Afiya J.              Juiiet K.              Sarah E.              Bernice L.             Stella H.              Bella S.
Healdsburg, 1000      Benicia, 1000          Chico, 1000           Concord, 1005          Nice, 1018             San Jose, 1042
Alex F.               Katelyn G.             Sierra W.             Natalie M.             Esmé H.                Alexandria S.
Cupertino, 1000       Napa, 1000             Santa Clara, 1000     San Jose, 1005         Pacifica, 1019         Half Moon Bay, 1048
Amrita R.             Katelyn S.             Sophia A.             Sienna T.              Gabriella M.           Madeleine T.
San Francisco, 1000   Livermore, 1000        Antioch, 1000         San Jose, 1005         Oakland, 1019          San Francisco, 1048
Annalynn G.           Kaysen S.              Tala W.               Sona S.                Ananda N.              Jaelyn W.
Suisun City, 1000     Red Bluff, 1000        San Francisco, 1000   Redwood Valley, 1005   San Bruno, 1020        Daly City, 1049
Anushka K.            Keriana R.             Willow K.             Ava G.                 Isra S.                Kimberly E.
Milpitas, 1000        Vallejo, 1000          Pacifica, 1000        Windsor, 1006          Castro Valley, 1021    San Jose, 1050
Aubreyanna S.         Ky'Iana R.             Zoe M.                Kate N.                Janine S.              Aubrie A.
Red Bluff, 1000       Vallejo, 1000          Livermore, 1000       San Carlos, 1006       Fairfield, 1021        Napa, 1056
Ava W.                Leia H.                Emma G.               Abryanna A.            Peyton A.              Kineta L.
Foster City, 1000     Alameda, 1000          Napa, 1001            Santa Rosa, 1007       Napa, 1021             Castro Valley, 1056
Bailey C.             Leila H.               Emma P.               Gabriella S.           Sydney R.              Ruby M.
San Leandro, 1000     San Jose, 1000         Richmond, 1001        Cupertino, 1007        Anderson, 1021         Windsor, 1058
Bathania B.           Lily R.                Sophie K.             Samantha T.            Dani R.                Emzly P.
Oakland, 1000         Arcata, 1000           Anderson, 1001        San Francisco, 1007    Vacaville, 1022        Orland, 1060
Brady C.              Lotus B.               Kairi F.              Audrey H.              Illiana P.             Griffin K.
Chico, 1000           Pacifica, 1000         Napa, 1002            Santa Rosa, 1009       Vacaville, 1022        San Francisco, 1062
Brooklyn F.           Madeleine B.           Lindsay T.            Xiomara J.             Olivia F.              Brianna C.
Livermore, 1000       Oakland, 1000          San Jose, 1002        Healdsburg, 1009       Vacaville, 1022        Santa Rosa, 1066
Candace B.            Mariana M.             Maggie C.             Carissa S.             Juliana P.             Keira V.
San Leandro, 1000     San Ramon, 1000        San Jose, 1002        Petaluma, 1010         Redwood City, 1024     San Francisco, 1070
Danika N.             Miranda B.             Parnell M.            Elizabeth M.           Kaelyn M.              Teagan R.
Redwood City, 1000    Eureka, 1000           San Francisco, 1002   Crescent City, 1011    Shasta Lake, 1026      Fremont, 1079
Emma A.               Nicolina C.            Haley P.              Mia K.                 Julia R.               Lindsay L.
Pacifica, 1000        San Jose, 1000         McKinleyville, 1003   Orinda, 1011           Alameda, 1028          San Francisco, 1088
Emma C.               Norah F.               Michelina F.          Mairead C.             Rose L.                Katie M.
Antioch, 1000         Vallejo, 1000          San Francisco, 1003   Novato, 1014           San Jose, 1028         Livermore, 1090
Gavina R.             Olivia W.              Sara H.               Shanti V.              Kiely S.               Aubrey S.
Pacifica, 1000        Foster City, 1000      Napa, 1003            San Jose, 1014         San Jose, 1029         San Francisco, 1094
Hailey R.             Payton S.              Elise G.              Maya V.                Ava Izabella G.        Thalia W.
Arcata, 1000          Oakley, 1000           Livermore, 1004       San Jose, 1015         Daly City, 1030        San Francisco, 1096
Hanna L.              Rachel S.              Holly D.              Alyson W.              Ellie L.               Gianna R.
San Jose, 1000        Los Gatos, 1000        Berkeley, 1004        San Francisco, 1016    San Jose, 1030         San Jose, 1097
Jaina S.              Riley M.               Makenna B.            Gianna A.              Blair M.               Haley S.
Red Bluff, 1000       Pacifica, 1000         Fairfield, 1004       Redwood City, 1016     Napa, 1033             San Jose, 1097
Jenny L.              Samantha Lynn A.       Peyton J.             Reily T.               Alexandra St. W.       Luzia O.
Milpitas, 1000        Vacaville, 1000        Lucerne, 1004         Santa Rosa, 1017       Piedmont, 1035         Orinda, 1097

