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                                                     Table of Contents
I. Introduction to the School                                    IV. School Schedules and Staff Attendance

Letter from the Principal                            Pg. 5       Staff Time Schedules                         20
Mission Statement                                     6          Teacher Lateness & Attendance               21-22
                                                                 Storm Day Procedures                         22
II. School Departments                                           Coverages                                    22
                                                                 Professional Assignments                    23-25
Career and Technical Education                        7-8        Parent/ Teacher Conferences                  25
Instructional Support Services                         9         Jury Duty and Excused Absences               25
English Language Arts / English Second Language       10
Foreign Language                                      10         V. Marking, Grading and Programming
Mathematics                                           11
Science                                              11-12       School Uniform Grading Policy               26-28
Social Studies                                        12         Cumulative Grading                           29
Physical Education                                    13         Make-Up Work                                29-31
                                                                 Alternative Methods of Assessment            32
III. Administrative Offices                                      Grade Submission                             32
                                                                 Teaching Children with Special Needs        32-33
Attendance Office                                     14         Credit Recovery                              33
Guidance Office / Pupil Accounting                   14-15       Graduation Requirements                      34
College and Career Office / Student Success Center    15         Program Changes                              34
Programming and Testing Office                        16
School Based Health Center                            16         VI. Other Professional Duties
Dean’s Office                                         17
Custodian Office                                      17         Maintaining Student Records                  35
Student Government and Student Activities             17         Administering State Examinations            35-39
Admissions Office                                     18         Organizational Periods (O.P.’s)              40
Alumni Association                                    18         Attendance Taking                           40-41
RAPP                                                  18         Emergencies                                  41
Technology Office                                     19         School Trips                                41-42
Payroll Office                                        19         Referrals                                   43-44
Purchasing Office / School Treasurer                  19
Principal’s Office                                    19

VII. General Information                                        XI. Staff Teams and Committees

Elevator Cards and Policy                            45         Professional Learning Committees                    65
Teacher Restrooms                                    45         Department Focus Groups                             65
Keys                                                 45         School Committees                                  65-66
Smoking                                              46         School Leadership Team                              66
Parking Permits                                      46
Copy Center                                          46         XII. Per Session and Compensatory Time
DOE IAUP Internet Policy                            46-47
Technology Requests                                  47         Compensatory Time Positions                        67-73
Social Media Guidelines                              48         Per Session                                         73
Accepting Donations to Fashion                       48         Fund Raising and Collecting of Monies               74

VIII. School Rules and Regulations                              XIII. School Assessment

HSFI Discipline Flow Chart                           49         Learning Environment Survey                         75
Dean’s Office and the Discipline Code               50-51       Quality Review                                     75-78
Passes from Class                                    51         Progress Report                                     78
Classroom Emergencies                                52         Annual School Report Card                          78-79
Accidents/ Assaults                                  52
Visitor Procedures                                   52         XIV. Human Resources Committee
Dress Code / Electronic Equipment Policies           53
The School Safety Plan                               53         Human Resources Committee                           80
Fire / Evacuation Drills                            53-54
Emergency Readiness                                 54-60       XV. Human Relations…………………………………..p. 84
Rapid Dismissal                                      61
Bulletin Board Policy                                61         The Ten Commandments of Human Relations             81
                                                                A Teacher Code of Ethics: Defining What Students
IX. Communication                                               Can Expect                                          81
                                                                Perceptions                                        81-82
Voicemail / DOE Email / Mailbox / Weekly Bulletin    62         I am Your Pupil                                     82
With Students and Parents                           62-63

X. PBIS – Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
PBIS Flowchart                                       64

XVI. Legal Matters

Mandates for Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse        83
Chancellor’s Regulations on Corporal Punishment
and Verbal Abuse                                      83-84
Department of Education Regulations Regarding
Conflict of Interest                                   84
Chancellor’s Regulation C-105: Obligation to Report
an Arrest                                              84
Anti-Bias/ Discrimination Resolution: Local Equal
Opportunity Coordinator                               84-85
Disability Harassment                                  85
Department of Education Regulation Regarding the
Conducting of Personal Business                        85

I. Introduction to the School
During the 1991-92 school year, the principal with the input of the school cabinet, UFT Chapter Leader, Parents’ Association and
Student Organization composed the “First Edition” of this Teacher Handbook. It tried to accomplish several goals:
       . Clarifying and codifying school policies
       . Providing teachers with copies or summaries of relevant Board of Education policies
       . Providing new teachers with orientation materials
       . Providing all teachers with a reference document
       . Eliminating the wasteful duplication of the same memos year after year

        Over the years, many revisions and additions were given to the staff to update the original Handbook. A Second Edition was
distributed in September 1995, a Third Edition in September 2000, a Fourth Edition in 2003, a Fifth Edition in 2010.

       This Sixth Edition retains all the original purposes of the Handbook, but seeks to better organize materials and better
incorporate materials added since the last edition. New policies have been added. Procedures that have changed have been updated.
Of course, as soon as you receive this new edition, there will be new changes in procedures and new policies issued. This book has
been arranged so these can be easily added to the appropriate chapters.

       This Handbook is intended as a ready reference. Please keep it in school with you. In this way, you will always have the
information you need with you. You may also add curricula materials or policy statements you receive from your Assistant
Principal/Supervisor. In this way, everything you need to know about the school will be in one place.