20 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
Kyleigh A.              Hayley McG.             Everly A.               Jennifer P.               Christina G.              Eleanor C.
Antioch, 1100           Hercules, 1250          Santa Rosa, 1258        Alameda, 1302             So. San Francisco, 1420   Rohnert Park, 1507
Emilia E.               Hazel P.                Audrey D.               Lillie-Anna P.            Belle L.                  Kiyoko W.
Pacifica, 1104          Alameda, 1250           Brentwood, 1259         Oroville, 1303            Pleasant Hill, 1500       Mill Valley, 1507
Lillian M.              Jessica R.              Autumn S.               Caedmon S.                Brooke G.                 Mathilda Z.
San Jose, 1126          Orland, 1250            San Lorenzo, 1260       Concord, 1304             Santa Rosa, 1500          San Jose, 1507
Josephine F.            Kaitlyn F.              Jamaya G.               Jayla Q.                  Caitlin G.                Eden A.
San Martin, 1137        Shingletown, 1250       Vacaville, 1260         Rodeo, 1305               Petaluma, 1500            Hercules, 1508
Raina B.                Karla C.                Nayeli L.               Calista H.                Elizabeth K.              Kathy M.
Suisun City, 1137       Castro Valley, 1250     San Jose, 1260          San Francisco, 1306       San Leandro, 1500         Antioch, 1509
Elizabeth M.            Lilly M.                Nicole L.               Samantha P.               Emma A.                   Chrystabelle R.
Redwood City, 1148      Shingletown, 1250       American Canyon, 1261   Castro Valley, 1306       Hercules, 1500            American Canyon, 1512
Gabrielle B.            Lily T.                 Samantha M.             Vega G.                   Haylee I.                 Katrina E.
Fairfield, 1179         Oroville, 1250          Vacaville, 1262         Santa Clara, 1307         San Leandro, 1500         Red Bluff, 1513
Marlie P.               Lucy R.                 Sophia S.               Deanica L.                Isabel A.                 Lucy R.
Oakland, 1184           San Francisco, 1250     Morgan Hill, 1262       So. San Francisco, 1310   Red Bluff, 1500           Santa Rosa, 1513
Malia P.                Mackenzie S.            Nell C.                 Lucca H.                  Janice T.                 Maya M.
Fairfield, 1195         Redwood Valley, 1250    San Jose, 1267          Albany, 1311              San Francisco, 1500       San Francisco, 1515
Sarah P.                Madeline G.             Bella M.                Kaitlyn C.                Jayda N.                  Melaney V.
San Rafael, 1203        San Jose 1250           San Francisco, 1272     San Francisco, 1314       Suisun City, 1500         Vacaville, 1515
Abigail K.              Makaila N.              Jessica H.              Rian H.                   Josephine H.              Trinity S.
Vacaville, 1250         San Leandro, 1250       Shasta Lake, 1274       Morgan Hill, 1315         Oakland, 1500             Morgan Hill, 1515
Alessandra I.           Mia G.                  Gianna M.               Ella C.                   Keira Y.                  Cassandra R.
San Francisco, 1250     Pleasant Hill, 1250     San Jose, 1275          Eureka, 1317              Vacaville, 1500           El Granada, 1517
Alison G.               Nevaeh F.               Kylie R.                Keira C.                  Khloe H.                  Naya L.
San Jose, 1250          Santa Rosa, 1250        Penngrove, 1276         San Francisco, 1322       San Francisco, 1500       San Mateo, 1517
Alyssa L.               Quincy F.               Alexa D.                Zahnie L.                 Kiara F.                  Rebecca O.
San Jose, 1250          San Francisco, 1250     San Rafael, 1277        San Francisco, 1323       Daly City, 1500           Oroville, 1517
Amarissa H.             Sara C.                 Layla R.                Zoe B.                    Korrine H.                Lexy O.
Brentwood, 1250         San Jose, 1250          Napa, 1278              Pacifica, 1324            So. San Francisco, 1500   Redding, 1520
Amelia H.               Sativa M.               Samantha A.             Nevaeh S.                 Lauren W.                 Eva R.
Richmond, 1250          San Bruno, 1250         Cottonwood, 1278        San Pablo, 1337           San Francisco, 1500       San Francisco, 1521
Amelia H.               Tara H.                 Anastasia S.            Kayleigh P.               Madison M.                Cheyenne R.
Magalia, 1250           Vacaville, 1250         Lucerne, 1279           Orland, 1342              San Leandro, 1500         Yreka, 1522
Amy N.                  Zowie J.                Alexis F.               Abigail D.                Marina L.                 Sarah Q.
Fairfield, 1250         Crescent City, 1250     Fairfield, 1280         Morgan Hill, 1343         San Francisco, 1500       Vacaville, 1526
Areli M.                Alexis Z.               Alyssa G.               Brooklynn F.              Olivia P.                 Kaitlyn B.
American Canyon, 1250   American Canyon, 1251   Napa, 1280              Fairfield, 1352           Rohnert Park, 1500        Concord, 1528
Ashlyn P.               Elise F.                Shelby H.               Anneke N.                 Rhona S.                  Addison H.
American Canyon, 1250   Pacifica, 1251          Redding, 1280           San Jose, 1359            San Jose, 1500            Livermore, 1529
Charlotte C.            Emma V.                 Penelope L.             Faustina T.               Sarah R.                  Sarah L.
Oakley, 1250            Chico, 1251             Cottonwood, 1282        So. San Francisco, 1362   Campbell, 1500            San Ramon, 1530
Charlotte F.            Lena F.                 Kiley H.                Avery W.                  Scarlett C.               Nyla F.
Shingletown, 1250       Petaluma, 1251          Santa Rosa, 1283        Petaluma, 1364            Oakland, 1500             Rohnert Park, 1533
Chloe P.                Natalie R.              Keira K.                Ryhan G.                  Snowy Tan J.              Sierra S.
Walnut Creek, 1250      San Jose, 1251          San Leandro, 1285       Rohnert Park, 1370        San Francisco, 1500       Santa Rosa, 1533
Ciara B.                Sophia C.               Faeth T.                S. Sloane W.              Sofia C.                  Devon M.
Rio Dell, 1250          Vacaville, 1251         San Pablo, 1287         El Sobrante, 1371         Castro Valley, 1500       Piedmont, 1536
Cora D.                 Asha K.                 Karissa L.              Ingrid R.                 Zoe M.                    Niamh A.
San Jose, 1250          Fremont, 1252           Sunnyvale, 1289         San Francisco, 1372       Redding, 1500             Montara, 1540
Courtney L.             Kiera S.                Anais R.                Kamryn J.                 Daisy B.                  Kyla G.
San Francisco, 1250     Redding, 1254           San Bruno, 1291         Ukiah, 1372               Burlingame, 1501          Rohnert Park, 1541
Eleanor B.              Lindsay C.              Allie C.                Makenzie B.               Mia K.                    McKenna A.
Santa Rosa, 1250        Walnut Creek, 1254      Palo Alto, 1292         Fremont, 1380             Santa Rosa, 1501          Santa Rosa, 1541
Emaysia-Marie J.        Yadira R.               Isabelle S.             Michaela M.               Ava V.                    Esmee T.
Vacaville, 1250         Oakland, 1254           Shasta Lake, 1295       Santa Rosa, 1391          Fairfield, 1503           Fremont, 1544
Emilia H.               Jennifer A.             Amaya M.                Danielle D.               Lily M.                   Bethany P.
Oakland, 1250           Hayward, 1255           San Bruno, 1296         Campbell, 1393            Benicia, 1503             Red Bluff, 1545
Emma F.                 Makayla M.              Allie D.                Melody R.                 Madison B.                Madison J.
Shingletown, 1250       Vallejo, 1255           Pacifica, 1297          San Jose, 1394            Fairfield, 1503           Albany, 1549
Estelle S.              Makayla W.              Jaslyn J.               Katrina A.                Tiana F.                  Sara H.
Los Altos, 1250         San Jose 1255           Fremont, 1300           Santa Rosa, 1398          San Jose, 1503            Foster City, 1549
Eva L.                  Grace M.                Olivia H.               Lela D.                   Sneha C.                  Annika N.
San Ramon, 1250         Concord 1257            Anderson, 1300          Rohnert Park, 1400        Fremont, 1505             Concord, 1558