       Many thanks to the many staff members who helped to correct, update and revise the previous edition. We all hope you find
this Handbook useful and would like to hear any comments you have for improvement. The Handbook is a ‘living, breathing
document’ that will evolve along with the Fashion Industries community.

Daryl Blank, Principal

The Mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative and effective career, technical and academic
training for New York City students. The faculty and administration of our school, working with the cooperation of the parents and
student body, seek to provide a unique learning experience and a specially tailored program for all students who have an interest in a
fashion related field. Our mission has several components:

(1) To offer programs which provide every student with the opportunity to excel: academically, vocationally, technically and socially.

(2) To foster skills and work habits, enabling students to succeed academically, mature socially, and develop physically, leading to
success both during and after the high school experience.

(3) To develop programs preparing students to be active and collaborative participants in a democratic multicultural society and a
highly complex technological world.

(4) To provide students with applicable hands-on learning experiences, encouraging the development of skills needed to succeed in the
fashion industries and/or post-secondary educational experiences.

(5) To devise programs that create applied learning experiences that merge academic and career skills, helping students see unity
within the diversity of learning.

(6) To strengthen ties with the business community, providing students access to the latest innovations and technological advances as
well as to special enrichments and on-the-job training.

(7) To foster professionalism and collaboration among the entire school community, drawing upon the unique talents and expertise of
that community.

II. School Departments
CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT                      Supervisor: Assistant Principal Kate Boulamaali
Room: 703                     Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7031
                                                                Fashion Design Coordinator Sandra Manning
Room: 715                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7151
                                Fashion Marketing & Visual Merchandising Coordinator Inmaculada Serrano
Room: 731                         Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7311
                                                    Graphics & Illustration Coordinator Jacqueline Malanga
Room: 844                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 8446
                                                           Work-Based Learning Coordinator Talim Johnson
Room: 729                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7294
                                                         Adopt-a-Student & Co-op Coordinator Vita Vaccaro
Room: 844                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 8443

Fashion Design Program
The Fashion Design program is a comprehensive course of study which begins with fundamental professional skills and advances step
by step to the most technical and artistic methods employed by designers and technicians in all areas of the fashion industries:
women’s, children’s, men’s, intimate apparel, and body wear. Our course of study will prepare students for an entry-level job along
with post-secondary education fashion programs. All students must earn a minimum of 10 credits to be eligible for graduation; a
minimum of 14 credits is recommended.
Fashion Marketing & Visual Merchandising Program
This career and technical education program is a unique business and marketing program developed on the theme of our school, which
is fashion. The program includes courses in marketing, computer technology, visual communications, as well as courses specifically
related to the world of fashion such as apparel and accessories and merchandise presentation.
Graphics & Illustration Program
Graphics & Illustration majors study Illustration, Graphics and Fine Art. A sequence of 12 credits in the art program is required. The
senior year provides students with the opportunity for portfolio development. All art majors are prepared for both career and post-
secondary education. Guest lectures from industry and colleges play an important role in the art program. Museum, gallery visits and
grant studies are also stressed.
Adopt-a-Student Program
Since 1983, the New York City Mentoring Program has partnered hundreds of businesses, organizations and government agencies
with the City’s high schools, trained thousands of mentor volunteers throughout the New York City area, and provided technical
assistance to its partners in the development and operation of mentoring programs. Mentoring makes a difference in the lives of young
people. The High School of Fashion Industries has participated in the NYC Mentoring Program for the 25 years with members of the
Advisory Board forming the core of our students’ mentors.