                                                                                                               PRODUCT PROGRAM • 21
Kayla B.               Hannia R.             Kaitlyn H.            Willow D.               Cordelia C.           Angela S.
San Jose, 1559         Hayward, 1621         San Francisco, 2000   Albany, 2082            Pleasanton, 2500      El Granada, 3504
Keilani A.             Rebecca H.            Makenna B.            Alexandria G.           Kennedi W.            Allura A.
San Jose, 1560         Santa Rosa, 1626      Vacaville, 2000       Concord, 2094           Castro Valley, 2504   Walnut Creek, 3700
Madison S.             Addison G.            Nakyla S.             Elizabeth R.            Lindsey D.            Natalie C.
Anderson, 1562         Pacifica, 1662        Nelson, 2000          Shingle Springs, 2096   Alameda, 2513         Vacaville, 4017
Josephine U.           Annabel G.            Phoebe J.             Elizabeth J.            Carley M.             Eliza O.
Windsor, 1581          Santa Clara, 1666     Benicia, 2000         Pacifica, 2120          Fremont, 2565         Richmond, 4074
Alyssa P.              Jiyu G.               Robyn W.              Lexie S.                Maria Josephine C.    Josephine T.
Red Bluff, 1582        San Jose, 1677        Vacaville, 2000       Santa Rosa, 2136        San Jose, 2683        Napa, 4444
Gabriela Z.            Narya B.              Mia S.                Mylasia B.              Brianna D.
San Jose, 1584         San Jose, 1700        Sunnyvale, 2001       Pacifica, 2151          Novato, 2795
Scarlet G.             Madison H.            Isabella G.           Avery P.                Emily Z.
San Francisco, 1592    San Jose, 1716        Campbell, 2007        Novato, 2153            San Jose, 2888
Khaili S.              Margaret B.           June M.               Annalee G.              Amelia M.
Redding, 1598          San Francisco, 1746   Concord, 2007         Willits, 2174           San Mateo, 3000
Natalie C.             Lauren R.             Kiran T.              Kylie C.                Carmelle B.
Montara, 1602          Albany, 1862          Vallejo, 2010         Fremont, 2208           San Francisco, 3000
Kierstin W.            Destiny O.            Aryana C.             Pavhi E.                Ava H.
San Jose, 1607         San Lorenzo, 2000     San Pablo, 2022       San Jose, 2212          San Francisco, 3007
Catalina B.            Ellie W.              Carly S.              Angelina S.             Mikayla B.
San Francisco, 1613    San Jose, 2000        Vacaville, 2033       San Francisco, 2375     El Cerrito, 3017
Kathryn S.             Freya H.              Brooklynn P.          Caleea M.               Yen Wen H.
Menlo Park, 1613       Petaluma, 2000        Vacaville, 2061       Red Bluff, 2500         San Francisco, 3050
Maya C.                Haezyl-Mae D.         Abigail W.            Caroline B.             Heidi G.
Martinez, 1618         Redding, 2000         San Jose, 2081        Brentwood, 2500         Napa, 3352