Co-op Program
A Cooperative Career and Technical Education Work Experience Program (CO-OP) provides an important link between the classroom
and the workplace—it enhances and adds relevance to classroom learning. In the employment component of CO-OP, a student’s job is
related to a career and technical education program of study, with the primary goal being to develop occupational competency in the area
of the student’s career interest. The job experience not only contributes to the occupational competency of the participating student, but
can also motivate an at-risk student to remain in school and improve his/her academic achievement level. CO-OP helps a student develop
personal initiative, human relation skills, and appropriate attitudes and behaviors necessary for success in the workplace.
CTE Department Team
Department Team Member                               CTE Program                                DOE Email
Abdallah, Randy                                   Graphics & Illustration     
Carranza, Adrian                                  Graphics & Illustration    
Junior, Ebony                                     Graphics &  Illustration
Malanga, Jacqueline                               Graphics & Illustration     
Newman, Adam                                      Graphics & Illustration
Chase, Allison                          Fashion Marketing / Visual Merchandising
Johnson, Talim                          Fashion Marketing / Visual Merchandising
Selleck, Christene                      Fashion  Marketing / Visual  Merchandising
Serrano, Inmaculada                     Fashion Marketing / Visual Merchandising
Vaccaro, Vita                           Fashion  Marketing / Visual  Merchandising
Williams, Diane                         Fashion Marketing / Visual Merchandising
Balmir, Stephanie                                    Fashion Design
Barnett, Lisa                                        Fashion Design           
Byers, Argelia                                       Fashion Design             
Chavez, Rosa                                         Fashion   Design        
Chin, Doris                                          Fashion Design            
Cisse, Ionia                                         Fashion   Design
Collins, Katherine                                   Fashion Design          
David, Belinda                                       Fashion Design             
Herbert, Carole                                      Fashion Design          
Huaman, Julia                                        Fashion Design           
James, Gladys                                        Fashion   Design         
Manning, Sandra                                      Fashion Design          
Nelson, Evelyn                                       Fashion Design          
Riviere, Michelle                                    Fashion Design            
Roberson, Raeana                                     Fashion Design
INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES DEPARTMENT                                                                  Supervisor: Assistant Principal Grace How
Room: 329                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 3294
Students with special needs will be programmed to the least restrictive environment, as described by the LRE Plan of the New
Continuum. They will receive support services as indicated in this plan. Students in self-contained classes will receive instruction
that parallels that is offered in the general education program. Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) will receive direct instruction in general
education classes with the support of an Instructional Support Service Teacher.
The School Based Support Team (SBST), under the direction of the Assistant Principal for Instructional Support Services, offers
counseling, speech and evaluation services to students in the general education program who are experiencing difficulty in achieving
their goals in high school. The team also conducts evaluations on a regular basis for students who are currently receiving Support
Services. These evaluations are conducted as part of a Triennial Process (every three years) or on an as-need basis. The members of
the team are the school Psychologist, Social Worker and the Speech Teacher.
Instructional Support Services Department Team
Department Team Member                                      Role                                 DOE Email
Castro, Teresa                                            Teacher             
Dye, Sarah                                                Teacher                
Fecsko, Barbara                                       Speech Teacher           
Ince, Jacqueline                                          Teacher                
Kalisch, Mark                                             Teacher              
Lobhai, Morisa                                            Teacher              
McHugh, Margaret                                          Teacher             
McCallum, Betsy                                           Teacher            
Varrichio, Danielle                                       Teacher             
Harding, Eugene                                        Social Worker           
Holder, Kathleen                                      Paraprofessional         
Jimenez, Magali                                       Paraprofessional        
Sears, Glenn                                          Paraprofessional         
Villa, Blanca                                         Paraprofessional           
Wright, Joann                                         Paraprofessional        
Hernandez, Luz                                      Guidance Counselor       
Deane, Kathleen                                         Psychologist            
Ortiz, Yanira                                           Psychologist            
Perez, Jacqueline                                         Secretary             

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS / ENGLISH SECOND LANGUAGE                                                         Supervisor: Assistant Principal Nancy Moore
Room: 228                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2281
The English Language Arts Department supports the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in our students so
that they can succeed in college and the workplace. In addition we foster a love for reading and creative expression through language.
The library is a resource for students who need access to research materials for school projects, but also for those who are recreational
readers. Laptops are available for our students in the library during lunch periods, before and after school.
English Language Arts / English as a Second Language Department Team
Department Team Member                                             DOE Email
Abramyan-Bagram, Anna                     
Adamczyk, Magda                           
Bailey, Meredith                          
Barbieri, Nicole                          
Bohner, Jennifer                          
Bonnici, Danielle                         
Cuffie, Morgan                            
Dahill, Judith (Librarian – Rm 501)       
Habibian, Maryam                          
Kearns, Kevin                             
McGoldrick, Eileen                        
Thomas, Erica                             
Wieda, Richard                            

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT                                                                             Supervisor: Assistant Principal Danielle Silva
Room: 243 / 201                                                 Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2015
Foreign Language Arts Department Team
Department Team Member                                 DOE Email
Gorini, Flavia                   
Guasto, Annarose                 
Vega, Cecilia                    
The HSFI foreign language department is focused on the development of our students in Spanish. New students entering HSFI are
tested to determine their Spanish level and programmed accordingly. The school also offers a Spanish Advanced Placement class for
those students who exceed in this subject matter.

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT                                                                               Supervisor: Assistant Principal Shannon Kohm
Room: 531                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 5311
The goal of the Math Department is to provide every student with the conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem
solving skills required to function in an increasingly technical world. Our Math Teachers will strive to develop student's appreciation
of the value of mathematics, as a tool for solving real world problems. In doing so, the Math Department hopes to create relevance
and meaning for students, thereby supporting the larger school wide mission of providing a unique learning experience to students
who have an interest in pursuing a fashion related career.
Math Department Team
Department Team Member                                 DOE Email
Chan, Ngai                       
Chiu, Stephanie                  
Corby, Brian                     
Khan, Daveca                     
Kilpatrick, Ian                  
Liu, Bruce                       
Magner, Erin                     
Medina, Sharon                   
Ng, David                        
Paz, Shachar                     
Wang, Janice                     

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT                                                                      Supervisor: Assistant Principal Melissa Frank
Room: 121 / 244                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1216
The mission of the science department includes developing the logical thinking skills associated with scientific methods of inquiry,
developing an appreciation of science, its multicultural heritage, and its impact on our everyday lives and preparing students for
college level science. Course offerings include Regents Living Environment, Regents Earth Science, Regents Physics, Advanced
Placement (AP) Biology and various elective courses (Psychology, Forensics, Environmental Science, Oceanography, and
Science Department Team
Department Team Member                        DOE Email
Alvarez, Yamel             
Bailey, Dennis             
Barnabee, Aimee            
Cammarota, Dominic         
Dawson, Evan               

De La Rosa, Isabel               
Herrick, Lisa                    
Kabwa, Bibiane                   
Lee, Christopher                 
McCurley, Chris                  
Williams, Iyesha                 

SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT                                                                          Supervisor: Assistant Principal Andre Rodrigues
Room: 515 / 425                                            Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 5151
The Social Studies ultimate goal is to create a new generation of ‘global citizens’ who are aware and participate in the world around
them. Students receive instruction in Global History & Geography, United States History & Government and Economics during their
four years at Fashion Industries. During these courses an emphasis is placed on seeing how history connects to students’ lives along
with writing skills, vocabulary development and analyzing historical sources.
Social Studies Department Team
Department Team Member                                 DOE Email
Abraskin, Michele                
Cucchiara, Antonia               
Egan, Justin                     
Fraga Zwibel, Kristin            
Golden, Karin                    
Lissauer, Deborah                
McGowan, Michelle                
Michelson, Garin                 
Newman, Jeff                     
Sanchez, Jack                    
Severino Nortman, Cindy          
Shimmon, Anne                    
Sideris, Martha                  
Vasconcellos, Jenelle            

PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT                                                                           Director of Wellness & Athletics: Edie Sostre
Room: 301                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 3014
Using two gymnasiums, the Physical Education department’s goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the students of
Fashion Industries High School. The department offers a wide range of physical education activities including team sports, yoga and
dance. Each student participates in ‘Fitnessgram’ which measures their own individual level of physical fitness.
Physical Education Department Team
Department Team Member                                 DOE Email
Alvarez, Jeremy                  
Bakke, Mary                      
Booth, Jared                     
Feil, Eileen                     
Mendez, Omar                     
Sostre, Edie                     

III. Administrative Offices
ATTENDANCE OFFICE                                                                   Supervisor: Assistant Principal Rachel Bernstein
Room: 127                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1272
                                                                                          Point People: Coordinator Jeanne Klepacki
Room: 201                                            Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
                                                                                                      Attendance Teacher Hugo Perez
Room: 201                                             Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
                                                                                                     Attendance Aide George Gibbons
Room: 201                                          Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
The Attendance Office distributes and collects attendance bubble sheets from teachers, enters them into ATS and makes updates and
changes as needed. Members of the attendance staff meet weekly (and with the guidance staff monthly) to work on an individual basis
with truant students by calling in parents for meetings, putting students on progress reports and doing visits to student’s homes.

GUIDANCE / PUPIL ACCOUNTING OFFICE                                                  Supervisor: Assistant Principal Rachel Bernstein
Room: 101                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1272
The mission of the department is to work with students to regarding graduation requirements and how to best position themselves for
the college application process, but also to identify and assist students who may be experiencing psychological, emotional, social,
personal and/or academic difficulties. The counselors work with students in groups and individually, and rely a on referrals from
parents and teachers.
The Office of Pupil Accounting helps maintain and update the information we have on each student such as address and phone,
emergency contact numbers, language preference, working papers, and admit and discharge history.

Guidance Counselor                                Telephone Extension                           DOE Email                            OP Designations
Wilson Sia                                               1017                                          A, B, C, D
Jessica Weiss                                            1019                                       E, F, G, H
Jenny Vongerichten                                       1018                                       M, N, P, Q
Josh Duke                                                1014                                         R, S, T, U
Alex Jones                                               1011                                      V, W, X, Y
Rachel Bernstein                                         1272                                  Z
Luz Hernandez,                                           3291                                   Any official BEGINNING
Support Services Counselor                                                                                                           with a letter
Sarah Cody,                                                   101_                
Pupil Accounting Secretary

First Designation        Second Designation                                          Third Designation*
Year student entered HS: Counselor OP Designations:                                  Grade Level:
2013 = 3
2012 = 2                 Mr. Sia            A, B, C, D                               2 = Senior (12th grade)
2011 = 1                 Ms. Weiss          E, F, G, H                               1 = Junior (11th grade)
2010 = 0                 Ms. Vongerichten M, N, P, Q                                 0 = Sophomore (10th grade)
2009 = 9                 Mr. Duke           R, S, T, U                               9= Freshman (9th grade)
2008 = 8                 Mr. Jones          V, W, X, Y
                         Ms. Bernstein            Z

Example: 2A0
(2= entered in 2012; A= Sia; 0 = Sophomore)
*OP designations neither imply nor determine a student’s date of graduation. When the third designation is not consistent with the
date of a student’s entry to high school (first designation), this may only reflect missing credits or examinations. In such cases, a
student may be taking additional evening school or independent study classes that would not appear on his or her program card. Please
encourage students to see their guidance counselors to discuss graduation requirements vis-à-vis their academic transcripts.


CAREER & COLLEGE OFFICE / STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER                Point People: College Counselor Kate McKeon
Room: 729                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7292
                                                            Work-Based Learning Coordinator Talim Johnson
Room: 729                          Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 7294
                                                            National Honor Society Director Magda Adamczyk
Room: 729                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 729_
College & Career Office / Student Success Center
The College Office serves as a center for students as they become familiar with the college application process, research schools, sign up for the
SAT exams, and complete applications for schools, scholarships and financial aid. Ms. Ciabotti completes class visits and works with students in
groups and on an individual basis. The College and Career Office will house the Work-Based Learning and National Honor Society offices.