  Please join us this fall in onboarding our next generation of female business owners!

    2019 FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM                                                 2020 COOKIE PROGRAM
                   OCTOBER 4–NOVEMBER 24                                             JANUARY 25–MARCH 15

  Did you know that girls can pay for all or part of their Girl Scout experience
  with the rewards they earn through the GSNorCal product programs? Girls
  experience financial empowerment by engaging in the Fall Product Program and the
  Girl Scout Cookie Program—and hold the key to powering their Girl Scout experience!

      1 ▶ Participate in the 2019 Fall Product Program and send 15 emails by 10/31.
      2 ▶ Sell 250+ packages during the 2020 Cookie Program.
      3 ▶ Wear your patch proudly!

22 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
   Girl Scout Entreprenuers can join a research and development team to help invent a
 new Girl Scout cookie, define their unique cookie business brand identity, and explore the
            many ways their cookie business paves the way for future careers!

              Calling all Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors—
   order your Goal Getter Kit today to level up your already strong cookie business plan.
           Visit Cookie Boss Resources on to learn more!

                            HO W LONG
                            I ’V E BEEN


                                                                      PRODUCT PROGRAM • 23
                              t ivi t
                                                  y C a l e nd a r
         Event                 Grade           Date            Time          City           Reg Info               Cost
       Amazing Race              6-12        11/8-11/10/19                 Santa Rosa     Member Services     $100/Participant

  Angel Island Adventure      6-12, Adult    5/30-5/31/20     3PM-2PM       Tiburon       Member Services    $50/Girl, $45/Adult

                                               10/20/19                     Alameda

Annie Fox: Girls Friendship                                  10AM-12PM
                               4-5, Adult      11/17/19                     San Jose      Member Services    $30/Girl, $25/Adult
   Without the Drama                                          1PM-3PM

                                               3/15/20       10AM-12PM      Alameda

                                               4/5/20        10AM-12PM      San Jose

  Annie Fox: Strong Girls,                     3/15/20                      Alameda
                               4-5, Adult                     1PM-3PM                     Member Services    $32/Girl, $25/Adult
     Strong Families                           4/5/20                       San Jose

                                               9/28/19                      Lafayette                         $60/Participant,
      Archery Level 1
                              11-12, Adult                    9AM-5PM                     Member Services    $65/Out of Council
     Certification Class                       11/9/19                       Fairfax                            Participant

                                               10/12/19                     Lafayette
    Art-Chery (Cadettes)          6-8          11/2/19                       Fairfax      Member Services         $32/Girl
                                               1/18/20                       Cotati

                                               10/12/19                     Lafayette

    Art-Chery (Juniors)           4-5          11/2/19       9AM-12PM        Fairfax      Member Services         $32/Girl

                                               1/18/20                       Cotati

      Astronomy Club             6-12          9/26/19        6PM-8PM       Alameda       Member Services     $25/Participant

       Backpacking               Adult         9/22/19        1PM-6PM     San Francisco   Member Services        $50/Adult

★      Stanislaus                7-12        5/15-5/17/20    6:30PM-3PM    Santa Rosa     Member Services     $100/Participant
     National Forest
★     Bay Area Discovery
      Museum: Fling Flyers
                                  2-3          3/22/20

                                               3/29/20                                    bayareadiscovery
★      Bay Area Discovery
       Museum: Leap Bots

                                               4/5/20                                     bayareadiscovery
★      Bay Area Discovery
       Museum: Race Cars                       1/12/20

24 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
Event              Grade            Date           Time           City               Reg Info                  Cost
 Boo-thin Spooktacular      K-12, Adult                    3PM-10AM        Fairfax         Member Services         $62/Participant

    Bothin Bridging Bash:
                                3         5/16- 5/17/20    1PM-12PM        Fairfax         Member Services         $50/Participant
    Bothin Bridging Bash:
                               6-12       5/15-5/17/20     5PM-1PM         Fairfax         Member Services         $20/Participant
    Bothin Bridging Bash:
                                 1        5/15–5/17/20     6PM-2PM         Fairfax         Member Services         $50/Participant
     Build-A-Bear-Bed!         2-3           3/7/20                      Pescadero         Member Services             $15/Girl

Cal Academy of Sciences:                  1/24-1/25/20                         
  Penguins + Pajamas        K-12, Adult                    6PM-8AM      San Francisco     penguinspajamas-         $105/Participant
       Sleepover                          4/3-4/4/20                                         sleepovers

      Call of the Sea:                       11/2/19
                            6-8, Adult                     1PM-4PM        Sausalito        Member Services         $41/Participant
      Oceanographer                          5/2/20

      Call of the Sea:                       11/2/19
                            4-5, Adult                     9AM-12PM       Sausalito        Member Services         $41/Participant
    Sailing Investigation                    5/2/20