PROGRAMMING & TESTING OFFICE                                            Programming Supervisor: Assistant Principal Melissa Frank
Room: 121                                             Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1216
                                                                                    Programmer, _____________________________
Room: 121                                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. ____
The programming office determines student schedules for the regular academic year, Extended Day, and Summer School. The office
ensures that students receive necessary classes, and that they are given honors or support classes when appropriate.

                                                                                           Testing Supervisor: Assistant Principal Shannon Kohm
Room: 531                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 5311
                                                                                                                       Testing Coordinator, Justin Egan
Room: 121                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. ____
Students will be required to take a variety of Formal and Periodic Assessments while enrolled at Fashion, which will have significant
implications on their High School Graduation and College Admission. These assessments include: Regents/RCT Exams; PSAT/SAT
Exams; ACT Exams; ACUITY Exams; Trade Exams. The testing makes sure that all students are correctly programmed for these
exams and executes the administration of these examinations.

SCHOOL BASED HEALTH CENTER                                                           Point Person: Director of Wellness & Athletics Edie Sostre
Room: 301                                                            Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 3014
                                                                                                                     School Nurse Ellen Lanzi
Room: 343                                                             Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. ____
                                                                                                                    Health Aide Sonia Medina
Room: 343                                                          Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. ____
The Institute of Family Health (IFH) will be providing medical care to the students of the High School of Fashion Industries. IFH will have
doctors, nurses, dentists and a variety of health care professionals on staff to care for our students. No student will ever be turned away from
service regardless of their health insurance (or lack of) status.

DEAN’S OFFICE                                                                                    Supervisor: Assistant Principal Giovanni Raschilla
Room: 143                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1431
                                                                                                                        Point People: Dean Brian Corby
Room: 149                                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1494
                                                                                                                                      Dean Michelle Riviere
Room: 149                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1493
                                                                                                                                   Dean Maryam Habibian
Room: 149                                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1495
                                                                                                                                          Dean Jeff Newman
Room: 149                                                  Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 149_
                                                                                                                          School Aide Pamela Rodriguez
Room: 149                                                  Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1491
                                                                                                                                 School Aide Ligaya Mapp
Room: 149                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1497
The mission of the Dean’s Office is to create an environment that is not only secure and safe, but supports instruction. We strive to
promote the total well-being of the student, with a focus on the social, moral and intellectual character development of all we serve.

CUSTODIAN OFFICE                                                                                   Point People: Custodian Manager George Trifun
Room: 129                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1292
                                                                                                                                         Foreman Ray Cruz
                                                                 Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1291
Prepare and maintains the building facility in its entirety. The school custodian acts as a point person with the school administration
and to the School Construction Authority.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT & STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                         Point Person: Coordinator of Student Activities Rachael Gibson
Room: 829                                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 8291
The goal of student activities at HSFI is to embrace all of our students into the school community so that they are engaged in a
positive manner in our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Clubs and activities are open to all students at HSFI. The Student
Government and COSA (Coordinator of Student Activities) plan events all year to empower students to express their talents, artistic
abilities, and school spirit. Some of these activities are; Spirit Days, Homecoming, Halloween Dance and Costume Contest, The
Annual Variety Show, Pep Rallies, Dances, Blood-Drive, field trips, fundraisers, award ceremonies, Prom and many more.

ADMISSIONS / MAIN OFFICE                                                                               Supervisor: Assistant Principal Danielle Silva
Room: 201                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2015
                                                                                                         Admissions Associate Director Rosa Chavez
                                                              Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
                                                                                                                             School Aide Maria Corchado
Room: 201                                                       Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2011
                                                                                                                                School Aide Sarah Joseph
Room: 201                                                    Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
                                                                                                                             School Aide Deyanira Abreu
Room: 201                                                      Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
                                                                                                                           School Aide Deborah Graham
Room: 201                                                    Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 201_
The admissions office is responsible for insuring the enrollment of each incoming class of the High School of Fashion Industries. The
office oversees six admission testing / open house sessions along with freshman orientation. In order to secure the highest quality
students attending HSFI, the office does extensive outreach with junior high schools across the five boroughs.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICE                                                               Point Person: Alumni Association Director Belinda David
Room: 134 / 621                           Email: / / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 6211
The mission of the Alumni Association of the High School of Fashion Industries is to ensure that our Alumni maintain an active role
in the success of the students at the High School of Fashion Industries. We also seek to provide a space for Alumni to remain
connected to the institution and individuals that helped shape their lives. Our intent is to organize Alumni to support HSFI through
various initiatives including but not limited to scholarship and internship opportunities.

RELATIONSHIP ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM                                                             Point Person: Allison Drieves, RAPP Coordinator
Room: 803A                                                                                                 Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 803_
This school-based program is one of the most extensive domestic violence prevention programs in New York City, and is critical to
ending relationship abuse among young people. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students learn to recognize and change
destructive patterns of behavior before they are transferred to adult relationships. Social workers (MSW) deliver an array of
relationship abuse services through four components: prevention classes, intervention counseling, staff development and training, and
community outreach. RAPP fosters a school climate with zero tolerance for abusive behavior in all of its forms, thereby promoting a
safe and productive learning environment for students and staff.

TECHNOLOGY OFFICE                                                                                    Supervisor: Assistant Principal Joe Tallone
Room: 223                                                           Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2234
                                                                                        Point People: Technology Coordinator Randy Abdallah
Room: 615                                                          Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 6151
                                                                                                               Computer Tech Freddy Villalona
Room: 931                                                         Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1931

ORGANIZATIONAL OFFICES                                                                                    Supervisor: Assistant Principal Joe Tallone
Room: 223                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2234

PAYROLL OFFICE                                                                                   Point Person: Payroll Secretary Linda Herzog
Room: 119                                                           Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1191

PURCHASING OFFICE / SCHOOL TREASURER                        Point Person: Purchasing Secretary Jeanne Chin
Room: 223                          Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2231

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATE                                                                                         Point Person: Victor Montenegro
Room: 223                                                     Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 2235

SCHOOL STORE                                                                                                          School Aide Sonia Velez
Room: 123                                                            Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1231

COPY ROOM                                                                                                            School Aide Mark Stoute
Room: 102                                                            Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 1023


PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE                                                                                                    Supervisor: Principal Daryl Blank
Room: 819                                                        Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 8191
                                                                                                                 Principal’s Secretary Angela Ianniello
                                                             Email: / Telephone Number (212) 255-1235 ext. 8191
The Office of the Principal, located in Room 819, is designed to coordinate the efforts of all the stakeholders within the Fashion
Industries community – students, staff, parents and corporate partners. The goal of this office is foster discussion and collaboration
among these groups in order to maintain Fashion’s standing as a high level educational environment.

III. School Schedules and Staff Attendance

PD        REGULAR            ORGANIZATION             FACULTY                  PEER
                                 (OP)               CONFERENCE            LEADERSHIP
                                                         DAY                     OP
 1         8:10-8:55             8:10-8:52             8:30-9:05             8:10-8:50
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 2         8:59-9:44             8:57-9:39            9:09—9:44              8:55-9:35
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 3        9:49-10:37            9:44-10:26            9:48-10:28             9:40-10:20
          48 Minutes            42 Minutes            40 Minutes            40 Minutes
      (Announcements will   (Announcements will   (Announcements will   (Announcements will
           be made)              be made)              be made)               be made)
                                10:31-10:51                                 10:25-10:55
                                20 Minutes                                  30 Minutes
 4        10:42-11:27           10:56-11:38          10:32-11:07            11:00-11:40
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 5        11:32-12:17           11:43-12:25          11:11-11:46            11:45-12:25
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 6        12:22-1:07            12:30-1:12           11:50-12:25             12:30-1:10
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 7         1:12-1:57             1:17-1:59            12:29-1:04             1:15-1:55
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 8         2:02-2:47             2:04-2:46             1:08-1:43             2:00-2:40
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 9         2:52-3:37             2:51-3:33             1:47-2:22             2:45-3:25
          45 Minutes            42 Minutes            35 Minutes            40 Minutes
 10                                                  FACULTY

Teacher Time Schedules
            EARLY SESSION                                    LATE Session
               8:02-2:52                                       8:52-3:42

A teacher who arrives in the school on time should sign-in in the 1st floor clock room, and be in the classroom ready to teach at the
beginning of his/her first assigned teaching period. Teachers are expected to arrive to all their assignments at least one minute before
the music between the change of classes ends.
School Lateness procedures:
     Pedagogical staff sign-in in the Clock Room.
     Early session staff who arrive after 8:10 and late session staff who arrive after 8:55 must sign the late sheet clearly designating
       the time they have arrived to school. Staff who do not designate a time that they arrive late will have this time determined by
       the payroll secretary, Ms. Herzog, who will approximate the time the staff member arrived.
     Staff late due to transportation delays may pick up a transit delay form in Room 119. It is the staff member’s responsibility to
       obtain verification of the delay from the Transit Authority (or L.I.R.R. or Metro North, etc.) and then submit this form to the
       Payroll Secretary so that the lateness involved can be expunged.
     The principal is cognizant that severe weather conditions and major transit problems could cause delays and does consider this
       when reviewing staff lateness; the payroll secretary, Ms. Herzog, will make a notation on the late sheet for severe weather
       conditions or major transit delays.
     A teacher with a special situation leading to lateness should speak with the principal to see if a mutually determined course of
       action can be decided on.
The school year has numerous holidays and recesses. There are only between 182 and 186 actual school days a year, many of them
given over to testing. Please try to limit your absences. Your students need the instruction you and only you can provide.
     If you are going to be absent, please call (212) 255-8176 prior to 6:30 A.M. You can call much earlier – the message machine
       is turned on every afternoon by 4:00 P.M. In order for us to get a substitute teacher for your classes, we need early notification;
       otherwise, your colleagues will be assigned coverages for your classes. If for some reason the phone number above is
       inoperative, call the regular school number (212) 255-1235 extension 1191.
     If you are going to miss all or part of a school day because of required attendance at a school system meeting or workshop or
       because you are going on approved school trip with your class, you must inform the Payroll Secretary in 119 in advance.
     Whenever you are absent due to illness, on your first day back in school, please report to the Payroll Secretary in 119 to sign
       for your absence.
     If you know you are going to be absent (for jury duty, personal business, scheduled medical procedure, etc.), it is your
       responsibility to leave lesson plans and materials for your substitute with your department supervisor. Any student work
       collected by your substitute and left for you should be graded and returned to the students so that they realize that work done
       even when you are absent will be counted.
     Official Policy of the School System: When a teacher is absent for any reason, there is a presumption that students are missing
       instruction even though other arrangements are made for class coverage. Sick days and personal days are not to be viewed as
       an accrued property right to be used at the discretion of the teacher. Chancellor’s Regulation C-601 sets forth the attendance

and service required of pedagogical employees in schools, including procedures in cases of lateness and fractional absence
       from duty.