★        Camp Boss            Adult         2/23/20        9AM-3PM        Alameda          Member Services               Free

       Camp Bothin                           4/10–                                                                    $120/Girl,
                               6-12                       6:30PM-12PM      Fairfax         Member Services
    Adventure Weekend                       4/12/20                                                                   $40/Adult

      Camp Fashionista:
★     American Girl Doll    3-12, Adult     12/14/19      10AM-12PM       San Jose   $35/Girl, $35/Adult
        Holiday Skirt
                                            10/6/19        2PM-5PM

                                             11/2/19       9AM-12PM

                                            1/19/20        1PM-4PM
     Camp Fashionista:
                            6-8, Adult      3/21/20        9AM-12PM       San Jose   $55/Girl, $55/Adult
      Anime Comic Art
                                            5/17/20        2PM-5PM

                                             6/6/20        9AM-12PM

                                            9/13/20        1PM-4PM

     Camp Fashionista:                       5/2/20        9AM-12PM
                            9-10, Adult                                   San Jose   $45/Girl, $45/Adult
        Collage Art                         6/14/20        1PM-4PM

                                            10/5/19       10AM-12PM
                                             11/3/19       1PM-3PM
                                            1/26/20        2PM-4PM
     Camp Fashionista:                       3/7/20       10AM-12PM
                            2-3, Adult                                    San Jose   $40/Girl, $40/Adult
       Cozy Critters
                                             5/3/20        1PM-3PM
                                            7/12/20        2PM-4PM

                                            9/12/20       10AM-12PM

     Camp Fashionista:                      4/26/20        2PM-5PM
                            4-5, Adult                                    San Jose   $55/Girl, $55/Adult
       Design It Right                      7/11/20        9AM-12PM

                                                                                                   ACTIVITY CALENDAR • 25
Event              Grade          Date           Time          City               Reg Info                  Cost
                                          10/12/19     9AM-12PM

                                          11/10/19     10AM-1PM

                                          1/25/20      9AM-12PM
    Camp Fashionista:
                           4-5, Adult     3/14/20      9AM-12PM       San Jose   $48/Girl, $45/Adult
     Fashion Drawing
                                          4/5/20        1PM-4PM

                                          5/17/20      9AM-12PM

                                          9/27/20       2PM-5PM

      Camp Fashionista:
★     Hand Sewn Holiday   3-12, Adult     12/1/19       1PM-3PM       San Jose   $35/Girl, $35/Adult
                                          10/20/19      11AM-1PM

                                          3/8/20        2PM-4PM
    Camp Fashionista:
                          3-12, Adult     5/16/20      10AM-12PM      San Jose   $48/Girl, $45/Adult
     Ready, Set, Sew!
                                          7/19/20       4PM-6PM

                                          9/19/20       11AM-1PM




★      Camp Info Night:
                          K-12, Adult      1/9/20      6PM-7:30PM      Virtual         Member Services               Free




     Camp Like a Girl     6-12, Adult     12/21/19     4:30PM-2PM      Fairfax         Member Services        $60/Girl, $45/Adult

                                          9/29/19                     San Jose

                                          10/26/19                  San Francisco
★      Camp Out              Adult
                                                                                       Member Services         $25/Participant

                                          11/16/19                    Palo Alto

    Camp Work Party:                      12/7/19
                          4-12, Adult                   9AM-4PM      Pescadero         Member Services          $5/Participant
        Butano                            3/28/20

    Camp Work Party:                      10/26/19
                          4-12, Adult                   9AM-4PM        Soquel          Member Services          $5/Participant
      Hidden Falls                        5/2/20

    Camp Work Party:                      9/21/19
                          4-12, Adult                   9AM-4PM       San Jose         Member Services          $5/Participant
     Rainbow's End                        4/4/20

    Camp Work Party:                      11/16/19
                          4-12, Adult                   9AM-4PM      Pescadero         Member Services          $5/Participant
     Skylark Ranch                        3/21/20

    Camp Work Party:
                          4-12, Adult   5/22-5/25/20    9AM-4PM        Arnold          Member Services          $5/Participant
       Sugar Pine