   The Chancellor will make the city-wide decision to close or delay the opening of schools during stormy weather or other
    emergency situation. The decision will be made as early as possible prior to 6:00 A.M. on the affected day. Radio and TV
    stations will be notified as soon as possible prior to 6:00 A.M. Staff and parents should listen to information broadcast by new
    radio stations as WINS (1010 AM) and WCBS (880 AM).
   All field trips and after school activities are cancelled on delayed opening days. All personnel have the responsibility and
    obligation to report to work by the later starting time due to the delayed opening. Normal attendance reporting standards apply
    (absences and latenesses) based on the later starting time. In the event that a storm intensifies during the school day, the
    Chancellor will notify all superintendents and radio and television media of an earlier dismissal schedule. This information will
    then be given to school principals.

When a teacher is absent, every attempt is made to call a substitute. However, every teacher may be called upon to cover up to one
class per semester (two per year) without additional compensation. Coverages may not be refused. As part of the UFT Contract,
pedagogues are obligated to comply with the request for assistance. Keep in mind that in the best interest of our students, cooperation
is essential. Failure to comply with this contractual obligation, may lead to disciplinary action. In addition, you will be placed back
into the eligibility rotation; and your supervisor will be notified.
If you would like to volunteer for paid coverages after these two, please see the payroll secretary, Ms. Herzog, in 119. Coverages are
emergencies that require immediate attention. The payroll secretary, Ms. Herzog, acts on the school’s behalf to assign emergency
coverages as needed.
Our procedure has been in place for many years and is equitable to all staff members. The assignments are filled as follows:
     Staff members are selected on a non-seniority rotating basis to fulfill their contractual obligation of one non-paid coverage
        each semester.
     Coverage sheets will placed in the clock room near the sign-in sheets
     Please alert us as soon as you are aware when you plan to be absent for any or all of your classes.
     Our policy requires that staff members report absences via a dedicated phone line by 6:30 am. The number is 212-255-8176.
     If you require coverage for a meeting, you are requested to submit an approved meeting/trip form (available in room 119) to
        the payroll secretary, Ms. Herzog, 48 hours in advance.

Procedures for assigning Professional Activity Assignments follow the guidelines of Circular 6R. Early in the spring semester of the
preceding school year, the principal meets with the UFT Consultative Committee to determine the menu of offered activities. Eligible
staff will make their selections by mid-June. These are to be considered as regular teaching assignments. Pursuant to the collective
bargaining agreement, each semester, teachers are to devote 90 hours to their Professional Assignment, a total of 180 hours a school
year. Questions about professional activity assignments should be referred to the Principal.

Here is the current menu of Professional Assignments:
The number of teachers assigned to his/her department will vary depending on department size and need. Department Assistant
Principals/Coordinators will meet early each semester to determine a schedule suitable for the teacher(s) in the activity and which
meets the needs of the entire department.
Teachers selected for this activity will work on activities decided upon in consultation with the department supervisor. These may
include but are not limited to:
     Providing management and inventory control over the department’s books, audio-visual equipment. Maintain required
        NYSTL and DOE computerized records; and/or
     Participation in focus groups or in common planning times with other pedagogues; and/or
     Recruiting and training a team of service students to assist with the appropriate aspects of this activity; and/or
     Assisting the department supervisor with the research selection and ordering of new texts and supplies; and/or
     Under the direction of the department supervisor, working with the APA for the appropriate removal of obsolete or unusable
        texts; and/or
     Preparation of department materials (i.e. classification of rocks and minerals for student use in Earth Science); and/or
The number of available positions for this activity is dependent on the needs of the department.
Point Person: Department Supervisor / Principal

In order to properly address Instructional Support Services students’ instructional needs, the responsibilities of this professional
assignment include: IEP file review; Annual Review and conferences; meet with students for informal assessment and discussion of
transition goals; parent outreach; attend Triennials and EPC meetings; and meet with general education teachers to discuss the student
The number of available positions for this activity is dependent on the needs of the department.
Point Person: Department Supervisor

With the school’s acceptance into the iZone learning community Fashion students will have access to take classes online that the
school currently does not offer – selected Advanced Placement classes, Honors classes and/or Elective classes. This position will
provide instructional support to students who are taking these classes through iZone. This position is NOT designed as a computer
technical support position – the main focus of the position is academic support.
The number of available positions for this activity is dependent on the needs of the school.
Point Person: Department Supervisor

Taking of ID pictures of freshman class (approximately 575 students), entering sophomores, and replacing lost IDs. The majority of
the work will take place in the fall semester but will continue into the spring with the replacement of lost ID cards.
The number of available positions for this activity shall not exceed 1.
Point Person: G. Raschilla