    Camp Work Party:                      10/5/19
                          4-12, Adult                   9AM-4PM       Lafayette        Member Services          $5/Participant
      Twin Canyon                         3/28/20

26 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
                                                                           t iv i
                                                                                      ty Calendar
        Event              Grade           Date           Time           City              Reg Info                   Cost
Chabot Space & Science
 Center: Space Science
  Badge Overnight for         K–5        5/23-5/24/20    5PM-10AM       Oakland            $90/Participant
   Daisies, Brownies,
      and Juniors
      Chabot Space &
★     Science Center:
    Space Science Expert
                              9-12       4/18-4/19/20    5PM-10AM       Oakland            $90/Participant

    and Master Overnight
Chabot Space & Science
 Center: Space Science                      11/23-
                              K-3                        5PM-10AM       Oakland            $90/Participant
 Explorer & Adventurer                     11/24/19
Chabot Space & Science
 Center: Space Science        4-5                        5PM-10AM       Oakland            $90/Participant
 Investigator Overnight
       Chabot Space &
★      Science Center:
       Space Science
                              6-8        3/21-3/22/20    5PM-10AM       Oakland            $90/Participant

    Researcher Overnight
    Charles M. Schulz
Museum: Art & Adventure    2-3, Adult     2/1-2/2/20    5:30PM-9AM     Santa Rosa        Member Services          $35/Participant
 Sleepover with Snoopy

  Charles M. Schulz                        12/7/19
                              6-8                        10AM-1PM      Santa Rosa        Member Services          $35/Participant
 Museum: Comic Artist                      3/7/20


    Charles M. Schulz
    Museum: Mud Pies       K-12, Adult     4/5/20       10AM-2:30PM    Santa Rosa        Member Services              $23/Girl
      & Jelly Beans
    Charles M. Schulz
    Museum: Snoopy         K-12, Adult     10/20/19     10AM-2:30PM    Santa Rosa        Member Services              $23/Girl
       & Friends
      Charting the
                              5-8        6/25-7/3/20      All Day       Ecuador          com/tour-web-             $4,375.00/Girl
    Galapagos Islands                                                                    site/2041418AN

  Children's Creativity                    3/7/20
 Museum: Comic Artist         6-8                        1PM-3PM      San Francisco                              $27/Girl, $16/Adult
       Workshop                            4/11/20

 Children's Creativity                     1/25/20
Museum: Entertainment                                                       
                              4-5                        1PM-3PM      San Francisco                              $27/Girl, $16/Adult
 Technology with Clay                                                                         girlscouts
      Animation                             2/1/20

                                                                                                  ACTIVITY CALENDAR • 27
Event                Grade           Date           Time            City              Reg Info                    Cost
    Children's Creativity                     3/21/20
     Museum: Inventor            2-3                         1PM-3PM      San Francisco                              $27/Girl, $16/Adult
         Workshop                             5/2/20

                                 2-5          10/5/19
   Children's Creativity
  Museum: Think Like an                       11/2/19        1PM-4PM      San Francisco                              $37/Girl, $16/Adult
                                 K-3                                                              girlscouts
    Engineer Journey

★     Children's Fairyland:
       Fantasy Overnight
                              K-3, Adult    6/20-6/21/20   4PM-8:30AM       Oakland          Member Services           $55/Participant

                                 2-3          3/7/20       2PM-4:30PM

                                 4-5          3/8/20       9:30AM-12PM
                                              3/7/20       9:30AM-12PM
                                              3/8/20       2PM-4:30PM

                                              12/14/19       2:30PM-
                                 4-5                                        Lafayette
 Chopped Goes Outdoors                        4/11/20        5:30PM                          Member Services              $40/Girl

                                 6-8          3/28/20        2:30PM-        San Jose

                                 6-12                       10AM-1PM        Lafayette

                                              10/20/19     12PM-1:30PM

                                              10/26/19     10AM-11:30AM

   City of San Leandro:                       11/2/19
                                 K-5                       1PM-2:30PM     San Leandro        Member Services           $19/Participant
  Monarch Buterfly Walk

                                               1/5/20      10AM-11:30AM

                                                                                                                     $225/Girl (one time
★        Climber's Club          6-12         1/19/20
                                                                             Fairfax         Member Services
                                                                                                                       fee for all meet-
                                                                                                                      ings), or $85/Girl
                                                                                                                         per meeting

      Clues in the City          6-12         3/21/20       9AM-7PM         Alameda          Member Services         $30/Girl, $20/Adult

     Coddingtown Mall
                                 6-12       1/18-1/19/20    7PM-8AM        Santa Rosa        Member Services          $40/Participant
                                              10/4/19       6PM-11AM        San Jose
       Cozy Camp-In           K-12, Adult                                                    Member Services              $30/Girl
                                              10/5/19       5PM-10AM      San Francisco

       Craftapalooza          K-12, Adult     12/7/19       10AM-3PM        San Jose         Member Services           $10/Participant

    Craftapalooza Booth
                                Adult         10/17/19     6PM-7:30PM        Virtual         Member Services                Free
    Orientation Webinar
                              6-12, Adult     12/7/19      8:45AM-3PM       San Jose         Member Services                Free
        Sales Booth
    Destinations Begin
                              4-12, Adult     9/24/19      6PM-7:30PM        Virtual         Member Services                Free
     with Girl Scouts

28 • THE GUIDE 2019-2020
                                                                                 t iv i
                                                                                            ty Calendar
        Event                 Grade             Date            Time           City               Reg Info                  Cost
     Destinations Fall
                              4-12, Adult      10/6/19         2PM-4PM        Alameda           Member Services          $5/Participant
    Digital Cookie Day        K-12, Adult      1/25/20         10AM-2PM        Various          Member Services              Free

       Discoveree             11-12, Adult      2/1/20                       Union City         Member Services            $30/Adult

     Disney Museum:                            12/15/19                                                                    $21/Girl,
                                  6-8                         10AM-12PM     San Francisco       Member Services
  Animation Domination                         5/17/20                                                                  $21/Chaperone

     Disney Museum:                            10/20/19                                                                    $21/Girl,
                                  2-3                         10AM-12PM     San Francisco       Member Services
      Imagineering                             3/22/20                                                                  $21/Chaperone

Disney Museum: Robotics                        9/22/19
  & Audio-Animatronics            K-1                         10AM-12PM     San Francisco       Member Services
       Technology                               2/9/20

Disney Museum: Toon In-                        11/17/19                                                                    $21/Girl,
                                  4-5                         10AM-12PM     San Francisco       Member Services
  Illustrate and Create                         4/5/20                                                                  $21/Chaperone

     Explore and More            4-12          3/28/20        9:30AM-3PM      Lafayette         Member Services             $40/Girl

★       Fairy Wands
     & Exploring Ponds
                                  K-2          3/14/20        10AM-3:30PM      Soquel           Member Services

      Fall Digital Day        K-12, Adult       10/5/19        10AM-2PM        Various          Member Services              Free

       Fall Festival             Adult                         6PM-12PM     Shingletown         Member Services            $75/Adult


  Family Adventure Day:                         12/7/19
                              4-12, Adult                      10AM-4PM        Fairfax          Member Services         $30/Participant
      Camp Bothin                               3/7/20


      Family Camp                            11/15-11/17/19
                              K-12, Adult                      7PM-11AM        Fairfax          Member Services         $185/Participant
     at Camp Bothin                          4/10-4/12/20

Filmmaking Fundamentals           4-8          1/25/20         10AM-5PM     San Francisco       Member Services             $35/Girl

 Filmmaking Techniques            4-8          3/21/20         10AM-5PM     San Francisco       Member Services             $35/Girl

                                                                                               SHN single tickets:
Girl Scout Night: Anastasia   2-12, Adult       9/7/19         2PM-4PM      San Francisco                               $56/Participant
                                                                                            Group Sales 15+: 888-746-
                                                                                                                          (15+ group)
                                                                                                  1799, press 3

     Girl Scouts & Me
                                 6-12        4/17-4/19/20     6:30PM-12PM      Fairfax          Member Services         $120/Participant
    Adventure Weekend
                                                12/1/19                       San Jose
        GO Daisy!                 K-1                         9:30PM-2PM                        Member Services         $30/Participant
                                               4/26/20                      San Francisco

  Gold Award Ceremony         K-12, Adult       6/7/20         3PM-5PM        San Jose          Member Services         $10/Participant

                                                                                                        ACTIVITY CALENDAR • 29
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