Teachers will maintain hallway decorum by supervising their hallway posts. Posts will be stationary—teachers will be stationed at
opposite ends of select hallways. Teachers’ duties will include, but not be limited to, maintaining quiet hallways during assigned
period, supervising hallway movement in and out of classrooms, restrooms, and offices.
The number of available positions for this activity shall not exceed 9.
Point person: G. Raschilla

A teacher will be assigned to a fixed post supervising an entryway. Post will be stationary. Teachers’ duties will include, but not be
limited to, maintaining quiet lobby during assigned period, notifying a school safety agent when a student has left the building or if an
unauthorized person enters. Persons in this assignment must remain in this assignment until they are relieved. A master staff schedule
will be formulated.
The number of available positions for this activity shall not exceed 18.
Point person: G. Raschilla

7. TUTORING (not to exceed 10 students a period)
Teachers who have selected this assignment will work under the supervision of their department supervisor. Teachers will maintain
attendance records on tutoring sessions and use a predetermined location for tutoring which will take place during student lunch
periods or alternate times approved by Department Assistant Principal.
The number of available positions for this activity is dependent on the needs of the department.
Point Person: Department Supervisor / Principal

Teachers in this position will be responsible for preventing “cutters” from entering the cafeteria, along with supervising the students in
the cafeteria. The teacher assigned to this activity will be supervised by the Assistant Principal for Security. Teachers in this activity
will also be responsible for enforcing the Clean Table campaign—making sure that students clean up their tables.
The number of available positions for this activity shall not exceed 4.
Point person: G. Raschilla

Those serving in Compensatory Time Positions shall continue to do the work of their respective Compensatory Time position during
their professional periods (Article 7U5). As a pedagogue in a time-compensated position, and to insure fairness that all the provisions
of the new contract are met, you are obligated to “at the beginning of each term, submit to the Principal for approval, a plan for the use
of your professional assignment period.” (Article 7U6)
Point person: Department Supervisor

Teachers serving as athletic coaches are permitted to use their professional periods to further the work of their activity, and must at the
beginning of each term, submit to the Principal for approval a plan for use of their professional periods.

Teachers new to the school system may be assigned by the Principal to professional development or common planning as their
professional activity.

Afternoon and evening conferences are scheduled each semester, usually in October and March. Contractually, all teachers and
supervisory staff must be present for these conferences. Those absent will be required to make up the time in an appropriate manner.

Serving on a jury is a right and a privilege. Unfortunately, to do so during the school year is often disruptive to your students’
education. You can usually apply for postponements of jury duty or re-schedule the duty for a less disruptive time. If you would like
to do this, see the Principal’s Secretary, Ms. Ianniello, in 819 for an official letter requesting a postponement.

V. Marking, Grading and Programming
        Grades are evaluative instruments and indicators that measure students' achievements, efforts, and extent of progress in their
classes. The components of a grade are academically and technically based and reflect each student’s competency in the course
content. The High School of Fashion Industries issues report cards six times a year (three per semester). Semesters run September
through January and February through June. At the conclusion of each semester final grades are entered onto students’ transcripts.
Students earn one credit for each passing grade; students in advanced placement courses earn 1.10 credits for each passing advanced
placement course.
        Grades may reflect class work, homework, projects, papers, examinations, participation and performance in each subject area.
Absence, cutting and excessive lateness will contribute to lower grades or failure since they contribute to a student's inability to
participate in lessons and achieve full competency in course material. All assessments will be returned to students with constructive
feedback and/or reflective questions to assist students in improving their understanding.
        Teachers are required to explain to students how grades are determined through a written contract that is distributed at the
beginning of each term. Contracts, positive in tone, will fully explain how a grade is determined (weights accorded to each category
and aligned with department and school wide policy). Contracts will also include statements about opportunities for extra credit,
where appropriate. Teachers will consider the school’s new ‘Jupiter Grades’ online program to communicate achievement with
students and parents. These guidelines for grading will be distributed by departments in a contract to be signed by students, parents or
guardians, and teachers.
        The school's academic honor code will be part of the contracts:
                                                            “Falcons A-Flight”
                         The High School of Fashion Industries Academic Honor Code and Scholar’s Pledge
As a student of the High School of Fashion Industries, I understand that I am responsible for my own learning and behavior, I also
recognize that there are scholarly traits which will lead me to college and career success, and these traits include:
■ Following SOARR - Safety, Ownership, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility.
■ Being SAFE - wearing my ID at all times, using caution when walking to-and-from class in the hallways, elevators and stairways,
dressing appropriately for school by following the dress code.
■ Taking OWNERSHIP - taking pride in the quality of my work, my school and my community; owning up to mistakes and
■ Being ACHIEVEMENT ORIENTED - having goals and striving to reach them.
■ Having RESPECT - for myself, my peers, the faculty and administration; not using vulgar language; following the ‘Golden Rule’
that ‘one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.’
■ Staying on top of my RESPONSIBILITIES - including all expectations on grades, homework, and studying. Furthermore staying on
top of after-school activities and obligations.
■ Having ACADEMIC INTEGRITY - having honesty in all learning tasks, which includes;
●Knowing that the unethical behaviors of cheating and plagiarism damage chances for success and also impact the success of others,
and therefore is not tolerated.
You can also read